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A place to discuss the terrible state of the modern world that has resulted from the progressive religion of egalitarianism. Topics: Dark Enlightenment, Neoreaction, Moldbug. "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

2023.03.20 23:58 ooh-aah-cantona The 10 coincidences that link Resident Evil and COVID - a dead theory resurrected - the occult symbolism of the elite exposed for the general public - more to be added in due course. These signs are not to be taken lightly - something deeper is definitely afoot. Looking forward to hearing opinions..

The 10 coincidences that link Resident Evil and COVID - a dead theory resurrected - the occult symbolism of the elite exposed for the general public - more to be added in due course. These signs are not to be taken lightly - something deeper is definitely afoot. Looking forward to hearing opinions..
In December 2019, when the COVID virus started to gain media attention and turn from just a simple problem into a worldwide issue, people started to join the dots. Some of those dots were connected to the franchise Resident Evil. But later on it was quickly dismissed as being simply paranoia. The Only links people made were a simple anagram and a logo, 'debunked' by sceptics.
In this post, I will explain not only those links but the multiple other links that have never been truly realised or mentioned. These links have accumulated significance through the last 3 years.
It is my belief that these multiple links are examples of occult symbology, placed in plain sight to let us know that this is far from just a random event. Similar examples of symbology exist throughout various other false flags, hoaxes and orchestrated events by the elite, and COVID is no exception.
Please allow me to delve deep into the multiple similarities and coincidences within the COVID story and it's apparent association with Resident Evil.
So, without further ado, let's get started:
In the franchise Resident evil, a virus is created by a pharmaceutical company called "The Umbrella Corporation" which turns many of the residents of the city into zombie-like creatures.
Of course there's no prizes for guessing how this relates to theories surrounding the Corona Virus. By now we can be confident in saying that the Corona virus originated in the Wuhan lab, regardless of the various other stories the media try to push on us.
"Resident Evil puts players in the middle of Raccoon City where a virus is turning people into the living dead. A company called the Umbrella Corporation created the virus in a biotech lab in hopes of creating a biological weapon. The virus eventually leaks out, rapidly infecting anyone it comes in contact with, turning the infected into bloodthirsty zombies." ~ CBR
DJ Kaled advert from 2019
The main city in Resident Evil and the only setting for Resident Evil 1 is called Raccoon City. Another spelling for 'Raccoon' is 'Racoon', with 1 'C' - if you rearrange the letters, you get.... CORONA
Racoon Anagram
Originally people thought that the logo for the Wuhan Lab was the same as the Umbrella Corporation. Eventually this was debunked as being untrue, but it turned out that there was a lab, 500 miles from Wuhan called RLSW. The logo is exactly the same...
RLSW Logo (Left), Umbrella Corporation logo (Right)
In Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE: Veronica there is a room called C-19 in the Clock Tower stage of the game.
Most conspiracy theorists will be aware that the film Back to the Future 1 is absolutely riddled with 9/11 symbology. The finale of this film is solely based on one part of the town: the Clock Tower. The reason for this being that it is a 'wink' to conspiracy theorists. Surely you would have to do two things to pull this off - either know much further in advance the event was going to take place, or be able to time travel. Hence 'Back to the Future' and the 'Clock' Tower. This is a symbolic reference to not only the film and it's symbolic relevance, but also the ability to link multiple events together, for the purpose of occult symbolism.
You can see a good documentary regarding BTTF symbolism by clicking this link.
C-19 room circled top left
Medical Packaging
The makers of Resident Evil are Capcom. One of the companies that provide medical packaging for delivering Covid-19 samples, is called Com-Pac. What is Com-Pac an anagram of? You guessed it - Capcom.
Com-Pac Logo
You can see the page on their site describing their medical packaging for delivering Covid-19 samples by clicking this link.
Lets remind ourselves at how dangerous the vaccines have proved to be. People have become seriously ill and some have died as a result of taking it. In the original game, there is an anti-virus bomb. This could easily be a symbolic reference to the dangers of the vaccine.

The Anti-Virus Bomb in Resident Evil 1
Virus Similarities
Here is an exert from a Windows Central article posted May 11, 2020, much of which would have made sense in terms of debunking then, but which seems much more relevant now;
"There are a lot of similarities between the T-Virus at the heart of the early Resident Evil games and COVID-19, which is currently making its way across the world's population. Obviously, the T-virus is worse than COVID-19 since it's always fatal and turns you into a member of the undead, but both diseases elicit similar paranoias. Both can be prevented by ensuring people don't go outside and exposing yourself to others, which puts you at risk of contracting it and then spreading it to others.
In the Resident Evi 3 remake, Jill Valentine, a S.T.A.R.S. officer in Raccoon City, teams up with members of Umbrella to help rescue survivors. The problem is that, as Mikhail Viktor of the U.B.C.S. says, most will become members of the undead. This is standard pandemic fare. As the population waits for a cure, many will die. Depending on the severity of the illness at the pandemic's core, it could be millions. Across media, a pandemic could mean the end of the world, whether you're looking at the Planet of the Apes prequel trilogy or The Walking Dead.
The difference is that in the real world, pandemics have been temporary. The Black Death swept through Europe and killed millions, but Europe continued on anyway. The influenza epidemic of 1918, the last disease to sweep through the U.S. in a way similar to COVID-19, did not turn the country into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Even though we've faced doomsday events throughout our history, we still managed to survive. This will remain true with COVID-19, even after massive suffering.
It's certainly not the case with the T-virus in Resident Evil, which not only kills a lot of people but reshapes the world with destruction. The pandemic becomes the new normal for people in that universe, and only you can stop it." ~ Windows Central
The text can be seen by clicking this link here.
The below image from Resident Evil 3 is symbolic of the power the Corona Virus has over the minds of the general public.
Resident Evil 3
Lowest US Life Expectancy Since 1996 Linked to COVID-19
What video game franchise started with it's first release in 1996? Resident Evil 1.
How strange then, would it be, keeping in mind everything I've detailed above, that the US life expectancy is at the lowest it's ever been since 1996, and that these studies have been linked to C-19?
"During this period, US life expectancy dropped to about 73 years for men and to about 79 years for women, the lowest levels since 1996. Three-quarters of overall life expectancy lost during this period was attributed to COVID-19 deaths, according to a CDC statement. The deaths contributed to a growing gap in life expectancy between US men and women, which increased from 4.8 years in 2010—the lowest ever recorded—to about 6 years in 2021." ~ Jama Network
You can see the full article by clicking this link.
C-19 sampling in action
In Resident Evil, one of the main characters is Chris Redfield. In the Investigation of Umbrella, Chris Redfields mission is to destroy the Umbrella Corporation lab.
Then 2 weeks ago, in a real-life scenario, Dr Robert Redfield comes forward explaining how the COVID origin story doesn't require any further investigation, and that it definitely came from the Wuhan lab. Symbolically, what Redfield is trying to do is to destroy the Wuhan lab's reputation.
Chris Redfield (Top), Dr Robert Redfield (Bottom)
Raccoon Dog
2 weeks after this story breaks, and everyone is pretty much convinced that the virus came from the Wuhan lab, suddenly a new story breaks. That it didn't come from the lab, but that it came from a Raccoon dog. Possibly the most absurd twist in the story. Why is this only being mentioned now and where did this strange story come from? It seems like too much of a coincidence, especially now since we know the relevance between the Corona Virus and Raccoon City.
News Story Results Regarding the Raccoon Dog on Google
Ok, so that's 10 extremely strange coincidences in total listed here, and I believe there are more that I am currently working on and will be adding in due course.
The odds of all these elements becoming apparent are on an astronomical scale, and could only possibly be noticed if they truly bared significant relevance to COVID.
It is my belief that these multiple coincidences are symbolic references, showing us not only who is in control, but also at the same time absolving the cabal of their wrong doings. You can find out more about this by looking deeper into the occult practices of the elite.
I look forward to hearing everyone's opinions on all of this. Coincidence? I think not. Is something deeper afoot? Most definitely.
Cantona-Lynx 1084
If you have anything that you feel needs adding, please let me know. If I think it is relevant enough then I will add it to this post.
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2023.03.20 23:57 Tagrenine Can someone please help me understand how exactly I’m supposed to get pubs?

Radiology attending and PD for our institution told me they’re not necessary for rads and they just “need to like me”. That said, he’s trying to involve me in case studies, but my institution does not allow us access to medical records until the end of second year sooooooo
I talked to radiation oncology, who offered to help, but told me most stuff they work on either isn’t published, or takes 4+ years to finish. Then went on about how he isn’t sure what the job market will look like in 7 years, but it’s bad now. But loves his job.
I want to fill my summer and the rest of my spring trying to fill in those “gaps”. PD for rads told me they don’t really know how to differentiate applicants anymore other than step 2.
Like, what do I do? Who do I bother to work on research that will actually get published?
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2023.03.20 23:57 tinkering_clock My girlfriend keep moving the time to get kids, and now she said she don't want kids.

I am a male age 36 (turning 37 this year) and my girlfriend is 30 (turning 31 this year). We've been dating since 2018 and generally most of the time get a long quite well. I've helped her during her hard times and her studies, and now she has a job. She don't cook at all, and I'm the one doing mostly the cooking. She helps out now and then with cleaning and sometimes with groceries. She moans and complains about buying groceries that she hate it. She sometimes ask me "how can people work 40 hours a week?". Her family situation is of course a bit more troublesome then mine. She supports her mom that overspends all the time so we can't buy a place together. I'm the one financing our whole living situation and we're living in smaller apartments while many of my younger friends have already gotten a bigger apartment to prepare for family. She keeps a side hustle, but its so she can go travel to her mom and they just play around all day while she works from abroad.
I've been pretty clear with her that I want family one day. We've been joking a bit with what name we want to give the kid, and so forth. From time to time she post things on Instagram, memes of people using money for traveling and living freely instead of wasting it or being tied down to kids. We discuss from time to time, and we try to discuss when we might be ready for kids. In the beginning she said 2 maybe in two years, but then the problem is, for every year pass by, it's "in two years".
I totally respect that it is her body, a woman will have to go through so much more than a man in this case to get a kid. But in one way she keeps pushing the goal post further, while posting memes or jokes about "no kids life". I tried to talk about it with her that getting kids one day will be sacrifices and we should both want it, not only me. She keeps on telling me, "if we get kids I'll do it for you and dump the kid with you and your parents".
Now things have gone a bit forward and she continues with this. I tell her I have to ask because I ain't getting younger. It's breaking me to pieces as it seems that she slowly has made it up her mind she doesn't want kids, but she kinda don't wanna leave me as I am kinda providing for our central apartment and cooking food all the time. Plus she has much to deal with her mom, so I think she's exhausted by thinking about it and this time she told me she compares with our friends.
I am really unsure what to do and how to tackle this problem. Every time we discuss it we end up arguing.
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2023.03.20 23:54 snappypuppy0 Sinking feeling

First time poster here but I’m not really sure who else to even articulate this feeling to or maybe I just needed to write this down somewhere (sorry).
I’ve recently started to recognise that I’ve been going through a depressive episode over the last few months and I can’t seem to get out of it. I’ve had a few cases of depression in the past which I sought counselling for but only briefly as it didn’t work out for me but this time feels so much more raw.
In the last six months my life has kind of been all over the place from graduating university and gaining employment straight out of graduation. This was great and I had an awesome summer surrounded by my friends and partner. However, since entering the autumn my job became unbearable and I felt as if everyday I was just on autopilot. This “just getting by” feeling seemed to be my motto for the next few weeks leading into winter which then became worse due to the unexpected passing of a close relative. I then began to experience extreme anxiety in my life and I second guessed everything I was doing at this time. I turned to alcohol and drugs at the weekend to try and salvage some enjoyment in my life (which really was just a way to numb how horrible I was feeling every week day). I would then wake up on the Monday and the cycle would repeat.
I decided after the new year to quit my grad job and return to a lower mentally taxing (and paying) job which I did previously during my studies. This was great for the first few weeks however I started suffer economically due to the lower income and higher costs of living (the lovely uk cost of living crisis strikes again). I then started turning back to bad habits at the weekend to forget my main issues during the week and now I feel the lowest mentally that I have ever been.
I know most of these issues are caused from said bad habits but I fear I have put myself into more of a financial hole than before and that I have a constant dread that I have wasted my life and disappointed my friends and family who were proud of me in the summer and now I fear they may look on me differently.
I’m not really sure what to do now as I wake up constantly wishing I could stay in bed all day and just sleep to not be plagued by all these constant negative thoughts
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2023.03.20 23:52 Skinnyyungwheatbread MarketingWeek Subscription, worth it or find alternative?

Considering subscribing to MarketingWeek. Love the content, but at $760 CAD/year, this is a significant investment in my development/education.
Are there similar publications touching on similar content? Im especially interested in their write ups on brand building, long vs short term marketing, and general case studies. More than anything, i enjoy the data backed approach to the publication.
Thank you!
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2023.03.20 23:50 EaterOfBits 10 months old stranger anxiety

Hi all!
I would like to ask about experiences with separation anxiety and stranger anxiety.
Our son began to be afraid of strangers, (get clingy and hide his face), when someone visited us at around 8 months.
He is a bit older than 10 months now and the anxiety got a bit worse. Today we had to go home from a baby sensory class. If someone was looking at him he just cried and kept hiding and clinging to us, refusing to play. This was not the case last week.
Also he does cry after mom sometimes when she leaves the room even, if I hold him (I'm the dad)
Should I be worried, or is this one of those first child things we overreact?
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2023.03.20 23:49 sierrathekitten Greenleafrp 18+

Greenleafrp 18+

GreenLeafRP 18+ Whitelist Serious RP Recruiting LEO, EMS, Realty, Mechanics GABZV MLOs
Welcome to GreenLeaf RP, a bustling and immersive roleplaying community for Grand Theft Auto V's FiveM mod. If you're looking for a place to engage in exciting and varied roleplay, you'll love what we have to offer.
On our server, you'll find a wide range of roleplaying options to choose from. If you're interested in criminal roleplay, you'll find a vast amount of opportunities to take part in including:
  • jewelry store heists
  • bank truck heists
  • convenience store robberies
  • oil rig heists
  • car boosting
  • Player to player robbing
  • Players can chop stolen vehicles for parts and craft illegal items!
With a variety of different heists and robberies to choose from, there's always something exciting happening on our server.
Criminal roleplay isn't the only thing we have to offer. If you're looking for a more lax civilian roleplay experience, we have plenty of options for you as well. Players are able to work regular jobs or start their own player-owned businesses, giving you the chance to live out your everyday life in the game world. There are lots of different jobs and businesses to choose from, and with the support of our dedicated staff team, you'll have everything you need to succeed.
In addition to the above roleplaying options, we also have a number of white-listed jobs that are essential to the daily functioning of our server. These jobs include positions such as:
  • Police officers
  • Rangers
  • Doctors
  • Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel.
  • DOJ
  • Lawyers
These roles are important for maintaining order and safety in the game world, and we are always looking for new players to join these ranks. Whether you're interested in joining the police or EMS, becoming a Lawyer or a Doctor, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced staff team and receive training and support to help you succeed in your role within the community.
In addition to our criminal and civilian roleplaying options, we also offer something that sets us apart from other servers: the ability to play supernatural characters! On GreenLeaf RP, players are able to request and play vampires, werewolves, and other creatures, adding a whole new layer of depth and variety to the game world. Whether you're a seasoned roleplayer looking for something new and different, or you're just getting started and looking for a place to explore your creativity, you'll find plenty of opportunities to do so on our server.
To ensure that justice is served in the game world, we have a fully-functioning court system in place. Players who are arrested have the option of pleading guilty or not guilty, and if they plead not guilty, they can go to court and present their case to a judge. The court system also includes an appeal process, which allows players to challenge their convictions if they believe they were unfairly judged. Players can also sue other players or businesses through the civil court system if they feel they have been wronged. With a fair and balanced legal system in place, you can feel confident that you'll be treated fairly and justly no matter what role you choose to play on our server.
But the roleplay experience on GreenLeaf RP isn't just about what you do in the game. We also have a thriving and active community on our Discord server and website, which are great places to connect with other players and get involved in the server's many events and activities. We have a variety of channels dedicated to different roleplaying groups and interests, as well as general chat channels where you can hang out with other players and make new friends. Our staff team is always available to answer questions and offer support, and we have a number of helpful guides and resources available to help you get started.
We are always looking for new members to join our community and become part of the GreenLeaf RP family. Whether you're a seasoned roleplayer looking for a new challenge, or you're just starting out and looking for a place to learn and grow, you'll find a welcoming and supportive community here. Our staff team is dedicated to ensuring that the server operates smoothly and that all players have a positive and enjoyable experience. If you're interested in joining us, please feel free to join our Discord server using this invite link: [] or visit our website at for more information. You can also connect directly to the server using the following address:
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2023.03.20 23:45 dj_chino_da_3rd Online 5e

Sundays at 8 est
Sup yo. Looking for one more player for a homebrew campaign. Chill vibes. Fun setting.
I am the world’s okayest dm. I make sure the campaign is a steady pace of rp and combat. I get bored easily so I try to make sure if one session is heavy rp, the next one is heavy combat. If 3 sessions are all combat, the next few are rp. You get it. I am also an old man mascarading as a young person. I struggle with tech a lot BUT I AM GETTING BETTER AT IT.
We have a wizard who can’t cook and has a vendetta against fish.
Second we got a wizard who can’t help but hiding in the shadows with a dagger. He’s tots a wizard
Lastly we got a warlock who is struggling between sugar daddies. You know how it be.
Currently, they are struggling to clean up their mess after having destroyed a cursed blade that was holding in a god of destruction with a cannon. It only took them leaving two islands to be in ever lasting hellfire for them to begin working on a solution.
The world is low magic. After the first Great War, people were like “yo, maybe don’t do crazy high magic?” So they lost most magics that were above 5th level. Magic items are a rarity, and most people are melee because they fear the old magic.
Lastly, and this is the gimmick of the world. We only have starting phb stuff. No rune knights, no time mages, no monster races. Back to basics. The reason being, it’s a fresh new world that is just starting to figure things out. HOWEVER, all those classes can be unlocked by finding them, creating them on your own through time and study, and by being tutored by someone who is already a Master of it. We try to keep it pg, but we have moments where things get a bit dark.
If this sounds like your jam please message me on Reddit or the discord Miscellaneous Merengue#5281. Holla at ya BOII. And in case you were not aware, I am said BOII.
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2023.03.20 23:40 Creepy-Ad-3490 Fake pianist videos removed

A YouTuber made a very interesting video about how midi pianist were faking (editing volumes of notes/speeding up sections).
Pianists used as case studies/maybe found faking were kassia, roussea, traum and 1 other I can’t quite remember.
I can’t seem to find the video anymore, here’s a video he made talking about the subject
But I can’t find the original, shame because it was really insightful
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2023.03.20 23:37 jjjjjjoun [USA-CA][H] NCASE M1 v6.0, LOUQE Ghost S1, RTX 2070S FE [W] Paypal

Item: Price (CONUS only), Paypal G&S only Available? Y/N
NCASE M1v 6.0 in Silver $75 shipped Y
LOUQE Ghost S1 in Silver $75 shipped Y
Nvidia RTX 2070S Founders Edition $300 shipped Y
Want Everything? $400 shipped
I am the original owner of all items. For all items, there is nothing functionally wrong. For the SFF cases, there are a few blemishes on the exterior surfaces. I will include the original boxes and the standard extra accessories that came with the cases but I cannot guarantee you will get everything that originally came with the cases. Everything needed to build inside of the case is there though.
There is no local pick-up at this time. Prices are firm. First come, first serve. Invoices will need to be paid for within 24 hours or I am canceling the invoice. Please leave a comment before PMing, chat will be ignored. I am happy to provide additional photos, upon request.
Also, I do not have confirmed trades here but am active on mechmarket and have confirmed transactions there.
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2023.03.20 23:36 MakoLazler I got a job offer from a leading tax and financial firm as a data analyst without any experience whatsoever. I need tips ASAP!

Ok, so here's what you need to know:
I have a 7 month gap in my resume. I moved home from abroad where I worked as a warehouse employee, in hopes of settling in that country. It went all well but I moved home in the end because I could not keep up a long distance relationship with my partner, who did not want to settle there.
I spent the next 7 months studying web developement, helping my brother start his gardening business, partying and wasting time (which I enjoyed, no remorse btw), and just generally take a long, hard look at myself and what I want to do. For a long time I thought I'd break up with my partner and try my luck abroad, but that day never came.
So here I am, wanting to move to my current country's capital. I started applying for vacancies last week. Mostly administrative office jobs that can be done without much experience and only require basic computer literacy.
Out of nowhere, one of the biggest tax firms reach out to me with a data analyst position. I didn't apply. I instantly and enthusiasticly said I'm interested.
I never worked with such a huge company before. In fact, I only worked for fairly small businesses with very little teamwork involved. Now I know for a fact that these companies value teamwork very highly.
I went to uni, studied business and economics, specialised in marketing but never finished it. I was all in for my studies (economics and marketing is something I am interested in to this day) but not for the college life, so I took minimal part in applying myself to projects or volunteering.
Now, knowing what you know, how can I ace my upcoming interview? They'll call me tomorrow and I'm so nervous.
This is a huge opportunity for me as I want to expand on my web developement knowledge or just do something with IT in general. I crave knowledge and challange.
I'd be happy to take any position from this company.
How can I maximalize my chances of success on the phone, and in an in person interview? I never even attended one! (Well, I'd call them meetups rather than interviews)
Please shower me with all your precious knowledge, tips, practices, things to say, say a prayer for me to any God you prefer or help any way you can!
I'll be forever grateful!
Feel free to ask for any additional info in case you need it.
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2023.03.20 23:35 CrypticBalcony On torture in media

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2023.03.20 23:26 Upstairs-Argument-92 Critique would be helpful, and also appreciated

This is just the intro, and the 1st chapter of the book I'm working on, I'm going for a adventure/supernatural kind of thing, I haven't asked many people to read what I have so far, so I was hoping I could get some help here, thank you, and enjoy what I think I'm gonna name Lineage of Sin

A human can do many things, some good, some bad, but they cannot comprehend the world that was given to them by god, but the men and women we’ll be talking about are not of this world, nor were they created by god. Well, I can’t say they are just men and women, they are more than that, I suppose you could call them beings of sorts. Powerful beings, so powerful their very own birthplace couldn't contain them, the pits of hell itself.
Chapter 1: Friendly Reunion
A man is walking down the streets of New York City, he was someone you would notice if you walked past him, his outfit was slightly unusual, but he was well-dressed. He wore a big black coat with fur on his sleeves and on his collar, underneath he wore a white dress shirt over a gray vest and a black dress jacket, with black tailored pants with gray dress shoes, Unusual looking rings on each of his finger on his left hand, and a large black briefcase with a white inlay in his right, and long white hair that went past his shoulders. The man was walking to his favorite restaurant, five-star of course, he had a craving for meat. The man hardly had a care in the world, just thinking about whatever he desired, but while lost in thought he managed to notice something that didn’t belong. Something he was hoping to avoid during his stay in New York, he realized he was being followed. The man realized he probably won't be able to make his reservation on time, so he looked through the corner of his eyes to see who or what was following him. A man dressed in formal attire, as if he is a lawyer, or an important company's Ceo, but the man knew better, he knew he wasn’t some average joe you’d see on the street. The man looked around his surroundings, he walked towards an alley he spotted on his right, the strange man continued to chase after him down to the alley, but when he looked down the alley there was no one there. The stalker carefully, yet casually walked down the alley, the stalker was worried he would be discovered, so he wanted to end his business quickly, he walked down to the end of the alley, nothing but overfilled garbage cans. The alleyway was a deadend, so he assumed that he may have climbed out of the alley, but he doubted it since there wasn’t much time for the man to do so, he was starting to to believe that he actually climbed out of the alley, since he was nowhere in sight. He decided to turn back around to continue to search for the man he was tasked with stalking. As soon as he reached the entrance to the alley, he heard the sound of rocks, rocks falling on the ground. He turned around to face the man he was stalking, who was standing in a hole in the ground. “You were hiding underground? What are you, a mole?” The stalker mockingly said. “More demon than mole, really. You smell human, but I sense a strong flow of magic coming off you, are you a mage?” The man questioned the stalker, hoping he could find the reason why someone sent a magic user to follow him. He had few people in mind who would do this, but he knew none of them had a reason to do it, so he will have to question the stalker to answer the questions he needs to know. “I’m a Conjuration Mage, a fairly good one, if I do say so myself, and I’ve been charged with escorting you to my employer.” The man sighed, he scratched the back of his head a couple times, it appeared to be a nervous habit, which is very unbecoming for someone like him. “Well, I guess it can’t be helped, you should know the chances of you making it out alive are pretty low, nothing against you, of course, I just think maybe we can both agree that I’m far stronger than you, that is of course, if you know who I am.” the stalker tsked, he had loosened his tie, so that he may toss it onto the ground. “Do I know who you are? You are one of the seven deadly sins, Mammon, the sin of greed, correct?” The man known as Mammon softly cackled, almost like a maniac, but more subtle, more like the craziness is under control, yet slowly leaking out. “Yes, you know who I am, but I don’t know who you are, you told me you’re a mage, but that isn’t a identity, that is a affiliation, and besides, I can tell just by looking into your eyes, that you take no pride in being a mage, you desire more than that, you want to be stronger, you want to be the strongest mage of all, an archmage.” The stalkers eyes widened, he had never told anyone his one true desire, the last time an archmage was alive was nearly 3,000 years ago, but he had read books upon books on how to become an archmage, but it all pointed nowhere, he has been trying to become an archmage for almost 20 years, but has failed in every attempt, granted that even if you trained your entire life to become a archmage, the chances of you achieving it are incredibly low, it requires true talent to become an archmage, but there just aren’t any genius around anymore. “It appears you aren’t called the sin of greed for nothing, you know exactly what my heart desires, what I have yearned for all my life, and my name is Samuel, Samuel the Golem Tamer.” Mammon whistled, as if he was impressed. “If you specialize in golems, than all that training to become an archmage wasn’t all for nothing, the last time I saw a mage who was actually good at controlling golems was about a thousand years ago, controlling one golem is immensely difficult on its own, but judging the quantity of magic I sense from you,you can control at least three of them at once, but I’m guessing they’re size is smaller than a normal golem.” “It’s like you can read my mind, yes your right, I can summon up to three at a time, but the size of them isn't all that impressive, so that's why I’m just going to make one big one to subdue you, I’m not ignorant enough to underestimate someone like you, a sin I mean.” Samuel had studied more than your usual mage, he knew very well who the seven deadly sins are, Lucifer the proud, Satan the furious, Leviathan the jealous, Beelzebub the voracious, Belphegor the indolent, Asmodeus the lascivious, and finally Mammon the avaricious, that is the demon that stands before this human mage, and he is also one of the five founder demons of hell. At the beginning of creation,god first made heaven, and then the earth, and finally he decided to create hell, but what god did not expect was that he would not be the only creator that day, out of some unknown source hell itself created the five founder demons, Satan, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Mammon, and Belphegor, one of the benefits the founder demons discovered is that when they gained the powers of hell, or dark magic, they gained the power of the five elements, Mammon is the soil of hell, or also known as the earth, meaning he has complete mastery of earth magic, which is how he helped humans discover and mine gold, that is also how he was hiding in the ground, but when god learned that his own creation would follow his example, he was impressed and decided to let them be, later on these demons would consist of the majority of the seven deadly sins, Lucifer and the Leviathan would later be exiled to hell, after Lucifer rebelled against hell, with the Leviathan aiding him, god left the seven of them alone, he believed that they would figure something out on their own, and they all fought to see who would reign over hell, Lucifer ended up being the winner by a small margin, but what should be mentioned is that Mammon and Satan, the sin of greed and wrath, did not participate in this bout, they thought it would be a waste of time, but if the two of them did join that fight, the winner might not have been Lucifer, It may have been one of the two who did not participate for the thrown of hell, but we will never know for sure, but regarding all that, the demon who is standing infront of this human mage, is more far powerful than he realized. Mammon had walked towards Samuel, his left hand in his pocket, his right holding on to his, what appeared to be a briefcase, while he was walking towards him, Samuel had recited an incantation, when he had finished a barrier appeared at the entrance to the alley, leaving no way to escape, Samuel had done this for two reasons, one was to hide themselves from normal humans, on the other side of the barrier is an illusion, showing no one standing in that alley, when regular humans learn that a mage and a demon clashing in a small alley, there tends to be a bit of a panic, the second reason was to shorten the moves Mammon could make, he could not retreat or try to hold a human as a hostage, of course Samuel didn’t know that Mammon wouldn't have done either of them, he wouldn’t want to waste time like that, he decided to let it be and just let him continue with the whole good samaritan thing, letting him think he was helping people. “Mammon, I told you I specialize with summoning golems, which I do, but what I did not tell you that these are the golems of the ancients, a elemental golem, but I took that old magic and added something else to it, the fusion of elements.” Mammon had ceased his advancement, so he decided to jump back a couple steps, with an excited, yet slightly nervous grin on his face. “I summon a golem made of water and lighting, with the earth as its base.” He gripped his wrist with his left hand, he raised it to the sky, then slammed it onto the ground, which formed a magic circle, and what came from it was a golem, made of rocks, infused with the power of water and lighting, a good way to subdue someone, a good shock could knock one out, so long as they aren’t human, if they weren’t they would surely die, but despite being a golem with more than one element, the size of it completely towered over a small building, to the point that it could hardly fit in the alley. “Your golem seems a bit cramped, since I’m nice I’ll help it out.” Mammon placed his hand on the ground, the space between the two buildings that made up the alley had expanded, he had shifted the earth under the buildings to expand the space of the alley. Samuel seemed surprised, it was the first time he’d seen the earth move buildings, so who could blame him? But he did not let that make him drop his guard, he knew who he was fighting, he knows that he could be killed, he commanded the golem to attack Mammon, the golem swung its arms around, splashing water in every direction, Mammon, however, stomped his foot on the ground, causing a pillar of earth to shield him from being splashed. Samuel had forced the golem to turn it up a notch, to where the golem was shooting a condensed ray of water at him, causing the pillar t quickly erode and collapse, while the water beam had managed to hit him, he seemed fine, his clothes were soaked, which appeared to make him lose his temper, he swung his arm over in front of his body, and like magic, his clothes were dried, after he fixed his outfit, the golem had launched an assault of lighting magic in his direction, even though he himself was not drenched in water, the ground was, and with water being a good conductor for electricity, shocked Mammon to a extreme extent, if it wasn’t a demon standing in the middle of that, any other being would have been vaporized. Samuel had canceled his spell, in which made the golem fall apart, leaving nothing but rocks soaked in water, with electrical sparks coming from it, Samuel who seemed tired from using a large quantity of magic, managed to limp himself over to Mammon, who was lying on the ground, completely motionless, Samuel had assumed that he was unconscious, only to discover after he knelt to the ground to confirm it, that Mammon was not unconscious, he was faking it to lure him closer and make drop his guard, and as Samuel tried to back away, Mammon plunged his hand into his stomach, and piercing it clean through, he pulled his arm out which was soaked in blood, when he then cleaned it the same way he dried his clothes after the golem had drenched him. As Samuel was about to collapse to the ground, left to bleed out, and die, Mammon had grabbed him by shoulders, setting him against the wall, where he then sat next to him, hoping he could chat with him slightly longer, before he will ask him who his so-called employer is, Samuel does not have long left in this world, as one would expect after a hole was left in there stomach, for humans at least, Mammon had placed a magic circle on his fatal wound, causing it to slow the bleeding, to keep him around slightly longer, he didn’t want him to die mid-conversation, that would just be rude. “H-how did y-you resist the electrical shock? I didn’t hold back against you, I put just about everything into that.” While gasping for air, he wanted to know what made him fail, what led to him with a hole in his gut, while talking to a demon. “I am one of the seven deadly sins, unlike normal demons, I can’t just possess someone so easily, there are two conditions if one of the sins wants to possess someone, one, they must permit them to possess, like how angels do it, and the second is that they have to be part human, a sin cannot possess someone if they are human, just part human at least.” “So? What is the guy you are possessing?” He asked out of pure curiosity. “His name was Victor, and he is a Homunculus, a human that has been altered with alchemy, and since his whole body has been altered with a fusion of science and magic, this body is magic proof, sure you can place a spell on this body, but you can't harm it with magic.” After he finished explaining himself, he reached into a pocket inside of his coat, he pulled out a box of matches and pulled out what appeared to be a joint. It's better than cigarettes, but it’s a bad habit nonetheless. When Samuel saw him smoking it he chuckled. “I wouldn’t have pegged you for a smoker, marijuana no less.” “Are you kidding me? This is by far my favorite of humanity's creations, the only thing I hate about this thing is that I didn’t discover it, I would have killed to take credit for this, but as soon as I smoked this I was head over heels for it.” Samuel and Mammon laughed, almost as if they were long time friends, but Mammon knew the spell he placed on him wouldn't last any longer, so he decided to stop beating around the bush and start being serious. “You said that you would escort me to your employer, but I don’t suppose you know who and where this employer is?” Samuel sighed. “I didn’t get a name, but I did get a location I was supposed to leave you at, and in return he would give me a journal, the journal of Solomon, who was an archmage, and I was sure that I might be able to become one with it, but I’ll never know now.” Mammon had looked at him perplexed, he then thought to himself and then realized who was the mysterious employer. He let go of his briefcase he was holding with his right hand, and rubbed the ring on his middle finger on his left hand, and suddenly a black portal appeared, he reached into it and pulled out a book, the portal closed after his hand was out and he tossed the book over to Samuel. “That is the journal of Solomon, I bet your employer would have just gave you a knock-off, and regrettably it doesn’t tell you how to become an archmage, it’s just filled with him complaining about his responsibilities, don’t get me wrong, he was an archmage, but he was also a manchild, I too thought it would contain some juicy information, but nothing.”Samuel flipped through the pages in the journal, and Mammon was right, nothing but useless garbage, he placed the journal on the ground and looked to Mammon. “Thanks for being honest.” After his final words, thanking the one who killed him, he drew his final breath, while facing the sky, which he had hoped to reach with his own strength, but all things must come to an end. Mammon stood up, turning around to face Samuel once more, he had almost regretted killing him, but what's done is done, he flicked the joint out of his hands and faced the shadows of the alley. “I’m curious to know how you knew where I was, I thought I was being careful, wouldn't you agree, Mephistopheles? From the shadows of the alley, a man emerged from the dark, a man who appeared to be somewhere in his mid 60’s, but his look was more than just intimidating, mid-length gray hair, wore formal attire, similar to the outfit Samuel wore. His facial expression and the glare from his eyes said that you do not want to engage with him. “I would, if you hadn’t killed him, if you didn’t I wouldn't have found you, sin of greed, Mammon.” “Well it’s his own fault, wait a moment, now that I think about it, why was a human mage, out of all the creatures on earth, following me?’’ “He was cheaper, and more ignorant than the other mages I spoke to, so I placed a tracking spell on him, in case he died, and it appears he did, as well as stall for time.’’ Mammon had been annoyed about what he said about Samul, but he stopped caring as his suspicions grew of Mephistopheles, he wanted to know why this dangerous demon had a mage follow him, and try to kidnap him. “Stall, for what, exactly?” The tension between the two of them was thicker than steel, so tense that no one would dare step between them. “Why her, of course.” Mammon had felt a sting on his neck, he knelt to the ground, he pulled what was jabbed into his neck out, two vials with red stains in them, it appeared to be blood, but it had such a draining effect on him. He turned around so that he may see who just stabbed him in the neck, a woman with long scarlet red hair, wearing plain clothes, such as a hoodie with jeans and an old pair of sneakers on. “My, oh my, didn’t know you have such a bland taste of fashion, my little lustful Asmodeus, by the way, the hell is this stuff? It’s giving me a headache.” “Bland? I’ll have you know I'm quite comfortable, maybe you should follow my lead and try to fit in, I would be able to tell it’s you just by your outfit, also that stuff I pumped into you, is the blood of a priest, turns out it’s very harmful to demons, the blood of a priest won't kill you, but it can at least knock out a demon on your level .” First of all, I’m comfortable and stylish as well, hell, second of all, what do you want? I highly doubt the two of you, out of all the demons in hell, would team up just because you missed me, s-something important g-going down? As he was trying to act calm and keep his composure in check, the blood finally hit him, and his vision became blurry, the only thing he could do was listen to Asmodeus. “Yes, something is going down, and we’re gonna need the help from the rest of the sins.”
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2023.03.20 23:25 salimfadhley What do you think of the COVID-19 lab leak theory?

Most virologists agree that COVID0-19 first crossed over into humans in the live-food "wet markets" in Wuhan, China. Since 2020, this theory has been hotly disputed by those who believe that COVID-19 emerged from a laboratory leak, possibly from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
The Wuhan Institute of Virology is an organization in the same city where the virus was first observed. As you might suspect, it is one of many research institutes built to study emerging viral outbreaks. Proponents of the outbreak theory have argued that the Institute was engaged with "Gain of Function" research which somehow amplified the capability of wild coronavirus, enhancing it's ability to infect humans.
In the case of the origins of covid-19, the glitch was identified early, even before the pandemic had taken hold. On February 16, 2020, the Republican senator Tom Cotton appeared on Fox News to discuss the possibility that the virus had originated in a lab in Wuhan, China. “Now, we don’t have evidence that this disease originated there, but because of China’s duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question to see what the evidence says,” Cotton, of Arkansas, said. Wagons were circled quickly; the Washington Post denounced this as a “conspiracy theory,” and the Times described it as a “fringe theory.” In May, 2020, Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told National Geographic that “everything about the stepwise evolution over time strongly indicates that [this virus] evolved in nature and then jumped species.” - New Yorker
Critics of the lab leak theory have pointed out that it is based on circumstantial evidence at best, and is not supported by the kind of genetic or biochemical evidence that might normally be employed to explain viral origins. Scientists have also confirmed that viruses very similar to wild human-infecting COVID-19 were found in the wet markets. Coronaviruses such as SARS-COV-2 are known to have a very broad host range and can infect cats, dogs and other mammals without requiring any mutation.
Proponents of the lab leak theory, have offered that the US government was funding gain of function research and have pointed to emails from researchers who have claimed not to have been able to understand how particular genetic features might have evolved.
Where do you stand on the lab leak theory? Which of the theories about COVID-19 is backed by the strongest evidence?
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2023.03.20 23:24 chrisdh79 A year-long study of newlywed couples showed that individuals with more pronounced social anhedonia (disinterest in social interactions and poor relationship functioning) tended to be less satisfied with their marriages.

A year-long study of newlywed couples showed that individuals with more pronounced social anhedonia (disinterest in social interactions and poor relationship functioning) tended to be less satisfied with their marriages. submitted by chrisdh79 to science [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 23:22 semperwilson Question

I am currently rated at 70% for PTSD and 10% for tinnitus. I have an intent to file for sinusitis and sleep apnea. I have some documentation through my va doctor for sinusitis and I am going through the second round of the sleep test with a CPAP currently. I fit the presumptive list for sinusitis so I don’t believe that will be an issue(correct me if I’m wrong). Just curious on which route to take for the sleep apnea. Is there an argument for or against paying for a nexus letter to ensure better or more timely results from both sinusitis and the sleep apnea claim or should I try and get the VA doctor to write something for me. Should I link the sleep apnea to PTSD or sinusitis? Any studies or viable articles written on the subject to help my case? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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2023.03.20 23:20 Weekly-Lime5640 How did people in this sub manage to do well academically and have plenty of time for extracurriculars?

I been rejected from all of the UCs (except Riverside) and got rejected from UNC and UT Austin. I know what went wrong for me was that I lacked extracurriculars. All I did was be a member in a few clubs and nothing beyond that. And that was the case because I literally did not have time to be more involved.
Like during high school, I was the type of student who needed to work HARD to do well academically. I have to spend all of my free time outside of class studying in order to get good grades. I have to sacrifice my social life completely. I tried to be more efficient in studying, but that came at the cost of lower grades. I couldn't balance maintaining high grades and doing a ton of extracurriculars. I just couldn't.
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2023.03.20 23:15 KenAdamsMD This pt has 125K platelet, but why are we investigating Factor VII dysfunction and not platelet dysfunction?

A 27-year-old man comes to the physician because of a 3-hour history of muscle swelling and tenderness of the left thigh following minimal trauma. He has severe hemophilia A and has received factor VIII replacement therapy for bleeding episodes since childhood. Over recent months, his bleeding has been poorly controlled; increasing doses of factor VIII have been required to stop bleeding episodes. His platelet count is 125,000/mm3, and activated partial thromboplastin time is greater than 120 sec. Which of the following is the most appropriate next step in diagnosis of this patient's increased bleeding?
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2023.03.20 23:07 NovaeSci UK aspiring Actuary (34 years old) currently starting an OU degree in Maths and Stats. Any career advice, please?

Hi all,
Please be kind, as it's my first post here 🙂
I've been looking into the Actuarial Science profession for a few months now. My country's Actuarial Professional Body is the IFoA, so I've been spending time, looking throughout the website, gathering information, etc.
I've currently embarked on a degree at the Open University, studying a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics & Statistics, in the hope this will help with any future ventures. The only thing is this will take me another 6 years to complete, meaning I will be 40 when I graduate.
I know for most Actuary jobs, for those new to the profession, then you usually require to have graduated your degree, with the expectation that you've at least taken a couple of Actuarial exams, to show your commitment to the profession.
I have, however, seen that you can get into the profession as a school leaver, in which case you are normally expected to have GCSE Maths and A-Level Maths, or equivalent, which I will have around summer next year. After achieving this, along with my maths skills being up to A-Level standard, I was going to start studying towards the first couple of IFoA exams.
Does anyone have any advice for me, that could help getting my foot in the door, or help in general with kick-starting this career, which doesn't involve waiting until I'm 40? Of course, I'm fully aware that my chances will be diminished until I've completed my degree, and it may not happen until then; but, I would rather do everything I can now, as always good to be prepared.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best wishes,
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2023.03.20 23:07 badatmathdave Congestion pricing in NYC is the perfect case study of what’s wrong with NEPA. This is the 4,007-page environmental assessment that took 3 years to produce even though the state legislature approved congestion pricing in 2019.

Congestion pricing in NYC is the perfect case study of what’s wrong with NEPA. This is the 4,007-page environmental assessment that took 3 years to produce even though the state legislature approved congestion pricing in 2019. submitted by badatmathdave to neoliberal [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 23:07 RDCLder Some Thoughts/Questions

I finished watching both animes, the OVAs, and the movie a few times now, and after reading through a lot Reddit/Quora/Stack Exchange posts, I still have some thoughts and questions I want to address. I've read the VNs shed more light on everything so I'll check those out once I have time.

First DMail and Alpha/Beta Divergence
In S;G episode 1, sending the first DMail causes the worldline to shift from a beta worldline to an alpha one, but I still have some confusion about that. For the DMail to cause the shift, my understanding is that there must have been at least one iteration at the very beginning where Kurisu dies for real (not killed by future Okabe), Okabe somehow gets alerted to this (no future Okabe scream to catch his attention), so following sequence of event unfolds:
  1. Lecture on time travel happens, Kurisu meets up with her dad and dies for real (presumably killed by her dad)
  2. Okabe somehow stumbles upon Kurisu's body, goes outside and sends DMail to the past (b/c Daru was messing with the phone microwave)
  3. SERN saves the DMail in their database but don't necessarily check it and/or connect it to Okabe having a working time device right away. At this point, Kurisu's dad is on his way to Russia with Kurisu's paper on time travel
  4. Daru attends a talk on time travel (this is very important b/c it's the reason Suzu wants to go to 2010, so she can meet her dad)
  5. Some time passes and SERN does connect the DMail to Okabe's lab, raids it, steals the phone microwave, and uses it to develop the first time machine before Russia does (b/c SERN is the closest to having cracked time travel with the jellyman experiments), and takes over the world
  6. In the future, Daru develops an imperfect time machine (since SERN has full control over what's required to build a fully functional one). Daru is killed. Suzu is raised by her mom, has never met her dad but learns about him and Okabe. Suzu's mom is also killed, and Suzu joins the resistance at some point.
  7. Suzu is given the mission to travel to 1975 to acquire an IBN 5100 and make sure Okabe acquires it in 2010 so Daru can use it to decrypt the SERN database that stores the first DMail, and erase it so that SERN never takes the phone microwave.
  8. Suzu travels to 2010 b/c she knows her father attends a talk on time travel and wants to meet him. Due to the time machine being imperfect, her coordinates are off, and she crashes into the roof, thereby causing Kurisu's father's lecture on time travel to get cancelled. Kurisu is alive, and her paper on time travel is never stolen by her father.
  9. Suzu also doesn't meet her dad just because by traveling to the past, she's already shifted to a worldline where her Okabe prevents Daru from attending. Presumably she couldn't have predicted this outcome b/c of worldine shifts in general being unpredictable due to the Butterfly Effect.
  10. From this point on, in each subsequent worldline/iteration in the Alpha attractor field, Suzu always travels and crashes in 2010, Kurisu always survives and helps the FG lab build a time machine, Mayuri always dies (b/c the universe is cruel), and the future always leads to a SERN dystopia. S;G events unfold.
If this is correct, this implies that one of the major divergence factors is the first DMail and not necessarily Kurisu's death and her time travel paper. SERN can still develop a time machine using just Okabe/Daru's phone microwave. It's just that the very first iteration of the alpha worldline (at least from the perspective of the anime) will eventually lead to subsequent alpha worldlines in which Kurisu is still alive and is the one that develops the time machine instead. We know that Kurisu isn't strictly needed to develop a working time machine b/c Daru is able to do it, albeit with Maho's help, in the beta worldline. Thus, it's not unreasonable to think Daru + Okabe + SERN's research is enough for SERN to create a time machine first even if the Russians have Kurisu's time travel paper.
However, I feel like this is probably incorrect, and this may be one of those cases where Suzuha just always travels to the past, and there's no initial origin point where Kurisu dies, and her father steals her time travel paper. It just never happens the moment the first DMail is sent no matter how many iterations back you try to look.

Kurisu's Importance in the Beta Worldline Attractor Field
One thing that gets emphasized is how Kurisu needs to survive to prevent WW3 in the beta worldline, but I don't think that's true, if my reasoning for the previous section is correct. The conditions that lead to WW3 are the following:
  1. Kurisu's time travel theory is exposed to the public in some way (be it her father stealing it, someone using Amadeus to recreate it, or something else). This causes a global arms race to create a time machine which escalates into WW3.
  2. Okabe never sends the first DMail so SERN never acquires the phone microwave device from the FG lab.
Whether Kurisu lives or dies is irrelevant. In fact, the only real difference between the S;G and beta worldlines besides Kurisu's survival is the survival of the time travel theory which leads to the time machine arms race. If the paper is destroyed, even if Kurisu is dead, the world would effectively be in a pseudo S;G worldline where SERN isn't guaranteed to control the world and WW3 isn't guaranteed to happen. It could even be argued that Kurisu's survival actually increases the chances of WW3 b/c she has the ability to recreate the time travel theory. The reason saving Kurisu is so important is b/c it's Okabe's ideal worldline where both Mayuri and Kurisu are alive, not necessarily b/c it's the ONLY way to prevent a guaranteed dystopian future.

Time Travel Mechanics and Reading Steiner
At this point, it's common knowledge that there's only one universe, and there can only be one active worldline. This means there's no multiverse or meeting multiple future/past selves and grandfather paradox shenanigans. My understanding is that every time any time travel happens, be it through sending DMails, sending data, physical time travel or whatever, it causes a worldline change. Sometimes the change is so negligible (e.g. Okabe telling Daru about Faris's strategy in the Rai-Net tournament) that it's effectively the same worldline in every other way, and it doesn't trigger Reading Steiner which means Reading Steiner doesn't trigger in every worldline shift, only ones that are big enough that overwriting the new Okabe's memories would trigger it. Logically, this means there are worldline shifts that even Okabe won't detect, but for all intents and purposes, they're insignificant b/c the Okabe getting overwritten had the exact same (or close enough) memories as the Okabe doing the overwriting, and the worldlines are effectively the same.
But what about traveling to the future? Or when there are multiple instances of the same character from the future/past traveling to the same time. I think traveling to the future must be functionally the same as traveling to the past in causing worldline shifts. We know that worldline shifts must occur each time someone travels to the past so this means two instances of the same character traveling to the same time will never meet each other (e.g. no 3 Okabes on July 28th in 2010). Consider the scenario where Person A has time machine FG203 in the year 2036. Person A uses FG203 to go to 1975. Person A then uses FG203 to go back to 2036, exactly 1 minute before Person A leaves initially leaves for 1975. At this point, if traveling to the future doesn't cause a worldline shift, time paradoxes become possible. Therefore, any kind of time travel, to the past or the future, must cause a worldline shift. This is why Suzu and Daru are both concerned about Suzu time traveling to a point in time she's already time traveled to (e.g. Suzu and Mayuri traveling to 2010 for Operation Arclight). It could cause a significant enough worldline shift that introduces new variables and Butterfly Effects that make the Steins;Gate worldline unattainable. The reason I emphasize significant is b/c, as we've already conjectured, any kind of time travel causes a worldline shift, but not all worldline shifts are big enough to trigger Reading Steiner. You can still shift to a worldline that's only slightly different enough to be effectively the same.

Timing of Reading Steiner From Okabe's Perspective
We know that Okabe was ill as a kid which is heavily implied to be due to Reading Steiner activating from a worldline shift, possibly due to Suzuha traveling to 1999 to prevent Y2K. Reading Steiner also activates the moment Okabe sends the first DMail, as opposed to happening on the date it gets sent to in the past. This implies that it must always happen from the perspective of the Okabe from just before the worldline shifts. However, how exactly does the universe determine when exactly the worldline shifts from Okabe's perspective? Here's a thought experiment to illustrate what I mean:
  1. The S;G worldline's future is somehow actually worse than both the Alpha and Beta worldlines. Okabe calls Suzu out of retirement for one last job jump. Suzu's mission is to go back to 1999 and prevent Okabe from developing his mad scientist persona, thereby preventing the events in S;G from happening.
  2. Suzu travels from 2036 in the previous worldline (in which Okabe is still alive) to 1999 in a new worldline (in which Okabe is also alive). When does Reading Steiner activate from the perspective of Okabe? Does it happen in 2036 or 1999? Or does it happen in both? If it happens in both, would Okabe in 1999 only receive the memories of Okabe up until 1999 from the previous worldline? And, then separately, in 2036, assuming Okabe is also still alive, he would receive the full memories of the previous worldline, right?
In the anime, this is much easier to follow and reconcile b/c we only follow the perspective of one Okabe at a time b/c either there's only one Okabe at that time or the Okabe in any other times that are relevant for the worldline shift are dead (e.g. 2025 in beta worldline).

S;G 0 Ending Timeline
Here's my understanding of the timeline.
  1. S;G 0 Okabe successfully thwarts the rooftop helicopter attacks, allowing Operation Arclight to be carried out.
  2. Suzu and Mayuri travel back to 2010 for Operation Arclight, only stay for the minute that other Suzu and Okabe are still in the past to avoid time paradox that would cause a worldline shift, run out of fuel and get stranded in 18000 BC.
  3. At this point, even if Mayuri slaps some sense into Okabe after his initial failure to save Kurisu, it doesn't do anything b/c we still don't have the plan for Operation Skuld figured out yet, or do we? I lean towards not yet b/c then the ending in 2025 doesn't make sense to me.
  4. Timeline proceeds as normal, leading to beta worldline where WW3 happens, but this time, having been reinvigorated by Mayuri's plea, Okabe spends the next 15 years figuring out all the details for Operation Skuld, realizing that you can "deceive" fate by faking Kurisu's death.
  5. The recording we see at the end of episode 23 followed by Okabe undergoing Operation Altair to rescue Suzu and Mayuri in 18000 BC is all actually the previous worldline just before episode 24 in the original S;G anime.
  6. Unclear where Suzu and Mayuri go to after this. Okabe 0 presumably stays behind to not risk overwriting present Okabe (or any point up until his death in 2025), though I don't know if the overwriting is that risky so much as just traveling to the future itself being risky since it can cause a significant worldline change. I touch on this more further below.
  7. More time passes, as Suzu has to grow up to become future soldier in 2036 (unless we can use Suzu that time traveled back from 18000 BC?) and carry out her missions to acquire an IBN 5100, use it to prevent Y2K in 1999 per the original John Titor timeline at the start of S;G episode 1, and convince Okabe to save Kurisu.
  8. This time, it's the final iteration which leads directly to episode 24 in the original S;G anime and everything needed to achieve the S;G worldline is present.
With that said, since we've established that traveling to the past definitely causes a worldline shift, and traveling to the future likely causes a worldline shift to avoid time paradoxes, doesn't this mean that Operation Arclight is somewhat risky? There's no guarantee the worldline shift caused by Suzu and Mayuri traveling back to the future won't change things enough to make the S;G worldline unattainable. Basically any more worldline shifts after Suzu goes back from 2036 to 2010 for the final iteration is risky b/c of the unpredictability of worldline shifts and Butterfly Effects. Or maybe, the power of love and friendship is enough to overcome this? Personally, I fully respect Okabe's decision to save future soldier and best girl.
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