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2019.03.19 02:27 gene100001 The subreddit for off-brand celebrity doppelgangers

This is a subreddit for images/gifs/videos of people who look or act like off-brand versions of celebrities or other well known characters. The posts can range from near-perfect look-alikes/doppelgangers/doubles through to terrible knock-off versions of the celebrities/characters, as long as there is some resemblance. we also allow actual photos of celebrities in walmarts.

2008.06.02 17:46 Hinduism

Sanātana Dharma (Devanagari: सनातन धर्म meaning "eternal dharma") is the original name of Hinduism. It is considered to be the oldest living religion in the world. Hinduism is often called a "way of life", and anyone sincerely following that way of life can consider themselves to be a Hindu. What this way of life consists of is a broader topic. Please see our Wiki & FAQs for more info.: https://www.reddit.com/hinduism/wiki/resources/schools

2023.06.02 21:11 justafanofz The difference between philosophy and a religion, or a cult.

This post was inspired by u/SkuliG as he mentioned he’d love to see what is the difference between philosophy and religion, what makes one vs the other.
Some time ago, I wrote a post here on the difference on philosophy, theology, and apologetics.
The relevant part is just on philosophy, but to reiterate, philosophy is any and all attempt or method to understand or recognize what truth is or what reality is.
The scientific method, for example, is a form of philosophy.
What makes philosophy unique is, even if, for example, you have two empiricists, (people who view the scientific method as the best form of getting knowledge), they can still arrive at different conclusions. Philosophy is less about cohesion or dogmatic statements, rather it’s “this, based on these pieces of evidence, and how they relate to each other, is true.”
Religion, however, is less about a method to truth, and is about adherence to a way of life, and an acceptance of the metaphysical. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a deity, but it does require acceptance in a higher power.
But what’s the difference from that and say the Freemasons or AA?
While they often have a belief in a “higher power”, that’s not the focus as it is in religion.
For AA, it’s about bettering people through a step by step process, and for the Freemasons, it’s a fraternity, similar to the Knights of Columbus. While for the latter especially, they share a religion, that’s not the focus of the group, what is the focus is the building of social bonds and the support found within the group.
What’s the difference for a cult? While it varies, the biggest factor is size, and acceptance. For example, when it first formed, Christianity could be called a cult.
A defining factor I would argue of difference is a religion is about bettering self and the community around you. Cults tend to have a focus on serving the living leader or an encouragement to euthanasia. But that will vary from person to person.
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2023.06.02 21:11 Constant-Past-6149 YSS schedule July-Aug 2023 (for India only)

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2023.06.02 21:11 keisisqrl I got ChatGPT to hallucinate about the lions and tigers and bears and I wanted to share

This is sort of an anti-spoiler, because it has absolutely no basis in the text.
Prompt: Who are the lions and tigers and bears in Hyperion?
In the Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons, the "Lions and Tigers and Bears" refers to a trio of artificial intelligences (AIs) that play a significant role in the narrative. They are powerful and enigmatic entities with their own agendas and motivations.
Each of the AIs has a distinct personality and purpose:
  1. The Lion: The Lion is an AI with a militaristic nature. It embodies qualities of aggression, strength, and strategic thinking. It is associated with the color gold.
  2. The Tiger: The Tiger is an AI known for its fierce and predatory nature. It represents cunning, stealth, and adaptability. It is associated with the color green.
  3. The Bear: The Bear is an AI characterized by its defensive and protective nature. It embodies resilience, patience, and a strong sense of loyalty. It is associated with the color brown.
These three AIs are known to collaborate and, at times, compete with one another throughout the series. They possess vast knowledge, advanced capabilities, and often have their own hidden agendas. Their true motivations and intentions are gradually revealed as the story unfolds, and they have a significant impact on the events that take place within the Hyperion Cantos universe.
It's worth noting that while the names of these AIs are derived from the phrase "lions and tigers and bears," they do not physically resemble those animals. Instead, their names serve as metaphors to capture certain aspects of their personalities and roles within the story.
Prompt: In the previous response what to gold, green, and brown represent? That seems like an unusual set of colors.
Apologies for any confusion caused by my previous response. In the context of the Hyperion Cantos series, the association of specific colors with the Lions and Tigers and Bears AIs carries symbolic meaning and significance. While the reasons for these color associations are not explicitly explained in the series, we can speculate on their possible interpretations:
  1. Gold (associated with the Lion): Gold is often associated with wealth, power, and royalty. In the context of the Lion AI, the color gold might symbolize its commanding and authoritative nature, representing its leadership, strength, and strategic prowess.
  2. Green (associated with the Tiger): Green is commonly associated with nature, growth, and vitality. For the Tiger AI, the color green may signify its adaptable and cunning nature, reflecting its ability to navigate and thrive in different environments or situations.
  3. Brown (associated with the Bear): Brown is often associated with earthiness, stability, and protection. In the case of the Bear AI, the color brown could represent its defensive and steadfast nature, emphasizing its role as a guardian or protector.
It's important to note that these interpretations are speculative and based on general symbolic associations with the colors in question. The specific symbolism intended by the author, Dan Simmons, may differ or may not be explicitly explained within the series.
If there are any other aspects of the Hyperion Cantos or related topics you would like to explore, please let me know and I'll be happy to assist you.
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2023.06.02 21:10 TheAdamist PBW: 6/2-6/4 Events

Friday 6/2
Saturday 6/3
Sunday 6/4
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2023.06.02 21:10 p337 Clarification on ban evasion reporting process

I mod a few medium-sized subreddits, and I have had many difficulties with persistent ban evaders over the years, but the process to report them has never been great. I find it to be extremely cumbersome, and more importantly, ineffective.

1. Why reddit.com/report?

My first issue is that we need to leave our regular workflow and head to reddit.com/report to report a user for this. It feels like an unnecessary detour, and I think it would be nice if I could ban someone for ban evasion and this would report them in a single step, ideally in a way that would be accessible to third-party apps and the API.

2. The cumbersome nature of the form

For the reporting form itself - I've lost count of the number of times I've had to dig up old usernames for every report. I can totally understand including at least one for context, but do I need to list them all every time? Let's say a user is banned, makes 10 accounts and spams the sub. I can include the original user, and the 10 accounts, and that makes sense. Now, what if the user makes one extra account, I report that, and they are banned. Then the next day, they do the same thing. Do I need to include EACH account, the latest, the original? What if it happens every day for a month? 6 months? I want to know the expectation on my part here and what is actually useful to do. I think it's delusional to expect me to report every single account from the past, in order, every day. Like... to what end? When does it start to help ME? Once I have banned the user, they can't post in my sub, so they don't use the account. Why am I being asked to create a full history report for something that doesn't affect me? Just for the good feels of seeing a deleted account page? The "training" does not work.

3. The unclear instructions on the form

When you actually go to report someone for this, it says:
List up ban-evading accounts, starting with the originally banned user.
Fellow native english speakers, am I alone in finding the phrase "list up" to be off? Maybe they mean "up to X" accounts? Maybe it's meant to be folksy sounding? To me, this lack of attention to detail here kinda exemplifies my experience with this whole process. Yeah, this might be a bit petty, but when I am trying to figure out the right way to do this, random errors like this do not help.

4. What about users who were already banned?

My final question is in regards to reporting users whose accounts have been deleted for other reasons. So, let's say one of these little goblins is not only doing ban evasion, but also posting hateful messages. They may get banned for that automatically. Should I still report them after this happens? I have been told I am helping to "train the system" but I have trained this system so much that it owes me tuition money at this point. I will get back "this user has already been actioned" but does that mean the ban evasion report isn't considered for this "training"?
Are there any mods out there experiencing the same frustrations? How do you deal with this? What are your workarounds? Are there any at all?
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2023.06.02 21:10 sunie0261 LOR help part 2!

hello guys! so i'm a current rising junior and i am getting ready to apply to med school during the 2025 cycle! i wouldn't be taking a gap year, so lam a little nervous about the quality of my application versus others.
i am trying to decide the best combination of recommendation letters for med school so here are my options. i know it's a lot but seeing what other people think would be really helpful! thanks so much you guys
1- gen chem professor that I TAed for and am relatively close with 2- biology course professor that I took a quick but smaller summer course with and did a good job of asking questions during office hours and participating a lot in class; but do not feel i am too close within a personal level 3- Pl of lab; doesn't work as closely with me in the lab but good relationship personally 4- PHD student i work under in lab who works closely with me and can speak on behalf what i did in the lab 5- attending physician that i worked closely with for a year as a ED scribe; we do not know each other that well on a personal level 6- resident physician that i worked with really closely for a year as a ED scribe; we got really close and also talk like friends 7 - director of f&s life at my school who knows in detail how hard i worked for sorority recruitment over the semester and am relatively close with
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2023.06.02 21:10 ChefJoe98136 Local inflation is rough. $6 can of beans at Safeway?

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2023.06.02 21:09 BigIntercession 33 [F4M] US/ anywhere-I hope you are the like-minded person

I am a woman from Europe and I am looking for someone who can share our daily life.
See if we are the same person. I like watching movies and weeding in the yard in my spare time.
I have strong hands-on ability, like to learn new things, and have original views on good food.
I like sports and yoga. I live alone with my dog.
I hope you like dogs, too. I hope we can make suggestions, solicit opinions, ask distinctive questions, and talk about any interesting things, work, life, hobbies, etc.
Let us know more.
But mobile video is important.
I hope you will accept it.
I hope you're in your 30s.
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2023.06.02 21:09 Brief_Security7494 Psychic Readings Scammer Julie

Psychic Readings Scammer Julie
Her username on Facebook is Jolee Ann; TikTok is spiritgoddess julie. Cyber harassment is her way to bully people too.
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2023.06.02 21:09 jcfspds 20 [F4A] Constant. (Im also going to conquest)

Something happened that has deeply hurt me lately so I figured we could probably use/need each other to keep each other company. I've kind of lost hope in everything, I guess I have become an empty soul. I'll fill your void, you'll fill mine and we'll be a slow burn romance.
First of all, I want us to be friends more than anything, but we can also offer each other physical support or intimacy. I don't mean the act of copulation — I think I am too tired of that. I just want to lay down in someone's arms, with my hair being stroked, as they tell me it's all going to be okay.
I miss being hugged. I want to be babied. I miss cooking for someone, and that someone would be patient with me as I learn how to perfect my cooking. I miss smiling or coming to someone's place every weekends, knowing that all the hardwork in the week will be worth it as I have something to look forward to. I miss going out with someone and losing all track of time, and I miss being romanced. I crave romance and security and warmth. I wanna have someone around so I feel like it is safe to sleep and you wouldn't disappear.
I'm scared to be alone. I'll be your perfectly curated person, tailor-made to make you happy as long as you provide me the validation, warmth, understanding, empathy and faux sense of love that I seek. Because deep down, I know, it does not really exist. And I know that the whole me, when showed, wouldn't be loved.
I hope you are looking for the same. I want to find my person — please save me.
About me:
About you:
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2023.06.02 21:08 JeanValJohnFranco Norton anti-virus is lit, yo!

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2023.06.02 21:07 Hopeful_Community_71 Any advice? This is really confusing and I don’t know what to do :(

I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for almost 3 years. I’m at m(21) and he’s m(20) We separated for a month and a half almost a year ago around March 2022. A few months ago around end of February 2023, he started complaining about a sore on his penis that didn’t hurt and was just red and raised. I’m currently a nursing school so I decided to assess the recent symptoms. I didn’t think too much about it since I wasn’t worried about cheating so I assumed was a cyst or a harmless bacterial infection. He went to his family care physician and got tested for standard STDs such as Gonorrhea and chlamydia through urinalysis. He tested negative for both. They also did a blood draw and was negative for HIV. So, I assumed and confirmed my suspicion of just being a type of bacterial infection. He was put on antibiotics for around a month with little to no affect and eventually started healing after a while. During that time, he also got tested for genital herpes and was negative for it. This time frame was from end of February - April. Once STDs were ruled out we started having sex again. At some point, I started feeling some strange sensation in my genitals and was questioning a possibility urinary tract infection. I went to my PCP and got prescribed an antibiotic. I took it and and started to see a rash on the head of my penis. I was starting to get worried that I had possibly got his infection. I got tested for Gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV and came out clean for that. As I continued taking the last few antibiotic pills, the infection kept getting worse and got painful. The pain began small and eventually became a constant pain. I started to become desperate for relief that I decided to drive an hour away to get tested at a local health clinic in that area. I was tested for all chlamydia, gonorrhea through urine and did blood draw and swab for genital herpes. They did a blood draw for HIV and syphillis. During the wait, I wasn’t expecting a call since they had told me that they wouldn’t call if they didn’t find anything. 2 days later, I received a call saying, I was positive for syphillis. My heart sunk and was immediately distraught over it. They stated that I would get a call to schedule treatment and to come pick up my results. I immediately called my boyfriend and confronted him about it and denied any cheating. He did mentioned that he did sleep with someone else when we separated but that was it. I wasn’t hurt by the response, until I did research about the disease and stated that symptoms started to show up around 3 to 90 days of exposure. He stated that the only other person he slept with was the other hookup he had in April 2022. My thoughts came and tried to analyze that maybe he had it for longer and didn’t show symptoms until now but it didn’t make sense to me that it didn’t take me as long to contract it and show symptoms. I don’t know what to believe and live in a constant state of anxiety over it. Does anyone have any opinion? The reason we broke up in the past was because he admitted to cheating in the past when I was on an exchange program overseas for a few months but we were young and in high school. He told me when we were 2 years into the relationship and we were both happy and told me due to his regret and him living in pain about his doing. We separated due to me not being able to fully forgive him and he broke things off. I didn’t sleep with anyone during that month. I was able to heal and grow to eventually forgive and continue with this new relationship with him. We dated since then. This is bringing nostalgic feelings over this whole situation and brought back feeling of how hurt I was. I never had any suspicion on him cheating because I fully trusted him. Now, I’m questioning the whole relationship and almost broke it off. We talked about it further and I decide to keep the relationship going but I still live with the fear of getting hurt again. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.02 21:06 Mentally_Boring How did I get the wicked ribbon??

How did I get the wicked ribbon??
He was married 2 times but never a bad person
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2023.06.02 21:06 fireswordg4 Am I the asshole for destroying a 5 Year friendship between me a friend

I (19) male had a friend (19) male we will call him Jim. Me and Jim had met while in high school and hit it off. He was different not in a mental way or anything just his personality was out going and a little manipulative. Our freshman year it was just me, Jim, and Ken (another friend) we spent time together every day but I was always the middle person because they would fight and I had to stop it.
Then the problems started the next year Jim introduced me to a table group but I was reluctant to come. We all sat down and my gf now was the person that I was introduced to we will call her Christy (17). I hadn't realized Jim liked her to but I was to scared to say anything but as the year progressed he started to talk to me less and got more aggressive to me. I didn't do anything because I would be judged for beating up a kid with hearing aids not even kidding.
When the school year was over it was during COVID and me and everyone in the group had split off except for me and Ken. Jim purposefully made it known that he wanted to try the friendship agian and I gave in because of Ken. Me and Christy had started talking agian while I was dating someone so we decided to be more like brother and sister but that ended up brining us closer. Our senior year started and he got snotty and stuck up and at points I wanted to punch his lights out but at the same time I was in a tough spot in my life.
While we were in a speech class together he would make comments on how I was depressed and how I should seek therapy I told him to f off because I knew it wouldn't help me in the slightest. He kept pushing until I pushed him and he got pissed and I didn't apologize. At the end of the year he was spreading rumors about me and my past and a recent relationship choice I made. I found out and got ticked and stopped talking to him.
He went to college and I'm the past 2 months he had tricked Ken to make a call with all three of us and when he did this I wasn't pleased because he was bad mouthing Christy and my face looked like I was gonna kill him. Ken, Christy, and me ended up writing a message to Jim saying that we are breaking the friendship apart because he was very rude to everyone and lied to us and since then he hasn't talked to us that I know of.
So am I the ass hole
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2023.06.02 21:06 A_pinkk So i just received this message for suggesting to a buyer they can buy the item for less on "fb" since fees are cheaper there. Is this considered my final warning?

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2023.06.02 21:06 samarasingh46 my soulmate

he, my soulmate, loves me on most days peering over the new york times when my eyes desperate distract his wandering gaze from a disheveled tie and towards hide-and-seek his favourite game my mother once told me counting his footsteps should be mine (anything to make him smile) and so I spend the day hiding in the corners of our home where before our marriage he used to conceal poems in my remembrance (I suppose they collect dust since) performing his innumerable chores listening in silence for when he’ll seek me from behind the door but in reality I know he is everywhere comfortably watching from his armchair comparing the arch of my corset with the women on the internet but it’s okay, I swear for my lover unleashes his fury only in jealousy from haunted sidewalks to crowded parties he’ll count the glances strangers stole from my body and when we’re home alone he’ll tie me onto the chandelier and burn my closet down with all the pretty dresses he bought to make me the talk of the town just when I think it’s over he’ll bring the newspapers, his letters, my forgotten degrees and our grocery lists I thought he’d thrown out in vain I celebrate-maybe he loves me after all even when he glues them onto me with fevicol covering my skin with paper maché he always loved pummelling piñatas on his birthday if only my body was made of candy and before he struck I hear my mother sigh for she’d told me a thousand times he’ll only smile when I’m away and until he finds someone new to erase
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2023.06.02 21:05 1632hub Defense of the basis of the constitutional monarchist model

This one analysis is a repost of an old post that was deleted. Feel free to criticize. Any error is due that english isn´t my first language. Enjoy.
I believe that constitutional monarchist is the best path for monarchy available today. I had flirted sometimes with absolutism, but i have to say: it doesn't work, not only beacause of the disastrous consequences of unlimited power have in someone( and the history shows this, from the mesopotamian kings to the roman emperors, the most unlimited power someone have, more he will be corrupted by this), but by a sociological necessity, that, at any time, some force to counter the power of the ruler will emerge, being this right to rebellion, powerfull oligarchicies or even his own family, any of this can unbalance the equlibrium of power and, as Moldbug formulated this, formal limits are better than informal ones.
I belive in constitutional monarchy because i belive in the right of the people of disobey and rebel against a tirannical rule, a tradition that came since from the confucian thought to the calvinistic thought, Beza, for example. And i belive in this because i belive that Injustice corrupts the honor of the office, of any office. And the office of guardian of the nation is one of most important of these.
And i belive in constitutional monarchist because i belive that moderating powers are inevitable. Look at my country, Brazil. A lot of times, the power of settle disputes were with the judiciary, in the suprem court. Well, it wasn't better have a organ who could exerce this function in the name of the nation?
Constitutional monarchy deserves support for a lot of reasons, as i putted in another post, among them:
1-Puts the monarch as the agent for the welfare of the people, instead of some divinized being or an absolute owner of the people and place of his realm. As Samuel Rutherford puted it in his " Lex rex": "They never constituted over themselves a king, in regard of fountain-power; for if they give away the fountain, as a slave selleth his liberty, they could not make use of it. Indeed they set a king above them, quoad potostatem legum executivam, in regard of a power of executing laws and actual government for their good and safety; but this proveth only that the king is above the people, in some respect. But the most eminent and fountain-power of royalty remaineth in the people as in an immortal spring, which they communicate by succession to this or that mortal man, in the manner and measure that they think good".
2- Creates a good balance against the partidary and oligarchical class interests, serving as an apolitical force in the country.
3- Centralizes the command and cretes a focus that is beneficial for decisions that are too hard to do by normal political means.
4- Creates a bond in the relationship of the monarch and his people. Instead of just representing his house and family, he's the monarchy of the people, he defends the codified laws of his people, he's the commander in cheif of the army of his people, and he and his subjects are sworn in a relationship of loyalty and mutual protecion and sharing.
But, this vision will not apeal to the public unless a new theory of constitutional monarchy arises, with a new vision for society. The steps, in my vision, are simple, but profundly necessary:
1- Formulate a triple teleology of the state, where three functions of his purpose is elaborate in three fields, very much like the three principles of the people from Kuomintang( i know they are republicans, but very inteligent ones, so, i still see value in their defintions):
The efficciency field, where the people have his material needs, such as access to food, clothing, housing, healthy and transportation, attended, as Sun Yat-sen said in his "Three Principles of the People" : "The railroads, public utilities, canals, and forests should be nationalized, and all income from the land and mines should be in the hands of the State. With this money in hand, the State can therefore finance the social welfare programs";
The political participation field, where people have a grasp of the state affairs by the superior representatives, that can be ellected, nomimated, but allways have a great deal of responsability with the people. As Alain de Benoist puts in his "The problem of democracy" : "The key notion for democracy is not numbers, suffrage, elections or representation, but participation. ‘Democracy is a folk’s participation in its own destiny’ (Moeller van den Bruck). It is that form of government which acknowledges each citizen’s right to take part in public affairs, particularly by appointing the government and lending or denying his consent to it. So it is not institutions that make democracy, but rather the people’s participation in institutions. The maximum of democracy coincides not with the ‘maximum of liberty’ or the ‘maximum of equality,’ but with the maximum of participation";
The inter personal participation field, where the people participate as persons in the affairs of one another, having security to share their lives and commune. As Bueno Espinosa puts it in his doctoral dissertation " Fundamentación epistemológica y metafísica del realismo volitivo: análisis fenomenológico de la condición pasiva trascendental de la subjetividad" (that´s my translation from the spanish of the original) : "Ultimately, the world is not a selflessly geometric space occupied by entities of mathematical unity, which occupy a space exactly the same as any other occupies. On the contrary, it is the total network that encompasses in a way linked to entities that for me are what they are and where they are depending on the mode how they respond to the operational intentions that I project on them, and from which I apprehend precisely as entities of "my world".But, in the state of Nature that's not possible, and that's why people need the supreme action of the state, that's the law. Only the regularity and the structure given by the law can produce the peace and prosperity necessary to the inter personal relations to trive. As Hobbes writes in the "Leviathan" :"The only way to erect such a Common Power, as may be able to defend them from the invasion of Forraigners, and the injuries of one another, and thereby to secure them in such sort, as that by their owne industrie, and by the fruites of the Earth, they may nourish themselves and live contentedly; is, to conferre all their power and strength upon one Man, or upon one Assembly of men, that may reduce all their Wills, by plurality of voices, unto one Will: which is as much as to say, to appoint one man, or Assembly of men, to beare their Person; and every one to owne, and acknowledge himselfe to be Author of whatsoever he that so beareth their Person, shall Act, or cause to be Acted, in those things which concerne the Common Peace and Safetie; and therein to submit their Wills, every one to his Will, and their Judgements, to his Judgment. This is more than Consent, or Concord; it is a reall Unitie of them all, in one and the same Person, made by Covenant of every man with every man, in such manner, as if every man should say to every man, “I Authorise and give up my Right of Governing my selfe, to this Man, or to this Assembly of men, on this condition, that thou give up thy Right to him, and Authorise all his Actions in like manner.” This done, the Multitude so united in one Person, is called a Commonwealth, in latine Civitas. This is the Generation of that great Leviathan, or rather (to speake more reverently) of that Mortall God, to which wee owe under the Immortall God, our peace and defence. For by this Authoritie, given him by every particular man in the Common-Wealth, he hath the use of so much Power and Strength conferred on him, that by terror thereof, he is inabled to forme the wills of them all, to Peace at home, and mutuall ayd against their enemies abroad".
In all those functions, the State is the axel society and must be the "speculum populi", which mirrors the aspirations of his society and commands it to a proper end.If one fails to mirror each other, then crises emmerges, and the nations breaks in crisis.
2- Define the new powers of the monarchy, rescuing the ancient notion of his office as the nómos émpsychos or the animated law,such as James Harrington puts in his "Commonwealth of Oceana": "Leviathan may see, that the hand or sword that executeth the Law is in it, and not above it". The monarch should be viewed as the guardian of the corporate will of the State and the protector of the national charater of the people or, as the japanese puts it, the Kokutai. This principle is well summarized in the constitution of Licheinstein: “Sovereignty rests on both the monarch and the people”.
That stablished, the monarch must be invested with a lot of moderating powers, personally presiding the various organs of the nation and, time to times, opinion polls must be sended to him, to keep him in touch with the people he must protect. His powers over the executive and military must be unique, like today presidents. Over the judiciary and legislative organs, the monarch must act by his moderating powers, such as calling and dissolving the national assembly, power of veto , being the last case judge , having votes to settle disputes, granting clemency, among other possible powers.
About his limitations, the legislature can deppose him cases of bad behaviour or gross crimes, but only by a super majority. And the succesion laws can vary, but allways must had the nomination of the previous monarchy and the confirmation by the national assembly.
3- The question of the parties. As a reformist, i belive that the political parties are the most responsible by the current crisis in our politics. As Benoist puts it": "Parties do not operate democratically as institutions. The tyranny of money rigs competition and engenders corruption. Mass voting prevents individual votes from proving decisive. Elected candidates are not encouraged to keep their commitments. Majority vote does not take account of the intensity of people’s preferences. Opinions are not formed independently: information is both biased (which prevents the freedetermination of choices) and standardised (which reinforces the tyranny of public opinion). The trend towards the standardising of political platforms and arguments makes it increasingly difficult to distinguish between different options. Political life thus becomes purely negative and universal suffrage comes to be perceived as an illusion. The result is political apathy, a principle that is the opposite of participation, and hence democracy".
We must strive to limit the political parties as what is their proper place: a group with a plataform to express some ideological beliefs and no more. And the most part of it is by the creation of a non partisan legislature, that represents the specialists and economic organs of the nation; the prohibition of private donations to the parties by people and enterprises; limitations in the appropriate language they can use in campaigns; limitations in the size of personal and in the value of their payments. The most close we can reach of a non partisan regime, the better.
4- We must adopt a firm and resolute statism, where no just the economic and social needs of the people are attended by the state in the social wellfare programs; but by a staunch protection of their culture, as means of valorizing their value as persons. If, as many philosopers puted, the subject/ object divide is bridged in the act of thought, the collective action of thought, and the institutions that derive from it, is the bridge of individual and collective. As Giovanni Gentile writes in his article : “Basic Concepts of Actualism”: “The only solid reality that I must affirm—and to which any reality I might think must be tied—is this: only through the act of being thought can that which thinks and is realized become a reality”.We made the State and society and we are made by them, at same time. That's the rejection of all anarchist, libertarianist and crass individualistic thinking that pollute monarchist thought since the 19ht century, with the idea of the monarchy as simple rubber stamp and the people as a grup of self interested and rootless individuals.
Well, that's my thinkings of how a strong constitutional monarchy model can be builded, without the many flaws that make monarchy inneficient in the past.
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2023.06.02 21:05 Big-Anteater-7487 Proud of my Alliance our first season!

Proud of my Alliance our first season!
For not being a whale leader as someone has cried before on my post, I think we did just fine with my dinky power leading my first CoD server :) GG WoTG good season 1 🥳🎉🥂
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2023.06.02 21:05 SvetAndroida Tohle vypadá dobře: Mapy.cz mají hromadu nových panoramatických snímků

Tohle vypadá dobře: Mapy.cz mají hromadu nových panoramatických snímků
České Mapy.cz se neustále rozvíjí. Nedávno jsme vás informovali o tom, že vás aplikace nově upozorní na to, abyste ohodnotili nějaké místo. Koncem roku pak dorazila možnost vyhledat si nejlevnější benzín (nebo CNG, LPG a další pohonné hmoty) a nyní se chlubí první částí nových panoramatických dat. Mapy.cz nabízí nové panoramatické snímky Ta byla pořízena v roce 2021 a pokrývá silniční sítě západní třetiny České republiky a 21 největších měst v rámci celého Česka. Jde o téměř 14 tisíc kilometrů a 2,8 milionu nových panoramatických snímků. Kvalita šla přitom znatelně nahoru. Rozlišení se zvýšilo celkem na 14 400 x 7 200 pixelů a snímky pořizuje a následně zpracovává holandská firma Cyclomedia.
"Těší nás, že jsme se zdárně popasovali i se zpožděním způsobeným koronavirovou pandemií. Kromě toho, že se začalo snímkovat později a snímkovací sezóna tak byla zkrácená, řešili jsme společně s dodavatelem i další technické výzvy, jako je například anonymizace dat. Cyclomedia se totiž musela ... celý článek si můžete přečíst na https://www.svetandroida.cz/mapy-cz-nove-panoramaticke-snimky-2/?feed_id=4582&utm_source=Reddit&utm_medium=carny10&utm_campaign=FS%20Poster
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2023.06.02 21:04 ravvit22 Advice For Fixing Reputational Damage

Many members ask about removing posts they now regret or hurt their rep. It’s really tough. Our advice is to consider your legal options and resources. Sometimes the best solution is to amplify the good things you want online.
Here’s the advice we share with people:
  1. Seek legal counsel if you have the resources to understand your legal options
  2. Use a pseudonym when starting a new business or looking for work
  3. Legally change your name
  4. Create a positive public image about who you are and what you’re about. Create a personal website that you own, post on it, use it to promote what you care about and what you’re learning.
Check out Kanary's most recent blog Control Your Narrative as we take a closer look into ways that can help you build a more positive online presence.
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2023.06.02 21:04 Inevitable_Bug_2226 Failed 200hrYTT (vent)

Classes started in February at my local Hot Studio, I had never practiced Yoga, I started practicing regularly in September of 2022. I loved it so much. I loved how it made me feel. I was, for the first time, actually happy. Actually felt a sense of pride and worth in myself. My yoga teacher continued to hype me up and encourage me to take the YTT that they were offering. I thought about it for a few weeks and was leaning toward probably not but I had a savasana experience that basically just said “this is what you want. Happiness. Peace. Feeling the way you feel now is the only thing you have ever wanted.” And then I remember smiling and signing up for the classes when I got home after class. I was doing it for me, and I made that very clear in my application regarding intentions for the class.
  1. People and family started to find out as time went on. They were (are) so overwhelmingly excited for me. 2. I realized how little I know about yoga at all in a room full of more than qualified people. I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression and I also have a chronic illness that is triggered by stress. (All of that was included in my application)
I’ve been open and honest about the struggles I’ve been facing, with the unrealistic expectations I had set for myself, then the flare up put me in the hospital. I feel like a failure and I feel like I’ve let everybody down. I tried so freaking hard..it wasn’t as good as the rest of the students but I TRIED. I worked 40 hours a week at a warehouse and spent most of my weekends at the yoga studio including after work for practice. For 3 months. I just found out about an hour ago so if this post seems scattered it’s because I don’t have my feelings or thoughts totally in check yet. This is absolutely a first reaction venting explanation.
I’m grateful for the things I HAVE learned. I don’t regret taking the class. I knew it was going to be hard and I promised myself I would absorb everything I possibly could to achieve my true intention of taking the class. I feel like I got what I wanted from the classes. But it’s the failure…everyone was so excited for me and now I have to tell them all I’m a failure.
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