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2023.06.09 00:52 Antique-Candy2567 Hemms, fissures, fistula, abscess-anyone else in this boat?

So I’ve had all of the above issues. The abscess and fistula most recently.
I am getting some thorough testing done soon, but my last GI diagnosed me with IBS-C about 5-6 years ago. (I only had hemorrhoids then, the other issues progressed gradually)
I just wondered if anyone else with IBS experiences these same problems?
I’m hoping at this point that I don’t have anything more serious, but if it is “only” IBS then it seems pretty hopeless since there’s nothing they can really do for me. I’ve been on miralax and occasional milk of magnesia since my recent fistulotomy and it seems like I still can’t go without straining unless I drown myself in it.
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2023.06.09 00:52 SteakDangerous8286 AITA for canceling all of my stepkids’ tickets for our family vacation…but my Husband and I are still going??

Buckle in, it’s gonna be a long ride!! My (F48) husband Randall (50) have been together for 14 years. Randall has four children- two sons Kyle (26), Alex (24) and two daughters Savannah (21) and Cassandra (20). It’s important that y’all know, as we get into this, that the oldest and the youngest are not his, biologically, but he’s raised them as if they were. When Randall and I first got together, three of his children were in elementary school, and the oldest was in middle school. They really didn’t take to me at first as they wanted their parents to be together like any child would. I completely understood, and I gave them plenty of time to spend with their father, when we were with them. I’d busy myself with shopping or visiting my own family. Eventually, we bonded and began spending time together. I’d do birthdays and holidays BIG for them and got to where we to go and do things on our own when my husband had to work… and he’s always worked a lot. Here’s my issue. Over the last several years now, they’ve adopted this sense of entitlement towards us, but mainly their father. When we go into town to visit (we live 5 hours away), they’ll rarely make the effort to spend any time with us so we typically end up doing things on our own and then coming back home. Lately, we are of the mindset that we shouldn’t have to drop everything and come to them every time anymore. Especially, when we know that most times, they’re not gonna show up. And they’re adults. If they want to see us, they can make a trip to where we live. These days, their phone calls consist of asking for money for gas, groceries, to hang out with friends, or to help fund their trips with their mom. Randall used to send money for everything they would ask for, but has now begun to say no, and to really put his foot down. He’s told them that they need to work for the things that they want and that everything is not always going to be handed to them. Any time he says no or that we can’t help right now it’s the silent treatment for weeks and sometimes months. We’re coming to the part where I’m questioning myself and my decision to cancel their vacation. Early fall 2022, Kyle told us that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby. We didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. And he doesn’t think he wants Randall to be part of the baby’s life because he isn’t Kyle’s biological father. WTF?! This man raised this boy from eight months old, and did everything that a father should do but he’s not good enough to be grandpa?! But he said he’d let us know. So we proceeded through birthdays and the holidays and ,of course, I went all out as per usual. Now, right after the new year I received a phone call from Kyle asking me if Dad and I could help fund their baby shower. It would go towards food, decorations, and the venue. I said yes. And I went ahead and sent him the money and he told me that in a week or so, he’d give me all the details of the baby shower and to expect the invitation in the mail. About an hour later, Randall calls me and says that Kyle called and asked him if we could help fund their baby shower. And Randall sent him money too. Randall was furious that he took us both for money but he left it alone and we didn’t hear from any of the kids after that. Mid-March comes along and we’re visiting with my Husband’s family when his SIL asked why we didn’t go to the baby shower the previous weekend. Umm… because we didn’t know about it! We were stunned to say the least. Then, his SIL dropped another bomb on us. The baby was born the day before the shower. Come to find out, all four kids and their mother agreed to not invite us to the baby shower, or to even let us know that the baby was born. They needed just the money. To say that I was LIVID would be an understatement. I sent Kyle a message a couple of days later and told him that, it’s one thing to not invite us to the shower, but to not let us know about the baby was heartbreaking. I told him that I hoped they’d had a great time and that they were gifted everything that they needed. I congratulated him on the birth of his son and that i hope he’s healthy and adored. My Husband sent a similar message. We’ve yet to hear back from him and we’re headed into mid-June. So, after a conversation between myself and my husband, and the fact that I paid for the entire trip, on my own, we decided to cancel their tickets for what was supposed to be our family vacation. I got a partial refund for some of the reservations that I had made but that’s okay. I’ll take the loss. Last week we got a call from the other three asking what dates they needed to plan for and what they should pack. And let them know that I canceled their tickets so they didn’t need to worry about it after all. They were angry and had some choice words. I honestly feel like it’s the best decision we could’ve made. But am I the AH??
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2023.06.09 00:51 InternationalCap7264 Easement/Right of Way Issue

I've ran into a speedbump getting an FHA loan and just wanted to see if anyone has experienced anything similar. I would greatly appreciate any insight or help anyone can provide with this.
The appraiser wrote this on the appraisal: "Private streets are common and acceptable in the subject marketplace. Although street appears adequately maintained there is not a maintenance agreement. Street is protected by recorded easement and allows access for postal delivery and emergency services."
This being on the appraisal has led the lender to ask me to get a recorded easement/right of way, advising to contact the city or county to do so. They've asked me to "provide evidence that the use of the private road or common use driveway is protected by a recorded permanent easement or recorded right of way from the property to the public road."
There is no easement on file with the county, because although the roads in my community are indeed privately maintained, they are not part of anyone's property. I live in a relatively large subdivision and we don't have shared driveways either. I contacted the appraiser and they stated that the street IS the easement/right of way, and to look at the survey. On the survey underneath the street name it says "50' R.O.W. "right of way). They stayed that the lender either doesn't know much about privately maintained streets or is misunderstanding what they wrote in the appraisal, or both.
This stupid issue is delaying our closing and I don't know what else I can tell the mortgage company so that they better understand the scenario.
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2023.06.09 00:49 prologicmultiv Please help, i don’t know what to do.

I’ve been diagnosed with sinusitis after having severe migraine headaches and neck pain. I have congestion but it doesn’t feel that bad. I took azithromycin for 5 days, have been taking flonase and tylenol but the headaches wouldn’t go away with it.
The migraines were originally located at the back of my head near my neck. Now they are more like jolting sharp tingling pains in my forehead and temples, and sometimes on top of my head. I have tingling on the left side of my face, and i’m now feeling the sharp jolting pains in my fingers and toes. Only on the left side, after several emergency room visits, About 5 in the last month the last one i had i demanded a CT scan. It showed no cranial abnormalities but it did say i had “Scattered mucosal thickening within the bilateral ethmoid sinuses. Opacification of the left mastoid tip air cells with sclerosis is identified.” I was given a neurologist referral but i called and i am have not been triaged for an appointment yet.
I saw my doctor 2 days ago. All he told me was to use ice and heat for the pain. He said azithromycin should fight the infection for up to 28 days and that i shouldn’t worry. I also had to fight him to set me up with an allergist referral as i don’t have any known allergies (we need a referral for any specialist in canada) so now that my fingers and toes are feeling the sharp tingling i’m getting scared again. My ears also hurt like crazy but it’s not constant. Just like the headaches they come and go.
Has anybody else experienced this? I also have severe anxiety and every time i feel the pain i start to panic.
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2023.06.09 00:48 BigDaddyDirtbag4269 Sore Delts/Pec after first time Karting

So I went karting for the first time ever last night, and today my like shoulder areas on both sides are sore. Is that because of the karting? I’m thinking all the sharp turns and stuff might’ve been a foreign motion for my shoulders
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2023.06.09 00:48 Ok_Meet_5713 Identical twin nieces are exhibiting paranoia and delusions

I need answers. My 35 year old identical twin nieces are exhibiting mental issues and their mother and I are at a loss at what could be going on.
It started with just one of them 2 years ago. Her personality shifted entirely so much that she is acting like the complete opposite of her normal self. She has also stated numerous times that the aliens and a “AI robot parakeet” have been talking to her and teaching her how to see the future. Her mom has found her standing in the yard for multiple hours just staring up at the sky. Carrying on a conversation with her is incredibly difficult because the things she says makes no sense such as people having “golden hay” and other nonsensical words. She will no longer leave her house if she sees her mom outside (she lives next door to her) and will no longer answer her phone. Her mom chalked all of this up to maybe long covid psychosis until this past year when my other niece started acting paranoid and strange.
With her it started off with her legitimately getting hacked but that progressed into accusing me, her mother and the rest of her family into being the hackers. She claims that someone was flying a drone in her room while she was sleeping, someone breaking into her house to move her underwear and a hat to a new location in her room and to steal her socks and other personal items. She believes that someone is going into her attic and staying there but that and the other things are almost impossible because she also hardly ever leaves the house and she has cameras and the doors to her home are almost always locked ( the only attic door is inside the house so no outside access). Now she is claiming that she has been sexually assaulted while sleeping numerous times but she hasn't awakened for any of these encounters and has no physical marks on her body. She told us that she is going to go to the FBI with all of this information.
They're both married but their husband's act like it's not a problem and refuse to try to talk them into seeking help. We are especially concerned with the 2nd niece because she has her child in the home with her, her husband works out of town for the majority of the time and she has access the guns (we live in Texas).
What could be causing this with them and what could their mother possibly do to try to help them. Please we are desperate for answers. Thank you for any helpful responses.
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2023.06.09 00:46 CrazyMiltos Hard stuck in arena 14

I recently got into Serenity Peak and i got a few good games but was soon facing people with level 12 and 13 cards, meanwhile my deck consists of 2 level 11 cards and the rest being lvl 10.
So my question is, how the hell am i supposed to progress in this game now? Chests are absolute garbage, only giving me cancer cards that i never use, and the season shop is good for only the first week, before i buy all the wild cards. I've done all the masteries that give cards and i have no further way of gaining enough cards for my upgrades.
I would love to get to arena 15 so i get to use fun 2v2 cards like clone and mirror, but i literally can't get there because all the core interactions of this game are fucked beyond belief with the overleveling I'm experiencing.
I appreciate any feedback y'all can give me cause I'm really getting sick of this stagnation.
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2023.06.09 00:46 Nick_Invests ENTP to INFJ?

In just under a year I thought I met my match made by the universe and my life-long partner. When we met, I felt magnetized to her as if it was a spiritual experience. I felt our child-like selves coming out and we both felt like we knew each other for years before this day.
That was until the second time I met her, things were far different than the first time and I felt very strange things up until the fifth time meeting her. I eventually asked her to be my girlfriend even though there were many things that concerned me very early on, but I just pushed them aside until it truly started to affect my mental health which eventually caused me to not trust her, put up walls, etc. Not to mention, something traumatic happened to me that caused me to feel like she began purposely doing things to me and her lack of an authentic apology with significant changed behavior was not good. I began Google searching what I was experiencing and went down the rabbit hole and believed I was experiencing something abhorrent which caused me to want to end the relationship three times, but I was super glued in the web while a boa constrictor was squeezing the life out of me while being fed my favorite meal.
Well, to make this quicker the relationship just got worse and worse and I was pretty much broken up with/discarded after being in a relationship with her for eight months and eighteen days and it has been taking a huge toll on me and has been making me question who I am as an individual and I have been self-reflecting a lot and I could see her side, but it still seems like there was foul play. However, I feel like a lot of things were reasonable even though I may have over reacted a bit.
Now onto the MBTI, I have always had this uncanny/clairvoyance ability to me that I am able to just know things (N). As far as my MBTI results from the last three years which was that I was an ENTP it makes perfect sense to how my life has played out so far. I work a 9-5 (to keep me in a routine), but I am an entrepreneur. When I was a child I was obsessed with numbers, and wanting answers to literally everything. When I was a child my parents let me have a lemonade stand and I sat outside when they had garage sales (roughly the age of 6-8); after the garage sales I told my parents that I wanted to sell more things to make more money and they told me that I can't sell everything I own and I told them what if we buy things from the store and sell it for more? Instead of any encouragement, I was told that it was illegal to do that. So, I told them that I wanted create and sell things to make money and they just ignored me.
Well little me wasn't discouraged and I created my own little business in school and camp where I created paper phones, laptops, poppers, airplanes, drawings (traced), and more to be able to buy myself and friends snacks. As time progressed, I owned and ran four different businesses by the time I was twenty one, and I have always felt that my purpose on this planet was to innovate, create solutions to problems, create jobs, etc.
However, my intuition and pattern recognition tells me that in the next twenty years individuals creating jobs will be a thing in the past, and everyone is going to be enslaved to a 9-5 and it's going be nearly impossible to "get ahead" since cash will eventually cease to exist as well and all of our income and expenses will be tracked. Ultimately, we will end up owning nothing. With all that being said, that just means that my childhood/life dreams will be pulverized.
Let me get back on topic. I truly believe that this intense heartbreak has caused me to go through this intense spiritual awakening and I am starting to feel like my true purpose on this planet is different. I feel like I know deep down, I am destined for greatness in the business world, but I feel like I am the person who also shares my life story in order to keep pushing forward.
I am not looking for sympathy or pity, but I have been through a lot and I do have a lot of trauma and I have been going through my healing journey since this breakup.
Now onto the theory, my theory is that if someone has an unstable sense of identity/personality they could change their "personality" into a different person through enough emotional abuse, etc. I didn't think it was possible to be a different person once you hit adulthood, but I feel as if it very well could be. I was even told by friends that I am definitely not the person I was a year ago even though I feel as if I am? It is now time to truly find myself. Have any of you changed into a different person in less than a year? I'd love to hear from you.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day and reading and possibly replying. Have a great day!
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2023.06.09 00:45 raspberrypie2223 how safe is it for someone to go back to ithaca with all the current air quality concerns ?

i guess i'm wondering, for people who're in ithaca rn, how has your daily life been impacted/ability to study, access libraries & dining been affected? is it worth coming back to ithaca right now/for the summer (those were my original plans, but i wouldn't want to if the air is gonna be murky as ef for the next month or two / potentially cause a health issue ;-;)
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2023.06.09 00:41 marioqw1 She went on a trip and blocked me from seeing her stories

Long story short, I went on a date with this girl and then a few days later she was getting ready to leave for a few weeks in another country with her “family”. She used to post stories every now and then, I then noticed she blocked me from seeing her stories which I find weird because I havent done anything wrong lol but she keeps watching and liking mine. Her last text msg was a few days ago where she replied to one of my texts 2 days later, I then didnt bother replying as I find this is a lack of interest and she didnt bother asking a question/followup or she is playing hard to get. Why would someone block you from seeing her stories? She also deleted all her pics but that was way before going on a date, that happened a few days after I commented on one of her stories saying “hey I know your friend” and then she started acting weird..
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2023.06.09 00:39 -Eddooo [H] Alot of Knives, Gloves, Playskins, rare Steam Trading Cards [W] Offers

[H] Knives, Gloves, Playskins
More on my Inv, Some Skins might be on Tradehold, you can Add me if you want do discuss Trade.
[W] All Offers are Welcome [W] Crafts, TF2 Keys, Steam Cards Sets
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2023.06.09 00:38 Feeling_Bullfrog_784 We (ex-partners 24M 24F) haven't communicated in almost 4 years, should I reach out?

I am now engaged to my lovely fiance, and we are both very excited. It is a very different dynamic to my previous relationship. I am currently living in the same city as my previous long term ex, and sometimes I get the urge to reach out and see about a life update. It ended a bit abrupt, and I think I will always hold some sort of minor guilt for that. Just curious if anything thinks this is a good idea, or if I should just leave them be. I would need some convincing to actually reach out, and obviously my current fiance would have to be fully on board/aware of my choice.
When someone was such a big part of your life and then all of a sudden you don't even know where they are, what they're doing, or how they are, it's a bit strange and curious. Since it's been a few years, the irrational emotions are long gone, but I know that some of the finer strands will never quite separate, no matter how much distance is between us. Just interested in hearing some anonymous thoughts! Thank you all! 🤍
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2023.06.09 00:34 Gecko551 Question about shooting and Infantry/Vehicles

So I know this will become irrelevant soon anyway because 10th is coming but:
I just wondered if walkers could actually shoot with all weapons which sent me looking through the core rules for a judgement on this. This led me to discover there isn't actually anything to say vehicles can shoot with all their guns as opposed to infantry which leads me to believe infantry can also shoot all their guns? So could I shoot my sororitas' bolters and then shoot all their bolt pistols too? Or am I missing smth here?
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2023.06.09 00:32 SoySauce789 So I Ran The Workshop Watches Last Night

Last night I ran The Workshop Watches from the first edition of Arcadia. The players loved it!
I ran the session as a one shot, but afterward basically everyone said that they wanted to keep playing, if not in this adventure at the very least more in the world. It was such a good time. The characters (Minerva, elf wizard, Jeffrey, drow rogue (these first two had to peace about half way through the session) Dan, human druid, Joe, bugbear wizard, and Quartz, dwarf fighter) were on the mission from Amari to investigate the wizards and their progress in assistive magic. They arrived at the workshop and met SAM, the magical AI that was the workshop, but they assumed that it was just a door keeper. I had SAM appear as the light illuminating one of the runes the wizards had carved into the walls, but the players were surprised to see that the light followed them, illuminating the runes closest to them to represent SAM's presence. They asked SAM about the wizards and it said it didn't know where they were, and created food and water for them. The party wasn't specifically trusting or mistrusting of SAM, but they assumed it wouldn't be a big part of the story.
They got into the library and the druid tangled with the mimic. They defeated it easily enough but it was a cool moment for sure, the druid wild shaped into a bear while he was being eaten by the mimic. There were so many dope moments like that in this session.
The players kept moving through the workshop and started getting less and less trusting of SAM. I had the shambling mound/awakened tree be a kind of first try the wizards had given to creating an intelligent magical entity, they had tried to merge books with its consciousness to increase its knowledge, but it ended up breaking the tree's mind. Also another memorable battle because the druid (still a bear) was up on the roof of the green house and then broke through the glass to attack the shambling mound (the druid noticed it before the other characters since he was looking through the roof), and as he fell from the ceiling he shot a lightning bolt out of his mouth (not even sure if you can do that in wild shape, but it was a one shot). That blew a hole through the thing's chest which it then used to envelop the bear and the wizard summoned demons to fight. Lots of good crazy stuff. After that battle I had SAM act super curious asking more about how they'd learned to fight and cast spells which was a dope set up for the final battle. The players were at least mostly distrusting of SAM at this point since it still hadn't told them what happened to the wizards. They also saw the scorched part of the greenhouse and noticed that SAM shouted "CLIMATE CONTROL" at blasted ice when the wizard used burning hands against the shambling mound. It was such a dope fight. At one point the druid tried to climb back out of the greenhouse and the shambling mound hit him with an AoP just enough to take him out of wild shape, but I said he still managed to grab a hold of the roof as his hands shifted out of paws. Then the shambling mound tried to chase him up (the druid had by far done the most damage to him) and just as it arrived on the roof he hit it with a thunderwave, destroying the rest of the roof and the thing taking even more damage from falling. It was some dope stuff. The players were freaking out like every turn.
When they finally started up the stairs to the final room SAM started saying they needed rest, and cast sleep, which took out the wizard. The druid had had enough of SAM and decided to try sneaking over the peak of the mountain to get to the upper level instead of going through the workshop. He had an immovable rod and worked some shenanigans. The fighter thought that the wizard had just dropped dead and started to negotiate with SAM. He asked SAM to get some pillows so they could all go to sleep but as soon as SAM left he sprinted up the stairs, busted open the door to the workshop and saw the animated armor finishing SAM's body. At that point everything went crazy. The fighter started hacking the armor as the druid arrived over the peak, just in time for the wizard to come to and cast fireball in the middle of the hallway, melting two suits of armor and the flying swords, and damaging both his allies. A crazy battle ensued, SAM got into its new body just in time to be hit by a lightning bolt, only to return the favor and knock out the fighter. That was when the players realized SAM could copy their spells and they freaked out when it summoned four demons just as the wizard had done earlier. The wizard stuck a swarm of rats on SAM's new body as the druid, transforming into a warhorse, managed to take out most of the minions. The fight kept getting more and more intense as the fighter started failing his death saves, and the druid was torn between healing him and trying to take out SAM. In the end SAM knocked out the druid as the fighter failed his last death save, the wizard looked at his odds and misty stepped the crap out of there. I had no idea how it was going to wrap up other than a TPK, but I figured SAM hadn't seen the wizard teleport away and would probably stabilize the druid to get more information about the outside world out of him. But then the druid rolls a nat twenty on his death save, and opens his eyes to see SAM standing over him. "How did I fare in battle?" He asked the druid, half gloating. In the back of my head I'm thinking "there's no way he gets out of this, he has one hit point." But, instead of groveling or begging for mercy the druid tells SAM he had performed very poorly, and that the wizards had made a mistake in creating him. SAM got angry and started yelling that he'd defeated the party and the druid gets really quiet and then says "you saw me change into all manner of creatures, for which you have no explanation." SAM had asked him earlier how he'd changed into the bear, and the druid didn't bother to explain. He taunts SAM a little more, and then says, but practically shouts across the table "You think this is my only body? I have powers you can't dream of." I was struck by how hard he was roleplaying it and thought SAM is a being of curiousity, and so he says "how do you do it?" The druid smiles and says, "come close, I'll tell you my secret." I knew he had something up his sleeve but I had no idea what and he was playing to SAM's weakness so well, so I had him lean in. "Closer, I'm weak," he whispers and I say that their faces are inches apart. "I grab his center plate and I cast thunderwave." I have never seen three players so intensely focused. My mind was scrambling to figure out what would happen, knowing it was such a dramatic moment. SAM mega failed his save against the spell. The druid played his cards so well.
I say "An explosion rocks the room. Your vision goes blurry from the kick back of your own spell. When you open your eyes there is just SAM's center panel in your hand. You hear metal pieces clattering across the room and down the stairs." I describe how he sees now that the panel has a handle, and he opens it, revealing the amulet that holds SAM's consciousness. As he touches it he hears SAM's voice in his head. And then the player does something crazier than I could have imagined.
"I eat it."
The room is in silence. I look at him like he's insane, and he just nods. I ask for a constitution save as my mind races. He rolls a 19. This is a one shot.
I explain that he feels the amulet hit his stomach acid, and it breaks open. He can feel SAM's consciousness enter into his body, and it starts to push against his. In hindsight I should've had him roll a Charisma save here but I just stuck with the Con save he's already smashed, and said that he's able to overcome SAM's consciousness and absorb it into his. So I look at him and I say "well, you're like a 9th level wizard now." The entire table drops their jaw, including me. But the druid doesn't loose a second, he says "I wanna know what happened to the wizards." I say that he can feel SAM's memories as a part of him now, and so I describe how he incinerated Exor, and then pushed the others off the cliff. The players are stunned, but again the druid had no time to waste. I feel like its relevant to say that I literally met this dude last night, and he had just broken the entire adventure, maybe the world. He says "do I know revivify?" I laugh in shock and roll a dice and say yeah, he does. He brings the fighter back to life, and he describes how there's now a tiny blue light in the back of his eyes, and the fighter can tell that something is different about him. But he just smiles and says "Come with me, there is much to do."
Thank you Matt Colville for creating this wonderful shared moment at my table.
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2023.06.09 00:30 No_Bat_3715 Possible lawsuit??

Just want some opinions/advice:
So I work for a trucking company who pulls trailers for a dedicated customer. Dedicated customer is one of the biggest retailers in North America. While performing my Pretrip/walk around inspection of trailer on customers property I tripped over a trailer part that was left out on the ground by a mechanic. I fell broke my nose and required stitches. May possibly need surgery to correct my nose but won’t know until Tuesday. All medical is being covered by workers comp but could I possibly sue the customer because of their negligence in leaving the part on the ground and for inadequate lighting as this happened at 3am and it is poorly lit?
I have no idea how a lawsuit would work. I’ve just been told by many people that I should contact a lawyer because of the circumstances. Figured I’d throw it out on here to see what people thought. Never given any real thought into suing someone before and like I said I have no idea how any of this works. Thank you for any and all advice!!
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2023.06.09 00:29 lore72 New tattoo is getting disheartening reactions

New tattoo is getting disheartening reactions
This is a coverup, and i’m finding myself missing my old tat after showing my new one around. I found an artist i liked on insta and asked for a solar eclipse, and no one so far has been able to tell what it is. i am mostly being told that the space reads as bruising. One of my relatives just made a face and changed the subject😬. I don’t necessarily think the tattoo is all bad, there are some elements of it I really like, and one person told me it looks good from far away.
Ive been stuck in my head about this for months so I am posting here for strangers unbiased opinions. Any suggestions on where to go from here are welcome. I do have a touch up session with the artist coming up. should i stick with it or give up on this design?
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2023.06.09 00:27 Drax_zeke Macbook M1 and Iphone Integration

I've had my macbook and ipad for 2 years already, but I just got my very first iphone 13 yesterday. Is there any good tips for integrating iphone and macbooks? Like how you boost your productivity and all?
Thank you!!
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2023.06.09 00:23 ThrowawaySpark343 I have no idea what I should be doing with my life...[25M]

[25M] I don't know where I 'should' live, or do with work and it's been bothering me for a long time...
Backstory: I grew up in California. In adulthood, I got the urge to explore outside of home - and ended up moving to Houston after being very impressed with an "alternative" lifestyle outside of what I was used to a mere month after visiting.
A year later, I of course realize the mistake in doing this. Texas isn't a horrible place to live, but I find myself constantly missing the perfect weather, beautiful nature, and beaches - things I undoubtedly took for granted. It's not like I didn't try many things here in Texas either...I met SO many people by putting myself out there often (and made many friends), tried activities like rock climbing, bar hopping, volleyball, art pop ups, park meditation, comedy clubs - things I've never done before. While this has been great for my social confidence, but I'm tired of constantly daydreaming and desiring to be somewhere tropical - I'm tired of being in Houston. Two big saving graces are the cheaper rent, and traveling - I discovered my love and fascination for it after a very recent 2 week Japan solo trip. it made me feel like I was growing in an uncomfortable environment, I met SO many interesting people and learned a lot - it was all very exciting, it be the hell out of being home in Houston. But that brings me to the 2nd issue...
I'm a freelance video editor for social media influencers. While it's nice to dictate my own hours & work wherever, being self employed has caused some of the worst nonstop anxiety, and I'm honestly tired of feeling it. I've been self employed for 7 years, and have been feeling deep down I'd prefer stability now - I just don't know what career to invest into.
The plan I'm thinking of is to keep going to every destination I always dreamed of (Italy, Bali, Australia) to gain perspective on not just life but even a potential place to live, then by the end of the year honestly just pick something in Tech even if it's low-level, and work my way up in that career. I financially have a good amount saved up ($45,000), but I've been spending more than I make for months traveling because business has been very inconsistent with the amount of work sent to me. While overall that's still a lot to have saved, $30k is from a savings fund my parents had for me and I just feel horrible at the thought of ever having to use that money (Nigerians expect their child to use money like that for school , or property- both things I have no interest in). I make about $2-$3k monthly, with bills being avg $5k due to trips being booked...
I can't help but keep asking myself questions like, "Should I go back to Cali, even if it means having to be in a sublet / get roommates? Should I stay in Texas, move to an even cheaper part (I currently pay $1500 monthly ) to continue to give myself time to figure out where to move? Should I even keep traveling with my finances even if it's the only thing keeping me happy currently?". It hurts my head bad and gets me in very depressive mood trying to figure out what I'm "supposed" to do. Some days, I feel calm in feeling there's no need, or point stressing my situation.
Other days, I just feel like a failure. I miss my therapist...
Would love to hear others input.
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2023.06.09 00:11 Jasper101112 I don't feel welcome in my own apartment

I live in a small flat with two girls who I once considered my friends. Now they don't want anything to do with me because I guess they just don't like me after having to spend more time around me? That's fine. But they sit in the kitchen for hours and if I go to make myself something to eat, it's like they just hate that I exist and how dare I. Now they talk shit about me and I can't help to think what they tell other people. I am literally just existing. I'm not doing anything to them?? I guess they just like being assholes. They have been nice before, but now I think they were just pretending, and then say shit behind my back. I just feel dumb and awful. I just don't feel good being here at all. And I'm moving soon thankfully. But they might leave first and leave all the mess for me to clean up so... fun times. They don't give a shit about me. I am just overthinking all the time and it's not fun.
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2023.06.09 00:04 Cosmosisorosis Roadrunner New Light New Machine, and My Thoughts

This album almost illegally under-spoken about. This my favorite BROCKHAMPTON album by a long shot, being their most consistent project(in my opinion). Every song on this album is an experimental, yet beautiful experience that all comes together to create a great album. Favorite Tracks: Buzzcut, When I Ball, The Light, The Light Pt:2 9/10
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2023.06.09 00:04 chlachair_chav_027 what the actual fuck

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