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2023.03.20 22:17 The_Idiot_trader Unhelpful wife

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing great.
I just need some advice regarding financial with my wife.
I am an international PhD student in Canada and I make about $760 after taxes biweekly. I got married in 2021 and my wife move to Canada with Open Work Permit(OWP). Moving forward, we are here living together in Canada now and life is very expensive especially rent in Ontario. My rent is $1200 per month so I have to do extra side hussle(private tutoring, UberEats, etc) but still we live paycheck to paycheck with very little savings at the end of the month.
Recently my wife got a fulltime job and it pays about $25/hr. So I asked my wife “what are you going to do with your salary” and I was expecting her to say she will help with the bills so I can focus on my studies but her response shocked me. Btw we are muslims and her response was “my money is mine and your money is ours”. Tried to reason with her that we are living paycheck to paycheck with no luck.
Finally she agreed to contribute about $250 every month to our savings account and still do not know what she is planning to do with her money.
Has anyone been is this situation before? What advice can you give to better handle the situation? Thanks.
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2023.03.20 22:17 Outside_Swan_9563 I (F22) think I have a new crush (F20) at my job, but I cry thinking about it

I’m still not over my first ex(F23), who I’ve been in no contact with for 2 months now, even tho we broke up a little over a 1 year ago and stayed friends, but they initiated no contact recently saying they didn’t know how long they wanted to not talk to me, and it was so we could work on ourselves. But now I have a coworker I’ve been working with for a few months at my job I think I’m starting to get feelings for, but I’m not really sure because I’ve only had this happen to me once in my life, and I’ve been so distraught over my last relationship because I felt like I’ll never develop feelings for another person again.
However I’m at the same time hoping to hear back from my ex, who a few months ago said that parts of her were over me, but parts weren’t, and I heard from one of our mutual friends that she realized she was toxic recently and needed to work on herself and may possibly still have feelings for me, but it’s not confirmed yet. The friend told me my ex isn’t ready to talk to them about me either, so we don’t really know if that’s true, but the mutual friend tells me she’s been in a very bad mental space about this, and a week ago I reached out to my ex to ask if they were doing ok and if they needed more time, then that was fine. They never responded to me, which didn’t surprise me, but they didn’t block me either. However my mutual friend told me that after I sent that message, she told them she wasn’t ready to talk to me YET, but only said that to them, not me, which I feel like they should have expressed that to me, not just a mutual friend.
Also before the no contact, the ex told me she was going to see a therapist, but she hasn’t since no contact, at least as far as my mutual friend knows. But she is starting to finally open up more recently with them about things.
But now I’m not sure if I should attempt to try something new with the coworker by asking her out, because she herself is just now opening herself up to dating again after not wanting to, and I’ve been in the same boat of not wanting to date because of my past relationship, as well as having trust issues with people, and an inability to develop feelings for people.
I’ve been crying over this because I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to ruin another friendship with the crush, especially after I recently lost someone who meant the most to me in my life and I’m still healing and trying to move on, but I can only develop feelings for someone if we’ve been friends first, which this coworker is also someone I’ve been becoming friends with outside of work. I also don’t want to be working with a partner, but I feel like if I don’t make this shot I’ll be missing out on a chance I won’t get in a long time, since I also don’t use dating apps. I’ve also been thinking about quitting this job anyway. I’m also afraid of my ex coming back healthier and wanting to try again, and if I’m dating someone else, then obviously that’ll cause problems. I know I shouldn’t keep waiting for someone to come back, but I don’t want to hurt another person in the process and start dating before I know with 100% certainty that my ex is never coming back, she’s always had issues with expressing herself, which is something they said they needed to fix
TL;DR : I’m (F22) stuck in a dynamic of choosing between waiting on an ex (F23) to come back during no contact where she didn’t state she didn’t want to talk ever again and has potential to be a healthy relationship in the future, or choosing to ask out a coworker(F20) who I’m not even 100% sure I have feelings for. Should I wait for my ex, or ask out the coworker to see what happens? Or neither and just stay single forever lol
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2023.03.20 22:17 trinityxneo_ [18/M] looking for long-term friendship

Looking for friendship that last forever I made some friends in reddit but now most of them just disappeared So I'm here say that if you interested in long-term friends just DM me. Age, gender, etc... Doesn't matter anyone can DM
I'm interested in literally everything so it will be easy to continue our conversation but i have problem in continuing or how to reply to specific msg (i can improve my communication skill with the help of you guys but it take time to improve)
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2023.03.20 22:17 mattstroud91 The SENA to ATLAS 4 Shockwave mod PHASE 1

Hi guys!
To start the story, I’ve been using a Ruroc Atlas 4 with shockwave for just under a year now. Can’t fault it at all, as I ride solo a fair bit for commuting. Enter the girlfriend. She rides with a Shoei GT-AIR 2 with Sena inbuilt to the helmet. Each to their own I guess 😅 The only way we can communicate on rides is with a phone call/ chain app/ discord/ WhatsApp. None of that is a problem, unless we ride through the countryside, where there is no phone signal, let alone 4G…did I mention we live in the countryside…
On my old helmet, there is a Sena 10s. The mic doesn’t work, however I think that’s the cable that is kinked.
So far, I’ve opened up the helmet mount to the Sena to find that the headset cable goes to a 6 pin JST connector. HAAZZAAA
What my plan is, is to get hold of a 3.5mm female jack connector (female TRRS), wire it up to the JST. Buy a Bluetooth 3.5mm dongle and draw up a 3D design to attach everything to my handlebars.
The reason for getting the Bluetooth dongle on 3.5mm jack, is to be able to have it Bluetooth, and have it cabled (because you never know). My only concern that I haven’t tested is the 3.5mm jack in the shockwave slot on the helmet will work the way I’m intending.
Fingers crossed it all goes well! Anything else you can think of that would need addressing would be nice 🙂 Thoughts?
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2023.03.20 22:17 Klaasic_ Game keeps getting stuck on saving

I assume it has something to do with mods but it's getting really annoying, I've been playing on this save game for about a week and I spent so much time building my farm from scratch. Now when the game saves it gets stuck on saving and I have to task manager it. This is happening about every time to every second time it saves. I haven't changed, uninstalled, updates any mods etc for at least a few days so I'm not entirely sure why it has all of a sudden become a problem now and the save game is pretty much unplayable so any help would be appreciated
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2023.03.20 22:17 Venchair I've been stuck in my first online course with Dual credit kids and the ole burnout has resurfaced.

So this semester I ended up in Bio 112 which turns out, is a class where 22%+ of my classmates are 14 year old dual credit kids. For some Context I'm turning 27 this year and I know I started everything late but I was one of those "gifted kids" and the building burnout hit like a truck when I realized that none of anything I had did or will do in public education would ultimately matter in my final year of middle or just going into high graduated in 2014 with a like 2.0 because I refused to do homework but scored well on tests. fast forward through my first two semesters of college because of my location and lack of transportation( a pretty damn common thing from what others my age have told me) I got saddled with remote learning, two semesters later here we are the disillusionment set back in harder than ever after seeing our osmosis discussion board where almost every single response was the exact same pictures of the exact same experiment with functionally the same wording. After contacting our professor I learn that these are all the 14 year old Dual credit kids that I vaguely remember from the introduction board. Our Professor then goes on to say that it's a different situation from the other students in our class, "didn't think about the appearance of plagiarism to the others in the class" and has now started to look at the replies in the board after I brought up that a significant portion of the replies on our board from the dual credit kids were "haha we got the same answers and pictures isn't that crazy" and that she couldn't have possibly foresaw this problem when she accepted a dual credit group. I've now been sitting here after spring break once again wondering why I try at all now and why I didn't put in a teensy bit of effort in high school to get the freest credits I've ever seen.
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2023.03.20 22:16 pavelos030 Very interesting and informative interview with one of Putin's greatest enemies: Bill Browder

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2023.03.20 22:16 Dragon_Striker93 Nintendo DS Save Data Location

Does anyone know where to find the NDS save data location on the stock OS? I've been looking on the SD card and online and I can't find anything for the NDS. I see the GBA and GBC have their own folders in the Anbernic -- Saves folder, but there isn't a separate folder for the NDS games.

I keep all my games on the second SD card. There was no NDS folder for roms on the card when I first put it in. I had to create the folder, then it showed up like all the other systems, and played them with no problem.

I booted the system in Android and found where the save data goes on that side, but it's not the same file as Linux.
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2023.03.20 22:16 jacobisgone- My problems with Omid's writing

Now wait, before you burn me at the stake. I like Omid. He's funny and was a great way to lighten the mood a bit after Carley's death. His chemistry with Christa was entertaining as well. As a person, Omid is great.
With that out of the way, I don't like how he was handled in Season 1. My problem with him is that he's just...not fleshed out and had virtually no stake in the plot. Let me ask this, what were Omid's defining moments as a character aside from his quips? Did he do anything that progressed the plot? Did he say anything controversial or have any conflict with the rest of the cast? Did we get a unique or interesting perspective from him? I can't say yes to any of these things. Despite Omid being in 3 episodes, he was severely lacking in any sort of complexity or importance. Molly, Walter, Marlon, James, Pete and even Christa herself had more going on. The only thing Omid did was get his leg injured, motivating Christa to go to Crawford. I feel like this is ignored by the majority of the fandom simply because Omid is likable. Which is fair, that's a valid reason for liking a character. But writing-wise, he left a lot to be desired for me. Especially in a series where the layered and complex characters are what makes it so appealing.
I fully expect to be downvoted here haha. Does anyone agree? Feel free to disagree, I'd love to hear some different perspectives here.
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2023.03.20 22:16 Majestic_Ad_7964 Whats your progression method? - Full body training x 3 times a week

So I’m currently at about 105 kg at 6’3”. I am trying to lose some stubborn body fat and gain muscle if possible. I have been strength training 3 times a week using this program with some sprinting/cardio x2 times a week
Ive never tracked my calories or nutrition and I’ve started using MFP in the last couple of weeks to make sure I’m hitting a cal deficit each day while hitting my protein goal. It seems like I’ve already started to see some body fat melt off me slowly which I’m really happy about, but I’m not sure how sustainable my training is. How do you guys progress your training? Is it correct for me to be pushing my limits every week? It seems like I’ve plateaud a bit with with compound lifts and not sure what to do. I feel like I need more structure to my current plan. Also, most days it seems like I struggle to hit my fat/carb goals. Is this a big problem with my overall plan to lose body fat and gain muscle?
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2023.03.20 22:16 Florkablork Bowel movement exacerbates? + best scans to ask for

Hey everyone new here but not new to these symptoms and problems. Haven’t had any luck with answers seeing a urologist or gastro yet but retrying tomorrow and Wednesday.
Im sure I caused this when I was young 12-15 masturbating incorrectly - pushing down while barely hard or semi. My penis doesn’t flop down instead it is more rigid. When it does flop down it’s off to the left due to what I am about to explain. The pain is at the base and is a pulling burning stinging pain that is physically pulling down on my penis. (Dorsal nerve?) The pain was exacerbated recently after a horrible bowel movement in which I believe I irritated my pelvic floor and the Pudendal nerve area which irritated the Dorsal nerve in my penis. Also maybe a fissure - I am constipated due to tightness after all.
Anyway now the pulling pain is very bad but hard to explain - anyone else have this? Or is this Peyronie’s? The scar tissue is my presumption as I can tell there is something there but never been confirmed.
With that being said - what scans should I be looking for to address this issue? I also suffer from frequent urges to pee that get insanely exacerbated by a bad bowel movement. Anyone else suffer?
Seeing a PT Monday, doing pelvic stretches, and in the process of resetting my gut. Managing symptoms is very important as it seems to be dormant until exacerbated but I want answers!
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2023.03.20 22:16 Kryvas Guardian issue

Hey, i have a quest 2 and I'm having a big Guardian problem. Every 5m or so i get a passthrough view with the message that i have some obstacle in my area. The passthrough is very laggy and i can see the headset not being able to track the blue area circle when I move my head. I tried resetting guardian memory, turning it off and pretty much anything yet the issue still persists. Same behavior is also present in airlink. Another issue in airlink that may be tied to it is whenever i turn off guardian for the sake of being able to play at all around the 10m mark i get disconnected from airlink and my headset lags and becomes unusable. When this happens i can see the quest2 home background but it's glitching and not displaying my controllers at all. Only thing that seems to fix it is just hard reset since even after 10m it's still lagging and porting me up and down and not detecting controllers at all. I'm running v49 and upgrading to V50 that hopefully might fix the issue but I'm not so sure. Does anyone have any steps i could take before having to hard reset the machine if the update doesn't fix it ?
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2023.03.20 22:16 waterfruitacherry Starting to lose hope in finding a fulfilling career.

Ok, sorry if the title was a bit attention grab-y, I just know it will resonate with a lot of people on here.
I am approaching 30, a few friends of mine are in the same boat of having a really hard time finding fulfilling work. People are quitting and finally starting to respect themselves and realizing that you do not have to work at a job at the cost of your mental health. I have been applying, busting out cover letters for a little over a month now, and I was holding out hope that something may come of it, but I feel like I will just need to return to the service industry, or have to do gig work. I have always been extremely independent and lived on my own as soon as I could. I finished college, which was a rough journey for me, I'm no doctor or data engineer but I think of myself as pretty smart, competent and working well within a team.
I have noticed that the older generations of LinkedIn had no problems working up to executive level positions even though they just had a fine art degree from the 90's. I know it's way different for us now, I can't find anywhere that will let me in the door, or even to talk. They want me to have 5+ years of experience. Older colleagues tell me to just "show up" with my resume, but it's not a restaurant or car shop, these are giant offices with key entry only-over & over they tell me to apply online, send an email, etc. And I never hear back. I am starting to get extremely depressed, eating less, and always stressed as I need to work now, but I want to do something fulfilling, something beneficial to myself and my community. I have worked a few service jobs, labor jobs, and I guess like all of us I just want my lucky break.
Does anyone have any additional tips I didn't mention here, I have to check in with myself daily or else I would spend all day in bed, hiding from the world.
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2023.03.20 22:15 XPRBeta 12 year relationship. Divorce or work things out?

I feel like no one in my personal life is in a similar place in their lives as me, so here I am asking for internet strangers advice.
My wife and I are highschool sweethearts. We started dating in 2011 and got married in 2016. We have 2 kids together, a 3 year old, and a 3 month old.
We've had ups and downs but overall Ive been happy for most of the relationship. The biggest issue of my concern is her faithfulness. Before we had our first kid I found out she had been seeing and sleeping with someone else. That was hell to go through. I almost left, but we talked about our issues, she told her family and some of her friends about what happened, we looked for a marriage counselor (but never ended up finding/going to one), and long story short I believed we could make things work. So we stayed together.
Fast forward to last weekend (approximately 6 years after the first incident), We get in a small argument over something stupid I don't even remember. But her attitude afterward gives me flashbacks to when she cheated. I get an unpleasant feeling that something is happening behind my back, which leads me to dig through her phone that night. Low and behold I find old snapchat conversations/sexts dating back a year between her and some guy she's "never met in person" that lives an hour away.
Needless to say I'm furious and heartbroken. I wake her up at 3:00am. Show her what I found (after screenshotting all of it), and make her leave the house and go to her parents.
What do I do now? She wants to work things out and swears she still loves me. She knows she has a problem. She's wanting to find a counselor for herself and me to talk with but I don't know if all the effort is worth getting hurt again. I can't repeat this whole scenario again.
Do I throw away the last 12 years and start over, or try to save it? I love her but I don't know if I can forgive her. If we didn't have the kids together, I'd be gone. But the thought of the kids having divorced parents scares me.
The loss of her income if we separate is going to hurt as well. I'm not sure if we'll keep the house we've had. I do make significantly more than she does. Am I going to be paying her child support? I'm not sure if I can do all it all on my own.
I'm just lost and breaking down. Help...
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2023.03.20 22:15 catjj3 looking to repair a .bin file that does not contain PCM data

Greetings, people of software!
I recently managed to get my hands on an old 2012 android game that has long vanished from the play store's shelfs. One day, I got curious and took a quick look at the software's data. I then came upon the game's entire soundtrack stored into a .bin file that can be easily open with winRAR. There is a slight problem though: As soon as I want to extract the content of the said file, WinRAR immediately shows me a warning stating that the archive is corrupt, stopping me from going any further. Now, I managed to circumvent this message and extracted the audio anyway, and convert it into WAV files. However, while certain tracks are in pristine condition, a lot of them are indeed filled with heavy corruption/artifacts, making the listening experience quite horrendous.
My attempts at finding an unaltered version of the .bin file on the Internet have been unsuccessful, so what software/methods would you recommend me for fixing the archive, Or, if not possible, fixing as much audio corruption as possible for the WAV files I created?
Thank you all so much for listening to my request! May everyone have a magnificent day :)
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2023.03.20 22:15 Mintberrycrunch42 Rate my next build! any tips?

CPU: Intel core i5 12600KF (because it's 60 bucks cheaper than the K where i live)
GPU: AMD edition Radeon RX 6950 XT
Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus elite Z690 DDR4
PSU: Corsair RM1000e (only trustworthy namebrand 1000w PSU under 160 bucks i can get my hands on at the moment. originally had the MSI mpg a1000g planned but prices rose by 50$ almost over night)
Case, fans, cooler, storage and RAM will be salvaged from my current pc for now until i can afford to upgrade these "non-essentials" as well
case: Phanteks eclipse p300/Fractal design north with the tempered glass side-panel
cooler: Be quiet pure rock 2 air coole be quiet pure loop 360 AIO (will go to the front and i'll use the two 140mm that come with the case as exhausts)
storage: samsung 980 1Tb, two smaller Sata ssd's/ adding a 980 pro (tho with their current problems i'm open to suggestions)
RAM: Crucial Ballistix DDR4 3200mhz 16GB (i actually have no plans to upgrade that since i don't think it'll be necessary until i go into DDR5 but feel free to tell me your opinions)

for those interested: I'm currently rocking a 6600K and an Aorus 1060 extreme edition which are really starting struggle on newer games. especially bad when you have the potential of a samsung odyssey G5 34inch ver.
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2023.03.20 22:15 AyoAz I can feel the frustration of my Monk Players, as the only martial, in a party with anothar 5 Casters, and that sucks.

The last sessions, especially as the final of the first Cap of Descent Into Avernus was heavily tied with his backstory, my Monk Player are feeling like he just can't keep up with the other players. I got him an Item that add Prof. Bonus on his Ki points, and a badass bandage that can push enemies 10 feet away(He is an Astral Self Monk, so he got range).
I gave a lot of utility itens for the group, but he is feeling really bad with it. I've made a form about what the players like and dislike so far, and his only wish is to "Better balance, and opportunity for all". That kinda breakes me, because I am making the history really centered on him as a character, as he is a "lost" Hellrider (An importante person on the campaign story).
Everyone is loving the story, but this one guy, the only martial, that until now, deals 1d4 damage per PUNCH, is feeling really bad, as he is feeling like he can't do anything.
I am not asking for an omega combo or something like that, I just need to share this, because it makes me sad.
But nonetheless, if you guys have any idea about how I can flip this and make him feels cool, I am all ears! (I play A LOT of RPG and D&D, and I never had a martial/caster problem so agravated... F)
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2023.03.20 22:15 No_Ad1762 Me [35 M] with ex flirt [29 F]: she became employee of an office that is a branch of another office that I rule --- **tl;dr**: A girl treated me bad and lied to me; what I have to do now?!

When I was 29 years old, 6 years ago, in August I started dating a girl of 21 who at first seemed to be the right one: funny, smart, so much chemistry between. The First 3 months were super beautiful.
in November she started to be less in touch, citing as reasons the fact of studying and exams and also the environmental context (she was in a university environment very strict under the aspect of rules), telling me also that she had an elderly relative with health problems, etc…. Basically, passing motivations anyway, and she reassured me by telling me that if we messaged less than before was exclusively due to those reasons. Distance was a factor, but apparently not insurmountable.
The fact of the matter is that since November we chatted lesser and lesser, less, but she always saying that there was nothing but too many commitments. that staff progressively escalates though, as she texts me back a day and then disappears directly for 10 days.
In december, after 10 days of ghosting I texted her telling her that she could have told me that she wasn't interested anymore. And she defended herself by always saying again it was just the period etc. and used the phrase "right now I feel like I don't have the head for a relationship."
It didn't make sense: she had told me that the causes of the fact that we were chatting less were all related to temporary factors, but they would be over soon (exams would be over soon, her academic year was ending in December, and from December 20 to Epiphany she would have 3 weeks of vacation).
The fact is that throughout the Christmas vacations she disappears. On January 11 I seek her out and have a contentious discussion: I tell her that she had been telling me liars me for a month and a half and that everything she had told me was bullshit, that in fact her motives were not that, since she had had 3 weeks of complete freedom at Christmas and she had given a damn anyway.
I shove it in her face that I had realized her plan: that she had done everything in such a way that she would push me to me to get fed up and been done eith her. So that she could get away with a "clean face". Instead I waited for her at that time, only at Christmas the "bubble burst" and she didn't know what to do anymore. January 11, 2018 was the last time we spoke.
The following April, on day 23th she published a story in which she said "+ 3”. So she had been engaged for 3 months to a fellow collegue of hers (she gave preference to the need to have sex at hand) that is January 24, two weeks after she dismissed me. From there I realize that she lied to me, that she had cleverly set the stage to take me out so that it would lead to me getting fed up and break with her.
5 years have passed and in the work environment by a twist of fate I have been transferred to manage an office that has under control another office where now she works as employee. In this new position I will stay for 3 years and a part of me would really like to return all the harm she has done to me giving instructions to her boss about making her spend 3 years in the worst possible way. Do you think it would be fair or i should be more mature?
TL;DR: i could have the chance to make a person to make amends after she made fun of my loyalty an thought I deserved lies
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2023.03.20 22:15 Saint_Circa My Friend Went Missing Because Of Me . . .

“She’s a witch.”
“I think you said bitch wrong.”
It’s hard to laugh when you’re exhausted, but Marti was never not able to get one out of us. Between panted breaths we laughed. Tommy’s face growing red with anger and embarrassment at the joke at his expense.
“I’m serious!” He managed to blurt when the laughter finally died down enough to get a word in.
“So am I!”
Again, laughter erupted from the bottom of our thirteen year old hearts once more breaking the silence of the forest we were supposed to be hiding in if by chance the cops were actually called as a result of our impromptu prank just a few minutes prior.
Living in a small town meant a lot of boredom. Some kids had big problems like gang violence and drive-by shootings, drugs, and crippling poverty, and even though those problems existed for your typical small town Ohio kids, at least to some extent. Our biggest problem was always boredom.
As a matter of fact, every problem that every small town had ever had could probably be traced back to boredom in one way or another. Why is that guy doing heroin behind a Walmart? Because once upon a time he was sixteen and bored, so he stole some of grandmas pills. Why did the schools football teams locker building get burned down? Because some kid was bored and decided to ruin the football team’s stuff. Why are there a bunch of kids laughing in the middle of the forest just outside of town? Same reason, they were bored and decided to ding dong ditch the senile old lady down the street.
If I’d had known for half a second . . . If I’d even had a hint of foresight about how everything would’ve turned out for us then I’d have suggested something else. Anything else, but hindsight’s 20/20. Especially for young kids.
“Guys, I’m freakin serious. Okay?” Tommy doubled down. His fists now balled up. His voice breaking a little bit with the overwhelming irritability at the laughter. “Anyone who’s ever messed with Ms. Abernanthy has been cursed.”
“Come on man.” I said trying to diffuse Tommy’s anger a little bit. “There’s a lot of places in this world, beautiful places! Jamacia, Hawaii, Switzerland. All sorts of places a powerful witch could have a good ass life, and you think there’s one living in that little brown double wide on Sycamore street? In London Ohio?”
A few more chuckles amongst the group of friends before Tommy finally resigned his argument with an exasperated sigh. As we came around from our fits of laughter and jokes we began to realize that the sun was setting.
“Wow, what a surprise.” Charlie spoke up. “No one cares that their doorbell got rang! Looks like our outlaw days are done y’alls. Just in time for dinner too. Convenient full pardons are convenient!”
“No doubt.” I responded as the group made their way out of the forest and began to cut across the large meadow towards town. “Marti, you eating with us tonight? Dad says it’s fine.”
“Appreciate it dude, but mom says we’ve got plans tonight. We’ll steal your dads Marlboros some other time okay?”
More laughter as the friend group split ways and headed home . . .
Diiing Doong
At first when I heard the doorbell ring, I just sort of brushed it off. I’d thought that maybe it was just some part of a dream I’d been having or something. Even in my almost full sleep state I knew that no one in their right mind would be ringing our doorbell at three in the morning. As I adjusted my pillow and threw my head back down on it though I heard it again. Resonating throughout the otherwise silent house in a way that was almost maliciously haunting given the time of night.
Diing Doong
It hadn’t been my imagination. There was someone at the door. Before I could even get up however, I heard the gruff and commanding voice of my father as his heavy footsteps stammered groggily past my room.
“I swear to Christ if that’s one of your goofy friends.” He mumbled to himself as he staggered past my room in his barely lucid state.
Several moments later I heard the front door open. Followed by my father shouting in surprise as several loud bangs and clashes filled the house with a chaotic cacophony of sound.
I ran out as quickly as I could towards the front room of the house to see my fathers silhouette fumbling for the light switch. As he turned it on, and my eyes adjusted to the sudden flash of light. I could see that he was intently scanning the front room. His bright green eyes bouncing back and forth like a radar scanner. Laying on the ground around him was a broken ash tray and several books that must’ve gotten knocked off of the shelf they’d previously been resting on.
“What happened dad?”
Quickly he put his finger out in a sort of ‘stop talking’ gesture as his eyes remained transfixed on the room around him. After a few moments of nerve wracking silence, he finally responded.
“There’s a bat somewhere. Flew in when I opened the door.”
“Who rang the doorbell?”
As if remembering what it was the led us to the front room in the middle of the night in the first place my dad looked back over his shoulder to the wide open front door, and the dimly lit street beyond it. He peaked his head over the threshold and looked around for a moment before closing it.
“No one . . . Some kids ding dong ditching maybe. Crazy ass teenagers, when do you guys even sleep nowadays?”
I laughed quietly at dad’s remark before looking around the front room to try and spot the bat.
“You’d think it’d be freaking out or something you know? Like, fluttering around and trying to find a way out?”
“Yeah . . . You’d think.”
A thorough search of the front room gradually turned into a thorough search of the entire house, but aside from the fallen books and ash tray in the front room there was nothing amiss. Just another normal small-town house in its small town neighborhood. Finally after about an hour and a half of searching my dad threw his arms up in defeat.
“Screw it, guess he’s staying. I gotta get ready for work anyways. Go back to bed kid, we’ll find it tomorrow. No one ever got killed by a stray bat.”
Although I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with the idea of sharing a house with a wild animal for the night. I knew he was right. It was almost four thirty in the morning now, and I was tired. Besides, if it’s afraid then it’ll probably just hide, and they sleep during the day so it shouldn’t be a huge issue . . . Hopefully.
“Alright, night dad. Have a good day at work.”
“Yeah. . . .”
I had just slipped into that sort of half realm between awake and asleep when I was abruptly brought back to consciousness by the doorbell ringing again. The red digital illumination of my alarm clock read 6:33am. I sighed to myself in annoyance and frustration as I turned over on my back to prepare to pull myself out of bed once again to try and discover who was ringing our doorbell again, and that’s when I saw her.
Suspended from the ceiling upside down was the darkened shadow of a person. Long tangled hair draped low and messy, almost touching the floor. From within the tangled mess of hair were two bright yellow eyes that burned through me like fire. As I screamed and clambered my way to the headboard of my bed to try and pathetically create some distance between myself and this horrible thing in my room the figure reached its arms out in a sort of ‘crucifix’ posture. From the aurora of its terrible yellow eyes I could see a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. I screamed again at the top of my lungs as the room filled itself with the mind numbing sound of the doorbell coming from the figures wide open mouth.
As the deafening noise trembled every ounce of my being the figure contorted its way off of the ceiling and plopped onto my bed in an awful and grotesque fashion. Even in my panicked state I couldn’t understand how it could’ve moved the way it did without breaking its neck and spine.
I tried to make a jump from my bed to the door, but I wasn’t quick enough. I got to the edge of the bed before I felt a tremendous weight pin me back on to the mattress and hold me down. Sitting on my chest was the figure. Those horrible eyes burrowing into my soul. That wicked mouth hanging open as if it were going to swallow me whole.
She’s a witch.
The memory of Tommy’s voice echoed in my head.
I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know if it was just the fear, and Tommy being the only name on my mind in that moment. I don’t know if I’m just a selfish coward. I just . . . Don’t know, but as that god awful thing sat on top of me. As her mouth and those evil yellow eyes drew closer and closer to my face I shouted at the top of my fear fueled lungs.
Suddenly, with no warning, and no possible way of occurring. The weight was off of my chest, and the figure was gone.
I don’t know how I managed to fall back asleep, maybe it was just the adrenaline dump that knocked me out, but before I knew it I was waking up to the image of my sun filled room.
After a lot of talking to myself. I had barely managed to convince myself that last nights events were just the result of a horrible dream. I had read somewhere that waking up in the middle of the night and then going back to sleep could result in very lucid dreams. That, I decided. Was what caused that awful dream.
I felt an anchor drop into my stomach as the doorbell rang. Slowly I made my way to the front door and with a lot of hesitation finally managed to open it.
Standing at the other side of the door was Tommy’s mom. A look of obvious concern on her face.
“Did . . . Uhm, Did Tommy by chance come to your house last night? I’ve been to everyone’s house that he knows, and no one’s seen him. I don’t understand why he would just leave the house like that. Please. If you know something, please just tell me.”
They never found Tommy. Not even the faintest glimpse of a clue. Everyone eventually stopped looking for him after about a year. Everyone but his mom, she never stopped looking. She died last year. I heard she was staring expectantly at the hospital door the entire time. Waiting for her son to come walking through . . . The police say he either ran away, or was kidnapped and killed by some vagabond who had seen us in town the day prior.
I’m the only one who truly knows what happened to him, and I’ve never been able to tell anyone that It was all my fault.
Tommy was right.
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2023.03.20 22:15 trinityxneo_ [18/M] long-term friendship

Looking for friendship that last forever I made some friends in reddit but now most of them just disappeared So I'm here say that if you interested in long-term friends just DM me. Age, gender, etc... Doesn't matter anyone can DM
I'm interested in literally everything so it will be easy to continue our conversation but i have problem in continuing or how to reply to specific msg (i can improve my communication skill with the help of you guys but it take time to improve)
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2023.03.20 22:14 Tino1798 Small Cap Value or Small Cap + Value

Hi there! I’m currently passive investing in ETFs, with long-term horizon ahead of me (at least 30 years). I’m allocated as it follows: - VWCE 70% - IS3S 15% - ZPRR 15% My doubt is: at the beginning I wanted to look for the small cap value tilt, at least at a 70/30 proportion. At the time i chose only US SC to look for more risks, and World Value to balance the portfolio. The problem is that, of course, in Europe the only way to follow a coherent small cap value tilt is owning ZPRX and ZPRV, which when I started investing were too small (even smaller than now). Whould you recommend me to sell IS3S and ZPRR (since they do not follow the small value factor tilt at all) and switch to ZPRX/ZPRV at a 15/15 proportion? Will you bear the risk of having such small etfs in such a long term portfolio? I’m interested in your thought process in front of a crossroads like that.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 22:14 Jolly_Reality5074 Anxiety when I’m not with him. How do I stop? It’s exhausting.

Hi, I’m new to this sub and I’m kind of nervous to post this. But here we go. I’m a 21-year-old female with a boyfriend, the same age as me. (1.5 years together) A little backstory, I have struggled with anxiety for years now. When I met my boyfriend, I was in a terrible place and he didn’t know that I was struggling because I kept masking it as best as I could. We talked and talked for weeks until we started dating. We got really close. My anxiety started getting a little better because of him. He has a lot of motivation for doing better in life and striving for the best always. I really admire him for that. I want to be like that too. He is slowly teaching me! And I love it. The only problem is, when we are not together that motivation is not there. The anxiety is present. My mood is low and I just get sad. When I am with him, I am excited for life and excited to do new things and go new places and meet his friends from other states, and so on so forth. That moment he drops me off at home, I get that pit in my chest like…I’m alone now. Then I start to have some anxiety. I have never told him this, and I don’t plan on it. We never get tired of being with each other but I just don’t want to be dependent on him for happiness even when he doesn’t know it. I even hate saying it like that. Now it’s not to the point where I can’t go to work or do my college classes. But it’s pretty bad. I just wake up everyday anxious and nervous and wonder when the next time we are going to be next to each other. We hang out a lot so I know it would be soon it’s just I can’t wait. Sometimes I can even stop looking at the clock. Anyways, I just need help to be a little more independent. I am tired of feeling this way. It’s not fair to me or to him. Even if he doesn’t know how I feel.
tl;dr: Anxiety when I’m not with him but it’s gone when he is with me.
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