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This simple tale tells the story of a child, the little prince, who travels the universe gaining wisdom. He discovers how to love, appriciate, understand and truly live a happy and peaceful life

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Cleveland/Akron/Canton/Youngstown Music Scene. A place for local bands, venues and publications to share information about the local music scene.

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2023.06.08 23:34 Outrageous_Ad_8481 Fasting regiment and supplements that wont break fast

Dear Reddit, I have made the decision to adopt a daily intermittent fasting regimen, only eating from 12-6pm, with the objective of promoting both physical and mental longevity. As part of this practice, I intend to incorporate various supplements and compounds into my routine. Therefore, I am seeking recommendations on the optimal timing for consuming these supplements, as I want to avoid disrupting the fasting (ketosis) state. Ideally id take everything in the morning, prior to any food consumption. Hence, I am posting this inquiry to seek guidance... Idea for morning routine- - 1 tbsp lemon juice - 2 tbsp Apple cider viniger - Mushroom complex (lions main, turkey tail, chaga, ect.) pill - Turmeric pill - Fish oil pill - Molecular Hydrogen pill - Resveratrol powder 250mg - Celtic Sea Salt (just a pinch) Other supplements I want to take daily- - Shilajit pill - Magnesium Glycinate pill Other supplements I want to take sometimes- - Maybe Ashwogonda ( in 1 week cycles once every month or 2) - Alpha brain nootropic (once every 3 days or so) - Beet root powder - (4 days a week - B4 physical activity) - Glycerol Monostearate (4 days a week - B4 physical activity) - L-Citrulline DL-Malate (4 days a week - B4 physical activity) Other compounds I want to have most everyday- - Black coffee - Lemon balm herbal tea - Santa cruz paleo electrolytes - mixed with water - Athletic Greens powder - mixed with water - Olive oil for the Oleic acid (hopefully get from food though Questions: #1- I want to know which of these supplements / compounds specifically aid the fast if taken in the morning when i wake up on a empty stomach but also wont break the fast as of course as im not eating for 5 hours after waking up?(does my idea for best morning routine look right?) #2- If I wanted too could i take all of these at once when I wake up in the morning again on an empty stomach, is that okay? #3- What is the best time to take all of these compounds? I will either get physical activity from 9-10am ( I wake up at 7am) but much more often 6-8pm and I like to eat after which makes the fasting harder, my first meal is from 12-3pm depending on if im going to have a late workout or not. I would love to get an optimal plan for how to take all of these most everyday. #4- Is there anyway to test if I have broken my fast? I could do a trial on myself by ingesting a number of these compounds and then test to see if im still in ketosis (fasting state) or not. #5- Am I being redundant by taking all of these compounds, which should I cut out? Which are the most important? #6- Any supplement or compound recommendations along these lines? #7- Am I hurting myself by starting to take these supplements at my age of 21? Which supplements would I build a tolerance too and should wait to start taking until im older? Final thoughts- I know this is probably overkill but I want to live a long healthy life and am a big fan of Andrew Huberman (I discovered a majority of these through his podcast). Please let me know any thoughts im optimistic to all opinions and would love to get any information you are willing to add. Cheers
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2023.06.08 23:34 HardandDifficult Who to call for a number of projects...?

We purchased a project house roughly a year ago, and while we've made many repairs and upgrades...a list remains. The projects range from electrical issues (no outlets are grounded and certain switches aren't connected properly), to minor plumbing needs (both front and back hose spigots failed and need replacing), and finally needing a new front door. There are plenty of other issues but those affect our daily lives.
We've tackled as much as we can, but a new baby means now calling professionals. My question is how many of the aforementioned projects could safely be completed by a handyman/jack of all trades? I't's been our experience that an electrician, plumber, and a door installation from a box store would be extremely difficult to schedule and get done in a timely fashion. As we've been searching for pro services, a ton of people and local companies show up advertising a wide variety of services. I absolutely intend to pay someone a fair price for completing this work, but I don't want to hire someone falsely claiming to have these skillsets. Is it best to just wait on the limited availability of specialists, or are these simple enough projects that anyone can accomplish them?
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2023.06.08 23:34 Everchanging_truth No sense of self

Does anybody have it too or know what could have possibly caused it or how to heal it perhaps? I like to change a LOT. Like style, room,hobby, interests or the way I act. I never stick to anything. Everything just makes me bored. Even if I find something that at the moment feels like part of me and brings a lot of joy, I just know I gonna leave it in a few days or weeks. I really respect people who can just do one thing and stick to it, make it a part of their identity and daily life or environment because I think there's no way I could have ever done that. I have no idea who I want to be or do. Even If I like doing something it's never as much to make it my life because it's gonna eventually be boring to me like actually draining. When I was younger I thought it was normal but now it really becomes an issue when you can't even stand your room color and you feel like you need to change because that is no longer "you".
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2023.06.08 23:34 hexpro21 Are people actually against toggleable on and off proximity chat?

Are people actually against toggleable on and off proximity chat?
Like do you realize how much more fun the game would be? Plus why does the sequel have missing features like that then if it was in 1(I didn’t play chivalry 1)
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2023.06.08 23:33 Anonymouspersonsorry Just some rant about my life

i’m in the bathroom typing all of this, wonder how? i’m a 15 year old female, i have anemia due to this i’m very skinny. I’m doing workouts to gain no one else knows besides my friends who are great supporters to me. I’ve seen a great change in my body and i’m actually very proud of it until today, my parents told me how i’m gonna end up in the streets for being to skinny and begging for money, mind you being skinny is my biggest insecurity besides my nose. they also commented how my future kids and gonna look at me weak because i’m skinny. That hurt me a lot because i always dreamed about having a husband with kids. i didn’t want to say anything because i didn’t want to get in trouble especially since the night before my ex (15 year old male) wrote me saying how during his cancer i was grounded and he didn’t have anyone to talk to because his parents cared, yes but they left him to go to the casino. I didn’t want to be grounded so he can rant to me, i know how it feels not having anyone to talk to. i know it sounds dumb, yes. But my ex is the only person who heard me throughout my pain even after we broke it. he heard me all the pain i had such as h*rny guys at school making me uncomfortable, hearing my life problems i have, and etc. but seeing how he suffered through i felt so bad. i got off track sorry but i left my parents and i was crying in the bathroom and instead of just wanted to sh again, i wanted to tell people what i’m going through anonymously hopefully to calm myself down and not bother my ex much. this isn’t the only time my parents said things like this, it got to the point i only see my brother (middle child) the only person i can trust in this family. The oldest brother lost my trust when he saw red when i was cleaning and tried putting my to the floor, i’m glad my father came in time if not i would’ve been hurt badly. but that all stopped when he got mad cause my dad told him i was talking to a guy my age but he didn’t get mad at that, he got mad cause father told him he was black. i told him straight up “Seriously? your only mad cause you thought he was black? what does that have to do? this is why i don’t love and trust for anyone in this family, i only trust my brother (middle child) he always understood and raised me to who i am today, he never hurt me. All you guys to is make up lies about me and when you find out i’m failing you get happy and start blaming me for everything.” after that my brother realized what he did was wrong and apologized but i can’t forgive him although sometimes i thought of forgiving him, but i’m scared of getting hurt again. my brother (middle child) knows about my ex but i never got the heart of telling him i was sh myself, i don’t want to see him hurt or anything. last time i saw him cry was when he was drunk telling my parents how lonely he was out in the marines. i even cried myself seeing him cry. i only had the guts to tell him that i was being bullied all throughout elementary and he told me how sorry he was that he was out for 4 years due to the marines and i didn’t have a person to talk to about it. Right now he’s at work while i’m here sitting down in the floor telling reddit what i feel, i’m scared i want to better my life but i always get hurt by people. I ghosted everyone except for my close friends of 4 and my ex. i went as far as begging my parents to move me schools. i want a fresh new life. i want to spend my last two years of high school happy.
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2023.06.08 23:33 DaddyDersch Is this bull market in the room with us right now…? 6-8-23 SPY/ ES Futures, QQQ and VIX Daily Market Analysis (TSLA Update)

Is this bull market in the room with us right now…? 6-8-23 SPY/ ES Futures, QQQ and VIX Daily Market Analysis (TSLA Update)
NOTE- friendly reminder I will not be around tomorrow trading, no pre-market and I wont be around intraday… I will however, have my normal weekly TA up!
Well I got to say that was one terrible day of trading for me… Thursday and Fridays continue to be my demise…
Well with SPY closure today SPY officially is in a bull market again… now this is where definitions of returning to a bull market varies… some assume it is just when a total 20% recovery from the low of the bear market happens. If that is your definition then back in February bulls did that… however, if your definition is from the lowest closing price of the bear market a 20% recovery of that… then today is your day… honestly, from here no matter how you look at it… there is no denying that we officially are back in a bull market…
This is where the market is one big psychological mind game… so 3 weeks ago I said what? I said we likely touch $430… we have failed to touch it but have come within about 40 cents of it 3x now… Now there is a lot of things saying that we are nearing the top and that we need a pullback…
However, what is the one thing that cant be predicted? Well that would be FOMO… Today actually was an incredible example of this.. IF you follow me aggressively track and watch VOLD… VOLD is the up/down volume of the NYSE… Eli5 is that basically it shows if there is more buyers or more sellers are one time… now I would say 95-99% of the time its spot on and market rarely doesn’t go where VOLD goes where up or down.
However, today until about 1215 VOLD was in a serious decline all day… however, price went up on SPY the whole time. Why? Well in my opinion its because what can happen at times is that there is fewer large buys but more frequent smaller sells… so the net would be that there is more buying actually happening but its disguised as sells…
The thing that I thing will be unpredictable is the FOMO now that we officially have entered a bull market… I mean if you think about it if you haven’t bought in yet because you were afraid the bear market rally was going to come to an end… hearing that this is finally an official bull market would be a pretty good reason to buy….
Average bull markets have historically lasted a lot longer than bear market (below stats are of every bea bull market)…
Average bull: 1,011 days…. Median bull: 522 days
Average bear: 286 days…. Median bear: 240 days
Take a look at the last 4 bea bull markets…
The last 4 bear markets averaged 196 days and a total decline of 34.7%... the bull markets that followed those bear markets were an average of 1232 days and 139.8%...
That would mean that we nearly perfectly hit the average length of a bear market (average decline is 35.1% though)… Which means if we are 233 days and 20% into the current bull market… we COULD have 94-119.8% and about 289 days to go in this “rally” before we would see a correction…
Now yes trust me I am very clear on inflation, rate hikes, pause/ rate cuts, etc. etc. but if you are a long term investor why would you not want to buy at the official start of the bull market?
Tomorrow could be a very interesting day…
I am impressed to say the least but the bulls strength… but after putting a supply in at 428.06 yesterday, the bulls have officially came in and put in a new demand at 426.57… In doing so we have now closed over that 428.06 supply and that least 428.68 as our target for tomorrow… IF we gap up over it or punch through it tomorrow I have no resistance until 437.87 on the daily and I have nothing on the weekly until 453.23… I should also mentioned the daily DMI has officially completely its wave down…
From a weekly supply and demand stand point… bears need a closure under 427.35 and bulls need a closure anywhere over 428.4.
Almost every time SPY has put a new demand (support) in the next day has been a very green day… lets take a look at the date of a new demand and what % SPY moved up the next day.
4/26= 1.99% 5/4= 1.85% 5/12= 0.35% 5/16= 1.21% 5/25= 1.3%
On average SPY have closed +1.34% the day after it puts in a new demand (support).
Last night this looked like a nice inverse head and shoulders which could lead to downside… however, I got bear trapped and that definitely was not the move… this actually is turning around to be now a double bottom and bullish engulfing daily candle… this actually with a breakout tomorrow could (and even with a breakdown as long as we held 426.6) a massive bull flag that would almost certainly lead us to a green day tomorrow.
Really the last thing that’s standing in SPYs way from a closure in the 430s is this 429.6 resistance.
The black bull channel resistance will be 435.51 tomorrow and red bull channel resistance is 431.2.
Realistically I think we could see SPY close 432-435 tomorrow.
SPY DAILY LEVELS Supply- 422.04 -> 428.06 -> 429.68 Demand- 426.57 -> 437.87 Support- 426.6 -> 424.5 Resistance- 429.7 -> 431.6 -> 435.6
For the last 4 days 4292 has been a strong resistance and it was even confirmed as supply (strong resistance) yesterday… however, today the bulls immediately turned around and closed a new demand (support) at 4273. In doing so we also bounced off the daily 8ema (which in extreme bull momentum means we should see upside from here).
We now have our last resistance at 4312 and from there we have nothing on the daily or weekly until 4395/ 4540….
From a weekly stand point bulls ideally want a closure over 4290 and bears need a closure under 4284.
This daily price action is incredible as we went from a double top -> double bottom -> double top with bearish engulfing -> double bottom bullish engulfing… I actually don’t know if I have ever seen that make double tops/ bottoms in a row before…
Futures to close over 4300 right now for the first time since August 16th…
This to me looks like a very clear daily 8ema support test and now bounce…
FUTURES DAILY LEVELS Supply- 4240 -> 4292 -> 4312 Demand- 4273 -> 4395 Support- 4273 -> 4232 Resistance- 4300 -> 4312 -> 4351
Now QQQ I have been saying for the last week or so that I thought it was the best short… it now looks like the strongest upside move here… QQQ just came down and while not a perfect double bottom did bounce off 347.93 demand area. IT also after losing its daily 8ema while in extreme bull momentum on daily and weekly retook its 8ema… QQQ to me looks like it is minimally going to touch 357 if not 361.7 tomorrow..
Now the one thing here that is possibly keeping QQQ at check is that it did not put in a new demand today… however, tomorrow almost certainly will be a new demand in with a green day…
Lets take a look at the last couple times QQQ put a new demand in and how much it bounced…
4/26= 2.72% 5/4= 2.13% 5/12= 0.54% 5/16= 1.21% 5/19= 0.34% 5/24= 2.43% 5/31= 1.16%
That means on average QQQ pumps 1.5% the day after putting a new demand in…
Now yes I know we did not put one in… but we will put one in tomorrow at this rate… the daily DMI also has fully cycled to oversold and is ready for a bullish signal up…
Looking at the past of QQQ today the last 2 days remind me a lot of 4/25 and 4/26, also from a non candle structure but indicator stand point of 5/24.
QQQ DAILY LEVELS Supply- 354.95 -> 357.09 -> 369.32 Demand- 347.93 -> 361.7
Well you guys know I swung some TSLA 220P over night… they opened green… quickly went red and quickly came back green… I attempted my best to get a fill at 20% green and it wouldn’t fill for me… it very quickly went red against me and well from there it never saw green again…
Well today TSLA officially closed its 10th green day in a row… and as of right now after hours TSLA is up 3.36% and will most likely close its 11th green day in a row tomorrow…
If you missed the news… TSLA and GM now teaming up also…
We were all wondering why the VIX was dropping so low to pre-covid levels… well today we see just why… we are not in bull market territory and the VIX has now found itself back to bull market levels…
For the last basically 5 days the VIX has tried to bounce and has tried to put in a new demand (Support)… however, it continues to find itself selling off constantly…
We just much like May 31st tested and rejected the white bear channel resistance that we have been in since May 24th…. The VIX now remains in extreme bear momentum on a weekly and daily time frame…
This means that not only are SPY and VIX moving together but we are in opposing extreme momentums which could make this market do some pretty wild things….
The yellow support line is from 4/19 and 5/1… that support sits at 13.28 tomorrow and the next support is the red one from 12/2 and 2/2 which that support sits at 13.11 tomorrow…
Fun facts here about the last few Fridays…
June 2nd= VIX -6.59%, SPY 1.45%, QQQ 0.75% May 26th= VIX -6.22%, SPY 1.3%, QQQ 2.56% May 19th= VIX 4.8%, SPY -0.15%, QQQ -0.23% May 12th= VIX 0.71%, SPY -0.13%, QQQ -0.36% May 5th= VIX -14.44%, SPY 1.85%, QQQ 2.13% April 28th= VIX -7.34%, SPY 0.85%, QQQ 0.69% April 21st= VIX -2.33%, SPY 0.08%, QQQ 0.1% April 14th= VIX -4.15%, SPY -0.24%, QQQ -0.19% April 6th (Thursday… no Friday= VIX -3.67%, SPY 0.39%, QQQ 0.67% March 31st= VIX -1.68%, SPY 1.41%, QQQ 1.66% March 24th= VIX -3.93%, SPY 0.66%, QQQ 0.37%
Of the last 11 Fridays…
The VIX has closed red 9 out of 11 times for an average move of -4.08%. SPY has closed green 8 out of 11 times for an average move of 0.68%+. QQQ has closed green 8 out of 11 times for an average move of 0.74%+.
Now if we include this with the fact that SPY made a new demand and that usually means a +1.34% day and QQQ should turn today into a demand which usually means +1.5% day… the odds of a green day tomorrow are high especially after 4 days of consolidation on SPY and officially entering a bear market.
I got smoked today… had two nice wins in the morning there and from there it was just terrible… as I had mentioned VOLD was pretty much inversing the trend all day long which is extremely abnormal and not usually how markets behave… with that I honestly should have just not even traded… I even tried to play the upside in the morning bull run and perfectly managed to find the one red pullback candle… I was watching for that bigger retrace we had all day and well I was so opposed to taking it due to struggling I wasn’t even able to capitalize on it.. I ended up playing a call for the end of day run up and closed it profitable… definitely closed it early before it saw 5-6x profits of where I closed but at that point I was just happy to close out on a win…
Tough day of trading…
I still have the tesla swing and will include that on my log tomorrow for those of you wondering about where that is at…
As of right now even with todays terrible day and the full loss on the small lotto tesla put I will close out a green week of trading but definitely one of my worst trading weeks in over 2 months…
As I said I wont be trading tomorrow and honestly after today im kinda happy to have the day off and being able to mentally reset before next week.
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2023.06.08 23:33 ActualIyCameron I lost my safe space, don’t know what to do.

Me and my little brother live mostly with my dad in the city, but when I go to see my moms on the country side I’m always really stoked cause it’s in the middle of basically now where, far from the city and I’m outside all day and I barley use my phone. (which makes me sleep better at night too)
My mom called yesterday and told me she and her partner were breaking up. when she called she was on FaceTime in a new house and she had already moved all our stuff.
without telling me, or my little brother. how can she just not talk to us for a month and then suddenly call up and say everything’s different? this isn’t the first time this has happened, I was just hoping it wouldn’t happen this time.
not only were we moving, we were moving closer to the city. which fucking sucks because I can’t be near the city cause there’s a trillion people there. not only were we moving closer to the city, my moms partner was taking one of the cats with her.
the cat that I love, the cat that represents my old cat that died young. the cat that I fucking love so much.
the worst fucking part is she acts like I’m supposed to just be fine with all of this. “oh? we are moving? Great! oh? I’m never seeing my cat again? Great!”
fuck this shit, fuck my fucking stupid life. my only safe space, is now gone. sitting outside for hours with my cats and chickens, gone.
it’s all fucking gone, whenever I’m at my dads I’m always excited to know that at the end of the week I’ll get to visit my moms with an anxiety-free-weekend, and now I don’t even wanna go.
I don’t wanna face my mom, I don’t wanna go there. I’d rather stay at home forever and cry myself to sleep because THE ONLY place I’ve felt safe in is now gone.
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2023.06.08 23:33 Slimesplice How does ScribeAmerica work?

Hello fellow peeps. I am new to this subreddit so hello! Anyways, last month a I applied for a Scribe America. It's been a while since I have applied so I am curious how long did it take for you guys to get hired on? I put my availabilities more for the weekends. Which I thought would make them hire me faster but I guess I was wrong >.<. Now I am nervous to be part of SA due to the fact that I have heard so many bad experience. However, as much as I am nervous I want to give this a shot unless maybe you guys have different scribe jobs in CA. Anything will help! :D
*I am a senior undergrad student. Majoring in Biochemistry!*
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2023.06.08 23:32 Own_Relationship_990 I have started having tics

So I have epileptic and non epileptic seizures ever since I was young but I now have tics. My head jolts out of random and it hurts my neck so much. My neurologist said my epilepsy can mimic tics and that he was gonna up my medicine but it’s painful and people stare and it makes me so uncomfortable. Does anyone else deal with this? And what do you do to help with it?
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2023.06.08 23:32 ShoegazeJezza I’ve never met a Prison Abolitionist who is actually an “abolitionist” in any real sense

To me, an “abolitionist” means a person who makes an immediate call for something to end. You say such and such a thing needs to be immediately abolished, rather than reformed. For example, the slave abolitionists opposed the division of the union via compromises of half slave, half free, and called for an immediate ban.
But pretty much every “prison abolitionist” I’ve met says they want to see a world without prisons. Okay, I agree, I want a world without prisons. But then in response to any criticism about what that would do today, what an immediate abolition would mean, they say that such a world is far off in the future and abolitionism is working toward that goal.
Okay, then you’re not a prison abolitionist. You merely have a belief about a desirable state of affairs that I’d imagine many people agree would be nice. A lot of these “abolitionists” also hedge their ideology on the presumption they will first totally eliminate crime and all anti-social behavior because of a theoretically perfect mental health and social system.
And what’s funny is if you bring up an outlier, actual anti-social individuals like Dahmer who can’t stop killing and whether they should be sequestered somewhere permanently they either concede “yes, but that’s not actually a prison” or they just avoid the question. Not that such outliers justifies mass incarceration or the current system, but obviously there are a few people who need removal from society permanently.
Now I know some people use the word to emphasize how in the United States mass incarceration emerged from Slavery etc etc. but every country on earth has prisons.
I’m open to being convinced on the issue, but I really feel like people who call themselves “prison abolitionists” are like anarchists: radical liberals with utopian designs trying to sound hardcore
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2023.06.08 23:32 Valor_Kish Binged AHS in 10 days - my rankings with explanations

Hello! I'm the same person who made this post and ever since then I have spent hours binging AHS season 2 through 11. I thought I could give my two cents as a brand new fan and hopefully open an interesting discussion! :D The ranking of each season depends on several factors, such as probability of me rewatching it, how immersed I was in the story, how much I liked the characters, and stuff like that. I'll be starting from the bottom and make my way up to first place. Keep in mind I'm not trying to hate on the lowest ranked seasons, I'm just explaining how I perceived them and hopefully somebody can change my mind!
  1. Double Feature - it feels unfair to put this one at the absolute bottom because I generally liked Red Tide a lot, I enjoyed seeing Lily Rabe and Finn Wittrock playing the protagonists and their daughter was a pretty ok (slightly antagonistic?) character. I also enjoyed Evan Peters as Austin Summers, just a funky dude. Unfortunately, the complete mess that was Death Valley brings this down to last place. I may be biased because I don't like aliens/UFOs/space-themed things, but the second part just felt so out of place and cluttered. The whole alien pregnancy thing just felt gross to watch, to me. Death Valley was incredibly boring and I didn't understand much of the black&white parts of the episodes. If it wasn't for Death Valley, I'd probably rank this season on place 7.
  2. Hotel - it was very difficult for me to get through this season. I very much enjoyed James Patrick March and The Countess as characters, but besides them I didn't have a lot of interest in the rest. I didn't really enjoy John Lowe as the protagonist (I'm also not familiar with the actor) and at the end I didn't get what the message was. It felt a bit out of place that this season played out in modern times, I think I would've enjoyed it more if it were the fifties or something like that. I also cringed a bit hearing the Swedish girls talk (I am Swedish), but I guess that's just a personal thing... I'm surprised they survived until the end though (unless my memory betrays me), but honestly that was an interesting detail. I think people here have mixed opinions of Hotel, I usually see it falling somewhere in the bottom-middle of rankings... James March was entertaining to watch and I found him pretty funny, but I think he was the only character that made it worthwhile for me to continue watching.
  3. NYC - to my knowledge, this season is all about the AIDS epidemic and the history of homosexuals in USA... which was interesting and insightful to watch! The last two episodes were a bit of a bore for me, but I found the rest of the episodes pretty good. I read somewhere that Big Daddy was supposedly a symbol of AIDS/HIV(?) which I think was creative. Honestly though, I almost solely watched this season for Zachary Quinto, lol, and I think he was great! With Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, and Lily Rabe missing I didn't find this season as interesting as the older ones, but in general I think this season highlighted the struggles of LGBTQ people during that time period in the US pretty well. Though it's not a subject I'm passionate about, it made me more knowledgeable. I was happy to see Patti LuPone and Joe Mantello as I had previously seen both of them in the show "Hollywood"!
  4. Apocalypse - like many others have said, this season kind of feels like a Coven 2. I was very happy to see the witches returning and I think them fighting the Antichrist was entertaining, as well as seeing his backstory explained (plus bringing back Jessica as Constance). The first few episodes were a bit slow, but ultimately it was fun watching the witches battle the (male) witches for the place of the Supreme. Besides that, I didn't think this season was that remarkable, and I think it would've been justified as a part two of Coven instead of a stand-alone season. I think this season got my hopes up because of its name (I like apocalypse-themed movies, like 2012, World War Z, Greenland...), so that's why it takes eighth place.
  5. Roanoke - it was definitely different seeing the "show within a show" turn the directors decided to take, and I think it was well-executed! The story was relatively easy to follow, and I think Kathy Bates played an excellent role. Short as his screen time might be, I liked Evan Peters' performance as Edward Mott (it was interesting to see a character related to Dandy Mott also!). This season definitely felt a bit more raw and scary, and I generally enjoyed it a bunch. The reason it's not higher on the list is because I wasn't really used to the "show within a show" concept and I didn't find any characters particularly extraordinary, but it was a fun season and I liked it nonetheless.
  6. 1984 - just like Roanoke, the storyline was easy to follow and I liked seeing Emma Roberts this time around as well. While I think it was good, I couldn't go in-depth about it because it felt a bit... light compared to other seasons? Maybe because it only had 9 episodes, but it didn't give me enough time to really become interested in the characters and wanting to know their backstory. It was kind of a feel-good season for me because I just love the 80s and its whole aesthetic (+music and fashion), and so I didn't focus a whole lot on the plot. I did enjoy the ending though and in my opinion it is one of the best season endings in AHS (always happy to see Finn Wittrock returning). I can imagine rewatching it, this time paying a bit more attention to the details rather than the aesthetics.
  7. Coven - so, prior to even watching AHS, I had heard and seen a lot of Coven. Supposedly many people say it's one of the most iconic seasons. In general, I like witches and spells, and I think the casting this season was perfect. The reason this one falls a bit low though, is because of the treatment of Kyle by Zoe and Madison. The fact they built the perfect body for him, then resurrecting him, then bringing him to his abusive mother was so unbeliavably cruel. It's not like Kyle returned to his old self once he came back to life, he was aggressive and confused and had to be taught basic things like a lab rat and he was treated like an object, more or less. It was saddening to see and I honestly don't appreciate the direction they decided to go with his character. I think if Kyle had ended up not getting into the bus and getting killed (instead discovering the witches on his own and being part of their company) it would've been way more interesting! So yeah, I miss pre-death Kyle. It was also a bit confusing for me to understand the plot and some of its witchy concepts, but for that reason I might also rewatch this one. However, I cannot explain how much I loved Fiona and the Axeman - I am obsessed with them and I don't know what the general consensus of this "ship" is, but Danny Huston and Jessica Lange's chemistry together is amazing, which is why I was happy to see him starring in Freak Show as well! I also found Delphine and Queenie's interactions hilarious, and was happy to see they ended up being friends despite their different... views. Generally, it's fun seeing a character from like the 1700s travel to modern time and having to get used to what's happening now.
  8. Cult - I've seen many people here saying they don't like Cult because it's too political, which is understandable, but as somebody who enjoys politics (and is non-American!) this season was incredibly insightful for me. I got an image of how the US in 2016 might've looked, both for politicians and citizens. Kai Anderson was a bit of an infuriating character since he reminded me of chronically online redpilled incels, but I think he was a good antagonist and Evan played him perfectly. I was happy to see Winter not taking the same direction as her brother politically, instead standing her ground and holding her own beliefs whilst also having a kind of wholesome bond with him. I think Ally could get a bit annoying at times with all of her phobias, but ultimately I don't really dislike her. I enjoyed this season lots actually, even though I don't tend to prefer seasons being played out in modern time.
  9. Murder House - like many here have said, this is the season that made most people watch AHS, and so I think it deserves appreciation for that alone. While I think Ben and Vivien seemed a bit underdeveloped, I enjoyed Evan's first role as Tate, as well as Taissa Farmiga as Violet. I'm not the type to "ship" Tate and Violet, but I did find their interactions interesting because of their different personalities. Initially I didn't pay a lot of attention to Jessica Lange as Constance, but in hindsight I can say she played a vital role. I found the feud between Constance and Moira funny at times, and I also enjoyed Jamie Brewer's performance when she played Adelaide! I did find Hayden pretty irritating though. Besides that, this is an entertaining season and I have no bigger issues with it... was also happy to see Zach here, lol.
  10. Freak Show - I like the concept of horror circuses and scary clowns, so this was an easy season for me to digest. I know quite a few people don't like Jessica Lange's singing performances this season, but I honestly think she killed the cover of "Gods and Monsters". Seeing Pepper's backstory was sad, but it was also interesting seeing why she had ended up at Briarcliff. It was pretty fun seeing Michael Chiklis (Dell Toledo) since I had previously seen him playing in the show Gotham, and as always nice to see Danny Huston. I know a lot of people here also don't like Dandy Mott, but honestly, I think Finn Wittrock KILLED this role. He wasn't your typical villain, he was a rich, spoiled, man-child who kept throwing tantrums and I found that so funny. I also enjoyed Frances Conroy's performance as Dandy's mother Gloria. I was surprised to see Neil Patrick Harris in this season, but he played his role pretty good and I think he made the later episodes a bit more interesting. I think the highlight of this season is definitely Dandy Mott, he was hilarious and appeared super annoying but also had a very dark personality... and his mother trying to defend him, lmao. Also was fun seeing Twisty return in Cult! Great season all around, honestly.
1.Asylum - you know it... this is a masterpiece, in my opinion. This season, I was interested in pretty much everybody's backstory (Sister Jude, Sister Mary Eunice, Dr Arden, the Monsignor, Grace, Kit, Thredson...). This season actually disturbed me a lot (Lana essentially being taken captive at this insane asylum for being a lesbian, Jessica Lange's spooky performance as a devout nun...), and don't even get me started on Shelley's mutilation. I like shows/movies centered around insane asylums generally, so it wasn't difficult for me to get hooked. I just think the casting was on point, the storyline was cohesive but it also made me think and speculate... I was relieved to see Lana killing her son in the end, honestly, and I think the last episodes wrapped this season up well. If I were to say something a little less good about this season though, it's that the whole alien-concept felt a little out of place (then again I'm biased, so I'm not really mad about that), and also the fact that Oliver Thredson's mommy issues felt a bit... fetishistic at times? which made me cringe and skip some scenes, but I mean, I guess disturbing was the goal? And y'all already know I like Zach... who killed this role yet again. Great performances from everybody. Heartwarming seeing Kit and Jude's relationship when Jude got out of the asylum. The perfect, number one season for me.
Okay, phew. That was a bit long which I apologise for... and please excuse my repeated usage of the words "interesting" "fun" "easy", I'm a bit tired right now, ha. I hope people will change my mind about Hotel because I really do want to enjoy that particular season more. Again, I don't mean to hate or bash any seasons, I'm just giving my opinion as a brand new watcher and fan. I'm sure some older fans on here can help me understand the appeal of the lower-ranked seasons! Not sure if I should proceed to watch American Horror Stories... if it's any good, I just might.
Thanks for reading this messy ramble and reviews, I wish y'all a great day!
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2023.06.08 23:32 hotpinkfuggler hurt toe by falling down the stairs, still hurts 3 months later
(link to some pics of said toe, i'm awful at uploading pics so hope that works)
i hate the thought of uploading my toes ANYWHERE but my toe really hurts and i don't know why. 3 months ago i fell down the stairs and, on the way down, bent one of my toes all the way backwards trying to save myself from impending doom. the 1st and 3rd pics in the link are what it looked like around a week after. now, there's a bump at the bottom of it which i didn't do a great job showing and still hasn't gone away. it's still pretty painful, not so much when i walk, but i can't put any pressure whatsoever on it. does anybody know how long it might possibly take to heal or what i could do to speed the process up?
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2023.06.08 23:32 AlternativeUpbeat820 Craft suggestions while wrist heals?

I have carpal tunnel/tendionitus/arthritis in my dominant hand/wrist. It acts up every now and then when I'm stupid and ignore the pain. Well I did it again and I know I need to not do my usual crafting because it hurts too much.
Any suggestions on what to do cause I'm losing my mind =w= I can't just sit and do nothing but I mean... everything hurts.
I usually would do like junk journaling/sticker bombing but I'm currently out of supplies for that and can't get more.
So does anyone have any suggestions for a low impact craft that doesn't involve a ton of wrist/hand movement?
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2023.06.08 23:31 sasquatch_4530 Awkward Decon part 17

First : Prev
The rinsing phase was actually a lot less awkward than I expected. Once they were convinced my "war wounds" happened inside decon, they turned their backs to me and left me alone. It was a little disappointing to have them take over the girls, but they didn't seem to mind it very much. They were all talking amongst themselves and giggling and carrying on like nothing was wrong. Except for Billie, she still looked weirded out by the showers. They were clean water, but her fear of rain was still upsetting her. I almost moved to help, but between the medics and her sisters, she seemed to be managing.
I moved on to the drying and dressing area since I was the first one done and found the six jumpsuits they left out for us. Usually you have to check for a nametape so you don't get the wrong one, but being a good fifty centimeters taller than the girls, I just took the biggest one. I was about to leave when a voice behind me said, "Not so fast, Sarge."
I closed my eyes and sighed, recognizing the voice. "Garwood?" We'd served together before and I thought she had a thing for me at one point, but nothing ever came of it.
"You're gonna have to quarantine with those cuts and scratches," she said sternly. She was wearing one of the jumpsuits like they leave for us, but her's was all wet from helping the girls rinse, her auburn hair matted to her face and neck.
"We told you, I got them after we got INTO decon," I reminded her.
"Uh-huh," she responded dubiously. "You might've picked something up from their claws while you were in there," she added, look at her All Purpose Electric Device. They're like a communicator crossed with a computer interface. She was probably accessing some kind of scanner.
"I really doubt it," I assured her. We hadn't gone into a lot of detail about how I got most of my cuts and scratches, but I thought we had convinced them that I hadn't gotten contaminated by them. I guess we hadn't.
"Uh-huh," she replied again. Technically, I outranked her, but as the medical person, she still had the right to order me into quarantine. "I'm gonna at least need a blood sample."
"Right," I muttered, rubbing my right hand down my face and holding my left forefinger out for her. She got out that doodad that pokes you so you bleed and stuck me with it, drawing a drop of blood. "What'd you call that thing again?"
"A lancing device," she replied with a judgemental expression. "You ask me that everytime," she added, catching the drop of blood with a small tab, which she plugged into her APED. She handed me a piece of gauze to stop my finger bleeding and her computer made a beeping noise. "Huh," she muttered, checking her readout and turning away from me.
"I told you I wasn't contaminated," I gloated teasingly.
"It's not that," she answered, turning her screen so I could see it. "It's this," she added, pointing out a value that was highlighted in red. "We've never seen this hormone before."
"Is it dangerous?"
"I don't know," she grinned sarcastically, "we've never seen it before."
Just then, Alex came. She was looking resplendent, her fur glossy from the water, her hair pushed back to show her face…and stay out of her eyes, probably. "What haven't you seen before?" she asked as she stepped into her jumpsuit. The Mroaw suits have to zip almost to the knee because of how different their feet are.
Garwood was a lot more uncomfortable with Alex dressing in front of me than she was, and it showed on her face. "There's a hormone showing up in Sarge's blood work," she answered with a blush, glaring at me to turn away. I just crossed my arms as she stepped between us, there wasn't anything I hadn't seen before…or touched, for that matter.
"Is that bad?" Alex asked, looking at Garwood's APED.
"We should probably check all of your blood work, too" she answered uncertainly. "To make sure you haven't caught anything," she glared at me over her shoulder. Apparently, she had an idea why decon took so long, even though we hadn't told her anything.
"If you say so," Alex answered, offering her finger. Garwood lanced it and put the tab in her APED. It made a peeping noise, and she looked over her shoulder curiously. "What's that mean?"
"You've got the hormone, too," Garwood answered, perplexed. "But it's yellow instead of red, so it must be normal for Mroaw but new to you personally."
"And Sarge has it now?" she asked, looking more closely at the display.
"It looks like it," Garwood replied as the other girls came out. They were all giggling about something, except for Billie. She looked so innocent and embarrassed, I almost said something. Garwood glared at me again and I turned to go, leaving the ladies to dress and talk in peace.
Alex followed me. "Where you going?"
"My hooch," I responded, giving her the side eye. "Why?"
"Thought you might like some company," she replied innocently, grasping her hands behind her back.
"And Sam's okay with that?"
"She had her turn," she muttered in frustration. "Besides, you weren't planning anything, were you?" she added, giving me an innocent look.
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2023.06.08 23:31 Plane-Match-6652 Something is wrong with me

Hi I’m your average person but lately I’ve been self harming and drinking a lot to feel something. I’ve been on a waiting list for a year now for therapy and it makes me feel like I’m not shit or important at all. I want to fix myself but apart of me likes being intoxicated cause it’s so boring being my normal self and I realize how much it’s hurting me but at the same time I don’t care. I don’t know what to do at all can anyone offer advice?
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2023.06.08 23:31 AnimalCrossingSoup15 My first love broke up with me last night and I don’t know what to do

Basically what it says in the title. My girlfriend of nearly 4 years broke up with me. There was no yelling or fighting. She said she loved me so much and wanted to stay with me. But she feels that we aren’t compatible romantically or sexually. I know she’s right but it’s so painful.
We’re both queer and we were close friends before we started dating. She really wants to stay friends. I want her in my life but I also feel very broken right now. I don’t know if I can handle seeing her move on. I don’t know if I can handle being around her. I love her as a friend too, but I’m so confused.
I feel like I’ve failed. I wanted to make this relationship work so badly. And she was such a good partner but it still didn’t work. She is my first love, first relationship, and I’m lost. I guess I just want somewhere to talk about this. How do I handle a lesbian breakup?
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2023.06.08 23:31 Some-Professor-315 I'm not going to finish college and it's all my fault

Really Long,
I entered college sround September of 2019. I was accustomed to doing the bare minimum and always getting my way, well uni taught me that wasn't going to cut it and all I did was hide behind excuses mostly to myself because I didn't have the guts to tell people the pressure was too much.
Let me give y'all a backstory first.
All my primary school studies were a breeze. I just went to class listened to the teacher and when exams came I always knew I'd pass. At one point I made a bet with my father to my me a football if I led in all my papers for a semester in Grade 5. I did it without breaking a sweat. I didn't even think about the promise made to me until the last day of the semester.
So when I went to highschool and all I could come up with was a B- I was shocked. I thought about asking someone for help but I ended up putting it off saying its just this once, boy was I in for one hell of a broken ride. It happened again and again and by the end of my first year there I had a C+. By now it had gone on for so long that I had just but accepted it as normal. Come end of Highschool I had just barely made it to college. I got the minimum requirement. Comfort zone my highschool principle called it.
First forward to my first year in college, my dad and brother dropped me off and soon started my uni life. First few weeks I went to all my classes until I found out a way to attend all classes on paper but never be in physical attendance. I asked my newly found classmates to sign me in on the attendance sheet. From then on I was just attending classes I felt like going and asking the classmates to sign the others. This went on for sometime that I barely attended my classes and eventually forgot to ask my classmates to sign in for me. Sometimes they'd just meet me in the school grounds and they'd say they signed the sheet for me.
I know you're wondering what I used to do with all the free time I had. You'll need a backstory for this one. So I play basketball just a little better than the average guy, definitely not D3 potential let alone D1, YET. You'd find me on the basketball court shooting and playing 1 on 1s with students who were actually on their free time coz they actually attended classes. Obviously I'd win and that would get my dopamine or serotonin going. I don't know which one's which. After sometime I joined the school team and here I met the guys who were actually serious about they lives and were still better than me at basketball. Now here's where shit went from bad to worse.
I got together with a teammate who showed me how to smoke weed. I think thats where my brain realized I could get the same dopamine/serotonin from somewhere else other than winning at basketball. Now my first semester I used to eat from the school cafe and my family is not well off so I rarely had enough to buy the weed, so come the second semester I decided to concort a 'wonderfully brilliant' set of lies to get my father to send me money for food instead of paying for the one in school. I say 'wonderfully brilliant' because I've always been a master manipulator. Literally, the greatest. LeBron James couldn't even be put in the same breath as me when talking about GOATs let alone Micheal Jordan. (YEAH. LEBRON IS THE GOAT)
Second semester starts and I'm full to the brim with potential weed money and when I say potentil I mean DEFINITELY. So I smoke my worries (of not being able to cut it in college) away day by day. Days became weeks and weeks became months and before I knew it covid hit the world and I was back home. My school introduced online classes and all was bliss. I could stay in my room all day pretending to attend classes and just watch my favorite shows. I rewatched Game of Thrones soo much that I remember pretty much every important scene on it, lines and how the scene was set. At my hometown I didn't have a weed dealer so I just stayed with my pent up frustrations(bcoz I was too lazy to look for one on my own) but atleast I could play basketball in my former Junior school. I was on there wall of great achievers so I was allowed in anytime of the day.
Mid 2021 they say Covid is behind us so we're allowed back in school. My excitement now is beyond expectations because I was going to a supervision free area and enough weed money to last me each semester. By now I was just logging in to my student portal, selecting units my class going friends selected and just closing that chapter of school reopening. My routine became some basketball training, smoking weed and watching tv. Life of a king aay!!!!!
Fast forward to 2023, I'm supposed to graduate this year and I'm definitely not going to and I don't know how to tell my parents that I'm just another bum. I realized that I wasn't going to graduate back in 2021 but I've been telling myself that I'll just end it all if I don't win the lottery by the time I need to graduate. But here I am just months away from everyone knowing what has been happening and I'm so scared of dying that I don't know what to do. If you're asking how I've gone this far with no one noticing remember I am a master manipulator.
This is the first time I've been sincere with anyone for close to 7yrs and it's with total strangers. I don't know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Well I know I have to tell my parents and everyone the truth but I'm so scared I'm even shaking right now.
If you fell for the "I'm even shaking" sob story I could have nine ways to one in a habit. I'm a master......yeah you guessed it right.
I'm scared time is running out and I'm 23. I want to change, I just don't know how I could come back from telling my father about this let alone everyone. If push goes to shove then Valar Morghulis.
I really hope this push guy doesn't go anywhere near thas shove guy. This time I'm actually sincere,
with regards.
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2023.06.08 23:31 theprincessofkittens Should I try to salvage our friendship, again? Or try to move on for good?

Hi reddit, I have a question about an out of touch friend. This is going to be a long post, sorry !
Basically there's this girl I know, and when we were younger we were inseparable, we considered ourselves sisters. Our families were intertwined. Her mother was dating my older brother, and she and I really hit it off too. We quickly became each other's biggest confidantes, wherever one was the other one was right there beside her. We spent as much time as we could together. We were both homeschooled, so we'd spend weeks at a time at each other's houses, spent the holidays together, etc.. we helped each other grow a lot as people, I know she especially helped me come out of my shell. I can't imagine being the person I am today without her guidance, she helped me become confident in myself back when I was just a chubby kid who thought she was the ugliest most worthless goblin on the planet.
We always said we'd be best friends, even if they broke up. But as we grew up, we started drifting apart. I can't say when it started to happen for sure. She was always getting into relationships, and they always ended really really bad. And I was always there to pick up the pieces. But when she was in these relationships, I noticed she'd really pull away from me and everyone else she was close to. I thought maybe that's what had happened. But I don't know for sure really.
Even after she got out of the last bad one she was in. Something was different I guess. She stopped texting and calling as much, stopped making plans to hang out. But she was always hanging out with other people. And I know your best friend is allowed to have other friends, but it was like I just didn't exist anymore. And we talked about the growing rift, and she'd apologize and say she didn't know why she was pulling away and that she'd do better. And I tell her it was okay and we'd both do better. And I tried. But it always felt like nothing I said or did would reach her.
So I stopped trying. And when I stopped trying, it was pretty much over. And then my mom died. And she was there for the funeral with me, and I really appreciated her being there. And I stayed at her house that night because I couldn't stay at home, and it really felt like things were going to be okay again. But as quick as she showed back up she was gone. And then my brother and her mom broke up. And she got a new boyfriend, and so did I. And life has moved on for us. I'm 22 now, she's 21.
We work together now, and whenever I see her she's always polite to me. She talks to me like we're still friends, says we need to catch up and hang out, and at first I was excited. I took what she said to heart, and just like before when I did try to reach out, no responses back or she'd back out of plans last minute. And now it just hurts whenever I see her. And I have to be so fake when I talk to her, because it's like there's a band restricting my heart and I want to cry when I see her and ask what I did wrong. I want to scream at her for being fake. But I don't do anything but smile and nod til she leaves. And I wonder if she can see the pain on my face, and can see how hurt and uncomfortable I am. Because despite how long it's been since we were actually close, those were some of the best years of my life. And I miss the friend I used to have. And I think about her so often, even though I really try not to. And I still love her so much.
I went so far as to unadd her off all social media, but even doing that and with trying to avoid her at work I can't completely escape her. Some of my closest friends are, unfortunately, mutual friends with her. And so when we hang out, they'll mention her, something they did together or what she's been up to lately and I just have to smile and nod until they're done and I'm sick of doing that. And I'm sick of hearing about her second-hand.
Sorry for the rant, the point of this post is to ask a question. My question is, should I try one last time? Should I try one last time to reach out? Or should I just let her go, for good? And try to move on? And accept that people just grow apart and we aren't kids anymore. And she doesn't need me anymore. Thanks in advance, and sorry again for such a long post.
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2023.06.08 23:30 cryptofutures100xlev I am a bit worried about the gameplay

I feel like the gameplay pacing is way too similar to MK11. I did not like MK11 because of how slow it was. I could be wrong but I wish Ed Boon did a more in depth breakdown of the gameplay. I'm going to be waiting for more info which we should be getting soon. Maybe the game is still being worked on?
One thing that does look promising is how there's more combo variety with air combos. Graphics look better. There was a clip they showed during the interview with Ed Boon where if you watch closely it seems the walking movement is faster and more fluid and they may have also brought back the running mechanic (unless it's just Kenshi who can run?) but if that running mechanic is universal then that would be great.
Hopefully we get to learn everything about the gameplay pretty soon. Right now I'm still worried and kind of underwhelmed because it didn't really look super different to me. I want to see a lot more fast paced gameplay and crazy combos. The kameo system looks to be really promising with how much it adds to the combos but I do wish we got a much longer breakdown on the gameplay.
As of right now I'm worried that it'll just be MK11 2.0

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2023.06.08 23:30 Miserable_Future_320 AITA for giving attention to one dog but not another?

Basically, I have a mental disability where I have a very hard time being empathetic to or show emotion to anyone/anything that I have not created a bond with. I'm in therapy and have been for years but there's no meds for it. I just have to fake it, pretty much and that takes a lot out of me.
So, my fiancé got a dog 2 years ago. For himself. I told him I didn't mind and it was already pretty well talked about that there was a very good chance that I would never bond with this dog. For whatever reasons, dogs are almost impossible for me to bond with. I don't dislike them. I just can't build a bond for whatever reason. He knew this well in advance to him getting himself the dog. I don't treat her poorly since he's had her but I find myself genuinely disliking this dog. She has so many unfavorable behaviors that are extremely difficult to train her out of. We are going through trainers now but I begged for months before that happened and now I just resent the dog completely. Nipping faces to play or whining literally nonstop. Constantly standing underfoot to a point of you physically tripping on her. Her recall is terrible. She resource guards her food, my husband and the crate BAD. And she has severe jealousy issues. Like if me or my husband hug each other, she's freaking out. I honestly hate the dog. And now that we are spending $120 PER session for training, the resentment has grown significantly.
Well, my husband's niece has a dog and surprisingly, I love this dog. She cuddles me. She doesn't nip my face. She's calm. She doesn't shit all over the place or get on the table or in the trash and she's genuinely a good girl. And she loves me. I created a bond with her and I immediately love on her whenever she comes up to me. But I refuse to do the same with my fiancés dog. I honestly don't want her near me because of how rough she is on me face. My fiancé and his entire family have told me how much of an AH I am several times and make comments to my fiancés dog, saying "Isn't she such a mean momma? Loving on that other dog but hating on you." It's starting to really affect me. AITA?
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2023.06.08 23:29 jlhuang how much artifact cv does your alhaitham have?

i have 199 and am wondering if grinding out better artifacts is worth the resin
View Poll
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2023.06.08 23:29 GENGARTAMER i think i hit my plateau, any advice

i am ~d2 for quite a while now and i feel really stuck. does anyone have advice how i can break that hardstuck feeling.
anyone was in a spot like that and know how to break it
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