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2013.04.01 23:56 cowboy-up a compilation of the ugly shit that mall ninja like

This is a sub for all the ugly mall ninja knives and fantasy retarded shit that the mall ninjas like. Converse combat boots, dragon knives, united cutlery........... all the knives and weapons and muffuggin bull shit that make you cringe. post links post your own ninjitsu tools be rude, obnoxious and belligerent

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2023.06.04 07:24 Leading-Plantain6748 I 24F just got dumped by my bf 21 M and I am in shock. What should I do?

My new ex and I were together for about nine months and tonight. He just said he wanted to break up because he hasn’t been happy and he’s going to be leaving soon. He’s in the army and is about to have a rotation overseas and rather hurt me now than hurt me later and honestly, it did come out of nowhere for me, but he says he’s been wanting to do it for a while because he hasn’t felt happy with himself and he still loves me and he says that I’m his best friend but he can’t be with me, and that we’ve had some issues where he thinks I overreact most recently was one that where he wanted to take a trip even though he had just taken one and I was upset because we only have so much time left. I’m gonna be moving because I need to get a job. I just graduated college and he’s you know getting sent overseas And I told him I wanted to make the most of the time we had left. Where is it seems like he just wants to party and he said that was the straw that broke the camels back and I just I don’t know I don’t know how to feel I’m in shock. I feel like I’m gonna throw up and I love you so much And I know I need to give him his space. I just really hope that this is not the end for us and I don’t know if this is the right sub for this but I would really love some advice.
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2023.06.04 07:23 Invaluable_mute AITAH wife stuff

Wife makes me watch pitch perfect 1 and 2 several times. Still not a fan. Cups is cool... I bring guitar downstairs and strat practicing Cups chords. Start singing a little. Think she might think it's cool I'm trying to learn something for her. Nah, tells me I'm too loud and should try to learn something I'm actually good at. AITAH?
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2023.06.04 07:23 akynzeo Review of 8 Death and Floral Scents

Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to purchasing/trying indie fragrances; I came across Death and Floral while browsing social media and was super intrigued. I purchased a handful of samples along with some 5ml rollerballs. Again I'm not very experienced with fragrances, but here's my very basic review of the ones that I've tried so far :)
Capitalist Figs - Black figs, blackened honey wine, and swirling black sugar on a bed of black patchouli
I feel like capitalist figs was one of the stronger fragrances that I purchased. Opening the tester bottle I immediately got hit with strong wave a patchouli followed by a general sweetness (I'm guessing the black sugar?) I didn't get any notes of fig unfortunately, mostly just patchouli. I don't think this fragrance is for me, but I would really enjoy smelling it on someone else. Rating: 3.5/5
Doomsday - Overdried dead grass, cool menthol tea, black currant, sage, dried acorns, tobacco.
Really interesting scent! I would imagine this as a great fall fragrance; it reminds me of walking through the woods on a really cool, crisp, fall morning. Dried grass, acorns, and crunchy leaves were the first things I picked up on when smelling. I picked up in a little bit of tobacco, but I did not smell any menthol tea. Rating: 4/5
Electric Feel (May 2023 SOTM) - A blend of different electricity accords; hot wires, neon signs, tv static fuzz, the electricity that rumbles inside a thunderstorm.
I'm gonna be honest, I don't really know how to describe this one. I guess my best describing words would be intense, spicy, a little acrid..? My friend said it smelled like warm plastic or kinda like the hot air that comes off an old CRT television or playstation. It's not entirely unpleasant to smell, but just really interesting. Rating: ???/5
Freshly Dead (July 2022 SOTM) - Lavender, rosemary, mint, apples, carrot seeds, fresh tomato.
I was really excited for this fragrance. I'm not sure if it's just the way the fragrance reacts with my skin, but the scent of Freshly Dead is SO faint when I apply it. I feel like 10-15 minutes after application the scent is almost entirely gone. Although very faint, It's super light and refreshing. Fresh, crisp apple followed by mint and light lavender were the first notes I picked up on. It quickly dries down into a slightly savory/vegetal note, which I'm presuming is either the carrot seed or tomato. I love the scent, I just wish it worked with my skin/were formulated to be stronger. Rating: 3.5/5
Somedays in Oz - Fresh garden mint, wall-climbing ivy, spicy juniper, orris butter.
This was another scent that was beautiful but very quiet and subtle. The application did not last very long on my skin, maybe about 15-20 minutes. I found it to be a refreshing mixture of primarily mint followed by other green/floral notes (I presume what I'm mostly smelling is the wall-climbing ivy...?) My one friend loved this scent, and said that this is exactly what she would imagine the land of Oz to smell like, and I agree! Rating: 3.5/5
The Deadly Poppy Field - Green and watery flowers, soaked earth, lily-of-the-valley, slightly sweet red poppies, the sweet lingering of a memory.
I loved this scent; I was looking for something green/herbal/earthy and she delivered! This reminds me of wet, fresh cut grass in the summer heat; planting fresh flowers and being covered in damp soil. Intensely green and earthy, and I loved it! Rating: 5/5
The End is Here - Vanilla coke, bourbon, fleeing animals, the musk of an infinite black void.
I picked this one up simply because of the description. What does fleeing animals and the musk of a black void smell like? The first things I picked up on were presumably the vanilla coke and musk note. It's very pleasant, warm, and inviting. I applied this one before I went to work and got multiple compliments from my coworkers. Additionally, one rollerball application to a few pulse points lasted a good 5-6ish hours on my skin. I really enjoy this one and will re-purchase once this rollerball is finished. Rating: 4/5
The People You Love Become Ghosts Inside You - *Heavenly musk, lingering funeral flowers, cold scent of vanilla in an empty corridor, handprints on a foggy window (*Notice: ‘The people you love become ghosts inside you‘ is a heavy atmospheric that has been reported to cause feelings of intense emotion and is sometimes unpleasant in its vulnerability. Not for the faint-hearted!)
WOW! This has to be one of the most unique/complex fragrances that I have ever smelled. Lingering scents of an old church, funeral parlor, maybe an old uninhabited house...? I don't know how Death and Floral can get these descriptions so accurate. Floral notes but they're not fresh, more leaning towards dried/withering flowers. I've never smelled vanilla used like this before. It truly is cold (almost medicinal...?) combined with the musk and floral notes. Reminds me of cold linoleum/tile floors, cobwebs, dusty books, dimly lit rooms, etc. Rating: 5/5
Overall I had a ton of fun testing/smelling these fragrances! I will be purchasing more in the future; excited to see what comes next!
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2023.06.04 07:23 varg_sant Stab 8 was based on the events of Scream 4

In Scream 5, it is mentioned that Stab 8 is a requel of Stab. It is also mentioned that Judy Hicks was a character on that movie. How does it make sense?
Very easy. If you think about it, Scream 4 is a requel of Scream. Yes, it was supossed to be a play on remakes, and it is. But it's an unintentional requel also. We got the 3 original heroes (Sid, Dewey and Gale) + a new cast od characters.
So it makes sense that Stab 8 is both a requel of the original stab and based on the events of Scream 4 at the same time.
Also, in the introduction scene, the killer says his name is Charlie. This could be a reference to Stab 8, were Charlie and Jill would be the killers.
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2023.06.04 07:23 IndyAnnaDoge Leave at door: Break dance

I’m in a terrible mood, the kind where I would normally just go home. But I lost my freaking debit card and relying on the dasher direct card to eat right now. I did Lyft most of the day cuz orders just weren’t coming in but I was like damn I gotta do some dashes to get some money on that card (obviously this is a temporary situation so please don’t come at me-shit happens).
Sooo I’m sitting in a parking lot, waiting. Finally an order comes in …which is right on the borderline of the minimum of what I would normally take. I’m like screw it, something to do. I accept, go to check the drop off address. And see “leave at door: break dance”.
Now, I know a lot of people think these little things are funny and If you do, by all means dance your heart out and go on about your day. And I’m all for living life light heartedly BUT I’ve always hated these!! I just see them as “dance monkey dance”. It feels so disrespectful and just a total lack of awareness for what we dashers are out here to do…make money and survive.
Ohhh and the pick up restaurant which was in the same parking lot happened to have a medical emergency in front of it with several fire trucks, EMS and police right in front sooo there was that. I just said “oh please fuck right off” and cancelled.
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2023.06.04 07:22 BerryTinkle I don’t know what to do

My boyfriend and I both work in pack singles and I honestly think this job is causing him to lose his sanity. Out of nowhere one day he just started saying things like “these other AAs are slamming totes (which is people just letting the totes slide down the ramp loudly or are too lazy to squat to put the tote on the floor) because I’m not helping with heavy totes. Every time I do a lot of smalls they start slamming. I don’t know how they expect me to but they don’t have to be passive aggressive since they never trained us on how to see through the totes and tell which ones are heavy or not.” I’m just so confused because we literally just have to pack whatever tote comes to our ramp so I tell him that he’s thinking too much into it but he gets mad and says that “I just don’t get it.” He claims that the Ops and PAs are all in on it and are strategically assigning people next to him to make him “pack heavy items”. He also believes that this guy was following him when we all were going to break but we all park in the same parking lot so idk what he means. Another day he stated that there were some guys popping dunnage to piss him off since he wasn’t “helping with the totes” He never spoke to any of these people so I truly don’t understand why he thinks literally everyone at the facility is out to get him. He’s one of the top packers at the facility and gets praised for it but yet he takes the praise as them “trying to get something out of him.” It’s gotten to the point where he reported it to HR no evidence just feelings. Now he’s trying to drag me into it saying I’m a witness which I’m not. I’ve been telling him he’s too much in his head but he just won’t listen. Another associate he spoke with about this told him that he’s overthinking but he still doesn’t think he’s out of his mind. He doesn’t want to leave this job but he complains about it all day every day and I’m not exaggerating.
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2023.06.04 07:22 see_2_see Random variables as they arise in nature. [Q]

I apologize in advance for the schizophrenic nature of my question.
While we were briefly reviewing different priors for normal distribution parameters, my prof made a comment that “90% of all data is normal in practice” or something to that effect. The lecture has since ended and the professor is unavailable for the summer. But that got me thinking - did they really just mean that most data is bell-shaped? How often are random variables really normal? I can think of two limiting factors which make me think that true normal data is rare. 1: the continuous nature and 2: the entire real domain. Sure other distributions can be parameterized to be somewhat bell-shaped, but if the distribution doesn’t have the kernel form of a normal distribution, then it just isn’t normal, and none of the theorems or techniques requiring a normality assumption should be used.
This also got me thinking further, how often is data really even truly continuous? Is there some point where in practice a statistician will consider the measurements granular enough that they will just consider them to be continuous rather than discrete? (Ie if a stock price is measured in the data as $20.50 as opposed to $20.498787648362). The only very obviously continuous things I could think of were time measurements and distance measurements.
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2023.06.04 07:22 ProgressAble901 Create google contacts from calendar event title

I record appointments on google calendar.
The format of the title is: "Brad Pitt - 1234567890" (Name - 10 digit phone number). I can make it "(Brad Pitt - 1234567890)" if that helps
How can I set up tasker so that it automatically adds these phone numbers to my contacts?
I have: - Aquamail - Autocontacts - Autocalendar - I have enabled this setting "Daily agenda - Receive a daily email with the agenda for this calendar" on google calendar - But the email I get is in a format that will be very difficult to parse.
For the life of me, I cannot get google calendar to send me a email immediately after the event is created. That option is grayed out for me.
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2023.06.04 07:22 Automatic_Orchid_147 Do you prefer Face-to-face or Online Interaction? Why?

I fully prefer online interaction nowadays because one of my favorite activities is to use social media apps like Twitter to share funny memes and posts with my friends and Instagram to comment on my family living far away. Also, I love playing video games online with people around the world. I met new friends and learned how to say Portuguese words from home! In conclusion, I prefer this type of interaction because the web makes socialization authentic, easier, and more convenient for me.
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2023.06.04 07:22 ohnothejuiceisloose I just think Jeff is getting tired, and lazy.

I’ve seen a lot of grousing in this community about how bland and repetitive “new era” survivor is, but when everyone tries to put their finger on what has gone wrong, I think everyone is just talking about the symptoms, not pinpointing the actual problem. We all know Survivor is Jeff’s show ever since they made him Executive Producer after Gabon. He is responsible for all of the creative decisions. If you don’t like something about the way new Survivor feels, it was ultimately his decision. Even if he didn’t come up with the idea, he had the final say.
I think the real problem is that at this point, Jeff is tired, and kind of over Survivor, and he wants his seasons wrapped and in the can as quickly and with as little fuss as possible.
Don’t want to have to scout new locations all over the world and create a new set and hire a new local crew every season? Just film every season in Fiji using the exact same Tribal set, the exact same water wells, the exact same challenge beaches and the same locations for the camps. So what if it leads to every season looking exactly the same? It’s easier, so Jeff doesn’t care.
Don’t want to have to come up with a new theme for each season? Just give each season a number, like software. Who cares if it that’s boring and makes it hard to differentiate seasons? It makes it easier for Jeff to run Survivor on autopilot.
Don’t want to be out in the sun and the rain for 39 days a pop now that you’re in your 60s? Cut two weeks off the game and make it 26 days. Then Jeff can get back to LA sooner.
It’s probably blasphemy to suggest this and I’ll probably get downvoted to hell, but if you want the show to last another 40 seasons it’s probably time for Jeff to hand the Executive Producer reins to someone else, someone more ambitious and less tired of it. Survivor production had already gotten lazy after HvV, but post-Covid Survivor seasons 41-44 have taken the laziness to almost comical levels. It’s just the literal same thing over and over again.
When I say “Survivor: Pearl Islands” or “Survivor: China”, you instantly know what cast I’m talking about. When I say “Survivor 42” or “Survivor 43”, you’re probably already having trouble remembering who was on what. In a few more years you’ll have no idea at all.
Remember when every season of Survivor looked completely different, took place somewhere completely different, and didn’t feel like it was just a paint-by-numbers production by people who don’t really care? Maybe we’ll get that again someday, but we won’t get it from Jeff.
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2023.06.04 07:22 galaxywolf69 What can I use?

So we are going to reno(2 hour drive one way). And we are going to Sam’s club and maybe viewing a dealership if they have the minivan I wanna see, t mobile, target and maybe another store. Point is we are out. I’m pumping every 3 I can stretch it to 4 hours. So with 4 hours traveling time and who knows how long we will be there I have to pump.
Well my issue I only have 4 pumping bodies. Now I double pump it’s more efficient for me 15 -20 min I’m done. Well I’ll have a cooler that I’m going to have ice packs in to store milk that she doesn’t drink right away in and I’m going to put ice in it as well to make sure it stays cold cause hot car.
I’m 90% positive we will not make it back in time for me to clean my parts and pump all within the time we get back.
My options basically are: do the fridge hack but with the cooler and pump at 3 hours to make sure it’s used before it “goes bad”.
Use baby wipes to clean the parts the best I can and run water down my duckbill to clean it. And hope it’s clean enough since baby wipes can only do so much (if you’re curious it’s the Huggies simply clean one).
Or the one with the most technical one that I fear will not work due to a moving vehicle. Bring my sterlizer. I have a plug in the back of my car. So that I can do what I normally do and clean the pieces right after use. This would technically give us the most time in Reno but again how am I going to get it to work in my moving car. I could use it while we are stopped eating (the steaming part takes 8 minutes the drying is what takes the hour).
Like I said it’s 4 hours driving on the way home I most likely will be pumping I may have to pump more than 2 times while there. Just annoying traveling and pumping but we don’t go to Reno often (father is driving so that’s the main reason we are going). I just need help deciding if I need to bring my sterlizer with the distilled water and try and hold it between my feet while we drive since I’ll most likely be in the back. Or try and clean with baby wipes or try the fridge hack with the cooler.
My pump wipes didn’t make it in time I ordered them and Amazon said Friday and it’s Saturday night and they didn’t make it. Perks of living in a rural town.
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2023.06.04 07:22 MikeTheLaptopPro Professionals, Please Guide me...

I have been doing seo of my own affiliate websites for last 10 years. However, in the last one year all of my website's traffic took a nose dive leaving me with very low income flow to sustain.
I tried many things and made strategic changes to recover the lost traffic but nothing seems to be moving the needle. Plus, I am left with no money to invest in content or links now.
Following this situation, I have decided to take a job in a company as a role of SEO manager. The background of the company is they are a single content focused website and YouTube channel which is related to Apple products.
In simple words they run a Apple related content website and YouTube channel and they are hiring SEO manager for it right now.
They have been doing consistently great in Google and remained unaffected by most of the Google updates (as per SEMRUSH traffic). Their website also took a hit during covid period but they successfully managed to recover and double the traffic.
My background is I have not done any corporate job yet. I started blogging when I was in college and learned SEO on my own and implemented it on my websites. It was a good 10 year journey but now things are turning around in a bad way for me. I think I need some corporate experience to understand how the companies operate.
When my sites were doing good I struggled a lot to hire people and delegate tasks so I think this job opportunity as a SEO manager would be good learning experience for me.
So, the thing is I really want to work at this company. But my lack of corporate experience is making me nervous. I don't know anything about the processes followed in corporate world or how the data like researched keywords, content calendar (does it come under SEO manager role they have editor).
Heck, I don't know anything but I am willing to learn and take this job.
- SEO here with 10 years of experience of working on my own affiliate websites.
- Following all my website's traffic took a nose dive this year, I am in need of funds for content / links to keep running my website.
- There's a job opening for SEO manager at a great company that runs blog about Apple products. They are doing great organically.
- I want to take this job but have zero corporate work experience. I have SEO skills but lack the knowledge of SEO processes followed in corporate.
- Help me get this job!
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2023.06.04 07:22 LifeDeleter How we live

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2023.06.04 07:21 softlikestatic [A4A] Falling Asleep With Your Lover After Moving In [Established Relationship] [Cuddling] [Kissing] [Nicknames] [Being Cute] [General Wholesomeness] [Possible Sleep Aid] [L-Bombs]

Notes: This script is okay for monetization. Can be used on Patreon, just let me know if you do. If you use it, please give credit. You can change pronouns if preferred but otherwise please don't edit the script. My scripts are meant for adult audiences and all characters are 18+. For clarification on the format of the script, any place that says (Pause) is a place for the Listener's response. Anything in \asterisks and italics** isn't meant to be read aloud, it's there to either hint at the tone or provide context that might help the script make more sense.

Summary: After a long day of moving into their new apartment, Listener and Narrator decide to wind down by cuddling in their bed.

Word Count: Approximately 1,153 words (Not including any actions or cues left in asterisks and italics)

Writer’s Notes: Moving is exhausting work tbh. Just a short little script the clear out some dust.
Script Below:

\After a long day of moving, Listener lays in their bed, barely half awake as they wait for their lover. The door to Listener and Narrator’s new bedroom opens and Narrator steps inside, their hair still wet from the shower. Seeing how groggy Listener is, Narrator chuckles.**
“Well what do we have here? You said that you were gonna wait up for me, but it looks like you’re already halfway asleep. Did I really take that long?”
“Hey, I showered as quick as I could! It took forever to make sure I washed all the dust and cobwebs off of me. It felt like they were clinging to me and you know how much I hate that sticky stuck-in-a-spider-web feeling. Seriously, I know the guy we’re renting from said the last couple moved out a couple weeks ago, but there’s so much dust you’d think we moved into an abandoned building.”
\Narrator chuckles.**
“But at least now we’re both all clean and ready to go to bed. I knew moving all our furniture would be hard, but I didn’t expect it would make me sweat like I was running a marathon. I don’t think I’ll be able to feel my arms by tomorrow. Or any part of my body, for that matter. But at least now, we can finally sleep.”
“Well it’s our reward for such hard work. A solid twelve hours of sleep, and then we can wake up and enjoy our new apartment.”
“Mm, you’re right. Twelve hours won’t be anywhere near enough. What about fifteen hours? Does that sound better, my adorable little sleepyhead?”
“Still no? Hm… Then how about this; we sleep for fifteen hours, then we can just stay in bed and rest for the entire day. The only time we’ll have to get up is so we can get some donuts from the place down the street before we come back here and watch movies or something. Does that sound good to you?”
“Perfect. Then why don’t you scoot over a bit so I can get into bed with you?”
\Playfully pleading** “Oh, come on, snugglebunny, let me get into bed! I’m so tired! And now I’m all clean and showered so I smell nice, too!”
“Well what if I say please?”
“What if I say pretty please?”
“Then, what if I offer you a kiss?”
\Playful, amused** “Oh? You look interested in that. Are you gonna take me up on my deal?”
“More than one kiss? Hmm… Well, how many kisses would make it an even trade?”
“‘As many as you want?’ Why, that sounds like you’ll be stealing several kisses from me, and I’ll only be getting to sleep in the bed! That doesn’t seem fair at all!”
\Pretending to consider it** “Oh, so I’d also get to cuddle you? Now that is a pretty good offer.”
\Narrator chuckles before leaning down to kiss Listener.**
“There, consider that a down payment. I accept your deal. Now can I finally get into the bed?”
“Aw, thank you. Now scoot, I’m tired and getting cold and I wanna kiss my cute little snugglebunny.”
\Listener scoots over, allowing Narrator to get under the blankets with them.**
“Yeah, that’s much better. So warm~”
\Narrator kisses Listener.**
“That one was free of charge. Just saying thank you for keeping the blankets warm.”
“What can I say? A warm bed is worthy of a kiss.”
“Well, I did just make a deal with you saying that you could steal as many kisses as you want, so sure, go ahead and take some from me.”
\Narrator and Listener kiss a few times.**
“Alright, fine. Maybe the kisses are a reward for both of us. But now I want some cuddles to ease my aching muscles and broken heart.”
“The aching muscles are from moving all of our stuff. The broken heart is from not getting to hug you all day because I was so sweaty.”
“You still should’ve hugged me! Hugs are what keep me healthy!”
\Flirty** “You know, I think you might be onto something there. Kisses might work just as well. Maybe we should give it a try, hm?”
“Then lean over here and kiss me.”
\Listener and Narrator kiss for a while.**
“Why, would you look at that! I’m suddenly feeling better. Seems like kisses are the best medicine after all.”
“Alright, now let’s not push it that far. I don’t think I could get out of bed without my legs giving out, let alone drive to get us some food. How about we just settle for the pizza that we left on the end table?”
“Yeah, of course it’s cold, it’s been sitting out for like, five hours now. Unless you want to get up and go to the kitchen to get something else?"
\Listener bluntly says they'd rather not, making Narrator laugh.**
"Yeah, that's what I thought. I don't blame you. Even just thinking of trying to get up right now is making my legs shake."
\Flirty** "Well maybe kisses are good for more than healing muscle aches."
"What I'm suggesting is that maybe you can satisfy your cravings by kissing me more. It's worth a shot at least, don't you think?"
"Mhm, exactly. Now c'mere."
\Listener and Narrator kiss for a while. They break apart with a chuckle.**
“Okay, we need to stop kissing now. My mouth is the only part of my body that isn’t sore, and if we keep this up, I’m not sure how long that’s going to be true.”
“I mean… If you insist, then who am I to deny my snugglebunny?”
\Listener and Narrator kiss a few more times.**
“Okay, now really, we gotta cut it out or my lips are going to be too sore to talk or eat when we wake up."
\Listener says that they should keep kissing Narrator so they can steal Narrator's donuts tomorrow morning. Narrator gives an exaggerated gasp.**
\Playful, pretending to be offended** "You would really kiss me until my mouth hurt just so you could steal all the donuts for yourself?! You’re so mean!"
\Listener kisses Narrator.**
"Okay, fine, maybe it would be worth it if I got to keep kissing you. But come on, you've gotta be sore too; we've both been moving stuff around all day, you can’t tell me that you don't ache all over."
"My point exactly. Now why don't you spare my mouth any more exhaustion and let me cuddle up to you so we can finally go to bed?"
\Narrator and Listener move closer to cuddle, pulling the blankets around them.**
"Mm, that's good. You’re so warm. My own personal little furnace~"
\Narrator chuckles happily.**
"You mind if I lay my head on your chest?"
"Aw, thank you snugglebunny. You’re just so comfy to lay on."
"If that's the case, then I'm just gonna wrap my arm around you and hold you even tighter."
"Hey, you wanna do me one last favor?"
"Can you rub my back for me?"
"Mm, thank you. You're the best."
\After a few quiet moments, Listener gets Narrator’s attention again.**
\Sleepy** "Hm? What is it?"
"Ugh, still?! I thought I got it all! God, those little styrofoam pieces are impossible to get rid of, I swear. I'm gonna try showering again tomorrow to see if I can get them off."
"Yeah, it can wait. I'm too tired to deal with that now."
"Mhm, definitely. Hey, would you mind rubbing my back until I fall asleep?"
"You're so good to me. I promise, I'll pay for donuts tomorrow. As many as you want."
"Yep, any flavors. It's all up to you. Whatever you want."
"Aw, I love you too, sleepyhead. Now let's try and get some sleep. I’m warm, happy, and have you right here with me. There’s nothing else I could ask for besides a good night’s sleep."
"Yeah, right, 'and a donut.' But that can wait until tomorrow. Right now, you're everything I need and more."
"Love you too, snugglebunny. Sleep well."
\The audio can either end here with one last kiss, or can continue on into a sleep aid with ambience sounds/breathing sounds/etc.**
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2023.06.04 07:21 slightly__sketchy Trek Fuel EXe vs Transition Relay Demo Review

Trek Fuel EXe vs Transition Relay Demo Review
I'm shopping for a new lightweight eMTB and I've narrowed it down to the Trek Fuel EXe, Transition Relay, Specialized Turbo Levo SL, and the Orbea Rise. I have no idea where to demo the Specialized and the new Orbea isn't available yet, so I took the opportunity to demo both the Fuel EXe and the Transition Relay.
    • I rented the Trek in the 9.5 build with Shimano SLX drivetrain and brakes, no-name 29" alloy wheels, an alloy bastem, a RockShox 35 Gold, and a RockShox Deluxe Select+ shock.
      • This build is $6,500 and the Fuel EXe only comes in a carbon frame. They go all the way up to like $14k with XX AXS and high end suspension. Their $8,700 Shimano XT build seems to have reasonable components (RockShox Lyrik Select + which is basically the Lyrik Ultimate but without the buttercups, XT brakes/drivetrain, carbon wheels, and carbon bastem) and spec compared to the Transition build at the same price.
    • I rented the Transition in their PNW Carbon XO build with the Sram XO transmission, TRP DH-R Evo brakes, alloy bastem, Fox Factory 38 Grip 2, Fox DHX coil shock, RaceFace Aeffect R alloy wheels in mixed/mullet size.
      • This build is $11,000 and has a carbon frame, alloy models top out at $8,000 and carbon starts at $8,700 with basic/middle of the road Fox/Sram components and alloy bawheels. Compared to the Trek's XT build this one is heavy and doesn't make much sense.
  • MOTOR:
    • The Trek uses the TQ HPR50 motor with 50Nm and 300 watts of power.
      • The TQ is probably the smoothest ebike motor I've ever felt. So far I've ridden TQ, Fazua, Specialized, Magura, and RadPower (no idea what they use). The TQ felt unbelievably natural, and better than any of the previously mentioned as far as power delivery and torque sensor performance. No spikes in power output, no overrun, it just felt like it was easier to pedal uphill and the torque sensor worked flawlessly. It was very easy to maintain a constant cadence so my analog buddy didn't fall behind. Technical climbing sections were very manageable with this motor.
      • Motor was extremely quiet, almost imperceptible by me or anyone else on the trail.
      • The controller and display were also super neatly integrated and very intuitive, with the display providing tons of helpful information like battery %, range in miles, range in time, and motohuman power output.
      • I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful it felt in even 100w eco mode. A 1700 foot climb left me barely sweating. 200w and 300w modes were great for steeper sections.
    • The Transition Relay uses the Fazua Ride 60 with 60Nm and 450 watts (in 12 second boost mode).
      • Unfortunately the Fazua was not very refined. Start pedaling and a second or so later there was a jerk as the power kicked on which lurched the bike forward slightly and made a noise. The torque sensor was not tuned well and I was constantly having to adjust force applied to the pedals to maintain a slow speed so my analog buddy didn't fall behind. I could not maintain a constant cadence or it would take off leaving him behind. Don't get me wrong, the power was nice and it was fast uphill, but it was not refined. Technical climbing was more difficult because of the abrupt power changes of this motor and I messed up several sections because of this.
      • The motor was quiet, but I could certainly hear a faint whine most of the time. When coasting the motor clicks like the pawls of a freehub.
      • The controller is terrible, it's this cheap plasticky twist thing that isn't super intuitive and can stick in place shutting off the bike unintentionally. I accidentally turned off the bike several times because of this and accidentally changed modes several times.
      • The "display" is just 5 dots for remaining battery that were green, blue, or purple for each mode. It showed nothing else. This also lifted up to reveal a USB-C port, but it was full of dirt and did not look water tight.
    • The Trek has a 360Wh battery.
      • This lasted surprisingly long. We did 3000 feet of climbing/descending over the course of ~4.5 hours and it used about 60% of the total capacity. I was riding mostly in 100w eco, with short stints in 200w and 300w. My legs and arms were totally beat at this point so I was satisfied. Trek has an available 160Wh range extender which would definitely make it like a 6000+ foot adventure day bike. I'd like to get more time on the bike in 200w and 300w modes to see how long it lasts on like a quick sprint after work.
    • The Transition has a 430Wh battery.
      • This also lasted pretty long, but since the display had only 5 dots I was only able to tell that I had used about half of the battery after climbing/descending about 2400 feet over 4 hours. This was also in the lowest power mode for most of that.
    • The Trek build that I rode was 44 pounds (the 9.5 build). It felt surprisingly light and handled very well in corners, in the air I could certainly feel it but it wasn't unmanageable. The more expensive builds are quite a bit lighter in the 39 to 42 pound range.
    • The Transition build that I rode was definitely heavier than the Trek. It is quoted at 45.5 pounds on their site, but it felt more than 1.5 pounds heavier than the Trek. I felt it in the air for sure.
    • I won't go into a ton of detail here, but both have a 460mm reach in the size mediums that I tested. I'm 5'9" and 160 pounds. The Transition has a slacker head tube angle by about 1.2 degrees at 63.3 degrees which I definitely noticed, especially in tighter corners and uphill switchbacks - it tripped me up a few times for sure.
    • The Trek was surprisingly capable for only having 150/140mm of travel (you can fit a 160mm fork without voiding the warranty, the shock can be overstroked by 5mm to 152mm rear travel but I think that probably voids the warranty). I felt extremely comfortable with the geometry of this bike. The rear suspension felt supportive but not overly firm/harsh. I sent that thing down chunky black tech/flow trails all day and it handled it just fine. I certainly wanted a better fork/shock but it was a rental so that was fine. The 29" wheels didn't hold me back on technical climbing sections, tight switchbacks, or anything like that. It was actually my first time riding a 29er and I really enjoyed it. The bike felt heavyish but not too bad and was definitely manageable. Cornering felt good and it was pretty poppy/playful for an ebike. I only got to test a couple of jumps on it but it felt good and not too heavy in the air. It was very quiet without any discernible rattles or clunks. The components were okay, I'd definitely get better brakes/wheels/tires but SLX drivetrain is fine for how cheap it is.
    • The Transition had a loud rattling noise coming from inside it (the battery/motowiring I'd assume) which was disconcerting. I had a really hard time vibing with the geometry of this bike. I couldn't seem to place my bodyweight properly and this resulted in some weird lines and a slip or two, and I'm not the greatest at cornering in the first place but I felt less confident on this bike. This was also my first time riding a long/slack bike with mullet wheels and a coil so that was an adjustment. Having 170/170mm travel felt like it could do anything, but I haven't really enjoyed Fox forks in the past and this one was no exception to that - too much stiffness in the initial stroke resulted in a lot of chatter through the handlebars and my arms are really sore from that. The rear definitely stuck to the ground really well with the coil shock. The TRP brakes were amazing, possibly too amazing because I was not used to the power. This bike was certainly heavier and less playful, though the few jumps I did felt really good. Handling the bike in the air was tricky because of the weight. The new Sram XO transmission felt good but not $2000 good - I did not think it felt revolutionary and there's no way in hell I'd spend that much on a drivetrain on a future bike. Sure the shifts were crispy and you could down/upshift under power but I still don't think it was worth how much they ask for that thing.
  • LOOKS:
    • IMO the new Trek Fuel EX and EXe look super sexy and I love the color options they have. The paint appeared to be very high quality and the blue color I rode was gorgeous. Most people on the trail didn't recognize the fact that I was riding an ebike because the TQ motor is tiny and hidden behind the chainring.
  • The Transition looks very Transition and was definitely more noticeable as an ebike. I like the looks and colors, but it didn't have the polish that the Trek did and the paint was not as high quality.
Overall, I was already leaning towards the Trek but now I've made a final decision and will be picking up the Trek next weekend since I found the exact build/color I want within a couple hour drive. The motor was just so much more refined and made the experience feel more like an enhanced mountain biking experience than an ebiking experience that's slightly lighter. The Transition is just too expensive for the level of refinement that you get from the Fazua system. If the Transition's cheaper builds came in carbon and with better components than I might reconsider, but still the motor system was not great enough to justify the expense IMO.
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2023.06.04 07:21 SnooWoofers8931 How to create a Impactful Dash in first person mode??

Hello friends, im making a fast paced action game , and want to add a Dash mechanism where if a player is dashing towards an enemy , the enemy is blown away , can somebody help me to idealize how to make it ???plzzz plzzzz plzzzzz??????
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2023.06.04 07:20 Full-Ad-throwaway how would I present myself ?

Over the last 5 years, I have worked with my counterpart in Product Management developing a platform from scratch. We banded together and with some funding he scraped up started the platform which is now the underpinning of some major developments in the company. I basically designed and architected the system, defined road-map strategy/prioritized based on our budget or lack there of, walked through what was feasible, checked numbers, kpi, grew the team, mentored newbs literally sitting with them, evangelized the product, networked with other teams having each new team connection pay for new features to add to the platform, when the team grew to multiple teams, lead product owners and helped them craft features, built up the ops team. Dealt with finances when the team was bigger, reported up to stake holders, managed vendors when we got much bigger, transitioned to the cloud from our own DC etc.,
Making my resume I am not sure what to write and how to put all this.
I am looking for a Director level role but I am not entirely sure how to present this work.
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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