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Short codes / SMS issues - thinking of switching to Fi.

2023.06.02 20:35 rinamy Short codes / SMS issues - thinking of switching to Fi.

Currently on T-mobile, thinking of switching to Fi to add my mom who wants to use an iPhone 14 so I'm concerned about issues I've been lurking on the subreddit.
How common is the short codes problem (people not able to receive short codes like MFA from banks/credit cards/etc) and is there an actual easy resolution? Is it for all phones or specifically for phones that aren't officially supported, like iPhones?
I was reading people are also having porting problems with T-Mobile. She wants to keep her current number so I don't want to risk being unable to do that for her (number lost in limbo like some posts here have said).
Anything else to be concerned about for an iPhone user? Mom not very tech savvy and might freak out about small issues so I need to be prepared/aware of anything that might cause day-to-day problems. She doesn't live near me so I'd have to do remote support for her.
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2023.06.02 20:35 BebopRehab Has anybody else died due to lag on this server?

I've died 3 times now due to lag. It's insane how awful the stability is.
Just now I was literally on land without any lava near me and I lagged out and spontaneously caught fire and was kicked out of the server and when I tried to log back in it said that I had died??
What is going on with this server?
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2023.06.02 20:34 RemarkableVacation83 19 days post-Botox with Lucy Hickling

It’s nearly 3 weeks since my 50ml Botox treatment from Lucy Hickling. After some mild progress and a few successful burps I have unfortunately regressed to not being able to get any gas out at all.
I have had quite a bit of wheezing which Lucy said could be a side effect if the Botox went too close to the voice box, plus only minor slow swallow, so I do wonder if it maybe didn’t hit the crycopharangeus muscle as intended.
It is really disappointing as I was hopefully for a one-shot cure but trying to remain positive as I’ll hopefully get a second stronger dose.
I have my follow up with Lucy on 12th June and will discuss it then.
Has anyone been in a similar position to me and then started to get success? I am doubtful it will happen now with this dose but I guess it should last for 6-months so who knows.
I’ve been tracking my progress on a YouTube channel and will carry on as I have significant moments.
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2023.06.02 20:34 Beluga_Artist A History on Corded Coats

This is a snippet from "Poodle Clipping and Grooming", the International Reference by Shirlee Kalstone, found on page 10 under Corded Coats.
Poodles were once divided into two coat types: corded and curly. The corded Poodle's coat hung in long, ropelike cords from the body, ears and tail. The cords, often more than 20 inches long, covered the front legs like a skirt when they hung naturally to the ground. To keep them from dragging along and attracting dirt, the cords were often tied up in cloth bundles with leather straps or ribbons over the dog's back. Regardless of the Poodle's sex, the cords above the eyes were pulled upwards on the top of the head and knotted or tied with a velvet or satin bow, which author Ernest Baines described as "looking like a little girl going to a party." A great deal of time was devoted to maintaining the cords. They were never combed out and were seldom bathed, although they had to be oiled frequently to keep the long ends from becoming brittle and snapping off. Writers of the times sometimes described corded Poodles as "offending the nostrils" and mentioned how difficult it was to make pets of them or to keep them in the house.
Corded Poodles made their debut in the British show ring in 1876 and occupied a commanding position at dog shows in England and on the European continent for years. They must have been the "darlings" of newsmen of the day, as they are described and portrayed frequently in popular magazines, newspapers and books. Rawdon Lee describes a poodle in 1899 named Fairy Queen, shown by an Englishwoman from Leeds, that caused a great distraction at the shows: "This was a white dog and its cords were of such length that they were many inches longer than the height of the animal. When laying at rest, a close examination had to made to discern which head was the head and which the stern of this curious creature."
Lee mentions another large Poodle of the day, named Lyris, 21 1/2 inches high at the shoulders, whose cords measured 37 inches from tip to tip; he also mentions Lyris's son, Achilles, standing 23 inches high at the shoulders with cords 30 inches long, falling 6 inches below his feet. A reporter commented in 1890 in The Canine World (a weekly dog show gazette) that Achilles was the only entry in the Challenge Dog Class at the Holborn Championship Show in London, and he "was in very grand fettle and coat, and frightened away other exhibitors because of his magnificence."
The American Book of the Dog, edited by G.O. Shields and published in 1891 describes the Poodle's cords as being about the thickness of a crow quill. "The entire coat," it said, "from the base of the skull to the root of the tail should divide evenly down the back, showing a clearly defined parting, and should touch the ground completely, hiding the forelegs and feet. This, combining with the cords from the throat and chest, give the dog the appearance of being in petticoats. The coat should cord all over the body, except in the eyebrows, moustache, and imperiale, which should be straight, even without wave, and of a glossier texture than the rest of the coat. The cords on the ears should reach far down on the shoulders, and so mingle with those of the neck as to render the ears nearly undistinguishable. On the head, the cords should fall away from the center, leaving a well-defined brown, and should have no tendency to stand erect, like those of a Water Spaniel."
The popularity of the corded Poodle has diminished, but every now and then, one will appear in a show ring somewhere in the world. The corded variety will long be remembered and has given us a precious legacy. Some of today's finest Poodles descend from the distinguished British corded bloodlines, from whom the undoubtedly inherit their lush coat textures.
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2023.06.02 20:34 yummie4mytummie Adverse side effects from tDCS

I recently started Sooma tDCS at home, I have used it twice and have experienced horrible side effects. These are full body lethargy and tingling. Especially in my legs and feet. It’s so strong sometimes I cannot drive or get out of bed. Has anyone else had such an effect or can guide me further?
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2023.06.02 20:33 SuccessfulManifests LPT Would a car dealership allow me to test drive my car for an hour?

I want to buy a car but my mechanic doesn't live near the dealership. Your study minutes away. He told me that I don't care if I take their car and drive it 30 minutes to him to check it out in 30 minutes back. The problem is I would want to check out multiple cars and I'm pretty sure I can't do this all in one day. What should I do? What can I do?
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2023.06.02 20:33 foilist4587 Any tips for a left handed short(170cm) foilist against taller righties?

I've found it quite difficult to fence a particular person at the club I go to, he started fencing way before me, been doing it since 2019, when i've only started late last year. Im not nearly as good as him but he hates fencing lefties and I do score hits against him with bouts usually ending up as 15-9 to him . He is very agile and aggressive and rarely goes on the defense but his main weakness is falling prey to counterattacks like ducks or stop hits and flesches early on into his attack and 90 percent of his fencing is footwork. I am more of a defensive fencer but my coach urges me to attack more. What kind of hits would you think get on him and how do I have to change my fencing to beat him
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2023.06.02 20:32 SuccessfulManifests Would a car dealership allow me to test drive my car for an hour?

I want to buy a car but my mechanic doesn't live near the dealership. Your study minutes away. He told me that I don't care if I take their car and drive it 30 minutes to him to check it out in 30 minutes back. The problem is I would want to check out multiple cars and I'm pretty sure I can't do this all in one day. What should I do? What can I do?
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2023.06.02 20:32 Travel_planner271 Kalahari Resorts Sandusky Best 10 Waterpark Resort Deals TrueTravelPlanner

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2023.06.02 20:32 SuccessfulManifests Would a car dealership allow me to test drive my car for an hour?

I want to buy a car but my mechanic doesn't live near the dealership. Your study minutes away. He told me that I don't care if I take their car and drive it 30 minutes to him to check it out in 30 minutes back. The problem is I would want to check out multiple cars and I'm pretty sure I can't do this all in one day. What should I do? What can I do?
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2023.06.02 20:31 Archival_Mind Paracausal Convergence 572 - Cleansing

Black fluid engulfed my vision as it covered my entire body. I shuddered with waves of... numbness? I felt pressure all over my arms and legs.

How did I get here? Iris said she'd talk to the other one... what was her name?


She came back and told me to get into the container...

-Where did it come from?-

After this, I'll be free.

-No, I'll be corrupted.-

I am completely paralyzed, but I feel my limbs detach from my body. Something enters my brain stem.


What's going on? Why am I here?


Maya... Ak-Tol... Samuel... Oztect... Zuloc... Qurix... Ghar'usk... Lampsace... Anne... Kim...
Something wraps around my body -STOP-
My blood boils
I feel my brain moving
Something is moving across its surface
I don't feel a thing
Maya... Ak-Tol... Samuel...
Oztect... Zuloc... Qurix...
Ghar'usk... Lampsace... Anne...
-I am tied to you, I am you, without me you cannot function-
I have come too far
It's too late
-STOP STOP ST-/////=01101110 01101111 00001101 00001010--+/!!

The object in my spine finishes fusing itself to the bone. I feel it weave itself around the inside of my body and reach out towards my disconnected limbs. It pulls. My arms and legs return to my body. Odd... they're still Vex.

The black fluid leaves my view as the container opens up. I see Iris standing before me, Damea behind her. I take my first step out, stumbling. Iris catches me.

"You're OK," she says, "it's going to feel a little weird at first."

I looked at my arms... red... like the Tormentors and Sanguinaries. I am forever changed. Reborn.
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2023.06.02 20:31 GenerationBop Nike SB Jarritos review - retail reference - from Sneakers100W

Nike SB Jarritos review - retail reference - from Sneakers100W
I got this pair from my guy Sneakers100W and review discount. He went above and beyond getting me the best batch he could get, and shipping took 5 days from tracking to receive.
The retail pair in the photos is in my girlfriends size as she got them at a local skate shop raffle, and I got the L.
That said, This is the best pair of Jarritos I’ve seen yet - yes it has a few inconsistencies that we’ve seen on these reps but very minor and I will start with calling those out:
  1. The swoosh is a bit lighter than the retail - the actual green stitching is not lighter but rather the white stitching in the swoosh is a purer white than the retails which have a slight green to them.
  2. The toe box stitching is highe closer to the toe upper than on retails - there is more canvas material exposed between the upper leather toe box and canvas on retails
  3. The sole stitching isn’t quite as orange.
With those 3 very small things out of the way I will say the rest of this shoe looks near 1:1 from build quality to materials. The leather has the same texture, feel, and color as the retails. The canvas has the same color, thickness and feel as the retails. The embroideries are just about 1:1 - they are same color, placement , shape, but the puddle is missing some glare (hole through to canvas) but it’s barely noticeable. The tongue is right in thickness and shape, the Nike SB tag on the tongue is actually cleaner stitched, without green bleeding (better than retail), and the sock liner material is the same look, color, texture but slightly softer than the retail (the retail almost feel as if they have a bit of wax to them but the texture look is exactly the same) AND lastly my rep pair came clean with no scuffs, adhesive or marks, whereas my girlfriends retail pair arrived dirty with adhesive on the sock liner and leather (you can still see the adhesive on the liner near the heal that will not come out).
Overall this shoe is one of the cases in which I’m actually happy I got the rep instead of the retail release - my shoe looks a lot cleaner than my girlfriends retail pair.
Enjoy all!
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2023.06.02 20:31 squareenforced How are your controls/key bindings playing the game on PC?

I suspect this issue isn't addressed enough
I see a lot of people using the default keyboard bindings, or people saying the game is near unplayable with keyboard controls. Both probably because they think they're supposed to play with default bindings.
Imo setting your keys in a way that you'll have your right hand resting on the mouse (the "classical" way) is much better compared to the default, you won't be able to assign mouse buttons and will need to drag to change the camera angle, but both of those are fine for me.
here's what I use: [Q]attack, [E]weapon, [R]ult, [shift]evade, [C]elf ult
What are your opinions on the default keyboard bindings, and how does custom bindings on keyboard compare to using a controller?
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2023.06.02 20:30 Realistic-Noise9208 Getting into the video game industry (ideally) and the next stage of my life

I'll be 20 this year. I've never had a job, Ive never had a car, I live with my parents and I've never lived alone, I'm at absolute rock bottom in terms of living a real adult life or having professional experience. I'm unemployed.
I want to fix all of that. Its super depressing and I feel very behind. I'm in the UK. I want to move to somewhere like manchester, its the closest major city to me. I want to be near things; opportunities, activities, stores, potential friends, without it being overwhelmingly huge or expensive like london.
I want to get into either game development and/or music, I think. I'm not entirely sure. I know those are the things I love doing and striving to improve upon, but I dont know if I'd love the industries attached to them. I guess you've gotta be really lucky to find a career that you unconditionally love, so I'd probably take them anyway and keep most of my true creative energy and passion separate... But, I digress.
I've spent the last 5 or more years fucking around with music, programming, drawing, animation, everything related to 3d game development, and sometimes game modding. And I dont think I'd call myself bad at any of it, but I know I'm not a professional, and I'm certainly not versed in industry standards. I've tried making some full projects, but they've been far too ambitious and my skills far too underdeveloped for them to materialize into anything I can show.

I'm in a strange and kind of overwhelming situation. I ideally need to move into my own place for the first time, that place being in a completely new city, get my first job, and enter the industry I want all at the same time in one fell swoop. Im not sure if expecting that to be possible is unreasonable, and I'm even less sure how I'd actually go about it. I know it'd be hard and challenging but I'm willing to throw myself into a new phase of my life like that if the circumstances are right.
My current and very vague plan is to make something, anything, to use as a portfolio piece to accurately demonstrate every single one of my creative and technical skills. With a small enough scope and ambition for me to complete it in say a few months at most. Then use that to get my foot in the door... somewhere, somehow, and then I dont know. I guess Id need to find a relevant job in manchester that also offers relocation? I'm out of my depth with this.
I've tried applying for general junior software jobs/apprenticeships in general since, and I get ignored 99% of the time. The two that've ever replied in my almost year of searching now have been apprenticeships that've expected much more committment from me than I can give. It seems nobody wants to hire someone who's only currently looking for stop-gap work, or who doesnt have solid industry experience already. I get the impression that I'm wasting my time, missing something, or doing something wrong.
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2023.06.02 20:30 DerWidder 3850 4200 5533 sending daily gifts

I live and work near a pokestop and got lot of spare gifts daily so if you need some daily gifts feel free to add me :)
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2023.06.02 20:29 AgusRambleOn Help making head or tails from Chat gpt results

Hey guys, Ive been using the I.A to help me find fanfics (Im kinda tired of posting here and getting downvotes) but the result are less than ideal in the sense that i cant find any of them, IDK why. Does any of this rings any bell? if so a link would be apreciated. "Wizarding World of Music" por Hogwarts Duo (ffnet): Harry and his friends discover a mysterious spellbook that allows them to conjure popular songs in the wizarding world. Together, they explore the power of music and its impact on the magical society. "Muggle Music" por hplover4life (ffnet): After the defeat of Voldemort, Harry immerses himself in the world of muggle music. This fanfic follows his journey as he explores different music genres and finds a new sense of identity and healing through music. "Movie Night" por Pottermum (ffnet): The students of Hogwarts organize a movie night in the Gryffindor common room. While enjoying muggle films, the characters from Harry Potter delve into pop culture and have exciting adventures inspired by the movies. "Wizarding Wars: Pop Culture Edition" por QuirkQuartz (ao3): In a world where magic and pop culture intertwine, Harry and his friends face a new threat that comes from villains of popular movies and TV shows. They must use their knowledge of pop culture to defeat their enemies and save the wizarding world. "The Soundtrack of Magic" por Sunalso (ao3): Hermione discovers a strange recorder that plays magical music when near muggle objects. Along with Harry and Ron, they embark on a quest to uncover the origin of the music and how it is connected to magic. "Harry Potter and the Pop Culture References" por Aggiebell (ao3): During his final year at Hogwarts, Harry finds himself entangled in a series of strange events that reference popular movies and TV shows. As he uncovers the truth behind these references, he must face new challenges and make decisions that will change his destiny. "The Muggle's Guide to Magic" por earlgreytea68 (ao3): A muggle named Alex suddenly finds himself in the magical world and becomes an exchange student at Hogwarts. As he immerses himself in magic and magical culture, Alex also shares his knowledge of muggle pop culture with his new friends. "Of Movies and Magic" por LevanaCrown (ao3): During summer vacation, Harry and his friends discover an abandoned muggle cinema near Hogwarts. They decide to restore it and organize special screenings of muggle movies for the magical community. As magic and pop culture intertwine, they face unexpected challenges. "A Potter, A Granger, and the Movies" por Fiery Ink (ao3): After the final battle, Harry and Hermione decide to lead a quiet life in the muggle world. However, their love for movies leads them on a series of magical adventures as they explore the connection between cinema and magic. "Music and Magic" por baobabblack (ao3): A powerful artifact brings music and magic together, and Harry must navigate this new world where songs have magical properties. As he learns to harness the power of music, he uncovers a hidden musical society within the wizarding world.
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2023.06.02 20:29 AndrysThorngage Student banned from the last day of school party. Super pissed at me.

I have a kid. Let's call him Merlin. He's been a pain all year. Today, he was given a warning that if he got any more referrals this year, he would not be able to attend the end of the year party that we have (which is really fun). I did not know that he had been told that.
Then, he came to my class and proceeded to ignore every single expectation all class period. I opened up a new email and started keeping a log. From refusing to sit in his assigned seat, to repeatedly punching his friend in the arm, to refusing all assignments (even fun things like a Blooket), I just wrote it all down. When he said, "Stop talking to me, bitch" when I asked him to keep his hands to himself, I sent it.
The principal was in my room in minutes and SHOWED HIM MY EMAIL. It was literally just a list of his behaviors, no exaggeration or commentary, but now he's really, really mad at me. He can't go to the party and, according to him, it's all my fault. He takes no ownership over his behavior. He was near tears and yelling in the hallway about "that bitch," which is probably me (or the principal, but probably me).
2 class periods left with him.
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2023.06.02 20:29 pandaninjarawr How fast does your dash cam drain your battery with parking mode? I work from home and rarely drive much, but am now a bit paranoid after my first hit and run while parked. (And some newbie questions)

TL;DR: I'm thinking of possibly purchasing the camera linked below (obtained from the sidebar). How long should I leave my car parked for in parking mode on the camera, so that I can be sure that it won't drain the battery and have enough power to keep recording?

Recently I my parked car got damaged in a hit and run. The jerk left a "note" that basically insulted me and left no contact information. Unfortunately, (just my awesome luck too), my own security cam did not record because the SD card didn't get formatted correctly. And my apartment complex's security cams apparently don't even work either. There are no street cameras near where I parked. Just overall a sucky situation.
I glanced through the "choosing a dash cam 101" and the sidebar, and I think the VIOFO recommendation might be the best for me right now. I just have a few questions:
  1. I don't know a lick about cars or electricity. I'll most likely have to take this to a shop to be installed (hardwire kit). Do you guys know generally how much this would cost?
  2. I work from home so I rarely drive except for groceries and visiting friends. How long do I usually have for a dash cam in parking mode before I should start driving around again so that it can get recharged?
  3. This dashcam I saw says it has a supercapacitor --- is this also a battery pack or is this something separate I need to purchase? I tried to find a battery pack on Amazon for VIOFO but the search results all came up with just the dash cams itself.

Thank you all SO much for the help, I greatly appreciate it!
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2023.06.02 20:29 inara_pond Will my autistic son ever recognize verbal abuse?

My almost 8yr old son has Autism and ADHD. I feel pretty confident that his father is also undiagnosed with both as they are extremely similar. His father is aggressive, angry, petty and blames everyone else for his problems. He was abusive verbally and very nearly physically on multiple occasions. He uses our son as a weapon to continue to try and abuse me after I left him. Fast forward and my son is finally getting his diagnostic testing after a 3 year wait. It's clear to everyone that works with him that he is struggling, except his dad who told him to his face for 3 years that mommy was lying and he wasn't autistic. During his assessment, he showed significant signs of violence and destructive behavior patterns as well as a complete disregard (perhaps even a disdain) for women. My biggest fear is that he turns out like his father. His father's biggest fear is that he doesn't.right now he is still sweet and loving and kind and happy. I fought hard for full custody but even with cps finding him unfit the court did not allow this. My son now parrots lies from his father on a regular basis. I have tried my best to follow the "we don't talk about the other parent at all" rule but on occasion have had to show him actually proof that his father has lied about certain things. My fear is that, even as an adult, he won't ever see his father's true character and my relationship with him with be marred by false accusations. I fear I won't be able to protect him from emotional manipulation because he won't recognize it. I love him and have fought hard to get him accommodations, an IEP, his diagnostic testing and have been the primary parent in every way that requires work of any kind, but he prefers his dad to me because his dad babies him (instead of pushing him to try things he CAN do himself) and uses manipulation and bribery during the 2.5 days he is with him. My questions are 1. Will he be able to recognize emotional abuse as an adult? 2. What can I do to help undo bad manipulation tactics?
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2023.06.02 20:29 KillerPacifist1 On the Edge - Part 1

There is a romantic notion that the greatest discoveries in science are heralded not by a grand “Eureka!” but by the humble “Huh, that’s weird”. That minor but unexpected phenomena, when picked at, often unravel well established theories and bring about vast new understandings.
On a spaceship this notion is patently false.
On a spaceship “Huh, that’s weird” is not humble, it is insidious. A best case scenario “Huh, that’s weird” means hours of troubleshooting to confirm beyond all possible doubt that what is “weird” is only a faulty oxygen sensor and not an indication of the incipient failure of the life support system. Even then, one will spend nights awake wondering if they really did catch the problem and that they are not being slowly poisoned by an unnoticed build-up of carbon dioxide. A worst case scenario “Huh, that’s weird” means a dead ship, all hands lost.
“Huh, that’s weird,” said Ensign Mukami.
Captain Omondi’s hands tensed around the handholds.
Her last “Huh, that’s weird” had her technicians spending three days digging through the ship’s cooling conduits before finding a literal rat’s nest of wires and insulation causing an exhaust vent to overheat. They managed to clear the nest out, but several weeks and dozens of improvised traps later the rat itself had yet to be found. How a rat got on her ship in the first place is likely a mystery she will likely never solve and the mere thought of it scurrying around in her walls still gave her nightmares.
She can only hope to be equally lucky this time.
“Care to be more specific, Ensign Mukami?” Captain Omondi asked as she floated up behind the ensign’s terminal.
“Yes, sorry ma’am!” Ensign Mukami snapped to attention. Or at least as much one could in microgravity. She had clearly still been puzzling through the problem when the captain interrupted her focus. Captain Omondi doubted Ensign Mukami even realized she had invoked that ominous phrase and guessed the apology and salute were simply an automatic response to being caught off guard by a superior officer. The Captain did not like surprising those under her command. Surprises are never welcome on spaceships, but she wasn’t at all bothered if this incident contributed to the rumors growing in the lower ranks that she could read minds and predict the future. It was not unhealthy for a superior officer to have an air of mysticism about them.
“Well ma’am, I was about to send our updated positional telemetries when I noticed some… discrepancies.”
“I will ask again, Ensign Mukami. Care to be more specific?” The captain kept her frosty exterior but inwardly she sighed with relief. Strange instrument data was almost always an “hours of obnoxious troubleshooting” situation rather than an “oh god, we’re all going to die” catastrophe. “Well like I said, it started when I noticed a discrepancy between where our internal accelerometers believe we are and where our NUPRT data tells us we are.”
NUPRT, pronounced “nup-ert” and known by those averse to acronyms as Neptune-Uranus-Pluto Radio Triangulation, was the gold standard for deep space navigation. By tuning into the NUPRTs nearly continuous stream of time-stamped radio pulses, any ship operating in deep space could easily and instantaneously have an accurate fix on its position down to the meter. “So there is something wrong with our accelerometers then,” The captain asserted. NUPRT signal data was both vital and easy (i.e. cheap) to detect. This meant any ship worth its salt had at least one redundant NUPRT navigation system double checking the results from the first and to act as backup should the first break down. The Godwit had four, all physically and digitally firewalled from each other. It was inconceivable all should break down simultaneously.
“That’s what I thought too, but then I checked the actual vector coordinates the two systems were providing us.”
Captain Omondi did not like the turn this conversation was taking. What seemed like a potentially straight-forward problem was starting to give her the same crawling feeling she got when she imagined that god damned rat in the walls.
“The accelerometers all tell us that we are on our merry way. That we are heading out of the solar system at two-point-four times the third cosmic velocity. Exactly as we expect.” An uncomfortable strain had entered the ensign’s voice as she started to ramble.
“And the NUPRT data?”
Ensign Mukami gulped. “According to NUPRT, we stopped moving about thirty minutes ago.”
It was such an unexpected thing to hear that the captain just looked dumbly at the Ensign for several seconds before her brain could properly parse the words.
“In our tracks, ma’am. Instantaneous, as far as the instruments can discern.”
“Nonsense,” the captain heard herself say.
No conceivable force could have deaccelerated the Godwit from one hundred kilometers per second in such a manner. Even if God’s own hand had reached through the vacuum to stop their motion, the Captain and the Ensign would not be around to muse upon its divine intervention. They would be too busy being the fine red mist mixed amongst the liquified metal that had once been the Godwit’s hull.
“It is nonsense,” Ensign Mukami agreed with uncharacteristic solemnity, “But our pulsar navigation systems and even an optical planetary triangulation agree with the NUPRT data.”
“Have you shown this to navigation?”
“No sir. I wanted to double check, to make sure I wasn’t… making a mistake”
Or going crazy, the she thought to herself
“Your thoroughness is well appreciated, Ensign. I will bring this to the attention of Officer Kioni personally.”
While Captain Omondi’s conscious mind was still working through the full implications of what it had learned, her instincts told her to maintain control of the narrative until she had a better handle on the situation. The most straightforward conclusion; that three independent, quintuple redundant systems all failed in the same bizarre way, was so improbable it almost more likely that the Godwit had inexplicably come to a dead stop in the vacuum of deep space. A nagging thought crawled up from Omondi’s brain stem and into her conscious mind. If fault and fact were both ruled out, only one plausible alternative remained: sabotage.
Captain Omondi was preparing to call Navigation Officer Kioni and Security Officer Njama to a private meeting when she heard Communications Officer Wambui mumble something to herself.
“Huh, that’s weird...”
“Care to be more specific, Officer?” Captain Omondi asked, feeling a strong sense of dread tinged deja vu as she redirected her path with a handhold and floated to the communications officer’s terminal.
“It appears we have lost connection to the communication tight beam linking us with central command.” Wambui said in her terse, matter of fact way.
Omondi’s heartbeat quickened.
“You caught me in the middle of troubleshooting the situation. I’ll have more information for you in a moment---”
But the captain had already sent the encrypted command for a full system lockdown and Wambui was cut off by a blaring alarm. Within three seconds, the minimum amount of time some safety engineer somewhere had deemed it necessary to clear any doorways or hatches, the entire ship violently compartmentalized.
Within moments the Godwit had ceased to be a ship. It was now dozens of isolated cells separated by vacuum tight, magnetically locked doors so impervious it would be more convenient to breach a wall than try to break through them. Access tunnels, crawlways, and vents were similarly sealed. Each room now responsible for its own life support, with the particularly small and crowded rooms only hours away from carbon dioxide poisoning.
All of this was, of course, standard issue safety procedures in the case of a breach. Any ship incapable of compartmentalization was only one micrometeor away from total pressure loss. An absurd risk to take even for the most foolhardy.
What made Omondi’s lockdown different was it isolated the rooms electronically and locked all service panels. This prevented a would-be saboteur from doing further harm to the ship, physical or digital, but also prevented crew from fixing problems or calling for help.
It also gave Omondi the sole authority to lower the lockdown, and for this she hated it deeply. To have a single point of failure, and for that point of failure to be human, was antithetical to everything the last several hundred years of space travel had taught her people. The fact it was absolutely necessary from a security perspective did nothing to assuage her.
“Listen up people!” Omondi called to her bridge crew. It was unnecessary. Shaken by the ear piercing alarm, slammed doors, and locked terminals, everyone had instinctually looked to her.
“In the last five minutes we have lost both navigation and communication systems. Given the circumstances and timing surrounding their failures, I deemed sabotage to be the most likely culprit and, with the authority vested in me as the captain of the Godwit, I have unilaterally invoked a comprehensive security lockdown and with it assumed absolute control of the ship’s systems. Does anyone dissent my decision or my authority to make it?”
As expected, the room remained deathly silent. This was a formality whose main purpose was to inform her immediate crew members what was going on, confirm her actions were following established protocol, and, most importantly, reassure them that she was still sane. Crew in other compartments would simply need to accept their ignorance and swallow their panic for the time being.
She sent a command and the navigation terminal lit up.
“Officer Kioni, I have temporarily granted you access to your terminal again. Ensign Mukami, please get her up to speed on the problems you identified in our navigation systems. Be warned, the terminal will lock again in ten minutes unless I directly intervene.”
This problem required her to put some trust in her crew, but she did not plan on giving any more than absolutely required. It was another protocol she both agreed with and despised.
She sent a second command and the communications terminal flashed blue.
“Officer Wambui, while Ensign Mukami brings Kioni up to speed, let’s see what we can make of our communications problem.” She continued, louder so everyone on the bridge could hear her. “We have roughly three hours to solve this problem before we start to take asphyxiation casualties in the more cramped segments. We will not let that happen.”
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2023.06.02 20:28 Mooncrab719 15 Minutes of Seizures Back to Back

background info -
medications: keppra 500mgXR, 2 pills once daily. Cyclobenzaprine 10mg once daily. Ramelteon 8mg once daily. Estradiol Valerate .1ml (40mg/mL) once weekly.
medical history: TS (tourrettes syndrome), CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder), DID (dissociative identity disorder), dissociative amnesia, ADHD, ASD, somataform disorder. Microdiscectomy 1.5 weeks ago (recovery going well).
the event: A couple days I had a scary experience where my family almost had to call 911 to get me medical attention. I was in the middle of eating my lunch when I felt my aura coming on. I was able to get myself to the bedroom and into the bed so I was in a safe place. I had my first seizure. I came out of the room asking my partner for help getting me back to the couch (from this point on I lose consciousness / awareness, and this is all recounts from my partners observation and my best assessment). I had a hard time walking, stumbling and almost falling to the couch. Once they got me onto the couch, they gave me 50mg of CBD tincture mixed with water to help combat the seizures. Over the next 15 minutes I proceeded to have seizures back to back. I was unaware through all of these seizures, except for tiny blips in between where all I could feel was this immense pain in the right side of my brain, almost near where my temples lay. Full convulsions through all of these events. The only reason they did not call 911 is because I stopped having seizures at 15min and 26sec. Once I was on the other side of the seizures, all I could feel was this crazy intense pain in my brain. I usually get headaches after my seizure events, but this was the most amplified pain I have ever felt. I was unable to speak for 30 minutes afterwards according to my partner. At this postictal stage I am dealing with my usual symptoms (confusion, aphasia, headaches, derealization / jamais vu). I was aware of them trying to communicate with me, but when I was prompted to speak it was almost as if my own body forgot how to communicate. It was like I didn't even have lips to open in the first place. I was able to communicate with short grunts and alike sounds at the 15 minute mark. And then all of a sudden I was able to communicate again, still dealing with my postictal symptoms at this point.
I don't know what to do and I am so scared and alone through all of this. My first seizure was February 14th, and my neurologist team is still helping me figure out the accurate diagnosis through all of this. My initial EEG months ago read normal, I have 2 full weeks between now and my 72hr EEG, and another week after until I go back to my neurologist. I am so scared that something like this is going to occur when I am alone, and the thought of going status is scary enough without the rest of my current medical complications. I called and informed my neurologists PA of this event just to cover my ass but I haven't heard back from them. I don't know if this is a vent, a cry for help or support, or what. But I am scared, confused, and alone. I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.02 20:28 healthierhealing I (27F) was unknowingly the affair partner to a man (35M) I met overseas. When he came clean I forced him to tell his wife, and now I feel terrible.

Two weeks ago, I was in South America visiting some friends. My first night there, my friend and I are walking into the hotel to go to bed and as I pass the lobby bar I notice a this man sitting by himself at one end. We make eye contact and I tell my friend I’m going to stay up for a while and try to meet him. I go to the bar and send him a drink, he picks it up with his left hand I note that he’s not wearing a ring and text that info to my friend who is like “yes!! Go for it!!” I walk over to talk to him and was in his room within 10 minutes. He was prepared. Had wine, condoms, body hair was very manicured. After we did the deed and we’re laying there cuddling and chatting, I make a stupid joke and say “does your wife know you’re with me right now?” to which he just laughs and says there’s no wife.
I end up spending the night and when I leave the next morning, we exchange numbers. We were both traveling to Europe later that week, each for work, but me to Italy and he to Spain. He follows me on instagram, no sign of a partner, and we start chatting all day every day there and on WhatsApp. After 9 days he convinces me to come stay with him in spain after wrapping up my work. I add two nights to my trip and way too much in flights to go stay with him. So Tuesday of this week I fly to spain, we go to dinner together and he is sweet as anything. I feel so into him and on Wednesday spent nearly the whole day in bed with him with some intermittent walks where we had deep talks about our lives and emotions. I asked him if he’s ever been married, had kids, had a pet, has he ever cheated on someone. He seemed so genuine when he said no.
Wednesday evening we’re at dinner and he tells me he’s tired of life on the road. He says he wants a real relationship and feels sad that he’s met me and can’t spend more time with me and that he wants to switch his career and is having a third-life crisis. I felt so sad for him! Smh. I was holding his hand across the table and reminding him that it was because of his transient nature that we could meet and reunite so quickly in the first place, and I offer to fly out more in the future to continue visiting him. He’s also due to be in my city in the US (he’s English) in October and I offered for him to stay with me. He acted like this wasn’t enough and I felt bad for him that he seemed to have such strong feelings (lol).
Wednesday night he slept fitfully and I kept waking up to him clinging to me and it was frustrating. I woke up yesterday morning early to catch my flight home and he’s laying in bed looking sad, then he says “do you normally get into men’s heads this much?” And he keeps telling me that I’m trouble and it was making me feel strange. He says I’m better at not getting attached than he is and I said I just wasn’t sad because I knew it wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning (LOLLL). He walked me out to my cab and kissed me goodbye and kept in touch all day long.
I get home yesterday evening and he video calls me and for a moment I thought I noticed a ring on his left hand and immediately asked about it. He laughs it off and I let it go. I was showing him my apartment and he comments on how my apartment is such a metaphor for who I am because it seemed like a lonely place and then he called me broken and said I’m afraid to be emotionally available and started asking if my ex husband hurt me so badly that I couldn’t trust people anymore. I rejected this psychoanalysis and said that while yes, I am independent, I have lots of friends and a pet and I don’t feel lonely. He started talking more about how attached he felt to me and I told him that maybe he feels lonely because he’s on the road touring all the time, and I asked who his best friend is. He started to cry and hung up on me.
I felt terrible and like maybe I hurt his feelings and I apologized to him over text and asked if he’d like some space. He sent back a weird cryptic message that said
i am a douche... and i think i know that so that why its hard for me to hear. I have met you who's awesome, your zest for life and drive is inspiring and refreshing, but i also have not been truthful. My actions over the last week could/will hurt people... and i dont want that to happen... i dont want you to hurt, or feel hurt, or be depressed or hate me, but i also dont want to hurt those who i should be faithful to. My loneliness is damaging to everyone around me... i feel like i have been more authentically me whilst simultaneously lying through my teeth and that is the "problem". I feel trapped between what i know i should do and what feels right. And even whist writing this... which is so hard to do and admit Im a douche... all i want to do it turn on the camera, look at your face and could happily sit in silence looking at you in awe of your passion for your dog magnets and pens... and yet my being dishonest with you will hurt and damage you, it would certainly damage my home relationships and i don't want anyone to hurt. My inability to be fulfilled and my now newly recognised acknowledgment of being lonely then make me question everything about my life.... Im sorry... so sorry
I immediately replied “are you married?” To which he said “yes”. I was a bit crushed, disappointed, creeped out, and massively angry for his wife. I was also triggered to the emotions of relationships I’ve been in where I was cheated on. I sent him a few explosive messages and told him to grow up and stop feeling sorry for himself.
I couldn’t sleep all night after this and I ended up looking him on Facebook. Yep. Wife of ten years. Beautiful wedding photos. 5 year old son, she stays home to care for the child while deadbeat dad traverses the world fucking women who are 8 years younger than him. Finally at 5 in the morning I get out of bed and realized I had a UTI. I start thinking about the possibility of him giving his wife an STD. I’m completely seething at this point. I unblock him and tell him that either he is telling her or I am and it’s happening today. He starts pleading with me and doesn’t acknowledge her emotions once, just that he’s going through so much, he didn’t realize he was lonely until I said it, he’s going to change and be better. I was emotionally dead to all of his pleading until he finally messaged her the following:
im so sorry... I have cheated on you... I have made the biggest fuck up of my life. When I was in Brazil I met someone... I am in such a bad head space... im sorry. She then met me in Barcelona... Im having a break down here... I didn't tell her I was married... I regret my actions so much... I cant phone you yet im stuck in the office... but please I would like to talk later... I promise it has never happened before... im so sorry... Obviously I know I fucked up... obviously I didnt want to tell you as I know it will rip our world apart... but to be clear... I don't want to loose you..... ive been a cunt... a dick... an asshole... I know I have... I want to be accountable for my actions.but I don't want to loose you... I am so ashamed of what I have done.... I told the woman involved last night…... And obviously she is mad... and want to also hold me accountable.. so she says she's going to message you to make sure ive told you.... Im so so so so so so SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry.....I need therapy
(For the record I will not actually message his wife for confirmation. I do believe he actually sent the text)
After that I just felt sick and sad. I felt like she HAD to know, he tells me he’s never done this before and that’s why he’s so upset now but he had his ring off at the bar and he pursued me for over a week after we’d had the one night stand. I didn’t consent to being an affair partner, I would never. I’m also sad because I really liked him and I feel used and disappointed. And that of the two of us, I’m the one who seems to have more empathy for the woman he’s supposed to love. Luckily my friends are kind and uplifting to me so I have support and I know this won’t get me too down. A couple of my guy friends said I shouldn’t have gotten involved and shouldn’t have made him tell her. My women friends are very glad that I did.
When he showed me had messaged her I said Okay. Good luck with everything. Hope you get your life sorted. It’s not the end of the world but you’ve got a turbulent road ahead and I hope you learn from that and come out stronger and happier. I really liked you and thought you were one of the good ones. Really sad to find out the truth. All the best and please if you’re really feeling like you’re having some kind of mental health thing and you’re a danger to yourself, get help. Do actually get a therapist, know the emergency numbers, and reach out to your family if you need help.
I then blocked him and I feel bad for him weirdly and even feel I may have been too harsh with him. I was really harsh when I’d first messaged him - called him a child, said his behavior was gross, and when I made him tell his wife I said I didn’t care about his feelings. I wonder why he even told me the truth. What if he kills himself. What if it ruins an otherwise healthy marriage and causes trauma to his child. I feel like shit because at first I felt bad for him thinking he was sad that we couldn’t be together yet (lol) but now I’m realizing he was just anxious and panicking that I was going to find out about his marriage and blow his cover. Im out and about today and refusing to mope around about this, but it’s just such a sad situation all around. I don’t know if I made the choice but I am thinking that whether I did or didn’t, keeping him blocked is the best option.
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