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2023.06.04 07:20 anastasiastarz Shipment cancelled "oh idk maybe it's lost" bs time waster

Heartbreak is watching a parcel like a hawk to see if it's on the way. For weeks (custom dress) only for it be to cancelled far too late to buy another, in an attempted scam.

Status: Order canceled, Shipment cancelled
Seller: Suggest a disputed refund. Maybe it was lost (Alibaba Translation)
Item Listing: Sorry, this item is no longer available! (this must be how they avoid bad reviews!!! they delete the scam item after you buy it)

Doing my research this appears to be a common scam. They hope you forget about the order and run off with your money. The dress itself, I found with a few sellers but only in size 8. This was a custom.

AFURBVT Official Store
90.1% Positive Feedback, 7921 Followers
They best selling dresses (30-ish sold) have no comments or unless reviews.

Fortunately I spoke to an agent and they approved my refund. Alas that leaves me a month to get another dress, any tips? It's the Matoshi Cobalt Starry Dress but in red. I've actually bought the same dress before but for double the price ( AU$107.47) from Verngo Evening Dresses Store. The waist was huge and proprtions were off, but we had time to have it altered.
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2023.06.04 07:18 Public_West8947 Straight talk, ACP, and Safelink attempted to hack a Cybersecurity Specialist Apprentice (there will be opinions);

This is the report I created and wont edit it because I want everyone to get the full picture,
I asked myself if it was unethical to doxx his handset credentials but honestly im pissed and if he does it again, everyone will know its a scam.
I wrote a review for consumer affairs and will attach it below to briefly explain the uncomfortable experience I had with my APC information and interaction below my long description of the shady phishy shit that just happened to me with employees of safelink and straight talk.
After I saw the straight talk "personalized" email I received about acp (which I opted out of), I began applying because at the time; I thought you could get a cell phone service discount from acp, and then have discounted internet from lifeline; I was obviously wrong but was elated to see that considering i had covid turned walking pneumonia so the financial impact has hit me pretty hard. Covid three times too, anyways;

although I have always been weary of straight talk but have kept them for so long because they were the lowest cost for service; I enrolled knowing the enrollment process would be quick due to me already being approved through acp.

That took no time, then once I was approved I received an update on my straight talk account that said I was enrolled; but in order to begin receiving the acp discount I would need to call an 800 number and give them my card number.......

I did it because I trusted that the information being displayed to me FROM the straight talk site was not a scam.

I called the number (had an accent), verified my credentials after like 15 minutes of attempting to get through, and the man told me I was already enrolled so I didnt need to give him my payment method as "it was already working". I even read out what the straight talk prompt was displaying to me to him. He said I was fine and good to go. Told me to wait for the next month to reflect the $30 dollar discount. Next month arrives and I see I was charged the full amount. (mind you, when I look back; it does not show this now) I called them again questioning this and reminding them that this could be because the other man didn't listen to the instructions prompt that the straight talk site had previously warned me was requiring me to complete BEFORE it could go into effect.

Same thing happened, he told me I was enrolled and everything was fine; that I would receive a refund for the $30 I was billed for the full amount/it would automatically do this. I said ok but I think something is wrong here so I will call again.

SAME thing happened again but now I was not able to transparently see my purchase history, and order history from the individual device properly due to them changing the site.

And you can only go back three months every time, the search is displaying different receipts from what I had previously seen in the last two months but school was ramping up and mid terms were near so I said ok again I will wait, but if I get charged again I am reporting this and canceling this acp account because I NEVER had this issue with blackfoots' acp benefit, EVER.

So it took me a few months (yesterday) to catch this because it was finals and right before that I had covid turned walking pneumonia. I even fell behind on school work to take care of my health and figured if they were charging me full price this entire time, I would just call back for a refund dating back to January because I had proof of the phone calls and times (but not conversations).

After FINALLY finding what I thought was an overcharge (reversal of 124 dollars that was labeled phone services) yesterday on an account that was NOT the payment method I had confirmed was my primary payment (first phone call I fact checked and asked him if and when I do get charged the 5 dollars; if you're not going to accept my card payment; will it be deducted from my primary payment method then? He said yes), I called them and took me another 15 minutes to get on the phone with them, they said they are not not showing ANY payments from me.

So then I started to freak out because I thought the 124 dollars was back pay from them attempting to overcharge me from a reversal payment of the incorrect payment amount!!!! He told me due to the high call volumes, he instructed me to call back when I was in contact with my bank to figure it out on my end.

I called for this issue and they told me those transactions were not from straighttalk or a phone service provider at all, and it was a completely separate thing.

She also told me that she did not see any payments reflects to them, and I said good because I never requested them or authorized them to take payments out of an account that didn't work.

So I begin to freak out even more,
I call them back thinking that I really didn't pay them since January and had been somehow receiving service for this long.
I called them to get this sorted out asap, and allow me to pay them back an unexpected debt I didn't know I had.

I told them this is outrageous, I have always paid my bills with them on time and have had them for years, after him continuously telling me that they are not reflecting on their end that I made a payment at all since January, I asked them to hold on the line while I prove FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT (another one, the one I authorized originally) that they had overcharged me, and I HAD been making payments... and THATS why I was receiving service all this long.

All of a sudden the call drops in the middle of me telling him i'm signed in and heading back to January to find the overcharge.

HE hangs up on me. NOT ONLY THAT though, I receive a suspicious error I had never seen on my phone at the same time;
due to working in cybersecurity I immediately screenshotted it and attempted to call back.... now furious.... I cannot receive calls or texts and I receive a text that my service has been drained; and I need to refill; at 0.

NOW i'm enraged. Before I could prove I paid, he cut off my service; I was receiving very weird prompts and the error I took a screenshot below gave me a gut feeling.

I looked it up and of course, it claims that its my phone's nearby cellular tower or ITS MY PHONE,
NEVER had that issue before and I was receiving ONLY straight talk texts claiming I needed to refill my service of 35$ The full amount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

furious that I had been duped like this, I call my mom to use her cell phone and receive another text that I PAID MY SERVICE, and my refill is next month. I was so suspicious that during the time the call dropped, I was signed into my straight talk account and I was watching him attempt to change my address, name, and all account information;
so I immediately deleted my payment method and edited my account info with a pin that signed him out.

My zip code still displays a weird headset number as my account number, and displays my zip code as Florida. NEVER been to Florida.

I call them back and tell my mother that my identity was just stolen,
I deleted my payment method before he could refill my service with it so either he used the old account that would deny the payment;
or he used a credit card on my account that is NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ME. I call them and demand that they tell me what my purchase history reflects on their end because in straight talk, my account doesn't show any transactions, but my phone now works.

The guy was snarky to me and attempted to tell me that everything's fine, my service wasn't deleted, that it was just a dropped call, and that he wanted me to test my phone and give him my credentials to make sure it worked. Mind you, he sends me a verification code FROM straight talk, so I know they BOTH work there. So I allowed him to test it out and he asked me if I wanted to proceed with the refund portion, or contact acp and get my account active for future references.

I said refund because i'm not finished updates my latest payment method to reflect a card that will work,
because he is telling me that I was never billed for a second service amount and my phone was never deactivated. He ALSO tells me that he is only tech support and not billing or acp........................

at this point i'm very uncomfortable and suspicious so I tell him I have finished updating my primary payment method so transfer me to acp.

HE GIVES ME A PHONE NUMBER AND TELLS ME TO CALL IT BECAUSE HE CANT TRANSFER ME OVER LIKE THEY JUST PREVIOUSLY DID, MOMENTS BEFORE. Mind you this is the SAME straight talk phone number I had called previously so this was not another scammer, it was straight talk.

Instead of immediately calling a suspicious phone number I fact check the phone number on google and its the phone number for SAFELINK, not acp or straight talk.

I call and explain the situation, he immediately tells me he needs to transfer me again to escalate it to Safelink tier 2.....

so now its a woman. (also every one of them gave me false names like the man before this woman was named Alexa-us.... he almost caught himself.

The woman answers and immediately asks for my approval number from acp, so I said hold on I have to sign into my acp to get it.

She tells me well I need the last four of your social now.

I told her exactly why I would not give it to her and said let me get the approval code so you can verify my identity a different way.

she scoffs at me and tells me uhmmmm no I cannot help you or give you anything until I have the last four of your social.

I said, the other man and EVERYONE at straight talk sends me a verification code to confirm THEY ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE FIRST, I said I would like this to be done first before I give out this type of credentials to a suspicious number.

She laughs and tells me again, there is nothing I can do until I get the last four of your social, then to be even more rude she pipes up and says; also now I need your birthdate as well, full birthdate please.

I said so you cant send me a verification code first, you don't want my approval acp number then she interrupts me and says she already has everything about me (SOMEHOW BEFORE I GAVE IT TO HER, probably, just simply by my phone number BEING the account username), and she needs my birthdate (to be an ass), social, and full address (then snickers again like i'm psychotic).

So I give her my social and tell her that's all she is getting,
she tells me again there is nothing she can do until she receives ALL THREE.

So I give it to her (and begin recording her for her to clearly hear the record button turn on). She said, "Good news I already found you! So when you receive that verification code let me know", and snickers again.

I attempt to tell her my service may be off so I didn't receive the previous one the tech support guy was waiting for but then it popped up and I gave it to her.

The first thing I ask her, and explain to her that I am going to start off simply with three questions, what does MY purchase history display going back to January, I told her mine it not reflecting correctly and I need to know whether I have owned you a bill since then. I explained to her briefly that I just got told I have not been making my payments since January but my service has been on. (didn't want to give her too much information but assumed she already knew).

I said I NEED to know what payment methods were associated because I fear I was billed again without my knowledge or consent, on an account that SHOULD have blocked the transaction...

I said so my phone will not work and I will get over drafted.

I said, AND I NEED TO KNOW WHAT MY ACTUALLY MONTHLY PAYMENT IS, because on my end; I have been getting billed the FULL amount.

She told me as confusingly as possible that there is a 30 plan for the acp, that excludes five dollars a monthly but you have to go into your account and accept it.

I said, ok so this is the first i'm hearing of this,
I said I have PROOF my original enrollment reflected my bill would only be $5.00 a month. I said and every month I called, I verified that with straight talk and then said everything is fine. Then I explained to her what the guy said about I would be billed the 35$, and then refunded 30.

I asked her if this was all connected?

She paused and nicely explained to me that this is an upgrade to the original acp account that pays 30$ yes, as a credit monthly for your bill. (still confused as shit)

I said so if I do not accept that, which I never have, then I should only be billed 5 dollars a month correct? I said I have not, as far as I can see on my end.

She said correct, but she said the lowest amount is 30 without data and that covers the full 30 we credit to you.

I told her, I USE data, I chose the 35 dollar plan to pay an extra five for gigs because I use mobile data for my job.... I fucking work in IT. (I didn't say that lol) but I said I use it for my job.

she was about to spout off bullshit again (nicely now and sweet.. she's actually really intelligent other than that type of cold hearted attitude like i'm fucking dumb something fishy is not actually going on with her),
I interrupted her and said ok well its good that it sounds like my bill has been covered since January, and I don't owe you anything? Because I was freaking out about an unexpected bill I cant afford, that was over charged, she said yes it covered.

So I asked her, ok spell it out for me I NEED to hear it (on recording), I don't owe you anything, and i've been making monthly payments still since January, but through benefits that acp is covering?

she said yes.........


so I asked her ok those two questions are solved.
I KNOW I was being overcharged, I SAW IT, and CALLED ABOUT IT TWICE previously, and I said and the man on the phone whom had confirmed my payment method with me AGREED I was being billed 35 dollars monthly, AFTER my acp was approved.

But I didn't want to hear her excuse so I said well I can always attempt to confirm that with all my payment methods unless it was being charged from an UNAUTHORIZED and UNKNOWN payment method. (I wish I had the wit to remember those big words but said something more laymen but similar)

I said ok the last question is;
WHAT card or payment method was used for my service now,
I didn't authorize a payment but I received a message that says i'm paid up till July 4th,
and that pretty much my phone works now.

She then explained to me that its working because my acp has been approved, and never went out.... or something similar so me wanting to bash my head against the wall to get questions about VERY SUSPICIOUS interactions occurring answered,

I said well if I don't owe you anything and I will not be billed in the future because the full amount is paid through this benefit then I think i'm good, that's all I need to know. (I wanted to get off the phone so bad to begin looking at EVERY credit card and bank account number I had, to begin reporting this and locating odd transactions.

and honestly I have been suspiciously been getting so many spam calls lately, who knows; maybe since the beginning of January, that I was already going to change my number anyways.

The tech support man kept telling me to look at my bars,
and they have been bouncing around ever since.
I honestly want to chuck this phone that IM CONVINCED they ported into, alongside my fucking straight talk account.

How they collect information is very phishy, They directed me to at least seven people in which I had to give my credentials from my ACP benefits approval form. Having me call at least four separate phone numbers in order to answer THREE questions which should be transparent, AND displayed TO THE CONSUMER about their personal information/transactions. All seven of them had different answers as well as attitudes towards me, none of them gave me their real name. ALL of them asked for the authentication code either first, after social security/address/birthday, in between, or not at all. I didn't feel safe because of it, and after five hours I got my three questions answers.

I will also note that the tech guy kept asking me to look in my mobile data settings for config tabs that did not exist,
and yes he got my IMEI and ICCID

I also attached below proof of the messages from straight talk claim my account fill or whatever they call it was depleted,
and then reinstated

please please investigate if they are stealing phone plans or syphoning one day from one customer, and then one day from another to combine them into a service plan they can sell off as a scam or some evil backhanded thing like this

I even got the impression that they were lead listing my credentials

not to mention my ip kept popping up weird links (mind you I have all the stops, and pop ups disabled)
when I scanned it with a vpn it claims the link was malicious, this was after this insidious debacle
and I NEVER CLICKED A LINK or pressed a button

During this I also told him that my phone had mdm, because I work in cybersecurity; so whatever feature or tab or he was gonna try (to fix).. wouldn't work
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2023.06.04 07:17 ValaMalWho Advice for finding half bald wigs?

Super new to cosplay and I’m having a really hard time finding a good half bald wig. I want to cosplay Devito’s Penguin, but the version of him at the end of the movie, so no top hat to hide the top of a wig.
Every time I search for wigs I only get results back for just bald caps or Curly from The Three Stooges. I could probably use the Curly wig if I really have to, but I suspect I’m just not very good (or patient) with my search.
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2023.06.04 07:11 bblfoods123 Do You Want a Fantastic Biscuit Making Machine for Your Food Business? BBL Foods

A delicate, novel, and delicious bread roll from BBL Foods is the ideal breakfast for a single person. When we examine a significant roll, age is irrelevant. All over the world, relish bread rolls have a significant connection with people of all ages. Rolls have procured the standing of being mesmerizing because of their uncommon utility.
Have we ever given much thought to the manufacturing process, price, and other particulars as we run the bread shop? completely never. To wrap things up, the sort of the flour retells a nice story as you would favor buds.
Spread and sugar would be the first ingredients in any batch of bread rolls that a Biscuit Machine manufacturer would make. In any case, the moving scene will incorporate a number of elements, such as baking guidelines and consistency; This is an alternate world, frankly. We need to be prepared to spend money on a variety of trimming, enhancing, baking, and other heavy-duty equipment.
There are various Biscuit Machine manufacturer around the world. As a maker, your decision is a standard-sized moving unit. A potential roll-creation device is the next option. The party now has a way to keep an eye on a new mechanical party that uses manual strategy and complicated progression.
There are reputable biscuit machines, and some of them have amassed such a large customer base that family stamps should conduct additional research into them. Genuinely, how precisely are treats shown on a roll's full side?
When the cost of ownership, reasonable size and cutoff, area and taste of tenants of the pulled-out improvement, future and simplicity of parts, machines in conveying its life of lodgings as such mix many layers important to see a staggering bread roll arise are considered, it is undeniably a sharp cycle.
The main ingredient in your bread roll that stands out and dominates the market is a delicious fixing! As a consequence of this, the blenders, bowls, and blending decisions that the visionary coordinated prepared professionals who work for each company employ are larger trimmings.
A decent roll maker should be really good at everything, but he should be especially good at things that help him do his job. By offering a particularly wide range of products, they simplify business operations for manufacturers. In addition to a selection of method plates for making soft or hard bread rolls, they offer a safe and effective player blender.
To guarantee a smooth change, they even inventory items without issue. Rotational models can be used to back up the decisions made by the Biscuit Machine's creators. Your bread rolls are cut up into their most important parts and perspectives with a turning shaper. The rolls are baked on an imported burner and rotating turning grill with solid areas for a steel baking chamber. The bread rolls were accumulated dependably and unbelievably using a unidentified power transport. In order to serve as the crown, the wire-cut treats machine has been completely redesigned. It has a shaped screen that is real for any discerning customer and can be accessed through a variety of spouts.
BBL Foods is currently at the forefront of the development of cutting-edge rolling machinery for the Indian market. They are acquired by using proven procedures and configuration patterns made for the plan of five-star utilitarian gadgets that have been reestablished to their unique systems. These gadgets are made to be utilized consistently.
For more details visit our website: Biscuit Machine manufacturer
BBL Foods Private Limited
Contact: 98480 50607
Address: Santosh Nagar 'X' Road,Hyderabad - 500 059,Telangana State, India.
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2023.06.04 07:11 MuscleAppropriate993 Stonks

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2023.06.04 07:03 1997NoJobDegreeCar Girlfriend's Dad about to get deported

My girlfriend's dad is in his 50s and about to get deported. He has an ankle monitor for the past, maybe 15 years. In his mid 20s he was with a middle school 13-14 year old girl that looked 18+ and they ended up with 5 kids, the youngest who just graduated high school this year, and one of them, obviously being my girlfriend, who is a twin. Her mother's parents told police about her dad and that's how he got the ankle monitor.
He's about to be deported in 12 days. Oldest of the 5 is 26, my girlfriend is 23. How can we help extend his stay and stop ICE from deporting him? He works hard, does overtime, provides for his family. He's divorced with their mother. Their mom is not a good mother. Their dad is the only one who went to all of his kid's high school graduations..
It's not his fault their mother lied about her age. It's like that meme when guys run away when the girl says she's under 18 and then we laugh about it.. In this case, it's real, except the girl lied about her age and the guy gets in trouble.
Here's what the paper says, since we can't post pictures.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement June 1, 2023 During a removal hearing in your case, an immigration judge found you deportable and issued an order of removal directing your removal from the United States. A review of the immigration file in your case indicates there no available administrative relief which may be is extended to you, at this time. It is incumbent upon this agency to enforce your departure from the United States. You are a national and citizen of Cambodia. The United States District Court Central District of California Southern Division issued a permanent injunction on Case No.: SACV 17-01898- CJC(GJSx). The Class Action Settlement requires that ICE provide Cambodian citizens a 14 days' notice before it re-detains them for purposes of removal to Cambodia. Under the temporary restraining order, notice "must include copies of (1) the class member's charging documents in immigration court, (2) the removal order, and (3) the criminal conviction records upon which the removal order rests." These documents are attached. Arrangements are being made for your departure to Cambodia. This letter serves as your notice that you will be taken into custody for the purpose of removal from the United States after the 14 days period Should you have questions/ concerns regarding this notice please contact United States Immigration Officer at (209) 547-3702 or appear in person at the Stockton ICE Office: 603 San Juan Avenue, Stockton, CA 95203. Regards, N. Correll Deportation Officer #D08690
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2023.06.04 06:58 AaronASL Pls review my recent BS graduate resume

Just graduated university and looking for my first full time job. Is my resume effective at catching attention? Is it ATS compliant? How can I improve it? My goal is a job that pays 50k a year or more.
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2023.06.04 06:56 Elephant-E Y’al keep hustling from TX

It’s a hard job but honestly love being a bartender, may your spouts pour smooth and your customers tip well.
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2023.06.04 06:48 ArcanjoBra [Heroes of Might and Magic VII - HOMM 7 Complete] My Testimony and that of my wife (2023)

[Heroes of Might and Magic VII - HOMM 7 Complete] My Testimony and that of my wife (2023)
My Testimony and that of my wife about this game (On the first day of playing at Hotsea), and I can tell you that we are delighted with this game (We haven't installed any mods yet).

We've been playing these days complete HOMM5 (Me from Sylvan and she from Stronghold), so we bought homm 3 and 7 yesterday, and since then we've been playing 7 (HotSea) and we really like what they did with our favorite factions, I'll talk about the elves which I played for longer and more often, remember this is my opinion from a recent fan of the game, but who spent many days on Heroes 5 complete and without MOD (I even tested 5.5 and liked it after I started to understand the new mechanics) .

1) The skills of Sylvan's creatures were excellent, I even found the deer more coherent than the unicorn.
2) The mechanics of the skills are not random like in 5, but fixed, in addition to having 3 paths in the skillwheel which is notoriously the game telling you what to choose, they were perfect, because the Skillwheel changes for each hero in the same faction and between factions , it is not repetitive and gives a personality to the faction and hero.
3) The game is very beautiful, it seems that they took the H3 and joined it with the H5 (Yes, I played the H3 for 12 hours in Single mode vs the AI with Rampart faction).
4) From what I've read of what was done in Mods 7.5 and Ressurection, H7 allows for a high degree of in-game customization, expanding the universe beyond the standard factions.
5) THE ONLY version of HOMM that has Portuguese (Brazil) as a native language option (Base game + expansion), you can't imagine how this greatly increases the immersion in relation to the story/campaign (Ex.: Something that was supposed to be funny, however written in English or another language is not funny).
6) Very easy to understand the Governor system, and other features (It just took us longer to understand how the wagon worked), the game is very explanatory (For us it was).
7) I liked the creatures.

1) Some units could have a more "Serious" 3D art, speaking of Sylvan, I found 90% of the characters (Heroes and Creatures) beautiful, but some have a medium look (Power Ranger) and could change the look of the hero in battle (Yeah practically always the same 3D look, regardless of the hero). We play with all resources at maximum!
2) Not having some factions that have already been featured in the franchise like Inferno, etc. (It gave a way to fit the story), but if these factions are not your main, they will not be so missed (As is my case), but it would certainly generate more fun.
3) Need to give Uplay and Steam logged in at the same time (But nothing that gets in the way).

1) I haven't had enough game time or explored enough to stumble upon a bug, I can't even criticize or praise the AI.
2) I didn't quite understand where exactly is the point that lead some players to make such harsh criticisms of the H7, on Steam the base game had 54% approval and with the expansion 65% (It divides the opinions a lot).

Was it worth it? So far it's 100% worth it!!!
This without any mods, I will still test with the mods.
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2023.06.04 06:40 Slow-Complaint-3273 How Unions Can Help You

You deserve good wages for your skills and education. You deserve a safe and respectful work environment. You are not a replaceable cog in a massage machine. The most commonly referenced benefit that unions can bring your team is higher pay. Union employees on average receive $200/week more than non-unionized employees. By increasing transparency and objective policies in payroll, unions help reduce wage gaps for women and workers of color. Unions give workers a venue to identify workplace safety hazards, and the power to pressure management to fix dangerous conditions. Union members have greater job security, even in “at-will” states where employers can fire employees for almost any legal reason.*
Other advantages that union representation can bring are:
• Greater access to retirement plans and pensions
• Improved insurance benefits
• More paid vacation, sick leave, and PTO
• Reliable schedules and better working hours
• Higher OSHA compliance at workplaces
• More equitable promotions and career advancement opportunities
• Paid education opportunities
Union organizations that are part of the Union Plus network also have access to membership discounts for a variety of shopping venues and services.
Because the employees have come together to demand better treatment, union members feel a strong sense of camaraderie and connection. Their workplace reflects their needs and values. Employees are invested in their jobs and feel empowered to make their studio a place to be proud to work for.
Unions can also benefit management. A recent Norwegian study found that unionized shops showed increased productivity over non-union shops. Potential reasons offered for this difference include reduced employee attrition, leading to less time and resources spent on training new hires. Higher wages and better working conditions may attract better and more skilled applicants, also increasing productivity and efficiency.
Some of us are lucky enough to work for fantastic managers and franchise owners. But this security is always precarious. There are too many stories of franchises being sold to new owners, beloved managers being replaced by micromanagers, and a supportive environment becoming toxic. A well-negotiated union contract can solidify an inter-supportive relationship between labor and management. And if the studio is sold in the future, that contract can ensure that the culture you and your leadership team worked so hard to create will survive the new ownership.
*Note: Certain employee actions are considered protected activity and cannot be a cause for terminating employment. Those include but are not limited to activity related to collective bargaining or organizing a union, filing a report against your employer with a government agency (e.g. the Department of Labor), or discussing pay and work conditions with your coworkers.
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2023.06.04 06:35 Cool_ball999 Awaken 20/web of chaos

Corva fiddled with an empty medicine bottle, he looked at the labels and peeled them, only to stick it on the bottle again, he would screw off the cap and screw it back on repeatedly. It was an old habit of his, just looking at random things and playing with them like a fidget toy, he only does it when he has nothing to do, ever since he got a job that habit disappeared, but now, all he can do is lay down on the bed of a hospital tent, and he's also technically currently unemployed. Since no company is going to recruit anyone in the middle of an invasion from killer robots. He thought back to what happened yesterday, when Lavoss came into the tent and confronted Kawl.
"You're still awake?"
He was still curious about it, what did Lavoss mean by traitor? Did Kawl kill someone? He doesn't look like someone who would do such a thing, whatever it was that he did though, it was significant enough for Lavoss to hit him in the head with the stock of his gun knocking him out cold. It was shocking to see, he was awfully calm up until the point he said something about the traitor part and not a moment later Kawl was on the ground unconscious with a gun stock shaped dent on the chitin protecting his head. Everyone gasped, except Mari, the nurse, she looked like she expected it for a long time and stayed calm.
"Do you have trouble sleeping?"
She asked as she came back with another box of medical supplies.
"No, just… didn't feel like it"
"What do you mean you don't feel like sleeping?"
She put the box down and walked up to him.
"Well… i got plenty of sleep yesterday, spent the rest of it sleeping, didn't i? And most of today as well"
"With all due respect that doesn't justify staying up until the middle of the night, besides, you need rest"
"Same thing can be said about you… I haven't seen you take any kind of break, even the doctor's not here, why are you?"
"The downside of being the only qualified nurse left around, not the only one in the camp of course, just the only one left for this tent, besides… it's my duty to watch over the patients, and make sure they have enough sleep…"
She raised her voice a little on that last word, as well as throwing a glance at other patients that were already asleep.
"Right i am, now sleep"
"I've tried, i don't think i can"
"So you do have trouble sleeping, hold on, i think i have something for that in stock"
"No thanks, can we just… talk? It's been some time since I've had a friendly talk with anyone, just… Not about anything in particular, you know? Just talk"
"Hmm… fine, when was the last time then?"
"Right before the invasion… right before he lost his life…"
"Let's… not talk about that…"
"Uhm… What's your job?"
"QC, for quality control, in an arms factory"
"A factory worker? You looked way cleaner than i thought you would"
"If i were working in the assembly i think you would change your mind about that, but no, QC's don't get their hand dirty often, maybe once in a while when a weapon explodes on them"
"Huh… ever had one?"
"Personally? No, have I seen it? Yes, funny story, when i first got accepted i had this instructor, telling us how to check the quality of products, the first rifle he picked up to show us how to check the pulse had a faulty wiring on it, too much energy, it blew up on his face while a group of new QC's was watching, safe to say he doesn't like it when some of us laughed"
"Poor guy, Reminded of someone"
"My sister"
"Oh i…"
"Oh don't worry, it's nothing sensitive, it's like your story, she's a teacher, been one for a while even before she got here, so when she got here to Rosan she was considered a senior teacher, and when new ones needs a tour of their workplace and know how to handle the kids they relied on her, now one day she was guiding a new teacher…"
"And she was like… maybe she wants to show off a little bit, I don't know, but from what she told me, she said to this new teacher something along the lines of: 'look at these children! So behaved! If you want to do that you have to learn from me' or something like that… and… not a second after that, one of the kids who were playing threw a wet ball of paper and it hit her right in the back of the head"
Corva had to spend some willpower trying not to laugh, remembering that he was the one who laughed when his instructor blew himself up along with Kasso didn't make it any easier.
"Oh the look of embarrassment on her face, didn't see it myself, but i wish i did, i can feel her esteem crumble every time i mention it, it was cute to see her just shrink and try to hide her face"
"Oh… you'll like it when you see how my friend acts around girls, Kasso, he…"
Mari was a bit confused why Corva suddenly fell silent, why he looked at the ground with a frown, until she remembered what he said, and it clicked on her.
Right before he lost his life
"I'm sorry for your loss"
"It's fine, i'm sure he's in a better place… much better than this… hellhole"
She wanted to comment on his sudden pessimism, but decided that won't be so wise considering he's not wrong, no matter how many times she tries to ignore it, she has to admit, their current situation is a hellhole.
"I suppose that's enough talk for now…"
"I advise you sleep now, you'll get tired"
He didn't respond, and just went to sleep without another word, and an unchanged expression of sorrow. She sighed and returned to her work, sorting the type of medications into different containers.
"When will it all end?"
It was calm… and black… that is about all Schen can think about regarding his current state, he can't tell if he's dreaming, or if he's asleep or awake, it's just that he is aware. It was a strange feeling, like being asleep physically but not mentally, he feels like he's floating, without a body, like there's nothing that can limit him. And yet at the same time he can't do anything, he was just aware, and drifting away in this weird state of half dream. For some reason, he thought of those tales of people who 'died' , people who experienced long comas, and the tale of their supposed journey to this place between the mind and the world.
Ridiculous stories, barely believable, and uninteresting if you ask him. And yet, here he is now, aware of what's happening, he remembers everything, he passed out from blood loss, after fighting one of those things. He wants to wake up, check on his men, maybe meet up with Captain Vaiya and make up a plan on what to do next regarding their situation. But you can't wake up when you don't even have control over your eyes, so it was more of a waiting game, an annoying one, knowing what's happening and yet can't act on it. He'd rather be actually dead over this, at least if he's dead he doesn't have to worry about anything. The problem is, he knows he's alive, it's just that his body is not responding to him, nor can he feel it.
It took what felt like hours, since he wasn't actually asleep, he was paralyzed but still conscious. After an agonizing few hours, he felt the first bodily sensation, his finger, it graduated to the feeling of his hand resting on a soft surface, probably some sort of bed, he can feel his breath as well. He started feeling his body, little by little, unfortunately, now that he feels his body again, he can feel what his body feels, and that is pure unadulterated pain. On his head, on his leg, his back, his arm, everywhere, he doesn't remember getting hit that much, but apparently he did. His back arched from trying to suppress it, and he let out a grunt that was too loud for his standard.
"Calm down! Don't move just yet…"
A voice, good, that means he should be in a friendly area now. He opened one of his eyes with a considerable amount of struggle, and saw the face of an Enovian with a waterproof paramedic hat on through his blurry vision.
"I've had worse…"
What a word for him to say before his back gave up on him and suddenly went limp, triggering pain in many areas of his body.
He grunted with some exasperation and regret. Maybe he shouldn't be showing off at this kind of age, it's not good for his bones.
"Where's our painkillers?"
"He's awake"
"Just? or?..."
"For awhile, he needed some time to actually get up, thought we'll just wait for him before telling you"
"Alright, thank you, i'll be there, a wonder he survived though, and to wake up this early"
"It is, his wounds were near fatal, he was essentially one light tap away from a fractured skull"
"Tough little guy… you can go now, there are others no?"
"Oh…yes, sorry ma'am"
Vaiya turned off her personal datapad, and stood up from her command seat. She dusted some metal dust off her uniform and made her way to the recruitment office turned into a temporary medical bay. She walked through a collection of the remaining crew of the ship, some simply threw a glance at her, some greeted her, and some gave her a salute. She noted the look of despair in their eyes and sighed, but kept on walking as that isn't her goal right now. She arrived at a door with a plate next to it that says: 'recruitment', the plate had an electrical tape with a writing on it that says: 'medical bay now' stuck haphazardly on top of it.
It isn't a neon sign, but it works. She opened the door manually with her hand as most of the doors in administration are now unpowered, inside was simple, four 'beds' laid on the floor, with most of the desks removed, the remaining medical crews stay here now, treating anyone they can. Including the new security captain, Schon, who she spotted sitting on his bed half awake wrapped in blood caked bandages, while clearly struggling to drink from a glass cup. He looked oddly… calm, like he's not surprised he's here at all. Granted, she did rescue him from becoming minced meat, and it's only logical to assume there are survivors holding out somewhere, but he looks absolutely unfazed, as if he had this happen before.
"SC Schon?"
She walked up to him, he gave an unsurprised look and went back to doing his best to drink.
"Nice to see you awake already, i figured it would take a long time but you prove me wrong…"
"About that status report you ask for-"
"I already know, stranded, no engine, almost all crew dead, ship's practically scrapped, light's dying, and surrounded by killer machines chewing on the hull, and Rosan IV isn't so lucky either"
"Yes… unfortunate is it?"
"Yes, but right now I don't care, how's my men?"
"Your what?"
"My subordinates"
"Ah… they're… few, 50… down to you and two others, i'm sorry"
"I see… who?"
"Koern, and Ayuna"
Schen wasn't paying much attention to the captain, he simply stared off into the distance, but hearing the young Caevit's name roll off her tongue took his attention.
"Really?... Thank you, but you're not here just for that right?"
Now that he actually pays some attention to her, he noticed her face change, a bit more tense.
"You read my mind, come"
"I can barely move my lips and you want me to walk?"
She looks around for a minute before looking back at him.
"I don't mind carrying someone"
"If i have credit for every time a Tekit lady carries me in her arms while i can barely move, i'll have two"
Schen commented on his current position, it earned him a confused and curious look from the captain. She took him to an uninhabited room to talk, as it turns out most of the administration has been turned to some sort of holdout for whoever's left alive in the ship. She set him down on a chair and followed suit, sitting right in front of him.
"So what is this? Is there something you want to know? If it's about this whole thing then you're talking to a wall"
Her behavior was odd, Schen noted, she seems… agitated, not angry, just stirred, like something's bugging her. He can understand being scared, but the way she moves suggests whatever's currently happening isn't the case.
"Nothing much… i just want… confirmation"
"Go ahead…"
"So… I heard that Koern asked you for help, is that so?"
"Yeah? Got to me after he said you can't help"
"Do you know what his issue was?"
"Yes, random images and voice recordings from his cousin"
"Okay… where does his cousin lives?"
"In Rosan IV and from what i heard, it's about as messed up as this ship"
"That is correct, do you-"
"Wait, can we just get to the point here? What's the issue? Why are you suddenly interested in Koern's problem?"
"I… because…"
"...Because i've been having the same problem, what you said, random images, and voice recordings, now i know it's exactly the same, that is what i want to know"
"Huh… okay… so?..."
"There's one difference… his problem started today, during the jump, my problem has been going on for the last five cycles"
"And I want to know one more thing, please, answer this honestly… do you see it?"
He can feel her agitation increase tenfold as she asks the question. She was normal, now she's visibly shaking.
"See what?..."
"The shape…"
"Please tell me you saw it too, i… I've been thinking about it… for a long time… ever since I've peered into those images, there's a shape stuck in my eyes, it's burned itself into my mind, and I feel it…. Everyday i think i see something in the corner of my eyes, i hear noises that aren't there, closer and closer every time!…. It… it was getting closer… the shape…"
Her stare became intense, like the stare of a crazed person.
"i… don't know…"
"Oh but you know! You saw it!... Just as I did… it sees you, but you can barely see it, it's there… watching… First it stays in the image, then it creeps into you, haunts you, then you see it hide everytime you turn your head… it follows you, everywhere you go… in your sleep… when you work… all the time…"
Her breathing was rapid, almost uncontrolled.
"Perhaps… that's just you, i do not experience these"
"It may not now, but it will…. Because it has to me, it's like a tumor, and it won't go away, no matter how hard i try… it's still there…"
She calmed down slightly, her breathing was normal again, sort of, and she's no longer shaking, but the stare is still there, the stare of true fear, striking deep into his soul. As she calmed down more and thankfully finally averted her gaze elsewhere, Schen took the downtime to process what he just listened to, and his conclusion was: what the ////?
"Sorry… i… i just… i needed to know… i need to know if i'm not the only one… now i know it's in you too, not now, but soon, t-thank you"
"Your… welcome…"
"Should we return?"
He pondered about asking her to take him to the bridge, so he can look out and see what's happening outside the ship, but now he's reconsidering it, because of that… experience.
"...Yes, we should"
She let go of his arms, he didn't even realize it, but she was holding on to him tight the whole time.
"Of course… of course, let's make this quick…"
Schen observed Captain Vaiya as she left the medical room, he noted her sudden return to her previous well mannered behavior, he can still see a tinge of anxiety in her eyes and movements however, and realized how similar it was to Koern's behavior. Anxiety, unease, massive discomfort, moving around constantly, and eyes snapping to random positions as if they're trying to catch something on the move. It was unmistakable, Schen recalled back to his conversation with Koern, about something he said.
'it's… distressing'
Koern did look at the images before coming to him, and it was clear the images caused it, if Vaiya had something similar or identical happen, he can assume the cause for her distress is the same. But one question remains that still baffles him: how? How do random images do that? Implanting irrational fear into someone, making them see things that aren't there, what is happening? And now that he considers it, he did see the images, is he going to fall victim to the same thing? Why hasn't he felt anything if those images can do that to someone through just a mere look at it?
One question leads to another, and it all gets more complicated the longer he tries to solve it. He wanted to ignore it, maybe they were just unstable and he misjudged the whole thing, but he can't help but feel there's something to it, it's clear those images and recordings somehow were sent by the creatures currently roaming the ship, he sees the connection, but why? And how? Psychological warfare? Maybe, that was the most rational answer he could come up with. With their clear situation of being in the middle of an invasion, he can only assume such an answer, but applying it to only a few specific targets seems beyond strange.
He pinched his snout in frustration, before taking a deep breath and exhaling it as slowly as he could. Perhaps he shouldn't think of it too much for now, maybe that's how it gets into you, the shape… whatever it is. He looked around his surroundings, a 'medical' room, previously an office, he watched the doctors treat the wounded as he thought of his next step. Looking outside the ship should be a good idea, he had asked a nurse about the whole situation before Vaiya showed up, they told him the entire star system has fallen, Rosan IV was silent, any attempts at communication and call for help were futile, the other planets around the system, some are yet to be named, are the same.
That means those things have been here for a while, and somehow stayed out of the union's radar. He remembered the emerging stories of Rosan IV, how it became a ghost, how communications were far and few between, how many ships that traveled to its system went missing and ones that returned had signs of heavy damage on them, and how their crews looked 'lifeless'. If Rosan's system has been like this for some time, wouldn't that mean any ship that comes here would suffer the same fate as his ship?.
Why would some return and look 'fine' was beyond him, but a thought nestled itself in his mind, a terrifying thought, it made his blood run cold, the thought that these things have spread beyond this solar system, spread silently, in cargo ships that travel to every corner of union space. Suddenly people seeing shapes and hearing sounds after they look at an image doesn't sound horrifying anymore.
Faen sat in his office, for the millionth time, he stared at his computer, for the millionth time, he opened the files containing the Qrid military spending, for the millionth time, he looked at the reports file, for the millionth time. It has always been like this, being a general wasn't all about giving orders and making war plans, most of his time was spent in front of his computer, looking at the passive activity of his army, and its spendings, receiving calls or calling someone to see if he can learn something new about someone else's army. Look at pirate reports, raiders, terrorists, radicalist, sometimes cultists, it has always been like this, looking away at the computer, looking at files, always has been.
He wouldn't say he couldn't make wartime decisions, if one were to ever occur, he's always confident he can, after all he has learned from both his father and many mentors. He trained for it, for war, he trained how to control an army in such a situation for pretty much his whole life, he doesn't have to, but it's better to know how to fight than not at all. You never know when it'll come, maybe now, maybe in years during your old days, maybe never, but if it ever does come, he knows what to do, whether he likes it or not. It's a part of his pride, his identity, though he couldn't say much about his son, and everyday he worries about not having a successor, not having someone to pass the torch to, and as time marches on indiscriminately, his worry can only grow.
Sometimes he wondered if should've been harsh, and not fulfill his wish to go to university so he can learn computer science, and put him in the very school he himself went through to become what he is now. But that's not a good father, isn't it? It would be against his wish, and he would've needed to force him, it's what his son's grandfather did… to him, he still thinks about it, about his original dream. A singer, a far cry from a supreme general, he remembered the angry face of his father upon learning what he wanted to be, it felt like it happened just yesterday. He never liked it, not once, despite managing to prove himself worthy as a leader of an army in the end of everything.
And to think, he was almost like that, to his own son, he couldn't handle the thought. Faen took his eyes off the screen, just for a moment, and looked at another one, a camera display, showing his son's room. Rana was sleeping, as usual and as he should be at a time like this, he looked at him through the screen, at his arm, and thought about his latest conversation with the woman he loved.
"Disappointment, huh?"
He felt a subtle pain in his chest out of nowhere, he opened the drawer on his desk through a motion that tells of excessive habit, and absentmindedly took his medication without looking. With a sigh, he looked at a small button to his right. There was a screen above it that had a list of people considered significant enough to be contacted by him directly, which ranged from the supreme generals of other species, to the head maiden that cleaned his and his son's bedroom. He looked for a specific one that he recently added, the surgeon that is the head of operation for the trials he had put Rana through for the last few cycles, the trials that he and his mother show complete disapproval to.
He found it and clicked the button, it was answered after some time and he entered a call with the surgeon.
"A pleasure to speak with you general"
"Is there something you wish to ask of me?"
"Yes… we should stop, no more trials"
"If that is what you want, then I will gladly comply, but may I ask why for the sudden stop? You seem invested in this when you first called me to arrange it"
"Family issues"
"that is-"
He cut the call short, and continued his work. Looking at the files, looking for differences every so often, making sure everything is stable and taken care of, and glancing at his son's monitor once in a while, and for the first time since his son graduated university, he smiled. Perhaps that's the right thing, to be a father, not a general. At least… for a moment, his smile disappeared as he received a call, it was marked as urgent, and was displayed on his screen instead of just a sound notification. He dusted his uniform and fixed any creases as he noticed the call wasn't just any call, it was a notice for him to join a discussion between supreme generals of each species and their respective leaders, that includes the matriarch.
It is odd he wasn't notified of this earlier, oftentimes these kinds of things have their own schedule that was discussed beforehand, a sudden meeting like this can only mean one thing. He accepted the call, and his screen changed to the display he's all too familiar with, a digital conference room, two lines of camera display, the bottom for the generals, the top for the leaders, they were all present, which is to be expected. The matriarch of Qrids, the Tekit queen, the Caevitan allfather, high empress of Enovia, and the Civean president, the current roster of union council, below them was him, and other generals, including general Cynte of the Civeans.
He still remembers his little offer to make an accident to highlight Rana's name, after the reveal of the Goels and the incident it was kept as a private thing between them that didn't really go anywhere. He doesn't want to talk about it, neither does Cynte, so it was technically a win-win situation, despite the unexpected and frankly out of their favor results. The call was oddly silent, no one was saying anything even the loud ones like his mother, they seemed to be waiting for something, or someone. Faen didn't question it, it would be considered stupid, so he too followed the silence. It was a strange and awkward few minutes of staring at each other not saying anything, up until what they waited for arrived in the call.
Another screen appeared above all ten screens, and on it was something he dreaded to see, the collection of red revolving rings, Cain. Practically every general present felt tense, including him, the leaders couldn't care less, except maybe for the Civean president who expressed the most worry as they all waited for Cain to speak. Sudden meeting, all members, and Cain, and considering their latest development with the Goels, this couldn't be good. The red rings assemble into the shape of a solar system like it did when it appeared on the monitors of his warship, and Cain spoke with his usual low pitched synthesized voice that everyone in the room knew quite well.
'it is no doubt all of you will question why I requested this urgent meeting, i apologize if any of you found it to be too sudden, but what I have to tell you will change your mind, and I will not waste your time, as we are in a race against time itself… the union has been breached by an invader, you are under attack, and in a process of galaxy wide invasion'
No, definitely not good.
"What do you mean by this?"
Faen immediately asked, as much as he distrust Cain, he must agree with his mindset that no time should be wasted. And it seems his question stopped a particular set of leaders trying to speak, stopping them from blurting out what are probably4 going to be pointless sarcastic remarks, so that was another benefit of speaking first.
'your union is currently under the invasion of a race that is arguably similar to me, we call them Shakran'
The display of red rings changed to a scrolling collection of images, images of… Faen doesn't know how to describe it, bipedal creatures, made of metal, and grossly disfigured bodies, with sharp claws and many eyes. Every single thing varies, some of the things in the images looked small and only had claws, some were massive and had what are clearly cannons as a weapon. He noted a certain detail about the images, they were blurry, and not straight, and some strange things were staring at the camera, while looking elsewhere. Something tells Faen these images were taken in the middle of active combat.
'They are a hivemind of machines, their sentience and sapience is debatable, but that does matter currently as their only goal is to destroy and conquer'
"Lies! If we were under an invasion from them, we would've known already! Besides… we already have an invader… we're talking to them right now"
The Tekit queen spoke with clear passive aggresive energy in her voice. Faen sighed in annoyance but kept it to himself.
'i understand the distrust, but it is no reason to make a sarcastic remark, however, you need to trust me on this matter, because their return can only mean danger to the union, and the universe as a whole, they are-'
"Wait, what do you mean… their return?"
'you all must've wondered how and why i and my brother ended up the way we did on that desert planet, what you are seeing on my screen is the answer to your question'
It didn't click for any of the leaders, their annoyed expression stays the same as Cain finished his sentence, but it clicked for every single military leader in the room, and it horrified them.
'my kind have encountered them before, my creators, it led to a war, a million year war, between me and them, they are what wiped my creators out of existence, and soon will be the cause of extinction for every single species in this union if we don't take any actions, since you refused, i have personally tracked every ship that left Rosan IV for the last six cycles, here is the data'
The scrolling images turned into a detailed map of the galaxy, with every single star system currently under union control included in it, there were red lines all over the map, they were all traced back all the way to one specific system, Rosan IV. A heavy weight rested itself on Schen's mind as he realized how far the lines have gone, to a point it crosses itself, wrapping around the galaxy in a circle, like some sort of a chaotic web.
'Rosan is lost, it is highly likely they have turned it into a staging ground, i know that we all have strived to avoid this, but war is inevitable, i have send a complete data regarding the Shakrans to all of you, please review it as fast as you can, and take your moves, as i will mine right now, alert your fleets, if they see my fleet entering a system, tell them they are here as an ally, i have been defeated once, i will not repeat the same mistake again, i hope you can catch up and help me, because there is no telling of what they will do once their setup is complete, and there is no telling whether or not i can do this alone'
"Wait! What should we do?"
'search and destroy, hunt down every ship that left the system, check every station, scan every inch of space, detonate stations, evacuate every planet they have visited then purge the cities and hammer the surface with orbital strikes if you might, but by all means… do not let. them. develop. That is all i have to say, my reinforcements are coming, but i do not know if there is enough time, act now'
And with that, Cain left the conference room, and at that very moment, it shattered, every world leader was either furious or dead silent with a look of horrific realization, his fellow generals went into a panic and contacted their fleets. Except for him, he simply sat there, unmoving and very still, staring at the galaxy map Cain had brought up, looking at one particular star system, crossed several times by the red lines, and surrounded by it, Sheneae XI, isn't that?... The solar system his wife is visiting to look at a newly opened hospital?.
(a TON of RIC's)
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2023.06.04 06:31 PNW_PARFUMS Advice

I've got a customer trying to get a custom fragrance. They're asking for something along the lines of a strawberry lemonade.. My question is, Does anyone have any good ideas of some AC's or combination with EO's that would get me the result if a fresh strawberry & a tart lemonade? or even remotely close? I don't do customs AT ALL, not one bit, never even considered it.. So this is a hard/very new request for me. I've told said customer that I'd have to dive deep into it and try to figure something out for them before even thinking about the consideration of selling it to them. But, I was curious?? Does anyone have any ideas on what might get me close enough to even a base to work off of so I have SOMETHING to start on?
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2023.06.04 06:14 Defiant_Birthday_939 Does anyone know where I can get custom hats made online. I need a two tone color snap back with my company logo embroidered? If anything i can embroidered it locally but i need 2 specific color two tone colors.😩

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2023.06.04 06:09 Dracon421 My area recently stopped letting anyone with dog hair, cigarette smell and kids in the car take orders.

It's like it was I got priority again for the past two weeks and I had a record breaking day today. My wallet boner is sooo hard
Also the last delivery of the day was to a locked up old folks home and when I told the lady I could only wait about five minutes for her to come down from the 4th floor she started yelling at me so I canceled the order and brought it back lmao. I love being able to 'fire' customers
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2023.06.04 06:04 joshhboss New to Blue Iris.. struggling

So Ive been fighting to get myself to use blue iris mainly because of the price and how robust it is. But im having some issues getting it to run smoothly. First let me start by describing the kind of hardware im using. (just looked around for what I have and tried to make that my test server) Dell - i5-8500 CPU Optiplex 3060 with 8 gigs of Ram Running Windows Server 2019. Also I only had a 240 SSID but I only assigned 100 gig for recording on the same drive (no spinning hard drive for storage) This was just for testing of the interface. I did purchase the $70 license.
I pretty follow the video from The hook up in setting it up ( love that guy) Let me go through how I have the server set up. (keeps crashing while im using it by the way, I can see reach the cameras but the software closes, guess that means the service stays running) Also using my wireguard VPn that I use to connect It never ever worked on LAN only. Had to untick LAN ONLY for my user and edit the app to show the WAN ip as my local IP and constantly would and wouldnt connect. (weird) My VPN does work like this though.. in the cloud I have a Pfsense virtual instance that my office connects to and then all my devices connect to that cloud instance. so there is a bit of a relay going on. But on my Synology it works great and all cameras on the Synology always load up incredibly clear and connect. (even some cameras are remote over the VPN and record great on Synology - (look like trash on Blueiris)
Some other issues below.
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2023.06.04 06:03 caffeinehell Is crossing the US-Mexico border with peptides an issue?

They aren’t illegal, but will customs question it?
Do you need a “prescription” from a doc? Even though its not FDA approved?
What do you tell them?
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2023.06.04 06:00 roseycheekies Advisor screwed up and I have to take an extra semester, been feeling super depressed about it

I started college in 2017. I’ve been working to support myself throughout this time and as a result am still in college 6 years later. It’s been rough, so I was looking forward to finally graduating this fall.
A few months ago, while messing around on my student account looking for something unrelated, I found that I was short of the 120 units that are required to graduate. My heart sank when I saw this.
I made a degree completion plan years ago with the assumption that all the required courses and core classes would fulfill the 120 units needed to qualify for graduation. Apparently, it doesn’t, and I’m 11 credits short. So while I could technically finish my degree this fall, I won’t have enough credits to graduate. This means I need to pick 4 random classes just so I can graduate. (I’d also like to add that this degree completion plan was approved by multiple faculty members…..)
I found all this out months ago and no matter how hard I try I can’t get over it. I’ve been trying to ignore it as best as I can, but whenever my mind isn’t occupied I get extremely depressed thinking about it. This has screwed up so many things that I was planning for post-graduation not to mention will leave me even further in debt than I already am. I know there’s worse things in the world, but I’ve been completely devastated over this and don’t know what to do to feel better. Knowing that there is absolutely nothing I can do is making me feel so hopeless
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2023.06.04 05:46 KDAMiningClub Kadena Mining Club Real Mining, Real Rewards

As the Kadena Mining Club (KMC) continues to innovate and evolve, we are excited to provide an update on our current progress as well as some exciting new developments on the horizon. Building on Kadena’s groundbreaking blockchain technology, we remain committed to our mission of making mining accessible for all while harnessing all the benefits Kadena has to offer.
Recent Developments
Over the past few months, KMC has been hard at work, expanding our mining capabilities and enhancing the user experience for our community. With Kadena’s advanced technology, we have been able to achieve the following:
  1. Deployed 200 Bitmain ANTMINER KA3 totaling 33.2PH/s, of which 30PH/s power our customers’ NFTs. This significant milestone strengthens the security and decentralization of the Kadena blockchain.
  2. Upgraded our NFTs and NFT marketplace to Kadena Marmalade standard. This upgrade brings a multitude of benefits that not only enhance the current capabilities and attractiveness of our products, but also establish a solid groundwork for ongoing expansion and progress.
  3. Currently in development, the Technology Lab will introduce upgraded NFTs with increased hash rates and new art. Using the advanced Marmalade standard, this interactive and engaging product launch aims to deliver a real mining experience for our users, further solidifying KMC’s position as a leader in the space.
  4. Launched partner company Block Mining USA. Through Block Mining, KMC offers additional utility for miners with ASIC miner sales and hosting services. Our goal is to consistently provide some of the best pricing in the industry and to make mining easier for our community. Block Mining is set to be much more than a retailer of ASIC miners and will be instrumental in our push to grow enterprise adoption of Kadena.
The Kadena Advantage
Kadena’s cutting-edge blockchain technology has been instrumental in enabling KMC to achieve these milestones. Some key benefits of building on Kadena include:
  1. Scalability: Kadena’s multi-chain architecture and Chainweb technology provide a highly scalable platform. Gas fees are virtually non-existent on Kadena and users do not have to pay gas when interacting with our marketplace and NFTs.
  2. Pact: Kadena’s powerful and easy-to-use smart contract language, Pact, streamlines the development process, empowering our developers to create innovative features and applications that are safe for the KMC community.
  3. Marmalade: The advanced Marmalade NFT standard brings numerous advantages to our offerings, including concurrent listing of NFTs on multiple marketplaces, enforced royalties, and integrated NFT staking, all contributing to an enhanced user experience.
  4. Continuous Transactions: Kadena’s unique Continuous Transactions capability allows for efficient and scalable execution of long-running smart contracts. This paves the way for exciting opportunities as we explore the interoperability of Continuous Transactions and the Marmalade NFT standard.
Looking Ahead
As we look to the future, Kadena Mining Club remains committed to delivering innovative solutions and expanding our offerings to better serve our growing community. We believe that the unique benefits of building on Kadena will continue to drive our success and help us to maintain our position as a leader in the blockchain mining space.
Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more exciting updates from Kadena Mining Club!
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2023.06.04 05:45 Educational_Pipe2432 Can I earn clothes for free or a sponsorship?

This is my first year playing this game and I have no clue how to earn clothes besides buying them from the store. Is there any ways that I can earn clothing for free or earn a sponsorship through career mode that gives me free clothing or even just a discount because I don’t have extra coins to spend on drip with how much specs cost. Also I know about sponsorship challenges are and they are hard for me to 3 star and I’ve only received many hats and gloves and balls from them and not like a shirt or pants which is what I want.
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2023.06.04 05:38 2012KiaRioHatchback I feel so trapped

My darling mother is mad at me and my partner (who lives in the home) for not being approved for food stamps. Me and my partner make too much for stamps, even with the addition of the rent we pay, we couldnt get approved again and somehow that's my fault. She keeps trying to guilt trip me and my partner into buying fast food for everyone which adds up quick. Together me and my partner are paying roughly 1,600 dollars in rent. We are also saving for our car to be fixed (transmissions are expensive) so we get maybe 400-500 dollars each a month to put towards our car and she wants to take that money to put towards food when we cant do it. Her husband (my step dad) is a manager and makes over 5,000 a month but he apparently doesn't have money for anything and what little money he does have my mom spends on my little sister, buying her toys, outfits and video games. The rent is 3,200 so we split it, she and her husband pay 1,600 and me and my partner pay 1,600. Surely he should have enough money out of over 5,000 dollars. And no, they are not doing drugs, yes I am 100% certain. Anyways, about my car, she keeps asking when I'm going to get it fixed and that I "should have the money by now" bc their car is starting to act up so she wants to us mine. I'm not sure what to do. I want to move out but that's hard without a car and when I do eventually get my car fixed we'll have to save up for the apartment plus moving costs. We have nowhere else to stay unfortunately and we dont qualify for housing. I feel so trapped by the situation.
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2023.06.04 05:38 KingoftheRednecks The Void Hunt, ch 5


The route they chose skirted the borders of Sovereign space. It cost them an extra two weeks of travel, but avoided contact.
The delay chafed at everyone except for the mercs. Their contracts offered nothing more for prizes, so for them it wasn't boredom but safety. They didn't have to worry about what happened when they reached their destination either, for that matter. They spent their time doing their jobs with neat, quiet efficiency, and helping to train the San.
The humans had gone through training, but their total education was three months of being self-taught from holos and six of formal schooling, and for many of the duties that only gave them the barest outline. Mogan needed engineers who could do more than simply consult the checklist, and mechanics who could tell what was wrong with a system from small sounds the way he could tell at the first strike when a node of flint was flawed and what to do with it.
To Logog's chagrin, he put his marines to practicing again with atlatl and sling, making sure their skills hadn't atrophied. It sharpened skills, but it also kept them from getting into trouble. Drunk sailors fight, Shett had told him, and bored sailors fight, and bored sailors also find surprisingly creative ways to get drunk.
Nonetheless, by the time they reached the planet of Goretia, the entire crew was bored and ready for a change of pace. Six weeks of doing nothing felt like a poor way to begin a career of story and excitement, but the more experienced warriors knew that this was the general trend of any campaign; long periods of boredom when one wishes for action, followed by short periods of action when one wishes for boredom.
Once they found the planet on their sensors, the crew scrambled into action. The eight boarding craft could hold one hundred men each, slightly more warriors than the San had. Instead, each held fifty men and fifty dogs.
Any pup was trained to not leave a mess in the hut, but with the ability to simply go outside denied to them the San had had to devise a latrine they could use. Beyond that, the dogs had been trained for hunting for generations, farther back than any of the San's songs could remember, ever since that day when the Unrevealed had decided to test humanity by choosing out the cleverest and kindest of the wolves to come to them in peace.
Nor were they strangers to war. The orders that could command them to flank or attack a deer could make them do the same to men, and they had proven their worth more than once on the battlefields of Noepe. They were even more effective here than they had been on Earth. Any other humans, including the Animal People, had dogs of their own, but the very idea of a beast obeying a sapient being was beyond them. The closest anyone had come to the idea was the secret sapient species, and they were only able to do so because they knew the Vishtali and the other two—the other three, now--were no animals.
Men and women had been trained and conditioned to clamber into the trees and fight other soldiers, or to stand under laser fire, or almost every circumstance but to be charged by dozens of wolf-like, snapping, snarling beasts. Not many could stand against that, and those that could had the dogs to protect the gunners and the gunners to protect the dogs. The dogs took more losses than the humans, but that was to be expected—and much as they loved the dogs, better to lose them than the people.
They generally had the run of the ship during the last few weeks, and one was as likely to see a dog fetching things or playing keep-away with a tool as curled up in the habs. They were even made to exercise as much as the humans.
At least it made the dogs less bored than the humans, and they seemed to have adapted to the routine better. They were still happy to do something different, however, and getting them onto the boarding craft turned out to be fairly easy.
Mogan knelt on the floor of one boarding craft himself, quiver on his back. The air on Goretia was breathable, and that was a blessing. He had a hatchet on his hip instead of his pistol, as did the rest of the warriors.
Alone among the warriors, he didn't have a dog. Knucklebones had been the best of dogs, and had died four years ago. Mogan had not gotten a new one, and he couldn't say whether it was because he had to some extent given up, or whether he couldn't summon the energy for something that wasn't for his daughter or for his tribe.
He had a dog now, one he had purchased from one of the others just after weaning and named Blueknife, as her eyes made him think of the knife he had made of blue-green obsidian for Hyeshi. He thought Hyeshi would approve of the name as well, and had to smile. He was going to be able to ask her himself, whatever it took.
But Blueknife had been born about six months ago, and that meant she was too small for combat. Next to him were three of the Vishtali, and they too had no dogs. In fact, they seemed to have a hard time getting used to the concept of having dogs everywhere. They carried modified shoshir and shields, but seemed to have no confidence in their ability with them.
Logog seemed to have none either, for they were away from the front with him. Mogan presumed he needed to be present to make the action official, and it would help in calming down their new wards, but Logog had absolutely balked at the idea of putting him in the front lines.
Were the Vishtali not there, he would have used the holo at his left hand to show where the craft were, but they were nervous enough already, and it was best he didn't add to the stress.
Burya sent a signal to Logog, who in turn signaled the pilot, and the boarding craft lifted and then eased out of the Semiramis. This one was the Knucklebones—Logog didn't feel comfortable with the craft unnamed, so they had spent a little time devising and painting them.
The signal meant they were on the far side of the planet, where it would be harder for their targets to detect them. Mogan could see nothing except the walls of the craft, but he knew that all eight were flying directly towards the planet, their goal to get close to ground quickly. The Semiramis itself would fly past, and then double back in time to pick up the craft on the way back.
Soon the craft began to tremble as it entered atmosphere and had to push itself through the air, and they slowed as they reached the ground and fanned out slightly, keeping low.
The flight was slower, and not as smooth as in the empty void, but all the same the vehicles could move far faster than anyone could on foot, and in a surprisingly short time they were settling into a clearing. In the front of the craft, a holo projected from the ceiling, showing the area as if from a distance.
“It's a short run to the mines from here. Higa, your unit will guard the Vishtali and hang back. We'll need you in there, but they'll still have their shoshir, and that'll be no bargain in tunnels. We won't build any confidence if we get their people killed. Barab, you and the Second are the flint, Third is the bone.”
It was a simple enough analogy, hopefully enough that anybody not of the San who heard it would get confused. In days gone by, the tribe had made their spearpoints out of flint, creating razor-sharp blades that could easily pierce through the thick hides of their prey. But flint was fragile, and anything from a missed cast onto a stone or hard tree to an accurate cast that hit bone could cause it to shatter.
Long ago, the people that would thousands of years later be called Magdalenian devised a better way. Tiny blade blanks were made, some not as long as the thickness of his thumb, and the ends pressed away to create bladelets, most shorter than the width of a pinky nail. These were carefully glued into slots cut into a weapon. For a spear, these were usually points of bone with at least six, sometimes up to three times that, in bladelets.
A single spear created more cutting edges, and if one broke it was a simple matter to work it out and fit a new one in—and since they were smaller, they were less likely to break. The new technology was an improvement in every way.... up until they reached the stars and it was made pretty much obsolete. That was still difficult for Mogan to deal with.
It also made for an oddity that his handiwork was in evidence today. Some still had the old-fashioned spears, from more than two years ago back on Earth. Others had spears that he had designed and had manufactured, thousands of the exact same dimensions and weight, tipped with titanium-gold blades.
Mogan had devised other spears and spearheads as well—flash-bangs, spears with small explosives that would sink into whatever they hit and then riddle it with shrapnel, spears that would leave a small tracking device in the target, and of course the application of high explosives. It was difficult to go wrong with the application of high explosives.
Except here. Magnetic activity in the mine tunnels meant that any such devices were likely to go off at the right time, and the fact that there were tunnels in the first place meant that there were few if any actual right times for an explosive to go off.
That activity was the real reason there were Vishtali in the first place. They didn't have any particular history or skill as miners, but even well-protected drones would be rendered useless in minutes. Instead, they were reduced to using pneumatic drills to chip away at the rock. For the San, this was a technique thousands of years in the future, but for anybody else among the stars it was terrifyingly barbaric.
Mogan had hoped he could raid the spoils of the mines as well, but their information indicated he'd have no such luck. The mine was rich enough; the kh'ler crystals within were gemstones of extraordinary quality and value, such that particularly large and fine specimens had been used to rent planets from the Sovereign. Unfortunately, they were rarely, if ever, simply found in the mine.
Instead, the Vishtali mucked out tons of stone pried loose by hand-tools and pneumatic machines—even small explosives might shatter the crystals—and pushed heavy carts to the surface, where it was loaded onto ships. A facility off-world was easily able to locate the crystals and extract them from the stone, and to help hide the origins as well.
He would have to settle for killing all the overseers and guards, stealing anything of value, and freeing their slaves. Mogan believed it would suffice.
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2023.06.04 05:28 cyberwav after a year and a half, another dead end

36/m. started a music production and artist management company after high school. graduated from business school.
could not find a job in an office after college so i kept at music and supported it with low-wage general labor jobs. pretty soon my body was in bad shape from those jobs and so in my late 20s i doubled down trying to find an office job. tried temp services, tried career coaches, did so much therapy…tried applying to government roles, customer service roles, IT roles, no luck.
so recently i got into coding and did a bootcamp, and i got pretty good at it but i haven’t been able to get any interviews. ive been applying for jobs for the last 6+ months, going to job fairs and networking events, using linkedin to follow up with people… no interviews, nothing.
i also tried moving to a bigger city during this time and that hasn’t helped.
ive been working so hard my whole adult life just to find a job or career, and i can’t get my foot in the door anywhere.
i feel like a joke, and obviously dating without a career is hard AF and that’s a very painful part of life
i try to socialize and make friends to expand my network, but even though ive put a lot of work into it, that hasn’t been working either.
my goals in life are 1) make enough money to live alone and 2) build enough self esteem to have a girlfriend
these have been my goals for 15 years and i think im losing my mind at this point
someone snap me out of this cycle and ill do your laundry for life
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