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2023.03.20 22:35 Footsyfairy Worrying realisation about my body count

I am a 21 y/o girl with a pretty high body count (35). I haven’t thought about it in a long time but I was bored and had to kill some time so I started to make a list and I came to a slightly unsettling realisation: I was underage for 31/35 of them. I lost my virginity at 13 and somehow I would always end up in situations where would lead to some 20 something y/o man would have his way (not all, a few kinda my age) I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it. I had some amazing experiences, it’s just bit worrying since some were terrible and pretty sure on two occasion could be considered rape. Im assuming I haven’t been as “busy” the last few years because I eventually gained more maturity and experience to avoid certain situations and be able to reject men that I was not fully invested in. I also was in a relationship that lasted 3 years (stared when I was 17) which ended last year so I wasn’t sleeping around then. I wonder what the psychological consequences of such a highly sexual adolescence could be. I have some self esteem issues and often base my self worth on how I’m perceived by men. This is something my therapist and I have been working on and it’s getting better. I never talked about this hyper sexual adolescence with her simply because I never realised (or ignored) the extent of it till now I’m currently I’m a fresh wonderful relationship with someone who treats me better than anyone has ever before and I don’t think my past is impacting our relationship, so the psychological consequences can’t be tooooo bad.
What are your thoughts on this?
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2023.03.20 22:35 Malkmin Extreme Fatigue After 10 Miles

Hi all, I've been dealing with a training issue that came to a head yesterday when I ran my first marathon. Around ten miles into a run, whether it's a long steady run or a speed workout, I start to see a strongly diminishing pace, to the point that my last few miles, I'm 3 or 4 minutes behind my intended pace. I've been running steadily since 2017 and had done some 5k, 10k, and half marathon races prior to this.
I had trained with the Hanson's First Marathon book and completed the Advanced First Timer program which is 18 weeks, peaking at 61 mpw. I noticed part of the way through the program that I would start hitting these walls at about the ten mile mark of any run, and my pace would slow down significantly, which I chalked up to the cumulative fatigue I was supposed to be seeing throughout the training. Even if I tried to keep the same pace, my heart and lungs would feel fine, but my legs would struggle to keep up. Just to note it, I always have at least a banana and water before a longer run, I always bring a water bottle with me to stay hydrated, and I take a gu halfway through long run. I completed all my runs in the marathon program, so I thought I'd be ready come race day.
Unfortunately, yesterday I ran my first marathon, and despite being well-hydrated and fueled, and seemingly trained for the race, I hit that same wall and slowed to an absolute crawl. The first 10 miles or so, I felt strong. I started with a slower pace to finish with negative splits and my body felt fresh from the taper. But like clockwork, around the 10 mile mark, it felt like all my energy had dried up. I finished the race, but was behind by over an hour of my target time.
So my question to all of you is, what can I do to fix this? Is something wrong with my body? Am I not built for longer distances? Have I inadvertently trained my body into losing gas a certain time through a run? I still want to hit my goal time next year, so how can I overcome this?
I love running and despite the struggle in my first marathon, I loved the experience and want to continue doing this for the rest of my life.
Thanks for all your help!
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2023.03.20 22:35 there-canbe-onlyone Glitch

Reddit app has a glitch? Keeps asking if I want to join subreddits I’m already apart of. How can I fix this issue?
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2023.03.20 22:34 ShorterToSing i wish i had gone to the college i wanted to pursue a major i liked instead of settling for other people's sake

whining ahead. sorry in advance.
my grades were good enough for a scholarship. i let my dad talk me out of it because he kept saying "things don't always work out the way we want them to." he just kept saying things that broke me down. i put a lot of stock into what he says because i don't really have anyone else. my self esteem is nonexistent to begin with, and he beat me down a lot in every sense of the word.
the final straw was when my mom died in my junior year of high school. i didn't want him to be all alone.
now i'm at a school i hate in my hometown filled with horrible memories. i have no friends. every time i have tried, i never click with anyone we talk for a while, and suddenly we stop speaking. even when i reach out nothing comes of it. if it's not that, they end up being a creep.
my campus has no student life to speak of outside of greek life and religious events. i hate my classes. i've changed my major 2 times and i hate each one more than the last.
i know i should be grateful to even be in college but what's the point of it all if i'm miserable the whole time? studying topics i hate, going weeks without saying a word to another human being. as if i can even think of what to say.
yeah, the point is the degree. but is it bad of me to want to have at least one period of my life where i have something to look forward to? all my years of school have been so shitty that i can barely remember it. what comes after this? a job that i hate? still all alone because i still can't socialize? to make matters worse i have bpd as a result of an extremely unstable and traumatic childhood so it's already very difficult for me to enjoy the hobbies i do have.
it's not school that bothers me exactly. i just hate being here, i hate feeling trapped here. i hate being so close to home. i wish i had made decisions for myself. i wish i wasn't always trying to make others happy. i looked forward to turning 18 for so many years so i could get away from what hurt me. and now college is keeping me here. it's too late to drop out and start fresh. i'm too useless and unstable to be on my own anyway. i didn't used to be like this either. i feel defeated. i don't know anymore.
i'm mad at myself for being upset about this anyway. i need to suck it up and get it over with. i guess i just want to feel like my life belongs to me for once.
i know most of life is just grinning and bearing it but i don't exactly have an incentive to bear it anymore. i don't have anything i want to accomplish in particular, nor do i have desires anymore. all i wanted my whole life was to make other people happy, but that got me nowhere.
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2023.03.20 22:34 ThrowRA473738839292 My (25 F) sister (27 F) slept with our step-brother (27 M) and I don’t know what to do.

Throw away and names/small details changed for anonymity.
Okay! So! I (25 F) have an older sister (27 F) and and older step-brother (27 M). Spoiler: If you’re at all familiar with meme culture you’re probably dreading where this is going. Boy do I wish this wasn’t my reality.
Anyways, I have my sister (let’s call her Clara) over at my place the other day, we’re talking over takeout, shooting the shit, and then she just OUT OF NOWHERE drops that she slept with our mutual step-brother (let’s call him Rob). Like, we’re there animatedly talking about my cat being an asshole and then it’s all “Hey, OP, I need to tell you something…” I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t that! Eurgh I’m so grossed out. Rob is our BROTHER. We’ve known him since I was 2 and she was 4! We were raised together. Our parents are married and we have a mutual half-sibling. I call his mom “Mom”!
Okay, so, back to the moment at hand: I physically could feel my stomach roil and my blood drain out of my face. I must have been making some kind of expression but I honestly can’t remember if I said anything. She quickly said something about them not being TECHNICALLY related, and I weakly said “Clara, if your only defence is that it’s TECHNICALLY not wrong, it’s wrong.” I could tell she was upset I wasn’t on board with her (no clue why would she thought I would be??) but she continued and explained (why???) that they always had so much sexual tension around each other growing up and in their teens, and so when they “reunited” it was apparently “just irresistible”. (Info: Rob had moved away when I was 16 (Clara 19, Rob 18) but always came back for most holidays, etc. I will admit he was terrible at keeping in contact otherwise, though. He doesn’t use social media and getting a reply to a text can take weeks, if he replies at all - this is where Rob and I drifted apart from being really close when we were younger)
But THEN Clara elaborated that it was REALLY BAD (why did she keep telling me stuff? Why didn’t I stop her??? I think I was too stunned to say anything) and it ended up just being super awkward and she doesn’t know what to do anymore and Easter is around the corner and the whole family will see each other again. Also SURPRISE! They’re both seeing other people rn so the added cherry on top is that they cheated on their SOs when they did this!
Now I know! Now I’m complicit! I told my sister that she needs to break up with her BF ASAP (I didn’t say confess because he’s a real piece of work and would react Badly, but literally any other situation and I’d be calling him right then and there myself). I have zero contact info on Rob’s gf and have never met her, only heard about her when my parents mentioned something offhand (don’t even know her name). But I do know the plan was that she’s gonna be there for the easter holidays! Hurray! What the fuck. This is so fucked up on so many levels I feel physically unclean by association.
Clara then got a little defensive again saying it was just a mistake and it didn’t need to go that far and no one else needs to know (except me, apparently) and she was just looking for my help and support. I said that I really wish she hadn’t done this, and barring that, really wished she hadn’t told me as now I’m so grossed out and disappointed I can barely look at her, and have no clue how I’ll be able to look at Rob when he visits. I think I said something along the lines of “Seriously, I love you but oh my god this is so gross I honest to god think I’m going to be sick. I think I’m going to need some time to process this. You should probably go.”
She repeated something along the lines of them not being technically related again, and then that she was looking for help, not judgement and then something along the lines of me being her only friend and the only person she could turn to for help and advice.
I’ve been leaving her on read since, and any time I think about it I feel sick with mortification, shame, embarrassment, and who knows what other kinds of emotions. My perception of my sister and brother has been irreparably damaged. Not to mention now I’m looking back to all of Rob’s and my interactions when we were younger and I’m seriously creeped out.
Clara has sent me a couple of texts, largely just little check-ins, or trying to get me to swear to secrecy, that kind of thing. I’ve just been avoiding her completely. One of her texts trying to get me to swear to secrecy mentioned how the family would probably disown them both if the news got out, and it got me thinking: if I did tell, that would most likely happen, I’d break up two relationships, the family would fracture, Easter would be total chaos, and my own siblings would hate me forever.
Morally, I want to tell. Mentally I’m so confused I have no clue what the right thing to do is. Right now I just want to avoid everyone in my family forever.
Please help, I could use some advice.
TLDR: sister cheated & slept with our step-brother who we grew up with most of our lives. Things didn’t go well and then she told me. Morally I want to tell, mentally I’m a mess.
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2023.03.20 22:34 anon072488 why do i feel like my manifestation is coming my way?

i get this sense of happiness and excitement when i think about it. i tried to let go of it and just do my thing because i figured it was going to make it come faster (also that’s what i always do and succeed) but this time it feels like i’m pushing all of their buttons. to clarify, i’m manifesting SP. i’ve been for years. i manifested for this person to talk to me, then it led for us to date. we’re broken up and i’m just manifesting a friendship. i was feeling down couple weeks ago after no contact for so long, i always feel like i don’t care and someone actually mentioned to me that it means that it’s coming my way. i just need to accept it and let it come. i feel like i’m doing that now? just today i feel like this. i watched a tarot video (I DONT believe in tarot readings, i just listen to them because it builds up my confidence) and it had me cheesing. is it just my mind playing tricks or is it really coming? my sp keeps rejecting (i can’t see them irl) and i feel like i’m pushing their buttons again like before, when the no contact. i’m scared it will push him away further more from me, but a huge part of me feels like this is it. i don’t now exactly what i want from him or what i want him to say, how i will react, when it will happen but i feel so excited.
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2023.03.20 22:33 KyleBrochu Be the glue

Full disclaier, Im a new DM. I've played for years, but I literally just did my first session the other night, and it went extremely well. Any advice I have should be taken with a grain of salt because my sample size is still dismal, but I felt like sharing what I learned while it's still fresh:
I was told that I would never feel ready. No matter how much I tried to prepare, it never felt like enough, and eventually you just have to go for it. Preparing is good, but don't be too set on any one plan, as in the end, it will be the DICE and the PLAYERS writing the story for you. I just set up the main plot points and try to nudge the players toward them with a subtle touch. By working with the players and treating it like a collaboritive improv, it seems to be more fun for everyone.
These are probably tips you can find restated anywhere. Don't get me wrong, that's why I included it, as IMHO it still needs to be heard.
But what about the Glue thing? Well, that's the big lesson I learned from the last session. I went into the whole thing with the attitude of "Good artists borrow, Great artists steal". I was shamelessly taking unadulterated bits of my favorite stories and games to populate my world. I wanted to have a time travel mechanic so I started with "Chrono Trigger" as my base template. Since the game started off in a carnival like setting, I decided to start using the Witchlight Carnival module to kick things off.
I could probably go on for hours relating all the things I pulled inspiration from, but I always felt a bit bad, as I was only making the most minimal of changes to my source material to make it all fit into the big picture. When I was done, though, I stepped back to read over what I had put together.
What I had thought was an ode to plagarism looked more and more like an original work... When did that happen? I thought the whole thing would be made out of the bits I had shamelessly stolen, but it was looking like I had thuroughly smashed each of them to tiny peices and glued them all back together. After that, I broke it again and glued those peices together, repeating that process over and over. In the end, I pictured it as a recycled stained glass window that used more "glue" than glass. (Bad metaphor perhaps, as sained glass uses solder not glue, but I stand by it)
That's when it hit me; even though I was only making tiny changes to the material to make it fit, they all added up. Without even realizing it, I was creating something from material that inspired me, and the result was something new and exciting.
From now on, I'm going to steal more and make it my own by giving myself permission to be the glue.
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2023.03.20 22:33 Main-Ad4539 Should I(F31) reply or ignore his(M33) text?

My daughter(6y) is in therapy, her father(M33) wasn't consistent in her life. He had supervised visitations. He forget to pick her up, disappear for months, forget her bdays. This all had an effect on her mental health, and she didn't want any contact anymore, she felt hurt. She doesn't want contact, afraid to be hurt again. The father and I also had conversations for our communication, but he never showed up for this(after 12 times I cancelled it). The judge decided that right now the father isn't allowed to see her, so she can continue her therapy. In the meanwhile I send him an update about my daughter and 1 photo every month.
Today the father of my daughter(6y) texted me: "I'm sad that everything turned out this way. I know it's my fault. I had hoped that I would see [ name child] again soon. I would like to have good communication with you as parents, but I don't know if you are open to it. I miss [name child] very much"
I want to reply, I want to say a lot, but also don't know what to say. I would like him to stop texting these messages. My focus is on my child right now and I don't feel the need to communicate. Any suggestions what I can reply? I also think about ignoring the message. He always promised to do better, but it never happened (false promises). The judge decided he can't see her anymore. And for right now that's the best. If my daughter wants contact in the future, I will help her with that. I don't think he understands how all this effected her mental health and selfesteem.
TL;DR: judge decided that my fathers daughter isn't allowed to visit her. He wasn't consistent in her life, had supervised visitations. He forget to pick her up, disappear for months, forget her bdays. This all had an effect on her mental health, and she didn't want to see him anymore..afraid of getting her feelings hurt again. Now the father keeps texting me. Reply or ignore?
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2023.03.20 22:33 joshxwillx Me and a buddy of mine want to quit drinking and using.

As title says me and my close friend want to help each other get sober. We are brainstorming ideas of how we can keep each other in check. Any recommendations from the sub?
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2023.03.20 22:33 obl1v1on_SHINNN Diablo IV Beta General Feedback - Early Access Weekend

Diablo IV Beta General Feedback - Early Access Weekend
Disclaimer: This is obviously just my opinion. I do not expected everyone to agree or disagree with me, but I am curious as to how many people have similar feelings towards certain aspects.
It is entirely possible that some of the things that I mention are merely bugs in the Beta version of the game and not necessarily in the release.
I've spent the majority of the time that the Early Access Beta has been available, playing it and have an extremely large amount of playtime across multiple ARPGs (Incuding All Diablo games and of course, PoE), so any negative points are with the intention of improving the logevity of the game, not just to trash on the game.
I have a large collection of data from the Beta, some of which will be included in this post, this isn't complete and will be finalised in the next Beta weekend. I simply didn't have the time to play that much and also complete this data set.
My Beta progression

Positive Points

Rather than immediately going into the negative aspects and/or concerns that I have from the Beta, I'll start with the more positive aspects.
In-Game Visuals (Highest settings almost all round)
The game looks visually stunning. It's easily one of, if not the best looking ARPG that I have played to date. The environments in Fractured Peaks are well detailed with a fairly wide colour palette, whilst still maintaining that darker feel without feeling like the colours are washed out.
  • This was further emphasized whilst going through all the side content and entering all the different Aspect Dungeons, where there were clear themes and differences in certain environments.
Overall, skill generally feel nice to use, especially on the Barbarian and Rogue. There are a lot of visually cool skills (Several Rogue skills, a few Sorceress skills and Ultimate Skills) and a lot of skills that feel impactful in play such as Upheaval (Barbarian).
Open World
Considering that we only have access to the Fractured Peaks region, the world already feels quite big. There's a lot of exploration within Fractured Peaks itself that kept me busy for quite a decent amount of time exploring everything (It appears that there are some quests and one dungeon unvailable in the beta? At least there were areas that I know quests exist in but simply couldn't do).
If the remaining Regions match the size and level of exploration as Fractured Peaks, then I'll be extremely happy with the amount of side content available (I don't feel there should be much more than this, as like any ARPG the game should be based around Endgame, not side content and too much side content takes away from other aspects if they continue to be as rewarding as Renown is - Paragon and Skill points).
Overall completion of Fractured Peaks in the Beta
Questing and Event details for the Beta (Incomplete and subject to change)
Enemy Variety
From some of the posts I have seen, I'm not sure that everyone will necessarily agree with this one, however, I felt like for simply being a single Region, there was a very large amount of different enemy types.
  • So far I have 99 enemy types (Of course some models and monster types are repeated and simply given a slight variation). Some are my best guess as to their types, these are not confirmed damage types.
Current Data Set for enemies in the Fractured Peaks (Incomplete and subject to change)
This part is specifically referring to the Act bosses and World boss, not the dungeon bosses that will be covered in a more negative light, unfortunately.
The Act bosses felt great. All the bosses felt like there was a little bit of mechanical thought required, rather than just mindlessly attacking away without any risk associated with them at all. Yes, they are simple mechanics, but still had the need for some thought as to what is happening during a phase. Lilith's Lament feeling the best for me personally from the Act Bosses, followed by Tchorch and X'Fal.
Ashava was a fun world boss, which rewards you for learning the attacks and being able to avoid them. The scaling on the poison damage specifically felt a bit off compared to everything else in the Beta, but that's easily overcome by avoiding the attack.
Class Identity
This is referring to the Combo System, Arsenal System and Enchanting system. Honestly all of these felt quite good in their own way. I think it's too early in the game to be making judgements about how strong they are or how one plays over another in the endgame, but all systems felt enjoyable to engage with in different ways.
I do think that, whilst Barbarian and Rogue's systems were enjoyable, Sorceress feels like it's the best of the three systems, simply because it opens up more build variety that the others somewhat lack. This might make build variation later feel a little bit lacking in other classes, or it might not make any difference, remains to be seen on release.
This is pretty much where I will end the positive notes. There are other smaller things that don't necessarily fit into a category and just take up a lot of space for relatively little impact.

Negative Points

Unfortunately, we reach the point where things weren't so great and simply due to the nature of them being more negative, they will be more detailed in certain areas.
Skills / Skill Usage
On the flip side of the above comments about Skills, the main negative I have is that none of the skills felt particularly impactful. There was no "oomph" or impact behing a large majority of the skills.
  • Barbarian didn't have much weight behind its skills, neither didn't Sorceress.
  • Surprisingly, Rogue felt like it had the most behind its skills as at least the movement that it provided felt like you could make some good combinations with the skills (Dashing into Evading into Caltrops etc).
In regards to Skill Usage itself, it felt a bit clunky with certain attacks and I could really feel the console aspect of the game behind the way that targetting on skill usage and general flow of skill usage feels.
  • This is very much a point that I think PoE does so much better than almost any ARPG in existence and that is having the ability to set individual skills to use without moving.
    • Yes, Diablo IV has Force Stand... yes, this is a very good thing. However, why is there no option to tie this and a skill usage together like PoE?! Surely at this point, this should be almost a standard if anything. It simply makes the flow of skill usage feel better, rather than having to push a Force Stand binding and a skill
  • This is further emphasised when the mob density increases, as the game seems to struggle to determine which target you want to go for with several targets moving in quick succession. This feels like it's going to be an even bigger problem later on.
I honestly expected a bit more from the feel of the combat/skills considering how good the engine feels in general. I'm not sure whether it's trying to feel more/too realistic and deliberate in its movements or not, but it somewhat takes away from my exprience at times.
Tooltips / Calculations
At first, I thought this was a really good addition... however, it appears that the Multiplicative and Addictive indicators on items are not as clear and concise as they may appear.

The Barrier source is supposed to be Additive from the UI display
Before and After activating Barrier
The above example, shows two Sources. The Barrier activation is supposed to be an additive source of Lucky Hit Chance, however, it is Multiplicative.
  • Legendary Power Barrier = 1.26
  • 3.5% Lucky Chance item prefix = 0.315
  • Total Lucky Chance = 1.575 (The game is round this to 2 on the tooltip display for Spark).
I never expected it to be Additive in the first place, otherwise you're going to be allowing for potentially 100% Lucky Hit Chance builds, which I'm sure they want to avoid or limit to some capacity.
To put it simply, if this tooltip display is incorrect though, what else is?
  • I have been listing everything related to Legendary Powers, but at this point, I don't know what's correct or not with the Multipliers.
We're going to have to go through every interaction in order to make sure now... which makes the [+] and [x] additions somewhat irrelevant.
Legendary Powers listings and values
User Interface
Probably the point that is going to have the most contention
In my opinion, the User Interface is FAR too Console influenced...
I understand that consoles are the largest market... and that it's inevitable that Blizzard are going to enter it, given the Activision-Blizzard relationship, but it's honestly too much.
  • Why are all the interfaces such as Map, Collections, Social, Clan etc taking me OUT OF THE GAME?!
    • When I click on my collections, achievements, social and clan... I want them to be a pop-up and still be able to move freely in the background if something happens in the game or I want to continue running as I view a particular menu.
    • Even Diablo 3 did this better in some aspects, it simply feels like a step back, not a step forward.
    • Pushing Tab should display a minimap overlay, like almost every ARPG in existence. I should not be taken out of the game just to view where I am going better whilst I'm moving and/or in combat and the minimap in the top right takes away from your view of the game more often than not, including being too zoomed in anyway.
    • Once again, Diablo 3 did this better, why is it going backwards rather than forwards?
Achievements Page
Achievements Page UI
I like the left hand of this, no issue there. However, the right hand side is not fitting for PC players at all... or even really Console players with a large TV/Screen.
Why exactly are we limited to 3 achievements show before scrolling?
  • I would love the UI to be scaled smaller and display significantly more per achievement page, why can't we view 5, 6 or 7 achievements before scrolling? Or have multiple achievements displayed side by side.
  • If they want to keep the same view as now, then Lost Ark is a great reference for this as the Achievements page is laid out in a similar way, with the tabs on the left and achievements right, except it's scaled so you can view significantly more per achievement page before having to scroll.
It all simply feels too large and in your face for what is a base 100% UI scaling.
The Character Profile
Character Profile
It's simplistic, yes. It's straight to the point in some aspects... however the main things I dislike with this:
  • Why are Gems a part of the Equipment inventory?
    • This is a very outdated concept, imo... and especially with all items taking up the same amount of inventory space, I feel like this should either go in its own tab at this point or be a currency that isn't even displayed as an item (I would prefer just a separate tab though since it would take away the feel of socketing a gem if it were a currency).
  • Why does the "Profile" part exist under my Character and Title... it's pointless.
    • If I want to go to my Profile, I can do this elsewhere. It's something that people are rarely ever going to use in the first place and it's just taking up useful real-estate on the character profile, imo.
  • Why does the "Materials & Stats" default to Materials?
    • I can see the majority of materials at the vendor anyway, but surely this should default to the option that is more useful to players, which I would argue is very obviously the Stats page. I don't click that button to see what materials I have, I primarily click that button to see how certain item affixes will influence my stats.
Storage Space
I can already see storage space being an issue... with only 50 slots at 5x10, it's not going to be long before you run out of space. This was very easy to do just in one Beta weekend by storing Legendary Power Aspects, Gems and some Rare item drops ready to be imprinted on.
Circling back around to bosses, more specifically the Aspect Dungeon bosses. They all just feel... the same. I understand that bosses are going to be repeated often, that's just natural with an ARPG and game like this, but none of them feel particularly unique or feel like you have to think about anything that they do.
  • There are certain bosses in games such as PoE for example, where whilst you enter the boss area and destroy the boss in a matter of seconds, there are certain attacks they can do or mechanics they have that are more dangerous if you don't eliminate it quickly. On top of the fact that the bosses just have more variety to them.
This could very much be just the limitation of Fractured Peaks and therefore significantly improve with all regions and the Nightmare Dungeons / Endgame in general.
A lot of the movement just doesn't feel very natural. After teleporting with the Sorceress, or evading on all characters or dashing on Rogue etc, the recovery animations seem... off. It feels like the recovery to perform actions following a movement skill is slightly too delayed and therefore makes the action feel clunkier rather than a fluid motion into the next skill.
This may just be a Beta issue though and unrelated to the launch version of the game.
I'm not going to go into this into too much detail, this horse has been beaten to death far too many times at this point... instead, what I want to mention here is how none of the items feel unique.
The ONLY item that I can recall and tell you exists is the Dark Sword, because it stands out and has a unique glow. I cannot name a single Legendary item that I had drop, because they don't really mean anything.
  • There's no Stone of Jordan, or Mempo of Twilight, or Echoing Fury... or Tabula Rasa etc so far.
Sure, this may once again be an early game / Beta content issue and not a full release issue, but it's concerning that I don't feel like anything that I dropped really stood out to me, only their powers.
On a slightly separate note, can it be decided what it happening with items on the ground? Either you want them to be unidentified and we go and identify them with scrolls or a tome as usual and then vendor them, or you just let us see the item so we know what to pick up. Right now there's no real distinction between what drops.


Overall, I did enjoy my experience so far with the Beta and I'm sure that Necromancer and Druid will be fun next weekend as well.
Whilst there are a number of positive aspects to the game, there are many factors that are overly concerning to me this close to release and that I feel won't change between now and release if they ever change at all as some of them are clearly design choices.
It very much feels like in a lot of areas, we're taking a step back, not a step forward and considering some of the competition in this space, yes PoE especially (As much as you don't want to compare the two, they are in the same genre and space), is that really the direction that is best?
I'm sure that I'll get a good couple hundred hours total out of the game in its current state and come back and check on things season to season, there's enough to do in each region to occupy a good amount of time... but that's not what's going to keep me playing long term, the endgame, the QoL and the systems in the game are.
I do not think it's fair to make comments on Endgame and comparisons of things like builds at this moment in time, the Beta simply doesn't provide enough for us to make appropriate judgements.
I don't know how much longevity it's going to hold based on some of the things available to view in the Beta that we can compare now.
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2023.03.20 22:32 writingmyself 26m - Let’s create our own utopia

As we climb mountains the stones ahead keep falling - and they fall on us. We see them coming but we don't move. We thought we’d be able to catch them.
You reach for my hand as we slip apart. I'll hold you as tight as I can but eventually, the ground will break away.
I can't be with you. Not without you. Whenever I look into your face I see everything; except you.
High in our utopia I look at you as I approach. See how you are. See how we are. And were.
Not wanting to admit we realize that perfect happiness was, is and always will be bliss. Barely more than a fever dream.
But we are real
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2023.03.20 22:32 Whatsabove Seeking advice for buying a couple of decks to play with my wife

I've been aware of magic since I was a kid and have played super, super casually on and off over the years.
I'd like to play 1v1 with my wife and preferably want to purchase a few precon decks or decks that someone else put together, but I may need to individually purchase the cards. I've looked at magic products, sets, and decks, but it's honestly quite confusing and hard to keep up with as a casual. It doesn't appear to be as simple as going to target and buying the first two decks that I see.
I've never played commander before, but have read about it and it sounds very fun and interesting but from the sounds of it, isn't meant for 1v1?
I'm ultimately seeking well balanced and budget friendly decks that can be played against each other many times with approximate equal powewin rates. I've heard of the starter decks, but those sound like they'd get boring/stale quickly. I'm looking for something that isn't extremely advanced in terms of game strategy, but also isn't just play land, play creature, attack with creature. Essentially, I'm seeking decks that have a cohesive strategy with some thought required on how to optimize gameplay.
I'd greatly appreciate any advice on how to go about determining which cards/decks to buy for casual 1v1 to be played against each other many times without getting boring. I really don't care if the cards are legal in standard or anything like that. Just looking to have fun!
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2023.03.20 22:32 AlternateWitness Is it better to encode in AAC or AC3?

I’m backing up my Blu-rag library to a media server, and I’m trying to find the most compatible format to use across a majority of devices. I know AAC is much higher quality, and I want to keep the quality, but I don’t know how wildly it’s supported, as I can’t find any information on that online.
If I’m reading this right, LG TV’s don’t support AAC, and I have an LG TV, but I can’t find anywhere else that supports it. Since it’s higher quality, I want to use AAC if possible, but I don’t know how supported it is, so what should I do?
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2023.03.20 22:31 bollwerk Looking for a way to export/filter some data from MAME into a spreadsheet

I've spent a few hours trying to figure out how to do this and I've gotten nowhere.
Goal - Export a list of all Driving/Racing games into a spreadsheet, with info about controls used.
For example, from "mame -listxml ridgerac", here is the data I want to move into a spreadsheet:
Ridge Racer (Rev. RR3, World)    
The idea here is that I want to have 2 categories in my front end - one for "270" wheel games and another for "360" wheel games.
The spreadsheet may also contain additional info for me to keep track of manual changes I make on each game for sensitivity, etc...
I have tried just exporting ALL of the mame XML info and importing into Excel to manually modify, but Excel doesn't like the schema for some reason. And even if it did work, it would take me a LONG time to manually edit. I'd rather start with an XML that contains only "driving" games, if possible.
Is there any way to generate an XML file with only "driving" type games? Is that type of category info stored anywhere?
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2023.03.20 22:31 FoxofArcticLola Do I or no?

I need some advice;
I know this will sound really cringy/ cliché, but I like a guy of my friends' friend group. This person doesnt really know me (and probably doesn't like me as far as I know) as they only hear about me through these friends. "Friends" (more so acquaintances)
So my question is, do I shoot my shot and embarrass myself by asking my friend about them? I guess I should also note that I found out we work at the same company (I just found this out) so that could go either left or right in this too.
Part of me wants to not embarrass myself while the other part of me says "yolo" and the worst they can say is no. Right? Never know unlesd you try?
Or I could be the biggest joke ever. I'm just confused where to go about this. (Also half of the friends' friends don't like me..)
Im not even sure how I would go about asking the friend on how to go about this; like... "hey, your friend, him and I never actually met and I know nothing about him besides his name and that we work at the same company and he probably hates me, but would he be up to being friends too?"
I honestly have no idea how to go about this. At 28 I thought be smoother at this.
Any tips would be appreciated and will keep update on this play out
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2023.03.20 22:30 curiouspeach26 Tips for headbanging in tall shoes

Headed to Beyond this weekend! I acquired my first pair of Demonias and they lift me off the ground quite a bit, with a platform of about 6 inches. I tried them on and did a little demo and I’m afraid I won’t be able to fully headbang without losing my balance and falling over people. Do you all have any tips for how I should stand or practice keeping my balance? Thanks 🙏
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2023.03.20 22:30 ImADudeDuh Popheads Chart, March 20, 2023: the top 10 washed away by a River

Hot 50 Spotify Playlist // #1s Spotify Playlist // Every Song to Ever Chart (Credit to FLLH for this amazing playlist!)

Popheads Weekly Hot 50: Week of March 20, 2023

For this chart issue, we tracked everyone's top 10s from Thursday March 9, 12:00 PM GMT to the next Thursday March 16, 11:59 AM GMT.
# Artist - Song Prev. Position Peak Weeks Points # of Listeners and #1
1 Miley Cyrus - River NEW #1 1 wk 4225.5 85 of 412 listeners had the song as their #1.
2 Miley Cyrus - Jaded NEW #2 1 wk 2483.0 27 of 297 listeners had the song as their #1.
3 Miley Cyrus - Handstand NEW #3 1 wk 2470.0 19 of 290 listeners had the song as their #1.
4 Miley Cyrus - Violet Chemistry NEW #4 1 wk 2453.0 13 of 287 listeners had the song as their #1.
5 Miley Cyrus - Rose Colored Lenses NEW #5 1 wk 1847.5 5 of 250 listeners had the song as their #1.
6 Miley Cyrus - Flowers #34 (+28) #1 9 wks 1403.5 9 of 206 listeners had the song as their #1.
7 Miley Cyrus - Muddy Feet (feat. Sia) NEW #7 1 wk 1369.0 2 of 203 listeners had the song as their #1.
8 Miley Cyrus - Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile) NEW #8 1 wk 1337.0 5 of 195 listeners had the song as their #1.
9 TWICE - SET ME FREE NEW #9 1 wk 1334.0 26 of 133 listeners had the song as their #1.
10 Calvin Harris - Miracle (with Ellie Goulding) NEW #10 1 wk 1285.5 28 of 138 listeners had the song as their #1.

This week’s Popheads Chart Video:

If you want to see the points and number of listeners for each song in the top 50 chart, click here
  • Highest Debut: #1. Miley Cyrus - River
  • Highest Re-Entry: #18. TWICE - MOONLIGHT SUNRISE
  • Biggest Gain: #6. Miley Cyrus - Flowers (+28)
  • Biggest Decrease: #49. Nicki Minaj - Red Ruby Da Sleeze / #50. Kali Uchis - Endlessly (-42)

Popheads Top 5 Bubbling Under Chart March 20, 2023

Artist Song Genre
Florence + The Machine Just A Girl (From The Original Series “Yellowjackets”) Ska but make it medieval times
KAI Rover one letter off being #1 this week
JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown Lean Beef Patty Glitch Hop
PNAU & Khalid The Hard Way Nu-Disco
Noa Kirel Unicorn Eurovision

Personal Chart of the Week

One of the joys some people have on the chart is seeing their own impact on the chart. Whether its seeing your #1 song at #1, or seeing it bubbling under, people like seeing songs they like being adored by other users. In this section, one lucky chart participant will see their own chart and the impact it had on the full chart this week. NOTE: In the case of charts exceeding 15 songs, I will trim down the lowest tie to fit the chart by using the songs that charted the highest (or are funniest). This week, we have the chart of NapsAndNetflix!
Rank Song Their Points Actual Rank Total Points
1 Miley Cyrus - You 15.0 #12 1194.0
2 Miley Cyrus - Jaded 13.5 #2 2483.0
2 Miley Cyrus - Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile) 13.5 #8 1337.0
4 Miley Cyrus - Handstand 11.0 #3 2470.0
4 Miley Cyrus - Muddy Feet (feat. Sia) 11.0 #7 1369.0
4 Miley Cyrus - River 11.0 #1 4225.5
7 Miley Cyrus - Rose Colored Lenses 8.5 #5 1847.5
7 Miley Cyrus - Violet Chemistry 8.5 #4 2453.0
9 Miley Cyrus - Island 5.5 #14 960.5
9 Miley Cyrus - Wildcard 5.5 #13 1110.5
9 Miley Cyrus - Wonder Woman 5.5 #39 415.0
9 Old Dominion - Written in The Sand 5.5 #8984 5.5
If you’d like to have your top 10 shown in a future installment, PLEASE USE THIS GOOGLE FORM! Also, if you sign up for this PLEASE also sign up for the actual charts, with the form found below.
Here's the current list of people signed up for the charts!

If you'd like to sign up, you can sign up here!

The tracking dates for the next weekly chart is March 16, 11:00 PM GMT - March 23, 10:59 AM GMT and results come out the next Monday, March 27.

How The Chart Works:

These charts are created based on how frequently each song appears in the top 10 songs/albums for all of the users signed up for the chart. If the song or album occupies that user's #1 spot in their individual chart, it receives 15 points, then 14 points for #2, so on and so forth until 6 points for #10. If there is a tie, which is a common occurrence, then the number of points is averaged across those positions, e.g. if two songs are tied for #1, both will receive 14.5 points. Oftentimes there will be multiple songs tied for the last place, in which case the number of points each song receives decreases until it bottoms out at 1 point each.


  • Reddit Post Author / Chart Runner: ImADudeDuh
  • Spotify Playlist Cover Art Designer / Video Editor / Wiki Editor: kyrgyzzephyr
  • Crownnote Author : Tedyonce
Chart Wiki
Last Week’s Chart
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2023.03.20 22:30 Express_Amphibian_16 “That Guy” Derails Campaign To Seduce His IRL Sister

So I play with a group of people that I more or less have known since high school and college. The DM was one of my best friends since we were 14. Most of us are guys but there are two girls-“That Guy”s sister (Paladin) and my high school friend (Ranger). There were three other guys at the table. That Guy, Fighter, and Barbarian. (I’m just going to refer to most of these people by their class since there’s no way in hell I’m using real names).
Anyway, we hadn’t played D&D in a while because of the pandemic and even afterwards we all kind of had hectic schedules because of school and work (That Guy’s sister and Barbarian were still in college). But a couple of months ago we decided to run a home brewed campaign that was supposed to be like a mix between Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. The campaign was supposed to be very dark and I was excited. Well we get to session 0/1 and That Guy’s sister introduces us to him. He was her older brother and clearly socially awkward-he always seemed like the younger brother despite being 7 years older but he seemed like a good guy at first.
So we get into the game and we start to see red flags with this guy almost immediately. He was constantly threatening NPCs-even going as far as to murder a random Drow. He is supposedly a Lawful Good Wizard but he claims that murdering this Drow is a lawful good act because “Drow are an evil race by definition”. This was blatantly untrue in our campaign but he went all “rules lawyer” on us when we tried to tell him this wasn’t the case. He also saves the body parts of the NPCs and creatures he or the party kills-including the testicles. He also would CONSTANTLY flirts the Paladin-his sister’s character. We just kind of assumed it was his character decision and she would pretty much just go along with it and we didn’t question it too much until the dumbass LEVEL ONE WIZARD with no armor attempts to block a fucking firebolt to “defend” his full HP Paladin sister who is a whole ass level above him.
So obviously he fucking dies. We almost got TPK’d because of this. We ended up having to BARELY flee the encounter and leave him to the Ogre Thinker to kill him. He then rolls an Artificer. And surprise surprise-he is basically the exact same character except he dropped the pretense of being “Lawful Good” and just went full murderhobo. His flirtation with the Paladin intensified-until he died again-and again. Playing the same Paladin loving murderhobo over and over. He even got to the point where he would basically murder ANYONE who even spoke to her.
At this point we start thinking this is just getting weird. How many characters can you go through before the whole “Its what my character would do” excuse works for hitting on your sister. We end up having a little talk with him about his characters and try to gently steer him into playing something different or flirting with another character. He got really defensive and pissy and basically gave us the whole “iTs wHaT mY cHarAcTer wOuLd dO” excuse. We didn’t want to push this or cause more problems. So we let it go.
Well he kept on escalating until he was making sexual comments about her character. Sexual content is fine in our game but the context was making this increasingly weird. Eventually he made a comment that was clearly related to her irl appearance and not the character so we ended up messaging her to ask her if she wants us to kick him but she said no. Her response was just that he is just “Really in to the roleplay. He really likes you guys too”. Yeah because mindlessly murdering every NPC that mildly annoys him is totally quality RP.
This story doesn’t have a dramatic ending with the problem player going full incel and getting kicked or anything. We are pretty much just playing with a “that guy” and TRYING to keep him from murdering too many important NPCs and ignoring him when he occasionally tries to (badly) be an obnoxious rules lawyer or hit on his sister’s “character”. Thankfully-the DM has basically caught on and most of his shenanigans just lead to him dying. He is now a full 3 levels behind the rest of the party and we pretty much go into combat as if he is not even there.
tldr Socially awkward “that guy” plays a murderhobo that dies constantly due to his own dumbass decisions and won’t stop hitting on his sister’s character. He also is a really bad rules lawyer when he thinks the rules suit him. He is now 3 levels behind the rest of the party due to constantly dying and is pretty much useless in combat.
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2023.03.20 22:30 globetrotter1498 Saw Aadar's live show this Saturday 🥰

AADAR did a show at title waves bandra, Mumbai. Obviously he's epic. The delivery, the eye contact, crowd work and keeping us all engaged was just chefs kiss also what energy guys!! Obsessed. It's 2 days later and my cheeks still hurt from the laughter.
My favourite bit from the show was when Aadar said he goes to the gym so he could have only fans one day.... and honestly I get it I would subscribe. 😆🤣
And this other bit was there was a budding psychologist who just wouldn't engage with him the entire show he made a joke on people being pregnant 😆 and asked her how are you sure you're not. She goes like I'm on my period he literally went like whole show you wouldn't talk to me but now you wanna share the most intimate details 😂😂😂😂
What a wow! It should be on your to dos watching him live. 🤯🤩
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2023.03.20 22:29 Odd_Break_2713 Beginner build help?

Hello, I've tried to play DS3 a few times in the past but stopped after the tutorial boss. I've recently played through Bloodborne, Elden Ring, DS1 and have just beaten DS2 so I'm looking to move onto DS3. Whilst I can get by with my subpar gaming skills when it comes to fighting, I have a hard time thinking up builds and choosing which stats to put souls into. I try to use a different build/weapon type each game to keep it fresh and for DS3 I'm hoping to do a sword build. I've done some research and supposedly the Lothric Knight Sword is the best in that category. I'm wondering if anybody would be able to direct me as to the best starting class to pick and what stats to prioritize leveling up to wield the sword most effectively. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. :)
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2023.03.20 22:29 deweythesquire So her friend posted this meme but SHE screenshotted it to imply it’s about boots…dunno if it’s just me but if I were her bf I’d be so done in seeing that. Maybe it’s just their sense of humour but did she really have to repost that just to point out it applies to her having an ugly man

So her friend posted this meme but SHE screenshotted it to imply it’s about boots…dunno if it’s just me but if I were her bf I’d be so done in seeing that. Maybe it’s just their sense of humour but did she really have to repost that just to point out it applies to her having an ugly man submitted by deweythesquire to ebcjpgtiktok [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:29 anthonyjr2 Removing CrowdStrike

I am not sure where to turn for this because Google is not being helpful at all.
2 of my users have had CrowdStrike show up on their PC out of nowhere, along with other remote monitoring programs. I have absolutely no idea how they got on there but it seems to have been installed a month ago. I’d like to get CrowdStrike removed off the PC so I can dig and see what caused the issue. It keeps blocking tools I want to use to diagnose where the heck this came from.
In the end I am going to backup as many files as I can and wipe the PC but in the meantime is there any way to get this thing off? I of course don’t have the “maintenance token” they set up on my device.
Trying to force uninstall just threw the other machine into an INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE BSOD so that doesn’t seem to work.
Any advice on what I can do?
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