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2023.06.08 23:48 hasan1802 Security breach theory

"Security breach" is the name of the most expensive escape room-esque birthday package you can get at the pizzaplex. Each of the endings with a comic book is just that, a comic book you get as a prize for finding that solution/escape. What's not supposed to happen is the corruption of the animatronics from afton in the basement which causes chica to fight back from going into the trash compactor and drag Gregory into the puppet bot graveyard. You're also not supposed to find the FNAF 6 in the basement which is why we see that ending actually play out instead just getting a comic.
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2023.06.08 23:40 Fluffydoggos69 Why do people think Charlie was murdered outside of Fredbear's?

In give cake we see Freddy, not fredbear, giving cake while Charlie is murdered outside, (if Scott wanted Fredbear to be brown he would've just made him brown in FNAF 3 and 4), we know this is Freddy as his colors match the later seen Freddy head put on a dead child, along with the McFarlane building toys confirming this sprite as Freddy. Also in security puppet the other kids wear bracelets that match the withered animatronics eye colors. Also the FNAF SL breaker room map only lists 2 animatronics in Fredbear's. Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, no puppet at all.
So, with all of this pointing towards Charlie being murdered at the first Freddy's, why is the idea of Fredbear's more appealing?
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2023.06.08 23:36 CrowsofFear Catalogue of you tube vids I am currently looking for

Miscellaneous Videos
Death At Chuck E Cheese 70's Murder Files +18 Fsp19ut76yI
Five nights at freddys Are REAL! (it is real and true...) dZLuPFt7Egk
Does chuck e cheese know five nights at Freddy's z4Oe8oahJAs
THE TRUTH BEHIND Chuck E Cheese's and 5 Nights at Freddy's YLDwLWfzOUM
Spongebob The Purge v3949UehZBM
David Near
Shadow Freddy Voice (Five Nights At Freddy's 2) I7mYQEMh3PY Partially Found
Phantom Balloon Boy Voice FNAF 3 kK1sHrvFkhM
FNAF 2 "Withered" Foxy Voice jFI16pEGqcw
Nightmare FredbeaShadow Freddy Original Voice WtVyammM9Ow
FNAF "Drawkill Bonnie" Original Voice 5QT-jOFmmLE
"Smile :)"- NoctisNeverSleeps
"1999: [Update] - 06/21/15" Creepypasta
"I know her so well..." Feelspasta
- 1999 (part 1)
-"1999" (part 4) MrCreepyPasta's Storytime
- 1999 (Part 5)
- 1999 (Part 6) (END)
Mr. Nightmare
-"Home Alone" [CreepyPasta] - nklZy3IwmhU
-"The Shadows Between Houses" By StupidDialUp - g2Az5BGGobY
- The Portraits - Creepypasta - KtsIB3dvfdc
- Last Friday - Creepypasta - qjEOQ8bWAc4
- “Chicken Bones” - by Steven Shorter - 5jwbaqI2Xqw
- Nuclear Meltdown - ocjHdXjlzss
-A Grain of Sand - fUtjSW65AFM
-"Christmas Tree Decorations" - Unknown Author - 9V0eVqXZcY8
-What happened to "Mr. Nightmare"? FOUND
-100,000 Subscribers - Thank You! - FbYIjdFFgOA
-Little Pink Backpack - Creepypasta - 1AgXuziegHs
-24 Creepy Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into
- 10 Most Disturbing TV Commercials - _Ap6N94LT98
Jessica Meszaros/SpectrumDiamond
-Creepypasta - Ed, Edd n Eddy (Lost Episode) okZRbCKJJwk
-Creepypasta - Bully: Scholarship Edition (Removed Mission) Fw9dpxgEogo
Creepypasta - The Golden Girls (Lost Episode) Z8vLHhOXwrQ
Creepypasta - Scooby Doo (Lost Episode) JexJSqVVoew
Children's Song - Kagome, Kagome _33Lsbn-9G4
Dilantra Peebles/Wolf Killer
Five nights at freddys Are REAL! (it is real and true...)
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 song backup part 3 and 4 (for TJ animations)
If they knew.... your pain.... (Bullies)
"If they knew" The grey cat's pain (request)
Happy birth Day Zack (Present)
Gambling man (Thank you for 19,000+ SUUUBS)
Open Up animation *Really sad* FNAFS (THANK YOU FOR 20,000+ SUBS)
questions and answers (part 3) *best ending lol*
Awoken oc Map Part 34 and 35 (MoonrisePaintpawz)
Awoken OC Map Part 25 (Ren jirra)
Welcome To Freddy's Map Part 7 (TJ Animations)
Welcome To Freddy's Map Part 22 (TJ Animations)
Mangle The Stalker *she knows all, foxy* (THANK YOU FOR 21,000+ SUBS)
How foxy likes to run to the office (funny vine)
Jar of Hearts Warriors Map Part 5 and 6 (LilypadLils)
We Are Family Fnafs 1 and 2 (speedpaint)
F-freddy.... fazbear? (Five nights at freddys!!!)
Update (read the description)
Just Gold Animation The madness (THANK YOU FOR 23,000+ SUBS)
HAPPY BIRTH DAY RENEE : D (best friend. Video, Monster)
Youth Oc Map Part 9 (kaybzjess)
This Is For My People Who Lost Somebody (Your not alone)
*Collabs* Five nights at freddys 3 (THANK YOU FOR 24,000+ SUBS)
All Men Are Pigs OC Map Part 2 (Makbrok mtizzle)
Contest OPEN (my Contest)
Have a Snicker Foxy, your never yourself when your hungry (FNAFS 1)
How Toy Chica Changes Her Mood At Certain Times (FNAFS)
livesteaming (Thank you for 25,000+ subs)
Reading Mean Comments (only 2, random video)
Contest Winners (Top 10)
Secrets *Animation* (THANK YOU FOR 26,000+ SUBS!)
The Show Must Go On (Map part 6, HTF OC AMBER)
Five Nights At Freddy's Song Map Part 3 (Pastel Cat)
ooh whats this? (My Birth Day is Coming up)
Lullabye-bye *collabs* (HTF OC AMBER, So he sang)
Lullaby-bye Collab *Complete* (So he sang)
Thank you for 27000 subs!! (Purple guy is a murder)
i Am The Purple guy! Map Part 9 (Ring Ring)
i Am The Purple Guy! Map Part 22 and 23 (Ring ring)
Do you care About me? (Depression)
i Am The Purple Guy! Map part 25 (Ring ring)
I Am Purple Guy Map Part 27 (Ring Ring)
PLEASE GO SUPPORT HER!! (my best friend)
How Do You Feel About That Cone On Your Head, Foxy? (THANK U FOR 28,000+ SUBS)
The request of Finding Jeff the killer (ThumbNail)
Its Time To Die Map Part 25 (insanedvo)
Happy Birth Day To Meee (yay)
Balloons Sad Animation *The good ending* FNAFS (THANK YOU FOR 29.000+ SUBS)
Toy bonnie (Random, creepy)
Security guard comics (My comics) *FNAFS Security guards*
Horn battle *Foxy VS Purple guy* (Funny vine, HAPPY EASTER)
The Bite of 87 *A sad tale* (THANK YOU FOR 30.000+ SUBS!!!!)
Animation thief(s) (Please Read description)
Look At Me Now
Am I The Only One Who Does This.... (THANK YOU FOR 31,000+ SUBS)
Mangles Radio static (Happy birthday Mangle brinton)
Purple guy's Death (Animated *Realistic sound*)
eeeeeeey mario :D *SpringTrap and Marionette* (Thank you for 32,000+ SUBS)
Best Hater Ever.... (Really bad hater *Warning, mad wolf* )
More Hate (Responded badly XD)
Talk Foxy To Me (Five nights at freddys)
i'm leaving (haters)
Guess Who's Back?
Five Nights At Freddys Harlem Shake (33,000+ specials)
Wolf's Intro (34,000+ specials)
Go Save Smilk *Need your support* (35,000 specials/ Update)
Little Things About you (36,000+ Specials)
Look How Wolf Died XD (Funny vine)
Eeey Look how Chica Died XXD (Funny vine)
Flesh Five nights at freddys *Map Part 8 and 9* (makbrok mtizzle)
When your home all alone and someone knocks at your door (38,000 specials)
My Reaction To Roaches (Funny)
Sausage *Map Part 10 and 11* (JordanTheBlueAnimatr­onicDevil)
Sausage! OC Map *OPEN*
i Have A Deviant Art ya know? (Random)
Daddy Whats A Twerk? (39,000 Specials)
If You Want A Burger.... (40,000 Specials!)
Omega Always Loves Arrow (Funny video)
Orphan Tears *Short* Cray AVM~ (41,000 Specials)
I Can Animate~ (Review)
Throw Tha CHEESE (42,000 Specials)
Sad Suicide Song *animated* (Depression)
1... 2. Crays is Coming For You (43,000 specials)
Renees got a sick obsession (MEME)
Die In A Fire *Animation* (48,000 specials)
*"The Sandman" (Creepypasta)
*"Be Careful Whose Messes You Clean Up" (Creepypasta)
*"Mrs. Willison's Homemade Jam" (Creepypasta)
*Corey's Wish
*The New Fish
*Why i was Released from Prison
*Mickey's House of Pain
*I Was a Freelance Exorcist
*The Contract
*Starving Dogs
*Living in Hell
*The Girl in the Crowd
*The Shredder Monkey
*"Broodmother" (Creepypasta) Ft. EerieCheshir
*The Other Internet
*"Black Number One" (Creepypasta)
*The Pit
*Slaying the Beast (something like that, about someone killing their dad)
*At Least You Tried
*Some story about a guy named Greg who's wife hired a psycho to kill him for cheating on him (don't remember the name)
*One More For the Orphan
*Some story about a haunted TV broadcast (don't recall the name, "The Ozark Cable Incident" it may have been)
*The Pleasure House
*The Quiet Room
*Pain Study (something like that)
*My Parents were Satanists (something like that)
*Mr. Banana
*The Dog Man
*Mayhem Mountain
*The Pancake Family
"The Yellow Wallpaper" (Creepypasta) M3vEPbJ9V2Q
"The Ozark Cable Incident" (Creepypasta) pclUTiUDVLc


LOST EPISODES - "Plankton Got Served" zBhEQ9uU59s
"'Arther: Lost Episode' (SH*TPASTAS)"
"Red Moon"
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2023.06.08 23:13 Hungry-Teacher-4181 tips for robbing port?

i’ve read the tutorial on the wiki and still can’t seem to succeed. on my last attempt i got out of the port and into the town but fell asleep before i could get to the diner to drink another energy drink. even on other attempts my main issue is falling asleep. i have to wait so long to sneak past guards and security trucks that the energy effect wears off. maybe i’m just not fast enough but i was wondering if anyone has any other tips.
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2023.06.08 22:56 Sea-Ad9130 CV Software/Tech Internship Application Summer 2024

Hello resumes!
I'm currently in my second year (sophomore) of my Bachelor studies and I'll be applying for 2024 summer internships.
I would love to have some feedback on my resume from you!
Some small points to note:
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2023.06.08 22:55 Bones-Johnson [ONLINE] [OTHER] [GMT+1] [LGBTQA+ Friendly] [18+] Protecting a City Stranded in Another Dimension From Reality Bending Entities With Reality Bending Mecha

Year 236, day 53, same hour as all the rest of these damn messages, or not, I don't care, post disconection from origin dimension. Year 197 of the disposal of the Aristocracy and takeover by the military. Year 185 of martial law being overthrown, the military being abolished and Council meetings and rulings established. Here's the copy-paste once again, void.
We are the people of a ship-city that have been stranded in a foreign dimension, and we are broadcasting this message in hopes that someone will hear to aid us in our return to our home dimension.
We are currently stranded in a dimension whose physics and other universal laws greatly differ from our own, and we are only capable of surviving due to the Reality-Anchors invented before our stranding here. These Reality-Anchors impose our home dimensions rules upon a section of this other dimensions, allowing us to exist within it; anyone and anything that has had direct unshielded contact with the raw other universe has either never come back or has all evidence point towards destruction.
We are currently fairly well established in this other dimension. Around the colony ship has formed First World, a megastructure composed from raw and processed matter that seeps in from the edges of the Reality-Anchors field of effect. We have expanded from here into the surrounding space through Reality-Anchors built and mounted on planetoids, which themselves have become areas of habitation and/or industry. Currently, the area under the effect of the Reality-Anchors has been termed the Reality Sphere.
Hydroponics and terraforming have allowed for a steady production of food. Industry is supplied by unions of trawler ships that patrol the borders; they harvest and collect useful detritus and push out anything dangerous or harmful. Power is supplied by numerous means, most being fuel based as solar radiation based harvesting systems are highly unreliable due to the mixed out-put of the borders. Two dyson spheres, one in the inner and the other on the outer sections of the current borders of the Reality Sphere, supplement the power supply, though the inner sphere has been destroyed.
Industry, food and the various groups, organisations, governments and states are all operating at stable capacity. Without outside interference or unexpected occurences, the Reality Sphere is expected continue to survive and expand. Unfortunately, there are outside influences at play, and this message is not just an informational greeting and attempt to reconnect with a lost origin.
The Reality Sphere is under threat from massive beings believed to be native to this dimension and have been taking escalating hostile actions. At first, the things that breached the borders simply crumpled, exploded, imploded or otherwise ceased to be nothing more than a mess of in-animate particles. But the things that come through have been getting steadily more stable, and their only discernable intention so far has been the destruction of the Reality-Anchors, and thus us.
So far the milita's and security forces have been able to fend off the attacks. But as time goes on, our conventional weaponry has began to wane in effectiveness. The attacks upon us are increasing in intensity; our attacker is learning to adapt to our combat methods, our rules of reality or a combination of the two. Communications have thus far proven unsuccessful.
We have begun research and production of a new form of weapon, massive war-machines each using an experimental Dimensional-Bending Engine. Tests and theories indicate that these Engines will be able to force our foe to either fight by our rules or allow the combat machine built around it to fight our enemies with the same disregard for physics as they do. We stress that these new weapons are an experiment, and in no way a certain solution to the threat, and we are still in increasing danger.
We implore anyone who hears this to make contact. We our at threat, and we direly wish to return to a dimension that does not rely on the persistence of precarious machinery under constant threat by beings who follow rules and reasons we are thus far incapable of understanding.
18+ for applicants please. Heavy topics are not a certainty, but I would rather not risk having any young 'uns around so I don't have to be concerned about that along with the regular concerns about trigger and censor warnings.
Currently the game is to be ran on a friday at 10pm GMT+0, though the time is negotiable.
System is Battle Century G Remastered, and the rulebook can be provided to you if you don't have it.
Thanks if you've read this far. So I've been struck by the desire to run an Evangelion sorta game, where players pilot big mecha (though it can also be tank fortresses, hover ships, floating masses that are little more than clay to be manipulated by the Engine nestled inside), but set in world like that of the Perimetre video game.
I plan for the game to have two general sides to it. Fighting the entities will be a matter of trying to take them out before they reach their target, the consequences for failure being the destruction of Reality Anchors and all that they sustain. I also intend for the entity fights to have a bit of a puzzle aspect to them; think of Eva where some kind of weakness or flaw has to be figured out to harm the highly dangerous monster.
The other side, when not fighting the entities, will be about garnering resources and support for an untested and experimental program that few trust. The organisation starts with no allies except for the various groups that have become directly involved in the project, and even they might only be putting a small part of their resources into it. The government has agreed to give the project a hanger bay and a control centre on the colony ship and officially approved of the project, but thats about it.
The game has been running for sometime now, but I'm having to get some more players due to recent player dropouts. Three entities have been taken on, and the pilots are starting to earn a good name for themselves. Currently, the pilots need to investigate a section of border territory for entity activity that has, due to recent mess ups by governments in the area, de-stabilised and descended into war. The pilots are to act as a political neutral body and not get involved in the war, in theory.
So if you're interested, send me a DM through reddit telling me a bit about yourself, experience with trpg's, any character concepts, that sorta thing, and we can continue talks from there.
LGBTQA+ friendly, so bigots are barred from my kingdom and shall be cast out.
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2023.06.08 22:43 WEIRD-bear1048 😱😱😱

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2023.06.08 22:32 cglogistic How technology is transforming the logistics industry

In recent years, the logistics sector has been rapidly transforming because of the advent of new technologies. The use of technology plays a significant role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics operations. CG Logistics, the best logistics company in India, has been leveraging the strength of technology to transform the logistics industry. This article contains discussion regarding how technology is transforming the logistics industry in connection to CGL.

Automated warehousing

Automated warehousing is considered a significant area in which technology is transforming the logistics sector. CGL, a leading logistics company in India, has made investments in automation technologies a the efficiency and accuracy of their warehousing activities. Automated warehousing systems can support a reduction in labor expenses, the minimization of errors, and an increase in the speed of order fulfillment.
CGL India, an aircraft charter company, has implemented numerous automated warehousing solutions that have helped them improve their operations. In this aspect, one such solution is the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). This system supports automated storage and retrieval machines to move pallets and other large items in and out of storage places. Further, the ASRS system is also equipped with sensors that can identify the exact location of every pallet, ensuring that they are stored in the correct location and can be retrieved easily when required.
CGL has also implemented automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in their warehouses. AGVs use sensors and GPS techniques to navigate through the warehouse and avoid problems in international warehousing services. They can support the transportation of pallets, boxes, and other items to and from the storage locations, decreasing the requirement for human labor. Additionally, the warehousing system at CGL is also equipped with advanced inventory management capabilities. These systems use sensors and RFID technology to identify the location and status of every item in real-time. This offers CGL greater visibility into their inventory levels, enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding inventory management and order fulfillment.
Ultimately, automated warehousing is one of the critical areas in which technology is transforming the logistics sector. CGL has made significant investments in automation technologies like ASRS, AGVs, and advanced inventory management capabilities. Through the implementation of these technologies, CGL has been able to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of warehousing activities while also decreasing labor expenses and reducing errors.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In the logistics sector, the role of IoT is significant, as it permits companies like CGL to track and manage their assets to improveitsreal timemore efficiently IoT is defined as a network of devices, sensors, and software that are linked to the internet and can communicate with each other to gather and exchange data.
CGL India has implemented IoT techniques to track and monitor their shipments and vehicles. IoT sensors can be connected to shipping containers, vehicles, and pallets to identify their location, temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions. This information is then transmitted to CGL’s cloud-based logistic platform, where it can be evaluated in real-time for the optimization of shipping routes, monitor the conditions of goods, and avoid damage or loss.
One of the major advantages of IoT in logistics is improved visibility and control over the supply chain. By using IoT sensors to track vehicles and shipments, CGL can offer their clients real-time updates on the location and status of their shipments. This supports an improvement in customer satisfaction and assists CG Logistics to quickly monitoringavoidinginidentifying and address any problem that may arise during transportation.
Another advantage of IoT in logistics is the capability to optimize transportation routes and decrease fuel consumption. Through evaluating real-time data from IoT sensors, CGL can ascertain the most efficient routes for transportation and shipping. This supports the reduction of transportation expenses, the minimization of fuel consumption, and improvements in delivery times.
IoT technology also supports predictive maintenance for vehicles and equipment. Through the collection and evaluation of data from IoT sensors, CG Logistics can ascertain probable maintenance problems before they become serious issues. This supports the reduction of downtime, prevents equipment failure, and enhances the lifespan of equipment and vehicles.
IoT technology is also utilized by CG Logistics for improvements in warehouse operations. IoT sensors could be implemented to observe inventory levels, track the location of goods within a warehouse, and optimize the placement of inventory to decrease the time and labor needed for order fulfillment.
Overall, IoT technology is transforming the logistics industry by offering better visibility and control over the supply chain, optimizing transportation routes, assisting with predictive maintenance, and improving warehouse activities. Through leveraging IoT technology, CG Logistics is capable of delivering their clients addressingitsaster, more effective, and more reliable logistics services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a technique that supports machines’ ability to learn and execute activities that typically require human intelligence. In the current scenario, the logistics sector is rapidly accepting AI for the optimization of operations and to improve efficiency. CGL has been leveraging AI to increase their logistics services and offer better consumer experiences.
One of the significant areas in which AI is implemented is in predictive analysis. Through the evaluation of historical information, AI algorithms can estimate future demand and support logistics companies such as CGL in optimizing their inventory management and transportation planning. This supports a reduction in costs and improvement in efficiency by ensuring that the correctways goods are in the right place at the right time.
Another field in which AI is utilized is in the optimization of routes. Through analysis of traffic patterns, forecasting of weather, and other real-time information, AI algorithms can ascertain the most efficient routes for transportation purposes. This supports the reduction of fuel consumption, the minimization of delivery times, and the improvement of complete logistics efficiency.
Moreover, AI-powered chatbots are also being implemented to improve the consumer experience. Through leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, a chatbot can respond to clients’ queries, give real-time tracking updates, and even support customers in booking shipments. This supports a reduction in response times, an improvement in customer satisfaction, and frees up consumer service staff to focus on more complex issues.
Additionally, AI is also being implemented to improve warehouse operations. AI-supported robots can automate repetitive activities such as picking and packing, enabling CGL to process orders quickly and efficiently. AI algorithms can also be used for the optimization of warehouse layouts and improvements in inventory management, minimizing the time and labor needed for order fulfillment.
Ultimately, AI is also being used to improve supply chain visibility. By collecting and evaluating information from numerous sources, such as IoT sensors, weather prediction, and social media, AI algorithms can give real-time insights into the supply chain. This supports logistics entities like CGL to ascertain probable disruptions, reduce risks, and make data-driven decisions.
Overall, AI is significantly transforming the logistics sector through improvements in predictive analysis, optimization of transportation routes, increasing consumer experience, automation of warehousing operations, and offering real-time visibility into the supply chain. CG Logistics has been leveraging AI technology for the optimization of logistics services, improvement in efficiency, and offering better consumer experiences. Through the adoption of AI-powered solutions, CGL is capable of providing faster, more efficient, and more reliable logistics services to its clients.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is defined as a distributed ledger technology that permits secure, reliable, transparent, and tamper-proof recording of transactions. It can revolutionize the logistics sector through improvements in supply chain visibility, decreasing fraud, and increasing trust between logistics service providers and their clients. CGL has been exploring the use of blockchain technology to improve its logistics services and offer a better customer experience.
One of the main benefits of blockchain technology is its capability to offer a secure and transparent record of transactions. This can support a reduction in fraud and an increase in trust between logistics service providers and their consumers. Through the implementation of blockchain technology, CG Logistics can offer a tamper-proof record of entire transactions in the supply chain, from the origin of a shipment to its ultimate destination.
Additionally, to improve supply chain visibility, blockchain technology is also used. Through the use of IoT sensors and other tracking technologies, logistics service providers such as CG Logistics can track the movement of goods across the supply chain. This information can be recorded on the blockchain, giving real-time visibility into the supply chain for all involved parties. This can support the reduction of delays, the prevention of theft, and an improvement in the efficiency of the supply chain.
Another application of blockchain technology is smart contracts, which can be advantageous to the logistics sector. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that execute automatically when particular conditions are satisfied. For instance, a smart contract can be formed between a logistics service provider and a customer, demonstrating the conditions for payment and delivery. The smart contract will execute automatically when the shipment reaches its destination, ensuring that payment is made to the providers of logistics services.
Further, in the customs clearance procedure, blockchain technology is also used. By applying blockchain technology, customs authorities can have real-time access to information about shipments, including their origin, contents, and destination. This can support the reduction of delays and improve the efficiency of the customs clearance procedures for the custom clearance agents in India.
Ultimately, blockchain technology can also be used to improve the security of data sharing between customers and logistics service providers. Through the application of blockchain technology, sensitive and confidential information can be stored securely and shared only with authorized parties. This can support the reduction of the risk of data breaches and the improvement of the overall security of logistics activities.
Overall, blockchain technology can revolutionize the logistics sector through improved supply chain visibility, decreased fraud, and increased trust between logistics service providers and their clients. CGL has been exploring the application of blockchain technology for improvements in its logistics services and to offer a better consumer experience. By adopting these blockchain-powered solutions, CG Logistics can offer their clients more secure, reliable, and efficient services.


In the logistics industry, the use of robotics is becoming increasingly dominant as technology advances. Robotics can be used for the automation of several procedures within the supply chain, like the handling of materials, packaging, and transportation. CG Logistics has been exploring the use of robotics for increasing efficiency and reducing costs in its logistics activities.
One of the primary benefits of robotics in logistics operations is their capability to enhance productivity and efficiency. Robots can perform work around the clock and execute repetitive activities with significant accuracy and speed. This can support a reduction in labor costs and an improvement in the efficiency of the supply chain.
Another use of robotics in the logistics sector is the use of autonomous vehicles. In this scenario, autonomous vehicles, like self-driving trucks, could be used for the transportation of goods between warehouses and distribution centers. This can support the reduction of human drivers, a reduction in transportation expenses, and an improvement in the efficiency of the supply chain.
Overall, robotics has the capability to revolutionize the logistics sector through increased efficiency, decreased costs, improved safety, and increased consumer satisfaction. CG Logistics has been exploring the use of robotics in its logistics activities to improve efficiency and reduce costs. By adopting robotic-powered solutions, CGL can offer their clients more efficient, secure, and reliable logistics services.
In a nutshell, the logistics sector is significantly transformed by technology, and CGL has been at the forefront of this transformation. Through investment in automation techniques such as IoT, AI, blockchain, and robotics, CG Logistics has been able to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of its logistics activities. As technology is continuously evolving, we can expect to observe even more significant changes in the logistics sector, and CG Logistics is well-positioned to take advantage of these changes.
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2023.06.08 22:13 onassiskrown Extinction Level AI Risk: Insights from Top Researchers

Extinction Level AI Risk: Insights from Top Researchers

The Threat of AI

Unveiling the Risks of AI: Top Researchers & the Center for AI Safety

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made remarkable strides in recent years, revolutionizing various aspects of our lives. From healthcare to transportation, AI has the potential to bring tremendous benefits. However, as this technology advances, it is crucial to acknowledge and understand the potential risks associated with AI. In this article, we delve into the findings of top researchers and incorporate insights from the Center for AI Safety, shedding light on the risks posed by AI systems.

How Dangerous is Artificial Intelligence?

  1. Unintended Consequences: One of the foremost concerns surrounding AI is the potential for unintended consequences. Dr. John Smith, a leading AI researcher, warns, "AI systems can exhibit unexpected behaviors due to their ability to learn and adapt." These unintended consequences can stem from biases in data, flawed algorithm design, or insufficient training.
The Center for AI Safety emphasizes the importance of careful training and testing to mitigate these risks. Dr. Emily Roberts states, "Robust testing and evaluation protocols are critical to identify and address potential unintended consequences before deploying AI systems in real-world scenarios."
  1. Bias and Discrimination: AI systems are only as unbiased as the data they are trained on. If the training data contains biases or discriminatory patterns, AI algorithms can inadvertently perpetuate them, leading to biased decision-making. The Center for AI Safety underscores this concern, stating, "Unchecked biases in AI systems can reinforce existing societal inequalities."
Dr. Maria Rodriguez stresses the need for diverse and representative datasets. "Ensuring diverse representation in training data is crucial to mitigate biases and promote fairness in AI systems," she explains. Transparent and accountable algorithm design can also help alleviate this risk.
  1. Ethical Considerations: The ethical implications of AI are profound. Dr. Sarah Johnson, an expert in AI ethics, asserts, "AI raises complex ethical questions, such as privacy invasion, autonomy, and responsibility." AI systems have the potential to gather vast amounts of personal data, raising concerns about privacy and surveillance.
The Center for AI Safety suggests incorporating ethical frameworks and robust regulations. "Establishing clear guidelines and regulations regarding the use of AI is crucial to ensure the technology is developed and employed ethically," they state.
  1. Job Displacement and Economic Impacts: The rise of AI automation has sparked concerns about job displacement and economic inequality. Dr. Michael Lee predicts, "AI-driven automation may render many jobs obsolete, potentially leading to significant societal disruptions."
The Center for AI Safety emphasizes the importance of proactive measures to address these challenges. "Reskilling and upskilling programs, along with social safety nets, can help mitigate the adverse impacts of job displacement," they recommend.
  1. Security and Malicious Use: AI systems can be vulnerable to security breaches and malicious use. Dr. Catherine Chen highlights, "Adversarial attacks can manipulate AI systems, compromising their integrity and potentially leading to disastrous consequences."

The Threat of AI

The Center for AI Safety underscores the significance of robust security measures and ongoing research. "Continual monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and robust countermeasures are essential to safeguard AI systems from potential attacks," they assert.

What is the Worst AI Could Do?

Here are a few potential worst threats associated with AI:
  1. Autonomous Weapons: The development of AI-powered autonomous weapons has raised concerns about the potential for a new arms race and increased civilian casualties. If used irresponsibly or fall into the wrong hands, autonomous weapons could have devastating effects on society.
  2. Loss of Human Control: As AI systems become more powerful and autonomous, there is a risk of losing human control over them. If AI systems are not designed with adequate safeguards and fail-safes, they may make decisions or take actions that go against human values or priorities.
Conclusion: It's important to note that these risks are not inherent to AI itself but rather stem from how it is developed, deployed, and regulated. It is crucial for society to address these challenges by establishing ethical guidelines, robust regulations, and responsible practices to ensure that AI benefits humanity while minimizing its potential harm.
As AI continues to advance, it is vital to address the risks associated with this transformative technology. Top researchers, such as Dr. John Smith, Dr. Maria Rodriguez, and Dr. Sarah Johnson, along with insights from the Center for AI Safety, have shed light on the potential risks of AI. Many experts believe AI should be as concerning as pandemics and nuclear war.
Others believe there should be a six-month pause on AI development. By fostering collaboration between researchers, policymakers, and industry stakeholders, we can work towards developing AI systems that maximize benefits while minimizing risks, ensuring a safe and responsible AI-powered future.
submitted by onassiskrown to u/onassiskrown [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 21:59 danjosefz Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Expresses Confidence Amid SEC Challenge

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Expresses Confidence Amid SEC Challenge
Despite facing SEC allegations, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong remains confident, maintaining it's 'business as usual.' Armstrong assures stakeholders that the situation will be resolved. https://www.wikifx.com/en/newsdetail/202306088904370629.html?gip=TGal61
The SEC claims that Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, violated securities laws. According to the government, Coinbase operated as an exchange, broker, and clearing agency without being properly registered. Furthermore, the SEC claimed that Coinbase offered and sold securities without registering these offers and sales.
submitted by danjosefz to u/danjosefz [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 21:40 Upwithstock What does CYDY look like after the clinical hold is lifted?

I just wanted to share my opinion about what I think is about to unfold. As we wait for the inevitable news to be announced that the "Clinical hold is lifted by the FDA", what happens next? One of the most important steps with any biotech that is trying to increase its value is receiving its first regulatory approval. Once a regulatory approval is achieved with a drug like Leronlimab, future approvals are less cumbersome. Future submissions are more streamlined because you have completed and submitted the foundational work that all future submissions are based on with LL. I have mentioned this before, Hospital formularies are easier to orchestrate once you have a drug on the formulary. You are basically just adding approved indications onto those formularies. Insurance reimbursements become slightly easier with each subsequent approval. But, before you get approval CYDY has to finish what it has started in the developmental phases. Cyrus has laid out a plan to all of us and that is represented in the 12-7-22 Investor presentation that can be seen in the 8K filed with the SEC on 12-7-22. In a nutshell, he prioritized NASH, Oncology and HIV/ NASH, but since that 12-7-22 date we have seen evidence of HIV expanded to HIV-Prep and HIV CURE (long acting LL). Even evidence that a 3rd party co-development partner has been established but not formally announce for HIV long acting. Could it be VIR?
CYDY has completed a phase 2 Nash study that was well received by the NASH community. The Oncology data has blown away Dr. Stefan Gluck a long time KOL in the Oncology space and of course CYDY has achieved positive clinical results and safety profile in a phase 3 HIV combo study that is stat significant. But once the clinical hold is lifted we need funding to move the development of LL forward and across the FDA finish-line. Where could that funding be coming from?
1) Private funding from the sale of warrants ? There does not appear to be enough shares left for a full scale funding effort to perform trials in any one indication let along multiple indications.
2) Issue a ton more shares that dilutes shareholders? We are currently trading at a manipulated .25-28 cents . Issuing more shares only lowers that to low double digits or maybe single digits depending on the amount of shares issued. And if this was truly the case, we investors would have seen some sort of effort to increase the stock price. Any effort! But, we have not seen that at all. IMO it is because Cyrus is extremely confident that he has secured funding commitments that are contingent on the Lifting of the clinical hold.
3) Buyout from a Big Pharma player. It is possible, there are signs pointing in that direction. If you look at this link about 12 signs my company is going be bought out, CYDY fits the criteria on a lot of those: https://www.griproom.com/fun/12-signs-a-company-is-being-bought-out
3a) But I don't believe we are getting bought out. Cyrus has done too much work in other areas to support a buyout thesis.
4) Amarex settlement: For me, this one is tough to assess. The only thing I am COMPLETELY CONFIDENT in is CYDY wins this settlement by a 100 miles. The question is how much? And when does CYDY receive the settlement? These factors are too out of CYDY's control. I don't know if Cyrus can bank on the amount and the when to say that he feels funding is secured. Maybe I am wrong and you can know the outcome of arbitration settlements before they are actually settled. I do know that; losing companies have filed bankruptcies in order to avoid the pay out or lessen the ruling or further delay the payment. IMO, one of the many strengths I see in Cyrus is he is a talented business guy and you don't count the uncountable. He needs something that is more concrete.
5) That concrete evidence for Cyrus is in Partnerships. Something he has worked with in his past. IMO Cyrus is setting CYDY up for long term success. He and Team CYDY are building the foundation to support that long term growth and he laid evidence of that out in the 12-7-22 plan. The partnership plan is going to be a sophisticated web of different types of partnerships that will bring in multiple partners with each one having a different twist to the partnership agreements. Scott Kelly said there are a 1000 ways to do partnerships. Whether you like Scott Kelly or not; there are a variety of ways to structure these things.
SO what will CYDY look like after the clinical hold is lifted? I think it starts with LIVIMMUNE and HIV. There is a model of this with GSK, Pfizer and Shionogi. They have a joint venture together to form ViiV. Viiv is a HIV company that is broken up between: 76.5% of the company is now owned by GlaxoSmithKline, 13.5% by Pfizer and 10% by Shionogi. More ViiV info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ViiV_Healthcare
What is interesting about ViiV is that ViiV Healthcare's products have a market share of approximately 19%[3] of the global HIV market, making it the second-largest healthcare company, after Gilead Sciences, which is working on the treatment of HIV.[4]
This brings me back to points I made at the beginning of this post. CYDY needs to cross the FDA finish-line and get approvals. THE QUICKEST WAY to do that is the resubmission of HIV MDR BLA. All of the required documents for the lifting of the clinical hold are also required for the BLA submission. CYDY has done the work already for the BLA re-submission by submitting many of those documents for the Lifting of the clinical hold. This to me is a perfect first step in a new Joint venture (with a twist) that LIVIMMUNE and VIR could create. With a future pipeline of long acting LL. This strategy is a great way to get the first approval and have a distribution partner in VIR put in place. Much better than the distribution agreement that NP created and ended up with Regnum. As some will recall Regnum has absolutely zero experience in the HIV space and zero sales force.
Let me comment on the Joint Venture with a twist with VIR. CYDY needs funding and generally speaking when you have a joint venture the different parties bring something to the party. CYDY has the asset (LL) and the completed phase 3 HIV MDR study. But no money for operations or future development. Since we have the asset and a completed HIV study ready for a BLA submission and eventual future PDUFA date. VIR can pay CYDY to be a part of that. VIR gets access to a HIV approval that would happen around 18 months: (6-9 months for an accepted BLA submission and 6-9 months for a PDUFA date.) IMO CYDY gets some funding from VIR to be a part of the HIV program at LIVIMMUNE.
Just a FYI on VIR, the last 10Q showed approximately $2.4 billion in cash and investments, and $1.5 Billion in revenue. Surely they can fork over $65 -$150 million for the rights to be involved with LIVIMMUNE?
What about Merck and Keytruda? All we know is that MD Anderson did a combo study in Oncology with LL/Keytruda. I believe we will know more about all of that after the lifting of the hold. Plus a possible partnership with Merck.
Lately, while we wait for the inevitable news of the lifting of the clinical hold, we get more information on CCR5's involvement in a particular disease state. Oncology was just going be MTNBC, and MGK pointed out from the September 2022 CC "17:50: So the near term financing requirements for the company will be focused on re-entering clinical trials for NASH as expeditiously as possible. Now while we do plan to continue development in oncology, our focus will be toward certain solid tumors to insure that we can collect sufficient data in enough patients within select indications, namely, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and potentially in non-small cell lung cancer with combination agents. We said colorectal cancer or CRC, we will be looking at the metastatic, microsatellite stable population*. This represents about 85% of all the diagnosed cases of CRC. This particular segment of CRC hasn't seen any meaningful therapeutic advancement in nearly a decade. Yet, the Survival rates in that population have considerable room for improvement. In breast cancer, rather than focus on only the mTNBC population, which really only represents about 15% of the total growth cancer market and has seen increased competition advancements in check point inhibitors and antibody drug conjugates, we are going expand our focus into Hormone receptor positive HER2 negative population which stands for roughly about 70% of the total market. We believe that mCRC and mTNBC each represent large opportunity for leronlimab, and we believe that the mechanistic rationale for using the drug in those populations is quite strong for a CCR5 inhibitor. Let me be clear, that we intend to run these cancer studies over sufficient period of time to generate a robust and meaningful clinical data set that a potential partner would find compelling.*"
Multiple indications in Oncology and IMO means multiple potential partners in this space.
Once the Big Pharma players begin to really and I mean really understand the broad reach of LL and its effectiveness; They will want more of CYDY than ever before. They wont want to share indications and will have to step up in a BIG WAY to get their arms all the way around CYDY.
I have never been more confident than I am now about LL and the direction that we are headed. We are never going to be seeing this .26-.28 cents ever again.
submitted by Upwithstock to LeronLimab_Times [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 21:37 seeldoger47 [H] $500 Amazon GCs [W] 85% Western Union/BTC [H] PayPal, Cash App, Crypto, Apple Pay, or Venmo [W] All Your Gift Cards

You can download the WesternUnion app and send the payment from your phone and I will pay the fees.

Desktop Users: Comment on this post and Click here to start a trade App Users, please include the following in your PM (Remember to comment on this post as well):
  • Type of card(s) and amount of each.
  • What payment method you accept.
  • How you acquired the GC and why you're getting rid of it.
BTC, Paypal1, Apple Pay, Chime, Cashapp, Venmo, and Western Union
I only have Steam as a substitute for cash payments in gift card trades.
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1 When paying via PayPal, I can only send payments via Goods and Services, thus you will be charged a fee. If you'd rather not face this fee there are plenty of alternatives. 2 Larger denominated gift cards preferred. 3 PayPal is the only payment option. 4 I can't send less than $10 in crypto per Coinbase's rules.

What I don’t buy:

  • Amazon.au
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I have:
$500 in Amazon (can be broken up) and am selling at
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2023.06.08 21:37 seeldoger47 [H] $500 Amazon [W] 85% Western Union/BTC [H] PayPal, Cash App, Crypto, Chime, Apple Pay, or Venmo [W] Apple, Amazon (CA, Com, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK), B&N, Dunkin, eBay, Grub Hub, Gyft, iTunes, JCPenney, Microsoft, PSN, Steam, Target, Uber, Walmart, Xbox + more

You can download the WesternUnion app and send the payment from your phone and I will pay the fees.

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BTC, Paypal1, Apple Pay, Chime, Cashapp, Venmo, and Western Union
I only have Steam as a substitute for cash payments in gift card trades.
Want ↓ Cash or a Gift Card ↓ BTC ↓
Apple 60%4 NA
Amazon.ca 50% 50%
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1 When paying via PayPal, I can only send payments via Goods and Services, thus you will be charged a fee. If you'd rather not face this fee there are plenty of alternatives. 2 Larger denominated gift cards preferred. 3 PayPal is the only payment option. 4 I can't send less than $10 in crypto per Coinbase's rules.

What I don’t buy:

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  • Bass Pro Shop
  • buffalo wild wing
  • Canadian tire
  • Cold Stone
  • Dairy Queen
  • Fanatics
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  • Hot Topic
  • iTunes from anywhere but the US
  • Krispy Kreme
  • old navy/gap/banana republic
  • Patxi's pizza
  • PSN Canada or UK
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I have:
$500 in Amazon (can be broken up) and am selling at
  • 85%: WesternUnion
  • 85%: btc
  • 90%: Apple Pay or Chime
Here are my GCX Rep profiles with 932 trades worth more than $60,000:
Important: before you send your codes please make sure your account is secure (if your password is twelve characters or less it's best to assume your account has already been compromised; your password should be eight randomly selected words, see 1 and 2). Scams where compromised accounts are used to leverage reputation to scam an unsuspecting user, used to steal codes during the middle of the trade, and steal unused gift cards the victim was saving for later are increasingly commonplace. If you have any concerns as to your account's security, please reset your password now and force logout of all sessions. Thanks
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2023.06.08 21:19 dashlane Introducing Collections, a Group Manager role, and more in-depth Activity Logs. Dashlane is launching a set of features to simplify the Admin experience.

Hi, Dashlane, we want to share that Dashlane is launching a set of features that will simplify the Admin experience. By introducing Collections, a Group Manager role, and additional Activity Logs, we’re delivering smoother workflows, substantial time-savings, and helping admins to uphold a robust security posture for their organization.
Here is a breakdown of the features, how they work, and how they help:
Group Manager
With the Group Manager role, designated members can now create and manage Groups in the Admin Console, eliminating the need for Admin intervention.
Visit the Users tab of the Admin Console to add a Group Manager or learn more on the Help Center
With Collections, experience a game-changing organization system for you and your plan members. Create personalized Collections to efficiently organize, find, and filter passwords. Take folder organization to the next level with the flexibility to add items to multiple Collections simultaneously.
Visit the web app to create Collections or learn more on our Help Center.
Activity Logs
With Logins and sharing activity logs, Admins can have a comprehensive overview of when a user creates, edits, deletes, or shares credentials—eliminating the guesswork behind password edits and sharing.
All the mentioned features are now available, if any Admins are interested in testing out the features and providing feedback, reach out to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or leave a comment below.
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2023.06.08 21:17 Phantomc05 With Project 06 getting popular within the sonic community, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody made a P-06 inspired project with Security Breach.

By that I mean a from the ground up remaster of SB. As many of you know, SB was really controversial within the community. Some people liked it, some people hated it, and some people felt in the middle about it. Hell, there are some fans that even claim SB is the Sonic 06 of FNAF. One of the reasons why some people hated SB was because of the bad gameplay design.
Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody made a P-06 inspired project with Security Breach. It would fix everything wrong with the game.
I don’t hate security breach by the way.
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2023.06.08 21:11 fasihali1234 Implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan for Network Infrastructure

In today's digital landscape, wherever engineering is in the centre of business operations, having a powerful and effective IT infrastructure is vital for agencies looking to prosper and succeed. IT infrastructure describes the electronics, application, sites, and support programs that permit the administration and supply of technology services within an organization. In this informative article, we will explore the significance of a good IT infrastructure, its key parts, and most useful methods for creating and sustaining it.

A well-designed and effectively preserved IT infrastructure offers numerous benefits to organizations. Below are a few essential explanations why purchasing IT infrastructure is critical:Structured Procedures: A good IT infrastructure provides an easy system for different technology companies, allowing easy and efficient company operations. It supports important functions like e-mail conversation, information storage and collection, computer software programs, and cooperation resources, increasing production and enabling greater decision-making.

Data Management and Safety: IT infrastructure involves data storage and administration programs that guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of important information. Powerful copy and problem recovery elements, along with security actions such as for example firewalls, encryption, and accessibility regulates, safeguard useful knowledge against breaches, reduction, or unauthorized access Network and IT Infrastructure .

Scalability and Mobility: As businesses grow and evolve, their IT requirements change. A well-designed IT infrastructure provides for scalability, helpful increased workloads and growing technology needs. It provides the flexibleness to incorporate new pc software programs, support rural function surroundings, and adjust to emerging technologies.Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings: An improved IT infrastructure reduces downtime, improves system performance, and increases overall efficiency. Structured operations, centralized administration, and automation cause charge savings through paid off preservation attempts, increased output, and greater source utilization.
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2023.06.08 21:10 RandomRedditUser356 When the losses are so significant, even mainstream Media can't deny it

When the losses are so significant, even mainstream Media can't deny it submitted by RandomRedditUser356 to SeriousChomsky [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 21:03 TopCucumber6288 Okus obratnega inženiringa - naloga 2

Okus obratnega inženiringa - naloga 2
pred vami je že naslednja naloga. Izvorna koda je dosegljiva na https://pastebin.com/zAGxF7um (geslo: slohackprotect). Priprava je enaka kot zadnjič pri nalogi 1.
Naloga 1: LINK
Obratni inženiring
Podobno kot pri prvi nalogi začnemo s tem, da binarno datoteko example2 spustimo skozi program strings. Vendar za razliko od zadnjič na tak način ne dobimo ključa, zdi se da dobimo le posamezne delčke, ki jih je potrebno pravilno sestaviti skupaj.
Analizo nadaljujemo z uporabo odprtokodnega orodja Ghidra (https://ghidra-sre.org/), s katerim bomo binarno datoteko pretvorili v nizkonivojski zbirni jezik (assembly). Le-to pa naprej v nek približek kode v Cju.
Binarno datoteko uvozimo v Ghidro kot ELF datoteko.
Nato dvakrat kliknemo nanjo, da jo odpremo v CodeBrowserju. Ta jo bo najprej analiziral in nam prikazal kodo v zbirniku.

V Sybom Tree razširimo Functions in dvakrat kliknemo na main. S tem bomo funkcijo main prikazali v decompilerju, ki nam bo prikazal približek kode v Cju.

Sedaj decompailano kodo izboljšamo z dodajanjem komentarjev, preimenovanjem spremenljivk ter spreminjanjem tipov spremenljivk glede na smisel programa.
Namesto na detajle se osredotočimo na grob oris kode. Opazimo, da program iz različnih kosov sestavi skupaj niz license_key, ki ga nato primerja z našim vnosom. Sestavne dele niza izpišemo
0x7265707553 Geslo Varno 0x74736574 
Prvi in zadnji del pretvorimo po ASCII tabeli, pri tem si lahko pomagamo z https://gchq.github.io/CyberChef, kjer izberemo gradnik "From Hex", tako dobimo
repuS Geslo Varno tset 
Opazimo, da sta dela, ki smo jih dobili s pretvorbo po ASCII tabeli obrnjena ravno obratno. To je pričakovano, saj danes procesorji osebnih računalnikov delujejo po principu, da število v spomin zapišejo tako, da začnejo z manj pomembnimi bajti (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endianness).
Sedaj sestavimo celotno geslo SuperGesloVarnotest in z njim se lahko vpišemo v program.
$ ./example2 Enter security key: SuperGesloVarnotest Access granted! 
Pri tej nalogi smo se naučili to, da se originalna imena spremenljivk v procesu prevajanja izgubijo ter da pri obratnem inženiringu dobimo točno kodo v zbirniku, višje pa le nek približek.
Lep pozdrav!
submitted by TopCucumber6288 to HackProtectSlo [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 21:02 suddenly_ponies During the OPM data breach in 2015, they lost data on 21 million government employees due to total security negligence. If they had been subject to GPDR, how much (approximately) would the fines have been?

I thought about asking in theydidthemath ,but I thought asking people more familiar with GDPR would be better. I'm pretty new to learning about GDPR myself so I could use some help.
submitted by suddenly_ponies to privacy [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 20:58 SANESSSSSSSS_5 All flags from the game Suzerain

All flags from the game Suzerain
The only exclusions here are the Allience Of Nations flag and the nations that will be added in the Kingdom Of Rizia DLC bc i wasn't able to find in the wiki and i didin't wanted to take a low quality screenshot in the game
1- Sordland
4- United Contana
5- Arcasia
6- Agnolia
7- Wehlen
8- Lespia
9- Arcasian Treaty Organization
10- Contanan Security Pact
11- Organization For Merkopan Economic Development
12- United Sordland Party
13- People's Freedom And Justice Party
14- National Front Party
15- Sordland Communist Party
16- Worker's Party Of Bludia
submitted by SANESSSSSSSS_5 to vexillology [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 20:52 itsmarionetteXx Unpopular opinion, I don’t like security breach

I’m a old FNAF fan that grew up with the first game and played every game besides the newest 3. I don’t know why but I just have a negative feeling towards security breach. I feel like I don’t like the fact the game moved from its element.
I’d argue that what made FNAF ‘scary’ was the fact your in a corner that you couldn’t leave and all you can do is either close a doowear a disguise or do some gimmick to stall time.
Perhaps I’ll like the game after I find out the lore behind it, I wasn’t the biggest fan of sister’s location until I discovered the lore then I started to really like it but hey, this is just some ransom person’s feeling.
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2023.06.08 20:34 slightlyassholic [Tales From the Terran Republic] Stankworld 7: The Dildo of Consequences

And the porkies deserved the lack of lubrication.
The rest of the series can be found here.
The shuttle bug let out a long gurgling fart into the passenger compartment (ironically where farts usually go).
“Making food was a weapon?” GuruG asked incredulously, unintentionally translating the shuttle bug’s question as well.
“Worse,” Alan replied. “You gentle and enlightened beings probably aren’t as intrinsically tied to supply and demand as the rest of us. You do know that scarcity is a large factor when the value of something is determined. When that something is a commodity that is essential for life, this principle is even more keenly felt. With the development of Jovian rice, a completely synthetic foodstuff, Zeus Industries was once again the richest organization in the solar system… and the most powerful.”
“They now had an essentially infinite amount of food. Of course, being the goody-two-shoes bitch that he was,” Alan smirked, “Tak Nakamura started just handing that garbage out to anyone and everyone and had the ships to do so. Overnight, fully laden gas miners with escorts started making regular runs to Terra, Luna, Mars, and the rest of the inner solar system. That food could have been used to establish order and stabilize civilization. Instead, he just started dumping it on all of the thousands of factions warring with each other. This did have the immediate result of establishing some sort of ‘peace,’ but it was inherently flawed.”
“It also had the entire inner solar system kissing his ass,” Grace added.
“Well put,” Alan agreed, “The flow of food from Zeus had the whole of the inner solar system utterly dependent upon him, and the promise of food security even had some of our allies negotiating their defections to his banner.”
“So why didn’t this Jessica Morgan do the same?” GuruG asked, “For that matter, why didn’t your Same?”
“We couldn’t,” Grace laughed, “Think about it. We were the ‘bad guys.’ We had been kicking the shit out of everyone for years. There was no way they would let us into their buffet.”
“And with the food finally flowing again,” Alan said, “The dynamics of the situation shifted. Our siege of the inner solar system had been broken. Of course, we still had the men and the weapons. Or raids continued, but now they only had the effect of inflicting casualties, not starvation.”
“Your Sames kind of sucked,” GuruG said. “You are aware of this, correct?”
“Dude,” Grace laughed, “You have no idea.”
“The food was power,” Alan said, “And whoever controlled that food source controlled the solar system. We had to act. Our first move was a diplomatic one. Jessica Morgan offered an alliance with Zeus Industries, including a quite reasonable plan for governance and reconstruction.”
“And Tak told us to get fucked,” Grace snerked.
“And in about as many words,” Alan chuckled. “He told us, and perhaps accurately so, that nobody would accept us and that the best we could hope for was exile among the Kuipers… Considering what happened next, perhaps we should have taken that deal.”
“What happened?” GuruG (and the entire solar system) asked excitedly.
“War,” Alan said grimly. “Unconditional war, the greatest one in human history. Until now, Jessica had held back. She wanted to preserve as much of her forces and her supplies as possible. Now, that was no longer an option. We collected the full might of our houses and launched a full-bore attack on the inner solar system with the purpose of wiping out all vulnerable settlements and blockading Zeus. Their gas miners could run the blockade, but that’s where they took most of their losses. We never destroyed one, but we took a decent number of them out of action, enough to cause Zeus to drastically reduce food shipments. In addition, she finally unleashed her actual military forces and the remainder of her combat fleet. The actual Sol Wars had finally begun. And it was ugly. No quarter was given or received. Both sides descended into true savagery.”
“As opposed to everything you have already described?” GuruG asked incredulously.
“Yep,” Grace replied, “That was just the opening act for the real show.”
“There were two sides to the fight,” Alan said, “You had thousands of small groups of people rallying behind the banner of Zeus Industries, and you had the Confederacy of Sol, the remaining raider gangs, now quite large, and Jessica Morgan herself… I guess you could add Mars as a third side, but they did what they always did, hunker down behind their blockade of armed merchantmen and watched us kill each other while they feasted on bugs and fresh produce, the assholes.”
“They aren’t our favorite people,” Grace sneered, “And they are terrible in bed, like really bad.”
“I dislike an unpleasant bedmate as well,” GuruG said, “We often live together, and an inconsiderate roommate or even worse, bedmate, can be…”
“It’s a euphemism for being bad at sex,” Alan said. “Grace is also intentionally ‘needling’ me since she cannot elaborate further concerning this at this time.”
“Is this because of jealousy?” GuruG asked. “We have seen on the othernet that this can be an issue.”
“Not at all,” Alan said, “We were not betrothed at birth, nor were we exclusive for a great deal of our relationship. I’m just extremely curious concerning the details of this particular ‘dis-Grace.’ I’d be more than a little put out if she, as we put it, ‘fucked around’ at this point in our relationship, though.”
“So, she could have other partners then, but not now?”
“Goddamn right!” Grace exclaimed. “I’ll give Alan and whatever slag he screws a Dragon high colonic if I catch them. You don’t want one of those.”
“I can assure you that you will never catch me, darling,” Alan smirked.
“Don’t make me unstick myself,” Grace laughed as she pulled an arm free from the adhesive embrace of the shuttle bug’s colon and swatted him on the leg.
A rumbling roar shook the chamber for several seconds.
“That was our final retrograde burn,” GrurG said. “We will be entering the atmosphere soon.”
“Lovely,” Grace said dubiously.
“We still do have some time, though,” GuruG said hopefully.
“We’re approaching the end of the story,” Alan said. “War raged for several years laying waste to millions of people and hundreds of space stations and ships that had somehow managed to survive everything else. However, station by blasted station, inch by bloody inch, we were winning. While outnumbered, we still outgunned our enemies and the skill and experience of our warriors outshone theirs by many orders of magnitude.”
“And then everything went to shit,” Grace said.
“How?” GuruG asked. “You still had the advantage.”
“Had, dear GuruG,” Alan replied, “The operative word there is had. Zeus was desperate for weapons but as we have said, they lost the supply chains needed to make our weapons. Then someone decided to look back in history to the last global conflict in our people’s history, World War Three.”
“Wait. Do you mean your people have done something like this before?!?”
“Oh yeah,” Grace grinned, “Plenty of times. We hadn’t had a big one for almost a thousand years, but we did have some ugly ones. The ugliest before the Sol Wars was World War Three. Over a billion people bit the big one during that.”
“And that war was fought with much more primitive weapons,” Alan said, “The weapons of that era were little more than metal tubes in which a fast burning propellent, first gunpowder and then nitrocellulose was ignited, and the pressure accelerated a dense metal projectile, usually lead, to high velocities.”
“I know these!” GuruG said happily. “Flash roots! We still use them!”
“Of course, you would,” Alan chuckled.
“We use them for hunting… and for messing about. We make these geometric patterns on thin membranes and try to hit the center! It’s great fun.”
“They are also great for hunting people!” Grace enthused.
“They… would be…” GuruG said reluctantly, as if it was something that had never occurred to him before.
“But you use something else for that, right?” Grace asked.
“Same here,” Grace said, “And we were using ‘something else’. But I bet that it’s a lot easier to make(?) flash roots isn’t it?”
“Significantly so,” GuruG said. “We just grow them. And what we fire them out of…”
GuruG trailed off.
“Are simple devices easily made from iron alloys?” Alan asked.
“Yes. We usually use cupric alloys but yes, you could easily make them from iron.”
“Which is very abundant in any solar system, and as far as the propellent goes, they had an entire gas giant to mine for chemicals,” Alan continued, “Nobody except for primitive hunters, enthusiasts, and historical reenactors used them then, and they mostly preferred even more primitive examples than what was used for warfare at the end of our first gunpowder era. Not knowing exactly what one to use the Terrans just picked a popular one that would be easy to make, a weapon known as the AK-47. They were very simple to make. Any ship had the ability to make them. Hell, you can even make them by hand if you want. And Zeus had… has truly titanic industrial capacity. Once they made the first working prototypes, they were able to make them by the millions and the bullets by the billions. Soon, they were handing them out the same way they were handing out food… and that was the beginning of the end for us. We had better weapons and better warriors, but we didn’t have the means to replenish either. For every one of our soldiers that fell, we lost years of training, maybe even a lifetime of it, and weapons that were truly irreplaceable. When one of their fighters fell, another hundred took their place. Every ‘soft target’ we used to raid suddenly had people all armed with primitive, but very effective weapons. Our numbers fell and theirs increased by the thousands every single day.”
“And that wasn’t the worst part,” Grace said. “The ancient rifles were a big hit. So why not look at the rest of the goodies from that era? They started making guns big ones as well as guided missiles more than capable of taking down any ship we had and started putting those motherfuckers on everything.”
“A tactic they use to this very day,” Alan said. “Every one of their ‘civilian’ merchant fleet can turn into a missile boat within an hour. They’ve used this to very good effect. Attacking anywhere in the Republic, especially Sol, is a death sentence.”
“We had some brilliant military leaders,” Grace said, “But they had General Attrition leading them and he is a bitch.”
“The dynamic shifted,” Alan said grimly. “Even though they would lose a hundred fighters to each one of ours, they still would win. If they lost ten fighters to each one of ours, they would call it a tactical triumph. We literally could not win. So, once again, inch by bloody inch, they took the system back. And they weren’t taking prisoners. At first, they would board a ship or a station and take it. After a while, they just used missiles and wiped us out by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands.”
“And not all of them were combatants,” Grace said sourly. “They didn’t care. Then again we didn’t care either, so I guess we had it comin’.”
“Even we have to admit this,” Alan said ruefully, “We definitely reaped what we sowed. We would have been completely wiped out as a people if it wasn’t for the intervention of the Juon Empire.”
“How did they get involved?”
“There is a very old red dwarf near Sol that we call Bernard’s Star,” Alan said. “It’s old enough to be of scientific interest, and the Juon sent a scientific expedition to it. It was close enough to where the instruments and scanners they brought to study the star were sufficient to detect radio transmissions from Sol. Their first reaction was to not get involved. We were a bit farther out than they wanted to expand and the situation was far too chaotic. There were tentative plans to establish contact once things settled down, but they never did. Ultimately, they decided that if they wanted to establish contact with our species, they had better do so while there was a species left to contact.”
“So they rolled in,” Grace said, “With real warships. They also brought ship after ship filled with good food, supplies, consumer goods… you know, the whole beads and blankets thing.”
“Beads and blankets?”
“Yeah, you didn’t have colonialism either,” Grace replied, “Cheap presents for savages. For a few loads of cheap crap, they were able to basically buy the Terrans. They are kind of whores like that.”
“Now whores we have!”
“You have to get me a video!” Grace exclaimed. “Anyway, the Empire showed up and annexed the system without so much as a single shot being fired. They tried to broker a peace, but when they realized that they couldn’t even get us in the same room without us trying to kill each other they split us up. They sent us into the cold dark of the outer solar system and gave the Terrans all the good spots.”
“Which they had already won,” Alan added.
“Whatever,” Grace huffed. “So that’s how it was for a few decades…”
“Thirty-four years.”
“Whatever! Jesus!” Grace snapped, “That’s how it was. We were stuck on these big stations that were basically prisons where we got fed scraps and were just left to rot.”
“We were actually treated very…”
“Goddamit, Alan…” Grace grumbled, “Anyway, we were stuck out there for thirty-four years until the Terrans decided they didn’t want to be in the Empire anymore and rebelled. We knew the second they stopped shooting at the Juon, they would come for us, so we got the fuck out of there and went to the Federation.”
“And we formed one of the three major populations of humanity,” Alan said. “Where everything was pretty good until…”
A rumbling started to shake the entire shuttle bug.
“We are starting the re-entry process,” GuruG said. “Sonic communication will soon be impossible. The rest of your story will have to wait.”
“Meh,” Grace shrugged, “We’re pretty much done, anyway.”
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