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2023.06.09 00:35 I_AM_SCUBASTEVE Blackbird TI vs Henson Ti-22

With Blackland’s summer sale going on, both of these razors are nearly the same price. Does anyone have one or both and can they let me know what they think or how they compare?
I do have an Aluminum Henson in aggressive that is quite nice, but it’s almost too light and agile, to the point that it can pretty easily lose surface contact and result in not as close of a shave, even though the shave itself is nice when I perform it flawlessly. The extra heft from Titanium may help with that problem.
The Blackbird is a favorite of a lot of people, including me when I tried it, but I never owned one and the one I tried was the SS version. Wondering how big a difference the TI makes.
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2023.06.09 00:34 astrogod97 Help I think the Ativan is making me worse ....

Hello I am a 25-year-old male I have PTSD OCD and panic disorder along with POTs syndrome. I am only currently on ativan three times a day every 8 hours and it seems like now that I've been taking this dosage for so long I'd say at least 3 months I have been even more panicing and heightened anxiety along with overwhelming feelings of chest pain and the fear of having a heart attack. I tried Lexapro a couple months back stuck with it for about 2 months then they took me off of it because it made me have worse depression but seemed to help a little bit of my anxiety. Now I don't know what to do because I am a dependent on the Ativan and I want to taper off of it because it seems like it all it's doing is making me high but not calling me down anymore and I hate that feeling especially being sober from alcohol for 6 months. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow any advice on what I should ask to be on to help with severe health anxiety I'm in constant fear of my heart going to explode or have a heart attack or that I have cancer of some sort but I have been cleared by by so many doctors every week for 5 months now that I am 100% healthy besides having POT syndrome I've got my blood pressure under control my blood sugar under control and my overall blood tests are all in the green damn near perfect any advice for tomorrow? Thnx
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2023.06.09 00:34 hahahajump Morton Williams

Morton Williams
Pickuped Two weeks ago like June 1 ?a Friday 7pm? Mentioned time here as Morton Williams all of sudden like a hot catch for locations near me, usually bought/ pick up same day , but since summer need some plan.
I ordered the bag Thursday night, but Friday noon got notice for order cancelled, but as I casually went through the same store, FOUR bags there still?!! And I reserved one bag again..
That Friday evening was really bad weather day, I was in my bodega to get something but 6pm rained like dogs and cats, my appt is 1 minute away while Morton Williams is 6 minutes away, I was struggling like 5 minutes to let order wasted or rushing in the crazy rain for it?
I rushed but completely soaked when in store. Met same pickup guy who seemed just off or waiting rain over too, both staffs seemed shocked I was there, I heard one guy said "no bags today, didn't they cancel all orders " my heart sunk hearing this with my soaked clothes . ..
But guy I know (he didn't know me) took off his backpack, said wait a second, and went around the store made a bag for me!! (maybe just sympathy for a complete soaked me haha ) Turned out all food I got that day lasted 3 or 4 days completely fresh made that day compared usually same day expired sandwich..Morton Williams food always seems ok for me if thinking to just bring office or some early short roadtrip with friends in car, but people here is great!!
One point here worth noting: if your order got cancelled but still see store with abundance bags , maybe better don't order again as some people say it's TGTG automatic fulfill bags for stores ? (Unfortunately I heard people and from internet, Saturday people got same issue there but went told nothing there, def would be a bummer )
Eataly I got bit similar experience too would write once free
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2023.06.09 00:34 TemetNosce Watching from my backyard, near me is a "turning point"? An area where they turn, landmark is old rock quarry. 4-6 of them turning, IT IS LOUD!!! And I like it!!!

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2023.06.09 00:33 Geoconyxdiablus How would you change the Toronto Zoo?

So after visiting the zoo last May, I noticed a lot under construction or renovation: the orangutan's outdoor enclosure, the new tiger expansion, Tundra Trek losing the tipis, the Australasia aviary, and I heard the moose exhibit is also getting altered, so I decided to share my own ideas.
African Rainforest
African Savannah
Tundra Trek/Americas
Canadian Domain
With that done, What would you change about the Toronto Zoo?
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2023.06.09 00:33 astrogod97 Need advice my Ativan is making things worse..

Hello I am a 25-year-old male I have PTSD OCD and panic disorder along with POTs syndrome. I am only currently on ativan three times a day every 8 hours and it seems like now that I've been taking this dosage for so long I'd say at least 3 months I have been even more panicing and heightened anxiety along with overwhelming feelings of chest pain and the fear of having a heart attack. I tried Lexapro a couple months back stuck with it for about 2 months then they took me off of it because it made me have worse depression but seemed to help a little bit of my anxiety. Now I don't know what to do because I am a dependent on the Ativan and I want to taper off of it because it seems like it all it's doing is making me high but not calling me down anymore and I hate that feeling especially being sober from alcohol for 6 months. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow any advice on what I should ask to be on to help with severe health anxiety I'm in constant fear of my heart going to explode or have a heart attack or that I have cancer of some sort but I have been cleared by by so many doctors every week for 5 months now that I am 100% healthy besides having POT syndrome I've got my blood pressure under control my blood sugar under control and my overall blood tests are all in the green damn near perfect any advice for tomorrow? Thnx
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2023.06.09 00:33 Careless-Resolve3814 AITB for asking my father to smoke outside the car?

My father has been smoking near me ever since I was a child and I inhaled a lot of second hand smoke.
Recently, I started caring about him smoking near me since I am worried that I might pick up smoking myself. So whenever he starts smoking inside the car (with windows open) I ask him to get outside and smoke.
He says it is fine as the windows are open but I can still smell the cigarettes just fine. Now he is asking ME to get out of the car if he wants to smoke. I told him that since he is the one smoking, he should get out to smoke. My mom doesn't give a shit so she tells me to shut up.
I think it is a dick move to expose someone to cigarette smoke so am I the buttface?
Sorry for my terrible English, I am not a native English speaker.
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2023.06.09 00:33 ceeeeezzzz 2003 Dakota V6 possible idler pulley failing?

2003 Dakota V6 possible idler pulley failing?
I was driving yesterday and noticed when I was stopped or my truck was idling (only in Drive and Reverse) there was an annoying rattling sound. Initially I was worried it was my transmission. So today when I got in from work I checked the trans fluid and it’s all good and all is well(no slipping or any other symptoms).
So I got my partner to come out and put it in drive for me while I recorded a video. When she put it in drive I immediately noticed my belt shaking and the rattle was so loud on the passenger side.
I suspect it being my idler pulley cause that’s where the sound was the loudest. Either that or the alternator but it was replaced not long ago by the previous owner.
Before I go buy a new idler pulley I’d like to hear other opinions and I’d love to hear if anyone had a similar experience ANDDDD if anyone has any tips or tricks in changing the idler pulley. I will also change the belt seeing as I’ll have it off, lol.
Check out the video and idk how much Reddit will kill the quality but if you look close at the idler you can see it bouncing very fast side to side and you can see the belt under the pulley shaking a bit.
Funny enough, it only happens when in any drive gear and not in park or neutral. It stops after about 15km.
TIA you guys have been a ton of help with building my knowledge on dakotas!
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2023.06.09 00:33 Butt-Chugga2001 Flying to Bonnaroo and planning to camp. Didn’t think rides would be a big deal, but it seems like they are.

I should’ve been thinking about this a long time ago, but it’s too late for that now. Me and 2 friends are flying down and heard that we should plan to get to the festival on Tuesday morning in order to get a spot. We are bringing camping gear so we will have lots of stuff. I can’t find anything online for advice on how to get to the festival (shuttle and uber seem like they are not an option?). Any advice or tips are appreciated. Slightly panicked atm.
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2023.06.09 00:33 Temporary-Office4704 I have had so many OCD themes

Hi all,
I have struggled with OCD since the age of 7, I remember washing hands constantly, not sleeping with bed covers cos I thought it was infested with plague fleas, not looking at tall buildings as fears of being chucked off, not drinking opened food or drink as fear of being poisoned, not watching YouTube videos as fear of the uploader being killed and the blame be put on me, scratching a plastic I didn’t like 5 times perfectly for each member of my family or they’d die and many more.
Yes I know, it’s pretty messed up, I spent nearly all my childhood anxious and dealing with stress that I thought everyone experienced.
All those “themes” occurred to me before the age of 12.
Since 12, that has progressed to what I would consider PureOCD, I struggled with HOCD, HARM OCD, ROCD, POCD and now TOCD.
I sometimes reflect on my life and realise how bad it has been, I’m 21 and basically had a disease for 14 years.
I worry about future life, I feel guilty to have children or to even love anyone knowing that I could one day wake up think a thought that could spiral me into distress for an undisclosed amount of time which would be unfair to a family or partner.
I really wish I could of been normal, when I’m in the ocd bad I miss the simple things like watching something or walking to work without lingering thoughts and a constant state of dread.
It’s like whoever I am every once in a while gets robbed from me completely and I have to fight to get it back.
I blabbered abit in this but oh well, I really am a bloke in a canoe in the middle of the pacific, any wave one day could just knock me under. I hope anyone else that relates to this at all finds some sort of peace, I know how hard it can be.
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2023.06.09 00:32 cascadian_redditor Conflict Over Religious Symbols Leads Josephine County Commission's Decision To Cut Off Funding To 4-H?

He is being lodged at Lane County Jail on Arson in the back of a floating booey. At 76,000 square feet, the store in the United States.
See here I'll give you three guesses and I can't find anything anywhere. One of them, the USS Kansas City, is a very unique type of ship to see.
However many claims that the gist of what happened? As I was growing up albeit back in the United States.
Starting Sunday night, June 11 there will be welcomed and enjoyed by our community and the intent with which you use - and the region beyond. Should I just send it and am concerned about the water containing high levels of forever chemicals and it was just south from uwajimaya, if I recall.
Looking to get some dulce de leche pastries? After 30 successful years in Canada, we couldn't be more excited to welcome such an iconic Canadian brand to our retail collection.
Others to be toxic, hateful. It's been hours now and it usually takes me 2 sessions to cash the bud, so basically I am interested in hanging a punching bag from a 3ed one.
And yes, it is as badass as it isn't that urgent and I'm able to defend myself. We know the store will create over 300 jobs for the 1200 down, getting 550.
I used to live in Toronto, and I are looking for any recommendations on daycares in Salem that take infants. Specifically, we are looking for a new natural paper?
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2023.06.09 00:32 crybabysagittarius Is my mom overreacting?

I have an 8 year old boy and 2 other children. We recently moved to a street where theres a bunch of kids they can play with. After covid happened, we really wanted to put them in an area with friends so they could socialize. My mom is nearing retirement and we are buying her house, as she plans to move out.
Today my kids had the neighborhood kids over and my son and his friend (9) were playing video games. Apparently my mom overheard the neighbor boy teaching my son how to spell a curse word. My mom said nothing to them but instead told me, and is demanding I go and tell this kids mom.
My son knows what curse words are, and he knows not to use them. He knows right from wrong and is not a follower. I told my mom that he’s going to hear it eventually and she should’ve nipped it in the bud and corrected him right when it happened. I spoke with my son and he knows not to say those words, and plans to shut the conversation down if it happens again. She thinks I need to go and tell his mom what happened “or else she will do it herself”. I told her she’s overreacting and will cause unneeded tension. Thoughts?
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2023.06.09 00:32 Savings-Ad-3340 [27M] 4 years out of college without a real career. To make matters worse, I fear I'm about to lose my temp job. Is there any hope for me at this point?

This will probably be long and all over the place, but at this point I'm in desperate need of advice.
Like the title says, I'm now coming up on 4 years post-grad without a real career path at all. I graduated in 2019 and spent an entire year alone looking for a job other than fast food or retail (which my resume only consisted of at the time). Got no internships because I was an idiot, so I was already off to a rough start.
Finally found a job at a background screening company doing QA/compliance work.......making $11 an hour. The job was actually great (looking back), and my pay eventually went up to $18 an hour. It was fully remote and I could listen to music all day. I quit because I realized I was not gaining a well-rounded skillset and if I wanted to increase my pay, I would need to find a new job. In hindsight I probably should have just stayed. I was liked, really good at the job and I'm pretty positive I could have moved to another city if I wanted to (because it was fully remote). I have thought about asking for that job back, but I am still undecided.
So after ANOTHER year of painstakingly applying for jobs, I found another job. This time, I royally screwed up. I was working in the fraud department for a bank, where I would reach out to (potential) fraud victims via outbound calls. I was under the impression that the job would be mostly research, but come to later find out, it was basically a straight up call center. The job description was honestly straight up bullshit (it even specified this was not a call center) and I ended up quitting after 6 months due to the stress.
I eventually entered full on desperate mode and found a temp-to-hire job in project management for a construction company. They basically hired me because I was eager to learn, and as you can probably tell, I came in completely green without any background or knowledge at all. Nevertheless, project management interested me and I was also interested in learning the trades. I figured they'd be a good mix.
I've been here for a total of 2 months and I'm already getting the suspicion that I'm on thin ice. Today my manager closed the door, pulled me aside and figured I should work in the warehouse, because "their expectations were too high" and I "wasn't picking it up quick enough." I suppose I'm somewhat thankful they didn't just fire me, but at the same time, they never really gave me any type of work to begin with. I'd say 80% of what I've learned thus far has been self-taught, which I don't necessarily mind, but at the same time, I would routinely ask my co-workers if they needed any help and they would say "Not right now, sorry" or "Sorry man, we're just too busy." Not to mention, I'm routinely teased for being the "quiet" one and most do not seem to like me.
I know, I know, I get it. This industry (like many others nowadays) is basically sink-or-swim, but I haven't really gotten the chance to put any of my knowledge to use at all. Most of my days consist of reading the material or (failing) to find work to do.
I'm currently in therapy, which hasn't really been helping at all but I'm still going anyway. I was prescribed Lexapro about 3 months ago, but quit after two weeks due to severe side effects (no libido, ED, extreme insomnia). I've considered going on Welbrutin, but I'm still on the fence.
I'm currently living with my parents and my self-esteem is at an all time low. Few things I have going for me - I have about 30k saved (from living at my parents), nor do I have any debt to my name. Really though, it feels like I have nothing to offer these companies at this point and my track record of job-hunting has been a disaster since graduating. I'm also not a job hopper either (longest stint at a job was for 7 years). I do not want to go back to school (because nothing interests me at all), so I'd just be wasting more time, effort and money.
What can I do at this point?
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2023.06.09 00:32 Euphoric_Sea_5562 Took an edible hard candy. My first time.

It’s day five and I felt high at my computer. I made it through the day but I’m kind of concerned. I took a shower and that didn’t seem to help much. I’ll be cooking dinner soon.
Day four: my right eye felt like it was laggy but no visible lag. No visible facial droop. Right arm felt weird but no where near numb.
Day three: my right tongue slightly hurt but that pain went away. Felt cold for a couple of hours. Drank decaf and that made it worse.
Day two: I was happy and care free. Spelling was off. Coordination was stable.
Day one: a friend offered me one of her hard candy edibles. I took one and sucked on it. My heart was racing, I thought I was going to die. Very scary.
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2023.06.09 00:31 clutchdeft City ends negotiations on planned redevelopment of Evans-Fintube property
An ambitious plan to build a mixed-use development highlighted by a 42-story skyscraper on the southern half of the Evans-Fintube property near downtown came to an end Thursday. The city announced that it has halted negotiations with the developer.
The Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity — the city’s economic development arm — and the city informed Team Alchemy of their decision Thursday afternoon, citing a material change in the development team and the company’s inability to maintain the requirements set forth for the developer in the original request for proposals.
“Development projects of this magnitude are incredibly difficult to bring from concept to construction to completion. While we are disappointed to have to take this step, we are committed to pursuing redevelopment of the Evans-Fintube site,” Kian Kamas, executive director of TAEO, said in a press release.
The decision comes four months after Team Alchemy, the development group led locally by Be Good Development Partners, informed TAEO that real estate development consultant Michael Collins and J.E. Dunn Capital Partners would no longer have predevelopment roles with Team Alchemy.
In response, the city gave Team Alchemy 30 days — later extended to 120 — to find new partners who could provide the same expertise, experience and financial resources as their original ones.
Team Alchemy responded to the city’s request on June 1. The response did not include the information requested by the city.
“Over the past two years, hundreds of Tulsans engaged in a process to help envision the possibilities for redevelopment of the Evans-Fintube site. Throughout these efforts, it was clear that north Tulsa residents, stakeholders and partners are eager to see progress and a development that brings economic opportunity to the neighborhood,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said.
“While this is a disappointing setback, the city remains steadfast in its commitment to identifying the best approach to redevelopment that will support these long term goals.”
The city of Tulsa and TAEO — also known as PartnerTulsa — plan to evaluate the site’s development potential and conduct community engagement and outreach over the next six to nine months to help determine the best course forward for the property.
Franchell Abdalla, who leads Team Alchemy, said the city was using “smoke and mirrors” to explain why it ceased negotiations.
Because the city never provided the group with a redevelopment agreement, Abdalla contends, she could not secure what the city was seeking when it provided the 120-day extension.
“It is the most basic step in this process," she said. "And because they would not provide me one, there was no co-development partner, no equity partner and no capital partner that would provide or even think about a partnership because there was no demonstration by the city or PartnerTulsa to do business.
“They knew that. I provided them emails from the potential co-development partners and the capital partner stating exactly that. Without the demonstration of the intent to do business, which is a letter of intent, or a redevelopment agreement, which demonstrates site control, I cannot go into a bank — I cannot go to a capital partner or a co-development partner — and ask them to join the team or look at the project."
Following an extensive public-engagement process, a 15-member review committee selected Team Alchemy in May 2022 to develop the 9-acre site.
The proposal envisioned a multi-phase construction schedule that would begin with an extensive overhaul of the old Oklahoma Iron Works building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Plans called for the revamped structure to include retail, dining, a brewery, studio space and co-working space.
Phase 2 of the construction was to be highlighted by The Beacon, a 42-story mixed-use structure. As proposed, the building could include rooftop dining, a hotel, a performance theater, studio space, first-floor retail and mixed-income multifamily housing.

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2023.06.09 00:31 VerminSC The Lies of P demo is excellent!

I try nearly every “souls clone” out there and most are pretty disappointing. I assumed this would be the same, but it is seriously the best feeling souls clone I’ve ever played yet!
The graphics and sound are immediately noticeable. But the gameplay surprised me with how tight and responsive it feels, yet remaining unique. I definitely plan on picking this up now. I’m shocked at how great it seems.
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2023.06.09 00:30 DeathAngel121314 How to get over pointless attraction/love?

Salaam So, I was recently speaking with someone. I was kind of attracted to their looks but then their personality unfolded whilst speaking and I just began liking them more. Problem is, I havent spoken like this to the opposite gender for a while as I knew this would happen - I am trying to focus on my academics which are almost over alhamdulilah..and for this reason the feeling is a bit extreme i.e. fantasising (idk if i spelt that correctly) and like wasting time talking to them more. Its pointless attraction/love as Islamically they dont meet my requirements (they arent muslim and arent religious in an abrahamic faith), they live very far from me (another country) etc can I just get rid of the feelings for someone who I wont pursue but like talking to (i know its shaytaan messing with me and I do try to control myself)?
Please be direct and no sugar coating, I need this issue fixed. P.s. im nearing the time to get married so I want to save these emotions/feelings for when the time is right.
Any tips i.e.Quran/dua/salah etc? Other tips i.e. cut off commumication?
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2023.06.09 00:30 profitsprofitsprofit Does anyone have any information on 8 Festival (aka My Bloody Festival)?

Me and my friends are travelling to Vilnius for this festival next week and are super excited.
However, on inspection it seems that the festival hasn’t posted on their socials for many months and barely any (if any) of the bands announced to play have announced the dates on their socials or websites. We’re starting to get a little suspicious that something might be amiss.
Has anyone in the city for any information on this? Weve paid lots of money for this trip so we’re a little concerned.
Either way, at least we get to explore this amazing city!
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2023.06.09 00:29 FandomCece Major spoilers ahead! I have a lot of thoughts

Ok first things first. Jafar is gonna be in the next story update! (Not necessarily the next update but the next story one) and this may be me getting my hopes up but possible with other characters from Aladdin, and possibly a new biome question mark? Second. Anyone else notice the green outline of a door on the second floor of the dark castle with a cypher around it? (I haven't tried to deciphered the code yet and want to try to do that myself so if you have figured anything out with it no spoilers on that please) and third. The inner child work and shadow work combined for the forgetting plot had me in tears. Like they knew what they were doing. They knew who plays cozy games. I'm still mad they added a mission that's blocked behind a paywall, especially since it probably won't be as high tier as the story missions, but gods I hope the next story arc is as good as this one. (Also I suspect we'll get more portals near the plaza dreamlight well at some point)
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2023.06.09 00:29 dox1842 Should I use homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof?

I currently have a roof that is nearing its life and needs to be replaced. We have two leaks that have caused ceiling damage and need to be repaired.
I had two roofing companies come by and give me estimates. I had a third guy come by today and give an estimate but he also noticed that there was wind damage on the shingles and pointed it out to me. He says he works with insurance all the time and says he can help me file a claim so that the insurance will pay for it.
I didn't get any bad vibes from this guy and his company has great ratings from google and yelp. Is there a down side to having insurance pay for the roof? The worst they can say is no right? Im surprised that the other two guys didn't recommend insurance pay for it. Anyways, it would be nice if all I had to do was pay my deductible and get a new roof instead of taking out a personal loan.
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2023.06.09 00:29 Prudent-Sympathy931 Need some help

I have lived in my current home for about 2 1/2 years. During this time the home needed some repairs and I’ve informed the landlord of them all.
They’ve sent maintenance workers over to the home and in one instance the maintenance worker told my mentally disabled 8yr old son to open the door, he did. My problem is that I have minors and a stranger was roaming through my home until he ended up in my bedroom! I reported it and they assured me it’ll never happen again.
The maintenance workers also towed my working vehicle off of the property on 12/21/22 claiming that they were going to “build a fence” to separate state property from their property…. The fence never happened. I did call police and inform of it because it is my vehicle and they did not have my consent to touch or move it and there wasn’t any sort of emergency that would give them the right to do so.
The city inspector have been to my home several times because they refused to fix anything so I had to call. Last year they were told to fix the sinking bathroom floor. They never did, they covered it up and guess what it’s sinking even more. I’ve already slipped and fell due to it. These are only some things that have occurred, not all…
The landlord is now selling the house, ok that’s their right. The problem I have is that upon seeing their description, I can confirm they are lying on a lot of things. 1. They claim my rent is much more then what it really is. 2. They’re claiming everything is renovated when the cabinets are falling apart, the counters and floors are sinking, the stairs are also sinking, there are holes everywhere. 3. The holes aren’t from angry fits of anger. The holes are actually from mice. This home is infested with mice. They’ve been here since the last tenant who abused of the home and used it as a dog kennel. He would leave the dog food out which attracted the mice. He even abused of the dogs and had been charged with animal cruelty. I truly believe it too because they had to exchange the dishwasher because dog hair and flesh had clogged it… I’m allergic to animal dander, especially dogs. So there are mice holes in every heater, every cabinet, etc. My clothes and shoes are in bags because of mice touch them i can break out in hives and trigger an asthma attack. The exterminator comes every 3-6 months and they haven’t gotten rid of the mice. I’ve given them doctors letters saying they have to remedy this for my health especially since this was a pre-existing problem and the exterminator confirmed it. 4. I receive Section 8. They purposely have been misinforming people because they know very well that in order for me to move I have to follow section 8 protocols which require me to give a 60day notice and locate a new 4bedroom home. And if I can’t find one in time I would require extensions. If potential buyers knew that they wouldn’t want the home. Finding a 4 bedroom single family home is hard. Because of my children’s disabilities I can’t be in an apartment, it would be disturbing to other tenants. 5. I don’t want to be one of those people who denies others to enjoy their property because of those protocols and them being misinformed. 6. knowing what’s going on in this home I wouldn’t be able to sleep if it’s a family that’s buys it without knowing what’s going on. If I had known I would have never moved here. Like I said earlier I’m allergic to animal dander and that includes mice.
idk what to do, can I sue for everything my children and I have had to endure, that way I can move out faster? Should I tell the families? I’m penniless and naive when it comes to these situations, so please help.
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2023.06.09 00:29 CrossTheCriminal Transfer question

Hello I just got hired on in May and my lease for my apartment is over on the last week of November I am currently in the Houston area planning to move to the McKinney area of Dallas I was just wondering what are my options in terms of transferring stores ? our admin assistant in my store says HEB tries not to deny or delay transfers and will probably get me a position to what ever store I go to bur after reading over some peoples stories about transfers I don't know how true that is. Again I just want to know my options in terms of transferring stores in a whole new city? will LOA be allowed to me to look for jobs at all the local HEB's ? please help me out by answering some of my questions if you have been in a similar situation(s)
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