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2023.06.08 23:50 TheOmniac [QCrit] Adult Fantasy, The Omnia (135k, 2nd Attempt)

Hello again,
I've taken a lot of everyone's feedback from last week and reworked my query and sample. Any feedback would be appreciated!
Dear ___,
The Omnia is a time-traveling fantasy epic, spanning multiple generations and timelines in a struggle that threatens existence itself. Complete at 135,000 words, I believe this story would be enjoyed by readers of John Gwynne’s The Shadow of the Gods and Jenn Lyon’s The Ruin of Kings.
Lucian Eloi was born into a world long since ruined. A millennia of global war has left the Sanctus world government responsible for the downfall of humanity. Determined to set the world right again, Lucian uncovers a soul stone and is sent a millennia into the past to when the stone was created. Now, in an era at the very start of the war, Lucian aims to take down this era’s Sanctus and save his broken future.
However, Lucian’s journey through time creates a tear between dimensions. This event disrupts the flow of time and creates a far worse fate for the world than the one he came from. Now driven by the guilt of his actions, Lucian sets out to restore the course of history and prevent the destruction of all reality.
I sincerely hope you too enjoy what I have written, and look forward to hearing from you.
First 300 words:
(“One finger closer and I’ll have your head, lad,” said Vosh the butcher, his cleaver pointed at Tristan’s forehead.
"Have a heart, sir," Tristan replied, stepping back with his hands raised. "Do you want my sister and I to starve?"
"Not my problem. You can’t pay, get your meat somewhere else."
"Mama was right about you," said Judith, clutching onto her older brother's arm. "You're mean."
"Quiet, Judie," whispered Tristan, noticing Vosh's scowl. "We'll be on our way."
"But what are we going to do?" Judith asked as they re-entered the busy market. "Mama needed that ham."
"We’ll get some. We just need to make an extra stop."
"But we need to be home before lock down..."
The brother and sister scuffled through the street. The hustle and bustle of the passersby drowned Judith out. Tristan clung tight to her wrist. Their mother would never forgive him if he lost her.
Soon enough they reached the city square, and the skyline finally opened up. Dozens of bronze and steel towers obscured any pedestrian's view of the sun. The open spots still shrouded the sky in billows of steam. That was common here. It was just just a byproduct of those buildings, he was told. "A testament to Decora’s progress," some have said. He hadn't much idea what that meant, but his mother had told him their city had a lot of things most others didn't. Something to do with inventions and energy, supposedly.
Tristan wasn't sure how much of that he trusted, though. He'd heard plenty of talk about all these, "machines," but aside from those giant ships that would fly overhead, he’d seen none. One day though, he'd get to the Loft. He'd make sure of it. For now, not starving was the priority.)
I rewrote the opening section based on some feedback from last time. I appreciate all you guys have said. I would just like to reassure those of you that predicted that Tristan would die at the end of this chapter that he does not, and Lucian, the main character of the story shows up halfway through the chapter. I of course wouldn't expect anyone to know that from the sample, but I just wanted to clarify that for those with that prediction. Of course, I again welcome all feedback. Thanks again!
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2023.06.08 23:50 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi - Agency Navigator (The Course)

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I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.08 23:49 kps61981 Batches not always showing up

There's a grocery store right across the street from me, 0.2 miles away (3 minute walk, 1 minute drive).
When I'm at home, sometimes batches for this store show up where I can accept them, but sometimes I just see the store info and "batch in 5-15 minutes".
When it says that, I refresh the screen or sometimes restart the app, and for several minutes the "5-15 minutes" thing is still there, but eventually that store is no longer on the list at all.
I'm wondering why I see the batches become available sometimes but sometimes don't. Is it more likely that:
-the batch became available but another shopper was in the store parking lot, so it showed up for them but not for me because they were closer
-no batch became available and the app was just completely guessing in the first place
-some other reason?
Thank you.
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2023.06.08 23:49 kaelhawh Teachers who aren't on summer break yet - how are we holding up?

Last day for students at my school (PK3-8th grade) is still two weeks away and we're all hanging on by a thread. Behavior issues are at an all time high, our principal canceled the end of year field trip for two of the grade levels (including mine, 5th grade) because of behavior. It's reached a point where our dean has started telling students to just stay home when they misbehave because he's not allowed to formally suspend them, but he's tired of dealing with their shit. Many parents have stopped sending their kids to school in uniform because "it's too hot." but the uniform is khakis (shorts and skirts are allowed) and a short sleeve polo, and the kids are now coming to school in sweats and hoodies. Almost 20% of my students missed end of year testing because their parents took them on early summer vacation. I have some students who haven't come to school in a month because their parents have decided that the school year is over.
More than 50% of school staff are 15-20+ minutes late every day, if they come at all because call-outs are also at an all time high. Most teachers are also leaving immediately after dismissal, even though our contracted hours require us to stay in the building for another hour (not throwing shade, I've been guilty of this as well). Admin has effectively given up on our regular meetings/PDs. Three staff members have been fired in the last couple weeks. Several teachers have already stopped teaching, even though final grades aren't due for another week.
Most of the other schools in our area are out this week or next, but we have another week after that, and at this point, everyone involved is struggling to make it across the finish line for the school year. Anyone else in the same boat?
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2023.06.08 23:48 teilc I miss my Nanno

My grandma died the day before my moms birthday, January 28th, 2023. We spent Christmas in the hospital.
I'm struggling. We all are. I love my Nanno. She was too young but ya know.. not. Old people get sick but I was really thinking she would get better. She did for a short while but then it was back in the hospital. First the room with no windows. That was horrible. Then the big room with the windows. that was nice but her bed was facing the wrong way so she couldn't look out the window. I really hated that she couldn't look out the window. They (nanno/papa) built a whole addition to their house so that everything was windows. At the end, in hospice, we moved again. This room had windows and we would wave to her window even though she was stuck in bed. By then, she was sleeping most of the days.
I really cannot be left alone with my thoughts, they always manage to drift to nanno. I lived six minutes from their house. I would just pop over, she was always home.
Everyone was there, in the hospital, when she left us. What's wild is the whole day was crazy. Cousins flying in, picking up someone, dropping them off. Hushed conversations. I should have known. They were talking about at home hospice and only being on hospice for a couple of weeks before she got better. I was planning on her coming home. I was planning on her opening her eyes one more time. I was planning but I should have known. I had to go pick up my sister and literally the moment we walked into the room, she left. I think she was waiting on us.
I hate being old enough to know all the details. Heart attack, sepsis, hearts beating too slow or too fast, bed sores.. I'm old enough to need to comfort my mom and my grandpa and my sister. My sister (22), she says, sometimes I forget, ya know, why i'm sad, why the emotions are so high. I just nod because it's always on the back of my mind. Everything reminds me of my nanno. I spent the majority of my childhood raised by that women and now her phone number is disconnected. All the memories I have are of my nanno and I miss her so much.
She's been the one constant person through out my entire life (I'm 29). I've lived in all these places but she is what I would call home and when I would call home. Visiting from my adventures to regal her of my stories, the good and the bad. It wasn't always smiles but that's just life. and now she's gone. I hope she's in heaven, or where ever she wants to be.
We played Song on the Beach and tezeta (nostalgia) at her memorial.
I just want to hug my nanno.
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2023.06.08 23:48 BasketballSim Warriors go home and look to win Game 6, aim at three-peat

The Warriors were down 0-2 after the first two games of the series, losing them by a total margin of 18 points. Tatum scored 42 in Game 1, and Brown stepped up in Game 2 to score 37. Things were looking great for the Celtics. And with just 1:47 remaining in Game 3, the Celtics had a 97-86 lead. Holding on to that lead would give the Celtics a 3-0 series lead and very likely a championship. Yet, the Warriors came back and won Game 3 98-97 thanks to Draymond Green's game-winning dunk. The Warriors also won Game 4 at home, tying the series 2-2. Game 5 was for the Celtics to defend home court. They had to win... but again, they didn't.
Golden State now has a 3-2 series lead with the Finals shifting back to San Francisco. Momentum is on their side, and the Warriors look to win the championship and complete a three-peat.
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2023.06.08 23:48 user7273781272912 Nparent got mad at me when I declined to make them donuts

Literally as the title says. Nparent asked me to make them donuts, I said no and that was all. Their tone suddenly changed and I was bombarded with questions and was mocked for saying no. How about YOU stop going out everyday like you’re still in fucking high school and make them yourself!?
Nparents really expect their kids to do what they want, whenever they want it.
I know when they get home they’ll still act pissy towards me.
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2023.06.08 23:48 Helpful_Caregiver303 School list help

I’m looking to apply to 82 schools this upcoming cycle but need help making a school list with my high-ish stats:
4.0 GPA
528 MCAT
32000 Clinical hours
790000 Research hours (92 publications, first author on all, one of them included the cure for cancer)
1 million volunteer hours building homes for underserved communities with my bare hands and buying groceries for families in my entire city with my own money
I’m really worried because i don’t have an X-factor on my application so I have to apply broadly. Thanks for any advice!!
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2023.06.08 23:48 Sad-Use-3962 Cultural event on a small scale

Hello everyone, me and my friends from my school are holding a small cultural event for our school project at la defense on Saturday afternoon. Everyone is welcome. It basically involves a small quiz, some delicacies from our home countries and you can have discussions amongst yourselves. We won't be charging any fee. In return all you have to do is fill a small questionnaire that doesn't involve any sensitive information. You can comment here if you'll come! I would really appreciate your support! Thank you! P.S. It's at 4 pm and a maximum capacity of 80 people.
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2023.06.08 23:48 tallulahQ Advice for decanting tretinoin?

I realize it's not generally advisable to decant prescriptions, but I'm sick of carting the whole prescription around with me. And it's really not supposed to be in heat that long etc. so I'd much rather leave the large bottle at home anyways.
I use it on my face, neck, and chest, so almost 2.5 "pea" sizes nightly, which is kind of a lot. Ideally, I'm looking for a container I can use on short, 5-7 day trips, and maybe a smaller size for 1-3 night trips.
The product is a little finicky. It's high viscosity (thick cream), degrades in UV light, and loses strength with exposure to air. So I'm looking for something opaque. Mini jars would be easiest to get it out but I'd prefer something that doesn't expose the whole product if I can find something that will squeeze it all out -- soy sauce container did not work great for this.
PS: I don't love contact containers for this because they are a bit small for a week trip (and I hate that they're connected).

Curious if anyone else decants this and what they use.
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2023.06.08 23:47 clementine_011 Six year old daughter feels ugly

My daughter is six years old and has been in ballet since she was three. This is her third recital season that we have participated in (there are two seasons a year). My daughter ADORES ballet and loves her company and her teachers and friends. She even loves the front office staff!
Today we were getting ready for rehearsal. Rehearsal requires full makeup/bun in costume at the theatre no later than 5pm. We need to leave the house by 4:30pm to get there and park in the deck and walk to the theatre. At 4:15 she starts having an absolute meltdown. Screaming, crying, almost full on panic attack that she is “so ugly”. She screamed for a solid ten minutes that she’s “ugly ugly ugly”. Tears pouring down her face and just the look of utter anguish that she believes this. I manage to get her to let me hold her and rock her in the rocking chair. I talk to her in a calm voice and I told her that we don’t ever have to do recital again if it makes her feel bad about herself. She doesn’t have to quit ballet we just won’t do competitions and company dance if it makes her feel bad about herself. We should do things that make us feel good about ourselves. That sent her into another tailspin that now I don’t think she’s pretty enough. I tell her multiple times a day how beautiful and smart and vivacious and curious and strong willed she is and that I’m so proud and lucky to be her mama. We barely made it out the door and on time. Her hair was not quite what it should have been but I didn’t care. It’s rehearsal (I don’t understand the makeup being done but apparently it helps them feel comfortable in it).
How do I help build her confidence? She is the most beautiful precious soul ever. She can melt your heart with just a smile.
[just a few things I think will come up: I promote body positivity in my home. We do not talk negatively about anyone’s weight. We celebrate pounds gained for her because it means we’re getting big and strong. I NEVER weigh myself in front of her. I don’t diet but I do go to the gym almost daily but more for mental health. I wear makeup to work but not on my days off. She is allowed to play in my makeup and she even has her own makeup and vanity in her room. I try and let her have bodily autonomy where I can.]
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2023.06.08 23:47 Consistent_Leg_2762 INTP (f)/ISFJ(m): things i got to share and ask You Fellows after break up

Dear fellows,
My objective: seek your advices (from more mature INTPs) and share my experience with the communities
Who: Me INTP-A (f/32) and my recently-ex ISFJ (m/35) in the relationship of 5 months
What has happened:
1/First stage:
Here is some examples of what i found as misunderstanding:
2/ Second stage: Communication issues
After a couple of weeks, he told me he couldn't understand why I didn't jump out and wait for him at the next stop. From his perspective, he had taken a long tram ride to meet me, so he expected me to at least meet him at the next stop. I argued that his text mentioned meeting at X, so I went to X as agreed. He insisted that I should have read his text again, where he said "As you like," implying that normal people would have gotten out and met at the next stop if they missed each other.
3/ Final stage: He decided to quit
From the beginning of our relationship, he spoke extensively about topics such as marriage, children, rings, meeting his family, and growing old together. He even proposed that we move in together, but fortunately, I declined since it felt premature, and I found my own apartment. He often used cliché romantic phrases like "Even if I starve, I will not let you starve," "I will protect you with everything I have," "My wish is to give my wallet to my wife one day, and she can do whatever she wants with it," "I count the hours to meet you again", "Time and people will tell you that I am a warm-hearted person."... Then it dies out. I understand that my perspective may portray him as an antagonist, as I feel a sense of unfairness and being left in the dark. I'm left wondering what went wrong in our relationship.
I'm seeking guidance from more experienced INTPs who can provide insights please? What is this "deep connection" he mentioned? Is it an F to F connection only? I can't help but consider whether our different cognitive functions played a major role in our difficulties.
This is a confused INTP wanting to analyse everything, including her failed relationship ^^''
Should I post on ISFJ channel as well? Thanks!
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2023.06.08 23:47 TacoButtsz Questions

So I actually have a bunch of questions about the whole Fostering stuff and am hoping this sub reddit could answer a few.
  1. Is Fostering-to-Adopt a thing? If it is how long does that process normally take? From what research ive done it sounds like it does exist and effectively “cheaper” than adoption out right.
  2. How long, on average, does the process take to register to become a foster parent?
  3. As a single person, does that hurt my chances of being a foster parent? On top of that, since Im single is it possible to “opt-out” of fostering children with special needs as I personally feel like i wouldn’t have the resources to assist them effectively.
  4. What sort’ve things do they look for in a home study, im still living with my parents but once i get my own place in the foreseeable future im just curious as to what is looked at?
Thanks, these are just a few of the questions i have now. Sorry, im new to this concept and wanna make sure that im well informed.
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2023.06.08 23:47 hdishsonc Help me crack this ISTJ language

I usually only read and not post but I've been cracking my head trying to figure out what this ISTJ male is saying so I really need your help.
Long story short, I have been talking to this ISTJ male for almost 2 months, we started chatting on a dating app. We only started hanging out two weeks ago (I had an injury that's almost healed so I can go out now).
So yesterday, I tried asking him if he wanted to hang out again this weekend and he said "is it fine if we don't meet actually?" and said sorry. I checked with him if its because he's not interested in seeing me anymore. He responded saying no and that he had fun when we hungout. Then said "maybe he just needed a bit more recharge time personally this week".
This is that part I don't understand...I'm an IXXJ as well and I understand needing recovery time but I feel recharged meeting people I like...esp if I like them romantically. So his response is basically telling me that he feels drained meeting me and probably indicates to me he actually doesn't like me that much. Also why did he say "is it actually fine" and "MAYBE he needed a bit more recharge time". If if was me I'd just say "I need to recover this week, can we meet next time?'...why does he have to use such uncertain language almost as if he is doesn't know what he is doing over the weekend. Sorry I know I tend to overthink and its true I can't stop my brain from doing this but I try to stay rational.
I got back to him saying "thanks for letting me know" and "hope he'll feel better over the weekend" and he responded saying "thank you and sorry again" is he saying sorry??
Also, we've been chatting every night for two months and what I don't really understand is....he's great at responding and keeping the conversation up but even if he is online, he'll wait 10-30mins before responding to my texts. Which, for a while its fine then it just starts feeling a bit annoying and if I am tired, I'll just head to sleep. There's never a consecutive conversation on text but when he hung out he'll do things that show he cares like putting the menu in my direction (so he reads upside down 🤦‍♀️), paying for our meal, asking me if I'm okay when I appear tired or looking somewhere intently, sending me (halfway) home when we met near his if seems like he's interested but throughout the weekday I start doubting myself again.
I felt pretty sad after these texts and honestly think I should cut my losses short if my interpretation of what he is saying is right...its affecting my sleep and I tend to work with fixed schedule so anything that messes this up will really affects me. If he's not interested in me I will start to retreat.
Sorry for the long text 💀 please interpret this ISTJ for me so I can stop overthinking and come up with a conclusion. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 23:47 TheBestDumbass I think I'm developing Schizophrenia

Hi, I've never been diagnosed and I really don't want to offend anyone if I'm just a normal person with some minor problems who's overreacting and mis-diagnosing. With that said, I'll tell some stories
When I was younger, whenever I lay in bed at night, I'd hear the voices of people I had heard during the day, saying words and phrases over and over again, it was absolutely involuntary and I could not get it to stop. Being a Christian child at the time, I believed it was the devil and prayed for it to go away. This continued for a couple weeks during random times of the year, happened a few months ago last
I'd also hear a sort of roaring noise of which nobody else could perceive. This one is relatively rare, like I'm inside of a microwave or something, the noise is overwhelming and I feel like I'm going to pass out and die. It's like hearing static blackness. It's also quite rare, but happens in specific scenarios. Lately, it's been happening but quite quiet, in the distance. Like if there was a loud microwave somewhere nearby. I don't know if this is schizophrenia or if I'm suffering from an actual medical condition. I have a long, strange story relating to this, I'll type it in the comments
More recently, when tired, on one day I saw a blinking light which didn't exist, then I saw myself in clothes I wasn't wearing before transforming back into my clothes
On the bus last week, I was bored so I was counting cars on the way home. The first thing I saw was a girl walking up a driveway, before she disappeared entirely. A few minutes later, I saw 2 cars which disappeared in front of me as well. I don't see things often which don't exist
I'm concerned that, as my facial hair is beginning to grow thicker and I've stopped growing, I could have reached a tipping point of which the real diagnosis begins
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2023.06.08 23:46 yet-more-bees Why didn't Atreus' prophecy mural include...

I'm trying to reconcile all the parts in my mind. The mural predicts that he and Kratos will kill Baldur. Did the giants not know that would trigger Fimblewinter early? Did they think Ragnarok would still be hundreds of years after that?
Groa's prophecies include an unnamed Champion of the Jotnar, so maybe Faye didn't know that was Atreus. But Angrboda did know, she calls him Champ. And Angrboda knows that Fimblewinter has started. At that point did Angrboda know that Atreus/ the Champion would fight at Ragnarok? And how would that make any sense for the mural, which is sitting in her home, to end with Atreus allying with Odin in Asgard?
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2023.06.08 23:46 ProbablyDK She's not well, but it's not okay.

Oh boy. Warning. This is long but this is also a long time coming, and I don't blame anyone reading for not believing someone can be so cruel to their own family but... here's the true story of my MIL from hell.
About seven years ago my Mrs, Alice (36F), and I (35M) rekindled a love lost in our teens, it was awesome and so easy. She had been engaged to some jerk for years and it fizzled out, he left her with a shit ton of debt and ended up costing her thousands.
Anyway, she moves back home to do some soul searching and I come moonwalking onto the scene.
Immediately Alice leaks all the details of her parents private discussions with her, she lets me know her parents consider me a rebound thing and dislike my lack of higher education and choice of profession, give us a couple months tops. Pretty fucking mean stuff, but I had no idea how bad it would one day become.
Three years later we move in together.
So we have our first big fight, Alice declares she actually has a problem with my lack of higher education too and I take it badly, we don't talk for two days and I come home from a twelve hour shift to find a note on my fridge.
It read like a lawyer had written it and I immediately knew it wasnt from Alice. In the note I was threatened with impending homelessness and promised that in the coming days the police would be called and told the car I drive has been stolen by me. This is due to the fact that the car's finance was in Alice's name.
I immediately drove to MIL's house and was told to leave. I drove home and expected Alice to return with intent to move out. She didn't. She apologised over and over, and I accepted her apology. She explained her mother had taken control of the situation and written the note, she didn't want things to end.
Fast forward a year or so. I'm enrolled in community college, with intent to go to University and we're home from the hospital with my newborn son, Archie. MIL has invited herself over to 'help us' for the first week of him being there; first day comes and goes and Ive done all the cooking and cleaning, MIL parks herself on the sofa and hasn't moved.
Second day and Alice asks if I'd be willing to give Archie a bath (against doctors orders) and I agree. Alice then asks my MIL to help me, I'm still on cloud 9 from the birth so idgaf and I agree.
We head upstairs and I run a shallow, warm bath for my son, part ways in and he pees during the bath, my first reaction is to leave the room to grab a towel from the bathroom, before I do I physically move my MIL's hand onto my son's leg and say "watch him, I need a towel".
I grab a towel in less than five seconds I'm back with my son. We wrap him up and she takes him back down whilst I happily tidy.
On my way back downstairs I pass my MIL who tells me she is off to bed. When I arrive in the lounge Alice is holding Archie in floods of tears. "My mum said you left him alone in the bath, he could've drowned!"
Fuck this noise.
I blow a fuse. I agressively shout for my MIL to get her lying ass downstairs. She doesn't come. I threaten to come up if she doesnt come down. She doesnt come. I begin up the stairs and she appears, crying, holding her suitcase and runs out the house into the pouring rain. She stands in the rain for nearly 90mins waiting to be picked up. Alice begs for me to get her indoors. I head out and ask her why she lied, I get no answer, just her crying her eyes out and insisting Alice is an abusive daughter who beat her up as a teen. I should've fucking known then and there what I was dealing with, but it gets worse.
Skip ahead to 2023. My son is 3 and my daughter is 1. My in-laws have moved to a different country across the continent and whilst we are by no means on good terms, I tolerate them.
Alice and I have the mother of all arguments and it ends with Alice becoming physically aggressive and manages to throw something at me. I react accordingly and make plans to leave. In the heat of the arguement Alice calls her mother who asks us both to calm down. We do and things are very difficult for a few days.
One morning I get told that Alice plans to take my children to see her parents abroad. We are broke so I immediately ask how, and I'm told she (MIL) has paid for all of their flights. Alice is ecstatic to be going and doesn't understand why I would be upset at not being invited.
A week or so later and I've managed to scrounge up the cash for tickets. I ask MIL if I'm welcome and she says yes.
Roughly three weeks ago (May of 2023) Alice tells me that her mother is not pleased I'm now joining them on the trip she she believes we 'Need a break' as a couple and sees this trip as a chance for her to consider permanently moving in with them. She has also contacted a lawyer and asked if
A. Is it possible to take my name off of the deed to the house as I have been in higher education and contributed considerably less money to mortgage payments than Alice.
B. Do Grandparents have any rights over that of fathers if said fathers are reported to be abusive.
Alice reassures me none of this is possible, but, incredibly, doesn't seem phased by these hideous attempts at ruining my life.
Fast forward to the trip. 7 days ago.
MIL meets us at the airport with and we drive to her house. Its a huge house, an absolutely beautiful mansion that has sadly been decimated by cats. The smell as I entered nearly made me sick. The floors are filthy, and the cats had completely covered the place in urine and its overpowering.
We are then told our bed has been used as a litter tray, the mattress is soaked in cat pee and on top of this the kitchen looks as if it hadnt been cleaned in months.
I'm polite enough to only divulge my disgust to Alice and even spend two hours cleaning the kitchen as a way of saying thanks for paying for the flights for my kids.
We head out in the car again and she shows us around her village, she strangely starts a 20min long speech about the local schools and job opportunities.. is she.. is she trying to convince us to live there? She then goes on to explain how she has been diagnosed with 'proper clinical depression' and begins to passive agressively explain how most people's depression is just a low mood and is 'nothing in comparison'. I should note that during my years at university I was diagnosed with depression, a fact she undoubtedly knew.
After more than I can stomach the MIL stops the car and declares she cannot drive down this particular road and must turn around. At which point she accidentally slams on the accelerator and drives head first into a brick wall. She all but totals the car and the wall is demolished, my kids are shook but fine, and I'm so fucking angry but I keep my cool. We limp home.
The first night in the house of many cats was unbearable. The heat and the stench had us gagging, I was pacing the room all night trying to figure out how to politely leave, but without any luck rearranging our flights.
Day two and we walk to a cafe for breakfast. I dont speak the local language and my MIL orders for us. My MIL reminds us she has recently had a gastric band fitted and I'am given an extremely small breakfast (one bread roll) filled with a meat I do not like but she werent to know so I eat it with sips of juice to help it go down.
Hours later we drive into the city, bear in mind the last time I ate a meal was in my home country, and Im famished after a small breakfast. We walk around the city for a couple hours and I ask if we can stop to eat.
My MIL rolls her eyes and throws her hands up in the air and this time I bite.
I explain how I haven't eaten a meal for going on 30+ hours and Im famished, my kids are hungry and I want something I know I'll at least enjoy. I wasnt overtly rude and I didnt blame anyone but I was clearly upset.
Back at the house and my fiance corners me "My mum said you attacked her, my Dad is furious, I said you didnt attack anyone but she is inconsolable".
I'm given ice cold treatment and ignored for most of the evening until later on and Alice and I are sat by the front door of the house, MIL walks up to the front door screaming to someone on speaker phone "I'm going to remind him who's house he's in if he thinks he is going to freeload off of us, I'm going to remind him who's food he is eating".
I look at Alice and just walk to our piss soaked room, defeated.
The next morning MIL has been told I overheard her and she has no intention of making any apologises. She hurls abuse about how childish I'am, how she has no time for drama and how she will not humour my attempts to bully her.
My FIL comes to me and asks me to reconsider my being upset, and insists the conversation I overheard was a misunderstanding. I let loose and explain it all - everything Ive explained here... and he immediately leaves the room and berates her.
She cries, plays victim, claims the whole family is ganging up on her and she goes to bed. That was four days ago. In those four days she has criticised Alices' weight constantly, threatened to hit my 3 yo if he misbehaves and insisted that my being 36 means my newly acquired degree is too little too late.
And so... Im still here, we've endured eachother for the sake of the kids, but I write this on the piss soaked mattress, miles from home, under the thumb of someone who I now understand is not mentally well at all.
We fly home tomorrow and out of hell, I can't wait, but I know this isnt the last I've seen of her.
TL;DR - MIL lies to S/O about me, threatens to ruin my life, report my car stolen, take my kids away, ridicules me, takes my family abroad and houses us in filth.
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2023.06.08 23:46 basketballshort My (19F) boyfriend (20M) hasn't been speaking to me and I'm not 100% why (get ready for a long story folks)

Hey everyone so this requires a lot of backstory to make sense, so please bear with me here.
I grew up with an abusive mother and a dad who either encouraged it or looked the other way. I am a college student and am working as a researcher for the summer with free on campus housing and pay, which meant I was only going to be home for about a week before moving back onto campus for research. Unfortunately for me, I was kicked out only after a few days home and with still a week before I could move back onto campus, so I essentially became homeless. I had to fight to get the clothes I was wearing, the phone I bought as backup for situations like this, and my computer. I found a place to stay for the week I couldn't be on campus but it was still stressful and still is because I've lost my family, home, and all my belongings. This is where the issue with my boyfriend comes in. We've been together for about a year, and we've had a lot of ups and downs in our relationship, mainly to do with the fact that I felt he did not make enough time for me. I am going to be completely open and honest and admit that I was pretty awful to him. While it is no excuse, growing up in a household like I did made it difficult to develop healthy ways of communicating, and more often than not my immediate reaction to being hurt (his seeming lack of care due to rarely speaking to me or spending time with me) is to usually get mad and lash out. I know this is not right, and I do not want to hurt him, let alone anyone, like that, so I have been working on myself at getting better at communicating and not lashing out like I had been. It hasn't been easy, and I'm not perfect, but I have been trying. I however, feel that he has not worked at all on giving me time, and I tried to be understanding about this as much as I could during the school year because I know he is very stressed (he is in a demanding major and has to keep his GPA up for scholarships and things). My communication about wanting more time with him was usually met with some version of "I can't I'm too busy", which upset me but ok fine whatever. Recently though, his classes ended shortly after mine, and I know (because he told me) he is working as a Paid intern in essentially a 9-5 job. Which to me, should mean he is less busy and would be able to (and want to) interact with me more. This was not the case at all. It took days after I had been kicked out of the house to get ahold of him and inform him of everything that had happened. After this, I would wait 12+ hrs for a response from him. I know that sometimes his phone acts up and doesn't work very well, but he has also communicated with me through snapchat or Instagram on his computer, and he didn't even bother to do that either. This lack of talking went on for 2 weeks, meaning I was moved onto campus and literally a 15 minute drive from him for a week with still next to no communication or anything. This obviously, upset me very much as I was going through a lot and he was supposed to be less busy now and he was still barely talking to me. In my upset, I essentially told him that I expected him to be more there for me in the difficult time I'm having, I didn't appreciate him being MIA, and that this wasn't the type of relationship I wanted and he could have a nice summer. He basically said that it wasn't intentional and his phone was acting up but he could've done better. I didn't respond because we've had this conversation so many times and he knows how I feel and he never fixes it so him saying that did nothing to change my mind. I would have given him a second chance if he started putting more effort into talking to me and actually making time for me, but that's the last he messaged me until the literal next day when he asked if I was taking calls, and said he had called me, when I hadn't received any calls. He essentially left it at that until 2 days later I called him. He picked up and sat there in silence for a whole minute before I gave up and hung up. He sent me a message asking why I called him to ignore him and hang up. When I told him I didn't hear him say anything, he said word for word "whatever. Not my fault you didn't hear me". Now, I don't see how else you could read that, but I took that as very sassy and like he couldn't give a shit about us talking or not. I blew up on him and told him I gave him so many chances, even after I had decided I was done I was still waiting for him to prove me wrong so I could give him a second chance, because I love him and if we can work things out I don't want to have the relationship end. I said something along the lines of "Anyone would think you don't want to be with me" and he responded with "Well, anyone would think I'm in an abusive relationship from how often I get kicked out and emotionally bounced around". For context, when he would be over to visit at my apartment and he'd do something that would upset me, I'd tell him to get out of my apartment, and once I calmed down enough I'd realize I didn't want him to go. Which yeah, I'm really lucky he put up with that and I should have never done that to him, but I felt that that wasn't the point of the conversation and said as much to him. We had already talked about that stuff and I've apologized and I'm working on it and I have been getting better, which even he agrees with. So I just felt it unnecessary to bring up a separate problem. I said to him "have I gotten a sorry? I'll work on it? Or anything other than a "you suck more?"" And he said he supposedly had wanted to say all these things over a call. At this point, I had to stop talking and go because, since I'm now homeless essentially and will be moving into an apartment, I needed furniture, and the university was trashing old furniture and I either needed to get it right then or not at all. He called twice while I was gone, and I was gone for a little over an hour. When I got back I tried calling him back, and I sent him a message saying to call me back. He has not spoken to me since then. He has not opened a single message on instagram or snapchat (I have an android so I don't know if he opened my texts). I'm honestly at a loss of what to do. I said before that if this can be salvaged I want to do that because l do love him and still want to work through things with him, and it seemed like that had been what he was willing to do right before I had to go, but now all of a sudden he isn't speaking to me. It's been almost two weeks and I'm scared he'll never talk to me again. I want to send him a big text just saying how I care about him and would like to talk to him but I don't know if I should or if he would even read it. He hasn't blocked or unadded me, he's just not opening or answering anything. Help????
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2023.06.08 23:46 AppointmentNew9275 Air-tag saved my cat

This might sound a little cheesy but oh well this is a story that has to be told. On a breezy Sunday afternoon, my adventurous feline companion, Buttons, was playing in our backyard as usual. Whiskers had a curious nature that knew no bounds, but on this particular day, his curiosity led him to the one part of the yard he wasn't supposed to venture – the small opening in our fence that led to the vast wilderness beyond.
That evening, when I called for Buttons to come inside as I usually did, my calls were met with silence. A sense of worry clouded my heart. I hurriedly grabbed a flashlight and started a frantic search, calling out his name into the encroaching darkness. But, Buttons was nowhere to be found.
My heart sunk, but then I remembered the small device I'd attached to his collar just a week prior - an Apple AirTag. I had initially bought it to keep track of my keys, but then I thought it would serve better to keep tabs on my adventurous little friend. A quick dash to my living room to fetch my iPhone, and I found myself opening the "Find My" app, praying fervently for it to work.
The "Items" tab showed Buttons as offline initially. A wave of panic surged through me, but then I remembered reading that the AirTag's signal can take a few minutes to be picked up by nearby devices. I activated the "Lost" mode and held my breath. A few long, agonizing minutes passed. Just as despair was about to set in, a small beep from my iPhone indicated that Whiskers' location was picked up.
I felt a surge of relief as I found him moving about in a small patch of woodland a few blocks away from our home. Guided by the app, I navigated through the dimly lit streets and into the unknown territory that Buttons had ventured into.
I felt a mix of apprehension and hope as I followed the precise directions given by the AirTag. Then, in the distance, I heard a familiar mew. It was faint, but unmistakable. Holding my breath, I rounded a bush and saw the glow of Whiskers' eyes reflecting my flashlight. There he was, crouched by a tree, seemingly equally relieved to see a familiar face.
With Buttons safe in my arms, I couldn't help but feel immensely grateful for the tiny piece of technology on his collar. The Apple AirTag, which I had initially bought on a whim, had led me straight to my wayward companion. It had turned what could have been a night of endless worry into a tale of relief and reunion. From that day forward, I saw my cat's AirTag not just as a gadget, but as an invaluable tool ensuring the safety of my beloved Buttons.
I just wanted to share that, if you don't have an air-tag collar for your cat or dog please get one. I'll save you a massive headache.
Here is the one I used for Buttons:
Here is the equivalent for our furry dog friends:
If you guys have come across any life changing products for you and your pets please let me know. I want to see what else is out there.
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2023.06.08 23:46 baaaaaaaamw Had a terrible date

Lowered my standards significantly because using dating apps is incredibly difficult as a middling man and went out with a girl I never would have given a second glance in any other situation except the extreme desperation that I found myself in. I got wine and went to her house and we sat on her porch and looked over the vast valley beneath her house. She ate some Mediterranean bowl and told me that she just learned what Mediterranean food was a couple years ago. She then drove me to the top of a mountain nearby and we sat on a rock and looked over the city. She talked about her ex and their open relationship and different dates she’d gone on. Then she asked my birth date and time and read off from some niche astrology app with terrible UI. We drove back to her place. When we got back we went inside and drank the wine and talked for a bit. When it got dark her sister came home and we all talked for an hour or so. Her sister’s four year old kid was asleep in the car during our whole conversation. Eventually her sister brought the kid in and put the kid to bed. As soon as her sister went away, I kissed my date. She tasted like weed and garlic and cardamom. Our teeth clinked a lot and we went into the bedroom. She blew me, handed my some toilet paper, and I drove to a gas station to get some cigarettes and break my two day streak of not smoking. I sat on the trunk of my car and watched the sprinklers shoot off onto the lawn across the gas station while smoking and feeling gross. The next day she didn’t text me. The day after she said we weren’t sexually compatible and that she wishes me the best of luck. I’m terrible embarrassed but mostly feel fine.
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2023.06.08 23:46 Remarkable-Steak2855 Nationality requirements for AO roles

Didn't see any recently posted similar posts so I'll send this question, in my case, regarding the Operational Delivery role within the Home Office.
I have read conflicting information about the nationality requirements, both for this and other roles I have previously applied for.
The role description normally specifies that non-reserved posts are open to UK, EU and EEA nationals holding settled or pre-settled status. Then once I open the 27-page candidate pack I see that the post might be open only to people resident in the UK for at least 5 years, while also saying that it is open to people who resided in the UK for at least 3 years, ending with saying that people who are subject to immigration restrictions and are not allowed to stay indefinetely should not apply.
So yeah I've been in the UK for 3 years, I have an EU passport and I hold a pre-settled immigration status - has anybody with this background entered the Civil Service in AO roles?
Should I withdraw my application, and start applying once I get my settled status?
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2023.06.08 23:45 Trackan Work has begin to lose its novelty

I've been working at McDonalds now for around 9ish months.
Up until recently, I was in love with the job. It was certainly stressful, and if you asked me during a midday rush when I still had 5 hours left of my shift I'd have told you otherwise, but I left work everyday thinking 'I actually love my job.'
After coming back from a 7 day vacation a couple weeks ago, I just don't have that feeling anymore. I clock in, spend the entire shift slogging around feeling down and lethargic, and I clock out to feel relief that I'm finally away from the building - I don't get it, only a month before I'd be sorta looking forward to the next day.
Like today, I went for a smoke break. I never go for smoke breaks - never thought I needed to, but I just sat out there staring at the street yearning for the moment my manager says I can go home. Maybe it's because the feeling of 'going to work' and being self sufficient has ran out. All my coworkers today were just leaning about whilst I was trying to pump out orders, and when somebody on the other side of the kitchen broke a bag of shake mix open my manager hands me the mop and tells me to sort it out.
I do it, of course, because I value my job...meanwhile, the manager's locked away in their office and there's only a handful of us that are actually trying to clear our screens. I just don't get it.
I can't lie and I want this job, but yet again, there's no other option - if I want the money to get to college, I need this to work out for me. But I don't know how long I can keep clocking in and clocking out, feeling as if my shift has completely ruined my day.
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