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2023.06.09 00:37 Azyrod Need help with Ice farm piston removal

So I am working on an ice farm design. After quite some time puzzling how I wanted the ice to be removed, I ended up with the following design (see screenshot).
It works with an observer detecting the water updating, which sends a pulse down the rails which is picked up by the 2nd observer which then 1-tick power 2 sticky pistons (since it's 1tick pulse, the sticky pistons don't behave sticky anymore, they will just push the blocks). The pistons move an observer looking into a regular piston; so when the observer finishes traveling it wil power the piston once.
This then removes the bock in front of the first observer which sends another update in the rails which re-trigger the sticky pistons with 1tick pulse so they can bring back the observer+piston so they are not blocking the sky for the water anymore.

My current issue is while this works perfectly fine if I just place stone in front of the observer, when ice forms and gets pushed down, water needs to regenerate - which causes another update for the observer, retriggering the whole mecanism indefinitively since water is instantely destroyed after reforming (so the machine only removes the first ice generated which is not super usefull ^^').
Does someone have an idea on how to fix it ? Or an alternative design if this one is doomed to fail ?
requirements: - water must not be obstructed for too long - must be tileable laterally - so no redstone dust - Can use space below and one side, but not 2 sides (the idea is to mirror the system on both sides of the water, so the space on the other side will be used)
Current design - does not work because reforming water triggers it indefinitely
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2023.06.09 00:36 PrettyVisitXr Is there anything I'm missing

29, Male, 5ft8, 150lb
I've always done some sort of lifting on and off over the years but never consistent for longer than a couple of months.
Had a major hip operation last year for hip dysplasia and so now my physio is complete I've been trying to get back into training. I'm currently following the below programme but not sure if this is ok as it is or do I need to make some amendments? Any info is appreciated.
Based it on SL 5x5 but accessory exercises are 3 x 8-10
Day 1 - Rows, Dips, Face pulls, Tri Pull downs, Pec Deck/Flys
Day 2 - Squats 5x5, RDL 3x5
Day 4 - Chest Press, OH Press, Curls, Rev Curls (for weak forearm/grip), Pull ups
Day 5 - Squats, RDL
Day 6 - Back to A or B workout (Alternated each week)
I know SL 5x5 has squats 3 times a week but that's a lot with my dysplasia so I've taken it down to 2 days of squats.
My range of motion is also extremely limited, to the point I can only perform quarter squats, at least until my mobility has been corrected with the next surgery. I added an extra day of RDLs to try and balance out the quad heavy quarter squats, would this be ok?
I split it into 4 days also to save time in the gym and to avoid doing legs on the days I play soccefootball.
Any feedback or suggestion would be massively appreciated.
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2023.06.09 00:36 SquishyCatChronicles Request for 17 days worth of drop ins for 4 dogs...

I just had a request come through for 17 days, 2 drop ins per day, 4 high energy breeds.. I don't even bother trying to beat around the bush, my very first message out of the gate when I see something like this is, "Hello! I'd be happy to care for your pets! I do require a meet and greet prior to the booking if you'd like to get something set up this week! I also noticed that only two visits per day came through the request, will someone be there through the middle of the day to let them out to potty or do they have a doggie door?"
She responds that she wants me there 3 times per day plus a long walk 2-3 times per week but she only requested the 2 visits per day because that's all she's willing to pay. I responded with a modified booking request showing the 3 visits per day, removed the holiday rate, and didn't charge her for the extra long walk visits. I knew she wasn't going to take it anyway so figured I could at least show I was trying to work with her in the event she tried to trash me in some way..
"Here is the modified request updated to reflect 3 visits per day. I also did an override to remove the holiday rate that Rover automatically applies (which saves you $255) and I didn't add any long walk charges."
"I'm not paying that."
"No worries! I understand! There are many sitters locally who may be willing to work within your budget. Have a great weekend!"
Sitters, this came in as a $1300 booking request, once updated it was an $1800 request... I know some of you would've fought tooth and nail to save that $1300 booking but it simply isn't worth it to work for someone who doesn't value you or your time and business. You're providing a service to them, you're not free or cheap. My prices are incredibly affordable and most sitter probably think I'm too cheap. I actually just raised my prices $2 yesterday for base 1 dog or cat drop in. With 4 high energy dogs, I can guarantee you I'd be there an hour instead of 30 minutes, so $20 for base and $5 for each additional dog.. $35 for an hour of in your home care isn't bad.. I'm going to pay Rover fees, taxes, and fuel out of that $35.. Don't sell yourself short and do a free visit per day.
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2023.06.09 00:36 yakinikulove NO NEW USER NEEDED

Please~🥺I am trying to get my favorite item for free. Can you help me? https://temu.com/s/H5Ogwm4iyBGvk
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2023.06.09 00:36 Pyroski Pyroski

The War Of 1839, Part II
The War Of 1839, Part III
The War of 1839: The Downing Street Conference
The War of 1839, Part IV
The War of 1839, Part V
Liberation of Vermont
Following the armistice, Richard Downes Jackson dedicated his time to planning and coordinating with General William Rowan for the deployment of British-Canadian troops along the Vermont-Canadian border. When the armistice officially concluded on April 25, 1843, Rowan led his forces into Newport, a city that had been among the last to be captured during John Wool's invasion of Vermont. Over a span of two days, the British forces successfully seized control of the city, compelling the American troops to retreat.
Despite Sylvester Churchill, the commanding general of the New England army, being aware of the British allies' plans, the swift defeat of the U.S. forces caught Churchill by surprise. He had expected stronger resistance in their attempt to liberate Vermont. The occupation of Vermont by the U.S. had persisted for almost a year, and both newspapers and officials criticized Churchill and Webster for their limited achievements in freeing the state. However, their efforts were hindered by the sedition acts, which silenced the criticism. This situation compelled Webster to reassess his tactics.
During the Battle of Boston, with crucial support from the British, Webster, somewhat under the influence, instructed Churchill to adopt a more offensive strategy. This involved utilizing the majority of the Yankee forces to liberate the coasts, challenging Winfield Scott's "Anaconda Plan" blockade, which had contributed to the Panic of 1843. Webster aimed to free up the coasts in order to bring an end to the War of 1839 conflict and alleviate some of the recession's effects. Furthermore, Webster ordered Churchill to carry out a smaller-scale offensive in Vermont, prompted by the widespread news of the British victory in Newport.
Churchill assigned Major General Allen Hitchcock the responsibility of liberating his home state of Vermont due to the general's persistence. Accompanied by 6,000 men, Hitchcock embarked on a journey across New Hampshire, into Canada, and finally into Vermont.
On May 2nd, 1843, General Rowan and Hitchcock led a march towards St. Albans, following a route along the Lake Champlain region from Canada. St. Albans, which had served as the last stronghold of the Vermont militia, succumbed to the American forces in July 1842. The initial battle of St. Albans lasted three days, during which the U.S. troops gradually gained ground, conquering fortifications and capturing the entire city. Faced with a hopeless situation, General Churchill eventually surrendered. In the subsequent treaty, the United States assumed control of strategic cities while permitting the residents to resume their normal lives.
In the second battle, a situation reminiscent of the first battle unfolded, but with reversed sides. The combined British and Yankee forces aimed to breach the defenses established around the settlement in response to intelligence regarding troops stationed at the Vermont-Canadian border in the forthcoming liberation of Newport. Equipped with superior weaponry supplied by the British Empire and boasting a larger army, the allied forces managed to breach the defenses within a few hours and swiftly capture the settlement.
In May 1843, the U.S. successfully captured Burlington, disrupting the supply and manufacturing capabilities of their own troops due to the repurposed factories in the area. As the allied forces liberated neighboring areas and towns, their attention shifted to St. Johnsbury, a settlement in Vermont. By March 1842, the U.S. army had already conquered all remaining towns and settlements in Northern and Central Vermont, culminating in the one-sided Battle of St. Johnsbury, which marked the defeat of one of the final strongholds.
However, nearly a year later, the neighboring regions surrounding St. Johnsbury were liberated from American control. Recognizing the strategic importance of St. Johnsbury as a transportation route across Vermont and its role in supplying troops within the occupied state, Churchill ordered troops to launch an invasion of St. Johnsbury. The town's industry had been supporting the American troops with necessary supplies, further strengthening their hold.
The objective of Churchill's invasion was to regain control of St. Johnsbury and cut off the American forces' access to crucial transportation routes and supplies. By capturing the town, Churchill aimed to weaken the American hold on Vermont and disrupt their supply capabilities.
On May 28, 1843, Rowan and Hitchcock initiated a frontal assault on St. Johnsbury, employing a direct and head-on approach to besiege the city. The battle unfolded throughout the morning and into the evening, characterized by intense street-to-street combat between the opposing armies. As the allied forces gradually gained the upper hand and pushed the American troops deeper into the southern part of the city, the latter eventually chose to retreat. Seizing the opportunity, the British and Yankee forces swiftly occupied the vacated positions, solidifying their control over St. Johnsbury.
With the objective of depriving Montpelier of American aid, the next target in their campaign was Middlebury. Positioned strategically to the left of Montpelier, Middlebury was connected to the Otter Creek and Lake Champlain, which played a vital role in transportation for Americans in the region. Hitchook anticipated that by cutting off the Americans from important settlements along the Lake Champlain riverway, he and the British forces could have an easier time in kicking out the American presence in that area of water.
On June 5, 1843, after weeks of meticulous preparation and consolidating their presence in Vermont, the allied forces initiated a fierce assault on Middlebury. The battle for Middlebury was marked by intense fighting and strategic maneuvers. The allied forces, comprising British troops and their local allies, were determined to seize control of the town and cut off American supply lines in the region.
The engagement raged on for two days, with both sides displaying great valor and tenacity. The allied forces utilized their superior numbers and expert knowledge of the terrain to their advantage, launching coordinated attacks on American positions. Meanwhile, the American forces, although outnumbered, displayed remarkable resilience and fought fiercely to defend their strategic stronghold.
After intense and prolonged fighting, the allied forces emerged victorious on June 7, 1843, recapturing Middlebury from the U.S. forces. The combined efforts of the British troops and their local allies enabled them to seize control of the town and achieve their objective of severing the American supply lines. This victory dealt a significant blow to the American presence in the region and further weakened their position in the ongoing conflict. The recapture of Middlebury bolstered the allied forces' morale and served as a turning point in their campaign against the American presence in Vermont
Battle of Lake Champlain
Meanwhile, with the liberation of the coastal areas by the allied British and Yankee forces, including the capture of every major city along the Lake Champlain coast, Richard Downes Jackson, on June 12 issued orders for British ships to navigate south from the Richelieu River in an attempt to reclaim control of the body of water that had previously been under complete U.S. control. In the initial confrontation, the British took the initiative and opened fire on the American ships patrolling the region. Amid the ensuing chaos, the British ships, though smaller in size due to the necessity of navigating through the narrow river, used their larger numbers to swiftly capitalize on the confusion and gain a stronger position.
However, in a swift response to the British advancement, Isaac Mayo, the highest-ranking naval officer at Lake Champlain, issued orders for his men to prepare for combat, sparking a fierce battle characterized by relentless exchanges of heavy gunfire between British and American ships. The intensity of the engagement persisted throughout the day, with the American forces showing determination to hold their ground and not surrender any part of the lake. Despite their resolute stance, the arrival of additional British ships and the mounting toll of the back-and-forth cannon fire eventually led American ships to retreat southward.
British ships pursued the retreating Americans, as a full-scale battle erupted at Lake Champlain, however, despite the smaller ships, the British ships would come victorious as American ships were forced to retreat into Lake George, and instead of following through with a second perusal, the British instead decided to a dominating presence in the region, by having ships blockade America's entrance, as well as sending ships to patrol the lake.
The Battle of Lake Champlain was a fierce engagement, with both British and American ships locked in a desperate struggle amidst the tumultuous waters. The reverberating booms of cannons and the crackling gunfire echoed across the expansive lake, creating an atmosphere of chaos and danger. Despite the American ships' larger size, their maneuverability paled in comparison to the nimble British vessels. The British sailors deftly utilized their smaller ships to their advantage, darting in and out of the American formations with remarkable precision and skill.
As the battle raged on, the British gradually gained the upper hand. Their coordinated attacks and deadly accurate cannon fire began to take a toll on the American fleet. The American sailors, valiantly fighting to maintain their positions, found themselves overwhelmed by the relentless onslaught. Faced with the daunting reality of defeat, the American ships were compelled to retreat hastily, their hopes of victory fading.
Seizing the opportunity to solidify their triumph, the British ships pursued the retreating Americans. Instead of engaging in a second direct confrontation, the British commanders made a calculated decision. They recognized the strategic significance of establishing a dominant presence in the region. Swiftly altering their course, the British ships strategically positioned themselves to block the entrance to Lake Champlain, effectively cutting off the Americans from easy access to the lake's vast expanse.
In addition to the blockade, the British dispatched other vessels to patrol the waters of Lake Champlain. This comprehensive approach ensured their control over the lake, further limiting American movements and impeding any potential counteroffensive.
Liberation of Vermont (Continuation)
Major General Winfield Scott of the U.S. Army received reports about the substantial progress made by opposing forces in their bid to liberate Vermont. Having previously reduced the American presence in Vermont during the buildup to the Battle of Boston, Scott took decisive action. In response to the U.S. losses in the state and the conclusion of the Battle of Boston, he organized the transportation of troops into Vermont. During mid-June, Scott oversaw the strategic deployment of these troops to the regions bordering the recently liberated areas.
On June 19, Brigadier General Joseph Lane led an assault on St. Johnsbury with the objective of recapturing it. Over the course of a two-day battle, both British and American forces engaged in intense combat. Despite a determined effort, Lane's forces faced heavy artillery fire while attempting to enter the city. Unfortunately, for the U.S., the allied forces successfully defended against the assault, ultimately forcing Lane's troops to retreat.
Several days of preparation culminated in a coordinated attack on Montpelier by the Allied forces on June 23, 1843. Troops from St. Johnsbury, led by Hitchcock, joined British forces under Rowan in a two-pronged invasion, approaching Montpelier from different directions. The conflict commenced with a morning assault, initiated by the British troops who fired artillery at the fortifications surrounding the camp. American troops within the camp swiftly retaliated with gunfire. Yankee troops followed suit, and the battle raged on throughout the evening and into the next day.
Amidst intense combat, the allied forces eventually breached the defenses, successfully entering Montpelier. U.S. troops attempted to regroup and impede their progress. However, fierce hand-to-hand combat ensued in the streets, ultimately resulting in the advance of the British and Yankee forces. On June 26, the American troops ultimately surrendered, bringing an end to the battle.
The Battle of Rutland marked a significant turning point, representing the final major victory for the allied forces. On July 1st, they strategically deployed troops and artillery, utilizing the road network to swiftly approach the surrounding areas. Employing a barrage of artillery fire, the allies swiftly breached the city's defenses, initiating intense confrontations with the U.S. forces. Throughout the day, defensive tactics were employed by the U.S. troops in a valiant effort to repel the invaders. The resulting combat escalated into a fierce and prolonged hand-to-hand struggle that persisted until evening. Realizing the increasingly unfavorable circumstances, U.S. forces eventually made the decision to retreat from Rutland, acknowledging the impracticality of further resistance.
However, upon receiving news of the fall of Montpelier, Rutland, and the American failures to recapture St. Johnsbury, Major General Winfield Scott recognized the need for additional reinforcements in Vermont. The "Leviathan Plan" campaign had reached a stalemate, with neither side making significant progress. In response, Scott deployed extra units to the region. Despite these reinforcements, General Rowan, leading the combined British and Yankee forces, remained determined to advance their liberation efforts. Thus, they pressed forward with the Battle of Rutland, targeting the town of Woodstock.
To their surprise, the allied forces found themselves ill-prepared for the invasion as the U.S. troops stationed in Woodstock outnumbered them. The American forces had anticipated the attack and were ready to repel the invasion. As the allied forces made their attempt to strike, it was the U.S. troops who opened fire first. The ensuing confrontation lasted throughout the day and into the evening, with the allied forces unable to breach the defenses of Woodstock. This battle marked the first victory for the U.S. Army in Vermont since the British liberation, dealing a blow to the progress of the combined British and Yankee forces.
Leviathan Plan
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2023.06.09 00:36 Miraclesempath TEMU NEW USERS ONLY

Hey there! I just discovered an amazing shopping platform where you can get 3 products for free. Join me and check it out: https://app.temu.com/m/usi231oA6MgBaCV
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2023.06.09 00:36 Professional_Main686 Synthetic covered call strategy

Hello, I am trying to build or find a simulation where i can move to different dates and see the value of all of my holdings in different price points.
The formula needs to cover the following:
  1. A synthetic long (bullish) (buying a call selling a put same strike price same date)
  2. Selling a weekly call option to get all the premiums.
  3. A put (bearish) for protection from the downside .
  4. A put (bullish) to not protect all the way down. (And also not to limit too much my income from the premium of the calls sold every week)
Have you guys heard of such a thing?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 00:35 tsdkf BBC Radio 4 - Soul Music, Dancing in the Dark

BBC Radio 4 - Soul Music, Dancing in the Dark
Dancing in the Dark Soul Music
"Dancing in the Dark was written under duress!" Bruce Springsteen tells us. "I had no interest, whatsoever, in writing any more. I had been killing myself for a year and half or two years just to write what we had, much less trying to write another song! All I could do was write another song about not wanting to write another song".
"I get up in the evening / And I ain't got nothing to say" - By 1984, Bruce Springsteen had been recording songs for his album Born in the U.S.A. for two years. He felt the album was finished, but producer Jon Landau told Springsteen that the album still didn't have a lead single. "I've written 70 songs for this album," Bruce responded. "You want another one, you can write it yourself." Two nights later, back in the hotel after a recording session, Bruce sat on the bed with an acoustic guitar and played Jon Dancing in the Dark - he'd written the song in just 40 minutes. They went into the studio the next night with the E Street Band and cut the song in just a few takes: "When you have a great song sometimes they can be the easiest to record," Jon tells us.
"I ain't nothing but tired / Man, I'm just tired and bored with myself" - Kieran Leonard's mum was a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. He remembers her putting his music on loud to clean the house on a Saturday (and to force the kids out of bed to help) but he could never connect to the music himself. Through his twenties Kieran felt stuck and lost and Springsteen's lyrics started taking on new layers of meaning. After he lost his mum to cancer, he paid tribute to her by performing Born in the U.S.A. (dressed as Bruce) in full on stage. Singing Dancing in the Dark live became a celebration of his mum's life and gave Kieran a new sense of drive and focus.
"You can't start a fire / You can't start a fire without a spark" - Ian Gravell was driving to pick up his daughter from nursery on a snowy evening when a lorry appeared out of nowhere. He spent weeks in the hospital recovering from the crash and thought he might never walk again, until hospital staff played his favourite Springsteen album in the physiotherapy room and the lyrics compelled him to his feet.
'Messages keep getting clearer / Radio's on and I'm moving round my place' - Musician Lucy Dacus talks about playing the song on stage with her dad and the genius of Springsteen's lyrics.
"There's something happening somewhere / Baby, I just know that there is" - Artist Holly Casio found huge comfort in Springsteen's music as a young person growing up gay in a small town in West Yorkshire in the era of Section 28. It gave them reassurance that somewhere out there was acceptance, joy and queer community. She talks about getting out, finding her people, and what Bruce Springsteen's music has meant to her then and now.
"This gun's for hire / Even if we're just dancing in the dark"- when Jackie Heintz brought a Springsteen record home as a teenager, she never imagined that her mum Jeannie would become a huge fan – following Bruce on tour through her 70s and 80s, and dancing on stage with him aged 91. After the death of her husband, the lyrics offered Jeannie huge comfort and since Jeannie’s death in 2020 they now do the same for Jackie.
Produced by Mair Bosworth and Caitlin Hobbs
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2023.06.09 00:35 yakinikulove EASIEST GAME TO PLAY NOW

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2023.06.09 00:35 Impressive_Sign_9992 New users?

Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift again? I've got 2 free gifts, valued at $58.38 in total. https://temu.com/s/a8cmbE6bNc1F5
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2023.06.09 00:35 theliberalpedestrian Had a new creep move pulled on me today. What is this called?

I was walking along and saw a guy up a ways sitting against a building smoking a cigarette. He saw me too and stood up and kind of slowly sauntered towards the front of the building and watched me. The other side of the road was just woods, no sidewalk so I kept on and prepared for him to make some comment for me to ignore. Instead, when I’m just about ten paces away he starts slowly sauntering up the sidewalk in the same direction. So now I’m essentially following him. He placed himself in the dead middle of the sidewalk and started going at about half my pace. I stepped out into the empty street to pass him but he glanced back and quickened his pace a bit. I got back on the sidewalk, he slowed again, back trying to pass, quickens his pace again. He then began weaving as to truly take up the whole sidewalk. At one point I made that little scuff noice with my shoe and he looked back and smiled and slowed down more as if waiting for me. It was becoming very clear that he was not going to let me pass. It was like the reverse of being followed. I looked at him, did not smile, and matched his incredibly slow pace from a long ways back until I got to the next cross street. When he got there, he looked back, I think to see which way I might be going. He paused a long time then continued straight. I veered a hard left and power walked home checking my periphery.
What the hell is that? OK I guess it’s a good strategy for creeps. Targeting a woman, and putting yourself in a position where she hast to ask you for something, even if it’s just to get out of her fucking way and act like a normal human.
Typically, I wouldn’t think as much of it, but it was just SO. DAMN. OBVIOUS. Who does that?
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2023.06.09 00:35 yakinikulove UPVOTE AND DROP YOUR LINK, I CLICK BACK ALL LINKS

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2023.06.09 00:35 N1troOfficial Creative Professional Music Discord Server With Benefits

Do You make music or want to start? Our discord server has producers that are signed to Monstercat, LowlyPalace (TrapNation), Ophelia Records, Hexagon, Quantum Records, Illumi Music, and Many More. Our discord includes benefits as well such as monthly discord nitro giveaways, and free monthly royalty free .zip flps to get you a better understanding of mixes! Join now to gain connections and the skills to becoming a professional producer or dj! The Discord ODM
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2023.06.09 00:35 OkButterscotch7679 How should I move forward? Does this count as getting stood up or just bad situation?

How to move forward with this? Don’t know if this counts as getting stood up or just circumstances.
So me and this girl go to same college or did as I am transferring now. We knew of eachother for almost 8 months but never got really close despite hanging within a group of friends. I had not seen her in a few months but happen to run into eachother last day of semester. We talked hanged out that day and continued to text over the next week. I ask her out and she agrees.
First Date goes amazing. One more week of texting and second date happens, goes good again. Both lasted around 5 hours with multiple places included. We plan our third date for Today and continue texting throughout the week. This texting she seems way more into it and enthusiastic than normal which was a good sign to me.
As you know the Canada fire happens, and NYC gets killed with smoke and makes the outside unbearable. While texting I bring up the fact of the weather as our date was for an outdoors event. She says she’s unsure about our date tomorrow because of the weather and we agree to check tomorrow how it is. So tomorrow happens, today(The day of date) and we text in the morning as usual and I ask her what she was thinking of the weather and that I could go today or wait for the weekend if she felt uncomfortable. She doesn’t respond to that for 4 hours and the time of the date is coming up, so I double text to tell her we should go during the weekend as the air quality is still bad unless she’s not free then we’ll go today and to let me know if we’re still going today as the event is an hour away from me so I could start making my way there. Doesn’t respond until she gets off work that she’s so sorry and that she got busy at work and that she’ll let me know for The Weeknd. I haven’t responded yet and basically in my mind this is her trying to let me down. How should I move forward with this? Should I just put the ball in her court. So far I’ve been initiating most of the texting but she’s been responding well and everything been going great up until now. Should I continue texting her in the morning tomorrow like I always do or just stop contact all together and let her make all the plans and initiate contact? I usually text her good morning lol. Should I just continue as everything is normal but not bring up the date at all?
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Please~🥺I am trying to get my favorite item for free. Can you help me? https://temu.com/s/H5Ogwm4iyBGvk
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2023.06.09 00:35 Professional_Main686 Synthetic covered call strategy

Hello, I am trying to build or find a simulation where i can move to different dates and see the value of all of my holdings in different price points.
The formula needs to cover the following:
  1. A synthetic long (bullish) (buying a call selling a put same strike price same date)
  2. Selling a weekly call option to get all the premiums.
  3. A put (bearish) for protection from the downside .
  4. A put (bullish) to not protect all the way down. (And also not to limit too much my income from the premium of the calls sold every week)
Have you guys heard of such a thing?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 00:35 yakinikulove FARMLAND!!!!

Please~🥺I am trying to get my favorite item for free. Can you help me? https://temu.com/s/H5Ogwm4iyBGvk
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