Comcast layoffs

Satellite engineers among planned layoffs at Comcast's Sky

2023.05.31 08:28 TheIngloriousBIG Satellite engineers among planned layoffs at Comcast's Sky

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2023.05.26 17:39 kimjosh1 With Disney about to remove dozens of shows today from D+ and Hulu, will they go after their anime next?

Disney To Remove Dozens Of Series, Including ‘Big Shot’, ‘Willow’, ‘Y’ & ‘Dollface’ – Deadline
Context: Due to extensive cost-cutting happening across the entire Walt Disney Company, including layoffs, and a desire to scale back their streaming efforts due to heavy losses, newly reinstated CEO Bob Iger has been reversing much of the decisions that his intended successor Bob Chapek has made to the company. As a result, Disney is making the move to remove content from their streaming services due to the massive money hole it's becoming for the company.
One of those other decisions that Bob Chapek made was the inclusion of acquired content, especially international content, for the sake of subscriber growth in order to catch up harder with Netflix. And of course, part of it included anime in order to drive growth in Japan. That's where we saw the Japanese Disney branch pick up shows like Summertime Rendering, Black Rock Shooter and Tatami Time Machine Blues last year, with seemingly no intention to bring them over to other countries outside of the country (at least until they got unceremoniously dumped on Western services many months later with no fanfare). Hell, we saw Disney Japan sign deals to ensure that Bleach can only be watched on Disney+ as well as several prominent Kodansha shows like Tokyo Revengers s2 (due to s1 being the most popular anime on D+ in Japan) and this season's Tengoku Daimakyo, and it was all approved by Chapek just mere weeks before he was ousted from his CEO position.
At the moment, Iger wants to cut back on streaming, focusing mainly on "core brands" (i.e. anything that's Disney-Pixar-Marvel-Star Wars-20th Century Fox), and possibly licensing content out to third-parties. He also wants to merge D+ and Hulu in the US (through buying Comcast's share in the service) so that all of the ABC and Fox content can share one roof, even at the expense of other licensed Hulu shows not made in-house. With the recent removals of content then, there's no doubt that all of the anime shows that they are merely licensing out are possibly going onto the chopping block inevitably. The question though is when? And will Disney share their shows with other services like Crunchyroll?
Currently, Disney has several shows they acquired that are still in production (Synduality, Phoenix, Bullet/Bullet, Murai in Love, Dragons of Wonderhatch, Ishura) and only one anime they are directly involved in (Twisted Wonderland). It's clear that anime is a huge driver of growth in the Japanese Disney+ version, but they hardly even get nary a whisper when dumped onto Hulu/D+ Star in the West, even though Disney is reluctantly doing simulcasts now. Your guess is as good as mine.
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2023.04.25 11:35 Financial_Owl_7245 Earnings wave, Credit Suisse ($CSGN) outflows, Bed Bath & Beyond ($BBBY) bankruptcy—what's moving markets?

U.S. futures point lower as investors look ahead to a wave of massive corporate earnings this week. Credit Suisse suffers significant first quarter outflows, underlining the challenges surrounding its shotgun marriage with rival UBS, while NBCUniversal's CEO resigns and Bed Bath & Beyond files for bankruptcy.
1. Futures drop as earnings season kicks into full gear
High-profile corporate names, including some of the world's biggest technology groups, will unveil their latest results this week as concerns persist over a possible slowdown in the U.S. economy.
Companies faced a tumultuous quarter highlighted by stubbornly elevated (but easing) inflation, widespread tech sector layoffs, and the banking crisis.
Google-parent Alphabet Inc. Class C ($GOOG),, Inc. ($AMZN), and Facebook-owned Meta Platforms, Inc. ($META) are all slated to report, along with chip-making giant Intel ($INTC). Consumer goods firm Mondelez International, Inc. ($MDLZ), oil major ExxonMobil Corp. ($XOM), payments processor Mastercard Inc. ($MA), drinks maker Coca-Cola Company ($KO) and drugmaker Eli Lilly and Company ($LLY) are also among the hundreds of businesses due to release their earnings in the coming days.
Last week, JPMorgan ($JPM) chief Jamie Dimon flagged looming economic "storm clouds" on the horizon, adding that the banking industry's recent issues have only exacerbated these fears. However, these worries were somewhat tempered by separate data on Friday which showed that business activity in the U.S. touched an 11-month high in April.
2. Credit Suisse's 'alarming' results
Credit Suisse ($CSGN) saw CHF 61.2 billion in asset outflows in the first quarter in what is likely to be the final earnings report from the Swiss lender after its merger with rival UBS Group AG ($UBSG).
The bank called the outflows "significant," adding that they have moderated but not yet reversed.
It said that withdrawals of cash deposits and non-renewal of maturing time deposits were most acute in the days preceding and following the announcement of the tie-up last month. Swiss officials brokered the deal to bolster confidence in the country's banking system in the wake of turmoil across the global financial services sector sparked by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.
Customer deposits also declined by CHF 67B in the opening three months of its 2023 fiscal year.
The results, which analysts at KBW called "alarming," set the stage for quarterly figures from UBS due out tomorrow, with investors keen to find out more about how it plans to fold Credit Suisse into its operations.
"UBS undoubtedly faces a major (and urgent) task in deeply restructuring its former competitor," analysts at Vontobel said in a note on Monday.
3. NBCUniversal CEO to step down
NBCUniversal chief Jeff Shell will leave following an investigation reportedly led by an outside counsel into a complaint over inappropriate behavior, the media giant's parent Comcast Corp. ($CMCSA) announced in a note to staff.
In a statement, Shell said he had had an "inappropriate relationship" with a female employee. The woman is believed to be a long-time journalist for the company, according to multiple media reports.
"Today is my last day as CEO of NBCUniversal," Shell said on Sunday. The executive, who is married, added that he deeply regretted the relationship.
Shell's departure comes as a precarious time for NBCUniversal. He had been leading a charge to refocus on the firm's operations as it faced increased competition from streaming rivals.
Senior leaders who had been working under Shell will now report to Comcast president Mike Cavanagh, the note said.
4. Bed Bath & Beyond files for bankruptcy
U.S. home goods retailer Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. ($BBBY) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a New Jersey court after it failed to secure funds needed to continue as a going concern.
The embattled business had attempted to stay afloat through a complex sale of preferred stock and warrants that aimed to raise $1B. However, that deal was scrapped last month, leading the company to announce a last-ditch effort to garner $300 million from investors.
But neither this fundraising drive nor a series of store closures have proven to be enough. Bed Bath & Beyond is now expected to use the bankruptcy proceedings to give it time to conduct a liquidation of some or most of its assets. Individual shareholders will likely be wiped out in the process.
Should a bidder for the business come forward, Bed Bath & Beyond said it would pursue a sale and move away from liquidation.
The retail chain, which was once a hugely popular staple of suburban American life, had previously tried to overhaul its operations to combat flagging demand for its privately branded products. This push ultimately proved unfruitful with Bed Bath & Beyond posting a loss of about $393M and a 33% fall in sales in the quarter ended on November 26.
5. Oil slips amid broader economic fears
Oil prices dropped, extending their recent decline into this week, as traders eyed a darkening outlook for global demand.
Concerns remain that rising interest rates will lead to a broader economic slowdown, particularly in the U.S. economy, the world's biggest consumer of crude.
By 04:17 EST (08:17 GMT), U.S. crude futures traded 0.51% lower at $77.47 a barrel, while the Brent contract fell by 0.56% to $81.00 per barrel.
Last week, crude markets slumped to their first weekly loss in five, after data showed that the U.S. implied gasoline demand dropped by 3.9% compared to the same period last year.
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2023.04.22 16:47 ArfArfAnArfs What shows would stop first if Hollywood writers strike? Here's what the WGA says

By Anousha Sakoui Los Angeles Times
LOS ANGELES – Say goodbye to your favorite late-night show if Hollywood’s writers cannot cut a deal with studios by May 1.
That’s the message the Writers Guild of America is delivering to entertainment investors and analysts as the screenwriters’ union ratchets up pressure on studios amid contract negotiations. If the two sides can’t reach an agreement, it will result in the first work stoppage by the WGA in 15 years.
In a Thursday memo obtained by the L.A. Times, the WGA said a May strike could delay the key fall network television season. The season contributes a third of all episodes produced, including 45% of the episodes produced by legacy media companies Disney, Paramount Global and Comcast NBCUniversal.
And streaming platforms, with their vast libraries of shows to flick through, would not be safe either, as platforms that carry broadcast shows would be hobbled by delays as writing on new shows ends.
“Immediately, new episodes of late-night shows including ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!,’ ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ ‘Real Time With Bill Maher,’ ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,’ and others would cease,” the WGA said.
Writers are seeking increased pay, particularly from streaming residuals, and new regulations on working conditions. The WGA has sought pay increases and other changes to the contract valued at nearly $600 million, at a time when studios are being roiled by cutbacks and layoffs, with many under pressure to make their streaming services more profitable.
The union in its memo highlighted that writers typically work in May and June for shows due for release in September and October, and any delay to that writing could lead to a postponing of fall season premieres and reduce the amount of programming.
“This will have a knock-on effect for the streaming services of the legacy media companies, which rely on new broadcast episodes to populate their services,” the WGA said. The memo highlighted Walt Disney Co. and Paramount as producing the most WGA-covered dramas and comedy episodes, 890 and 860 respectively, in the 2021-22 season.
The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represents studios such as Disney, Apple, Amazon and Paramount in bargaining, had no immediate comment.
The group has said its goal is to reach a fair agreement with the Writers Guild.
“An agreement is only possible if the Guild is committed to turning its focus to serious bargaining by engaging in full discussions of the issues with the companies and searching for reasonable compromises,” the AMPTP said.
The union warned that back in 2007, when it went on strike for 100 days, the conflict ended in the loss of about a fourth of prime-time scripted programming for the 2007-08 network season. Broadcast networks soon ran out of new episodes to air. Many were forced to play more reruns of older shows and more reality TV instead.
While Netflix has said it is well positioned to get through a strike, other streaming platforms carry broadcast programming the day after air.
A strike also could jeopardize the industry’s upcoming advertising upfronts scheduled for May, with fewer episodes produced leading to a possible hit on revenues from licensing shows to international networks and streaming services, the WGA said.
Some analysts have said studios including Paramount and Warner Bros. could benefit from a strike in the short term because they would be able to cut costs associated with programming.
Writers voted by a historic margin – 98% in favor among 9,218 ballots cast – for strike authorization, which allows union leaders to call a walkout if they are unable to negotiate a new contract. The earliest a strike could happen is May 2.
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2023.04.09 16:28 weltallic [Community] GamerGate 2022: All Hail the Pirate King

EIGHT YEARS GamerGate has sailed the high seas!
And what treasure has 2022 given unto us?


Drink up, me hearties, for once again we celebrate our numerous triumphs, our opponent's many disasters, and how 2022 was the year woke SJW feminists almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!
Just like 2015 when Gamergate followed the courtroom drama of Eron Gjoni taking a stand against abusive ex Zoe Quinn (spoiler: he won!), the WHOLE WORLD watched Johnny Depp take to court another deceitful, narcissistic, abusive feminist who also used #BelieveWomen and a complicit news media to blacklist and destroy her ex's career. And just like Eron, he triumphed!
♫ Do what you want cuz a pirate is free. ♫




Batwoman (TV)
G4 (TV)
  • Called the most disastrous brand relaunch in history, Adam Sessler re-joined G4 TV in Nov 2021, only for it to be cancelled less than a year later. Fingers pointed to co-host Frosk's "misogynist gamers" rant and G4's VP telling people not to watch the show. Sure enough, G4 became the lowest watched show on the entire Comcast network, until the surprise memo announcing the show was over, "effective immediately." [Video - Nerdrotic] [Video - Upper Echelon] [Video - Midnight's Edge] [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Album] [Album]
Ms. Marvel (TV)
  • After forcing the Muslim-in-name-only Kamala Kahn to be the main character of the failed Marvel's Avengers game, fans continued to ignore her Disney+ show, where not only did they change her powers to be what her creator literally said she did not want, but also got the lowest ratings of all MCU TV shows. Bonus: her onscreen dad locked his twitter after a family friend accused him of sending dick pics when she was 14. [Video - The Judgemental Critter] [Video - Nasu] [Video - YellowFlash] [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Link] [Album]
Resident Evil (TV)
Rings of Power (TV)
She Hulk (TV)
Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi (TV)
Warrior Nun (TV)
Willow (TV)
  • Typecasted LGBT star Ruby Cruz plays a generic Brie Larsen #GirlBoss in the sequel to the 1988 film, out to rescue her pathetic brother and thwart her arranged marriage to a beta prince so she can marry her trainee-knight girlfriend, lesbian ginger Erin Kellyman (who's Black, so no race-swap needed), with Willow returning as a failure inspired by Mark Hamill in The Last Jedi. Cancelled in 3... 2... [Video - The Critical Drinker] [Video - The Woke Critic] [Video - Alteori] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Magic: The Gathering (card game)
  • A disastrous year for WotC as parent company Hasbro got downgraded to "Underperform" by Bank of America (citing MtG), as woke customers turned against them over their response to Roe v. Wade, forcing LGBT/PoC fans to fight each other for Magic30 tickets, and "Pride Across the Multiverse" being blocked in certain countries. But making Aragorn black in the LotR set and a $999 anniversary set fixes everything... right? [Video - The Drunken Prime] [Video - JosiahRises+] [KiA] [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Link]
America Chavez (comic)
  • While the rest of us enjoyed well-written stories starring lesbian latinas in Love & Rockets (1982-2016), the woke crowd must suffer the cringe of America "Holy Menstruation" Chavez, who unlike Maggie & Hopey made the jump from her twice-cancelled comic to the big screen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness... where the woke crowd attacked and harassed her actress for looking too white. [Video - Vara Dark] [Video - RK Outpost] [Video - Clownfish TV] [Link] [Album] [Album]
Superman: Son of Kal-El (comic)
  • Infamous for the hoax that the writer's home in Australia was being patrolled by the LAPD due to death threats, the openly gay, climate change-fighting Superman's comic run was ended after only 18 issues. Refusing to ever reveal the sales numbers despite not even ranking in the Top 50, the writer insisted it was not "cancelled", but relaunched with a new series... er, limited mini-series. So yeah, great success! [Video - RK Outpost] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
What If... Miles Morales Became Thor? (comic)
  • White Marvel writers & editors showed how anti-racist they are with a "What If..." blaxploitation tale of rapmaster Thor in da Asgard hood, with his graffiti'd hammer and Aesir Adidas, fighting frost giants with gold chains. Taunting his critics at first, the writer eventually posted the generic "I'm listening/learning" apology upon realizing even his woke allies cringed. Shoes hanging on Asgard power lines? By Odin's fade, bruv!" [Video - Nerdrotic Daily] [Video - Mohammed Agbadi] [Video - Metal Gear Mando] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
Lightyear (film)
  • Lauded by media for it's sizeable diverse cast and "so progressive" kiss between LGBT PoC women, Pixar's latest film was preemptively banned in numerous countries, while Buzz' new VA Chris Evans attacked the audience as "idiots" who will die off like dinosaurs. While Top Gun: Maverick was busy making billions, Lightyear was a financial flop, surpassed even by Jurassic Park: Dominion. Dinosaurs win. [Video - Pitch Meeting] [Video - Jayne Theory] [KiA] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
Strange World (film)
The Woman King (film)
  • Imagine heroic Nazi Germans liberating Jewish prisoners from evil American concentration camps. Now you get why so many boycotted this film about Dahomey, one of the largest African slaver nations in history, forced to create a women's army because 70% of it's men died conquering slaves before the English blockaded their port to end the slave trade. Now re-imagined as a tale of women warriors ENDING slavery; an invention of evil white men. [Video - Amala Ekpunobi] [Video - Dave Cullen] [Video - Laymans Journal] [Video - Archcast] [KiA] [KiA] [Link]
Battlefield 2042 (video game)
  • Following the financial disaster that was Battlefield V where the CEO resigned after telling gamers not to buy the game, DICE unveiled in late 2021 the all-new Battlefield 2042... a buggy, incomplete mess starring non-binary PoC characters with They/Them pronouns. 2022: one of the worst reviewed games on Steam, 200k petitions for a refund, less than 1,000 people playing, and EA admitting the game did not "meet expectations." [Video - DooM49] [Video - raFZax] [Video - Big Boss] [KiA] [KiA] [Link]
Saints Row (video game)
World of Warcraft (video game)
  • For two expansions, Blizzard pushed fan favorite Sylvanas as the unbeatable #Girlboss main star, while desexualizing women's outfits. This turned their most profitable goth queen into it's most hated character, losing millions of players... while Final Fantasy XIV embraced sexy outfits and broke 27m players (a third being women). Will WoW's latest expansion featuring gay men and gay dragons gushing over their husbands turn things around? [Video - Khanlusa] [Video - Nixxiom] [Video - Bellular Clips] [Video - Mirubuns] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
Blizzard Entertainment:
  • The "Antithesis of GamerGate" tried to focus 2022 on Microsoft's buyout, but was instead bit by the woke hand it fed as staff staged walkouts; one demanding Blizz pay to relocate staff to "safe states" following Roe v. Wade, and again for lifting it's vaccine mandate. Plus another sexual harassment lawsuit from three Body Type 2's. Their solution: a Character Diversity tool, and making players sign a good behavior Social Contract. [Video - The Act Man] [Video - Asmongold] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
  • Creating and pushing ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) on it's holding companies Amazon, Google, Netflix, and others, Blackrock only invested in companies implementing money-losing woke policies in exchange for high ESG scores. But sooner or later you run out of other people's money, as Blackrock's revenue and total assets nosedived, while Hollywood shed $500 billion in market value due to bad product. [Video - Coin Bureau] [Video - The ArchCast] [Video - Yahoo Finace] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
  • Another year, another round of layoffs, departures, and stock crashes. As one of the more infamous clickbait rags where the staff see the company a non-profit superPAC whose mission is driving social change, Buzzfeed loses yet another EIC, Deputy Editor, and Executive editor while the woke rank and file wail about being "disrespected." Because if there's one word you think of when you hear 'Buzzfeed', it's "respected." [Video - SunnyV2] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
  • Losing 90% of it's audience as millions switched to rival networks, CNN's president resigned due to a sex scandal shortly after losing star host Chris Cuomo for secretly helping his brother dodge multiple sexual harassment charges, while his BFF producer pleaded guilty to training children as sex slaves. Hundreds of "journalists" laid off, and $300m spent on CNN+... only to shut down in just 2 weeks. [Video - ColdFusion] [Video - TimCast IRL] [Video - AndyMatrix TV] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
DC Comics
  • Notorious for it's radical LGBT workforce, CUTIES, and systematic race-swapping, Netflix suffered it's worst year in history, announcing it's first subscriber loss ever (1 million) and it's stock price fell 60%. Desperately cutting costs with more layoffs and cancelling woke TV shows after barely one season, Netflix did the unthinkable: a letter to all staff stating that if they find their work harmful, "Netflix may not be the best place for you." [Video - David Nino Rodriguez] [Video - Brett Cooper] [Video - TimCast Clips] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
  • Known for banning conservatives, anti-woke advocates, and big tech competitors, PayPal reserved the right to fine users $2,500 for 'Prohibited Activity' (drugs, guns, etc). But when the policy was updated to include goods that promotes "misinformation" and discrimination based on "protected characteristics", the resulting firestorm made PayPal rescind the update, claim it was an accident, and apologize for the misinformation. [Video - AwakenWithJP] [Video - Louis Rossmann] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Joss Whedon (anti-GG)
  • Anita Sarkeesian's BFF and GamerGate's biggest celebrity opponent/male feminist continues to self destruct (after being exposed as a serial abuser and 58yr old predator who slept with 20yr old fans and actresses behind his wife's back) by doing a tell-all interview. Surprise: he's the real victim; Ray Fisher was malevolent, Gal Gadot didn't understand english, and it was toxic masculinity that made him sleep with all those girls. [Video - Molly McPherson] [Video - JustHugeNet] [Video - Clownfish TV] [Video - Liana K] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
Jennifer Lawrence (actor)
Luke Plunkett (Kotaku)
  • The writer of the 2014 "Gamers Are Dead" Kotaku article that kicked GamerGate into high gear, and the driving force behind getting the successfully-funded Tentacle Bento game booted off Kickstarter did "accidental journalism" by revealing worker rights advocate Kotaku's disgusting labor practices. Realizing his inadvertent exposure of his employer, he deleted the tweet... but the Internet is forever. [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Link] [Album] [Album] [Album]
Chase Staub (Huffington Post)
  • Days after a non-binary person committed a terror attack on a gay nightclub in Colorado, a gun-brandishing man made terror threats on Instagram against three gay bars in Atlanta. Police hunted and arrested the culprit: flamboyantly gay Huffington Post writer Chase Staub. HuffPo immediately reacted to the news by posting an article about the rising threat of extremists... on Elon Musk's Twitter. [Video - Fox5 Atlanta] [Video - Atlanta News First] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Album]
Mike Wellman (comics)
  • Consumed by TDS, this comic book writepublisher fled the comic store he co-owned due to his partner's "sickening" support for Trump, and opened Atomic Basement Comics. The self-described "Libtard with fists" then made violent death threats to ComicsGate patriarch/Trump voter Ethan Van Sciver. Forced to permanently close his store in 2022, Mike no doubt blamed Trump for losing his dream, career, and "destiny." [Video - NerdSoul] [Video - ComicArtistPro Secrets] [Link] [Link] [Link]
Paul Haggis (director)
  • The outspoken feminist film scriptwriter, director, and writer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was attending a social justice film festival in Italy holding classes about equality, gender diversity, and women's solidarity, when he was arrested for aggravated sexual violence. Paul got the charges dropped and fled to New York, only to be found guilty of raping his publicist and owing $10m in damages. [Video - KTLA 5] [Video - WION] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Image] [Album]
Patty Jenkins (director)
  • Once applauded for excellent films featuring well-written female characters like Monster and Wonder Woman, Patty succumbed to TDS in 2020, becoming an anti-Trump resistance fighter. Just like that, her beloved WW84 film flopped and in 2022 her WW trilogy was cancelled, ending her 7yr long dream project. Her only legacy now is a "was it rape?" debate that compares Wonder Woman 1984 to Revenge of the Nerds (1984). [Video - Pitch Meeting] [Video - Hollywood Reporter] [Video - Snarky Jay] [Link] [Link] [Link]


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (anime)
  • After Cyberpunk 2077's disastrous launch, CD Projekt Red faced lawsuits as the game was pulled from the Sony store. But when Studio Trigger released Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the hit anime saved the floundering franchise, with the character Rebecca becoming an internet sensation. The woke developers recoiled at her appearance and wanted her removed, but the Gainax alumni made it clear: "The loli must stay." [Video - f27] [Video - Rebecca clip] [Video - REGGY] [Video - Vara Dark] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
Tár (film)
  • While the woke denounced Cate Blanchett for portraying a lesbian as anything other than an empowering role model, the rest of the world applauded The One True Galadriel's magnificent portrayal of Lydia Tár, a flawed yet brilliant conductor whose career destructs due to her cruel manipulations of women under her power, and deceptively-edited video of her excoriating an SJW college kid refusing to study the masterworks of "white cis males." [Video - Tár] [Video - Impression Blend] [Video - Mela Bird] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
Top Gun: Maverick (film)
  • Proving that dismissing China and celebrating all-American values is the key to success, Tom Cruise's triumphant return as Maverick earned 63 awards and $1.5 billion dollars. While woke critics sneered at "another cornball male weepie and military recruitment ad", it became the highest grossing film of Cruise's career, and a lesson to any director of yet another "actually, the hero failed" bleakquel not to subvert expectations, but surpass them. [Video - Trailer] [Video - Kelmi4] [Video - Critical Drinker] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Johnny Depp (actor)
Bob Bakish (Paramount)
  • Refusing to stand with cowardly streaming sites like Netflix, BBC, Disney, HBO, and others who pulled content that were "offensive to modern sensibilities", Paramount's CEO said "I don’t believe in censoring art that was made historically... It’s all on demand – you don’t have to watch anything you don’t want to." Voted one of "The Most Powerful People in Entertainment" for saving the failing Viacom, the man knows the key to success. [Video - Clownfish TV] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Eric July (comics)
  • Proud Black Christian libertarian, musician, and Youtube commentator Eric July founded his own comic book company Rippaverse to avoid the woke politics gripping mainstream comic books. Despite media blackouts from comic book news sites and subreddits banning you for racism for even mentioning him, his debut comic Isom raised $3.7m, becoming the most successful crowdfunded comic book of all time. [Video - YoungRippa59] [Video - RK Outpost] [Video - Drunk 3PO] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
Elon Musk (Twitter)
Ken Akamatsu (manga)
  • The creator of the best-selling manga Love Hina spent years advocating for freedom of expression in Japan, besieged by parties pushing laws to censor manga, anime, and games based on "international perspectives". Opposing a bill proposing "the freedom not to be exposed to offensive expressions", Ken ran in the 2022 election for the House of Councillors and won, and now fights to fortify Japan against woke western colonialism. [Video - Nerdigans] [Video - Vara Dark] [Video - Clownfish TV] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Album]
Kerri Hoskins (Sonya Blade)
  • Sonya's mocap model from Mortal Kombat 3, stunt-woman, Playboy model, Tang Soo Do martial artist, specialist in small firearms, skydiver, painter, jewelcrafter, proud Catholic, happily married mother of four... and still looks amazing in her MK outfit at 53yrs old. Now Kerri speaks out against Sonya's uglification/chest-flattening, and tells women in the gaming industry "the best person should get the job, so work the hardest and be the best." [Video - MaybeOne] [Video - Interview] [Video - La Maldicion del Lobo] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
AAARRRRR! Another hilarious year!
As always, apologies for the delay due to work, playing vidya, and having to spend endless days rewriting and deciding which minor victories to cut out to keep it under the max character limit.
I hope everyone enjoys this lil' morale boost, have a laugh pointing out the obvious typos or bad link I somehow missed, and take comfort knowing that despite the skewed, carefully curated news content pushed on reddit, the world is standing up against the woke.
Rejoice; The fire GamerGate started under the corrupt gaming news journos continues to spread to ALL news media; layoffs continue by the thousands, and as of 2022, journalism is the no.1 most-regretted college major.
We keep winning.
Drink up, me hearties, YO HO!

SAIL ON TO 2023!

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2023.03.21 04:09 dueljester Remote customer service job leads

I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who got hit with the tech layoffs recently. Anyone have any hard leads for customer service / tech support roles that are actively hiring? He has over 5 years tech support (residential) at Comcast, and picks up processes / flows super quick. No car at the moment (lay off put that ambition on hold until a new job comes in).
Thanks in advance!
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2023.02.19 15:11 YeStan1998 Frustrated College Graduate

Long story short, it’s recently been 3 years since I graduated from a 4-year university and I’ve yet to secure my career job. I graduated February 2020, we all know what came next, and since then worked a couple minimum wage jobs that I ultimately ended up quitting.
The most frustrating part about the past three years is I’ve had interviews with FOX, COMCAST, Power 106, and numerous ones at NBCUniversal, however nothing panned out, but all the other smaller companies I’ve applied for haven’t even reached out for an interview. (If all these huge companies are interviewing me, why aren’t local/small businesses?)
I had went through a whole interview process with NBCUNIVERSAL prior to this past Christmas and everything went great, however after the New Year they informed me the job I had applied for was being retracted due to mass layoffs and budget cuts. The hiring manager and director of the department both informed me they planned on giving me the job, but it was out of their control at that point.
Although much more has happened the past 3 years, I continue to be patient and hopeful I’ll have the opportunity to work in entertainment.
I don’t need sympathy or comfort, I just want for whoever else is out there going through something similar that you’re not alone.
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[REQ] ($200) - (#Ogden, Utah, USA), (January 28th, 2022), (Venmo )

Post contents

Hello, trying to prevent late fees on my utilities! Especially my internet bill with Comcast.
I lost my job in December to a layoff, and found a new job that pays $50k a year that started in January 3rd! (Yay!) however I’m still trying to catch up, and I’m wanting to prevent late fees as much as possible.
$200 would cover everything.
$111.58 - Comcast $43.58 - Gas bill $40 - My half of the electric bill.
The additional $4 would to be used to cover any fees and bring it to a round $200
My post history will confirm my story, and I’m willing to provide any reasonable info!
Thanks! Matt
Update willing to use PayPal or Cashapp! Forgot to add them. And was new so didn’t realize had to offer a payback amount. Willing to do 10% of $20
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2023.01.22 04:54 Decent-Addition-3140 Left wing propaganda machine is starting to collapse.

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2023.01.13 01:00 SableFilms NBCUniversal Sees Scattered layoffs certain divisions in comcast

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2023.01.06 12:47 crazypoint The Hottest IPOs expected in 2023

❗Please note — this info is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares.

1. Stripe

Expected IPO date: 2023
Expected Value: $74 billion
Sector: Financial Services
Stripe, well-known among a wide variety of employees, provides a simple and efficient solution for online payments. Utilizing a few lines of code, Stripe enters a lucrative industry with a highly desired outcome; eliminating challenges with payment solutions for startups.
They set intentions to IPO in 2021 but were met with issues from their partners at Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. Despite layoffs in 2022, Stripe is one of the most highly valued private technology companies in the world, and due to VC funding, must IPO sooner rather than later, regardless of market conditions.

2. Arm

Expected IPO date: Q1 2023
Expected Value: $60 billion
Sector: Semiconductor Shipping
Arm is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, ships more than 230 billion chips around the globe and provides technology that impacts around 70% of the world’s population. They have demonstrated growth across all market segments, namely automotive, internet-of-things solutions, and the metaverse.
Arm reported $656 million in revenues in Q4 2022 and shipped 7.5 billion chips. After a failed acquisition deal in 2020, Arm has been looking at a public offering, and is a highly anticipated company going public in 2023.

3. Fanatics

Expected IPO Date: Q1 2023
Expected Value: $40 billion
Sector: ESports and Sports Gambling
Fanatics is a self-entitled digital sports platform that focuses on official sports merchandise, e-sports, and sports gambling. Investors in the company include the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and players' unions, with an investment totalling over $5 billion.
While sports betting sites are competitive in the U.S. (and are not allowed for use in all states), the money from an IPO would serve as funding for becoming established in the sports betting market and offsetting the development and promotional expenses.


Expected IPO date: 2023
Expected Value: $30 billion
Sector: Enterprise Data Management
Databricks first started as Apache Spark, an open-source system for data management utilizing AI and machine learning. Due to demand, the creators launched the system as a way to commercialize the software for enterprises. The primary purpose of the software is to provide a way to manage data regardless of where it is stored to gain useful insights and real-time analytics, ultimately aiding in decision-making.
Customers currently using this software include Shell, Regeneron, CVS, and Comcast. Databricks also partners with Microsoft, Amazon, Capgemini, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Databricks has more than doubled its subscription-based revenue from $400 million in 2021 to over $1 billion in 2022.


Expected IPO Date: Q1 2023
Expected Value: $30 billion
Sector: Electric Vehicles
Vinfast is Vietnam’s primary electric-vehicle producer, hoping to expand in the U.S. market by becoming the first company from Vietnam to be publicly traded in the U.S. A hallmark feature of Vinfast is its battery leasing program, which reduces the purchase price of vehicles and stands out as the first of its kind to do so.
While they have filed for IPO and are set to go public in early 2023, they have indicated that they will not be able to produce until 2024. Additionally, a market becoming saturated with electric-vehicle makers may create an atmosphere too competitive for initial success, raising the list price to a point out of reach.

6. Epic Games

Expected IPO Date: Q2 2023
Expected Value: $30 billion
Sector: Video Gaming
Epic Games is a video game creator, most known for Fortnite, which has become a leading interactive entertainment company and provider of 3D engine technology. Other games created by Epic Games include Gears of War, ZZT, and the 7th Legion. Backers of the company include Kleiner Perkins, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Smash Ventures, Disney Accelerator, and Sony.
Epic Games has a 30-year history of developing successful video games and raising over $4.4 billion, inspiring belief in a high-performing IPO. One concern discussed is the small percentage of active users compared to the overall number of users on the gaming systems at any time.

7. Instacart

Expected IPO Date: Q1 2023
Expected Value: $24 billion
Sector: Delivery Services
Instacart offers grocery delivery straight to your door on either a scheduled or as-needed basis. Users can designate which products they would like down to a brand level and communicate with their delivery person as needed if they want to make a change or if the product that they requested is out of stock.
Use of this service went up sharply during the early stages of the pandemic and down sharply after that. Management has since cut down on expenses in the hopes of going public, but other concerns include the limited areas of use, as Instacart is offered more in large cities than in small cities and suburbs. However, their focus on becoming a new IPO of 2023 lends investors to believe that it will be a valuable company in the upcoming years.

8. Chime

Expected IPO Date: Q1 2023
Expected Value: $24 billion
Sector: Fintech
Chime offers an app that allows users to open fee-free checking and savings accounts with direct deposit and a debit card. A large source of their revenue comes from transaction fees charged to merchants when users pay for purchases with their debit cards. Users load money into their Chime Checking Accounts with no monthly fees, no minimum balance requirements, and no cap on interest.
Chime’s IPO was filed for March of 2022, but due to the drop in fintech stocks across the market, the IPO was delayed until early 2023. While the market has not become much more favorable, due to pressure to list earlier than its competitors, Chime’s IPO appears imminent.

9. Discord

Expected IPO Date: Q1 2023
Expected Value: $15 billion
Sector: Social Networking
Discord is a social media messaging platform centered around, but not limited to, video gaming. The online gaming world has been on a steady upward trajectory with no end in sight. Microsoft had attempted to acquire Discord as an addition to the Xbox gaming division, but as that failed, Microsoft created Communities as a means of competition for Discord’s upcoming IPO in 2023.
Discord has 140 million active monthly users and has the potential to bring in a lot of subscription revenue without relying on advertising revenues, which is of value in the eyes of investors.

10. Reddit

Expected IPO Date: Q2/Q3 2023
Expected Value: $15 billion
Sector: Social Networks
Reddit is a social media platform that unites multiple forms of social media to create a unique space for answering questions, sharing opinions, shopping, finding memes, reading scary stories, and more. Earlier in 2022, Reddit had bystander involvement in the stock market, when users followed the advice of a specific thread administrator to manipulate the market.
While Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms looking to IPO in 2023, social media stocks have been under pressure with a plethora of competition and a high dependency on digital advertising. However, Reddit is still highly anticipated and widely beloved, adding to its market valuation.

11. Versa Networks

Expected IPO Date: 2023
Expected Value: $14 billion
Sector: Cybersecurity
Versa Networks is a leader in the SASE (secure-access-service-edge) market, which has grown quickly in the last decade as cybersecurity is one of the main focuses of companies across all industries. SASE provides a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.
Versa has taken this to the next level with AI and machine learning, helping with process automation and eliminating some of the qualifications necessary for hire of security experts. Their latest round of funding, led by BlackRock and Silicon Valley Bank, totaled $120 million and marked an important phase for going public in 2023.

12. TripActions

Expected IPO Date: Q2 2023
Expected Value: $12 billion
Sector: Travel and Expense Management
TripActions, founded in 2015, provides travel and expense management for businesses using machine learning and AI to lower costs and improve user experience. One standout innovation includes the global rapid reimbursements program, allowing employees to get reimbursed within 24 - 48 hours.
They have also been rapidly acquiring companies in the travel management and high-end travel event industries, including Resia, Comtravo, and Reed & Mackay. In October of 2022, TripActions had $304 million in funding, doubling its valuation from 2020.

13. ServiceTitan

Expected IPO Date: 2023
Expected Value: $7.5 billion
Sector: Contracting
ServiceTitan acts as an operating system for contractors of all types; dispatching, marketing, scheduling, payroll, contracts, ads, timesheets, job costs, and more. ServiceTitan aims to simplify the behind-the-scenes work of contractors and make the work more accessible in an industry that is generally hesitant to adopt new technologies.
Investors including Tiger Global Management and Sequoia Capital Global Equities assisted in the company’s fundraising of $500 million in 2022, and Secfi predicts that the company will be going public in 2023.

14. ezCater

Expected IPO Date: 2023
Expected Value: $1.6 billion
Sector: Hospitality
ezCater was founded as a way to provide reliable catering for meetings of medical sales representatives. ezCater expanded to a platform with a network of restaurants, offering a one-stop solution for payments, ordering, budgeting, and reporting.
ezCater has a network of 103,000 restaurants and is utilized by 93% of Fortune 500 companies. They showed adaptability during the pandemic when they shifted to providing catering services in hospitals and e-commerce warehouses. With investors such as SoftBank Vision Fund 2, they hope to become one of the new IPOs of 2023.

15. Intercom

Expected IPO Date: 2023
Expected Value: $1.2 billion
Sector: Communications
Intercom provides technology to improve customer engagement for sales, marketing, and support. Intercom currently has more than 25,000 customers, delivering over 500 million messages per month. They provide personalized communications and deliver a strong ROI, saving companies money and increasing customer engagement by upwards of 25%.
Intercom has not raised much venture capital funding but has been successful none the less, showing that they are efficient with their funds and can stand on its own two feet in the market. This growth and the promise that they will deliver makes them a highly anticipated upcoming IPO of 2023.
About the Author
Mr. Victor Koch — serial entrepreneur, wall street worker and late-stage investor specializing in secondary shares.
Previously: Twilio, Xiaomi, iQiyi, PinDuoDuo, Tilray, Livongo, Agora, Bandwidth, Kuaishou Technology, DataRobot, Robinhood, Chime, TransferWise, Oatly, Hims, Wise, Stripe, Kopi Kenangan, Toss, Coursera.
Currently: Enflame, Intercom, Horizon Robotics, FaDaDa, Wise, Epic Games, Hai Robotics, Automattic, Fiture, TigerG, and other
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2023.01.05 13:46 predictany007 Things to know before the stock market opens today - January 5, 2023

Things to know before the stock market opens today - January 5, 2023
Chewing things over
U.S. stock markets bounced back a little Wednesday, with the S&P 500 rising 0.75%, the Nasdaq increasing 0.69% and the Dow jumping 133 points. But while it was a positive session, it was not without some choppiness as investors considered new job openings data (fairly strong) and Fed minutes (more on that below). December’s jobs report is coming Friday morning, as well, so market watchers still have another big data point to chew over this week.
Amazon plans bigger job cuts
Amazon plans to lay off more than 18,000 employees, far more than initially expected. In November, CNBC reported that Amazon, which employs more than 1.5 million people, expected to lay off 10,000 people. The move comes after several other tech companies slashed their payroll, including Salesforce, which said Wednesday morning it would cut 10% of its workforce. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced the staff reductions Wednesday evening after a news report about the layoffs blew up the company’s plans to disclose the job cuts. “However, because one of our teammates leaked this information externally, we decided it was better to share this news earlier so you can hear the details directly from me,” Jassy wrote in a post on the company blog.
‘Some time’
The Federal Reserve released the minutes from its December policy-setting meeting Wednesday. While the central bank didn’t exactly give investors what they wanted, it didn’t exactly rock the boat too much, either. “Participants generally observed that a restrictive policy stance would need to be maintained until the incoming data provided confidence that inflation was on a sustained downward path to 2 percent, which was likely to take some time,” a summary of the minutes said. The Fed is expected to raise rates again at its next meeting, which concludes Feb. 1, although traders think it could be a smaller increase than December’s half-percentage-point hike.
Cox joins the mobile fray
Cox Communications, the privately held cable and internet giant, will join its publicly traded rivals in offering a nationwide mobile service to its customers. Cox, which has 7 million customers in 18 states across several regions of the U.S., intends to offer plans similar in price to what Comcast and Charter sell to their customers. Cable and internet providers have been ramping up mobile offerings as a way to keep customers using their broadband services, particularly as more people ditch cable in favor of streaming services.
Congress in limbo
The United States House of Representatives on Thursday entered its third day without a speaker, leaving a large part of the federal government in chaos and confusion. Until a speaker is chosen, no member of the House can be sworn in. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader, on Wednesday failed another three times in his bid to take the gavel as a small but stubborn faction of hard-right lawmakers continued to vote against him, despite a renewed endorsement from former President Donald Trump. It is unclear when the Republicans will break the stalemate. Democrats, who nominated their new leader, Hakeem Jeffries of New York, for speaker, have shown no willingness to bail them out of their mess.
  • 7:30 a.m. ET: Challenger Job Cuts, year-over-year, December (416.5% during prior month)
  • 8:15 a.m. ET: ADP Employment Change, December (150,000 expected, 127,000 during
  • prior month)
  • 8:30 a.m. ET: Trade Balance, November (-$63.1 billion expected, -$78.2 billion during prior month)
  • 8:30 a.m. ET: Initial Jobless Claims, week ended Dec. 31 (225,000 expected, 225,000 during prior week)
  • 8:30 a.m. ET: Continuing Claims, week ended Dec. 24 (1.727 million during prior week)
  • 8:30 a.m. ET: S&P Global U.S. Services PMI, December Final (44.4 expected, 44.4 during prior month)
  • 8:30 a.m. ET: S&P Global U.S. Composite PMI, December Final (44.6 during prior month)
  • AngioDynamics (ANGO)
  • Conagra (CAG)
  • Constellation Brands (STZ)
  • Helen of Troy (HELE)
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA)
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2023.01.01 06:25 SecretLavishness1685 NBC faces loses and yet allows abuse apologists like Scat Tenbarge harass and doxx pro-Johnny folks. I guess the only way to make them hear us is by not giving them any money.

NBC faces loses and yet allows abuse apologists like Scat Tenbarge harass and doxx pro-Johnny folks. I guess the only way to make them hear us is by not giving them any money. submitted by SecretLavishness1685 to JusticeForJohnnyDepp [link] [comments]

2022.12.08 16:52 vail1816 #TMTGnews #TMTG #TruthSocial #DWAC

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2022.12.05 21:48 Streamwhatyoulike Referring to overall chaos in the media business with restructuring and layoffs across multiple companies, Shell said Comcast/NBCU went through that back in 2020 and doesn’t expects anything similar. But the turmoil may result in “some attractive assets” coming to market

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2022.12.04 20:58 TheIngloriousBIG How a Comcast/Warner Bros. Discovery merger may work

How a Comcast/Warner Bros. Discovery merger may work
So apparently, last month, we had a rather interesting prediction from market analysts about a potential theory within the media industry that could ensue around 2024 - that being what could become of Warner Bros. Discovery! That prediction, in the words of this THR report, theorises that none other than Comcast, a defining name in the media industry already with its ownership of NBCUniversal and Sky, has its sights on Warner Bros. Discovery - which has been enduring some moderate financial struggles in the months since its founding in April - not to mention mass cancellations of movies and TV shows.
Obviously, While the unification of WarnerMedia with Discovery Inc. seemed to be a beneficial one for all involved - with some even citing it as the "next Disney" at one point, things have admittedly quickly gone south, with waves of layoffs, mass cancellations (as mentioned above) of movies like Batgirl to name just one, and mass content removals on HBO Max - not to mention the mass purging of the majority of WarnerMedia executives. Since this report, WBD CEO David Zaslav has all but debunked the rumors of a potential premature sale, but since Comcast has already been talked about as a potential buyer, one can imagine how it could be structured in-depth, which is exactly what this latest event post is all about. So with that, here's how a merger between Comcast and Warner Bros. Discovery could work!

Assets to be spun off?

Before we get the meat of the whole scenario, it should go without saying, but a lot of divestments are set to be made here, similar to how 21CF was forced to divest Fox broadcasting to prevent clashing with ABC.
The first of the assets to be divested is CNN Global, which would monopolise the news industry if it combined with NBC News. and would either be spun off as a publicly-traded independent company, or bought by a different company - those examples being Amazon (which could introduce a CNN feed on Prime Video) or The New York Times (which acquired Wordle).
The second of these is Sky's channels in Europe, along with Sky Studios, which clash with WBD's portfolio of channels in Europe and the UK, especially Sky News and Sky Sports. As with a potential NBCU/Paramount merger, it would be basically hard for the Sky portfolio in the UK to co-exist with channels like Discovery, Cartoon Network, and more, so the Sky channels could get sold off to ITV plc or Vivendi's Canal+ Group.

Business Structure?
With all the to-be-divested assets out of the way, Comcast - with WBD’s vast range of IP, channels, and franchises, would become equal to Disney and Netflix in terms of scale and the number of franchises and channels under its roof, not to mention its size in the streaming game, making way for a major global media player. In terms of the business structure, this merger would see the effective dissolution of NBCUniversal as a business unit, and the combined entity phasing out the NBCU brand in relation to Universal, NBC, and related assets - thus dispersing certain business segments directly under Comcast - some being integrated with WBD units, and domestic and international oversight being merged. Also, we'd be introduced a new corporate logo, as seen above. So without further ado - here's the business structure:
  • Sky Worldwide - for the company’s telecommunications businesses, especially in the U.S., UK, Ireland, Italy and Germany; Xfinity brand replaced by Sky brand in the U.S, division overseen by CEO Dana Strong
  • Warner Universal Studios - for all the company's film and television studios, including the flagship Warner Bros. and Universal labels, and a global portfolio of TV production labels including NBC Studios, WB Television Studios, and more; also encompasses global distribution
  • DC Entertainment - for everything relating DC Comics, including ownership of DC Studios (Warner Universal Studios handles operations of that division)
  • Discovery Global - for domestic and international entertainment channels including NBC, Telemundo, and a multiplex of cable networks - including Discovery, USA Network, Cartoon Network, HGTV, and more - in the United States, as well as international versions of those networks
  • HBO - for the operations of the namesake HBO channel and related assets like Cinemax and HBO Films; is also responsible for international HBO channels, especially in Asia
  • NBCN Eurosport - for the company's broadcast news and sports businesses, including NBCN Media, Eurosport (USA and International), CNBC, Bleacher Report, and Spectator
  • Peacock - the company's streaming service; HBO Max and Discovery+ and its original programming would be absorbed into Peacock, transforming it into a much larger streaming service with a more significant library; this service would also replace Universal+ in various parts of Europe, and Sky's NOW service in the UK and Ireland
  • TT Games - a rebranding of Warner Bros. Games, responsible for the company's gaming studios, with notable studios being NetherRealm Studios, Rocksteady, the namesake Traveller's Tales, and Avalanche Software among others, could be on course to buy smaller studios post-merger
  • Universal Parks and Resorts - for the company's theme parks and resorts, including Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood; WB theme parks to be repurposed as Universal parks
  • Comcast Brands - for consumer products, merchandising, brand licensing of the company's vast range of IP


Obviously, the combined company between NBCUniversal (which is due to be broken apart as a business segment in the subsequent reshuffle) and Warner Bros. Discovery is gonna own a significant number of film, TV and gaming franchises, and as such, the following franchises from WBD...
  • DC Universe (Batman, Superman, and many other characters)
  • Looney Tunes
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Game of Thrones
  • Wizarding World (Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts)
  • The Flintstones
  • Tom & Jerry
  • Adventure Time
  • Rick & Morty
  • The Conjuring
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Shark Week
  • Gold Rush
Would join NBCU's major franchises including...
  • Fast & Furious
  • Jurassic Park/Jurassic World
  • Jaws
  • E.T.
  • Woody Woodpecker
  • Shrek
  • Despicable Me
  • How To Train Your Dragon
  • Universal Monsters (Mummy, Invisible Man, etc.)
  • The Tonight Show + Late Night
  • The Office
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Law & Order
  • Chicago
  • Saved by the Bell

Sky Worldwide
First off, the consumer and telecoms business, being renamed as Sky Worldwide; Here, the Xfinity brand in the U.S. would be replaced by the Sky brand, except for assets included in the Xumo venture with Charter. The U.S. telecoms assets would, for the first time, exist under the same business segment as Sky's telecoms businesses in Europe - mainly in the UK. The division would also be responsible for Comcast's share in SkyShowtime, which would increase with WBD programming, and Warner Bros.'s film catalog.

Warner Universal Studios
Now onto the core asset, the combined film and television studio. That would be known as Warner Universal Studios, which would be led by Universal Filmed Entertainment chairwoman Donna Langley as CEO, and would encompass Comcast's motion picture, television production, home entertainment and global distribution/sales/licensing operations under one roof.
Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, Focus Features, DC Studios, a newly-emboldened Illumination (combined with DreamWorks Animation and Warner Animation Group) would be the core film distribution labels within the division's Motion Picture Group, which would be led by Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, the co-heads of Warner Bros. Film Group, which would function similarly to Disney and Sony in terms of a multi-label studio. Also, the WB Studio in Burbank would become the base of operations for the division, with the Warner Universal Studios logo replacing the WB shield on the iconic water tower.
The division's global television group would be led by Pearlena Igbowke - who is currently CEO of Universal Studio Group within NBCU. The core studios within the TV division would be NBC Studios (formerly Universal Television), Warner Bros. Television Studios, Universal Content Productions, Discovery Entertainment Studios, Cartoon Network Studios, Illumination Television (a combination of DreamWorks TV Animation and WB Animation), and Williams Street, along with Telepictures and Alloy Entertainment.

DC Entertainment
Just like with WBD, DC Entertainment would remain a full-on business segment within Comcast, which would remain as an "integrated business vertical"; Obviously, it'd continue to house DC Comics and all related DC portfolio, including ownership of DC Studios (operated through Warner Universal Studios), which would continue to be led by James Gunn and Peter Safran - with a CEO of the DC division set to be in place, which is anyone's guess. I'm very sure Comcast would wanna go all out on DC just like Zazlav has pledged to do at WBD, especially on the video game front.

Now onto the media networks, starting with the cornerstone of WBD’s network portfolio itself, HBO - arguably one of the most valuable assets under the Warner conundrum. The HBO business unit, which would obviously continue to be led by Casey Bloys as CEO, would encompass HBO, its sister network Cinemax, and operations of Magnolia Network; aside from production studios like HBO Films, the HBO division would also have global oversight over the HBO brand, including international HBO channels, especially in Asia and Latin America. No major changes there, beside a mix of domestic/international oversight; if Sky had kept its entertainment channels, though? Maybe they could have been renamed under HBO and moved under there...

Discovery Global
For the remaining entertainment TV channels, and even the broadcast networks, they would be consolidated under a newly-formed Discovery Global division, which David Zaslav, current CEO of WBD, could serve as the CEO of, reporting to Roberts. The division would comprise NBC, Telemundo, and WBD's vast portfolio of cable channels including Discovery, TLC, HGTV, Food Network, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and more, which joins NBCU cable networks including Bravo, E!, USA Network and Syfy. So the Discovery division's U.S. group would comprise of the following three divisions:
  • NBC Television - for the programming of the namesake NBC network, as well as NBC Media Ventures (formerly NBCUniversal Syndication Studios); Frances Berwick leads this division and reports to Zaslav
  • Telemundo Enterprises - for Telemundo and all hispanic-related assets, including Discovery Familia and Universo, as well as Telemundo Studios and other related assets
  • Discovery Entertainment - for the cable network portfolio, which includes Discovery, TLC, HGTV, Food Network, Syfy, USA Network, TBS, TNT, E!, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Bravo, etc.; division is led by Kathleen Finch
  • Discovery Local Media - for NBC and Telemundo television stations
Aside from the U.S. group, the division's international hubs are:
  • Discovery Asia-Pacific - local channels include Asian Food Channel and Pogo, in addition to local variations of U.S. channels in Asia, Australia/New Zealand and India
  • Discovery EMEA - in addition to local variations of U.S. channels, many channels in its portfolio would include TVN Group in Poland
  • Discovery Americas - oversees Discovery channels in Latin America, including some NBCU channels in the region, as well as local channels like Tooncast

NBCN Eurosport
The sports division is where things get kinda tectonic in terms of structuring. The broadcast news assets in the U.S. - those being NBC News and MSNBC would all be merged under a single brand known as NBCN - to better compete with the spun off CNN. The same ounce of unification would also affect Eurosport, which is in a better place since Sky Sports would be spun off, and would replace the NBC Sports brand in the U.S. - in addition to inheriting the U.S. businesses of WBD Sports (formerly Turner Sports), but its U.S. businesses and European businesses are separate divisions within the news and sports division of Comcast - known as NBCN Eurosport. Within this new division, led by NBCU News Group chairman Cesar Conde, the business would also be responsible for CNBC, Bleacher Report, Spectator, and Motor Trend Group.

Peacock (expanded with HBO Max and Discovery+ programming)
Which brings us to what could become of Comcast's obvious role in the streaming game. To point out, a merger between Comcast and Warner Bros. Discovery would lead to the consolidated streaming service being one of the largest, boasting a subscriber share of approximately 17%, equalling that of Netflix. The combined service, bringing together HBO Max, Discovery+, and Peacock, would go by the Peacock name, and could mark a huge turning point for NBCU's struggling streamer - as content from WB, HBO, DC, Discovery, Cartoon Network, HGTV, and more would come to the service, thus providing a drastic enlargement to its content catalog, and even making it the fourth-largest streaming service, on the same level as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+, thus marking a dramatic entry for a serious competitor to all three mentioned streamers. If they wanted to go further, I imagine they'd introduce a cloud gaming strand on the Peacock service comprising of games from the WB Games catalog, similar to what Netflix is doing.

TT Games
Now onto what could become of Warner Bros. Games in the midst of this deal - and to avoid brand confusion with the WB film studio, I decided to rename WB Games to TT Games, after one of its most well-known development studios. Of course, returning studios would include Rocksteady, NetherRealm Studios, the namesake Traveller's Tales, Portkey Games, Avalanche Software, Monolith Productions, and a few more, and would be led by David Haddad. In addition to envisioning the TT Games (formerly WB Games) library being available on Peacock to counter Netflix, as well as EA Play and Ubisoft+ in a way, I can see the TT Games division making further acquisitions, like CD Projekt, IO Interactive, Turtle Rock Studios, Player First Games, and a few more.

Universal Parks & Resorts
Universal Parks is another genuine important part of the Universal conundrum. Not much would even change about the theme parks division, but the only substantial change that could occur is this: WB-branded parks would be integrated into Universal P&R, and eventually rebranded under Universal. The signature experiences would be another story too, and could too be in the same division, especially the Discovery Locations, and WB Studio Tours. The biggest outcome of a scenario like this would be that Universal Parks would be able to introduce attractions with established WB and DC IP.

Comcast Brands
The last major business segment is Comcast Brands. A combination of WBD's Global Brands/Experiences division (which includes WB Consumer Products) and Universal Brand Management, the division would encompass brand licensing, merchandising, gaming, gambling and music. The operation will represent an extensive and diverse portfolio covering entertainment, scripted, animation, game shows and kids, which offer a wide range of commercial opportunities. Pam Lifford, head of Global Brands and Experiences at WBD, would lead this division.

Changes to Media Landscape

As with our two Paramount/Universal scenarios, a potential Universal/Warner scenario would have huge implications for the media industry in general, and obviously, the "big five" movie studios would become the "big four", all while a merger like that would amplify Peacock's fortunes on a scale hitherto undreamt of, thus paving the way for a serious competitor to Disney and Netflix. This kind of acquisition would finally get Comcast into the premium TV market with HBO, bolster its live sports portfolio with a globalised Eurosport brand, and even enter the video game market. The combined company's catalog and hours of content, not to mention the maelstrom of IP, would be huge, with 100+ franchises under the company's belt, and somehow even surpassing Disney in that regard. If the "big five" were to remain, I'd imagine that honor would go to Amazon with MGM, since Netflix is still very much an unofficial sixth member of Hollywood's elite.

Wrapping up

So there you go, another complex scenario which would see another unification of film studios, but creating a major mega-streaming giant in the media biz. Since the completion of writing for this post, speculation of a merger like this had been significant among fans, especially since reports on such a Universal-Warner merger only began in October - only for Zaslav to debunk it, and Roberts to state that they "like the company they got", despite Peacock being weak. The business structure, to me, basically stands out, in a bid to put emphasis on the core brands, like HBO and so on, and unify domestic/international oversight of each business segment. To be honest, I'd rather not see another movie-industry shaking merger like this, but a combined NBCU/WBD is considered by many fans, especially across DeviantArt, a match made in heaven. Hopefully this is the kind of ideal workable scenario, so opinions are very much welcome!
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2022.11.16 22:33 BadDaddy42069 Comcast Layoffs Today

FYI Comcast let go 1% of the TPX organization today. Are there any affected people here?
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2022.11.07 20:22 SmugAlpaca Layoffs - how bad?

Hello Comcast peeps,
Curious news today came across our company's competition newsletter that there were "unspecified" layoffs in Cable Division field ops.
How bad were they? Any additional cuts in corporate/sales/enterprise?
Not super excited to weather my first economic downturn in telecom, and to be honest, a little nervous we're going to cut too. COVID was great for business on our side, but it's looking like overall the slowdown is going to claim some jobs.
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2022.11.05 03:30 makeacommentnow Comcast layoffs hit cable field organization

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2022.11.04 17:47 SneakyCunningFox Comcast West Division Layoffs Coming (Supervisor and Above)

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2022.11.04 10:32 TheIngloriousBIG Comcast layoffs hit cable field organization

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2022.10.17 11:50 Far-Glass G4 TV Shuts Down, Two Years After Comcast Tried to Revive Gaming Network, Resulting in Layoff of 45 Employees - Variety

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