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2023.03.20 23:12 MrCaT42 Asta Roberts, (updated bio)

She/her 16 years old Aro/Ace Lives at camp year round
Abilities: Calming presence- people magically feel more calm/comfortable around Asta. She can concentrate to put a specific target at ease and make them trust her as if they are good friends (does not work if combat has already started)
Rising spirits- Asta can concentrate to fill nearby allies with a feeling of kinship and motivation to cleanse any anti morale effects such as a fear ability.
Insightful- Asta has an innate sense of people’s demeanor and personality. Aphrodite meant for this to be used in matchmaking but Asta uses it to determine the thoughts and intention of an opponent to defend herself in a fight.
Weapon: a celestial bronze stiletto dagger she usually takes from the camp armory.
Backstory: Asta grew up in Boston Massachusetts and lived a relatively normal life until monsters finally noticed her at the age of 13. Asta was able to mostly avoid the attention of monsters considering it took her a long time to be able to see through the mist. Aphrodite warned Asta’s mortal mother (somewhat vaguely) of the dangers Asta would most likely find herself in and was very protective. One day Asta snuck out of her home to explore the city when Asta was found by an aura that saved her from angry pigeons made of razor sharp bronze. Asta was able to contact her mother but has still not seen her since coming to camp. She is aro/ace and trying to figure out how that works as a child of Aphrodite.
Appearance: Asta has pale skin, hazel eyes, dirty blonde wavy hair, and 9/10 times will be wearing a puffy blue hoodie no matter the weather.
Asta can be seen hanging around camp reading and either enjoying the constant sun or hiding away in her cabin using up the data on her phone and cursing the lack of Wi-Fi at camp. She will occasionally try to climb something and has been found high in trees, on top of the Aphrodite cabin, and half way up the big house before she was warned the trouble that could get her into.
Feel free to interact with Asta at any point (but like literally you can just make stuff up for how they ended up meeting I’m so bored please)
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2023.03.20 23:12 Mihaw_kx Solved 300 LC for an internship offer just to work on frontend ?

Hello so for the last months i was grinding LC to land an internship at a big tech company actually it's the only R&D tech company that exists in the region maybe even the continent ( Africa ) , the interview pipeline was pretty long and selective but am disappointed about the actual job i will be doing for the next months it has nothing to do with all things i was hoping for .
i will be working on re-factoring some frontend code written in an in-house v-dom framework so it's , so as you might think it's not really transferable experience , let alone that i will be working on the front-stack which am not really fan of .
can a frontend experience hold me back if am looking for backend/SRE position after graduating ?
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2023.03.20 23:12 questquestionsquest Is there an issue (with the IRS) if my dad sends me money from Europe?

My dad owns a company in Europe he makes good money, I live in the US. He often sends me money like $10,000 every six months or when there’s a need. For example the other day he sent $20k to buy solar panels for the house which he paid half of. The banks when I did the mortgage checked his accounts, I also stated the joint account we have in Europe to the IRS when I did my tax return. Is there a limit or is there an issue with my dad sending me money from home? I know that entering the country one isn’t allowed to bring more than 10k in cash
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2023.03.20 23:12 homoscopticnsp F20 M20 What to do about my LDR partner not getting a job?

Hello, I am here to vent about my long distance relationship and I am honestly looking for a little unbiased guidance in what to do. So my 20m LD boyfriend has been breaking promises about him getting a job for nearly a year.
I 20f started dating my 20m boyfriend about a year and a half ago. At the time that we started dating he held a job stocking shelves in the same town I lived in. He held this job about 3 months into our relationship and then he quit it. For the next 2 months he lied to his dad (who he was living with) about still working there and at nights he would sneak over to a friend house and stay the night. I never encouraged him to lie to his father, but i saw it as not being my business on what he tells his father so i stayed out of it. Eventually his father found out one when he went to the place his son worked and tried to use his employee discount. This ensued in a large fight between the two and my boyfriend was told he needed to get a job or go back to school to continue staying with his dad. His stepmom shortly finds him new job after this conflict takes place. He worked there for about 2 weeks before he is fired. This job was different, he had insurance, PTO, and was working only part time and made 20 an hour. He was fired for not calling in sick when he was sick (totally reasonable imo) when this happened i tried to be there for him and this time to avoid a massive fight i suggested he tell his father what happened. Instead he ran away from his dads house to mooch off of a friend. The friend tells him that he can’t stay permanently so my boyfriend calls his mom in Oregon (about 6 hours from where I live) and she says that he can stay with her. Though it was hard, I understood that he could only live permanent up there without the “harsh rules” from his father. My boyfriend doesn’t own a car so his mom offers to get him a plane ticket to make the trip up to oregon, but he insists she drive 6 hours down to where we live and 6 hours back because it would be more comfortable for him. (red flag 1) she complies despite the fact she is low income and working full time. When he gets there he is given the bedroom she was sleeping in which forces his mother to sleep on the couch (red flag 2) So a little less then 6 months into our relationship and we are now long distance. I bring up the fact of a job and he tells me he needs a month to recover from the situation that he just went through, which at the time seemed reasonable to me and i don’t press any future. The next month I bring it up again and he says how his grandfather offered him a welding job that pays very well and all he needed to do was to go on an interview. He goes on the interview, nails it and is told to contact the boss and then they will start him off. He never calls the boss, at the time I was reminding him everyday to call the guy. But my boyfriend would ignore me and sleep until 9 at night, and then spend the night playing CSGO and League. It gets to the point where he’s needed to call this guy for a month and my boyfriend breaks down and blames his depression. Being someone who struggles with mental health issues I totally understand and I try to console him the best I can being 6 hours away. He tells me that he needs another month. I go along with it.
Meanwhile, during all of this I have been at a foodservice job and going to school full time. I was presented with a change in fields, either I can manage this pizza shop and work and work 40+ hours a week or work at the post office part time and instead have more time for school. I talk to him about this and we come up with a plan where I stay at the pizza shop to save up a bunch of money so we both can move in together while he gets a job in Oregon and saves up a bunch too. He promises me that he is ready and will get it for me this time. I manage to save up 500$ a check, and at the time of writhing this puts me at about 6000$ in my savings meaning that he made this promise to me approximately 24 weeks ago or 6 months. (and mind you it was a pinky promise)
During our LD part of the relationship I have traveled to see him three times, all three times paying for everything that either of us want to go do, eat, or wherever we stay while on our trips. He has also made it down to where I live twice, Both times his train ticket being paid for my his mom, grandparents, and father. And while he is down here, anything he needs is paid for my me, i grocery shop for him while he stays at my mothers house with me, i let him use my car while i work, with the gas that I pay for. He has shelved no expense. But he should have money to pay for some things because i was sending him 200$ a month for his own food because he always told me how his mom could never shop and he was always hungry. (because she was working full time and supporting 3 other people) Later of which I found out the money was going twords CSGO. of which i forgave him for. technically i gave him the money and he could do whatever he wanted with it so who am i to be mad at where it goes. Which of course during this time he would tell me he was searching for a job. During these 6 months my expenses would go to: 1000 for my saving, 200 to him, and 800 for my personal expenses, (school bills, car payment, insurance, phone bill, gas, and food) So again, i tried to be as helpful as I could and tried to give him the most comfortable circumstances to look for a job in.
So needless to say I am tired of supporting him at this point. I had cut off the cash supply, and this January around our one year anniversary I confessed I was tired to him and I told him he needed to get a job by April. (which gives him another 3 months to find a job). Now here we are, March 20th, 11 days away from April where he still doesn’t have a job.
Would I be an asshole for breaking up with him over this? I’m just tired of him lying to me about getting a job. I really feel like i’ve fought for this relationship while he’s done nothing and just taken advantage of the kindness from everyone around him. Would I be the asshole of I broke up with him over this? I’m just worried it really is a mental health thing and he will paint me to be the villain.
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2023.03.20 23:12 Federal-Inspector122 What’s an innocent mistake you made that had dramatic consequences?

What style of design do you think is the perfect match for you when it comes to houses?
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2023.03.20 23:12 greta_em1102 am i partially responsible?

last september i was raped or sexually assaulted or had a bad sexual experience, everyone in my life calls it something different . i had been talking to a guy who was 2 years older than me (i was 14 at the time) i had only slept with one person prior whom i was in a relationship with and loved. this guy had invited me and a few friends ojt to the lake and when we went out that friday, my friends brought a good bit of alcohol and i had plans to stay with one of my friends until her father changed his mind and i was far too drunk to go home, the guy who i had been talking to said i could stay at his, so i agreed. by the time he and i left the lake i was very drunk to a point where i couldn’t walk. since i was staying with him i had to give my friends my phone because i didn’t want my parents seeing my location. so there i was 14, no phone, and barely conscious with a boy who i thought would let me sleep it of at his house(ps he was completely sober and the dd) by the time we got there he got me high on top of being drunk and he started kissing me, i had made it VERY clear prior to drinking that i didn’t want to have sex since the only person i had slept with i was my ex boyfriend and this guy and i had been talking for barely a week. he continuously begged me to have sex with him and i reminded him that i had already said i didn’t want t til i knew him better, he continued to ask after saying no multiple times, i don’t remember how long he begged for but i eventually gave in and dazed in and out of consciousness while he was having sex with my barely conscious body while i just layed there, all i remember after that was curling up in a ball in his bad and crying. the next morning i didn’t remember much and he took me home and i continued to talk to him for a few more weeks, after a while after ending it he had charges from other girls i was called in and after telling my story the police wanted me to press rape charges but my parents said no. my parents(stepfather mostly) was furious at me for talking to the police and said if it really happened i would’ve said something sooner. how was i supposed to know what to do at 14 and i barely remembered until it came back to me little by little. i still don’t remember everything but i know whatever happened that night massed with my head
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2023.03.20 23:12 drencentheshds I am so frustrated with my relationship with my mother

My mother and I have had a very rough relationship for most of my life. When I was around 10 or so, she started drinking a lot and she quit her job that she had for over 10 years. Because I was the oldest child, that meant a lot of the responsibilities came to me with my younger siblings (there are 4 of them, 2 of them were literaly toddlers/babies). She had many spouts of working small jobs, which meant I'd have to babysit on the days we were over there (my parents are separated and myself and 2 other siblings would go to my dad's for half the week, the other two have different fathers). But then even when she wasn't working, her drinking got worse, and I'd still have to babysit. This went on until I was about 14, and CPS got involved and took us all from her. I'm 24 now, almost 25, and things have improved between my mother and I, but not much. She was barely around during my teen years. She had no place for me to stay when my dad and stepmother packed my things and kicked me out a month after graduating high-school, because of course, she was still drinking constantly.
Since then she doesn't drink as much now, so she is easier to have a relationship with. But she also expects me to just fully forgive her and trust her after all of those years I lost taking care of her children, going through my teen years with no support, and having to find other family to live with when I got kicked out at 18 with no driver's license or job. As I'm getting older, I'm realizing that not only is my mother an alcoholic, but she is a narcissist. And the more I'm learning about who she is, the more I realize, maybe I don't want a relationship with her at all. It's crazy because this is all I wanted when I was 15, 16, 17. I just wanted my mom like everyone else had theirs.
But some things have happened recently that have caused me to maybe think about cutting contact. I'll try to explain it without dragging it on too long, so I'm sorry if I fail at doing so:
About a month ago, I told her a movie was being re-released and I was really excited. We both really enjoy this movie, so she said we will have to make a plan to go see it. Well about 2 weeks ago, I visited 2 of my sisters, and they told me they went and saw the movie. All of them, with our mother, as a whole family (minus one siblings who lives in another state). But no one invited me. I was hurt by this, but not too badly, but I did decide to confront my mother about it, since I was the one who suggested we go in the first place.She immediately pushed all blame onto me and said she didn't invite me to come along because I'm "always busy." So you can't send a fucking text? How hard is that? Am I crazy for thinking that is out of line to ask my mom to at least try to invite me? If I was busy then oh well, but she could've at least tried.
So anyways she said that her and I could just go. I told her I didn't really want to and I wasn't feeling like it, because it really would've been fun to experience it with the whole family, and not just taking me because I was an afterthought. She gets mad and says that if I wanted to go so bad that I should've made plans well before they went. So once again, it's my fault that I wasn't invited, because I shouldve made the plan first??? She can't just apologize and say she should've just sent a quick text. Since that happened, I've been more distant because her reaction hurt my feelings, and I'm dealing with a lot of other stuff mentally. My mom has a tendency to text me literally every day sometimes (when she doesn't go back to her old ways and go on a drinking bender). I don't text anyone every day, and keeping up with the constant communication is very exhausting to me.
So a week has past since the movie debacle, and we're on to last Monday now. She texted me asking how I'm doing at around noon. I was very busy with work until around 4:30, and spent time decompressing and wasn't on my phone. Then at 6 pm, I get a knock on my apartment door. It's my mother. And she stopped by to make sure I was okay because I didn't answer at noon. Let me repeat that. My mother was so "worried" about her adult, nearly 25 year old daughter, not answering her for 6 hours. 6 hours!!! Not even a whole fucking day! And she knows I work. She knew I was busy that day.
So I get a bit defensive and she immediately gets mad and says I should appreciate that she cares about me enough to take the time to come to my house and check up on me. I simply tell her that I am an adult, and that I should be allowed not to text her every single day. I tried setting a boundary and saying that it is stressful for me to have to keep up with the constant communication. She literally just walked away while I was in the middle of a sentence and hasn't spoken to me since.
So here's one last bit of info. One of my sisters ended up being put into my grandparents care during the CPS stuff, and has stayed with them since. She lives in another state with them, so we don't get to see her very often. I have some past issues with my grandparents, my grandfather especially. Without getting into details, he made me very uncomfortable a few years ago while they were living in the same state as me. They were who I went to live with when I was kicked out of my dad's. I told my grandmother what he did to make me uncomfortable and she ignored me and chose not to believe me. I worry about my sister and have tried to get her taken out of their care in case my grandfather tries to be weird with her, but my hands are tied unfortunately.
So fast forward to this most recent weekend. I get a text from my grandmother saying they are in town, and they'd love to go to dinner. I made en excuse as to why I couldn't, because I have no interest in being in the same room as my grandparents, but of course I'd love to see my sister. They are here until next Saturday, so I still have time. But I didn't even know my sister would be in the state, because my mom failed to tell me.
So I texted one of my other sisters today to ask if they've seen her with our mom yet, or if there was a plan to. She replied "we all saw her yesterday and will probably see her again before she goes." I just started sobbing.
So my mom is so angry with me over me setting a boundary and asking for space last week when she showed up to my place, that she A) could not even give me a heads up my sister would be here and B) won't even tell me when they're seeing her so I don't have to put myself in an uncomfortable position by having to see my grandparents. She knows what my grandpa did and that I don't want a relationship with him or my grandmother. I don't even know if this is the right place for this post, but I am just so hurt and baffled. How can my mom not see that this all could've been avoided if she hadn't blamed me for her not inviting me to the movie, and then if she hadn't gotten so angry with me for setting what I believe to be a pretty normal boundary for an adult?
Any advice or kind words would be appreciated. I am super sad that this is happening. I think it may be time to cut off contact with her. I know it may seem so dramatic for me to end my relationship with her, but it's a long time coming. She always disrespects me and when I stand up for myself, she never apologizes and instead finds a way to make it my fault. I'm so tired of sitting here wondering why I deserve to be left out, especially when my siblings are alive and well mainly because of my raising them all those years, when I should've been allowed to be a kid and have fun. She treats the other kids so different than she treats me, and it hurts. I'm so tired of being my mothers punching bag. And I am more than tired of being punished by trying to live a normal and peaceful life after such a traumatic childhood. But then if she can't bully me, she starts texting the other 2 that are the next oldest when she's drunk, and I don't want that for them. They shouldn't have to deal with what I did. I want to protect them, but I also know with my mental health being as bad as it is, that I cannot carry the weight of my mother and all that comes with her forever. I'm just very lost and sad. Thank you to all who reads this and to anyone who may comment. I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to let me vent about this.
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2023.03.20 23:11 MaeveTheBrave [Thank You] Another Round of TYs!

Many thanks go out to the following users for this round of incoming cards and postcards...
That's everything I have for now. But I know there's more cards and postcards on the way, so if you're looking for your TY and don't see it yet, don't worry I'll make another post soon once I get more! Thank you again to everyone!
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2023.03.20 23:11 Material-Dot-3864 Do you think disorganized Interview weekend/pre-admission Open House reveal the program’s inside problems and should be considered as a red flag?

View Poll
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2023.03.20 23:11 blackswan8426 I haven't left my house since mid december.. I haven't picked up any calls, cancelled/missed all appointments or even faced food couriers. Possible exposure therapy plan?

I don't even know if I particularly identify with the term ''social anxiety'', however I figured this would be a fitting subreddit to post this on.
I was thinking perhaps I could start by making myself leave the house for 20 min every night starting next week (I want to lose some weight by then to feel more confident) and just walk around a bit and listen to music. And then I could do that for a week, and then build up to a longer time. In the week after that I could include some days where I actually go inside stores and buy something, face the cashiers. Perhaps after that I would make a few appointments such as for dentist and eyelashes.
What are your thoughts on this plan? Does it seem suitable and do you have any additional comments?

Much love and calm thoughts to you all!
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2023.03.20 23:11 Sensitive_Pressure65 Im starting to get tired

I know i should be thankful to be in college and have good grades but ik that past graduation there wont be anything for me.
Ive been stuck in the house after getting SAd and having to leave campus because housing is expensive. Now i just do school online and its very depressing. I see people i used to hang out with on social media still and my heart breaks everytime i see them out doing something with their friends and stuff. It hurts worse when i see them going on dates and stuff. I want to date again but my living circumstances prohibit me from that. Call it a Rapunzel situation.
It just really hurts, and i dont talk to anyone when i feel like this because its stupid. I just pretend to talk to people in my head and that only helps me cope to an extent. I self harmed some months ago and ive been thinking about doing it again recently more and more.
Its just i feel i have no one and on top of the undiagnosed mental problems i have going on it hurts to not be taken seriously and then when i do open up because i get told i should it never ends well. I wish i could disappear. Im doing all this stuff to try an be a normal functioning adult but its gotten me no where. I dont know what to do and im scared and confused majority of the time and asking for help nowadays doesn't get you anywhere. I even went to the hospital and they sent me back hone with nothing and told me i needed therapy but i dont have access to that.
I really have no one and if i do i dont know who it is. My mind just hurts. All i know is to do school and be on good terms with everyone and be as less of a burden on people as possible.
Then i see people on social media going to there partners when their struggling or family members and friends and being accepted and cared for. I dont know if im just weird or too far gone in depression to be accepted. I dont get it. Is there a code??
Idk im just tired the world hates me and my brain is just not okay idk what to do.
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2023.03.20 23:10 FMLkoifish Is now still a good time to buy iBonds?

Last year I was hearing all the rage about iBonds after stock market was tanking and interest rates raising so rapidly.
I put it aside but a year later now, I’m reconsidering this idea again since I’m sitting on about $100k in cash. What’s my best move with it right now? My goal is to buy a home if housing starts to give or interest rates
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2023.03.20 23:10 Unlucky_Narwhal3983 ADHD and looking for some guidance

I have been a member of Superstonk since we first broke off 85 years ago. I first got into GME in January 2021 and then joined Reddit. Where this movement swiftly changed my life. I have learned and grown with so many amazing apes and like many of you I have been trying to get the people I love into it as well. I managed to get my sister and two of my best friends to invest. My parents have been a different story. However, as a result of the last week my father seems to be a little more receptive. I want to send him some DD. I am ADHD to the max so of course I want to send it all to him. I know though I need to do it slowly. I am looking for suggestions on the best DD for our current situation. In my mind it all aligns and in reality of course it does. I was initially thinking House of Cards or Everything Short? But what DD should I send him first? What DD made you say holy shit and want to buckle in? From a non ADHD perspective how can I best educate him? I appreciate you all!
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2023.03.20 23:10 razeultimate Residence

Does CCNY allow students to dorm with their partners? I am looking to attend in two years after I finish community college, and I really don't want to commute from long Island but I also don't want to live separate my partner. What, if any, are the options? I know some schools only offer housing to grad students with legally married partners.
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2023.03.20 23:09 Notyouraveragebean7 Incoming CBS exchange student, seeking guidance in housing application ranking and more!

Hejså! I am moving back to Copenhagen for exchange starting on August but I have many doubts regarding student housing, I know it's a complicated subject in Copenhagen, I am mexican and hopefully can still conversationally speak danish!
So my first question is regarding the available residencies from the CBS housing forum, we do not get much info on the residencies and we have to rank them, if anyone has any guidance on the following residencies or can point out any pros/cons i'd very much appreciate it.
-Kathrine Kollegiet
-Kongens Tværvej
Secondly, how likely is it to get into any of this residencies through the housing forum application? Should I start planning an alternative, and if so, what are other good options? Is there something I should to increase my chances on being accepted?
Third, since friends are going on exchange to nearby at the same time, we plan on briefly visiting each other, CBS housing forum says no overnight visitors are allowed in the residencies, but from the residencies own websites, no such policy is mentioned. Is this an actual rule? Is it commonly enforced?
Finally, is there anything else important I should know before I arrive? I have lived in Denmark before but Copenhagen is mostly new to me, so any extra information is welcome!
To everyone that read this and answers, tusind tusind tak:)))
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2023.03.20 23:09 polejpiwa I need some help with my build. I made a grand house but now I don`t know how to fill it. I have the Create Mod, Valhesia Furniture, Handcrafted, Quark and Supplementaries and a couple of other design mods downloaded. Does anyone have any cool ideas? I roleplay as a engineer on the server.

I need some help with my build. I made a grand house but now I don`t know how to fill it. I have the Create Mod, Valhesia Furniture, Handcrafted, Quark and Supplementaries and a couple of other design mods downloaded. Does anyone have any cool ideas? I roleplay as a engineer on the server. submitted by polejpiwa to feedthebeast [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 23:09 militxa What's the best route to take with a new character?

Hey guys, Just finished my first run in a year with a new character last night, explored the heck out of everything to try get most things like weapons, talismans, graces etc and won't be going into NG+ with this character as it'll be my main for DLC....
However I'm interested in starting a 2nd character and doing a strength/colossal build, Since getting most things and exploring top to bottom on my main, I don't really want to explore on this new character... Is there a certain route to take on a new character to get leveled and fight just the main bosses? Need some tips as exploration has always been incorporated into my Elden runs...
Thank you 🤟🏼
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2023.03.20 23:09 Intelligent-Ad4248 My husband don’t wanna give me money if we don’t have sex

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2023.03.20 23:09 shogun121 Good resource to locate local shows\music

Olympia has changed a lot over the years, having left in 2007 and returned in 2019, I feel like I'm completely out of the loop of where to see local music now. With the Track House burning down, its got my thinking on what's left, particularly in the DIY punk scene. I saw my first show at the Capital Theater, but they don't seem to have much nowadays. Looks like Le Voyeur has some stuff from time to time. Any where else? are there any online groups, zines, or anything else where when I just figure out where underground stuff is going down?
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2023.03.20 23:09 UniversallyObjective 36 [M4F] #NY #Saratoga Springs, Lonley, gave up a few years, but still here for you.

Hi there, someone must be sick of the players and pick up artists by now!!
I'm a stable guy who got burned early by a young women with an opiate problem, she moved to California and is long out of the picture. I have since built a little life as an Engineer, I own my own house, car, big fenced in yard.. I however am no good picking up women, some seem disinterested in good honest clean fun. Therefore I have turned to the internet in search of friendship and potentially romance?
any females interested in building a life together?
Hope this post finds you well.
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2023.03.20 23:09 KwikMafs Experienced Civ VI player, just finished my first game of Stellaris...

...and got married, had a child, bought a house, and retired. But seriously, I thought Civ games took a while, but my first game of Stellaris took maybe 36 hours of constant play (spread out over 4 days, and after playing half a game initially to learn the ropes). I ended up winning with a score of about 130k to 2nd place's 120k while winning a 1v8 war at the end.
I had a few questions though:
  1. How does automation of sectors work? I tried turning it on and putting monthly EC and minerals into the shared stockpile, but it seems like the shared stockpile just never decreased and the "automated" sectors never built anything, so I had to micromanage all my planets/habitats/ring worlds myself. Relatedly, should I just be dumping all my minerals into the sector stockpile? As far as I can tell, minerals aren't useful to actually have lying around.
  2. From what little I've read on this sub, "Auto-Best" ships are actually pretty bad. Should I be making my own designs? And is there a mod or something that makes Auto-Best actually be Auto-Best?
  3. Also from what I've read here, it seems that I should be specializing my planets instead of trying to make a bunch of general ones. Should I also do the same with ecumenopolises (like have 5, each one dedicated to a different type of ecumenopolis district)?
  4. Are there megastructures I should be prioritizing? Obviously the mega shipyard seems good if I want a big navy, and the Dyson sphere and matter decompressor seem good, but I can't tell if ring worlds and orbital rings are worth the huge time and influence investment (habitats seem good tho).
    1. The quantum catapult seems pretty bad but in my game there was Ultima Vigilis which was completely inaccessible from the galaxy so I just yeeted 300k of my navy and 3 science and construction ships at it and enough actually landed in the system that I could kill the enemies, survey and outpost it, and blow up the AI world and get the relic that allows you to build 2 of each speciality megastructure. Is the quantum catapult the only way to get to Ultima Vigilis?
    2. Also I used the catapult to shotgun half my navy at an empire that declared a war on me and take them over super quickly which was fun. Is that the intended use??
Overall, really enjoyed my first game. I was Commonwealth of Man since "big navy shoot enemy" seemed like a fairly straightforward strategy to me, but I'll try some others as well as maybe up the difficulty a bit.
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2023.03.20 23:09 Beginning-Passage304 My house is built with the cheapest possible materials and it feels like a constant Ship of Theseus battle to improve it.

A rant but man I could go on about how my house is built of cheap ass bullshit. It's a cookie cutter house made in the 80's.
It's just never ending... man. I really want to improve it but it seems like a huge huge mountain to climb.
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