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This is the official community for Genshin Impact (原神), the latest open-world action RPG from HoYoverse. The game features a massive, gorgeous map, an elaborate elemental combat system, engaging storyline & characters, co-op game mode, soothing soundtrack, and much more for you to explore!

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A place for frenchie owners to mingle and for others to admire our doggies or ask questions about the breed. Here are some great links for more Frenchie information.

2023.03.21 00:50 fixion_generator Done with fifteen chapters of my novel. Have plans for many more. In the meantime, asked MJ for a few treats and it delivered

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2023.03.21 00:50 NoContext8612 MacBook Air 7.2, full time clamshell mode, power management question

I'm on an 250Gb SSD, 8Gb RAM, i5 MBA early 2015. I feel it won't be propperly mantained by Apple any more for obvious reasons even if some eventual upgrade may arrive.
I've used Linux for long but not as daily driver since I've always been afraid of stability issues and so on.
I have my Mac on full time clamshell mode connected to an external display. I plug the MagSafe on and off and I shut it down only occasionally. MacOS's ower management is quite good.
I've been unable to replicate Apple power management propperly with OpenSuse. I would like to achieve, essentially: - when external display attached, and AC attached, laptop display is off. - when automatic suspension after an inactivity period, that will eventually fall into hybrid-suspension (yes, it is supported by the device). - when AC unplugged, and external display attached, laptop would fall in any suspension mode. - when AC reattached, system would wake up.
Though, I feel more confortable with Ubuntu like distros, and if I go for linux to expand the lifespan of the laptop I will go for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS almost for sure.
I've faced the following 'issues' or behaviors: - hybrid suspension will resume if AC attached or keyboard pressed, but still consumes a significant amount of battery in comparison with MacOS managed power. So, I'd complete a battery cycle in about 1.25 days. MacOS completes a cycle in about 9 days assuming AlDente will surf 5%. - hibernation requires pressing power button to wake up but that implies I have to detach cables, quit the Mac from its dock, and press power button to then, restore the setting.
I would like to know if you can suggest any idea for those 'issues' or should I assume it is a MacOs exclusive feature that can not be replicated in Linux.
Does the Linux Kernel even support anything similar to what I'm asking for?
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2023.03.21 00:50 East_End849 AlmightyGodKabir सर्वशक्तिमान परमेश्वर कबीर Kindly Visit SANT RAMPAL JI MAHARAJ Youtube Channel for more information about way of worship Watch Nepal TV_6am Daily

AlmightyGodKabir सर्वशक्तिमान परमेश्वर कबीर Kindly Visit SANT RAMPAL JI MAHARAJ Youtube Channel for more information about way of worship Watch Nepal TV_6am Daily submitted by East_End849 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 00:50 faster_pastor Is my coworker into me?

I (24F) am a nurse and there is this night shift security guard (28M) who I’m crushing on and I think he might be into me too but not totally sure so just want some opinions!
The first time we really interacted was when I accidentally startled him. I was walking behind him and it caught him a little bit off guard. Ever since then we’ve joked here and there about it but no long conversations.
The second time we talked (a few weeks later), he told me a little bit about his hobbies and when he walked away one of my other coworkers told me that was the most she’s ever heard him talk before. So I felt flattered that he talked to me more than he usually talks to anyone else.
The third time we talked (a couple days later), we ended up talking for nearly 45 minutes! He told me about his hobbies and interests, and asked me the whole “what do you do outside of work” thing so I shared a little about me. Turns out we have multiple common interests and hobbies! On top of that he even mentioned to me that he’s recently single. No I did not ask lol he just randomly started talking about how his last relationship ended a couple months ago and he’s been focusing on self care ever since then. Of course after he said this I also let him know that I’ve been single for a long time lol. The conversation was extremely pleasant, he is super goofy and funny and like I said we have multiple common interests.
I’ve been off the last few days so I haven’t seen him since our last conversation but he’s been on my mind like crazy! I want to get to know him more but since he’s my coworker Im trying to tread lightly, just in case I’m reading too much into this.
So what do you think Reddit? Are these signs that he might be interested in me?
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2023.03.21 00:49 slimyrats How does the Logic Board/SSD for the 2017 MacBook Pro 13” work?? How are they connected?

To preface, I know next to nothing about computers, but I’m getting conflicting information. My MacBook (model A1708 3164) suddenly died on me the other night. I’m not totally sure what happened, the screen suddenly went black and it won’t turn back on. I’ve tried everything the apple website said to do to try to turn it on, but nothing works.
Today, I took it to an apple store to see if they could fix it or at least diagnose it and send it off to be fixed. The guy I spoke to told me he thinks the logic board has been damaged, and that my best bet is to just buy a new computer all together. Which I’ll probably do.
BUT I have some recent documents that I’d really like to preserve, and I don’t have them backed up onto an external hard drive or the cloud. I asked if there was a way for me to get the documents off my computer, but he said the logic board is connected to the SSD and that you can’t remove the SSD alone to access anything. I know he looked inside the computer, he took the battery out to try to reset it, so I’m sure he knows about the computer and how it works. He also said apple won’t do data recovery, but he gave me some info about a partner company that does data recovery and I figured it was my best bet.
Looking online though, it seems like the SSD is pretty easily removed and isn’t really connected to anything. I wouldn’t do it myself, but I have a friend who thinks he could. I haven’t seen the inside of this Mac, so I’m not sure and I don’t even have the tools to look, but does anyone know how the SSD is connected to the logic board? Is it difficult or risky to remove? I’ve always heard Macs are pretty specific and can be sort of hard to repair if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m worried about my friend trying to do it, but if the SSD is really that easy to remove, what’s the issue? Why couldn’t apple do it?
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2023.03.21 00:49 luxray518 Credit Line Increase - will this help my score?

What’s up everybody, looking to increase the credit line(s) for one or both of my credit cards to help my score. Although I have not had any change in reported income and maintain a low balance already, is it worth requesting an increase? If so, what would be an appropriate value to request? Below is more information about my current cards, thank you in advance!
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2023.03.21 00:49 Rshsh04 Arbitrum Airdrop: The Start of a New Era for DeFi Enthusiasts

Don't miss out on the inaugural Arbitrum airdrop for the $ARB token. The $ARB token is now tradeable. Follow our Twitter account for more information. https://twittеr.cоm/аrbitrum/stаtus/1637838220133036034
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2023.03.21 00:49 everyday34901868 A non-alcoholic in AA

I’m addicted to many things but alcohol isn’t one of them. What advice do you have for reconciling (1) my desire to respect AA’s singleness of purpose (alcoholism) with (2) my belief that AA is the best place for me, and (3) the need to be rigorously honest?
I’m brand new to awareness of addiction. I’ve been to 30 AA meetings in the last 30 days and I relate so much to every word of these meetings. But my main addictions are to sex, love, and sugar, among others I’m discovering. For whatever reason, alcohol just isn’t my DOC; I barely drink.
My alcoholic friend encouraged me to try AA before I ever knew I was addicted to anything. Now that I’ve gotten to know the program, I feel like every human on the planet could benefit from a 12-step program, addict or not. I have no doubt this is where I need to be right now.
But I have a wall up. I feel like if people in the rooms knew I don’t struggle with alcohol at all, they’d kindly suggest I go over to OA, SLAA, or even NA, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But selfishly I don’t want to. There are almost zero in-person meetings for those other groups in my area (versus AA’s 5+ per day EVERY day, all within walking distance of my house). I know that I need face-to-face community for my recovery.
I’m really struggling with reconciling (1) my desire to respect AA’s singleness of purpose (alcoholism) with (2) my belief that AA is the best place for me, and (3) the need to be rigorously honest.
It’s easy to say “take what you want and leave the rest!” and that’s great advice, but it only addresses listening in a meeting, not these 3+ things that I’m struggling with:
(A) I feel sneaky and misleading in meetings when asked to share (I barely share, for this reason, which I know isn’t helping me or others). While I’m sharing about completely relatable things (craving, etc.), I find myself naturally omitting key words that would otherwise suggest to the group that my addiction is not alcohol. It feels… dishonest, misleading. But this also isn’t the place to talk about sex or food addiction, so I’m doing the right thing, right?
There are people in my local meetings who identify only as “an addict” and refer to other drugs and not alcohol, which so far seems to be completely fine even in closed meetings, so at least nobody has been hardcore yet about enforcing limiting discussion to only alcohol. Drugs are pretty accepted as a topic, which makes me slightly less terrified to deviate from alcohol… But talking about process addictions (love, etc.), without an accompanying dominant thread of alcohol or drugs, seems like it’d be crossing that line. I’m not sure how to share without feeling like I’m omitting, or deviating from the group’s primary purpose.
(B) I’m struggling to open up to people before/after meetings. They automatically assume (because I’m in my “first 30 days of sobriety” and at an AA meeting) that I’m having physiological withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, among other alcohol-specific assumptions. I politely listen to their quick thoughts and advice and dutifully apply to my DOCs (and it all applies!) but rarely correct them when they assume alcohol is my issue. It feels misleading to nod along when they tell me to “drink plenty of water” and “call me when you feel like you want a drink!” In longer convos, I’ve said something like, “yeah, alcohol actually hasn’t been the hardest thing for me to give up… the really tough part has been cutting off dating/sex [or whatever I feel comfortable sharing].” But even then it feels like I’m still not being rigorously honest because alcohol is almost not even a problem for me at all.
(C) I’m having a hard time scouting out a sponsor. I’m looking for someone who has what I want, yes, but also ideally someone who struggles with more than just alcohol/drugs. Most addicts have multiple addictions, in theory, but because nobody’s talking about the other stuff (sex/love/validation/food/etc) in these meetings, I feel like it’s harder to identify a relatable sponsor. I know that if I fellowshipped more before/after meetings, I could learn more about people/potential sponsors and surely would find someone who struggles with similar issues, but I guess that’s why I’m asking this question today. Shame or fear of rejection from AA is keeping me from fully opening up and being myself, and I don’t know how to overcome it.
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2023.03.21 00:48 valkmainagat Advice please

So I've been working at ground for a bit over a year now. I started at $150 day, job wasn't that hard average 50 stops a day 4/5 hours , 80-100 on our busy days 6/7 hours. If it was too much my contractor would help or send someone out even during peak. She is also really lenient with days off/sick days. I asked for a raise 3 months in and she gave me it and said $160 is her cap. For my lifestyle I'm fine with that per day working 5 days and occasionally asking for 6. Recently she held a meeting saying we're being changed to hourly pay and she's starting me at $21 where she normally starts you at 18.75 if you choose hourly before the change. She said she promises 40 hours a week since our routes have slowed down a bit. Now our routes are a bit bigger and some are closed on some days and given to 1 person which can be done in less than 8 hours. The work she's been giving us does not last the 8 hour days so we drag it out as much as possible. More physical work with little raise(i deliver rural area with about 8 local businesses that always order bulk +50lb packages and now I'm getting 4 more) . She also said we'll be getting 401k, health insurance, pto, 40 hours sick time, yearly raises, and 40hr week paid vacation soon. Is it worth it to stay or should I find another contractor, or are all contractors being forced to do this? We also had more cameras/sensors installed on our cars and our station isn't allowed to use rentals anymore.
TLDR Longer, unnecessary workday with more physical labor with little raise. Find a new contractojob? Or is every contractor being forced into this system
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2023.03.21 00:48 Rtshiels The last state of survival RP US Ps4 Chernarus

We would like to extend a welcoming invitation to The last state of survival RP! A community focused on casual RP and generally having fun! Ran by dedicated owners and admin team!
We offer many fun and exciting server roles such as Military. Police Department. Medical Unit. Chernarus Volunteer Defense Force! Traders. Black Market and Much more!
With a growing crime economy and incentives for policing efforts against the crime! There is surely an rp situation for everyone! From running drug trafficking routes for profit! Right down to being a humble lumber yard worker! Even take part in wackier or more sensible RP situations such as joining the canibal bandits or becoming a journalist for the Gorka Times! The options are nearly as infinite as your imagination! Have an RP idea youd like to carry out? Come on down and give it a shot here!
As a casual RP community our main goal is fun! We dont bog it down with rediculous rules and restrictions. We have RP guidelines that we ask you follow of course! But we are by no means going to ban you for mentioning the need to go to the washroom or anything like that!
Have the opportunity to run your own player organized factions, shops and events! Or take part in server organized groups, jobs, or events!
Join us today and be part of our exciting and ever growing future!
ATM 26slot professional ram. 100% of donations returned into server via upgrades, time, or slot increases!! Donation perks available!! Some custom traders etc, but no crazy cutom cities! Tourist map shows location!! Full discord economy translated into game!! Keyboard mouse enabled!! Roughly 12 minute nights!! Easy to use discord!! For assistance whitelisting @SgtStadankoh on the discord!!
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2023.03.21 00:48 Bright_Brief4975 Best race for quality of life in game and not for damage/fighting.

So, I see all these topics asking about what race is best for so-and-so class, what gives me the most damage?, what helps in fighting this or that? What I would like to do here is ask which race gives the best quality of life benefits? I came here to ask about Warden specifically, but thought why not just make it a general class question.

I would like to ignore things like damage increases, and stuff like that, and have this thread concentrate more on things like run speed increases, and general quality of life things. Furthermore, I realize there is not actually a lot of this type of benefit built into the races, but does anyone have a list of the races that offer a general quality of life improvement/benefit and what it does?
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2023.03.21 00:48 lonelysof Just take a chance on me

Asking for trust is the hardest thing to do when it’s the only thing I haven’t been able to give to you. But it’s not your fault, you’re not the one who broke me into little pieces that make me unable to become what I want for you. Screwed up, but I miss you and the hopes of forgiving drive my mind insane. I just wished you’d reply. I just wished you gave me a second chance. I know I sabotaged what we have because I couldn’t trust you, but it was more because I couldn’t trust myself to be enough for you to stay. And now I’ve realized, I’d rather find myself staring at your eyes and trying everyday than keep wondering what could’ve been and why couldn’t I trust a person who assured me I was who I wanted from the very first night.
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2023.03.21 00:48 atbg1936 I distanced myself from the first person ever to show interest in me and I don't regret it

I (23M/NB, still figuring it out) rarely used to socialize with people because of childhood emotional abuse that made me really introverted. Since I was able to leave home, and especially after I moved a continent away from my family a year and a half ago for studies, my life has gradually become more and more normal. I'm a lot more of an extrovert now, but I like to stay in control of myself - I still don't drink or go to wild parties.
After one semester without many real friends, I went to the bar to get to know some new exchange students (I am one myself, although studying full-time in Europe already). I happened to hit it off with one of them who was sitting opposite me at the table, and we were frequently making eye contact while people talked around us - a pretty new experience for me. Over the next few weeks, we talked quite often since we had one of the same classes; I also invited her for coffee, although just as a friend.
I had a good time when we got coffee, but that was about it - she was a bit different from me and I didn't see it going further. Afterward, she messaged me - unprompted - saying how much she enjoyed it and that we should do it again. She later followed that up by asking me out for coffee, at which point I told her I was sick (and I was) but started to distance myself a little bit. I still see her around occasionally, but I think she understands now that I don't see her as more than a friend.
Even though her interest in me wasn't mutual, I did appreciate the attention, which was a bit different than what I've experienced before. I have several women friends and I get along with them way better than men on average; generally, I'm treated rather like a large adorable teddy bear, and I certainly enjoy all the physical touch I get as well as how much they trust me with everything in their lives. Still, I would really like to have a long-term relationship one day (I'm demisexual and not interested in anything else) - maybe this was the first step in getting there.
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2023.03.21 00:47 MatGeo289 Career Change Advice

Hello Everyone, I am looking to change careers and I had a few questions about the best path to take. To give a quick background, For the last 10 years I have been working as a Business Intelligence Developer building reports and working with data movement. That said I feel like it's time for a career change. The degree that got me in to the world of computers a whole is an Information Systems degree with an emphasis on networking. Outside of that experience I also have a degree in Anthropology which improved my ability to interact with other humans.
Now for the question, looking around I see there are basically three approaches I can take here, go straight for the certifications, go to a boot camp style program and grab the certs during/after, or go back for a Master's degree. I am primarily looking to get my foot in the door and would be willing to pick up more certifications or even work on the MS while working if that would be possible. Should I just get the certs and if so which ones? Are the boot camp style programs better than just straight certs or are they just an expensive cert program? Is the MS necessary from the get go or is something that is going to be far more useful a few years in?
Thanks in advance for any input.
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2023.03.21 00:47 Upstairs_Win7033 Confused

My husband cheated on me 18 months ago. He had a 3 month affair. He filed for divorce after knowing this woman for 2 weeks. I had just given birth to our first child, and I had no idea what happened or where things went wrong. He just said he didn’t love me anymore and denied having an affair. We moved to a new state a few weeks later and he tried to move his mistress in saying she was a random person from Craigslist responding to a roommate add we had up. She knew about me the whole Time and one of his friends helped him get away with it until one of his other friend helped me figure out what was going on. The only reason it stopped was because I found out and his job and family knew and said to stay away from her. He said he would have been able to see how bad she was on his own. He spent more time with her and her daughter than with our new born son. It was a lot messier than that but that’s the overview. We decided to get back together and try to work things out. It’s been really hard. That was 18 months ago. Two weeks ago I found out that he was texting another woman who’s his coworker while they were on a work trip, trying to hook up with her and talking shit about me to her. She also knows who I am and that I am pregnant. When I confronted her she was rude and told me she’d have sex with him and that it was fun and easy to do. He says he never would have let it get physical he just wanted the attention. He liked her and if he was single he would have hooked up with her but he wouldn’t let it get physical because he saw how it messed up his life last time. He says he know he fucks up and this will be the last time he will ever cheat. But when I ask why this time is different and why couldn’t he just get that attention from me he had no answer just that he would think about it. I want our family to work so bad, and I love him so much. He never going to see his daughter if I leave. He discarded our son when he didn’t want or need him and I’m scared he’ll do it again when she’s born.. I told him we need to separate but I’m struggling to stay strong.
Is it possible that he really can change now, or is that me just being naïve? He’s been in therapy for a few months and he’s telling me that we just need to relearn each other and we can fix it.
I’m so heart broken and don’t know what to do.. I’m thousand of miles away from any friend or family. I also don’t want to tell anyone because if I stay again I will just look dumb again.
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2023.03.21 00:46 wazzydd [Louisiana, USA] Father passed without will. How to initiate intestate probate?

Lost my father recently and he did not have a will. He was married and divorced some 40 years ago and none of his current property was acquired during the marriage or by the products of community property. He had one son with that wife but the son is also deceased. As far as I am aware, I am the only surviving descendant. Just got the death certificate today. Assets were as follows:
  1. Small lot with a house. Property was acquired through payment of back taxes. House is pretty much gutted as it was destroyed when he got it and he was trying to make it livable.
  2. His vehicle for which I cannot find the title.
  3. A traditional IRA
  4. A checking account with ~$650
I can find plenty of information about succession law online but nothing on how to actually initiate the probate process. My questions are essentially these:
  1. Louisiana CCP 3421 says that property can be transferred by Affidavit if the total value is $125,000 or less. How do you know how much the estate is worth? Does it have to be valued by some specific assessor?
  2. If I understand correctly, the vehicle is moveable property and can be transferred outside of probate. Is this right? If it is, how do I get a replacement title? How do I initiate the transfer of title?
  3. I am listed as the sole beneficiary on the IRA. I think I read somewhere that this means this does not have to go through probate. Is this correct? Can I just file the claim without worrying about anything else?
  4. How do I actually start this whole process? Is there a specific office I can go to to talk to someone? I read that I have to submit petition of probate. What is that? A specific form or just a letter of some sort?
I realize this is a lot to ask, but I'm not sure what to do. I'm essentially broke right now. Do I have any hope without a lawyer or am I screwed?
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2023.03.21 00:46 Crafty-Scholar-3106 Possible vent but need advice? Need help learning how to think about money - I’m a freelancer who is working for free because i can’t figure out how to set a process or price myself or send a bill or talk about money - I hate thinking about money

I have some kind of a psychological problem thinking about money and I’m surprised I can’t find anywhere to get help with it. I am trying to freelance and my biggest problem is setting up a frame work for getting paid or believing I deserve to be paid or something. I do not have the money to be acting like this - I am so broke, and maybe part of that mentality makes me scared to ask for any sum of money that would cause hardship for me to pay someone else to do what I do…which is stupid because I spent a lot of time learning how to do the things I know. It’s like the fact I can do a particular task means it’s worth nothing to me now, which makes it hard for me to figure out how much it’s worth to other people. Pretty much the only way I ever get paid is people chase me down to pay me…I’m not even kidding, I wish I was. I’ve probably even damaged a couple working relationships because I’ve been doing work and they want me to bill them and then i don’t do it and then I ghost them and it’s awkward - like, maybe they want to work with me again but it’s weird because they know they owe me some amount of money but i wont tell them - I have no idea what it is, I’ve moved on, lost track of the hours, or maybe it took me more hours than I thought it should and I feel embarrassed like I don’t deserve it and and would rather just forget about it and do a better job moving forward, or get paid per project, or something. I don’t know. I don’t know what would work. I feel crazy.
Is this a disorder, and if so, where do I get help for it?
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2023.03.21 00:46 stale-bagel035 Blood tests for GenderGP

I'm planning on starting GenderGP in the next few weeks but I'm not sure how to get my full blood tests done (sorry for asking even more questions like this)
1.) Do I just call up my gp for an appointment then ask him to refer me for blood tests at the hospital
2.) Would I have to pay for my blood tests and my gp visit or just for the gp visit. Amd if I do have to pay for getting my bloods done how much does it usually cost
3.) What would be good to say to my gp if he asks why I want my bloods done
4.) Does the hospital send me my results or would I have to contact my gp again to get him to send them to me
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2023.03.21 00:46 East_End849 AlmightyGodKabir सर्वशक्तिमान परमेश्वर कबीर Kindly Visit SANT RAMPAL JI MAHARAJ Youtube Channel for more information about way of worship Watch Nepal TV_6am Daily

AlmightyGodKabir सर्वशक्तिमान परमेश्वर कबीर Kindly Visit SANT RAMPAL JI MAHARAJ Youtube Channel for more information about way of worship Watch Nepal TV_6am Daily submitted by East_End849 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 00:46 PocketPillow Transcript of the interview of University of Utah President Taylor Randall by Bill Riley on ESPN Radio

They began the conversation by talking about Women's Basketball, which I left out.
Utah President Taylor Randall (TR) Radio Host Bill Riley (BR)
Bill Riley: I wanted to ask you today, about several of your colleagues who've spoken out about the ever-wanting Pac-12 Media Rights Deal. Can you tell curious Utah fans what your expectations are and where we stand right now?
Taylor Randall: Sure, I'd be happy to comment a bit. First, I'd like to say that we still see tremendous value in the 10 teams remaining in the Pac ahh... 12, I guess that's Pac 10 for now. We have a strong, strong set of brands. The way I think about the value of a league and what comes out as the value of a contract is really three things:
First, you gotta have strong brands, which we have.
Second, you have to have teams that are actually going to win and create great matchups. And if you look at our league next year, even leaving SC and UCLA out, you've got four teams that are probably ranked in the top 25. And anytime you have top 25 ranked teams playing that creates interest and value. So our value is up there.
And the final thing is, do you have to have the right media distribution so that the fans can actually watch. Right now we're in the middle of those, and I can't tell you much about them while they're ongoing, but I'm confident that we have the right people at the table and that they're seeing our value the same way we're seeing it. And you'd always like to have an agreement sooner rather than later, but you have to remember that if not for what happened last summer negotiations would just be starting right now, not wrapping up. There's been a lot of comments from the media about how this is taking a long time, but it's really that we started a year earlier than expected. So on our end, as Presidents, we've been really patient with the negotiations because they're happening on an advanced timeline and will be done ahead of the original schedule regardless of when it comes through. I think we're in a good spot, and I like what I'm hearing out of the President's office both in terms of compensation and in distribution. I think we've still got a ways to go, but I think we've got solidarity in the President's room of the remaining schools in particular. I don't talk to a President from one of the remaining schools who's not confident in the deal that's being worked on.
Bill Riley: So, talking about that, we've been told November, December, and it keeps getting pushed back. Has there been hold ups? What's keeping this from being finalized?
Taylor Randall: Well, I don't think there were any serious expectations that it would be done now. We've all felt all along that we were going to be patient and let things play out. If anything, some Presidents have wondered why we're doing a media deal a year earlier than scheduled. So we're going to be patient and make sure it's a deal that works for us and preserves the long-term value of our conference. So I'm not... you know... I guess I'd just say that we feel we're in a really good spot right now and things are progressing well.
Bill Riley: Your colleague, Dr. Robbins, from Arizona, was very vocal last week on television and in print saying that he expected the deal from what he's seen to be as good, if not better, than the deal the Big-12 got. Do you feel the same way?
Taylor Randall: I think we're all optimistic like Bobby is. We've got a lot of value in our conference.
Bill Riley: What have you made of some of the Big-12 Media's, some might say, apocalyptic projections for the end of the Pac-12 Conference? When you guys get together as a CEO group, has there been any discussion of that coverage? Have you seen it, read it, what do you make of it?
Taylor Randall: You know, all of us that are sports fans have heard and read that coverage. I would say that it runs somewhat contrary to the discussions that I have with our Presidents. It's a great group of individuals. We discuss openly what we think our strengths are. Again, I think we love the set of schools and the values that we bring and where we're trying to go with our athletic programs. We've always enjoyed friendly competition with one another. So I don't think we see a dire scenario.
Bill Riley: Yet there's been a lot of reporting, Taylor, of the 4 Corners Schools of which you are one. Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah. Being in talks and negotiations with the Big-12 conference. Now I'm not sure what the sourcing is on these stories, but is there any truth to those?
Taylor Randall: Well, let me just say again that we are in solidarity with our Pac-12 President peers. We are working to get a deal that is beneficial to all of us as a conference. That said, we certainly think the Big-12 has put together a great conference with some great schools as well; but right now we think staying in solidarity with our Pac-12 schools is the right place to be.
Bill Riley: Is expansion something you guys have discussed? I know that you guys have given George Kliavkoff as a CEO group the power to explore it. Should we expect expansion to be part of this media rights deal, or is that something separate in and of itself?
Taylor Randall: Yeah.... You know, I think the way we're thinking about it is that it could happen together or it could happen separately. You need to know that conferences are always talking about expansion, and certainly you talk about it more when you're in the middle of media rights deals. But we've got a ways to go before we make public announcements. We've got a lot to consider and we're going to be smart about that decision.
Bill Riley: I tell people all the time that expansion happens at a University level. It doesn't just happen at an Athletics level. And as much as we in this world where I operate, in a world of sports, the movement of a university from one conference to another happens at a university level. So that's not necessarily something that happens within Athletics, it's done with Athletics as part of that. When you guys get together as a CEO group and talk about that, if you guys were to expand, what qualities, what are the things you guys are discussing with regards to growing the conference?
Taylor Randall: You know, it's an interesting discussion because all of it has unique characteristics that each school is looking at. I can speak about it from the perspective of the University of Utah. We look at our Alumni footprint, right, and we look at where we would like to be and where we like to be able to grow. We look at the academic affiliations that we can have with other schools, which is a really big part of it. Without a doubt our belonging to the Pac-12 has not only allowed us to recruit great faculty, but increased collaborations with great faculty all over the conference. The faculty connections is a really big deal for our university.
So those are a couple of the things that we look at, and then we do actually talk about athletic considerations. You know, where do our coaches want to be in terms of a footprint, the travel burden on students. Right now I think a lot of us are thinking about league composition, you know, we're keeping an eye on the evolution of the NCAA and the CFP. We all want to be National Champions, right? So there's trade offs, you know, you're in different leagues that are composed differently for different sports, so you think about how conference membership affects if you're going to have a shot at those national championships. That's also valuable to an institution.
Bill Riley: Does a market, as well as the university, affect that as well? Because I know that your university is certainly part of that, but is the market that you're in part of that too, or does that not matter so much?
Taylor Randall: Oh, yeah, of course. And I guess that's part of what I talk about when I talk about the footprint and I include that. But there's some great brands out there that transcend markets. And, to an extent, the University of Utah is in a market that's growing, but we've also got to transcend markets.
Bill Riley: You were in the University when it expanded from the Mountain West to the Pac-12. You were in a different role then than you are today, but what was your reaction when you heard that news... whatever it was, 13 years ago, and now the position you're in today with the conference possibly growing again?
Taylor Randall: From my seat 13 years ago, I was the Dean of the Eccles School of Business, um, it was fantastic. We knew that we were going to be able to draw students from certain geographic areas that we hadn't been able to draw from before. And we continue to see that. And I think that's one of the lenses you use to look at expansion as a conference president in terms of conference composition. What areas do you want to have influence and draw from and certainly the conference footprint has influence on that.
Bill Riley: Last thing, because I know you've gotta run. You and I have talked about this offline about championship games and the Rose Bowl as well, give the listeners an idea of what the success the football program has had, especially the past 2, 3, 4 years, has had for the University as a whole.
Taylor Randall: Well, I'll just say one line: We have a record number of deposits for the University at this time. So, it has drawn incredible positive attention for the University, and in terms of enrollment we're looking at another very, very strong year. When the majority of institutions are in decline.
At this point they wrap things up and say their goodbyes.
My thoughts:
  • Expansion seems like a foregone conclusion. Essentially saying it'll happen.
  • Randall sees the media narrative of pressure to complete a deal to be just the media talking; they don't feel the pressure.
  • Academic connections matter to Utah in terms of conference affiliation.
  • Being attached to markets that give Utah good applicants matters to the president.
  • He avoided the question a bit on talking about joining the Big-12, saying it wasn't a good fit at this time but not denying that they've talked.
  • He thinks the deal that they end up with will be a good one, but indicates that it's not imminent.
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2023.03.21 00:46 math_folder Portrait of a porn addict: the negative stereotypes around porn addiction that we all suffer from

Brian is a 19-year-old kissless virgin.
He’s never been able to attract any girl’s attention. He’s hardly ever tried. If he once had a crush, it lived and died in painful silence.
Brian’s never had a girlfriend. He’s never had sex. He’s never even kissed a woman. Or felt wanted. Or been touched.
He is the definition of an incel, and that’s something he’s finally come to terms with. As of late, he’s even begun to find some pride in it. His situation is, after all, nothing but a consequence of this decadent society where stupid jocks have no problems getting laid because bimbos choose them over much more intelligent and sophisticated men like himself.
Brian’s closest contact with women happens through porn. Porn opens a window into all the things that escape him in real life, and it is from porn that he’s learned everything he knows about sex and intimacy. Brian’s taste in porn is diverse: he has casually transitioned from vanilla categories to extreme content, finding in Hentai a way to break the barriers that he eventually met in normal porn. He is involved in the anime world and well-versed in the pornographic side of it, where he is active sharing and discussing content in online communities.
Porn is more than entertainment for Brian: it’s his main hobby — almost a way of life.
Brian lives his love for porn in unrelenting sessions that take up hours of his days, masturbation binges that keep him locked into his room past midnight — lights off, screen on, a symphony of moaning sounds blasting out of his headphones, carefully contained within his head.
Brian’s hobby requires dedication. His commitment to porn and a fulfilling work and social life just can’t cohabit. As a result, Brian has been neglecting his studies and his friends (of which he never had many to begin with) at the same pace that his interest in porn has grown.
Brian has found refuge in porn, throwing himself into it despite the harmful consequences it has on his life.
Brian is a porn addict.
David is a 42-year-old married man.
Religion is a very important part of his identity and of his life. He and his wife attend church every Sunday and take an active role within their congregation, often helping organize events in the community.
David’s morals and values are a direct result of his Christian upbringing. Religion dictates what’s right and what’s wrong for him, and he often relies on the Bible and on his pastor for advice and spiritual guidance.
David is extremely conflicted about his porn use. He’s been watching it for years now, against his own principles and behind his wife’s back. Every Thursday night, when she leaves the house, David expresses the repressed frustration of his sexless marriage through an hour or two of unhinged masturbation to porn.
David’s double life is tainted with guilt and shame. Porn is the one sin he’s never been able to confess. He’s too embarrassed to ask for help and too afraid of how it could all ruin his reputation. He’s been trying to stop on his own but feels helpless in resisting the Devil’s temptation, despite the havoc that this vice is wrecking on his mental health.
David is a porn addict.
Joseph is a 32-year-old promiscuous single.
Joseph lost his virginity at the age of 14 and he’s been on a wet spell ever since. Now in his early thirties, Joseph enjoys an intricate sex life that combines booty calls with random hookups and visits from prostitutes.
Joseph’s sexuality drives his existence. He works like he fucks, and it’s this high pace that finances the life of excesses he leads. His body count is one of many badges of honor that he wears with pride, along with his yearly salary and the price tag on his car.
Joseph’s extensive track record of women is dwarfed only by the one in his browser history. Porn has always been the only way for him to meet his voracious quota. As real sexual partners grow dull, his appetite for porn has only become larger, and the satisfaction that he gets from the increasingly extreme videos that he watches is now harder and harder to match with an actual person — even one with the subsidized compliance of a professional escort.
Joseph’s intense porn habit has begun to affect his performance. Frustrated attempts to have sex or finish it well are starting to pile up, and it seems like no matter how much hotter his next hookup is, the problems with the previous one are bound to surface once again. Scarlett Johansson herself could be laying on his bed waiting and he, like Don Jon, would happily choose a screen over her — yet he can’t seem to be able to quit porn despite the way it’s ruining his precious sex life.
Joseph is a porn addict.
James is a 29-year-old guy.
He’s been in a relationship for four years — the longest he’s ever had. During all this time, he’s learned to live beyond himself, working together with his partner and growing a lot personally as a result. His current sex life is somewhat satisfactory, a dramatic improvement over his previous years.
James’ adolescence was happy in many ways, but tremendously lacking when it came to dating and sexual experiences. His shyness and insecurities prevented him from having a go at anything romantic with a girl. A heavy burden back then, he carried his virginity with shame all the way into his mid-twenties.
James led an otherwise pretty decent life, with plenty of friends, a good relationship with his family, academic success, and interesting hobbies. Through his teenage years and the ones that would come immediately after, James’ personal deficit was never too obvious to anyone but the people that knew him very well, and the self–flagellation that came with it existed mainly in the background of his mind.
To help him cope, James resorted very early on to porn, and what started as a distraction developed day by day into a compulsive habit that would take up much of his time and energy. By the time he came out of his shell as an adult and started having sexual experiences, the years of hours-long porn binges coupled with the built-up, self-imposed pressure resulted in a long stretch of erection problems and in all sorts of anxiety-ridden encounters.
James’ contentment now is the consequence of heaps and heaps of work. The mental work to overcome an erectile dysfunction that always lied much more in his head than in his penis, and the arduous endeavor of battling the addiction to porn that has accompanied him half his life. It is in the context of his current relationship that he finally had a chance to truly understand his issues and take the necessary steps to make things better.
James now stands in a position miles ahead of his gruesome starting point, but he doesn’t forget where he comes from. He continues to grow and is proactive in seeking new ways to improve himself. However, he’s fully aware of the grip that pornography still holds on him and the potential that even a casual peek has to make him fall back into his old ways. It is for this reason that, to this day, he still strives to stay away from porn.
James is a porn addict.
All stereotypes are, by definition, gross generalizations. It should then not come as a surprise that most stereotypes of a porn addict — the incel, the super religious guy, the sex addict — represent only a tiny portion of the people that actually struggle with porn, and fall extremely short of portraying an accurate image of this addiction.
In my book, a porn addict is anyone who can’t stop watching porn no matter how hard they try and despite it having negative consequences on their life. This might, in some cases, come from a strong frustration with the opposite sex. Or perhaps take place within the broader context of an addiction to sex. It might stem from a shameful understanding of pornography use. Yet in most cases, an addiction to porn is nothing but a consequence of having very normal problems, free access to Internet pornography, and the lack of awareness that allows porn to grow into a self-destructive coping mechanism.
Unfortunately, the stereotypes around porn addiction are not just wrong — they also have a markedly negative impact. A limited understanding of what a porn addict looks like prevents people with compulsive habits to self-identify as addicts. On top of that, negative stereotypes (sadly very common when it comes to porn addiction) stigmatize those who do self-identify as addicts.
These all combine to create an environment where many of the people that have issues with porn fail to address them because they don’t realize the gravity of their situation (thus unknowingly letting things get worse and worse), while those who do become aware of their addiction are either looked down on for it or forced to hide it (and, in doing that, denied the help that they need).
It is for this reason that honest conversations about porn use are so important. When we can exchange views on this topic free of prejudice and shame, we as a society begin to let go of outdated stereotypes and come to better understand the role that pornography plays in our lives. Only when this happens, and once the risks and benefits of porn are openly discussed, can we as individuals figure out what’s best for us and receive the support that we need to get there.
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2023.03.21 00:46 Specific-Echidna5064 Alex we know you feel guilty

We see you and Noah’s lack of posts today, we know why. You feel guilty you were called out and caught in the act. We know you read all these posts & it hurts you, hearing the truth. You are being a shitty mom. You can’t try and normalize going clubbing while your little NICU baby is struggling to gain weight & come home. You gave birth 2 weeks ago. You are still recovering from a C-Section. Your baby’s FATHER just came home from REHAB for RELAPSING during your PREGNANCY. WAKE UP. If Noah cared even the slightest about his recovery & took this seriously he would’ve asked you wtf you’re thinking by offering to go to a club. Or if it was HIM asking you to go, shouldn’t that show you he doesn’t care? He already wasn’t there for Ari’s first day on earth or to support you.
I don’t know what you’re thinking during all this. Did all the drugs & alcohol alter your brain chemistry? You should want to be around your new little baby who can’t be at home as much as possible. It’s mind boggling to me and if your mom really did leave I don’t blame her, she probably tried talking sense into you & you got offended lol. You do not need a “break”. You haven’t even had a LICK of what motherhood is like. I have a 2 year old son who demands my attentions 24/7. The only time I get a break from cooking, cleaning, working, keeping things in check is when I get a BABYSITTER. The nurses are not BABYSITTERS. They are there to care for sick/premature babies at the HOSPITAL. The HOSPITAL is not a DAYCARE. I can’t believe you’re confused by all this and think you’ve been working so hard to even deserve a “break”. You requiring someone to brush your teeth, cook for you, wipe your ass, transfer you, feed you, give you your medication, do your laundry, do your grocery shopping etc is more of a break all together than you’ll ever realize and you take it all for granted. You grew, and brought into this world a whole other PERSON. It’s not all about you anymore. It’s deranged and immature as fuck to just leave your baby and go to a club, where your sensitive “sober” boyfriend who you “love so much” is trying to better himself. But honestly at this point maybe he isn’t. I’m happy DCFS is involved. It shows someone here is actually in control and cares about YOUR baby because you’re doing a shitty job in showing your love for her. Going there and cuddling her isn’t even considered parenting Alex. At this point the nurses are doing more than you’ll ever do, truthfully. The way things are going 2 WEEKS into having your baby, I can’t see it going up anytime soon. I hope they keep that fragile little girl in the hospital as long as possible until you start to realize things & open your fucking eyes to what harm you’re going to put this little baby through. Parenting is HARD. It requires ALL of you & ALL of your attention, time, energy & patience. Not just “cuddle time” and go home to act like everything is how it was pre-baby. I see you follow another disabled mom with a baby in the NICU and by the looks of it she’s been there EVERY day, MULTIPLE TIMES, and trying to soak in, digest & LEARN AS MUCH INFORMATION AS SHE CAN. Why can’t you? Be better. For Ari. It’s not all about you anymore Alex & Noah. Take your cheesy smirks off your face, it’s getting old.
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