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A place for the amazingly intricate Where's Waldo-style illustrations you can stare at for hours, and still not pick up on all of the tiny details.

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2023.06.09 00:40 Cannoncorn1 Things to do as a adult in the Sugar Land or Richmond area.

I moved to the Sugar Land area in the pandemic. It's a great place, but most events seem targeted toward people with young children.
Where are some places to go or activities to do in the immediate area for adult (early thirties) without children? Things like Meet Up groups are all in Houston.
Bars are fine, but not things like karaoke nights at 10pm when I work in the mornings.
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2023.06.09 00:39 sunshine_dreaming The Price for a Good Life

A girl walked alone through a forest. She looked all day for something to eat, but only found sour berries. Discouraged, she sat down and cried. "Little girl, why are you crying?" She turned to see a tall, handsome man in a dark cloak. He sat beside her. "My family has nothing to eat." "Give me your berries," he answered, "and I will ensure your family is fed." Reluctantly, she handed over the fruit. "Follow me." He led her to a meadow with a small hut. She waited and he soon returned with a piglet. "If you ever need anything, you know where I am." The girl ran home. Her mother cried tears of joy to see the pig. They built a pen and fed it with scraps. In time, they bred the sow and with each litter they had more food and money. When the girl became a teen she went to see him again. The cottage and the man were unchanged. "I wish to be pretty." He gently touched her soft curls. "It will cost you your hair." She wept as the scissors sliced her thick locks. But it was worth it. As it grew back, she blossomed into the most beautiful girl in the land. She was happy with this. But eventually, her mother died and she became very lonely. She went to see the man for a third time. "I wish to be married, and live far from this place." "What can you trade?" "I have nothing." "You do. You are still a virgin." She had not expected the price for a good life to be so high. Still, she paid it. Not long after a nobleman was thrown from his horse on the road by her cottage. She tended his injuries, and he fell in love with her. When he was healed, they traveled to his town and were married on the steps of the cathedral. That spring, she became pregnant with their first child. It occupied the pit of her stomach, where it grew with love. She was happy. She had all she had ever dreamed of, and when the baby came it was perfect and healthy. Later that summer a plague befell the town. The disease eliminated rich and poor alike, and her husband became gravely ill. Desperate, she rode in secret to the forest cottage. "My husband is dying," she pleaded. "Please heal him." "Only life can pay for life." The argument did not dissuade her. For him to live, she would die. She nodded. The man sighed. "Go home. He will recover." She sped home and crept into her bed, not expecting to see sunrise- yet she woke at dawn. She went first to her husband's bed. His fever had broken. He would live! Fear suddenly shattered her happiness. She ran to the cradle. There was her perfect baby, its skin as cold as stone.
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2023.06.09 00:39 shhdaddyshere 46 [M4F] #Oklahoma - 🖤….MUST LOVE CUDDLES!! Dorky Daddy Dom seeks forever….🖤

Just an adorable Daddy Dom with a darker side 😈 seeking his forever…. And once were together, everything will feel right and we will build a life together…. I will literally make it my job to keep you safe and happy!!
I’m waiting for that instant connection🫶🏻, were our energies just flow… Someone who adores my ridiculous brand of weird and can’t see themselves with anyone else!!
I’m stubborn and at times brood,🤷🏼‍♂️ but I’m working it. Lol… Although I am known to be very charming and compassionate and when I love, I love hard. ❤️ I’m also overprotective, chivalrous and loyal af!!!
Absolute Gym rat 💪🏻 and homebody who enjoys cooking, grilling, the outdoors, anything involving water, road trips🚗, and random adventures… lover of all things Halloween, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and zombies…🫣 ps Batman is the best super hero… change my mind!!🙃
My love language is touch.. and I tend to be a bit possessive, I will always have my hand on you in someway… your thigh, your hand, your butt, your shoulder ,your waist, your neck, your throat 🤤
Just hoping for a genuine connection… Dating apps are just awful, and unfortunately most humans in general kinda suck! 🤷🏼‍♂️ So here I am…
My fave quote: “Without music; life would be a mistake” ~FN
In fact, we both love music and love sharing it with others. You also enjoy random adventures and road trips, and agree, who you’re with is more important than where you go or what you’re doing!!!
If this seems relatable so far message me…
I hope to talk soon 👉🏻👈🏻
Ps 🚩🚩clingy girls….. girls with daddy issues…. girls who’ve been told you’re “a lot” or “too much/damaged” …. Front of the line 🙌🏻
Pss please be local or willing to relocate..
Pics of me
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2023.06.09 00:39 ceiling_terms9 My mental health is near rock bottom. Is the answer just for me to do things even if I don’t want to do them to keep myself busy?

To note: I AM NOT at risk for harming myself. I am not considering doing that at least not now.
Anyway… my mental health is so bad. I need help. I go to therapy weekly and it helps me process a lot of things but there’s still so much I’m dealing with. I don’t have a job right now which probably adds to my depression? In many ways: feeling useless/ worthless, feeling like a leech, and also just being too ‘free’.
Theoretically speaking, all this free time should give me so much opportunity to do ‘things I love’ - except I have crippling depression and literally nothing interests me.
I’ve been trying to force myself to do SOMETHING even cleaning the whole house, just so I don’t rot away on the couch or in bed.
People say ‘get a hobby’ - except I don’t want to do anything, so do I just force myself to do a hobby I don’t even like? I’m willing to if that means I can feel better. I just don’t know if that would help or worsen my issues… I hear people say ‘focus on yourself’ except I haven’t disclosed that I have severe depression and it’s a struggle to even get off the couch and make a hot pocket in the microwave once a day as my only meal. I wish it was that easy to start a hobby and be happy. I just wish.
It’s so hard to do something/ anything. I’ve lost some weight just due to how I’ve been feeling the last several weeks as well (I joke that that’s the only unintentional positive thing here). I don’t feel like doing anything…. But do I just need to force myself to?
I have absolutely little to no self identity. It sucks and I realize that, and I want to change, and be confident in my identity and my desires. But my depression has such a hold on me, it’s not possible. I just focus on living day to day. Just getting through this day and hoping tomorrow will be a miracle happy day, except it doesn’t happen.
What more can I do? How can I help myself get out of this hole? I haven’t felt this way since I was a teenager where I did want to end my life. I don’t want to end my life, but I also fantasize a disaster would happen where I could sacrifice myself and that would be the end of me.
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2023.06.09 00:39 mementomori-93 hitting self in head

So I hit myself in the head. ALOT. Almost weekly. Not sure how I haven't given myself any brain damage. I will leave huge knots on my head. Even to where my whole forehead has been protruding. I've given myself black eyes, bruised knuckles, scratched up face, and can barely open my mouth sometimes. I'll also grab objects and start wailing on head. So it's not a good situation I keep putting myself in. I know I'm not alone, and for some reason when it gets to that point I can rarely stop myself until I'm calmed down.
Sooo does anyone have any tips or tricks on what you do when it gets to the point of hitting your head? What tactic do you use, because I can't keep living this way.
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2023.06.09 00:39 Divorce_Rock I know very little about this: Help with Iridium Monitors please.

I'm looking for someone to really ELI5 monitors for a Strymon Iridium. For context, I've played for a long time, and I have a good knowledge of pedals and amps, but I know almost nothing about monitors (except headphones I guess).
I recently picked up an Iridium. I've been playing through a Katana with headphones for a couple of years, and I plan to use the Iridium in a similar way (mostly). I will be recording with it as well, and I have a Scarlett Solo interface that I've used for a few years.
I will probably want to play the Iridium without headphones occasionally when guests come over or I want to show someone a song/ part. I do not have experience with studio monitors, and I really don't know what I need or where to start. All I really know is that the Scarlett Solo has stereo 1/4" outputs that I can run through. So, what monitors will work? How does this all work? Where do you even put monitors in a room? Any particular type, size, power, etc. I should look at? I don't really have a price range, but probably I'll buy what is rated as a best value, entry level model. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 00:39 helloeuphoria1 Privately selling my vehicle. Not getting any takers.

Hello. I am from Southern NH and have been trying to sell my 6 speed 2013 Dodge Dart Limited. It has 163k miles, turbo, heated seats and steering wheel, backup camera, moon roof, bluetooth, navigation system, and a few more features. It’s in great condition, but no one seems to want to buy it. I listed it for $5,900, which I think is reasonable, especially since I am including a set of snow tires. I also mentioned in my descriptions that I am willing to lower the price a little bit too. I listed it on marketplace, and over 300 people have seen it. I’ve also listed it on craigslist and letgo. So far I’ve only gotten a few people fishing for my phone number and people asking for trades.
Is $5,900 a reasonable price to ask? Also, I cannot sell it to Carmax or any of those sites. They’re offering way too low offers. Vroom offered me $200 for the vehicle. How can I make my listings more appealing? And where else should I list my car?
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2023.06.09 00:39 DrMo-UC Roofing cement recommendation for Rolled asphalt roof

I have a slight pitch in the roof and a rolled asphalt surface. There are a few spots where it's coming off the siding and the plywood, don't see any cracks but I want to patch these spots. I've used Henty Wet Patch in the past, wondering if TAM-PRO or Henry or Apoc.
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2023.06.09 00:38 cupidswing I’m afraid that they removed intros for MK1

So after the gameplay trailer and Ed Boon came on stage they showed some more gameplay between Kenshi and Sub Zero.
It looked like we’d a clash where instead of three dialogues sequences we’re only getting two which is a complete downgrade in my opinion.
The intro system they had for their past three games was genius and I’m hoping that maybe they just didn’t show the intros for that showing specifically
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2023.06.09 00:38 arsonislegal Intune password & configuration policies and local accounts

Hey folks,
This has become a very annoying issue for a customer and I need to figure it out.
Customer has some Windows machines with various Intune configuration profiles on them. This includes a setting for max password age at 730 days.
The issue is that local service accounts on some machines are having their password expiry happen way more frequently than that. A tech will set the password to never expire on the local account, but then as soon as two weeks later the password has expired again. Then you check the account, and password never expires is unchecked. Tech changes local security policy on the machine, but then eventually it changes itself back to 42 days. Password history is set to 0 so password reuse shouldn't be an issue.
The thing is, I cant seem to make it do this on command. I've changed the settings for password expiry and age, then when I force a sync it doesnt reset them back. It seems to happen randomly. The closest thing i've found to my issue is this blog post where it describes the Windows 10 security baseline making local accounts change password on next logon, but security baselines are not in use for this customer.
I appreciate any help that can be provided. This is a big pain point for the customer and a time sink for techs.
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2023.06.09 00:38 Feeling_Bullfrog_784 We (ex-partners 24M 24F) haven't communicated in almost 4 years, should I reach out?

I am now engaged to my lovely fiance, and we are both very excited. It is a very different dynamic to my previous relationship. I am currently living in the same city as my previous long term ex, and sometimes I get the urge to reach out and see about a life update. It ended a bit abrupt, and I think I will always hold some sort of minor guilt for that. Just curious if anything thinks this is a good idea, or if I should just leave them be. I would need some convincing to actually reach out, and obviously my current fiance would have to be fully on board/aware of my choice.
When someone was such a big part of your life and then all of a sudden you don't even know where they are, what they're doing, or how they are, it's a bit strange and curious. Since it's been a few years, the irrational emotions are long gone, but I know that some of the finer strands will never quite separate, no matter how much distance is between us. Just interested in hearing some anonymous thoughts! Thank you all! 🤍
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2023.06.09 00:38 Far-Childhood9338 6000 people are waiting for evacuation from the flooded left coast of the Dnieper. Occupation authorities do not allow volunteers to save residents.

The database of volunteers collecting applications for rescue from the flooded zone contains about six thousand people, the "svobodnieslova" (Вёрстка) telegram channel calculated.
According to journalists, these people are scattered over 1,700 addresses in at least 12 different settlements. Most of the applications from the city of Oleshki, as well as rescuers, are waiting in Kardashinka, Malaya Kardashinka, Solontsy, Right Solontsy, Naked Pristan, Saga, Kokhanykh, Nechaevo, Peshchanovka, Novaya and Staraya Zburyevka.
Volunteer Ekaterina told reporters that about 10% of the points are urgent cases, people are waiting for rescue on the roofs of houses. According to her, there are about 500 such people.
"A large number of the elderly, including people with limited mobility, remain in the city. The Ministry of Emergency Situations does not organize the evacuation of people, and therefore there is a real threat to the life and health of a large number of people living in the flooded area," the appeal says.
The legal mayor of the city, Yevgeny Ryshchuk, told "Current Time" that approximately 90% of the city's territory was flooded, and the occupying Russian authorities did not help residents with evacuation. So far, nine deaths have been reported due to the floods.
"The occupying authorities simply ignored this situation, abandoned people. For two days now people have been on the roofs of houses. Yesterday, until night, people were taken out. Before that, all boats were confiscated, because of this there was a problem - where to get a boat in order to help people. <...> This all happened even earlier, when the Antonovsky bridge was blown up and the Russian troops went to the left bank. And then they massively took away watercraft from the population. "
“The local authorities interfere with us very much, the Ministry of Emergency Situations interferes. There was a case on a critical street, which is located in a lowland. Five boats were sailing today, a lot of applications were received from there, five boats were not allowed in by the Ministry of Emergencies, they turned around, ”said Yaroslav Vasiliev, coordinator of volunteers, to Layout. According to him, we are talking about Lower Street in the city of Alyoshki (Oleshki in Ukrainian). “Then [from there] there were reports from relatives that [the whole] family was dead. And such messages come every 30-40 minutes,” Vasiliev added.
A large number of victims are spoken not only in Alyoshki, but also in other settlements. So, in the village of Solontsy, Tatyana's mother-in-law from Nikolaev drowned. “She had two strokes, she is 85 years old and it is clear that it was impossible to go upstairs to the attic,” Tatyana said. - She wanted to go to the dam, such a hill. And it turns out that at first they started to raise it in the wrong direction, and the water went sharply and that’s it. And she stayed there to swim. She was 85 years old"
According to Tatyana, there are many other victims in the village. “Right Solonets was completely flooded, there were people who were not independent, they all drowned, everything,” said Tatyana. The residents of the neighboring Left Solonetsy also need help. “People are also screaming for help, there is a grandmother’s son. They moved to a two-story house there and are waiting for evacuation, but they have been waiting for three days, but there is no one, ”Tatyana added.
Telegram: currenttime
Telegram: svobodnieslova
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2023.06.09 00:38 crazyplantcaitie Favorite easy hiking/walk spots?

We’re new-ish to the city and would love some recommendations. My husband is immunocompromised, so we haven’t really gotten out much and don’t know anybody here because COVID, but we really need to find a few spots to bring our toddler for a nice walk or easy little hike. We’re in the sunset but are getting bored with golden gate park and don’t mind a short drive for the right spot. Where does your fam like to go? Thanks friends!
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2023.06.09 00:38 TreeeToPlay Image on SCP 682 article

How does the image for the SCP 682 article work? I cannot make sense of what i am looking at, like, which way is it facing, where are its limbs Can someone help me in my confusion?
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2023.06.09 00:38 Past-Mall You are in a zombie apocalypse, what would you do?

Stay with a big group in a village: you have to work (farmer, hunter, cook, etc.) everyday with rest days obviously. Once in a while you have to do guard duty, or patrol where you go to the city to get stuff like aliments, water, clothes, etc. You live "comfortably" but you have the obligation of accomplishing your duties.
Be a vagabond: you go from place to place, wandering around, fighting with other groups and zombies, stealing stuff from other groups and the military. You risk your life everyday and you live outside. You can have a small group of partners (no more than 10), that will risk your life for you if necessary. But be careful, they can be traitors too

View Poll
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2023.06.09 00:38 ScootSchloingo [Partially Lost] The full, unedited version of Microsoft's E3 2013 conference where the audience heckles the EA Battlefield 4 presentation and gets told to stop laughing

I've been going crazy trying to find this but I think it's been lost to time. I'm 110% convinced this exists because I remember watching it in real time and have been thinking about it on and off for the past decade.
IGN's upload of Microsoft's E3 2013 presentation featured a segment where Battlefield 4 was to be demonstrated following a trailer for The Witcher 3. The presenter from EA shows up on stage, a video starts and suddenly fades to black before the presenter awkwardly stands around, tries to reassure the audience, attempts to walk off stage and gets sent back onstage, only to attempt to do it again, followed by more standing around. The audio was significantly lowered/cut before the demo eventually started.
What I described was presumably the edited version of the full incident. The official clip on Microsoft's YouTube channel edits everything out entirely.
The full version (which I remember perfectly) involves much more laughter and heckling from the audience, including someone trying to use the Kinect voice control to start the demo by screaming "XBOX ON!". While the presenter was probably fighting off a panic attack I remember him saying "stop laughing".
For the life of me, I can't find the original footage anywhere. The only thing I can think of is that Microsoft successfully scrubbed it from the web, or it was part of another segment which was also heavily edited.
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2023.06.09 00:37 JaimieMantzel 48 [M4F] Caribbean Island - Anarchist, Artist, Athlete, inventor looking for...

Here are my basic stats. 6'1'' tall, 200lbs, Green eyes, Brown hair (but not on top of my head), white, huge feet. I'm one of those people who marches to his own beat. I've lived a lot of life, and have some stories. Like.... that time I faced a grizzly bear in Alaska wearing only a hat and a shotgun. ...or that time I sat in a room full of suits in Mainland China while they discussed how to market my invention. ...or that time I stepped off the track which technically means I'd be disqualified, but no one noticed, and I broke the record. ...or that time I decided to move to Central America and live on a beautiful little island where I can do pretty much anything I want.
What about you? Do you have some stories? Do you need to create some? I'm nowhere near finished, so come plant an avocado tree with me. Lets jump off a boat and spear some fish. ...or I'll spear the fish, and you can cook 'em. Let's have some babies, and give them the most amazing childhood that will make all the other kids jealous.
Do you like camping? ....the outdoors? ...beautiful starry nights where you can see more stars than you can count?
Say hi, and maybe.... possibly.... perhaps.... we'll hit it off, and this will be the beginning of an adventure that leaves you knowing that you didn't waste your one chance to live.
Jaimie PS. The neighbors are far enough that you can go outside naked. You know.... if you want. ;-)
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2023.06.09 00:37 pickypollyanna Is my boyfriend (33M) toxic or is he going through a rough patch? I 22F have an avoidant tendency to walk away after confronting him about these things, but it’s getting extremely exhausting and annoying! I feel like we don’t have the same standards of cleanliness. We’ve been together almost a year.

Is my boyfriend toxic or is he going through a rough patch? I have an avoidant tendency to walk away after confronting him about these things, but it’s getting extremely exhausting and annoying! I feel like we don’t have the same standards of cleanliness. We’ve been together almost a year.
I 22 F got new job in a town 30 min away for a nice pay increase. Currently still working part-time since I just graduated college. I live with my bf 33 M and he’s supportive but lacking some roommate duties.
Update: I’ve lived with my BF of almost a year for about 8 months now.
I have noticed on days where I’m off the next day (weekdays) he totally trashed the house and doesn’t have anything to do with putting away clothing I’ve washed, any dishes, leaving trash out. He also drinks EVERY day and I cannot converse about that considering he’s a veteran and him saying “I’ve only had 2 beers”
Anyway, I live in his house and I’m looking at apartments closer to my new job. I pay for groceries, water, WiFi, and everything for the dogs. It all equals out. After graduating and trying to get a better job, he hasn’t been contributing as much. I feel like he’s just spending his money on booze. I’m still wanting to be with him, but I don’t think living here with him is good for my mental health because it’s always “I won’t do that again, I must’ve forgot” or “I’ll get that when I get home” but I’ve asked him a few times and he always blames it on his tough job!!!
Also, he always hits me with the “it wasn’t me” if there’s trash in the yard or a huge mess in the fridge. In the summer he works with kids so he’s pretty drained but it’s like I don’t even want to spend time with him anymore because I’m so turned off with his lack of trying. I’m so torn because I love him but the lack of effort and being ridiculously lazy is such a turnoff, I don’t even want to be here anymore. I’ve poured a lot of time and money into the house we live in the past year since I didn’t start off paying any bills, but I feel like I’m ready for something that’s my own living space.
Am I being ridiculous? Should I move out? How can I approach it? Any advice is helpful, I refuse to tell my family members since they may form a bias against him. TIA.
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2023.06.09 00:37 thenewbier Since when did Entry level and Junior turn into 3-5 years experience???

So here is the issue I am currently facing. I'm trying to pivot into the Cybersecurity industry but can't even get an interview because I have no prior experience. I have tried to do as much as I can to help myself but it doesn't seem like anything is helping. I went to the local college and got and Associates in Cybersecurity, I got my OSCP Certification and I participate in CTF's and do things like Hackthebox. It seems Entry level doesn't mean what it used to since everyone wants experience now when last I checked entry level is where you were suppose to get that experience.
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2023.06.09 00:37 Fesmitty77 Got built notice, need help parsing what I'm eligible for...

Got built notice, need help parsing what I'm eligible for...
TIA for those of you that can contribute. Long story short, I've got my built notice, and it's expected to ship in the next two weeks. So, the real question, is what should I expect for pricing. I've read a lot here, and on other forums, and I've confused myself I think... Hoping that my scenario and confusion might help others. Here's my particular scenario: Order date was 8/11/2022. I've been a reservation holder since week 1. I did elect to get a MY23 when the MY22s were moved (obviously). I'm in line for a Pro - and my pricing summary is in the image. Here's what I know:
  • That price is too high, and Ford has made a provision(s) that should bring that back down to what the base MSRP should have been based on the order date of 8/11/2022.
  • There are memos, that I've seen, read, and completely NOT understood that seem to be worth brining to the dealership to help force their hand should the discussion be an 'issue'
What I don't know:
  • What is the actual Base MSRP that I should have expected?
  • What am I eligible for? There seems to be a rebate and a private offer - I don't totally follow what applies where. There have been a few price increases and I haven't done a very good job of keeping up to date on what was changing and when, so I don't know if I'm entitled to one or both, and what the amounts for each are.
  • Correlated - what memo(s) apply here.
Any help would be so greatly appreciated. For a guy that usually has his shit together, I really dropped the ball here. Too busy getting excited for a new truck, not enough time making sure we don't get hosed...

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2023.06.09 00:37 No_LawFoundinWien The Summer Sale for Nintendo Switch is Here!

I am in Austria, so mayhaps it hasn’t arrived anywhere else! But there are a lot of super awesome and cozy games on sale (and very pretty prices at that!) currently for the switch including Disney Dreamlight Valley, Cult of the Lamb, Haven Park, Lil Gator Game, Röki, Subnautica, Dorf Romantik, Car Café Manager, A Little to the Left, Spiritfarer, Coffee Talk, Little Dragon Café, Bear and Breakfast, Pikuniku, Gris, Potion Permit, and a ton of other super awesome cozy games.
Unlike Steam, Nintendo doesn’t usually notify us when games on our wishlist are on sale, so I want to make sure that other spend thrifty cozy gamers know to keep an eye out, and check if a game that they‘ve been looking/hoping for, is on sale.
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2023.06.09 00:37 VandalHeart383 World Tour Freezes Offline

I may be the only person asking, but please fix an issue in World Tour where the game freezes every 15-20 seconds for about 2 seconds. It seems to only happen when playing offline. Can't play on my Steam Deck when I'm not connected, making it not Deck Verified like it claims.
It becomes very frustrating trying to play against the CPU, attempting to do the challenges, and also trying to do the mini games when it wants to freeze in the middle of a combo/mini game input.
It doesn't seem to freeze when I'm connected, but offline it's so unbearable. This is the only game I wanna play during my lunch break at work, but this issue really turns me off from playing it.
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