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2023.03.20 23:27 roubkar Best Open-Source Visualization Libraries: Seeking Recommendations and Experiences

Hello everyone!
I'm currently exploring open-source visualization libraries (for web) for a project I'm working on, and I'm seeking recommendations and experiences from the community. I'm particularly interested in libraries that are versatile, easy to use, performant on a large amount of data and provide a wide range of visualization options (e.g., bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, etc.).
I'm a huge fan of D3.js and like Plotly, have tried lots of other libraries, but would like to know what others are using (real cases). What kind of projects have you used these libraries for? Are there any hidden gems in the open-source visualization world that more people should know about?
I appreciate any insights or suggestions you can share. Thank you!
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2023.03.20 23:27 romeovf Thinking about what Shaw said in the turbolift

If you think about it in the most realistic way possible, it's pretty sus that there's basically only ONE ship in the whole fleet where the super weirdest stuff happened for 15 years: Anomalies, time travel, ancient aliens, Q, the Borg, candles, paradoxes, etc.
The Enterprise and its commanding officers surely have a reputation of being trouble magnets because of that only, without counting the political stuff they also got into many times.
Reminds me of that episode of X-Files when the FBI accountant is a fan of Mulder and Scully bc they seem to have the wildest adventures.
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2023.03.20 23:26 romeovf Thinking about what Shaw said in the turbolift

If you think about it in the most realistic way possible, it's pretty sus that there's basically only ONE ship in the whole fleet where the super weirdest stuff happened for 15 years: Anomalies, time travel, ancient aliens, Q, the Borg, candles, paradoxes, etc.
The Enterprise and its commanding officers surely have a reputation of being trouble magnets because of that only, without counting the political stuff they also got into many times.
Reminds me of that episode of X-Files when the FBI accountant is a fan of Mulder and Scully bc they seem to have the wildest adventures.
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2023.03.20 23:26 chloejune Can I just walk into places and ask for matchbooks?

I moved to America from a smaller country a few months ago, and in my country we don’t have things like matchbooks in places so I’m not sure about how this work. I’m an art student and love anything design, and would love to collect them as souvenirs for my time abroad as I go around and explore new parts of the city. I know there are places that give them out for free, but do I have to go in use their service (dining, drinking etc.) before asking for one of them or would it be rude if I just go straight in and ask for one?
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2023.03.20 23:26 wazerstudio Wizard Sharing Launching the beta version

Wizard Sharing Launching the beta version
Exciting news for everyone! Our team has been working hard on Wizard Sharing and we are happy to announce that our MVP will be launched 03.04.2023!
Wizard Sharing is a web app with AI to replace projectors in a real-time presentation. Wizard Sharing is ready to conquer the presentation industry.
Launching an MVP takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but we're excited to share our creation with the world. Our team has been focused on delivering a high-quality product that meets the core needs of our target audience, and we can't wait to see how it will be received.
We want to thank our amazing team for their dedication and hard work throughout the project. It's been an incredible journey and we're excited to share the MVP with everyone.
Our key benefits:
  1. You can use any room you want for your presentation.
  2. The ability to use any device you want to broadcast or view the presentation
  3. With Wizard Sharing, everyone will be able to see all the information in the presentation no matter where they are sitting in room
  4. You can quickly upload all the necessary files and start your presentation.
  5. Also, we fight against pollution. Because some parts of the projector can't be recycled. And we also solve this problem
As this is just the MVP version of our project, we're eager to hear your feedback and suggestions for future enhancements. We're confident that our MVP will make a positive impact, and we're committed to continuously improving it based on user feedback.
Register link for beta testing:
Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop and refine our project.
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2023.03.20 23:26 Wild-CodeMonkey 28m - Looking for friends who are interested in learning about religion and spirituality, sharing hobbies, and taking walks in nature. 😎

Are you looking to deepen your spiritual practice? Want to learn more about different religions and belief systems? Do you enjoy spending time in nature and exploring new hiking trails?
If so, I'd love to connect with you! I'm searching for like-minded individuals who are interested in exploring these topics together. Let's have conversations about our experiences and perspectives, and learn from each other.
In addition to spiritual exploration, I also love spending time on my hobbies and interests, which include reading, painting, and cooking. I'm always open to trying new activities and discovering new passions.
If you're looking for a friend who is open-minded, compassionate, and eager to learn and grow, let's connect! Send me a message and let's get to know each other.
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2023.03.20 23:25 slickrickjr How does failover and failback work in reality?

My production Pure currently does async replication to my DR Pure in Canada (I'm in the Caribbean). What I don't understand is how this really helps in a DR situation. I've even watched the video on the ActiveDR available in 6.4.2 which I just upgraded to but I do not understand how having a volume in my DR, connected to a completely different vCenter helps me to failover then failback.
The files on the volumes are all virtual machine files so the replicated volumes at the DR are not useful for failover, only for restoring in case of corruption/ransomware. That is how I understand it at least.
Please help me to understand what failover and failback would look like in a real life scenario. How would my vCenter at DR use my replicated volumes to spin up production?
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2023.03.20 23:25 purplecow16 Greetings! Looking for advice on a day trip..

I will be in Norway for about 3 days, arriving Friday morning and departing on Sunday evening. I am planning on spending Friday and Sunday exploring Oslo, and there is a lot of good info on things to do/places to check out.
I am looking for any advice on a good natural vista to visit, or a hike to do, on Saturday. I will have access to a car and am willing to drive pretty far. I am considering waking up early, road tripping to Trolltunga, spending some time exploring, and driving back to Oslo that evening. Does this sound doable?
What other hikes/nature places would you recommend for a one day road trip from Oslo? I am so excited to visit and thank you all in advance for any ideas you may have.
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2023.03.20 23:25 McYeeterson12 Game broke and can't access the save, Can someone help?

Game broke and can't access the save, Can someone help?
Here is the debug error I copied: DEBUG : error: item shot_mag cannot fit into pocket while loading: holster does not accept this item type or form factor
FUNCTION : void item_contents::combine(const item_contents &, const bool, const bool) FILE : /home/zhilkin/Cataclysm-DDA/android/app/jni/src/../../../../src/item_contents.cpp LINE : 609 VERSION : 0.G
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2023.03.20 23:24 DaHarries HELP! Silicone bed supports

Evening all,
Ive recently invested in a glass top, new steel bearings and silicone supports for the print bed. I installed the glass top and adjusted the bed accordingly via a bed level Gcode ive been using for nearly 2 years but despite working this massively over tensioned the springs so I ordered some silicone supports.
They turned up today and now I cant get the extruder anywhere near the bed in bed levelling no matter what I do...
So far I've tried:
Im out of ideas...
Ive gone to YT and all I can find is people saying how they fitted the silicone bed supports and they were great and all they had to do was a bed level... I found one guy with a similar issue but he did the digital adjustment and it worked fine... why cant it be that easy...
I thought I may have got the spring v silicone heights wrong when ordering been as the extruder was now so far away but ive compared them and with minimal tension the spring height matches the silicone with no coil bind so i really am stumped.
Please help, otherwise some passerby is getting a free 3D printer as its going out the window...
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2023.03.20 23:23 titritmoroccotours 6 days imperial cities of morocco tour

Day 1: Casablanca-Meknes-Volubilis-Fes
You will be met on arrival at Casablanca airport or at your hotel and then driven the short distance to Casablanca, Morocco's largest city and the modern, economic capital. here you'll be welcome to enter the impressive Hassan II Mosque, one of the largest in the world and one of only two in the country that allow access to non-Muslims. In the afternoon, you will travel west towards Fes, stopping off at Meknes and Volubilis. Meknes, surrounded by vineyards and rich arable land, is an important, historic, Imperial city of the Sultan Moulay Ismail of the 17th and 18th centuries. Here you can see the mausoleum of Moulay Ismail himself, the Bab Mansour gate with its beautiful zellij mosaics and marble pillars, and the Sahrij Soanni Bassin, a huge reservoir that supplies the city and the Imperial gardens. Next, are the nearby Roman ruins of Volubilis dating from the first century BC and you'll be able to walk through the Triumphal Arch and see many beautifully preserves mosaic floors depicting scenes from the Roman myths. Then onward to Fes, through fertile valleys in the foothills between the Rif and Atlas Mountain ranges. arriving in the early evening to check into your traditional riad in the heart of the ancient, medieval medina where you will stay in B&B overnight.
Day 2: Investigating Fantasic Fes
After a traditional breakfast in your riad, it will be time to explore the cultural capital of Morocco, the ancient medina (old city) of Fes, passing though its narrow, winding alleyways among the hustle and bustle, donkeys and horses, the exotic sights and smells of a working, medieval city; the largest urbanized pedestrian area in the world. Here you can see the delicious fresh fruit piled high, mountains of aromatic spices and intricate. You will visit the famous traditional tanneries and to the Al Qaraouine university which is the oldest in the world. In the afternoon, after a satisfying lunch in an authentic Moroccan restaurant in the heart of the medina, Your journey will continue with a visit of the Jewish quarter, the King's Palace, ceramic factory and the Merenid Tombs, perched on a hillside overlooking the medina and providing a breathtaking panoramic view of the old city. Then you will return to your riad home for the night.
Day 3: Fes - Middle Atlas Mountains - Sahara Desert
Following breakfast, it's off to Ifrane, a charming Alpine-styled, chalet filled town, nestling prettily in the mountains and known as the " Switzerland of Morocco", Catching tantalising glimpses of both the Middle and High Atlas mountains as you yourselves ascend into them, you'll next stop at Azrou, "The Rock" in the local Berber language, a lovely village in the heart of the magnificent cedar forests, the most extensive in the country. Here live the Barbary Apes, actually a type of macaque monkey, who may steal your lunch. As you get nearer to Merzouga, your destination for the night, you will see a gradual change in the landscape as the desert begins to creep in. On we go, through the mountain pass of Tizi Ntalghamt to Midelt and then through the verdant Ziz valley, carved by a river through volcanic rock. There will be plenty of stops for photo opportunities along the route. Passing through quaint Berber mountain villages and then the larger settlements of Erfoud and Rissani you will come to the village of Merzouga during the evening to spend the night in a Kasbah/hotel where dinner and breakfast are provided as well as delicious, hot, sweet, mint tea on your arrival. Very refreshing.
Day 4: A Camel Trek and a Night Camping in the Sahara
First, a sumptuous breakfast and then a chance to visit the village of Khamlia and interact with the Gnawa, the local people who are descended from slaves brought to Morocco from the Sudan. They have a unique lifestyle and they will play their delightful, traditional music for you. Later you'll get the chance to explore Rissani, the original home of the Alaouites who created a dynasty and are still the ruling royal family in Morocco to this day. Rissani is a walled town, or ksar, with numerous high towers and has a large open nomad market. Then you will be driven back to Merzouga, where your camel awaits! An experienced professional guide will take you on an unforgettable ninety minute camel trek through the shifting desert sands and ergs (dunes). After you arrive at your desert camp you will have the opportunity to watch a spectacular sunset over the glittering desert dunes. It's the wonder of camping in the desert tonight, where the stars are so numerous and so bright that you really feel that you could just reach out and touch them. Dinner and overnight in a berber camp.
Day 5: The Gorgeous Gorges of Todra - Ouarzazate
An early start, as you are awoken to experience the splendour of the sun rising over the sand dunes, then you will ride your camel gently back to a hotel for breakfast, during which ride, you cannot fail to notice the shifting and changing of the shadows cast by the dunes, lengthening and shrinking as the day progresses. After breakfast, the journey to Ouarzazate begins with a drive through the 300 metre deep canyon of the Todgha Gorges cut through the easternmost tip of theHigh Atlas Mountains where you can enjoy some hiking around the pretty village of Tinghir. The Tinghir and Todgha gorges are the highest and narrowest in Morocco and, some would say, the most beautiful. The next stop is "Rose City" the Berber town of Kelaat Mgouna, where every year, usually in mid-May (though the times may vary), at rose harvest time, there is a celebration of the Festival of Roses. This provides an opportunity for the local growers to meet up ans sell their wares, most notably rose water which will leave your clothes, body and bed linen smelling sweetly long after it is applied. After this you will travel on to the fertile oasis of Skoura, surrounded by huge groves of palm trees with stunning views of the mighty Atlas mountains. Finally, you'll finish your day with an evening arrival in Ouarzazate where you will enjoy your dinner and stay overnight in an hotel.
Day 6: Rose City - Kasbahs - Marvelous Marrakech
After a hearty breakfast explore the film sets and studios of Ouarzazate, "Africa's Hollywood" whose astonishing scenery and topography have lured some of the world's leading film-makers and directors to make use of the landscape. These are the most famous and largest film studios in all of the African continent. You may visit the studio museum where you can see props and other items of interest from films such as "Gladiator", "The Mummy" and "Indiana Jones" as well as parts of the popular TV series "Game of Thrones". Afterwards, you will visit Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, the biggest in Morocco. Take a stroll to explore the traditional Moroccan architecture that composes the kasbah, home to the Glaoui people, descendants of one of the last great Berber chieftains, Et Hami El Glaoui who ruled in the 18th century. This central region of the country is vibrant and exciting and surely one of the most romantic areas of Morocco, huddled between fertile, green river valleys with their extensive palmeries and burnished red mud-brick houses, roasting under the blazing Moroccan sun in dazzling colours beneath an azure sky. Then it's time to continue on your journey, through the astounding Tizi n'tichka Pass, over two and a half kilometres above sea-level, along twisting, turning mountain roads dotted with picturesque Berber villages until you reach Marrakech. The tour ends when you are safely deposited at your hotel or riad.
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2023.03.20 23:23 lucader881 Isekai of the Ultimate Ritualist - Chapter 44

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There, beyond the mighty door, another world opened before their eyes. It was a world of cog and wheels, of halogen lights and of steam, where pistons and brass pipes were a part of the architecture just as much as stone or brick, if not more. The floors were uneven plates of rusted, corrugated metal worn down by the centuries and corroded by humidity, and the lights embedded in the walls were faint and strained to keep shining, their light also a hum that filled the spaces with noise. There was a gash in the ceiling, a wide aperture from where a ray of white moonlight shone in an inner garden that was overgrown and overrun by nature, reclaiming that space and other spaces with its green growths. For in fact, moss and lichen spread from there like an advancing tide, following the trail of humidity and feeding off the light and heat of the incandescent lights.
“It doesn’t lead to the surface.” Ishrin observed, looking at the ceiling and through the hole.
“Perhaps there is a hidden passage.” Lisette offered her explanation.
“Or maybe it’s just weird and strange like the rest of this place. Am I the only one?” Melina asked.
“You are not.” Lisette stated.
At times the lights flickered, the power that kept them running surging and then stabilizing again, and their hum was a scream, and the scream was agony of a place that was dying a slow death through the centuries. The door far behind them, ajar one second ago, slammed itself shut and the sound echoed.
“This place gives me the creeps,” Melina said. “It feels like everything is moving, beneath the surface.”
“I do have the same sensation.” Lisette said. “But we need to press on.”
Ishrin cocked his head. “Her bracers are on the line. Come on!”
Melina groaned. “Fine. Still creepy tho.”
Indeed, little sounds, groans and hisses of the pipes, strains of metal and mechanism seemed to come from all around. While what they could see was all perfectly still, the noises betrayed that somewhere below the apparent peaceful façade, things were alive and moving, and perhaps watching them with unknown means. Sir Westys’ and his team were walking cautiously now, their pride long forgotten, squeezed between Melina at the front and Lisette at the rear for more protection. They listened to the stronger adventurers’ conversations with a mixture of irritation – this was the case for Sir Westys – and envy at the much more relaxed attitude that only being a seasoned veteran could ever give them. This wasn’t to say that Ishrin and his team were being careless.
There were many things that could hurt them in the world. In fact, even though his coming to Noctis was relatively smooth, Ishrin learned very quickly on his adventures that the world was much more dangerous than it seemed. The mountain realm, for instance. That completely erased his sense of power he gained when he slew the Sycoraptor in the forest where he also met Lisette. And while encounters like that of Lucius in Obscuria still told the tale of a world where the true powerful people were rare in cities and whatnot, places like this revealed the other side of the coin: that dangers and powers beyond reckoning still dwelled beneath the surface, and one needed only look for them in the right places. Very much like his old world of Eternia. Except that here, he theorized, there was the guild. And what the guild did was maintain order and the apparent status quo in the cities and in the countryside around them, or more in general it kept order where order was needed for business to flourish, while confining danger to be only outside its sphere of protection.
Melina too was suddenly thrust in what seemed like a whole different world than what she was used to live in, where danger was everywhere and even her Tier 15 – that once she thought as being powerful with a power unobtainable by any but the luckiest – was just average.
The rooms were many. Ishrin led the way, at times stopping to check with his teammates, at other times to take in his surroundings. He had made another water compass and was holding it himself, letting it float next to him with a bit of effort using his telekinetic powers.
There was no magic here. The air was not devoid of it, but its presence in the air was no more than the usual suffused glow of ambient magic, and none of the walls or things that cluttered the corridor and rooms had any magic inside of them. This made Ishrin feel blind, in a different way than he did in the mountain realm where he was blinded by too much magic, more like he was in the absolute dark, with only a faint glow that was light, yes, but didn’t reveal anything, not even shapes. Of course, he still had his normal vision, but used as he was to having both senses at the same time, he felt extremely uncomfortable.
Not all was bad. The reactive armor, surrounding him but invisible, was charging and this made him feel like he was finally investing his overflowing mana into something for a later use. Beside him Liù was having a great time exploring the place, touching the little brass chandeliers with small halogen candles, examining the many copper and iron cogs on the floor, fallen from damaged pipes on the ceiling, and sometimes she even snuck into said pipes where they were large enough, only to then have to be cut free when she got stuck.
Everything was covered in grime. The greasy, dark fatty substance used to lubricate mechanisms and that was now mixed with dust, and plant matter. Footsteps echoed wetly.
From the distance, faint at the beginning but ever more present in the consciousness of the seven adventurers, a rhythmic clang of metal against metal reverberated through the corridors. Nobody could pinpoint where it was coming from, beyond the feeling that it was coming from deeper in the underground complex, for the sound traveled through the pipes and the hidden hatches in the walls, the service tunnels and the air vents, coming to them as a cloud of slightly delayed sounds from all directions.
An open space. The ceiling rose immediately after they crossed the threshold of a great gate that stood ajar, as if blasted out of its hinges, until it reached so high up that vapor and cooled down steam began to hide some of its features. Inside the fog were, like little searchlights, points of brightness that spread and diffused through the thick air until an orange hue was ever present up there. Below, the floor was uneven stone, cracked and wet, with moss and small ferns poking out of the cracks. Sometimes metal plates that were bolted to the stone were still visible under the vegetation, reflecting the cyan light that came from the far end of the room. There, three circular openings were faintly visible through the mists, and there was a strong light coming from behind them, and in that light the silhouette of three great machines could be seen. Great automata they were, with circular bodies and long, prehensile arms, and their heads were large squares that were dull and dark.
Until, suddenly, they weren’t. Deep, red and foreboding lights came to life like sinister eyes as a screech of grinding metal and awakening old mechanical pieces pierced the air and deafened the adventurers. Everyone almost jumped to their feet, not even having had enough time to take three steps into the room before they were shaken out of their contemplation by the sudden sound. Not everyone reacted the same. Ishrin took in the room he was in, immediately spotting the three now moving figures who were dragging themselves free from the alcoves they were in. The shadows they projected through the misty air were deep chasms of darkness, and the three circles where they once stood immobile revealed a path beyond, that was unreachable.
Melina and Lisette both panicked. In the commotion they lost sight of Sir Westys and his party, the four boys having seemingly vanished into the fog. There were shapes and shadows moving in the distance, but they were faint, and far, and it was impossible to tell if it was them or just the many reflections of the shiny and wet, greasy metal that played with their senses, with their perception. Their panic didn’t last long however, and they both showed their competence and experience, their focus homing in laser-like on the enemies ahead.
The central automaton was closest. Its size was the smallest of the three, but even then it stood at more than four times as tall as Ishrin, and with only the sound of the metal groaning and the hiss of pneumatics, it raised one of its many limbs of welded plates up in the air and slammed down. Immediately the limb hit a field of invisible telekinetic force and was pushed to the side, but it didn’t happen with the ease that everyone was expecting it to happen. In fact, Ishrin had to kneel on the ground and his knee had dug deep into the rock, cracking it and leaving a deep dent when he, slowly, pushed himself back to his feet. He strained.
“Battle formation!” Ishrin yelled, immediately jumping to the side to dodge another incoming arm. The other two automata were each converging towards one of the two girls, and they were bigger, although slower and with less appendages.
Two grunts of strain and effort told him all that he needed to know. In a matter of milliseconds, the battle was on. Sparks raged from his right side, where Lisette dashed towards the metal construct with her blades unsheathed, and was slashing at it while dancing around its body, climbing on it, dodging the prehensile limbs that uselessly slammed into the ground and broke unseen pipes that began to spew gases in the air. She searched for gaps, weak spots where she could plunge her blades and sever vital parts of the grand machine of animated metal.
On his right, the bright flashes of magical green, tinted with a little hint of white and slight blue he had never seen before, were the sign that Melina too was engaging with her enemy.
This made him relax enough to allow him to focus on his own opponent. Liù was also orbiting him like a small sentry, deploying small faint lasers that mapped the structure of the automaton, until they focused on a particular point at the end of one of its limbs.
Danger :o
Ishrin jumped to the side, slightly diverting the giant arm, and firing a Magic Pebble with his sword at it. The projectile hit the metal and dug into it, melting it and leaving behind a circular hole roughly the size of a fist, red with heat and hissing. But the damage was minimal, for it only hit plate and not vital moving parts. As he dodged, he tried to see what Liù was highlighting for him, and he noticed the multicolored scattering of the light, the hue of a crystal he recognized. He had seen it last in Obscuria, tipping an arrowhead that was capable of penetrating Tier 13 defenses with ease.
“Careful—” he tried to warn his teammates but had to dash again and ended his sentence with a grunt.
From the other side of the room, through the clang of metal, he saw a glimpse of Lisette weaving around a similar crystal, coating a long flexible sword at the end of one of her automaton’s limb. From behind instead came the wild rush of wind of Melina’s magic, and a strained yell.
“Noticed! They have crystal blades!” she yelled when she had a small window of rest, before disappearing again in a flash of verdant energy to dash at her opponent.
Ishrin’s automaton was different than theirs. It shifted, and its limbs reorganized and changed until they morphed into different weapons: hammers, flexible swords, whips. And all these weapons were coated with the same crystal, the same dangerous substance that could hurt him somehow.
Suddenly a bright red light was in front of his eyes. He had gotten distracted, but Liù was ever watchful and had highlighted the vector of impact of the automaton’s flexible sword as it descended upon him with a red hologram, and there were ghostly images of him dodging and reposting to the attack, simulating what he could do to counter it. He grinned, taking a stance and exploding out with the full strength of his Tier 11 power, and he used telekinesis to push himself against the ground and change course mid-air until he landed right where one of the thing’s limbs were attached to its body. Before the automaton could react, he blasted the joint with Pebble after Pebble and then jumped away. With the joint weakened, he pulled at it from afar and yanked it free, and it came loose in a shower of black ooze that sizzled and smoked where it hit the ground.
The recoil sent him sprawling on his back. Even though Liù was there to catch him, he still ended up on the ground, feeling the wet of the stone and the odd warmth of a gas leak on his back. His pupils widened, and his mind raced. A giant crystal-coated hammer was descending upon him. His heart sped up. This was a slip-up. And almost fatal one. He could not get out in time.
The hammer hit, and for a moment there was silence. It was like even the other fights were momentarily suspended, as if both the automata and the girls were watching with their breath stuck in their throat was had happened to Ishrin. There was a small cloud of dust that had risen where the hammer had pulverized the stone, and sent Ishrin’s body several layers of pipes and service tunnels below the surface.
The hammer slowly came loose. The crystal on its surface was cracked.
A blue light. The small holographic body of Liù, surrounding her real indestructible body that was the SPAWN AI cube, flew out and up to the ceiling as if running away from something.
The dust slowly settled around the crater. There was only the sound of hissing vapor and dripping water.
Everything was still.
Lisette and Melina held their breath. Time ticked and ticked. Nothing was coming out of the hole.
The girls could see that Ishrin’s opponent was now turning against them, to team up with the other automata and finally tip the scales of the battle.
A single thought on their mind.
“We will fight until the end. Even if we die.”
Resolve in their eyes, they prepared for their last battle.
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Royal Road is where you can help me the most! Luca DR's Fictions Royal Road
My Stories
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2023.03.20 23:22 beowulfbear11 Unable to find global scripts

Thank you for any help in advance.
I’ve recently gotten back into modding Morrowind, and despite having very few installed mods at the moment (Unofficial patch, MSE, MGE XE, Delayed Dark Brotherhood, Weapon Sheathing), I’m currently getting an error upon loading up my game that claims that it is unable to find the global scripts for:
The game plays just fine to what I can tell, but I’m worried that something is missing in the game files that would limit me in an extended play through. Any help would be much appreciated! I am using the GOTY edition on Steam.
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2023.03.20 23:22 skratssbm Code Nightingale Every Time I boot game on steam

I've been getting code nightingale almost every time I try to load into the character select screen, always when trying to download updates from bungie servers. I have cleared my download cache, verified the game files, reinstalled multiple times, and adjusted my dns settings. I have no issues with any other games on steam.
Usually I try every possible fix that's listed on the bungie help forums or fuck around with my internet until I miraculously load in, and whenever I try a way that worked before it never works again.
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2023.03.20 23:22 No-Battle-3735 Updating to 2.0

Does pen pressure settings stay the same when updating to 2.0 from 1.0? What about brushes and all the settings? do they stay the same? Do the .psd files open in 2.0? I'm really tempted to upgrade, how is the experience of 2.0?
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2023.03.20 23:22 ComprehensiveEmu3415 Why Nitta isnt as Good of a Striker

All of us knows, how good are Hyuga, Schneider, Hino as Strikers.
Being protagonists in each of their teams, and scoring a lot of goals.
And in the other hand, we also know how mediocre or bad, are other strikers, who in the past where good strikers. Like Victorino, Alan Pascal, Kisugi, Sano and of course, our main subject: Shun Nitta.
I, of course, clarify, that im not understimating their ability, in the correct scenario all of them are able ot score goals.
Just look at Nitta's goal to spain.
But, is a fact that none of them even compare to somehow like schneider. It would be a joke.
So, outside of the real life reason of why they arent as good (bad writing of takahashi or plot armor), theyre are inworld reason that i wanna explore.

Looking at Shun Nitta, the one who is the better one of all the mediocre ones. There are a lot of reasons of to why he wont comoare to Hyuga or Schneider ever.
First reason, the 1 V 1.
As we know, in football, and more importantly, in the ct manga. Its very important to win the 1v1 to win a match.
Almost of all of tsubasa ozora wins are thanks to this, his ability to dribble and beat almost every opponent he faces.
And this is very important, because this decises if youre a relevant character in ct.
Almost of all our protagonist, are people very capable in this aspect.
And all of them possess weapons to do it. Hyuga has his phisique, shingo his technique and creativity, Diaz has his godly dribble, igawa has his height, etc.
This is key, because it allows them to be relevant in a match in a very personal way.
Instead of having to wait for a cooperative play to shine, they can do it on their own.
Of course, this is the same for the strikers.
Hyuga, schneider and hino, have a robust body and the sufficient amount of technique to be able to score on their own. And on top of that they have their unique shots, who make them even more terrifiing.
Shun nitta, and all of the other strikers in his category, fail to acomplish that. Almost all of them, are really bad when it comes to 1V1 against serious players.
Nitta has speed, but he donst have a good dribble technique, nor he has a shot that on their own can cause danger.
The hayabuza kick, being the only strong shot he has, only works in a cooperative play.
Cause, without help of a good passer, he cant use it.
And with his dribble, unless he catch the opponent by surprise and uses a non-trap shot, he cant compete.
So, in summary. He doenst have physique, nor technique, nor a strong shot to score from outside against seriouse goalkeepers.
Because as we saw, only shots with raiju level of power can score goals in this point of the manga in their own.
Second Reason, the Will.
As i have discused in another post, the Will is very important to gain plot armor bullshit.
Like Tsubasa beating hyuga with brute force when they were childs.
Hyuga, Schneider and Hyoma has this. All of them have shown a great deal of determination that allowed them to score in crucial moments.
But again, characters like Nitta and other ones dont have this.
We already saw when nitta was put out of play because of a possible injury, when we already saw the tachibana brother scoring an important goal sacrifying themselves.
And this is because, Nitta, Kisugi, Pascal and any other side character. Dont have a compelling reason to olay football.
Almost of all them do it because they want to and nothing else.
Igawa has his child and his wife death, Tsubasa has his love of the sport, Hyuga his family and upbringing, but Nitta....he just likes it i guess???.
Because if this, the lack of a compelling background or reason to fight. We'll never see nitta ir other characters like him acomplish anything.
For fucks sake, Nitta dream is to become the SECOND BEST STRIKER IN THE WORLD.
Third Reason, Lack of analysis.
Even tho, i, as a reader can see of all this. The characters, in-universe will never see this by themselves, nor try to improve by themself.
Hyuga in his own knew he needed a better shot in each arc, and each time he found a way to find it.
Tsubasa is always analysing his opponents and thinking of a way to surpass them.
Misaki is always trying to find a way to elevate his play seeing what he lacks, like when he develop the SSS.
While all of them find their own way to become better.
Secondary characters like nitta, wont ever do it if they dont have someone calling them out.
Like when gamo had to tell nitta that he had to train his two legs, or tsubasa had to call out all oh his teamates in the nankatsu team because they were too lazy or when the coach of toho, had to remove hyuga, to make the team more indepennt (even if it wanst his intention).
Yeah, Nitta might have learned the hayabuza kick training with wakashimazu, but that is the only time in the manga that he had something like that, and it isnt enough.
With the amount if arcs that have passed, he should have gone to more than one training of that style.

That was my opinion, what do you think?
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2023.03.20 23:22 semperwilson Question

I am currently rated at 70% for PTSD and 10% for tinnitus. I have an intent to file for sinusitis and sleep apnea. I have some documentation through my va doctor for sinusitis and I am going through the second round of the sleep test with a CPAP currently. I fit the presumptive list for sinusitis so I don’t believe that will be an issue(correct me if I’m wrong). Just curious on which route to take for the sleep apnea. Is there an argument for or against paying for a nexus letter to ensure better or more timely results from both sinusitis and the sleep apnea claim or should I try and get the VA doctor to write something for me. Should I link the sleep apnea to PTSD or sinusitis? Any studies or viable articles written on the subject to help my case? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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2023.03.20 23:22 Excitedbox I believe Vanguard is one of the annon equity buyers.

The 13F filed on FEB 9th for an event from end of DEC 2022
Shouldn't that have been filed much sooner?
That is a beneficial ownership and voting power update. There was a claim of Vanguard recalling their lent shares in January for a vote and I am positive I saw that filing (I even remember what it looked like). However, that filing is missing and the only one listed now is the one listing the sole voting power as that of the voting power in DEC.
Assumng they did file one in January INCREASING listed their voting power even if they withdrew it because of the equity deal they would need to file one to set it back to the DEC, amount or it would stay at the incorrect level in public SEC records.
If they are one of the buyers and subject to a NDA and trying to hide their involvement in this equity deal they would file to withhold updates to their sole voting power which would list their beneficial ownership increases and therefore give away their involvement.
My guess is that they will want to vote on the 27th so if we don't see them filing a 13F in the near future then they own at least some of the warrants/pref shares. Unless they give away 8 million votes that is.
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2023.03.20 23:21 JustinPooDough Tickers for Delisted Securities?

I’ve been working on extracting fundamental financial data from SEC filings for a couple months now, and finally have it working for 8000+ stocks.
The problem: all data is grouped by company name and CIK number… most companies aren’t tagging their trading symbol in their 10 Q/K submissions. I need to now associate tickers with these 8000+ companies - many of them delisted or otherwise defunct. Most websites don’t show companies that are no longer traded… bonus points if you have a free data source.
Also, if people are interested in having this approach and data open sourced, let me know. To be clear, this will be a historic dataset for things like P/E ratio, Enterprise Value, etc… not OHLCV data.
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2023.03.20 23:21 reikiflo NFT collection creating 366 cross-chain communities between BTC & ETH

NFT collection creating 366 cross-chain communities between BTC & ETH
Introducing the 420 365 NFT collection - a fusion of traditional art and AI. With 366 distinct pieces of art created for every day of the year from April 20, 2022 to 2023, this collection is designed to foster cross-chain communities of art enthusiasts who share similar styles and interests.
The collection is available on the Stacks and Polygon layer 2 blockchains, leveraging the power of Ethereum and Bitcoin to promote web3 adoption. The Stacks/BTC version is 1/1 with HQ files and exclusive rights to use however the owner chooses, creating 366 opportunities to lead a web3 community.
The Polygon/ETH release offers 1 of 365 or 420 editions for personal/public display use with a low entry barrier to make NFT art affordable for a diverse range of people to start their web3 journey and in the future of the internet.#wagmi 🙌
This collection blends digital illustration, photography, and writing with customized AI programs created by mikflo, an artist and alternative health practitioner promoting wellness in his communities.
Collect on on starting @ 11STX
🍀 First 3 BTC addresses w/ a 🚀 get a free NFT from the collection!
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2023.03.20 23:21 Orybory3 [H] A large amount of games. [W] wishlist, trade offers

Game List:
12 is Better Than 6
112 Operator
911 Operator
Action Henk
Agent in Depth
Alchemist’s Castle
The Amazing American Circus
Arcade Spirits
Bionic Commando
Cats and the Other Lives
Chroma Squad
Citizens of Earth
Cosmic Express
Company of Heroes
Cris Tales
Cultist Simulator
Darkside Detective
Death Squared
Detached: Non-VR Edition
Doughlings: Arcade
Doughlings: Invasion
Farming Simulator 17
Fight'N Rage
Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX
Flynn: Son of Crimson
Frick, Inc
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
Guns & Fishes
Hack ‘n’ Slash
Harmony’s Odyssey
Hyper Gunsport
Infectonator: Survivors
The Inner World
Izmir: An Independence Simulator
Into the Pit
Just Cause 3 XXL Edition
Late Shift
Lighthouse Keeper
Little Orpheus
Lost Horizon
Lumino City
Lust from Beyond - M Edition
Lust for Darkness
Mad Games Tycoon
Meow Express
MirrorMoon EP
Mount & Blade: Warband
Non-Stop Raiders
Orbital Racer
Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus Edition
Pathologic Classic HD
Party Hard 2
Phantom Brave
Pill Baby
Planet TD
Project Chemistry
Project Highrise
Q.U.B.E. 2
Regions of Ruin
Remnants of Naezith
Rollers of the Realm
Rym 9000
Satellite Reign
Scanner Sombre
Seasons After Fall
Secret Files: Tunguska
The Shrouded Isle
Soul Searching
Space Crew: Legendary Edition
Starfinder Core Rulebook
Starfinder: Junker’s Delight
Strange Brigade
Steamworld Heist
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
The Surge
Surgeon Simulator
Syrian Warfare - Deluxe Edition
System Shock Enhanced Edition
System Shock 2
Tempest: Pirate Action RPG
Ticket to Ride
Train Valley
Trove Skyfire Helm
Valnir Rok
Victoria II
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
The Way
The Uncertain: Episode 1 - The Last Quiet Day
Worms Rumble
Zeno Clash 2
My wishlist:
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2023.03.20 23:21 nacostaart Got this error after starting a mission and now I cant start the campaign anymore.

Got this error after starting a mission and now I cant start the campaign anymore. submitted by nacostaart to Barotrauma [link] [comments]