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2012.03.26 13:16 Dark Sun

No law rules the blasted wastes of Athas, except the laws carved by blades or shaped by magic. Civilized realms suffer under the oppressive rule of sorcerer-kings. Will you rise up, with allies to guard your back and your water? Or will the scorched lands under the dying sun claim yet another band of fools?

2023.06.08 23:52 Firm_Relative_2769 Paracausal Space!

Paracausal Space!
I run a relatively new TikTok where I share my creations and my thoughts on things. Spreading positivity and attempting to develop a community of like minded individuals who like to play games and promote self improvement. I want to draw more awareness to suicide prevention and let people know there’s someone to talk to at ALL times. Just give me a like and follow, if you don’t enjoy the content please feel free to let me know.
I stream (most every) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The only exception is when college, work, and family come first. I am a full time worker, part time in college, and I spend plenty of days with my family doing things we enjoy together.
Carve out a piece of your day to spend with me sometime, I promise it’s worth it!
Forged in Stars, We are Paracausal. 💫
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2023.06.08 23:51 Baculum-Deos Need to decide between Active or Reserves/Guard

I’m a cadet in the rotc program looking at commissioning around this time next year and I just wanted to hear from people that are actually in it as to what component I should branch into. My mind is made up about 80% to go reserves but I wanted to solidify that because I’m still having some reservations.
I joined rotc primarily for the college scholarship and benefits I would receive after my time in service, as well as being able to do cool shit sometimes.
I’ve come to find that I enjoy the army most in bursts. Doing extended training exercises that last over a month like basic camp or advanced camp just make me burn out in a way and not look forward to active duty.
I also have an amazing girlfriend of many years that I plan on marrying some day and do not like the thought of having to move around constantly or spending extended periods of time away from her.
I also plan on branching in either a logistics branch or AG.
What are some pros/cons of going straight into reserves? Is there any reason I should consider guard/active duty over reserves? Does reserves sound like the best fit for me?
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2023.06.08 23:51 Fickle_Tap4462 I'M A SHITTY PERSON

I have been friends with this couple for a few years. In fact, we are the closest within the friend group, but recently I realized I have overlooked their behaviors. We share the same group of friends in college, and he constantly roasts our other friends and puts them in their place (not in a jokingly manner) like ha ha... We all used to laugh it off, but now that we are all 28 and this is still a thing, I don't think this is a normal behavior. They even asked me to have a 3some with them, despite me being the most conservative person in the friend group. It made me really uncomfortable to be objectified. I'm not from the states, and one time, we were singing along to songs on youtube with just music videos. They played songs that I didn't know, so I wasn't singing, but I was still having a good time. The girlfriend loudly announced to the group, 'Let's put on lyrics because someone doesn't speak English.' There was also a time when the boyfriend said that my brain is not fully developed because I was irresponsible in college. Essentially, he called me stupid. Since then, I have been evaluating their past behaviors, and I'm just not okay with who they are as people. I have confided in my other friends because I was thinking of cutting them off. The feedback I got was that I can't cut them off just because they are our friends, and they told me to talk to them. My thing is, I don't really want to tell someone how I want to be treated. I just feel like their characters are not aligning with mine. Another friend told me that I'm being overdramatic. I just don't understand why I have to force myself into friendships I don't want to be in just because we are in the same friend group and have been friends for a long time. Is it normal to outgrow a friendship?
I have been feeling like shit about distancing myself without clear communication, but honestly, I just don't feel inclined to communicate. Yes, I could talk to them and set boundaries, but do I really want to be friends with people who exhibit such behavior?
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2023.06.08 23:51 WorkingIngenuity9605 Should I switch from Data Science to Accounting?

TLDR: I, like many others, am not happy with my new career. I worked 1 year as a Data Scientist and gained near zero experience. I’ve grown to heavily dislike the tech/IT field. I can’t keep up with the skills and technologies. I am not technical enough nor do I care to keep up. I’ve contemplated going back to school for accounting. Should I make the switch to accounting and get out of tech/IT roles?
This post is partly a rant. I know my dilemma is not unique. I’ve read plenty of other Reddit posts and comments about career dissatisfaction and career indecision. I still feel lost, hopeless, and empty about my career path and it aggravates my anxiety and depression, which is not an uncommon experience. I also know I’m still young and I’m only at the start of my journey, but not knowing makes me scared.
I earned my Math degree in early 2022. My first job was supposed to be a Data Scienctist role, but I did nothing Data Science related. I was at a very well-known government contracting firm. My managers only cared that I find billable work. They placed me on a software development team to keep me afloat- it was not a good fit. In between taking Udemy courses (to up my data science skills) and applying internally for roles to be turned down, I lost my enthusiasm/interest in data science.
Currently, I’m a contractor for a Cyber Security team. A friend of the family said their team needed help for a few months and they could use my data skills. At the moment I feel like an imposter. I know nothing about IT or cybersecurity. As I learn more about cybersecurity and its processes, the more I learn that I don’t care for this. I am definitely underqualified knowledge-wise. I could go back to school for cybersecurity, but I have not a lick of interest in this field. Also, using Excel is not really data science.
What really rubs me wrong, is that no one takes the time to really train and mentor anymore. Everyone expects you to hit the ground running these days. I feel like work gets thrown at me, then my supervisors run off to their meetings all day. Part of it is my fault, I hesitate to ask questions because I really don’t know what to ask. When I do ask questions (I make sure I have questions ready for scheduled meetings), I get roundabout answers from my supervisors. I never had these issues during my research internships or when I slinging donuts and coffee.
I feel discouraged to continue to work. It’s affecting my current productivity because I rather procrastinate and do the bare minimum to get by. I never had this issue when I served coffee and donuts for minimum wage.
I took a bunch of career aptitude tests- one of the results I am interested in is accounting. I would have to go back to school and I am open to it. My local community college has a 51-credit financial accounting certificate program for bachelor's degree holders. The program is supposed to prepare me for the CPA exams.
How would I even start my career switch? What are entry-level roles in accounting? Should I even bother? Should I just stick to data science/analysis? I just don’t want to make a mistake and waste my time.
I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors.
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2023.06.08 23:50 Fantastic_Froyo_ My fiancés parents keep getting more passive aggressive towards me

First of all, I apologize for my post being so long. I didn’t want to leave anything out and this has been on my mind so I might’ve started to rant a bit. This is also my first time on Reddit so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.
For days I've been feeling super down about this subject. It's not the first time they have made me feel this way but it hasn't affected me this bad or for this long until now. I love my fiancés family as if they were my own and everyone has welcomed me with open arms and made me feel loved except for his parents. His grandparents are the sweetest people I have ever met and I absolutely adore them. I don't have a relationship with either of my grandparents so it feels like I finally have grandparents of my own and that means a lot to me. His uncle and aunts also make me feel welcomed even though one of his aunts is a bit shy and doesn't talk much. They all talk to me kindly and treat me like an equal - not just like the girl that happens to be dating their nephew or grandson. As for his parents, I have only felt accepted by them once and that was way over a year or two ago. Ever since, however, I feel like they get more and more distant from me and their attitude towards me seems to be getting worse. I'm so tired of their constant disrespect towards me and their passive aggressiveness that they know they can get away with because "they're older and I'm not their family so there's nothing I can do about it". I still try to show them respect not only because I'm the one dating their son, but because I was raised to respect my elders. At first, they would just ignore me when my fiancé left the room, then they started ignoring me in front of him but occasionally talking to me when my fiancé was able to bring me into the conversation, now, it feels like I'm not even in the room and when they decide to finally talk to me it either has to do with me explaining what something is (typically a Mexican dish), or to say something very passive aggressive. If my own fiancé even tries to bring me into the conversation, they just completely ignore the effort and keep avoiding me until they find some passive aggressive comment to direct towards me. I just feel like a bother when I'm around them. I feel guilty for being in their presence when I have done nothing to them. I try to always be respectful around them and I wish I knew what made them act this way towards me. Part of me thinks that they blame me for my fiancé not visiting them or speaking to them as often, however, when we started dating he was still in college with no job so he was able to visit them more often. Now, he has graduated college and has a full time job where he works 40+ hours a week and gets off late so even I get to only spend time with him a few hours a day before we go to sleep. He used to go to church every Sunday but now he works on Sundays and can't drive over an hour to go to church with them. It's not my fault that he can't visit them as often but I feel like they somehow blame me since he has slowly started seeing them less since he started dating me. Other than visiting them less since dating me, I have done nothing to upset them since I have shown them nothing but respect and have apologized to them if I did something wrong. The first (and to my knowledge, only time) I have made them upset was the first year we started dating when they invited me on a beach trip and I forgot to say goodbye (I was still living with my parents at the time and anyone with Hispanic parents know that if you still live under their roof you have to follow their rules and they wanted me back home earlier than expected). A few minutes after the incident I remembered I had forgotten to say goodbye and called my fiancé's mom to apologize and thank her for bringing me with them but later that day she told my fiancé how she was upset at me despite me calling her back immediately to apologize. This happened over three years ago and they were nice to me after that incident so I doubt that's what this is about. I'm also a very shy person who doesn't open up to people very easily, so I also wonder if me being so quiet is what turns them away from me. I don't think this justifies them being so passive aggressive towards me, but I have to keep this as an option just in case. Just to clarify, me being shy doesn't mean I completely ignore them and don't try to talk to them, it just means I still talk to them very formally (unlike the more casual way I talk to the rest of their family members) because they talk to me differently and more formally than everyone else in his family. I'm just matching their tone y'know.I feel like I'm getting a bit sidetracked but overall this bothers me so much because I feel so drained after seeing them. I sit there taking their attitude and there's nothing I can do about it because I don't want to be disrespectful or escalate things. It's so belittling and I broke down after having lunch with them in front of my fiancé because of it. He's stood up for me before but it makes his mom get very defensive over it. All he can do now is apologize for his parent's behavior but it doesn't stop them from making me feel this way. I don't want him to get involved because I feel like it would encourage the thought that I'm turning him against them. I see how much my parents love my fiancé and I wish his parents viewed me that same way. He's just as quiet and formal with my parents as I am with his but they absolutely adore him and ask about him when I'm on the phone with them. My dad even has a picture of us as his wallpaper and that makes me so happy. I want my relationship with his parents to improve but I feel like if I confront them or have my fiancé confront them about this they'll just get offended and make the situation worse. What should I do to confront them about this without offending them?
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2023.06.08 23:50 Gbreeder Incarnated prisons - etc.

So, fellows attacked us - Yah'wei's bunch.
We also cleared out Sheogorath / Legolas / Beetlejuice / Joker - that guys stomach awhile ago now.
We did that to others too.
But, Sheogorath got very hungry. Giving people their brains or whatever back also meant that they were suddenly fully back in control and angry.
The brain stuff, was kinda creepy.
We retaliated against Yah'wei. Technically, he was acting as a slave driver or ruler.
And telling people lies or whatever - plus the whole genocide of places in the astral, my own relatives places and whatnot.
We ended up getting a starved Sheogorath to eat bad guys that we rounded up.
Yah'wei's people trap others souls and bodies in black boxes. Then they place them into swords or contraptions and weaponize or use them for whatever purposes.
They gave people's kin and allies swords full of their own "missing family / friends".
Anyways, we swept through all their torture dungeons and broke all the black boxes and swords and whatnot.
Their contraptions are all more or less dealt with.
I did mention that the people I'm with did manage to sneak in and incarnate.
Most people, are all let in by the "Angels" or celestials. Those guys seem to have forced A LOT of people to incarnate and them immediately imprisoned them in swords or wherever else.
Beings like Vai'daiilikk for example.
He look a lot like the cloaked reapers with no faces and a scythe in some mythologies or whatever.
I've mentioned a being named Botin Edomines Hellscree Maaktrashisha Traysayfusche being called the Reaper King or other names.
It does appear that the cloaked guys are a lot older than him, but Hellscree can actually defeat a lot of their "Kings" in multiple groups.
The phantom guys from the lord of the rings may have been these reapers descendants.
Vai'daiilikk, would be a King. He's a sort of fellow that likes to kill. He was in a sword.
While sweeping through all the areas we did find a being simply called The Grim Reaper. A King from the same wave / race as Vai'daiilikk.
Sometimes he has apprentices.
So his apprentices help guide people to certain afterlifes. Or they used to.
It seems like he was attacked at some point, and after that beings were all sent to basically hell.
Most of his people after that simply collected souls and saved them / made them parts of their faction. Some of them would guide souls to that place / faction.
I guess he started rebelling when he heard about me in the astral, and about others doing whatever. Others did so too.
So a lot of troops were just all readied because of multiple planes around them getting ready for war.
We had actually found a lot of pieces of "The Grim Reaper"'s soul chunks and whatever awhile back along with a bunch of others.
Regardless, they've joined up with us - we swept through their stuff and whatnot.
I'd say that we are pretty much done sweeping everything.
The very bad / people who tried making a forced stage / show / game or being in Earth militaries that took over Earth and oppressed her - sociopaths, murderers and whoever - those incarnated fellows were placed into a prison that we had Sheogorath eat / tricked him into eating.
The madness stuff won't reach them, we used Wabbajack that we took from the outside of Sheogorath's whatever along with other totems to seal them over all those fellows seal thing. And Sheogorath can't touch it either.
The only non incarnated beings in there are sentient mirrors, buildings or whatever.
But yeah. A lot of beings sealed in weapons or wherever else - we simply moved them into that whole place after getting them out because they aren't good.
A lot of incarnated fellows were freed though from the boxes and whatnot and are just free now.
Non incarnated warmongers, genocidal whatever and the like though. They were sent wherever - whoever else went to vaults, new ones.
Some wanted to go to them as usual due to trauma.
We also recovered stolen weapons or caches - that sorta stuff. Lot of sentient weapons, tools or whatnot all used together to do whatever.
So they get scrubbed and are sent wherever.
Lot of sentient robots or robotic individuals in sort of prisons or scrap yards being forced to do whatever - or as weapons.
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2023.06.08 23:49 Electrical-Walrus-33 Running and billing as an underweight(105) 20yr old

So I’ve been struggling with my mental health ever since issues with my ex lead to our breakup(lol who am I kidding he cheated) and I’ve been struggling to start going to the gym. Ima stem major in college so and I kept getting busy with hrw and work that I kept pushing off going to the gym. I started going steady for a bit and got my hip thrusts up to 165 and other prs but things got busy and I missed a bunch. I also ran randomly here it there(I used to to xc in hs) and I really missed the runners high. Summer has started and I really wanna focus on getting in shape but idk how to balance running and living weights. I also need to work on expanding my appetite and getting more calories in which is challenging since I have a tiny stomach. I’m super underweight since I’m pretty tall and thin. I’m using seeing a pic of them together as motivation(I should t have stocked their social media and screenshoted ik) and I’m really fired up to jump in and get that dumpy but I’m worried I won’t be able to grow anything if I run. But also running soothe my mind. I read online looked on YouTube, tik tok, ect and there’s not a lot of information that IVE found personally that could maybe be directed to women. There were a lot of guys doing sprints and such so maybe doing long distance running and lifting weights just isn’t gonna happen? Do you guys have any advice or resources you could offer? Idk how to structure my workout splits or anything so I’d be so happy to hear from experienced members
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2023.06.08 23:49 PostLazy4777 Future of job market

I’m heading into my senior year of college, I’ve prepared well (Atleast I think) with networking, gpa, work experience/internships, but will that even matter if the job market is gone? Do you guys think it will be possible to land a corporate finance position in a year or two? I want to go into FP&A but I’m just worried it’s going to be impossible to get my foot in a FT position if the market is down bad. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 23:49 kerropi569 Where should I live

I have no clue where I want to move and basically no real understanding of the real estate market and day to day outside my hometown/college area.
I'm from the deep south and I go to college in NYC. I want to move somewhere preferaby close to a beach, lots of opportunities for hiking/being in nature, and have enough space to have my own garden eventually or just outdoor living space. I want to move far Away from my hometown in the deep south and I do want to be somewhat close to a bigger city where events like concerts and festivals may occur and somewhere where weed is legal. Obviously i have general ideas in mind, such as norcal/pnw area or colorado even but i also have no real concept of what it is like to live there and was just wanted input from others on nice places to settle
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2023.06.08 23:48 Sedatedon_bs Headteacher

Was talking to a college who’s leaving my school from head of physics to go to head of science and was having an interesting conversation about the power of a headteacher. 99% of schools in my area have been taken over by a trust so does the head really have any say anymore? Will there be a day where schools just don’t have heads?
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2023.06.08 23:48 WorkingIngenuity9605 Should I switch from Data Science to Accounting?

TLDR: I, like many others, am not happy with my new career. I worked 1 year as a Data Scientist and gained near zero experience. I’ve grown to heavily dislike the tech/IT field. I can’t keep up with the skills and technologies. I am not technical enough nor do I care to keep up. I’ve contemplated going back to school for accounting. Should I make the switch to accounting and get out of tech/IT roles?
This post is partly a rant. I know my dilemma is not unique. I’ve read plenty of other Reddit posts and comments about career dissatisfaction and career indecision. I still feel lost, hopeless, and empty about my career path and it aggravates my anxiety and depression, which is not an uncommon experience. I also know I’m still young and I’m only at the start of my journey, but not knowing makes me scared.
I earned my Math degree in early 2022. My first job was supposed to be a Data Scienctist role, but I did nothing Data Science related. I was at a very well-known government contracting firm. My managers only cared that I find billable work. They placed me on a software development team to keep me afloat- it was not a good fit. In between taking Udemy courses (to up my data science skills) and applying internally for roles to be turned down, I lost my enthusiasm/interest in data science.
Currently, I’m a contractor for a Cyber Security team. A friend of the family said their team needed help for a few months and they could use my data skills. At the moment I feel like an imposter. I know nothing about IT or cybersecurity. As I learn more about cybersecurity and its processes, the more I learn that I don’t care for this. I am definitely underqualified knowledge-wise. I could go back to school for cybersecurity, but I have not a lick of interest in this field. Also, using Excel is not really data science.
What really rubs me wrong, is that no one takes the time to really train and mentor anymore. Everyone expects you to hit the ground running these days. I feel like work gets thrown at me, then my supervisors run off to their meetings all day. Part of it is my fault, I hesitate to ask questions because I really don’t know what to ask. When I do ask questions (I make sure I have questions ready for scheduled meetings), I get roundabout answers from my supervisors. I never had these issues during my research internships or when I slinging donuts and coffee.
I feel discouraged to continue to work. It’s affecting my current productivity because I rather procrastinate and do the bare minimum to get by. I never had this issue when I served coffee and donuts for minimum wage.
I took a bunch of career aptitude tests- one of the results I am interested in is accounting. I would have to go back to school and I am open to it. My local community college has a 51-credit financial accounting certificate program for bachelor's degree holders. The program is supposed to prepare me for the CPA exams.
How would I even start my career switch? What are entry-level roles in accounting? Should I even bother? Should I just stick to data science/analysis? I just don’t want to make a mistake and waste my time.
I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors.
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2023.06.08 23:48 cinnamon_scissor How do you deal with “drugs are bad” family members

Lmao… here’s a funny one
In college, My brother and sister both had fake ID’s that they bought behind my parents back AND mine.
I figured out that they had it on my own, to easily. In walmart with my bro, his friend, and me: asked to see some of these snacks in an aisle, while my brother went to go “check something at the register”. It was just so bad and obvious. I figured it out in that moment just as anyone would. If he has a fake, then my sister does because she is an alcohol fiend. I see her on her friends social media drinking at bars and restaurants. And when we go out for dinner as a family they both will usually have a drink.
Their excuse for not telling me when I talked to them about it was “you always tell mom stuff” which is not true at the moment. I did from like k-4th grade lol. That part to me is funny tbh.
I later told them this at a party we had at our house where they were both drunk. This party also happened with my parents permission which is even more hypocritical.
And before all this I got caught with weed in college because of them and another snake friend/roomate who turned into the “drugs are bad” for 30 days and then switched back to his stoner self who can’t get out of bed. In 12th grade my other snake friend told on my sister for vaping nic. Nicotine is the only drug I regret in my life, so Im glad I got snitched on but also still a little angry because it didn’t help me quit at all, eventually. Caught with weed a few more times. And I come from a traditional south asian family, so yeah it was bad when I got caught. Also Im meaning to move out because its gotten toxic here. Despite it being a year since I got caught with anything, I still have rules and such because I got caught. Parents keep track of any cash (I have my ways though). I am 21 and want to desperately move out very soon. Ive been working hard and smart for it as well so Ill get there.
Also fyi Ive been backstabbed worse by ex’s and others so at this point my circle is very very small (0).
How do you guys deal with it? For the people who have supportive families and friends, please tell me what that’s like so I can think about how nice that would be.
TD;LR: family is so anti-drug and hypocritical, how do I deal with it
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2023.06.08 23:47 stazek Making a SAO Minecraft server with friends - looking for people interested in helping us!

I present to you Project Aincraft, it is a minecraft MMORPG server on mods based on Sword Art Online.
We are currently recruiting for our project, we are looking for builders (WorldEdit), developers (Java and Fabric) , graphic designers (Blockbench) and level designers (WorldPainter). Only basic knowledge of the programs/plugins needed for their role required.
Interested? Or need more information? Write on discord: Nazuto#9663
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2023.06.08 23:47 LMoney36 unhooked polisci kid goes 3/5 at HYPSM (only 1 rejection)—but goes elsewhere...

Intended Major(s): Political Science/Public Policy
9th: APHUG (5), APCSP (5)
10th: Micro (5), Calc BC (5), Physics 1 (5), Bio (5), World (5), Euro (5)
11th: Macro (5), Lang (5), APUSH (5), Physics 2 (4), Physics C Mech (4), Chem (4), Comp Gov (5), Seminar (5), DE Calc III
12th: Lit, Stats, Art History, US Gov, Psych, CSA, APES, Physics C EM, DE Linear Algebra (one semester), DE Differential Equations (one semester)
Standardized Testing
  1. Research @ Local State School on Greed Tendencies in Humans. Designed experiments and tested different age groups to test if greed was conditioned or natural to humans. Published research paper (submitted as research supplement to some schools) (11).
  2. Writing Internship @ Very Popula"Prestigious" Newspaper Company. Wrote tons of articles. Only high school intern (11, 12).
  3. Local Youth Political Action Committee Head. Discussed potential policy solutions to local issues and presented solutions to local gov officials. Featured on news twice (10, 11, 12).
  4. Local Leftist Teens (Not Actual Name) Founder. Group for local high school activists/passionate leftists to come together and discuss how we can promote leftist ideas to the general public/get real issues real attention. Presented policy solutions to local gov officials. Kind of similar to the last activity (11, 12).
  5. Job @ Restaurant. Weekends during school year. Worked 30 hrs/wk during summers (9, 10, 11, 12).
  6. School+Club Soccer Team Captain (9, 10, 11, 12).
  7. Knowledge Bowl Team President. Grew club from ~5 before I was pres to ~30 after I was pres. Regional+state champ (9, 10, 11, 12).
  8. School Debate Team Captain. Placed individually in nationals. Headed fundraisers and meetings with local college debate team to practice against higher level competition (9, 10, 11, 12).
  9. Informal Debate Club Founder. Name too unique so not naming here. We just meet weekly and debate politics. That's literally what happens and that's exactly what I said in my description on the Common App (10, 11, 12).
  10. Philosophy Club Founder. We talk about philosophy and stuff. Lots of religious debate. Initiated altruistic fundraiser along with the help of local college philosophy department (11, 12).
  1. Essay on anticapitalism published in very notable journal (not a high-schooler-publishing-type journal) (11).
  2. Debate individual nationals placements (11, 12).
  3. State knowledge bowl tournament first place solo, regional first place, youngest individual state champion ever (a few placements clumped) (9, 10, 11, 12).
  4. Featured on national news for activist efforts/got to talk about youth activism (12).
  5. Research award (11).
Letters of Recommendation
LOR 1: From AP histories teacher. Said I was his best student both years I took him. Don't know much else. We were really close; he was also the teacher sponsor for real debate and the more informal debate club I founded, so he saw me compete lots and saw my debate skills/political knowledge. 9.5/10.
LOR 2: From AP calc/calc 3 teacher. Said I had very unusual math strength, especially for someone who isn't going into math. Was surprised when I told him I wanted to study PoliSci instead of something STEM. We were very close tho. Probably 8/10.
Didn't get one from my research mentor.
Stanford: 5/10. Online. Idk the guy seemed to not really care that much/wasn't too attentive, but this might've just been bc it was online. Conversation only lasted like 25 minutes max. I rlly don't think the guy would've had that much at all to say/tell the admissions committee about me but yeah.
UPenn: 9/10. Talked about capitalism. Guy was from Wharton, so yeah, different paths for sure but he seemed to really be interested in what I was talking about. He thought I was smart and said my resume was incredible/very professional.
Harvard: 10/10. Interviewer seemed to really enjoy our conversation. Lasted about 2 hours; we talked about philosophy lots. Interviewer said I was the most impressive interviewee she'd ever seen.
Yale: 6/10. Talked about politics (don't) and my interviewer clearly didn't agree with me. Might be exaggerating how bad this was but idrk. Guy was chill tho. Realistically, it was prolly better than I thought and I doubt the guy would write bad stuff for us disagreeing. We actually had some pretty good conversation. Idk.
Vandy: 8/10. Talked about southern environment of Vandy; that's what I wanted to know abt the school (that environment's implications on the school's culture) so I just asked. Good conversation and definitely made me like the school a lot more. Much more focused on the school as opposed to me and my interests than all my other interviews.
Honestly, I spent summewell into the school year on my PS, but my supps were all done pretty quickly. I made sure they were good, but I didn't have a private counselor or anything like that, so it was pretty much just my own judgement. My PS was about activism/how I got into politics, and ik I'm biased and everything, but I really do think it was an incredibly strong essay. The only person who read it was my AP lit teacher, and she said it was easily the best PS she'd ever seen and said it was "beautifully written." I consider myself a strong writer (lots of experience/I read lots), so I think my essays were all well written; some of the supps could've had better content, tho. I was also making some jokes in my essays, so they were kinda funny at times, so yk take that how you will. I only made jokes when they came naturally; nothing was contrived/fake or anything. I'd rate my PS a 9.5/10 and my supps an average of a 7.5/10.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)



Additional Information
After UChicago EA came out, I decided to only apply to schools RD that I thought I might take over UChicago, so I scratched all my targets that I'd started writing for (UChicago's FA was good). I got very good FA offers from multiple schools, which is why I didn't take the UNC full ride or Vandy full tuition scholarship (I probably would have otherwise). HSP offers were a tad (and I really mean a tad) cheaper than Duke's—but I alr liked Duke so much and fell in love with it when I visited campus. Duke felt like a perfect fit. If y'all were wondering, I didn't take the WL spot at Yale, and I wouldn't have gone to MIT, so yeah—go Blue Devils!!!!!!!!!!!
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2023.06.08 23:46 Rainbow_Dash_RL Playing every Zelda game: The Legend of Zelda

To celebrate the new game that is out now, I am playing through every main Zelda game. For this quest, I am using guides to navigate and find all the secrets. However, I am attempting puzzles and bosses without hints first.
I will attempt to review this game compared with other games of its era, as an NES game.
Thanks Link. You're the hero of Hyrule. Finally, peace returns to Hyrule. The end.
I am sweating and my vision is a bit blurry after starting the Ganon fight with three hearts left.
Assistant: N/A Outside of cryptic hints, there's no helper in this game. I'm not even sure how you are supposed to find some of the secrets without trial and error, like draining a lake with the warp whistle for a dungeon entrance. Where was the hint for that? Maybe in the game manual somewhere?
Dungeons/Bosses: 6/10 Repetitive, reuses bosses, first three bosses were just reptiles. Some neat innovations, like dark rooms and secret off-map rooms, blasting your way through walls. Balanced as well as a drunk surfer.
In dungeon six, The Dragon, I made three mistakes: I died, I lost my magical shield, and I didn't know about the Great Fairy that heals you all the way so I kept charging back in with three hearts. Took eighteen attempts to beat it. Even going out of my way to get heart containers and the blue ring, the Dragon was poorly balanced and ripped through my health.
I expected dungeon seven, The Demon, to ramp it up and I went in swinging with full health. It was populated by previous bosses, threatening creatures... that you can run right past like brave, brave Sir Robin. Then you get to the end, the final boss, we are so far through the game what is it going to be...
Aquamentus. From dungeon one. Who you blitz through in one hit with full upgrades. Was that intended to be a joke, or did they really balance the game that badly?
Combat: 5/10 Not bad for a NES game, but still rather basic. You can swing a sword, shoot a beam at full health, and fire off arrows and magic spells. However, all of the neat extra things you can get don't really matter because late game enemies are immune to everything except your sword (except cats, Digdoggers, and Manhandla). Shoot a wizard with an arrow? Nah, get right up in their face with a sword at low health! Artificial difficulty is rampant, with attacks that you are not allowed to block and rooms full of Blue Darknuts, WITH FIREBALLS EVERYWHERE, because it's totally fair to have that as part of the main game and not an optional challenge worth a hundred rupees. If you could block Ganon's attacks and find an optional item to see him, the game would be so much more rewarding and satisfying.
Graphics: 5/10 About average for an NES game, nothing special. The overworld has some nice variety and enough landmarks to navigate by, but every dungeon, even the final one, is just a palette swap. It is fair that something had to be cut for all of the content on this cart. It's nice you can see a visual difference with each ring, sword, and shield you obtain.
Items: 4/10 A fantasy world with many mundane things: A raft, stepladder, candle, boomerang. Some of the best items are just upgrades to what you already have, like better armor (rings) and better swords (though it is cool you have to find enough heart pieces to be worthy, encourages exploration). The Wand + Magic Book is OP and awesome and hard-earned. Warp Whistle is chaotic and I don't understand it, but still cool. This game introduces your light/ancient/silver arrows among other important lore things. Potions are too expensive with how scarce Rupees are, and considering it takes every secret rupee cache in the game to afford the Blue Ring and Magical Shield, being able to have your shield stolen is a real low blow. I didn't even get the Bomb Upgrades because I'd rather save for a Red Potion.
Music/Sound Design: 7/10: The overworld and title screen music is absolutely classic and belongs in a video game history museum somewhere. Every dungeon (I think, might be wrong) and boss sounds the exact same and gets annoying. At low health I just muted the game. If I wanted an annoying beep to remind me I'm doing things wrong then I could just drive without a seatbelt.
Navigation/Maps: 8/10 The sheer scale of the overworld, while being full of massive dungeons, all of which has a corresponding map that you can warp around in two different ways, is just incredible for the hardware this game was on. There's also a Compass in each dungeon and secret rooms off the map. For an NES game, that is pretty good.
QoL: 6/10 At first I was going to rate this lower, but I took a deep breath and compared it with NES games, not modern ones. There's a Great Fairy who will heal you completely. You can buy potions that heal full health with two servings. However, the game does not scale with difficulty. I took a wrong turn in Death Mountain and spent ten minutes getting back on track. During that time, I found three hearts and no fairies, despite the increased difficulty. I could not imagine being an 80s kid, spending an hour or two on Death Mountain without a guide, almost winning against Ganon and then having to do the entire dungeon all over again. I have played the game on a NES before but I don't recall if there's any way to load from a save before bosses, but I sure hope so. If so it gets a seven out of ten.
Secrets/Easter Eggs: 6/10 There's a good amount of secret rooms and items for an NES game, but it loses some points for being mostly burn the bush or bomb the wall and for how arbitrary it is. The only way to know where secrets are is by burning/bombing everything, a friend telling you, or getting a hint from the latest edition of Nintendo Power. Off-map rooms in a game this old are cool to see, but hiding some of the most important items in the game that way is a bit much (looking at you, Red Ring).
Story: 3/10 There is actually a backstory you can find in the game's manual, but it is the very basic cliche of "go rescue the princess from the evil pig creature". They pretty much copied Mario. However, TLoZ gets a couple points for being the foundation of the lore we take for granted now, like the Triforce (of wisdom and power, courage is absent) and Ganon.
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2023.06.08 23:46 ProbablyDK She's not well, but it's not okay.

Oh boy. Warning. This is long but this is also a long time coming, and I don't blame anyone reading for not believing someone can be so cruel to their own family but... here's the true story of my MIL from hell.
About seven years ago my Mrs, Alice (36F), and I (35M) rekindled a love lost in our teens, it was awesome and so easy. She had been engaged to some jerk for years and it fizzled out, he left her with a shit ton of debt and ended up costing her thousands.
Anyway, she moves back home to do some soul searching and I come moonwalking onto the scene.
Immediately Alice leaks all the details of her parents private discussions with her, she lets me know her parents consider me a rebound thing and dislike my lack of higher education and choice of profession, give us a couple months tops. Pretty fucking mean stuff, but I had no idea how bad it would one day become.
Three years later we move in together.
So we have our first big fight, Alice declares she actually has a problem with my lack of higher education too and I take it badly, we don't talk for two days and I come home from a twelve hour shift to find a note on my fridge.
It read like a lawyer had written it and I immediately knew it wasnt from Alice. In the note I was threatened with impending homelessness and promised that in the coming days the police would be called and told the car I drive has been stolen by me. This is due to the fact that the car's finance was in Alice's name.
I immediately drove to MIL's house and was told to leave. I drove home and expected Alice to return with intent to move out. She didn't. She apologised over and over, and I accepted her apology. She explained her mother had taken control of the situation and written the note, she didn't want things to end.
Fast forward a year or so. I'm enrolled in community college, with intent to go to University and we're home from the hospital with my newborn son, Archie. MIL has invited herself over to 'help us' for the first week of him being there; first day comes and goes and Ive done all the cooking and cleaning, MIL parks herself on the sofa and hasn't moved.
Second day and Alice asks if I'd be willing to give Archie a bath (against doctors orders) and I agree. Alice then asks my MIL to help me, I'm still on cloud 9 from the birth so idgaf and I agree.
We head upstairs and I run a shallow, warm bath for my son, part ways in and he pees during the bath, my first reaction is to leave the room to grab a towel from the bathroom, before I do I physically move my MIL's hand onto my son's leg and say "watch him, I need a towel".
I grab a towel in less than five seconds I'm back with my son. We wrap him up and she takes him back down whilst I happily tidy.
On my way back downstairs I pass my MIL who tells me she is off to bed. When I arrive in the lounge Alice is holding Archie in floods of tears. "My mum said you left him alone in the bath, he could've drowned!"
Fuck this noise.
I blow a fuse. I agressively shout for my MIL to get her lying ass downstairs. She doesn't come. I threaten to come up if she doesnt come down. She doesnt come. I begin up the stairs and she appears, crying, holding her suitcase and runs out the house into the pouring rain. She stands in the rain for nearly 90mins waiting to be picked up. Alice begs for me to get her indoors. I head out and ask her why she lied, I get no answer, just her crying her eyes out and insisting Alice is an abusive daughter who beat her up as a teen. I should've fucking known then and there what I was dealing with, but it gets worse.
Skip ahead to 2023. My son is 3 and my daughter is 1. My in-laws have moved to a different country across the continent and whilst we are by no means on good terms, I tolerate them.
Alice and I have the mother of all arguments and it ends with Alice becoming physically aggressive and manages to throw something at me. I react accordingly and make plans to leave. In the heat of the arguement Alice calls her mother who asks us both to calm down. We do and things are very difficult for a few days.
One morning I get told that Alice plans to take my children to see her parents abroad. We are broke so I immediately ask how, and I'm told she (MIL) has paid for all of their flights. Alice is ecstatic to be going and doesn't understand why I would be upset at not being invited.
A week or so later and I've managed to scrounge up the cash for tickets. I ask MIL if I'm welcome and she says yes.
Roughly three weeks ago (May of 2023) Alice tells me that her mother is not pleased I'm now joining them on the trip she she believes we 'Need a break' as a couple and sees this trip as a chance for her to consider permanently moving in with them. She has also contacted a lawyer and asked if
A. Is it possible to take my name off of the deed to the house as I have been in higher education and contributed considerably less money to mortgage payments than Alice.
B. Do Grandparents have any rights over that of fathers if said fathers are reported to be abusive.
Alice reassures me none of this is possible, but, incredibly, doesn't seem phased by these hideous attempts at ruining my life.
Fast forward to the trip. 7 days ago.
MIL meets us at the airport with and we drive to her house. Its a huge house, an absolutely beautiful mansion that has sadly been decimated by cats. The smell as I entered nearly made me sick. The floors are filthy, and the cats had completely covered the place in urine and its overpowering.
We are then told our bed has been used as a litter tray, the mattress is soaked in cat pee and on top of this the kitchen looks as if it hadnt been cleaned in months.
I'm polite enough to only divulge my disgust to Alice and even spend two hours cleaning the kitchen as a way of saying thanks for paying for the flights for my kids.
We head out in the car again and she shows us around her village, she strangely starts a 20min long speech about the local schools and job opportunities.. is she.. is she trying to convince us to live there? She then goes on to explain how she has been diagnosed with 'proper clinical depression' and begins to passive agressively explain how most people's depression is just a low mood and is 'nothing in comparison'. I should note that during my years at university I was diagnosed with depression, a fact she undoubtedly knew.
After more than I can stomach the MIL stops the car and declares she cannot drive down this particular road and must turn around. At which point she accidentally slams on the accelerator and drives head first into a brick wall. She all but totals the car and the wall is demolished, my kids are shook but fine, and I'm so fucking angry but I keep my cool. We limp home.
The first night in the house of many cats was unbearable. The heat and the stench had us gagging, I was pacing the room all night trying to figure out how to politely leave, but without any luck rearranging our flights.
Day two and we walk to a cafe for breakfast. I dont speak the local language and my MIL orders for us. My MIL reminds us she has recently had a gastric band fitted and I'am given an extremely small breakfast (one bread roll) filled with a meat I do not like but she werent to know so I eat it with sips of juice to help it go down.
Hours later we drive into the city, bear in mind the last time I ate a meal was in my home country, and Im famished after a small breakfast. We walk around the city for a couple hours and I ask if we can stop to eat.
My MIL rolls her eyes and throws her hands up in the air and this time I bite.
I explain how I haven't eaten a meal for going on 30+ hours and Im famished, my kids are hungry and I want something I know I'll at least enjoy. I wasnt overtly rude and I didnt blame anyone but I was clearly upset.
Back at the house and my fiance corners me "My mum said you attacked her, my Dad is furious, I said you didnt attack anyone but she is inconsolable".
I'm given ice cold treatment and ignored for most of the evening until later on and Alice and I are sat by the front door of the house, MIL walks up to the front door screaming to someone on speaker phone "I'm going to remind him who's house he's in if he thinks he is going to freeload off of us, I'm going to remind him who's food he is eating".
I look at Alice and just walk to our piss soaked room, defeated.
The next morning MIL has been told I overheard her and she has no intention of making any apologises. She hurls abuse about how childish I'am, how she has no time for drama and how she will not humour my attempts to bully her.
My FIL comes to me and asks me to reconsider my being upset, and insists the conversation I overheard was a misunderstanding. I let loose and explain it all - everything Ive explained here... and he immediately leaves the room and berates her.
She cries, plays victim, claims the whole family is ganging up on her and she goes to bed. That was four days ago. In those four days she has criticised Alices' weight constantly, threatened to hit my 3 yo if he misbehaves and insisted that my being 36 means my newly acquired degree is too little too late.
And so... Im still here, we've endured eachother for the sake of the kids, but I write this on the piss soaked mattress, miles from home, under the thumb of someone who I now understand is not mentally well at all.
We fly home tomorrow and out of hell, I can't wait, but I know this isnt the last I've seen of her.
TL;DR - MIL lies to S/O about me, threatens to ruin my life, report my car stolen, take my kids away, ridicules me, takes my family abroad and houses us in filth.
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2023.06.08 23:46 basketballshort My (19F) boyfriend (20M) hasn't been speaking to me and I'm not 100% why (get ready for a long story folks)

Hey everyone so this requires a lot of backstory to make sense, so please bear with me here.
I grew up with an abusive mother and a dad who either encouraged it or looked the other way. I am a college student and am working as a researcher for the summer with free on campus housing and pay, which meant I was only going to be home for about a week before moving back onto campus for research. Unfortunately for me, I was kicked out only after a few days home and with still a week before I could move back onto campus, so I essentially became homeless. I had to fight to get the clothes I was wearing, the phone I bought as backup for situations like this, and my computer. I found a place to stay for the week I couldn't be on campus but it was still stressful and still is because I've lost my family, home, and all my belongings. This is where the issue with my boyfriend comes in. We've been together for about a year, and we've had a lot of ups and downs in our relationship, mainly to do with the fact that I felt he did not make enough time for me. I am going to be completely open and honest and admit that I was pretty awful to him. While it is no excuse, growing up in a household like I did made it difficult to develop healthy ways of communicating, and more often than not my immediate reaction to being hurt (his seeming lack of care due to rarely speaking to me or spending time with me) is to usually get mad and lash out. I know this is not right, and I do not want to hurt him, let alone anyone, like that, so I have been working on myself at getting better at communicating and not lashing out like I had been. It hasn't been easy, and I'm not perfect, but I have been trying. I however, feel that he has not worked at all on giving me time, and I tried to be understanding about this as much as I could during the school year because I know he is very stressed (he is in a demanding major and has to keep his GPA up for scholarships and things). My communication about wanting more time with him was usually met with some version of "I can't I'm too busy", which upset me but ok fine whatever. Recently though, his classes ended shortly after mine, and I know (because he told me) he is working as a Paid intern in essentially a 9-5 job. Which to me, should mean he is less busy and would be able to (and want to) interact with me more. This was not the case at all. It took days after I had been kicked out of the house to get ahold of him and inform him of everything that had happened. After this, I would wait 12+ hrs for a response from him. I know that sometimes his phone acts up and doesn't work very well, but he has also communicated with me through snapchat or Instagram on his computer, and he didn't even bother to do that either. This lack of talking went on for 2 weeks, meaning I was moved onto campus and literally a 15 minute drive from him for a week with still next to no communication or anything. This obviously, upset me very much as I was going through a lot and he was supposed to be less busy now and he was still barely talking to me. In my upset, I essentially told him that I expected him to be more there for me in the difficult time I'm having, I didn't appreciate him being MIA, and that this wasn't the type of relationship I wanted and he could have a nice summer. He basically said that it wasn't intentional and his phone was acting up but he could've done better. I didn't respond because we've had this conversation so many times and he knows how I feel and he never fixes it so him saying that did nothing to change my mind. I would have given him a second chance if he started putting more effort into talking to me and actually making time for me, but that's the last he messaged me until the literal next day when he asked if I was taking calls, and said he had called me, when I hadn't received any calls. He essentially left it at that until 2 days later I called him. He picked up and sat there in silence for a whole minute before I gave up and hung up. He sent me a message asking why I called him to ignore him and hang up. When I told him I didn't hear him say anything, he said word for word "whatever. Not my fault you didn't hear me". Now, I don't see how else you could read that, but I took that as very sassy and like he couldn't give a shit about us talking or not. I blew up on him and told him I gave him so many chances, even after I had decided I was done I was still waiting for him to prove me wrong so I could give him a second chance, because I love him and if we can work things out I don't want to have the relationship end. I said something along the lines of "Anyone would think you don't want to be with me" and he responded with "Well, anyone would think I'm in an abusive relationship from how often I get kicked out and emotionally bounced around". For context, when he would be over to visit at my apartment and he'd do something that would upset me, I'd tell him to get out of my apartment, and once I calmed down enough I'd realize I didn't want him to go. Which yeah, I'm really lucky he put up with that and I should have never done that to him, but I felt that that wasn't the point of the conversation and said as much to him. We had already talked about that stuff and I've apologized and I'm working on it and I have been getting better, which even he agrees with. So I just felt it unnecessary to bring up a separate problem. I said to him "have I gotten a sorry? I'll work on it? Or anything other than a "you suck more?"" And he said he supposedly had wanted to say all these things over a call. At this point, I had to stop talking and go because, since I'm now homeless essentially and will be moving into an apartment, I needed furniture, and the university was trashing old furniture and I either needed to get it right then or not at all. He called twice while I was gone, and I was gone for a little over an hour. When I got back I tried calling him back, and I sent him a message saying to call me back. He has not spoken to me since then. He has not opened a single message on instagram or snapchat (I have an android so I don't know if he opened my texts). I'm honestly at a loss of what to do. I said before that if this can be salvaged I want to do that because l do love him and still want to work through things with him, and it seemed like that had been what he was willing to do right before I had to go, but now all of a sudden he isn't speaking to me. It's been almost two weeks and I'm scared he'll never talk to me again. I want to send him a big text just saying how I care about him and would like to talk to him but I don't know if I should or if he would even read it. He hasn't blocked or unadded me, he's just not opening or answering anything. Help????
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2023.06.08 23:46 Schweaaty Radiography program

Anyone here attend the Radiography program at Broward College? any tips or what to expect classroom experience wise. Im aware of how long the program is and the basics, I just want to know what your personal experience was
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2023.06.08 23:45 Trackan Work has begin to lose its novelty

I've been working at McDonalds now for around 9ish months.
Up until recently, I was in love with the job. It was certainly stressful, and if you asked me during a midday rush when I still had 5 hours left of my shift I'd have told you otherwise, but I left work everyday thinking 'I actually love my job.'
After coming back from a 7 day vacation a couple weeks ago, I just don't have that feeling anymore. I clock in, spend the entire shift slogging around feeling down and lethargic, and I clock out to feel relief that I'm finally away from the building - I don't get it, only a month before I'd be sorta looking forward to the next day.
Like today, I went for a smoke break. I never go for smoke breaks - never thought I needed to, but I just sat out there staring at the street yearning for the moment my manager says I can go home. Maybe it's because the feeling of 'going to work' and being self sufficient has ran out. All my coworkers today were just leaning about whilst I was trying to pump out orders, and when somebody on the other side of the kitchen broke a bag of shake mix open my manager hands me the mop and tells me to sort it out.
I do it, of course, because I value my job...meanwhile, the manager's locked away in their office and there's only a handful of us that are actually trying to clear our screens. I just don't get it.
I can't lie and I want this job, but yet again, there's no other option - if I want the money to get to college, I need this to work out for me. But I don't know how long I can keep clocking in and clocking out, feeling as if my shift has completely ruined my day.
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2023.06.08 23:45 stazek Making a SAO Minecraft server with friends - looking for people interested in helping us! [modded] {Whitelist}

I present to you Project Aincraft, it is a minecraft MMORPG server on mods based on Sword Art Online.
We are currently recruiting for our project, we are looking for builders (WorldEdit), developers (Java and Fabric) , graphic designers (Blockbench) and level designers (WorldPainter). Only basic knowledge of the programs/plugins needed for their role required.
Interested? Or need more information? Write on discord: Nazuto#9663
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2023.06.08 23:45 egehaneren Pride Month(Gurur ayı)'na özel LGBT,eşcinsellik hakkında Sık sorulan sorulara ve argümanlara cevap.

Pride Month(Gurur ayı)'na özel LGBT,eşcinsellik,vb. hakkında sorulan sorulara ve argümanlara açıklayıcı cevap verme gereksinimi duydum. Özellikle ülkemizde dahil olmak üzere diğer dünya ülkelerinde de homofobi hala çok yaygın, bunun tabikide en önemli sebebi önyargı ve cahillik.
Bu yüzden Pride Month(gurur ayı)'na özel LGBT,eşcinsellik,vb. hakkında Sık sorulan sorulara ve argümanlara kapsamlı ve açıklayıcı bir şekilde cevap verme gereksinimi duydum, bu postu LGBT,eşcinsellik,vb. şeylere karşı önyargıyı azaltmak amacıyla paylaşabilirsiniz.
Yorumlar kısmında sizde düşüncelerinizi lütfen çekinmeden saygı çerçevesinde dile getiriniz ve eksik gördüğünüz şeyleri lütfen yazınız.
-1,1 Eşcinsellik bir hastalıkmıdır?
Hayır, eşcinsellik bir hastalık değildir. Tıp, psikoloji ve psikiyatri alanlarında uzman otoriteler, eşcinselliği bir hastalık olarak tanımamaktadır. Eşcinsellik, bir bireyin cinsel yönelimini ifade eder ve insanların doğal ve normal bir varyasyonudur.
Dünya Sağlık Örgütü (WHO) ve Amerikan Psikiyatri Birliği (APA) gibi kuruluşlar, eşcinselliği bir hastalık olarak sınıflandırmamış ve bu yönde resmi beyanlarda bulunmuşlardır. Tıp ve psikoloji alanlarında, eşcinselliği bir hastalık olarak tanımlayan eski görüşler bilimsel olarak geçerliliğini yitirmiştir.
Eşcinsellik, bir kişinin cinsel yönelimi ve kimliği ile ilgili bir özellik olduğu kabul edilmektedir. Herhangi bir cinsel yönelimin bir hastalık olarak değerlendirilmesi, yanlış bir anlayış veya ayrımcılık temelinde olabilir. Modern tıp ve psikoloji, insanların cinsel yönelimlerini kabul eder ve herkesin insan haklarına saygı duymayı önemser.
Bu konuda önemli olan, her bireyin kendini ifade edebilmesi, kabul edilmesi ve eşitlik içinde yaşayabilmesidir. Eşcinsel bireylerin sağlık, mutluluk ve toplumda eşitlik içinde yaşama haklarına saygı duymak önemlidir.
-1,2 Eşcinsellik neden bir hastalık değildir?
Eşcinsellik bir hastalık değildir çünkü:
  1. Sağlık Standartlarına Uyma: Eşcinsellik, tıbbi bir tanıya veya sağlık sorununa yol açmaz. Hastalıklar genellikle bir kişinin sağlık standartlarına uymasını engelleyen belirli semptomlar veya bozukluklarla ilişkilidir. Ancak eşcinsel bir bireyin cinsel yönelimi, sağlıklı bir yaşam sürdürmesine veya başkalarının sağlığını tehdit etmesine engel oluşturmaz.
  2. Psikolojik İyi Hali Etkilememesi: Eşcinsellik, bir kişinin psikolojik sağlığını olumsuz yönde etkilemez. Psikolojik hastalıklar genellikle kişinin duygusal, zihinsel veya davranışsal olarak iyi olmamasıyla ilişkilidir. Ancak eşcinsel bir bireyin cinsel yönelimi, psikolojik iyilik hali üzerinde olumsuz bir etkiye sahip değildir.
  3. Tedavi Gerektirmemesi: Eşcinsellik, tedavi edilmesi gereken bir durum değildir. Hastalıklar genellikle tedavi gerektiren durumlar olarak kabul edilir. Ancak eşcinsellik, normal bir cinsel yönelimdir ve bir kişinin cinsel yönelimini değiştirme veya düzeltme gereksinimini içermez.
Bir şeyin hastalık kategorisine girebilmesi için genellikle belirli kriterlere uyması gerekmektedir:
  1. Sağlık Sorunları: Hastalıklar, bir kişinin sağlığını olumsuz yönde etkileyen semptomlar veya bozukluklarla ilişkilidir. Sağlık sorunlarına yol açan belirli belirtiler veya patolojik değişiklikler bulunması gerekir.
  2. Tanı ve Sınıflandırma: Hastalıklar, tıp veya psikiyatri alanında belirlenmiş tanı kriterlerine uygun olarak sınıflandırılır. Bu kriterler, bilimsel araştırmalar ve kanıtlar temelinde belirlenir.
  3. Tedavi İhtiyacı: Hastalıklar genellikle tedavi edilmesi gereken durumlar olarak kabul edilir. Tedavi yöntemleri ve müdahaleler, hastalığın semptomlarını hafifletmek veya ortadan kaldırmak için kullanılır.
Eşcinsellik bu kriterleri karşılamaz çünkü bir kişinin cinsel yönelimi sağlık sorunlarına yol açmaz, tedavi gerektirmez ve psikolojik sağlığını olumsuz etkilemez. Bilimsel araştırmalar ve sağlık otoriteleri, eşcinselliğin normal bir varyasyon olduğunu ve hastalık olarak tanımlanmaması gerektiğini kabul etmektedir.
-2 cinselliğin amacı üremek ama eşcinsellikte üreme gibi birşey söz konusu değil, sonuç olarak bu bir hastalık veya en azından bir anomali veya anormal bir durum olmuyormu?
Cinsellik, sadece üreme amacıyla sınırlı değildir. İnsan cinselliği, çeşitli amaçlar taşır ve insanların ilişki kurma, bağ kurma, zevk alma, duygusal tatmin elde etme, cinsel kimliklerini keşfetme gibi birçok boyutu içerir. Cinsellik, insanların fiziksel, duygusal ve sosyal ihtiyaçlarını karşılayan bir alan olarak görülür.
Eşcinsellik, bir kişinin cinsel yönelimiyle ilgili bir durumu ifade eder ve bir kişinin duygusal ve cinsel çekimini aynı cinsiyete yönlendirmesini ifade eder. Eşcinsellik, doğal bir varyasyon ve normal bir insan deneyimidir. Eşcinsel bireyler, aynı insan haklarına ve aynı değerlere sahiptir. Eşcinsellik, bir hastalık, anomali veya anormal durum olarak değerlendirilmez.
Üreme, cinselliğin doğal bir sonucu olabilir, ancak cinsellik sadece üremeye yönelik değildir. Cinsellik, bir kişinin bedeni, duyguları ve kimliğiyle ilgili bir konudur. İnsanlar cinsel ilişkileri kurarken çeşitli nedenlerden dolayı hareket ederler ve bu nedenler arasında üreme arzusu olmayabilir. İnsanlar cinselliği duygusal bağlantı, zevk, iletişim, ilişki güçlendirme gibi farklı amaçlar için deneyimlerler.
Cinsel yönelim, bir kişinin kendini tanımlama şeklidir ve her bireyin kişisel bir tercihidir. Eşcinsellik, heteroseksüellik, biseksüellik gibi farklı cinsel yönelimler, insanların doğal çeşitliliğinin bir parçasıdır ve her biri aynı derecede değerlidir.
Önemli olan, insanların cinsel yönelimlerine saygı duymak, eşitlik ve insan haklarına inanmak, ayrımcılığa ve homofobiye karşı çıkmaktır. Her bireyin kendini ifade etme özgürlüğüne ve mutluluğa sahip olması gerektiğine inanılır.
-3 eşcinsel bireyler neden normal insanlardan daha garip davranıyor?
Eşcinsel bireyler, cinsel yönelimleri nedeniyle normal insanlardan farklı bir şekilde davranmazlar. Eşcinsel bireyler, heteroseksüel bireyler gibi çeşitli kişilik özelliklerine, ilgi alanlarına, davranışlara ve tercihlere sahip bireylerdir. Eşcinsel bireylerin bazıları daha feminen veya maskülen olabilir, ancak bu genellemeler tüm eşcinsel bireyler için geçerli değildir. Eşcinsel bireyler arasında da büyük bir çeşitlilik vardır.
Eşcinsel bireylerin farklı olduğu izlenimi, toplumdaki heteronormatif beklentilerden ve stereotiplerden kaynaklanabilir. Toplumda belirli cinsiyet rolleri, davranış normları ve beklentileri bulunabilir ve bu beklentiler, insanların farklılıklarını garip veya dışlanmış hissetmelerine neden olabilir.
Önemli olan, insanların farklılıklarını kabul etmek ve herkesin kendini özgürce ifade edebilmesini desteklemektir. Her bireyin kendi kimliğini ve kişisel tercihlerini keşfetme hakkı vardır ve bu tercihlerdeki farklılıkların normal ve doğal olduğunu anlamak önemlidir. Önyargılar veya stereotipler yerine, insanların bireysel deneyimlerini anlamaya ve hoşgörüye dayanan bir yaklaşım benimsemek önemlidir.
-4 hayvanlarda eşcinsel davranış hiç gözlemlendimi?
Evet, eşcinsel davranışlar hayvanlar aleminde de gözlemlenmiştir. Birçok hayvan türünde, eşcinsel davranışlar doğal bir fenomen olarak gözlemlenmiştir. Bu davranışlar, cinsel ilgi, eşleşme, ebeveynlik ve sosyal bağların oluşumu gibi farklı bağlamlarda ortaya çıkabilir.
Eşcinsel davranışlara örnek olarak, eşcinsel çiftleşme, eşcinsel ebeveynlik ve eşcinsel sosyal bağlar verilebilir. Örneğin, bazı kuş türlerinde erkekler arasında çiftleşme, penguenlerde eşcinsel eşleşme ve ebeveynlik, bonobolarda eşcinsel cinsel etkileşimler gözlemlenmiştir.
Bu konuda araştırmalar yapılmış ve çeşitli bilimsel çalışmalar mevcuttur. İşte bazı kaynaklar:
  1. Bagemihl, B. (1999). Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. St. Martin's Press.
  2. Sommer, V., & Vasey, P. L. (2006). Homosexual Behaviour in Animals: An Evolutionary Perspective. Cambridge University Press.
  3. Roughgarden, J. (2004). Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People. University of California Press.
Bu kaynaklar, hayvanlarda eşcinsel davranışlar hakkında detaylı bilgiler içeren ve bilimsel araştırmalara dayanan kitaplardır. Daha fazla bilgi edinmek için bu kaynakları inceleyebilirsiniz.
Not: Doğaya başvurma safsatası amacı yoktur nitekim eşcinsellik bundan bağımsız olarak zaten normal birşeydir.
-5 pedofili neden tıbbi olarak bir bozukluk olarak tanımlanırken eşcinsellik tanımlanmaz? pedofiliyi bozukluk yapan nedir?
Aslında salt biyolojik olarak bakarsak ve yalnızca "bireysel yönelimi" ya da isteği ele alırsak, ne heteroseksüellik, ne eşcinsellik, ne çocuklara, yaşlılara, ya da eşyalara/ölülere/bitkilere/hayvanlara vb. cinsel istek duymak, hatta cinsellikte şiddetten hoşlanmak vb. bireyin vücut fonksiyonlarını bozmuyor ya da onu ölüme götürmüyor. Ancak bu yapılan şey karşıdakine zarar veriyorsa bu bir rahatsızlık olarak tanımlanabilir ve bir cinsel sapkınlık olarak görülebilir.
Pedofili, tıp ve psikoloji alanında bir cinsel tercih veya cinsel yönelim olarak değil, bir cinsel bozukluk olarak tanımlanır. Bu iki kavram arasındaki fark, cinsel tercihlerin ve cinsel bozuklukların farklı niteliklere sahip olmasıdır.
Cinsel tercihler, bir bireyin duygusal, romantik ve cinsel çekimlerini belirtir. Eşcinsellik, heteroseksüellik ve biseksüellik gibi cinsel tercihler normal bir spektrumda bulunan farklılıklardır ve tıbbi bir sorun veya bozukluk olarak kabul edilmezler.
Buna karşılık, cinsel bozukluklar, kişinin cinsel dürtülerinin veya davranışlarının başkalarına zarar verecek şekilde sapma gösterdiği durumları ifade eder. Pedofili, bir yetişkinin çocuklara karşı cinsel ilgi veya çekim duyması durumudur. Bu, çocukların sağlığı ve güvenliği için ciddi bir tehdit oluşturur ve toplumun kabul etmediği, yasal ve etik açıdan suç sayılan bir davranıştır.
Pedofili, tıbbi olarak bir bozukluk olarak kabul edilir, çünkü bu cinsel ilgi veya çekim, çocukların zarar görmesiyle sonuçlanabilen ciddi sonuçlara yol açabilir. Pedofili, bireyin normal cinsel işlevsellikten sapmasını ve başkalarına zarar verme potansiyelini içerir. Tedavi gerektiren bir durumdur ve pedofiliyi bozukluk yapan etkenler arasında zarar verici davranışlar, cinsel sapmalar ve kişinin genel işlevselliğini bozan dürtüsel düşünceler bulunur.
Öte yandan, eşcinsellik bir cinsel tercih veya yönelim olarak tanımlanır çünkü yetişkinler arasındaki rıza temelinde gerçekleşir ve diğer kişilere zarar verme niyeti içermez. Eşcinsellik, tıbbi veya psikolojik bir bozukluk olarak kabul edilmemektedir ve çoğu önemli sağlık kuruluşu tarafından normal bir varyasyon olarak tanınmaktadır.
-6,1 eşcinsellik topluma zarar vermiyormu?
Hayır, eşcinsellik topluma zarar vermez. Eşcinsel bireylerin varlığı veya eşcinsel ilişkilerin topluma zararlı bir etkisi olduğuna dair bilimsel veya sağlam bir kanıt bulunmamaktadır. Eşcinsel bireyler, heteroseksüel bireyler gibi toplumun bir parçasıdır ve toplumun çeşitliliğini yansıtan bir bileşenidir.
Eşcinsellikle ilgili olarak ortaya atılan bazı yanlış anlamalar veya önyargılar bulunabilir. Ancak, bu yanlış anlamalar genellikle toplumsal veya kültürel inançlara dayanır ve bilimsel gerçeklerle desteklenmez. Eşcinsel bireylerin varlığı veya eşcinsel ilişkiler, başkalarının yaşam tarzlarına veya inançlarına zarar vermez.
Unutulmaması gereken, insanların cinsel yönelimlerinin kişisel bir mesele olduğu ve insan haklarına saygı gösterilmesi gerektiğidir. Eşcinsel bireylerin toplumda eşit haklara, adalet ve insanlık saygısına sahip olmaları önemlidir. Toplumların çeşitlilik ve hoşgörüyü desteklemesi, daha adil, kapsayıcı ve empatik bir toplumun oluşmasına katkıda bulunur.
-6,2 eşcinsellik toplumu güçsüzleştiriyormu?
Hayır, eşcinsellik toplumu güçsüzleştirmez. Eşcinsellik, bireylerin cinsel yönelimlerini ifade etmesini ve kimliklerini kabul etmelerini sağlar. Bu, bireylerin kendi gerçek benlikleriyle uyum içinde yaşamalarına ve toplumda daha mutlu, sağlıklı ve tatmin edici bir yaşam sürmelerine yardımcı olabilir.
Eşcinsel bireylerin varlığı, toplumun çeşitliliğini artırır ve farklı perspektiflerin, deneyimlerin ve yeteneklerin bir araya gelmesini sağlar. Bu çeşitlilik, toplumun daha zengin, yenilikçi ve kapsayıcı olmasına katkıda bulunabilir.
Öte yandan, eşcinsellik veya eşcinsel ilişkilerin toplumu güçsüzleştirdiğine dair bir bilimsel veya sağlam bir kanıt bulunmamaktadır. Bu tür inançlar genellikle toplumsal önyargılar, ayrımcılık veya yanlış anlamalara dayanır.
Toplumların güçlü ve sağlıklı olması, insan haklarına saygı göstermesi ve herkesin eşitlik, adalet ve özgürlük içinde yaşama hakkına sahip olduğunu kabul etmesiyle mümkündür. Eşcinsel bireylerin varlığı veya eşcinsel ilişkiler, bu değerlere aykırı bir etki yapmaz. Toplumların çeşitlilik, hoşgörü ve insan hakları prensiplerine dayanarak güçlenmesi mümkündür.
-7 eşcinselliğin veya diğer cinsel yönelimlerin küçüklükten itibaren propaganda,medya,baskı,çevre yoluyla yayılması mümkünmüdür?
Cinsel yönelim, bireyin doğal ve içsel bir özelliğidir ve genellikle kişinin ergenlik dönemine doğru şekillenir. Cinsel yönelimlerin yayılması veya değiştirilmesi gibi bir süreç söz konusu değildir. Cinsel yönelim, genetik, biyolojik, hormonal ve çevresel faktörlerin karmaşık etkileşimiyle oluşur.
Cinsel yönelimlerin medya, propaganda veya dış etkenlerle değiştirilebilmesi fikri, bilimsel verilerle desteklenmeyen bir inanıştır. Cinsel yönelimler kişinin özgür iradesi veya çevresel etkilerle belirlenmez. Bireylerin cinsel yönelimleri, kimliklerinin ve benliklerinin doğal bir parçasıdır ve saygı gösterilmesi gereken bir alan olarak kabul edilmelidir.
Öte yandan, toplumda daha fazla görünürlük kazanan farklı cinsel yönelimlere yönelik artan kabul ve destek, bireylerin kendi kimliklerini keşfetmelerine ve açıklamalarına yardımcı olabilir. Bu durumda, medya ve toplumsal farkındalık etkileyici bir rol oynayabilir, ancak bu, cinsel yönelimlerin yayılması anlamında değil, daha çok bilinçlenme ve kabul sürecini desteklemesi anlamında olur.
Sonuç olarak, cinsel yönelimlerin propaganda veya dış etkenlerle değiştirilmesi mümkün değildir. Her bireyin kendi cinsel yönelimine saygı göstermek, farklılıkları kabul etmek ve insan haklarına saygı duymak önemlidir.
-8,1 bilime göre zarar ne demektir? bilim birşeyin zararlı olup olmadığını neye göre ve nasıl söyler. Mesela bilim eşcinselliğin zararlı olmadığını neye dayanarak söyler? bilimin bir zarar tanımı varmıdır?
Bilim, zarar kavramını objektif bir şekilde değerlendirme eğilimindedir ve bir şeyin zararlı olup olmadığını belirlemek için çeşitli yöntemler kullanır. Bilimsel araştırmalar, veriler ve kanıtlar üzerine dayanarak zararı değerlendirir.
Zarar kavramı, genellikle bir olgunun insan sağlığına, fiziksel veya psikolojik iyilik hâline veya bir organizmanın normal işlevine olumsuz etkileri olduğunda kullanılır. Bilim, zararın belirlenmesinde sağlık, fizyoloji, psikoloji ve sosyal etkiler gibi alanları göz önünde bulundurur. Bu değerlendirme, genellikle deneyler, gözlemler, epidemiyoloji çalışmaları ve diğer bilimsel yöntemlerle yapılır.
Eşcinsellik örneğinde, bilimsel araştırmalar, eşcinselliğin bir hastalık veya zararlı bir durum olmadığını göstermektedir. Bu araştırmalar, cinsel yönelimlerin biyolojik ve çevresel etkenler tarafından etkilendiğini, eşcinsel bireylerin sağlıklı ve işlevsel bir şekilde yaşayabileceğini ve eşcinsel ilişkilerin heteroseksüel ilişkilerle benzer düzeyde sağlıklı ve işlevsel olabileceğini ortaya koymuştur. Bu bilimsel veriler, eşcinselliğin zararlı bir durum olmadığına dair güçlü kanıtlar sunar.
Ancak, zarar kavramı bazen kişisel veya kültürel değerlere dayanabilir ve bu değerlendirmeler bilimsel olmayabilir. Zarar, farklı toplumlar ve kültürler arasında değişebilir ve bilim, nesnel gerçeklikten ziyade kanıtlar ve veriler temelinde zararın değerlendirilmesini yapar.
-8,2 peki eşcinselliğin zararlı olmadığını söyleyen bilimsel çalışmalar hangileridir? bunun hakkındaki makaleler nelerdir?
  1. Amerikan Psikoloji Derneği (APA): APA'nın 2009 yılında yayınladığı "Eşcinsel ve Biseksüel Kişilerin Psikolojik Sağlığı" raporu, eşcinselliğin normal bir varyasyon olduğunu ve homoseksüel bireylerin psikolojik olarak sağlıklı olabileceğini vurguladı.
  2. Royal College of Psychiatrists: İngiltere'deki Royal College of Psychiatrists'in 2014 yılında yayınladığı bir bildiri, homoseksüelliği bir hastalık veya bozukluk olarak görmeyi reddetti ve homoseksüel bireylerin sağlıklı bir şekilde yaşayabileceğini belirtti.
  3. American Academy of Pediatrics: Amerikan Pediatri Akademisi'nin 2013 yılında yayınladığı bir politika bildirisi, eşcinsel ve biseksüel gençlerin sağlığı ve refahıyla ilgili olarak ayrımcılığın ve dışlanmanın zararlı etkilerini vurguladı.
  4. World Health Organization (WHO): Dünya Sağlık Örgütü, 1992 yılında "Cinsel Yönelim ve Cinsel Sağlık" başlıklı bir rapor yayınladı. Bu raporda, eşcinselliğin normal bir insan varyasyonu olduğu ve sağlıklı bir cinsel kimlik olarak kabul edilmesi gerektiği ifade edildi.
  1. Bailey, J. M., Vasey, P. L., Diamond, L. M., Breedlove, S. M., Vilain, E., ve Epprecht, M. (2016). "Cinsel Çeşitlilik ve Psikolojik Sağlık: Bir Araştırma Özeti ve Bilgilendirme Kaynağı". Arşivler Cinsel Davranış, 45(7), 1615-1640.
  2. Cochran, S. D., Sullivan, J. G., ve Mays, V. M. (2003). "Risk Yönelimi ve Psikolojik Sağlık Eşitsizlikleri: Eşcinsel ve Biseksüel Erkeklerdeki Depresyon ve İntihar Riski". American Journal of Public Health, 93(6), 939-942.
  3. Herek, G. M., Gillis, J. R., ve Cogan, J. C. (2009). "Bilişsel Röle Sahipliği ve Eşcinsel ve Lezbiyen Bireylere Karşı Tutumlar: Bir Araştırma ve Literatür İncelemesi". Arşivler Cinsel Davranış, 38(5), 426-440.
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  6. Puckett, J. A., Woodward, E. N., ve Mereish, E. H. (2015). "Homofobi, Azınlık Stresi ve Eşcinsel, Biseksüel ve Queer Kişilerin Zihinsel Sağlığı Üzerindeki Etkileri". Psikolojik Cinsiyet ve Cinsellik Çalışmaları Dergisi, 2(2), 145-156.
Bu kaynaklar, eşcinselliğin zararlı bir durum olmadığını ve homoseksüel bireylerin sağlıklı bir şekilde yaşayabileceğini gösteren birçok bilimsel kanıt sunar. Ancak, daha fazla ayrıntı ve güncel kaynaklara erişmek için ilgili kuruluşların resmi web sitelerini ziyaret etmeniz önerilir.
-9 lgbt,eşcinsellik neden şimdilerde ortaya çıkmaya veya en azından neden günümüzde bu kadar konuşulmaya başlandı? çok daha öncelerde,antik çağlarda lgbt,eşcinsellik,vb. varmıydı?
LGBT+ hareketinin ve eşcinsellik konusunun günümüzde daha fazla konuşulmaya başlaması birçok faktörün bir sonucudur. İşte bu konudaki bazı etkenler:
  1. Toplumsal Dönüşüm: Toplumlar zaman içinde değişir ve evrim geçirir. Günümüzde daha fazla insan cinsel yönelim ve cinsiyet kimliği konularında farkındalığa sahip olmaya başlamıştır. Bu da LGBT+ bireylerin daha açık ve görünür olmasına ve bu konuların daha fazla konuşulmasına yol açmıştır.
  2. İnsan Hakları Hareketleri: LGBT+ hakları için mücadele eden hareketler, eşitlik ve adalet taleplerini dile getirerek toplumun dikkatini çekmiştir. Bu hareketler, LGBT+ bireylerin haklarına saygı gösterilmesini ve ayrımcılığın sona ermesini savunur. Bu mücadelelerin sonucunda LGBT+ hakları konusunda ilerlemeler kaydedilmiş ve bu konular daha fazla tartışılmaya başlanmıştır.
  3. Medyanın Rolü: Medya, LGBT+ bireylerin yaşamlarını ve deneyimlerini daha fazla göstermeye başlamıştır. Televizyon dizileri, filmler, haberler ve diğer medya platformları, LGBT+ temalarını ve karakterlerini daha sık ve daha çeşitli bir şekilde ele almaktadır. Bu da LGBT+ konularının daha geniş kitlelere ulaşmasını sağlamıştır.
  4. İnternet ve Sosyal Medya: İnternet ve sosyal medya platformları, insanların daha kolay bir şekilde bilgiye erişmelerini ve deneyimlerini paylaşmalarını sağlamıştır. Bu da LGBT+ bireylerin kendi hikayelerini anlatmalarına ve toplumda daha görünür olmalarına yardımcı olmuştur.
Antik çağlarda da cinsel yönelim ve cinsiyet kimliği konularıyla ilgili çeşitli deneyimlerin olduğuna dair kanıtlar bulunmaktadır. Ancak LGBT+ bireylerin deneyimleri ve toplumsal kabulü konusunda tarih boyunca büyük farklılıklar görülmüştür. LGBT+ hareketi ve açık eşcinsellik gibi modern kavramlar ve hareketler, genellikle 20. yüzyılın ortalarından itibaren daha fazla görünür hale gelmiştir.
  1. Halperin, D. M. (2002). One Hundred Years of Homosexuality: And Other Essays on Greek Love. Routledge.
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Daha fazla:
  1. Foucault, M. (1978). The History of Sexuality, Volume 1: An Introduction. Vintage Books.
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-10 Ama eşcinsellik,lgbt çok iğrenç değilmi?
Öncelikle birşeyin size göre iğrenç gelmesi birşeyin normal olmadığı anlamına veya anormal olduğu anlamına gelmez. Cinsel fetişler buna bir örnektir, kimisi için bazı cinsel fetişler iğrenç gelsede bu, cinsel fetişlerin yanlış,anormal birşey olduğu anlamına gelmez.
Aslında burada yaptığınız şey bir safsatadır:
"X'ten iğreniyorum, o halde X yanlış"
Bu bir mantık hatasıdır.
sex yapmakta belki size çok iğrenç geliyor veya belkide denizde yüzmek size iğrenç geliyor olabilir. Ama bu sex yapmanın veya denizde yüzmenin anormal olduğu anlamına gelmiyor.
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2023.06.08 23:45 Ok_Cardiologist_6924 Hey teenagers: what’s the best gift I can give for middle school graduation?

My godchild is graduating middle school tomorrow. Apparently their middle school was so academically focused that it ignored the mental health needs of many students. My godchild is non binary, assigned female at birth, dresses feminine punk rock, and got accepted into a theater arts magnet high school after being in an all-girls STEM based college preparatory school for the last four years. Actually, now that I remember, godchild is now identifying as male. Their physical presentation doesn’t match their gender identity to the public eye, but what matters is how they choose to identify. Anyway—they are creative, moody, sometimes depressed, a little OCD, obsessed with their friendships and romantic pursuits, love hello kitty, anime, theater, amongst other things. It suddenly dawned on me to get them something hello kitty related. Any other ideas? TIA!
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