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2018.09.18 03:48 SoL: Edited memes

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2018.04.21 04:12 Sherris010 these wetlanders sure are strange

For WOT memes / anything that would confuse the Aiel. This sub is for those who are fully caught up in the book series and the show. As the Seanchan say: When you browse the memes, the paths are paved in spoilers. Assume every meme and comment in this sub will contain massive spoilers

2014.05.06 08:25 yoianrhodes Last Podcast On The Left

/LPOTL (Last Podcast On The Left) is for anyone that listens to and loves Last Podcast on the Left. We here will accept anyone and everyone. Now how about a murder story and some spooky spaghetti.

2023.06.04 06:50 KarmaFarmer123456789 Have a few questions after finishing The Crippled God

I have now finished The Crippled God for the first time. I really enjoyed the novel, it was great, start to finish. I especially love how all four of the elder races participated in the final battle.

Now, I have quite a few questions about the book, so I'll just begin with:

What exactly were the Tiste Edur doing during the events of this book and Dust of Dreams? They kinda disappear after Reaper's Gale, it's weird that Tulas Shorn of all people was the most important Edur in the book.
I'm a bit confused on the existence of Korabas. Is there a particular reason she was created?
Another Korabas related topic, it is mentioned that Anomander Rake devised a trap to imprison her, do we learn anything else about the trap in Book of the Fallen or any other series?
How long have Mael and K'Rul been working together? Is this a recent thing?
One of the Pure Forkrul Assail mentions that other Assail on "distant continents". Do they show up in the book Assail or any of the NotMe?
I'm a bit confused on Heboric's storyline. Could someone give me a brief summary on it?
Is there a full list of casualties on the Battle of Spire?
What is the state of the Tiste Liosan's civilization after the novel?
Did Silanah survive the novel? What about Curdle and her sistelovefriend?
I'm a bit confused on T'Iam and the Eleint. Is T'Iam an entity that only exists when they are fused together?
Is the Errant's storyline continued in any other novel? He has both Draconus and the Oponn after him, can't imagine he'd evade Draconus for long.
So, Fener dying allowed the undead Jaghut, The Crippled God, and the T'lan Imass to return to their mortal bodies?
Why did Sinn go so psycho at the end?
What would happen to Hedge or Toc if they died? Would they return to Hood's gate, or would they die forever?
Who is the daughter that Crone mentioned? Another Great Raven?
Did anyone else feel like the Forkrul Assail were really unexplored compared to the other races? I would have liked it if there were some friendly Forkrul, because literally all of them in the main series is a villain.
Will Icarium's journey continue? Is there still danger of him getting enraged and annihilating cities?
So Tavore was a talon the entire time? Hmm, thought the empress would have been more thorough with background checking her right hand lol.
So Olar was killed with a bow that Kruppe gave Torrent? Was this part of a plot by K'Rul to kill a dangerous Elder God?
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2023.06.04 06:50 candleruse Watching Planet Terror now that it's up on Tubi and hot damn this movie is fun

I remember going to the theater to see this and Death Proof in the double feature. They showed those fake previews for Machete (which they obviously ended up making later), Thankskilling, etc. Such a good time. Probably the only occasion I've been in the same theater for five hours.
Anyone else watching these again this weekend?
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2023.06.04 06:50 WitlessTester51 Onikuma headphones mic not working

I just got a new pair of onikuma b20 headphones and for some reason the mic won't pick me up talking at all even tho I can still hear other people in party chat or game chat.
I have been trying so many different options to try to fix this, I've power cycled, updated the firmware, checked the cords, tried restarting my Xbox, checked volume settings, checked privacy, tried different accounts, and nothing is working. My old mic works fine as well, I tried it on another controller and it didn't work, I tried it on my phone and it worked fine so I know it's not the headphones.
I am struggling trying to fix this and I don't know what to do, if anyone has any other insight please help me out
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2023.06.04 06:50 WTFisjuice1 Deck not turning on, rma or other suggestions?

Just last night I changed out to my jsaux backplate, and applied ptm 7950, install was easy and the deck turned back on no problem(however I accidently put the back buttons in too tight so while I was using it all for back buttons were pressed) I decided it was late and turned it off and I'd fix it up and clean everything up this morning but now my deck doesn't turn on, I have the chime, charge light, haptics on TouchPad, I have proceeded to let the deck die and 30 minutes later I've tried to turn on to nothing, tried the ... + vol- buttons, hard restarting it by holding power button for 12 seconds, un plugging battery, unplugging screen plugging those back in, I'm running out of options, can't see any image when plugged into the TV on my dock, and it won't boot into bios it's like the screen is just black, I've currently unplugged the battery and plugged it back in and immediately plugged in the charger and I'm not going to try and touch it till tomorrow or something, anything else someone can hopefully reccomend? I've heard people having this same issue and eventually fix it somehow but I'm not having much luck
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2023.06.04 06:50 super_common_name Advice requested about an unruly HOA member

California, 4-unit building, condos.
I'm new to this sub so I apologize if I shouldn't be posting this question. (I looked at the sub guidelines and searched the sub, etc.)
Our HOA has 4 members, 1 for each unit. One member is hard to deal with and I'm worried he's going to do something destructive. Here's the situation:
He owned the entire building before he converted to condos. He sold 3 of the units and kept 1 unit for himself.
He privately owns a free-standing garage on the property. There are laundry facilities in the garage (washer, dryer, sink, water heater.) When he sold to us, he gave us an easement to use the laundry facilities. His own unit has a washedryer within the unit itself.
He had installed 3 cupboards in the garage for laundry supplies, one assigned to each of our units. He verbally told us that the garage laundry was for our exclusive use, and his unit would use its own washedryer.
The first year we owned our condos, we had to replace the washedryer, sink, and water heater. We also had to make repairs to the garage door. He asked us to pay all these costs ourselves instead of through the HOA because the laundry facilities were for our exclusive use. We agreed and have paid for all maintenance expenses, too.
When he sold, he never installed an electric meter for the common area, which includes the garage laundry. The laundry electric bill is on his own meter. We have a gas dryer, so his cost is very small. He has always wanted us to reimburse him, which we are happy to do. But he wants $60 a month, which seems too high. He has never shown us any of his electric bills, has never actually billed us, and won't discuss a smaller amount.
As an aside, there is one gas meter that the HOA pays the bill for. His unit is the only unit with a gas heater, which costs the HOA about $1,000 extra per year just to heat his unit. We've brought it up to him and are considering charging him, but that's its own can of worms we'd like to avoid.
The sales documents and CC&Rs weren't clear enough, so after 10 years (and him refusing to pay his dues or let us use the laundry facilities at all) we finally had to go to mediation to get this resolved. The mediation ruling, though, still isn't very clear. It forced him to pay his dues and gave us the right to use the facilities, but said we should figure out the electricity costs on our own. The ruling also didn't specify that our use is exclusive. We didn't realize that would become an important point.
So now we have two problems:
  1. He's rented out his unit and lets his tenants use our laundry facilities. His unit is very large, and he rents to groups of 6 to 12 college students. We've asked him to limit the number to 6, but he doesn't always comply. Our units only have 3 people. So the facilities now have triple the number of users, which means it's harder to find a time when they're free and also means that the wear and tear is 3 times as much. Also, his tenants have broken two dryer filters so far. In the past, they ruined a washer which we had to replace. He wouldn't pay for the damage, claiming that we couldn't prove it was his tenants. (We've since installed a security camera.)
  2. We still haven't been able to agree on how much we should pay for electricity. Installing a new meter is cost-prohibitive, so that's not a solution. This is a smaller problem, though, because I think we'd be willing to pay the $60 just to avoid more hassle.
We've repeatedly told him that we own the laundry facilities and his tenants don't have permission to use them. In response:
Our CC&Rs require us to go to binding arbitration to settle any disputes between owners. We're planning to do that, but he has told us that he'll refuse to go to mediation because this was "already settled" in mediation. I suppose even if he doesn't go, the mediator can still rule in our favor. But my questions are:
Thanks for any advice you can give.
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2023.06.04 06:50 austrianemperor DJI Assistant 2 verification code not showing up for login AND data authorization unable to be turned on

When I try logging in, the captcha only shows that there is supposed to be an image but it doesn't show the image itself. Moreover, when I try turning on data authorization, it automatically turns off and I can't keep it turned on. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and knew how to solve it. I've looked online at the DJI forum and though some people have similar problems, the solutions either don't work or don't exist in the first place. A note is that clicking the sign-up, forgot your password, or any other link that should direct me to a website, nothing happens instead so I think the issue is related to the ability of the DJI Assistant 2 to connect to the internet but I'm not sure why it can't.
I have restarted my PC and the assistant multiple times, redownloaded Assistant 2, confirmed I can access the DJI site manually, and disabled both my anti-virus and firewall.
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2023.06.04 06:49 Friendly-Platypus-30 My father has changed.

I’ve noticed recently that my dad is pretty miserable. His behavior towards my mom and I has changed drastically. My dad was never the sweet loving type of father he’s always been emotionally distant and not very affectionate, but his love for me was very apparent. In the past couple years the dad that I once used to joke and have fun with has disappeared. He’s become very closed off and defensive and it’s starting to feel like he has little to no respect for me or for any woman in his life. I started noticing this change in him once I hit puberty, during this time I went through all the trials and tribulations that any regular teenage girl does and my dad, already having fathered 3 other teenage girls, seemed prepared. Boy was he wrong. During these formative years I went through a really difficult time regarding mental health. My dad made sure I got all the help I needed but missed out on a very important part which was giving me his love. We started fighting a lot and not really communicating, I would go for weeks not saying anything to my dad but a simple good morning or goodnight. I went through this with my mom as well but my mom and I have butted heads even when I was a little girl and the fighting with her was a lot worse than it was with my dad. In saying that, my dad was the person I went to when I fought with my mom until he started taking her side when she was being really horrible to me and all of a sudden my shoulder I could cry one vanished. I couldn’t go to anyone when I was feeling bad so I retaliated and became very cold. Nowadays the relationship with my mom has gotten better and we continue to work on it. With my dad though..stagnant. We’ve definitely been able to get along a lot better than before but it doesn’t mean everything is fine. I want to mend the relationship I have with my father since I love him deeply but anytime I bring up ways he has hurt me he shuts me down and tells me everything i’ve ever done wrong. Just today he yelled at me about being a “know it all” after he mansplained a situation in my neighborhood, even though I saw it first hand. We seem to have a lot of moments like these where he gets frustrated with me and just blows up even when I know i’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t know if the effects of my ice age are still affecting him, but i’ve taken accountability for everything i’ve done that might have hurt him or my family, something I don’t know he’s ever capable of doing. To wrap this up, I hope I can one day mend my relationship with my father because I love him deeply, but it’s going to be his doing because I can’t handle resolve anything until he’s able to own up to his mistakes, just like I have.
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2023.06.04 06:49 Mambieuniverse Flashing lights

Going to see lovejoy very soon and just realized that they have flashing lights. If any other lovejoy enjoys have epilepsy or have even just seen the shows, how bad are the flashing lights?
I really don't wanna have to not go, or give up my tickets, because I might never have another opportunity to see them but I'm worried I might have an episode during it.
The chances are pretty low as I usually don't have an episode when focusing on music but I was just curious what other experiences were like!
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2023.06.04 06:49 notyouraverage9902 Was checked in by station but not on app (saying I missed my block?

IM HEATED!!!! So I grabbed a quick 2 1/2 hour block out of Pontoon Beach tonight 8PM-1030PM. So we arrived at 7:38PM and had to pull around to where you get your packages in the lanes bc that’s where they typically check everyone in after 7PM. So we pull around to lane 7 and the guy checking people in walks over and greets us and we kind of just have a friendly chat back and forth and I was like I can’t check in yet bc it’s not 745 and he was oh just go ahead and give me your license and I get everything going here. He also had to manually input my route tonight. It was only 2 packages so definitely no complaints here. We he gets all done we pull up the itinerary make sure it’s all good and we head on our way. We deliver the packages and when done my schedule pops up saying I missed my block??? I’m like what I just delivered the last dang package. So I call support tell them I just finished the route and it’s saying I missed my block. She assures me that after the scheduled block time is over it wouldn’t show anymore. So yeah it’s not showing but it also ain’t showing in my earnings. So that is leading me to believe that nope it’s still somehow thinking I didn’t do the block even tho I did. Has this happened with anyone else??
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2023.06.04 06:49 jealousyM I don't love my brother like I'm supposed to

My brother is 1 year older than I am, he's 19, and I'm 18. Growing up I was always very jealous of him.. I never really let it be known and treated him as any brother should. There were times that I felt like I hated him, he's always been better in comparison in literally every way, if I was good at something, he was even better at it.. better with girls, taller, smarter, better looking, you name it. Combine that with him being the first born and boom, the fucking golden child. I wasn't given much attention growing up and my parents made it clear who their favorite was all the time.. my mother would never admit it, but my dad has explicitly said that he prefers my brother, but loves us equally (doubt).. I grew up to be very insecure because of this and I still, till this day feel a bit of resentment towards my brother.. which actually is not fair. He has been nothing but good to me.. acted as a big brother when I needed it, showed me a lot of what I know and has generally always been there for me. I've never let my jealousy be known to him, but in the past year I have gotten better at just being content with who I am.. I try to become fully content, but it just feels so impossible. I know that I don't hate my brother, but because of my upbringing.. I feel like I don't love him like I should, but I know that I want too. I almost feel that the love I have for him is similar to a strangers.. and he honestly deserves more than that. My parents just fucked me up real bad.. even extended family members made it clear that he was the favorite. I feel like I'll forever be in his shadow and subconsciously I blame him for the lack of love I never received.
Jealousy is a very evil thing.
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2023.06.04 06:48 BigChillinMayn1 PLEASE HELP, Lost grooves sidequest where is dee jays 4th note?

First 3 were marked by a mission icon, but the 4th icon wont show up any where in metro city or nayshall and i cant seem to find it, been looking for 2 days,
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2023.06.04 06:48 Psilynce The resurrection of Sir Cromwell

So there I am, chugging through the main story on the way to get my horse. Normally I would finish every side quest in every zone before moving on, but I really want a horse you guys. And I know with the level scaling that the side quests will still be there later, so I'm not too worried about them yet.
At any rate, I figured I would pick up every side quest I came across on my journeys so I didn't have to backtrack to accept them all post-horse. Except it turns out there's a limit to how many you can have active at once. So, naturally, I decided to abandon a few for now to clear up my quest log. And that brings us to the side quest, "The Dread Martyr". This quest tasks you with clearing out the Hollowed Ossuary. It is given to you by a knight, half-frozen and dying, laying on the side of the road in the Frigid Expanse: Sir Cromwell. He asks you to do this for him as his dying wish...
Except if you abandon the quest he miraculously returns to life so he can once again offer the quest to you! Which allows you to watch him die over and over to your heart's content, if you're into that sort of thing. But who would do something like that, right?
I honestly wasn't sure if the quest would be available again so I had to try it out. And I won't say how many times I giggled while watched the brave and noble Sir Cromwell draw his final breath, but it is definitely more than I'm proud to admit.
On a side note, Sir Cromwell has to be the nicest undead person I've met in Sanctuary so far!
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2023.06.04 06:48 Unlikely_Resolve_689 Popular vs unpopular fragrances

I've been a perfume enthusiast for my whole adult life (I'm old). Not necessarily a crazy collector, but to give you a sense, I currently have about 25 fragrances in rotation.
I've seen trends come and go, popular fragrances rise and then disappear.
There are two things lately that I've been wondering about.
The first is that on this sub and other perfume communities, the same fragrances get recommended again and again and again, and these same ones tend to show up when people post their collections. They are often very nice fragrances, but still.
There are literally thousands of fragrances out there. Not all of them will be great (most won't be), but there are more than a handful of good ones worth exploring. I wonder sometimes why people collectively gravitate towards the same fragrances instead of branching out.
The other thing that I wonder about is the effect of popularity on a fragrance. Personally, if something is popular, I will avoid buying it because I don't want to smell like everyone else. I wonder, is this also how others feel, or do people prefer to wear what's in fashion?
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2023.06.04 06:48 final-last-words Can’t get “there”

Hey everyone. I am a female, 24 years old, have never had an orgasm. I’ve done foreplay with a couple of guys but have only had sex with one man, who is my husband. I always enjoy sex and foreplay but I just can’t get “there.” I have tried to masturbate and can’t get an orgasm that way either. I have talked to my partner numerous times about this and how it bothers me, and he says he will do some research but then he never really talks about it again and we just continue to do what we do. I wanted to talk to him about it again but I’ve probably brought it up 10 times since we started having sex many years ago and it has gotten us nowhere so I really don’t know what to do. Again, when he goes down on me or we have sex it feels so good and I have so much fun, I just can’t seem to get there. I tend to get really close but then my clit feels too sensitive so he stops. We did get a couple of vibrators that feel great but again I get to a similar feeling that it’s too sensitive after a while. I got a vibrator that is air suction, which is supposed to be great in aiding my problem but that didn’t help either. I love my husband and we really have no problems, this is the only thing that I guess it’s always in the back of my mind that I wish he tried to at least show more interest in helping me out. I feel really alone and like I’m broken or something. Any tips on what else I could try on my own or with my partner?
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2023.06.04 06:48 gayinthecorner AITBF in an argument w/mom and her SO?

I (15F) split custody between my mom and dad's house. My dad remarried and mother dearest found her fabulous boyfriend, let's call him A. A and I never had a great relationship. As I've gotten older, I grew to dislike him more and more. Recently it's gotten about 10x worse and my mom just brought up this conversation from a couple years back and it still makes me wonder if AITA.
This happened 3 years ago. I was twelve.
(For context, my dad hasn't had a job for abt 5 years and my mother pays him around $2k in child support each month. The judge that helped my parents through the divorce keeps track of what he spends the money on and so far, he's spent around $1k buying things for school for me and my sister. It's not like he's living off of her.
Me, my 3 siblings (my sister and A's two kids, my stepbrothers), A, and my mom were all in the car driving home from dinner. I'd recently come back from my dad's house so my mom asked me what I did over the weekend. Before I could even come in, A starts talking and it goes something like this: "Oh, yeah, how is that lazy douche? Does he plan on getting a job soon?" and starts to laugh. It's nothing short of the usual, but it still makes my heart break. I'm VERY close with my dad and A hasn't even met him in person which just pisses me off more. I stay silent and A just keeps saying things like "Oh, wow, you're so talkative until the second I bring him up. Funny." I had very bad self-esteem issues at the time and was diagnosed with depression, which he knew about, and yet he kept dogging me to the point where I was basically sobbing. I was so embarassed in front of all of my siblings and didn't think I deserved to get singled out. I didn't know how to respond.
Somehow A and my mother start talking about child support. It's a frequent topic and my mom reminds me almost daily how much she pays my dad each month. To be clear, she doesn't hurt from it. We live in a very urban area and go to a great private school. My mom has the ability to make $1m a year. My dad isn't perfect, but he's not so bad to be living off of my mom. Mom out of nowhere says "You know, you and your sister are the reason I have to pay him so much." and scoffs. A looks at her and nods. At this point, I was so hurt and fed up of the two of them talking about my dad. I reply, "You didn't have to have me. You tried to fix a broken marriage with two kids." I know it's a stupid response and very child logic, but it's true. I didn't know what else to say. On top of everything else, I was so angry that A felt like he had the right to talk about my dad like that.
Mom didn't say anything, but A cut in immediately about how I was the most disrespectful child ever and I didn't show them any kind of gratitude. He went on and on once again insulting me and calling me everything from an R-slur to a brat. I understand the need to stick up for his girlfriend, but, really?
Reddit community, AITBF?
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2023.06.04 06:48 DarePersonal1334 Does anyone know why they don’t have the score boards for each level anymore?

Does anyone know why they don’t have the score boards for each level anymore?
First I noticed a while ago they took the score off of the actually game play page, so you weren’t able to see your score going up while you played. But recently I noticed the leader scores were not showing on each level anymore. I like to go back and replay levels to beat my last score. Or did I do something to my account to make it disappear lol
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2023.06.04 06:47 skzfelixy My boyfriend (M21) Isn't Communicating With Me (F20). What Should I Do?

I don't know if I'm being too much, but my boyfriend and I had an argument a week ago, and usually we'll talk it out but he's been ignoring me and not really responding to me. If he does, it's just a few times a day, and then he'll disappear till the next day or so. I tried reaching out to him
Me: Do you have time to talk tonight? We need to talk
Him: I don't really want to. I want some alone time
But it's been around a week since we last video called or just called each other. I tried calling him, but he wouldn't pick up. I tried giving him his space, but how much more do you need when we're already in a long-distance relationship? I see him online on Instagram or listening to music on Spotify...
So last night, I sent this to him. I don't know if I'm being too much, but it's literally killing me not seeing him. I'm wondering if I did anything wrong, and I'm anxious he's not going to come back. I just want to fix this with him
I know he's stressed with work, and there might be something going on in his life, so I'm trying to understand that and look on the bright side... But I want answers.
Am I being unreasonable? I just miss him so much. I want to see him. I'm going to be seeing him in August in Korea... but, with how he's acting.. I'm not sure... I don't want to assume he's lost interest or doesn't love me anymore, because I could totally be wrong.. Or right....
And the thing is, he's a straightforward person. If he didn't love me anymore, he would have already broken up with me
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2023.06.04 06:47 ayakasforehead How do I cope with having no emotional support?

[19F] I was abused my entire life by my mother and it’s still going on to this day. I cut her off multiple times but she shows up at my house unannounced and my father lets her in (theyre divorced) knowing how much it hurts me.
He knows all of the abuse i’ve been through and i’m honestly just broken, I can barely function anymore. I just want someone to be on my side 100%, not 90% but “maybe she’ll change” but he just can’t be that for me and I have nobody else in my life.
I’m to the point where I’m trying to figure out what I have to do to have his full support without questioning all the abuse I went through and my feelings. Idk if I have to get sick enough from it to end up in the hospital or what, but no amount of pain I go through is enough to get genuine support and feel validated. I’ve had dozens of panic attacks over it over the years and that’s not good enough either. I cry and cry hoping he’ll notice and care but it never works
It’s been like this my entire life but I can’t take it anymore, I feel so alone and like nobody is genuine with me. What do I do? I have therapy scheduled but it’s a few weeks out cause there’s no earlier appointments.
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2023.06.04 06:46 Remarkable_Lack2056 Why would a hybrid car charge the battery while also running the electric motor?

I gave my friend a ride to the airport and he was looking at the energy monitor on my Prius. It basically shows where energy is moving in the car, but doesn’t give amounts.
He noticed that while we were going up a hill, the gas engine was sending energy to the wheels, and also charging the battery. The battery was also sending energy to the electric motor.
My friend said, that means the engineers at Toyota have never taken a class on thermodynamics because charging a battery to power an electric motor is always going to be less efficient than just sending the energy to the wheels. You have an efficiency loss charging the battery, and from the battery to the electric motor. If the car is running the electric motor, it should not charge the battery at the same time.
He laughed and said, clearly Toyota thinks they have a perpetual motion machine because they’re trying to get something for nothing.
Now, I think my friend is low key ignorant. He’s definitely biased against any kind of “green technology” And sort of against Asian cars in general. But he has a point.
At the same time, I just don’t think Toyota engineers would try to violate the laws of thermodynamics. So… why would a hybrid car do this? Why charge a battery with the gas engine while also running the electric motor from the battery?
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