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2023.06.09 00:02 wsdot More major weekend work on northbound I-405

More major weekend work on northbound I-405
Get ready for the second weekend of lane reductions and partial closures on northbound I-405 between Renton and Newcastle from Friday, June 9 to Monday, June 12. If you're traveling this weekend, consider alternate routes if you can and add some extra time to your schedule.
At least two lanes of northbound I-405 between Coal Creek Parkway and Northeast Sixth will be closed from 10 pm Friday to 5 am Monday. At least one lane will stay open but speed limits will be slower. Expect significant congestion, especially between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. More in our blog: The WSDOT Blog - Washington State Department of Transportation: Get ahead of the curve: how to navigate weekend closures on I-405 this summer and keep your travel on track!
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2023.06.08 23:59 RocioBrinkerhoffArt Luigi design by me

Luigi design by me
Couldn’t find a pattern for Lu that I liked so I made one!!! All I could think of was that meme where Harrison Ford says “baby, baby boy”! He turned out so cute! Stay tuned for big bro Mario!!!
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2023.06.08 23:58 Gist_it GM's electric vehicles will gain access to Tesla's charging network

GM's electric vehicles will gain access to Tesla's charging network beginning from early next year.
Driving the news: GM and Tesla announced an agreement that allows GM's electric vehicles to use about 12,000 of Tesla's 17,000 charging stations. * GM will also adopt Tesla's connector, the plug that links an electric vehicle to a charging station.
Joining forces: GM follows Ford in shifting its electric vehicles to work with Tesla's chargers. * Both Detroit automakers are pushing to make Tesla's connector the industry standard.
Adapting to change: Initially, GM and Ford EV owners will need an adapter to connect to Tesla stations. * Both companies will switch to Tesla's North American Charging Standard connector starting in 2025.
By the numbers: Tesla has about 17,000 Supercharger stations in the U.S, while there are approximately 54,000 public charging stations in the country, according to the Department of Energy.
View original article on NPR
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2023.06.08 23:58 RightBase5934 MizOrMac - Return Of The Mac - Fred again.. edit

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2023.06.08 23:57 Sunrut The PGA-LIV merger makes me no longer want to watch the PGA

It's pretty apparent that Monahan took a bunch of money to take a dive in this while issue. His framing it as for the good of the sport is ridiculous. Have we forgotten that MBS had a Washington Post reporter killed because his feelings were hurt? Or that hundreds of thousands are dead in Yemen because of he views the Shia as less than human? Or that this blood money comes from one of the most repressive regimes in the world? Or even worse, that money can buy anything? Fuck the PGA and all its sponsors. Long live Tiger and Rory! You are not forgotten!
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2023.06.08 23:56 serendipty3821 Low-level hoarding, but poverty compounds it all

This is probably going to be super long and all over the place (update: it was, I have severe ADHD so I apologize), but I just need to get it all out and hear from people who get it. This is one of those things you can't talk about. The only person who knows how bad it is is my grandma.
Anyways, I live with my mom. I'm 22, just graduated college and had a nice respite for the last five years living in dorm with easy access to food, proper living conditions, etc. Obviously that's in the past now and I'm stuck here until I can make enough to move out, but I want to help fix things before I do. While my mom has her weaknesses, she has had an incredibly difficult live and has faced so much abuse and discrimination. She only keeps going because of me, and frankly, I don't even know how she manages that.
As far as the actual situation- I say low-level hoarding but it's always been a pretty substantial thing. I'm probably discounting it. Better than it used to be and my mom is more willing to get rid of stuff, but we still have too much. She banks so much on having yard sales, which I don't think are worth it because of the energy and effort they take, especially because my mom is physically disabled. But being poor is the real kicker and what makes the whole situation so awful. Since my mom is disabled (which has also contributed throughout the years to the house not being so great) she gets SSI which only pays about $900 a month.
That being said, it's gotten to the point where multiple utilities don't work, the worst being the water. It's not because of the hoarding though, it's because we don't have the money to fix it and there's no assistance available (more on that later). The water stopped working because of something with our well, and we don't have the money to fix it. That's been the case for three years, and even when she did finally save up enough to put up, the guy said he couldn't fix it and he'd have to do something else that we'd have to pay more for, and was just really unscrupulous about the whole thing. Even being disabled, my mom is actually a pretty adept handyman and knows a lot of things that people don't realize, especially because she's 5 foot and incredibly outgoing, to the point of almost childishness sometimes. But she can be very professional when necessary. So no running water which makes cleaning incredibly difficult so it just kind of...stopped happening. Luckily my grandma lives on the next street over so we take showers and fill up water jugs over there to flush the toilet (the thing I hate most about our house) and take showers occasionally. Often I'll walk over to my grandma's if I have to go somewhere and my mom's not scheduled to take a shower that day, to save the gas. I hate that I have to do that, but I try to stay positive and tell myself at least I'm being active, because I don't otherwise. More on that later. Our HVAC system went out four years ago because a raccoon got into the duct work. HVAC work costs thousands of dollars. There's still a raccoon up there, they come and go. This past winter was the worst we've had. We have a few radiators and some space heaters, but we had extremely low temperatures for a few days that left our house only about 30°. That was really hard. Usually it's not too bad and we can bundle up and be alright enough. Summers however are a different story. We have some fans and window A/C units, but our house regularly gets to 80-85° and it's often hotter in my room than what the thermostat says in the hall.
We have food stamps, but they've cut them since I've graduated. We don't get much now and I already have an incredibly difficult time with food and food choices because I have severe ADHD and executive functioning issues (hence why it took me five years to graduate college) along with autism and sensory issues. Our kitchen is barely accessible. We haven't used our stove and oven since I don't know when, probably when I was in middle school. Part of it was my mom always said she didn't like using the oven because it made the house hot which required more A/C and therefore a higher energy bill, but also I think it was an energy/spoons (in the disability sense) thing. Everything pretty much after elementary school has always been microwave meals of my own accord. We never really had actual meals in the traditional sense, the closest we got was when my mom would make the microwave chicken parmesan with some mashed potatoes and corn or green beans (still all microwave) or chicken nuggets and french fries (when she'd pull out the fryer). I want (and need) to eat healthier but because of my executive dysfunction I gravitate towards what has the least barriers (physically and mentally in this case). Having less money also makes it incredibly difficult and because of my ADHD whenever I try to eat fruits and vegetables they expire before I finish them. We have to balance on paint cans to get to the fridge and microwave. I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself, or worse my mom is going to hurt herself. She'll often offer to make my food since it's so difficult to get in there.
Because of my executive dysfunction, it's already difficult for me to fully take care of myself under more optimal circumstances, and even more so being at home. All I do is lay in bed, or if I wanted I could go watch a movie or something with my mom in the living room on the one chair we actually have access to. Could also go outside, but then I'd probably sweat and have to go walk to take a shower. I use Colgate Wisps (disposable waterless brushes) to brush my teeth, I could use the water from the jugs but because of the extra effort, I'll end up just not brushing my teeth. Even with the Wisps I often forget.
Assistance? Nonexistent. We get assistance with the electric bill but that only comes like once a year and honestly that just keeps us from getting disconnected. Utility assistance? Not anymore! The Habitat for Humanity for our county closed and such other programs also either closed or just don't exist. Other counties won't help because we're out of county.
I just want to start working already (I just accepted a teaching position a few days ago!!) so I can help put money towards fixing stuff and making it better. I'll be making more money than anyone in my family has made in years, and really salary wise since my great-grandpa (my mom just worked exorbitant amounts of overtime when I was a kid before she became disabled so maybe comparable). I'm so excited and ready to break the cycle of poverty and have the life I've always wanted. I know it's not my responsibility to put my money towards the repairs, and I don't think my mom wants me to, but I want to. She deserves it and it's a quality of life thing for me too.
Anyways, sorry for the dump. Man it felt good to get that off my chest. That's not even all of it, but that's most of it. I doubt anyone will read all of this but if anyone does, thanks so much, I seriously appreciate it. Sending love to all the COH out there dealing with these unspoken battles ❤️
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2023.06.08 23:55 Cultural-Law-9366 4 fatal overdoses in 5 days prompt Washington County sheriff to warn of ‘bad batch’ of fentanyl on street

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2023.06.08 23:52 pick_your_king Mr. Blassie Goes to Washington (1995) screening 6PM CDT June 8, ie in just about an hour

I thought it may be of interest to the VS sub to know that Media Burn Archive will be hosting an online screening of Mr. Blassie Goes to Washington (1995), an excellent short documentary of legendary wrestler and oddball Freddie Blassie's visit to DC and his travails therein. Filmmakers Jeff Krulik and Brendan Conway will be on hand to tell Blassie stories and answer your Q's. All of this will be moderated by Justin La Liberty of Vinegar Syndrome, who included this film on the Jeff Krulik set they put out last year (now OOP ofc). Register here! Do it now!
Please delete and accept my groveling apologies if this is in violation of any sub rules!
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2023.06.08 23:52 jtradezMS Threw a Freds POS Trek off the back of my 2024 Ford Raptor and now he’s crying wanting me to pay for it and file an insurance claim.

My Swanee thinks we are friends (cute) and asked me to move his piece of shit bice for him. It’s a junk Trek with a cable drivetrain. I think it’s called clitoros or something. Anyways. I go to this hill and I just threw it off the back of my new 2024 black Ford Raptor. I couldn’t have that piece of shit sullying up my truck next to my Sirvelo. I thought I did the guy a favor and helped by giving him an excuse to up charge some root canals.
Now he keeps calling me crying. Something about he can’t afford a new bice and to call my insurance. He even said that Reddit said I should pay for it HAHAHA 😝. Fucker doesn’t even know how insurance works.
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2023.06.08 23:49 IHATECINNAMONKEY DC Van Ness shooter posting to 4chan before and during his shooting which was live-streamed through his scope camera. He would injure 4 before committing suicide

DC Van Ness shooter posting to 4chan before and during his shooting which was live-streamed through his scope camera. He would injure 4 before committing suicide
“Police continue to look for damage in the wake of Friday’s shooting near Edmund Burke School in Northwest Washington. Four people were hit by “sniper-style” gunfire, including a sixth grader who was grazed by a bullet. Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Julie Carey has the story.
At least four people, including a 12-year-old girl, were shot when a gunman unleashed more than 100 rounds of bullets in the nation's capital Friday, leading to lockdowns at several schools and leaving a community on edge before the suspect was found dead hours later.
The suspected gunman was found dead Friday night inside an apartment at the scene as Metropolitan Police Department officers conducted door-to-door searches of buildings in the area.”
This shooting could have been so much worse, he opens fire before the school lets out so there’s very few people visible, also he can’t really control the automatic fire of the rifle so he’s just shaking it violently around.
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2023.06.08 23:42 floof-monstro Charley Harper (not the Two and a Half Men character) gouache illustration on canvas covered illustration board flea market find

Charley Harper (not the Two and a Half Men character) gouache illustration on canvas covered illustration board flea market find
Charley Harper illustration we got at flea market for $7. Gouache on illustration board
Husband came around the corner at the flea market holding this and said he talked the guy down from $10. (I, personally, would have paid the $10 asking price as I believe this is an original Charley Harper illustration for the Ford Times.) No idea of the exact date, but I believe it’s from the 60s. I believe it’s an original as my husband has an incredible knack for finding things at thrift stores, flea markets, & estate sales
The guy he bought it from said a few people looked at it and put it back, and he had no idea who the artist was. He didn’t seem to care that it might be kinda valuable. I think it is real. We need to get the moldy spot fixed by a professional art restorer at some point soon
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2023.06.08 23:42 KrisHughes2 Teyrnon

I feel like Teyrnon should get more attention. He appears in the First Branch of the Mabinogi, as the lord of Gwent Is Coed. Maybe you know the story?
Before the episode in which we first meet Teyrnon, Rhiannon has given birth to a son who mysteriously disappears on the night he is born. This results in Rhiannon being blamed and punished for killing and eating him (She didn’t).
Then, the action suddenly switches to Gwent Is Coed and we’re introduced to Teyrnon. He has a top quality mare which foals every May Eve, but the foals always disappear overnight. Teyrnon decides to sit up with the mare this time, a mysterious monster tries to steal the foal, Teyrnon wounds it, then it disappears. Teyrnon runs outside looking for it, then returns to his house where he finds a baby in the doorway wrapped in brocaded silk – a type of cloth already associated with Rhiannon.
Teyrnon and his wife raise the child as their own until Teyrnon hears about Rhiannon and her predicament, at which point he realises that the boy they’ve been raising looks like Rhiannon’s husband, and the boy is returned.
We always have to scratch the surface of the Mabinogi stories to try and understand whether there is a deity behind different characters. There are various kinds of clues about that – one of which is names. Rhiannon means great queen or great lady or very likely divine queen or lady. (The “on” ending could mean either, but it does often point to divinity.) Teyrnon, as it happens, means great or divine lord.
This makes them something of a pair, based on their names. W. J. Gruffydd, among others, took this to mean that there was an earlier myth behind this episode, in which Teyrnon was Rhiannon’s consort. I’ve always felt that there is something to this, although it would be quite long if I went into all my theories in detail. Patrick Ford offered one way to flesh the theory out, in an elaborate paradigm in which Teyrnon’s wife, his mare, and Rhiannon were all aspects of the same goddess.
Any way you look at this, there is a mystery which we probably can’t fully fathom, but here’s what I notice about Teyrnon in the story that we do have. He seems to be a very blameless character, and there aren’t many males in the Four Branches you can say that about. Most of them are either up to trickery of some kind (Math, Gwydion, Arawn), or a bit foolish (Pwyll, Pryderi and maybe Lleu). Certainly, in the First Branch, Teyrnon comes over as the unsung hero of the piece. A mysterious lord of a mysterious territory, he magically ends up in possession of Rhiannon’s child, rears him lovingly and carefully, then humbly returns him safe and sound to his mother.
For quite a few years, Teyrnon has been among the deities I honour at Calan Mai.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, or if anyone else honours Teyrnon as a deity!
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2023.06.08 23:41 purpleushi Anyone know what was going on near the off ramp from route 50 E onto Washington Blvd?

Saw an ambulance, fire truck and several police around 4:50pm when driving on Washington Blvd to get onto 50W, then when coming back there were still several cop cars parked in the grass on the left side of the off ramp.
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2023.06.08 23:39 EatinHeirlooms Help ID Grand Old Day Stroller Purse Thief

Help ID Grand Old Day Stroller Purse Thief
This lady stole a friend’s purse containing keys/phone/wallet out of a baby stroller during the parade at Grand Old Day. Immediately used the cards at the Walgreens and Speedway near Snelling and Randolph/Ford. Photos are from the Speedway store cameras.
Keep an eye out for this piece of human garbage and if anyone recognizes her please let me know.
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2023.06.08 23:36 peppiano Should I buy a new (used) car?

Hi everyone! Hoping to bounce some ideas off y'all. My husband and I are 28 and we just bought a house in October and had our first baby. Our mortgage is $2k per month, but my MIL lives in our converted garage and pays us rent, so we pay 1.5k per month. I make about 4k per month after taxes, and my husband makes about 2k per month, but he will probably make about half that as he plans on going to part time later in the year to care for our daughter. We have 20k in a HYSA, ~30k in my pension, and then he has a 401(k) but I don't think there's a lot in there. We just started a 529 for our baby. We have no car loans, student loans, credit card debt, etc, just our mortgage.
We both have to commute to work. I have to drive to work three or four days per week and he has to drive in four days per week. We have a pretty reliable 2016 Kia Soul, but my problem is my 1992 Ford Ranger. I love my truck for sentimental reasons (it was my late favorite Aunt's) and I've kept it in really good shape. For a thirty year old truck it's pretty great and has been my daily driver. Late last year my transmission went out and even though it was probably a bad financial decision, I replaced it. So, I've sunk a lot of money into it. I'm worried my sentimental love for it might be clouding my judgement.
This week my truck had to go to the mechanic again. The check engine light was on, the power steering pump is going out, etc. All in all they quoted me 2k to fix what it needs. I did the bare minimum to get the light off and told them I'd think about the rest. So, I'm thinking. Do I continue to pour money into it? Maybe at this age it shouldn't be my daily driver. It's not the safest vehicle, I don't want to put my baby into it. And maybe it's not the best financial decision to keep driving it.
I was thinking about getting a used car, maybe in the 10k range. Just something in good shape and reliable that I can put my baby in. I don't really want to go to a dealership. I was thinking I'd do a private sale and then have a mechanic look at it before I buy. That would leave us ~10k in our HYSA, depending on the price of the car.. I'm concerned that that's not a very large emergency fund. We just replaced our AC in our home I think we will need to replace the water heater in the next year, and the roof maybe in 5-10 years. Other than that I don't anticipate major house expenses soon, but expect the unexpected right? And with a new baby I don't know what to expect. I also know it's not a great time to buy a used car, but I'm not sure it's going to get any better.
And then I'm left with the decision of what to do with my truck, since the thought of getting rid of it entirely gives me anxiety, but I guess that's a separate problem. Any other ideas that I haven't thought of yet? Advice? Thank you guys, I know this was a lot of reading! Writing it all out helps me think about it too.
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2023.06.08 23:34 throwmeinthetrash79 Can fillings stain? Currently worried to due nerve damage from previous work

I have filling that is 8-9 years old. I ate black beans today and yesterday and have had a hard time brushing my teeth this week due to a very painful cold sore. I’ve used mouthwash and quickly brushed and I know it hasn’t been a good job. Could getting black bean skins stuck on my tooth cause a dark stain on the filling? It’s mostly on the filling itself but close to the margin. I also drink coffee daily. I used a dental mirror to check. I have a dentist appointment in a week and half for a cleaning. My last cleaning was in January I think and all was good, but no x rays were done. I’m very worried about needing dental work-I have nerve damage from having my wisdom teeth removed years ago and this stain is on the affected side. Im so scared of getting numbed and having more pain or lack of sensation again.
Also, should I replace these old fillings? I have several that are that age.
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2023.06.08 23:34 Old-Zookeepergame86 Thank you, Dr. Durag

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2023.06.08 23:34 z3mcs [Hoop District] Michael Winger was extremely complimentary of Wes Unseld Jr. Winger interviewed WUJ in 2020 for the Clippers job and called it a "blessing" to have him in DC now, which was part of the reason he found the Washington opening appealing “He’s a brilliant tactician."

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2023.06.08 23:32 oolive33 Finally finished my first amigurumi! Meet Grub, the wizard wannabe ✨🐸 His staff definitely isn’t just a twig and some gum he found outside…

Finally finished my first amigurumi! Meet Grub, the wizard wannabe ✨🐸 His staff definitely isn’t just a twig and some gum he found outside…
[Original pattern, Lion Brand 24/7 cotton yarn, 2mm hook]
He took SO LONG, you guys! This is my favorite sub, and I’m so happy I finally have something to post here! Also a little nervous. Poor Grub never wanted to be a model, but here we are.
I didn’t use a pattern (mainly because I can’t figure out how to read them yet 😅), but he was a lot of fun to make! I hope you like him 🙂
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2023.06.08 23:31 IndividualRelief8818 Just got laid off, a week before due-date, do I still get maternity leave benefits?

Hi, as indicated in the title, I learned this morning that I have been laid off. It’s obviously a shock. I am in the state of Washington and was going to get 12 weeks, 100% paid from my employer.
I know that Washington also has the Family Cares Act to cover maternity leave, that I qualified for, but I can’t find any information anywhere about whether I’ll still qualify for this benefit or not. I’m not sure if I qualify for unemployment either because I’m not physically fit to seek employment at least in the first 6 weeks.
Has anyone else been through this in Washington? Any information would really be helpful.
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2023.06.08 23:30 Shcmendrickit There's something that confuses me and I'd really like your opinions!

So this is about Gordon Ford.
I was wondering whether or not you guys thought his laughter during Midge's four (well...) minutes was genuine or not, whether he genuinely finally saw her for what she really was or was only saving face in front of the cameras.
I felt that it was heavily implied that the reason Midge didn't get an appearance on Jack Parr was because Gordon pulled strings and sabotaged her efforts. I might be wrong about it, though.
I wasn't completely sure about the "you're fired" line. To me, it could be either "you're fired, you don't belong in the writers room, you belong on stage" or "you're fired, who do you think you are pulling this kind of sh*t, you and I are done"
What did you think?
PS - I, as well, am devastated that it's all over and immediately starting a rewatch (while waiting for news of the ballet show)

I edited to fix typos :)
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2023.06.08 23:30 SpukiKitty An interesting thing I just noticed with "ROCKET ATTACK U.S.A."

I decided to watch it on the Gizmoplex site. The picture and sound quality of the episodes are spectacular.
I decided to watch the gloomy Spy Flick / Propaganda-fest, ROCKET ATTACK U.S.A. and got a good handle on what was going on.
I realized a couple of things in the movie, itself. I used to wonder why the pizza guys and Art Metrono with his wife and tie were so darn blasé about the air raid siren and evacuation / bomb shelter stuff.
I then realized that just before the attack, the Soviets were talking peace and a big peace / end of Cold War conference was about to be held at the U.N. with Pres. Truman in attendance.
Metrono and the Pizza Guys were also all skeptical of the news and media all together.
Thus, the Soviets gave the U.S. a false sense of security, lured the President to the U.N. so he would be killed with the rest and the attack would be a surprise.
Considering the "theme" of the alleged Peace Summit that would never happen, "The end to the Cold War", it indeed was, on the Soviet's part, a fiendish example of "Exact Words". There would be "peace" and an "end to the Cold War" at NYC, because the U.S.S.R. will totally nuke the U.S.A. off the planet.
When the U.S.A. finally realized what's up, it was too late to completely evacuate everybody, so the best they could do is have everyone go into bomb shelters.
Thus, Metrono and the others didn't feel anything was wrong, the news reported peace earlier and they were probably just testing the sirens or something.
That said, the Soviet's plan to take over the U.S.A. with one bomb is kinda wonky. The Vice President could take over and our Govt. is in Washington D.C.
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