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Krautrock is a genre of electronic, psychedelic, progressive, and avant garde music originating from West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s. Key artists include Can, Amon Düül II, Ash Ra Tempel, Faust, Popol Vuh, Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Neu!, and Kraftwerk.

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A compendium of the legendary Mallary/Mallory of Fantasy Fest fame.

2023.03.20 22:37 burgundydomina Helping friend CO->CA

My car lease is ending in a few weeks and I only have a few thousand miles on it. I have two friends moving from Denver, CO to be closer to me (and for a change of life) in San Diego, CA. I offered to drive my car to them, let them pack it, fly back, and they will drive my car back sans me. I will be doing this after work on a Wednesday around midnight and I have a flight scheduled home Saturday morning.
Considering weather this time of year. Where should I stop and what are my best route options? I've driven cross country 2x and I have gone around this time so I normally go South and then West, etc. I plan to drive either straight or with a rest break or two.
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2023.03.20 22:37 g78to2021 Idiot Wind - A critical look at hero worship

Bob Dylan's song "Idiot Wind" is a complex and layered work that can be interpreted in many different ways. However, one interpretation that stands out is Dylan's critical commentary on the idea of hero worship and the limitations of looking for answers from a single source. In this article, we will explore Dylan's motivations for writing the song, the key themes and symbols in "Idiot Wind," and what the song can teach us about the dangers of hero worship.
Frustration with Hero Worship
Bob Dylan was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, and many people looked to him for guidance and inspiration. However, Dylan may have been frustrated with the expectations and hero worship that were placed on him as a public figure. People regarded him as a modern messiah and wanted him to show them the way, but Dylan was a human being, not a prophet, and the weight of these expectations may have weighed heavily on him.
Inspiration from a Heartbreak
One possible source of inspiration for "Idiot Wind" is Dylan's relationship with a girl who he thought genuinely saw him and loved him for who he was. However, he later realized that she just idolized who she thought he was and could never really know or love him. This heartbreak may have been the driving force behind Dylan's critical commentary on hero worship in "Idiot Wind."
A Playful Critique of Looking for Answers
The title "Idiot Wind" can be seen as a playful or even sarcastic way of describing the wind, and it can be interpreted as Dylan's way of commenting on the idea of people looking for answers and direction from a single figure or authority. The wind can be seen as a metaphor for the idea of something that carries people along, without stopping to think or question. By calling the wind an "idiot," Dylan may be suggesting that blindly following along without questioning can be foolish or misguided.
A Connection to "Blowin' in the Wind"
"Idiot Wind" can also be seen as a reference to Dylan's earlier work "Blowin' in the Wind." By calling the wind "idiot," Dylan may have been drawing a contrast between his early idealism and his more cynical and disillusioned perspective later in his career. He may have been commenting on the way that people can become fixated on one person or idea, without considering the bigger picture or questioning their assumptions.
The Limitations of Hero Worship
The idea that the answers that people were looking for in "Blowin' in the Wind" were truly the words of an "idiot" would be a sharp criticism of the idea of hero worship and the tendency to put too much faith in one person or idea. By casting doubt on the answers he offered in "Blowin' in the Wind," Dylan may have been suggesting that people need to think for themselves and not rely too heavily on a single source of guidance or authority.
"Idiot Wind" is a rich and thought-provoking work that challenges listeners to think about the limitations of hero worship and the dangers of blindly following along without questioning. Dylan's song can be seen as a critical commentary on the idea of looking for answers from a single source and the importance of thinking for oneself. Whether you agree with Dylan's message or not, "Idiot Wind" is a powerful and memorable work that continues to inspire and challenge listeners today.
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2023.03.20 22:36 cosytoz Is this worth it? Anyone else bought this?

Is this worth it? Anyone else bought this?
Not sure if this is worth the 20k. I've never spent anything on this shop so its taken 5 seasons to get this amount. Has anyone else bought this?
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2023.03.20 22:36 Muff-dive-707 Would anyone like a spare lounge invitation?

I have a complimentary lounge invitation that I got from my credit card, however I won't be able to use before it expires on 1st April.
Is anyone flying in the next 10 days or so who would make use of this invitation? If so, I am happy to transfer it to you.
Conditions are as follows:
- Must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member
- General type invitations can be used at any Qantas Club domestic lounge, Qantas International Lounge or Qantas operated International Business Lounge (excluding Los Angeles Tom Bradley Terminal) when departing on a Qantas or Jetstar flight number. Please make sure your flight fits the above criteria and you are departing from an airport which has one of these lounges.
- If you can show me proof that you are travelling before the expiry date, I can make the transfer. You'd need to provide your membership number and last name.
Leave a comment below or send me a message if interested!
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2023.03.20 22:35 moistbrisket17 Things to do 3/21-3/26

Feel free to add more in the comments! For more info, Google the events, check their website & social media pages- this is a free, low-effort post so please be kind :)
Links for local events:
Tuesday, March 21
Trek Beginner Ride Series Tuesday, Mar. 21 6:30-8:30 p.m. Trek Bicycle Fort Worth South, 5125 Granbury Rd., Fort Worth Free Explore rider-friendly areas of the city during this casual, beginners class.
Wednesday, March 22
Wine Dinner and Communal Gathering at FnG Eats: Chefs Carlos Arevalo and Bob Stephenson of FnG Eats in Keller will gather together with customers during this four-course wine pairing dinner. Comfort food favorites on the menu include iron skillet cornbread, Wagyu meatloaf, and bourbon cherry chocolate bread pudding. Wines will be served with courses one through three, and a specialty sparkling cocktail will come with dessert. Dinner is $75 per person, plus tax and gratuity, and will begin at 7 pm.
Thursday, March 23
Neutral Ground Brewing Company Happy houcrowler sale 4-9PM Mama Lama waffle pop up food truck 5:30-8:30PM Salsa dance lessons 7-8PM
Italy Wine Education Series: Piedmont Thursday, Mar. 23 6-7 p.m. Winehaus, 1628 Park Place Ave., Fort Worth $40 Taste and learn about the delicious grapes from the Piedmont wine region in Italy.
Nigerian Pop-Up Dinner with Chef Franson at Chef Point: Chef Point Café owner and chef Franson Nwaeze will share the bold flavors of West Africa during this five-course dinner. Menu highlights include suya skewers, pepper soup, goat stew with jollof rice, and fluffy fried dough balls dusted with cinnamon sugar. The dinner is $71 per person and includes tax and gratuity. Drinks are extra and suggested pairings are the Nigerian Chapman cocktail, a bold South African cab, or simply a cold beer. Dinner will start at 6:30 pm.
Friday, March 24
Art All Night on Race St: Friday from 5-10pm and Saturday from 2-10PM . Celebrate arts and culture on Race Street between Sylvania Avenue and Riverside Drive. Stroll the street to view artwork and meet the artists. Listen to live music and participate in creative classes and arts demonstrations. Panther City Artists curates an outdoor gallery. Shop boutiques, sip spirits and dine in some of the "Best" restaurants in Fort Worth. New this year -- Art Alley, an outdoor boutique marketplace for local artists and artisans.
Neutral Ground Brewing Company https://ngbc.beewhats-happening-1 Tammy Gomez spoken word artist 8-9PM
TX Whiskey’s Limited-Edition Baseball Bottle Release Party: Spring means baseball season is on the horizon, and Whiskey Ranch will celebrate w/a special bottle release party. Visit to buy a bottle of TX Whiskey sealed with a specialized cap made from a baseball, with complimentary bottle engraving. The distillery will also screen the baseball classic A League of Their Own and welcome former Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland as a special guest. The $10 admission includes your 1st cocktail. The event runs 6-9 pm.
Panther City Lacrosse Club Friday, Mar. 24 7:30 p.m. Dickies Arena, 1911 Montgomery St., Fort Worth $21-$79 Panther City will take on the San Diego Seals in their home arena.
Saturday, March 25
Martin House Brewing Company 10-Year Anniversary The Riverside brewery will celebrate a decade in business with a party. There’ll be two new taproom-exclusive beer drops, more than 30 kegs from the cellar, live music, food vendors, hula dancers, and more. New beer launches are Rum Ham, an imperial sour infused with cherries, pineapple and honey ham, and Triple Texan, a triple red tripled IPA. The $25 ticket will cover one souvenir pint glass and four pours. The family-friendly event will run from 12-6 pm.
Neutral Ground Brewing Company Jackalope Bob’s food truck 2-6PM Tammy Gomez spoken word artist 7-8PM
Cowtown Great American Cleanup Saturday, Mar. 25 8-11 a.m. Locations vary Free Join Keep Fort Worth Beautiful and thousands of volunteers for the city’s largest annual litter cleanup.
Sunday, March 26
Brisket 101 at Panther Island Brewing: Pitmaster Dayne Weaver of Dayne’s Craft Barbecue will walk participants step-by-step through his process of smoking tender, flavorful brisket. Attendees will be treated to a feast of barbecue along with three Panther Island brews and a souvenir glass. The class is $175 per person, plus tax and a service fee, and will run from 11 am-3 pm.
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2023.03.20 22:34 L1n9y Elden Ring has a pretty lackluster story

Since the games release I've seen tons of praise for its story which I don't really think is warranted. The game has lots of lore sure but I don't think that's a good substitute for a real story and character development.
The core of my problem with Elden Ring's story could probably be summed up with character development. None of the characters in this game go through any growth at all, or give me really any reason to care about their arcs or their motives. I don't know why any of the bosses want to stop me being Elden Lord, I don't know why Melina wants to be Elden Lord, I don't even know why I want to be the Elden Lord. Melina is alongside the tarnished the whole game and yet she goes through no changes in the whole story, nor does Ranni. Was I supposed to see Gideon's betrayal as some shocking thing? I don't know he didn't really do anything.
Other parts of the plot are also poorly explained, I know there's lore snippets everywhere but surely something as significant and everpresent in this game like the Erdtree should have much more information of its purpose and origin before we for some reason burn it down.
I know there are definitely answers to these questions but they're so poorly presented to the audience that I have to go to external sources like youtube or guides to actually know, which isn't really a good method of storytelling in my eyes.
Elden Ring to me feels like if Tolkien only published the Silmarillion without the Hobbit and LOTR existing to make me care about his world and characters, I wouldn't really be willing to dive into all that deep lore. Only instead of having a densely packed book to go through with concise chapters. Instead I have a buch of cobbled together item descriptions and conversations with NPCs who are impossible to trace to even begin to understand this world.
I've heard it said that Miyazaki makes his stories intentionally vague to give the effect of mystery that Fantasy books had on him due to being in a language he couldn't understand very well. I can see where this is coming from but I also think those stories at least had full stories presented even if you could only touch the surface or maybe that style just doesn't work for me.
Elden Ring is a fantastic game that deserves a lot of its praise but the fact it could be nominated for best narrative next to God of War Ragnarok or even a fairly forgettable plot like Horizon Forbidden West is pretty laughable.
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2023.03.20 22:33 Nor-Cal-Son Appalachia might become an Enclave nation.

So, alot of people speculate that Appalachia eventually succumbs to a mass firestorm as seen in the nuclear winter mode, and that's the fate were all doomed too. I personally don't think that is cannon at all. My first point is NW took place in 2102, it's currently 2103. I think that might have been some simulation of sorts. Secondly, I think we might be the enclave. With the return if the responders suddenly and them being shadow funded by the enclave, I think the true reason we don't hear about Appalachia is that we might be the first citizens of a secret enclave nation. In FO3 the enclave has a massive force, more than could have just came from raven rock alone, not to mention they persist and get reinforcements even after losing both bases. I'm starting to believe that maybe the east coast enclave actually uses west virginia as it's main base, and that were the first citizens of this future new US. Maybe they succeed to win over the hearts of Appalachia under the mask of the responders and in turn found their own "utopia". And sure, the enclave are considered "pure" in fallout 3 but comparatively, somone who grows up in the forest of Appalachia would seem far less irradiated than those from Boston or DC. They might even kill any travelers to the region to prevent their utopia from being found. This theory would also explain the lack of any faction permanence from this region except from the enclave. Not to mention this might be where president eden, or rather MODUS came from. What do you guys think?
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2023.03.20 22:33 minimicropenis Mayo (AZ) vs. Kaiser

Hey friends! I posted this on premed but wanted to hear the opinions from current medical students as well, as I think y’all would have some great insight!!
Kaiser vs. Mayo Clinic (AZ)
Two of the schools I am seriously considering right now are Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine and Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine. I'm trying to weigh financials, location, and opportunities between these two schools, and would love others' insights/thoughts. I am interested in Internal Medicine/Primary Care, although I do want to keep my options open as I'm sure I could very easily change my mind.
Mayo (AZ):
Of note, I am also heavily considering UVA at the moment but don't have financial aid yet so I can't really make a super informed decision on that at the moment.
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2023.03.20 22:33 APoisonousMushroom Was handgun concealed carry ever popular in the US during or prior to the Old West/American frontier days?

In Old West movies and TV, you never see anyone drawing a pistol from concealment, i.e. carrying a pistol in a hidden holster on your person (under a shirt, say). Outside of possibly a derringer-style 2-shot pistol that you see depicted as a pocket gun (or even on a mechanical sleeve holster if you're James West), the only 'hidden' guns I can recall depicted in old west shows were in purses carried by women.
In pre-modern times in the US, was it basically always the case that you could tell just by looking at someone if they were armed or not because they were open carrying a pistol? If so, why? Wouldn't you want the element of surprise to be on your side if you were in a remote frontier town rife with crime, etc.?
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2023.03.20 22:33 daiLlafyn Some suggestions for Weather Forecast watchface?

Sooo. Bit of background. Ever since lockdown, and hiking on the hills and mountains has been an avenue of pleasure that was closed off to me, I've taken to hiking along the canals and footpaths of the West Midlands and Staffordshire counties in the UK.
So many "Weather watchfaces" just tell you what the weather is now - which is handy if you work in an office with no windows, or live in a basement. I actually like touching grass every now and then, so I want a forecast for the next few hours so I know when to walk the dogs or go for a hike.
So having a convenient hour-by-hour forecast is really handy - which explains why I've been whingeing about having my favourite weather watchface stop working. ForecasWatch2 was awesome, but as the weather services it used failed to support it, it was useless - I even tried to sideload the update but that died as well :o( Apparently you can apply for an API key that will work - you'll need a credit card which they won't charge. Not done this yet.
So what else is there? * Weathergraph - it's OK, but there's no time scale and the graphics are muddy and indistinct. * Time Graph Weather - actually pretty good! Three-hourly updates with sun/shade/temperature/precipitation info. * Analog Weatherwatch - stopped working for me, but hold on! There's a sideloadable equivalent from GitHub which uses Dark Sky and works a treat. And it looks awesome. * Weather Wave - it's one I haven't tried yet. But it looks good.
Anyone got any other suggestions?
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2023.03.20 22:32 ParaMorph Is there any form of free trial for maya i can practice with?

Im attending courses for animation that uses maya and while i will receive the key from them for download as a student for free** i really want to get a jump on things and perhaps learn some basic stuff and how to get around so im able to navigate the first course fairly easy and perhaps second as well.
Also on a off note, has anyone had any experience using intels new gpus they came out with and had any issues with them and maya rendering?
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2023.03.20 22:31 vlogan79 Writing an object to S3 from a (java) string or bytestream which contains multi-glyph emoji truncates the output.

I am using the Java SDK (in Kotlin) to write some files to S3. Given this String, which is 12 characters but 16 bytes long:

Then S3 writes 12 bytes to S3. The final output is:
Here's some of my relevant code:
 println("ContentsLength (long): ${contents.length.toLong()}") val ba = contents.toByteArray(Charsets.UTF_8) println("ByteArray UTF_8: ${ba.size} bytes (int)") val requestBuilder = PutObjectRequest.builder() .contentLength(contents.length.toLong()) .key(key) .bucket(bucket) contentType?.let { requestBuilder.contentType(it) } val request = s3Client.putObject(request, RequestBody.fromBytes(ba)) 
And here's the logs from Cloudwatch:
 2023-03-20T21:15:15.311+00:00 ContentsLength (long): 12 2023-03-20T21:15:15.349+00:00 ByteArray UTF_8: 16 bytes (int) 
So I'm definitely using UTF-8 character sets, the dark skinned man emoji requires several characters (I think 3, man+ZWJ+dark).
So it seems to me that the AWS SDK Java class is incorrectly handling the byte array, or that is writing the wrong number of bytes to S3.
I have also tried RequestBody.fromString(content, Charsets.UTF_8), same result. I've even tried UTF_32.
What have I done wrong?
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2023.03.20 22:31 inORIGINAL-NAME [REQUEST] [PS4] (18th attempt) Persona 5 Royal, currently on sale for 41.99€!

Hello users of giftofgames I'm u/inORIGINAL-NAME and today I'm asking once again for support to get Persona 5 Royal which is currently on sale for 41.99€.
Explanation for why I didn't get the game previously:
If you check my account and look at my post history, you'll notice that I should've already gotten the game, yet sadly that isn't the case, a few months ago a user contacted me and had gifted me an account that they bought from G2A that contained the game and due to school exams and moving out I was unable to use my PS4 to sign in and check the account around that time, so when the holidays came I tried to and I was unfortunately welcomed with a message telling me that the account was suspended so I tried to contact the user who gifted me the game and I found that they had deleted their account, so in the end I didn't get the game after all :(
After consulting mods on this sub, I was informed that G2A actually allows people to buy game keys in the form of codes directly without making a new account on a platform, and due to my inexperience with the website I didn't know that, so I asked for permission to request help to get the game again and was allowed to, so here I am.
What is Persona 5 Royal?
Persona 5 Royal is a game that I've wished to play for a long, long time, but I never got any chance to, it's the 5th installment of one of my favourite franchises and probably the most popular one, there's currently only one version of the game available for sale on the PS Store which is Ultimate Edition since the game came out on other platforms, this version contains the base game plus all DLCs.
It is a JRPG with turn based combat with strategy mechanics and slice of life and dating sim elements thrown in the mix, the game is basically a rerelease of the original Persona 5 with new content, changes to the plot and combat rebalancing, this version also adds a lot of new content and mechanics such as a grappling hook and other stuff.
The main plot of the game revolves around a group called the Phantom Thieves, a group that you the player and another couple of characters form to combat the corruption present in the city of Tokyo using supernatural means that affect a person's mind, making them see their wrongs to redeem themselves, you'll meet various different characters in the game, each with different stories and personalities, and each have different fates due to your actions, this version of the game also has a whole new epilogue set after the end of the original story with a whole new plot that revolves around the new additions in this version.
Why do I want this game?
I've been a big fan of Persona games since my childhood, I played both Persona 3 and Persona 4 multiple times and fully completed both of them, Persona 5 Royal is the next one on the list and I wish to to play it too.
If you ask me which video game franchises are my favourites, then Persona is definitely amongst the ones on the top of the list, this franchise is just amazing in my opinion and I can never get bored of it.
Why can't I get the game?
If my chances of getting the game on my own were low in the past, they're now inexistant since my phone got broken in an unlucky incident and I had to pay 100€ to get it back, so for the next summer I'll have to work to pay back my parents for getting it fixed, it also doesn't help that school doesn't give me enough free time to get a part time job.
So any help and support would be welcome! If I get enough help I might be able to pay at the very least a fourth of the price of the game.
Here's my PS profile:
Here's a link to the game:
Thanks for reading this, Have a nice day and good luck to everyone else on this sub!
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2023.03.20 22:30 liberatus20 Can someone please help me figure out how to remove the performance overlay on the top left. Only happens with valheim, have tried every variation of f key and alt + letter, etc. Not sure where it is coming from.

Can someone please help me figure out how to remove the performance overlay on the top left. Only happens with valheim, have tried every variation of f key and alt + letter, etc. Not sure where it is coming from. submitted by liberatus20 to valheim [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:28 kjay38 Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable is stuck in "No bootable device found" and HTTPs Boot failure" after turning on.

Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable is stuck in
The issue started after I attempted to wipe everything from Bios upon next boot up, but I think I forgot to deselected some important functions while I was messing around and now I'm completely lost. No function keys work at all at any time, it just cycles between these two windows and the Dell logo until I turn it off. Any help welcomed.
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2023.03.20 22:28 qaqwer [RoR2] Does anyone else get the feeling that red items aren't nearly as good as we imagine them to be?

Warning: Opinions are present, proceed with caution
TL;DR: Although the feeling of getting a red item is often great, because of their rarity and generally being interesting items, it's really kind of unusually rare that it will actually end up helping out your run at all.
I know the gut reaction to the title, it just sounds wrong, every time a red item drops I'm willing to bet that all of us get a bit of a dopamine hit, but how often do you just end up being let down?
Even the items that used to feel amazing and like my run was instantly won, now lead to my run being very much loseable despite me still being hyped whenever I see them drop.
I'm not saying that the red items changed in any sort of way honestly, it's purely that I've gotten better at the game, and therefore I'm more likely to play monsoon/eclipse, and I don't enjoy just looping 50 times for the hell of it anymore. Yes in edge/silly cases, they can end up popping off super hard, and feel amazing, but it feels like that rarely ever comes up unless the run is already going nuts.

I get that this is partly intentional design, and leads to the skill-based nature of ror2 gameplay loop, but we'd be lying if we were to say that those rng high rolls weren't a key part of any roguelike's appeal (yes, obviously they still happen in a different way, more that it's unusual reds don't really end up being a major influence when they appear).

Obviously, ror2 has its own really neat way of treating item rarities where white items are the foundation of your build and where you get most of your stats and power, with green items then being the means through which you translate the power of your white items into an exponentially better build, with reds at the wildcard which can steer your build into performing amazingly in one area. However, it feels more like in practice they're the sprinkles on top of your build. Like, they're nice to have, but rarely make much of a difference as to whether your build is good or bad.

In comparison, greens seem to be forced into their role such that they "seem" on average weaker than reds because so many of them are just scrap fodder that waters down the roster (stealthkit, polyp, lepton, harpoon, leeching seed to name a few) which are rarely of any use unless you have a super specific situation. If you look at all the items that don't fall into this category, you'll see that practically all of them are extremely strong, flexible, potentially run-changing items (wotw, bands, atg, uke, feather, shuriken) which I would honestly prefer to many (if not most) reds.

To clarify, I do not have a specific solution in mind, nor am I claiming this is a game-ruining flaw, if anything this could be entirely intentional in terms of balancing. If it makes more sense to you this way, treat this post as just an observation on an unusual pattern in ror2 item balance

To illustrate my point, I've gone ahead like a nerd and wrote out my perspective on how impactful each of the red items are. This is the end of the post basically, feel free to not read the rest unless you want my lukewarm take on red items. I just feel like when you look at them all side by side my argument seems much more reasonable:

So in total, if you were to open a large chest on first loop, without an already strong build, and got a big dopamine rush from seeing the red droplet, what are you actually going to end up with? If you high roll, you would get the 4/26 items that are a really huge boost to your power no matter what. Otherwise, you could end up with the 5/26 chance for an item that's at least a bump in power, but requires a few items to be really impactful, or instead, the same 5/26 chance for an item that could be decent as long as you're lucky enough to be already building items that work well with it, albeit the ones I'd put in this category have prerequisites that are fairly common and rather achievable in builds at this point. Otherwise? You're really kind of out of luck, rolling either a 7/26 chance for an at least helpful mostly inconsequential item (or one that is very difficult to get value from), or worst case, the 5/26 items with practically no impact at all (especially if you're on eclipse).
So in this situation, you'd have a less than one fifth chance to get an item that will just give you a big power increase no matter what, almost a 50/50 chance of getting an item that will do basically nothing, and the remaining two fifths-ish of the items are wildly inconsistent and can range from barely any use to actually pretty good if you have the right situation, but if you're hoping for a red item to turn an unlucky run around, the odds are really not great, you're more likely to claw back into the game with good greens if anything.
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2023.03.20 22:27 Radical---moderate Asians in the West should be banned from studying medicine. Or there should be psychiatric testing to deduce if this was the choice of the child.

Maybe a bit over the top, but there really should be a system to root out these parents forcing kids to become doctors, and these seats should be allocated to those actually interested in studying.
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2023.03.20 22:27 GR33NJUIC3 Anyone using mouse + throttle for optimal combat maneuvers?

What’s great about the mouse with pitch and yaw on it is that you get superior control and aiming compared to HOTAS/HOSAS.
You can enable relative mouse control (the cursor returns to the center of the reticule without player input) to greatly improve FA-off accuracy.
What’s great about having a throttle is that you can go from FA-off to FA-on without losing your desired throttle input.
That’s a huge QOL improvement compared to keyboard/mouse, since on a keyboard as soon as you re-engage flight assist after a FA-off boost roll/pitch your thruster input is all messed up and you have to reset it manually.
That made me wonder: anyone playing with the mouse in the dominant hand, and a throttle or stick in the other hand (maybe a 6-DOF one like this or at least one with enough input for rolls and lateral/vertical thrusts or just a stick)?
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2023.03.20 22:26 Tight-Page-5192 I Need A Hacker To Change My University Grades

[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) — — -Sometimes students fail their exams due to low-quality grades, which has a detrimental effect on their future life.
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I need a hacker to change my university grades
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Can I hire a hacker to change a grade?
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How to choose a professional hacker?
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How to buy fake grades and fake college certificates online
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How to hack university database system to change grades
Hacking school systems means you need to know about cybersecurity, database protocols, and much more. Hackers can easily do this for you. Adjust your college grades, transcripts. If they are some hackers who can easily access the database and I would advise you to ask which method. First of all, don’t choose the cruel power, it can tear down the school’s server and slow down its website.
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2023.03.20 22:26 Awkward_Comparison93 Ancient Ekrainian Tounge

The Ekrainian language, an intricate tongue spoken by the native Ekrainian Race, holds the distinction of being one of the first languages on the planet Tra'Vol. This complex language boasts elaborate grammar rules and an extensive vocabulary, where context heavily influences the meaning of many words.
To greet someone, one says "Kryniak," which translates to "greetings." Parting ways calls for the expression "Tazkar," or "goodbye." Gratitude is conveyed with the word "Vykram," meaning "thank you."
Affirmative responses are given with "Krenak," while "Nyrak" indicates a negative reply. The elemental terms include "Lymsar" for water, "Nyzar" for fire, "Gaarak" for earth, and "Aeris" for sky. Celestial bodies have their own names: "Solys" for the sun, "Lunaer" for the moon, and "Zyliar" for stars.
Emotions and states are represented with words such as "Elyndar" for love, "Dyrnys" for hate, "Krytsar" for war, and "Nyrthus" for peace. Relationships are defined by terms like "Vakyr" for friend and "Dyzar" for enemy. Societal constructs are designated by words like "Ekrasys" for kingdom, "Myzar" for power, and "Sythar" for wisdom.
The Ekrainian language also acknowledges life and death with "Vyndar" and "Kylos," respectively. Mystical concepts like "Fyraal" for magic, "Vyramar" for wizard, and "Kryndar" for warrior are present as well. Monarchs are referred to as "Sylvera" for queen and "Krynos" for king.
Lastly, the Ekrainian pantheon comprises the gods "Ekrainar," the god of order, and "Neroneka," the god of chaos.
In the Ekrainian language, various expressions convey the unique origins or characteristics of different beings or concepts:
Soul Born Elf: Solvaylian
Blood Born Elf: Vulcainian
Void Born Elf: Luminari
Sea Born Elves: Aquarayian
Our First Creations: Imperious
Children Born of Scales: Chemekian
Forest Born Elves: Sylvanaray
Stone Born Dwarves: Gaiadanar
Wind Born Nomads: Ventusari
Fire Born Children: Ignitari
Additional examples of Ekrainian words include:
Order: Ekrain Chaos: Neronek Murder: Merisu Judgment: Astla Crime: Dyzen Criminal: Dyzar Hello: Kryniak Goodbye: Tazkar Thank you: Vykram Yes: Krenak No: Nyrak Water: Lymsar Fire: Nyzar Earth: Gaarak Sky: Aeris Sun: Solys Moon: Lunaer Star: Zyliar Love: Elyndar Hate: Dyrnys War: Krytsar Peace: Nyrthus Friend: Vakyr Enemy: Dyzar Kingdom: Ekrasys Power: Myzar Wisdom: Sythar Death: Kylos Life: Vyndar Magic: Fyraal Wizard: Vyramar Warrior: Kryndar Queen: Sylvera King: Krynos God: Ekrainar Goddess: Neroneka Greetings: Kryndar Farewell: Tazkyr Appreciation: Vylthar Affirmative: Krenar Negative: Nyrnar Fluid: Lymthar Blaze: Nyzthar Soil: Gyrthar Firmament: Aerthar Radiance: Solythar Lunar: Lunythar Stellar: Zylthar Affection: Elyndyrthar Animosity: Dyrnythar Conflict: Krythar Harmony: Nyrthys Comrade: Vakyrthar Foe: Dyzthar Empire: Ekrasynthar Potency: Myzthar Sapience: Sytharthar Mortality: Kylothar Vitality: Vyndarthar Enchantment: Fyraalthar Magus: Vyramythar Gladiator: Kryndarthar Queenly: Sylverathar Regal: Krynothar Honor: Kyrnal Betrayal: Traesku Courage: Valyra Fear: Fobrys Foolishness: Nartis Justice: Jystara Injustice: Injystar Truth: Veritae Deception: Falsira Beauty: Bellarys Ugliness: Grystark Freedom: Libertas Captivity: Catenar Joy: Gaudia Sorrow: Tristal Prosperity: Opulantar Poverty: Penuria Hope: Speras Despair: Despar Trust: Fidara Doubt: Dubitae Dream: Somnior Nightmare: Nocmara Knowledge: Cognitari Ignorance: Ignaros Balance: Aequilar Imbalance: Inaequar Healing: Sanatar Sickness: Morbys Strength: Fortir Weakness: Debilar Nature: Naturae Artifice: Artifexar Victory: Vinctory Defeat: Decadra Time: Temporis Eternity: Aeternar Fate: Fatum Choice: Electar Journey: Viatar Home: Domus Light: Luminis Darkness: Tenebris Beginnings: Initium Endings: Finemar Spirit: Spiritus Matter: Materiar Curiosity: Curiosar Indifference: Apathae Generosity: Generos Greed: Avaritia Patience: Patientar Impatience: Impatir Humility: Humilitas Pride: Superbar Maybe: Forsitan Certainly: Certanar Probably: Probabilis Possibly: Posibilar Of course: Kursaris Definitely: Definatir Never: Nunquam Always: Semper Sometimes: Interdum Rarely: Raro Often: Saepe Is: Estis This: Hocar And: Etar Get: Obtenar Why: Quoris How: Modaris Who: Quimar Where: Ubiar When: Temporisar Which: Qualis Many: Multar Few: Paucar More: Plurar Less: Minusar Big: Grandar Small: Parvar Fast: Rapidae Slow: Lentar Old: Vetar Young: Juvanar Happy: Felicar Sad: Tristiar Good: Bonar Bad: Malumis Smart: Intelligar Foolish: Stultar Rich: Ricutar Poor: Paupar Hot: Calidar Cold: Frigar Full: Plenar Empty: Vacuar Hard: Durar Soft: Mollar Wet: Umidar Dry: Siccus Long: Longar Short: Breviar Wide: Latar Narrow: Angustar Loud: Sonaros Quiet: Tacitar Heavy: Gravisar Light (weight): Levar Bright: Lucidar Dim: Obscurar Clean: Limpidar Dirty: Sordidar Safe: Securusar Dangerous: Periculis Sweet: Dulcar Sour: Acerbar Bitter: Amarar Salty: Salinar Spicy: Picantar Delicious: Deliciar Tasteless: Insipidar Awake: Vigilar Asleep: Dormitar Alive: Viventis Dead: Mortuar Visible: Visiblar Invisible: Invisiblar Near: Proximar Far: Distantar Above: Suprar Below: Infrar Inside: Internar Outside: Externar High: Altar Low: Bassus Smooth: Levigar Rough: Asperar Thin: Tenur Thick: Crassar Straight: Rectar Curved: Curvar Sharp: Acutar Blunt: Obtusar Kind: Benignar Cruel: Crudelis Brave: Fortisar Cowardly: Timidis
Verbs include:
To create: Kreatus To destroy: Destrakar To believe: Kredara To doubt: Dubitara To know: Sciaros To learn: Lernatar To teach: Instruktis To remember: Memoran To forget: Oblivara To forgive: Pardonus To avenge: Vendikar To love: Amatar To hate: Odiar To fight: Pugnar To defend: Defendar To heal: Sanator To harm: Nocentar To speak: Loquar To listen: Auditara To see: Visuar To hide: Celatar To seek: Kuestara To find: Inventar To lose: Perdar To win: Vincer To give: Donatar To take: Captar To build: Konstrukar To protect: Protektor
Adjectives include:
Strong: Robustus Weak: Debilis Wise: Sapiens Foolish: Stultus Brave: Audax Cowardly: Timidus True: Verus False: Falsus Beautiful: Pulcher Ugly: Deformis Rich: Dives Poor: Pauper Happy: Felicitas Sad: Tristis Kind: Benignus Cruel: Saevus Generous: Munificus Greedy: Avarus Patient: Patiens Impatient: Impatiens Humble: Humilis Proud: Superbus Young: Juvenis Old: Senex Fast: Velox Slow: Tardus Loyal: Fidelis Disloyal: Infidelis
One:Unaris Two:Duvaris Three:Trikalis Four:Quadris Five:Pentaris Six:Hexalis Seven:Septaris Eight:Oktaris Nine:Nonaris Ten:Dekaris Eleven:Undekaris (Unaris-Dekaris) Twelve:Duvadekaris (Duvaris-Dekaris) Thirteen:Trikaldekaris (Trikalis-Dekaris) Fourteen:Quadradekaris (Quadris-Dekaris) Fifteen:Pentardekaris (Pentaris-Dekaris) Sixteen:Hexaldekaris (Hexalis-Dekaris) Seventeen:Septardekaris (Septaris-Dekaris) Eighteen:Oktardekaris (Oktaris-Dekaris) Nineteen:Nonardekaris (Nonaris-Dekaris) Twenty:Duvandekaris (Duvaris plus Dekaris) Twenty-one:Duvandunaris (Duvandekaris-Unaris) Twenty-Two:Duvanduvaris (Duvandekaris-Duvaris) Twenty-Three:Duvandtrikalis (Duvandekaris-Trikalis) Twenty-Four:Duvandquadris (Duvandekaris-Quadris) Twenty-Five:Duvandpentaris (Duvandekaris-Pentaris) Twenty-Six:Duvandhexalis (Duvandekaris-Hexalis) Twenty-Seven:Duvandseptaris :(Duvandekaris-Septaris) Twenty-Eight:Duvandoktaris (Duvandekaris-Oktaris) Twenty-Nine:Duvandnonaris (Duvandekaris-Nonaris) Thirty:Tridekaris (Trikalis-Dekaris)
The pattern continues as such with the base numbers being added to Dekaris.
The Ekrainian language is a rich and complex linguistic system spoken by the Ekrainian Race, the first inhabitants of the planet Tra'Vol. It is characterized by its intricate grammar rules and an extensive vocabulary, which allows for a multitude of nuanced meanings and expressions. Its grammar structure is built upon a foundation of inflections, affixes, and context-dependent word forms, making it a challenging language to learn and master for non-native speakers.
One notable aspect of Ekrainian grammar is its extensive use of inflections. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives undergo various transformations based on their role in a sentence, the tense, mood, and aspect of verbs, as well as the gender, number, and case of nouns. This feature enables speakers to convey a great deal of information simply by altering the form of a word.
In Ekrainian, word order is more flexible than in languages like English, due to its reliance on inflections. However, the typical word order follows a Subject-Object-Verb (SOV) pattern, with modifiers generally placed before the words they modify. This structure allows speakers to shift focus or emphasis by rearranging the word order, without changing the core meaning of a sentence.
Another key feature of Ekrainian grammar is the use of affixes, which are added to the beginning or end of a word to modify its meaning. Prefixes, suffixes, and infixes can be combined in numerous ways to create new words or convey complex ideas. This system allows for a high degree of creativity and flexibility in the language.
Ekrainian vocabulary is vast and versatile, with many words having multiple meanings depending on the context in which they are used. This can make the language challenging for learners, as the subtle shifts in meaning often require a deep understanding of the culture and history of the Ekrainian people.
The Ekrainian language also contains a rich array of idiomatic expressions, proverbs, and sayings, which provide insight into the beliefs, values, and worldview of its speakers. These expressions often reflect the deep connection the Ekrainians have with their environment, their gods, and their shared history.
In summary, the Ekrainian language is a sophisticated and expressive linguistic system, marked by complex grammar rules and a rich vocabulary. Its intricacies require a deep understanding of not only the language itself, but also the culture and history of the Ekrainian people. Those who master the Ekrainian language gain access to a world of nuanced communication, poetic beauty, and a unique perspective on the universe.
Ekrainian Story
Once upon a time in the kingdom of Ekrasys, a young warrior named Kryndar set off on a quest to rescue Sylvera, the queen who had been kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Vyramar. Here is the tale in the Ekrainian language:
Kryniak, Ekrasys ekrainary. Kryndar, vyndarthar Krynos, vyramarthar Tazkar, elyndar Sylvera, Sylverathar zyliar. Vyramar, Fyraalthar nyzar, dyzthar ekrainar.
Kryndar tridekaris viatar sytharthar, lymthar aerthar. Fobrys bellarys, valyra krenar. Krythar Ekrasynthar, ekrainar nyrthus, pentardekaris viatar gaarak.
Kryndar vyramarthar aeris, Vyramar gaudia. Kylothar ekrainar, hexaldekaris viatar. Fyraal lunythar, kryndarthar Sylvera libertas, Vyramar nyrnar.
Sylvera ekrainar Kryndar vakyrthar, kyrnal ekrasys. Ekrainar Neroneka, ekrainar nyrthus, Ekrasys ekrainar gaudia. Finemar, kryniak ekrainar tristal.
Translation: Greetings, in the kingdom of Ekrasys. Kryndar, a young warrior, set off to rescue Sylvera, the beautiful queen. Vyramar, a powerful sorcerer, was the enemy of the kingdom.
Kryndar journeyed for thirty days and nights, across land and water. Fearful of the danger, he showed great courage. He fought for the empire, bringing order and peace, traveling for fifty days on the earth.
Kryndar reached the tower where Vyramar was hiding, full of joy. He confronted the sorcerer, and after sixteen days of battle, using powerful magic, he freed Sylvera, and Vyramar was defeated.
Sylvera and Kryndar became close friends, restoring honor to the kingdom. Order and chaos were balanced, and peace returned to Ekrasys. In the end, they greeted a new beginning free from sorrow.
Please note that translating the story directly into Ekrainian is an approximation, as the language's complex grammar and context rules may not perfectly align with English.
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2023.03.20 22:26 Xzenor SQL Alchemy won't give my double entries. But I want to see them!

I have a bunch of data in MySQL. Here's a part of that data:
machine_name human_name type bundle ------------ ---------- ---- ------- 8doors_arumsafterlifeadventureb 8 Doors game december_2021_choice 911operator 911 Operator game ukrainecharitybundle_bundle 911operator 911 Operator game turkeysyriaearthquakerelief_bundle 97thingseveryprogrammershouldknow 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know ebook giftsfortechnicallyinclinedoreilly2022_bookbundle a01thekinunir A01 The Kinunir ebook classictravellermarkmiller_bookbundle a02researchstationgamma A02 Research Station Gamma ebook classictravellermarkmiller_bookbundle 
This is it. No other columns. No keys no nothing. just data. Now I could query MySQL and just get this as an output. No problem. if I do it with SQLAlchemy, I miss the second 911operator entry from the results. This counts for all entries with the same name in the first column. the SQLAlchemy query is as basic as they get:
The table is obviously called Items.
I want to see both 911operator entries. Why won't it just give me those and how do I fix it? Is this a keys thing? As that's the only thing I can think of but it doesn't explain why the 'simple' mysql cli client has no problems with it..
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2023.03.20 22:26 TFermTheDoggy Elemental Season 3 - Episode 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to Elemental UHC Season 3!

Elemental is a reddit recorded round organized by azoof. This round focuses on putting elementals from the real world and implementing them into minecraft.
For our third season, it will be Rigged Teams of 2 and we will be focusing on the element of earth.
The scenarios for the season were:
  • Custom Armor: Players could craft a custom armor set known as Obsidian Armor. Upon wearing the full set of Obsidian Armor, the player will take less fire/lava damage. Helmet Craft, Chestplate Craft, Leggings Craft, Boots Craft
  • Custom Structures: Seven different biome related structures were possible to locate on the map, with various loot within the structures. The biomes correlating to these structures were plains, taiga, forest, jungle, swamp, desert, and savannah.
  • Custom Terrain: The surface terrain was replaced with a mix of grass, dirt, coarse dirt, stone, cobblestone, and gravel.
  • Custom Weapon: Players could craft a custom weapon craft known as an Obsidian Sword, which comes pre enchanted with sharpness 2 and upon right clicking gives resistance for 5 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Sword Craft
  • CutClean: All food and ores will automatically drop in their smelted form.
Enjoy the season!
Alive Players
Player Link
Orange Team -
ceije Episode 1
omchris Episode 1
Dark Green Team -
Livin423 Wacky World
strategy Full Footage Combined
Blue Team -
Jordtim Episode 1
Vynil Late
Yellow Team -
ArcticSeagull Episode 1
ethodog Late
Gray Team -
Arich Combined With Episode 2
lexicuhl Episode 1
Dark Red Team -
Charrlottie Episode 1
Kelawesome Episode 1
Pink Team -
527Max Catboy Leash
GamerNthn Episode 1
Cyan Team -
azoof Episode 1
ninja3214 Episode 1
Green Team -
Klickacat Cocoa Beans
wizarde Corrupted Episode
Purple Team -
ColdBacon Episode 1
fruitlogic Episode 1
Dark Gray Team -
ItsColinn Episode 1
WackoFlipper Tomato Soup
Dark Blue Team -
Glarza Episode 1
SpyroJ Rockin’ Out
Death Tracker
No players dead yet...
Previous Episodes
  • Intro: Psykl0ne
  • Renders: LetTheJaePlay
  • Logo: Brodator
  • Host: MarcusWest (Inferno)
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