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2023.06.08 23:55 ballbreak3r what do I do??

been getting into femboys this past month, thought damn this shit is hot asf for some reason, i wanna be one. ive been wearing more fem kinda stuff when no one’s looking and i wanna shave most of my hair, thing is im kinda known for being a hairy guy so if i shave almost everything, people are gonna know something’s up
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2023.06.08 23:55 idogadol Stability of the game?

I last played Star Citizen about 10 months ago when I bought the Avenger to try out the game, I refunded it after 3 days because I found myself constantly restarting Star Citizen, or waiting for my friends & clan members to finish restarting after we encountered annoying bugs and glitches.
Close to a year has passed since then, how often do you find yourself doing this?
I'm honestly considering buying the Aegis Eclipse, but I want to know if I can play the game for at least an hour before I have to restart it due to some mildly or greatly inconveniencing problem.
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2023.06.08 23:55 JadeSpeedster1718 I’m Just Mad At The World For This

So I got a new tv back in 2018, got in on sale as the store was closing down. So 50% off woo!
Within the first 3 months I lost the remote. And could get a new one as the place was closed. Luckily I could still change channels and turn it in and off.
But the volume was forever stuck at 23, due to there being no volume buttons on this brand of TV. It sucked.
I cleaned my room from top to bottom almost every year, I cleaned every inch looking for this remote. And under my bed several times.
It’s 2023, just a few days ago I was rearranging my room. (Life is horrible and I needed a change).
I pulled my bed tot he other side of my room and there, right at the end of where the bed was, is the F*cking Remote!
Gathered in dust and still usable.
I placed it on the desk in front of my sister and said “I hate everything.” And went to get a drink.
Idk why the void decides to relinquish its hold on the thing. Idk how it got under my bed after I pulled everything out several times to find it.
All I know is that I’m mad and my sister laughed at my misery.
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2023.06.08 23:54 crownpoly Patient wanted me to wheel her back to her room

Delivered pizza to a repeat customer, a blind lady in a wheelchair. At first I was very sympathetic towards her, but over the course of a few months she’s become very needy and sometimes rude.
Recently she said that her aide wasn’t there and wanted me to wheel her back to her room. Fine. Once we got there, she asked if I could make sure that she got into bed and tried to have me fix her food for her. I told her I could not do that and I had pizza in the car getting cold.
Today she tried to get me to wheel her back again and I told her I was strapped for time and she would have to get an aide.
She always calls after every goes home so there’s never usually anyone at the front desk and only 1-2 aides on duty for probably 50 patients.
Was I being a jerk?
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2023.06.08 23:54 Odd_Bee_2815 How to deal with guilt after bitching about now current friend?

I (17F) did not used to like my current friend as much as she had led my close friend on back in November. I then noticed that she spoke to several people and flirted with them when they liked her. I was quite annoyed at this, and other tiny things, so I held a silent grudge with her for a while when I didn't know her that well. Therefore, I have made snarky comments about her in front of my friends (she is in the same friend group) but now I am closer with her as she has been a good person and supportive friend to me in the past month. I have told her I have been bitchy about her in the past but I don't want her to know the full extent of it.
I don't know if I should tell her, or just leave it and hope that my friends don't bring it up again. I do feel really guilty about this, and now knowing her side of the story in things I should not have been quick to judge her and I have learnt this now. But now I feel really guilty around her and on edge that my friends may bring up that I have said things in the past. What should I do?
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2023.06.08 23:54 dvslocksmith How do I program car keys in 2023?

In 2023, programming car keys will be more sophisticated, requiring knowledge and specialised tools. Look no further than DVS Locksmith if you need a trustworthy car locksmith. For your demands involving automobile key programming, they are the finest option due to their years of knowledge and cutting-edge equipment.
Understanding Car Key ProgrammingSynchronising a fresh key with your automobile's electrical system entails car key programming. Modern automobiles have transponder chips placed in the keys that allow them to connect with the vehicle's immobiliser system. This procedure makes sure that the car can only be started using authorised keys.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Programming Car Keys:
  1. Identify the Programming Method for Your Car: Various programming techniques are employed by various auto manufacturers. While some vehicles may be modified easily, others require specialised diagnostic equipment. It's critical to understand the particular needs of your car.
  2. Obtain the Required Information: You'll need specific details, such as the make, model, and year of your car, before programming a new key. For correct development and interoperability, this information is crucial.
  3. How to Get a New Key: You'll need to get a new key whether you've misplaced yours or need a backup. Visit DVS Locksmith so that their skilled staff can make you a replacement key that is of the highest calibre.
  4. How to enter programming mode: Accessing the programming mode may differ depending on the make and model of your car. Consult the owner's manual for your car or call DVS Locksmith for assistance.
  5. Observe the programming sequence: Once in programming mode, programme the new key by going through a certain sequence. This could entail repeatedly inserting and removing the key, operating controls, or according to instructions on the dashboard.
  6. Test out the New Key: Test the new key after programming it to be sure it operates properly. Start the car and experiment with all the key features, including locking and unlocking the doors.
Choose DVS Locksmith because...
In 2023, programming car keys will demand skill and knowledge of the newest technological advancements. DVS Locksmith provides excellent services in Car Key Programming in Melrose Park by fusing their expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and dedication to client happiness. DVS Locksmith is the finest option if you require key programming for a domestic or international vehicle. For specialised vehicle key programming services that are dependable and competent, get in touch with them right now.
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2023.06.08 23:54 reumdori Darmoshark N3 PCB

Darmoshark N3 PCB
LMB/RMB - Kailh GM 8.0s Middle Button - Huano Black Shell Green Dot DPI Buttons - Kailh White Dots Encoder : F-Switch Encoder(I checked the marking it says 10-S so I assume it uses a 10mm encoder.) Battery : 300 mAh
Notes: If you are doing switch replacement especially on the middle button. There is a possibility that you damage the scroll wheel, because you cannot remove the scroll wheel without actually hitting the LED.
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2023.06.08 23:54 Mackkkkkkk Problems with WiFi and internet speeds on hp laptop WIN 11

Ever since I downloaded win 11 on my hp laptop a little over few months ago everything has been good except my wifi. And it’s not just my wifi, it’s every WiFi connection I use when going places. Half of the time there are networks not showing up at all, and when they do I can’t connect to them. Does anyone know how to fix? And before you ask, yes I updated all of my drivers, I even uninstalled/reinstalled them, and I’m on the latest windows update. I’ve watched countless videos on how to fix this and none of the solutions they have presented have worked. Even as I type this out, my laptop is refusing to connect to my home network.
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2023.06.08 23:54 Maleficent-Customer8 Multiple blocks

A month ago I had downloaded an app about deleting some unfollowers and got banned for a week.. Since then every week I Got banned again and again.Can please someone help me??
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2023.06.08 23:54 Designer_Dentist_721 Mystic Owl need a buff

ok this post might come out as completely bias because I'm just owls nerd
But here me out for mount that requires you to grind a lot in mist, it's took me almost month to reach "esteemed" reputation from "welcomed" meanwhile for other royal faction mounts I can make it to Knight commander rank within a week just attending to bandit and nothing else and this still didn't counting the fact the you have exchange it's eggs and farie fires for crafing it (for sell it with profit ofc)with favors only which for whatever reason got nerfed from the mist which used to be sole place for solo players to farm favor reasonably
but what we get from that is the first ever mount to give you carry weight debuff while offer you nothing else but "slightly" better speed than Greywolfs, Terror birds and swift claw or any other T5 mounts tbh (correct me this if im wrong)
but even for it's speed it's still didn't that impressive compare to other T5 speed mounts like Greywolf or even now cheaper swift claw
please I know it's must have some form of drawback for it to be the fastest t5 mount but maybe consider how it have more condition to work for more than royal faction mounts it is not justify enough for it to be just "slightly" better for it's speed mounts counterpart? hell maybe they don't even need actual buff all they need is just remove that carry weight debuff and there you go, now T5 Mystic Owls can actually shine somewhere else other than just being collectible mounts just for riding to show off in city/yz.
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2023.06.08 23:54 Impossible_Writer_11 !rename not working

So I changed my twitch username and when I go to do !rename (old username) I get “the userid of (old username) does not match yours. My friend just changed his a couple months ago and everything worked and transferred over fine, any help would be great
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2023.06.08 23:54 thepeanutone Thoughts on Virginia? Specifically Roanoke or Blacksburg?

I'm trying to get out of Florida for all the obvious reasons - my LGBTQ+ kid, it's hot as balls almost all the time, and, as a teacher AND human being, well... Fuck you, DeSantis.
I really want to teach in a nice school, where my kid can be who she is and I won't worry for her safety, where I won't risk heat exhaustion all months of the year, where I can have a midsized house on enough land that my neighbors can't see me from my porch for not too much money (300k? 400k?) and where we might find some friends.
Lurking here has me thinking Blacksburg or Roanoke might be good options if we aren't brave enough for CT winters (not sure we are). Also looking to be able to just transfer my teaching certificate.
Thanks for any advice you have!
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2023.06.08 23:53 Short12470 Parking notice from secure parking solutions

Got a parking fine 2 months ago in a private car park. Got a notice on my windscreen that I ignored thinking I don’t need to pay £60 it as it’s a private company. 2 months on I get a letter through the post asking for £100 as I haven’t paid yet. Can they take it to court? What will happen if I don’t pay?
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2023.06.08 23:53 therationalmind_ Two years of db, I’ll leave her

Me (25M) and her (26F). Keeping anonymity.
We were best friends (in two countries in Europe). Let’s call me X and her Y. It was October 2020, a few months after I broke up with my ex girlfriend due to long distance and Y came to visit me for a surprise birthday visit. At that time she was in a long distance with her boyfriend Z. They were perfectly normal couple, all in love, but the distance had gotten on them. He never introduced her to his friends or family despite them dating for more than a year. Long story short, I already had feelings for her at that time but never accepted it to her since she wasn’t single. It was a night or two after my birthday, she kissed me (we weren’t drunk or high). She felt bad and stopped, but it happened again the next day.
I accepted I loved her but she rejected me saying it was a mistake. I knew her since many years, and a night before she was leaving, we were speaking about her sex life. She had always told me that she was virgin, and wanted to have sex only with Z. That night, my gut said something was wrong, I confronted her and asked if she did it with one of her friends where she was living. She got super shy and ashamed, and accepted that she did. She had several make out sessions with this friend of hers and they even tried to have sex, but she told me that it was super painful and it didn’t go in completely, so technically she was still a virgin. I chose to not make her feel weirded or awkward and showed my support. She could trust me with this and I promised her nobody would know. I felt bad about Z, but it wasn’t my place to decide what happens to her relationship, but of course the right way was to leave it.
Nothing happened in between her and I, but in the course of a few months, my feelings got stronger towards her and I confessed it. She said she loved me too, but wouldn’t want to leave her boyfriend. She said she wanted me to wait. It was a bad idea to wait for her, but sooner I asked her the reasons for it.
Z was an athlete who might have had a few chances to go really big in his sports career (playing for a national team). She said she didn’t want to affect his career. I called bs on it and said I can’t wait so I’ll leave, and you can continue with your life. She begged me to stay, and my love overpowered my logic, again. I flew to her in December 2020, and things started getting intimate. We had sex for a couple of times in the span of three weeks. I knew this was wrong, but she was enjoying it and confessed that this was only because she loved me too. Once we got drunk and in that state she started to cry and said, “Can we just be friends with benefits?” This took me by a shock, and I asked her the next day if she remembered what she said, but she said she didn’t recall it. I chose to ignore it as a drunken mistake.
We had several arguments later because it was already August 2021 and she didn’t leave him despite me asking maybe a hundred times. I was tired and didn’t want to continue when I finally said I was leaving. You cannot have two boyfriends at once.
She took two days to continuously speak with Z and break up with him (I didn’t expect this). She told this to me at the end of it and I asked her about what she spoke with him. I never got any answer. But I got this, “I didn’t want to jump from one relationship to other with you but I’ll do it anyway, you are now responsible to handle me.”
It was pretty weird and I told her it is not a necessity to be with me if she doesn’t want it. Forcing something like this is something I never want. She said it was her will to be with me. I knew she’d take some time to get along with this change, so I did every single thing possible in my power to support her in all ways. I used to visit her or she used to visit me often, but the sex went from amazing (when she was cheating on her ex-Z) to 90% less, and within a few weeks to 0. This was also the time when she just graduated and was looking for jobs, and I was still studying at University.
I kept my support to 110%, but never received anything from her. Eventually her situation started getting better, she switched between a job and an internship and then back to another job. This whole scenario affected me so much that I lost most my money, and had to put much much much more efforts to pass classes in uni, and find a job in before finishing the final project. There were a million problems in my life, not gonna lie, but I still managed to support her more than anything else.
She’s a really amazing person, but the DB got to me. It is always me who initiates intimate part, and I get nothing but rejection. Sometimes I get a sympathy bj, but never am I allowed to do anything to her. Mid 2021 to mid 2023, we have been in a Db. I have tried talking to her many times but she always rejects the conversation. I have suggested therapy several times and also offered to pay for it and support in any way she wanted, but she rejected this every single time.
Last week, we had a big argument about the same issue, and she said “you want sex? You will get it. Problem solved”. This was in a tone that resembles to how rich people throw shit at beggars. I have also gotten this statement several times recently, “I know because of the sex thing you are going to leave me anyway”. She has shown immense efforts in finding a new set of friends and hanging out with them. Over these few years, none of her close friends have known about be, or no one in her family except two cousins who are teenagers and don’t give two flying fucks. On the other hand, I have introduced her with all my friends and family. She even meets with them and speaks with them regularly.
On top of this, she has often asked me to propose her for marriage, but I have never given in to that because of her ways of treating me and DB. And when I complain about it she says, “yeah you have no other statements than always blaming me”
I do not want to leave her but it seems like there is no option left. I will wrap up my degree next week and soon end things with her. I have had the thought of leaving her many times before, but it’s always the thought “I might not find anyone after her. I am too old for the girls now. I don’t even have basic confidence to approach women anymore” has stopped me.
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2023.06.08 23:53 worldprincessiv blood in stool

okay so, i have been diagnosed with ibs by a doctor without a colonoscopy.
years ago i had a several month long flair up where i had a lot of gas, mucus, and situations where i had to get to the restroom immediately (or else) during that time i also had bright red blood on the outside of my stool, and sometimes droplets of blood in the toilet water. it finally stopped and lived symptom free for a few years.
it's happening again and i have blood, again. i saw a doctor who asked if i've been stressed lately and the honest answer is, yes, but i don't know if that's the entire cause.
ultimately wanting to ask if anyone else experiences this symptom. i don't always have blood in my stool, it genuinely just depends
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2023.06.08 23:53 greengirl807 Should I request a referral to an endocrinologist?

I had thyroid labs (including antibodies) done about 4 years ago. My OB/GYN is the one who ordered the labs, as I discussed some symptoms with him at my annual exam. My TSH was 13.5 the first time he checked, so he prescribed a very low dose of levothyroxine and did repeat labs a few weeks later that included the additional thyroid tests. TPO was 448 and Thyroglobulin was 454. He didn’t mention those results to me at the time, and kept doing repeat labs until my TSH was consistently in range. At some point I felt I was having side effects from the levothyroxine and he suggested I stop taking it and we did multiple labs to make sure the TSH was remaining in range, and that was that.
A year or two later I mentioned thyroid stuff to him, and he then told me about the antibody results and Hashimoto’s. I got copies of my labs so I could see everything, but I didn’t know anything about Hashimoto’s. I just asked him to check my thyroid again the last time I had labs done, since it had been a year or two and I am feeling pretty crappy. TSH was 6 something this time, and he just said to recheck in 3 months.
My repeat lab is next week, and I have a feeling it is still going to be elevated based on how I feel. Should I ask for an endo referral? Are there other tests I should be having done? Will I need an ultrasound at some point? I’ve been doing some research and reading through posts here, but I would love to hear from others who are going through similar situations! Thanks!
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2023.06.08 23:53 Accountkiwigirl77nz Why spend over $200 on lobster tails when you don't know if you kids will eat them

Why by this these expensive Lobster tails when she knows that the kids won't eat them half of them don't like Fish etc i couldn't justify spending this much. and $8 per tail is very very costly i would of just gotten a few for the ones she knows that will eat them. so wasteful all i can think is what she spend on this is my whole meat budget for the month.
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2023.06.08 23:53 lemonleaf0 I don't know where I'm going to live

So I am a student at Utah State University (USU). I have a rental contract for on campus housing for the upcoming 2023-34 school year. I am currently living in an apartment complex in Provo, which is just over 2 hours away from Logan, where the campus is and where I'll be moving in a couple of months for school. The problem is, my current lease ends on August 11th and I have to be out by that time, but move in day for campus housing isn't until August 19th. So I have a 9 day gap where I have absolutely nowhere to live. I contacted the college and explained my situation and asked if I could move in early and they said no. I don't have any family even remotely close by that I can stay with. My boyfriend lives in Provo with his parents and other than him there really isn't anyone I know here. Living in my car isn't an option because I have a sedan and too much stuff to fit into it (it took me two trips to move since I have a smaller car). I have no idea what I'm going to do for time. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I really don't know what to do at this point and any help at all would be much appreciated.
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2023.06.08 23:53 turkeyrobot Anyone have their first noticeable shed on Fin 3+ years into treatment?

Interestingly, I am shedding a lot on the crown, but never had hair loss on the crown before treatment.
Trying to convince myself to trust the process and that this isn’t the drug losing its effectiveness.
Will likely add Dut in a few months if no improvement. Just trying to see if any others experienced something similar.
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2023.06.08 23:53 kfc_not_the_chicken Anyone using Whisper AI in Obsidian using that plugin? Experiences? Thoughts?

The speed is insane. I'm testing out the $5 of free credit to see how many hours of dictation/day $10 would get me per month. I used to dictate using Dragon Dictate in MS Word (running on Parellels, Windows 10 and later 11) using the Writage MS Word markdown plugin to dictate accurately into Obsidian. I won't even go into the Knowbrainer rubbish I had to go through to get Dragon to dictate directly into Obsidian on Windows.
Now I can assign a hotkey and bam, Whisper is crazy accurate and fast at getting dictation directly into Obsidian with no Windows VM required. It is insane. I'm thinking the money I'd save on annual Parallels licenses would go a long way toward paying for Whisper AI, never mind paying for Dragon Dictate itself. I get my Mac resources back! :D
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2023.06.08 23:53 irlmikann I have a house with 4 other cats and need advice for new kitten.

Hi, I just got my four month old (not neutered) ragdoll male kitten yesterday. I live in the attic which is a huge area for him to adjust to, he has everything he needs (bed, litter box, food, water, toys etc). We've had our other cats for years (4 females 1 male, all fixed and over 3 years old) (Adding to this, the kitten has met the other male and they did fine. No hissing, just butt sniffing) and they're free range inside. We also have a dog (german-pit, 8 months not fixed) who doesn't do too well with the cats if she is provoked. Our house is technically 2 stories not including my room with a lot of space. I know to keep him inside the safe space (my room) for a while until he's adjusted but I'm worried about the dog and him also starting to meowing and try to escape. He's been at the door when I leave and come back, but I adjusted that fix temporarily (I moved his food and water to the other side of the room.) I'm asking for any kind of advice. The only catch is; we can't get rid of the dog nor cat(s). I'm asking for temporary and possible permanent solutions. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 23:53 fastingemotions Account closed

Match dating closed my account and cancelled my renewal 1 day after my monthly renewal. Breach of terms and conditions but they didn't specify what.
Basically the monthly fee has been taken from my bank account and I've lost the whole month too, minus 1 day.
Anyone else had this happen? Going to my bank soon to ask for a chargeback and cancel any further payments
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