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Respect Hobgoblin (Marvel 616)

2023.06.02 20:42 AzureBeast Respect Hobgoblin (Marvel 616)

Roderick Kingsley, the Hobgoblin

"My name's Roderick Kingsley. That was my brother you killed. Which, honestly, I'm fine with. He was an idiot. But then you went too far… You stole my brand SO YOU'RE A DEAD MAN!"
Roderick Kingsley was a ruthless designer in New York City who developed a financial empire that stretched far beyond the fashion industry. When a rival designer donned a costume and attempted to steal Kingsley's designs, he was saved only by the interference of Spider-Man. Kingsley acquired the original Green Goblin suit and equipment from a bank robber who had discovered one of Osborn's hidden caches around the city. Taking the name Hobgoblin, Kingsley used his costumed identity to grow his business interests without implicating himself, and became a regular foe to Spider-Man and other New York heroes.
Feats will be marked with the source.
Encyclopedia Entries: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition Spider-Man Unmasked Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2004 Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z













Pumpkin Bombs


Energy Beams

Razor Bats



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2023.06.02 16:08 Mindless-Green6817 Chance me for any high reach school

Please be as cutthroat and cold hearted as can be.
Demographics: - Gender: Female - Race/ Ethnicity: Latina - My mom is an immigrant from El Salvador and my dad is of Mexican decent - Income: Middle-middle class (I think like maybe >$75,000 - could be wrong) - “Interesting” specs: 1st gen college student (my dad went to the army and only got his associates; my mom only has a GED) - Only child - Texan - Bilingual; English is my second language - Intended Major: Biology (Pre-med)
Stats: - SAT: 1370 😭 - I have been on that Khan Academy GRIND and will retake June 3rd. Highest practice score was 1530. - ACT: ? - I have yet to take it - GPA: 4.0 UW/ 14.333 W (15 pt scale) - Class rank: 6/891 - 8 APs so far: AP Spanish Lang (4), APHUG (5), AP Psych (5), AP Physics 1 (4) - scores yet to come: APUSH, AP Bio, AP Calc BC, AP Lang - will take AP Lit, AP Gov, AP Macro, AP Chem, and AP Stats senior year - I attend a public school that has a STEM program. I’m a part of that program and am in the BioMed “pathway”. Out of my class I believe ~300/891 are STEM students.
ECs (school): - Have been in orchestra since freshman year. I’m in the highest level orchestra my school offers. - All region violinist for 2 years (sophomore and junior) - Around 12 hrs/wk dedicated to orchestra - Key Club member since freshman year (~96 hours total) - Was president my junior year but I didn’t get re-elected… - HOSA member since sophomore year - Competed in prepared speaking in the last 2 years at the area level - Will be Competition Chair in the upcoming year - Psi Alpha member since sophomore year - Was Field Trip Committee Chair junior year - Will be secretary senior year - FBLA member since junior year - Competed both area (1st place) and state level (social media strategies) - Math NHS, Art NHS, Science NHS member since junior year (I joined them for funzies) - Also NHS member… - I will be a STEM ambassador in the upcoming year and hope to successfully guide the incoming freshman 🤞
EC’s outside of school: - I’ve attended taekwondo since I was 8 - I’m currently a second degree and will get my third in the fall - I work at the dojang on weekends for around 3 hours (nominal pay). I get to help younger students, and I LOVE to do it (so fun!)
Awards/ recognition: - AP Scholar with Honor - National Hispanic Recognition Scholar
Plans for Summe Upcoming year: - I hope to volunteer 250+ hours at a medical facility/ senior living home (I already have something lined up for the upcoming week) - Have started scheming the basics for a nonprofit with two other friends. We will get assistance from the STEM coordinators. - The nonprofit is intended to inspire students from underfunded areas close to our school to join STEM - I’m building a list for scholarships atm and am pre writing college apps. I have an off period next year for college apps and scholarships :)
Schools: - Safety: UTA, UDT, A&M - Target: Baylor, Texas Tech, UT Austin - Reach (ain’t no way): Rice, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Brown, John Hopkins(?)
I’m still searching colleges and would appreciate any suggestions! Like previously mentioned, don’t be afraid to humble me.
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2023.06.02 06:54 menatopboi Senior Classes - Need Advice

These are the following classes I'm going to be taking next year as a senior in high school. Please if you have any advice for these classes feel free share, thank you. I will leave a caveat for each class that is on this list, so hopefully that can demonstrate to you my take/worries about the class.
  1. AP Calculus AB (Kinda scared considering I haven't taken pre-calc. May sub this for AP Pre-Calc though)
  2. AP Chemistry (Was a chemistry god, but the last time I took chemistry was my post freshman year summer)
  3. English 12 (Good at writing and stuff, but just not a big fan of the AP English classes)
  4. Spanish 4 (Good at Spanish should be free)
  5. AP GOV/AP Macro (Not bad at both econ and government, so hopefully should be fine. Lowkey scared about the amount of notes though)
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2023.06.02 02:14 ThatOneKid2025 Chance Me - Rising Junior w/ No Clue

White Male, Middle Class
GPA: (Honestly idek my gpa - it is a 101.23 out of 100 (weighted), never gotten lower than a 95 UW in any class...)...Competitive High School...top 10 out of 500
PSAT: Beginning of Sophomore year: 1230....literally zero studying and barely tried, taking SAT this winter.
- Freshman Year: All Honors Core (School doesn't offer AP as Freshman) - Sophomore Year: AP Stats and WHAP (Expecting 5s on Both), Spanish II, Business, Honors Chemistry and Algebra II, Honors Literature II - Junior Year: AP Chem and AP PreCalc, Dual Enrollment Literature 1101+1102, USHIST 1211, and MacroEcon , (debating AP Physics...don't know yet, if not AP Physics than Spanish III or Entrepreneurship) - Planned Senior Year: AP Calc AB (School doesn't offer BC), AP Lit (Just for fun, well liked class), AP Psyc, AP Physics (if not took Junior year), AP CompGov, either Journalism or Dual Enrolled Film Studies
Probably taking 9/14 APs offered
Intended major: Film Studies/Communication...If going Stem Based Major - AeroSpace Engineering/Astrophysics
Awards: (absolutely terrible, but Junior and Senior year is when they actually give them)
Freshman year: Honors Award (Nothing crazy, I know)
Sophomore Year: Honors Award (I "lettered academically"...) TBD if I get any AP Awards, I'm expecting that I do...)
- 1 Year JV Soccer (Freshman), 1 Year Varsity Soccer (Sophomore), won Region (18-0 Regular Season), Broke School Record for Most Team Goals, Went to State Quarterfinals
- Leadership Team for a school Affinity Club
- Science National Honor Society
- Chic-fil-a Leadership Academy (Community Service and Outreach),
- Intern for a local non-profit (work social media),
- Run self-owned Photography Business (generating 3k in the first full year)
- Play for local soccer academy, captain of elite team, travel southeast USA playing (takes about 12 hours of my week)
- My teacher in WHAP is writing me one (ended w/ a 102 in his class), Honors Chem is writing me one (ended with a 105 in there) so I believe I'm good for senior year
Schools I plan to apply to (Georgia Resident):
GA Tech (In-State), SCAD (In-State) Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Colubmia, NYU, Brown, UMICH, USC, UCLA, Syracuse, FSU (Just some that I found)
I'm absolutely lost about any of my chances, so be realistic and give me feedback, I genuinely have no idea what I'm doing.
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2023.06.01 21:22 vero_v How do you connect patrons with social workers and other resources when nobody speaks their language?

Hi! I'm a librarian in a public library and I'm way over my head. About a half a year ago, my boss introduced me to a family of latinx refugees who needed assistance getting acquainted with the library. Once I started speaking to them in Spanish (I'm the only Spanish speaker in the library and apparently working for the town), I learned they were in a very dire place. I've told them I'm not a social worker, but I do my best to connect them to the best resources. I don't know how many emails I've sent, but it looked like things were starting to look up after a couple of failed tries. Today, I come to find out a lot of the organizations and people who were helping sort of backed out with no follow up. I'm trying to connect them to a social worker who can work their case, interpret in Spanish (or work with someone who does), and go from there. I've also sent them info on childcare assistance and housing assistance. They're about to lose their home by the end of the summer and MA takes forever to place families in public housing.
Now I know my hands are tied and it's not my profession. But I can't ignore this if there's any way I can direct them to someone who CAN help. My question is - where do I go from here?
There are so many organizations and gov offices that provide assistance, but how do you even get started if you can't speak English? Moreso, how do you get started if you're unfamiliar with the process and don't have someone assigned to you who can guide you? It's very overwhelming for me and I'm an outsider. The Mass.gov website itself is a labyrinth without translation options.
Any advice, tips, etc. would be so helpful.
I've gone as far as contacting a dept that works with refugees and after a while, they just stopped answering questions. I understand people are overworked, but people still need help. It's very heartbreaking!
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2023.06.01 17:51 MasterCheif_4223 Chances of instate(Texas) with average gpa+ average to below average EC's

Demographics: Asian Male
Intended Major(s): Computer Science, Data Science; Minor in maybe either stats or business analytics
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1370 ( 580 EBRW; 790 M) (I am retaking sat June in 2 days lol)
UW/W GPA and Rank:
3.85 UW
Rank: top 5.8%
(my school uses a weird system to do ranking and thats y I didn't include weighted. its super weird)
Coursework: AP/IB/Dual Enrollment classes, AP/IB scores, etc:
12 AP's + 12 Dual Credits
Freshman: AP huG: 2
- DC Spanish 3
- DC Comp. Sci. 2
AP Spanish 4: 2
AP calculus AB: 5
- DC US History I and II
- DC Business
AP Stats (predicted 5)
AP CSA (predicted 5)
AP Calculus BC (Predicted 5)
AP Lang (Predicted 3 or 4)
- DC Gov
- DC Econ
- DC Gov 2
- DC Art appreciation
Senior year(planning):
- AP Physics C EM
- AP Physics C Mech
- DC CS 4
- DC CS archetrccture
- DC Psychology/Sociology
- DC Speech/litereature (English 4 credit)
- Maybe do DC discrete math but probably not)
Scholar Award AP
Young CS intern award for a startup company
- regional finalist
- UIL top 2 in region; top 10 in state for CS
Extracurriculars: Include leadership & summer activities
- VP for Computer Science Club
- Historian for Model UN
- DECA, TSA(regional finalist) + NHS
Summer activities:
- Interned as a web developedesign for a startup company
- Teach young children and tutor them Computer Science
- COursera/Edx/udemy courses for cs related like python in ml and stuff
- A shit ton of projects that I have on GitHub like creating a real-time chat application like discord or iMessage or even created a instagram clone
- Interned as a technology manager for a non-profit company
- Volunteered more than 200+ hours

Essays/LORs/Other: I am a junior right now, so I didn't ask any LORs yet but I will probably ask my math teacher, physics teacher, and my English teacher. But its most likely:
Calculus teacher(8/10)
Physics teacher(7/10)
English teacher(8/10)
Schools: List of colleges, ED/EA/RD, etc
Planning instate of Texas:
UT Austin(main goal)
UT dallas
UT Arlington
UT Austin(main goal)
RICE University
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2023.06.01 15:48 Sgchd Health Department launches Revive, an overdose death prevention mobile app

Health Department launches Revive, an overdose death prevention mobile app

In response to the growing epidemic of drug overdose deaths impacting our community, Springfield-Greene County Health has launched the new mobile- and web-based app Revive. This app will provide resources and lifesaving guidance to people in both English and Spanish who use illicit substances, their loved ones, service providers and other people in the community who might encounter someone experiencing an overdose.
The goal of Revive is to prevent a drug overdose from becoming an overdose death. The 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment showed that drug use and the rate of overdose deaths in our community is significant. In fact, the drug overdose mortality rate is more than 25% higher in Greene, Christian, and Webster counties are than in the rest of the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioids were involved in nearly 75% of drug overdose deaths in 2020 and a majority of those involved a synthetic opioid, primarily fentanyl. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than drugs like morphine. It is highly addictive and just a very small amount can cause overdose and death.
Overdoses from opioids, including fentanyl, can be reversed using the life-saving medication naloxone. Revive allows people to find naloxone to carry with them and guides them through its proper use if the need arises. The app will provide written, verbal and visual step-by-step guidance to those responding to a drug overdose. It asks a few questions to provide the best information, then walks the user through how to administer naloxone, conduct CPR and position the person so they can remain safe until emergency services arrives. Revive also reassures the person responding that, under Missouri’s Good Samaritan Law, they will not be arrested for minor offenses including drug possession if they call 911 to help someone who is experiencing a medical emergency.
In addition to rescue guidance, Revive provides information on recognizing the signs of an overdose, maps of community resources like drug disposal sites and treatment services and information for those who have experienced a drug overdose. The Health Department plans to add additional features in the coming months.
The content for Revive was developed with input from several community partners, including the Southwest Missouri Drug Poisoning Coalition and Community Partnership of the Ozarks. CPO has also provided additional funding to help reach at-risk communities with the Revive app.
The Health Department encourages everyone to download Revive and familiarize themselves with its features to help us save lives, connect people with the resources they need to recover from addiction and lead longer, healthier and happier lives. Revive can be accessed and downloaded for free by going to Revive417.com or through the Apple and Google Play stores on your mobile device.
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2023.06.01 13:14 RozyCheekz A Linguistic Breakdown of Bre with Saweetie

Hello fellow Redditers! A year ago, I made a post breaking down Chelsea’s accent here and why, from a linguistic perspective, she likely is not faking her accent. After the recent season of Selling Sunset dropped, I’ve seen quite a few discussions about Bre’s accent and how it changed when she was with Saweetie in episode 9. I, once again, see an opportunity to offer some insight using my background and education in linguistics.
So, many people have said that Bre’s change in accent is an example of something called code switching. From a linguistic perspective, code switching refers to a shift in linguistic code, such as a dialect or a language, depending on the social context. An easy example is switching from speaking German with your family to speaking English when you talk to your friend from England. In the episode being discussed, people have noticed that Bre shifts from her usual, professional manner of speaking to a manner of speaking similar to Saweetie, who appears to speak English with the African American English (AAE) dialect. I would argue that Bre doesn’t actually change her dialect; she changes her register.
Register refers to the stylistic variation of language depending on the formality of a situation. For example, when you are at work as a lawyer you speak in a more formal register than you do when you are at a bar with your friends. In a lot of her scenes, I think that Bre does speak in quite a formal register, which makes sense because of the ‘professional’ environment. However, there is a change in the way that Bre speaks when she is with Saweetie. Bre says in a talking head that she and Bre met while partying a few years prior and became friends. During the viewing, Bre and Saweetie appear to be drinking, laughing, and joking. With this in mind, it would make sense that Bre’s change in speech is due to her lowering her register from her usual, more professional speech to a more casual register because she is with a friend she is comfortable with. Speaking in a more relaxed and casual manner also means that Bre is also more likely to imitate Saweetie’s speech pattern unconsciously.
Now, imitation is a common linguistic occurrence, and many people, myself included, don’t always realize they are doing it. To use myself as an example, I speak English as my first language and Spanish as my second. When I lived in a country with a lot of native Spanish speakers who spoke English with an accent, other native English speakers pointed out that my accent in English had a few traces of a Spanish accent. Now, obviously this doesn’t mean that I was talking like Sofia Vergara, but because I was surrounded by people speaking English with a Spanish accent, I unconsciously was picking up on it. It went away almost immediately when I started speaking with native English speakers again, which goes to show how we can unintentionally shift our language to mimic our audience. (If you want an example of someone absolutely faking a change in speech, just look up Hillary Baldwin of Boston.)
Imitation has been well studied in linguistics, and I will link an article at the end that hits on several similar points and references other articles on the subject. It can definitely be unconscious, and research has actually shown that it does positively affect the way that a person is viewed. Imitation also falls under the umbrella of Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT), which seeks to explain how humans adjust their speech to reduce social distance during an interaction. I will link an article at the end that delves deeper into CAT, but my point is that changing your speech depending on the social situation is very common and is a part of normal human communication.
To give an example of Bre imitating Saweetie, when Saweetie and Bre go downstairs, Saweetie says, “this is my favorite part right here,” and as a response, Bre says, using a similar inflection, “that’s my type, right there.” In this exchange, Bre is agreeing with what Saweetie said, and it makes sense socially that Bre would imitate her.
Overall, while it is certainly possible that Bre is intentionally adopting an AAE dialect to endear herself to Saweetie, from a linguistic perspective, her change in speaking doesn’t raise any red flags and is very normal for the context of the encounter. I absolutely agree that it is problematic for a white woman to purposefully mimic AAE for personal gain, but, in my opinion, I don’t think that’s what Bre is doing in episode 9 with Saweetie.
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2023.06.01 03:22 Xenocrates15 Chance a robotics nerd for some college

White male Hooks: Two brothers with special needs
Intended Major: Electrical Engineering SAT: 1340 (going to retake) 8 APs so far: Chem (3) World History (4) Human Geography (5) Calc BC, Physics 1, Lang, Spanish 4, and APUSH I don’t know yet
Taking Physics C, Macro/Gov, Lit senior year
GPA 5.32/6 (W, lower because orchestra is weighted as a regular class) Class rank: (21/594)
ECs: Orchestra, seven years Includes four years of youth orchestra and performances with a university orchestra Region clinic three years (hopefully four) Outstanding musician award (three years in a row) Occasionally play in community events
Robotics, seven years as well BEST: 6 seasons (base subsystem lead, marketing lead) FRC: 3 years (base subsystem lead, operator of the robot, Dean’s list semi-finalist) Vex: 2 seasons (no leadership) 200+ hours of volunteering, including mentoring and emceeing elementary, middle, and high school robotics events
Started a robotics club at my school
Other: NHS, NEHS, NSHS, Mu Alpha Theta, N(Spanish)HS (yeah yeah all the letters)
Chess club for two years (1300 Elo so not great)
Tutored Calculus for a year so far
Math Olympiad (AMC but not AIME)
LOR: My Physics teacher (7-8/10) Mentor (9/10) Calc Teacher (9/10)
Essays: Going to be alright, prob 7/10 but I’m going to push for more
Safety: UH Match: WPI and Purdue (not sure if Purdue is this or a reach) Reach: Rice, NYU, UPenn
Please give me critique
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2023.05.31 22:13 MikeHunt_004 Dual question post!!

Ok so first off I am applying as an International Relations major and I would like to submit a documentary I produced during the 11th grade about Ukrainian immigrants in my school. I think that showing admissions officers the documentary will be helpful in showing my accuity for Humanities that are necessary for such a major. Am I allowed to show this to admissions offices? And if so, how can I show it? Should I just expect to put the youtube link in my common app additional info section?
Second question is in regards to APs. I am finishing junior year with 4 AP's under my belt (ap world in 10th(5), apush ap psych and ap lang in 11th) and I got high 90's in all of them and hoping for good ap scores too. The thing is I have friends who have more APs such as ap bio and ap calc, which I don't have because bio never had anything to do with my interests and no calc because my math skills are really bad. My fear is that they will look at me coming out of my school with less AP's than others even though most of those APs I never took were stem focused (I go to a stem school which was a big mistake on my part when applying to high school but I thought I wanted to be a doctor).
Now my senior year is where I can take all the stuff that actually interests me: ap usgov/econ, ap stat, ap spanish, ap lit, ap comp gov.
My question is will t20's such as Johns Hopkins hold it against me that I took less ap courses than what was available to me as a sophomore and junior even if I am taking every AP course that could be related to my major? It just so happens that I am able to take these in my senior year otherwise I would have done them earlier. I would be coming out of High School with 10 Aps.
Also piggy backing of this question, can I submit senior year grades to my ED school even if it isn't midyear but earlier?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 20:00 Educational-Big7834 Chance me for Claremont Colleges and T20/30's with mid ec's

Demographics: Female, mixed (white and indian), Florida, competitive private school (lots of T20/ivies each yr), no hooks
Not applying for aid
Intended Major(s): Economics or Finance and preferably CS (either as double major or minor)
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1530 (770 EBWR, 760 M), 1540 (770 EBWR, 770 M)
UW/W GPA and Rank:
- 3.9 UW, 5.59 W (school does +1 for Honors, +2 for AP)
- 15th percentile but counselor says I'm approaching the 10th. school does not submit these to colleges though.
- 13 AP's by senior year (Freshman: 0; Soph: CSP (5) & World (5); Junior: Calc AB, Physics 1, Comp. gov, APUSH, and Eng Lang; Senior: Phys. C Mech, Calc BC, Stats, US Gov, Macro, Eng. Lit.)
- 13 Honors, no non honors/ap aside from art, pe, and one business related class (all semester length)
- 60k merit scholarship to my high school
- 1st place at DECA states in a finance related event
- Small class awards in PE and Art
- Likely in Future: National Merit ( 221 Index while Florida's was 216 this yr), AP Scholar with Distinction)
- Key Club since 10th. Minor leadership/officer position this year which caused me to plan and participate in most of our events, idk if I'll have one for next year.
- SGA in 11th only. Minor leadership/officer position which entailed planning homecoming and other school events
- Investment society since 10th. VP for next yr, has been poorly run in the past but i’m hoping to change that
- DECA 11th and onward. 1st Place at States but didn't do great internationally. fundraising position for next yr
- FBLA 10th onward. Couldn't compete in 10th due to limited space due to covid restrictions. 2nd in districts for economics but did not place at states in 11th.
- JV Sports in 9th (Volleyball) and 10th (Soccer).
- Stanford Summer Quarter last summer. Took game theory (B) and economics (A-) and have college credit. Pay to play but has applications (idk how selective). almost everyone i know is attending t20s though.
- Paid proofreading for a popular author of a popular storytelling app. The work I've proofread has hit over 2.3 million reads and there's some unreleased stuff.
- Essay: Haven't really fleshed it out yet and am just starting. It will either be about exploring and getting lost in the city or how my shitty art has lead me to become more open as a person.
- LORs: English Teacher 5-6/10 (didn't participate too much in her class but I have very high grades); Spanish Teacher 7/10 (Participate a lot/the most in her class and usually am the first to raise their hand. I've had an A- for both semesters though)
- Attended school full time during the covid year
- Used to live about an hour+ away each way from freshman year through the middle of sophomore year and took the bus each day. When I did sports I'd leave a bit after 6 and return close to 7:30 each day
- Parents separated in the middle of sophomore year and my dad moved closer to the school while my mother still lives an hour away. I spend the weekend with her and usually take the bus to get there. Mom will probs be moving to another state midway through senior yr tho.
- Over 200 service hours, mostly through key club.
- Hoping to get an actual job this summer and properly learn how to code and build somewhat of a good foundation in cs
- had a b in physics and a b+ in calc for s1. will likely have a b/b+ for calc and a b+/a- for physics in s2. both teachers are known to be very hard tho and i’ll likely get a’s in bc and physics c next yr. not sure abt my physics score but i’m pretty sure i got a 5 on the ab exam. no other b’s though.
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2023.05.31 13:23 kitnutkettles One system is currently active in the Gulf of Mexico with a 40% chance of manifesting into a named storm.

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2023.05.31 06:32 imaYeetBoi Chance a Nervous and Stressed Rising Junior on What To Do???

Please leave any tips on what I should participate on and do EC wise Junior Year for a better chance
Demographics: Male Korean, First-Gen Immigrant who moved here at 10 years old, Northern California (not bay area, near sac.), Mid-tier Public High School, parents make 120-140K and live in an upper-middle/rich white neighborhood.
Intended Major(s): I want to do CS, with a minor in music or maybe neuroscience
ACT/SAT/SAT II: Did not yet take it, will prep over summer heavily in korean cram school and take it beginning of Junior Year
UW/W GPA and Rank: 3.89 GPA UW, 3.965 GPA W (Got 2 Bs first semester of soph. year, as well as an additional B freshman year, only taking 1 AP this year) - This is my biggest insecurity RN for college apps, this low GPA
Coursework: Going to take 1 AP over the summer as well as 5 more APs Junior year, and then 6 APs Senior Year: AP World (Completed), APCSP, AP Lang, AP Calc AB, AP Chem, APUSH, APSCA, AP Lit, AP Calc BC, AP Physics, AP Spanish, AP Gov, AP Macro OR AP Stats
Principle Clarinet in Prestigious Youth Symphony, highest Premier level - 4 years total
All-Northern Honor Band qualifier, 1st clarinet, highest level - 10th grade
Capitol Section Honor Band, 1st clarinet, highest level - 10th grade
Founder of Coding Club at School - refounded it after the leader left - we teach the nearby middle school kids fundamentals about coding - I might turn this into a nonprofit and do the same with other areas
School Marching Band Section Leader- will do for all 4 years
Hopefully will be in a leadership position for a volunteering organization, have already helped them a lot of times, including the time when I helped raise over thousands of dollars in funding money
Officer position in Science Olympiad club 200+ hours in volunteering total
- I'm pretty confident I'll get the all-state band easily next year, and some other music ECS to spice it up a bit. I also obviously want to do COSMOS, the research program, and I am looking into researching and internship opportunities over the summer, I just don't how I can get more ECS.
Awards (a bit lacking):
USACO Bronze 💀 - I'll defo work on this over the summer and hopefully get up to Gold when I finish HS, because I haven't given this my all
Some regional Science Olympiad medals
PVSA Silver recipient
National Honor Society
Other things I enjoy doing:
Writing, I really want to write a fiction novel someday in HS, maybe I will even publish it if I have time I also want to get into app-building, I have a great idea for a practice-help app for musicians, so I will definitely be developing that over the summer, hell, maybe even make a startup.
IDK, it just seems like everyone in this sub is miles ahead of what I'm doing, hopefully that's not the case but if it is I better get grinding 💀💀
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2023.05.31 01:22 Ok_Strawberry6518 Did anyone else hate AP classes?

When I was in high school over five years ago, my school district really emphasized AP classes. They eliminated honors classes soon after I got there, so the only options were regular classes or AP (or pre-AP for freshmen and sophomores).
I took AP human geography, AP U.S Gov., and AP Spanish. In my experience, I really hated these classes. The teaching style and philosophy didn’t sit right with me, and the extremely rigid curriculum snuffed out my passion for learning. If I remember correctly, we did a practice multiple choice every day, a practice free response every week, and every single class activity or discussion revolved around the test, not the subject matter at hand. It was one extremely long test prep session.
I had always been in gifted English classes since early elementary school, and now I’m an English major in college and very happy with that choice. I never took AP Lang or AP Lit because of a bad experience with my pre-AP English teacher. That was also when I went through a serious mental health challenge, and she didn’t recommend me for it. With my terrible experience in the the other classes, I didn’t want to be in AP Lang anyway, even though looking back, that was the only class appropriate for my abilities with the added bonus of being my favorite subject. It’s sad because I didn’t learn anything in regular English class as a junior. The obsession with test scores and writing an essay in an hour or a little longer is just so different from what a college class is actually like. College is challenging, but I feel engaged with the material since I’m learning for the sake of learning, not because of a test that I don’t intrinsically care about.
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2023.05.31 01:15 TruthBToldTonight TX Medicaid will cover braces. And provide transportation. (Link for transportation in comments)

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2023.05.31 00:23 Objective_Twist_5739 Too much or not bad?

(My younger friend is entering senior year and they wanted advice since they know I'm a frequent visitor in the AP Students forum). They're taking AP Literature, Pre-Calc, AP Gov, AP Environmental Science, and AP Spanish/Spanish 5 among other easy classes. I think they're only considering testing/dual enrolling on Lit, Spanish 5 (they're partially native speaker), and APES. They wanted to know if they're signing themselves up for failure in classwork alone. This is more APs than they've taken before which I think is stressing them out. Is there any reason they should be stressed?
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2023.05.30 20:10 Sea-Assistant7282 Please be brutally honest I need advice

hi! rising high school junior and would like some feedback to think about
Demographics: Asian (chinese) Gender: Male State: Arizona Type of School: Huge public school (doesnt offer a ton of aps (15 i think)) Intended Major: chemE? mol biol? not sure No hook
PSAT/SAT: Yet to take, hopefully merit finalist and 1580+
GPA UW/W: 4.0/4.8, class rank 6/700 (band/marching band/spanish bring down gpa)
Course(s): AP Chem, AP Calc BC (skipped 2 years of science and 2 in math) Next year(s): AP Biology, AP Physics 1, Multi/difeq, AP Stats, AP Macro/AP Gov., APES, AP Psych, AP music theory, APUSH, AP
Extra Curricular(s):
- Coaching tennis team/freshman (40+ hours?) helped team go from nothing to state - Varisty tennis captain and play at top position, some local competitions - Foundepresident of sci olympiad club - President of nature club (organize events with local non-profits and promote/educate about conservation) - President of photography club (not much but help school events) - Secretary of red kettle club - will be nhs member i guess - Featured on the news for photography and conservation and stuff, it was cool - Currently working with asu professor and grad students on machine learning project with mayo clinic (im not doing any code just data stuff) basically using machine learning to diagnose from mri scans - LOTS of volunteering at local library (teen program) local sports center (summer camp) local natural history museum (hopefully will become speakeexhibitor soon) - Work with local audubon society, lead bird surveys, work with some asu professors - Volunteer at wildlife rescue near me, and coordinate volunteers, help lead a project where we relocate hundreds of owls from urbanized farmland and relocate them to farms as pest control (thinking of writing research on this) - Have played piano since like 5, won some local competitions, performed in carnegie hall, some international competitions, rated highest level at local system, made regional with string/piano quintet in hs, arranged pieces for school orchestra, (hopefully all-state piano next year?) - Play flute in school band, currently in highest band in my school (very competitive band program), made regionals last year (hopefully all-state next year) - Marching band, play percussion/piano, no. 2 in state last year, will have piano solos this year - I also do free tutoring for piano and paid tutoring for my piano teachers students (music theory) - Esri high school research competition no.1 or 2 in my state as a freshman (I forgot) - Run a photography business, mostly friends and family (trying to get more outreach), won a few smallish nature photo contests (hopefully many more), won a famous magazine photo contest and featured in magazine. here some stuff - In the local mayor youth council and hopefully the governor one next year (very competitive)(getting connected with local city council of sustainability cool things to come)
Uh i don't really want to dox myself but ill list some i can - esri research gis thing state winner- evmta 2021 2nd place (piano) - jason sipe 11-12 advanced category winner (piano) - az musicfest young musicians superior rating (piano) - amea regional score of 97/100 (piano) - asp level 12 (piano, highest level)- national piano guild superior plus or whatever - won the arizona highways high school photo competitions twice, featured - won local usta tournaments (tennis) - marching band 2nd in state- superior with distinction band some other band related awards - to come: science olympiad and more photo competitions - does being on the news count im proud of it
Essays/LoR(s)/Other: don't know about essays but I go birdwatching and help with an asu professor that's quite well known, he said he would write a letter of rec for me (is this a good idea??)
no clue but shooting for da ivies/hypsm
If that's unrealistic please be brutally honest and any feedback would be greatly appreciated
Definitely leaning into the environmentalism aspect and it's something I really really love!
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2023.05.30 17:37 PapaCharlie9 Options Questions Safe Haven Thread May 29-June 4 2023

For the options questions you wanted to ask, but were afraid to. There are no stupid questions.   Fire away. This project succeeds via thoughtful sharing of knowledge. You, too, are invited to respond to these questions. This is a weekly rotation with past threads linked below.


Don't exercise your (long) options for stock! Exercising throws away extrinsic value that selling retrieves. Simply sell your (long) options, to close the position, to harvest value, for a gain or loss. Your break-even is the cost of your option when you are selling. If exercising (a call), your breakeven is the strike price plus the debit cost to enter the position. Further reading: Monday School: Exercise and Expiration are not what you think they are.
Also, generally, do not take an option to expiration, for similar reasons as above.
Key informational links • Options FAQ / Wiki: Frequent Answers to Questions • Options Toolbox Links / Wiki • Options Glossary • List of Recommended Options Books • Introduction to Options (The Options Playbook) • The complete options side-bar informational links (made visible for mobile app users.) • Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options (Options Clearing Corporation) • Binary options and Fraud (Securities Exchange Commission) .
Getting started in options • Calls and puts, long and short, an introduction (Redtexture) • Options Trading Introduction for Beginners (Investing Fuse) • Options Basics (begals) • Exercise & Assignment - A Guide (ScottishTrader) • Why Options Are Rarely Exercised - Chris Butler - Project Option (18 minutes) • I just made (or lost) $___. Should I close the trade? (Redtexture) • Disclose option position details, for a useful response • OptionAlpha Trading and Options Handbook • Options Trading Concepts -- Mike & His White Board (TastyTrade)(about 120 10-minute episodes) • Am I a Pattern Day Trader? Know the Day-Trading Margin Requirements (FINRA) • How To Avoid Becoming a Pattern Day Trader (Founders Guide)
Introductory Trading Commentary    • Monday School Introductory trade planning advice (PapaCharlie9)   Strike Price    • Options Basics: How to Pick the Right Strike Price (Elvis Picardo - Investopedia)    • High Probability Options Trading Defined (Kirk DuPlessis, Option Alpha)   Breakeven    • Your break-even (at expiration) isn't as important as you think it is (PapaCharlie9)   Expiration    • Options Expiration & Assignment (Option Alpha)    • Expiration times and dates (Investopedia)   Greeks    • Options Pricing & The Greeks (Option Alpha) (30 minutes)    • Options Greeks (captut)   Trading and Strategy    • Fishing for a price: price discovery and orders    • Common mistakes and useful advice for new options traders (wiki)    • Common Intra-Day Stock Market Patterns - (Cory Mitchell - The Balance)
Managing Trades • Managing long calls - a summary (Redtexture) • The diagonal call calendar spread, misnamed as the "poor man's covered call" (Redtexture) • Selected Option Positions and Trade Management (Wiki)
Why did my options lose value when the stock price moved favorably? • Options extrinsic and intrinsic value, an introduction (Redtexture)
Trade planning, risk reduction and trade size • Exit-first trade planning, and a risk-reduction checklist (Redtexture) • Monday School: A trade plan is more important than you think it is (PapaCharlie9) • Applying Expected Value Concepts to Option Investing (Select Options) • Risk Management, or How to Not Lose Your House (boii0708) (March 6 2021) • Trade Checklists and Guides (Option Alpha)
• Planning for trades to fail. (John Carter) (at 90 seconds)
Minimizing Bid-Ask Spreads (high-volume options are best) • Price discovery for wide bid-ask spreads (Redtexture) • List of option activity by underlying (Market Chameleon)
Closing out a trade • Most options positions are closed before expiration (Options Playbook) • Risk to reward ratios change: a reason for early exit (Redtexture) • Guide: When to Exit Various Positions • Close positions before expiration: TSLA decline after market close (PapaCharlie9) (September 11, 2020) • 5 Tips For Exiting Trades (OptionStalker) • Why stop loss option orders are a bad idea
Options exchange operations and processes • Options Adjustments for Mergers, Stock Splits and Special dividends; Options Expiration creation; Strike Price creation; Trading Halts and Market Closings; Options Listing requirements; Collateral Rules; List of Options Exchanges; Market Makers • Options that trade until 4:15 PM (US Eastern) / 3:15 PM (US Central) -- (Tastyworks)
Brokers • USA Options Brokers (wiki) • An incomplete list of international brokers trading USA (and European) options
Miscellaneous: Volatility, Options Option Chains & Data, Economic Calendars, Futures Options • Graph of the VIX: S&P 500 volatility index (StockCharts) • Graph of VX Futures Term Structure (Trading Volatility) • A selected list of option chain & option data websites • Options on Futures (CME Group) • Selected calendars of economic reports and events
Previous weeks' Option Questions Safe Haven threads.
Complete archive: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
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2023.05.30 15:48 Jackson_Bikes Upcoming: DOT Reimagine the Cross Bronx Workshops!

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2023.05.30 15:42 Jackson_Bikes Upcoming: DOT Reimagine the Cross Bronx Workshops!

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2023.05.30 04:25 Tr1angulum Chance a Rising Junior for T20s and Ruin Her Dreams!

EDIT: Reposting because I would like more responses in order to create a more comprehensive college list :)
I just completed my sophomore year of high school, and it’s time for me to start thinking about college. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about various colleges to create a set list that focuses more on what works for my interests and ambitions rather than just going for the most prestigious universities.
That said, I would much appreciate some recommendations for good safeties, targets, and reaches! And if you can, please take the time to chance me for T20 universities and perhaps provide some advice on how I can strengthen my application within the coming years!
Gender: Female
Hooks/URM: Daughter of immigrants
Race: South Asian/Indian
School: semi-competitive large public school. over 2,000 students, 15 or so out of 500 in the class of 2023 were accepted to T20 schools
State: Colorado
Income: ~180k/year, family of 3
Intended Major(s)
Considering biochemistry or clinical lab science as a pre-med route with a minor in either political science or philosophy
I’m a rising junior, so I haven’t taken the SAT yet, but my PSAT scores (with absolutely no studying minus one practice test freshman year) are as follows
PSAT 8/9: 1420
PSAT 10: 1410
Projected SAT: 1560
UW/W GPA and Rank
My school operates on a 4.0 scale
UW GPA: 4.0 (projected for senior year - 3.95)
W GPA: 4.15 (projected for senior year - 4.5)
UW Rank: 1/446
W Rank: 2/446
Coursework (I’m only including weighted classes)
Sophomore year: AP Gov (projected 5) AP Macro (projected 4), AP World (projected 4)
Junior Year: IB English, IB European History, AP Calc BC, IB Spanish 5, AP Biology, IB Business
Senior Year (tentative): IB English, IB 20th Century History, AP Physics C: Mech, IB Math A&A HL, AP Spanish, IB Chemistry
I have a running list of around 10 awards that I’ve earned over the course of the past two years. I won’t list them here because they will easily reveal my identity to anyone who may know me. If you want to know my awards to better be able to chance me, please PM me!!
• Varsity girls cross country (freshman year - present)
• Varsiry girls swim (freshman year)
• Varsity girls track (sophomore year - present)
• piano player for 10 years, just starting competitions this year
• club swimming (7th grade - sophomore year)
• volunteering at the local library - over 20 hours doing reading buddies and sorting books
• upcoming: will be volunteering at a hospital this summer. it’s a super competitive program and only 30 out of 200 or so applicants got in, most of which being rising seniors. i will get 64 hours of service and a few educational opportunities from this
• holding a leadership role in a school club (won’t specify for safety reasons)
• National Honor Society
• Spanish National Honor Society
• Theatre
• HOSA (health occupations students of America)
Extracurriculars I Plan to Add
• Technology Student Associaton
• DECA (distributive education clubs of America)
• Speech & Debate
• Tutoring students in math up to Precalculus (have already received an interview for this position)
Other Useful Things to Know
• Passion project: currently translating my grandmother’s books from Telugu to English so readers in America will be able to read these books. She is a published author in India.
• I’m trilingual
• Have been out of the USA over 10 times. Thinking using international travel as a metaphor for my college essays might be a good idea.
Dream Colleges & Aspirations
• Harvey Mudd
• Johns Hopkins
• Stanford
• Texas A&M
• Columbia
• Would like to run for college if I end up at a D3 school
Thanks for reading! If there’s anything else you need to know to make better recommendations or chancing, PM me or just ask me in the comments.
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2023.05.30 03:32 Advertising_Waste Chance me to Tulane and UT Austin

GPA: 3.6-3.7/4.0 3.75 (freshmen) 3.00 (soph) I have decent reasoning (Dad and Dog died) 4.0 (junior)
Latino/low income -adopted -first gen
Class ranking: school doesn’t rank
Sat: 1300 rn but retaking in June and looking to super-score to around a 1400 (only taken twice) but have a max of 2-3 more times to reach a 1350+
EC: Student gov: 3 years (school finance treasurer) junior and senior year SPCA CLUB Varsity soccer, JV A and B Tulane pre college course for credit (sciences) Georgetown research program (pre med) 300-400 hours of volunteer work (Teaching Spanish people how to properly read and write English) Food pantry volunteer PASSION PROJECT - biology and conducting my own research and experiment and will then publish and present at a science fair in nyc -violin 8 years - taekwondo red belt -lifeguard - counselour for students and kids with special needs -club soccer 11 years
6-8 aps by my senior year (could only take junior and sophmore year) Looking to major In biology 4.4/4 in AP Biology - lOR will come from my bio teacher 4./4.0 - English teacher (LOR) 4.0/4.0 in math (LOR)
Essay: will incorporate stuff about how my dad dying really got me into pre med and biology just how it grew my overall understanding (won’t be a trauma dump)
Counselour will alos give LOR
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