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2023.03.20 22:35 Seeyouon_otherside The Experiment 3

Experiment 173-2 Documentation
Subject Species: Human
Subject Age: Unknown (presumed to be in early-to-mid-twenties)
Subject Sex: Female
Subject Weight: 75 kilograms
Other Information: Subject was left alone for approximately 24 hours after Experiment 173-1. During the period, the Subject slept a total of approximately 4 hours, with long breaks in between rests. It is currently unknown whether this is normal or a response to stress. Subject’s magnetic bonds were remotely released to allow it to relieve itself of waste.
Subject was attached to a standard, government-issued electroshock therapy device for the experiment.
Purpose of Experiment: Establish how Humans respond to varying levels of pain. Make further research into Human fear responses.
Experiment Description: A squad of five mercenaries were directed into the cell. Up until this point, the Subject was unaware of alien life and underwent considerable distress. Subject attempted to attack the nearest mercenary, chasing them from the cell before being quickly sedated. Subject was transported to a room aboard the Pasture normally reserved for treating and studying individuals afflicted with Predator’s Disease.
Subject was strapped into a bipedal electroshock therapy chair and left alone for approximately 10 minutes until it regained consciousness. Upon waking, Subject began to thrash violently and emitted extremely loud vocalizations similar to screaming. It appeared to be repeating a single Human phrase. What was being said has not been determined.
Subject was left alone until it returned to a calmer state.
NOTE: It is believed that the screaming was triggered by fear, rather than the pain.
Experiment concluded.
Experiment Conclusions: Humans have been proven to have both a reliable sense of pain and to have visible and audible reactions to it, along with possessing fear of being inflicted with it. Subject has suffered burns along where the electroshock rods were placed.
Additional Notes: It is my opinion that providing the Subject with a translator will make research easier to do. It said many unfamiliar words in this experiment that could be beneficial to research. - Assistant Nellan
I understand that we should learn as much as possible about this Human, but should we really be putting it through this? It seems to be quite the emotional creature. It is unlike any simple vicious, remorseless predator. I recommend doing a series of brain-scans or similar procedures to determine its true capacity for empathy. An “empathy test,” perhaps? - [REDACTED]
Now that pain responses have been recorded, I plan on researching how much sleep a Human needs, and how long they can go without it. - Doctor Ka
I am once again recommending that we find some way to provide sustenance to the Subject. We can’t learn much from a starved-out corpse. It has already lost a kilogram in weight. I also recommend providing medical attention to its burns as the damage and pain could cause discrepancies in the results of further experiments. - Assistant Mardo
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2023.03.20 22:34 Tricky_Boysenberry42 Bing AI's Thoughts on KavKav

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2023.03.20 22:34 Asleep-Ad6137 The AMA in context

As we see more of Alyssa and Duncan, I think it's clear that Alyssa has been quite unreasonable and also quite mean to Duncan, for some bizarre reason.
She is feisty but not in a good way. Now, thinking about the AMA her sister did, it makes it even more tragic.
For example her sister said the real issue was Duncan's "red flags," and that he acted differently in front of the camera versus behind it.
Let's get real - any man would get turned off by this very callous behavior -
In other words, shocking how she took zero responsibility for their break up - and still doesn't.
She needs support and therapy, because her reactions are evidence of some trauma and she could do well with Gabor Mate's "The Myth of Normal" and supportive counsellors, but let's be honest - this relationship was her fault, not Duncan's.
Anyway, I wish Alyssa and her family well, but hope she learns to learn in the future because blaming Duncan or other partners won't lead her to any happiness in the future if it's a pattern she repeats.
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2023.03.20 22:33 Random_Noobody Paragons actually aren't good for bosses ... at least not this one.

Paragons actually aren't good for bosses ... at least not this one.
I saw guides on youtube about the current boss that uses multiple paragons + vtsg and thought brilliant as those guys are and definitely better players than me for sure, they are really making things hard for themselves.
Long story short here's my take on the boss. Approx. 1.7m worth of defense in total. Did use 3 farmers and 4 tech bots but no other powers. Stopped farming quite early since the defense is really affordable so lots of afk time. Still quite some room for easy optimizing too in terms of removing underperforming avatars and placing adora better, but imo good enough.
Temple on the left has 1k support sac for double discount. Sun god is 0/0/2/2; 0/0/0/2 probably works just as well. The 65 sun avatars (well, the ones far enough to not be stunned but close enough to do damage anyways) did most of the work.
Sun avatar did 2.8m from 80 - 120. Left temple did 1.5m 80-120. Adora 1.4m. Now star of the show...
Bought at end of r119 for <11k, casually did 1m to the boss. There's actually a few that did 1.1m, but I didn't discount them properly so I'm showing this instead. What value! Actually why use paragons when you can use these? For the price of a high level ace paragon you can get most of this defense. With some more optimizing (dropping magic sac on sun god, middle perma-stunned avatars, right side avatars that barely got to attack) possibly get the entire defense for the price of a high level ace paragon.

Overall strat if anybody wants to try: - commandeer any youtube guide for up to r79. I did 2-0-5 sniper -> 1-5-0 dartling for 40-60
- on r79 buy 2 4-2-0 temples. First one w/ 50k support sac then another w/ 1k support sac. buy bunch of avatars, glue, brittle, main moab. Optionally rebuy farms with discount. During boss spam blood sac on 0-0-0 supers to level up. After boss sell everything except temples and keep farming.
- on r99 sell 50k support temple, get adora to 20, buy 15k support temple on the side, buy 0/0/2/2 sun god under double discount, sell 15k support temple. Then get sniper, glue, ice, and at least 20 avatars in range of sun god, optionally all in range of 2-0-2 villages. Use blood sac. After boss start slowly fill the rest of the sun god's range with avatars and start permabrewing everything
- Besides sniper glue ice, also get CTA + homeland. Put adora in a spot that covers most of the avatars but out of the way of the boss (mine worked ok, but was stunned for 2 skulls). Rotate cta and homeland, press all the other buttons, keep blood sac up. Before each skull sell superbrittle and rebuy after. Sac the supperbrittle and rebuy if it got stunned.
- ??? -> profit
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2023.03.20 22:33 SneakyAura806 I need a name for a faction in a game I want to make.

The faction in question is composed of humanoid robots with bug like design choices. They’re mainly gray with neon red eyes. Two word naming conventions are preferred.
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2023.03.20 22:33 Ezra_Under_The_Stars Scars

I’m going on vacation with my family next week. We are going to a VERY warm country. I’ll need to wear short sleeves and be in the pool. I have found a sort of peace with my scars. My family is aware of my self harm and my mum has seen it ones before - before it got really bad. I have some on my arm that are still reddish and a bit swollen. They are the deepest I’ve done, my family haven’t seen them. I been clean for 1,5 months, and I want to show them to my mum, and she wants to see them. She is very understanding, and I know she will be nothing but supportive. I’m just scared she will be surprised and become very sad. I’m also worried about my younger brother. I’m ready to show them the scars, but I need some support especially about the red puffy ones. I don’t want to hurt anybody. It’s so scary. Please I need some words of advice
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2023.03.20 22:33 KyAoD Suggestions for new projector UHD38x, TK700 or ?

Hi all, I have for the last couple of years been using an Epson TW-650, but I feel the 3100 Lumens is a bit low for my setup, I have a hard time using it in daylight in my living room. So I’m looking for a replacement, and have been looking at UHD38x or TK700, but not sure if there are better options, I know there might be som problems with the Optoma.
About my setup.
1st floor apartment, with windows pointing south, and on a wall that’s 7m, more then half is windows, with white curtains, not possible to add or change it, wifes command.
Wall opposite is painted with a dusty light brown, chalck painting, and light wooden floor.
Screen is an Elite Screen Saker Tap Tension 84”
Needs to be a standard throw projector, and distance isn’t a problem and it’s mounted in the ceiling, I’m sitting around 3m from the screen.
Primarily use will be both movie and gaming with an Xbox. I would like to be able to game, doing daylight as well. So that’s where the high lumen requirements steps in.
Budget is capped at 1200euros or 1350$
Located in Europe, Denmark
When watching reviews, the UHD38x scores nicely, but seems like it’s only for a period, until it might hit trouble, but the 4000 lumens is attractive, compared to the 3100 on the TK700. But ofcause, one thing is the manufacturer description and then real life.
Would like it to be a 4k projector
So what would be a good option hive mind?
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2023.03.20 22:33 Most_Salt1696 New to the format - budget brew feedback

Hi all, have been playing commander for a few months with my playgroup - having recenly found out about Oathbreaker, we thought we'd give it a go using only cards in our collections, no proxies and no purchases. I dont often play red so thought this would be a good chance to try something different in terms of playstyle, would welcome any comments on the deck, synnergies that might not work, or suggestions on improvements?
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2023.03.20 22:33 Adachi_Is_Based Will smoking harm my gaming pc if it's done not in the same room but near

So I smoke cigarettes but I don't want any harm done to my gaming pc. I can't take it outside because my parents might see me and they hate smoking so that will result in instant lecture. However my room has a bathroom in it so If I smoke in the bathroom with the door closed is there still major harm to the pc?
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2023.03.20 22:33 Accomplished_Food753 I’m a new mom but i don’t want this life anymore..

I had my baby 8 months ago and she’s the best little girl anyone could’ve asked for. she’s already so smart and i really do love her. Im overwhelmed by many things in my life that it’s making my mental health plummet. I dread when she wakes up every morning because that means i have to feed her and play with her and put her down for naps. but i can’t even take care of myself right now. I force myself every morning to wake up and take care of her but i can’t do the same for myself. i fear i won’t be able to take care of her much longer because if i can’t take care of myself what will happen to her. I’m miserable but when i look at her i feel happy. i’m very conflicted on my life right now.
Whenever i leave the room she cries for me even if i’m just using the restroom really fast. if she can’t see me she cries for me and i think of her being with someone else other than me and it breaks my heart. I hate hearing her cry for me because i feel so guilty of the way i’ve been feeling. My family doesn’t understand and i have no one else to turn to. her dad had to leave us for personal reason and we’re still in contact but he’s about 4 states away from us. i cry myself to sleep almost every night because i feel like she needs to be with someone who will actually care for her and isn’t dragging themselves to do basic shit. I feel like i’m letting her down and i’m a horrible mother. Sorry for the rambling i just needed to get this off my chest.
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2023.03.20 22:33 IndyO1975 Tired. So. Very. Tired.

I’ve written about this issue here before, but I/we need help, people. Any advice is appreciated…
So we have a three and a quarter year-old. Mostly a great kid. He definitely has his moments and likes to push his mom and I but… overall he’s sweet. Polite.
The thing is he’s gotten himself into a MASSIVE sleep regression that’s been going on for months now. He wakes us up EVERY NIGHT. And not just once. Two, three, four times. His mom and I are like zombies. We exist on caffeine (and sugar, for me). It’s brutal.
Nothing in his environment has changed. He has routines which we stick to. Nothing at his kindergarten has changed. He’s happy at school. Happy at home.
People suggested we get a sleep training clock. I did. Even came up with a little rhyme: “When it’s red, we stay in bed. When it’s green, time to be seen.”
Hasn’t worked. He just ignores the light, leaves his room and comes to ours.
Sometimes it’s a nightmare (which we’ve told him he can always call us for). Other times he comes to our room… just because he woke up. I tell him to just lay back down when he wakes up but that doesn’t work. He walks over to our room no matter what. Wake us up.
We’re at our wits need. My partner can fall back asleep relatively quickly but not me. Takes me at least fifteen to pass out again once he wakes me. Either way, we’re like zombies just… exhausted.
So again, if you have suggestions, send our way. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.20 22:33 oblivionuntld Movie mix sounds good at the studio but terrible at the theater

I am working on the sound of an semi amateur movie. Its the first time i am doing audio for a movie and i have to admit a bit lost at the moment.I have quite some experience when it comes to mixing music and sound design and i know how to use the tools.
To explain the situation a director friend asked for help last moment.I went through doing dialogue editing and that took a lot of time since all of the recorded mics had notable problems.I added bgs and designed sfx.I then mixed everything along including the music. It was all a slow proccess but in the end it went well and the meetings were going well and everyone was happy.
The mix sounded good at my room with studio monitors.Same thing at the directors studio and at another studio that we do our meetings.The audio sounds reasonable through headphones and through my home cinema. I am targeting -24 lufs.
Now starts the disaster part.They had a viewing session on a theater the other day( that unfortunately i could not attend) and they told me that the sound was not very good and the dialogue was barely audible.The fact that it sounds good on monitors and all other sources till now makes me thing that i am missing something major when it comes to mixing for theater rooms.
I have to start thinking about what i am doing wrong and how to fix that. Things that come in mind is that i am not mixing at a reference level.Most of the time i am not monitoring at a high level and i now understand that this might be a possible reason.
I would appreciate any suggestion at possible causes and maybe anything that i could read to educate myself regarding mixing for theaters.I admit that i am inexperienced so please bear with me.
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2023.03.20 22:33 SkyFullofHat Suddenly, none of my echoes will play Amazon music

Is this happening to anyone else? I have searched everywhere I can think of to find an answer to this.
It's all three echoes. They will play podcasts which are also coming from Amazon music. But when I tell it to play music (of any type) via the default Amazon music, it says "here's a playlist for you" and then silence. If I go to another echo and tell it to play music, it will say another device is already streaming.
I bought a Fire TV, and this started today when the echo weirdly tried playing music through the TV. Now I can't even get it to play through the TV.
I've done tons of searching, and can't find any indication that Amazon music is down. Also can't find instructions that seem to match how to disconnect the echo from the TV (not through the TV or through the Alexa app). I never paired the TV with the echo, so none of those settings are showing the TV paired with anything. Not sure why this would mess with the other two devices, anyway.
I'm pretty sure I've played music on the echo in my living room since setting up the TV. I have unplugged both the TV and echo, and tried asking echo for music while the TV was completely unplugged.
Mostly I'm just wondering if anyone else's echoes are selectively not playing only Amazon music but thinking they are playing.
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2023.03.20 22:31 crazefraze Am I the jerk for yelling at my autistic cousin for hitting me trashing my room and insulting my dog

I'm a 17m this happened when I was 9 my cousin who I don't talk to anymore mimi (her name) she was a 7 year old female at the time and she was horrible and needed so much attention she trashed my room called my dog a bad wolf and screams at him and her parents opened my room door and give me a thumbs up and put her in my room. When I tell her to get out she hits me. When I hit her back she starts crying and she won't stop until someone tells her to stop. Sometimes I have to shove her out my room and lock my door. When I tell her parents they say she can't help it and to get over it. She can't even talk yet she starts screaming and gets scared by my dog and I have to walk with her down the stairs because my mom makes me because she's a guest. She trashes my entire room because she lost a doll in it. One day I had enough of it and my friend is over and he starts getting annoyed too and stays in my room for 15 minutes because he has a headache because of her and I lose it and start yelling at her and telling her to be quiet before she gets her mouth taped shut(I wasn't gonna tape her mouth shut it was my only choice to make her be quiet) she just went silent and stared at the floor and my mom said I was in trouble for being rude aitj
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2023.03.20 22:31 wholetoast819 1 month in and It seems my experience is fluctuating and different from most?

I’m a month in at 300 mg XL. For the first week I was at 150 mg XL and then bumped up as instructed by Dr. I also take Suboxone. I take 1/2 film a day of the 8/2 mg. I’m not sure if this (bupropion) is the med for me as what I am experiencing seems to be different than most on here. Since the beginning, I’ve taken the medicine at night before bed as the first three days when I took it in the morning it caused me to be super sleepy where I could not help but just fall asleep. I have had the typical side effects that came and went but the main one that has continued on is feeling drowsy all day long. If I stay busy and I am doing something, I am fine the minute I sit down and try to relax or am in the car I am fighting the drowsiness. My eyes start to cross things get blurry and I end up closing my eyes trying to fall asleep. This happens again and again all throughout the day if I’m not physically up and doing something. I drink coffee and Red Bull throughout the day, but I also have upped my electrolyte water intake to 3 of the 1.5L bottles. I I get plenty of sleep throughout the night and I work out every morning just like I was before I started the medicine.
Another effect is one being around My menstrual cycle. I was a lot more emotional and felt very depressed for about 8 or 9 days. (Week before and the week of) Now after this for about a week to week and a half I felt pretty good! I realized that I was no longer having negative thoughts. I wasn’t motivated or interested in thinking about or trying to solve the issues in my life. I felt that I still couldn’t handle that, but I no longer was feeling sad. Not really happy either though, just felt ok and in a better mood overall, like unbothered, and I might also add I wasn’t as hungry as usual since starting the med. For the past 5 days now I feel as if I have reverted back into my depression, or maybe not as much but overall feeling like “blah or Meh” and not able to fill my time. Just a lot of sitting around/ laying in bed no interest in anything. I also feel hungrier for some reason. My next period is in about 10 days and I wonder if that has anything to do with it, or if this med just isn’t working for me. Also, maybe it’s still too early to tell?
I do take Suboxone as well and have been for a few years now. During that time. When I felt great, I felt like I didn’t really need the Suboxone and noticed I was taking less and pushing it out, taking it later in the day. Now I am back to feeling like I need to take it first thing in the morning again. I am also one month into therapy. (individual and couples) idk if that matters.
Just wondering if there’s any thoughts or opinions y’all have on my experience and if it seems about right or just any feedback y’all have. Thank you for reading!
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2023.03.20 22:31 Sixxisenough WIBTA for suggesting my parents not come to visit?

I (F55) have a large family (6, aged 16-32). My parents (80s) live about 200 miles away, in the home I lived in as a child.
When my children were little, my dad didn't have patience for them. We ended up buying property in the town they live in to have a place to stay and not be a burden to them. We would go there once or twice a month to spend the weekend, and some of the summer, but only saw them on Saturday. We did this for about 10 years. To me, it was worth the investment to see them.
My children are older; only three of them live at home and only the two teenagers go with us to visit. We decided it was time to sell the house and visit once a month, staying with them (they have a 4 bedroom house - one of the rooms is MY granddaughter's (7), who stays with them often - they live in the same town). I gave them all the furniture from the house we sold (a year old, hardly used), so they'd have a new sofa bed and they wouldn't have any expenses for new bedding.
We now only visit on holidays; even that seems to be a burden. We leave after work on Friday and go home Sunday morning, with us paying for dinner and cooking it about half the time (more on holidays).
I assume that we are again overstaying our welcome. The kids all know that they are second fiddle to their oldest brother (32) and his daughter, and have come to accept it. They do end up feeling like they've done something wrong because my father is always yelling and my mother is always picking things up (you put down your phone on a table, she's putting it in your room, that level of thing.) My girls (15 and 16) are quiet and frequently get up to do things when they see them make a move (like taking out the trash or getting something to drink). I admit the boys were pests when they were younger, but they don't go with us now (20 and 22). When they do visit with us, they are always watching some game with my dad, so he doesn't mind them.
So, my parents now want to come here instead, and stay in a hotel. When they have done that in the past, they arrive here at lunch, take a nap, sit in the hotel, have dinner out, and go to bed. They then leave at 8 the next morning after complaining that the bed was uncomfortable. I don't see that changing.
This makes zero sense. It's a waste of time and money. Since they would be staying in a hotel, they can do whatever they want, but I'm really frustrated by it. I told them that I didn't think it was the best idea. Our only option is to stay with them now if we visit them. The entire family feels it's pretty clear they don't want us there overnight and I have a real problem doing what ends up being a 6 and a half hour round trip day visit. I also don't think the burden of that trip should be on them.
Staying at our house is out of the question for a variety of valid reasons. Yet they are insistent on coming here even though we are still clearly inconvenient.

WIBTA if I told them we were busy the weekend they want to come?
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2023.03.20 22:31 peepo_for_president "Casual" threat of violence against women in an academic setting.

Today I had a final exam for a stem course at a large private university in the United States. The exam was fairly disorganized and there weren't enough people supervising for the number of students. Most people were "whispering" to eachother throughout the duration of the exam. As people noticed the lack of oversight and people started to leave the talking just got louder. There are two lead professors for this course. One male and one female. There were two different locations for the exam, each proctored by one of the professors. I was in the location with the male professor. I mostly ignored the chattering until I heard very loudly behind me "This is so fucking stupid when I see (female professor) I am going to wring her fucking neck!"
I was so shocked by the casual threat of violence against a woman who isn't even in the room. The people sitting with him brushed it off like this was a normal thing for him to say. There was even another woman among the group.
  1. Violence against another person is just never acceptable even as a "joke"
  2. This man is so upset with his own shortcomings that he has to threaten a woman who is not even in the room
I don't know why this shook me up so much. I should be used to hearing things like this and be able to brush it off. I want to do something about it but I don't know who would even care. I should've said something in the moment but honestly I was just so shocked and worried that maybe I don't "get it". If you have any advice, great, otherwise this is just a rant.
Stay safe out there guys.
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2023.03.20 22:31 Impossible_Ad_6048 What's the most adventurous food you've ever tried?

If you had to choose between being stuck in a room with a clown or a snake, which would you choose?
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2023.03.20 22:31 TUFFD0N [Amazon] Beats Studio Buds - True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds - Compatible with Apple & Android, Built-in Microphone, IPX4 Rating, Sweat Resistant Earphones, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones Red. Limited time offer with 20% off for $119

[Amazon] Beats Studio Buds - True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds - Compatible with Apple & Android, Built-in Microphone, IPX4 Rating, Sweat Resistant Earphones, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones Red. Limited time offer with 20% off for $119 submitted by TUFFD0N to DealForDays [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:30 No-Garlic-3781 WIBTA if i press charges on my roommate.

this fall i (20f) lived with four other people. 3 girls ~ 20-22 years of age and a boy call him ron (19m). i left school unexpectedly and moved out end of september. since then he stole $250, trashed my apartment bathroom, used the id he convinced me was “lost” for his friends to sneak in the bar, used my room as a guest room even suggesting he could rent it out for extra cash, and i suspect he may have killed my fish. anyway, after discovering he had blocked me about a month ago i had my room locked and told him he was not to use it ever. He chose to call maintenance and lie and say he locked himself out of “his” room (my room) and got it unlocked by the workers. he immediately made the bed for someone to use and fully thought his behavior is ok. i said if he does this again i will press charges but based on all the patterns of behavior he will not stop trying to use my room and stuff with just the threat of charges. would i be the asshole if i did press charges now instead of waiting for him to act out again? he broke the law several times throughout this and there is evidence to convict this charge.
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2023.03.20 22:30 RelatableChad My washing machine has no control over load size. How much detergent should I use?

Title basically spells it out. I live in an apartment complex with a laundry room in the basement, and the washing machine only has 2 knobs: one to control the agitation and one to control the temperature. Other than that, as far as I can tell, it just fills the thing to the same level of water whether you have 10 tons of clothes or 1 pair of underwear in it. I also happen to use liquid detergent. On the jug it says to fill the cap to different levels depending on the size of the load. However, after much Googling, I can't seem to get a straight answer on whether this means the size of the load of laundry, or the size of the load selected on the machine (meaning quantity of water). Any help on this would be appreciated. My parents couldn't help because their washing machine has a load size selector.
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2023.03.20 22:30 Simple_Tank_3684 About to finish uni, last ever summer of "freedom", what would you do?

Hey, very long post so sorry about that.
I'm in my final few weeks at a Russel group university. Minus a few essays I'm effectively done. I've worked a lot throughout my degree so I'm in a decent place. Got about 12.5k saved in total, realistically will get a 1st in business and management and have a job for a graduate scheme at a big 4 which starts in September. I did a placement year with them last year so know what it's like/ what to expect too.
Throughout my degree I've been working at the careers office at my uni, and they've given me 30 hours a week until mid July when I formally graduate. I can work remotely, so those 30 hours are without a commute, and roughly equate into a 20ish-k salary, and I'll do the hours over 4 days a week and the work is pretty chilled and I have a really great team. It'll be 7.5 hours a day, so I can be done by 4pm on those 4 days, so very little stress.
I have worked really hard, but I am also very fortunate to be in the position that I am in. I am now basically struggling with what to do with my "FIRE" mind versus my "I am 23 and want to live a bit mind". I am very happy doing the 30 hours over 4 days, but originally was planning on also getting a coffee shop job for an 3 extra days work a week to earn more cash. I was then hoping that this could be full time from mid July until the big 4, as I currently have a 6 week gap. However, I have an odd gut feeling not to do this. I may just be being lazy? But a part of me thinks that this is realistically the last big chunk of free time I'll have for a very long time and I'm wondering if I should just enjoy the time off and work on some other things? I also need to move to Edinburgh in those 6 weeks from London, so could enjoy the Fringe if I get there a bit early.
I wanted to go to New York with a friend for a week over the summer (probably £2k), I wanted to buy myself the massive iPad as a well done present for myself for being the first in my family to get a 1st/finishing my degree (£1100) and I also wanted to put £1000 into a bunch of new clothes/health related things. In the last month I've started going to the gym 6 days a week and eating really healthy; this costs more too but I feel so much better. I'm 6 foot 2 so tend to eat a lot which is pricey sadly. With my grad job I'll get a £7k interest free loan too, so "including" this I'll have about £20k in total saved by Christmas (or 13k without ) and this assumes that I make those above purchases. If I don't it'll be £5k more. I also wanted to spend some time learning more German (already speak a good amount) as well as some Spanish too. My mum lives quite centrally in London as well so I can be there which is awesome. I also wanted to learn to video edit and a few other things, maybe a bit of personal training to make sure I don't break my back in the gym too.
I was thinking about trying to do a secondment to New York in 3-4 years time and would love to check it out again to make sure I'd be making a good decision going there. I went in December but stayed at a friend's house so it was only £1k in total, but this time I'll be in a hotel so reckon it'll be about £2k (for my share as I'll split with my friend).
I am basically wondering if I've gone insane? I'm extremely FIRE/money minded normally and feel almost ridiculous planning all of that.. and yet I feel like at the end of the day it might not make a big difference anyway? I'll hopefully be a chartered accountant in 2-3 years on £40-50k anyway with a fairly high earning potential. Am I being stupid considering this? What would you do? And I'm not meaning for any of this to come off as arrogant and I hope it isn't. I'm extremely grateful to be where I am. But if I work 6 to 7 days a week and don't buy those things I'll end up with an extra 10k or so by Christmas, but for some reason I just really cannot be bothered to have yet another boss/back in a coffee shop (which I've done a huge amount of in the past) and think it might be best to just try and have an awesome summer before a pretty intense grad scheme. What would you do? Sorry for the huge post but this is going over and over in my mind and I'm struggling to make a decision.
TLDR: should I be financially stupid yet life my life? 23m
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