Elden ring weeping peninsula weapons

Další Elden Ring sestřih. Dohromady 79 klipu z Řijna - 2022. Nezbyli mi klipy na konci, takže to je na hovno ukončené, ale i tak si užite video<3

2023.06.02 20:54 Heisgon3 Další Elden Ring sestřih. Dohromady 79 klipu z Řijna - 2022. Nezbyli mi klipy na konci, takže to je na hovno ukončené, ale i tak si užite video<3

Další Elden Ring sestřih. Dohromady 79 klipu z Řijna - 2022. Nezbyli mi klipy na konci, takže to je na hovno ukončené, ale i tak si užite video<3 submitted by Heisgon3 to Herdyn [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:51 dazjin12d3 [Ajuda com Upgrade] Kit? Placa de Vídeo? etc...

Bom dia pessoal, Tenho um pczinho de 2015~2016 com essas spec: Placa mãe x99 v102A Processador xeon 2620v3 16gb Ram RX 570 4gb
PC todo montado na Aliexpress e pretendo continuar comprando por lá. Ele rodou Elden Ring quase sem travamento no lançamento, porém agora com jogos como diablo 4, Lost Ark etc tá começando a esquentatravar muito e reiniciar. Por não ter muito $gold$ não sei por onde começar o upgrade, consigo pagar uns 200 por mês (dividindo no cartão).
Daí não sei se continuo com modelos da Xeon, se vou para kits da ryzen (como o Soyo b550M/5600g/32gb por R$1200) ou uma rx 580 8gb? etc...
Enfim, se possível me ajudem, ficarei muito agradecido!
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2023.06.02 20:42 AzureBeast Respect Peacemaker (DC Post-Crisis)

Christopher Smith, the Peacemaker

"This is my job and I'm damned good at it. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here risking my life and the lives of all the innocent prey! I'm Peacemaker... And I'll kill to keep the peace!"
The son of Austrian industrialist Wolfgang Schmidy and American author Elizabeth Lewis, Christopher watched his father commit suicide when he was five years old after his father's secret past was revealed: he had commanded a Nazi concentration camp in Poland during World War II. Witnessing his father's suicide left Christopher traumatized, rebellious, and aggressive. He began to see visions of his father in an SS uniform, urging him to hone his mind and body to be worthy of his legacy. When he turned 18, Smith enlisted in the army and fought in the Vietnam War. After massacring a village of innocent people, Smith was court-martialed and sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. He was granted parole by the government on the condition that he joined a secret, elite counterterrorism unit called Project: Peacemaker. And so Smith became the Peacemaker, a government agent who loves peace so much that he's willing to kill for it, just as often operating outside of government oversight as within it. Though he apparently died at the hands of Eclipso, Peacemaker reemerged years later, seemingly having overcome his mental issues, and began mentoring young superhero Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle.
Source Key:
Vigilante (1983) Issue # = VG#
Peacemaker (1988) Issue # = PM#
Checkmate (1988) Issue # = CM#
Suicide Squad (1987) Issue # = SS#
Showcase '93 (1993) Issue # = SC#
Eclipso (1992) Issue # = EP#
Blue Beetle (2006) Issue # = BB#
Booster Gold (2007) Issue # = BG#
Handbook Entry: Who's Who: Update '87









Hand-to-Hand Combat



Ultrasonic Waves
Electronic Interfacing





Respect Threads for scaling:
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2023.06.02 20:38 Aggravating_Pea3882 [FOR SALE] Like new PS5 disc version. Including 2 remotes, charging station and 2 games.

Hey y’all, I got a Playstation 5 for sale including two remotes, a charging station for them and 2 games (Elden Ring, and Call of Duty.) unfortunately I don’t have a box but everything else I do have. All the cables etc. Willing to travel, since I am located in Long Beach. It’s like new, I bought it in December during the holiday season but due to work I rarely play. My price is not firm, so I’m open to offers! I can’t figure out how to add the photos to this post since I’m on mobile but hmu and I’ll PM you photos, videos etc. More info below -
Asking price $500 for everything, or I can low the price if you only want the console. OBO
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2023.06.02 20:35 whoadwoadie Firestorm: Book a Great Kabuki World Championship Run

Dusty Rhodes reclaimed the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from Flair in late 1982 and led a solid reign, but a new force reckons with him. During a title defense against Kevin Sullivan, a masked man strides to the ring, punks Sullivan, and chokes Rhodes out with a chain. Gary Hart directs him to remove the mask, revealing a gruesome, painted visage. Kabuki mists Rhodes’ face and paints an X onto the championship with his finger.
Rhodes declares that he is a fighting champion, but he detests a cheat. He believes in a fair fight with opponents who have earned their way to the ring, not a saboteur who disregards the law. Kabuki can bring it anytime.
Gary Hart translates Kabuki’s origins and intentions. He grew up in a slum ruled by an old, cruel, unfeeling warlock. An uncle couldn’t repay a debt, so the sorcerer cursed the child. Kabuki’s hands and face contorted, his chest filled with toxins, but he learned how awful it was to be powerless, and he chased that power until it brought him to the NWA. He will take the power and become the lord of this company.
Leading up to the official Rhodes challenge, Kabuki defeats El Solar, Ricky Steamboat, and Dory Funk Jr in decisive fashion. His mixture of brutal strikes and wrenching submissions breaks them down before the poison mist and a final nerve pinch grind them out.
APRIL 1983
Kabuki counters everything Dusty has. Clothesline? Drop toehold. Bionic elbow? keylock. Slam? Neckbreaker. Tiring the Dream out, Kabuki blasts him with kicks and chops until a top rope knee drop for the pin. Your new NWA Champion, the Great Kabuki.
Kabuki gets elaborate entrances with flower petals, long fur coats, and Gary Hart making weird faces. They declare that only who complete the Triple Araburu Kami are worthy to challenge: survive twelve lashes of the belt, defeat Kabuki’s chosen knight, and forfeit the right to challenge for the remainder of Kabuki’s reign. Bruiser Brody and Junkyard Dog call bull, but it’s within the champion’s prerogative. One Man Gang receives the title Kimon, and he thwarts Kerry Von Erich, Jack Brisco, and Kevin Von Erich, but David Von Erich manages a win right past him. He dedicates his match to his brothers.
Kabuki and David have a grueling submission battle: Kabuki targets the spine with cranks and strikes, but Von Erich breaks down the arm. Hart at ringside taunts how easily Kerry and Kevin went down, and David attacks him. The distraction lets Kabuki mist and lock the crossface until the Tragic Texan taps.
Since Gang failed, Kabuki claws him into a heap and installs new Kimon Jake Roberts. The Snake defeats Tiger Mask I and Gerald Brisco with aplomb and is ready for more. Kabuki and Roberts challenge the team of Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen for the world tag belts during this time; Kabuki gets DQ’d when he refuses to break out of the corner mid-assault, and Brody bears that grudge.
Junkyard Dog despises this reign of terror. He’s watched several friends lose not just a title opportunity but years off their lives, and the control doesn’t sit well with him. A man shouldn’t reenact the evils done to him onto others, so he makes the challenge. First, the gatekeeper match with Roberts. They give each other hell in a hardcore match, and Roberts unloads with a chair, but Dog still stumbles to his feet, dukes up. Jake hesitates, and that’s all JYD needs to Thump and earn his championship shot.
Before Kabuki schedules the JYD defense, he declares that Roberts must be disciplined in a steel cage match. Roberts stays on the defensive at first because that’s his boss, but after one chop too many, Roberts catches the arm and throws haymakers. Now, the fight’s really on with weapons galore, and everyone’s bleeding. Eventually though, Hart grabs Roberts’ ankle through the cage, and Kabuki bulldog chokes Roberts into unconsciousness. The champion exits the cage, but babyface Snake wants his revenge.
JYD goes full “American babyface yay freedom,” and the two go full hog with a bullrope title match. Kabuki and Dog choke and smack each other heavy, and Dog manages to power out of a double nerve pinch. However, a poison mist and kicks to the face take him down. Kabuki disrespectfully covers with one foot, but Dog kicks out, so the champion has to choke him out and grab the leg to get the win.
Barry Windham succumbs to new Kimon Abdullah the Butcher, but Andre the Giant passes with ease and earns a world title shot. The two have a massive brawl: Andre starts strong with clotheslines and presses, but Kabuki targets the legs and weakens him. They brawl outside the ring, and Kabuki takes punishment on the barricade, but he ducks a kick and sleepers the Giant down to execute the inverted figure four lock. However, before Andre taps, the ref counts them out. Enraged, Andre swings Kabuki around and bearhugs him half to death. Brody laughs and joins in the fun, declaring “The champion is no longer safe.”
Mercenary Stan Hansen becomes the next Kimon, and he lariats Dynamite Kid and Mil Mascaras to death. His former tag partner Bruiser Brody though proves hardier and makes it through in a hate- and blunt force-filled slobberknocker. Gary Hart and Brody have a conference promo that descends into just screaming death threats at one another and an abdominal stretch on a sofa.
Kabuki tries to finish it quick with kicks to the head and mist, but Brody just gets madder and madder. After a three-minute champion showcase, Bruiser mollywhops him for ten. Hansen runs in to save his boss, but Roberts tackles him and hits a ringside DDT, then chases off Gary Hart. Kabuki gets desperate now and attempts to break Brody’s hand, but he’s facing real power: the self-assured brawler slams the champ down and pins.
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2023.06.02 20:31 theragingoptimist Ideas for a 7 day celebration for my S.O.'s birthday?

My S.O. is not one to make a bit deal out of his birthday. He's extremely generous and very, very shy when people want to do things for him. In the 9 1/2 years we have been together, this is the first year I didn't have to force him to tell me what exactly he would like to do for his actual day. However, we have been getting some bad luck recently and I want to make this birthday extra special for him. Can you give me ideas? Surprise gifts for each day, things to do, things to have delivered. He's the best person I know and I want to go all out.
These are some things he loves:
- history, he's a HUGE history buff
- nature (animals, flowers, plants, hiking)
- gaming (I already got him Zelda TOTK. Some of his favorites are Elden Ring, The Last of Us, Shadow of the Colossus, Red Dead Redemption 2)
- food (we are huge foodies)
- coffee (he drinks a ton every day)
- being active
- books/comics/manga
- self-care
- movies
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2023.06.02 20:29 jtlingard Best Mid-High Price Range Open Back Headphones for Gaming (PS5... but someday PC too) and Music?

Was wondering what the best headphones are for my current situation & would really appreciate any advice this sub can give me. Let me set the stage though.
I'm about to purchase a PS5 & I'll be playing mostly FPS games (Overwatch, Fortnite, COD, DOOM, BF) & Open-World RPGs (The Witcher III, Elden Ring, Souls games, Horizon, Ghosts of Tsushima, etc.)
I'm also a huge music guy with sensitive ears. Currently, I own a pair of ATH-M50x BT2s for general listening but want to dip my toes into some high-fidelity open-backs to really get that dynamic sound stage experience that I hear about online. But, I also want something that I can use to game. So, my priorities are some genuine musical immersion and a tactical advantage. A neutral sound is also preferred.
I'd love to stay below or at $300, but my maximum, if it truly would make that much of a difference and thoroughly satisfy my ears, is $500.
To clarify, I was planning on buying an amp/dac combo that's PS5 compatible (was recommended the Schiit Hel 2E) to drive whatever I went with, and 250ohms is probably the highest I can go due to limitations of PS5 compatible hardware. Will be pairing with an Antlion mod/mid.
Been looking into Beyerdynamic (DT 990 pro & premium & DT 1990 pro), Hifiman (Sundara), Sennheiser, and AKG products. Needless to say, there's a lot, which is why I'm asking for help.
But anyway, would love some feedback!
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2023.06.02 20:29 Pokardot Completing my back log. Just finished Rdr2 - anyone else doing this?

Been going through all the games I did not completely finish the story on. And this game was epic. Certainly scratched that open world itch.
Onto the next. Anyone else playing through their backlogs? How are you tackling it. What gems have you discovered?
What's left on my list...
PS4 Death stranding. Deus ex mankind divided Divinity original sin. Dying light Final fantasy VIII remake - got distracted by the soundtrack than life happened. Final fantasy XII Final fantasy xv Grand theft auto V Mass effect Andromeda - want to do the whole series from scratch tho. Ni no kuni II Persona 5 Tales of arise
Ps5 newly brought but not played yet. The ascent - got for €10 Crisis core but did beat it back on the ps vita Dead space Elden ring Jedi survivor The last of us part 1 - platinumed it back on ps3 console - but favourite game so will replay it all again.
Been enjoying finally knowing the complete stories these games tell.
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2023.06.02 20:29 WarHasChanged76 Happy Pride Month I guess. Holy shit, some people… (cross ban this man mods)

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2023.06.02 20:25 Heisgon3 Další Elden Ring sestřih. Dohromady 79 klipu z Řijna - 2022. Nezbyli mi klipy na konci, takže to je na hovno ukončené, ale i tak si užite video<3

Další Elden Ring sestřih. Dohromady 79 klipu z Řijna - 2022. Nezbyli mi klipy na konci, takže to je na hovno ukončené, ale i tak si užite video<3 submitted by Heisgon3 to u/Heisgon3 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:25 trashaccumulator Why I disagree with the fsoa changes

Why I disagree with the fsoa changes
Wall of text but what jagex just pulled with the fsoa beta is bs. Why even have the beta if you don't even accept the feedback provided by the players? The poll in the beta showed that the majority of people did not think the staff was ready. I'm not saying they should leave the fsoa as is, but the beta version is not nearly as fun to use. Simple as that. The fun was pop off specs you get occasionally that added a lot of variance to your rotations, the new one is kind of just "Do the same rota every spec" making every rotation feel like the rotas we did before fsoa tier weapons. The fsoa provided a fresh style of combat where you could do different things instead of a preset rotation.
tl;dr - The new fsoa isn't nearly as well designed or fun to use. The reasoning for the nerf was a lie, it's not near infinite. Crit chance as a whole is very broken for all styles, not just magic - it's better to monitor the crit additions or add non-base crit%, imo. I think the reason for this nerf is bc necro summons can crit with magic and generate passive crits, this information would have completely changed the perception of this nerf and should have been given, if this is the case (maybe it's not).
Here are two images from a sheet I made showing the theoretical differences between the staff specs, but using the same damage value for the fsoa autos and fsoa casts for the different specs. This keeps a reference between the two to show the damage differences purely from the crit potential. This is just to show how much the staff has theoretically been nerfed so everyone has as much info as possible.
Live game crit%, 38%. 19% nerf

Crit% where the current fsoa becomes a problem, 60%. 40% nerf
I can provide a link to this sheet for anyone that wants it, but idt reddit allows random google sheets links. Numbers are theoretical and not 100% accurate but close enough to make the point. Beta fsoa is a little stronger than shown. You do not 'gain hits' with conc as you should always be near 1hit : 1tick. (conc is 1:1, abs is 1:1, 4taa is 1:1, wm is 2:3, aspx is 2:3, omni is 4:3, tendys is 3:4) If anything, we lose hits as abs is less viable so we have to replace it with less effective attacks and 4t.
Some may argue that this justifies the nerf. I don't agree because base crit% should never exceed 50%, imo. Also important to note, 50% crit makes the current staff do about 387k damage, 100k less damage than at 60%. I think this really shows where the staff starts to 'go infinite'.
The fsoa got a massive nerf. The devs did some seedy work to offset the nerf up front, so people wouldn't realize how much worse it really is. This is why exsang gives a damage buff to the fsoa casts, even though those casts are not basic abilities. It's also why conc can be used more freely and 4t is back. They needed everything to pile up to offset the blow to the staff to make it seem like it wasnt a nerf. Or worse, if you are an actual idiot, you'll think its a buff. It's not. It is more effort and less damage to realize the max potential from the staff.
Part of the reason the FSOA is in a good place is because it is fun to use. The new version just isn't fun or satisfying. At the end of the day, fun to use is the most important factor unless the staff was blowing every other combat style out of the water. It simply wasn't... Range does more damage than the fsoa with good rotas (and absolutely wrecks anything with high hp and susceptible to poison) and melee is fairly close (just designed like dogshit so no one wants to use it). Sometimes the staff let you 'pop off' and get a good kill but it didn't do that every time, not even half the time. Those 'pop off' kills are a lot of fun and still had a semi finite potential as you can only cast so many hits under an fsoa spec (48 is the theoretical max but it's closer to 45-46 in reality). Does anyone really care that someone else gets a fast kill sometimes because of good rng? I know I don't and would rather that person have fun as that's what keeps them playing. And it's not like it even trivializes WR kills because those mostly come down to RNG anyway.
This is why I have such a big problem with how the nerf was handled - its disingenuous. The verbiage used implied that the staff was near the point where "it goes infinite." Best case, the devs are just ignorant. Worst case, they're lying to you. It really isn't close to going 'infinite' as that happens somewhere around 55-60% base crit chance. We are at 38% right now. Adding 17%+ crit chance to the game is A LOT of crit% to add. That's at least 4 separate upgrades (imo) with good game design, which realistically would probably take 1-2 years, minimum, to add unless they just willy nilly toss a ton of crit chance in for some reason. Long gone are those days of a grim tier upgrade with +12% crit. The staff also only recasts autos from base crit chance, things like the channeler ring and gconc do not increase the chance for an auto to crit. This gives a lot of flexibility to the devs when adding crit chance that doesn't affect the recast potential of the staff. Instead they make it seem like base crit chance is the only thing they can add to improve crit%.
Crit% increase is a massive issue for all 3/4 combat styles because of the crit buff. As crit% goes up, all styles get much stronger, not just magic. Range will be able to spam more dbows etc, melee can spam more claws, etc. and magic will hit more fsoa autos. It may seem like the fsoa is the biggest offender of crit% abuse because it double dips (both damage and adren are directly related to crit%), but it's very limited in what it can actually do because it has 1 eof spec that's worth using. The fsoa spec is also very limited as it has a long cooldown and a 30s spec duration (50 ticks). In those 50 ticks, you can only cast so many hits that can crit, making the staff never actually able to hit 'infinite damage' as there is a hard stopping point. Range specs have no cooldowns and do immense damage, imo, this gives the style way more potential. I calc'd ecb spec to about 20-25% continuous dps increase, for reference.
The problems I have with the new staff spec are as follows.
1) You are forced to use exsang because the damage boost is too much to make anything else worth using. It also forces a spell switch where beforehand, you could just camp incite if you wanted. All other spells instantly become dead content whereas before, a lot had niche uses.
2) 4t is back in the meta... Do I really need to say more? 4taa has potential to cause magic to fall behind, just like it did in the past. It's also not explained in game, unintuitive, and no one that picks up magic would ever figure it out by themselves.
3) Even with massive crit buffs, the new staff spec has very limited potential. Approx 244k dmg/spec at current crit chance and 400k/spec at 100% crit. The current fsoa hits 400k/spec at around 53% crit chance. The only way to truly buff the new staff is to add passive crits/4+ multihit abilities (think OG magma/Omni or if your NECRO SUMMONS CAN MAGIC CRIT <- this is why I think they're nerfing btw).
4) The staff is easily the best looking weapon in the game. Shame I will never hold it in my hand for more than a few game ticks now... Kinda lame if you ask me.
5) The staff is being nerfed when its not even the strongest combat style. A misrepresentation of the facts was used to imply that the staff was in fact the strongest style because it had the potential to hit the highest burst damage in the game occasionally. Overall, range does more damage in longer fights, and most future fights will most likely be longer.
6) The nerfs are happening without consideration to the community feedback. The poll had the majority saying the fsoa wasn't ready, yet, here we are with the changes going live without any consideration from the community feedback... why even have the beta if you're not going to listen to anyone but a biased content creator?
7) Feels like they're gutting the staff and adding artificial damage increases to trick people into seeing similar damage to the current staff, when in reality, it is much weaker. That and they're kinda lying... Just tell us the real reason so people can take all information into consideration when looking at this new staff. We don't need hard numbers, but I'd be more understanding if it was actually stated the reason they're doing this is because the summoned guys from Necro can crit with magic and that absolutely breaks the staff...But no, we get "ItS nEar InfINitE" which isn't really true unless jagex adds a bunch of base crit%.
8) Ngl, this lowers my confidence in the combat team even more. They have been doing things that I, and many others, have considered bad for a while now. I miss sonic wave, I swear wrack always leaves things with 1hp :(
I'm not gonna pretend I know everything or what the best solution is with the staff. I do see problems with it at the higher ends of crit%. But I do not think the beta staff is the best course of action, given the information we currently have. I would like to know how necro interacts with fsoa spec before I'd feel comfortable giving any real suggestions beyond the base crit% being capped at 50% stuff.
Ty for coming to my RAT talk. If anyone actually made it this far lol.
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2023.06.02 20:24 Suncityv 23m looking for someone to talk with

Hello, I’m looking for someone I can talk to anytime. I’m usually craving some form of social stop throughout the day
Here’s a bit about me: I like to play video games. I’m good at valorant csgo league. But beside competitive games I like to play chill games like portal and elden ring. I like to go outside and do things like long/skateboarding. That also includes going fishing, hiking, camping and hanging out with friends. I enjoy to smoke thc, it always brings me up. My favorite music is hiphop and I enjoy juice wrld. My favorite movie is Donnie Darko. I enjoy watching anime, the anime I’m super into is one piece and recently caught up(no manga). The show I’ve been watching is The Boys and it’s been awesome to watch
Overall I’m pretty laidback and chill, just looking for a fun time. Have a good day/night
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2023.06.02 20:24 very_horny_human Should I buy dark souls remastered while it’s on sale?

I have played elden ring and bloodborne and absolutely loved both of those games, and i saw that dark souls was on sale. Is it worth getting in 2023 or is it a little dated?
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2023.06.02 20:24 WarHasChanged76 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH. GET THIS FUCKING BIGOT OUT OF HERE. 🏳️‍🌈

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2023.06.02 20:22 Sans_is_Ness1 Noob PC Gamer looking for a Future-Proof 1080p PC Gaming machine with a 1200$ USD Budget.

**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
I will mostly be playing mods on this PC with games like Elden Ring, Dark Souls 3 and any future Fromsoftware title, I don't plan to raytrace anytime soon, or really go beyond 1080p.
I want to have a stable / rock-solid 60fps at very high or max settings while being able to have a computer compatible with controllers like the Dualshock 4.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
i have about 1200$ United States dollars max so i would like to get the best parts i can from this budget for pure gaming.
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
Likely within a week or two
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
Im assuming tower means the case, so i would want the case included and a copy of windows 10, and the best cooler fans i can get as my living place tends to be like an oven, aside from that, everything else i have
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
United States, Utah, the local microcenter is 7 hours away which is a solid no
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
i have a Acer Monitor (LS24AG30x) and the rest is just logitech, i dont need a expensive keyboard or mouse as the games i am playing are not competitive and ill be using the controller anyways.
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
I don't even really know what overclocking is, and i don't wanna risk anything with these parts so probably no.
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
I would like a big storage and some sort of SSD so i don't have to sit through loading screens forever. preferably 1 or 2 TB's of storage if possible
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
preferably no window and i believe any size works, im fine with RGB too as long as i can turn it off whenever i want.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
a family member has a copy of windows 10 i can use for free but im worried about the end of support, so perhaps ill need a copy of windows 11 just in case.
>**Extra info or particulars:**
Heat and Dust are a concern so i would like a good fan to counteract the heat and i guess ill have to get good habits with dusting off my new computer.
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2023.06.02 20:18 Actual_Scratch_9821 Elden Ring reviews are in…

Source: https://iphone-gratuit.net/blog/elden-ring-reviews-are-in-2023-42/
More Memes at :
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2023.06.02 20:18 Name4488 How is Elden Ring on the base PS4?

Am I looking at consistent sub 25-FPS? I'd also be playing unpatched until I can download the patches with my home internet, which would be a while, so unpatched base PS4 Elden Ring is it stable and bug free enough or am I better waiting till I can patch it?
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2023.06.02 20:10 FullyStacked92 Trying to figure out if its worth upgrading my gpu

I have a build from 2017. Its got a 1070, i7 6700K and 16gb of ram.
I was thinking about upgrading the GPU. I cant afford a full new pc right now.
Is it worth my time to get 3070ti or is the old CPU going to be too much of a bottle neck? I figure it will probably be a hindrence but i have no idea by how much.
Hogwarts legacy and elden ring would be the main games i plan on playing with some total warhammer 3 as well If that helps.
I dont think i can upgrade the cpu, the motherboard is a ASUS Z170.
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2023.06.02 20:08 whoisthisuser7 27 [M4F] Poland/Central Europe/Online - Beach walks at sunset, candelight dinners and plotting planetary domination

Have you been looking for someone to share your interests and passions with? Someone that never runs out of genuine curiosity towards all things? A person that will in turn do the same and share everything that interests him? With whom you can sire the purest dynasty and rule the planet in a firm, yet kind grip? Is that someone tall, dark and (according to third parties) handsome?
Then look no further. All that and much more comes in this exclusive, one of a kind package. Included is a free subscription to heaps of art, memes, cute animal pictures, future dominion over Australia and lots more!
You know those people looking for their other halves? Losers. You are one, I am one, together, that’s two, right? Wrong! Let’s improve each other’s lives and help each other be the best we can be and that 2 goes up. The other couples are stuck at 0.5+0.5=1, while we are up to 3, 4… 5? "B..but love isn't a competition" is surely what those couples we leave in the dust will say.
If this once in a lifetime offer entices you, see more included features, as you’ll be getting a guy who:
And I love to cook but haven't had time in a while, but enough about me. If you’ve read through all of this, congrats, but now we get to the cutoff zone and talk about you:
If you managed to endure thus far, hit me up. You've learned plenty about me so let me know about you in any shape you seem fit, maybe have me guess what statements about you are true, or write a 20 page autobiography, surprise me!
PS: it's not my main account jsyk.
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2023.06.02 20:02 YourAverageGamer31 The BEST Mage BUILD & Setup for NG+ and Beyond! 🧙‍♀️ (Elden Ring Patch 1.09.1)

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2023.06.02 19:58 dogssomewhere How should I go about doing a faith build?

The first time I played Elden Ring, which was well over a few months ago at this point, I used an int build. I'm now replaying the game and trying to go for a faith build and I was hoping I could get some help on what stats I should be aiming for when I level up.
If it helps, I'm aiming to go for a build that incorporates mostly dragon incantations and maybe the aspects of the crucible ones because dragons and crucible knights are cool. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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2023.06.02 19:57 MatgamarraAlt3 Lunar Transient Phenomena

///11th of June, 2006
“Dad, the moon!” I shouted as I entered the garage. My father was on the floor, under his Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, obsessively removing and re-installing pieces of the car like he always did. He quickly got up, a smile on his grease-stained face.
“Finally!” He said with his beer-breath, grabbing a towel and cleaning most of his face, before running outside as fast as he could. I followed him. I don’t know why I always liked these moments. Any child would find them terribly boring. But I always reveled on them. Maybe it’s because they were the only moments he smiled. He positioned his telescope on our front yard, adjusted the lens, drank a beer can and started looking at the full moon above us.
“Do you see it?” I asked, sitting on the grass next to him.
“Shut up.” He said, still looking. After half an hour of waiting, he started laughing. I opened my mouth to ask if he was seeing it, but I held my voice. Didn’t want to anger him.
“It’s blinking! It’s blinking Johnathan!” He laughed. I smiled. That wasn’t my name, though he called me that. Only several years later I would learn that was the name of his deceased younger brother. Every full moon, we would come look at it with the telescope. And he’d always call me Johnathan. Probably because he was always so drunk. But from always avoiding me or calling me “Brat”, Johnathan was a nice shift.
“Can I see?” I asked, and he lowered the tripod so I could see the moon. There was a small light blinking on it’s surface. It was truly beautiful.
“Fine, my turn again.” My father shoved me back, adjusted the tripod back, and started looking at it again. “It’s blinking so much tonight… Maybe… Brat, get my camera!” He shouted at me. I quickly went inside the house, and looked around for the camera in the living room. There it was, on a little pile of beer cans and empty rythmol boxes in the corner of the room. I hurried back outside, as fast as I could, as I did not want to anger my father.
I stopped on my tracks as soon as I was out of the house. There was a strange being involving my father. It looked like a snake, but I knew it was anything but a snake. There were not snakes that big where I lived. And certainly not with human faces. My father seemed oblivious to it, looking through his telescope, but the thing was all around him, from the bottom of his legs all the way to the top of his head.
“It’s blinking so much…” He said, in awe. The creature looked at me, locking eyes with me, and smiled, revealing several sets of sharp fangs. And then, it disappeared. My father looked at me, he was sweating. “I think… I need to lay down for a bit…” He muttered, before falling on the grass. I spent the entire night trying to wake him up, before my mother found me there crying the following day.
///09th of November 2021
“And that’s why you decided to study astronomy? Really?” Melissa laughed.
“Oh, come on, babe… Don’t make fun of my tragic past.” I said, finishing my waffles. She went to the fridges, grabbed the orange juice, and poured some in our cups.
“Shall we toast?” She asked.
“With orange juice? And what for?”
“Your impending graduation. What else?”
“Impending? Ha! I didn’t even start my capstone thesis.”
“So, what will it be about? Venus, right? Or was it Mars?”
“Nope. Too many people I know will already be working on planets like Venus and Mars. I thought about Neptune, but it’s too far away. So I figured, why not the Moon?”
“Please, don’t tell me this is about your father.”
“Mel, he wasn’t the best dad in the world. But he did left me his collection of vintage cars. This is what paid for my education.”
“He didn’t left it to you, it was divided between you and your mother.”
“Regardless, I feel like I owe him this. Apart from the cars, the moon was the only thing he loved.”
“You owe him nothing, Ezra.”
“I need to know what the blinking lights are! Lunar transient phenomena, it’s how they call them. There’s no scientific explanation to what they are.”
“Just because there’s no known scientific explanation, it doesn’t mean one does not exist. And if there’s one, it’s certainly not creepy snake-man” She laughed.
///04th of September, 2022
The first thing you feel when you start seriously investigating the moon is how mysterious it is. We only went there a handful of times, and then never again. All reasons are given for this, but it never really felt right to me. Maybe what happened to my father always made me feel paranoid about the subject, but I somehow felt there were things about the moon that were hiding on plain sight.
The focus of my research, the lunar transient phenomena, is incredibly unknown. Few studies were done about it, and most of them were never published or were abandoned. The few that were made available were either from little-known universities in third-world countries, in languages that I couldn’t understand and without English translation, or mere compilations of recorded occurrences. I found some theories. The lights were caused by magnetism, or by gasses, or by asteroids, perspective…
But mere hypothesis were not enough for me. I needed to know. I needed to understand. I needed… I needed to confirm it weren’t those lights who killed my father that day.
So, I delved deep into the research. I spent weeks in my bedroom, reading books and more books, entering all sorts of websites, sending emails to experts, looking for anything that could give me more information. But through all my effort, the only thing I could find were theories or hypothesis, all of them with little to no evidence. In my search for answers, I started straying further away from modern science, entering strange websites and reading books that talked about blatant pseudoscience, like astrology or the paranormal.
///17th of February, 2022
“So, what books will you be basing your capstone on?” My orienting professor asked. I could not see his face properly, we were talking through a videocall and he was not very tech savvy, so his eyes and nose were out of the frame.
“Chris, I can only see your mouth!” I laughed.
“Sorry…” He said, adjusting his camera. The framing was not perfect yet, but it was better. "Have you read the books I sent you?"
"They... They were not what I was looking for."
"What were you looking for, Ezra?"
"I told you. Answers. I have been looking for answers, yet I only find questions."
"We will only be able to find real answers when we actually set a lab on the moon. Until then, we will have to live with merely hypothesizing."
"I know, but..."
"Have you tried reading Kulikovsky?Or Hakan Kayal? Non-american studies in general."
"Yes, professor Chris. But... All studies seem to contradict themselves. Some point to studies that I can’t find anywhere, like they don’t exist anymore. Like they were erased by someone…”
“Some texts were never made digital or registered. It’s very unfortunate.”
“Everyone tries to find a logical explanation... What if there isn't one?"
"What is this truly about?"
"It's just... You do know you can change your capstone thesis theme, right? Maybe an analysis of something more well-known could work better with your methodology."
"Chris, I will not change my mind. We have discussed this before."
"Well, well... I talked to one of my former colleagues, he is retired now, who also studied the moon, but his research was more focused on gravity. He told me there's a book called "A Study of the Moon with a New Lens" or something like that. Written by one Dr. Karl Hollfern in 1935."
"That is way before LTP was even catalogued."
"Catalogued, yes. Recorded? No. Hollfern studied extensevely the lunar mysteries. Unfortunately, he was executed by the Nazis because he opposed them. But his research lived on. My friend told me they have one of his books in the library. But it's in German."
///18th of February, 2022
I entered the library carrying a bag full of German grammar books and a dictionary. I would not let a little language barrier stop me from getting to the truth.
“Hello, how can I help you?” The librarian asked, barely averting her eyes from her cellphone.
“I’m actually looking for a book that could either be in the astronomy section or in the foreign titles section… Can you help me?”
“Which book?” She was still looking at her phone, seemingly playing one of those generic casual mobile games.
“It’s in German. Old, from the 1930s. Talks about studies of the moon made at the time.”
“Unusual request, but ok…” She put her phone on the counter, and started typing on the computer. “Can’t find it. Do you have the author’s name?”
“Karl Hollfern.”
“Uncanny. It’s unlisted.”
“We have it in the library, but it’s not available. We usually do this when books are being cleaned. Usually takes a couple of days… It says it won’t be listed until… Until 2100?
“What? How does this makes sense?”
“I don’t know. I’ve been working here for sixteen years, and have never seen something like this. Regardless, I can’t lend you the book. I can’t even let you access it in library grounds.”
///23rd of February, 2022
I was drinking my Starbucks cappuccino while trying to make myself comfortable on the shopping mall bench, to no avail. I was tense. I had never involved myself with something like this. If my mother or girlfriend knew, they would kill me. An older man made his way out of the crowd and patiently sat down next to me.
“You were supposed to be sitting on the bench next to Nike. But no problem.” He laughed.
“Sorry. I got confused…” I facepalmed.
“I got the book you asked me too. But the price is going to be different in your case.”
“As in more expensive?”
“No. Normally, I charge twenty five grand, or double If the job is hard. In your case, the job was ridiculously easy. I will be charging five grand only.”
“Thanks! I’m transferring to your account right now…” I said as I typed on my phone.
“The book is in your car.”
“How did you… Oh, of course.”
“Pleasure doing business with you.” He got up and left. I immediately went to my car. There it was, Eine Untersuchung des Mondes mit einer neuen Linse.
///28th of February, 2022
“Honey, are you still awake?” Melissa asked me. I was sitting on a pillow in the corner of the room, aggressively doing more and more Duolingo lessons.
“I’m busy, Mel.” I said, without averting my eyes from the green owl.
“Is this about that German book you have been taking everywhere?”
“No…” I blatantly lied.
“Honey, you’ve been up all night. It’s ten to six.”
“You are obsessed with this shit, Ezra! Look at you! This is the third time I find you here studying German instead of sleeping!”
“I’m sorry, but you do know I have a capstone thesis to finish, don’t you?!” I screamed back at her.
“Oh. So this is what’s all about, right?”
“Babe, it’s not like that…” Before I could say anything, she stormed out of the apartment. I stood there, frozen, for a minute or two, before I went back to my Duolingo.
///3rd of March, 2022
“Hello Ezra” Chris said, as I adjusted my camera. As usual, I couldn’t see his face properly.
“Good evening, professor Chris.”
“Ezra, are you okay? You look tired.”
“I’m fine.” I said vehemently.
“Ezra… I… I have bad news for you.” When he said that, I felt like a hand was smashing my heart. “The university has rejected your intended theme.”
“You’ll have to pick something else. I’m sorry.”
“What? Why?!”
“Apparently there’s information about Lunar Transient Phenomena that is undisclosed to the general public. The feds were here yesterday, talked with the dean about it. Said that researching the LTP was considered meddling in national security affairs, and that all projects focusing on it were to be halted.”
“I’m sorry. I know how much time you have already invested in this. But we’ll find something else, Ezra. There are more lunar mys…” I interrupted him.
“Why is it so hard to research a simple lunar phenomena?! Every time I advance, everyone tries to block me! They will not stop me from uncovering what happened to my father!” I slammed the table.
“This will not stop me.” I muttered, while ending the videocall.
///8th of March, 2022
After some turbulent days, I was finally making progress again. My knowledge of German wasn’t great, but knowing basic grammar, using online dictionaries, and with a little help from online German studying communities, I was making my way through the book.
The book was almost a century old, yet I felt like I was finally making progress. The research by Hollfern was fascinating, but disturbing. He described how the “blinking moonlights” if watched carefully, could be interpreted as having meaning. My German was advancing but far from perfect, so I didn’t have the exact translation, but it said something about the moon speaking in some sort of secret code using the lights.
It also referenced some books, most of which seemed to not exist anymore, but some of them not only existed, I also managed to download their scanned PDFs. It was pretty unorthodox for a scientific study. There was a book on symbols and sigils of different religions, a compilation of theological texts about Gnosticism, a book compiling works by Schopenhauer, and a Hindi scroll explaining Chakras.
I didn’t understood yet how everything connected. Seemed like a strange collection of unrelated weirdness.
///10th of March, 2022
I stumbled upon something I had previously overlooked. There’s an work by Schopenhauer where he discuss reading the Upanishads, which are old Hindi texts. The Hindi text I had downloaded was translated to English, but what if I looked for the original? Maybe there was something I wasn’t shown.
The original had a section that was censored in the English version that talked about a Devas that was corrupted by an evil unknown entity called that attached on it’s solar plexus and made it miserable with overwhelming sadness and pain. A thing described as a floating jester.
///13th of March, 2022
The phone in the living room started ringing. I left it there, unwilling to stop reading the book and trying to translate the contents. The call went to voicemail, and then I heard the caller recording it:
“Hey Ezra, I know you’re going through a bad time, but as your orienting professor, I care for you. You didn't show up for any of your tests. I know you seem to be focused on your research, but this isn't the-" I unplugged the damn thing.
///16th of March, 2022
I got evicted after not paying my rent. Or I was supposed to be at least. I picked up my research stuff and rented a cheap motel room on the outskirts of my town. I could not pay for the rent, and least not for now, I spent most of my money buying books and old magazines during the last weeks. I don’t need a place to call mine for now. I just need to find the truth.
I know the government will come after me. I’m coming too close. But if they want me to stop, they will have to kill me. I’ve already lost everything. This investigation is all I have left.
///18th of March, 2022
There's an old website that I found while researching. A true relic, seems to be from the early 90s. It contains old conspiracies theories, like stuff about the Illuminati and New Age, Satanic Panic, how Ronald Reagan was actually replaced, among other things. But there was something among the insanity that I felt was the last thing missing in my investigation. The true reason why we never returned to the Moon and why the Soviets never even attempted landing on it.
According to that website, during the last moon expedition, in December of 1972, the astronauts were secretly instructed to find out what was causing the Lunar Transient Phenomena, and spent three days on the Taurus-Littrow Valley, the region where the phenomena was more frequent on the previous five years. They were carrying a seismometer, as the most influential theory at the time was that the LTP was being caused by moonquakes cracking the surface of the natural satellite and releasing gasses.
But what the seismometer detected was that there were no such thing as moonquakes. Their equipments revealed humongous structures, seemingly biological or mechanical, moving under the moon surface.
One day before they left, NASA detected an instance of LTP a few kilometers near where they were stationed, so the astronauts went there to check. What they found there was never disclosed, but some theorize they met one of the beings responsible for causing the blinking lights. And that was the reason humanity abandoned all expeditions to the moon. After five missions in three years, we never returned there.
///20th of March, 2022
I woke up feeling like my head was spinning. I was lying on the sofa of my motel room. Once again, I had spent the entire previous night and day reading texts cited by Dr. Hollfern. My tablet was out of battery, so I got up, feeling pain all over my body, and went looking for my charger. It took me a couple of minutes to notice the two men wearing dark suits, black ties and dark sunglasses sitting on my sofa. One of them had a silenced pistol on his hand.
“Good afternoon, Ezra Thornbridge.” The one holding the firearm said, with a voice so ordinary it was scary.
“W-what?!” I blurted, still trying to overcome the pain.
“Oh, don’t mind us. We are just here to recover something.” The other man said, smiling.
“Something that isn’t yours, yet you’re in possession of.” The man with the gun complemented.
“I… Who are you?” I asked.
“Right now, I’m the man pointing the gun at you.” The man with the weapon said, while his partner just shrugged.
“Fine, I’ll return your damn book. But I already know about it. I already put the pieces together."
"Oh, interesting. What do you think you know, Thornbridge?" One of them mocked.
"The Solar Plexus Clown Glider. I have studied them in depth. Or do you prefer to call them like the Gnostic theologians called them back in the day? Archons…
“Look what we have here, Spencer. Like father like son.” The guy with the gun scoffed.
“I told you we should have just doped him and looked for the damn book while he slept. He is totally gone.” Spencer said.
“I’m not crazy! The Archons are real! They killed my father! They kill people! And you, instead of trying to protect the people, just hide their existence, just lie, just lie and lie and lie!”
“How can you be so smart yet so stupid?” The guy with the gun said.
“The Archons don’t kill people, Ezra. They just make you miserable and drown you in fear and pain.” Spencer said.
“But I saw one kill my father.”
“Your father died of chronic ventricular arrhythmia coupled with excessive alcohol ingestion. The thing you saw was merely an emotional parasite, feeding off his negative emotions and influencing him to indulge on them.” Spencer said.
“Does this mean…”
“Yes. It also infected you that day. That’s why you saw it. It’s been with you ever since. The more you learn about it, the more you dread, the more you obsess, the more you lose… You were feeding it all along.” Spencer explained.
“And why do you think we tried to protect you, dumbass? If the knowledge was harmless, we wouldn’t be around breaking the law and breaking people’s necks to prevent it from spreading.” The guy with the weapon said.
“It’s not too late, Ezra. When your father was alive, there wasn’t much we could do, but now we have technology to make them go away. But it has a cost.” Spencer explained.
“What cost?”
“You will forget your father. You will forget most about the moon and astronomy. Probably the entirety of the last few months. And there are probable side effects, like sporadic short-term amnesia.” Spencer said.
“Or we can just fucking shoot you in the forehead right now to prevent the thing from infecting more people. Your choice.” The guy with the gun said. I just turned around and ran as fast as I can towards the window behind me. I jumped out of it, shattering the glass, and fell on the hard cold concrete of the parking lot. I tried to get up, my body was all cut from the glass, and I felt something warm on my back, even though it was raining.
“Are you stupid?!” I heard the guy with the gun shouting while he and the other agent descended the staircase that led to the parking lot. I finally got up, feeling cold from the rain, and tried to run, but could only limp. Yeah, jumping out of the window like I was in an 80s action movie wasn’t the best idea. I heard another click behind me, and fell to the floor. I could see the agents running towards me, smoke coming out of the gun. There seemed to be snakes around both of them, smiling witch their human faces and several sets of sharp fangs.
I looked towards the sky. Among the raining clouds, I could see the moon above me, full and blooming. Blinking. Blinking so much.
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