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identify unknown objects

2009.02.26 22:05 identify unknown objects

For Identification Of Unknown Objects, i.e., Weird Creatures, Ancient Kitchen Gadgets, Funny-Looking Screwdrivers, Other Random Artifacts. When you ask what is this thing, idea, state, person, bug, event, time, remark, etc.

2011.05.20 12:07 handburglar Bitcoin - A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System

When Bitcoin moderators began censoring content and banning users they disagreed with, btc became a community for free and open crypto discussion. This happened long before the creation of Bitcoin Cash. Over the years /btc became community of historians & torchbearers, preservers of Satoshi's Bitcoin for future generations.

2015.02.14 16:33 Based_gandhi I stored bitcoins online ... aaaand they're gone.

/SorryForYourLoss is a place to showcase the top minds of bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies) failing to secure their precious internet money properly. It's a memorial for the countless incidents of thefts, scams, hacks, goxxes, .. etc.

2023.06.08 23:00 industrial_fukery Thinking of documenting myself rebuilding my train wreck of a life in a brutally honest way. Just dont know if my story would be interesting so im hoping to see what yall think.

Want to see a documentary about my life? Watch Joe Dirt.
In the last year my life has imploded, it happened so fast I dont even know how it happened. I have had an extremely unique life that gave me a personality to say the least. A few years ago I started a tiktok and mainly recorded what I was doing for work with some colorful commentary. To my surprise it exploded, I found a niche of regular blue collar workers that could relate and had multiple videos go well past 5m+ views and was outside of 100k followers after a few months. My life collapsed when I was scammed during the home buying process and it straight up broke me. Combine that with watching people steal my videos and make money off them was the final straw. I havent made content in 2 years. I never filmed myself in any of my videos so its was sad watching others gain from me, I felt exploited and I constantly come across my own videos attached to other accounts. Ive never had an easy life, been on my own since I was 17 and watching my bank accounts go to zero after grinding for 15 years threw me into a depression like you wouldnt believe. Im still very much in it. I spent everything trying to get my money back through the courts only to watch the person who scammed me die from cancer. This isnt a sob story, just my starting point if I decide to basically expose myself via youtube.
Long story short these last few years have been hell, I was desperate to figure out how to get out of this funk and Psychedelics crossed my radar and i took the plunge with a group who does underground psychedelic therapy sessions and it allowed me to think in a way I never had before. Basically it made me human again, ive never been a deep thinker or thought about why and where my actions come from until DMT came along and cracked me upside the head and made me realize ive been so focused on getting to the finish line I didnt realize the race was already half over. That was a very sobering moment.
I want to be authentic and basically vlog where im at in life and use social media to hold myself accountable. I also think documenting this could be relatable for some, I have a good job that pays decently but nobody told me how expensive it is to be poor, my shitty motel is friggen 1500 a month and is full of people who lost their spark towards life, I got a second spark and want to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks including a 2nd push at taking content creation seriously and possibly using it as a way out of homelessness. Im not the begging type and refuse to ask for help, while ive been radio silent on social media for the last year ive used the time to get good at metal art that recreate some of the crazy crap ive seen in DMT land using physics and light. Part of the channel idea would be building them and explaining how and why its working. Im lucky and have a job where I have access to any metalworking tools I could want and my boss is cool with me filming. Combine that with the fact ive been turning wrenches in the industrial world for over a decade I can build just about anything. I hate 99% of the stuff I create but these metal light sculptures are cool af. They take hundreds of hours to build due to research but I plan to raffle them off and hopefully keep engagement up. The sculptures are different enough where I know people would like them and hard enough to build I dont think people would copy it. I would start posting on my tiktok again to drive traffic to my YouTube. I feel incredibly fortuante to have an audience from day one.
So now that you have a little background of where ive been and what got me to now do you think theres something here or am I just a rambling idiot with a pipe dream? Ive had the most untraditional life and somehow always manage to survive and feel its time to tell my story and get to where I want to be. Im an extremely flawed person, rather then continue to hide them I want to expose them to the world, address them and figure out how to fix them. Ive looked for channels similar but theyre all geared towards "normal people" not redneck blue collar folk's like myself. I dont want to break the sub rule for self promotion so I wont post the sculptures unless its ok to do so.
Rip my idea apart please.
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2023.06.08 23:00 itsirtou Need some support - I'm trying so hard to maintain fitness but it's slipping away

Just feeling really down today and I could use some words of wisdom, advice, commiseration, anything.
After I had my second baby in 2020, I was not in good shape. I had her very close to my first (15 months apart) and hadn't exercised a single day in those entire fifteen months. Once my daughter was born, I started running. Got really into it, ran a half marathon, and was doing about 30mpw. It felt like it was becoming a part of my identity.
I'm 21 weeks pregnant. I'm trying so hard to keep the running up. I'm doing three miles, five or six days per week. But every day it feels harder and harder. Every day I have to stop and walk more. Just now I couldn't even manage a mile - I had to do almost the entire workout by walking at an incline.
I know some moms run all the way through pregnancy. I'm feeling so, so down about how hard it's becoming for me. It just feels like there are lead weights tied around my ankles. My entire body feels heavy.
I wanted to stay a runner through this pregnancy but I'm afraid I won't be able to. I'm just so sad about it.
Anyway - not sure what I'm looking for here but I just needed to get this out into the void.
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2023.06.08 23:00 tropicalazure "This Desk." A stream of consciousness....

I'm sitting here right now, at this desk. This desk that I've always sat at, to write, to learn, to paint, to draw, to smile, to dream, to laugh...
The desk feels the same. Its curves are as familiar to me as my own face. The little chips where my craft knife has slid before, the marker stains from when I used to do art regularly... I can feel the grooves with my fingers. I can remember what it felt like to sit here, happy and content, just drawing for hours, while music played on the radio.
But now, no music plays anymore. No art is created anymore. I bend to draw, I feel such pain. I can barely sketch a line. I am surrounded by art that Myself drew once, but I am no longer Myself. Myself is a memory.
Created here now seems only pain, and loss, and grief and the clinging to the desperate hope that one day, I may sit at this desk, reading this screen, and I will read that a cure has been found. That somehow I may return to my old life. Battered and bruised and forever changed but...returned.
But what is that old life, now? Who was that person before? Who was that happy, smiling person in these photos on these files? I remember being her. I remember what it felt like to walk in that skin, in that head... Oh, that head. That head that was free of the constant fear and strife and babble of what ails me today. Seeing through those eyes...
And oh, how sweet and innocent were those eyes. Those eyes that had not yet read the word "Coronavirus." Those eyes in whose retinas did not burn the jargon of a thousand medical journals, such is the desperation to find a scrap of answer, or hope. Those eyes that were not ravaged by a virus that no one on this planet could have comprehended - a virus, whose power, even now is denied by the majority still walking, free, with easy brains and easy eyes.
That person who could walk, without fear of sudden pain, or relapse, or further injury. Those feet that ran, without burning. That stomach that happily accepted whatever was fed to it, without rejection, or agony or revulsion. Those bones that moved smoothly, that didn't crack...over that skin that didn't blister and burn and bleed.
To feel that freedom again. To just... leave. To go. To be free. Free in body, and spirit and life.
This desk was my freedom. It was my hope. It was my joy.
This desk was my friend.
This desk is now my prison from which I no longer see any escape. These fingers that once easily typed a thousand words, now ache and struggle to type a sentence. These nails once clear, and healthy, now bear fractures and scars of the virus. Does it still rage within? Does it bide its time? Or has it long since departed, leaving in its wake the worst gift of all?
What is this life now? I sit. I breathe. I type. I hope.
These walls that surround me are so familiar. They whisper the memories of so many happy years spent within them, and yet now, even the walls don't know what to say. What words I wonder will they whisper in years to come? Perhaps nothing. Because what words even remain to describe the utter despair that now exists within these walls, at this desk, in this life?
What remains....
What remains indeed.
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2023.06.08 22:59 nsport44 31 [M4F] Texas/ Anywhere Let's shoot the shit

I’m easy going, smart, funny and kind, with a positive mindset and a curiosity about the world. a little down today.
I'm going start by putting it out there that I'm in a wheelchair. Several years ago, l was in a snowboarding accident. But that hasn’t stopped me living my life.
One of my favorite films is the Shawshank Redemption, I love the enduring hope of that film and the ‘get busy living or get busy dying ‘ quote. A good mantra to live by.
My family means a lot to me and they have been a great support, so if that’s important to you, we are off to a great start .
I have a full-time job, and I love sports, ( Oklahoma college football amongst many others ) watching comedy films, and sci fi and history.
I'm open minded as to what I'm looking for. No pressure or expectations, just to see if we have that spark of chemistry and see what happens and go from there.
Here's a pic of me: https://imgur.com/a/oqlVOg4
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2023.06.08 22:59 Constant_Parsnip_593 This girl (F26)that we went out for some dates years ago but didn’t end up moving forward reacted to an instagram story of mine (M25) but there is a twist to the story

So me and this girl went out for a couple of dates and talked for some time but I didn’t end up making a move on her, cause at that time I had some problems in my work life and in general and didn’t have the clear mind to focus on something like that. I liked the girl and if you ask me right now if I had the chance I would do everything differently,but after all that time I got over that. Anyways, today I uploaded an ig story and to my surprise I saw a reaction from her…we haven’t spoken in years and not because we didn’t end up moving forward we just faded away from each other. The thing is tho that she is a relationship for some years now and tonight she posted a photo with her bf and I was left kinda thinking what was all that about. I don’t think that it was accidental or that she enjoyed the content of my story… anything behind all that what’s your opinion?
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2023.06.08 22:59 OliveApprehensive366 How should I behave in this scenario?

I’m a L5 software developer (L6 would be a senior and L4 junior) and I feel so frustrated. I have a bachelor in cs, I always love solving complex and hard software stuff. Now I’m getting close to 5 years of experience. But I’m starting to believe that I’m in the asshole in this story. I have been in this new job for 10 months now. Right now I work with two senior developers and one staff dev. In the first project I worked only with one of the seniors, he did the tech design (very high level, basically getting input from stakeholders) but during the development I was the one that actually build the implementation design, separated the task and coded 80% of all the system. Impact review came I got 12% raise but they didn’t change my title to senior. I asked why and haven’t had a concrete answer.
Now we were at prototype phase of this new project, I spend a week thinking and breaking down all features and edge cases. Build some prototype too. My boss liked it and provided some feedback on the features and we had awesome discussions on this breakdown of the features/ Ok. Now we move to build and today during the stand up he ask the other senior developer to do EXACTLY what I have done the past week!!!! WHY HE DIDNT ASK ME? Why he didn’t say “work with her and together refine what she already have done and make it better together now that we moved from prototype phase “ I would be so much happier . At this company they say “you need to act like you were already a senior to be promoted” but I don’t have the option to formally lead anything! I’m just the support (a very strong support and figure out super important details) but nothing gets my name. And that’s so fucking frustrating . This happened in the last project and looks like will happen again on this one.
As a L5 is my manager just following the hierarchy? A senior should have the responsibility to do that, not a L5 and he is “relieving my back”. But how can I make sure this is not going to impact the promotion that I’m so looking forward to have?
How can I talk to my manager about it in a way that will not sound weird?
And also, maybe should I just relax ? Sometimes I just think “ok, my salary is the lowest here and I should have been hired as a senior because I can delivery as a senior but I was not and I’m trying to be something that I’m not! “ just enjoy my L5 journey for like 2 years in total and if nothing happens jump to another company?
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2023.06.08 22:59 JulianSkies Emergency Services Guild R&D: Stampede Studies

This little piece I wrote because I have zero mental energy to write something I care too much aobut the format and quality, and i've been wanting to have a look at this topic for a while.
Don't expect a lot of quality, but here have a thing.
[This video is shown in its raw form for purposes of transparency of the procedures. For the edited version please visit the Emergency Services Guild public-facing site]
[Content Warning: This video contains images of both stampedes and wartime stampede incidents of the following situations: Human First Contact, Operation Blindside, Sillis Occupation, Kolshian Scouting of Venlil Prime]
[This video will be subtitled instead of utilizing audio translation]
The camera’s view is completely obscured by a grey mass “I think it’s running, can you check it for me?” says a deep bassy voice of a human.
“Yes, i’m getting the audio and a very good closeup for your shirt” the voice of a venlil sounds hoarse
The grey mass recedes and the room becomes visible. A large naturally-lit room of plain appearance, there is a long table set in the center of it surrounded by chairs, the table itself is clearly designed with a holographic projector and at the far end of the room there is a large display.
There are seven people present, three humans dressed in grey outfits with red highlights, each one of them with a different insignia emblazoned on their breast but all three of them have similar themes, a helmet, an axe and a ladder is present on all three designs. Four venlil represent, two with sashes of office with the white with red stripe color and the exterminator’s pyre-and-shield insignia and two with armbands with the red pawprint.
“Alright, before we start the actual meeting, can I ask why are they here?” says one of the humans, well-built and with a lighter complexion, pointing at the two venlil with sashes.
“Because it’s part of our job? Because we’re involved?” says the one with greyish wool and dark spots
“I’m sorry if i’m skeptical why an exterminator is in a meeting involving public safety and stampede response”
“Because” the venlil’s voice becomes louder “It’s our job. And I’m already brahking tired of this whole act. I’ve heard every variation of ‘you shouldn’t be the ones doing this’ you can imagine. Every human I’ve met has said this, multiple times” he slams his fists on the table
“And I brahking agree, look!” he points at one of the venlil with the armbands “Our jobs literally overlap, why do we even HAVE this overlap? What could the exterminator’s guild do in a stampede that the emergency services guild couldn’t? Why is it that any job that requires you to have the slightest bit of tail to do it they drop on us? I don’t brahking know!” he’s taking deep breaths “So… Why don’t we skip this part and just get to the meeting?”
The humans are taken aback, while it seems like the venlil were quite unfazed at the sudden energetic outburst in a strange reversal of the usual reactions. “Not… Quite what I was expecting” that first human adds “Alright, I’ll keep my thoughts to myself for now”
With that, the human that had been adjusting the camera sits down and the arrangement of seating is visible clearly: The four venlil are on one side of the table while the three humans are on the other. One of the venlil with the armbands speaks up “We are gathered at this moment for a presentation of the United Nations’ Extraplanetary Emergency Response Division’s research on the nature and possible mitigation of stampedes”
“Present for this meeting are three human representatives of the UNEERD, Captain Fabia” a human female with short crimson hair and wiry build nods “Captain Jorge” the first human nods “And Captain Ishikawa” a human much taller human with shortly cut dark hair and mildly reddened skin speaking of a disagreement with the eternal twilight nods.
“Present are also four venlil representatives. Representing the Exterminator’s Guild are Division Lead Toss” the venlil who had the outburst earlier nods “Of the Stampede Response division, Division Lead Tunam” a venlil with a strangely reddish coat halfway between pink and red nods “Of the Behavioral Studies division” the speaking venlil himself, best identified by an eyepatch on his right eye, nods “Representing the Emergency Services Guild is me, Division Lead Onam of the Stampede Response division, and Division Lead Liram” the venlil beside him nods, a woman with a distinctive vertical striping pattern “Of the Medical Response division.”
Onam takes a deep breath “You may begin the presentation, Captain Jorge” he’s being incredibly professional
With that, Jorge uses a holopad to summon an image on the monitor at the far end, a simple bullet point list “Though all present here already know, I’ll state it for the record. The ESG has requested from the UNEERD an independent study of mitigating techniques for stampede events, both to help us increase our understanding of the local needs and to acquire an outside perspective that may improve their own understanding”
“We will be presenting our current findings, which have proven to be pretty surprising in my opinion” he gives another command to his holopad moving to the next slide “I’ll begin with the most important finding before we look into how we’ve reached this conclusion. But in effect, a proper stampede event can actually severely reduce to completely eliminate casualties in a situation of panic, however, those events can devolve into panicked flight as well as not every species is capable of those”
At that, Toss tilts his head to the side “Of all things… Stampedes preventing casualties? That’s really difficult to believe”
Ishikawa offers a shrug “I know. I’ll be honest we kind of came into this with, let’s say… A bit of a bias against you. But the observations held true, and it turns out the situation is considerably more complex than it seems”
Jorge nods “Take note this is mostly a preliminary study, we don’t have a lot of data of the sort we needed.” he pulls up another bullet list in the screen “Our work was focused more on the behavioral end, as you’ve more than proven to have the infrastructure and technical superiority here, but we have found a distinct lack of behavioral studies on stampedes”
Tunam takes a deep breath “Sure. More stuff we got wrong, as always” but before one of the humans can say something he waves dismissively with his tail “It’s alright, you’re just doing your job. It just gets exhausting hearing this every damn paw. Sorry for the interruption, please continue”
Jorge has a look on his face for a moment, something like worry and sympathy, before continuing “We have performed our studies by examining footage of stampede events with specific characteristics. First, monospecies events, with three examples. The stampede events during our first contact, as a sample of stampede events amongst the Venlil, recovered footage of an event in the Cradle during Operation Blindside, as a sample of stampede events amongst the Gojid. Take note that while this particular footage was from a situation far from any attack sites and before the arxur invasion, the reliability of it is shaky because of the wartime situation. And a stampede event on Sillis that happened recently in response to peacekeeper forces”
As he talks, three of the bullet points light up “Additionally, we later compared stampede events involving multispecies groupings. Particularly we have studied the very recent events here on Venlil Prime during the kolshian threat as well as a second event that occurred on Sillis involving a damaged dam” the last two bullet points light up
The female firefighter pipes up “We’re going to treat you like adults here but early warning we’re not going to be censoring any of the footage. I imagine given you all work with this there shouldn’t be anything you’re not familiar with”
The one-eyed venlil makes an assentive motion with his ears “Sadly, we’ve all seen enough of the carnage to be used to it”
Jorge moves on to the next slide, which contains video. He passes the holopad off to the human woman at his side “Your turn, Fabia”
She nods “We’ll start by examining this footage of the first contact. First tell me if there’s anything unusual you notice here” she says, letting the footage play. It’s an aggregation of a few different cameras, apparently from residential apartments. It shows the residents, all Venlil, running away from their apartments and spilling over in the streets, the residents of each apartment building start running towards where presumably the nearest bunker is. It only takes a few moments before they start pushing each other out of the way and the ones at the fringes of the herd end up unable to follow the group as the ever-growing mass of people start to push them against the walls of the buildings and side streets, a little while longer the first tramplings start to happen.
Tunam has had a very careful eye on the footage “This looks like a textbook case of a stampede. Nothing particular to it” he flicks his ear to the side
Taking the sign, Toss adds in “Dreadful, as always, but not even the worst example I’ve seen”
Onam sighs “I remember that one. Wouldn’t want to be those two knowing all of this was caused by them. But still, a pretty normal stampede, if anything a mild one”
Liram makes a dismissive wave of her tail “Didn’t even manage to overflow the hospitals, so i’m calling that one a win”
The sunburnt human bites his lower lip, trying to keep something inside. But ultimately it spills over “How bad is it for those kinds of responses?” it’s not so much an accusatory tone as much as a sad one.
“Very” is the only answer Onam gives.
At that, Fabia waves “And here is where a human, or more specifically outsider perspective helped.” she presses a couple of controls in the holopad, rewinding the footage to the start “I want you to pay attention to how this particular herd moves, just the one from the beginning of the video”
The footage plays again, showing the residents of the apartments rushing out, most take the stairs while a few take the elevators. There’s parents carrying their pups and some elderly being rushed along. The footage switches to the outside view where the whole herd of venlil from the apartment seems to erupt out of the front doors at the same time, it follows them for a bit until they’re closer to another group leaving their residence before Fabia pauses “Here’s where we noticed something, how much panic do you see in here?”
It’s Tunam’s turn to respond “Normal levels, i’d say, nothing out of ordinary. Which, they were expecting a raid or worse, so keep that in mind.”
Fabia nods “And that’s why the difference is important. Pay attention to their movement” she rewinds to the moment where they’re leaving the apartment building “Pay close attention to their feet” she zooms the video
The four venlil focus on it, seemingly unable to see what is happening “It takes humans at least months of training to be able to do this. They’re all moving in perfect synchrony” she rewinds one more time, and with the information out there it’s clear that at this point, this herd’s footsteps are moving in perfect lockstep “And I have severe doubts those people have any sort of training”
Onam turns his one good eye towards Fabia, then back at the footage, then back at Fabia “That… Yes, I can see that. But that has to be a fluke, if that is true then we wouldn’t have tramplings”
In response, Fabia changes footage. It shows a different apartment building, but the contents are similar: Up until the herd is a good distance away from the building their movement is synchronous and even the exit, though clearly panicked, seems to flow without injury. She shows footage from three more apartments “We thought that too, but this pattern repeats every time. This is a level of instinctive organization that’s, to me, supernatural. But at some point it breaks down”
The medical lead had his eyes closed in thought for a while now “That… Now that you say that… Stampede injuries are always outside. Well, no, not always of course. But less than twelve percent of them happen inside buildings, the vast majority happens on the streets”
The human woman passes the datapad aside, Ishikawa picks it up and calls up the footage again. It’s the same as the initial one, but it shows two herds approaching “And here’s where it breaks down. Look” he plays it as everyone pays much closer attention to the details of the video. The two different herds simply crash into each other, causing people to fall over and the two previously-synchronized groups to fall completely out of order.
Tunam’s tail swipes a short arc forwards “Ah, I see. Each herd is acting like a single unit at that point, so this situation is like two people running into each other. Now they’re on the floor and confused” he stares as the footage continues, and what was two groups ends up splitting into four completely disorganized groups “And the herds are unable to reform after that”
“This is where i’m going to introduce some specific terms we’re using here” Ishikawa adds “Specifically we’re referring to the organized movement portion as a ‘stampede’ proper. The situation where everything breaks down and they are completely disorganized we’re referring to as ‘panicked flight’, much how it is for us humans. And this specific situation that caused the breakdown of the stampede we’re calling an ‘impact’ event, given it was two herds impacting against each other”
Ishikawa then changes to a different piece of footage “And this will be the second breakdown situation we’ve recognized, a ‘command failure’ event.” he starts the footage, it’s a proper stampede, the video is from a camera on a defensive bunker proper, the masses trying to get inside are visible at the bottom of the image. Something happens in the incoming stampede, it slows down a little bit, before suddenly the back half overtakes the front half, tossing people into the ground.
“Notice how the approaching herd seems to be behaving as we’ve initially expected, even going so far as slowing down to prevent from barrelling into the people waiting to enter the bunker” he adds, before rewinding to just before the breakdown and zooming the video “But notice here, at some point those two start having a discussion while they run” the video is zoomed on a pair of venlil who seem to be shouting, though the video has no audio “Shortly after, the entire formation breaks and the rear speeds up, trampling the front”
The crimson venlil adds “They were following the one on the right…” he has a certain tone of awe on his voice “They all had their attention trained on him”
At that the female firefighter makes a questioning noise “How’d you figure that out?”
Tunam does a quick sideways flick of his ears in a dismissal move “I guess you don’t know how to see where we’re focusing our attention on when we don’t have to turn our entire heads for it. But pay attention to the ears, when they’re completely upright to take in sound they’ll be tracking whoever the focus is. As you can see, they were all focusing on the one on the right, which was the one being yelled at” he focuses on the now still image for a while “You can see he has his tail in his hands, while the one yelling at him has his chest first ruffled out.” his eye seems to focus beyond the image now “This herd didn’t break down because of another, but they lost guidance, is that it?”
Jorge sighs, but he has a slight smile “See, I told you it’d be wise to have at least one venlil in our team. Just from being able to read their body language he skipped past two weeks of comparisons”
Ishikawa gives a light sigh “But that’s correct. This is a ‘command failure’ situation. We’ve noticed that in every stampede there seems to be someone that works at least as pace setting, if not straight up herd leader. It seemed in cases to mostly be arbitrary, but once someone got in that position everyone would follow that one”
Jorge picks up the holopad again “Next up” the screen changes again, it’s another video that is quite clearly not on Venlil Prime “This one happened during peacekeeping operations on Sillis…” there’s a certain inflection of disgust in the human’s voice as he mentions ‘peacekeeping’ “You probably already know what to expect but I want you to focus on the differences here”
The video that plays out starts with what seems like a protest in front of a UN field base, the recording is from the body cam of a soldier on top of a watchtower. There’s a moderate mass of tilfish with all sorts of signs, there’s shouting. The camera turns to show an APC get close to the mass from inside the base, there’s shouting from the human guards but nothing happens, until the APC revs up its engine heavily. At the angry roar of the vehicle the protesters started to bolt, four large groups forming in different directions.
The camera follows one such group as it starts heading off down a street, unlike the venlil stampedes this one starts from moment zero with trampling and people moving into each other. At some point it’s visible someone at the middle of the formation seems to hesitate and slow down, causing the entire mass to slow down for a moment, and then someone else near the slower raises their arms. At this point this is too far from the soldier’s body camera to catch noise, but what seems to be a discussion has happened, and suddenly the stampede speeds up and the scene that follows gets considerably worse as the mass turns into a tangle of limbs cross across eachother and tearing itself apart as they try to move in the same general direction.
“It started bad” says Toss “But it got worse. I’ve never seen a stampede get worse like that”
Onam puts his tail on the table, tapping the surface gently with it “It happens as it grows in size but this group didn’t change. That did seem like a command failure situation causing it to get even worse, yes, but they seemed to already be very out of sync from the start”
The human with the holopad nods “And that’s the biggest failure of your treatment of stampedes showing itself.” he rewinds the video to when the APC starts roaring “And honestly, we were stuck on that failure mode for a while too until one of the younger members of our team spoke their mind. Pay closer attention to the amount of damage that is happening during the stampede here” they all lean closer as they watch the start again “How many wounds are you seeing?”
It’s the one-eyed venlil that answers “None… They’re not trampling eachther, they’re climbing each other, and walking under the others, somehow without hurting themselves?” his voice has a definite awe to it.
Jorge nods “Yep. Tilfish, both from their body plan and however way their kinesthetic sense works, appear to be fully capable of moving over, through and under each other like they weren’t even there. That seems to be pretty unique to their species”
It’s the red furred venlil that comments now “But they lose that coordination when the command failure happens, so they start to miss their movements and now we have limbs tangled on themselves and tearing themselves apart”
“Comparing medical reports from this with medical reports from the first incident with just venlil” starts the female firefighter “We see different wound patterns. A monospecies panicked flight of tilfish will lead primarily to damaged and removed limbs while one of venlil will lead to crushing wounds. Because your herd movement patterns and capacities are different, when the stampede fails into panicked flight the wounds are different”
Liram tilts her head to the side “That’s what you meant. We… Speh, the entire federation, has been treating stampedes like they behave the same for every species” her tail swats left to right for a while with an excessive amount of force “But this makes sense. And I presume you have an example of a species that doesn’t stampede up next, right?”
Jorge nods, moving to the next video. It shows a wide, long street “This one was recovered from the Cradle, this happens during the strikes on the orbital defenses but before the first orbital drop. Meaning, long before any ground operation starts” the video is sped up considerably at the start, the trickle of gojid into the streets is slow as to require that, but the flows from the buildings and side streets slowly thicken as more and more people start fleeing away from the camera’s direction. The mass that forms is enormous, taking up the entire street, and to flows and moves as if it wasn’t a mass of people, not even like a mass of animals, but it flows like a river, like it ceased to contain living beings and it now contained fluid particles.
Tunam, whose expression has been growing more and more serious by the moment, initiates “I… I’ve never seen a stampede like… It really shows the difference seeing the comparison, here we didn’t have groups forming at exit points and leaving, we have a slow trickle until the mass of people is…”
Ishikawa nods “Until the mass of people starts behaving like a fluid, completely detached from the will of the people inside of it” he puts his elbows in the table “Very much how it works with humans. At that point, you just need to let the flow move you and hope for the best, while trying to keep yourself safe”
Jorge zooms in the image, which appears to be sufficiently high quality to get detailed images of any particular member of the mass “You can even see the measures they take to prevent harming themselves” he directs the zoom to an area where you see the gojid have somehow arranged themselves back-to-back and front-to-front as they’re pushed and shoved, trying to avoid harming themselves on each other. It’s visible, however, they have no control over the motions as they’re simply being moved by the mass. One unlucky woman trying to hold on to some form of backpack gets pulled under the mass of bodies by the article. Most gojid seem to be taking conscious effort to keep their quills from flaring out, but many are failing and some trickle of blue can be seen on some backs
“Of course” the zoomed out area directs to a different section while zooming out “This is neither instinctual nor organized, as you can see the vast majority of the cases are like… This…” the best description of the moving mass of very sharp people being dislocated by nothing but panic and fluid forces is… A meat grinder. There’s more blue than brown visible and the speed with which the human moves the video elsewhere is quite indicative of how none of the present trained emergency workers had the stomach to witness it.
Liram has stood up “By the void… But- But- There’s gojid population on this planet! I’ve never seen anything like this when they’re involved!” there’s straight up panic in her voice.
With a command, Jorge moves on to the next slide “And that segues well into the next topic of research, multispecies stampedes” there’s a still image of a large street in the capital, mostly empty at this point “As you can imagine there’s behavioral differences in multispecies situations”
Jorge passes the holopad over to Ishikawa “This one is pretty recent, hell I still remember it myself. The kolshian probing attack” the video starts, and for a few seconds the slow foot traffic of the mostly empty street seems undeterred. Then, most everyone still walking the streets, which here in the capital means a variety of species from venlil and human to takkan and iftali, picks up their holopads at once. And with different degrees of urgency and reading speed, they start running.
Nothing seems to progress further than that other than people entering buildings, but after a while longer it happens, groups start leaving the buildings in large herds “As you can see” Ishikawa pauses “We see them exiting buildings in large groups, just as the stampeding species do” he let it play again. Just like in the first two videos the large groups seem to be moving roughly in coordination within themselves, but it seems to be a much more frail kind of coordination as the group’s form changes and shifts as the people inside adjust their position.
Ishikawa zooms into one of the groups “Here, check their movement” it’s visible that only a portion of them is moving in actual synchrony, the venlil as well as a pair of sulean and three krakotl seem to be moving very much in lockstep, and one human who seems to be acting as a leader as she points and shouts. Meanwhile the other humans, two takkan and a gojid aren’t moving quite in synchrony but seem capable of keeping themselves in formation thanks to the others around them. “Here we see the effect of a mixed species setting. The stampeding species manage to give enough structure to the group that the others can follow”
Tunam is staring intensely at the video “But that’s a very fragile configuration, isn’t it? The ones organizing on instinctive drive can’t possibly keep this much structure for long? Without training this is going to break down quickly”
Ishikawa nods “That’s what we thought as well but…” he lets the video play, and they watch that mass of bodies continue to move mostly organized down the street. At some point another equally mixed group starts approaching from the side, but one of the takkan appears to start shouting. But instead of things breaking down, what happens is that both groups merge together, there’s some minor bodily impacts but from the visible motions of the group there’s some shared apologies and they continue moving at a slower speed, matching the speed of the second group “That doesn’t happen, the whole situation is even more stable”
The video continues for a while, and Ishikawa zooms to the front of the formation. The human who’d been the apparent leader taps rather violently a venlil on the shoulder. There apparently seems to be a verbal altercation, but both give each other affirmative visual cues and the venlil speeds up a little bit. And the rest of the herd matches pace as the group changes direction to another street “And this is a smooth change of command, presumably the human that’d been the unofficial lead figured out who knew the shortest path to the bunker and they’ve began following him instead”
The crimson venlil sinks down in his chair “That’s… I’ve never seen a stampede move quite like that, even multispecies ones. It has to be you…”
“Much as i’d love to give us all the credit” Jorge starts “I don’t quite think it is. Or rather, it’s not something i’d say is inherently human. If it was, once that group changed command they’d break down, or it wouldn’t be able to merge that easily with a takkan mediating. No, I think it was just those specific humans being able to keep their cool that helped it.”
He looks at Tunam for a half second before continuing “Everyone else seems to be… Very prone to panicking quickly. And while we’re just as prone to panic we don’t seem to get there as fast as the others. For some reason. Keeping a bit of a calmer head allows the prevention of command failures and the overall effect of reducing the panic level in a herd enough that any member present has enough wits to negotiate through an impact as well”
Upon noticing Tunam’s souring expression, Ishikawa gives the pad another command to move on to the next video “To give a bit more context to an important part of the behavior we’re analyzing here, we have this one footage of what is essentially a stampede event, but not one most people would recognize as such”
It seems to be footage of Sillis again, most obvious by the number of tilfish present. The footage is from a cargo hauling drone in a work site by a river at the bottom of a dam. There are a handful of humans, a half dozen venlil and a gojid all wearing construction uniforms identifying them as part of one of the UN relief forces, the various tilfish around are also wearing bright construction vests and protective gear and with the exception of two of them, they seem to be trying their best to stay away from the others. Suddenly, the gojid who’s near the river looks down at his feet, then starts running away shouting. At that everyone other than the tilfish start running as well, the group slows down for a moment as the tilfish workers run towards the group and they all continue together up a hill. A few seconds after they crest the hill there’s suddenly water in the worksite as the dam cracks and collapses. The group stops at the top of the hill, and quickly they’ve brought up holopads to start doing damage assessment as a few head closer to the rushing waters.
“This, as you can see, looks nothing like what you expect out of a stampede. We’ve interviewed those workers remotely to get a better grasp of what happened” Fabia adds “Thanks to their sensitivity to ground vibrations, the gojid worker caught the dam’s damage early and called for the others to run, which caused the work crew to evacuate to higher ground.” she waves at Ishikawa, who rewinds the video and zooms on the group as it runs “As you can see, we have the organized movement of a stampede proper” and known his cue he skips ahead to the group on top of the hill “And they stopped quickly, as well.
The human with reddened skin rewinds the video again to show the moment the group slows down “And here’s the particular detail I want you to pay attention to. Notice the group formed when the gojid called out the emergency, but only two tilfish joined it. The two that were already talking with the UN forces”
Onam tilts his head, clearly in thought as his blind eye is facing the screen now “You’re saying there’s an influence of familiarity?”
In answer, Ishikawa shakes his head in negative “Yes and no, we believe this is an effect of threat-assessment. The two that trusted the veracity of the information about the danger moved as quickly as the rest of the herd, which had managed to form thanks to the presence of the venlil and tilfish. Only after the other tilfish recognized those two did they start moving”
“And the whole group slowed down for them, without breaking apart” the crimson venlil adds “This is very much not anything we’d consider a stampede, however as you said the synchronized movement happens and they even managed to clear through the obstacles in a surprisingly safe manner on the way out”
Jorge picks up the holopad again and moves on to the next slide “So to sum up our theories. Certain species have an innate capacity of large-numbers collective movement, what we call a stampede is simply that natural capacity displaying itself during mass flight. That capacity can be harnessed to reduce casualties of panicked flight by giving the moving group an organized form, but only as long as the organization can be sustained. This mass movement capacity also applies to situations where other species would still perform in an organized fashion, but its instinctive nature severely speeds up the process.”
Before he can continue, however, Tunam mutters a little too loudly “But the results you’re going to give us are going to be the same brahking thing as always”
Jorge ignores the muttering “To begin with we’re going to suggest a system similar to the fire brigades we have on Earth. Essentially, any group large enough, such as a company or an apartment building, needs to have a handful of people with some training in emergency procedures for fire escape, so they can guide the rest of the people.”
Ishikawa intrudes “And in countries with higher seismic activities like mine, those procedures also include how to deal with earthquakes for example”
Jorge nods, and takes a deep breath “Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Your threat-assessment skills are horrible, for some reason- No, I think for reasons we’re all acquainted well enough by now, you’re all very likely to jump at shadows, far more than you should. However, your flight responses are part of your nature, trying to fight your nature never, ever works, you always have to work with it.” he’s staring directly at Tunam, who has met his stare with his right eye “So the primary suggestion is to introduce a form of ‘emergency herd lead’ training in organizations so that we’re certain there are individuals capable of keeping command and a lower baseline of chaos during a stampede event as well as further research into better methods of performing such a function”
Tunam doesn’t flinch from the stare “Come on, say it”
“No. As much as I’d love to say something like what you think I will, I’ll be honest. You guys expect to face orbital bombardment threats with enough frequency that civilian bunkers are part of city planning. Not a human alive today could imagine living in this nightmare their entire lives, I’m going to give you some credit here. Plus, in real threat situations as seen in the last video, you have very beneficial threat responses.” Jorge adds
Jorge waits for a few moments, then continues “That concludes the presentation of the early findings and initial measures we’ve identified. It should be noted that this topic will require much further research, preferably from a multidisciplinary group with representatives of multiple species. Though those findings may be applicable at the present our suggestion is that any action taken at this moment be only provisional and on an experimental level until further research can be made”
Onam stands up “Very well, with that I declare the meeting concluded” he takes in a deep breath and sits back down, making an annoyed sound with his voice as he swats his tail to the side “What is it about you humans that you could see all those things?”
Fabia shrugs, sitting more relaxed in her chair “I don’t think it’s something special, we’re just outsiders with a different perspective.”
A loud screeching noise can be heard, and as everyone turns to face Tunam the source of the noise is visible as the hand he had on the table had dug its claws into it “It’s not like we haven’t found out those things before, isn’t it?” he doesn’t seem to be directing his words to anyone in particular
The one-eyed venlil tilts his head to the side “We did have that work group almost fifteen cycles ago. I remember they were considering a suggestion like what we just had right now, but the work group never went anywhere and we never got any real results”
Tunam stands up suddenly, sending his chair scattering “One more to the list I guess…” there’s a tiredness to his voice “I should figure out where they wound up…” he turns around and goes to leave “We’re done here, yes? I should go” and stalks out.
The remaining people in the room look at his exit confusedly, as Ishikawa comes over to turn off the camera the others can be seen leaving.
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2023.06.08 22:58 penisgenitals [Relevo] Real Madrid make serious moves for Alphonso Davies for 2024

Alphonso Davis (22 years old), Bayern's left-back, is in Real Madrid's plans... for 2024. The club have been working on this operation for some time with intermediaries and the matter is moving forward seriously to bring him in next year. The Canadian has signed his renewal until 2025 and, unless there is a clause in the contract that allows him to be released next season, Real Madrid are heading for a negotiation with Munich. A scenario reminiscent of the one experienced with Toni Kroos, who signed for Real Madrid in exchange for 25 million euros 12 months before the expiry of his contract with Bayern.
His situation at the German club is uncertain. Not in sporting terms, a permanent fixture, but in terms of his future. The player has rejected another renewal and last week, his agent, Nedal Househ, further fuelled the uncertainty with a statement that now makes even more sense. "It's a chaotic time at Bayern at the moment. I'm not sure what's going on and who we are going to deal with. There seems to be too much instability about the direction of the club. Before we move on to a new contract, maybe it's better if we wait until 2024 and see how things develop...," he told Bild.
Bayern, who are in the midst of a rebuilding process following the departures of Oliver Kahn (CEO) and Hasan Salihamidzic (sporting director), have already been put on alert and are on the verge of completing the signing of Borussia Dortmund left-back Raphael Guerreiro. A bandage for a future injury. Davies's contract expires in 2025 and if he stays on for another season and decides not to renew, the Munich club would be forced to sell him in 2024, albeit at a lower price than if they were to do so this summer. Madrid are moving to close the deal for next year, but if the opportunity arises to tie the knot now, they will not hesitate.
Mendy for sale
At Concha Espina they are aware of Davies' doubts. That is why they have been chewing on a deal that would be a coup in the market. The Canadian is the left-back with the highest market value (70 million), according to the specialised website Transfermarkt, and his age (22) makes him a signing for a decade in a position that causes more than one headache for Madrid.
The club had been thinking for months about reinforcing the wing and the end of the season confirmed the idea, with Camavinga as a stopgap and Mendy as the main target. The sporting management will try to get rid of Mendy. His continuous injuries (today he went down with France) make him more of a problem than a solution. For this reason, the arrival of Fran García is not enough and the market is being combed in search of a top level '3' while Davies is being offered for 2024... without closing the door on this summer if all the conditions are met.
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2023.06.08 22:58 nsport44 31 [M4F] Texas/ Anywhere Let's shoot the shit

I’m easy going, smart, funny and kind, with a positive mindset and a curiosity about the world. a little down today.
I'm going start by putting it out there that I'm in a wheelchair. Several years ago, l was in a snowboarding accident. But that hasn’t stopped me living my life.
One of my favorite films is the Shawshank Redemption, I love the enduring hope of that film and the ‘get busy living or get busy dying ‘ quote. A good mantra to live by.
My family means a lot to me and they have been a great support, so if that’s important to you, we are off to a great start .
I have a full-time job, and I love sports, ( Oklahoma college football amongst many others ) watching comedy films, and sci fi and history.
I'm open minded as to what I'm looking for. No pressure or expectations, just to see if we have that spark of chemistry and see what happens and go from there.
Here's a pic of me: https://imgur.com/a/oqlVOg4
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2023.06.08 22:58 8BitHihat Using a physical notebook

I feel like my mind works in a way that stuff that is out of sight is also out of mind. So a todo app in some way stops existing to me when i tab out of it, and i need to consciously make effort to remember it exists. But then when i open it, i see all the other todo things as well, it's hard to organize them properly, so it feels instantly overwhelming. Also phone notifications do not work since i find sounds on my phone too distracting, and if i look at my phone it is for some other reason than the notification, so i'll instantly need to keep two things in my head at the same time.
So after spending quite some time in "too many things to do so i'm just gonna be overwhelmed and not do anything / panic and make things worse aaaaaaaa"-land, i remembered that i had a notebook i'd gotten because my therapist had instructed me to keep some kind of journal.
So I flipped it around, and for each page, i made a separate todo list for one day, so for example one page is: thursday - do x and y.
With this notebook i just see today's tasks and nothing else. I know the tasks for following days are there on the next pages, so it gives me some peace of mind that i don't need to remember. I am also free to place the notebook as obviously in my line of sight as i feel is necessary, while i am doing something else. Currently it is sitting on my desk just reminding me that i actually got today's tasks done (yay).
I can also take it with me in my backpack, so i can write down and organize my thoughts, without any popups, notifications, or ads, without an user interface constraining the way i write them. It's not backed up to the cloud so i might one day lose it, but that's alright. eventually i'll need a new one anyway.
It also feels a lot easier to assess whether the amount of things is too much for one single day, when they are all on one page, so maybe this will prevent me from putting too much on my plate at once. (i've honestly only used this for one day now but for some reason this feels like the best thing since sliced cheese)
I really like this spiral notebook without any lines printed on it, because it's easy to keep one page open without it wanting to close up on itself, and no lines because sometimes it's nicer to just draw.
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2023.06.08 22:58 4-adun Shogi Ladder Week 155

What is Shogi Ladder? A teaching ladder is a system where you learn together with an opponent one rank above you and an opponent one rank below you.
How does it work? If you choose to participate in a given weekend sign up for the weekly ladder (sign-up closes Friday 23:30 UTC). You will play two even rated games, and will analyze them together with your opponent afterward. This post-game analysis is key, it is the teaching/learning part of the teaching ladder.
How is it going? The 81Dojo club now enjoys 440 members from over 35 different countries! Last week we had 8 participants from 7 different countries. It is the premier English-language club on 81Dojo. New players continue to join each week; the club welcomes players at all levels.
Come join us! We are a community of friendly players who are serious about improving and enthusiastic about learning. What makes the teaching ladder unique is that everyone in the ladder is committed to post-game analysis in a welcoming and constructive atmosphere--it is not a tournament, but a learning tool! If you have the time to play a couple of games this long weekend (Saturday-Monday UTC) please consider signing up!
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2023.06.08 22:58 eddfranklin Value of Time

If you are reading this, you are probably lazy, because you could make something productive to give your time a value.
What are you doing with your time?
A few hours ago I wrote that I need to stay in bed because of my knee, but I was stressed because I am still poor.
After I published the "knee"-post I jump on my pc and took action again.
Now I have to wait for tomorrow so I can work more and I am happy, that I have beaten the lazyness and the stress today.
This is more than just important.
Look at the mirror and ask yourself "What am I doing with my time? And why am I stressed and what do I need to do about it?"
The rest is taking action.
Thank me later.
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2023.06.08 22:57 IlluminatedApe "Silver is the most widely used precious metal within the Department of Defense (DoD)"

Context Background:
Yardney Technical Products inc is a division of Ener-Tek International Inc, but was formerly Yardney Electric Corp, which started in NYC in 1944. They are notable for their rechargeable silver-zinc and silver chloride batteries. They went on to develop products for mini-subs, rockets, torpedoes, aircraft and satellites, among other applications of its technology. I found an article discussing their history here. (Note: the article is behind a pay wall, but can be read by previewing the print window).
An audit report from the DoD suggesting that a contractor (Yardney) requested more silver from the government than they used and was terminated as a result. The document provides some key insights I'd like to share.
Firstly, the document in full may be sourced here.
The background of the audit tells us that "Silver is the most widely used precious metal within the Department of Defense (DoD)".
The Scope, although somewhat redacted (b4- suggests redacted because of national security concerns) does not redact the total amount of troy ounces in 1990, showing that the US govt was using over 2mil ounces of silver at the time for their military production needs.
Another curious text I found was in the Other Matters of Interest section, where it states the Defense Authorization Act authorized disposal of EXCESS silver from the National Defense Stockpile. This ability was unknown to me until now.
DoD directives regarding the recycling of Precious Metals suggests the governments efforts may still allow them a cheaper source of silver than available for the open market. More research is needed in the modern application of these DoD directives.
Unsure whether accurate now, but at the time along with Yardney (who was improperly awarded this agreement), Handy and Harman Inc and Engelhard Corporation were the other two silver storage contractors for the DoD.
Further, the two accounted for 90% of the Government contracts and customer who used silver, and or what is referred to as "Precious Metal Banks".
I'm including these because I think its worth noting how many contracts this audit found that were overstating their silver requirements and shows those that procured on open market. Although most of it is redacted or just government skus, it does provide us what industry vaguely and who the silver was sent towards which is notably interesting.
That's my sweep of the document and posting what I thought were the highlights. I will continue my dig on the DoD Defense Logistics Agency, and see what more can be learned regarding the nature of our military's silver needs and its potential effects on this market we find ourselves in today.
Feel free to check out the audit document yourself and comment below anything I may have of missed!
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2023.06.08 22:57 beebee0 Riley Creek Mercantile Latest Check-In Time?

I’m camping in Denali NP this weekend and I can’t for the life of me find out what time the check-in desk at Riley Creek Campground closes.
I’m driving out of Anchorage after work and want to know how early I need to make like a banana. I see the mercantile closes at 11pm, but in the past I swear the check-in desk has closed much earlier than the shop. Can’t find this info online and when I called the number listed I just got put on hold with Doyon/Aramark!
Any info is highly appreciated! :)
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2023.06.08 22:57 No-Hovercraft-3621 What could these symptoms mean?

Hi All! I know that I should just go to the doctor but I have a super high deductible and I’m hoping to advocate in the right areas. Any insight is helpful on what these recent symptoms may mean?
I’m overall healthy. 30 year old female, 5’ 3” with fluctuating weight depending on activity level but currently 138lbs. Pretty active - run 3-5 times a week and walk at least 2 miles most day in addition.
Past blood tests highlights/health highlights: positive Anti smooth muscle body titer - 2x - (last time checked last year because no concern by doctor), on 1/7/23 - elevated ALT (47 IU/L), T4,Free(Direct) Result: 1.81 ng/dL. Past history of HPV, HSV-1, abnormal Pap smear but now resolved, large gall stone, resolved fatty liver, high anxiety, adhd (take 30mg of vyvanse not every day), past sleep apnea had surgery but not sure if is completely resolved, and severe night teeth grinding (grinding through night guards), sometimes gets flushed in high stress or quick temperate change, higher heart rate while exercising (even prior to beginning vyvanse).
Symptoms: two weeks ago had a debilitating headache for 2 days (don’t usually get headaches), was getting dizzy when standing up and laying down, possible Oral lichen planus (seems unrelated to past HSV-1 as it’s not open sores but swollen tender areas of mouth) following a very horribly run half marathon (high stress?)
Was feeling much better with less dizziness until today. now a very achy body (like all parts of my body don’t feel great), feels like what it does when febrile and nausea with slight change in bowels.
Ugh typing all of that was even stressful. Overall, whenever told of these possible issues, I never had any associated indicators that stuck out to doctors. Just supposed to get my gall bladder out but I don’t have any apparent symptoms.
Possible issues: autoimmune hepatitis or other autoimmune? Hormonal something?
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2023.06.08 22:56 raeevie Am I (22F) being unreasonable with my partner (26NB)?

Hi everyone, first time posting so sorry for any errors!
So I (22F) and my partner (26NB) have been engaged for 6 months, together for 1.5 years. I love my partner so much, however I find myself struggling with anxiety currently which leads to overthinking everything including how I communicate my feelings and whether or not I'm being unreasonable/jealous etc.
The main thought I would like to bring to you guys today is this: my partner has a lot of soft corn content (e.g. thirst traps and the like) on their social media - mainly TT. I would like to insert here that I am not against watching corn when aroused either during intimacy with partners or to keep one company when going solo. What I am slightly uncomfortable with is when my partner consumes this content which then turns them on and then they pleasure themselves to that persons content. It for some reason feels more personal? And makes me sad that they don't look at me and feel that same desire in the same way.
What really made me think of this was that my partner came to bed while I was already sleeping, woke me up and said "I have just seen this woman's video and found a link to her twitter and now super horny and I'm gonna make it your problem" as in they then wanted to have intimacy with me because they had been turned in by this other woman. Does anyone else relate to this or at least understand where I am coming from? Or am I being unreasonable.
I would also like to add that I am working on communicating my feelings and thoughts with my partner and trying to overcome my fears that they might think that thoughts like above make me seem crazy/overbearing/jealous.
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2023.06.08 22:55 zabkavpotoku I cant stay clean for not even one day

Okay so yesterday i cetted myself like 14 times and i wanted to stay clean for 30 days but today i relapsed i have extremly deep cuts they cant stop bleeding im dont want to go to the hospital What should i do
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2023.06.08 22:55 lotrfan2004 There's nothing wrong with being on your phone/the internet all day.

Everyone is always talking about "touching grass" and how bad it is that we're all scrolling on social media and stuff, and that we should be interacting with the "real world". But I think this is silly.
More and more the real world actually takes place in digital spaces rather than physical ones. We meet our significant others online, we celebrate our achievements with friends and family on Facebook, the communities that matter to us are online. Not to mention it's where we get our news, entertainment, do our shopping etc.
The online world is a wonderful, completely frictionless place for us to see to so many of our human needs. Our parents and grandparents went out much more than we did- but that's because so much of what we can get on our devices used to require entire buildings and organizations. If they wanted to watch a movie they had to physically go somewhere. If they wanted the news they had to go buy a newspaper. If they wanted community they had to get up and go to church. But we have the utter luxury to get nearly everything we need from anywhere we happen to be, and yet we're complaining about it!
I think it's hogwash and am so happy to live in the age of cellphones and scrolling, because it allows me so much freedom.
And people act as though scrolling on your phone is this pointless activity but it's like no, I scrolled on my phone all day today and participated in many intellectual debates, payed my bills, read the news, entertained myself, caught up with friends and family... This is all really great and meaningful stuff!
And in addition to all that enrichment and productivity, I had the time to go on a nice long walk. So suck it anti-tech people!
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2023.06.08 22:54 random_attention I sometimes feel like my 16 yr old daughter dresses too old or inappropriately. As a father & parent do I have the right to say something?

Background: I am married with 2 kids (18 yr old male & 16 yr old female). My daughter is very beautiful and she is going to be a heartbreaker when she gets older. I feel like many many parents today have laissez-faire attitudes with how their kids act and I don’t want to be that parent. I also grew up with a strict mom and I don’t want to overstep my boundaries either. I’ve let my kids do many things as they’ve grown up that I was never allowed to do at the same age. But I am also a firm believer in some societal norms, and appropriate clothing is one of them. My daughter revealed that it makes her uncomfortable to wear a bikini, a low cut top, or short shorts, etc around the house OR out in public because I might make comments about how the clothing is inappropriate.
They also told me that I am essentially sexualizing her because I have to look at what she’s wearing to comment and that means I’m looking at her in a certain way. She asked a friend who’s a little older and she told her that her father would never ever make remarks at how she dresses, implying I’m the weirdo. My daughter has mostly male friends that she hangs out with a lot. I explained that if she’s bothered by what old guys in the mall are thinking about her what does she think her male friends are thinking about her.
Both my kids said it’s alright if I have opinions on this but it’s not my place to voice them and technically neither should my wife- I/we should just trust my daughter has the sense and leave it alone. Going back to that laissez-faire attitude, I feel like it’s a parents job to tell their kids when they’re acting wrong, talking disrespectful, dressing inappropriately, etc. I try not to go overboard with things I tell them, more so reminders and gee whiz. When I discuss it with my wife she obviously doesn’t see any issues- many times she’s the one that bought the clothes for my daughter. I tried explaining that if she was older I would be more okay with it, but right now I feel like sometimes she dresses to old for her age.
It makes me sick and upset they equate me to weirdos checking her out. If my wife spoke up or had more of an input then I wouldn’t need to say anything.
TL;DR- My 16 yr old daughter sometimes dresses inappropriately and everyone thinks it’s not my place to say anything.
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2023.06.08 22:54 sheabutterbaebee Diary entry #23: Cambridge, mothering, spiritual growth, sad monkey, emotional instability

Hello my dearest diary,
I've been going through changes. I've cried thrice tonight.
My dearest friend C made it into an M.Phil program at an Ivy League Uni, and we never doubted it for a second. I could totally believe her, I trusted that she was worth it even when she didn't believe she was. I cried.
C's mother walked out on her when she was little, and honestly even though she's the same age as me, I often played "mother" to her. She had other mother figures, much like myself, she took on mother figures in her friend's mothers.
She's always felt inadequate due to being motherless, honestly due to never having received the nurture she was due, she relied HEAVILY on me, I'm sorry to say, there were times I failed her. I was burned out. Mothering is hard work. I wish I was better at this.
All of this happened today, she chose to share her special day with me. She insisted on meeting me today and allowing me to share in her lifechanging occasion. I couldn't be more glad I share this with her.
I am eternally grateful C shared such a wonderful part of her life with me. I love to participate in other's joys.
On another note, Diary, I want to say I believe I have grown spiritually. When C told me her special news, I never once thought "why wasn't it me?" "Do I not deserve such a bright future?" All I could think was "She deserves every second of this joy."
I would have loved to be worthy of being accepted into a good uni, let alone an Ivy league, but I accept academia might not be for me at this point in my life. Maybe some day, when I am ready to receive a higher education, I will pursue it, but my life is different now, based on the choices I have wholeheartedly made.
I find peace in pursuing the path I have chosen, and knowing I have friends pursuing paths of their choosing. The world is sooooo big, Diary, our lives are miniscule, but our victories are significant.
I seek to fill a void just as C seeks to fill hers, just as you, Diary, seek to fill yours. Adversity has always created purpose, it always will. Our victories will always be based on what we need most.
C took me to all my comfort places as a celebration, and we went to my favorite club. There we danced with my favorite guys and she made out with some good looking man.
A guy I met a few nights earlier pressed his cock against me for a long time while we danced and it truly got me aroused. I met another guy who wanted me before he left but he didn't give me much attention because I ditched him on Tuesday. Truth is, Diary, I've been a sad monkey. I've cried.
I've not been able to address my Patrons nor respond to emails or messages. It seems like sometimes I get too sad to even clean my room or put away my clothes. I've cried.
I know when you read my journal entries you think I'm crazy, but I assure you, that acknowledging my difficult days with judgement makes getting past them more conquer-able. I can make it through. I know you think I'm emotional and crazy sometimes, but Diary, I'm more resilient than most people who go through life never acknowledge how delusional or insane what they do is.
Diary, please respond to me, I'm lonely. I love you.
Shea x
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2023.06.08 22:53 Murky_Plane_878 Is Iman Gadzhi Legit? Grow Your Agency, IAG Media Facts & What we can learn

Iman Gadzhi has been completely blowing up, you can't avoid the guy.
I’m in the digital marketing space and word kind of gets around. The question that always comes up is "is / was this guy legit?"
After all he has, what I would say is BY FAR the most massive course on not just ads, but creating an agency with "no experience"
That has made me feel an obligation to share some of the facts I've accumulated from others in the industry, and also empirically, to restore some balance as most of his course marketing seems targeted heavily towards not just beginners, but to un-informed minors and teenagers
I'm not here to moralize about those points. I saw another post on Iman, but thought it had a lot of opinions in it. So my hope is to simply put this information out there and help people parse what’s true, by sharing what I've heard, sticking close to as facts as possible.
Lastly, I could still be off about certain things, so forgive for for that -- and feel free to add below -- but anyway let's get into it!
1. Iman's Agency IAG Media
Controversially, Iman shut down his own agency I believe last year. Or rather, "gave it to his CMO to run"
What happened in reality, is just a few days after this announcement, the calendar was offline on his website. In other words, they immediately shut down for new business.
Where it gets interesting. My friend's agency actually had worked with IAG Media in the past and had the following to say (and this is 100% verified). I have not seen this info anywhere publicly...
And it's interesting because it's like, "does this guy teaching in a course know what he's doing?"
“Is his agency legit? Here’s the story”:
a. When this client was onboarded, IAG media promised to re-build the client's entire website and funnel, but they literally never did it.
b. They also promised to do some specific training, but it never happened either.
c. IAG created just one batch of ad creatives at the very beginning of the deal, these creatives did not perform, and they were never replaced.
d. The "new targeting" with the client's existing creatives also failed completely.
e. When these issues were brought up, IAG's "CMO" doubled down and said actually overall sales were up
f. When they canceled the contract after 3 months (spending $15k and making negative ROI on ad spend) Iman said on the call "this is such a small contract for us, we actually don't even need your business"
2. Iman Gadzhi's YouTube
Iman knows how to juice the algorithm on YouTube and had pretty unparalleled growth.
His comment section may seem like bots, but the truth seems to be that Iman pays for these comments by posting an instagram story saying he will give a random comment $x.
This is not to my knowledge against any terms of service, however it does obscure any negative comments.
His biggest scandal has generally been around his two big video series, "Digital Renaissance" and "The Great Reset"
Generally, these were just huge marketing funnels for his course. Even if he wasn't pitching it directly in every video, you are now on his marketing email list, getting retargeted, and in his funnel.
There was a controversy around his action of taking down the "Digital Renaissance" video series. While he claimed these videos were removed by YouTube, he got caught red handed and had to make a (since deleted) apology video.
Worth noting, there were some large claims made in these videos about history and current events, though no direct citations or sources on any of the claims.
3. Gents Croquet Club NFT
Not that we care about NFTs here, or are they related to agencies or ads, but many people who start in Imans funnel end up becoming interested in his other "items" so it's worth a mention.
At the peak of the NFT bubble, Iman started marketing for "Gents Croquet Club", a membership club like Andrew Tate's War room, except membership was bought and sold as an NFT.
There was a fixed number of issued, and a 1:1 call to "vet for quality" but by all intents and purposes this was a sales call with commission being paid per signup.
This capitalized simultaneously the NFT hype because it was explicitly sold as not just an extremely expensive mastermind group, but an "investment" that would retain its value.
And for a while, it did, shooting up from its original purchase price of $4,000 and hanging out at around $10,000 for quite some time.
But since, it's crashed down to $3,300 -- 70% from all time high -- and it was crashed by Iman himself.
Since the NFT platform OpenSea changed their terms of service Iman to pay less royalties on every NFT sale, GCC was changed to be open to the general public as a yearly subscription.
Meaning no more vetting, no more scarce supply, now anyone could join for a fee.
Upon this news, the price crashed, meaning every holder lost around $7000.
Perhaps people got enough value to justify, even losing a bit of money on this investment.
However, in a since deleted video, one member complained they were not delivering on their promised features either.
First that the concierge feature was just a highly marked up version of another service which already exists.
And second, that the only real event in the lifetime of GCC was a meetup in Cape Town.
Iman himself was only at this meetup for about an hour or less, then left to go to a safari on a private jet with some friends.
4. Lifestyle
Just a few additional bullet points on Iman's lifestyle claims. Not trying to ad hominem attack the guy, but since its in all of his marketing, it feels like fair game.
-- He grew up with "nothing"
Self-admittedly, he grew up in the Knightsbridge neighborhood of London, in the UK it's known as "posh" basically fancy, but not just that, arguably the most fancy district in the whole country. He also went to a high school that was $50,000 per year.
From a 50/50 source he had a personal driver, some sources say a Rolls Royce to go to school.
His parents went through a divorce, however regardless of how things went down financially (he often claims his step dad stopped paying his internet bills), the fact is, both Iman and his mom were both well-off enough to continue living in Knightsbridge, and going to this expensive school school (until he dropped out)
-- Don't Worry Young Man, He pays the girls for those trips
Factually have confirmed this one is 100% true, and just a funny one here, often Iman is posting Dan Bilzerian-style vacations with tons of women on his instagram.
People ask him a lot about this and he will nonchalantly say "they're just his friends" and downplay it.
He directly pays a company called "Tilted" tens of thousands of dollars to organize these trips for him, and invite all the girls. These are mostly poorer girls from Russia and Ukraine.
You can Google for "Tilted Official" and you will see this is true.
So draw your own conclusions from this. That’s all I’ve got. Hope it didn’t come across as a personal vendetta, however I feel some obligation to share.
What I will say in summary, is you may be in the course, or close to buying it. You might be annoying with Iman saying "SMMA is the easiest business model for teenagers" but this this is a hard, ever changing game to get into. 99% of these students will fail over a 5 year period when they realize, oh, It's not that hard to close a sales call eventually, the hard part is retention.
That's it!
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2023.06.08 22:53 ellabirdbug polyphemus moth release help

polyphemus moth release help
i've been raising 6 polyphemus moths from eggs and a few months later... 1 cocoon finally hatched! it looks to be a female. where and what time of day should i release it? (they are native in my area)... i live near a busy, urban, light filled area but i can easily go to a more forested park that is close by (but there are still street lights). it is currently 5pm so it is very bright out. sunset is at 8:30pm. at around 1am tonight thunderstorms will hit my area. thunderstorms have been pretty frequent here sadly. what do y'all recommend? thanks!
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