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2023.06.02 19:28 lr_420 Fixing cam journals

I own a 99 mustang gt and am doing cams. The cam caps on these engines are machined to the head and there are no bearings. As I took one of my caps off I saw that the journals were decently scored on the cap side only. From what I understand I can’t buy new caps without buying a whole new head which I’m not doing. So, I had the idea of taking some super high grit sandpaper and possibly trying to polish out some of the imperfections in the journals. The car ran fine before I don’t know if I should just send it or try to fix it. Thoughts? What grit should I use if it’s a good idea?
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2023.06.02 19:28 USNofSOT Lore Friday - Petty Officer I GoldenBoy of the United States Navy of the Sea of Thieves

Lore Friday - Petty Officer I GoldenBoy of the United States Navy of the Sea of Thieves
A westerly wind blankets the lengths of San Juan harbour on the northern side of the Puerto Rican coast. The spray of the waves beats against the branching docks and platforms. Ships list to and fro calmly on the water, peppered with the sounds of sailors and merchants going about their business. By the edge of the perimeter sits a sturdy pavilion, filled sufficiently with crates and barrels by the coming and going workmen of the port. Inside the pavilion stands an equally sturdy man, taking stock of the labours being performed about the coast. In his care is a young boy, fascinated by the vessels sprawling across the horizon. The man is the chief overseer of the movement of cargo to and from the vessels, and lives comfortably for it. His son, however, is compelled to greater ambitions.
The boy grows with a window to the life of the sailors that roam the harbour, observing their trades and practices. After a while, the boy becomes a young man, tasked with aiding his father’s business on the shore. He deals with the seamen that come to offload their goods and learns more about the sea with each passing patron of his father’s storehouse. In his leisure, he records what he has learned about the way of the mariner. Every so often he’ll catch a story from a ship’s mate, detailing the highlights of their voyage. The young man’s favourite tales he’d catch, though, were those of adventure. Adventurers and pioneers roamed the Caribbean in pursuit of discovery, fame, and fortune. To the young man who’d grown up seeing them walk the streets and hearing of their exploits across the waves, this experience was everything. He longed to cross the threshold to the sea and wander as they did, to finally taste the fruits of the thriving world. One name stood out from these voyagers, though. Every so often whispers of a man by the name of Arthur Pendragon would reach San Juan, from the trade routes and channels of the Atlantic, and these tellings seemed to captivate the young man most of all. Mysterious and noble, Pendragon’s endeavours were equally elusive and engaging to the young man on the dock, filling with every piece of information he was given. As the young man continued to grow, so did his curiosity.
The years would tarry on as the lad watched the horizon longingly, dreaming of exploration. Eventually, the day would come that fewer and fewer ships would return from their travels, lost to time and to the lands from which they had hailed. The young man had begun to stand in for his father, the man’s father having grown weary from his duties. The fellow, keen in his youth and trade, was very much aware that the books were simply running thin and with no explanation as to why. How was it that ships would disappear from their journeys, and that merchants would never return to earn their profit? The young man sat and stared at the sparse docks, until something on the waves caught his eye. Against the setting sun, sails stretched into the sky and scraped the heavens as they carried the hulking barge beneath them. Slowly, her features drifted into the young man’s view, grand and immaculate in design. This vessel was a Spanish ship of line, a kind not regularly known to grace the goings on of the port.
The young fellow’s mind began to wander, reaching for a reason as to why this vessel crept towards this particular place. San Juan was a Spanish domain to be sure, but this port specifically was a trade hub for the common worker, not to be any kind of naval yard or locker. Soon enough, the vessel listed in the harbour, the name “El Coqui” etched onto her broadsides. Night had fallen, cloaking the ship in shadow as she tossed just out of reach of the shallows. It was clear, whatever the craft had come here for would not be certain until the sun rose hours from now. It was late, with few stragglers still awake and present on the coast to see the sight of the warship, although those who did see were perhaps just as perplexed. Regardless, answers were yet to come.
The young fellow slept restlessly, plagued by the worries of his father’s business, his thoughts of the sea, and the man o’ war that waited off shore for some unknown intention. When he awoke, a gilded sun cast a truer sight over the port and showed the best features of the scenery in full. The vessel born of the Spanish armada sat off the coast still now, but notably lacking her launches that had rested upon her deck. The wind quelled the heat of the Caribbean sun, laden with droplets of water carried from the foam of the tides. In the distance, the man could hear a commanding voice, proclaiming to a crowd on a platform to the west of the harbour.
The youthful man turned to look at the display, scanning for the speaker. In the middle of the crowd was an officer of the Spanish fleet, framed by a handful of others like sailors and soldiers, fresh off the longboats docked at the end of the nearby jetty. The man wandered from his father’s establishment towards the gathering, listening as he went. “His grace, the king of Spain, has seen the failure of trade in this port” the officer announced. “Be assured; this is no specific occasion. Across the lands of the Spanish empire in the new world, ships found trading in the Caribbean have gone missing, found wrecked, or entirely unreported. It is his majesty’s greater sense that these events may be traced back to one channel, that being the space just south of Anegada.” The naval mate spoke succinctly, with clear definition and determination. It was clear the officer had been well educated, surely of some wealthy background.
The speaker continued, “By royal mandate, El Coqui and her crew have been tasked with investigation of the area. As such, the fleet has commanded that volunteers familiar with the area are to be brought aboard in the interest of reviving the trade route from whatever force has claimed it.” The young man who’d seen the ship first arrive reached the collection of onlookers just as the speaker finished his statement. As the people began to chatter anxiously, the man recounted the details of what he’d just heard, hope growing in him as he considered the situation. In a matter of minutes, the young fellow knew what he had to do.
The lad’s father had grown farther from the business of the port, but despite this was well enough aware of the situation at hand. The young man made his case thoroughly, leaving his father with no excuse nor energy to deny the opportunity. With any luck, the man who had so long pursued the sea was finally given the chance to live his fantasies whilst aiding his home at the call of the Spanish armada. The man wasted no time in collecting his belongings and saying his goodbyes before heading toward the boats waiting on shore. His heart beat with excitement as the soldiers rowed the recruits steadily back to their ship. The waves beat against the walls of the boat rhythmically, almost seeming to cheer for the young man as he finally greeted the voyage he had been waiting for. The man boarded the warship as he gazed back at his home, staring back at the sturdy pavilion from which he’d watched the world go by.
Despite all his ambitions, though, fate had other plans. The young fellow on that warship, known later only by the initials “G.B.” would never return to San Juan harbour. Had he been granted the truth of his destination, he would have known that El Coqui was bound for the pirate enclave known colloquially as the Sea of Thieves. In crossing into what appeared to be a fog bank, the ship was soon engulfed in the Shroud before being torn to pieces by its power. Carried ashore on nothing but his sack of belongings, G.B. awoke in an unfamiliar land that had claimed so many others that had wandered astray in a similar fashion. After discovering a weathered longboat, he managed to reach civilization. There he learned about the world he’d become a part of and the nature of its inhabitants. On this, a somewhat ramshackle outpost, he discovered that few knew how to enter the Shroud safely. Many inhabitants of this realm were simply lost wanderers, taking to their new lives and uncharted opportunities. G.B. knew that to find the way back home, he’d need to first find someone who had thread the needle getting in, in order to plot the course back out.
Fortunately, he’d already familiarised himself with one of the most notorious of these wayfinders, this being the infamous Sir Arthur Pendragon. Surely if G.B. had managed to survive, so could one of the best explorers that had ever navigated the Caribbean. To uncover Pendragon’s fate, though, he’d need resources. With no real ship, G.B. would need to sign on to a crew. Luckily enough, that day he stumbled upon the United States Navy of the Sea of Thieves. From this moment forward, G.B. devoted himself to bringing aid to the travellers that washed through the Shroud while seeking out his own mission, the true fate of Arthur Pendragon and the way through the Devil’s Shroud.
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2023.06.02 19:27 Suicine865 Miami exposed as frauds.

As painful as it was to watch the game last night I did because I wanted to see how Miami matched up with Denver. It really sucks that Miami has our number in the playoffs. They did during the big 3 era and they did in the bubble and we are a missed Jimmy butler 3 from losing 4 straight playoff series against them.
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2023.06.02 19:27 BFreeCoaching The Universe Doesn’t Test You — It Reflects Your Beliefs

If you’re focused on feeling better, and then a “negative” thing happens and you feel worse, that wasn’t a test.
The ONLY reason you felt bad is because you judged the unwanted experience as negative, as wrong, as shouldn’t have happened, and as not good enough. The universe is just reflecting your beliefs.
If you didn’t practice those limiting beliefs, you would’ve viewed that unwanted experience as a good thing! And thus, you would continue to feel good. And thus thus, you would allow it to continue to unfold in your favor.
If you look into a mirror and see messy hair, you don't assume it's a test. You don't need to stay strong until tomorrow, and it's not a sign you need to buy a new mirror. You know it's just reflecting what you're giving it. Comb your hair, change yourself, and the mirror will automatically change.
Emotions are your universal lie detector — your reaction lets you know what you really believe.
With appreciation, BFree

Previous Posts
1. When the Universe Feels like a Tease
2. Why You Attract the Opposite
3. Changing Limiting Beliefs Is Easy
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2023.06.02 19:27 IAmExistential New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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2023.06.02 19:27 Royal-Nature-2845 [Recruiting] Low Hangin Lads #2GQLJCRUU TH 4+ Clan LvL 1 Social/Friendly/Clan Wars/Clan Capital/ Donators Independent

Come join us at the Low Hangin Lads!! We are an upcoming clan looking for all types of players from new to experienced! We are semi-casual focusing on clan wars, clan games, and the clan capital!
What we offer!! - Troop Donations - Friendly/Relaxed Environment - Very active chat and players - Attacking tips/strategies - Consistent Clan Wars and Clan Capital events
What we are looking for!! - Active daily - Friendly to your fellow clan lads - TH4 and Up - Newer Players are welcome! - Participation in clan events (clan wars, clan games, clan capital)
The link to our clan is right here for anybody interested!! It’s time to let it Hang Low!! Link :
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2023.06.02 19:27 Mjr798 Palo Alto inbound inspection questions?

I have a question about what certificates I should have on a new pair of HA Palo Alto 3320's that I'm setting up, these are severing as our hosted WAN firewalls, we'll be doing SSL inbound inspection on them.
The main caveat is that the hosted servers that users go to when they go through our hosted NAT rules, are all F5 VIP's, normally, I would just be putting the servers pub/priv key pair of the firewalls, but since none of them are technically where the user goes to when they establish an SSL connection, the F5 VIPs acts as the destination for the NAT rules whenever the hosting IP's are connected to.
It may seem like an obvious question, but in this case, don't I just use the pub/priv keypair that are on the F5 client SSL profile instead of the servers certificates themselves in a normal instance?
One bonus question as well, for the decryption policy on the PA, am I right in saying that the scr zone would be the outside, scr ip "any", dst zone (the relevant next hop zone) and the dst ip as the private IP, being the VIP, not the public IP that users will connect to? (I guess the same sort of question applies to the NAT and security policy rules to, that's how I've currently set it all up)
Thanks all
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2023.06.02 19:27 Trollaukin DC Visa Office Experience

My appointment was for 12:30-1:30. I got there at 11:30. They make sure you have an appointment form and a mask, and send you through the metal detector and to a specific seat to wait (for whatever reason they aren’t doing numbers right now.)
Then I waited and waited. The line was not that long initially, but for large stretches of time they only had one person working a non-official visa window, and some people were up there arguing with her for a long time. There were also some weird situations where people were cutting the line in various ways and for various reasons, some of which may have been legitimate while others just seemed to be getting away with it.
I was really glad I’d read the advice from this subreddit, so I expected a wait, brought water and snacks, and settled in with a book.
At 2:00, it was finally my turn. Although I’d brought a ton of documents I was very unlikely to need (and didn’t end up needing), I somehow managed to forget a very important one — my invitation letter! I couldn’t believe it. I had flight tickets as well, but since I didn’t have hotel reservations, I definitely needed the invitation letter.
I asked if I could print it somewhere (I’d brought coins), but no, they don’t have such a place in the DC office. She did say I could go someplace nearby for the copy and come back, and implied I could skip the line when I did so. But when I showed her my invitation letter on my phone, she allowed me to email it to her instead, which was very kind. My advice is to spend less time stressing about all the things you might possibly need and more time double checking that you have the things you’ll definitely need!
I’d also forgotten one of the several signatures on the application, but she let me sign it then and there.
The only other issue was my trip to Turkey last year. She confirmed I had gone there and I had to fill out a form stating the days I was there and whether it was for business or vacation.
I had been getting increasingly nervous while waiting because so many of the people in front of me were being sent away because they were missing something important or had made a mistake on their application form. Some people were even grumbling about how it was their third time trying to apply. An especially common issue seemed to be misplacing prior China visas.
But I think I got through. I got a slip saying to come back (in just 3 business days) to pick up and pay. Hopefully it goes well from here. I went to Dumplings and Beyond two blocks away to celebrate with delicious homemade dumplings!
Good luck to everyone else!
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2023.06.02 19:26 AnEntireDiscussion I desperately wish I had screenshots.

Be me, a new mercenary company, Mason's Warmonkeys.
Also me: Stacked Crates Mod
I'm Rep 4 or so, rolling on a low difficulty contract. Standard Battlefield gig, weight limit is fairly low, 145, I think.
I have my very first heavy, a Archer which I have YAML'd up with some Lostech. Two PPCs, 4 medium lasers, two LRM 10s. XL engine, endosteel. A Hunchback II with twin PPCs and a royal variant Stinger with 4 medium lasers.
Drop into the mission. Optional objective: Investigate the anomaly. Uh-oh.
For those who don't play with Stacked Crates or don't have the particular settings enabled for it, occasionally Stacked Crates will drop a very high value crate full of Lostech or even a Mech (How do you think I got the Hunchback II?) but... it also drops a lance of defenders. I have found this lance is not based on your difficulty level.
I head up to a nearby hill, and I can ping them. Atlas. Atlas. King Crab. Highlander. Fuck. My. Life.
But... there's a voice in the back of my brain. They're all slow. All my mechs do at least 20 kph higher than they do. Maybe I can take one or two out. That'd be worth doing, particularly if I can get to the crate. I can't remember if I get the contents of the crate if I abort without completing the mission but... a part of me wants to try.
First thing is first, I run to the middle of the map where the mission objective is. The assault lance will pull agro from the incoming mission mechs, so I figure that'll at least be a distraction. The first atlas comes over the hill, and I start running away, sandpapering him with LRMs. He's replying back, but there's a series of sand dunes that I can run behind to mostly avoid taking to many of his LRMs. I work backwards across the map and up into the foothills around the edge. The little mechs the mission in spawning aren't doing much, but they're at least keeping most of the big boys occupied. Slowly, I wear down the first Atlas. "I'm punching out! Kill them for me!" the pilot screams as she shoots skywards.
This is going super well so far. *cue overconfidence* Except I keep hearing this noise. It's very loud but I can't place it. It isn't quite a long tom or sniper artillery. My hunchback has no chance. He turns back, because he's an idiot, and takes an arrow 4 to the chest. No more hunchback. Oooookay. That's not great.
I play a game of cat and arrow 4, breaking LOS as soon as I have a lock with my LRMs and dodging Arrow 4s like a Canopian Catgirl on Battle Powder. Then something wonderful happens. One of the mission mechs is equipped with flamers. And shuts the Atlas with the Arrow 4 down. The other two assault mechs are busy. I charge that Atlas, chewing it apart with lasers and PPCs.
There's only two left.
The Crab is a problem. Even staying out of his AC20 range, which I can't always do, he's trading me LRMs, and I don't have nearly the armor. By the time he's down, I'm in the red on... everything, and missing a PPC. But all that's left is the poor Highlander.
I can hear the bagpipes as this madlad stands his ground, encircled by three smaller mechs, and being peppered by LRMs from my battered Archer, which somehow, despite all the damage, has only lost the one PPC. *Cue nervous glances at that XL engine that seemed like such a good idea at the time*.
In the end, I'm out of LRM ammo, and I end up wading in with my energy weapons. Luckily, he'd turned to swat a Spider that was harassing him, and I got some clean shots at his back. Down went the last of the Assault mechs. Cleanup wasn't great, I lost another laser and a leg, and the Stinger lost an arm to the highlander, but victory was ours.
And in the crate? A brand new Hunchback II identical to the one I'd lost, -AND- a Spider 7V -AND- a shiny new Wolverine. Even including the DLC campaigns, that was the single most exhilarating battle I've ever had. So close to defeat, so many 'Oh Shit' moments, but in the end, the sweet taste of victory.
Oh, and the Archer? My beloved baby? Everything was repairable except one PPC. I don't know how. I don't know what Goddess of warfare blessed this mercenary company, but it was about 3 Million C-bills to get her back up and running again. I'm never selling this mech.
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2023.06.02 19:26 Dardafed I'm fairly new to the Discover 5% cash back. Could you answer some questions?

Is Google Play acceptable for a digital wallet using Discover? Do I earn 5% back anywhere I use Google pay?
I just activated The 5% back for using digital wallet. Can I start earning 5% back for both Q2 and Q3?
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2023.06.02 19:26 PurpleRose3553 Aryan Brotherhood guide?

I’m new to TNO and I’ve need told it’s best to start as a warlord and the Aryan brotherhood look fucking cursed so it’s up my alley. Is it a good nation to start off with or is it too difficult?
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2023.06.02 19:26 fivealive5 This "new" exploit everyone is afraid of was released Dec 25th 2021 and uses an exploit dating back to BO3. It does not give people the ability to DOX you. NOTHING has changed, EVERYTHING you do online can expose your IP. It's not the risk people are claiming, go ask your ISP about it.

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2023.06.02 19:26 Bateson88 Suddenly own 6 Koi fish - Help!

I moved into a new rental property yesterday and suddenly became the owner of 6-8 koi fish. The owner moved to Europe and left all his fish behind. I wasn't really aware I was going to receive all these fish, but now that I have them I want to figure out how to care for them. I'm going to do some reading, but can you guys provide some basic MUST KNOW information, tips, or anything? I literally know nothing and have never owned any kind of fish before.
They are in an outdoor pond in my backyard. Food recommendations? How often do they eat? Do I treat the pond? How do I clean? Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.02 19:26 anonimouse011 Hey I’m 18F and looking to make a new friend

Hey I’m looking for a friend around my age. I am currently taking a break from school so I don’t have a lot of social connection and am looking to making some new ones. I’m happy to talk about anything from small things that happen day to day, to deeper conversations. I do want to start anonymously cause I am nervous about that kind of thing, but I’m happy to move things along later once we get to know each other. I’m interested in almost everything and I’m down to gossip about anything going on in the world or your life. I’m just looking to make a friend.
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2023.06.02 19:26 BlankVerse Cracker Barrel Introduces New Sirloin Steak Tips Bundle and Barrel Cheeseburger Slider Platter to Catering Menu

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2023.06.02 19:26 justthinkingaboutitt I (25f, pregnant) caught my husband (39m) texting with an ex coworker

No pictures were exchanged. No plans to meet up were exchanged. However he was making flirty passes and comments to her over texts on and off over the course of 2 weeks. It seems like he was baiting her for attention.
He left the job 2 weeks before she starting texting him, he took the texts to the next level.
We’ve been married for under a year. For years, we have dreamed of starting a family. He has even been more overjoyed about the new pregnancy than I have.
I’m just completely devastated and don’t know how to even make of these actions. They never had any physical contact- both parties have confirmed and from my sources and investigations, and their own words exchanged, nothing happened or was in the works to take place.
He has thrown himself into personal, cbt sessions 2x per week. He has scheduled marriage counseling. He is in recovery and claims this was him not working a program. It was a relapse before a relapse. He has since started going through his steps and working with a sponsor.
I’ve never had infidelity issues with him before. I’ve always kept an eye on messages and conversations, just because of my trauma. This is first relationship where he has cheated (so he says).
He is begging to do all the work on himself and to understand why he would even do this. I moved my shit out the day i found this. He is begging to work and fix our marriage and to give our son a happy home we didn’t have growing up.
He has not been angry or defensive, but devastated as well.
What are your thoughts?
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2023.06.02 19:26 laminosity00 29 / PC / Steam games

Hello there!

Most of my friends are already inactive on Steam.
I am finding new friends to play with. DM for your steam and I'll add you! :)
I play different genre of games so please feel free to DM me if ever you are online on Steam.

Thank you!
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2023.06.02 19:26 Zendayaisuglyaf What’s the point of burying treasure?

I used to play a lot like 2 years ago and recently started playing again and have been liking a lot of the quality of life upgrades and new content to the game. But last night I was fishing and got my ship sunk by some people so I grabbed a stronghold keg and blew up their ship.
The guys who sunk my ship invited me to a party and asked what I was doing. I told them I was fishing and they claimed to “feel bad for sinking me” since I was only fishing.
They then said they found my buried storage crate with all my fish and said they were taking. (So much for feeling bad)
So if people can just take the map that shows your buried treasure then what the fuck is the point of burying something anyway?
Is there a way to make the game prevent from making a map of the buried treasure? Why does it even make a map? I feel like if you don’t remember where you buried it then you deserve to lose it.
Regardless, I’m 100% never playing this game solo again.
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2023.06.02 19:26 Aggressive-Goose2121 Religious fanatic w/ bullet proof vest and loud speaker guy

Unless you’re new to the area, you probably know who I’m talking about. He’s out in front of White Castle in JSQ today. He’s an extremist Christian preacher type who uses a microphone and professional speaker set up to yell at us for hours at a time. I understand it’s free speech, but this loud speaker he has can be heard for several blocks. Seriously if he was doing this without the microphone it would annoy me much less. Has anyone ever tried making a noise complaint? Aren’t there limits on the decibel of sound allowed?
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2023.06.02 19:26 Mammoth_Housing_4420 How many reviews are normal from a PI?

I have been writing a paper, my PI has returned it like 7 times for review, I am going crazy. We haven't even submitted it for any publication review yet. Granted, I am probably not the best writer but there are some things that could be avoided, for example, tell me all the changes I should make the first time around and not on the 4th and the 5th, and stop asking me to include new data while reviewing, the rearrangement and new write-up for that data is absolutely brutal. This back and forth is delaying the publication and making me procrastinate like crazy because I absolutely hate it at this point.
Is there anything I can do? Can I talk to my PI in a way they understand to make the process easier?
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2023.06.02 19:26 RedditIsTrashLma0 2023 is a redux of 2007

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2023.06.02 19:26 mark-feuer Tailscale VPN/LAN tunnel on Batocera for multiplayer online

I've been trying to test Tailscale as a workaround for my ISP's draconian approach to port forwarding, which is to essentially block all of them and has made online multiplayer impossible on my SBCs running Batocera Linux (two 32-bit ARM7 Odroid XU4s and an ARM64 Odroid N2L). The internet provider is mandatory at my complex.
I tried ZeroTier at first and had luck punching through to play System Shock 2 multiplayer on Windows PCs, but Batocera's stripped-down Linux doesn't appear compatible with ZeroTier. (It's still possible, but would have to set up bridges on both players' networks with 2 separate SBCs, which is kind of above my knowledge.)
HOWEVER, Tailscale appears compatible even with 32-bit ARM and Batocera, and another user gave me a guide that he said worked for him on this OS. I seem to get stuck on steps 4 and 5 after plugging in my auth key when I tried this on an Odroid XU4, though.
When I ran step 4, the terminal returned [1] followed by a four-digit number. Then, when I ran step 5, it returned [1]+ followed by "Exit" and a three-digit number, as well as /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled -state /userdata/tailscale/state > /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled.log 2>&1
When I checked in the Tailscale admin page after rebooting, there were no new machines added, so it didn't seem like I was successful. I couldn't tell what the Tailscale NIC would be when I ran ip a.
Everything below is the guide I was provided:
  1. Download static tailscale builds
  2. Create /userdata/tailscale and move tailscale and tailscaled to said folder
  3. Add the following to /userdata/system/

#!/bin/bash if test "$1" != "start" then exit 0 fi /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled -state /userdata/tailscale/state > /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled.log 2>&1 & /userdata/tailscale/tailscale up --accept-dns=false --accept-routes=false --login-server= --hostname 
  1. Now we can run /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled -state /userdata/tailscale/state > /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled.log 2>&1 &
  2. Start tailscale and provide authkey /userdata/tailscale/tailscale up --accept-dns=false --accept-routes=false --login-server= --hostname --auth-key=auth.key
  3. Assuming this worked for you, you can now reboot the machine and check ip a and you should now see the tailscale NIC.
This was for tailscale, but I would hope you can do something similar for zerotier. My only complaint is this seems to be ran last which means I can't use it as a way to mount my roms remotely, but should be useful for multiplayer games.
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