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2011.04.14 21:10 errantventure Land of the misbehaved econ undergrads

Free trade, open borders, taco trucks on every corner. Please read the sidebar for more information.

2011.03.24 16:28 Earwolf: "The Wolf Dead!"

Earwolf is a comedy podcasting network founded by Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich in August 2010. It merged with podcast advertising network The Mid Roll in 2014 to form Midroll Media. Midroll was acquired by the E. W. Scripps Company in 2015. Here at /Earwolf you may enjoy discussing anything Alt-Comedy with your fellow podcast fans!

2022.07.05 00:20 Tragixly AwakeTheRapper

Who was Awake The Rapper? Why did he do it? End gun violence today!

2023.06.02 21:47 Pedgrid How worried should we be about WGA Strike impacting Deadpool 3 ?

I take it we're all aware that because he is credited as one of the writers, Ryan Reynolds can't legally improvise during filming of Deadpool 3, not until the strike ends.
This is actually worrying for me because there's litterally no room for spontinaity or improvements during filmming. They're literally limiting how much the Merk with the Mouth is allowed to say. Remember what they did to Deadpool at the last Writers Stike; they sewed his f*cking mouth shut.
Just hope the script they're using for filming is enough for Deadpool to shine.
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2023.06.02 21:46 princeofkathmandu How To Stop Worrying & Love The MCAT: The Study Method to End All Study Methods

How To Stop Worrying & Love The MCAT: The Study Method to End All Study Methods
Hey lovelies,
I'm a tutor for the MCAT and what I'm finding with a lot of my students is that they either have no clue how to study or study in a way synonymous with self-flagellation. There's thousands of facts you have to memorize, several different classes, and everyone starts from a different place. Some of you are non-traditional students who haven't seen a physics equation in several years who just wants to break 500 and go to DO school and realize your dream of becoming a doctor (broke for years). Some of you are bright-eyed, fresh-out of college, and dreaming of glittering scores for heavy-hitting schools like UChicago or Yale (broker for years). The common thread, however, is that you see the MCAT as your mortal enemy. I don't blame you: a single test stands in the way of your dreams, and there's several test prep companies like Blueprint or Jack Westin or Princeton Review vying for your attention and each offer different strategies. Some are great. Some could be better. On MCAT alone there's multiple different study methods and you're likely confused. Do I make my own deck? Do I use MilesDown? Do I do content review first, integrate practice problems, sacrifice a baby goat to Satan, hire a tutor, a test prep company—how do I study for this damn test?
I don't know the catch all string theory solution. But what I do know is that a tutor or a company cannot take the MCAT for you; they are with you for only a few hours at a time, and you’re with the MCAT for way longer. The highest scorers are masters of self-study and it makes sense that the MCAT is such a big deal to medical schools: you learn the science of medicine largely caffeinated in front of a laptop.
So how do you self-study?
It's not enough to set a goal score. You don't rise to your goals. You fall to your systems. So—
Build better systems!
It's not a system to open up Anki and just press spacebar until you start dreaming in flashcards (Tetris effect, anyone?). It's not a system to take five practice tests in five days and get surprised that you scored a 499,501,500,503, 498. Nor is it a system to do two blocks of 59 questions UWorld questions in three hours because I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Similarly, it's not a system to spend two months doing content review and two months doing practice questions because you're going to forget the little facts from the Kaplan book you learned months ago and have to relearn content. The system that I've developed, therefore, is one that integrates every element of MCAT prep—practice problems, other's anki decks, concept maps, UWakanda, and your own anki deck—so that you're practicing while you're learning and monitoring your progress.
Like anything positing coolness, it has a snazzy acronym: DACAR.
DIAGNOSIS: Oh, So That's How I Use Practice Tests?
Assuming you weren't just recently born, you're going to have some content knowledge already. But, unless you got absolutely zero play in college (my condolences), then it's unlikely that you have all of the content memorized. I think it was Socrates, or perhaps Abraham Lincoln, or maybe my mom, who said "you don't know what you don't know." That's true for everything in life, including the MCAT. The common hive mind states to take practice tests in the last month of prep. Maybe for AAMC, but there are third party tests like Kaplan and Blueprint and Altius that are useful too even during the early months because they can help diagnose content holes.
For that reason, starting with a sample or diagnostic test—like Jack Westin, Blueprint, or AAMC—and writing down any topics that you're struggling with as you take the test is useful. By the end of the practice exam, you should have a collection of topics that you just don't know. Let's say, for example, it's Biomolecules, DNA/RNA, Sensory Processing, and Laboratory Techniques for one test. Then, what you do, is that you have themed study days. Here’s what that looks like. On Monday, you start with reviewing sensory processing.
How do you learn it?
ACQUISITION: Targeted Anki & Video Review
Here's something people don't know about the MilesDown Anki Deck: you can sort by specific tag. Go to the MilesDown deck, press CUSTOM STUDY, and study by card state or tag. Select new cards only, and then you should see a screen like this

Well, when you're here, scroll down and select all the sensory processing flashcards. Click OK. When you see your cards, you can go through them one-by-one and watch the videos on the bottom for anything you're not sure of.

So, there you are: you're going through your anki deck, you're watching vidoes of everything you don't know, and you're learning about each specific topic. This, of course, is a more directed method of learning content so you're not doing anki cards on positive or negative sense DNA and then merkel cells and then yada yada. You're going to basically learn a bunch of cool facts but not build the network—the system—that the MCAT tests on, because, fundamentally, the MCAT is a test of relationships. There's an easy way to take notes in this regard, and it borrows from the P/S concept of a semantic network model.
CONCEPTUALIZATION: Note-Taking That Actually Works
The human brain works similar to AI. It's why I think, in the future, we're going to be roboslaves in a cyborg dystopia. In that case, doctors are probably the first to go along with those pesky guys who make CAPTCHAs. How natural language models like CHAT-GPT work is an association of words: this concept is probabilistically linked to this concept which is linked to this concept which is linked to this concept. When I tell you elephant, you're probably thinking of their trunk. If you're Hindu, Ganesh. And if you're not, probably where elephants hang out—the Sahara. When you're doing anki cards randomly, you're not building this network at all. So, what I suggest is, when you're going through videos, and Anki, you build these semantic network models like the one below. Here, I'm associating sensory processing with perceptual organization which is associated with Gestalt; and, for hearing, I'm linking it to anatomy like the cochlea and the endolymph (semi-circular canal). When you draw them out, and visualize them—for any subject—it sticks in your mind longer. C/P, for example, is a section that relies on these visual networks often. No one needs to memorize that damn Doppler's Equation. You just need to draw a little car running away from a horn and realize that, of course, the sound is taking longer to hit—frequency decreases.

APPLICATION: Using Concept Maps During Test Review
Okay, so you spend today—say Monday—learning sensorary processing, making your concept maps, but it's not going to stick unless you do actual practice. What I recommend, then, is going to Ultron and hitting Sensory, Perception, and Consciousness and doing twenty-five questions WITH YOUR MAP next to you, so that you're referring to it and seeing it again and again as you're going through questions. As you review your UPangea, this is where you build your own anki deck and create a deck for yourself with all of the discretes, or the specific facts you got wrong, or even entire questions, so that you're using both a premade deck and a deck that you made yourself. Likely, you're going to spend more time doing UWorld questions for C/P and more time in Anki for Psych/Soc and Biology. This is good for two reasons: first, a premade deck will have more comprehensive coverage of topics; second, you're taking active control of your learning and not relying on another's deck which tends to materialize in students hitting themselves over the head with flashcards. After you do your UWoohoo, you're going to get a score for your 25 questions. If it's 57%, you stay for a day longer in sensorary processing. You haven't learned it yet. If it hits a benchmark, like 70 or 80, then you move onto your next topic.
REVIEW: Putting It All Together!
Here, in this section, you go through your MilesDown Anki (the cards you saw in the subdeck, if you saw them new, actually translate to cards you have to review in the main deck—which is great!) and also your own personal anki deck. That way, you're not just coming across these topics once but again and again. Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting curses you to forget important content. However, the savings principle means that everytime you come across these topics again and again, the more ingrained they are in your head. Learning, therefore, is an iterative process. When you've gotten all of your topic holes covered for this week, or perhaps two weeks if it takes you that long, then you take another test (maybe Altius FL, maybe Blueprint FL, or maybe AAMC if you're close enough to your test date) and get a new list of topics. Hammer in your holes. Again and again. And watch your score rise.
A Note on Having Fun & Operant Conditioning
One of the reasons why this study schedule is nice is that you're learning content and applying it that very same day, and you can watch your UWestworld (or other practice problems, if you're enrolled in a course like JW Complete) scores rise from like 40% to 60% to 80% so that you can visually see the progress that you're making. That, in itself, is personally fulfilling. However, if you're lacking motivation for studying, which many students do, then you can withhold a reward from yourself (say, for example, a food you really like) until you reach your benchmark UWhitepeople score. Either way, studying in general shouldn't be a chore because you're going to have a bad time in medical school. Of course, I am a stranger on the internet. You know what's best for you. But if you're feeling exhausted from 8 hours of studying, and that you're not making progress, maybe it's time to re-examine your systems. Anyone can score well on this test because it's not one of intelligence. If you've done the pre-requisite course work, and survived, then you're already intelligent enough. The test is one of resources: finances and time. Though I work for a test prep company, and I pay my rent from students under the premise that they need help, the truth is that you don't need anyone to tell you how to study except yourself. These companies do have their value, and they will help you if you can afford it, especially when it comes to specific strategies per section, but nothing can guarantee of a "513" if you don't have self-studying down—and everyone is different. What works for you may not work for someone else. For some people, those lost adrift at sea, this strategy is a life-saver. For others, I'm just another charlatan who thinks he has things figured out. The only axiom of studying is: if the MCAT is bringing you down, you cannot and should not attribute it to intelligence. Just systems.
Good luck everyone! Have fun!
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2023.06.02 21:46 Undead_Slave Price for life did not end in 2019

I have been told by CenturyLink customer support that they stopped offering price for like in 2019. I got my service in April 2022 and I remember the price for life offer. It was for service in WA state.
I was looking at documents to find if it was referenced and I found this attached to my order confirmation for new service.
Service Offers and Plans. The following requirements apply to you depending on the offer and plan you have selected.
*Promotional or Discount Offers or Plans with a Term Commitment . If you selected service or equipment with a promotional or discount offer or a term commitment, the monthly recurring charges for your services or equipment will remain the same for the entire promotional, discount, or term commitment period so long as you continue to meet all offer or plan requirements and your account remains in good standing. If you cancel any service with a term commitment before the term period ends, you will be charged an early termination fee of up to $200 (residential) or $400 (business), which will be prorated for the remaining months of service. After completion of the promotional or discount offer or term commitment period, the applicable monthly recurring charges will increase to the then-current rates, which are not guaranteed and may increase.
*Price for Life Offers and Plans (residential) & Offers and Plans with Set Monthly Rates for Services (business). If you selected one of these offers or plans, the monthly recurring charges for your services only and any applied discounts will remain the same as long as services subject to that offer or plan and the service address where service is delivered don’t change and your account remains in good standing, is not suspended, changed, or disconnected. Equipment charges, fees, and taxes are not included in Price for Life offers, are not guaranteed, and may increase.
While this does not definitively prove I got the service it does prove that their claim that they stopped offering it in 2019 was false. If that was true why are they still using price for life information in 2022 contracts. I am waiting on them to preform a call review from when we started service.
Does anyone else have more info to prove that they had price for life deals after 2019?
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2023.06.02 21:46 HappyColt90 LWYMMD and POWER

First of all, I'm not a Taylor Swift hater.
I always felt that Look What You've Made Me Do and POWER were songs with identical concepts, taking the role of the villain and accept it at the same time that you take the opportunity to show others why you are so great, but I honestly think it ends up being an example of how far Kanye and Taylor's talent and vision go, POWER is epic in many ways, while LWYMMD is kinda weak.
What do you think about it?
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2023.06.02 21:46 kutiekazuha AITA ( Am I a crazy white girl )

Recently me and my sister took a dna test and found out that we were about 50 some person Guatemalan and I took it to myself too start learning spanish and facts about the culture. (Guatemala is actually such a beautiful country why does no one talk about it) anyways…My sister found out about this and told me I’m acting like a crazy white person who claims a small percentage of a different ethnicity. I told her too stfu and maybe she should put effort too learn the culture because it’s still apart of her too. She ended up slamming my bed room door and cried to my mom because i said to stfu. I don’t think i acted out of line but now i’m suppose to pay for the door she broke and apologized. Also too warn you she is a grown 19 year old women!!!
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2023.06.02 21:45 ThrowItLikeItsHot420 What to do about leftover SB? 5,000 currently, with about 2,500 coming at end of June. I’d rather not do anything regarding taxes for SB.

Hi, I had been using SwagBucks for a few weeks in April/May and ended up redeeming a little over $100 in gift cards. This was, of course, before I started reading a little bit about the whole reporting income on taxes part. I really just do not want to do anything related to that, I don't want to have it be "a thing", so I figured I'd just stop using SwagBucks and be content with the $100 or so I made.
However, I ended up getting myself into a MarketVision Research opportunity, and I thought I'd get the incentive via some other means buuuut I got it in Swagbucks. So now I have 5,000 SB sitting in my account, and I have a little over 2,500 SB that will be added to my account in late June (I did a couple "do now, SB later" type of surveys).
I guess I'm just wondering what I should do. Again, I'd like to just not deal with anything taxes-related, so I don't know if I should just let the SB go so, in case I'd risk anything for redeeming "too much". I know it's at $600 (?) that they send a form or something, but I don't know if I should stop where I'm at, at ~$100. Or just wait until 2024 to redeem them then since it'd be a new year.
(All my SB have come from surveys, nothing from games or other means.)
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2023.06.02 21:45 colchaos72 Summer League 2023 REBOOT

We are going to REBOOT the Summer League 2023 and I will be running it. If Barraken makes it back we will work together on this going forward.
Pleasse verify that you are still participating (the sign up sheet is here). This will reduce down to a 10 week league. We will officially start on June 9 2023 and end on Aug 11 2023.
The rules will remain the same as before (I need to locate a copy). I am working to get the league setup in the software now which is why I need a eek to get things right.
Thannks to donations from 2 users (I know the Discord names so check out the rbl channel there) most of the software purchase has been covered.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions. I will do my best to answer them.
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2023.06.02 21:45 rocknroll500 I keep self sabotaging and isolating out of shame of my acting out behaviors, can’t move on from horrible year

I had such a rough year due to an abusive asshole I dated. I went from being in a big new city making so many friends to getting love addicted to a bad person and losing many friends and even my job who discriminated against me. I went from being adored by all my coworkers and being out and about all the time to isolating and treated badly by coworkers. I just isolated and spiraled for a year and cut out many people.
I am finally starting to make a change. I moved in with cool roommates recently. I starting dating one of the coolest guys I’ve met with an incredible group of friends and the way we started dating makes me think maybe my 12 step programs are right and there is higher power involvement. But I feel so stuck in the past since I lost a lot of people and even though I have met people who are exactly what I’ve been looking for in friends my whole life and the people I lost were not exactly that, I’m not over how I acted. I don’t feel any hope. All I remember is my hopelessness and misery and being constantly alone for a year. When I start to have fun or feel like people like me, I get anxious because I’m like I’m such a bad person who dropped so many friends going off on them and acting out after my assault.
I went crazy. I abused drugs had impulsive sex. I treated people badly that when I start to hang with people I think are wonderful all those recent memories of how crazy I was hit me and I want to shut down and hide. The guy I’m dating is incredible and I almost want to ruin it because he’s too good for me and if he knew how out of control I was in my bottom I feel like he’d think I’m crazy.
When I start to feel better I swear I purposefully act out in a way to prove to myself I’m shit and to push away more people. I just did that with another friend after having a good day and have no clue why. I’ve bottomed in college before but not post college like this. I want to see it as just a bottom one year of my 20s and not a life sentence, I’m still so young.
Also, one thing I want to add is I’ve never been able to do such deep inner child work on myself in the way I tried so hard to do until I bottomed and so I feel like when I come out of this if I do, it could be a blessing, but I do not feel that right now. I just feel like I’m a horrible insane person who deserves nothing good and I should hide myself or even die. How do I forgive myself and not hate myself? I’m extroverted enough to make new friends with roomies and guys friends I’m dating and at events but I keep isolating and when I am having fun with a roommate for a second I then go into my room and shut down and get plagued by memories of how crazy I was. I’m stuck in shame and so angry and holding myself back.
My inner world is terrifying and miserable and might kill me. I feel like I’ll never be okay again, make new friends, and I should die after spiraling last year. I know that sounds so extreme and I know that no matter how good my outside life was that my issue was stemming from childhood that weren’t healed would’ve come out no matter what, and now I finally can really work on them and heal but I almost just want to die and feel like I don’t deserve to live. I don’t even know why I’m being this awful to myself and feeling this hopeless. I adore the guy I’m dating but I feel an urge to sabotage it and push him away.
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2023.06.02 21:45 TransitionOk6228 Book recommendations please! (RH,…)

So I have a few ideas abt what I would like to read/ have in a dark romance book , maybe you have a few suggestions:)
  1. A dark book with a lot of spice and dominant male protagonist that pays a girl for sexual intercourse /for her rent if she gives him something. I’m not a fan of nicknames like “little ….” Or “baby “ etc… The book should definitely be romanticized and not depressing , even tho the topic is like to have is harsh and explicit. It can go from college/University anywhere up to an already working male and female in a big company, even though I’d prefer university.
  2. Maybe another dark book with a lot of reverse harem, like a guy friend group finding a girl they want to share.I know there are many , but I’m thorn which ones I should buy tbh. The guys/male protagonist can be really unhinged,psycho or just guys that love to be in control.It doesn’t have to have a happy in end in that sense that she needs to end up with one of them. It can also just end with her and all of the guys or even a bad ending. Everything there should be romanticized as well , and please good writing. Unfortunately, I read a lot of books where the dialogue often was just made so surreal and unbelievable, almost fake and not authentic at all. -if you consider The silver swan, I did not like it at all.
Thank you :)
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2023.06.02 21:45 Dieselpower34 Pushing my luck

Since I’ve been diagnosed I now find the pattern of smoking every 6.5 years when the moon is in full eclipse successful. Jk, took a two month break after having 5 episodes within 7 months. Smoked the last two nights and feel fine. Plan to not smoke for a month but who knows, I got that addictive pot bug in me. Wouldn’t recommend moderation as now that I smoked I realize how much I miss it and am willing to go through another episode. I did not originally quit because pot was my ultimate study tool. I had a really hard time this semester with out it. Not willing to go back because I will end up doing it too much and get hypermesis. Anyway, have a good day y’all.
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2023.06.02 21:45 CT-1030 Into/Across the Spider-Verse question

In ATSV, we see that Gwen hasn’t seen Miles ever since the collider explosion (when she was sent back to her universe), and it’s later reinforced that she only saw Miles this one time because Miguel and Jess wouldn’t let her see him.
So, how did in the ending of ITSV she went to see him in his bedroom?
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2023.06.02 21:45 notcoolbruh_103 My (22M) girlfriend (23F) doesn't tell me most things, and i dont know why

I had posted here about two weeks ago, regarding my insecurities about my relationship with my girlfriend.
Here is the link to the thread - https://www.reddit.com/relationship_advice/comments/13oh6i9/i_22m_have_a_lot_of_insecurities_regarding_my/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
Upon further thoughts, i realised i might have been overthinking it, and I'd talk to her about her trying to make more efforts the next time i had such thoughts. In the span of making the previous post and now, i am delighted to share that she has been taking more initiative these days and i feel very good about it. Or atleast, i did.
The common friend that i didnt have the best feelings for, ended up drunk calling my girlfriend today. She did tell me she was on a call with him, and asked me join, but I couldn't due to reasons. The call ended in about 30 minutes, and she just told me that she wasnt on the call anymore so it was fine. However, not once did she mention about him being drunk in the call. After 2 hours, the common friend texted in a GC with our friend group, saying he was drunk and was on a call, oversharing with "someone". For a brief instance, i asked what he meant by oversharing. He said a few stuff about his past and that was that. So I asked her, if he was drunk on the call, and she admitted. And she seemed to have quite a normal approach when i asked her about it.
Why did she not tell me that he was drunk? Was it because she didnt feel it was important? he was clearly drunk on the call apparently, which i got to know from her. And he followed to text her apologies for drunk-calling her. I dont know what to think about this incident. Is it a mistake on my end to expect her to tell me things? Or am I really being very insensitive towards her that she doesnt feel comfortable telling me things?
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2023.06.02 21:44 HTWingNut Passed Network+ N10-008 Today! (But why do they always have a survey at the end)

Just for reference, I am an old man (I have two teenage kids if that's any indication). My career has not been in IT, but in mechanical engineering. Just looking for a career change because I'm tired of the engineering grind. And most jobs require you to be in person, and having a family and all looking to have something that is primarily remote.
In any case I ended up with a 767. I used the following resources:
My PBQ's on the exam:
All in all I spent about 4 months studying. I got my A+ back in October 2022, took a couple months off then got back on track to get N+. Maybe working on Sec+ next. Not sure yet.
In any case, good luck all. You can do it. If this old man that has no more capacity to retain information can do it, you can too!
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2023.06.02 21:44 Edel-Binary Am I 4w5 or 6w5?

Hello! I know this probably has been asked here before, but I just wanna make sure I am really sure about my enneagram since its really annoying and stressful to constantly doubt it because of things I read about online or my friends telling me "Actually u are more like 4!" etc.
So here is some stuff I will share about myself:
-when I was younger I always wanted to get along with everyone. Even though they bullied me I was always so anxious to defend myself because I so badly wanted to understand why they bullied me.
-I always was in my head, wondering why things are the way they are when I did not understand them and thinking about different possibilities.
-my fear always held me back from doing certain things, and if I decided to do them (mostly due to outside influence) I did it slowly and very safe in fear of getting hurt. I was also very unsure, scaredy and nervous to make mistakes.
-I do not like when people assume they know me, as I am 100% sure only I know myself more than anyone else can. I am aware that I am not normal and that many people simply do not understand me, and I need to learn to live with that. This is no humble brag though, as my weirdness sometimes made people not be friends with me, so I suffered very badly under this.
-I really really wanna make friends, and am very very chatty when I feel comfortable and like nobody would judge me. When I get judged or the energy gets ruined in the room I become quiet and awkward, not knowing what to do but also trying to kind of save the moment in a way.
-when I am under stress I become very very emotional and stop doing whatever I am doing. I need time to think before returning and need to properly plan in that moment what to do, as I am just not good at coming up with plans when things suddenly change. On that note, I HATE sudden change. When I plan something and am set on doing it, but something comes in between I get really irritated. But I am willing to give up my plan if I like and trust that person enough and of course if the thing happening is really important. Usually I am not good with sudden change though and need to time to collect myself and plan ahead.
-I do not work well under pressure as it kind of sets back my work. My work quality becomes worse when I am assertively forced to do something quickly as my perfectionism usually wants to do things slowly and as beautifully as possible. I admire people who don't care about things not being perfect and doing things quickly.
-I never have very negative feelings towards people who have wronged me. Even if u have deeply hurt me I would feel guilty giving you the same medicine. Although a part of me would feel good that the other feels what I feel, my empathy does not allow me to seek true revenge.
-I ask a lot of questions at times and also love answering questions :) When I like u I talk a lot.
-My body is something very sacred to me, so if u are a stranger I recommend not touching it too much. U can only touch me when I ask or initiate, sudden hugs or groping even if u are my partner are a no-go. I am also very self-conscious of my body.
-I am a private person. Giving me nicknames when u barely know me feels condescending and passive aggressive to me so don't do that pls.
-I don't like when people are TOO comfortable with me when they barely know me. Like touch me or make jokes at my expense, I never make jokes about others or u unless I know u for like years 😂
-i'd say my biggest fear is to feel vulnerable or exposed and having no escape. Especially physically.
-i will easily share my trauma and things about myself when I feel like u can understand me and are similar to me. I make friends way better with people who have went through what I did, although I can befriend practically anyone if they also want to be my friend!
-I am an INFJ
-I hate conflict, especially when its unnecessary and unneeded. Like why argue over something small when we could argue over something bigger?
-assertive people scare me. Especially when they become aggressive really fast. I have no clue how to deal with someone attacking me, and I feel attacked pretty easily, just by hearing your tone change I tense up and get scared or confused.
-i understand where people come from and am very empathetic and chill. Many people told me I am laidback, relaxed and a very good listener.
-i also rarely get angry as I do not like people to think that I am an aggressive person. Something important to me is that people don't believe I am a bad person as I don't want to come off as an asshole.
-i speak about politics a lot, especially when I see injustice happening. If it would happen in front of me though I would most likely talk when I know I am not alone, as I am scared I might get hurt.
-i get excited really fast and am very curious and knowledge hungry. I say things like "Woah look at that so cute!" "Oh it's a pink spoon I have never seen that before I WANT IT!!!" "Woah I was never in a supermarket in new city i have never visited" I am also very easily pleased, but my hunger for excitement is really big when I feel like my healthiest self.
-nature is important to me. I once almost cried when I saw a little bird dead on the road somewhere. I would have helped it if I had some tissues and a place for it to stay. When I was younger I carried more animals than other kids into safety like two dogs, a cat and some birds.
-i am very good at keeping secrets as I don't see a reason to share them.
-IF i gossip I try to be respectful still, not using any bad words and feeling bad if I accidentally do so and correcting myself.
-i like labels, it makes me feel like I belong somewhere, as it is very important to me to belong. But I also want my alone time and for people to keep their distance when asked.
Hope that was enough info about me! If u wanna know more just ask! Byeee! -^
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2023.06.02 21:44 Tarnarmour Lindet is not a genius

Spoilers for Gods of Blood and Powder trilogy:
Just finished the last book, and I was consistently annoyed with how Lindet was treated. We are told over and over that "Lindet is frighteningly smart, she's a genius, she has plans for everything" but we see almost zero evidence of this.
  1. Lindet is head of a nation with a huge ethnic divide, and chooses to oppress and neglect the majority of her citizens because... why? If she's so smart, why didn't she realize that she could have had the support of the Palo instead of constantly fighting against them, just by not oppressing them?
  2. Lindet supposedly knows that the Dynize are going to invade to take the god stones, and yet she accomplishes no visible preparation. She doesn't forge alliances with the 9, she has insufficient guards in Landfall and needs to rely on the riflejacks, she almost forces the Mad Lancers to fight against her because she won't get rid of her psychopathic head of spies, and she relies on an unorganized paramilitary force (black hats) to rescue the Landfall godstone from clearly superior enemy forces.
  3. After putting herself in a position where only Vlora can realistically save her from the Dynize, she insists on calling for her arrest. It should be totally obvious that asking Vlora to turn herself in is pointless; likewise it makes no sense, when already on the back foot in the war against the Dynize, to try to defeat her seasoned troops in battle. Surely the smart thing to do would have been to trick Vlora into helping her, then sneakily take the godstones out from under her nose?
  4. She manages to get caught by a traitor general. Not sure if that's really her fault but it's funny to me that the only time we see her in book 2 is when she's helplessly captured. I guess the one good thing she does is giving Ben his armor back, but that's not really a point in her favor. A genius would have judged Ben's character and realized that he would rather fight the Dynize than her, and trusted him with supplies and more weapons much earlier.
  5. In the last book, the only thing we hear about her is that she has raised an army of conscripts and suffered multiple military defeats. Then at the very end she admits that being a despot was not the right choice. Whoop di do.
I just don't understand why we have to be told repeatedly that she's dangerously intelligent. Clearly, she's not. She has barely any impact on the story at all.
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2023.06.02 21:44 Radiant-Bike-165 [POP] Companions-Only Playthrough Done (with extras)

Just finished a very fun playthrough, inspired by this post: https://www.reddit.com/mountandblade/comments/vwtdft/pop_completed_companions_only_playthrough_writeup/
The main idea was not to have an army, just the band of companions. Mostly it was not hard at all, just took time - 1960 in-game days.
After gathering companions, I realized there will be no "milestones" for like 1000 days, so I expanded on the original idea - I would take claimants as companions at 100 relations with their original faction (no mercenary gigs allowed), as well as any fiefless lord at 100 relations.
Around day 500 I gathered all the claimants, so far so good, my band was kept very busy.
By then I realized it will take me a LONG time to get any lord to 100, even with doing their errands non-stop and rescuing everyone when imprisoned. So I decided I will let any tomboy-personality lady join us at 100 relations.
It proved to take same (long) time, more or less. First (and only) adventure-seeking lady ran away with us by day 1000, and first disillusioned lord joined by day 1100. I spent time making ever more money, gathering gems for companion upgrades / ruby bows, and gathering noldor armor between Elacrai and Quigfen. All the time improving relations with lords and raising honor every way I could think of (except for farming Noldor, it was too late for that).
Fierdsvain was finally on it's last legs by day 1300, with only Javiksholm, Valonbray and Hrolfson Castle left. By then our band counted 28 top-equiped veterans. We switched warhammers/military hammers for ebony swords and strange sabers and dragonspine axes and waited for a siege.
Baccus lay siege on Valonbray at day 1350, with Fierds' lords being in total disarray, so we attacked Javiksholm (some Larian Rangers helped us, left from the renown quest we took to take down Jatu army for Elacrai). It took two or three retreats, but we did it. Defender sally was nasty, though.
I guessed it would take a long time before any similar opportunity, so we immediately took Hrolfson Castle too. It was easy with help of the mercenary company I hired. Beating down Ulric together with his mercenaries along, was not easy but manageable. Game has progressed so much that all kings were riding around with armies 400-500 strong at most times, with number of elite troops for good measure.
The first vassal joined, renegade from Sarleon. But with scumbag like that one, I wouldn't dare give him anything but a single village.
Somewhat surprisingly, ex-Konigur Valdis decided to join us. (I reasoned that waiting hundreds of days for each new "companion" doesn't really make for sense of progression). Sarleon collapsed suddenly, so Ulric came visiting and remained with us too. More and more of Pendor realized I was the only hope for unification, it seems.
I was keeping low, still being good with everyone (and somehow missed the downfall of Sarleon), doing rounds around Pendor freeing slaves and collecting recruits until I had more than 4000 in Javiksholm, just waiting to be trained into Pendor Heavy bowmen or left as fodder and taxied to new walls to defend, once we acquire them.
Then I picked Ravenstern, which started losing ground and was in war on two fronts already. Campaign was carefully aimed at taking Senderfall and more castles than I intended to keep, while capturing several friendly lords and persuading them to take my side.
Once the peace was declared, with several lords of my own and mercenary band, there was not much difference compared to ordinary playthrough. I replenished the recruits, waited for next opportunity and rolled-stomped Ravenstern. Then D'Shar. Then Baccus.
Roll-stomping was surprisingly easy, because all of good-will I had with almost everyone at that point. Every campaign quickly netted me several new lords who wanted to join my cause.
When in tight spot, with my band of death gods wearing reinforced-or-better Noldor armor, I could always pump all the arrows into the enemy, retreat and repeat. All I needed is one friendly lord close enough, to provide enough distraction while my mates' Ruby and Noldor and Darkwood bows do their thing. Whether it's Marius on the other side or Eyegrim. Ok, maybe couple tougher lords for Eyegrim.
By the end, "Sentinels" counted 38, including me. Leslie and Ansen were gods of war, level 41 with proficiencies in 500s. Albert the Raven (my character) was level 48.
Big thanks to Singalian Slavers, for all the recruits they provided.
And very special thanks to Jatu, Vanskery and Inquisition warbands, that provided endless funding for top-tier equipment and upgrades, seemingly wherever I traveled. This feet couldn't have been done without them.
ps. I was adding extra "companions" by savegame editor (Warbender), same for changing the claimants equipment. If there is a better way, pls tell me.
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2023.06.02 21:44 Best_Club_In_America Game of Throwin' Everybody Under the Bus: J.P. Morgan's General Counsel claims he advised J.P. Morgan to dump Epstein as a client; Dimon claims he "didn't know he felt that way" and "doesn't recall" ever having seen his recommendation and insists ultimate responsibility lay on the General Counsel

Game of Throwin' Everybody Under the Bus: J.P. Morgan's General Counsel claims he advised J.P. Morgan to dump Epstein as a client; Dimon claims he
tl;dr: "Our attorney should have known better, and if he says he did and tried to alert anyone, "I don't recall" that

Ultimate decider’ on Jeffrey Epstein was JPMorgan’s ex-top lawyer, says Jamie Dimon

Bank’s chief executive testifies that former general counsel had ‘ability to override’ other executives
Jamie Dimon has identified JPMorgan Chase’s former general counsel as the “ultimate decider” who had the authority to axe Jeffrey Epstein as a client, according to sworn testimony by the bank’s chief executive.
Even if other executives such as Mary Erdoes, one of the bank’s most senior managers, had been vouching for the sex offender, the bank’s top lawyer was the person who “had the ability to override” their decisions, Dimon said.
Dimon made the assertion during a seven-hour deposition last week, a transcript of which has been seen by the Financial Times. He was responding to suggestions that the decision to retain Epstein had been made by Erdoes and Jes Staley, the disgraced financier’s former private banker.
According to the transcript, lawyers for the US Virgin Islands — which is bringing one of two cases against JPMorgan — indicated that Steve Cutler, the bank’s top lawyer from 2007 to 2016, had named Erdoes and Staley as the executives responsible for keeping Epstein on after his first arrest for sex crimes in 2006.
“If [Cutler] allowed them to make that judgment, it’s because he didn’t step in and say, you have to go,” Dimon said. “But he could have done that.”
Dimon’s deposition was taken in relation to two cases in which JPMorgan is accused of ignoring red flags relating to Epstein and benefiting from human trafficking. One has been brought by a woman who said she was abused by Epstein, and the other by the US Virgin Islands, where the late sex offender had a home.
Court filings in the two cases have detailed how Erdoes, who now runs the bank’s $4tn asset and wealth management division, and Staley, were involved in multiple internal conversations about whether Epstein should be dropped as a client, and that they personally visited his residences.
In 2011, Cutler sent an email that read: “I would like to put it and [Epstein] behind us. Not a person we should do business with, period.” He also wrote “This is not an honourable person in any way. He should not be a client.”
Dimon said Cutler would have had the authority to kick out a client if he judged something was “over the line”, although that did not mean that “because he didn’t like something he wouldn’t allow a businessperson to make a different judgment call”.
Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to a state charge in Florida of soliciting a minor for prostitution. He remained a client of JPMorgan until 2013.
“Mr Cutler had the ultimate authority to kick him out if he thought it had gone that far,” Dimon said in his testimony. “I think the ultimate decider would have been the general counsel of the company.”
Cutler, a former director of enforcement at the US Securities and Exchange Commission who subsequently left JPMorgan to go into private practice at Simpson Thacher, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
JPMorgan said: “Had the firm believed he was engaged in an ongoing sex trafficking operation, Epstein would not have been retained as client. In hindsight, we regret he was ever a client.”
In his deposition, the 67-year-old Dimon said he first learned that Epstein had held accounts at JPMorgan for 15 years about four years ago, when the disgraced financier was arrested on federal sex crime charges.
“I don’t recall knowing anything about Jeffrey Epstein until the stories broke sometime in 2019,” Dimon said. “I was surprised that I . . . had never even heard of the guy, pretty much, and how involved he was with so many people.”
David Boies, a lawyer for the unnamed Epstein accuser suing JPMorgan, said on Wednesday that Dimon had admitted the bank’s “top executives knew for years that Epstein was a convicted sex offender who continued to target young women”.
“Epstein withdrew hundreds of millions of dollars a year in cash to fund what he was doing, and . . . used his web of JPMorgan accounts,” said Boies, a claim JPMorgan called “patently and verifiably false.”
Boies added: “If, as he claims, Mr Dimon was the only person in New York who never heard of Epstein before July 2019, that is an indictment, not a defence.”
Dimon also denied ever being informed about Epstein’s accounts or behaviour by Staley, whom the bank is suing for allegedly withholding information about Epstein and for vouching for him internally.
Earlier on Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Staley claimed to have spoken to Dimon in person about the account on several occasions — an allegation JPMorgan described as “false”.
tl;dr: WSJ reported that there's proof Staley had communicated with Dimon about Epsteing; J.P. Morgan claims the WSJ is lying and that it's own CEO "not recalling" such communications = "proof they never happened"
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon testified last week that top bank executive Mary Erdoes and the firm’s then-head lawyer had the authority to boot sex predator Jeffrey Epstein as a customer well before Erdoes finally took that step in 2013.
Questions by lawyers to Dimon at his deposition Friday for two lawsuits against JPMorgan underscore that Erdoes and the lawyer, former JPMorgan general counsel Stephen Cutler, were aware of claims Epstein had preyed on young women while a client of the bank for years.
Erdoes in her own deposition, taken previously, admitted that she as early as 2006 was aware that Epstein was accused of paying cash to have underage girls and young women brought to his home, court filings reveal.
But Dimon on Friday repeatedly said he had no knowledge of such claims about Epstein, and that he was barely aware of him at all until 2019, according to a transcript of the deposition obtained by CNBC.
The lawsuits against the bank allege Epstein used money from his JPMorgan accounts for the sex trafficking of young women, and that the bank retained him as a customer to maintain his business despite serious warning flags about him.
One suit against the bank was filed by the government of the U.S Virgin Islands, where Epstein maintained a residence on a private island. The other suit was filed by an Epstein accuser who is seeking to certify the complaint as a class action for other victims.
During his deposition, Dimon was shown an email that JPMorgan’s then-general counsel Cutler Cutler sent Erdoes about Epstein on July 21, 2011.
In that email, Cutler wrote: “I would like to put it and him behind us. Not a person we should do business with, period.”
“This is not an honorable person in any way,” Cutler wrote in an email a day earlier to Erdoes, another top executive, Jes Staley, and two other bank executives, according to a lawyer who was questioning Dimon during the deposition.
“He should not be a client,” Cutler added in that email.
Cutler, in his own deposition last week, “testified under oath that Jes Staley and Mary Erdoes made the decision to retain Epstein as a customer of the bank,” a lawyer told Dimon.
Dimon testified Friday that he was not aware of that email by Cutler when it was sent.
But he also said, “Mr. Cutler had the ultimate authority to kick him out if he thought it had gone too far.”
“He was delegating reputational decisions to somebody else” Dimon said, apparently referring to Cutler’s claim that the decision to retain Epstein was made by Staley and Erdoes.
Staley, like other powerful men such as former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, was a friend of Epstein. Staley had made social visits to Epstein’s homes in Manhattan and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He is due to be deposed in the suits on June 10 and 11, according to a source familiar with the schedule.
Dimon was deposed at JPMorgan’s headquarters in New York by lawyers for the plaintiffs, and for Staley, who JPMorgan argues in its own legal complaint against him is responsible for any civil liability a jury might find.
Epstein was terminated as a customer in 2013, two years after the emails and five years after he pleaded guilty to a Florida state charge of soliciting sex from a minor.
As a result of that conviction, he had to register as a sex offender. Epstein killed himself in a Manhattan jail in August 2019, a month after being arrested on federal child sex trafficking charges.
A lawyer asked Dimon during the deposition: “As CEO of private [banking] or asset and wealth management, Mary Erdoes could have decided to terminate Jeffrey Epstein as a customer, as a client, of JPMorgan; is that right?”
Dimon answered, “I generally would say that’s true, yes.”
Erdoes testified in her earlier deposition that JPMorgan dropped Epstein as a client in 2013 after she learned that his withdrawals from his accounts were for “actual cash,” according to court filings.
“I have trust and respect in both of them,” Dimon testified about Erdoes and Cutler.
“My view is had she known what she had known today, she would be saying exactly the same thing I said,” Dimon said, referring to his statement that he would have terminated Epstein as a client if he knew about his conduct at the time.
“There’s a chance that Jes knew, that’s why they’re different.”
Dimon testified that he was not informed that Epstein was indicted in Florida for sex crimes in 2006, or of other concerns about him that others at the bank raised, the deposition reveals.
“I don’t recall knowing anything about Jeffrey Epstein until the stories broke sometime in 2019” Dimon said, referring to when Epstein was arrested on federal child sex trafficking charges.
“I was surprised that I didn’t even — had never even heard of the guy, pretty much. And how involved he was with so many people,” Dimon said.
A lawyer then asked, “Were you aware that Jeffrey Epstien was promoting you to contacts as a candidate for Secretary of the Treasury?”
Dimon replied: “Nope.”
When asked if the accusers of Epstein deserved an apology, Dimon said, “I think what happened to these women is atrocious, and I’m horrified at the amount of human trafficking that takes place.”
“And I wouldn’t mind personally apologizing to them, not because we committed the crime, we did not, and not because we believe we’re responsible, but that any potential thing, what little role that we could have eased it or helped catch it quicker or something like that, or get it to law enforcement quicker or get law enforcement to react to it quicker, which they obviously didn’t, you know, I would apologize to them.”
“For that, yes,” he said.
The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Wednesday that legal documents in the cases show that Staley discussed Epstein with Dimon over the years, including when Epstein was arrested in Florida in 2006 and when he pleaded guilty in that case two years later.
“Staley also said that Dimon communicated with him various times about whether to maintain Epstein as a client through 2012,” The Journal reported.
A JPMorgan spokeswoman in a statement about The Journal’s article said, “We believe this is false.”
“There is no evidence that any such communications ever occurred — nothing in the voluminous number of documents reviewed and nothing in the nearly dozen depositions taken, including that of our own CEO,” said Patricia Wexler, the spokeswoman.
Wexler later Friday told CNBC, “Had the Firm believed he was engaged in an ongoing sex trafficking operation, Epstein would not have been retained as client.”
“In hindsight, we regret he was ever a client,” Wexler said.
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2023.06.02 21:43 Lenzutsu I'm disappointed but not ungratefull about season 4

I know it's not really welcomed to talk negatively about the game around here, but I do believe genuine criticism and opinion is important and healthy for a game.
I don't want this post to feel like I am trying to criticize or diminish the game, but open a discussion to hopefully improve it or understand what happened and what to expect in the future. The game is already very good, and it did not get worse in any way.
Let me start by saying that all of this is my personnal opinion, and at the end of the days it's not a live service game, the update is completly free, the devs don't own us anything and could simply not update the game, so I am still gratefull to the dev for their work.

Firstly: Like a lots of peoples already pointed out, this update clearly way lighter when it come to the amount of content added, no new biomes, no new cave type, no new gear, no update at all on the outdated perk system, even the theme is basically the same as the previous season.

Honestly : I am slighty disapointed about it, but it's not my main issue with this update.
Here is the roadmap for season 2, it stated it will include new weapons and other undecided stuff. In practice it added what was promised, and new warnings, new enemies in theme with the season and that keep building on the previous one.
Here is the roadmap for season 3, it stated it will include new grenades and other undecided stuff, sure grenade is less exciting than new weapons, but they were way more unique than the others grenade. Also it include a completly new type of event and theme, so it was understandable.
Here is the roadmap for season 4 (I couldn't find an other source sorry), it stated it will include... New enemies (and some undecided stuff)... But almost all others updates got new enemies, surely it mean we will got lot of new enemies or one or two new families of enemies?
We got 2 new enemies.
And THIS miners, is my problem, the only thing that was advertised was new enemies, and we only got 2 of them, just enought to justify to have written "enemies" and not "enemy".
It was the only thing promised, and even there they did the bare minimum.

Once again it's better than nothing, I can't exactly complain about a free update, but I do feel really disapointed because of my expectations.
On top of that, they used the exact same theme as previous season, there is no new big mechanic, rework or new biome, it almost make me wonder what they worked on during those 6-9 months.
I understand that for example, adding a new weapon is TONS of work, because you need one weapon for each dwarves, with each 6 overclocks and dozen of possible upgrades, but even there I wish they added more enemies, or at least some kind of balance to the perk system.

I think, and it's just my personnal opinion, the game is close to its peak when it come to content, and as shown in ther live anniversary, the devs began to move on to new projects. The game is already one of the very best on the market, there is no point adding new weapons or class that will mess the whole balance of the game, there is no point eternally adding stuff, there isn't a NEED to add content or fix system, it all already work perfectly (except the perks).
On the other hand, adding new mission type wouldn't really hurt, but most importantly, a perk system rework NEED to happen, the dev said it themselve in the past.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to share my opinion about the update. I am happy and gratefull to have new content, but maybe the dev spoiled us too much in the past because I expected way better.
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2023.06.02 21:43 Born_Sky3203 Just started and learned people are leaving

So I recently just started back with a company I previously worked for at the exact same property and same position 2 yrs ago. Yes I left bc it was very stressful for a myriad of reasons. I left the owners not the big name management company. The owners are very difficult which i kinda knew but I’m the ACM and not the PM so I get to share that stress instead of deal w it head on. I was here at the tail end of covid where all I did was chase people like a hardcore bill collector for money. There have been a few changes, and “upgrades” which are nice ish. It’s a tough property with a two person office. I needed a job. I wasn’t intentionally looking to come back to this property but it opened bc they have a hard time keeping people here. They offered me a lot more and I needed a job. Started Tuesday and, the PM put her notice in yesterday. A tiny bit of the reason I accepted was bc she and I had worked together before and amongst all the chaos we made a good team. I’m happy for her and her new opportunity on every level. There is stuff that is being kept from me. Other than the fact that it is super difficult to get people hired here, there are other changes coming as I overheard her saying things like she was “leaving just in time” and “I would never work under them. “ I didn’t sign up for a shit show. That is the last thing I wanted is to get stuck working primarily myself in a really busy office and I was about to move to the sister property which could make me feel trapped. I’m pulling my hair out bc. I know she isn’t telling me stuff to keep me from wanting to leave. Would you keep interviewing at other places or would you stay? What would you do? Share your experience please… losing sleep over it bc I live on-site at my old community and need to move asap. STRESSED
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2023.06.02 21:43 No_Opportunity_8553 What to do in this situation? I'm feeling so disgusted and hate myself so much for this.

I'll try to keep it short and humble request that please don't judge me I know I shouldn't do this but I can't change the past. I'm writing the main details only because there is so much to say.
I know this guy from 2019 and we are no longer in touch but sometimes we talk at least once in 3-4 months.
Today's conversation was going a little bit salty and out of nowhere he said what a stressful day I'm going to watch porn now, good night. I just reacted to that text and started scrolling back through my Instagram then he texted me back that ill rather jerk off to your nudes. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK
I was 19 during this incident and he was 23. I was very stupid during my teenage I understand I shouldn't send it to him even after I was so confident about this but why this is haunting me now?
It was mutual. He even slut shammed me for that but that's just a consequence of my actions I adored him very much, he was there for me when I was at my lowest but he did all that because he used to feel superior and I realized that later.
Out of nowhere, a guy is texting me I'm going to jerk off to your nudes because you are so hot and you should be proud. No aashole im ashamed and wanted to cry so bad even after you were a part of it I was not alone.
When I confronted him and asked him these questions his reply was:
Q-Why you are having nudes of someone who is no longer associated with you? A- Meri marzi (my wish)
Q- why do you as a grown-up man jerk off to a 19 y/o nude? (He is 26-27) A- I'm Leonardo DiCaprio
His text was so random I'll attach a screenshot in the comments. I'm so sorry, he was the first and last guy it all happened during the lockdown and I'm very guilty of doing this. Idk what to do now.
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2023.06.02 21:43 Bruu_g7 MA at 5 weeks 5 days

Hi ladies. I thought I’d share my experience since reading all the stories here has helped me so so much! I found out I was pregnant this past Sunday, wasted no time finding a clinic and was lucky enough to secure an appointment for Wednesday. The two days I had to wait for my appointment were THE. WORST. I thought the anxiety would eat me alive, and I was scared I would be too far along to terminate the pregnancy (I live in GA).
Timeline went like this:
Wednesday at 1:45pm I took the mifepristone at the clinic with the doctor, and she walked me through instructions/answered my questions.
I waited till the next day (Thursday) at 7:20pm and took the nausea and pain medication
One hour later at 8:30pm I inserted the 4 miso vaginally and took the stronger pain meds to get ahead of the pain (acetaminophen/codeine).
One hour goes by, 9:30 - no cramping, no bleeding. Just very anxious, and some chills. Heating pad on just in case.
The pain meds made me very drowsy, and I ended up falling asleep. Woke up at 1:00am with some 6/19 cramps, but no bleeding yet
At around 1:30am bleeding starts. My stomach started hurting in a way like I had to poop, but couldn’t? It sucked.
At 2:30am, still sitting on the toilet, very nauseous. Spotted some clots and a yellowish tiny blob. I’m hoping that was the pregnancy, as at 5 weeks the doctor said I shouldn’t be seeing much. Cramps intensify at 7/10.
At 2:40am, I got even more nauseous and ended up throwing up yellowish liquid. Cramps 7/10.
At around 3:00am, I went back to bed and cranked the heating pad up and ended up falling asleep again (the pain meds put you down for real!).
Woke up at 5:00am to pee, bleeding but not much. Still cramping, I’d say a 4/10
Woke back up at 7:30am, feeling a little drowsy but cramps were pretty much gone, and bleeding felt like a heavy period. And I woke up HUNGRY!
It is now 3:35pm, and I feel pretty okay. The cramping creeps up here and there, but no more than a 3/10 pain wise. Still bleeding like I would during a normal period.
My only concern is—I did see some clots and the little yellow blob, but…. Is that it? I’m horrified the MA failed :( has anyone had an MA around this time of 5 and a half-ish weeks?
Anywho, I hope this helps! I’m not gonna lie and say it was easy, but it was also not as bad as I thought it would be after reading some horror stories.
Sending hugs to you if yours is coming up xo
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2023.06.02 21:43 Ashtail42 Making a Svarog wall piece for Multivers Vistas visual arts competition - about 20% done!♡

Making a Svarog wall piece for Multivers Vistas visual arts competition - about 20% done!♡
https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJx9hx7U/ made a tiktok for one of the sections as well ♡ So far it has taken me 16hrs. Still ways to go! If I did my calculations right he should end up around 2½m tall ♡ So excited for this project ♡
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