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2023.06.08 23:38 Explanation-Superb promoting crazy overconsumption/materialism to young girls for a check

I used to enjoy watching darcies hauls and grwm videos but i feel like in recent months her spending and wastefulness has only gotten more out of control. I think she genuinely has a major shopping/spending problem and disguises it as “work” or “pr” when in reality she had awful spending habits and promotes overconsumption to a young audience. There are a lot of other influencers who get pr or brand deals but none of them promote it in the same way she does for example making her impressionable audience think you need to go on a 2000$ shopping haul for a 5 day trip or need lululemon in 20 different shades. Her obsession with amazon and online delivery along with the normalization of getting like 60 packages a week is also alarming considering how much trash and plastic waste she creates and how unsustainable her lifestyle is (buying furniture from amazon knowing it will fall apart etc). I don’t think her tiktok relevancy is going to last and she’s not very smart with how she uses her money.
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2023.06.08 23:36 Naive_Ad5592 38 [M4F] #katy Hispanic here looking for a long term AP or FWB. Looking for the missed connection.

A little about myself. I am a professional here that works from home. I am currently in a dead bedroom situation. Currently I am not looking to change my situation or yours. I have just lost that connection with someone feeling wanted and desired. People want to talk about their days and enjoy conversations with someone. Be the reason to see a text throughout the day knowing that you are on each others mind. Eventually I do want to meet in person. Of course sharing pics early on would be ideal but there is no rush since there are many scams out there.
What I am looking for:
Someone who that understands my situation and they are in a similar situation or understand that I am attached already. Age 21+ but not older than 44. Ethnicity and race does not bother me since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you ready this far shoot me a message and tell me your favorite color.
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We are ranking who can hold Ocean Sovereignty the best (People who can block it for more than 2 seconds) Here are the people we are ranking Zoro Queen King Sanji Luffy Yamato These are the only people who have the tools to block an attack of such severity
6th place Luffy
Luffy doesn't have an item to repel the damage and would have to take it head on but he can survive seconds of the attack at least if he go gear 4 tank man/ bound man right in front of it and blocks 2 seconds
5th place Zoro
Zoro is the only one who actually did it but then again if you use common sense and know what you need to have to block such an attack you will realize Zoro is not the only character who can do this or even the one who would do it best. Thats why I hate when niggas use this feat because this feat was just an excuse for Oda to say this is Zoros arc, lets be honest... 2-3 seconds
4th place Queen
Damn I give Queen a lot more credit than I thought, anyways people wont like that I'm saying this and will bring this panel up
Queen took no damage from this (People gonna hate me for it but idc Queen a goat) Queen just pretended to be asleep to avoid fighting Big Mom 1v1 (NATURALLY?) Now that we got that out the way... 3-4 seconds
3rd place Yamato
Yamato could trade with Kaido and is more durable then Zoro, this shouldn't even be a debate why she would do it better 3-5 seconds
2nd place Sanji No I am not a Sanjitard Queen low diffed him Law and Kidd wreck Sanji I have shitted on Sanji strength on multiple occasions, remember this is JUST a FEAT it doesn't mean much
Sanji does not have the exoskeleton at this time so it is not included, didnt really change the list much even if it was or was not The raid suit FACTUALLY is more durable then Zoro (Sanji would do it better) And the raid suit cape is literally an extra layer of defense (SPECIFICALLY MADE TO BLOCK ATTACKS) When you combine the fact Sanji is more durable and has better tools... 4-5 seconds
1st place King Even in Kings "Invincible" state he will take damage from Ocean Sovereignty But King is a monster
Now if Akainu was there... The attack wouldn't even happen
The real first placer
Zorotards cope away in the comments, everything I said makes sense and you know it does But go ahead and lie to yourself I will watch Zoro is the 2nd strongest person in the ranking (Luffy is 1st) IT IS JUST A FEAT
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2023.06.08 23:36 CrowsofFear Catalogue of you tube vids I am currently looking for

Miscellaneous Videos
Death At Chuck E Cheese 70's Murder Files +18 Fsp19ut76yI
Five nights at freddys Are REAL! (it is real and true...) dZLuPFt7Egk
Does chuck e cheese know five nights at Freddy's z4Oe8oahJAs
THE TRUTH BEHIND Chuck E Cheese's and 5 Nights at Freddy's YLDwLWfzOUM
Spongebob The Purge v3949UehZBM
David Near
Shadow Freddy Voice (Five Nights At Freddy's 2) I7mYQEMh3PY Partially Found
Phantom Balloon Boy Voice FNAF 3 kK1sHrvFkhM
FNAF 2 "Withered" Foxy Voice jFI16pEGqcw
Nightmare FredbeaShadow Freddy Original Voice WtVyammM9Ow
FNAF "Drawkill Bonnie" Original Voice 5QT-jOFmmLE
"Smile :)"- NoctisNeverSleeps
"1999: [Update] - 06/21/15" Creepypasta
"I know her so well..." Feelspasta
- 1999 (part 1)
-"1999" (part 4) MrCreepyPasta's Storytime
- 1999 (Part 5)
- 1999 (Part 6) (END)
Mr. Nightmare
-"Home Alone" [CreepyPasta] - nklZy3IwmhU
-"The Shadows Between Houses" By StupidDialUp - g2Az5BGGobY
- The Portraits - Creepypasta - KtsIB3dvfdc
- Last Friday - Creepypasta - qjEOQ8bWAc4
- “Chicken Bones” - by Steven Shorter - 5jwbaqI2Xqw
- Nuclear Meltdown - ocjHdXjlzss
-A Grain of Sand - fUtjSW65AFM
-"Christmas Tree Decorations" - Unknown Author - 9V0eVqXZcY8
-What happened to "Mr. Nightmare"? FOUND
-100,000 Subscribers - Thank You! - FbYIjdFFgOA
-Little Pink Backpack - Creepypasta - 1AgXuziegHs
-24 Creepy Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into
- 10 Most Disturbing TV Commercials - _Ap6N94LT98
Jessica Meszaros/SpectrumDiamond
-Creepypasta - Ed, Edd n Eddy (Lost Episode) okZRbCKJJwk
-Creepypasta - Bully: Scholarship Edition (Removed Mission) Fw9dpxgEogo
Creepypasta - The Golden Girls (Lost Episode) Z8vLHhOXwrQ
Creepypasta - Scooby Doo (Lost Episode) JexJSqVVoew
Children's Song - Kagome, Kagome _33Lsbn-9G4
Dilantra Peebles/Wolf Killer
Five nights at freddys Are REAL! (it is real and true...)
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 song backup part 3 and 4 (for TJ animations)
If they knew.... your pain.... (Bullies)
"If they knew" The grey cat's pain (request)
Happy birth Day Zack (Present)
Gambling man (Thank you for 19,000+ SUUUBS)
Open Up animation *Really sad* FNAFS (THANK YOU FOR 20,000+ SUBS)
questions and answers (part 3) *best ending lol*
Awoken oc Map Part 34 and 35 (MoonrisePaintpawz)
Awoken OC Map Part 25 (Ren jirra)
Welcome To Freddy's Map Part 7 (TJ Animations)
Welcome To Freddy's Map Part 22 (TJ Animations)
Mangle The Stalker *she knows all, foxy* (THANK YOU FOR 21,000+ SUBS)
How foxy likes to run to the office (funny vine)
Jar of Hearts Warriors Map Part 5 and 6 (LilypadLils)
We Are Family Fnafs 1 and 2 (speedpaint)
F-freddy.... fazbear? (Five nights at freddys!!!)
Update (read the description)
Just Gold Animation The madness (THANK YOU FOR 23,000+ SUBS)
HAPPY BIRTH DAY RENEE : D (best friend. Video, Monster)
Youth Oc Map Part 9 (kaybzjess)
This Is For My People Who Lost Somebody (Your not alone)
*Collabs* Five nights at freddys 3 (THANK YOU FOR 24,000+ SUBS)
All Men Are Pigs OC Map Part 2 (Makbrok mtizzle)
Contest OPEN (my Contest)
Have a Snicker Foxy, your never yourself when your hungry (FNAFS 1)
How Toy Chica Changes Her Mood At Certain Times (FNAFS)
livesteaming (Thank you for 25,000+ subs)
Reading Mean Comments (only 2, random video)
Contest Winners (Top 10)
Secrets *Animation* (THANK YOU FOR 26,000+ SUBS!)
The Show Must Go On (Map part 6, HTF OC AMBER)
Five Nights At Freddy's Song Map Part 3 (Pastel Cat)
ooh whats this? (My Birth Day is Coming up)
Lullabye-bye *collabs* (HTF OC AMBER, So he sang)
Lullaby-bye Collab *Complete* (So he sang)
Thank you for 27000 subs!! (Purple guy is a murder)
i Am The Purple guy! Map Part 9 (Ring Ring)
i Am The Purple Guy! Map Part 22 and 23 (Ring ring)
Do you care About me? (Depression)
i Am The Purple Guy! Map part 25 (Ring ring)
I Am Purple Guy Map Part 27 (Ring Ring)
PLEASE GO SUPPORT HER!! (my best friend)
How Do You Feel About That Cone On Your Head, Foxy? (THANK U FOR 28,000+ SUBS)
The request of Finding Jeff the killer (ThumbNail)
Its Time To Die Map Part 25 (insanedvo)
Happy Birth Day To Meee (yay)
Balloons Sad Animation *The good ending* FNAFS (THANK YOU FOR 29.000+ SUBS)
Toy bonnie (Random, creepy)
Security guard comics (My comics) *FNAFS Security guards*
Horn battle *Foxy VS Purple guy* (Funny vine, HAPPY EASTER)
The Bite of 87 *A sad tale* (THANK YOU FOR 30.000+ SUBS!!!!)
Animation thief(s) (Please Read description)
Look At Me Now
Am I The Only One Who Does This.... (THANK YOU FOR 31,000+ SUBS)
Mangles Radio static (Happy birthday Mangle brinton)
Purple guy's Death (Animated *Realistic sound*)
eeeeeeey mario :D *SpringTrap and Marionette* (Thank you for 32,000+ SUBS)
Best Hater Ever.... (Really bad hater *Warning, mad wolf* )
More Hate (Responded badly XD)
Talk Foxy To Me (Five nights at freddys)
i'm leaving (haters)
Guess Who's Back?
Five Nights At Freddys Harlem Shake (33,000+ specials)
Wolf's Intro (34,000+ specials)
Go Save Smilk *Need your support* (35,000 specials/ Update)
Little Things About you (36,000+ Specials)
Look How Wolf Died XD (Funny vine)
Eeey Look how Chica Died XXD (Funny vine)
Flesh Five nights at freddys *Map Part 8 and 9* (makbrok mtizzle)
When your home all alone and someone knocks at your door (38,000 specials)
My Reaction To Roaches (Funny)
Sausage *Map Part 10 and 11* (JordanTheBlueAnimatr­onicDevil)
Sausage! OC Map *OPEN*
i Have A Deviant Art ya know? (Random)
Daddy Whats A Twerk? (39,000 Specials)
If You Want A Burger.... (40,000 Specials!)
Omega Always Loves Arrow (Funny video)
Orphan Tears *Short* Cray AVM~ (41,000 Specials)
I Can Animate~ (Review)
Throw Tha CHEESE (42,000 Specials)
Sad Suicide Song *animated* (Depression)
1... 2. Crays is Coming For You (43,000 specials)
Renees got a sick obsession (MEME)
Die In A Fire *Animation* (48,000 specials)
*"The Sandman" (Creepypasta)
*"Be Careful Whose Messes You Clean Up" (Creepypasta)
*"Mrs. Willison's Homemade Jam" (Creepypasta)
*Corey's Wish
*The New Fish
*Why i was Released from Prison
*Mickey's House of Pain
*I Was a Freelance Exorcist
*The Contract
*Starving Dogs
*Living in Hell
*The Girl in the Crowd
*The Shredder Monkey
*"Broodmother" (Creepypasta) Ft. EerieCheshir
*The Other Internet
*"Black Number One" (Creepypasta)
*The Pit
*Slaying the Beast (something like that, about someone killing their dad)
*At Least You Tried
*Some story about a guy named Greg who's wife hired a psycho to kill him for cheating on him (don't remember the name)
*One More For the Orphan
*Some story about a haunted TV broadcast (don't recall the name, "The Ozark Cable Incident" it may have been)
*The Pleasure House
*The Quiet Room
*Pain Study (something like that)
*My Parents were Satanists (something like that)
*Mr. Banana
*The Dog Man
*Mayhem Mountain
*The Pancake Family
"The Yellow Wallpaper" (Creepypasta) M3vEPbJ9V2Q
"The Ozark Cable Incident" (Creepypasta) pclUTiUDVLc


LOST EPISODES - "Plankton Got Served" zBhEQ9uU59s
"'Arther: Lost Episode' (SH*TPASTAS)"
"Red Moon"
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2023.06.08 23:36 Jolly-Program-6996 ZEN AF

Hello to all apes old and new. For those confused or just feeling down. Its been over 2 years since the sneeze. 2 years of some of the biggest baddest players in the world have been working TOGETHER to get this under control and back in their favor so their wonderful lives dont change. The ones who created this casino for only them to profit. They have written the rules for us peasants to follow, all while they make up rules along the way if its not working out for them. They have the judges the toiletiticians, the senators, regulators, big banks, brokers, data centers, media ALLLLLL of them are in their pockets. ALLL OF THEM have been working against us. The DOJ, the SEC, the FBI, shit any three letter word is not helping us but working against us Always has been this way and is One reason why I hold.
Just think though, with all the negative attention/lies the media has spewed, with all the fake crashes, with all the halts when it starts mooning, with them turning off the fckn buy button, with all the documentaries and half ass movies, with the warehouse fires, with all the fake ass shares they have had to create, with having to borrow 600 milli, with having the DTCC commit securities fraud, and countless other manipulative practices, WITH ALL THEIR FUCKN MONEY AND RESOURCES.
GAMESTOP IS STILL NOT AT $0.00. GAMESTOP IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BANKRUPTCY. APES HAVE NOT FCKN FOLDED, APES HAVNT BEEN FCKN BENT OVER LIKE THE REST OF THESE PUPPETS HAVE. IN FACT APES ARE GROWING STRONGER DRSN shares at a historic rate. DAy by DAy hammer after hammer"dissapointment" after "dissapointment" Apes are still here still holding onto not shares but tickets to lives they cant even imagine. WHO the hell sells HOPE and FAITH, OBV not REATAIL and O.B.V proves that.
So just think over 2 year since the sneeze, all their countless resources, funds, all the shady shit they have had to pull. With monthssssssssssssss were the price doesnt budge, then all of a sudden they can drop it $5 IN A SECOND. Why didnt they drop it $5 when it was at $15. Then another $5 all the way to $0. We have seen them do crazy shit and STILLL THEY CANT GET IT TO $0. GAMESTOP IS WINNING RETAIL IS WINNING DONT FORGET THAT! Cheers to all of you!
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2023.06.08 23:36 Comfortable_Slip4067 No more Rate Differential?

I am a staff pharmacist who works 80 hours per 2 weeks but I noticed on my most recent paystub that there was no rate differential causing my pay to decrease. On the paystubs prior it has 80 under the "Hrs" column and then 1200 under the "Amount" Column" but this is absent on this one. Does anyone know why this might be and who to inquire about this?
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2023.06.08 23:36 DePoots Please leave all wildcards active

I’m sure that Crytek have their own vision for the wild card system, but in its current state, it might benefit the game to leave the wildcard option in.
Majority of the player base was loving the wild fire, but it was taken away and the introduced as a wild card. Great, but then the wild card is only around for a very small amount of time before disappearing for the time being. (I’m sure it will be back as the wild card system is developed further)
Now that rain, which is a heavily requested feature since release, is also being introduced as a wild card, it means that it will only be around for limited time until the wildcard feature is fully fleshed out.
It really sucks to see these great features being time limited. You spend the time working and developing this, so why not let the community enjoy it while it is still under development?
I really wish crytek would leave in the wildcard feature permanently, and it just chooses one of three wild cards. This doesn’t take away from the core matchmaking, but allows us to experience the new content when wanted. It also allows for a constant stream of feedback and testing, which is only beneficial for crytek in the long run.
Please give us content that lasts. Events are already FOMO for a lot of players, but when it comes down to legitimate content and not just skins, this should not be the case. FOMO leads to players burning out and a high/low variable player base, rather than a consistent and steady one.
Its also unwelcoming to new players to who have bought the game after seeing these features, just to find out that they missed out on experiencing this for themselves for the foreseeable future.
Life happens, and it’s inevitable that players are going to miss events, battle passes, cosmetics, etc. But please don’t limit these features until you are at a point where the wild card feature would benefit from it.
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2023.06.08 23:35 scarzy19 NASCAR Heat 5 - 2023 Season PC Mod BETA Released

NASCAR Heat 5 - 2023 Season PC Mod BETA Released
6/8/2023 -- the NH5 2023 Season PC BETA Mod has been released at Ozzycon Paints. This Mod is similar to the 2022 Mod but includes the Cup Next-Gen model and 2023 Cup paints along with 2022 Xfinity, 2022 Trucks, and the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series from the current 2022 Mod. We are still painting 2023 Xfinity and 2023 Trucks, but there has been a lot of interest in the Next-Gen Cup so we went ahead and released this BETA version. Please completely read the ReadMe file before installing the Mod to learn about all the included updates and proper installation. All 2023 Mod files need to be downloaded from Ozzycon Paints and installed due to the additional editing completed for the 2023 Mod updates.
Since this is a BETA, some things are not finished. For example, the majority of the Cup Classic paints have not been repainted to date so they look jacked up in the game due to the new Next-Gen models. The primary Cup Classic paints for Dale Sr, Dale Jr, Carl Edwards, and Dania Patrick did get updated though. The roof flaps and damage model on the Cup Next-Gen are pretty jacked up as well. Not sure these can be fixed by our team at this point since we are not coders. There are other quirks as well but the majority of the game works perfectly just like the 2021 and 2022 Mods. We did our best! Again, please completely read the ReadMe file before installing the Mod to learn about all the included updates and proper installation.
Download the 2023 Mod BETA at the link provided below:
The 2023 Mod BETA includes the following and much more. Please check the ReadMe for details about everything included.
  • Over 50 new 2023 Cup Series paint schemes & updated Test paints for 45 2023 Cup drivers
  • 2022 Xfinity Series paint schemes & updated Test paints
  • 2022 Truck Series paint schemes & updated Test paints
  • Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series paint schemes
  • Updated 2023 drivers, teams, and manufacturers for the Cup series
  • Updated 2023 schedules for all three NASCAR series
  • Updated driver ratings for the Cup Series based on the 2022 full season and 2023 season results through the All-Star race
  • All new 2023 driver photos and pit crews for the Cup Series
  • NH5 Challenges updated to 2023 Cup drivers & paints
  • Missing Night & Day tracks added to each NASCAR series for Race Now mode
Our Mod team has worked many hours on the 2023 Season Mod BETA to make it as realistic as possible within the NH5 PC game limitations and we are excited to share with everyone. More updates will be coming for the 2023 Mod Beta but it takes time to paint all the cars and pit objects, so please be patient and check back for updates. The Mod team hopes you enjoy the NH5 2023 Season PC Mod BETA!
Please note that if MSG releases the 2022 Next-Gen update/DLC that most of this 2023 Mod will likely need to be updated based upon the code changes made in the in the official update. As long as MSG releases a good Next-Gen model with working flaps and damage model AND if the MSG update does not "break" the game in other ways, I do plan to update the 2023 Mod to include the official MSG update going forward. I plan to purchase the DLC if it gets released and I hope many others do as well but updating will take a very long time so do not expect an updated 2023 Mod for quite some time.
We are also looking for high quality painters to join the Mod team to help us paint 2023 Xfinity and 2023 Trucks. Please message me if you are interested in joining the Mod team but be aware that I will ask for paint samples and will review them closely because we want to keep this Mod as top notch as we can. Thanks and I hope we can get some help to get the updated 2023 Mod out to everyone faster!



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2023.06.08 23:35 disruptioncoin Here is the air filter design I've been using for a few years now.

Here is the air filter design I've been using for a few years now.
Since everyone else seems to be sharing their build I figured I'd pitch in. This uses a 3M Filtrete 20x25x4" MPR 1550 mounted on a Honeywell 18" TurboForce Power Air Circulator HF910V1 using the box the fan came in as a shroud/duct to hold the filter on, with some cutting and taping using packing tape. Also has a Honeywell Universal Carbon Prefilter on the intake side, also basically taped on around the perimeter. The prefilter sheet isn't wide enough to cover the whole backside so I put two strips of it side by side, overlapping, and velcro'd them together with the velcro strips that come with the prefilter. This thing works great and actually moves a ton of air.
The thicker filter will last longer and allow more air flow due to the increased surface area (it's pleated), compared to a typical 1" thick filter. The fan I picked is also pretty effective too it seems. Other fans I've done this too couldn't generate enough static pressure to push very much air through the filter but this one does alright. Btw leave a plenum (empty space) between the filter and fan, don't ask me why but I've read this helps, I got that idea from the plans I used for the laminar flow hood I built for mycology. I seated the filter down to about where that crease is that you can see on the side pieces. I think it's about 3" or so of a gap.
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2023.06.08 23:35 Tryng2bebetter Children's Hospital in Aurora used a collections agency to sue me for a $14,000 debt , for a 5 hour emergency room visit.

This is very long. Read if you wish. Something has got to change, though. Medical care and debt in this country is frightening. Children's Hospital in Aurora does not care about what they're doing to families.
Back in 2021, my husband and I moved from FL to Aurora, where I was starting a new and fantastic job. Since I left my previous position , and the move was the end of January I did not sign up for a new healthcare plan at my job I was leaving. My new insurance for the family was to begin 2/1. Myself and family would be without insurance for 5 days. Unfortunately, I was not eligible for COBRA either way, as the old job was switching Insurance companies and I declined coverage as I would have only been there for a week with it.
We were in our new home for less than 2 days, when my son had a medical emergency. I will not say exactly what it was due to privacy, but it was important that my son get to the ER right away. We child have walked but we drove the 1 minute to Children's Hospital as we really didn't have much of a choice on the matter.
We were in the ER and done with a very quick and easy "surgery" within about 5-6 hours and discharged. Not having insurance, I knew it would be costly but they told us after a few weeks the total bill was over $14,000. This was just the hospital charges, the provider charges were around $5,000.
We talked to the hospitals financial people, and found out we did not qualify for any discount because we "made too much money". We don't qualify for medicaid of course because we "make too much money". I then called a week or so later to try and set up a payment plan for what we could afford. The hospital financial people said what we were offering to pay "wasn't enough" per month. Extremely frustrated, I then waited about 2 months again to try and reach out to the hospitals financial services , emailing back and forth to no avail. In the interim, we did have Insurance that started after the 5 days without and my son broke a limb. We had additonal copay charges now that were not correct and I asked them to correct this, but started to recieve radio silence. Literally no one from Children's would answer me. For the past 2 years I had been periodically trying to email and discuss payment and the bill, but no response.
Finally, I started to recieve collection notices from BC Services. One of the notices said they were going to sue us. I immediately called and emailed them, leaving a message saying I was trying to work this out with Children's. They never responded to me appropriately. I reached out to Children's again, no response.
Well, knock on our door yesterday from an Adam's County Sherrif Deputy. Served us with papers from BC services on behalf of Children's Hospital.
Sued for our child's medical debt, $14,000 for 5 hours of an emergency room. Disgusting. All because Children's Hospital refused to help us in any way or let us pay them $300/month.
TLDR; was without insurance for 5 days. Child had an emergency, took him to Children's Hospital. Was there for 5 hours and charged over $14,000. Children's refused to help us or take $300/month and sent us to collections who served us papers from a Sherrif Deputy.
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2023.06.08 23:35 largebiagdewe You should play some community maps

With casual I've locked myself into the few really good maps (Badwater, Upward) that are in the game. While it's not repetitive at all for me, new maps are always welcome. So I invite you guys to check out some of the newly released community maps.
And it might surprise you to hear that the TF2 mapping community is at it's very peak. A boatload of maps are coming out and guess what - they're also really good. There are super experimental and unique maps coming out along with some straight up solid maps. (not to mention vscript!)
By experimental, I mean maps that are half submerged in water. Or something like ctf_tailrace (was actually fun!):
A KOTH-inspired take on CTF where only one flag is in play. A team must capture the flag to start the countdown of their timer. Victory occurs when the timer reaches 0 and the flag is secured.
Some people might think that the majority of custom maps are bad. And yeah - it's kinda a mixed bag. It's hard making a map, and even harder to make it good. There are lots of reasons why people wouldn't like them. Being unoptimized, or not being TF2 styled, or being overscaled, too complex, too low, or too ugly - all super abundant issues. But there are also a lot of good maps.
Payload - Phoenix by Defcon
Phoenix has been sitting at the top of the workshop since it's been released, though it's mostly due to its looks. Maybe you've seen it before, but it also plays well.
This is a fun map. Take for example Frontier - it's a pretty solid and balanced map, but a bit limiting in how easy turtling and closed it is. Not choke-y by any means, just a bit limiting. I personally have always found it boring due to how effective turtling is. Phoenix is the opposite, especially with all the verticality and flanks. The geography it's built on keeps the game dynamic while not being tedious to navigate. It doesn't seem to me to have any gaping holes in its design either: sniper sightlines aren't too bad (except last) and it's pretty balanced on both sides.
But aside from just being a very solid and good looking map, its last point is pretty unique. It features a huge ass ramp, and somehow manages to direct players on the cart. Generally, for more balanced games, this wouldn't happen until a pub push. But since it's a ramp, pushing the cart is something that the whole team needs to actively do.
And one last thing: there are some unique announcer voicelines for the lift. Terrific map both visually and gameplay wise.
Payload - Boatload by Tiftid
Another favorite of mine is Boatload. I was going to write a bunch, but this review has most of what I was going to say:
Boatload does what I thought was impossible, previously: The map makes water gameplay *fun.* With the combined power of genuinely just well-designed combat arenas, with the additional speed boost in the water which makes moving around feel SO much better, the Water gameplay feels just as tight the on-land gameplay too! And that's not even to say that the land gameplay is lacking; In fact, it's actually quite good! In particular I always think of A and D as the greatest bits of the land gameplay, it is always a lot of fun narrowly avoiding damage by moving fluidly (hehe) between the water and land, and counterattacking with my weapons. It is just SATISFYING, dude! All the classes except maybe(?) Demoman feel like they have a distinct purpose in Boatload, and it really shows when playing. The detailing looks absolutely great, too! The contrast between the generally yellowish industrial environment is perfectly complemented with the beautiful blue sky variant of sky_goldrush, and it looks fantastic! I love all the little details within the industrial bits too; from the large pipes, to the shapes of buildings, it's really creative while also feeling realistic, which is quite the achievement! I would firmly recommend this map to any self-respecting server, as Boatload is a treat that should be enjoyed! And I would also recommend our fellow mappers analyze the map as well; There's a lot to be learned! Boatload is, without a doubt, a 10 out of 10 map.
I have my own fair share of criticisms: there's a bit too much underutilized area underwater. It's also basically oil on low settings. Even then - these maps are still being updated and playtested, and little problems will be fixed over time.

There are a few servers that do run custom maps. Here are all the ones I know:
End Of The Line Gaming (32 players I think?)
Uncletopia - Community
TF2Maps (join the discord or steam group, they do organized playsessions)
FITH (32 players)
Skial - Payload+ (32 players)

There's also a great video by UEAKCrash (an actual mapper) on the Summer update candidates. I'd love to hear your guys' comments on community maps as well.
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2023.06.08 23:35 INeedCheesecake How dumb am I?

I want to come out soon, but to my doctor before my family.
Reasons this may be stupid: - My trans sister is already out so why does it matter who I tell - She is my ob/gyn AND my gp AND my mom's ob/gyn and gp - I am in TN and I'm never too far away from a confederate flag at any given time - Transphobic ass insurance almost certainly will not cover hrt so why even try going this route (but its hard to find out more without being able to ask directly) - if this gets out to my mom I might be seeing much bigger student loans in my future though this is only speculation - I've only seen her like twice can > really trust her
Reasons this may not be stupid: - she seems like a very kind and understanding woman - i think it might be a hippa violation for her to out me since im a legal adult - maybe she can help recommend me a therapist idk - if i come out with the support of a doctor maybe my mom will let me do HRT (she's said nothing of medical transition for my sister, she kind of just pretended it wasn't happening until my older brother came home and started aggressively respecting her name and pronouns) - my previous doctor for all of 18 years was an old man clearly set in his ways and was against FERPA and general privacy for children (i.e., she's an angel in comparison)
I just don't know. Should a trust a doctor in the south? She's so nice but I know all too well how quickly southern hospitality can go straight out the window. Is there any way I can test the waters without arousing suspicion?
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2023.06.08 23:35 Avocqd0 I (F17) am not sure if I should break up with my boyfriend (M17) or not.

I (F17) am not sure if I should break up with my boyfriend (M17) or not.
I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year, but a month ago, he did something that really broke my trust. I don’t want to get into the details of it because that’s another story but I will say that it was a result of problems in our relationship. We’re both controlling and jealous and I have horrible mood swings due to mental illness that I took out on him. We were both very unhappy, but ever since he broke my trust really bad, we’ve been wanting to fix things and work things out. We’ve both been working really hard to become better people, and our relationship has improved lots in the toxic regard. We’re communicating better and our relationship is just overall more pleasant to be in. I’ve been going to therapy and I’ve begun to control my mood swings and I’m making sure not to take it out on him.
My problem is, I’m always thinking about breaking up with him in the back of my mind. I feel unhappy for some reason, and that might be because of the lack of trust. I’m aware that a relationship cannot work without trust but I’m hoping that that trust will come back. I just feel really unhappy but I also don’t want to leave. I’m not really sure what to do.
We had a talk today about this and he told me that he can tell that I’m walking between wanting to break up with him and wanting to stay with him, and he told me that that uncertainty was uncomfortable. I feel that we really can work things out if we really tried but my trust issues with him are holding me back.
Why do I feel this way? I just want the uncertainty to go away.
Tldr; boyfriend did something that broke my trust, our relationship has gotten better since then but I feel unhappy and unsure about whether or not I should leave him
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2023.06.08 23:34 Adventurous-Stop7891 Looking to move Landlord said pets are not allowed above restaurants.

Hi! (IL) I work in a coffee shop and the apartment above is for lease. The landlord showed us around and we asked about pets and if they were allowed. He seems unsure and got back to us later saying cats are not allowed. To clarify, I own a rabbit not a cat. He has own this building and rented it for at least the 3.5 years I’ve been employed below, he also leases the coffee shop to our company. Any who my question is does anyone know if this is true? Are pets not allowed above restaurant living? If he didn’t seem unsure I wouldn’t question it. He said the apartment was all mine and a few days later he says no pets. I just want to clarify that I will be fine without this apartment just a little weird how he is handling this in my opinion. I tried to look this up but I am not finding anything
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2023.06.08 23:34 Wazza_45 Canadian working as a contractor for US-based company through DEEL

Hi All. My wife recently accepted a job working for a US based company. The company does not have a presence in Canada so they have employed her as an independent contractor and use DEEL (www.deel.com) as the payment and compliance provider. The company have assured her that she will get PTO, parental leave, office equipment etc but this could not be included in the DEEL contract as she is being treated as a contractor. Both my wife and I have always worked for Canadian companies as full time employees so we have a few questions about how this works:
  1. Should we set my wife up as a sole-proprietor? What are the benefits to this? Keeping in mind that this will be her ONLY source of income.
  2. Does she need to register for HST/GST as her salary is above $30,000, even though she does not need to charge HST/GST? Does this depend on whether or not she sets up a sole-proprietorship?
  3. She can withdraw her bi-weekly salary from DEEL as either USD or as CAD (DEEL charge a conversion fee for this option). If we choose to withdraw the funds as USD, should we setup a USD bank account (through RBC)? Or can we just deposit the USD into her personal account (CAD) and the bank automatically converts it at their rate?
  4. I understand that she is responsible for all her tax and CPP/EI contributions. Can she withhold money from this on each pay-check, place it into a high-interest saving account and then pay it at the end of the year and keep the interest earned?
  5. Are there any other considerations we should be thinking about? Especially interested to hear from other people who have worked as an independent contractor for a US company and used DEEL.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.08 23:34 masteme12 Pull out method…

Dr said he would increase me to 1.7 since I can’t find 1 and I have had no side effects from .5.
After all the stories here I am scared about the jump.
Wondering who jumped from .5 to 1.7 and used the “pull out” method essentially not getting the full does and how it worked for you.
I know it’s not optimal but I really don’t want to get as sick as some people get with this jump but I don’t want to quit either.
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2023.06.08 23:34 Avocqd0 I (F17) am unsure about whether or not to break up with my boyfriend (M17)

I (F17) am not sure if I should break up with my boyfriend (M17) or not.
I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year, but a month ago, he did something that really broke my trust. I don’t want to get into the details of it because that’s another story but I will say that it was a result of problems in our relationship. We’re both controlling and jealous and I have horrible mood swings due to mental illness that I took out on him. We were both very unhappy, but ever since he broke my trust really bad, we’ve been wanting to fix things and work things out. We’ve both been working really hard to become better people, and our relationship has improved lots in the toxic regard. We’re communicating better and our relationship is just overall more pleasant to be in. I’ve been going to therapy and I’ve begun to control my mood swings and I’m making sure not to take it out on him.
My problem is, I’m always thinking about breaking up with him in the back of my mind. I feel unhappy for some reason, and that might be because of the lack of trust. I’m aware that a relationship cannot work without trust but I’m hoping that that trust will come back. I just feel really unhappy but I also don’t want to leave. I’m not really sure what to do.
We had a talk today about this and he told me that he can tell that I’m walking between wanting to break up with him and wanting to stay with him, and he told me that that uncertainty was uncomfortable. I feel that we really can work things out if we really tried but my trust issues with him are holding me back.
Why do I feel this way? I just want the uncertainty to go away.
Tldr; boyfriend did something that broke my trust, our relationship has gotten better since then but I feel unhappy and unsure about whether or not I should leave him
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2023.06.08 23:33 Anonymouspersonsorry Just some rant about my life

i’m in the bathroom typing all of this, wonder how? i’m a 15 year old female, i have anemia due to this i’m very skinny. I’m doing workouts to gain no one else knows besides my friends who are great supporters to me. I’ve seen a great change in my body and i’m actually very proud of it until today, my parents told me how i’m gonna end up in the streets for being to skinny and begging for money, mind you being skinny is my biggest insecurity besides my nose. they also commented how my future kids and gonna look at me weak because i’m skinny. That hurt me a lot because i always dreamed about having a husband with kids. i didn’t want to say anything because i didn’t want to get in trouble especially since the night before my ex (15 year old male) wrote me saying how during his cancer i was grounded and he didn’t have anyone to talk to because his parents cared, yes but they left him to go to the casino. I didn’t want to be grounded so he can rant to me, i know how it feels not having anyone to talk to. i know it sounds dumb, yes. But my ex is the only person who heard me throughout my pain even after we broke it. he heard me all the pain i had such as h*rny guys at school making me uncomfortable, hearing my life problems i have, and etc. but seeing how he suffered through i felt so bad. i got off track sorry but i left my parents and i was crying in the bathroom and instead of just wanted to sh again, i wanted to tell people what i’m going through anonymously hopefully to calm myself down and not bother my ex much. this isn’t the only time my parents said things like this, it got to the point i only see my brother (middle child) the only person i can trust in this family. The oldest brother lost my trust when he saw red when i was cleaning and tried putting my to the floor, i’m glad my father came in time if not i would’ve been hurt badly. but that all stopped when he got mad cause my dad told him i was talking to a guy my age but he didn’t get mad at that, he got mad cause father told him he was black. i told him straight up “Seriously? your only mad cause you thought he was black? what does that have to do? this is why i don’t love and trust for anyone in this family, i only trust my brother (middle child) he always understood and raised me to who i am today, he never hurt me. All you guys to is make up lies about me and when you find out i’m failing you get happy and start blaming me for everything.” after that my brother realized what he did was wrong and apologized but i can’t forgive him although sometimes i thought of forgiving him, but i’m scared of getting hurt again. my brother (middle child) knows about my ex but i never got the heart of telling him i was sh myself, i don’t want to see him hurt or anything. last time i saw him cry was when he was drunk telling my parents how lonely he was out in the marines. i even cried myself seeing him cry. i only had the guts to tell him that i was being bullied all throughout elementary and he told me how sorry he was that he was out for 4 years due to the marines and i didn’t have a person to talk to about it. Right now he’s at work while i’m here sitting down in the floor telling reddit what i feel, i’m scared i want to better my life but i always get hurt by people. I ghosted everyone except for my close friends of 4 and my ex. i went as far as begging my parents to move me schools. i want a fresh new life. i want to spend my last two years of high school happy.
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2023.06.08 23:33 autotldr Iran’s Claim Of Quantum Processor Draws Ridicule

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 66%. (I'm a bot)
The unveiling of a proclaimed "Quantum processor" produced by the Iranian army has drawn controversy and ridicule in Persian social media.
The device was showcased as "The first product of the quantum processing algorithm" on the sidelines of a meeting on "Quantum Processing" at the Navy's Imam Khomeini Maritime University in Noshahr, in the northern province of Mazandaran last week.
In the description of the device, state media said it is "a system to counter navigation deception in detecting surface vessels using the quantum algorithms." There is in fact no quantum component, such as a quantum circuit or processor, in the device.
If the device does not have such a processor, it cannot use an esoteric quantum algorithm, a step-by-step procedure, where each step can be performed on a quantum computer.
Ali Akbar Salehi, the former head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, repeatedly talked about developments in Iran's quantum technology sphere and also inaugurated Iran's first large laboratory dedicated to quantum physics in 2021.
"The Atomic Energy Organization began work on quantum technology in 2016 and it is responsible for monitoring scientific developments throughout the world and prioritizing high tech technologies", he said, but almost no tangible results were announced by the lab.
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Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.06.08 23:33 contaxncurry How do you cope with pt death?

Not a nurse, but a lift tech/pt transport. Two days ago, I responded to my first actual code in the ICU. I was assigned compressions and switched on/off. After about 26 min. of resuscitation, the doctor in charge of the code called it. I overheard the reason why we took that long was because the family was there to witness it. I gotten blood on my arms. After cleaning up, I left right away to answer more transport calls. We were understaffed that day. My last call of the day consisted of me taking said pt to the morgue by myself.
I guess I’m still processing it. Just been gloomy at work. Out of it, at times. I can still see the pt’s gaze, and I scratch my arms. I guess what I can take away from this is that I can listen and follow directions in the heat of the moment. How do you nurses do it?
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2023.06.08 23:33 Affectionate_Park_74 Hmmm??

I’m was just thinking why does Whitney look at this page it’s really weird especially because it’s not even a page for her like say if my best friend had a snark page i wouldn’t be scrolling on it like who wants to read bad things about their best friend idk that just seems a little weird to me anyone else? Maybe she agrees with us on some things lmfaoo anywayyy hi Whitney we know your hereeee
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2023.06.08 23:32 WendoNZ File Blocking and SSL Interception

How is everyone doing file blocking in any sort of useful fashion once you've got SSL Decryption working?
You either need to have a bunch of rules with different file blocking profiles for different sites or remove so many extensions from your file blocking profile that they become basically useless. And in either case a BPA report will be most unhappy.
The latest issue I'm seeing is vscode extensions. Even the base MS ones are so full of blocked file types it's not funny. I understand why, I'm just not sure the best way to configure around it that won't involve either 30 different file blocking profiles and 30 different rules.
How is everone else handling this?
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