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Ecutek Ams vs z1

2023.03.20 23:39 StaggsOnDeck Ecutek Ams vs z1

Does anyone have experience using ecutek tune from z1 motor sports vs ams? Is it really just plug in and update then Iโ€™m up 100hp?
Is a heat exchanger prior to tuning necessary? Currently, I have a cold air intake. End goal for the car is to get it to 500 hp. Is this the route?
Sad note- an AMG smoked me today.
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-62- COTTONSMITH Smart Heated Jacket [EU]
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-64- WPL D12 MINI 1/16 RC Car with 2 Batteries
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-68- 16 Line Green Light Laser [EU]
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-69- 858D 700W Soldering Station
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-74- Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY Wired Vacuum Cleaner [EU]
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-76- BLITZWILL BWL-FL-0002 25W 2700K-6500K RGB Floor Lamp 2000lm [EU]
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-84- Hantek 6022BE PC-Based USB Digital Oscilloscope 2Channels 20MHz 48MSa/s
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-85- Anne Pro 2D RGB 60% Mini Mechanical Keyboard 61 Keys
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-86- Xiaomi DC Frequency Conversion Pedestal Fan 2 15W [EU]
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โœณ๏ธ https://bit.ly/3JtzbjG
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-88- XMUND XD-SP2 100W 18V Solar Panel [EU]
๐Ÿ”— https://bit.ly/3QgEe8A
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-89- Eachine Mini F4U EPP 400mm RC Airplane [EU]
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-90- BlitzHome BH-AP2501 Air Purifier H13 HEPA [EU]
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-91- Xiaomi Wanbo X1 Projector 1280x720P [EU]
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-92- BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro 120W Bluetooth Speaker [EU]
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-93- HiBREW 19 Bar 4 in 1 Coffee Machine [EU]
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-94- EXCELLWAY 200W 12V/18V Solar Panel [EU]
โ—๏ธ https://bit.ly/3S8X3er
๐Ÿ”น Price: $89.99 / Lowest: $99.99
-95- Aluminum Loading Ramps 1500lbs 89.3x11.8x5.9inch [EU]
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-96- Ultenic K10 Air Fryer 5L Voice Control [EU]
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-100- BlitzWolf BW-V5 Projector 1080P
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-101- POCO C40 4/64GB JR510
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2023.03.20 23:26 Upstairs-Argument-92 Critique would be helpful, and also appreciated

This is just the intro, and the 1st chapter of the book I'm working on, I'm going for a adventure/supernatural kind of thing, I haven't asked many people to read what I have so far, so I was hoping I could get some help here, thank you, and enjoy what I think I'm gonna name Lineage of Sin

A human can do many things, some good, some bad, but they cannot comprehend the world that was given to them by god, but the men and women weโ€™ll be talking about are not of this world, nor were they created by god. Well, I canโ€™t say they are just men and women, they are more than that, I suppose you could call them beings of sorts. Powerful beings, so powerful their very own birthplace couldn't contain them, the pits of hell itself.
Chapter 1: Friendly Reunion
A man is walking down the streets of New York City, he was someone you would notice if you walked past him, his outfit was slightly unusual, but he was well-dressed. He wore a big black coat with fur on his sleeves and on his collar, underneath he wore a white dress shirt over a gray vest and a black dress jacket, with black tailored pants with gray dress shoes, Unusual looking rings on each of his finger on his left hand, and a large black briefcase with a white inlay in his right, and long white hair that went past his shoulders. The man was walking to his favorite restaurant, five-star of course, he had a craving for meat. The man hardly had a care in the world, just thinking about whatever he desired, but while lost in thought he managed to notice something that didnโ€™t belong. Something he was hoping to avoid during his stay in New York, he realized he was being followed. The man realized he probably won't be able to make his reservation on time, so he looked through the corner of his eyes to see who or what was following him. A man dressed in formal attire, as if he is a lawyer, or an important company's Ceo, but the man knew better, he knew he wasnโ€™t some average joe youโ€™d see on the street. The man looked around his surroundings, he walked towards an alley he spotted on his right, the strange man continued to chase after him down to the alley, but when he looked down the alley there was no one there. The stalker carefully, yet casually walked down the alley, the stalker was worried he would be discovered, so he wanted to end his business quickly, he walked down to the end of the alley, nothing but overfilled garbage cans. The alleyway was a deadend, so he assumed that he may have climbed out of the alley, but he doubted it since there wasnโ€™t much time for the man to do so, he was starting to to believe that he actually climbed out of the alley, since he was nowhere in sight. He decided to turn back around to continue to search for the man he was tasked with stalking. As soon as he reached the entrance to the alley, he heard the sound of rocks, rocks falling on the ground. He turned around to face the man he was stalking, who was standing in a hole in the ground. โ€œYou were hiding underground? What are you, a mole?โ€ The stalker mockingly said. โ€œMore demon than mole, really. You smell human, but I sense a strong flow of magic coming off you, are you a mage?โ€ The man questioned the stalker, hoping he could find the reason why someone sent a magic user to follow him. He had few people in mind who would do this, but he knew none of them had a reason to do it, so he will have to question the stalker to answer the questions he needs to know. โ€œIโ€™m a Conjuration Mage, a fairly good one, if I do say so myself, and Iโ€™ve been charged with escorting you to my employer.โ€ The man sighed, he scratched the back of his head a couple times, it appeared to be a nervous habit, which is very unbecoming for someone like him. โ€œWell, I guess it canโ€™t be helped, you should know the chances of you making it out alive are pretty low, nothing against you, of course, I just think maybe we can both agree that Iโ€™m far stronger than you, that is of course, if you know who I am.โ€ the stalker tsked, he had loosened his tie, so that he may toss it onto the ground. โ€œDo I know who you are? You are one of the seven deadly sins, Mammon, the sin of greed, correct?โ€ The man known as Mammon softly cackled, almost like a maniac, but more subtle, more like the craziness is under control, yet slowly leaking out. โ€œYes, you know who I am, but I donโ€™t know who you are, you told me youโ€™re a mage, but that isnโ€™t a identity, that is a affiliation, and besides, I can tell just by looking into your eyes, that you take no pride in being a mage, you desire more than that, you want to be stronger, you want to be the strongest mage of all, an archmage.โ€ The stalkers eyes widened, he had never told anyone his one true desire, the last time an archmage was alive was nearly 3,000 years ago, but he had read books upon books on how to become an archmage, but it all pointed nowhere, he has been trying to become an archmage for almost 20 years, but has failed in every attempt, granted that even if you trained your entire life to become a archmage, the chances of you achieving it are incredibly low, it requires true talent to become an archmage, but there just arenโ€™t any genius around anymore. โ€œIt appears you arenโ€™t called the sin of greed for nothing, you know exactly what my heart desires, what I have yearned for all my life, and my name is Samuel, Samuel the Golem Tamer.โ€ Mammon whistled, as if he was impressed. โ€œIf you specialize in golems, than all that training to become an archmage wasnโ€™t all for nothing, the last time I saw a mage who was actually good at controlling golems was about a thousand years ago, controlling one golem is immensely difficult on its own, but judging the quantity of magic I sense from you,you can control at least three of them at once, but Iโ€™m guessing theyโ€™re size is smaller than a normal golem.โ€ โ€œItโ€™s like you can read my mind, yes your right, I can summon up to three at a time, but the size of them isn't all that impressive, so that's why Iโ€™m just going to make one big one to subdue you, Iโ€™m not ignorant enough to underestimate someone like you, a sin I mean.โ€ Samuel had studied more than your usual mage, he knew very well who the seven deadly sins are, Lucifer the proud, Satan the furious, Leviathan the jealous, Beelzebub the voracious, Belphegor the indolent, Asmodeus the lascivious, and finally Mammon the avaricious, that is the demon that stands before this human mage, and he is also one of the five founder demons of hell. At the beginning of creation,god first made heaven, and then the earth, and finally he decided to create hell, but what god did not expect was that he would not be the only creator that day, out of some unknown source hell itself created the five founder demons, Satan, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Mammon, and Belphegor, one of the benefits the founder demons discovered is that when they gained the powers of hell, or dark magic, they gained the power of the five elements, Mammon is the soil of hell, or also known as the earth, meaning he has complete mastery of earth magic, which is how he helped humans discover and mine gold, that is also how he was hiding in the ground, but when god learned that his own creation would follow his example, he was impressed and decided to let them be, later on these demons would consist of the majority of the seven deadly sins, Lucifer and the Leviathan would later be exiled to hell, after Lucifer rebelled against hell, with the Leviathan aiding him, god left the seven of them alone, he believed that they would figure something out on their own, and they all fought to see who would reign over hell, Lucifer ended up being the winner by a small margin, but what should be mentioned is that Mammon and Satan, the sin of greed and wrath, did not participate in this bout, they thought it would be a waste of time, but if the two of them did join that fight, the winner might not have been Lucifer, It may have been one of the two who did not participate for the thrown of hell, but we will never know for sure, but regarding all that, the demon who is standing infront of this human mage, is more far powerful than he realized. Mammon had walked towards Samuel, his left hand in his pocket, his right holding on to his, what appeared to be a briefcase, while he was walking towards him, Samuel had recited an incantation, when he had finished a barrier appeared at the entrance to the alley, leaving no way to escape, Samuel had done this for two reasons, one was to hide themselves from normal humans, on the other side of the barrier is an illusion, showing no one standing in that alley, when regular humans learn that a mage and a demon clashing in a small alley, there tends to be a bit of a panic, the second reason was to shorten the moves Mammon could make, he could not retreat or try to hold a human as a hostage, of course Samuel didnโ€™t know that Mammon wouldn't have done either of them, he wouldnโ€™t want to waste time like that, he decided to let it be and just let him continue with the whole good samaritan thing, letting him think he was helping people. โ€œMammon, I told you I specialize with summoning golems, which I do, but what I did not tell you that these are the golems of the ancients, a elemental golem, but I took that old magic and added something else to it, the fusion of elements.โ€ Mammon had ceased his advancement, so he decided to jump back a couple steps, with an excited, yet slightly nervous grin on his face. โ€œI summon a golem made of water and lighting, with the earth as its base.โ€ He gripped his wrist with his left hand, he raised it to the sky, then slammed it onto the ground, which formed a magic circle, and what came from it was a golem, made of rocks, infused with the power of water and lighting, a good way to subdue someone, a good shock could knock one out, so long as they arenโ€™t human, if they werenโ€™t they would surely die, but despite being a golem with more than one element, the size of it completely towered over a small building, to the point that it could hardly fit in the alley. โ€œYour golem seems a bit cramped, since Iโ€™m nice Iโ€™ll help it out.โ€ Mammon placed his hand on the ground, the space between the two buildings that made up the alley had expanded, he had shifted the earth under the buildings to expand the space of the alley. Samuel seemed surprised, it was the first time heโ€™d seen the earth move buildings, so who could blame him? But he did not let that make him drop his guard, he knew who he was fighting, he knows that he could be killed, he commanded the golem to attack Mammon, the golem swung its arms around, splashing water in every direction, Mammon, however, stomped his foot on the ground, causing a pillar of earth to shield him from being splashed. Samuel had forced the golem to turn it up a notch, to where the golem was shooting a condensed ray of water at him, causing the pillar t quickly erode and collapse, while the water beam had managed to hit him, he seemed fine, his clothes were soaked, which appeared to make him lose his temper, he swung his arm over in front of his body, and like magic, his clothes were dried, after he fixed his outfit, the golem had launched an assault of lighting magic in his direction, even though he himself was not drenched in water, the ground was, and with water being a good conductor for electricity, shocked Mammon to a extreme extent, if it wasnโ€™t a demon standing in the middle of that, any other being would have been vaporized. Samuel had canceled his spell, in which made the golem fall apart, leaving nothing but rocks soaked in water, with electrical sparks coming from it, Samuel who seemed tired from using a large quantity of magic, managed to limp himself over to Mammon, who was lying on the ground, completely motionless, Samuel had assumed that he was unconscious, only to discover after he knelt to the ground to confirm it, that Mammon was not unconscious, he was faking it to lure him closer and make drop his guard, and as Samuel tried to back away, Mammon plunged his hand into his stomach, and piercing it clean through, he pulled his arm out which was soaked in blood, when he then cleaned it the same way he dried his clothes after the golem had drenched him. As Samuel was about to collapse to the ground, left to bleed out, and die, Mammon had grabbed him by shoulders, setting him against the wall, where he then sat next to him, hoping he could chat with him slightly longer, before he will ask him who his so-called employer is, Samuel does not have long left in this world, as one would expect after a hole was left in there stomach, for humans at least, Mammon had placed a magic circle on his fatal wound, causing it to slow the bleeding, to keep him around slightly longer, he didnโ€™t want him to die mid-conversation, that would just be rude. โ€œH-how did y-you resist the electrical shock? I didnโ€™t hold back against you, I put just about everything into that.โ€ While gasping for air, he wanted to know what made him fail, what led to him with a hole in his gut, while talking to a demon. โ€œI am one of the seven deadly sins, unlike normal demons, I canโ€™t just possess someone so easily, there are two conditions if one of the sins wants to possess someone, one, they must permit them to possess, like how angels do it, and the second is that they have to be part human, a sin cannot possess someone if they are human, just part human at least.โ€ โ€œSo? What is the guy you are possessing?โ€ He asked out of pure curiosity. โ€œHis name was Victor, and he is a Homunculus, a human that has been altered with alchemy, and since his whole body has been altered with a fusion of science and magic, this body is magic proof, sure you can place a spell on this body, but you can't harm it with magic.โ€ After he finished explaining himself, he reached into a pocket inside of his coat, he pulled out a box of matches and pulled out what appeared to be a joint. It's better than cigarettes, but itโ€™s a bad habit nonetheless. When Samuel saw him smoking it he chuckled. โ€œI wouldnโ€™t have pegged you for a smoker, marijuana no less.โ€ โ€œAre you kidding me? This is by far my favorite of humanity's creations, the only thing I hate about this thing is that I didnโ€™t discover it, I would have killed to take credit for this, but as soon as I smoked this I was head over heels for it.โ€ Samuel and Mammon laughed, almost as if they were long time friends, but Mammon knew the spell he placed on him wouldn't last any longer, so he decided to stop beating around the bush and start being serious. โ€œYou said that you would escort me to your employer, but I donโ€™t suppose you know who and where this employer is?โ€ Samuel sighed. โ€œI didnโ€™t get a name, but I did get a location I was supposed to leave you at, and in return he would give me a journal, the journal of Solomon, who was an archmage, and I was sure that I might be able to become one with it, but Iโ€™ll never know now.โ€ Mammon had looked at him perplexed, he then thought to himself and then realized who was the mysterious employer. He let go of his briefcase he was holding with his right hand, and rubbed the ring on his middle finger on his left hand, and suddenly a black portal appeared, he reached into it and pulled out a book, the portal closed after his hand was out and he tossed the book over to Samuel. โ€œThat is the journal of Solomon, I bet your employer would have just gave you a knock-off, and regrettably it doesnโ€™t tell you how to become an archmage, itโ€™s just filled with him complaining about his responsibilities, donโ€™t get me wrong, he was an archmage, but he was also a manchild, I too thought it would contain some juicy information, but nothing.โ€Samuel flipped through the pages in the journal, and Mammon was right, nothing but useless garbage, he placed the journal on the ground and looked to Mammon. โ€œThanks for being honest.โ€ After his final words, thanking the one who killed him, he drew his final breath, while facing the sky, which he had hoped to reach with his own strength, but all things must come to an end. Mammon stood up, turning around to face Samuel once more, he had almost regretted killing him, but what's done is done, he flicked the joint out of his hands and faced the shadows of the alley. โ€œIโ€™m curious to know how you knew where I was, I thought I was being careful, wouldn't you agree, Mephistopheles? From the shadows of the alley, a man emerged from the dark, a man who appeared to be somewhere in his mid 60โ€™s, but his look was more than just intimidating, mid-length gray hair, wore formal attire, similar to the outfit Samuel wore. His facial expression and the glare from his eyes said that you do not want to engage with him. โ€œI would, if you hadnโ€™t killed him, if you didnโ€™t I wouldn't have found you, sin of greed, Mammon.โ€ โ€œWell itโ€™s his own fault, wait a moment, now that I think about it, why was a human mage, out of all the creatures on earth, following me?โ€™โ€™ โ€œHe was cheaper, and more ignorant than the other mages I spoke to, so I placed a tracking spell on him, in case he died, and it appears he did, as well as stall for time.โ€™โ€™ Mammon had been annoyed about what he said about Samul, but he stopped caring as his suspicions grew of Mephistopheles, he wanted to know why this dangerous demon had a mage follow him, and try to kidnap him. โ€œStall, for what, exactly?โ€ The tension between the two of them was thicker than steel, so tense that no one would dare step between them. โ€œWhy her, of course.โ€ Mammon had felt a sting on his neck, he knelt to the ground, he pulled what was jabbed into his neck out, two vials with red stains in them, it appeared to be blood, but it had such a draining effect on him. He turned around so that he may see who just stabbed him in the neck, a woman with long scarlet red hair, wearing plain clothes, such as a hoodie with jeans and an old pair of sneakers on. โ€œMy, oh my, didnโ€™t know you have such a bland taste of fashion, my little lustful Asmodeus, by the way, the hell is this stuff? Itโ€™s giving me a headache.โ€ โ€œBland? Iโ€™ll have you know I'm quite comfortable, maybe you should follow my lead and try to fit in, I would be able to tell itโ€™s you just by your outfit, also that stuff I pumped into you, is the blood of a priest, turns out itโ€™s very harmful to demons, the blood of a priest won't kill you, but it can at least knock out a demon on your level .โ€ First of all, Iโ€™m comfortable and stylish as well, hell, second of all, what do you want? I highly doubt the two of you, out of all the demons in hell, would team up just because you missed me, s-something important g-going down? As he was trying to act calm and keep his composure in check, the blood finally hit him, and his vision became blurry, the only thing he could do was listen to Asmodeus. โ€œYes, something is going down, and weโ€™re gonna need the help from the rest of the sins.โ€
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2023.03.20 23:23 lucader881 Isekai of the Ultimate Ritualist - Chapter 44

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There, beyond the mighty door, another world opened before their eyes. It was a world of cog and wheels, of halogen lights and of steam, where pistons and brass pipes were a part of the architecture just as much as stone or brick, if not more. The floors were uneven plates of rusted, corrugated metal worn down by the centuries and corroded by humidity, and the lights embedded in the walls were faint and strained to keep shining, their light also a hum that filled the spaces with noise. There was a gash in the ceiling, a wide aperture from where a ray of white moonlight shone in an inner garden that was overgrown and overrun by nature, reclaiming that space and other spaces with its green growths. For in fact, moss and lichen spread from there like an advancing tide, following the trail of humidity and feeding off the light and heat of the incandescent lights.
โ€œIt doesnโ€™t lead to the surface.โ€ Ishrin observed, looking at the ceiling and through the hole.
โ€œPerhaps there is a hidden passage.โ€ Lisette offered her explanation.
โ€œOr maybe itโ€™s just weird and strange like the rest of this place. Am I the only one?โ€ Melina asked.
โ€œYou are not.โ€ Lisette stated.
At times the lights flickered, the power that kept them running surging and then stabilizing again, and their hum was a scream, and the scream was agony of a place that was dying a slow death through the centuries. The door far behind them, ajar one second ago, slammed itself shut and the sound echoed.
โ€œThis place gives me the creeps,โ€ Melina said. โ€œIt feels like everything is moving, beneath the surface.โ€
โ€œI do have the same sensation.โ€ Lisette said. โ€œBut we need to press on.โ€
Ishrin cocked his head. โ€œHer bracers are on the line. Come on!โ€
Melina groaned. โ€œFine. Still creepy tho.โ€
Indeed, little sounds, groans and hisses of the pipes, strains of metal and mechanism seemed to come from all around. While what they could see was all perfectly still, the noises betrayed that somewhere below the apparent peaceful faรงade, things were alive and moving, and perhaps watching them with unknown means. Sir Westysโ€™ and his team were walking cautiously now, their pride long forgotten, squeezed between Melina at the front and Lisette at the rear for more protection. They listened to the stronger adventurersโ€™ conversations with a mixture of irritation โ€“ this was the case for Sir Westys โ€“ and envy at the much more relaxed attitude that only being a seasoned veteran could ever give them. This wasnโ€™t to say that Ishrin and his team were being careless.
There were many things that could hurt them in the world. In fact, even though his coming to Noctis was relatively smooth, Ishrin learned very quickly on his adventures that the world was much more dangerous than it seemed. The mountain realm, for instance. That completely erased his sense of power he gained when he slew the Sycoraptor in the forest where he also met Lisette. And while encounters like that of Lucius in Obscuria still told the tale of a world where the true powerful people were rare in cities and whatnot, places like this revealed the other side of the coin: that dangers and powers beyond reckoning still dwelled beneath the surface, and one needed only look for them in the right places. Very much like his old world of Eternia. Except that here, he theorized, there was the guild. And what the guild did was maintain order and the apparent status quo in the cities and in the countryside around them, or more in general it kept order where order was needed for business to flourish, while confining danger to be only outside its sphere of protection.
Melina too was suddenly thrust in what seemed like a whole different world than what she was used to live in, where danger was everywhere and even her Tier 15 โ€“ that once she thought as being powerful with a power unobtainable by any but the luckiest โ€“ was just average.
The rooms were many. Ishrin led the way, at times stopping to check with his teammates, at other times to take in his surroundings. He had made another water compass and was holding it himself, letting it float next to him with a bit of effort using his telekinetic powers.
There was no magic here. The air was not devoid of it, but its presence in the air was no more than the usual suffused glow of ambient magic, and none of the walls or things that cluttered the corridor and rooms had any magic inside of them. This made Ishrin feel blind, in a different way than he did in the mountain realm where he was blinded by too much magic, more like he was in the absolute dark, with only a faint glow that was light, yes, but didnโ€™t reveal anything, not even shapes. Of course, he still had his normal vision, but used as he was to having both senses at the same time, he felt extremely uncomfortable.
Not all was bad. The reactive armor, surrounding him but invisible, was charging and this made him feel like he was finally investing his overflowing mana into something for a later use. Beside him Liรน was having a great time exploring the place, touching the little brass chandeliers with small halogen candles, examining the many copper and iron cogs on the floor, fallen from damaged pipes on the ceiling, and sometimes she even snuck into said pipes where they were large enough, only to then have to be cut free when she got stuck.
Everything was covered in grime. The greasy, dark fatty substance used to lubricate mechanisms and that was now mixed with dust, and plant matter. Footsteps echoed wetly.
From the distance, faint at the beginning but ever more present in the consciousness of the seven adventurers, a rhythmic clang of metal against metal reverberated through the corridors. Nobody could pinpoint where it was coming from, beyond the feeling that it was coming from deeper in the underground complex, for the sound traveled through the pipes and the hidden hatches in the walls, the service tunnels and the air vents, coming to them as a cloud of slightly delayed sounds from all directions.
An open space. The ceiling rose immediately after they crossed the threshold of a great gate that stood ajar, as if blasted out of its hinges, until it reached so high up that vapor and cooled down steam began to hide some of its features. Inside the fog were, like little searchlights, points of brightness that spread and diffused through the thick air until an orange hue was ever present up there. Below, the floor was uneven stone, cracked and wet, with moss and small ferns poking out of the cracks. Sometimes metal plates that were bolted to the stone were still visible under the vegetation, reflecting the cyan light that came from the far end of the room. There, three circular openings were faintly visible through the mists, and there was a strong light coming from behind them, and in that light the silhouette of three great machines could be seen. Great automata they were, with circular bodies and long, prehensile arms, and their heads were large squares that were dull and dark.
Until, suddenly, they werenโ€™t. Deep, red and foreboding lights came to life like sinister eyes as a screech of grinding metal and awakening old mechanical pieces pierced the air and deafened the adventurers. Everyone almost jumped to their feet, not even having had enough time to take three steps into the room before they were shaken out of their contemplation by the sudden sound. Not everyone reacted the same. Ishrin took in the room he was in, immediately spotting the three now moving figures who were dragging themselves free from the alcoves they were in. The shadows they projected through the misty air were deep chasms of darkness, and the three circles where they once stood immobile revealed a path beyond, that was unreachable.
Melina and Lisette both panicked. In the commotion they lost sight of Sir Westys and his party, the four boys having seemingly vanished into the fog. There were shapes and shadows moving in the distance, but they were faint, and far, and it was impossible to tell if it was them or just the many reflections of the shiny and wet, greasy metal that played with their senses, with their perception. Their panic didnโ€™t last long however, and they both showed their competence and experience, their focus homing in laser-like on the enemies ahead.
The central automaton was closest. Its size was the smallest of the three, but even then it stood at more than four times as tall as Ishrin, and with only the sound of the metal groaning and the hiss of pneumatics, it raised one of its many limbs of welded plates up in the air and slammed down. Immediately the limb hit a field of invisible telekinetic force and was pushed to the side, but it didnโ€™t happen with the ease that everyone was expecting it to happen. In fact, Ishrin had to kneel on the ground and his knee had dug deep into the rock, cracking it and leaving a deep dent when he, slowly, pushed himself back to his feet. He strained.
โ€œBattle formation!โ€ Ishrin yelled, immediately jumping to the side to dodge another incoming arm. The other two automata were each converging towards one of the two girls, and they were bigger, although slower and with less appendages.
Two grunts of strain and effort told him all that he needed to know. In a matter of milliseconds, the battle was on. Sparks raged from his right side, where Lisette dashed towards the metal construct with her blades unsheathed, and was slashing at it while dancing around its body, climbing on it, dodging the prehensile limbs that uselessly slammed into the ground and broke unseen pipes that began to spew gases in the air. She searched for gaps, weak spots where she could plunge her blades and sever vital parts of the grand machine of animated metal.
On his right, the bright flashes of magical green, tinted with a little hint of white and slight blue he had never seen before, were the sign that Melina too was engaging with her enemy.
This made him relax enough to allow him to focus on his own opponent. Liรน was also orbiting him like a small sentry, deploying small faint lasers that mapped the structure of the automaton, until they focused on a particular point at the end of one of its limbs.
Danger :o
Ishrin jumped to the side, slightly diverting the giant arm, and firing a Magic Pebble with his sword at it. The projectile hit the metal and dug into it, melting it and leaving behind a circular hole roughly the size of a fist, red with heat and hissing. But the damage was minimal, for it only hit plate and not vital moving parts. As he dodged, he tried to see what Liรน was highlighting for him, and he noticed the multicolored scattering of the light, the hue of a crystal he recognized. He had seen it last in Obscuria, tipping an arrowhead that was capable of penetrating Tier 13 defenses with ease.
โ€œCarefulโ€”โ€ he tried to warn his teammates but had to dash again and ended his sentence with a grunt.
From the other side of the room, through the clang of metal, he saw a glimpse of Lisette weaving around a similar crystal, coating a long flexible sword at the end of one of her automatonโ€™s limb. From behind instead came the wild rush of wind of Melinaโ€™s magic, and a strained yell.
โ€œNoticed! They have crystal blades!โ€ she yelled when she had a small window of rest, before disappearing again in a flash of verdant energy to dash at her opponent.
Ishrinโ€™s automaton was different than theirs. It shifted, and its limbs reorganized and changed until they morphed into different weapons: hammers, flexible swords, whips. And all these weapons were coated with the same crystal, the same dangerous substance that could hurt him somehow.
Suddenly a bright red light was in front of his eyes. He had gotten distracted, but Liรน was ever watchful and had highlighted the vector of impact of the automatonโ€™s flexible sword as it descended upon him with a red hologram, and there were ghostly images of him dodging and reposting to the attack, simulating what he could do to counter it. He grinned, taking a stance and exploding out with the full strength of his Tier 11 power, and he used telekinesis to push himself against the ground and change course mid-air until he landed right where one of the thingโ€™s limbs were attached to its body. Before the automaton could react, he blasted the joint with Pebble after Pebble and then jumped away. With the joint weakened, he pulled at it from afar and yanked it free, and it came loose in a shower of black ooze that sizzled and smoked where it hit the ground.
The recoil sent him sprawling on his back. Even though Liรน was there to catch him, he still ended up on the ground, feeling the wet of the stone and the odd warmth of a gas leak on his back. His pupils widened, and his mind raced. A giant crystal-coated hammer was descending upon him. His heart sped up. This was a slip-up. And almost fatal one. He could not get out in time.
The hammer hit, and for a moment there was silence. It was like even the other fights were momentarily suspended, as if both the automata and the girls were watching with their breath stuck in their throat was had happened to Ishrin. There was a small cloud of dust that had risen where the hammer had pulverized the stone, and sent Ishrinโ€™s body several layers of pipes and service tunnels below the surface.
The hammer slowly came loose. The crystal on its surface was cracked.
A blue light. The small holographic body of Liรน, surrounding her real indestructible body that was the SPAWN AI cube, flew out and up to the ceiling as if running away from something.
The dust slowly settled around the crater. There was only the sound of hissing vapor and dripping water.
Everything was still.
Lisette and Melina held their breath. Time ticked and ticked. Nothing was coming out of the hole.
The girls could see that Ishrinโ€™s opponent was now turning against them, to team up with the other automata and finally tip the scales of the battle.
A single thought on their mind.
โ€œWe will fight until the end. Even if we die.โ€
Resolve in their eyes, they prepared for their last battle.
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2023.03.20 22:44 Jack_But_Reddit I Am Best Friends With Travis Marcella. Yellowstone National Park Is NOT Safe.

Hi! I am Darius. If you saw some of Travis's Posts you should know about me. This is my second post!
If You wish to see Travis's Posts then go here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6. Part 7, Part 8.
If you haven't seen my previous post, go here: Part 1.
Me and Bryson trekked through the forest, searching for any vantage point to look for Travis. I tried finding his scent but for some reason... There is this... "Presence" in the air. My sense of smell was practically useless.
Bryson and I found a large tree in the distance, it took us a couple minutes to reach it and we decided it would be better for Bryson to climb it since he was much lighter than me.
Bryson climbed about halfway when we both saw a giant bird getting closer to Bryson.
"Damn it, Darius! You need to distract that thing or something"! Bryson said pulling out a pair of binoculars he snagged in the Watch Tower.
I concentrated and thrust myself off the ground to an astounding height. I managed to slightly grab the giant bird's foot and drag it down with me. As we crashed to the ground, the bird's feathers suddenly became extremely spiky and sharp.
I struggled to attack the bird as every time I managed to get close, It would slice me with its feathers. More and more cuts littered my body and I was about to collapse when I heard a loud gunshot.
Bryson had taken out his rifle and shot the bird in the back of its head while it was distracted. The force of him shooting had made him slip and he started falling out of the tree. I grabbed onto the tree and used my claws to scale the tree as fast as I could and managed to catch Bryson mid-air.
I climbed back down the hill and set Bryson down.
"Did you see anything out of the ordinary"? I asked.
"Not really, though. I did see smoke in the distance. Maybe Travis made some fire we could use to find him"? Bryson suggested.
"Alright Lets GO"! I said, quickly grabbing Bryson and dashing towards the direction of the smoke.

Eventually we found the campfire but we were both greeted with 3 dead people, destroyed beyond recognition. I immediately thought that these were the remains of the Soldiers as well as Travis because someone called "Ok_Shoulder" Had informed me of such. I took a closer look and realized there should be 4 bodies, not 3. There was no military gear anywhere either. Me and Bryson looked around and we found a blood trail. Fearing the worst, we followed it.
We were led to a clearing and I saw Yellowstone Volcano. Me and Bryson were shocked to see the Pilgrim throwing a body into the Caldera. I thought this was Travis and out of blind rage, I roared and charged at the Pilgrim, my claws outstretched for his throat.
He teleported out of the way and appeared behind me. I stopped and dodged a slice of his long dirty fingernails as a giant smile grew on his face. I lunged and grabbed the Pilgrim, sending him to the ground with tremendous force. The pilgrim laughed.
"You're a feisty one aren't you? You won't last too long". The pilgrim sneered.
He teleported on my back and went to thrust his dagger-like nails into my throat when I heard a familiar gunshot. A bullet slammed into the pilgrim, sending him to the ground.
Bryson ran up to help me but we were both slammed back to the treeline by the pilgrim. He had one hand on each of our necks and held us tightly. I saw his black teeth show with his maniac-like grin. I knee'd the Pilgrim and he was blasted upwards from the force. I grabbed him and then slammed him deep into the ground and repeatedly slammed my fists into him. He teleported out of the situation and was now in the middle of the Caldera. I went to attack him but Bryson grabbed my arm.
"Darius, That wasn't Travis. The body was wearing boots. Travis only has his old sneakers. Didn't you find it odd that the other dead people weren't wearing military gear? We need to go find him and the Soldiers. We can't kill this thing alone". Bryson said, convincing me to stop attacking.
I looked back one last time to see some kind of tendril erupt from the Caldera, reaching towards the Pilgrim. I shuddered and grabbed Bryson. I asked where we should look when I thought I saw movement in a clearing not too far from here. I rushed towards the direction I saw something and eventually entered the clearing.
Travis and the Soldiers looked shocked as me and Bryson entered the clearing.
A couple of them went to speak but I cut them off.
"The pilgrim is at Yellowstone Volcano. We need to stop it NOW". I boomed.
"What is it doing at Yellowstone volcano"?! One of them asked.
I glanced at Travis and saw he was deep in thought.
"What if it's doing some kind of ritual"? He asked.
A couple of the Soldiers went pale.
"Well, what are we waiting for"?! Bryson said.
I quickly grabbed everyone and with effort, I ran towards Yellowstone Volcano as fast as I could.
"Bryson-" Travis went to say but Bryson cut him off.
"Look, Travis, We can talk about this later ok? I made a mistake. And now we need to go stop this THING". He said.
"But what if some of us don't make it out alive-" Travis asked but was cut off again.
"Nobody is going to die, I promise". He stated.
We were close to Yellowstone Volcano when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.
I stopped to see a group of wendigo emerge from the shadows.
"Shit". One of the soldiers said.
Bryson took out his gun and fired at the wendigo but they were able to hide behind the nearby trees. Travis took out a Desert Eagle and fired a shot into one of the wendigo's skull, sending it crashing to the ground as it pierced the bony exterior.
I charged at one of the Wendigo's only to be swarmed and I felt immense pain around my body. I could smell their breath. It smelt like rotting corpses.
Travis ran over and thrust one of the wendigo off of me to my surprise and I watched as the wendigo lunged at him. I couldn't help him and I closed my eyes, only to hear the familiar sound of a gunshot.
I quickly dealt with the other wendigo by slamming it into the ground, killing it. As the other wendigo ran off, I went to eat one of the dead ones but I realized we needed to go stop the Pilgrim and stopped myself.
We got back on track and reached Yellowstone Volcano.
As we reached the Caldera, we saw the pilgrim levitating in the middle of Yellowstone Volcano as small tendrils of lava slowly erupted from below.
The soldiers took aim and shot the pilgrim with the odd rifles. As the bullets got closer to the pilgrim, lava tendrils shielded the pilgrim and reduced the bullets to ash.
"What do we do"?! Travis asked frantically.
"We need to distract-" Bryson went to say but was cut off as I felt a deep hatred towards the Pilgrim for tormenting us all for this long. I lunged at the Pilgrim with tremendous force. I got close and reached out to grab the Pilgrim when the tendrils attacked and sent me back towards the Soldiers. I felt a searing pain in my arm and chest. The tendrils had burnt me.
"Darius are you ok"?! Travis said, rushing over to help me.
"I will be fine, Travis". I winced.
"I've been meaning to ask, How did you find me"? He asked.
"Someone told me where you were. I think they were called..."Ok Shoulder". I said.
"Oh, Figures. He told me you found Bryson". Travis said.
"Guys, focus on the situation at hand". Bryson said, grabbing one of the Soldiers rifles.
I tended to my wounds as the solders fired rounds at the Pilgrim to no avail. I heard a scream and then a tendril slammed into the ground nearby, blasting all of us with an intense heat.
"FALL BACK"! A soldier yelled and led us back through the forest.
I was faster but I allowed him to take the lead. I looked up to see some helicopters. A surge of fear washed over me. This situation was getting out of control, how are we supposed to escape facility 14 if we are doing their dirty work and being heavily monitored.
As we reached the motel, I glanced at Travis and something was wrong. He had this odd expression on his face. As he watched a helicopter land, I saw him grit his teeth. I wanted to say something but I was led inside the motel. I walked into the motel and listened to the soldiers bicker and complain.
"Honestly, how did these guys become soldiers". I thought to myself.
I can hear a battle raging outside as Travis walks in. He sat down at the table the soldiers were at and I quickly typed this post before joining them.
I'll keep in touch!
P.S. Travis seems a bit sad, any ideas on how to cheer him up?
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2023.03.20 22:42 beammeup125 Interparcel and DPD and adding additional charges

Hi I needed to post a letter overseas for a signed for as received. I used Interparcel who in turn used DPD. It was just a letter to a bank. I described it as a legal document. I enclosed the letter, just one sheet of paper in a jiffy letter size envelope. I called to ask if this was correct and did I need to do anything else. They said yes I would need to add three custom invoices attached on the outside of the letter. I did this as advised. Cost to send to UAE by air express ยฃ17. The letter never left Gatwick customs pending import duty payable by the receiver. Nobody mentioned this would happen? Anyway the letter was returned back to me. Two months later I have received an email saying I owe money ( for a letter that never left the country) according to clause 6.1. The amount is ยฃ21 or if paid within two weeks ยฃ15! I specifically paid good money to ensure a letter was delivered as at the time Royal Mail was not able to deliver parcels or letters to the UAE because of a cyber attack. Iโ€™ve no idea if the extra charge is legit as the letter never left the country and now that RM have now restarted sending letters that would only cost me ยฃ1.85 with proof of posting. I cannot understand after making phone calls to ensure this letter arrived at its destination in a timely manner and all dues were paid why I am being asked to pay even more for a service that didnโ€™t happen. Any advice if I should pay the additional costs? I am in England
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2023.03.20 22:42 SteveWin1234 Do AirCover claims affect your position in search?

So, I'm going through my first experience with using AirCover. We've got rock solid video evidence these guests damaged our front storm door.
Airbnb doesn't charge hosts individual or customized insurance premiums like the rest of the insurance world would. They just charge the same percentage fee across the board. Obviously different types of properties in different areas have different risks of being damaged by guests. Airbnb may have a way of evaluating this risk by having an algorithm look at the location, the type/size of listing, the wording in the listing, the types of people who have stayed at the place in the past and, of course, how many claims have actually come from individual properties.
That's my concern. Let's say you are Airbnb. There's one place with hosts that photographs their entire place before every stay and they have cameras all over and every time there's damage, they send you proof of the damage and you have to pay out via AirCover. Then let's say there's another listing in the same neighborhood that's pretty similar, but has no cameras and they don't take photos before each stay and when there's damage you're able to get out of paying them...or maybe they don't even try and just eat the cost themselves...or maybe their listing is just worded in a way that attracts people who tend to not damage the place. Obviously, since you're Airbnb, you would want to promote that second place, over the first, because your profits will be higher if you pay out fewer AirCover claims. Is there any evidence that they do this? I could see them lowering your search ranking based on how many AirCover claims you've had or how much they've had to pay out. It would be kind of surprising to me if they didn't do this, actually. So now I'm wondering if we should just eat the cost and skip AirCover. The damage is to a storm door that the house doesn't really need. We could just remove what's left of it and paint the door frame and it would look alright. If it won't affect our search ranking, though, we'd obviously prefer to be reimbursed for the damage. Thoughts?
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2023.03.20 22:34 Zynx- UK Air fryer recommendations

Hi thinking of getting an Air fryer of somewhere like Argos or Amazon but unsure what to go for
Not really looking to spend ยฃ200 but I can spend a bit if its worth it

Any recommendations are appreciated !
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2023.03.20 22:29 pusheen-_and_groot New 3.5 ton install: Rheem, Carrier or American Standard?

New 3.5 ton install: Rheem, Carrier or American Standard?
Hi all,
We are looking to replace our 15 year old HVAC system. Home is 1-story, 1800 sqft in a hot and humid climate like New Orleans. We are looking for something that is reliable and that has parts that are easily sourced. Can a pro recommend a system?
These are the quotes we have received for a Rheem, Carrier or American Standard:
Installs - Complete System ($9875 Cash, Check or Credit Card) 1.0 $10,850.00Install a new 3.5-ton 14 Seer 2. 410A Rheem condenser w/pad. 3.5-ton electric furnace 10kw heat kit and20x20x4 media filter w/return plenum (if needed). 3.5 ton Rheem box coil w/plenum, drain pan, and primary float switch. Flush copper lines and re-insulate. Add UV light to the system.
+ Adding a timed delay-on-break relay (compressor-saver) to unit+ Resealing all air leaks at connections+ Removing all old equipment+ Hauling away debris+ Surge Protector added to inside and outside unit+ Hard Start Kit Added
WARRANTY: 10 Yr Conditional Parts Warranty* 1 Yr Labor Warranty*
INCLUDES:+ 3.5-ton 15-SEER2 Carrier condenser+ 3.5-ton Carrier air-handler+ 15KW heat kit+ Plenum+ Emergency drain pan+ Emergency drain pan float switch+ Condenser pad+ Heater stands+ Hard-start kit
WARRANTY: 2-year labor warranty, 10-year parts warranty w/registration
Equipment: Furnish and install American Standard 3 ยฝ ton, R-410 condenser with matching American Standard air handler with 15 Kw electric heat.
Option 1: 14.3 SEER2 Condenser M # 4A7A4042N1000 Air Handler M # TEM4AOC43M41SB$8,239.00 โ€“ 4% = $7,909.00
Option 2: 15.2 SEER2 Condenser M # 4A7A5042N1000A Air Handler M # TEM4AOC43M41SB$9,086.00 โ€“ 4% = $ 8,722.00
+ Flush refrigerant lines and add liquid line filter drier and sight glass.+ Sheet metal supply plenum with volume dampers.+ Cut back and retrofit all supply ducts.+ New emergency drain pan and safety float switch.+ Re work condensate drains and add clean out and valve for drain flushing.+ Reinstall the current UV light, as well as the In line filtering system.+ New condenser slab, suction line insulation.+ Disposal of all old material and equipment.
WARRANTY: 10 year compressor, 10 year coils , and 10 year all parts. 1 year labor.
Don't let this be our fate
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2023.03.20 22:29 yangenomics A Hunter's Record from the Founding of New London (Fan Fiction)

From the Journal of Private James Wainwright of His Majesty's Army:
"October 10th, 1887
Today, the frost has bitten me with its merciless fangs, yet the gloves proffered to me by my late sister guarded my fingers enough to write at least one more entry in my journal for posterity... or... I shall write no more of it.
I left the safety of our encampment just as the sunlight disappeared from our sheltered home. The ice walls surrounding our settlement loomed over me, a seemingly impenetrable fortress against the bitter cold. Yet, in their shadow, we were ever-aware of our fragile existence. The ice walls, which reached towards the heavens, were both our protector and our captor, marking the edges of our world, yet it was my duty to march with the rest of my team beyond them to procure further means to our survival.
As I ventured forth, the wind howled around me like a pack of ravenous wolves, the cold gnawing at my bones despite the layers of furs and skins that shielded me from the elements. My breath hung in the air, crystallizing before my eyes, a testament to the unforgiving chill that enveloped me.
The landscape beyond the ice walls was an endless expanse of white, stretching as far as the eye could see. It was a barren wasteland, a frozen graveyard where only the strong could survive. The hunting party and I trudged through the snow, our legs sinking deep into the frozen powder with each laborious step. We pressed on, driven by the hope of locating the elusive game that endured in that hostile land. I can't say we did as well as we hoped, but the emaciated bodies of reindeer, fox and hare we brought back will have to do for now.
Upon our return to the New London settlement, the steam tower's familiar silhouette stood tall against the backdrop of the ice walls. Its pistons churned tirelessly, belching clouds of steam into the frigid air. This great machine of hope was our lifeline, a monument to human ingenuity and our relentless will to survive. The warmth that radiated from its core was a precious gift, a small miracle that protected our fragile colony from the cruel grasp of the Great Frost.
Our people bustled with activity, their breaths forming a swirling dance of mist around them. The sound of saws cutting through frozen timber echoed through the air, punctuated by the rhythmic thud of hammers as new structures rose from the frozen ground. The scent of simmering meat stew wafted from the mess hall, a tantalizing aroma that promised respite from the hunger gnawing at our insides.
In the heart of the settlement, children huddled around the warmth of the steam tower, their laughter a defiant song against the oppressive cold. Women and men alike laboured tirelessly, their hands cracked and raw, their faces etched with the lines of hardship. The colony, though battered and weary, gives proof to the indomitable spirit of the British people.
As I trudged through the snow back to my cot, my thoughts were consumed by the events of the day. The bitter cold, the desperate hunt, the sheer determination of our people - these are the threads that weave the fabric of our existence in this inhospitable realm. Despite the odds we persevere.
Tonight, as I lay down to rest within the confines of my tent, the ice walls will keep their silent vigil over our colony. And in the darkness, I will cling to the hope that tomorrow, we shall rise again to face the challenges of the Great Frost, ever-determined and unyielding in our quest to carve a life from this frozen world."
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2023.03.20 22:28 The-Bolton New Rig upgrade, Simagic Alpha Ultimate

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to share my rig setup, more so in case anyone has questions on various bits or considering buying them themselves (excuse the mess as keep putting off painting the wall). I read reddit a lot during my time building it and thought it about time to share now I actually have something to add.
I built my PC in March 2020 with a few upgrades since, and Iโ€™ve been sim racing since mid 2000 with gradual upgrades. Iโ€™ve added pictures from the end showing the different iterations. 3 wheelbases in total and 3 pedals. I use it at least 3 times a week and probably average pace and middle pack with the occasional podium or win. The gear is for enjoyment and immersion and not necessarily to make me faster, thereโ€™s plenty of people faster than me with much cheaper equipment.
List of the equipment below:
Originally started on a Thustmaster T80 and pedals which I had with a PS4 a few years prior and then tried on my PC. That effectively got me hooked. Then went to a Fanatec CSL elite with loadcell pedals and playseat challenge, and then the 80/40 rig.
The Simagic wheelbase and wheels are the newest as only had them a week but the rest Iโ€™ve had for over a year at least and they've had more than their fair share of use.
Main games I play are ACC, AC, AMS2 and recently iRacing.
Next upgrade is likely the PC by upgrading to 13th Gen 13700k CPU, Motherboard and DDR5 RAM. Iโ€™d love a 4090 to go with it but I think I've spent enough already.
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2023.03.20 22:24 CampHBDirector Fickle as the Weather

On February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow in Pennsylvania and saw his shadow. Six more weeks of winter, that was the prediction.
It was kind of right. There would be six more weeks, yesโ€ฆ Six, and then some.
The Big House. Monday, March 20th, 2023: the Vernal Equinox. 5:24pm.
โ€œAnd now, weather every twelve minutes! Hereโ€™s your forecaster for Olympian Weather โ€“ the OW! Channel โ€“ Aeolus!โ€
โ€œHurry, Chiron, help me out here.โ€ Leaning back on the sofa in the Big House living room, one foot over the other leg, Mr D pointed at Chiron with a can of Diet Coke. โ€œShould I call in for some rain to make the demigods miserable?โ€
Music played from the television as Chiron wheeled in, and tossed a Snausage to Seymour. The leopard eagerly snapped it out of the air, hardly even allowing himself a moment to savour the flavour before he gulped it down and stared down at the centaur, hungry for more.
โ€œItโ€™s going to be time for dinner soon, so Iโ€™d really rather you didnโ€™t.โ€
Dionysus rolled his eyes, his attention turning to the TV. On the screen, Aeolus smiled out with too-wide smile with too-bright teeth. The clouds on his suit, tinted orange, drifted in tandem with the formations on the map behind him.
โ€œHello, Olympus!โ€ he enthused. โ€œAeolus, master of the winds here, with weather every twelve! Weโ€™ve got some rain showers continuing over in the northwest, and- oh, or not, since Thalia wants to give them a break. Down in Texas you can expect to see more clouds moving in, andโ€ฆโ€
On and on it went - โ€œOh, thank Apollo,โ€ Chiron said at one point, when it was reported that the sun god had requested continued clear skies for Long Island, only for Dionysus to bark out a harsh laugh moments later when Aphrodite called in for snow.
Just when it seemed things were winding down, Aeolus tapped his earpiece one more time. โ€œAh, hold on- Okay! Yep, I hear you- I got you- Alright, folks, Demeter is calling for the northern hemisphere to get an extended winter this year and weโ€™re starting with some sleet over on the west coast, courtesy of Boreas himself. Oh, I doubt theyโ€™re ready for that!โ€
He waited a few more moments, before capping it off: โ€œAnd thatโ€™s the weather. See you in twelve minutes, because Iโ€™m sure itโ€™ll change!โ€
The music - too calm and cheery in the background, in contrast to Aeolusโ€™ demeanour while handling all those requests - swelled to a crescendo, the Weather Every 12 logo panned over the screen, and the programme ended.
โ€œOh, the heating bill is going to be awful,โ€ Dionysus muttered, and began flicking through channels from something about a missing person report to an episode of So You Think You Can Weave Better Than a Goddess?
Outside, even just as Chiron wheeled out to the porch, the sky was rapidly becoming obscured by clouds, and large, soft snowflakes began to fall.
OOC: And weโ€™re kicking off the subredditโ€™s 9th plot! There isnโ€™t much major stuff going on yet, but feel free to enjoy the weather (or hate it, who knows) or talk to Chiron, or whatever youโ€™d like to do on this nice snowy day. The weather report was mainly to set things up OOC, no campers would have in the room while they watched.
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2023.03.20 22:22 Bobavader21 Advice on Heat Pump Install

Looking for some advice on air source heat pumps for 20+ year old 2800 sq ft colonial in northeast. We are newer owners + inherited damaged + aged a/c equipment so we are looking to capitalize on rebates. We are unaware of how the house currently was cooling with ductwork. We have received multiple quotes + really narrowed down to 3. We had insulation work completed before winter. Have duct work that we likely plan to use vs. ductless units.
Option 1 โ€“ Roughly $35K
Install 2 Bryant Evolution Extreme units. 1 for 1st floor + 1 for 2nd floor. Replace flex duct in attic with new ductwork.
Install return in every room on 2nd floor.
Company is larger + closer to house
Optional mini split for bonus room connected to primary bedroom but likely this is a cost we cannot handle at the moment but there is concern the duct will not be sufficient depending on the use of the room.
Concerns โ€“ are the SEER + HSPF ratings (up to 24 + up to 13) actually real considering โ€œup toโ€ is used + Bryant warranty is 10 years + non transferrable to new owner
Option 2 โ€“ Roughly $35K
Install 2 Daikin SkyAir units. 1 for 1st floor + 1 for 2nd floor. Replace flex duct in attic with new ductwork.
Can install return in every room on 2nd floor.
Warranty is 12 years + transferable to new owner
No concern noted for bonus room. Installer was personable.
Concerns โ€“ are we sacrificing efficiency + cost savings by taking 16 SEER + 10.4 HSPF vs the Bryant, unsure of the Daikin brand, company is smaller + bit further from home
Option 3 โ€“ Roughly $38K
Install 2 Mitsubishi ducted units.
3 year labor warranty + 12 year Mitsubishi warranty
Install return in every room
Concern noted for bonus room to install mini split but likely we cannot take those costs on.
No concern on using existing ductwork. Installer was personable.
Concerns โ€“ are we getting much value in Mitsubishi if in lower temps the oil will kick on (should operate down to -5), if able to replace 20+ year old duct work shouldnโ€™t we?, sacrificing with 16 SEER + 9 HSPF vs Bryant?
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2023.03.20 22:19 tireddoggies HELP!!! My oven broke, how do I cook my loaf?

Hi, Iโ€™m making a (normal?) round loaf and iโ€™ve been having oven problems. Itโ€™s been working lately, but I made the mistake of trusting it. My dough has been rising for three hours, and I JUST put it in the oven when my oven decided to stop working. How else can I cook my loaf? I donโ€™t have a dutch oven. I do have a grill, a gas stove, an instant pot, a microwave, and an air fryer. Itโ€™s supposed to bake for 30 mins at 375F and about 10 mins at 425F. Please help!
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2023.03.20 22:01 Sydney_kriegshauser Decently cheap and relatively easy meals for 2 people?

What are some good meals for two people that are pretty cheap and super easy to throw together? My boyfriend and I have been living together for two and a half years but we rarely cook. Neither of us ever have time because we both typically work until 8, and heโ€™s also a full time student so when heโ€™s not working, heโ€™s doing HW. Crockpot meals seem to be the best way to go sometimes, but we always have leftovers and they donโ€™t get eaten. Our apartment is like 600 sq feet and even boiling water sets off the fire alarm half the time because of our coil stove, so any recipes that involve and oven, crockpot, air fryer, or instantpot equivalent are LOVELY. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 22:01 salmoapp What's Your Must-Have Kitchen Gadget for Healthy Cooking? Share Your Recommendations!

What's Your Must-Have Kitchen Gadget for Healthy Cooking? Share Your Recommendations!
Eating healthy doesn't have to be a chore, especially when you have the right kitchen gadgets! From spiralizers to air fryers, there are so many tools out there that can make healthy cooking easier and more enjoyable. So, we want to know - what's your favorite kitchen gadget for healthy cooking?
Share your must-have tool for creating nutritious meals and tell us why you love it. Is it a powerful blender that helps you make delicious smoothies? Or maybe a high-tech sous vide machine that cooks protein to perfection? We want to hear about the kitchen gadgets that make your healthy cooking game strong!
And don't forget to check out other readers' recommendations - who knows, you may discover a new gadget that revolutionizes your cooking routine!
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2023.03.20 22:00 TheBlizWiz ELI5:Why is there such a big difference in temperature feeling between setting the thermostat to 68F, 70F, 72F, and 74F?

68F makes the house freezing cold, 70F is chilly, 72 is nice and comfortable, and 74 is warm. But there's only 6 degrees between freezing cold temperature feeling and nice and warm. Is it humidity? I live in Arizona, the air is already very dry...
Sorry for using Freedom units, I don't know what that would be in Celcius and I also think that converting it wouldn't be as useful since those 4 are the most common A/C and Heating temps in houses.
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2023.03.20 21:58 5YNTH3T1K Frags For Effect

( I wrote this on /SLS and decided it needs to be here. I like it's tone. It's all over the place to be honest... )
Part A.
The Supermarket Blues.
There is me, a middle aged dude with grey stubble, old work clothes, rough boots, a satchel, phones on. Making my way down an isle, I went past some young dudes who were folding up cardboard boxes but I was too disheveled to ask for one, I kept on drifting.
Round the corner in some random well lit isle that was empty of fellow travelers I began to feel the welling up of emptiness, a huge nothing that was soon to engulf me. Low blood sugar ? I was going to get a hard boiled attack of the the feels. A filed flat .455 to the fucking central emotion core.
Suck in air, push out the meat like in G force drill and let it ride. Fuck. I'm gonna lose it in the sanitary products section. It's blood sugar for sure. Has to be. Nothing gets through this hide. Stab proof to the max.
It breaks. I survive. Slight streaks are scraped away by the wipers. Shit, no one saw. Keep sifting. It's ok.
I made my way to the terminals and processed my shit. Would you look at the bill, god damn. I got my block of cheese, got to have something to look forward to, right.
Fucks sake.
Ride home on me bike. Again. Rinse and repeat. What a life.
I cooked dinner, eating now as I type this report up. Back at the hab. Doors bolted and locked.
Mentally High five myself and keep monching, blood sugar display starts to tick up.
Phantoms from the past keep drilling me. They all dead now, right. All dead and buried. Well, what they could find.
Part B.
Clarification required. Pics or nix.
I am in fear. Fear is the key. Be the fear. Fear not. Fear for effect.
In breaking news: I have to bicycle across town to get my new headphones that have been lost in transit. Will take some video of the bicycle path as it is the true path and not fake at all. Follow the true path! * waves sandal *
Dating is not going well. Not at all. It's in retrograde. What ever that means.
She told me about how she had been taken on the bench in the kitchen, I thought about my back and well I just was not the man she wanted, obviously ( putting my back out is not an option) I suggested tiddly winks on the coffee table in the lounge instead. Alas she was bereft of egg cups. Drat. We both stared out the lounge window and watched the launch vehicle slowly move towards the massive hangar where the space rocket was being constructed. It was a nice view. Not a tree in sight and the huge tubes that direct the exhaust gases were quite Brutalist. I tried to imagine windows in them. We never did get it off. Or did we ? I shan't tell. no no no no, well maybe, ok. Lemme slip into something more comfortable. Walking forward with flippers on is quite a task I can tell you. The really long ones that make you swim like a seal ... I mean the animal not the group of swarthy chaps who exit from submarines and crawl out on land bristling with packed lunches and small packets of raisins...
I take all this shit very seriously by the way. I was born like this or maybe it was the years in that vat with all the gross tubes and shit stuck in me. Lucky I was not flushed. But the brain shit. Oh my. I am lost, again. So sad. But being different does have it's up sides. I can walk away from most things. Not that I am a pyscho or nothing it's just I was wired none standard. What are true feelings anyway ? I loaded a bolt gun and balanced it over my handle bars as I slowly weaved my way across the bridge. So many dead cars... and silent. Does this interest you at all ? How do I make this work. Does it work. Shall I pause here and ride to the depot. I shall. I shall indeed. No shirking. Always carry frags. You just never know.
Love you all. Back soon. xxx
Part C.
" Ok slug, lets move. " They got me to shuffle forward into the back of the tracked vehicle, inside were some shit looking benches to sit on, I shoved down to the last and sat my ass down. I got a HiTek jammed under my jaw bone for good measure. They ain't fooling around. One slip and my brain case contents redecorates the interior. They like to make sure we know who is boss about every five minutes.

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2023.03.20 21:55 CouponsKiss Sur La Table Promo Code Reddit 2023

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2023.03.20 21:50 Funko_and_Toys Funko collection for sale

Funko collection for sale
Funko pop collection for sale. Link to whatnot shop and instagram. Message for pricing. Prices are negotiable. Pops come in new protectors.
  1. Freddy Funko as Pennywise. Dent in window on side of box.
  2. One Piece 922 Sabo. Signed by Johnny Yong Bosch. JSA certified.
  3. Bleach 1087 Ichigo Chase. Signed by Johnny Yong Bosch with a quote. Toyzilla certification from private signing event.
  4. The Legend of Korra 763 Mako. Signed by David Faustino. Comes with OC Celebrity certification from private signing.
  5. Attack on Titan (AOT) 463 Kenny. Signed by Phil Parsons with quote. Comes with OC Celebrity certification from private signing.
  6. Chicago Bulls 126 Michael Jordan (Black Pinstripes) Footlocker exclusive.
  7. Avatar The Last Air Bender 537 Toph. Signed by Jessie Flower with quote. Comes with Toyzilla certification from private signing.
  8. Batman 289 80th Anniversary Batman. Signed by Val Kilmer. Comes with Beckett certification.
  9. Marvel 869 Eddie Brock Blacklight. Sketched picture and signed by Sam de la Rosa. Comes with Level 10 certification.
  10. One Piece 98 Monkey D. Luffy. Signed by Colleen Clickenbeard. Comes with Beckett certification.
  11. Naruto Shippiden 183 Sakura. Signed by Kate Higgins. JSA certified.
  12. Rugrats 1206 Angelica Pickles. Signed by Cheryl Chase with quote. Comes with OC Celebrity certification from private signing.
  13. FullMetal Alchemist 433 Alex Armstrong. Signed by Christopher Santa with quote. JSA certified.
  14. Breaking Bad 161 Jesse Pinkman (Yellow Haz-Mat suit). Box has damage and wear.
  15. Breaking Bad 163 Saul Goodman. Box has damage and wear.
  16. Star Wars 446 Hunter.
  17. Freddy Funko as Zombie. Side window has tear.
  18. Freddy Funko as Hannibal
  19. Thor Love and Thunder 1042 Valkyrie.
  20. Stranger Things 1241 Lucas (Season 4)
  21. Naruto Shippiden 824 Might Guy (Eight Inner Gates) Glow in the dark
  22. Spider-Man No Way Home 925 Ned.
  23. She-Hulk 1126 She-Hulk in super suit
  24. Avengers Infinity War 285 Iron Man.
  25. Freddy Funko as Statue of Liberty
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2023.03.20 21:47 AnomalousNexus Has anyone recently built a new custom home with hydronic radiant heat panels?


The title. If it helps I'm in Alberta, Canada. I'm thinking of using a GSHP (geothermal/ground-source heat pump) based hydronic system to heat my next home that we're in the design phase of. The reasoning for wanting to go this way is simple - my partner and I hate forced air, despise noisy drafty furnaces and AC units and want to avoid them if at all possible. And no natural gas or propane.
Home details: Frost-free foundation slab, 1.5 story, about 3500 sq ft including the attached garage, well sealed to at least Net Zero/R2000 or better standards. With a well-insulated slab that uses either radiant hydronic floor, or the Legalett system. HRV/ERV with dehumidifier for ventilation.
While the heated floor is a must, has anyone recently done one cooled - and yes I know it can be tricky with the dew point, good controls are a must. What I'm thinking is part of this system would include radiant ceiling mounted panels to provide both as well, since cooling from above at a minimum will be necessary. Backup heat would be an in-tank resistive element.
So has anyone done this for residential, or perhaps would I have to look at hiring a commercial contractor for this?
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2023.03.20 21:43 Successful_Move_158 How perfectly do I need to fill my coolant?

TLDR: do I need to re top off coolant after overflow due to opening cap while engine was ~140?
Basically I did a radiator replacement and it was sort of a train wreck. I got the old one out just fine and the new one in just fine. Only issue is I overfilled the coolantโ€ฆ And didnโ€™t totally tighten a worm gear due to a weird angle.
What happened with the overfill was I thought the car was taking more fluid because there was a lot of air pockets but apparently it was going into the plastic overflow tank. I siphoned it out and thought everything was all good.
After driving to work I open my hood to find a LOT of steam. I assumed it was just spilled coolant but it got worse after I got home to find a leak from the lower radiator hose. It seems I forgot to totally tighten it.
So now your all caught up. After fixing (hopefully) the leak today I topped off the coolant then started the car for 5 minutes and opened the radiator cap to retop it off forgetting about how it will overflow due to heat. Can I just drive it and forget about the overflow or should I retop it off. If there any methods to avoid spilling? I bought a no spill funnel but itโ€™s awful and doesnโ€™t 100% fit.
2004 wrx
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