What did zach wilson say postgame

What episode is this? I can’t remember please help

2023.06.04 07:20 ChronicallyIllBadAss What episode is this? I can’t remember please help

The episode was like a disaster happens (shocking I know lol) but Cristina is there in her street clothes and see the patient get loaded into the ambulance and says crack his chest.
Then we jump to the hospital and one of the doctors says “you cracked his chest in the field?” And the EMT goes “I didn’t She Did,” And Cristina gets out of the ambulance with her hand inside of the guys chest.
Does anyone know what episode this is?
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2023.06.04 07:20 thedeeznut so..we need to talk about this asshole right here

so..we need to talk about this asshole right here

so thease 2 was friends with the supporter fez cosplayer
now onto my story about why im pissed and just confused asf rn about thease 2 hoes
story:So i was just in the safe server when i saw a supporter but it was a tier 3 y/n and guess what..a fez cosplayer :/ i did have one too but i just wanted to join in with them and maybe become their friend ig.but no ofc some people do got mental disability with players sometimes just gotta cause shit dont they? so then they called me ugly and some other words but ''i cant remember cause im dumb tbh'' but then i just came back from the menu and saw them start bitching about me and so i entered the argument and started to ask why are they doing this. to their response they just did the same thing like toxic mf's do.. make a big deal and say some pretty crude words to others to get a rise out of them. honestly im just shocked by how rude they were and even accused me for coping their friend ''which i fucking didnt bro..'' but if you see them out there just watch out for them k? this isnt some nameing or shameing on them its just a specific thing i occured a few min ago. i wanted to reach out to others that could maybe care and show affection to me if that would happen atleast but. if you read this thanks..for understanding it really helps me alot. but for the ppl who want to call out and name me some rude names that can cause a rise then i suggest you just move on from this and dont look at it ok? im not trying to be mean soo yeh? bye now lolz ^^
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2023.06.04 07:19 Emilzabub No call back

I was a marketer, and after I was laid off, I decided to take some time for myself rather than looking for a full time hub and applied to be a sub. I’m a foster mom and love kids and learning and thought it could be a cool experience and a way to help kids and teachers. They invited me to an orientation on March 14 and seemed really excited to have me, I submitted my paperwork for direct deposit and my fingerprints and they said they’d get back to me, but never did. I have sent a few emails and they only answered my first saying that yes they had everything they needed from me and were waiting on a background check.
I don’t know if I’ll still be free to do this work next year, but do you guys know what might have happened, and whether they’ll ask to finalize me in the system next fall? I’m in Virginia.
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2023.06.04 07:19 absurdmeatpuppet A Small but Fun Surreal Encounter

Hello there, this may be perhaps a bit odd but I suspect some of you may have a good laugh at what occured to me today or perhaps something of interest to add to thoughts of my own.
I recently decided to read this book finally, mostly due to curiousity as I seek to understand as aspects of this strange little world we find ourselves in, but also a means in which I would like to accurately depict within my own musings and writings of those who would identify themselves as such Satanists. I am an extraordinary skeptical individual by nature/nurture, and thus I have mostly labeled this incident as pure coincidence as opposed to some sort of sign, however in reading what I have thus far I may seek to change that.
After I finished volunteering today at my local farmers market, within a church (nonbeliever) I headed to the park a city over, a truly magnificent day; the soft breeze swaying the Willows along the river, listening to it and the various sounds of wild life and people enjoying life is quite a delight from time to time, and a wonderful ideal to read one of my various books I keep putting off.
In this instance I suspect you are capable of deducing the book of choice; I have briefly caught up to perhaps half way through, I recall semi where as it was moving towards the mystical elements of "spell casting" and such, primarily around the aspect of how various people use what they have to better suit themselves for the type of "magic" they use, basically just manipulation and using your assets as it stands thus far to myself as I have yet to complete the book and refuse to pretend to know it all and I seek not to ruin or dissaude any. I digress.
This passage I was on was how woman would best see to using their looks and whatever else was said (I write this now past midnight as I am drifting to sleep) for their use of said magic, when I was taken out of my reading suddenly as two decent looking younger woman (appeared early 20s?) approached myself (m28). They were of course pleasant enough as they introduced themselves as they are both missionaries for said local church, which I suddenly found myself looking forward and gently laughed under my breath and smiled, connecting some very obvious apparent and ironic dots.
Here I sit, learning about how these woman are attempting to manipulate myself (through the lense of this book unfinished) into possibly joining their religion while I sit with this book that stands very well in counter to their own, perhaps, misguided beliefs. I am not sure what set myself over the others that were sitting at other benches, perhaps they did ask the others as I was just lost in the clouds at the time and did not notice and I was simply next in line. But here we are.
I smiled and turned back to both of them and raised my hand better for them to see what I was reading - the one was locked in on me while the other behind her noticed first and watching that face of realization set into her was truly satisfying in a way I have not experienced in some time.
Continuing to smile, I believe I said something along the lines of this; "I appreciate what you're doing here but I already volunteer at a church, and I won't have any interest in this. I wish you both well." At this point I can't recall exactly as I honestly don't care, but I know it is likely to last within them as the look of shock and awe and pure dissociation was very present as they kindly departed not seemingly able to find a word to say.
A silly thing, perhaps just a strange bit happenstance, but fun none the less to get to experience seeing these two ladies that happened to pick one of the only guys at the park to be reading this lmao
I am curious what you all think of such a seemingly mundane interaction? As I haven't read completely and am curious of course of other personal experiences such as this. Was just such a wonderfully absurd moment of it all.
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2023.06.04 07:19 Alternative-Bet-3634 Totally bizarre encounter

I'm a 17 year old female and I'm getting close with my boyfriends family members today I met my boyfriends mom's sister and well she was amazing and very sweet but they told me later on that she was and I quote very religious. So no problem.
I don't really care I'm not religious I believe we are here so why not make the best of it and stop trying to worship something you can't prove it try to find out why we're all here anyways sorry for the rant.
She was well I guess you could call it a Jesus freak and on the second day of seeing her after a long fun day we were back at the house with all of them. This is when things get weird. It's now 11:30 and I have to go but she stops and says wait lemme say something quick. And mind you my boyfriends mom and siblings are there my boyfriend is elsewhere same with his dad.
She talks about Jesus and how I need to pray and the whole Holy Trinity. Now again I'm not religious in the slightest but I was trying to be nice and nod and agree with her saying yeah and okay occasionally. But now she says come here and Im thinking of God. No pun intended. She takes my hands and firmly grips them and starts literally speaking in tongues and at the end says Jesus's name and then she looks closer at me and starts feeling my hands pressing with her fingers on my palms and says you want a car. I don't want a car by the way. I say no. And she says oh you want your boyfriend to have a car. And well I do I know he really wants one and that's exactly what I say but here's the thing I just met the woman how does she know this I just chalk it up to a coincidence but she keeps going.
She then looks at me with a troubled look and says wow people have said some bad things to you. I say yeah. She says just pray. Then she says what really scared me. "Your mother was very mean to you." Now I have issues with my mom and not so much now but I mean I guess everyone does but here's where the issue comes in to play she then says I know religion can be different for everyone.
I can't really remember what she said exactly even though I'm writing this not even 20 minutes later. But they way she was saying these things and in some what if detail was honestly horrifying. Like with just a touch someone can see everything about you and your life. I really don't know how she knew but I don't want to know. And I know what your thinking no no one told her anything about my private life my boyfriend said that to me afterwards and that no one said anything remotely related.
I walked home in silence after that debating whether or not she really did get a message from someone or something.
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2023.06.04 07:18 Public_West8947 Straight talk, ACP, and Safelink attempted to hack a Cybersecurity Specialist Apprentice (there will be opinions);

This is the report I created and wont edit it because I want everyone to get the full picture,
I asked myself if it was unethical to doxx his handset credentials but honestly im pissed and if he does it again, everyone will know its a scam.
I wrote a review for consumer affairs and will attach it below to briefly explain the uncomfortable experience I had with my APC information and interaction below my long description of the shady phishy shit that just happened to me with employees of safelink and straight talk.
After I saw the straight talk "personalized" email I received about acp (which I opted out of), I began applying because at the time; I thought you could get a cell phone service discount from acp, and then have discounted internet from lifeline; I was obviously wrong but was elated to see that considering i had covid turned walking pneumonia so the financial impact has hit me pretty hard. Covid three times too, anyways;

although I have always been weary of straight talk but have kept them for so long because they were the lowest cost for service; I enrolled knowing the enrollment process would be quick due to me already being approved through acp.

That took no time, then once I was approved I received an update on my straight talk account that said I was enrolled; but in order to begin receiving the acp discount I would need to call an 800 number and give them my card number.......

I did it because I trusted that the information being displayed to me FROM the straight talk site was not a scam.

I called the number (had an accent), verified my credentials after like 15 minutes of attempting to get through, and the man told me I was already enrolled so I didnt need to give him my payment method as "it was already working". I even read out what the straight talk prompt was displaying to me to him. He said I was fine and good to go. Told me to wait for the next month to reflect the $30 dollar discount. Next month arrives and I see I was charged the full amount. (mind you, when I look back; it does not show this now) I called them again questioning this and reminding them that this could be because the other man didn't listen to the instructions prompt that the straight talk site had previously warned me was requiring me to complete BEFORE it could go into effect.

Same thing happened, he told me I was enrolled and everything was fine; that I would receive a refund for the $30 I was billed for the full amount/it would automatically do this. I said ok but I think something is wrong here so I will call again.

SAME thing happened again but now I was not able to transparently see my purchase history, and order history from the individual device properly due to them changing the site.

And you can only go back three months every time, the search is displaying different receipts from what I had previously seen in the last two months but school was ramping up and mid terms were near so I said ok again I will wait, but if I get charged again I am reporting this and canceling this acp account because I NEVER had this issue with blackfoots' acp benefit, EVER.

So it took me a few months (yesterday) to catch this because it was finals and right before that I had covid turned walking pneumonia. I even fell behind on school work to take care of my health and figured if they were charging me full price this entire time, I would just call back for a refund dating back to January because I had proof of the phone calls and times (but not conversations).

After FINALLY finding what I thought was an overcharge (reversal of 124 dollars that was labeled phone services) yesterday on an account that was NOT the payment method I had confirmed was my primary payment (first phone call I fact checked and asked him if and when I do get charged the 5 dollars; if you're not going to accept my card payment; will it be deducted from my primary payment method then? He said yes), I called them and took me another 15 minutes to get on the phone with them, they said they are not not showing ANY payments from me.

So then I started to freak out because I thought the 124 dollars was back pay from them attempting to overcharge me from a reversal payment of the incorrect payment amount!!!! He told me due to the high call volumes, he instructed me to call back when I was in contact with my bank to figure it out on my end.

I called for this issue and they told me those transactions were not from straighttalk or a phone service provider at all, and it was a completely separate thing.

She also told me that she did not see any payments reflects to them, and I said good because I never requested them or authorized them to take payments out of an account that didn't work.

So I begin to freak out even more,
I call them back thinking that I really didn't pay them since January and had been somehow receiving service for this long.
I called them to get this sorted out asap, and allow me to pay them back an unexpected debt I didn't know I had.

I told them this is outrageous, I have always paid my bills with them on time and have had them for years, after him continuously telling me that they are not reflecting on their end that I made a payment at all since January, I asked them to hold on the line while I prove FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT (another one, the one I authorized originally) that they had overcharged me, and I HAD been making payments... and THATS why I was receiving service all this long.

All of a sudden the call drops in the middle of me telling him i'm signed in and heading back to January to find the overcharge.

HE hangs up on me. NOT ONLY THAT though, I receive a suspicious error I had never seen on my phone at the same time;
due to working in cybersecurity I immediately screenshotted it and attempted to call back.... now furious.... I cannot receive calls or texts and I receive a text that my service has been drained; and I need to refill; at 0.

NOW i'm enraged. Before I could prove I paid, he cut off my service; I was receiving very weird prompts and the error I took a screenshot below gave me a gut feeling.

I looked it up and of course, it claims that its my phone's nearby cellular tower or ITS MY PHONE,
NEVER had that issue before and I was receiving ONLY straight talk texts claiming I needed to refill my service of 35$ The full amount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

furious that I had been duped like this, I call my mom to use her cell phone and receive another text that I PAID MY SERVICE, and my refill is next month. I was so suspicious that during the time the call dropped, I was signed into my straight talk account and I was watching him attempt to change my address, name, and all account information;
so I immediately deleted my payment method and edited my account info with a pin that signed him out.

My zip code still displays a weird headset number as my account number, and displays my zip code as Florida. NEVER been to Florida.

I call them back and tell my mother that my identity was just stolen,
I deleted my payment method before he could refill my service with it so either he used the old account that would deny the payment;
or he used a credit card on my account that is NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ME. I call them and demand that they tell me what my purchase history reflects on their end because in straight talk, my account doesn't show any transactions, but my phone now works.

The guy was snarky to me and attempted to tell me that everything's fine, my service wasn't deleted, that it was just a dropped call, and that he wanted me to test my phone and give him my credentials to make sure it worked. Mind you, he sends me a verification code FROM straight talk, so I know they BOTH work there. So I allowed him to test it out and he asked me if I wanted to proceed with the refund portion, or contact acp and get my account active for future references.

I said refund because i'm not finished updates my latest payment method to reflect a card that will work,
because he is telling me that I was never billed for a second service amount and my phone was never deactivated. He ALSO tells me that he is only tech support and not billing or acp........................

at this point i'm very uncomfortable and suspicious so I tell him I have finished updating my primary payment method so transfer me to acp.

HE GIVES ME A PHONE NUMBER AND TELLS ME TO CALL IT BECAUSE HE CANT TRANSFER ME OVER LIKE THEY JUST PREVIOUSLY DID, MOMENTS BEFORE. Mind you this is the SAME straight talk phone number I had called previously so this was not another scammer, it was straight talk.

Instead of immediately calling a suspicious phone number I fact check the phone number on google and its the phone number for SAFELINK, not acp or straight talk.

I call and explain the situation, he immediately tells me he needs to transfer me again to escalate it to Safelink tier 2.....

so now its a woman. (also every one of them gave me false names like the man before this woman was named Alexa-us.... he almost caught himself.

The woman answers and immediately asks for my approval number from acp, so I said hold on I have to sign into my acp to get it.

She tells me well I need the last four of your social now.

I told her exactly why I would not give it to her and said let me get the approval code so you can verify my identity a different way.

she scoffs at me and tells me uhmmmm no I cannot help you or give you anything until I have the last four of your social.

I said, the other man and EVERYONE at straight talk sends me a verification code to confirm THEY ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE FIRST, I said I would like this to be done first before I give out this type of credentials to a suspicious number.

She laughs and tells me again, there is nothing I can do until I get the last four of your social, then to be even more rude she pipes up and says; also now I need your birthdate as well, full birthdate please.

I said so you cant send me a verification code first, you don't want my approval acp number then she interrupts me and says she already has everything about me (SOMEHOW BEFORE I GAVE IT TO HER, probably, just simply by my phone number BEING the account username), and she needs my birthdate (to be an ass), social, and full address (then snickers again like i'm psychotic).

So I give her my social and tell her that's all she is getting,
she tells me again there is nothing she can do until she receives ALL THREE.

So I give it to her (and begin recording her for her to clearly hear the record button turn on). She said, "Good news I already found you! So when you receive that verification code let me know", and snickers again.

I attempt to tell her my service may be off so I didn't receive the previous one the tech support guy was waiting for but then it popped up and I gave it to her.

The first thing I ask her, and explain to her that I am going to start off simply with three questions, what does MY purchase history display going back to January, I told her mine it not reflecting correctly and I need to know whether I have owned you a bill since then. I explained to her briefly that I just got told I have not been making my payments since January but my service has been on. (didn't want to give her too much information but assumed she already knew).

I said I NEED to know what payment methods were associated because I fear I was billed again without my knowledge or consent, on an account that SHOULD have blocked the transaction...

I said so my phone will not work and I will get over drafted.

I said, AND I NEED TO KNOW WHAT MY ACTUALLY MONTHLY PAYMENT IS, because on my end; I have been getting billed the FULL amount.

She told me as confusingly as possible that there is a 30 plan for the acp, that excludes five dollars a monthly but you have to go into your account and accept it.

I said, ok so this is the first i'm hearing of this,
I said I have PROOF my original enrollment reflected my bill would only be $5.00 a month. I said and every month I called, I verified that with straight talk and then said everything is fine. Then I explained to her what the guy said about I would be billed the 35$, and then refunded 30.

I asked her if this was all connected?

She paused and nicely explained to me that this is an upgrade to the original acp account that pays 30$ yes, as a credit monthly for your bill. (still confused as shit)

I said so if I do not accept that, which I never have, then I should only be billed 5 dollars a month correct? I said I have not, as far as I can see on my end.

She said correct, but she said the lowest amount is 30 without data and that covers the full 30 we credit to you.

I told her, I USE data, I chose the 35 dollar plan to pay an extra five for gigs because I use mobile data for my job.... I fucking work in IT. (I didn't say that lol) but I said I use it for my job.

she was about to spout off bullshit again (nicely now and sweet.. she's actually really intelligent other than that type of cold hearted attitude like i'm fucking dumb something fishy is not actually going on with her),
I interrupted her and said ok well its good that it sounds like my bill has been covered since January, and I don't owe you anything? Because I was freaking out about an unexpected bill I cant afford, that was over charged, she said yes it covered.

So I asked her, ok spell it out for me I NEED to hear it (on recording), I don't owe you anything, and i've been making monthly payments still since January, but through benefits that acp is covering?

she said yes.........


so I asked her ok those two questions are solved.
I KNOW I was being overcharged, I SAW IT, and CALLED ABOUT IT TWICE previously, and I said and the man on the phone whom had confirmed my payment method with me AGREED I was being billed 35 dollars monthly, AFTER my acp was approved.

But I didn't want to hear her excuse so I said well I can always attempt to confirm that with all my payment methods unless it was being charged from an UNAUTHORIZED and UNKNOWN payment method. (I wish I had the wit to remember those big words but said something more laymen but similar)

I said ok the last question is;
WHAT card or payment method was used for my service now,
I didn't authorize a payment but I received a message that says i'm paid up till July 4th,
and that pretty much my phone works now.

She then explained to me that its working because my acp has been approved, and never went out.... or something similar so me wanting to bash my head against the wall to get questions about VERY SUSPICIOUS interactions occurring answered,

I said well if I don't owe you anything and I will not be billed in the future because the full amount is paid through this benefit then I think i'm good, that's all I need to know. (I wanted to get off the phone so bad to begin looking at EVERY credit card and bank account number I had, to begin reporting this and locating odd transactions.

and honestly I have been suspiciously been getting so many spam calls lately, who knows; maybe since the beginning of January, that I was already going to change my number anyways.

The tech support man kept telling me to look at my bars,
and they have been bouncing around ever since.
I honestly want to chuck this phone that IM CONVINCED they ported into, alongside my fucking straight talk account.

How they collect information is very phishy, They directed me to at least seven people in which I had to give my credentials from my ACP benefits approval form. Having me call at least four separate phone numbers in order to answer THREE questions which should be transparent, AND displayed TO THE CONSUMER about their personal information/transactions. All seven of them had different answers as well as attitudes towards me, none of them gave me their real name. ALL of them asked for the authentication code either first, after social security/address/birthday, in between, or not at all. I didn't feel safe because of it, and after five hours I got my three questions answers.

I will also note that the tech guy kept asking me to look in my mobile data settings for config tabs that did not exist,
and yes he got my IMEI and ICCID

I also attached below proof of the messages from straight talk claim my account fill or whatever they call it was depleted,
and then reinstated

please please investigate if they are stealing phone plans or syphoning one day from one customer, and then one day from another to combine them into a service plan they can sell off as a scam or some evil backhanded thing like this

I even got the impression that they were lead listing my credentials

not to mention my ip kept popping up weird links (mind you I have all the stops, and pop ups disabled)
when I scanned it with a vpn it claims the link was malicious, this was after this insidious debacle
and I NEVER CLICKED A LINK or pressed a button

During this I also told him that my phone had mdm, because I work in cybersecurity; so whatever feature or tab or he was gonna try (to fix).. wouldn't work
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2023.06.04 07:18 rubeeatz Amber and Lying About Her Age

What's up with Amber constantly lying about her age when she's talking about shitty things she's done? She did it when :
This woman can't take accountability for shit, always the innocent naive victim.
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2023.06.04 07:17 Global-Tax-351 Feelings

So I started cutting relatively recently (about two/three months ago) and the first time I did it I was disappointed because I didn't think I felt anything, not sad or happy or even that relieved, it was some wierd null feeling and it made me realize how foreign any actual emotions were to me, from there I went on a downward spiral, cutting everytime I felt particularly terrible to give myself a few days of nothing and it forced me to pay attention to my emotions and how I felt at any given moment and I realized that until then and until I started talking to one of my closest friends about my mental health, I wasn't able to actually feel any complex emotions (at least no identifiable ones), I realized that not EVER being genuinely angry at anyone was an abnormal thing, I realized that copying emotions off of people was probably wierd and I eventually came to the conclusion that I was a borderline sociopath untill I was 13 (I am 14 now [my birthday was a few months back]) and coping with the weird voices that come from actual emotions that talk at me has been really difficult and upsetting with what they say but overall it's been an eye-opening experience and that's what I hate about it, the fact that so much "good" has come from me doing something that's so terrible sucks and I feel like if I tell any more to my friends I'll start to weigh on their minds since I've already said so much
Anyways that's all, thanks for listening to me.
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2023.06.04 07:17 pinotgrigiopls My boyfriend is not growing spiritually.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. We plan to get married next October (2024). Our families know and basically look at us as married. It’s that serious.
I am struggling a lot with my current relationship. From the beginning on day 2 of us just talking I knew that he wasn’t strong in his faith. So I sort of lost interest and did not continue speaking to him. That very night I talked to God and told Him that I don’t think this guy is pursuing you with all of his heart but Lord if by any chance i’m getting it wrong Lord please show me because I only want to do your will.
So I went to bed that night with the intention of not talking to this him again and also letting God do His thing. I woke up the next morning to a message from the him. He sent me a screen shot of an instagram story from a Christian singer talking about Godly Spouses and also another message about how he was praying to God in his car on the way to work and he had a really powerful moment with God. So I was taken a back, i was like woah God really heard my prayer and maybe I shouldn’t give up on this so easily.
So fast forward to now a year and a bit later. Since that time, my bf and I have had issues about faith. I continued to give him chance after chance and he kept saying he loves God and all but what I saw infront of me, his mannerisms, his actions that he chooses to do, the way he lives didn’t reflect someone who was in love with Jesus but rather someone lukewarm. He’s not in his word, he would get drunk (not as much anymore),he still smokes, he curses, he has some anger issues, just bascially living the way we shouldn’t according to God’s word. Also, don’t get me wrong, I know none of us are perfect, we all mess up here and there but the difference is a repentant heart that gets back up and keeps walking towards God. As a person he is an amazing guy. He is SO loyal and devoted to us and loving. He has my back and I his. He is great with my family. He truly does have a good heart. If I was an unbeliever i’d have no problem marrying him. It’s just the faith thing that’s an issue.
Overtime however he has gotten closer to God but some ways of living contrary to the bible still stuck. He used to be inclined to getting drunk at parties with family or any chance he got to drink but now he controls himself. He used to be really angry and defensive during arguments but he has simmered down now. He is more interested in the things of God way more than before but he still is on and off with reading the word, and applying the things of the word in his life. It’s so confusing because he says he loves God but then doesn’t try to grow spiritually, lives in a way that he only feels bad about doing something when he gets caught. He doesn’t get up and repent to Goe. He just keeps going in it until I bring it up or we have a fight. He still claims to love Jesus and have a lot of faith. But my question is wouldn’t that love and faith ultimately lead you to make changes and live a life pleasing to God even in all of our imperfection?
During the last year and a bit, I’ve had so many moments where i‘d cry out to God about what He wants me to do. Does He want me to leave, or stay? And I kid you not, EVERY SINGLE TIME, God has somehow spoken to me and all He’s said was “Trust me”, “Abide”, and “Obey me and I will handle the rest”.
And as close as recently God woke me up one night to pray to Him and He gave me bible verses. I thought hey maybe its just my mind so i decided to check them out. And each one when I read further spoke to this situation and ultimately saying God has so much planned for two of us and that I should stay and abide.
But what’s confusing me is i’ll see posts and videos on social media saying we need to be careful who we marry, or we need to be with someone who loves God and serves God with everything, who is Godly or doing everything they can with God’s strength to be Godly etc
We plan to get married Oct 2024 and I am just feeling anxious to make a decision before it gets permanent in marriage you know? If i’m trying to lead him towards God and he can’t lead himself towards God, how can he lead us and our family towards God after marriage?
I am so confused by this because God has never told me to leave or shut the door when i’ve asked him to. If anything everytime God has spoken to me on this situation, i’m disappointed that He didn’t say to leave. Why am I seeing Christian videos like this saying to leave unequally yoked relationships but God is saying and everytime at that that He wants me to stay and trust him etc
God has told me to stay. But I am left with all of this anxiety. Because my bf says it’s a process and im just trusting God right now. But my bf still isn’t trying to read the word on his own or try to grow. Like he just says he loves God, he trusts God, he has faith in God. But why isnt that love leading him to grow spiritually, want to thirst for God’s word. I just find myself really struggling. Some days I remember what God as said to me about staying and other days i just feel far from my bf and tbh feeling a bit resentful. I just don’t know how to deal with all of these feelings and still love him in the meantime. It’s draining me every day.
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2023.06.04 07:14 winterrains43 Did any of y'all have echolalia as a kid?

I just remembered this and (my parents just confirmed i actually did this) I used to whisper what i wanted to say, and then say it louder. Probably to make sure it sounded good? I looked this up and it said usually kids echo AFTER they say it,(or just repeat what they hear from other people) but i did it before apparently. Is this a thing? Kinda like Brick from "The Middle" but reversed.
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2023.06.04 07:12 Slootie_frootie It’s been 2 months but it’s still eating at me.

It could be a trigger so just incase this is a warning, I just really need to get this out.
My baby passed away on the 31st of March, she had been to two different vets and there was no explanation of what was wrong with her. I knew what it was but I wasn’t listened too, she was showing signs of a blockage and I begged them to check but they said it was sickness from flea medication. She even stayed in overnight, didn’t eat didn’t use the bathroom wasn’t herself at all. And the next day they gave me her, she smelt sweet but sickly and I thought it was just a vet smell but it was her insides breaking down. How did they not notice. They gave me her at half 6 in the evening and at 2:15 in the morning she was gone. In my arms. In excruciating pain crying out for me to help her and I couldn’t. It’s tearing me apart. There’s still stains on the carpet where she threw up and they won’t go away and it’s killing me. And all the vet could say after her and I went through that was, sorry it was a blockage you can to the front desk and order her cremation. My baby went through all that pain. And it’s killing me I couldn’t help or stop it. She was 7, it was supposed to be her birthday on the 12th of April. I’d do anything to have her back, for even just a single moment. I love and miss you forever Sydney.
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2023.06.04 07:12 Free_Remote_2579 Just found this community and Looking for advice and similar cases

Found this community and very happy I did. I’ve been dealing with exfoliative Chelitis for 2 years (although I just realized what it was) and am looking for some advice from anyone who has similar experiences. I’ll try to be concise with my specific symptoms and with my questions.
It all started when I got the Covid-19 vaccine and broke out with my first case of cold sores a couple days after the first dose. From there, yellow crusting and oozing came from those sores and my lips were encased in yellow crust (it was impetigo). After a couple weeks, the crusting became soft enough after a warm shower where I just wiped it off with a q tip. Come to realize, the skin on my lips came off too.
Ever since then, I have been wiping the skin off my lips with a wet q tip to keep up appearances but every couple months I’ll break out in an impetigo infection in the same exact spot as the first time where a cold sore was. Two years of trying every cream you can think of (other skin issues like eczema and folliculitis have came up as well, both firsts)
From reading posts, it seems there’s a common theme of people doing better after not peeling at all. But it’s hard. The skin looks horrible, chunks just fall off when I apply cream, shower, eat ect. I’m on a new combination of cream and am optimistic (I’m going to do my best and not wipe for the next 5 weeks). So here’s what I do: I wake up, brush teeth, then eat then apply the prescribed cream because I found it gets dryer after I eat. So during the day I’ll apply Vaseline with a q tip as needed and right before I go to bed (after brushing my teeth) I’ll apply the second dose of prescribed cream.
I’ve never been able to go more than 2 weeks without wiping the skin off because at some point of not doing anything it will just all fall all and it’s so disheartening and I’ll just wipe off what’s left. Here are some questions I have
  1. Is moisturizer amount case by case? I saw someone say less is better so that your lips are less dependent but someone else said do it constantly to avoid the tingly/dry feeling. How much or little should I do?
  2. Any advice on how to put on cream without chunks of skin coming off? My lips will soak up the cream and turn white and just sit there like a scab before eventually falling off and it’s demoralizing because it just makes me want to take it all off after staring at that scab for a week.
  3. Should I avoid water touching my lips all together? In the shower and when brushing teeth?
  4. How long of not peeling until the lips are manageable (not patchy and white and falling apart)?
  5. When I eat food, residue will get stuck in the soaked skin on my lips and turn it yellow or whatever color the food was and it just sits there. Do I just let it be until the chunks fall off?
If anyone literally has any advice or similar symptoms feel free to add any thoughts here. For a long time I wondered if other people were dealing with this and I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to get better
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2023.06.04 07:12 grapes5678 Going from addiction to other addictions

I want to start off by saying that I don’t really have some big childhood trauma or anything that I think would be causing this (or so I think).
So it’s been about two weeks and I have been watching what I eat (a lot of ketoish foods). I have done diets in the past too but somehow it’s affecting me differently (OR I’m just realizing it now).
I have about 40 lbs to lose to be at my goal weight (what I was before marriage and 2 kids). Ever since I started keto I swear like immediately I have needed to replace my food/sugar addiction with some other kind of addiction. Like initially all I could think about was having alcohol, even though I don’t drink that much (maybe biweekly and even that is in social events or if my husbands drinking). All of a sudden I wanted to drink to feel better or drink alone. I felt like that for the first 4-5 days and then since then I’ve been thinking about sex 24/7 and that’s all I want to do all day. Like 15 year old boy type thinking about sex. I’m a mid 30s woman. I just keep DAYDREAMING of doing something to get dopamine and like nothing is working. There’s this constant need that’s not being met. I don’t know how to handle this. I had some therapy through my work for free but I only have two sessions and in that type of therapy they basically just ask me what’s wrong and the only advice I’ve gotten is to change how I think about things. I think the kind of therapy that deep dives into what’s wrong with you and how to fix it you have to pay out of pocket which I don’t have money for. Anyway my point is did anyone else experience this type of addictive thing? I don’t have like 100 lbs to lose so I never felt like I had a food addiction but it’s so bad.
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2023.06.04 07:11 elin3434 I (26M) made a mistake and got yelled at by my gf(26F)

We’ve been together for 7+ years.
So I was helping her out with moving her money from a traditional bank to a high yield savings account, seeing as we could take advantage of it. Set up the transfer on Thursday night and told her that the money will come out of her checking account, not her savings, (both are connected on BoA). The money being transferred out was a significant amount and would of barely left any money on the checking account.
So the money actually transfers overnight and she’s heading out to work while I’m heading out to walk the dog. Before she gets in the elevator to get to the car, she tells me that she received a notification that her balance on one of the accounts is below $100. So I interpreted that as the transfer went through successfully.
A few minutes later she sends me a message. A screenshot of her bank account with her checking account intact but rather the savings account showing a negative amount of what we intended to transfer out. I didn’t see this as I was walking the dog but soon she calls me after and starts yelling at me.
It takes me a minute or two to figure out what happened, but I tried to explain to her that i must have made a mistake by transferring out the savings instead of checking, and that she can simply transfer the exact amount over from checking to her savings to avoid any fees, while she’s yelling at me over the phone. Although she didn’t say anything insulting or offensive, I didn’t feel that reaction was warranted.
I perhaps should of apologized for making the mistake but i was so taken aback by the fact that I was being yelled at and didn’t know what for originally.
We both take a day of not talking to each other, and I tried to approach her, asking if she’s going to apologize, and she’s adamant that her reaction was justified.
I tried to tell her that you saw that i made a mistake, and told yourself a story that I lost that money somehow, and that upset her, hence leading to her yelling at me.
She then said part of that is true, but the fact that you lied to me about the money being transferred over from the savings rather than checking is more of what led to her reaction.
I’m not really understanding. Yes I made a mistake. But it wasn’t like I lost her money (which she assumed at first when she called me, and if that was actually the case, i could maybe understand her reaction cus it was a good amount of money). It was an easily fixable mistake, which she did herself by transferring the money over.
Idk how exactly to end this post. I guess if the mistake i made objectively is actually that bad, then i have no words to say. But i didn’t and still don’t think it was such a big mistake on my end?
TL;DR I made a mistake of transferring money out of her savings, instead of checking account and got a mouthful. She thinks her reaction was justified because the mistake i “lied” to her, but I don’t think it was just
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2023.06.04 07:11 -picachuu- wtf I thought this is a safe space.. :(

I tried to make my post as vague as possible because I didn't want to attract creeps. this isn't my first time online I know how its, but I got so many disgusting DMs which I know mods can't do anything about it. and so many DMs doubting that what happened to me and saying that I probably "overreacted" they don't know 1 single FACT or any details of what happened to me, not even knowing WHAT EXACTLY happened to me. this doesn't feel like a safe space. It's even worse than telling a family member about it and having them blame you for it. I reported every single DM that was disgusting, disrespectful and sexualizing my experience that they know nothing about. luckily reddit report system did something about it and banned the users. I'm just really disappointed I thought I'm going to get support or at least someone who hears me but instead got people who are doubting something they know nothing about and people who sexualize it so much (btw reddit banned those users cause they either sexualized a girl being a minor or offered to send me C P which is so fucking disgusting) I didn't mention my current age in the post for this specific reason. so if anyone underage too please never ever mention your age or gender. I bet you gonna get worse DMs.
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2023.06.04 07:11 drmanhattanblueballs First weird experience

I ordered from a restaurant that is notorious for taking a long time to fill orders. Unfortunately, my dasher didn’t get that memo and accepted the order right away.
They ended up waiting for the order at the restaurant for over an hour. At the same time, they were texting me that the order was taking too long. I didn’t know how to respond because there is nothing that I can really do about that. Eventually, I received a call from my dasher who had a male voice. He said “I have waited too fucking long for this order. Did you order for a party? I don’t know what the fuck is going on.” Before I could even answer, he hung up.
I contacted door dash support because I was worried about this person handing me my food. They were no help of course. They finished the conversation by telling me that my order was on the way.
My dasher arrives and sends me a text that says “I’m here. They expect me to go outside at night to receive my order. I hesitated, but I was hungry so I went out, and to my surprise this small older woman was handing me my food. No one else was in the car. She was so sweet, and apologized about the wait. I was saying it’s absolutely no problem. I checked my dasher name and it was definitely the name of a woman, so now I have no idea who the person yelling on the phone was. Anything similar happen to anyone else?
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2023.06.04 07:10 final-last-words I (F24) have never had an orgasm. Seeking advice

Hey everyone. I am a female, 24 years old, have never had an orgasm. I’ve done foreplay with a couple of guys but have only had sex with one man, who is my husband. I always enjoy sex and foreplay but I just can’t get “there.” I have tried to masturbate and can’t get an orgasm that way either. I have talked to my partner numerous times about this and how it bothers me, and he says he will do some research but then he never really talks about it again and we just continue to do what we do. I wanted to talk to him about it again but I’ve probably brought it up 10 times since we started having sex many years ago and it has gotten us nowhere so I really don’t know what to do. Again, when he goes down on me or we have sex it feels so good and I have so much fun, I just can’t seem to get there. I tend to get really close but then my clit feels too sensitive so he stops. We did get a couple of vibrators that feel great but again I get to a similar feeling that it’s too sensitive after a while. I got a vibrator that is air suction, which is supposed to be great in aiding my problem but that didn’t help either. I love my husband and we really have no problems, this is the only thing that I guess it’s always in the back of my mind that I wish he tried to at least show more interest in helping me out. I feel really alone and like I’m broken or something. Any tips on what else I could try on my own or with my partner?
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2023.06.04 07:09 haru-_san124 Rover lore

Rover lore
Okay this is from me, and I have see a lot of comments and the video. Unfortunately I didn't get the cbt so chances are this information of lore is wrong, if it is feels free to correct me thank you!
So as far as I know, rover is like a some kind of soldiers from the past. Probably when the war is still happen since their flashback has them pulling out their sword to fight against a monster to which we call them (Tds?) Anyway, at the start of the story we got some kind of cutscenes. And then we wake with yangyang looking at us.
According to bailan, (is that her name? The green lady that summon white thing) say that someone sabotage our place to which cause us to lose memory. According to jiyan, someone wants to keep our past a secret. Then there's shanghen that seems to have become obsessed with us since after we fight crownless, we literally absorb that guy. Or there is some other cutscenes that just hadn't being showed yet, but shanheng did say we literally absorb crownless and he laughed like a maniac. And even say things like. "Revive from Rover"
I have a theory that the person who is talking to us in the first cutscenes is actually the one who made us lose our memory, and chances are we. Rover is much more stronger since we literally comes from previous era and we fight lots of monster. According to yangyang our resonance resonator decide lack in something, which is interesting.
When we try to sign in at the place with chixia, our information are mystery or "blank" this just prove that rover are way older than them all since this guy probably has sleep for more than a couple is years. Maybe 10, 20 or even hundreds. Maybe rover was put to sleep because the person that talk to us in cutscenes wants to protect us and she then put us to sleep for a long time. Or perhaps she just want our past to be secret because she's most likely has a secret and rover know about it. (She looks like a girl so let's call her a girl for now) Or rover is just one of the survivor of the previous era.
The girl who has the same pattern colour with shanghen is probably the "Luna" in this game. She says something about "boss" which means that we, rover are probably being targeted for something. The most Interesting is that, scars, say that if we (rover) absorb more and more and more~ it will revive from Rover?
What is most interesting is how when you think about it, rover might be a killer machine, they are soldier and in their backstory cutscenes, you sees them killing the monster and looks extremely emotionless. Although there is a cutscenes where there is a kid with flower. When you think about it...it makes me wonder if this is the same with doctor from arknights where the "MC" used to someone who is very cold and use people like a tool, and now that they lost their memory they act very different from how they used to.
But rover is still quite cold so I guess it takes some time.
If you read this thank you and also please correct me if I'm wrong. I also wants to know more and more about rover!
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2023.06.04 07:08 ComfortableSundae436 Feeling Jealous and Insecure in my Relationship: Need Advice

Hello! I just want to vent my feelings. I really need to, and I just don't have anyone to tell this to that I can trust Sorry for spelling errors, etc. just need to get this out.
I should say that he and him are waiting until we meet each other (might be pretty soon actually!) to make things official! Anyway
I been very upset lately and that's because he will meet his online friend shew trans! (Born as a boy) and I have always been jealous of her and he knows that but when I told him he just said thanks for being honest with me which it really didn't make me feel even better about it. They have said how they see each other as siblings and she calls me his wife sometimes but today something really bothered me I wanted to play minecraft with him since I made him a cute world lol anyway i texted him id we could play together since i made him something but then I saw they were playing together so great. I was about to delete my message when he answered so that was great I told him that what I was going to ask he invited to join them I didn't want to I feel like she hates me also so I jusy couldn't I wanted it to be us just us 2 but my friends kept saying to jusy go so I did. I joined it was so cute though! They had flamingos and many animals I asked where they were and they ignored me they kept talking to each other but not me which really made me feel bad and so I left. It made me feel very sad and unwanted and that moment.
I'm very jealous that they are going to see each other next week as well. I can't brush it off that they secretly like each other it really bugs me and I don't want to ask since it's probably just me. I can't handle it and it's really affecting me. I know he won't text me much for being with her and they also going to vlog hanging out :( I really don't want to see it he seems more happy with her so I unsubbed from her channel and muted her notifications I don't wish to see it ever. I'm scared he won't text me much for being with her and that his and my feelings will change but mine are really being affected and will get worse when they see each other.
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2023.06.04 07:08 Plagueboybunnny Capitol One Teen checking inquiry, account restrictions or check processing time?

{Mobile, sorry for the ass format}
 For context I'm 16, I just made my first check of 100 dollars yesterday. I decided to go with Capitol One Money (teen checking and savings account) because it was well rated for kids my age and had no fees or minimums to it. However I'm beginning to regret my decision. The day I made the account, within about an hour of it's creation, I already had issues with phone number verifications, account edits etc. I had created the acc, deposited my check via their camera feature, and that was when I ran into issues. After a lengthy couple transfers and convos, the issue was resolved, and I was able to log in properly. It did say that my check would be available at a later date, and that it would take a couple business days to process. While longer than I expected I didn't really care. I just wanted to check the schedule for my card shipment (debit, I have no credit set up with them and I don't think I ever will at this rate) and see if maybe by some weird twist my check processed early. However today when I log in, it says that my 'Money isn't available for withdrawal' and to call a number (I think customer service). I checked to see if I could ask the assistant (Eno) about my check processing time, and the response was that 'My account may be restricted', which is bonkers cause I just logged into it, have completely minted and correct info logged in, and haven't had any suspicious activity alerted to me or anything. All I did was deposit a check, and fix my verification set up through a couple phone calls yesterday. I don't know if it's because I cashed my check before the verification issue or what, this is my first time ever making a decision this financially important (100 bucks doesn't seem like much but it's my first ever paycheck so I'm pretty stoked about it, and I just really wanna do this all correctly without messing up), and if I'm being transparent the anxiety is just mounting. I've made the right decisions and logged everything correctly, so I can't think of it being something I could have done. I'm new and fresh to all of this and wildly inexperienced in this area. I chose this bank in particular because of its advertisement towards non difficulties. Has anyone had this issue with a Capitol One Money account before? Or with random account restrictions? Any and all advice is welcome, I'm incredibly wary after having run into so many obstacles not even a couple days into this account set up.I'm heavily considering just withdrawing my money when (and if) it goes through and closing the account. I wanted a semblance of independence, and interest building, but I don't think capitol one is right for me at this point. Please, any insight from a more experienced person on this issue would be so super helpful. 
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2023.06.04 07:08 ComfortableSundae436 Feeling Jealous and Insecure in my Relationship: Need Advice

Hello! I just want to vent my feelings. I really need to, and I just don't have anyone to tell this to that I can trust Sorry for spelling errors, etc. just need to get this out.
I should say that he and him are waiting until we meet each other (might be pretty soon actually!) to make things official! Anyway
I been very upset lately and that's because he will meet his online friend shew trans! (Born as a boy) and I have always been jealous of her and he knows that but when I told him he just said thanks for being honest with me which it really didn't make me feel even better about it. They have said how they see each other as siblings and she calls me his wife sometimes but today something really bothered me I wanted to play minecraft with him since I made him a cute world lol anyway i texted him id we could play together since i made him something but then I saw they were playing together so great. I was about to delete my message when he answered so that was great I told him that what I was going to ask he invited to join them I didn't want to I feel like she hates me also so I jusy couldn't I wanted it to be us just us 2 but my friends kept saying to jusy go so I did. I joined it was so cute though! They had flamingos and many animals I asked where they were and they ignored me they kept talking to each other but not me which really made me feel bad and so I left. It made me feel very sad and unwanted and that moment.
I'm very jealous that they are going to see each other next week as well. I can't brush it off that they secretly like each other it really bugs me and I don't want to ask since it's probably just me. I can't handle it and it's really affecting me. I know he won't text me much for being with her and they also going to vlog hanging out :( I really don't want to see it he seems more happy with her so I unsubbed from her channel and muted her notifications I don't wish to see it ever. I'm scared he won't text me much for being with her and that his and my feelings will change but mine are really being affected and will get worse when they see each other.
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2023.06.04 07:08 Livelifeforyouokay Mom says flirty things to my boyfriend

So my mom is married to my dad so it’s not like she’s single . She doesn’t have friends , because she judges everyone , and is kind of a hostile person . And it seems like she doesn’t like anyone , but she loves my boyfriend . She talks to him more than she talks to me . Defends him in every situation even when he’s in the wrong . Gets upset if he leaves for a long time she will be like “where is he?” I’m like why do you care … She makes sexual jokes all the time , and looks at him while laughing . When he calls for me and says babe she will be like “yes babe?” And laughs & then he will start talking to me . She says flirty shit . I mean one time she went as far as having a squirt bottle and was squirting him in his private area and I was like wth and in front of her I told my dad what she did , and she was all trying to brush it off . I find it so disrespectful, and irritating . It’s to the point where I’m starting to really not like her , and it makes me feel bad . Like why do I have to feel guilty for feeling this way when she’s the one that is being disrespectful. Pretty sure she has a crush on him and she’s bored with her life because she doesn’t have a social life , but it’s so wrong .. I don’t even have a question just venting … I’d talk to her and tell her what she is doing is wrong , but she doesn’t care and will continue to do so because she will just say it’s innocent bullshit .. my boyfriend doesn’t flirt back or anything weird so I’m not worried about the situation it’s just so annoying.
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