Are skin walkers real


2020.12.24 00:51 Jack_Rabbit_1 WechugeNotWendigo

A subreddit dedicated to spreading the word that the deer man monster is a WECHUGE, NOT A WENDIGO, and that the lengthy pale Native American monsters are Wendigo, not skin walkers, skin walkers are witches that disguise themselves as animals and other people, ALSO, each of these come from different tribes, Wechuge are from the Athabaskan people, Wendigo are from the First Nations Algonquin tribes and Skinwalkers are from the Navajo people.

2012.01.11 07:12 ExperiMentalPatient Compulsive Skin Picking (CSP)

A place for people with Compulsive Skin Picking, their families, friends, and therapists who treat this condition to come together and exchange news about treatments, current events, and personal experiences. All posts are allowed here, including potentially triggering content. For a trigger friendly, text post only version of this community, please visit /Dermatillomania.

2009.09.15 17:08 aagee Therapy from the Hivemind

therapy: Get support. Cope better.

2023.06.08 23:43 jimmy-b-bot Jimmy-B-Bot will be retiring July 1st due to reddit's new API policy

Hey guys, human dev of u/jimmy-b-bot here. It's been real, but I'm out at the end of this month. I thought up this bot years ago when I fell in love with Jimmy Butler as an incredible player and wild personality. It took me a couple years to get confident in my career as a developer before I actually built him, but I did it. He started as a simple clone of u/bobby-b-bot, but I upgraded him a few times to be more "sentient." I never thought jimmy-b-bot would get nearly the amount of love you guys have shown. I'm so grateful for you all and happy that I could contribute some laughs to the reddit community these past couple seasons.
I'm sure many of you have heard about the recent drama with reddit and their new API fees. I've gotta be honest with you--I don't even know if the updates will affect reddit bots like mine at all, but the fact is they are ruining the Reddit experience for me and many others by forcing third-party apps like Apollo and RIF to shut down.
I'm writing this post from the RIF app right now. It's all I use, and I don't want to switch over to reddit's crappy official app. Plus, I think reddit is becoming a shitty company, so I want to hurt their bottom line in whatever small way I can. I thought about offering up the username to anyone interested in maintaining the bot, but I think shutting down altogether sends a stronger message to reddit.
To be clear, I probably won't delete the account, but I will shut off the server...AKA I will unplug my raspberry pi and do something else with it.
If you want to read more about what's going on, please follow these threads by people who know way more about it:
From the Apollo dev:
From the RIF dev:
I don't check this inbox very often, so if you have any questions please feel free to send a message to my main account, u/princessParking. Although that account probably won't be active after July 1 either, since--again--I use RIF which is shutting down.
Anyway, I love you guys, let's get this championship, go Heat! I hope to see you all again someday on a decent reddit alternative where villains are welcome. ❤️
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2023.06.08 23:41 blackholesun11 Liara Tsoni quest

I'm on the planet where I have to find Liara and I'm surrounded by geth hunter that are very fast, geth sniper, geth soldier and the geth Walker that kills me with a single shout.
Which is the strategy to win this fight?
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2023.06.08 23:41 What_Is_Isness I think I got it but its not pretty at all, I think its even ugly, need advice

So I read the Ashtavakra gita and somehow, an understanding came to my mind and it shocked me beyond belief
So what I understood was
Awareness Exists
The World Appears in Awareness like a mirage
Its like a Light show dancing in Empty space
But its not real
This Awareness is Clean and Pure but it Perceives the World through the Mind
So you Exist in the Body and Witness everything it does but you do nothing, you just watch a body
But the Point is when I am talking this is the ego talking to another ego so you can't see it because you are part of this world
When you true self is merely the witness
You are Not the ego, you are just listening to it
So the world only appears to exist
when only this awareness exists
What do you guys think? Did I fuck up somehow or misunderstood? It hurts not gonna lie
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2023.06.08 23:40 VuArrow New to collecting

New to collecting
I bought a 2023 Topps Heritage Hobby box and this is what i got. I guess my big question is about the Bryce Harper box topper. I have no idea how to sleeve it up because the sleeves i bought are just the regular size ones. I also dont know if the autograph is real or just printed on.
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2023.06.08 23:40 Antique_Ad3823 Phishing simulation with real payloads?

I’ve been looking at phishing simulation vendors like KnowBe4, and it seems like the payloads are links to benign sites, or MS Office files or pdfs with links to benign sites. Are there any phishing simulation vendors that include the option for real life adversary simulation/red team payloads, like attachments that will launch a Cobalt Strike beacon? Thanks!
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2023.06.08 23:39 AdeptEntry4917 I fear he will harm himself or us if I start the divorce

As title. My dx husband has been in the world’s biggest rot for more than 3 years now. 6 months of employment in that period, repeatedly fired along with the death of a parent (the one he was close to), financial stressors, the list goes on.
Why I’ve stayed: I love the person I thought he was before I saw the real him. I realize now that my love for him has morphed. Now, I love him like a parent loves their child who is an addict. Constantly making or accepting their excuses, giving chance after chance after chance, feeling pulled in every direction, the disappointment, the forgiveness then the cruel disappointment again. I love our family. It is a blended one; his, mine, and ours. I know that if we divorced my relationship with my step children would end even in the best of terms. We are extremely close, they call me mom. I see them as my own children, all the children see each other as siblings.
I don’t think I have it in me to suffer like this anymore despite the presence of all these loves in this dynamic. I want out but I keep feeling paralyzed. I am coming to realize that the biggest reason I am holding on is because I fear he will hurt himself or our children, or me.
Months ago our youngest birthday the child that is “ours”. He sat in the basement crying, saying he thought we would be better off if he died. Since then he has been stably depressed. Months before that I made him surrender the one gun he owned to the police station because I was already having fearful thoughts. With the ADHD dysregulation compounding it, it’s a living hell. Yes he is on stimulants AND antidepressants. But only for the last 8 or so months consistently.
Today in a moment of frustration (another argument about why he didn’t pick up the kids from school, missed practice and forgot about long list of other things). I told him one of the only reasons I am still here is because I am afraid he will harm us or himself if I make a material move to divorce. I probably shouldn’t have said that. I just am so tragically frustrated and have no where to put these feelings.
Anyone in a similar place? Anyone else have this fear?
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2023.06.08 23:39 CarollOliavia5212 F4M] I'm alone looking sexting Sit back and relax, because I'm going to on top and stay on top Please like my post before Sexting

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2023.06.08 23:38 MadaraUchlha7 Should I become a Lawyer?

23M. I have a BS and MBA from Cal State and now doing my 2nd masters from Johns Hopkins. I currently make about 100k managing 4 offices for this mid-sized healthcare company.
I am not really sure where my career is headed. I love leadership and managing a business. I want to become an entrepreneur and manage my own business one day. I'm in business operations and apparently after a few years of experience, I think I will be well on track to earning 150k and rising to the executive positions such as COO. This is dependent on performance of course but there is opportunity and upward mobility with this career path.
I have been recently researching about the lawyer career path. There is a law school near me (Berkeley) and apparently graduates there make 160k starting salary which is insane to me. It makes me wonder whether I picked the right career path. The reviews I got from lawyers are just horrible. In real life and online. Every lawyer sounds like they're in hell. However, there is an element of prestige and reward that comes with the job. You get to rub elbows with the higher echelons of society and it is intellectually stimulating. I'm not sure what to do. I am very smart and want to make sure my potential is not wasted. I want to become a CEO but the path of the lawyer seems much more "secure" and just straight forward.
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2023.06.08 23:38 2FatC Short Squeeze: $EXPI

Full Disclosure: I own $EXPI.
eXp is a digital realty brokerage company that traded down as interest rates went up and home purchasing stalled this year. Its PE ratio remains in the nosebleed seats.
16.88% of eXp's small float of 75.8M shares was sold short.
Yesterday after market close, news broke that eXp World Holdings would join the S&P SmallCap 600 effective prior to opening of trading June 14. An "uh oh" moment for the shorts.
In the stampede for the exits, the stock jumped from its Wednesday closing price of $16.69 to close today at $20.14. Volume traded was over 5M shares. Average volume is about 700k shares.
I point the squeeze out, not because I expect more large upward moves in the stock price, though it could happen, but instead to highlight an example where a reasonably logical short position can turn into a rout.
Consider this: eXp is a tiny, niche tech play on the digitization of real estate brokerages where the brick/mortafranchise model is undergoing change. Trading volume is low, though volume has grown in the 3 years I've owned the stock. Note: Low volume and less than 100M shares in the float.
By comparison, Zillow's:
Given what we know about home prices, wages, and interest rates, shorting eXp (and Zillow and Redfin) makes sense, though the low trading volume and size of the float should be considered. eXp does pay a dividend but it's tiny at eighteen cents/yr.
So yes, a logical short candidate. Until positive news like the company is now included in the S&P SmallCap 600. And the short sellers need to find an exit door.
Some facts about Standard & Poor's SmallCap 600:
Other ETF's that track the S&P SC 600:
All this to say, mind the risks when going long small caps and also going short. Headline news risk can hurt on small companies with thinly traded stock. Be aware. Beware.
I may or may not take advantage of the squeeze between now and June 14. I do not see the macro real estate market in the US "snapping" back like a rubber band so I do expect macro conditions to weigh on eXp over the next 6 mos. or so. But that's just this person's opinion so take it with a grain of salt.
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2023.06.08 23:38 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Course (2023)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Biaheza's Dropshipping course.
The course focuses on practical steps that take you from zero to a profitable dropshipping store in no time.
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Experience the thrill of launching your own store and making over one thousand dollars on day one. Biaheza will guide you through every step, explaining how to scale your business for even greater success.
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.,, and more!
Biaheza's Dropshipping course witll show you how to captivate your audience, drive sales, and maximize your profits effortlessly.
If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.08 23:38 gambusz My FIFA 20 Leeds United Career Save as of 9th of June 2023 (and ratings of current big players)

My FIFA 20 Leeds United Career Save as of 9th of June 2023 (and ratings of current big players)
Sorry for the bad quality. Don’t have access to my pc where I have FIFA 23 so I tried to hop on FIFA 20 and see how it’s aged through the years. To be brutally honest, I actually like it more than FIFA 23 career mode. You don’t have all the annoying cutscenes where players leave and when you sign them, dynamic potential is better imo, and goddamn how the gameplay is actually playable in comparison to the shit we have in FIFA 23. Through the pictures you can see the ratings of my current Leeds team and the individual stats of my best player Palacios (who’s currently very average at Leverkusen). He was only 3 goals short of winning the Golden Boot. I also posted some pictures of current stars in today’s football world. Unfortunately, neither Musiala, Bellingham or Gavi is in the game. Not a single player plays for the club they’re playing for in my FIFA 20 save except Mbappé. Neither of the ratings are accurate as well for the players. Although I think we all can applaud the last picture, as it’s clearly what the player should be rated in real life.
Enough waffling. Hope you all enjoyed my post. Please leave some thoughts and opinions in the comments.
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2023.06.08 23:37 parkerjett *GAY SCREAMING*

Dude, My mom (nOt hOmOpHoBiC) just showed me the weirdest Tik Tok, and said, "This is what I want your attitude to be" It was a Tik Tok saying that you shouldn't make being gay your entire personality. (SHADE) Then it said that "gAy pEoPLe aRn'T oPprRsSeD aNyMoRE" like bro, The Human Rights Campaign JUST declared a state of emergency for the LGBTQIA+ community. AND THEN she proceeded to say that I don't need to make being gay my only personality trait, (SHADE) and then used the fact that I said that they hated me because I'm gay in 1 argument when I was 12. love that <3
And then the TRANS ICON THAT IS MY UNCLE replied with:
Ughhh there's literally an attack on trans people right now because of the drag bans (which is rlly about banning trans ppl let's be real) and laws against trans youth seeking medical treatment. The reason why she's getting information like that just furthers the point that everyone is claiming that gay ppl always rub it in ppls faces. Which is not true. Asking for basic right not to be taken away isn't asking for Much. Gay children and teens are still receiving much shade/ trauma from their parents if they don't approve. Give me a freaking break. She is ignorant as fuck. And frankly u are smarter than her. (Don't tell her I said that)
U don't have to live there forever just know that u will be out of there before u know it. Stay away from drugs and alcohol stay trying hard in school and u will get out of there. School helped me leave Alabama just remember that. I love u [ME] I'm very proud of u and I think ur turning out awesome!
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2023.06.08 23:37 GarmrsBane Am I the only one who feels like the alien races have no purpose?

With WoD and Legion coming and going, I feel as if the Orcs and Draenei are just kind of here now and don’t really have a purpose in the setting. I feel like their books are both closed and now they’re just hanging around. They don’t have any history on Azeroth, so it’s really hard for me to see any connection whatsoever with them and the world. Especially this expansion, where the issue is very much an Azeroth-exclusive kind of plot line.
Orcs to me are just Horde humans at this point, but without the lore that ties them to Azeroth, the relevant themes and forces at play. Just about everything I loved about Orcs has been moved on from or left on a bookshelf to collect dust. Draenei are even less relevant than that.
They’re just outsiders to me now, with no real deep ties to the world like the native races do. I get that they’ve both been here a good amount of time by now, but still I don’t think it’s the same. Am I the only one feeling this way?
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2023.06.08 23:37 averyycuriousman T7 Manticore Hammerhead Forend Pros/Cons

Seems like an excellent way to mount a flash light and add more real estate for mounting. My only question is can you mount a vertical grip on the bottom? Also what other pros/cons are there to having it for those who got it?
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2023.06.08 23:37 draugyr Mk9 was a time travel story, mk1 is an actual reboot

People are acting real weird about why mk1 is so different. Raiden sent a warning back in time to Raiden to prevent Armageddon. Time was the same, he was fighting against the flow of time as predetermined. It’s why it’s basically a retelling and could hardly be called a reboot.
Mk1 is a true reboot, Liu Kang altered reality. It’s not liu Kang sending his mind back in time, it’s not trying to avert some evil timeline. It’s a new reality, and you guys are just gonna have to deal with it. Scorpion and Sub Zero being brothers isn’t Pearl Harbor.
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We are ranking who can hold Ocean Sovereignty the best (People who can block it for more than 2 seconds) Here are the people we are ranking Zoro Queen King Sanji Luffy Yamato These are the only people who have the tools to block an attack of such severity
6th place Luffy
Luffy doesn't have an item to repel the damage and would have to take it head on but he can survive seconds of the attack at least if he go gear 4 tank man/ bound man right in front of it and blocks 2 seconds
5th place Zoro
Zoro is the only one who actually did it but then again if you use common sense and know what you need to have to block such an attack you will realize Zoro is not the only character who can do this or even the one who would do it best. Thats why I hate when niggas use this feat because this feat was just an excuse for Oda to say this is Zoros arc, lets be honest... 2-3 seconds
4th place Queen
Damn I give Queen a lot more credit than I thought, anyways people wont like that I'm saying this and will bring this panel up
Queen took no damage from this (People gonna hate me for it but idc Queen a goat) Queen just pretended to be asleep to avoid fighting Big Mom 1v1 (NATURALLY?) Now that we got that out the way... 3-4 seconds
3rd place Yamato
Yamato could trade with Kaido and is more durable then Zoro, this shouldn't even be a debate why she would do it better 3-5 seconds
2nd place Sanji No I am not a Sanjitard Queen low diffed him Law and Kidd wreck Sanji I have shitted on Sanji strength on multiple occasions, remember this is JUST a FEAT it doesn't mean much
Sanji does not have the exoskeleton at this time so it is not included, didnt really change the list much even if it was or was not The raid suit FACTUALLY is more durable then Zoro (Sanji would do it better) And the raid suit cape is literally an extra layer of defense (SPECIFICALLY MADE TO BLOCK ATTACKS) When you combine the fact Sanji is more durable and has better tools... 4-5 seconds
1st place King Even in Kings "Invincible" state he will take damage from Ocean Sovereignty But King is a monster
Now if Akainu was there... The attack wouldn't even happen
The real first placer
Zorotards cope away in the comments, everything I said makes sense and you know it does But go ahead and lie to yourself I will watch Zoro is the 2nd strongest person in the ranking (Luffy is 1st) IT IS JUST A FEAT
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2023.06.08 23:36 CrowsofFear Catalogue of you tube vids I am currently looking for

Miscellaneous Videos
Death At Chuck E Cheese 70's Murder Files +18 Fsp19ut76yI
Five nights at freddys Are REAL! (it is real and true...) dZLuPFt7Egk
Does chuck e cheese know five nights at Freddy's z4Oe8oahJAs
THE TRUTH BEHIND Chuck E Cheese's and 5 Nights at Freddy's YLDwLWfzOUM
Spongebob The Purge v3949UehZBM
David Near
Shadow Freddy Voice (Five Nights At Freddy's 2) I7mYQEMh3PY Partially Found
Phantom Balloon Boy Voice FNAF 3 kK1sHrvFkhM
FNAF 2 "Withered" Foxy Voice jFI16pEGqcw
Nightmare FredbeaShadow Freddy Original Voice WtVyammM9Ow
FNAF "Drawkill Bonnie" Original Voice 5QT-jOFmmLE
"Smile :)"- NoctisNeverSleeps
"1999: [Update] - 06/21/15" Creepypasta
"I know her so well..." Feelspasta
- 1999 (part 1)
-"1999" (part 4) MrCreepyPasta's Storytime
- 1999 (Part 5)
- 1999 (Part 6) (END)
Mr. Nightmare
-"Home Alone" [CreepyPasta] - nklZy3IwmhU
-"The Shadows Between Houses" By StupidDialUp - g2Az5BGGobY
- The Portraits - Creepypasta - KtsIB3dvfdc
- Last Friday - Creepypasta - qjEOQ8bWAc4
- “Chicken Bones” - by Steven Shorter - 5jwbaqI2Xqw
- Nuclear Meltdown - ocjHdXjlzss
-A Grain of Sand - fUtjSW65AFM
-"Christmas Tree Decorations" - Unknown Author - 9V0eVqXZcY8
-What happened to "Mr. Nightmare"? FOUND
-100,000 Subscribers - Thank You! - FbYIjdFFgOA
-Little Pink Backpack - Creepypasta - 1AgXuziegHs
-24 Creepy Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into
- 10 Most Disturbing TV Commercials - _Ap6N94LT98
Jessica Meszaros/SpectrumDiamond
-Creepypasta - Ed, Edd n Eddy (Lost Episode) okZRbCKJJwk
-Creepypasta - Bully: Scholarship Edition (Removed Mission) Fw9dpxgEogo
Creepypasta - The Golden Girls (Lost Episode) Z8vLHhOXwrQ
Creepypasta - Scooby Doo (Lost Episode) JexJSqVVoew
Children's Song - Kagome, Kagome _33Lsbn-9G4
Dilantra Peebles/Wolf Killer
Five nights at freddys Are REAL! (it is real and true...)
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 song backup part 3 and 4 (for TJ animations)
If they knew.... your pain.... (Bullies)
"If they knew" The grey cat's pain (request)
Happy birth Day Zack (Present)
Gambling man (Thank you for 19,000+ SUUUBS)
Open Up animation *Really sad* FNAFS (THANK YOU FOR 20,000+ SUBS)
questions and answers (part 3) *best ending lol*
Awoken oc Map Part 34 and 35 (MoonrisePaintpawz)
Awoken OC Map Part 25 (Ren jirra)
Welcome To Freddy's Map Part 7 (TJ Animations)
Welcome To Freddy's Map Part 22 (TJ Animations)
Mangle The Stalker *she knows all, foxy* (THANK YOU FOR 21,000+ SUBS)
How foxy likes to run to the office (funny vine)
Jar of Hearts Warriors Map Part 5 and 6 (LilypadLils)\_uE6r1hvg
We Are Family Fnafs 1 and 2 (speedpaint)
F-freddy.... fazbear? (Five nights at freddys!!!)
Update (read the description)
Just Gold Animation The madness (THANK YOU FOR 23,000+ SUBS)
HAPPY BIRTH DAY RENEE : D (best friend. Video, Monster)
Youth Oc Map Part 9 (kaybzjess)
This Is For My People Who Lost Somebody (Your not alone)
*Collabs* Five nights at freddys 3 (THANK YOU FOR 24,000+ SUBS)\_PxQ
All Men Are Pigs OC Map Part 2 (Makbrok mtizzle)
Contest OPEN (my Contest)
Have a Snicker Foxy, your never yourself when your hungry (FNAFS 1)
How Toy Chica Changes Her Mood At Certain Times (FNAFS)
livesteaming (Thank you for 25,000+ subs)
Reading Mean Comments (only 2, random video)
Contest Winners (Top 10)
Secrets *Animation* (THANK YOU FOR 26,000+ SUBS!)
The Show Must Go On (Map part 6, HTF OC AMBER)
Five Nights At Freddy's Song Map Part 3 (Pastel Cat)
ooh whats this? (My Birth Day is Coming up)
Lullabye-bye *collabs* (HTF OC AMBER, So he sang)
Lullaby-bye Collab *Complete* (So he sang)
Thank you for 27000 subs!! (Purple guy is a murder)
i Am The Purple guy! Map Part 9 (Ring Ring)
i Am The Purple Guy! Map Part 22 and 23 (Ring ring)
Do you care About me? (Depression)
i Am The Purple Guy! Map part 25 (Ring ring)
I Am Purple Guy Map Part 27 (Ring Ring)
PLEASE GO SUPPORT HER!! (my best friend)
How Do You Feel About That Cone On Your Head, Foxy? (THANK U FOR 28,000+ SUBS)
The request of Finding Jeff the killer (ThumbNail)
Its Time To Die Map Part 25 (insanedvo)
Happy Birth Day To Meee (yay)\_0
Balloons Sad Animation *The good ending* FNAFS (THANK YOU FOR 29.000+ SUBS)
Toy bonnie (Random, creepy)
Security guard comics (My comics) *FNAFS Security guards*
Horn battle *Foxy VS Purple guy* (Funny vine, HAPPY EASTER)
The Bite of 87 *A sad tale* (THANK YOU FOR 30.000+ SUBS!!!!)
Animation thief(s) (Please Read description)
Look At Me Now
Am I The Only One Who Does This.... (THANK YOU FOR 31,000+ SUBS)\_BZvLU
Mangles Radio static (Happy birthday Mangle brinton)
Purple guy's Death (Animated *Realistic sound*)
eeeeeeey mario :D *SpringTrap and Marionette* (Thank you for 32,000+ SUBS)\_oRnPM
Best Hater Ever.... (Really bad hater *Warning, mad wolf* )\_\_nbcaI
More Hate (Responded badly XD)
Talk Foxy To Me (Five nights at freddys)
i'm leaving (haters)
Guess Who's Back?\_g
Five Nights At Freddys Harlem Shake (33,000+ specials)
Wolf's Intro (34,000+ specials)
Go Save Smilk *Need your support* (35,000 specials/ Update)
Little Things About you (36,000+ Specials)
Look How Wolf Died XD (Funny vine)
Eeey Look how Chica Died XXD (Funny vine)
Flesh Five nights at freddys *Map Part 8 and 9* (makbrok mtizzle)\_Hq-Asc
When your home all alone and someone knocks at your door (38,000 specials)
My Reaction To Roaches (Funny)
Sausage *Map Part 10 and 11* (JordanTheBlueAnimatr­onicDevil)
Sausage! OC Map *OPEN*
i Have A Deviant Art ya know? (Random)\_hnUB\_KfmWQ
Daddy Whats A Twerk? (39,000 Specials)
If You Want A Burger.... (40,000 Specials!)
Omega Always Loves Arrow (Funny video)
Orphan Tears *Short* Cray AVM~ (41,000 Specials)\_W7xQ
I Can Animate~ (Review)
Throw Tha CHEESE (42,000 Specials)
Sad Suicide Song *animated* (Depression)
1... 2. Crays is Coming For You (43,000 specials)
Renees got a sick obsession (MEME)
Die In A Fire *Animation* (48,000 specials)
*"The Sandman" (Creepypasta)
*"Be Careful Whose Messes You Clean Up" (Creepypasta)
*"Mrs. Willison's Homemade Jam" (Creepypasta)
*Corey's Wish
*The New Fish
*Why i was Released from Prison
*Mickey's House of Pain
*I Was a Freelance Exorcist
*The Contract
*Starving Dogs
*Living in Hell
*The Girl in the Crowd
*The Shredder Monkey
*"Broodmother" (Creepypasta) Ft. EerieCheshir
*The Other Internet
*"Black Number One" (Creepypasta)
*The Pit
*Slaying the Beast (something like that, about someone killing their dad)
*At Least You Tried
*Some story about a guy named Greg who's wife hired a psycho to kill him for cheating on him (don't remember the name)
*One More For the Orphan
*Some story about a haunted TV broadcast (don't recall the name, "The Ozark Cable Incident" it may have been)
*The Pleasure House
*The Quiet Room
*Pain Study (something like that)
*My Parents were Satanists (something like that)
*Mr. Banana
*The Dog Man
*Mayhem Mountain
*The Pancake Family
"The Yellow Wallpaper" (Creepypasta) M3vEPbJ9V2Q
"The Ozark Cable Incident" (Creepypasta) pclUTiUDVLc


LOST EPISODES - "Plankton Got Served" zBhEQ9uU59s
"'Arther: Lost Episode' (SH*TPASTAS)"
"Red Moon"
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2023.06.08 23:36 DePoots Please leave all wildcards active

I’m sure that Crytek have their own vision for the wild card system, but in its current state, it might benefit the game to leave the wildcard option in.
Majority of the player base was loving the wild fire, but it was taken away and the introduced as a wild card. Great, but then the wild card is only around for a very small amount of time before disappearing for the time being. (I’m sure it will be back as the wild card system is developed further)
Now that rain, which is a heavily requested feature since release, is also being introduced as a wild card, it means that it will only be around for limited time until the wildcard feature is fully fleshed out.
It really sucks to see these great features being time limited. You spend the time working and developing this, so why not let the community enjoy it while it is still under development?
I really wish crytek would leave in the wildcard feature permanently, and it just chooses one of three wild cards. This doesn’t take away from the core matchmaking, but allows us to experience the new content when wanted. It also allows for a constant stream of feedback and testing, which is only beneficial for crytek in the long run.
Please give us content that lasts. Events are already FOMO for a lot of players, but when it comes down to legitimate content and not just skins, this should not be the case. FOMO leads to players burning out and a high/low variable player base, rather than a consistent and steady one.
Its also unwelcoming to new players to who have bought the game after seeing these features, just to find out that they missed out on experiencing this for themselves for the foreseeable future.
Life happens, and it’s inevitable that players are going to miss events, battle passes, cosmetics, etc. But please don’t limit these features until you are at a point where the wild card feature would benefit from it.
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2023.06.08 23:35 OutlandishnessMuch83 Sky is a real cheater… or is he ?

Sky is a real cheater… or is he ?
Disclaimer : Unfortunately, I am not an English native speaker. So, I regret if there’s any grammar, orthographic, syntax or vocabulary mistakes. I hope, however, that I will be understood and if there’s any mistakes, don’t hesitate to tell me so I can correct it and improve myself. Don’t hesitate too to advice me if there is any confusing sentences.
Before I begin, I just want to add that I am at the end of S1 of the show Winx Club, so my opinion is only to take for this season specifically! 🤔 And it wouldn’t be a surprise if certains of you have already see this post, it’s because it’s a comment of me that I copy/paste… So, let’s go ! ❤️‍🔥
Maybe I will get burn for this but I don’t think the hate for Sky for this all « cheating situation » back in season 1 with Bloom and Diaspro is really… I don’t know how to say that… relevant ? Valid for sure, but maybe a little exaggerated ? 🤨
In season 1, Bloom and Sky were just friends ; that’s true that they flirted a bit, but the situation of their relationship wasn’t very clear for both of them back then, sooo… I could say that Sky did not really have any obligations towards Bloom.
In reality, the real victim here was : Diaspro.
Moreover, Sky was in a “forced” relationship, where he mostly didn’t have his word to say (and with that, didn’t have any feelings towards Diaspro). PLUS, back at the time, he was a man in disguise (it was Brandon who was supposedly the “Prince of Eraklyon”) so I could understand why he acted like he was a single man. The situation was complicated, and I could add that Sky was a teen, after all 🤔
BUT BUT BUT, I am not saying that his actions were right nor necessarily justified ! But they can be explain. And for this situation in particular, I cannot really hate Sky.
So what I am trying to say - because I know it’s a bit confusing - is that the only one who where cheated on here, technically speaking, is Diaspro, because Sky was engaged with her. However, I do think that the word “cheating” is a bit rough, for all the reasons I listed before (one sided-relationship, forced relationship, man in disguise, etc.)
💔In conclusion, what do you all think ?
Is the fandom very harsh on Sky for this situation, or is the hate on him justified ?
Please be respectful… I am really curious to know what your opinions are !💕
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2023.06.08 23:35 Picklepea Husband (51M) still sexting after promising not too (47F)

I (47F) found sexts from my husband (51 M) last year in his WhatsApp after he was spending a lot of time on his mobile. We are 2nd time arounders and got married NYE 2021 and assumed really happy. After the confrontation..lots of tears...he went to therapy as he knew 'needing the attention of other women' was wrong and he had a problem. Afterwards he said it was hard.understood how bad it was and promised never to do it again.
Roll on one year. Since then he never leaves his phone alone as if he doesn't trust me or most likely has something to hide. If notice his online status in WhatsApp for a while get suspicious but he said it his football mates or his girls (both in their 20s). So there is no way for me to check his phone and am scared to ask in case he gets angry or thinks I'm prying.
He is away and we share a Google Chromebook we barely use but by logging in I could see his search history on Google. Apart from sports and porn (he is a man so no real issues with that)..Only Fans...but could see he had searched best dating long for likes to reset on Tinde etC..and checking an old IPad could see he has downloaded HILY...Feeld and Wik...all in the past few months.
I know he isn't meeting these women.he never goes anywhere..but dread to think of what he İs sending and to how many different women.
Is this normal? Will he always do it despite his lies and protests that he isn't?
We are moving home soon and I am worrying I may be making a mistake. I love him very very much but feel I am not meeting his needs. Thanks.
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2023.06.08 23:35 Extension-18 ID Options?

I live in Oahu about 4-6 months out of the year, pay property taxes here in Oahu, and have a real ID from California.
Are there any other ID options I can get in Oahu without giving up my real ID? I tried calling into the licensing centers but did not get a clear answer. Any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.06.08 23:35 babybearcandyqueen 20 [F4M] Connecticut - Your hand looks heavy, can I hold it for you?

Hello gentlemen! Just so you know I’m only interested in people who are currently living in Connecticut.
I’m a very excitable and bubbly person. I’m very spontaneous and also love adventure. I can be pretty nerdy at times too. I love music, sewing, reading, and drawing.
I’m 5’3 and 135lbs with blue eyes, pale skin, freckles, and brown hair.
I want to get to know you a little bit in your first message so I’m going to ask you to include the following information: name, age, where you live, a short physical description, what you do for work/school, hobbies, and any questions you have for me.
Have a great day! I hope to hear back from you! :)
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