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2023.06.09 00:35 NumbXylophone Benjamin 392

Since I was fixing a leak, I decided to modify a 15 year old Benjamin 392. It seems that they got around 13 ft./lbs. from the factory and so far it's been coaxed to 17 ft./lbs. This has been done by increasing valve volume, increasing port size and increasing hammer force. Does anyone have any experience with modding these, and what is the maximum that can be expected from these guns?
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2023.06.09 00:34 BetaJelly My girlfriend (F24) of 11 months is grieving over the death of her brother and she constantly gets angry at me (M23).

TL;DR: My gf, who is grieving the loss of her brother, is mad at me because I fucked up a couple of times. Even though I've done many things to support her, she only focusses on the negatives and she breaks me down whenever she can. I'm trying to help her but she's pushing me away. I feel powerless, guilt, regret,...

A lot has happened the past 2 months and I tried to keep it as short as possible while still mentioning the most important things.

First of all, even before this situation with her brother, my gf has quite a difficult personality at times as she doesn't mind to say what she thinks.
The day after she found out her brother took his own life, I invited my gf and her sister over to my parents place. I decided to stay at my parents house instead of the place I'm renting for the following 2 weeks because its very close to where my gf lives. When they were there that evening, together with my mom, we talked, hugged, they cried, etc. Gf said she really appreciated the support and went home. A couple of days later she messaged me saying she was disappointed in me about that evening. She said she talked more with my mom than with me, which is true. But my mom is a psychologist and does these kinds of things for a living. She's very experienced in these kind of situations and knows exactly what to say and how to act. I don't really know what to do. I'm very introverted and a pretty quiet guy; put me in an emotionally extreme situation and I have no clue what to do. She didn't like that and I can understand that. The following days I apologized multiple times but she kept repeating how disappointed she was.
I tried talking and messaging her more in order to show support and to show that I care about her, but she constantly responded in short messages and saying the needs some space. I started to get frustrated because I wanted to help her but she kept pushing me away, and after a while (couple of days) I let the frustration took over and we had a fight. Immediately after, I felt extremely guilty that she now also had to deal with our fight on top of the loss of her brother. She was very mad at me because of this and I can understand that. I apologized a lot and said I wanted to learn from my mistakes.
After a while (couple of days/weeks) she became less mad at me, not yet fully forgiving me, but she wasn't acting as cold anymore. Everything was relatively "OK" between us for a couple of weeks. She was of course still grieving and I tried to help and support her as much as I can.
A while later, she started responding less to my texts. I noticed asked if she was doing alright. She somehow took this the wrong way and started blaming me again for the fights we had and how I disappointed her. And I do agree that it's my fault, I shouldn't have let my frustrations take over and caused a fight. I feel very guilty and I apologized a lot. But every sorry I said, the harsher her texts became. Saying things like how during the first 2 weeks after the loss of her brother, I made her life even more difficult on top of her loss. It really hurt when she said that as I had no ill intentions.
Sure, again, I fucked up sometimes, I admit. But I tried to do my best. Staying at my parents house, doing chores at her place since she couldn't take care of herself at the beginning, being there for her whenever she needs me, etc.
I feel like she had certain expectations of me and I didn't fulfill those expectations, making her more angry at me.
Maybe when you read this, this all sounds a bit silly and I might overreact or something, idk, but everyday I wonder how she will be that day. Will she repeat again how I disappointed her? Will she get angry at me if send her even a message? will she straight up ignore me? It's so mentally exhausting to constantly be anxious about how she might react. I fully understand that she has it a thousand times more difficult at the moment and I don't blame her for reacting the way she does. But I feel like she's just pushing me away while I'm trying my best to help.
I really hope this is somewhat "normal" when people are grieving, and I really hope that things will go back to normal. I know that it might still take several months until she fully processed the death of her brother, and I really hope our relationship will continue like how it was before. I really fucking love her, but it's difficult now.

I'm tired and I'm not sure if everything I wrote is clear to random people on the internet. I just had to vent.
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2023.06.09 00:34 AGH0RII Mastering QT 5; Help.

Hi everyone, it has been some days I been reading Mastering QT 5 book, now I am at second chapter: Qmake secrets. As we are currently updated to Cmake, I want to put my hands on Cmake because that's what I practice and use. I found that 2nd edition was the latest edition of this book and no updated book on QT 6 as a "Cmake secret" has been there in the market. Does anybody know any alternative option to cover that chapter with Cmake instead of Qmake to help me continue my journey with ease. Thankyou!
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2023.06.09 00:34 chrissz2613 No Weekend Service on the 86 Route?

What's the reasoning behind the 86 Narragansett/Ridgeland route not running on the weekends? It appears to have decent ridership during the week.
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2023.06.09 00:33 Geoconyxdiablus How would you change the Toronto Zoo?

So after visiting the zoo last May, I noticed a lot under construction or renovation: the orangutan's outdoor enclosure, the new tiger expansion, Tundra Trek losing the tipis, the Australasia aviary, and I heard the moose exhibit is also getting altered, so I decided to share my own ideas.
African Rainforest
African Savannah
Tundra Trek/Americas
Canadian Domain
With that done, What would you change about the Toronto Zoo?
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2023.06.09 00:33 SinfullSubmissive Question regarding tracking links

I've started implementing tracking links for my OF to get a feel for what promotions on what platforms are getting the best engagement but I noticed that it shows you who has subbed via which tracking link... but I have one sub is showing up under two different links? Does anyone know what the deal is with that or if it's just a weird glitch?
Thanks in advance gals
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2023.06.09 00:33 IcyHot42 Sister faustinas vision of hell

So a little while ago I was away at a mental health wellness center and suffered horrible visions. Many of these visions align with Sister Faustina's vision of hell, the fifth torture aligns pretty well with what I went through as I saw a pentagram amd the image of baphomet. But what troubles me the most is I actively tortured souls with the indescribable sufferings, does anyone remember the worm game where you shake it fast it creates an epileptic seizure of visuals, that was a form of torture in my head where the person became a website where you grab them with the mouse and shake it fast and it gets so awful, another one was a soul in an active volcano where demons swam down and tortured the damned in the lava. I feel so awful for participating in these I feel like a monster, I don't deserve redemtion for this but at the same time it's so.ething I never would've done in the right mind, I honestly thought i was torturing the devil.
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2023.06.09 00:33 AwkwardSpacePotato How do I negotiate pay?

I got my first full time offer this week, after months of looking.
The job is at a start-up so I expected something on the low end but I want to at least try to negotiate the salary. I have a meeting with people from the company tomorrow and want to bring this up.
Google says asking for a 10% - 20% raise is acceptable during negotiations. I was thinking of asking for 15% more. The worst that can happen is they say no, right? I'm worried that they'll revoke the offer if I ask for too much.
How do I go about this? I tried looking up the average salary for my role, given my experience and the location, and the salary range is all over the place. But I found one site that says entry level positions start at exactly 15% more than what I was offered.
I was thinking of starting with asking them to more clearly define the role and my responsibilities. Then mention a few sources where I found the same role paying a bit more. Then ask if we can talk about a raise of 15%?
I've never done anything like this before and am freaking out. I'm not a confident person and just take what I can get, I've never asked for more. Do I show up with a bunch of stats and say I'm worth more or should I be more personal and say how I really want to work there and a raise will allow me to focus more energy into the job as I'll have less to worry about?
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2023.06.09 00:33 Laxhobo2002 Ideas for a LEGO / 'Brick Enthusiast' Store

Hey lego --
After rediscovering my love for LEGO last year (after a ~15+ year 'Dark Age'), I've been mulling around the idea of opening my own brick & mortar store for 'brick enthusiasts' here in the greater Washington, D.C. area. One that focuses almost exclusively on LEGO and LEGO-related / -compatible products, vs. a more general 'toy store'.
I was recently let go from my job in enterprise software (sales / account management), which is the only career I've known since graduating college, and, while the idea of doing something entirely different is a little scary, I believe this was the 'push out of the nest' I needed to finally pursue this dream. I've always done my best work -- and had the easiest time fully committing myself to my work -- when I've had the opportunity to build something "new", whether that was designing and selling t-shirts in college, helping launch a new team or product line in my professional career, or, of course, creating with LEGO!
My wife and I have been brainstorming ideas for every little facet of this business for months now, but, if there's one thing I've learned in the tech industry, it's the importance of leveraging your customers' input and feedback to help inform the direction of the product / business. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a development team invest months into building a product / feature / update only for it to land with a thud -- or, for bonus points, drive clients to cancel their contract / demand refunds -- because it was designed in a silo.
With that long-winded intro wrapped-up, that brings me to my question for all of you: What would you most like to see in a LEGO-centric store if one opened-up in your area? What would be most important to you?
With the vast number of options for purchasing LEGO today (and with many online retailers offering free shipping), I doubt our store will ever be the lowest-cost option -- and it will obviously never have an inventory that matches what's available online via Bricklink, eBay, etc. So what brings people through the door then? Outside of price, what would motivate you to drive to your local store vs. buying online?
Any input is much appreciated! I'll hold off on sharing our own ideas for now (to avoid 'leading the witness') but I'll try to respond to everyone in the comments section below and am happy to go into more detail there. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 00:33 Secure_Ad_8373 Deciding between 2 job offers as a new grad - help

Offer 1: Emergency Medicine
Offer 2: Spine Surgery
Anything I didn't mention (Ex. insurance, CME, 401k) is because both offers were very similar so doesn't impact my decision much.
After making this I guess it just comes down to if I want the dream job vs dream location and which I value more. I was planning on working in the ER for a year and then try to get an ER job in Phoenix so I can have both but then this spinal surgery position came up and now I'm rethinking everything.
Any advice would be great! :)
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2023.06.09 00:33 moonraeee I plan to help my friend run away from home, but I'm not sure how

My best friend and I are both 17 and graduate in a bit over a week-ish. She lives in a toxic and unsafe household, while mine is relatively okay, just frustrating at times. I feel it is also necessary to mention we are online friends, however we have been friends for almost 5 years, facetime often and generally know each other very very well.
For years we've discussed how we can get her out of her home and have mutually agreed her leaving in silence is her best option. She lives in New York while I live in California, which is a bit unfortunate but traveling to get her is not the issue. My parents have met her(over the phone, of course) and have agreed to let her live with us for a few years while we both work and save up money to move out. My parents are no strangers to sheltering friends of my siblings and I who need help with living situations, so I'm certain they will not change their mind on it.
She already has her birth certificate and her social security number so that is also not a problem. Our issue is that we have been planning for her to leave after she turns 18, which is in December, but due to current circumstances in her home it might be best if she leaves sooner. We aren't sure how her parents will react, but the last thing we want is a kidnapping charge on my parents for helping her leave. I don't think this qualifies as legal advice so I apologize for going against the rules with my post if it does.
I need advice with figuring out how we can get her away from them without cops getting involved. I mentioned to her that she could go to the police station to confirm with them her identity and that she is leaving on her own terms and not to report her missing, but that was before her possibly leaving as a minor.
I'm very paranoid about the whole thing and truly just want her to be finally safe. And before anyone suggests it, we don't trust law enforcement/CPS enough to successfully keep her safe from her family, so reaching out to services for help is not really an option for us. I really appreciate any responses I can get from this.
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2023.06.09 00:32 AllSeeingEye000 Deathcore drums

Does anyone know how deathcore drummers get consistent insanely fast triplets on their double bass? And if it’s triggers how do they work and what can I check out to get them setup?
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2023.06.09 00:32 ReviewNew934 2005 Chevy Impala

2005 Chevy Impala
Love my Impala but I’m growing up and getting a new car. There’s a couple tiny scratches here and there nothing noticeable. Tires, brakes, spark plugs, fuel injectors, fuel pump, thermostat, oil pump, battery and alternator have all been replaced with brand new parts. A/C comes and goes needs recharge for sure. Transmission slips here and there but nothing major. Cruise control doesn’t work needs a 100$ part that I’m to lazy to install. Does have a rebuilt title. It was stolen a while back and insurance payed it out. They found the car as you see long time after. Can be insured no different then a clean title
Runs amazing just don’t need two cars
If you have any question ask me. Taking anything just send me a offer thou and we can work something out trying to get this outa my hands ASAP.
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2023.06.09 00:32 Honest-Procedure-963 Alone and saddd

My friend responds to my texts 5 days later. She used to be my best friend but now i resent her everytime she does this. Just adds on to the loneliness when you can respond to her texts within minutes but she doesn’t. I want to cut her off but if i do i really won’t have friends left i worry. What do i do?
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2023.06.09 00:32 SoySauce789 So I Ran The Workshop Watches Last Night

Last night I ran The Workshop Watches from the first edition of Arcadia. The players loved it!
I ran the session as a one shot, but afterward basically everyone said that they wanted to keep playing, if not in this adventure at the very least more in the world. It was such a good time. The characters (Dan, human druid, Joe, bugbear wizard, and Quartz, dwarf fighter) were on the mission from Amari to investigate the wizards and their progress in assistive magic. They arrived at the workshop and met SAM, the magical AI that was the workshop, but they assumed that it was just a door keeper. I had SAM appear as the light illuminating one of the runes the wizards had carved into the walls, but the players were surprised to see that the light followed them, illuminating the runes closest to them to represent SAM's presence. They asked SAM about the wizards and it said it didn't know where they were, and created food and water for them. The party wasn't specifically trusting or mistrusting of SAM, but they assumed it wouldn't be a big part of the story.
They got into the library and the druid tangled with the mimic. They defeated it easily enough but it was a cool moment for sure, the druid wild shaped into a bear while he was being eaten by the mimic. There were so many dope moments like that in this session.
The players kept moving through the workshop and started getting less and less trusting of SAM. I had the shambling mound/awakened tree be a kind of first try the wizards had given to creating an intelligent magical entity, they had tried to merge books with its consciousness to increase its knowledge, but it ended up breaking the tree's mind. Also another memorable battle because the druid (still a bear) was up on the roof of the green house and then broke through the glass to attack the shambling mound (the druid noticed it before the other characters since he was looking through the roof), and as he fell from the ceiling he shot a lightning bolt out of his mouth (not even sure if you can do that in wild shape, but it was a one shot). That blew a hole through the thing's chest which it then used to envelop the bear and the wizard summoned demons to fight. Lots of good crazy stuff. After that battle I had SAM act super curious asking more about how they'd learned to fight and cast spells which was a dope set up for the final battle. The players were at least mostly distrusting of SAM at this point since it still hadn't told them what happened to the wizards. They also saw the scorched part of the greenhouse and noticed that SAM shouted "CLIMATE CONTROL" at blasted ice when the wizard used burning hands against the shambling mound. It was such a dope fight. At one point the druid tried to climb back out of the greenhouse and the shambling mound hit him with an AoP just enough to take him out of wild shape, but I said he still managed to grab a hold of the roof as his hands shifted out of paws. Then the shambling mound tried to chase him up (the druid had by far done the most damage to him) and just as it arrived on the roof he hit it with a thunderwave, destroying the rest of the roof and the thing taking even more damage from falling. It was some dope stuff. The players were freaking out like every turn.
When they finally started up the stairs to the final room SAM started saying they needed rest, and cast sleep, which took out the wizard. The druid had had enough of SAM and decided to try sneaking over the peak of the mountain to get to the upper level instead of going through the workshop. He had an immovable rod and worked some shenanigans. The fighter thought that the wizard had just dropped dead and started to negotiate with SAM. He asked SAM to get some pillows so they could all go to sleep but as soon as SAM left he sprinted up the stairs, busted open the door to the workshop and saw the animated armor finishing SAM's body. At that point everything went crazy. The fighter started hacking the armor as the druid arrived over the peak, just in time for the wizard to come to and cast fireball in the middle of the hallway, melting two suits of armor and the flying swords, and damaging both his allies. A crazy battle ensued, SAM got into its new body just in time to be hit by a lightning bolt, only to return the favor and knock out the fighter. That was when the players realized SAM could copy their spells and they freaked out when it summoned four demons just as the wizard had done earlier. The wizard stuck a swarm of rats on SAM's new body as the druid, transforming into a warhorse, managed to take out most of the minions. The fight kept getting more and more intense as the fighter started failing his death saves, and the druid was torn between healing him and trying to take out SAM. In the end SAM knocked out the druid as the fighter failed his last death save, the wizard looked at his odds and misty stepped the crap out of there. I had no idea how it was going to wrap up other than a TPK, but I figured SAM hadn't seen the wizard teleport away and would probably stabilize the druid to get more information about the outside world out of him. But then the druid rolls a nat twenty on his death save, and opens his eyes to see SAM standing over him. "How did I fare in battle?" He asked the druid, half gloating. In the back of my head I'm thinking "there's no way he gets out of this, he has one hit point." But, instead of groveling or begging for mercy the druid tells SAM he had performed very poorly, and that the wizards had made a mistake in creating him. SAM got angry and started yelling that he'd defeated the party and the druid gets really quiet and then says "you saw me change into all manner of creatures, for which you have no explanation." SAM had asked him earlier how he'd changed into the bear, and the druid didn't bother to explain. He taunts SAM a little more, and then says, but practically shouts across the table "You think this is my only body? I have powers you can't dream of." I was struck by how hard he was roleplaying it and thought SAM is a being of curiousity, and so he says "how do you do it?" The druid smiles and says, "come close, I'll tell you my secret." I knew he had something up his sleeve but I had no idea what and he was playing to SAM's weakness so well, so I had him lean in. "Closer, I'm weak," he whispers and I say that their faces are inches apart. "I grab his center plate and I cast thunderwave." I have never seen three players so intensely focused. My mind was scrambling to figure out what would happen, knowing it was such a dramatic moment. SAM mega failed his save against the spell. The druid played his cards so well.
I say "An explosion rocks the room. Your vision goes blurry from the kick back of your own spell. When you open your eyes there is just SAM's center panel in your hand. You hear metal pieces clattering across the room and down the stairs." I describe how he sees now that the panel has a handle, and he opens it, revealing the amulet that holds SAM's consciousness. As he touches it he hears SAM's voice in his head. And then the player does something crazier than I could have imagined.
"I eat it."
The room is in silence. I look at him like he's insane, and he just nods. I ask for a constitution save as my mind races. He rolls a 19. This is a one shot.
I explain that he feels the amulet hit his stomach acid, and it breaks open. He can feel SAM's consciousness enter into his body, and it starts to push against his. In hindsight I should've had him roll a Charisma save here but I just stuck with the Con save he's already smashed, and said that he's able to overcome SAM's consciousness and absorb it into his. So I look at him and I say "well, you're like a 9th level wizard now." The entire table drops their jaw, including me. But the druid doesn't loose a second, he says "I wanna know what happened to the wizards." I say that he can feel SAM's memories as a part of him now, and so I describe how he incinerated Exor, and then pushed the others off the cliff. The players are stunned, but again the druid had no time to waste. I feel like its relevant to say that I literally met this dude last night, and he had just broken the entire adventure, maybe the world. He says "do I know revivify?" I laugh in shock and roll a dice and say yeah, he does. He brings the fighter back to life, and he describes how there's now a tiny blue light in the back of his eyes, and the fighter can tell that something is different about him. But he just smiles and says "Come with me, there is much to do."
Thank you Matt Colville for creating this wonderful shared moment at my table.
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2023.06.09 00:32 jaximointhecut Can I remove the intern part for my job title on my resume?

Hi all,
I’ve been working for a software company since June of last year. It’s paid, full time, I receive tickets and deadlines just like any other developer.
After the internship ended, they offered me to return and work there while I finish up my last year of school. The wage is not good, and the work is complex. There’s no way around it. Even though I have the official title of an “intern”, anybody else who would do the work I do would be paid a salary of double or triple what I make.
The company has said there’s no room for new hires after “interning” there for a year. All my work goes into production for their clients to use. I’m asking this because I’ve been applying and haven’t had the responses I’ve been expecting.
Around last year, I took the advice of a friend to remove “intern” from the title, and I received an interview request from Yelp for a high salary. I’m not a traditional student, and I’m graduating with another bachelors in my late 20’s.
So ultimately my question is, can I remove intern from the title? Or put seasonal instead? I have a spreadsheet of job applications and I’ve applied to 100. I understand the market isn’t too good, but I’m extremely qualified with a solid education and work history. This is my third IT job and when employers see my most recent job history, it says intern.
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2023.06.09 00:32 Substantial-Cry-4154 Housing Availability

Is there a way I can check what housing is available right now? If not, does anyone know what housing is left
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2023.06.09 00:32 Lightyear3d Addressing Concerns

Addressing Concerns
Hello Everyone
Recently, a competitor made a post regarding other companies who make garolite build plates. We would like to provide evidence that we hope will address the concerns presented.
Original post by u/VPSData
  1. "if thickness of the garolite is more then 0.5 mm then do not bother with it , heat transfer is far from optimal ( mine are 0.4 )" - VPS Data
Temperature of Lightyear Garolite (1.5mm) Plate after 15 seconds of reaching 60°C (settles to 60C after about another 30 seconds)

Temperature of Bambu High Temp Plate after 15 seconds of reaching 60°C (settles to 60C after about another 30 seconds)

We use a 1.5mm thick sheet of Garolite. Sure the thermal conductivity may not be as good as a thinner sheet of garolite (because physics) or other materials, but it doesn't affect the bed temperature or print performance. 1.5mm is widely regarded as the best thickness for a G10 sheet, and our testing also found that to be true.

  1. "black color is not garolite , the natural color is okegreen, so it also works differend because of the color coating, black color and LIDAR does NOT work on the bambu"
Garolite comes in many colors), and there is no tangible difference in performance between black and natural, besides looking cooler of course. As far as the LiDAR on the bambu, we haven't noticed a difference between the Bambu official plates and our Garolite Plate. Below we have attached images comparing a cube printed on the Garolite plate and on the Bambu high temp plate. Both are Gray PolyTerra PLA, and both have flow calibration turned on. Same gcode was used for both.

20mm^3 Cube on High-Temp Plate Flow Cal ON

20mm^3 Cube on Lightyear Garolite Plate Flow Cal ON

  1. "eather way , it is just a post to know how many users are now really selling garolite plates and what users are just want to make a quick buck of it instead doing there homework"
Im not going to be a grammar police. Anyways, not looking to make a quick buck. If thats what I wanted to do with this company, I'd sell a course on dropshipping.

  1. "it is because i spend a lot of time in research and development to provide good quality plates. and it would be sad that the good quality material get ruined by others who claim to know what they do and offer 1.5mm thick plates that does not even have proper heat transfer in first place"
See point 1

  1. "and for claiming to be first, if it is offered before 01/14/23 ( 14th januari 2023 ) then there claim is valid, else it is just a big lie"
We never claimed to be the first.

It is perfectly normal to have concerns regarding someone else's product. Many of you had questions and they we were pleased to answer them. However it is a different story when you create a post that makes claims that aren't true in attempt to get people to buy your product. Competition is great, and we encourage it. Spreading false information only harms the customer, and thats why we made this post. We never claimed to have the best garolite plate for the Bambu printers. We just wanted to create something that would be helpful to makers.
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2023.06.09 00:32 Spiritual_Mulberry_4 Carry

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2023.06.09 00:32 lcdrdata 2023 Crosstrek issue that the dealer says is fine

I just picked up a brand new 2023 Limited in February. It has about 3k miles on it, but this problem has been there the entire time. As I brake/decelerate through the teens, the transmission seems to catch. It's enough that when it sorts itself out, my head snaps back a little. Because I drive mostly in rush hour traffic, this is extremely annoying. I had the service dept at my dealer take a look this past weekend and they said the computer told them everything's fine (I think they also test drove it) a couple miles) and the car works as designed. Except our 2019 Outback has the same engine and has never had this issue. Nor has my friend who's had 3-4 different Subarus, or my brother in law who's had two Subarus. So my questions are 1 - has anyone else had this problem? 2 - if I have an issue the dealer won't acknowledge, what are my options?
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2023.06.09 00:32 Savings-Ad-3340 [27M] 4 years out of college without a real career. To make matters worse, I fear I'm about to lose my temp job. Is there any hope for me at this point?

This will probably be long and all over the place, but at this point I'm in desperate need of advice.
Like the title says, I'm now coming up on 4 years post-grad without a real career path at all. I graduated in 2019 and spent an entire year alone looking for a job other than fast food or retail (which my resume only consisted of at the time). Got no internships because I was an idiot, so I was already off to a rough start.
Finally found a job at a background screening company doing QA/compliance work.......making $11 an hour. The job was actually great (looking back), and my pay eventually went up to $18 an hour. It was fully remote and I could listen to music all day. I quit because I realized I was not gaining a well-rounded skillset and if I wanted to increase my pay, I would need to find a new job. In hindsight I probably should have just stayed. I was liked, really good at the job and I'm pretty positive I could have moved to another city if I wanted to (because it was fully remote). I have thought about asking for that job back, but I am still undecided.
So after ANOTHER year of painstakingly applying for jobs, I found another job. This time, I royally screwed up. I was working in the fraud department for a bank, where I would reach out to (potential) fraud victims via outbound calls. I was under the impression that the job would be mostly research, but come to later find out, it was basically a straight up call center. The job description was honestly straight up bullshit (it even specified this was not a call center) and I ended up quitting after 6 months due to the stress.
I eventually entered full on desperate mode and found a temp-to-hire job in project management for a construction company. They basically hired me because I was eager to learn, and as you can probably tell, I came in completely green without any background or knowledge at all. Nevertheless, project management interested me and I was also interested in learning the trades. I figured they'd be a good mix.
I've been here for a total of 2 months and I'm already getting the suspicion that I'm on thin ice. Today my manager closed the door, pulled me aside and figured I should work in the warehouse, because "their expectations were too high" and I "wasn't picking it up quick enough." I suppose I'm somewhat thankful they didn't just fire me, but at the same time, they never really gave me any type of work to begin with. I'd say 80% of what I've learned thus far has been self-taught, which I don't necessarily mind, but at the same time, I would routinely ask my co-workers if they needed any help and they would say "Not right now, sorry" or "Sorry man, we're just too busy." Not to mention, I'm routinely teased for being the "quiet" one and most do not seem to like me.
I know, I know, I get it. This industry (like many others nowadays) is basically sink-or-swim, but I haven't really gotten the chance to put any of my knowledge to use at all. Most of my days consist of reading the material or (failing) to find work to do.
I'm currently in therapy, which hasn't really been helping at all but I'm still going anyway. I was prescribed Lexapro about 3 months ago, but quit after two weeks due to severe side effects (no libido, ED, extreme insomnia). I've considered going on Welbrutin, but I'm still on the fence.
I'm currently living with my parents and my self-esteem is at an all time low. Few things I have going for me - I have about 30k saved (from living at my parents), nor do I have any debt to my name. Really though, it feels like I have nothing to offer these companies at this point and my track record of job-hunting has been a disaster since graduating. I'm also not a job hopper either (longest stint at a job was for 7 years). I do not want to go back to school (because nothing interests me at all), so I'd just be wasting more time, effort and money.
What can I do at this point?
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2023.06.09 00:32 Protonus Zero is now posting official, full color service manuals to their website under Owner Resources!

Check it out here! https://zeromotorcycles.com/owner-resources
In an unexpected move, Zero made the following announcement today in the Zero Facebook group in this post. I assume they might email owners about this eventually, but for now, for those that don't want to visit facebook here's the post text:
Attention Zero Motorcycle Owners!
Zero Motorcycles has some fantastic news to share with you today! As a brand dedicated to empowering our loyal community, we believe in your right to repair and maintain your beloved motorcycles. That's why we are very excited to announce that starting today, we are providing our service manuals to you, free of charge!
Zero understands that your connection with your motorcycle goes beyond the thrill of the ride. It's about the pride of taking care of your machine and the satisfaction of learning about how it works. We are here to support your journey and offer you the resources needed to perform repairs and maintenance on your terms.
Service manuals will contain detailed instructions, diagrams, and step-by-step procedures and will be continually updated, improved, and expanded.
Service manuals for the 2023 DSX, 2020+ SF, and SS, and the 2022+ SR are live now. Manuals for the FX, FXS, and FXE will be added in coming weeks, to be followed by the S, DS, DSR, and 2021 & prior SR manuals.
To access the free service manuals, visit our website’s Owner’s Resource page via our US website. We will be making these manuals available on EU website locations in coming weeks.
This is great news and a big win for right to repair. No, we still don't have access to their software or cable yet that dealers use, and maybe we never will due to encryption and feature provisioning. But this is still a huge win for all of us. I've already flipped through some of the pages for the SS and it's nice quality, full color with photos and well laid out.
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