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2023.06.09 00:34 SandwichExotic9095 Are these absent seizures? (Video included)

Age - 4 weeks old Sex - male Race - Caucasian/white (including Arab) Any existing relevant medical issues - none. He was born on his due date, no induction other than a membrane sweep, no complications. I had an epidural.
Current medications - none for him, I take a prenatal. He’s had his hep-b vaccine at 5 days old and that’s it so far.
At birth he was 8lbs 3oz, 20in height, 14in head circumference.
At 3 weeks old (his last check) he was 8lbs 7.5oz (he was still 7lbs 12oz at his 2 week check), 21.3in height, and 15in head circumference. He has definitely gained significantly since then, but we don’t have a scale at home.
He is almost completely breastfed/breastmilk in a bottle, but I’ve supplemented with Enfamil a few times. I use the purple Gentlease.
I’ve noticed he has these “episodes” where he’ll stop doing whatever he’s doing and zone out. His eyes move and roll around (even rolling back into his head sometimes) and it’s almost like he’s asleep but with these odd movements. Problem is, it lasts a couple minutes maximum and then he jerks up and is back to normal. It’s clearly not him sleeping. It has happened while I’m holding him and he’s crying, while he’s eating from a bottle, etc.
Earlier I was holding him in my arms in a cradle position heating up a bottle for him. He was crying, as babies do, and then he just seemingly passed out almost. I looked at him, confirmed he was breathing, then I just went on with finishing his bottle. He jerked awake about a minute later and started crying again so I fed him. After that, it happened 2 more times while feeding him the bottle. I was able to get a video of the second time, but it is sped up and some parts have been cut. I linked it at the top.
The bottle is breastmilk warmed up. I do not drink nor do I take any medications or vitamins other than a prenatal. This episode lasted about 2 minutes and you can see him jerk back awake at the end. He went right back to feeding and was fine for the rest of the feed, falling asleep at the end (no weird eye movements and didn’t jerk back awake a moment later.)
He doesn’t use a swaddle he sleeps naked or with a onesie on since our house is warm, his startle reflex is pretty much gone other than these jerky wake-up calls, he can lift his head up and hold it up pretty well, even when held upright. He can roll onto his side (he throws his arms to either side and sticks his legs out straight, lol!) and he’s rolled onto his stomach before, but I think it was a fluke.
I’ll be bringing him in for his 1 month appointment on Tuesday where I’ll bring this up, but are these episodes something we should be concerned about?
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2023.06.09 00:34 kestrel-tree Listings selling at wrong price

All items in my store have different prices set for "domestic" vs "everywhere else" so I can cover the shipping differences while listing it as free shipping. In the last two days I've had two international sales go through as the domestic price, which ends up meaning I didn't actually profit from them at all, just barely broke even.
Has anyone else had this glitch? Any ideas how to prevent it?
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2023.06.09 00:33 Jalagon How long does merch take to arrive?

I ordered a T shirt from his latest drop but I leave for home in a week and a half from University. For people who received their goggins merch, how long did it take for it to arrive? I saw a post a while ago here of some people expressing that it did take some time for their merch to arrive.
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2023.06.09 00:33 Independent_Bike6442 The things I never said

It’s been a while and I’m tired. I use to think of you and tears would manifest itself, but now when I think of you it’s numbness that I feel.
I can’t do anything but try and heal myself from your presence. You seem to be getting on just fine without me. The fact your actions hurt me so deeply and you refused to see things from my side opened my eyes to realise it was never real for you, your intentions was to use me untill I had no more left to give. All’s you did was take and I became exhausted from constantly chasing you and battling those horrible insecurities. For which you never reassured me.
I miss the memories the way things use to be before everything was to complicated. It’s like you binned me off as soon as you moved back to your home. Like it was your plan all along.
You broke me more then I have ever been broken before I feel nothing but sadness and hatred for you now. I think about messaging you but then I say no why should I. Why should I chase you again.
The shit you have put me through isn’t worth it. I loved you, but now I’m learning with each day to love you a little less. I’m learning that your were the wrong person for me.
I wish just once that I would be loved them same way I love. I just wish one day that I’d meet someone who’d call me beautiful without hesitation I wish one day someone would know my mind and love me for it anyway. I wish someone wouldn’t give up on me.
I’m learning that the only person I have is myself. And I can’t give up on myself.
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2023.06.09 00:33 Com1cNurd Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock
Doomsday Clock
So IST had this beautiful set on sale so I thought since I had never read it I would pick up the hardcover set. IST had Part 2 with the slipcase on sale for under $6 and then part 1 was on sale for $13.99…. Both combined cheaper than the TPB… SOLD!
When I received them I noticed they fit very snugly in the slip case and upon further inspection I found that they two volumes have different paper stock. And then I saw it…. Vol. 2 First printing… Vol 1 Third printing… ahhh now it makes sense. The OCD part of me is freaking out about the matte vs glossy paper…. But my wallet says “just deal with it…. That price was insane!”
Anyway not really a rant just an observation for anyone out there looking at this same deal and considering it! And yea as if this post IST still has it listed at those prices!
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2023.06.09 00:33 Avery-Attack Disclosing to Employers

I've seen a lot of posts about when to tell employers or acquaintances about your diagnosis and most seem to say you just shouldn't do it. I know I'm lucky with where I work now in that they take employee mental health VERY seriously (I work with vulnerable adults which can be very taxing for everyone), but even when I worked as a housekeeper for a hotel I had it down under disabilities. Here's my reasoning:
I don't want my employer to be caught off guard when I start acting oddly and I think it helps having more people around who can help clock symptoms. I do know a lot of times people can be very disrespectful about this though.
The biggest reason is reasonable accommodation as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (something I know a lot about thanks to my job). When I'm manic there is a very specific way I know I can keep productive and if that isn't possible then I need to change schedule or take time off. Time off of course only needs a note and doesn't need to be specific. As a housekeeper having disclosed my diagnosis meant when I told them I was having an episode and needed to have my accommodations and they said "we'll see" I was able to say "no, either I have the accommodations as specified or I'm going home and you can't retaliate or I swear to god I'll sue you" (I was bluffing on that part, I don't have the money to sue, lol).
I also feel my support structure is very strong so a lot of responses that could be harmful roll off my back pretty easily. But I've also got a no f*cks given attitude towards most employers and am going to make a fuss if I feel I have to and not feel bad.
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2023.06.09 00:33 Laxhobo2002 Ideas for a LEGO / 'Brick Enthusiast' Store

Hey lego --
After rediscovering my love for LEGO last year (after a ~15+ year 'Dark Age'), I've been mulling around the idea of opening my own brick & mortar store for 'brick enthusiasts' here in the greater Washington, D.C. area. One that focuses almost exclusively on LEGO and LEGO-related / -compatible products, vs. a more general 'toy store'.
I was recently let go from my job in enterprise software (sales / account management), which is the only career I've known since graduating college, and, while the idea of doing something entirely different is a little scary, I believe this was the 'push out of the nest' I needed to finally pursue this dream. I've always done my best work -- and had the easiest time fully committing myself to my work -- when I've had the opportunity to build something "new", whether that was designing and selling t-shirts in college, helping launch a new team or product line in my professional career, or, of course, creating with LEGO!
My wife and I have been brainstorming ideas for every little facet of this business for months now, but, if there's one thing I've learned in the tech industry, it's the importance of leveraging your customers' input and feedback to help inform the direction of the product / business. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a development team invest months into building a product / feature / update only for it to land with a thud -- or, for bonus points, drive clients to cancel their contract / demand refunds -- because it was designed in a silo.
With that long-winded intro wrapped-up, that brings me to my question for all of you: What would you most like to see in a LEGO-centric store if one opened-up in your area? What would be most important to you?
With the vast number of options for purchasing LEGO today (and with many online retailers offering free shipping), I doubt our store will ever be the lowest-cost option -- and it will obviously never have an inventory that matches what's available online via Bricklink, eBay, etc. So what brings people through the door then? Outside of price, what would motivate you to drive to your local store vs. buying online?
Any input is much appreciated! I'll hold off on sharing our own ideas for now (to avoid 'leading the witness') but I'll try to respond to everyone in the comments section below and am happy to go into more detail there. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 00:33 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (The Course)

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2023.06.09 00:33 moonraeee I plan to help my friend run away from home, but I'm not sure how

Me and my best friend are both 17 and graduate in a week. She lives in a toxic and unsafe household, while mine is relatively okay, just frustrating at times. I feel it is also necessary to mention we are online friends, however we have been friends for almost 5 years, facetime often and generally know each other very very well.
For years we've discussed how we can get her out of her home and have mutually agreed her leaving in silence is her best option. She lives in New York while I live in California, which is a bit unfortunate but traveling to get her is not the issue. My parents have met her(over the phone, of course) and have agreed to let her live with us for a few years while we both work and save up money to move out. My parents are no strangers to sheltering friends of my siblings and I who need help with living situations, so I'm certain they will not change their mind on it.
She already has her birth certificate and her social security number so that is also not a problem. Our issue is that we have been planning for her to leave after she turns 18, which is in December, but due to current circumstances in her home it might be best if she leaves sooner. We aren't sure how her parents will react, but the last thing we want is a kidnapping charge on my parents for helping her leave. I don't think this qualifies as legal advice so I apologize for going against the rules with my post if it does.
I need advice with figuring out how we can get her away from them without cops getting involved. I mentioned to her that she could go to the police station to confirm with them her identity and that she is leaving on her own terms and not to report her missing, but that was before her possibly leaving as a minor.
I'm very paranoid about the whole thing and truly just want her to be finally safe. And before anyone suggests it, we don't trust law enforcement/CPS enough to successfully keep her safe from her family, so reaching out to services for help is not really an option for us. I really appreciate any responses I can get from this.
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2023.06.09 00:32 Solid-Ad5026 Surge Protector - Outlet Extender with Rotating Plug, Multi Plug Outlets with 6 AC 3 USB Ports (1 USB C), 3-Sided Power Strip with Wall Adapter Charger for Home Travel Office, ETL Listed (1800J). Now $14.99 after 25% off.

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2023.06.09 00:32 Puzzleheaded_Cod3948 Host's repair man keeps delaying work

I just began a long term stay in an Air BnB, and on my first day the host informed me that there was a leak in the house that needed repair. The previous guest had only checked out the day prior, so he was unable to fix it before I arrived. The host had his repair guy text me, and he came by that same day to check out the leak and see what kind of supplies he was going to need.
Today was the third day in a row that the repair guy no-showed after agreeing on a time to come by. These were large windows of time we set aside, and he keeps cancelling at the very end. He originally asked if he had my permission to complete the repair when I wasn't home, and I said yes, but it turns out the host never left him a key (I don't think the host is local). The leak is an easy fix and its not impacting my ability to use the house, but its the kind of thing that will cause damage if left ignored.
I'm not sure what my responsibility is as the guest. I'm here for work and I've been leaving to come home and wait for the repair, which I can't continue to do.
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2023.06.09 00:32 04g35x Anyone got stillen exhaust for sale

Looking for 04 g35x stillen single exit exhaust
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2023.06.09 00:32 North_Chance_5176 Re-emergence of anxiety and panic

Hey all, I’ve been in this sub for a while, and I’ve seen this talked about a couple times, but need some advice. The past few months I had been doing really well, I hadn’t had a panic attack in months, and my anxiety was incredibly manageable. This past week, I took a much needed vacation to Colorado, and spent the week in the mountains. The last night I was there, I had some edibles from a local dispensary, and even at a very low dosage, when they kicked in I began having extreme anxiety and panic. I managed to keep myself calm enough to not actually have a full panic attack, but i was battling one off until the high wore off. The next day was slightly better, but I still got waves of panic. Since coming home (I’ve been back for two days now), I’ve been in a heightened state of anxiety and panic, and at times it feels like I’ve been set back to square one. I’m doing all that I can to keep a normal routine and not let the anxiety stop me from doing things (this was a huge problem I had a year ago when my panic disorder manifested, so I’m not letting it control me again), but it’s been a really hard couple of days. Has anybody else experienced this after a bad high? Do I just need to wait until the THC fully leaves my body? Or is this just a complete re-emergence of all those things I felt a year ago and I have to go through it all again? I guess I just feel very alone at the moment, and I hate having to fight off panic attacks during the day when I feel them coming. If anyone has any advice, or even if somebody has experienced a similar thing, I would love to hear just for some peace of mind.
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2023.06.09 00:32 -maru Workplace accommodations that you've found helpful?

Interested in what hearing what worked and what didn't work for you, particularly in office settings.
Some context: I am about to resume work after a stint in residential. It's definitely too early for me to go back - I'm still very early in my weight restoration process and suck at meal compliance. Unfortunately I'm running out of medical leave, so here I am! I am currently on a gradual return to work plan, where I will start with two mornings a week. I have a longstanding accommodation that allows me to work half the time from home.
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2023.06.09 00:32 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Agency Navigator)

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2023.06.09 00:31 ConsequenceWooden For sale now msg for details

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2023.06.09 00:31 Fragrant-Gate-8013 WIBTA if I told my husband I'm questioning our marriage after he told me a bikini might not look as good (from the back) on me because I'm very skinny?

First, my husband tried to tell me thong bikinis were vulgar. And when I disagreed he tried to tell me it's inappropriate to wear them to the beach because of children.
Annnnnd thennn when that didn't work, he actually said something along the lines of: well maybe when you're a little thicker, we can look into it. But for right now, it might not look good. That was the last straw.
For reference: I am very thin, with 0 ass. I've always known this. But I kid you not, and maybe I am just delusional, but the thought of my ass being too flat to be in a thong bikini has never EVER crossed my mind.
I'm honestly fuming, but again, maybe I am just being delusional and maybe flat butts actually don't look good in thongs. It made me feel like shit though because to me he is basically saying he would embarrassed to be seen with me wearing a thong (and I know this bc I wear them at home and he loves them??)
Anyway, I'm starting to question my 1 month marriage over this and other things.. Go me.
I'm 27, he's 29, we don't have any kids.
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2023.06.09 00:31 lyssararri Wanting to Travel Abroad have a lot of questions.

I 20F am wanting to travel abroad like my older step sister did, she was supposed to help me figure everything out when I was 18, but our parents had a nasty divorce and our brothers (my mom their dad) are getting all their sisters to talk again. She’s also having her first child, which I’m really excited for but with us living in different states and not being so close anymore it’s hard for us too work out a plan. She answers my questions when she has time & she says she’ll look at my plan and pick at it with me but she can’t help me build it. So I’ve been looking online, talking to my friends older sister & asked some of my friends who are at my current college. They’ve all given me helpful but different advice. Besides 1 thing. Money is very important, but nobody can give me a number.
My first questions: Money! 1. Around how much do you need saved for a semester? To be comfortable, living expenses covered, food and a bit for exploring? 2. What’s a college friendly budget planner? 3. Is there ways to make money in Europe as an international student in America? Like would I be able to work a part time job?
My step sister had to come home once because she ran out of money twice. My step dad was able to send her enough the first time but she had to come home the second time. So I know it’s quite a bit saved but I’m just not sure what’s a good goal.
Living questions: 1. In america, we can be matched with roommates & i know that’s a big thing in (my colleges) international program they pair them up in apartment complexes as roommates and they are all in the same area. My friends said they think they do this to give them people to bond with immediately rather than them struggle. Is this something done in any of the countries in europe for international students as well? 2. I know this depends on not only the country but also the specific people but generally what’s the difference in house rules? (grocery buying, chores, shoes in the house, people over etc) i don’t want to come off disrespectful.
specific school questions: 1. Can I switch universities/ colleges? Say I wanted to spend a year in france then the next year italy ? Or a semester in France then Italy the spain? What’s the rules on that? 2. what are programs/ clubs that easily make friends?
I do have a lot more questions but i figure this is a good start
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2023.06.09 00:31 alilpettybetch Advice for first car lease

Hello everyone! My y2k era car recently cost me another thousand in repairs and I figured it was well overdue for a replacement.
My take home after taxes/rent/bills is about $2800 per month and I have no debt.
I’ve recently become interested in a lease which I was quoted at $260 per month before insurance. To me the biggest stretch will be adjusting my lifestyle to accommodate the extra $300 or so without diverting money from my savings (500-1000 per month on average).
I’ve never had a car payment before as I bought my first used car outright in high school, so my primary question to you all who have picked up a car payment is what costs did you cut back on or rearrange in order to accommodate the new payment comfortably? And likewise- what unanticipated costs did you fail to anticipate before leasing a car? I find I spend the most $ on food because I love cooking, but I’m just here seeking any advice and possibly reassurance on picking up about $22,000 in debt for the first time in my life! TIA!
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2023.06.09 00:31 ThrowawaySpark343 I have no idea if I'm doing the "right" thing with life, and it hurts me constantly

[25M] I've been trying to figure out where to live, and do for a career and the unknowing has been beating at my brain for quite some time.
Backstory: I grew up in California. In adulthood, I got the urge to explore outside of home - and ended up moving to Houston after being very impressed with an "alternative" lifestyle outside of what I was used to a mere month after visiting.
A year later, I of course realize the mistake in doing this. Texas isn't a horrible place to live, but I find myself constantly missing the perfect weather, beautiful nature, and beaches - things I undoubtedly took for granted. It's not like I didn't try many things here in Texas either...I met SO many people by putting myself out there often (and made many friends), tried activities like rock climbing, bar hopping, volleyball, art pop ups, park meditation, comedy clubs - things I've never done before. While this has been great for my social confidence, but I'm tired of constantly daydreaming and desiring to be somewhere tropical - I'm tired of being in Houston. Two big saving graces are the cheaper rent, and traveling - I discovered my love and fascination for it after a very recent 2 week Japan solo trip. it made me feel like I was growing in an uncomfortable environment, I met SO many interesting people and learned a lot - it was all very exciting, it be the hell out of being home in Houston. But that brings me to the 2nd issue...
I'm a freelance video editor for social media influencers. While it's nice to dictate my own hours & work wherever, being self employed has caused some of the worst nonstop anxiety, and I'm honestly tired of feeling it. I've been self employed for 7 years, and have been feeling deep down I'd prefer stability now - I just don't know what career to invest into.
The plan I'm thinking of is to keep going to every destination I always dreamed of (Italy, Bali, Australia) to gain perspective on not just life but even a potential place to live, then by the end of the year honestly just pick something in Tech even if it's low-level, and work my way up in that career. I financially have a good amount saved up ($45,000), but I've been spending more than I make for months traveling because business has been very inconsistent with the amount of work sent to me. While overall that's still a lot to have saved, $30k is from a savings fund my parents had for me and I just feel horrible at the thought of ever having to use that money (Nigerians expect their child to use money like that for school , or property- both things I have no interest in). I make about $2-$3k monthly, with bills being avg $5k due to trips being booked...
I can't help but keep asking myself questions like, "Should I go back to Cali, even if it means having to be in a sublet / get roommates? Should I stay in Texas, move to an even cheaper part (I currently pay $1500 monthly ) to continue to give myself time to figure out where to move? Should I even keep traveling with my finances even if it's the only thing keeping me happy currently?". It hurts my head bad and gets me in a very depressive mood trying to figure out what I'm "supposed" to do. Some days, I feel calm in feeling there's no need, or point stressing my situation.
Other days, I just feel like a failure. Unless I put a video or podcast on, my thoughts swarm my brain all day.
Would love to hear others input.
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2023.06.09 00:31 juju1128c Japan Trip 2 1/2 weeks

My friend and I are planning to travel to Japan this December for the first time. We intend to stay in Japan for two and a half weeks. I want to mention that this will be my very first trip on my own without my family planning everything for me, so I am quite unfamiliar with traveling in general. (I usually prefer staying home during my free time.) With that said, I was wondering how much we can realistically accomplish within the time we have. I would like to explore Sapporo, Tokyo, and Osaka, but it seems like quite a lot to cover in that timeframe. Additionally, I need to figure out transportation and accommodation for each location. I am unsure where we should start and how we should allocate our time to each place of interest in order to make the most of our trip to Japan. This is a bit overwhelming for me, as I don't go on vacation often, especially outside of the US.
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