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2023.03.20 22:39 dollwhre this is the first time ive been told to kill myself in a game 😭 is this typical on dbd???

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2023.03.20 22:39 bananacakefrosting I need advice

Okay guys, I need help. My husbands family had a get together for my niece and nephew yesterday for their birthdays. They both got cards with a $100 inside. By the end of the night my nieces $100 bill went missing. My MIL asked my husband if my daughter had seen it. I asked my daughter and she said the last time she saw it was when they took the card up to nieces room. Now, my problem is, my daughter is OBSESSED with money for some reason. She always wants money and when she has money she has to spend it. She has a debit card that she earns money and we transfer money to her. We have also had problems with her stealing from me. Not money but she was stealing my makeup a lot and we got into a huge argument about it and she was grounded for a month because she wouldn’t stop stealing my shit. Now my MIL is texting me asking if my daughter may have taken the money. I asked my daughter and she said no and I checked her bag and her drawers and no money. But that doesn’t mean it’s not hidden somewhere. I don’t know if she took it but with her track record of stealing I can’t rule it out, but she is adamant that she didn’t take the money. I don’t know how to go about this without tearing her whole room apart.
Any help is appreciated
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2023.03.20 22:34 freddtB intrusive thoughts about being kidnapped and forced to be a housewife

I don't fucked know? I'm going to talk to my psychiatrist about my intrusive thoughts and paranoia but recently it's been getting worse and worse and I don't know how to fucking cope with it. I'm so tired of fighting this, how do you cope with intrusive thoughts?
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2023.03.20 22:33 SillyBullDogX0X0 2 Months ago I lost 18k in one day, but today I am half way there....

It was about exactly 2 months ago from this day I lost 18k in one day sports betting. I lost all control and depleted my savings account that I worked so hard for to save up. I was angry, depressed, and disappointed in myself. Kept telling myself I wanted to get ALL of my 18k back RIGHT NOW. But how?! Obviously it doesnt work like that. You can save up for a long time and blow it all in minutes or hours smh. Had to force myself to quit gambling, fought my urge to get through all NFL playoffs/superbowl without betting etc. I Quitted . I dont have a good paying job, but I did was just kept pushing everyday working my job picking up more shifts. Trust me there were many work days I felt like giving up....the goal to make 18k seem so far and would take too many days........
2 Months later now heading towards the end of March I probably already made back HALF BACK of what I lost from working. Looking back now im Semi-Proud of myself. I haven't made a single bet and in terms of paychecks accumulated I probably got half back already. Unfortunately it isn't all going to be going into my new savings cause theres expenses I have to pay, but its still overall money made back and my new savings is starting to grow again.
Point being: ....."Slow money is better than no money" and time flies. Even though the obstacles seem so big and far right after a big loss if you take every day 1 by 1 its still progress. Little steps accumulate.
My guess is by middle of summer I would already make it ll back from work and I can finally mentally move on. Just wanted to encourage everyone fighting this sickness that you can do it.
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2023.03.20 22:33 Critical_Cucumber814 Smoked weed for the first time

I’ve been a very strict Mormon my whole life up until my shelf broke last fall. Before that I’d never broken anything in the word of wisdom - no coffee tea alcohol or anything not even once. But now that I’m out I’ve discovered I just don’t like coffee and I hate the taste of alcohol and don’t like the feeling of being tipsy or drunk. So I figured I probably wouldn’t like getting high either but wanted to just try once. And WOW
I was with two of my non Lds friends (I don’t have many yet) and I had so much fun. I laughed harder than I ever have in my life and the conversations we had were so interesting in the moment although I would forget what we were talking about almost immediately. But what really did it for me was when I put my headphones in and started listening to music. I noticed sounds I’d never heard before in songs I’ve been listening to for years and I could hear each instrument so clearly. Each song was incredible. Time slowed down and i just felt so much love and appreciation for everything. Music is already so important to me and so this experience was so therapeutic. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced
I told myself I’d only smoke once just to see what it was like but now I definitely want to again but I’m a little worried. I still have this idea ingrained in me from being TBM my whole life that smoking weed is bad and it’s a gateway drug and I’ll ruin my life and get hooked on drugs and I don’t know how to get rid of this idea. I also don’t know what’s a healthy usage or if that feeling I felt won’t be as strong going forward and I’ll just get used to it? I’m so naive when it comes to this but would love any advice or suggestions or if anyone can relate thank you
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2023.03.20 22:29 Afraid_Difficulty_26 After extreme denial....

I am so depressed. I denied having did for thr last 3 years and truly believed it was all a misunderstanding or misdiagnosis (I know...I know.....i have little awareness i have this ans stull struggle but have seen 4 or so therapists who all say so). I have been depressed for a good 6 months now and unable to work. I guess I have an alter who was the majority of my happiness and she disappeared. She is so talented and the reason I live for. She is so deep and feels all the emotions and its like a part of me who actually enjoyed life died and checked out. She couldn't take it anymore because this world is so cruel.
I now feel like a robot, isolated, and existential dread. I can't imagine the thought of being here for 60 more years. I know I can't do anything to myself but I have a thought on repeat saying "I don't want to be here...I want to go home...I can't do this anymore". I truly can't take it much more and I am miserable every day. My new therapist also diagnosed me with did but she doesn't really know much about it. I just talk to her about life but the SI thoughts are getting so extreme..I dont even tell her how bad it is and she said its bad. It's like I have to spend all day fighting off the thoughts of wanting to kill myself constantly. I really don't want to be here and the thought of getting older makes me want to cry (so boring and I am over this world). I don't feel like I will ever be normal again to be honest. I guess I realize now I do have did. I am going to talk to a psych tomorrow and I hope I can be honest because I often sugarcoat and hide things because I am worried I will be perceived as crazy. I didn't even tell the last psych I had did...thats how ashamed I am about this.
I constantly try to talk to my alters and I experience it more like intrusive thoughts screaming at me and wanting me to kill myself. I guess when I moved, the alters that kept me happy left. The urge to get out of here is all I feel all day long. I regret having kids and I feel a longing to escape (causes me more guilt for even thinning that). Sorry for any of you guys have any advice on how to talk to the psychiatrist? How do I get myself to actually admit this to her?
Oh also, I was drinking wine at night to ease depression and it doesn't work anymore. I hate it now so basically there arent many crutches have left. I myself feel present but I feel like a robot. I went from feeling depersonalized and out of body to numb and in body, realizing just how abused I have been my entire life, just how much no one has ever loved me, just how little this life matters to me. It's extremely negative but it's how I feel. I lost my coping mechanisms and I am now in this state. I can't stand this feeling of having to be present while not having access to the unique parts of me that make me happy here. I guess this event is what has shown me I actually have did. My alter that left is my creative and talented alter. She left me alone and I can't stand to be here.
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2023.03.20 22:29 StrikingConnection23 I (30m) worry that my relationship with my girlfriend (26f) is becoming codependent

I have been dating L for almost 5 months now. L is very sweet and great company, but has many sources of stress and unhappiness in her life: past trauma, health issues, financial worries, and a lack of self esteem. She admits that she often has suicidal thoughts, and has acted on these thoughts during our relationship (which culminated in me driving to her place at the middle of the night to get her to vomit up some pills she had taken).
L often tells me that I make her happy and has even insinuated that I am the only source of happiness in her life. One the one hand I am glad she feels this strongly about me, but on the other hand knowing that she places such importance on our relationship makes me worry that she has become dependent on me.
In the 5 months we have been dating I have tried my best to be supportive. At the end of the day however I have my own issues to deal with, and have struggled with my own mental health a lot in the past (which required a lot of therapy and hard work to stay on top of). To make matters worse, L comes from a very wealthy but somewhat dysfunctional family with whom she has an at times frosty relationship, and I am exasperated at the lack of communication between her and her relatives (with L often being reluctant to ask them for help).
L was recently admitted to hospital for 4 days a chronic health issue, during which time I visited her each day (being the only person to do so). I think this might have been the last straw, as a day or two after she was discharged I experienced a (thankfully brief) bout of depression and feeling of burnout, along with the realisation that something has to change.
I feel awful admitting this, but I feel as though I am taking on too much responsibility this early on in the relationship. L is a wonderful person and none of her problems are her fault, but at times I feel I have practically become a caregiver when we should still be in the honeymoon phase. I can feel myself emotionally checking out of the relationship because I can sense that it is slowly becoming unhealthy and codependent. L refuses to ask for help from her family and leans too much on me, and this early on in the relationship I am not even remotely ready to be someone's sole support system.
L and I had a trip planned for later in the year, which she is very excited about, but I think we need to call it off because I am worried that it will just cement the dynamic of our relationship even more, and because frankly the entire situation is making me too stressed out and anxious to enjoy being on holiday. I feel as though we need to take a step back and get her help addressing the different issues in her life, so that she feels better about herself and does not lean on me to the extent that she does.
How do I navigate things going forward? I am planning on speaking to L in person tomorrow and communicating these feelings to her, as well as encouraging her to approach her family for help. I worry that telling her that we should call the holiday off and take a bit of a step back in our relationship will go down like a lead balloon, and potentially even prompt her to do something drastic (e.g. hurt herself). I would really appreciate any advice on how to handle the situation.
TL;DR Girlfriend of 5 months leans very heavily on me in the relationship and does not seek enough help for life problems from family etc., to the point where it's starting to affect my own mental health. Need to get girlfriend to take a step back and get the help she needs but unsure how to approach the discussion.
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2023.03.20 22:27 Ramune888 Mercy's who say "Mercy diff" are toxic because it depends on how well your team is doing

Where is the actual logic in a Mercy saying "Mercy diff"?? If you are damage boosting your team and they're not getting kills then of fucking COURSE you're not gonna have assists, and when your whole team goes down, your deaths are gonna stack. What is the actual point. I swear other Mercy's can be rude af, my partner loves purposely targetting them just because of how they play.
Also another question - how is my friend who mains Mercy able to get into masters purely healbotting? If I look at her stats, she dies more than me on average, and barely has any damage boosted at all, she even says she only heals. Meanwhile each game I have the least amount of deaths on my team, lots of damage boosted, and a good amount of heals, yet am unable to climb the rank because we keep losing games.
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2023.03.20 22:27 WelcomeSpecialist157 Do I (21F) chose my mother (50F) or my boyfriend (21M) of 1 1/2 years?

Background: My (21F) boyfriend (21M) and I have been dating for almost a year and a half now. I thought my parents liked him, and that he liked my parents. Recently I’ve learned that’s not entirely the case. Despite my boyfriends efforts to be polite, my mom still doesn’t like him, and I’m not sure how my dad feels. My mom apparently hates him because she feels like he is going to turn me into a housewife, he’s from a traditional church denomination which believes women can’t lead in the church, but my boyfriend and I have discussed this at length and have reached a consensus we are both pleased with. My mom doesn’t seem to hear me saying that. Additionally, she thinks he has immature friends, doesn’t make wise spending decisions, and thinks his family is too personal. His friends can be immature, but they just recently stopped speaking to the only one of that group that I didn’t like. He does tend to spend all money he is gifted (I was taught to save a portion and spend a portion), but money he earns through work he does save. His family is kind to me, they care about my opinion, text me to check in, and congratulate me when I have good things happen. I’m not used to this. My parents are closed off, the most I usually get is “we expected excellence anyways,” - I didn’t realize parents actually praised their children.
Long story short, I don’t know who to choose here. My mom is my mom, she has provided for me and although our relationship is strained by many actions she has taken that would take too long to type, I still love her. But I love my boyfriend too. My mom has threatened to cut off money and has told me to not expect holiday visits or a wedding from her if I continue dating this person. She’s mad about him, my boyfriend is mad about her now that he knows how she feels, and I’m mad at the world and honestly just want to crawl into a hole. My mom has never voiced these concerns to my boyfriend, she hardly speaks to him when he has come with me to visit. She won’t even accept his friend request on Facebook. So I don’t feel like she’s tried to get a good look at who he actually is. But she’s my mom, and I want to trust her opinion. My boyfriend thinks she narcissistic. I don’t know who to trust. Any advice would be great.
TLDR: My mom and boyfriend despise one another, I’m stuck mediating between them and things are just escalating. I don’t know who to side with.
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2023.03.20 22:26 havejubilation Experience with failure to thrive/eating concerns?

Hi all,
Just looking for support/insight/feelings of non-alone-ness related to failure to thrive. Sorry, it’ll probably be long.
My daughter is a little under 4 months old. She was born at >90th percentile, and has dropped to about the 4th since then. There have been stretches where she hasn’t really gained anything, and then stretches where her gains are about or just below the daily target. We’ve hit the point though where her doctor is more concerned, and so she’s ordered a battery of tests. I keep trying to tell myself that we don’t really know anything yet, but it’s still very stressful and confusing.
My daughter eats a ton and is pretty high energy. She generally sleeps well at night, but seems too interested in everything to want to sleep much during the day (meaning, she’s definitely not too sleepy from lack of food). She seems to be hitting the milestones in typical fashion.
This is obviously stressful on its own, but it’s also stressed me out considerably when it comes to feeding. I was aiming for EBF, but knew it might not work out. With her initial slow weight gain, her doctor said she suspected I had low production, although my daughter generally seemed content after nursing. Later a lactation specialist said she thought my daughter had trouble extracting milk, and thought some bottles might be helpful, just to know what she was getting.
I did all the things to help increase production, and started to pump more regularly and supplement with formula because I couldn’t pump enough while nursing to keep up with the doctor’s recommendations. Then my daughter seemed to only be willing to nurse first thing in the morning and if she woke up in the middle of the night, so we went from supplementing with bottles to doing bottles except at those times.
My daughter can be kind of erratic with her feeding preferences though. Now sometimes she’ll want to nurse during the day and sometimes she’ll refuse to nurse at the times she usually does. I don’t want to deny her when she wants to nurse, but also worry that the inconsistency is bad for her.
I also think my supply is good now (if that was even the issue), but I admit I’m stressed by not knowing how much she’s taking in when nursing, and every ounce feels so important.
It’s also just stressful not knowing how much she’s taking in when nursing. She’s nursing on average 2-3 times a day and then getting about 20-24 ounces of food in bottles (mostly my milk, usually at least a small amount of formula per day). She seems to like eating and seems to accept food basically anytime. Part of me would love to transition to nursing more when I’m at home, but another part of me is too nervous about intake. Anytime she’s had a lull in growth, I’ve been convinced it’s because I’ve let her nurse too much and that’s impacted her intake.
I don’t know where I’m going with all this, other than needing to vent. It’s scary and frustrating to feel like she’s probably eating enough and has good energy but just isn’t growing.
I also just needed a space to share how frustrating the poor care was that I received from my delivery hospital. They portrayed it as if they would really help set me up with supports, but I feel like I’ve been figuring out feeding and everything else from like, Instagram videos and googling. They messed up my referral for lactation support like 3 times, and their education on pumping and nursing turned out to be really poor. That might not be an uncommon experience, but I’ve felt so alone and unsupported throughout a lot of this process, and I really wish I had known to do some things so differently.
Thanks to anyone who made it through this novel. It just felt good to get it off my chest.
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2023.03.20 22:25 iWant12Tacos Any ideas?

Rent is due in 12 days. Currently no job and essentially nothing in my bank account. Temp services aren’t offering much and I’ve put in 5 individual applications and still nothing.
I’ve been at this place for 2 years, on the coast of Lake Michigan, and really don’t wanna lose it. I’ve been late on rent numerous times. But more importantly I don’t want to face an eviction because in today’s world, an eviction is like a death sentence. I’ll never get to rent again.
The fact $550 is causing me so much stress and turmoil is mindblowing.
If anyone has any ideas how I can make that cash to cover April rent, thank you.
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2023.03.20 22:25 happyman395 Homebrew Falling Speed Rules for Heightened Drama

I know this is a hot-button issue but 5e falling speed rules are just... boring. I don't really care that they're "realistic" it just really limits the opportunity for drama when a character falls from a great height. And imho anything that adds drama to the game is a good option to have.
So here's what I came up with for an upcoming encounter in a Roc's nest on top of a mountain. My thought was: why wouldn't the Roc just pick up a PC and drop them off the side of the mountain? Well RAW that would just mean the PC instantly falls 500ft, and unless someone can dimension door or something that far, the PC just falls to their death without much drama. (I know there's a 20d6 max falling damage but I think a fall off the side of a mountain would override that.)
My solution that I think is realistic, doesn't interfere with RAW too much, and heightens drama: At the end of the turn that the PC starts falling (i.e. the Roc's turn after dropping them) the player falls 30ft. Each TURN after that (not round) the PC's fall speed increases by 30ft due to acceleration. So at the end of the next turn, the player falls an additional 60ft (90ft total), and at the end of the NEXT turn the player falls an additional 90ft (180ft total), and so on. Using this math, if you have five creatures in combat, the PC still falls 450ft in one round, but each PC gets a chance to try to save them if they choose to, or the falling PC gets a chance to save themselves.
Gonna play this encounter tomorrow or next week's session so I'll update how it goes!
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2023.03.20 22:24 KnackLover69 Being dependant on people sucks..

I hate it so much, it has destroyed my life and so many relationships. I hate getting so overly attached and obsessed with people that show me the slightest bit of love and attention and I click with. I get so dependant on them, my mood, my emotions, my whole day, my whole month, year, LIFE will depend on them and how they treat me and if they show me attention or how they show it to me. I need to constantly be reminded that I am loved by them, that I am important, that I am worth something and that they are willing to fight for me, only in the end for me to get hurt and feel like nobody understands me and that I will never be loved the same way I love. I always put other people first and never prioritize myself. And getting jealous about literally EVERYTHING the other person does that makes me think that I am not their top priority anymore is just... aghh. Not to mention that this gets 100x worse if it is a love interest. In the end everyone ends up leaving me (and rightly so) because they are fed up on me being so clingy and needy and just... AHH. I hate it so much, I am alone and have lost every person I once had, why couldn't I be normal :(
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2023.03.20 22:20 TheWritingProf How much work is it reasonable to expect from a freelancer in a month at various levels of hours?

Greetings and salutations, everyone!
I'll keep this as brief as possible, which is probably going to turn into an ironic statement. In summary, a friend and I are looking to get into the Social Media Management/Arbitration business. You know, the people that convince small businesses that they would be better off hiring a professional and then take those job offers to professionals we already know and see if they're interested. Hopefully a win-win all around. However, we are working on what estimates and packages to give our clients, and we have run into a number of conflicting data points.
By our estimate, the average social media manager who is established enough to have at least a small profile is looking to make about 60000 yearly at 40 hours/week. This leaves us with an hourly rate of ~30. A little more, a little less on some months.
The platforms we are looking at are primarily Facebook and Instagram, with the possibility of Twitter or even Tik Tok if those platforms seem like a better fit. For our target client, though, Facebook and Instagram are where they would find most of their target audience. Thus, according to our numbers, if we want to contract a social media manager for them, then 10 hrs a week runs at 1200, 5 at 600, etc. Now, these contracts are designed to run over multiple months with the shortest period of time being 3 and the longest being 36, so there is hopefully the draw of guaranteed income. All work is to be submitted and scheduled one month in advance of posting, and the clients are responsible for any community engagement. The main services we are focused on are planning, content creation, and month to month analysis of performance with adjustments made to the next month's plan based on that. That being said, we also want to make sure we are compensating people fairly for their work and expertise.
So, my question is this: how much content and what other services is it reasonable to expect from a freelance manager working with Facebook and Instagram at, say, 5, 10, or even 20 hours a week?
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2023.03.20 22:20 Ambitious_Dance4828 I realized I am still frustrated with my partner for ignoring my birthday

My birthday was one month after LO was born. We were having some kind of disagreement on that day (I honestly don’t remember about what), I just remember feeling down, since we were mad at each other, and spending the day taking care of our baby pretty much alone. I didn’t get a cake, a card, nothing. I don’t remember getting a “Happy birthday” from him but he might have said it in passing.
For a bit more context. We are currently living in his hometown, my family lives in another country so I have nobody here besides him and his family (which is basically just his mom and a cousin). When LO was born, my mom came to stay with us for a full month. She helped a lot, but our house is a bit small so it became crowded very soon with a new baby, my mom and his mom constantly visiting. Things got worse when my dad showed up as a surprise leaving us even less space in the house. My parents speak a language that my SO doesn’t understand, so he gets very overwhelmed by the costant noise and conversations around him that he can’t be a part of. My parents were sleeping on our couch so we had zero privacy or a space we could go to unwind when we felt stressed. That first month was actually very hard, in retrospect I would have advised my parents to have come at a later time. Because the stress of having a new born, being first time parents and hosting your in-laws for a full month became too much for us and specially for my partner.
To make matters worse, we are in a very difficult financial situation. I am only working part time and he is finishing graduate school. So our budget is extremely tight, we have been living in a constant state of stress over every penny for the past year. Because of that we agreed on not giving each other presents for christmas and birthdays until we are both able to get better jobs.
My parents came here in the spirit of vacation. They wanted to constantly explore the city and the surroundings since it was the first time they were visiting. So I had to become a tour guide on top of being a new parent, healing from the birth and mediating the relationship between my partner and my parents, besides functioning as an interpreter for the house and all the languages everybody was speaking. The whole month was hell, to be honest. My husband thought it wasn’t fair I had to entertain my parents all the time, my parents thought my husband was a grumpy ass because he was always moody and short-tempered about not being able to do anything without being judged by 3 grandparents all the time.
The day my parents finally left we were mentaly exhasted from everything and from all the little arguments and little uncomfortable situations from the past month. 2 days later was my birthday. Husband was still short-tempered about something that I don’t remember anymore, we were fighting, so we did nothing for my birthday. We couldn't go out and celebrate or buy anything because of our budget. I couldn’t do anything for myself because I was breastfeeding on demand on very little sleep. His mom, who is normally very sweet to me, came by to wish me a happy birthday but she quickly left because she had had an argument with my husband the day before and she didn’t want to be there around him. His cousin called to wish me a happy birthday but she was sick so she decided not to come by because of the baby. I have no friends here yet. It was honestly the worst birthday I had ever had. I kept expecting that he would suddenly bring me a cake or something but nothing happened. He didn’t even offer to make dinner. Before the baby was born we talked about my birthday and how we could make sushi so I could celebrate finally being able to eat raw fish again, but we ended up not buying anything special on the actual day. I remember going to bed crying. The next day we solved whatever it was that we were arguing about and he said that he was sorry for the shit birthday I had, but it was too late to have any celebrations, it wasn’t my birthday anymore.
He had his own birthday about a month BEFORE the baby was born and we also didn’t do anything. I normally bake a cake for him but this time I was on my third trimester and really not feeling too well, so his mom brought a cheesecake and we had afternoon tea with her. He never cared much about his own birthday, every year I am the one that makes a big deal out of it and does something for him. I normally design new cool cards or something like that. This time, however, I also didin’t do anything. I was too pregnant and too tired.
The day after my birthday, I made peace with the fact that I had a shit birthday but we have a new baby so things like this happen, our priority is the baby now. Also, I felt like it was a bit unfair of me to expect him to do something for my birthday when I didn’t do anything for his.
Fastforward to today, 3 months after my birthday. I thought I was over what happened but apparently I am not. We ate a piece of cheesecake, which reminded us of the cheesecake his mom made him for his birthday. He made a comment about how his birthday was very uneventful to which I said “well, at least you had one, I had nobody, no celebration not even cake”, he replied “oh, that sucks!”. He asked me why he had a cake and I didn’t have one. I said it was because he had his mom here to make him one, he replied that my mom was here a few days before my birthday, she could have left one in the fridge. I decided to leave the conversation there and have a bit of alone time now writing this post.
Our baby is going through the 4 month sleep regression fase right now, we are absolutely exhausted. I didn’t want to escalate our already bad moods with a memory of the past to bring it up to him one more time that I felt like shit on my birthday. So I decided to come here and vent to you guys. I am crying while writing this post. I don’t know if it is the hormones or being sleep deprived, but I feel very hurt thinking of my birthday. I decided that next year I will make my own cake, and I will never allow something like this to happen again. I will never leave it to other people to surprise me, I will always make sure I have cake on my birthday from now on.
I am sorry about the long post, I had to vent to somebody.
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2023.03.20 22:19 feliccca Doing a Masters Degree in NL

I am a 2nd year bachelor student in computer science here in NL and I am wondering how is it to get a master’s degree here. Usually the schedule of a master’s student is much more flexible and free compared to the one of a bachelor’s student, but I have heard that people are as busy (if not even more) during their masters here. My plan is to work in the field while pursuing my graduate degree but now I am not sure I will be able to do that in the Netherlands. It would be v helpful to hear about the experiences of getting a Msc here ^
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2023.03.20 22:19 ITpewpew I (43m) think I'm falling for someone but my ex whom I broke up with 6 months ago won't stop trying to contact me.

Last year I broke up with someone after 5 years of what I considered to be a very toxic relationship. I asked them to never contact me again and left. I had to block her everywhere. She wouldn't stop trying to contact me. She started making public posts about how I'm the worst. Somehow found my Reddit account and stalked me until I deleted it. Sent me Grubhub (Thanks? lol)
Now she sends emails to my Gmail at least twice a week. They started out talking about how I'm the worst. Now she's just journaling, I guess, I don't fucking know. It's insane to me. I've NEVER replied to her. Not once. I received an email from her as recently as this morning. Hell, she'll probably see this, figure it out, and force me to make another account. I've never dealt with anything like it; I'm currently researching how to script her emails to auto-delete forever instead of sitting in the deleted box for 30 days. It's actually scary. She knows where I live and if she finds out about my new person what might she do?
I met someone that I've been talking to for 7 weeks. We just had our first kiss. She's a sweetheart. Everything I've been looking for and more. I've let her know I'm still dealing with the ex. I know I'm doing the right thing. I'm trying to move on. I guess I'm venting. I've never dealt with someone who won't go away. Do I hope she stops? Get a restraining order in case she is going to go over the deep end? I'm guessing replying with: for the love of god shut the fuck up is exactly the reaction they want.
tl/dr; ex is going to boil rabbits on my stove.
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2023.03.20 22:17 spitoon-lagoon CPRed 3/25 Session Notes

If the team burns Nicky Twitch as their Fixer I need to come up with other jobs they can stumble across if they look for it, as well as a future job from Nicky Twitch if they don't burn him.
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2023.03.20 22:17 Blainvillier I missed out on a letter grade by 0.40 points

So I got 69.69 instead of 70 (jokes are welcome) in a uni course which turned a potential 2.7 GPA into a 2.3. To be honest there is little I can do as I lost all my chances to do anything, and actually I lost the necessary 0.40 points in a dumb mistake.
4 months later, the ghosts of that missed grade opportunity are haunting me late at night and ruining my mental health. How can I just get over it? It feels like getting defeated in the last 100m of a marathon for something really stupid.
Off-Topic: Do you think that getting a 80% grade average this semester will save my hopes of getting a good GPA and thus saving my career and my life? Ironically, if I keep ruminating on that grade I think I will keep ruining my chances. I cannot help it right now. I don't want to be a loser because of 0.40 points of an intro business course. I don't even do drugs, I am not a couch potato. It would be so unfair to me to get lost in the walk of life like this. It would be such a dumb and painful way to see my dreams go away.
Please all your advice is much appreciated.
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2023.03.20 22:15 dudestfup nmom tried to break no contact in person

i cut off my mom in january. she has been financially abusing me since i was 18, taking cards out with my social, racking up loads of debt, getting car loans in my name, trying to get a mortgage loan in my name, and basically live her life at the expense of fucking me over. i’m only 23. i’m finally fixing the situation. i’ve submitted a police report. i no longer live with nmom, but i’m living with HER mother. which is much better than being with my mom, but there’s still things that gets on my nerves.
so i’ve been dodging texts from nmom for nearly 3 months. this weekend, my mom comes over and quite literally knocks on my door, walks into my room and says “hey” waiting for me to reply. as soon as i heard her come in, i had shut the lights off, hid under a blanket, and put my airpods in to so badly flee my reality. so when she came in, it was a dark room, she didn’t see me, i didnt see her and i was able to ignore her easily. but i silently cried right after that. i felt like my boundaries are again violated and i can’t expect my grandma (her mom) to not have her over… especially when i don’t pay rent. but i’m just glad the situation was the way it was and i didn’t have to walk in and see her face. it makes me so nervous. i don’t think anyone in my family has a clue that i’m pressing charges, but i’m starting to really contemplate getting a legal no contact order because i felt like i was stomped on just feeling her energy. i felt powerless. but i should think of that when i move out of here, right?
yeah so i am contemplating if i should move out. i am between jobs and everything is dependent on how fast i receive an offer. but that is my goal, because i’m thinking i can’t even be in this environment since my grandmother enables my abuser and allows her in her space which is our shared space
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2023.03.20 22:15 GrandestChampion As a returning player, trials fucking sucks

All my good shit that I grinded for got sunset. All the OP shit is locked behind expansions I skipped. Ace of Spades gets out ranged by a fucking SMG. I got disconnected four fucking times at 6 wins, and ran out of time trying to get flawless.
They dangle the most OP, broken fucking weapon to ever exist out and give you one fucking weekend to grind for it by winning seven fucking matches in a row without some fucking bullshit happening. How the fuck are they going to do that, when they can't even afford to host dedicated servers for PvP?
For context, I was a 3-4 KD player back in the day and earned Not Forgotten back when it meant something. Back when the meta was hand cannons and good aim, not this fucking bullshit we have today. I'm top 2% or higher in multiple competitive games, and not shy of a challenge. However, this game is all the WRONG types of challenge.
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2023.03.20 22:14 Jolly_Reality5074 Anxiety when I’m not with him. How do I stop? It’s exhausting.

Hi, I’m new to this sub and I’m kind of nervous to post this. But here we go. I’m a 21-year-old female with a boyfriend, the same age as me. (1.5 years together) A little backstory, I have struggled with anxiety for years now. When I met my boyfriend, I was in a terrible place and he didn’t know that I was struggling because I kept masking it as best as I could. We talked and talked for weeks until we started dating. We got really close. My anxiety started getting a little better because of him. He has a lot of motivation for doing better in life and striving for the best always. I really admire him for that. I want to be like that too. He is slowly teaching me! And I love it. The only problem is, when we are not together that motivation is not there. The anxiety is present. My mood is low and I just get sad. When I am with him, I am excited for life and excited to do new things and go new places and meet his friends from other states, and so on so forth. That moment he drops me off at home, I get that pit in my chest like…I’m alone now. Then I start to have some anxiety. I have never told him this, and I don’t plan on it. We never get tired of being with each other but I just don’t want to be dependent on him for happiness even when he doesn’t know it. I even hate saying it like that. Now it’s not to the point where I can’t go to work or do my college classes. But it’s pretty bad. I just wake up everyday anxious and nervous and wonder when the next time we are going to be next to each other. We hang out a lot so I know it would be soon it’s just I can’t wait. Sometimes I can even stop looking at the clock. Anyways, I just need help to be a little more independent. I am tired of feeling this way. It’s not fair to me or to him. Even if he doesn’t know how I feel.
tl;dr: Anxiety when I’m not with him but it’s gone when he is with me.
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