Final score of cotton bowl

[Download/Watch] 'Super Bowl 51' Full Game Replay - Superbowl 2017 Free Str-eam

2017.02.06 11:00 seeversdjacob [Download/Watch] 'Super Bowl 51' Full Game Replay - Superbowl 2017 Free Str-eam

###Super Bowl 51 Replay ##Watch Super Bowl 51 Full Game

2019.10.30 10:10 gvasil BrassBoardGame

Brass is a board game by Martin Wallace set in England during the Industrial Revolution. The object is to build mines, cotton factories, ports, canals and rail links, and establish trade routes, all of which will be used to score points. The game is divided into two historical periods: the canal period and the rail period.

2011.08.04 02:46 kama_river All Hail the Cardinal Spirit, All Hail our U of L!

The University of Louisville's sports subreddit.

2023.03.21 00:51 Mamz02 I don't have the verse "Matthew 17:21" in my new bible.

I bought a new bible this week.
This new bible helps me study, take notes and there is even an app linked to help us, page by page, understand each verse in depth.
I am really happy!! I've always wanted to read the bible, but always had lots of different excuses. So I finally found a "book" that brought together what I love: a kind of Scrapbooking-ish bible.
Recently, I came across a video explaining that many bibles do not have the verse "Matthew 17:21" which reads as follows: But this kind of demon only comes out through prayer and fasting.
A really short sentence that speaks really LOUD..!
Why was this verse removed?
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2023.03.21 00:51 AutoNewsAdmin [World] - So fast, so good: Hong Kong users of ChatGPT are bowled over, but what about accuracy, ethics, integrity?

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2023.03.21 00:51 swagNextTuber So fast, so good: Hong Kong users of ChatGPT are bowled over, but what about accuracy, ethics, integrity?

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2023.03.21 00:51 wiifitkid2 Higobura SP 19 aka land of Shotos, featuring Shoto mains Tom and Smoke as well as Japan's 2nd best Marth, Watuki.

Japan is gearing up for a very busy week, between acola and Proto traveling to summit and the many notable regionals. This weekend features the two two B tier events in Sumabato and Chubu Smash Chronicles, Sumabato (Kansai) and many D tiers in AKATSUKI (Kyushu), Hirosuma (Chūgoku), Obasma (Tohoku), and YASUBura (Hokuriku).
To top off it, tonight is a holiday in Japan. While most people will be tuned into Delta 3 tonight, understandably so, a city in the Kyushu region, Kumamoto, will be hosting its own regional, Higobura.
I thought it might be fun to highlight the players at this smaller more isolated event.
  1. Tom (Ryu/Mewtwo)
  2. Youyou (Shulk)
  3. Yone (R.O.B.)
  4. Kusharu (Hero)
  5. Smoke (Ryu/Ken)
  6. Ippan Sensei (P.T.)
  7. Dooka (Mega Man)
  8. Shironnu
  9. Watuki (Marth)
  10. flea (Isabelle)
  11. Harutti (Terry)
  12. Natsu/なつ (Byleth)
  13. BIGko (Snake)
  14. Masahiro/まさひろ (Bayonetta)
  15. Chef/しぇふ (Min Min)
  16. Aozara/あおぞら (Duck Hunt)
Tom/トム (Ryu/Mewtwo)
While Kyushu, often features the more famous shoto player, Munekin, it was Tom that won that ditto back in January. Tom features additional wins over other top Kyushu players, such as HIDE and Hide, and nearby Chugoku's top multiple character specialist MoneyRight. Tom also won the 13th and 14th iterations of Higobura and placed 2nd at the most recent iteration in February, coming up short to Shironnu.
Youyou gained notoriety back in May of 2022 when they made a surprising run to 7th at Seibugeki 10 most notably double eliminating yuzu. Unfortunately, consistency has eluded Youyou since that time. Still they are a solid regional player that regularly places well at the regions most notable weekly, Midobura in addition to taking 49th at the supermajor Maesuma TOP 10.
Yone (よね) is Okinawa's premier R.O.B. player, and one of the few Okinawan players that have made recent appearances outside of Okinawa. They placed 2nd, at Okinawa's most notable regional last year, notably beating J-Snake the Wolf and Sora player that was ranked nationally in Japan in 2019. They have also taken sets off everyones new favorite Kirby, Gintama, as well as Aygoski, who participated in the Olimar takeover of Kagaribi 9, where they placed 25th. Unfortunately Yone placed a disappointing 5th at the last iteration of this regional.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that Yone should not be confused with another Japanese R.O.B. main, Yone (よね). Yes they have the same tags. They even competed in online doubles tournaments together and joke about taking credit for each others achievements.
Kusharu/くしゃる (Hero)
An up and coming Hero player, Kusharu is currently ranked 32nd in Kyushu, with a best placement of 25th at Kowloon 2. While they have yet to have a breakout performance, they have proven to be a credible regional threat having taken sets off players like Roki, Mimi and Youyou.
Smoke/スモーク (Ryu, Ken)
Ranked 37th in Kyushu, Smoke is one of the regions many FGC mains. While overshadowed by Munekin and Tom, they have continued to put solid regional results, most notably tying Tom as the best placing FGC main at Kowloon 4, at 17th. (Munekin notably fell at 33rd).
Ippan Dansei/一般男性 (Pokemon Trainer)
A Pokemon Trainer, that you probably never heard of, Ippan doesn't attend many offline events even in region. That said, Ippan did attend Maesuma TOP 10 where after losing their first round to the Captain Falcon player Eaeki, they went on a 4 game loser run to that included a 2-1 win over the duck hunt player Jagabata-. Jagabata- made rounds last year, when despite only attending two offline events, they managed to take sets over Floyd, Tarakotori, alice, and most notably Kome and Yoshidora.
Unfortunately for Ippan, they would lose their next set 1-2 to Luminous, placing 97th.
Dooka/どぅーか (Mega Man)
For people that followed Japan closely in 2019, Dooka may sound familisr. Back then, they frequently top 16d Kyushus main regional series, Shulla-bra, and even won Hirosuma 15 having taken sets off players (now long gone) like OCEAN and Zoma.
The definition of a hidden boss, Shironnu predominantly just attends Higoburas, having won the most recent edition in addition to the 3rd, 8th and 12th. They won these events using a combination of Aegis, Bowser, Diddy Kong, Greninja, Joker, Mr. Game & Watch, Min Min, Palutena and Rosalina.
Watuki (Marth)
Another name, that is more well known for their achievements in 2019, Watuki is one of Japan's best Marth players. And by best I mean of like one of the 3 sort of semi relevant Marth players in Japan. Ironically, they've been listed as one of Martha best players on the wiki for years, simply because of the only ones globally with semi decent results (this being before players like Ignaize and Kreeg took off).
flea (Isabelle)
fleas results are interesting - one hand they have achieved almost nothing offline of note, but on the other hand their online achievements include hitting a Smashmate ranking over 2100 and having placed in the top 8 at a few Tamisumas. It seems likely they will eventually have a breakout event offline.
harutti / はるっち (Terry)
Ranked 36th in Kyushu, harutti is a player that tends to play best at another small regional series, Tegebra, frequently placing highly at it's events. Some notable wins include players like Rokki and Ekaki.
BIGko / BIGこう (Snake)
The last player I wanted to highlight, BIGko is currently ranked 41st in Kyushu, having placed 25th at KOWLOON 1 and 33rd at KOWLOON 4.
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2023.03.21 00:50 DiskAvailable3126 Possession with intent too supply

Hello I am currently undergoing a charge of possession with intent too supply, I was a functioning addict that was being pushed and pressured into working for these people,never made any profit,they wouldt just give me drugs and money for petroI too keep driving. I have a solicitor, I have no previous convictions and i am in full time employment and live on my own . I was very very transparent in my interview. I am now sober and have been engaging with drug rehab services
When I was pulled over I was found with £555 23 snap bags of class a 14x snap bags of class b
(The precise l quantitys im unsure off im just going off what the police statement says)
Am I going to prison? I really don't think I can handle it, im on antidepressants and have been for awhile and I worry that This is going too push me too the edge finally
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2023.03.21 00:50 Takooki__ [OC] 9 yrs later, finally have the skills to capture one of my faves ^^

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2023.03.21 00:50 Paw_Opina Finally broke out of the slump.

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2023.03.21 00:49 single_jeopardy Found laying (ok, standing) on the shelf

Found laying (ok, standing) on the shelf
Visited a few shops on a drive (almost middle of nowhere) today, one of which scored with a few decent bottles tucked away in a very unassuming location.
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2023.03.21 00:49 nolasaint77 Need to vent I guess.

Sooo… I’ve been on suboxone for three plus years. Went to the same clinic in nashville for the whole time. I thought I was temporary going down to Louisiana to help my stepfather since we lost my mother with cancer last July. He’s 86 and in really bad shape. So I told my clinic I was heading down and they told me they would be able to call it In for a while until I could switch to the same clinic down here. Well today was supposed to be my appointment originally but now the new clinic told me they didn’t get the discharge paper from my old clinic in nashville which means I have to wait until the 31st a few weeks away. And last month my insurance decided to not want to pay for my meds so I only got 1/3 of them I went from 3 8mg to 1 8mg. Already feel like crap alittle. I really wish I wasn’t on this crap anymore but ever since I have been on it my life has finally been normal. I guess I’m already dealing with a ton of stress and I don’t want to be dealing with bad detox effects with helping my stepfather in hospice while at home. What do I do. I can’t call Telmed because in Louisiana it has to be 60 days before the pharmacy will refill anything or doctor from out of state. I was just thinking about possibly doing that just to get by till I can get to my appointment on the 31st. Any ideas ? Appreciate anyone that reads this. So depressing lol
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2023.03.21 00:49 LengthOk5968 Is this still SIBO?

I had an abdominal surgery to remove 10cm of my terminal ileum. Had to have several antibiotics during and post surgery due to an uti. 1 month post antibiotics I’ve had chronic Diarrhea, 10% weight loss in 3 months, bulky stools and gas. I have ruled out pretty much every infectious disease possible (except Whipple disease), my blood tests are fine, and imagaging studies too.
Doctor thinks I have SIBO. He’s prescribed rifaximin which only slightly improved symptoms while I was taking it, relapsing straight away. Metronidazole, did nothing. Finally he prescribed sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim 10days which actually made a huge improvement. But symptoms gradually returned within a week.
I am scared because he keeps on claiming it’s SIBO, and that it’s not life threatening. Yet, I lost 10% body weight in 3 months.
Any idea if it still could be SIBO? Are there any other conditions which could mimick these symptoms.
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2023.03.21 00:49 luxray518 Credit Line Increase - will this help my score?

What’s up everybody, looking to increase the credit line(s) for one or both of my credit cards to help my score. Although I have not had any change in reported income and maintain a low balance already, is it worth requesting an increase? If so, what would be an appropriate value to request? Below is more information about my current cards, thank you in advance!
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2023.03.21 00:49 pinkangel2 Ways to make detolf look more cohesive?

I’ve finally managed to (mostly) fully fill my fist detolf after really getting into collecting this year, but I’m not happy with the way it looks. I have a variety of scales, prize figs and nendos but the shelves don’t really fit any specific “theme” and I have lots of different characters from different franchises so it’s hard to make them all look nice in a display togethenot clash. What are some tips for making a figure display look pleasing to the eye? I ordered risers on Amazon today so I’m hoping that helps make everything look less cluttered too!
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2023.03.21 00:49 Aspharon Grandma's funeral

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2023.03.21 00:49 evakrasnov At 24y/o, I completed my first "adult task" after years of ADHD holding me back!

My parents always helped me with things like taxes and bills because I could never grasp those concepts and processes myself. I don't know how to do much of anything at this age, so I'm finally stepping forward and trying to force myself to learn. ADHD is making it extremely difficult to learn and grasp, as well as do any of it under the pressure of it being such an important and serious thing. I received a jury summons in the mail the other day- I had a pretty short deadline to respond to it. I managed to beat my ADHD for once and figure out how to fill out the form, request a medical exemption note, forward it,, and submit the note- all on time! I'm feeling extremely proud and I feel like I can do adulthood after all. I feel much more capable as an adult.
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2023.03.21 00:49 zissoulander Any tips on keeping track of all the overlapping buffs and abilities that don't immediately show up on datasheets?

I feel like I need to write out a separate note, something like this for the important units:
Final stats with buffs: Attack 3, STR 6, AP-4, DMG 2
OFFENSE Stats: +1 attack, +1 AP when charging, being charged (Bloody Rose) Movement: Charge after advancing (whip lady, 3" command phase) To hit: -1 to hit, rerolls when charging, exploding 6s(Passion) To wound: +1 to wound (whip lady 6" aura)
DEFENSE 5+ shield of faith invul (whip lady w/trait 6"aura) 5+ Feel no pain
~~~~ I almost always forget for 1-2 things here and they're my favorite unit
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2023.03.21 00:49 -CoachMcGuirk- SD Card not loading FA06

I’m having a recurring issue with my SD card on my Roland FA06. It’s hit or miss (mostly miss) when on startup the SD card doesn’t load. Sometimes it does load, but when it doesn’t, it takes many restarts to get it to finally load. It’s also had an issue where it will be loaded but when I use the pads to trigger a sample, it will only play a short portion of the sample and then cut out. I’m going to buy a new card, update my firmware, and troubleshoot other things, but is anyone else having this same issue?
BTW, I’m able to load the card on my PC and see the files.
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2023.03.21 00:49 ironsnoot Cat Food - Yes or No?

I recently finally got my two adorable boys, but I made a mistake and ordered a bunch of Teklad 14% instead of a more appropriate protein content for their age (5 weeks).
I feed my cats Orijen Regional Red. Could I supplement their diet with a small amount of this cat food?
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2023.03.21 00:49 AlexFiorenti New chapter from Usogui (after plan A)

baku wakes up and take a shower. Then, he carefully do his hair and skin care (do you think being pretty is natural?). After, is time for his medicine, in which he eats with kari umi (do you think his heart keeps beating only by will?). And finally, he go study laws of power, psychology, sociology, and game theory (do you think he doesn't study anymore?). After that, he may fap once or twice, depending of his boredom, and then play something online.
On the other hand, Gonen wakes up and goes to the gym (after drinking his whey). He can be as late as he want since his gym is in his house, and also in his work. After three hours of working out, he goes do the cardio since his new heart is super amazing. Then, he eats (a lot), then eats some more. Finally he goes to work in vehizoma funds. In the middle of the day, he eats a lot and drinks whey protein again. Then after work he goes to his second workout session, and finished with three thousand abs. Then he goes home and prays for baku never come back to get his heart.
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2023.03.21 00:49 blanchem I am beyond EXCITED!!!! After THREE YEARS of being patient, my Japanese Snowball Plant that I purchased online IS FINALLY BLOOMING !! 💃🏽💃🏽 Patience really IS a virtue Zone 8A Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

I am beyond EXCITED!!!! After THREE YEARS of being patient, my Japanese Snowball Plant that I purchased online IS FINALLY BLOOMING !! 💃🏽💃🏽 Patience really IS a virtue Zone 8A Dallas/Fort Worth Texas submitted by blanchem to gardening [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 00:49 eyjafjallajokull1 Comparing scale worded slightly differently across 3 datasets

Hi all,
I am working with 3 cohorts, 2 of which received a 5-item measure (say measure A) and one that received a modified version of the same measure (scale B). Essentially, scale B is comprised of same 5 items but they are positively phrased and the Likert scales are reversed. Example (made up to convey point):
I find apples bitter (1- strongly agree ... 5-strongly dissgree)
I find apples sweet (1- strongly disagree ... 5- strongly agree)
My understanding is that these changes can affect the realibity of the scale, and I am wondering if there is a way to check this, hoping that I can still compare mean scores across time.
So far, I have combined the 5 items into a composite scale (after having reversed-coded the modified items), and checked Cronbach's alpha for each for each dataset. They look good. I then compared alpha scores using a chi-square test, finding no difference between the scores. Is this enough to justify comparing mean scores? Or do I need to take another approach?
Thanks and appreciate suggestions.
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2023.03.21 00:48 OkCamp1513 Is 40k enough for two teens and an adult running from abusive dad and probably his entire side of the family? (I'm kidding btw)

So uh, here's my story. My dipshit father who loves to control us, has gone on another tantrum rage again. Me and my brother came out as wanting to commit, and this dipshit just threatened my brother and ignored me. WTF? This bitch is literally the reason we're both trying to kill ourselves and he just threatens and ignores us? Anyway he took away our phones (for me I use my phone to call my friends so they can help me when my mental health is getting worse, I don't know about my brother), and before he took some other shit away saying he owned this house and could do anything his bitch ass wanted. That's one of the only big mistakes my mom has made. Quitting her job so this fuckwad has total control of everything. Now he just abuses us mentally and when we break he just threatens to take more shit away if we do anything ever again. We always have to play along like we're his fucking playthings. I would love for my parents to get a divorce so we an get away from this psychological piece of shit, but I'm really scared that he might get custody. My mom hasn't worked in 20 years, and my dad has a prestigious job. And it's not even like he can't just get a new girl to fall for his games. Once he even said that so many girls hotter than my mom could just line up for him, but he's not that kind of guy. FUCK. YOU. The only reason he's letting us stick around is because he doesn't want to look bad in the eyes of his own fucked up family, and I sometimes still play his fucking game in hopes of him not kicking me out of the fucking house. Now, I'm tired. I don't care if he does that or not. Either way, I'll probably be found dead, splattered on the side of a high story building, and if you're reading this by any chance, FUCK YOU I HOPE YOU DIE A TERRIBLE FUCKING DEATH
I'm so sorry for all the cursing. My mom and brother want me to look on the bright side and not anger the piece of shit thats tainting our entire family. We don't really have much other than 40k he promised to give us. If I got my hands on the money owed to me and my brother, I'm taking the first flight out of New Jersey to somewhere new with the rest of my family and I'm getting a job. Hopefully they get a divorce and can see what he's doing to me and my brother. Then, we'll have a lot more than 40k and the mother fucking bitch thats tearing my soul in half will finally leave. Honestly though, he's caused so many mental fucking breakdowns for me to ever heal. There's no slur, curse, or anything to describe this guy, and I'm tired to trying. See ya.
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2023.03.21 00:48 anity_blight_simp So we finally won a faction war & I didn't get any of the steel

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