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Coeur d'Alene is a city of ⁓50,000 that sits on Lake Coeur d'Alene in Northern Idaho

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The North Idaho subreddit!

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This subreddit is for trans Idahoans and discussion relating to issues that they face.

2023.06.08 21:40 beefsteak13 New to short hair: any tips?

New to short hair: any tips?
Hi all, I’ve had super long hair for most of my life (except one time when I was 8 haha) and long story short, the salon cut off way more than I asked and I now have a shoulder length bob.
She cut some layers, and after styling my hair a few different ways I realize I hate the layers! Currently loving a half-up half-down to give the appearance of a blunt cut, and I think the under layer length is so cute!
I was wondering if there’s any way to fix the cut I got. I’m assuming I’d probably have to get the rest cut to the shortest layer length but I’m not sure I want to do that since I’m not used to short hair. Should I just get it cut? Do I let the layers grow out? Maybe I straighten the layers or style them a different way? Is there any other option?
All advice is so appreciated! This photo is taken from the day of the cut and how the stylist did my hair. Thanks everyone!
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2023.06.08 19:24 BandicootValuable484 How to go from black to orange with minimal damage?

How to go from black to orange with minimal damage?
Hi, I’ve been dying my hair at home with Ion permanent crème hair color for about a year now. Before that, my hair was bleached & dyed at home to be neon orange. My natural hair color is a neutral brown and I’ve always taken good care of it so even after three rounds of bleach and then dying to get it orange, it was healthy and I didn’t need to cut any length off.
I’ve included a picture of what my hair looks like now and the sort of colors I’d like to achieve. My issue is that I’d like to maintain as much length as possible. I know bleaching is a damaging process no matter what and I’m fine with cutting off a few inches. I’m also willing to go to a salon and get my hair professionally lightened (although I’d prefer doing it at home).
If anyone has done this before, how much length should I be prepared to lose? And how feasible would it be to strip the color from my hair & bleach it at home? I’d be happy to achieve the darker orange color in the first pic I attached. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 18:50 fsgfoeva Stream #8 Full Summary

This one was quite long. TLDR: first look at gacha, 6th class (blitz lancer) in august, breakdown of monetization and prices, breakdown of upcoming content for july and august.

Stream 8 overview

Official Launch Time (14:14)

The Japanese service will be available on June 14th 12:00 JST. The Regnas Store will be open after a 3 hour maintenance, or earlier, if no problems are found.

Preregistration Campaigns (15:47)

Preregistration is still ongoing on the official site. Additional rewards (alongside the dyes) were added; 10x happy firecrackers and increased rewards for the Start Dash Login Bonus.
The 10,000 retweet milestone for the Feste battle imagine, given to all players, was reached in 23 minutes. The giveaway for the gaming PC and Webmoney, and the lottery for Amazon gift cards, are ongoing until the day before launch.
Predownload has been made available through the Bandai Namco Launcher on June 6th. You can make a character ahead of time on the Benchmark Software, but not through the predownloaded official client.

Start Dash Campaign (21:03)

Six promotional campaigns starting on launch day. Details will be on the website on launch day.

1. Rookie Adventurer Curriculum (22:22)

June 14 to August 16

Start Dash Login Bonus

Daily rewards for logging in, up to 10 days. The regular Login Bonus is per-account, but this event Start Dash Login Bonus is per-character.
  1. Luno 10,000 30,000
  2. Battle Imagine Feste (a) set x1 (from retweet campaign)
  3. Gacha ticket x1 x3
  4. Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 3d x1
  5. Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 3d x1
  6. Resource selection box x5
  7. Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 3d x1
  8. Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 3d x1
  9. GC x1000 x2000
  10. Land Fox Tail selection box x1

Start Dash Bonus Quests (24:45)

Clear quests to get rewards.

Limited-time season point increase! (27:00)

Gain increased amount of season points (for use with the season pass).

2. Team Formation Campaign (28:32)

June 14 to July 12 Create a Team (guild) and level it up to Rank 2. All members are rewarded a Gem Ring (crimson) and Ability Plugs.

3. Connect-Coupon Support Campaign (29:57)

June 14 to July 12 Get rewards based on how many Connect Coupons you distribute. Players whose coupons are used 10+ are entered into a raffle where 100 winners will get 500 Free Rose Orbs.
A Connect Coupon is a discount code you can give to other players. They can be generated in the Regnas Store (top right) after reaching Adv. Rank 1 and clearing at least 1 daily quest. One code can be generated per account. They last for 14 days and cannot be used on yourself. Items where the coupon can be used will be indicated with a blue hexagon icon.
Player A can distribute a Connect Coupon to Players B, C, etc., which can use it for discounts in the Rose Orb Store. Player B can only use Player A's coupon code once. Player A will get BP Points based on how many people use their coupon code--they can only see they how many times it's been used, not who used it or what they bought.
BP Points can be used at the BP Point Store for various items.

4. Screenshot Contest Round 1 (34:07)

June 14 to July 12 A bulletin board for posting screenshots will be up on the site. Rules regarding image size, editing, and allowed content will be announced later.

5. Grand Opening Payment Campaign (36:32)

June 14 to July 12

Total Spending Presents (36:39)

Bonus Rose Orbs w/ Webmoney (37:17)

When buying Rose Orbs with Webmoney, there's a 1 in 10 chance to get 10% extra orbs for free.

Follow on Twitter (37:34)

Follow BLUE PROTOCOL on twitter and retweet the specific tweet for a chance to win a 5000 yen Webmoney card (100 winners).

6. Network Cafe Campaign (37:51)

June 14 to July 12 Play at partnered Net Cafes for extra rewards! N Coins can be exchanged for gacha tickets, beauty salon tickets, special outfits and more.
  1. For every 20 minutes played at a net cafe, get 20 N coins 26 N coins during the event period (1.3x normal)
  2. Get 1.3x increased EXP from clearing dungeons and defeating overworld enemies
  3. Enemy drop rates increased by 1.3x (excluding treasure chests)

Monetization (40:37)

Rose Orbs have Paid and Free versions, and can be used for Season Passes; and Gacha and the Rose Orb Store inside of the Regnas Store. The Regnas Store also includes Rose Orb Purchase, BP Points store, and Season Store.
Rose Orbs have a limited duration; they will expire on the 5th month (starting from the month of purchase) on the last day at 23:59. Expired Rose Orbs will be automatically deleted.

Rose Orb Prices (41:04)

Limited deals (once per account; purchase restriction will be reset once the sale period ends)
Payment methods:

Rose Orb Store contents (42:05)

Some items shown to have the "Can use Connect Coupon" icon. Others were not shown so there may be more items you can use the coupon on.


Grand Opening Pack M/F (500 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon
Beginners Pack (110 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Once per character


Watcher series outfit box (450 orbs) Cunning Watcher series outfit box (450 orbs)


Land Fox mount - Midnight (450 orbs)


Twin tail extensions (100 orbs) *matches your current hair color Lily Earrings (55 orbs) Oval Glasses (100 orbs) Solitaire Ring (55 orbs)


Einrain stamp set (55 orbs)


Too Easy (90 orbs) Mocking (90 orbs)


Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 7d (50 orbs) Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 12h (20 orbs) Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 7d (50 orbs) Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 12h (20 orbs) Rewards Plus ticket x1 (20 orbs) - 3 per day Dye-remover (20 orbs) Character name change ticket x1 (240 orbs) - 1 per month Happy Firecracker - Blue x10 (20 orbs) Normal Salon Course ticket x2 (145 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Normal Salon Course ticket x1 (90 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Type-change Salon Course ticket (220 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon

Gacha (45:40)

One gacha ticket is consumed per spin. Tickets can be acquired through clearing content, season pass, etc. 1 ticket: 50 Rose Orbs 11 tickets: 500 Rose Orbs


Outfit gacha is separated by M/F.
Rates are on the website and in-game. The types above are rewarded from S rank capsule. It's possible to get duplicates. Opening an S rank capsule will reward the entire outfit, not just a piece of the outfit.

10-spin gift (49:46)

Spinning a gacha banner 10 times will reward the following:

Duplicates (51:37)

If you obtain a duplicate item from gacha, you can do 3 things with it:
  1. Mail it to another character on your account
  2. Mail it to a friend
  3. Exchange it for BP Points


Items that cannot be mailed can not be sent. Items can be mailed within 7 days of obtaining the item (timer shown in-game). Sending letters cannot be undone. Items claimed from mail cannot be sent again. You can only send to people you have been friends with for 14 days.

BP Points Exhange (53:04)

The BP Points Exchange can be accessed through the Regnas Store. Items that cannot be exchanged are marked, and items become un-exchangable if equipped.

BP Points Store contents (55:11)

Contains selection boxes for the outfits and mounts in the above Gacha banners. Contains Feste (b) Battle Imagine recipes and Idea (material). Contains Gas Mask, Fairy Wing - Aqua, Extension Type 1, Land Fox Tail accessory.
Explanation of Feste (b) Battle Imagine (55:46)

Season Pass (57:53)

Season 1: June 14 ~ Aug 13 23:59. A season is 50~60 days long. Clear the indicated quests to get Season Points, which are used to rank up your pass level and claim rank rewards (will automatically rank up to a certain point). After reaching a certain rank, you can also spend Season Points at the Season Point Store.
Ranks can also be purchased with Rose Orbs: 30 orbs per rank. Specific rank rewards can be checked in-game or on the site.

Free: Basic Plan

Maxes at rank 60. At max level, gain all materials required to craft Lv. 40 battle imagine Einrain (a). Rewards include an outfit.

Paid: Advanced & Royal Plan

Maxes at rank 100. At max level, gain all materials required to craft Lv. 50 battle imagine Einrain (b). Advanced costs 180 Rose Orbs. Royal costs 550 Rose Orbs and grants an extra 25 ranks to start. Both of these add additional quests to get points. Rewards include an emote.
After maxing one of these passes, you geet the Next Season Paid Plan Discount, which discounts the next season pass by 180 Rose Orbs. So if you buy the Advanced Pass once and max it out each time, you won't have to pay for another pass.

Other rewards

Not mentioned which pass they are in:

Season Store (1:05:19)

A store where you can spend Season Points. Contains outfits, accessories, crafting guaranteed great success tickets, healing aroma G1, luno, etc. (some have purchase limits).

Update Roadmap #2 (1:06:28)

They remade the roadmap image, slightly offseting the Season timelines since they can start/end in the middle of the month. Players were confused before as to why Season 1 started 2 weeks after launch, so this was fixed for clarification.

Raids (1:07:48)

Raid entry is on a schedule. The default raid Void's Island is always available, while a second, harder raid will be swapped out with a different one each update. Monday ~ Friday between 14:00~15:00, 18:00~19:00, and 22:00~23:00. Saturday & Sunday between 8:00~9:00, 12:00~13:00, 16:00~17:00, 20:00~21:00, next day 1:00~2:00.

Time Attack/Score Attack (1:08:54)

Solo dungeons with leaderboards, separated by class. These dungeons will rotate game mode and map every 2 weeks, starting with Time Attack (map X) at launch, then Score Attack (map Y) on week 3, and then Time Attack (map Z) on week 5, etc. There's a schedule of the maps and their dates at 1:12:44.

Time Attack (Dragon Claw Valley)

Based on your clear time, there are one-time rewards:
Additionally, there are ranking rewards. Rankings are displayed on the Leaderboards in towns.
Titles and Crowns are time-limited. They will be rewarded when the TA period ends, and will last until the next TA period ends--for 4 weeks.
Something else mentioned about Champion--the person with the most crowns? at 1:12:20 but not sure what they mean.

Next 2 months of updates (1:14:53)

A specific breakdown of what's coming up. Not many images since they aren't final, and these may change before they are released.
August (1:21:39)

Announcements (1:23:44)

Partnership with 4gamer, a Japanese game news site, where there will be interviews, articles, game guides, and perhaps other community content.
You will need to set a PIN in-game starting on the second login, to secure your account. It's entered by mouse so be careful not to stream it.
Play by the rules and respect other players.
Next stream is planned to be #9 in early July.

Post-stream gameplay showcase (1:51:03)

They showed some never-before-seen stuff, like Score Attack (2:04:15) and Evergreen Desert (including Salamzart Oasis) after a short intermission. The rest of the stream is unscripted, and they show off things like new enemies, weapon skins, outfits, emotes, accessories, and Einrain battle imagines. Photo mode can now pause skills as well, which was earlier stated to not be supported, although the effects won't pause (1:54:03).
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2023.06.08 11:15 novemberlicht Is it ok to use products with protein and olaplex?

I started using Olaplex a year ago and I‘m really happy as it‘s working for my hair. I got a few in-salon olaplex treatments too. But now I‘d like to try another shampoo/conditioner that contains hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed rice protein. Should I be worried about possible side effects?
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2023.06.08 01:10 EggEggEggEggOWO What country is Coeur d'Alene in?

View Poll
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2023.06.07 20:57 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in ID Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
J.R. Simplot Co. Leadership & Development Manager HQ FC Boise
Emergency Responders Health Center First Responder Wellness - Primary Care Physician/Medical Coordinator Boise
J.R. Simplot Co. Agricultural Equipment Operator Boise
J.r. Simplot Company ERP Project Lead Boise
J.r. Simplot Company Leadership & Development Manager HQ FC Boise
Coeur D Alene Press Inserter Coeur d Alene
Coeur D Alene Press Independent Carrier Contractor Coeur d Alene
Coeur D Alene Press Circulation Assistant Coeur d Alene
Decor Flooring & Finishing Flooring installer Eagle
The Internet Truckstop, LLC Sr Salesforce Developers Hamilton Corner
Truckstop, LLC Software Engineers III New Plymouth
The Internet Truckstop, LLC Software Engineers III New Plymouth
The Internet Truckstop, LLC Sr Data Scientists, Quantitative New Plymouth
GEO Reentry Services Assistant Case Manager Meridian
Primary Health Medical Group Family Physician Boise
US Customs & Border Protection Border Patrol Agent, Entry Level Boise City
Viva Railings Welder DFW Idaho Falls
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Part Time Cardiology Pre Post Nurse Idaho Falls
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Interventional Radiology and Cath Lab Nurse Idaho Falls
Viva Railings Welder Lewisville
Viva Railings MIG Welder Lewisville
Viva Railings Welder DFW Lewisville
Heartland Dental General Dentist -Meridian, Idaho - December 2023 Meridian
Spears Manufacturing Immediate Openings Department Supervisor Jerome Jerome
Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. Warehouse Assistant American Falls
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in id. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 09:43 hgsalonandspa Get The Most Satisfactory Spa Service In Sturbridge With Us

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2023.06.07 00:12 HelpwithHair90 Could do with some help

So I’ve decided to finally take the plunge and do this, but I’m still a bit lost so I’d love to get some advice from the guys who’ve done it:
1: Is it worth paying extra for a custom system? I know that stock systems might not be exactly the requirements I’m after but could a salon essentially get it to a custom level (regarding colour, density etc) when they’re doing the fitting, and would it be cheaper that way?
2: What hair products can you use on the system? I used to have a haircut that required a bit of wax and hairspray to really hold, and I’d like to go back to it, but I’ve heard some people say this will ruin the system. Is the true for all those types of product?
3: I’m fairly active and work out a lot, so which type of system would be the best?
4: How long was it before you got comfortable reapplying the system yourself?
Many thanks if you take the time to respond
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2023.06.06 22:59 HollowKnight88 Question about barbers

I cannot go back to a hair salon. Cannotttt! I might actually explode from how awkward I feel in that environment! Ideally I’d like to go to the barber but I’ve never been and I’m still super nervous to try. If the salon has one good thing about it it’s that I know what to expect and how to ask for things. Usually I just bring a photo for reference and ask for my hair to be cut that way, or as close to it as possible. Is that common at barber shops as well? Bcuz I’ll be real, I don’t know crap about clipper sizes and my brain shuts down every time numbers are involved lmao
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2023.06.06 22:23 Catastropiece Ali Express Extra Long Human Hair Wig Review

Ali Express Extra Long Human Hair Wig Review
I’ll preface this that I was not comped or paid to buy this wig. I read multiple reviews of people wanting to find a good human hair wig resource, so I thought I’d try a new vendor, order a wig, and report back.
I am a decades long wig wearer, I learned in University about wigs in theater and it became a life-long hobby. I wear them with my own “edges“ out, so I use a wig I’ve styled and added clips to line up just about an inch behind my hairline. I dye the human hair ones I purchase to match my own current hair color, and usually always add a medium brown root in as well. I set them myself and when I go out I do my hair in different ways.
This wig is from the Luciya Hair Official Store on Ali Express, it’s a 6x6 HD lace top in a 250% density in the longest length 32 inches in a body wave texture for $246.41. I ordered it May 25 and it arrived an hour ago via DHL. I have not ordered from this store previously but I have ordered once before from Ali Express from a defunct store and the wig was the same quality, which I have worn the past year. I do a lot of research before I buy, and have still gotten some awful ones for high prices from eBay in the past. Buying online is a gamble, so YMMV.
Here is a shot of the inside, the construction was what I was hoping for, and true to what was listed on the website.
For complete transparency, there was a few straggling white threads on the one side of the wig, that I can trim off when I sew my wig clips on. It’s no issue for me, but it’s worth mentioning. The hair quality feels good, it’s a basic 613, with some brassy tones. There are not broken sparse hairs at the crown, and very few stray hairs of brown that got through the wefting process. (These are easily tweezed out). Wetting the hair, it doesn’t feel overprocessed.
This is a blank slate, with customization can look like your own hair. After all these years, people are shocked when I tell them my hair is a wig. I like to look like I walked out of a salon with very little effort, so they are my favorite accessory. I would NOT recommend anyone to buy this wig and expect to wear it out as is. These are the canvases that hair companies buy, customize and resell for an extra 0 on the price.
Wigs direct from the manufacturer in China tend to have very sparse ends. So, measuring the wave stretched out its 33” long from top to bottom, but you can see the bottom is not thick. I always order longer than the length I want, as if I chose to do layered cut with a more blunt end on the unit, I would lose length when cutting this. I like “mermaid hair”, so this one will be turned into a U shaped layered cut but I will still remove 2 or 3 inches to make this look realistic. I will tone this wig with a rinse in purple shampoo to take out some of the brassy tones as well. I also install a silk monotop into my wigs after my cut & dye job is done. I buy my mono tops on Ali Express or at His & Her Hair in Los Angeles. I used to buy wigs here years ago and the prices went too high so I started going direct to the Chinese manufacturers. His and Her is great for supplies and emergency weft when wig customizing.
The wig arrived with these freebies in a pink satin bag.
I hope this is helpful to other Redditors, I stay in this group to see other‘s wigs so I thought I better contribute too. As an aside, I am not a cosmotologist!
Edit #1: I worked on this all day today. I layered the new wig in a u-cut, then dyed it. I save the cut hair to make into a hair rat after when I put my hair into pompadours.
I protected the lace first with Göt 2b glued freeze spray. Then, thickly smeared water based hair pomade onto the lace to further protect the lace. (Some use vasoline but I hate getting it out of the hair.
I dyed the roots on a styrofoam wig head base, and carefully pulled a Wella 6 colour though the wig to make roots, keeping it away from the lace top. I use a very fine comb and work slow listening to podcasts. I then used 3 Colors of Pulp Riot on the hair in 3 mix bowls. I use layers of thin styrofoam called Hair Mesh sheets to keep the shades separate.I let the color process then I rinsed it out and put sulfate free shampo on the wig then rinsed & did conditioner on the nape down and rinsed.
I collected the hair from my wig brush as well as the drain to show how much shedding there was on this first wash. I am letting it air dry flat on a towel as I really try to keep my human hair wigs away from curling irons & hairdryers unless needed for wig styling in winter.
Edit #2: Wig has been set in curlers and placed outside in the sun to dry, I’ll update tomorrow with a shot of it styled on the wig head.
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2023.06.06 22:18 curlyfae should i give a haircut another shot?

i have had some pretty bad experiences and this sub is not short of any salon horror stories but i’d just like to share a bit of mine. when i was younger between the ages of 6-8ish my hair was longgg and spirally curly and very thick. one day i complained of a headache and idk what my mom was thinking but right away she blamed my “heavy” hair and took me for a haircut. i remember sitting there watching the stylist (who of course straightened my hair as well) wondering what she was doing with the shears. i left with shoulder length hair. as my hair grew out, it started looking….. mushroom-y for lack of a better term. big on top, thin one bottom. i realize now that she THINNED MY HAIR. i was EIGHT. my hair was never the same after that. its been more on the wavy (2b-3a) side, still thick and very poofy/frizzy no matter what i do. many failed haircuts later, ive resorted to giving myself trims but i wish i could find a stylist that will listen to me and not just do what THEY think is best for MY hair. i’m sure i’m not alone but god, having this hair feels so isolating. im still learning how to style it and what products work but since it has no shape to it, i kinda look like a big poof ball most of the time. i can provide photos later! but anyway, just needed to vent a little. i appreciate all my fellow curlies in this sub yall have helped so much 💗
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2023.06.06 16:08 ikemikek Meetup for local exvangelicals in ID

Just moved to the Coeur d’Alene / Spokane / Post Falls area and am wondering if there’s any guys out there that’d like to meet up and chat about this stuff. 26m, married with two kids. Mods delete if not allowed.
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2023.06.06 13:58 greeneuva Road Trip, Summer 2023

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2023.06.06 10:54 AFA22 Looking for good english-speaking salons in the Tokyo area

Hi, I want to look for good english-speaking salons or hair stylists that are in the Tokyo area (or areas around like Kanagawa or Saitama). I’m still not very confident in my japanese skills yet so I’d like someone who can speak english so I can have my hair styled well. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.06 03:38 lolatheaudi In need of Hair and Makeup advice! To book a service or DIY or pay for bridal party??

Hi everyone and thanks so much for reading - I could use some insight and advice regarding hair and makeup. My wedding is Sept 2024 and I’m struggling to decide what the right move is.
I have 5 bridesmaids and I’m trying my best to keep costs low for all of them. Using azazie for dresses and letting them pick their own and just specifying a color and length. Not planning a big bachelorette or shower. At most I would rent an air bnb for a long weekend if I did anything. Really don’t want to ask too much of anyone and I don’t like attention as it is.
For hair and makeup it’s definitely expensive and most artists have a minimum number of services required. The most reasonable one I found so far is $100 per service and a requirement of 6-8 services. After me that leaves 4-6 services that need to be booked. I feel like asking each girl to get one service isn’t THAT much but I completely understand it’s still an added expense on top of the dress and hotel room for the venue. So I’m trying to think of alternatives too.
A few ideas I had are:
  1. We all do our own/each other’s makeup. I definitely don’t have the skills right now to do my own so id either need to learn or hope the combined power of 5 girls would be enough
  2. I find a salon to go to the morning of the wedding thats close to the venue and book myself an appointment but not require anyone else does the same
  3. I offer to cover the cost of one service for each girl and just ask that they tip and pay for the other service if they want it done. That will be $500 for me and cover 5 services and meet the minimum
I’d love some thoughts, advice, and opinions! Thank you all and sending you all best wishes planning ❤️
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2023.06.06 02:33 foxbeamlighting Here's a fun one. 95 Ram aftermarket headlights. Designed a full 3D printed replacement for the reflector to act as a combo mount and shroud.

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2023.06.05 21:28 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 12 Jobs in ID Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Saint Alphonsus Health System Catheter Laboratory Nurse Boise
Saint Alphonsus Health System Cath Lab Nurse Boise
GEO Reentry Services Assistant Case Manager Boise
GEO Reentry Services Assistant Case Manager Meridian
Waste Connections, Inc. Maintenance Manager Meridian
Tree City Transport LLC Delivery Driver Meridian
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company Senior Systems Software Engineer Boise
Radix Construction Inc Immediate Openings Skilled Construction Laborer Nampa Nampa
Ardent Health Services Immediate Openings VP Physician Practices Pocatello Inkom
Ardent Health Services VP of Health Services Pocatello
Ardent Health Services Immediate Openings VP Physician Practices Pocatello Pocatello
Sunshine Minting Inc. Entry Level Machine Operator (Coeur d'Alene, ID) Coeur Dalene
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in id. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 20:53 IlluminatedApe A Back History of Silver Mining in Idaho.

A Back History of Silver Mining in Idaho.
According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (DoL), there is currently only 4 Active US mines. There are two that reside in Idaho so I decided to dig into the history of silver mining in the area. I found a historical document that was most illuminating. Hope everyone enjoys the read as I did!
Number 160 December 1964
A century of silver mining since 1863 has made Idaho into the nation's leading silver state. In the hundred years from 1864 through 1964, a total production of about 786 million ounces has been attained. Figured at varying prices realized over the years as the metal was recovered and sold, Idaho's silver production amounted to a total value of 613 million dollars. At the 1964 price level--which practically equals the $1.29 per ounce mint price--Idaho's silver is valued at about 1 billion, fifteen million dollars. Approximately 686 million ounces in production totals (over 885 million at 1964 prices) of this came from the Coeur d'Alene district, which has produced more than three times as much silver as has the celebrated Comstock in Nevada. four of the nation's largest silver mines are now in the Coeur d'Alene area, which in total production has surpassed all other silver regions in the United States.
Lode mines which assayed high in silver were March 7, 1863, near Rocky Bar, and several months Silver City. These early assays ran high in gold discovered later near also, and the Rocky Bar properties proved to be primarily gold. Those near Silver City, however, turned out to be mainly silver, as did the mines discovered June 6, 1864, at Banner. Still another early mining camp with significant silver values was Atlanta, where gold placers found in the fall of 1864 were traces in part to the great Atlanta lode which showed promise for silver as well as for gold.
Of these regions, the Owyhee mines around Silver City proved to be the most important. In the initial decade of Idaho's silver, the War Eagle mines of Owyhee had exceptionally rich surface values. Ore from the Poorman, in particular, astonished just about everyone who saw it. Samples from the Poorman were displayed in Congress, and received a special gold medal when exhibited at the Paris International Exposition early in 1867. Owyhee, as a result of such promotion, gained an enviable reputation as standing second only to the Comstock Lode--a Nevada silver discovery only about four years older than Owyhee--among the major silver regions of the West.
Fortunately for silver miners at Silver City, Rocky Bar, and Atlanta, the Washoe process--worked out on the Comstock Lode for the recovery of silver in gold and silver ores--could be used to advantage. A number of important early silver producers on War Eagle Mountain above Silver City had a significant part in Idaho mining until the failure of the Bank of California, August 26, 1875, led to an abrupt shutdown. Silver City still had its major, low-grade (but higher total) production reserved for the future, after railway transportation became available nearby in 1884. The rich early War Eagle producers, though, never amounted to much after 1875.
A shift from easier worked gold-silver ores to the more difficult lead-silver ores got underway over the western states around 1880, and Idaho was no exception. Improvements in rail transportation and development of successful smelting methods in Colorado account in large measure for this shift. Silver City, with its gold-silver ores, came back into production with the help of railroads. But that region was destined to be eclipsed by the Wood River lead-silver mines, where a rush occurred in 1880.
Finally, after Noah Kellogg came across the Bunker Hill and Sullivan, September 10, 1885, the Coeur d'Alene lead-silver region grew up to account for by far the greatest part of Idaho's silver recovery. Other districts contributed also in later years, but Coeur d'Alene, and to a much lesser extent, Wood River, dominated. For about a decade after 1880, Wood River, with earlier discoveries and earlier railway service, was ahead.
Some of the larger Wood River producers, moreover, continued to be important down through 1959. Except for occasional economic setbacks that resulted from national hard times--particularly during the few years after 1929--the Coeur d'Alene region continued to pour out lead, silver, and zinc. With rising silver prices resulting from increasing markets which have been clearing out national silver reserves over the past decade or two, the future for Coeur d'Alene silver production is bright indeed. In the foreseeable future, Idaho is unlikely to have a rival for the position of leading silver-producing state.
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2023.06.05 20:36 LoPriore [WTS] 5.5 oz of cool stuff. And a dime. 1959 that I've had in my wallet for years.

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2023.06.05 19:54 ThrowRA_username-idk Violet shampoo

Hi everyone, I got a balayage over the weekend and my hairstylist recommended that I purchase the Kerastase Ultra Violet Masque for the type of work I had done. Kerastase is the product line they have at my salon…
I know I will need to use some sort of purple shampoo or mask and I really want to take care of my hair but I’m just wondering if the Kerastase is totally necessary — it’s really pricey!!! Are there other brands you’d suggest for a similar product but cheaper? I’m in Canada!
Please help thank you so much ❤️
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2023.06.05 19:52 Kindly_Echo_681 Looking for hair salon recommendations

Hi all! Does anyone have recommendations for affordable women’s hair salons in wburg? I’m looking for a very simple and quick cut but am seeing most salons charge ~$90-130 for an appointment. Totally respect that, but would love to find a salon more in my price range if possible ☺️ (I’d also love to hear people’s favorite spots regardless of price for future reference/others) Thanks!
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2023.06.05 17:33 Wackmamba Took an Orvis learning class and it was amazing

Took an Orvis learning class and it was amazing
Great class. I took the class in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. I don’t live there and had never been before. Mike and the guys at northwest outfitters were really welcoming and great to learn from. The area is stunning and amazing fishing surround it. I highly recommend the class to anyone looking to learn. We had a class size of about 8. Almost everyone was there by themselves so don’t let that detract you from going. We had a mix of experience in the class and we had a 3 student to instructor ratio so lots of instruction and everyone gained a lot of knowledge. You don’t need any gear if you don’t have any. They can provide everything you need. I took the 2 day class it covers everything from set up, knots, etiquette, reading water, fly selection, different methods of fly fishing, and entomology. Second day we got out on the Spokane river and fished. Can not recommend the class and this particular outfitter enough.
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