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2023.06.07 23:13 Death_angel666 rate my desktop (= 20 letters)

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2023.06.07 23:07 donutsecho_ NEW Plant Based Delivery Service called Tempted Kitchen

NEW Plant Based Delivery Service called Tempted Kitchen
I love some good breakfast tacos and Tempted Kitchen did not disappoint, but these popsicles!! Omg I had the tropical fruit smoothie popsicle, strawberry pineapple, and coconut popsicle, and a not pictured cookies and cream popsicle… literally better than the store. Check them out!
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2023.06.07 22:59 Mother_Orchid_1109 [Us to Us] [Sell] [perfume] Alkemia, AlphaMusk, Arcana Craves, Death + Floral, new Hex, MORARI, Sorcellerie apothecary, Sucreabeille, Sugar + Spite, and Whisper Sisters.

Heeeyya fellow queerios, (+ non lgbtq+ beans.) 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ happy pride month! I hope you get to be authentically you now, and in the future. And if you currently are not able to for whatever reason, remember, a small minded person can only wade in shallow, + murky waters. (Did that make any make sense? Prob not.) Anyhow, welcome to my lil’ destash. Hope some of these perfumes will fly away to new homes, where they can be properly loved. 🦋
usual deets: perfumes stored in a dark, wooden chest, pet friendly, smoke free home, i often re-use packaging —- let me know if it’s a problem though, and ship within a week. shipping is $5 for 3 or less full sizes, but may cost more if you exceed that. $4 minimum please. Assume all are oils, unless otherwise noted.
Mocha-Chocolata-YaYa(label damaged / peeling in a few spots) [A mochalicious blend of fresh cream, Cold brewed Arabian coffee, and fine Belgian milk chocolate.] ($8 ~80-85%)
Vanilla Craves 90’s Malls [The scent of rebellious young punks and toothachingly sweet innocence. Bright fluorescent lights, glossy watermelon-flavored lip gloss, a ziplock baggie of fresh, green bud, and sticky vanilla-laced marshmallow treats.] ($16- mostly full.)
Bless Your Heart Honey [Dark vanilla cream bourbon, honey’d mint leaves, sugare’d oranges and sweet southern blessings.] (open neck square bottle - $7), * - The Secret Lives of Wives And Widows: [A dark and mysterious blend of Arabian sandalwood, luscious vanilla, orchids and southern night air; white tea in a fine cup of china held by a figure with long painted nails.] -5 ml RB - $10)
Smaller sizes / samples
Fae Fragrance (formerly known as Pylies)
Sorcellerie Apothecary
Cake for Breakfast 6ml rollerball): Birthday cake, ripe mango, pineapple, coffee, maple syrup, and a hint of cardamom. $17
Sugar + Spite
-Athena (dram 3.5? - label quite stained and a little torn): Dark vanilla, patchouli, pepper, ivy, sea spray. ~65% full $3.50
Compass Rose* [The ocean on a stormy morning; crisp white sails floating in the breeze, anchored to a mossy, kelp-strewn ship; pipe tobacco; bay rum; a perfect red rose and a lingering touch of vanilla. The perfect balance of refreshing, oceanic notes fading into crisp, light, slightly feminine notes.] (~3.7 dram? mostly full - $6)
Weebus Warbus (can’t find notes, but this is an adultish blue cotton candy raspberry scent - about 2ml/5ml - $3, RIS, oil)
Venus: label came off, about 3/5 ml spiral glass rollerball bottle. Can’t find notes, but it is definitely orange blossom, and if I’m not mistaken, I recall a frankincense note, which I get gently underlying, what is otherwise very orange blossom-y. ~60% full $3
Desmondontinae can’t find notes, but I believe I remember a black musk note, and a cola note that almost reads like clove, dry down is almost like a cola meets clove, meets motor oil, but make it slightly sweet - still a quite unique, dark, deep, + sort of warm scent. (about 2.5-3ml/5 ml take as a freebie, upon request with any $8 purchase or more. Label is damaged and unreadable.) RIS, Oil
Once again, thank you for looking! =‘ )
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2023.06.07 19:08 Suitable-Editor8953 A long session?

Did dmt by myself a few month back... (My dmt was dark orange)
I used a bong, sandwiched a (.3) and just slowly took hits, I had an album playing in the background.....
Took my first slow hit deeply as I could, just bud..(I have a good sized bowl piece) I took 2 more hits and could Def feel different...after the second hit I felt like I could hear ringing in my room felt like I was in a fun house(I got red green, white candy cane LED patterned lights on my walls) my white walls faded into just green and red... I was sitting in a folding chair.. I can't tell you how much time I took between hits after that....time got fucked up... But every time I took another hit the tinnitus would come back but I would lose my breath RIGHT before I felt like I would break through, so I remained in my own personal waiting room I called it...
My thoughts were VERY VERY intense i felt like spongebob in the opening credits, where he was being pulled apart and being put back together...
I felt like I wasn't sure what was in or out, up or down... it made me feel really uncomfortable cause it felt like I wasn't me anymore, like i had gone too far and i wasnt going to come back..... Felt like the creature st the end of the Tool Schism music video..all warped and shit..
Now the whole time I do know that I'm still in my seat....but then I started thinking about the universe...and I felt like a I knew too much, which at that point I did..I saw earth from space and a huuuuge ufo stationed right outside of our gravity...I could see it's beam projecting down to earth in my direction I could hear them telepathically saying "we see're right there and you sense us too"
I felt very intellectual like RUSSEL BRAND type intellect, and now I'm on a stage in a huge amphitheater in a suit behind the mic at the podium, I can't recall what I speaking...but it's truth and people are holding on to every word I say...then I see the agents in black suits moving up to the stage and you can hear in their communications "he knows too much, take him out" and they assassinate me in a Malcolm x style...
There were other things but those were the major ones i was still tripping at "the end". But by this point I looked at the clock and it had been between2-4 hours.... I laid my head down and went to bed but I was still feeling and hearing the tinnitus...
I haven't done it again since. . Any insights on this trip? Anyone have similar experience.
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2023.06.07 19:02 BonesJackson My weekly grocery deal list 6/7 - 6/13

Pork Chops $1.29/lb
Boneless Skinless chicken breasts $1.99/lb
Beef New York Strip Steaks $6.97/lb digital coupon limit 2 packs
Coca Cola, Gold Peak Tea, Glaceau smartwater, AHA sparkling water buy 2 get 2
Doritos, Ruffles, Smartfood popcorn $2.49 when you buy 3
Dreyer's Ice Cream 1.5qt, Signature Select ice cream bars, Baskin Robbins 14oz ice cream buy 1 get 1
Bounty Paper Towels 6pack $14.99
Charmin 8pack super mega rolls $14.99
Signature Select pasta $0.99 digital coupon limit 1? ... 1 pack of pasta what a deal
Challenge or Danish Creamery butter $2.99 digital coupon limit 4
Tropicana OJ 52oz $2.99 digital coupon limit 4
Lamb Shoulder Chops $6.99/lb
Simply Lemonade or Juice Drink 52oz 2 for $5 digital coupon limit 4
Cucumber or Green Bell Pepper $1/ea when you buy 4
There's a large pick 4 mix and match thing going on
Fresh blueberries 6oz $0.97 digital coupon limit 1
Lucerne Yogurt 6oz or Yoplait Yogurt 6oz $0.37/ea digital coupon limit 10
Chips Ahoy or Ritz $1.97/ea digital coupon limit 4
Eggo waffles assorted 3 for $5 digital coupon limit 6 Friday only
FREE Chobani Greek Yogurt 5.3oz digital coupon limit 1 Friday only
Pork Spareribs $1.99/lb
Asparagus $1.99/lb Fri Sat Sun
Tuna Steaks 11oz $4.99 F S S
El Monterey frozen burritos 32oz $3.99 F S S
Crav'n Flavor frozen pizzas $3.99 F S S
C&W frozen vegetables 12-16oz $1.88 F S S
Lay's assorted chips $1.99/ea when you buy 3 F S S
Mix & Match buy 5 save $5 assorted things sale
Artesano Bread 20oz $2.49 digital coupon
Jif Peanut Butter 28oz $4.99 digital coupon limit 2
Smart & Final:
Pork Spareribs, Pork Loin Chops, Chicken Wings $1.99/lb limit 4
Mangos 2 for $1 limit 10
Mini seedless watermelon $1.99/ea
Tomatoes on the vine $1.49/lb
Cucumbers 2 for $1
Fuji Apples $1.49/lb
Vidalia Onions $0.99/lb
Oreos family size 2 for $7
Simply Lemonade 52oz 2 for $5
Fritos, Lays, Doritos, Cheetos party size $3.99 when you buy 2
First Street rising crust pizzas $3.99/ea
Honey Bunches of Oats 48oz $7.89/ea
Chicken leg quarters 10lb bag $6 limit 4 <--- $0.60/lb, good price
Pork Shoulder $1.99/lb
Nob Hill:
Boneless Pork Loin $1.97/lb
General Mills cereal or Nature Valley bars $2.47 digital coupon limit 4
Quaker Rice Crisps $0.97/ea digital coupon limit 4
Oroweat Bread or English Muffins $2.97 digital coupon limit 4
Sunnyside Farms Butter 16oz $2.97 digital coupon limit 4
Pepperidge Farms cookies $2.97 digital coupon limit 4
Raley's 35 pack water 16.9oz $3.77 digital coupon limit 4
Brawny Paper towels or Quilted Northern TP $6.97 digital coupon limit 4
Large Hass Avocados or Red Mangoes $0.77/ea digital coupon limit 4
Chicken dark meat $0.77/lb digital coupon limit 4
Sargento shredded, sliced, or block cheese $2.77 digital coupon limit 4
Sunnyside Farms ice cream 1.5qt $2.77 digital coupon limit 4
Chips Ahoy family size $2.97 digital coupon limit 4
Ruffles, Doritos, Tostitos party size $3.47 digital coupon limit 4
El Super:
White Onions 3lbs for $0.99 Weds only
Roma Tomatoes 2lbs for $0.99 Weds only (otherwise $0.69/lb)
Bananas 2lbs for $0.99 Weds only
Limes 2lbs for $0.99 Weds Sat Sun only
Jalapeños 2lbs for $0.99 Weds only
Large Hass Avocados $0.99/ea Weds only
Peaches $0.99 Weds only
Red Cherries $1.29/lb Weds only
Strawberries 2lbs for $3 Weds only
Small Hass Avocados 3 for $0.99
Pineapples 2lbs for $0.99
Whole Tilapia $1.99/lb
Chicken Leg Quarters $0.87/lb Sat Sun only
Springfield canned tomato sauce 8oz 2 for $0.99
Pork Chops $1.47/lb Thurs only
Seedless Watermelon 3lbs for $0.99
Tomatillos 2lbs for $0.99
Large Mangoes 2 for $0.99
Corn 2 for $0.99
White Onions 2lbs for $0.99
Carrots 2lbs for $0.99
Cucumbers 2 for $0.89
Jicama 2lbs for $0.99
Lemons $0.69/lb
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2023.06.07 18:55 shfty78 NatureMed pickups

NatureMed pickups
1/8th Sinse Gelato #41 1/8th Proper Chem 91 The Happiest Hour Lavender Lemonade + Terpenes
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2023.06.06 19:37 early-2000s-nerd What was your first experience with edibles.

I'm gonna be honest, mines was very unpleasant.😅 I smoked from a bong and had the munchies so bad i ate weed cookies. I felt like i was stuck in an endless time loop for years and how this was and always have been reality..... Crazy shit. Very stupid of me.
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2023.06.06 19:06 Wise_Function8779 [Review] 30 or so fragrances reviews, for the archives! Some clones, some designer, some niche, cheapies, high end, low end.

Let's just jump right into it! Hopefully this helps some blind buying souls such as myself. Here are some reviews:
Afnan 9PM - JPG Ultra Male: Picked up a bottle at Amazon for $35USD at the suggestion of one of the users in one of my previous threads. Typical paper cardboard housing with Afnan branding. But we're here for the juice anyways. Basic design but... premium feeling. Nice weight, the atomizer cap is also premium. Good strong spray that outputs a cloud of mist, very good atomizer. First spray you're hit with a citrus and lavender scent, fairly fruity, but this almost immediately leaves and is replaced by a very warm scent which I would describe as a spicy amber. This sticks around but only as an undertone to the extreme vanilla. It's not overpowering, but it's identifiable. Very nice. The first time I sprayed it, I immediately identified the JPG heritage in it, I have owned Le Male and that vanilla is identifiable anywhere. Highly recommend. 8/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Ana Abiyedh Rouge - Baccarat Rouge 540: If this is an accurate BR540 clone, I can confidently say the scent is very mid. Leans heavily on wood and amber, gives CK Obsession vibes oddly. I wear this because others are in love with it. Have gotten raving compliments. But I also rarely wear it alone, layering it with CDNIM. Great performance, lasting many hours projecting, and when it becomes a skin scent it's there until you wash your clothes I swear. Edit: I got a BR540 authentic decant, it's VERY similar. Like REALLY similar. The price difference on the two is nuts. 6/10. Would I wear it again: Reluctantly Would I want to smell it on someone else: Not really Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Armaf Odyssey Homme - Dior Homme Intense/Valentino Uomo Intense: Almost tobacco spicy like smell on first spray, then settles into a vanilla amber. Lots and lots of amber and vanilla with this one. Good winter fragrance. Affordable price. Average projection and performance of 4-5 hours max. Not really for me honestly, it doesn't stand out. 6/10. Would I wear it again: Meh Would I want to smell it on someone else: Not really Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Belcam Shades of Blue - D&G Light Blue: A fantastic fresh fragrance, and for the price it's amazing. Definitely the best smelling Belcam cologne yet in my opinion - other than the shit performance. It's so bad guys. Spray and it's become a skin scent within 20 minutes max. Over spray like crazy for a slight chance at this sticking around. Fantastic as just a pillow spray/room scenter imo. 6.5/10, major dings for performance. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Belcam Geau Black - ADG Profumo: Has a pepper musk added to the original Acqua Di Gio scent, and I'm not sure I like it. Mid performance, lasting perhaps an hour. Great price as always from Belcam. 5/10. Would I wear it again: Eh Would I want to smell it on someone else: Meh Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Belcam Geau Original - ADG: When I picked this one up I had a bottle of the original ADG on hand, and upon spraying both on both arms, I found Belcams perfume actually lasted longer than the OG. It is more linear than ADG, but after letting my dad (who's worn ADG for years) try to distinguish between the two after the dry down, he picked Belcams perfume as his choice for which more accurately represented what he thinks of when he sprays ADG! Very intriguing. Good price as always! 7.5/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Belcam Classic Match - Drakkar Noir: This is obviously intended to be a clone of Drakkar Noir. I have a bottle on hand, so I was able to compare the two. Personally I find the original Drakkar to be midtier at best in terms of performance and general smell, but I digress. Spraying both on me, the initial scent and the dry down both had Classic Match as a dead ringer for Drakkar! There was a bit of a pine undertone that perhaps was not quite right, but very easy to miss. Oddly, when I let my brother and father try out distinguishing the two in the initial spray, they both disagreed with me that one smelled vastly different from the other. It's possible their sniffers were off as we had been at new perfume testing for a while by that point. I have to disagree with them, it's a really good clone. 7/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Belcam Geau Blue - ADG Profondo: This one from Belcam takes all the notes of ADG that we love and gives it smell! It smells fresher, more vibrant than the original ADG. I have gotten many compliments on this one. Again though, it doesn't last for too long. Maybe an hour to an hour and a half max. Great price! A strong clone of ADG Profondo. 8/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Belcam Volatile - Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb: This thing succeeds in being a spicebomb-esque clone. It is incredibly spicy, and called volatile for a reason. That being said, it's a lovely fragrance, for a super affordable price, you can't go wrong with this one. Lasting an hour or so before becoming skin scent, it's one of my favorites from this house. 7.5/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Club de Nuit Sillage - Creed Silver Mountain Water: So intriguing. I've never seen someone capture the smells of both metallic twang and freshwater nature green in the same scent. A good price, from a good house, and well worth a try. 7.5/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Creed Virgin Island water: Opens very tropical, lemony with a coconut oil background, it's not as straight coconut as I expected, and has a much appreciated twist of citrus. It quickly dies down into a lemony coconut. I can still faintly smell this on myself as a skin scent like 12 hours later. Not bad. Pretty good as a summer fragrance. Gives me "out of the shower" lotion vibes. 7/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Time will tell...
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue: Didn't realize the original light blue wasn't unisex lol so I ended up trying the women's version. It opens with a ton of citrus, lemon, and then it gave me lemondrops, it kind of got more candy like. After a few minutes on it's settled into a solid lemon citrus where I expect it to remain. 6/10 Would I wear it again: No Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Not for me. Too linear and citrus sweet.
English Laundry's Tahitian Waters: Picked this up for $4 at Marshall's on discount, an absolute steal I could not pass up. It has a bottle that captivates me for some reason, chrome at some angles, nearly see through at others. It has a faint alcohol smell to it, but it's not a big deal. I definitely get citrus, and some have described the dry down as musk with baked cookies. Overall very tropical, and super refreshing! It's downfall is weak performance, gone within the hour almost. Fairly strong sillage, many people being able to smell it on me after application from a few feet away! Likeable, and a nice summer frag. 7.5/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it! If you can get it on the cheap, it's a nice addition to any lineup.
Guerlain Angelique Noir: On first spray you're hit with the most pleasant authentic vanilla bean you've ever smelled. There's a bit of a woody musk background, but this leaves in around an hour for me where only pure sweet vanilla remains. It's a very premium, rich, seductive scent of intense vanilla. 7.5/10 Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: No. It's way overpriced for what it is. It's good, but not THAT good. I don't think I'll look beyond my little sample for this one.
Hermes H24: A very woody/green fragrance, it's herbal at it's...almost finest? It smells like boiled peanuts up close to me, not in a bad way necessarily, but also not in a good way. This may be due to the floral notes similar to that of peanut oil or something. Either way, it's a decent pick for the price, projection is just ok, lasted on me for 4 hours before becoming skin scent.... nothing too special, but it smells different which is always nice. Just didn't wow me. 6.5/10. Would I wear it again: Eh. Yeah I guess. Would I want to smell it on someone else: Not really, it's not bad I just wouldn't seek it out. Would I buy the full bottle: Probably not. It's just not for me.
Kilian Angel's Share: I'm in love. This is what love is. I thought I loved cooking. I thought I loved puppies. I thought I loved my parents. No. I love Kilian Angel's Share. This is my top fall fragrance, #1 for clubbing, #1 for evocativeness, #1 for NOSTALGIA. This has personal meaning for me, but when I was younger, sometimes my parents would make desserts for us, and one of my favorites was apple pie. They made it with cinnamon and the most delicious syrupy sweet apples and perfectly crisp crust. This fragrance takes me back to those times. Some insist there is no apple note and that what I'm smelling is just the cinnamon, perhaps this is true, but I die on the hill that this fragrance smells exactly like vanilla, cognac, and homemade cinnamon apple pie :) Its expensive, but in my opinion, you can't put a price on memories and emotions, and that's what this fragrance brings to me. I recently got a good deal on a full bottle, thank you to the user that helped me go back to when I was 8 years old with just a single spray. 9/10, price is a hold up if you're looking at retail. Would I wear it again: Always Would I want to smell it on someone else: I would pass away or propose on the spot Would I buy the full bottle: Never discontinue this Kilian.
Lattafa Asad - Dior Sauvage Elixir: I hate the original sauvage. It offends my nose in so many ways, and I'm not a fan. This however, as a clone of elixir, with it's stronger emphasis on spice and "christmastime" succeeds in taking the little that is good from the original Sauvage and makes it delicious. A very good winter fragrance, at a very good price, with decent performance of 3-4 hours. 8/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Lattafa Fakhar - YSL Y: I've never owned YSL Y, so I can't vouch for it's accuracy, but I love this one so much. It's such a good fresh scent to spray on, I've gotten many compliments on it, it's price is great, it has good projection, pretty sweet though so if that's not your thing...The performance is nothing to write home about, lasting 3.5 hours max. Blind buy safe for sure. Edit: Everyone claims this is a YSL Y clone, but I got a sample of Valentino Uomo Born in Roma and the two smell very similar. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this. 7/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Lattafa Khamrah - Kilian Angels Share: My first boozy cologne, and a blind buy, I was a little worried. I've heard this takes ideas from Angel's Share but perhaps leans towards its own scent profile. Either way, I like Khamrah. It gives a lot of clubbing vibes, and it is a very thick scent, so I'm careful how I spray this one. Great performance, average pricing, interesting packaging. A good cologne to round out your scent profiles in your collection if you are yet to partake in a boozy one. Very sweet. Fragrantica describes it's notes as boozy/balsamic, and I agree. Edit: Got an Angel's Share sample, the two are not particularly alike. The boozy apple smell is very prominent in Angels Share, and I almost smell alcoholic apple pie. I prefer Angels Share in terms of just scent profile. 7/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Maison Alhambra Bright Peach - TF Bitter Peach: Assaults my nose. I used to hate this fragrance, after using it a couple times, I now just dislike it. Both parents and siblings disliked. Woman friend disliked. It's just too sickly thick in my opinion. Maybe I need more time. 4/10. Edit, I've now worn it a few more times, it's been a week, and I even voluntarily reached for it today. I still found it very cloying, but after about an hour it calmed down and even netted a compliment from a friend! 6/10. Second edit: I got an authentic sample of Bitter peach, the two are close (maybe 80% similar) but the Alhambra is much less light and much more cloying 6.5/10. Would I wear it again: It keeps getting better so yes. Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Maison Alhambra Kismet Angel: Starts off like 85% angels share, it lacks the boozy note that fills the air on first spray. However in the dry down it becomes more like 93% similarities, as the cinnamon intensifies just like AS. Projection is good, about equivalent performance with Angels Share. An hour later I'm amending that, worse performance than AS, it's not quite as potent. Can definitely over spray a bit on this one, I went for three sprays, two wrist one neck. For its lifetime on me it remained as an "Almost Angel's Share". I would buy this. 8.5/10 Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Yes
Maison Alhambra Rose Petals - TF Rose Prick: Bought this for mother. It's definitely rose, and definitely floral. It has powdery notes, and does have some amber going on. I think it's a good scent, just not for either of us when we tried it on. Would like it on an SO. 6/10, pretty linear. Would I wear it again: No Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Maison Alhambra Toscano Leather - TF Tuscan Leather: Disclosure I've never smelled the original. This is probably the most I've seen people split on a fragrance. Every guy I've spoken to loves this, it feels very masculine with notes of leather, oil, and tobacco/cigarettes. Every woman I've spoken to hated it. I'm big on this one, I love the smell of leather and this captures it perfectly. Performance is pretty good, lasting about 4-5 hours before fading to a lasting skin scent. 7.5/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break: I've so far owned two official samples and one traveler of this stuff, and it's one of my favorites from the Replica series. It has a vanilla latte thing going on. Definitely coffee in the opener, and becomes that vanilla latte maybe 50 minutes to an hour after the initial spray on. Very strong performer! 6 hours later I can still smell it easily as a skin scent, for around 3 hours I could easily smell it in the air around me. Garnered two compliments in the same day, truly a lovely scent. Fall leaning I would say, it's fairly sweet. 7.8/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Yes...once I work my way through all that I have currently I probably will.
Maison Margiela Replica Matcha Meditation: Opening thoughts - This fragrance makes me feel something. It's not the best smelling ever, but man I feel good wearing it. It's floral, I get green tea, matcha, and mochi with chocolate or vanilla ice cream. It feels light to me, and airy upon first spray. I don't anticipate this as a scent that will garner lots of compliments, but I am happy wearing this. 30 minutes later thoughts - Scent has calmed down a bit, for a moment it was fairly strong, now it is much more linear, I'm getting mainly vanilla, with some very green herbal background. 1-2 hours - scent has begun fading to a skin scent, still vanilla and herbal. 7/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Maybe
Memo French Leather: Opens floral with a very subtle leather undertone. Immediately in the dry down I begin to get more of a premium leather smell. Leather and rose, but the rose is more dominant and primary than the leather in this one. Matures nicely, and last around 8 hours on me. 7.5/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Maybe
Nautica Voyage: No perfume has ever given me such instant gratification in the summertime as Voyage. It beats ADG Original and Profondo/Profumo soundly in my opinion. I get tons of melon in the opening, and it remains fairly linear. For a reliable, dependable, affordable (very) fragrance, this is a winner in my book, I've even used it as a pillow spray. It lasted a few hours before I had to reapply, but again it's so cheap it's no big deal. I get compliments every time I wear it. It's very versatile and my favorite application time is right out of a hot shower. 9/10. Best time to wear: Spring/Summer Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Already did. Yes. All day long.
PDM Layton: Feels like a cross between 85% JPG and 15% Spicebomb. Is a very nice warm vanilla with some woody spice going on in the background. I didn't feel it was worth the hype, but I wore it during the summer, so wintertime I may feel different. Had pretty good performance! I could smell it on me easily for a couple hours after I had applied just in the air, it only lasted about 5 hours before fading to a skin scent for me with around 3.5 sprays. 7/10, because it didn't stand out to me for the pricetag it's associated with. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Probably not. There's no shortage of good winter frags out there, I just don't think I would reach for this enough for the money.
Tom Ford Lost Cherry: Boozy cherries with...almond I think? Feels more feminine leaning, but also I don't care because this one ranks high for me on my list. It smells VERY intoxicating, and the cherry is unique, with the booziness adding a hint of seductiveness. Fairly linear scent that lasted maybe a few hours on me, nothing special there, but the notes are to die for. A very good one for layering as well! I'm a fan of this one from Mr. Ford, with points off for performance and price point issues - 8/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: If my wallet permits, at least a partial.
Tom Ford Soleil Neige: Makes me feel warm and fresh. A little powder, a little floral. Dry down gives me tons of floral vanilla. Unisex but in my opinion leans more feminine. Has netted a few compliments. 8/10 Best time to wear: Spring/Summer Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Maybe
Qaed Al Fursan: Pineapple for sure, smells very appealing, synthetic and powdery when smelled very close for first few seconds after spray. Does not last long at all. Maybe like an hour max. Over spray for sure. Magnetic cap is a nice touch! Price is competitive to say the least. A very nice mixer to CDNIM EDP. 6/10. Update: I am bumping the rating of this cologne to 7. After letting it macerate, the performance improved about an hour, the scent became less synthetic in the dry down, and the powdery bit was less pronounced. People in my family have RAVED about the smell of this one. I went into this thinking it was somehow an Aventus clone or something, and I wasn't letting it just be its own thing. As a fruity pineapple that I find to be absolutely seductive, I can't recommend this one enough. However, it's scent profile is very linear, so keep that in mind, but you can always be confident in how consistent it is. 8/10. Would I wear it again: Yes Would I want to smell it on someone else: Yes Would I buy the full bottle: Have it
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2023.06.06 18:27 Many_End_8393 [SELL][US to US] {Arcana, Astrid, BHT, BPAL, Cocoapink, Hex, Laurel & June, NAVA, Nui Cobalt, Sorcellerie, Stone & Wit, S92, and others]

Shipping is $5 for US. No minimum. I will ship by Thursday. Fill levels, notes, special info, and more details are all in the spreadsheet HERE. Only selling at this time.
Highlights- some samples from Black Hearted Tart's Boba & Blooms as well as lowered prices on Arcana!
Thanks for looking!
Arcana Craves
· Honey Craves Festivals
· Honey Craves Ice Cream
· Lavender Shortbread
· Vanilla Craves Ghost Fish
· Creamsicle
Astrid · Merci 21
Black Hearted Tart · Dollhouse
· Unarmed and Laughing
· To a Woman
· PW141
NAVA · Edmontosaurus
Nui Cobalt
· Hell Freezes Over
· Valkyrie
· Bamboozle: Baklava
Possets · Alabama
Arcana Wildcraft/Craves
·Breakfast in Hollywood
· Pineapple Whip
· Tropical Lemonade
· Blueberry Lemonade
· Gardenia and Wild Honey Lemonade
· Pink Lemonade
· Jellybean
· Whinnies 23
Black Hearted Tart
· Brighter Than Sunshine
· Fool for Ube
· My Darling Lamb
· Alice
· An introduction to illustrious kabuki actors
· Boozy lemon bars
· Cacao, Black Amber & Black Copal
· Dignified. Elegant. Sophisticated.
· Eat Me
· Fragment 38
· Hetairie
· Maiden
· Medea
· Spoopy kid assaulted by a sunbeam
· Earthly delights
· Genevieve
· Faded memories
· Zombie Apocalypse EDP
Damask Haus · January
Death & Floral · Luna Moth Devil's Food Cake
Fantome · Lyudmila
Fyrinnae · Alferous
Haus of Gloi
· Ghost Puffs
· Strawberry Sugar Cookie
Immortal Perfume · Frida
· Lemon Curd Crème Soda
· Morning Star
· Strychnine
Laurel & June
· Forever young EDP
· Sun gold EDP
Moonalisa · Elspeth
· Honeysuckle Crystalline
· Mr. Belgraves
· Ember vanilla
Nui Cobalt
· Balderdash
· Nephophilia: Love of Clouds
· Prevaricating: Lychee Rose Gelee
· Queen Bee
· Sugar glider
· Sugar plum fairy
· The Quest
Possets · Asmita
· Bad Reputation
· May I Admire You Again Today?
Sorcellerie Apothecary
· Party Under the Oak Trees
· The Fairy Queen's Revenge Extrait
Stone & Wit · Ordination
· Fairy Frost
· Flora and fauna
· Fig Tree
· Lady Swears
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 17:16 Gunkhole How to get high with a sore throat

I have a really bad cold and my throat hurts, but I still gotta smoke. What do you guys usually do to make the pain of smoking most worth it? Concentrates? Gravity bong? Edibles don’t hit me really, so they’re out of the question
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2023.06.06 02:49 Defectivegravel-krg What’s your favorite color?

What’s your favorite color? submitted by Defectivegravel-krg to DefectiveNutt [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 00:04 BusinessWes [FINAL POST][Online][5E][UTC-4] "The Stranger'' Cosmic Horror Campaign Seeking Players. High production value. Professionally Streamed & Recorded. (Post 4/4)

This is the last post for this campaign. I want to thank the LFG community so immensely for how supportive you've all been. D&D has become my passion to the point of (healthy) obsession. Hundreds of NPC's, thousands of elements, resources, gosh even fish that populate our next campaign region. And even in the last 3 posts I've made friends that will last forever. Genuinely, I'm so grateful. So from the deepest, most genuine corner of my heart - THANK YOU. 🙏 Your enthusiasm, your spirit, your shared love for D&D – it's been a beacon of light in the darkest dungeons, a guide in the most confounding mazes. See you in "The Stranger"! 🎲💕
Original post: (graciously reviewed and approved by the subreddit mods)
This is Post (4/4), we're posting this four weeks in a row before making final picks.
This is a long post - crazy long even. That's because we care so much to find those just as impassioned as we are about this amazing hobby. We love high quality D&D campaigns, and we believe it takes effort and time to make it happen. If you take the effort to get through learning about us in this post, reading every word with care and interest, we will do the same with your application.
Our commitments:
How to Apply
World Preface
In the enchanted realm of Avarra, where high magic weaves its intricate web through the fabric of existence, a burgeoning form of sorcery takes root. Secluded on the island city of Crowperch, the pursuit and mastery of void magic are richly rewarded, enticing arcanists from the farthest reaches of the world to unravel its mysteries. Yet, the enigmatic allure of Crowperch extends beyond the arcane; a diverse tapestry of industry, history, and craftsmanship entwines the island's very essence.
Beneath the surface, the island's riches reveal themselves: the mines and quarries, abundant with untapped potential, and the surrounding seas, offering bounties from the ocean's depths. Ancient archaeological sites whisper secrets of bygone eras, while artisans ply their remarkable skills on the bustling city streets. Tales of a long-forgotten, rumored treasure continue to captivate the imaginations of adventurers and sightseers alike.
But one must pay a steep price for this wealth of opportunity and intrigue. It is wise to avert one's gaze from the iron grip of autocratic rule and the unyielding scrutiny that looms over the island's denizens. For those who venture to Crowperch, a single obligation remains: seek your heart's desire, and then depart – for the island's enigmatic embrace is not meant to last forever.
Application Overview
In this sacred fellowship, we stand steadfast in the face of the dreaded D&D group killers. Our commitment to this game is unwavering, for it is not just a hobby, but a way of life - an appointment that must be kept at all costs. For us, the work does not end with character creation or worldbuilding. Nay, we strive for a deep understanding of each character, for their hopes and dreams, their fears and flaws, so that we may weave a complex and enthralling campaign that will leave you breathless. We implore you, dear adventurer, to show up regularly and with a burning passion in your heart. Let your excitement be infectious, let your dedication be unwavering.
Selection Criteria (In order of importance)
This campaign is getting some big investment. All players will get custom commissions of their characters, animated. Additionally, we are commissioning all maps, tokens, flairs, and elements to make this truly something special.
Campaign Preface
As twilight descended upon the restless sea, the ancient ship, Her Royal Rose, creaked under the weight of its cargo. Its passengers, a motley assortment of scholars, fisherman, guard and others with business on the island of Crowperch, sit tightly in cramped quarters. Even as the tempestuous winds moaned through crevasse and open windows, the opportunities and tasks that beckon them to the island keep them going, a siren's call that drowned out the ocean's roar.The skies above were an oppressive tapestry of writhing clouds, their tendrils suffocating the last vestiges of daylight as if to obscure the path to the island. A shroud of mist swallowed the horizon, leaving the ship to navigate through a nebulous labyrinth, its destination only guaranteed by Captain Alaric Thorne.
As Her Royal Rose inched closer to Sove, the air grew heavy with mist and sea salt which deposited itself gradually on the railings, sails and masts. Little Henry Williams, the ship's messenger runs throughout the halls pattering on each door, "The captain has an announcement, all to the deck. The captain has an announcement, all to the deck." The clacking of his wooden foot pattering one after another with each step, a disfigurement he earned while working aboard Her Royal Rose.
Captain Alaric Thorne stood on the deck, the salty wind tugging at his weathered features. His voice rang out, its timbre heavy with authority and unease, as he addressed the gathered passengers."Ladies and gentlemen, I must bring to your attention an unfortunate turn of events. It seems the Saturation has arrived earlier than anticipated this year. As many of you know, this phenomenon causes an unnaturally heavy accumulation of salt in the air, resulting in deposits that weigh down our vessel."He paused, letting the gravity of the situation settle upon his passengers before continuing, "This unexpected occurrence has forced us to halt our usual schedule, for the safety of both the ship and her passengers. Once Her Royal Rose arrives, she will remain anchored at Sove until the Saturation clears, as navigating these treacherous waters under such conditions would be inviting disaster."
A murmur of concern rippled through the crowd, many who were on this voyage planned their departure prior to The Saturation. The captain raised his hand to quell their rising unease. "I understand this may cause you some inconvenience, but I assure you, we will resume our journey as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, you may continue your research, tasks and exploration on the island. Sove is well stocked and very hospitable to travelers especially those displaced during our seasonal shifts."
With that, Captain Thorne turned away, leaving the passengers to ponder the implications of his words as the first tendrils of salt-laden mist began to coil around the ship, heralding the arrival of the Saturation.
In the dimly lit corners of their minds, the passengers could sense a truth they dared not confront: Their voyage to Crowperch was going to be a lot longer than they had hoped. As the ship drew nearer to the island, the shadows beneath the spires of the fortress atop the mountain loomed over the ship, casting a shadow over what little moonlight illuminated the darkness.
So we are still small, so monetization isn’t at the top of our list. That said, our goal is to
  1. Play Excellent D&D
  2. Donate to charity
  3. Re-invest to make better content and
  4. Compensate players to allow them to play more D&D.
How specifically that all happens is still obscured by the mists of time. By participating in this campaign players release all intellectual property created for the campaign to Roll for Impact and related brands. Please note that this is meaningless while we're still small, but consider this hopeful thinking for our success. The next campaign is getting SO much effort, so we want to stay safe.
Campaign Rules
Table Homebrew
Session Structure
What We Expect & Ask of You
I realize this might seem like a very intensive process, however we're being very thorough. Because we have gotten so many excellent applicants, we are going to have no choice but to make some hard decisions.
Are you a dungeon master?
Making campaigns like these is our passion. We love going HIGH production value, HIGH quality. If this is something that you love too and you want to dungeon master in our world, we would LOVE to talk to you. As you can tell from this post, there's not enough dungeon masters out there doing this (clearly way overboard) level of effort.
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2023.06.05 21:54 SoCuteBear [SELL][CANADA to USA & Canada][PERFUME] More stuff added (will it ever stop?!)


$20 Minimum Please!
TAT 3 calendar days or less
SHIPPING TO USA: $11 without tracking and $15.75 with tracking. I'm shipping from Canada.
SHIPPING TO CANADA: For samples only, $3. With tracking, it starts at $15. Tracked shipping price in Canada varies by region.
All samples or decants, unless marked as FS.
All purchased new, unless marked as RIS.
ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
BPAL (all purchased new)
DECONSTRUCTING EDEN (all purchased brand new)
FANTOME (all purchased new) $5.5 each
NUI COBALT DESIGNS (all purchased new)
POSSETS (ALL PURCHASED NEW; unless marked as FS, all are samples from direct or decant from Ajevie that are $2.5 each)
SIXTEEN92 (all purchased new unless marked as RIS)
SORCELLERIE all Sorcellerie are RIS (some cheaper than others to account for fill level differences)
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2023.06.05 05:42 link188betinf CHÍNH SÁCH BẢO MẬT CỦA NHÀ CÁI 188BET

📱Với công nghệ ngày càng phát triển vì vậy nhà cái rất chú trọng vào việc bảo mật thông tin khách hàng.
♻️Sử dụng hệ thống mã hóa SSL gây khó khăn cho các hacker.
🔰Bình luận bảo mật 188BET.
🔰Giới thiệu Cookies 188BET.
💯Bảo mật 188Bet sẽ giúp các bạn yên tâm khi tham gia cá cược tại nhà cái.
Link website mới nhất:
Bảo mật an toàn:
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2023.06.05 03:54 RealCommercial9788 Here’s the official update news

Here’s the official update news
The new update sounds exciting! I especially love the new bakery set (3rd pic)
The FB group ‘Restorpia Official Group (Private)’ is chock full of info, lots of help from high level players, showcases of the most incredible rooms, and amazing tutorials for building Udons Room + more.
Hope to see you there!
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2023.06.05 01:42 catsblue1992 I was told this sub might like this. Found in the basement of my grandparents house, once belonging to my great grandparents now passed.

I was told this sub might like this. Found in the basement of my grandparents house, once belonging to my great grandparents now passed. submitted by catsblue1992 to GrandmasPantry [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 00:36 opossum_spit Rainbow cookies negative experience, any answers?

My girlfriend and I bought a few gs of rainbow cookies two days ago, and after using a bong, I started spiraling down into an awful mania / disassociative melt down; It lasted around 45 minutes (But felt like hours) before cooling down to a tolerable high, yet it was unlike any other high I've had before. I was terrified, unable to control my emotions and i even used all my usual techniques for greening out, which didn't work. I've been hesitant to smoke at all since then, unsure if it was a bad batch or if I smoked too much. My worst fear when smoking is that it would end up laced, and I had convinced myself it was true during that awful high. I've been groggy and distant for the past 2 days, the feeling of the off sort of detached high lingering for longer than any other strain. I really don't want this to ruin weed for me, since it's helped me so much, yet the high I experienced was border line traumatizing. Has anyone else gone through something like this, and if so, how do you prevent it and how do you properly recover from such a thing?
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2023.06.04 23:42 ontvrio Anyone find any new hard hitting/ couch lock strains recently? (Tried some names that were recommended and was not disappointed) 👇

“GMO Cookies” - Sugarbud (probably the best I’ve tried legally) “Pink Cookies” - BigBagO’Bud (beats their GMO, and nug quality was PERFECT, it was a tad bit harsh) “Gasberry Pie” - Daily Special (Hits & tastes really well, only paid $20.70 after tax, it was just bone dry, probably not the best to roll with, but in my bong, I was surprised) (My local store price-matched with a sale price and now it’s always $20.70 🤘)
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2023.06.04 21:40 PlusHunt1226 Houston Sightings

Went to several stores pointing out the valuable things lol.
Almeda Mall had many Peppermint Sugar Cookie and Twas the Night Before Christmas 75% off. 1 Merry Maple Bourbon . I took the last 2 Fa La La Latte
Baybrook Mall - had about 6 of the regular Gingham perfumes left that are 75% off still in the wall when you walk in to your right. They also had a few 75% off hand soaps foaming:pineapple mango, costal cove and deep cleansing white oak vanilla that was leftover from winter sas. The only store that had some 75% off handsoaps. I think butterfly body butter is also 75% off and that is still in the wall too so price check (I already have one so didnt check ).
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2023.06.04 20:57 Flyingfaraway11 You get a tropical mystery bag. Which one would you want least?

You get a tropical mystery bag. Which one would you want least?
Cookie the flamingo
Rey the shark
Zyta the pineapple
Tito the toucan
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2023.06.04 20:24 ohheysarahjay We tried to make bong cookie edibles. We tried.

We tried to make bong cookie edibles. We tried. submitted by ohheysarahjay to trees [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:54 catsblue1992 I’m not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I found this old grocery list in my grandparents basement which previously belonged to my great grandparents now passed.

I’m not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I found this old grocery list in my grandparents basement which previously belonged to my great grandparents now passed. submitted by catsblue1992 to vintage [link] [comments]