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2023.06.02 20:11 Affectionate_Run_799 What will happen to all programmer's accounts and online repositories when (s)he dies ?

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2023.06.02 20:10 PeakRecent3295 Lead singer opens with "we didn't want to come" Thoughts?

When I went to the show in Santa Cruz I was super excited and had been looking forward to it for a few months listening to their music daily. When the show finally cam around after the first song the lead singer says to the crowd "we really didn't want to come tonight but we had to, because we just had to" Then leaves it at that, really the only thing he said all night. I knew in advance they were on the tail end of a long and jam packed tour, so I can empathize with them that I'm sure they are very tired and probably just want to go home, but I don't know it didn't sit great with me. Granted I was on a large dose of mushrooms during it, but it sort of tainted my veiw and experience of the rest of the concert. I'm curious if anyone else was at the Santa Cruz show and if you viewed it like I did or differently, or if anyone else at any other shows had anything like that happen. Am I thinking to much into it? I just thought it was a weird thing to announce to the crowd and lowered the vibe. It made me think a little less of the lead singer who I had elevated so high in my head as I learned more about him and their music. Let me know what you all think.
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2023.06.02 20:10 no_more_secrets OK, What's An Alternative Truck?

Ordered a Hybrid XL Sept. of last year. I've been holding on to two older vehicles to trade in but at this point I have no idea when that might ever happen. Meanwhile I need a truck, both for lighter towing (a boat) and for hauling (landscaping, primarily). I know there's no other truck that can compete in MPg. If YOU had to pick an alternative truck for these needs, what would it be?
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2023.06.02 20:10 Pixiegirl128 Starbucks Chai Effect

Before deciding if this is worth going to see someone about (I live in the US and healthcare is not cheap) I just wonder if this is something others have experienced or have an idea what might be behind it, because searching, I'm not finding anything that really explains it.
In recent visits, specifically when I order chai lattes from Starbies, I get a little dizzy and light headed afterwards. I usually just do a chai latte with soy, and maybe a pump of mocha syrup (chocolate) and a pump of some other flavor. When I've finished the drink, which takes me a couples hours at least most times, i find myself feeling dizzy. And it does seem to be only theirs. I don't feel like I recall this happening with any other drinks of theirs (i might need to try something different and pay attention and see).
When trying to google I saw suggestions for it being the tea (chai) or coffee (i don't do because I do have issues with their coffee and it having negative affects on me) for the caffeine or the soy for it being a soy allergy, or even sugar. But none of these feel like they match up.
As to the caffeine potential. I've drank energy drinks with far more caffeine than a chai latte, and never had this issue before. I've drank chais from other places, never had this issue.
The same goes for soy. I've been drinking various soy milks, eating various things (edamame being a big one) never had it cause me issues before.
And in terms of sugar, it goes back to the caffeine. There's another coffee place near me that does energy drinks with flavored syrups, and I've drank those with whipped cream.
I had food with it, and I'm just at a loss. It feels like a semi recent development but it's weird that it would only be in this circumstance.
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2023.06.02 20:10 TangerineThing1 No one will ever truly know how unhappy I am

If I ever escape and get the chance to tell somebody what happened in my life, no one will ever be able to fully understand what I've been through. I can explain it all I want, but nobody will have the memories I have and feel the feelings I feel. No one who wasn't homeschooled will understand, and that thought hurts. I don't even feel like I'd be safe going to therapy when I become an adult because the therapist could be one of those "that was just your experience" type of people. I feel like I won't even tell anyone what happened to me and just stay silent because then I'm at risk of being invalidated.
My life is falling apart and I have no one to pick me back up. My parents talk about how cruel the outside world is but I don't even need to go to the outside world to find cruelty, I've already experienced it. I grew up around fighting parents, and public school was my escape. Now I'm trapped at home with parents who are constantly finding something to be mad at me about, and I have to listen to their fighting randomly. I'm so used to fighting the second someone raises their voice I start getting really anxious and prepare for the worst.
I feel like I've developed a bunch of mental issues due to what has happened in my life, but I'm unsure what they could be. There's definitely something wrong with me though, which also scares me because somebody could just think I'm crazy and think I imagined the whole homeschool isolation thing. There's no hope for me out there because I'm just going to end up a social reject.
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2023.06.02 20:10 AutoModerator Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Complete Program)

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2023.06.02 20:09 NeverUsedAlwaysRead A file shortcut on my desktop won't delete, rename, or be moved

Title, but it's a little weirder. It doesn't show any sort of 'couldn't delete' or error whenever I do these things. Pressing delete just doesn't do anything, even tried cmd deletion and it can't see the file.
Moving has the same effect, no protest but it just doesn't move. Same for renaming.
This shortcut appeared after I failed to download an image the night before. No idea what exactly happened here, but all help is appreciated.
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2023.06.02 20:09 sufferingtobeloved First Recallable Vivid Dream in a Long Time

Hi all,
Wondering if someone can help me unpack this dream. It is the second dream I’ve remembered in a few years and the first that wasn’t fuzzy, extremely detailed, and vivid. It included folks that represent my past and present. I tried to look up some of the symbolism and am still unsure. The last few years (fathers death, pandemic, recent unemployment) have been somewhat traumatic for me and I’ve been on a combination of an antipsychotic/antidepressant during this time which I have (without knowing for sure) attributed to a lack of recalling dreams.
For context, I had a fairly traumatic childhood and am in acceptance of my family and what happened in the past. The description below references an ex-boss from a recent 10-year job I resigned from that included some oppressive and what felt like psychological unsafeness. The other person I knew in the dream represents a very old friend I haven’t spoken to in many years and him and his partner (unknown male) in the dream represent the only diversity in the dream in addition to the Chinese woman. Not sure if the diversity is significant but there were A LOT of white people in the dream. I don’t live in Minnesota but am familiar with the middle of the state. Also, recently have been doing a lot of meditation, spiritual alignment, and trying to master my mind, as well as asking to recall dreams and be shown what path I ought to be on prior to sleep, as well as anti-racism learning.
Dream Friday June 2
In Minnesota, stop on way to cabin with group and end up in a Chinese women’s shop. Can’t touch most things there. Go upstairs to rest with mom, brother and SIL and I fall asleep while they are showering. When I wake up they’re all gone. I’m worried because it’s getting dark outside and am afraid of not making it to destination before dark or being stranded. Driving dark means deer May jump in front of the car. I can’t find my cell phone and head downstairs to look for others and one the second floor living room attached to the stairs are ex-boss and ex-stakeholder. They let me know they’re gone and I can go with them. I step outside for a cigarette and see a bus (pink and teal) and hop on. Driver is bold middle aged lady with smile and missing teeth. I realize bus is headed in the wrong direction and exacerbatedly grab pulley and yell that I need to get off as driver does not stop. At parking lot exist of what I now realize is a very large shopping center, with wooden Nordic style shops, I run back to the original shop passing by many people (all white, mostly blonde) I re-enter the shop head upstairs frantically and realize I’m missing my shoes and phone. I come upon old friend and his partner (unknown) who are calmly sitting, giggling. I explain the situation and they are headed to wear I need to go and I realize I’ve lost my phone and shoes. I go to the first room, frantically, and eventually find my shoes and then my phone and it’s case which are separated. I go back downstairs and see old and his partner watching tv calmly and explain we need to go. They continue laughing and watching tv and I frantically head downstairs now with car keys. As I head down the final flight of stairs, I drop some food and a stick of butter and don’t think I have time to clean it. As I continue exiting I see two new shop assistants and don’t see the Chinese lady (new shop assistants are young white women with long blond hair, twins) I notice a dog (half collie half golden retriever) and go back to pick up the butter so the dog doesn’t eat it. Finally I exit the shop and get into a red sedan and start driving down the road. I notice that old and partner are in the car, though I thought I left without them, and there’s still plenty of day light. I mention I was wrong and the deer may not be in the road. Michael and partner laugh.
Any insight or opinion or guidance would be very very very appreciated!!! Apologies for how verbose this is and grateful for your time and bandwidth :)
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2023.06.02 20:09 Zarnick42 Debian bookworm slow on some applications

Hello all, recently (it started yesterday, on the 1st June 2023) I've noticed an extreme slowness on some applications, or even some part of those applications, and I just can't seem to understand why.
Basically what I've been seeing and found issues with are:
1) Evolution is always timing out when connecting to Google. The Bluemail however connects fine.
2) VSCode takes almost 15 minutes to start a new terminal. I can start one and open it normally, almost instantly if not from within the vscode.
There were some extra things as well, bot those are the worst things. Do you guys know if there's anything that I can do to troubleshoot those slowness?
Best regards.
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2023.06.02 20:09 MountainScorpion Extreme pock marks

I'm using LycheeSlicer. My settings:
What happens is that all my prints end up needing a ton of supports, and when I remove the supports, I end up with flakes and pock marks:
Any idea what I can do to fix this? I can't hollow models on the non-paid version of Lychee, and I'm printing them pretty large because I need them large for a project.
I wish I could post my scene and settings files.... sigh.
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2023.06.02 20:09 balconylibrary1978 Young Adults in the UU Church usually don’t stay for long

On dynamic that I have noticed in our UU congregation is that when young adults attend or become members, most only stay for a few months to at most a few years. This seems to be true of young adults who don’t have children. What is even more sad is that some even get heavily involved in congregational life before they leave. I understand that people move and have life changes, but this seems to mostly be the case (it also happens in other community organizations). I wonder if this happens elsewhere and what we can do to change this cultural dynamic in our congregations?
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2023.06.02 20:09 WarmSp1cy Damaged wiring harness repair?

Damaged wiring harness repair?
Got a question for y’all. I have a 05 Pontiac g6. The passenger side low beam recently went out while I’m gone from home for the rest of the month for work. When my wife opened up the headlight housing to swap the bulbs, this is what she found. The plug is obviously slagged and she said the burned out bulb was burned up as well. I’ve found the part to replace the damaged connector, but I’m concerned about the state the wiring in that section of the harness is in. How hard is it to take apart the housing and swap the connector and wiring? She has access to tools and some handy friends, but I’m trying to figure out if the whole thing has to be swapped out or if we can get by just replacing the plug/wiring. I haven’t been able to find any other info on it with some light googling so I’m asking here.
Also, any guesses as to what caused it in the first place? It looks to me like a surge somewhere in the system burned out the negative. Do I need to look further into what happened, or is this just a symptom of a 17 yr old car. We haven’t had any other issues with it, mechanically or electrically.
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2023.06.02 20:09 AaronC14 Poland the Hard

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2023.06.02 20:08 Icy_Koala_43566 He (27M) said his mom was hospitalized, now he's blocked me (24F) on Twitter - Should I move on?

I am almost entirely over this situation already because I was skeptical about his mom from the start, but I wanted to post to get others' opinions to make sure I'm not jumping to conclusions. He's 27M and I'm 24F.
I was seeing this guy for about 2 months, relatively infrequently, because after our first few dates he told me that his mom is sick and had recently been hospitalized. At first, he was giving me daily updates like clockwork letting me know what was going on, but when her health seemed to take an even worse turn, I told him to focus on her and that I'd give him space. He thanked me and we went weeks without speaking, then I noticed just yesterday that he removed me as a follower on his Twitter (the only social media I have him on). There's no kosher reason to do that... right?
Some extra details: Last time we saw each other we had sex. But the sex was overall not great because I think he was a virgin. I think that I may have been his first kiss. He's really accomplished in his field, like he may be an actual genius, and I also suspected a few times that he might be on the autism spectrum. I don't think he has any experience with girls at all.
I reached out to ask him what was up, no response. We're still matched on the dating app. I really like him, but I feel hurt by the situation and a bit exhausted from the lack of clarity for so long. I'm trying my best to be compassionate but I've honestly felt very skeptical for a while because men in the past have used the 'sick parent' excuse on me. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.02 20:08 NightFox1988 How to find LGBTQ Friendly Therapists/Telehealth?

I need advice on where to find LGBTQ Friendly Therapists that do Telehealth through the Blue Cross Complete insurance plan.
Right now, my mental health is in the gutter. I haven't been this bad since 2016. Ever since I found out my dad passed away via a Google search because no one in his family bothered to tell me (while I've always had a shit relationship with my dad and his family I still should have been told regardless). Combined with finding out 2 of my now ex friends have been drinking the Republican Propaganda Kool-Aid* and are ignorant bigots and the news. My brain has been trauma dumping and trauma dumping hard to the point it is affecting work, normal activities, and going dark. I need help. But I don't know where to turn to or where to look.
*The only reason this affects me is because if I'd known - I would have gotten out of their lives before last Sunday and I especially wouldn't have told them I was nonbinary back in March. With the current political climate here in the US and around the world - I need to protect myself/watch what I say to who more than ever.
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2023.06.02 20:08 wyanmai A review of You Were Made to be Mine by Julie Anne Long

First, I must say the title made me swoon. I love it when a romance makes it clear that the two MCs are similar in the right ways but then also make up for the things the other is lacking in their lives, and this book portrayed that pretty well.
I gave it a 4/5 stars on my Goodreads, but it’s really more a 3.5. It’s the first Julie Anne Long book I’ve ever finished. I’ve previously tried a couple of her Pennyroyal Greene books, but couldn’t get into them, so the premise really gripped me to me to give her another try.
I’m not sure I’ll really get into her backlist, but the series this one is in—the Palace of Rogues—is a fun concept with a unique set of circumstances and side characters, so I might read some others in the series.
The premise is that Christian Hawk, former spy who’s just been released from a French prison and is now penniless, has been hired by the Earl of Brundage to find his missing fiancé, Aurelie Capet.
Aurelie has escaped Paris and her engagement and found her way to the Grand Palace on the Thames, a cozy boarding house, to secure passage to life with her brother in Boston.
Christian finds out her location, but through romance shenanigans, he shows up at the door of the Grand Palace with a knife wound. Aurelie insists on taking care of him—she doesn’t want him to be alone whether he lives or dies 🥺🥺—and they are instantly attracted to each other, physically and personality-wise.
It soon becomes apparent to us and to Hawkes that Brundage is a no good horrible phlegmwad of a human, and that Aurelie escaped him because he did horrible things to her.
Hawkes decides pretty early on that he has zero intention of giving Aurelie back to Brundage, but he holds off on coming clean to her, and eventually she finds out through other means, triggering her to run away.
(Rest assured though, that this “secret” isn’t the major drive of conflict between the two, at least not in the “you lied and now I hate you” sort of way.)
In fact, there’s basically zero conflict between the two MCs, so if you’re into that kind of romance—which I am—this will be great.
Overall, I had a good time reading this book, but I came away feeling generally underwhelmed by it.
Both the plot and the romance had a lot of potential to be very exciting and tension-filled, but the actual story didn’t deliver that to the fullest, or even close. There were a lot of high stakes in the plot on paper, but I didn’t feel those high stakes in the execution.
The romance also has a lot of high emotional stakes for the characters, and they did have chemistry, but somehow, it didn’t translate into the fast and deep emotional bond I was hoping for.
It wasn’t dull by any means, but everything just felt kind of fluffy and calm, and that’s not what I was expecting from a book with characters experiencing a boatload of past trauma.
I also had an issue with the pacing. At the beginning, there was a lot of time dedicated to the side characters in the Grand Palace, with POVs from the FMCs of previous books in the series.
This dragged on so long that the two MCs hadn’t event met until chapter 9 or something, and that I am not a fan of. If the side characters weren’t as charming as they were, I’d have dnf’d long ago. As it stands, I still feel like the book wasted some of my time.
(I generally like the two MCs to meet in the very first scene or as close to it as possible.)
More on pacing—the entire book felt a bit strange on that front. I couldn’t really put my finger on the character arcs of the MCs, and overall the plot progression felt kind of messy. The climax wasn’t really high stakes enough to feel like a climax, and overall, I didn’t feel there was any uncertainty about what would happen. No real surprises, and no hard decisions for the characters. Again, the stakes to everything just felt too low.
But overall, the romance was very sweet, and at times the MMC said some pretty swoon-worthy things🥲. The two MCs were both highly likeable and interesting people, and I enjoyed being in their heads.
The side characters were all very lively and distinct, and the entire atmosphere of the Grand Palace was inviting and cosy.
The book was also HILARIOUS at some places. Circumstantial humour, mostly, but I definitely laughed out loud more than once. We’re not talking Tessa Dare level humour—it’s not as light hearted and rom-com-esque—but despite the dark trauma both the MCs have faced, it feels pretty light and fun.
In terms of sexy times, I was very shocked to find there was only ONE sex scene toward the end of the book. ONE. Idk what the norm is for this author, but I was expecting many more. They kissed maybe three times total on page, and there was not any physical sexual build-up to speak of. (Like no hand holding or errant touches or deep make-out stuff leading up to the sex.)
If someone can tell me if this is normal for this author I’d appreciate it. I don’t mind either way, because the physical connection was still there throughout, but I was just expecting a lot more sex.
Anyway, basically, if you’re looking for a low stress, cosy, comforting read, I’d highly recommend this. I’ll probably only come back to it for the fun vibes and hilarity of the Grand Palace setting, but if you’re usually more into rom-coms but are open to something a bit more serious, this is perfect for you.
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2023.06.02 20:08 splattim2 Help with Mario 3d World + Bowser's Fury

So when I turn the game on it just loads, and then puts me back in the yuzu app, and the when I go back to the main screen (the wallpaper screen) it doesn't load the wallpaper. Which is weird because from what I've seen the game works on this version of yuzu.
I'm using yuzu early access, and the phone I'm using is xiaomi mi 9t pro
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2023.06.02 20:08 -OutKast- Drake the type of ninny when a remarkable concurrence of events happens to go “Well, what a coinkydink”

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2023.06.02 20:08 s1lence1 A question I couldn't answer

I was asked what would happen if criminal charges were brought against the former president but the trial was not completed before the election.
I he won, would his election make him immune to the charges?
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2023.06.02 20:07 Best_Kangaroo_3595 Asking a question (in Vietnamese) about Vietnamese Iced Milk Coffee

I noticed that in many Vietnamese coffee shops and restaurants in the USA, the iced milk coffee is pre-made. In other words, its brewed, and mixed with the condensed milk in large batches.
I prefer to buy coffee brewed upon ordering. In particular, I enjoy getting the phin dripping with fresh coffee over the container with condensed milk. How do I make this request in Vietnamese? I tried to do this in English, but the message is not getting across clearly.
I tried to use Google Translate, to generate this message (see below). If I were to present this question in writing to the server, would it be clear as to what I want? If not, can you please correct and let me know what was wrong? Thanks!

Bạn có thể cung cấp cà phê sữa đá mới pha trong phin cho tôi được không?
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2023.06.02 20:07 srgp Gigabyte issued new BIOS to address security flaw from yesterday, and...

The first thing I see at my desktop after updating the BIOS is a message from Gigabyte App Center, and a Gigabyte Update Service which I've never installed.

I upload the BIOS to prevent you downloading shit without my permission and then you do exactly THAT?
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2023.06.02 20:07 HulkBuster456 To those not insupport of Haslem's Lakefront Idea paired with the Browns new stadium.

To those not insupport of Haslem's Lakefront Idea paired with the Browns new stadium.
I understand that you would not like to pay extra cash/taxes, we should try to push the Haslems to pay most of it but to those who think, F the browns, F him, etc; outside of Ohio, we are known for two things Cleveland Clinic and the Browns. If we lose the Browns in a couple of years, we will be completely irrelevant; businesses will leave for greener pastures, Cleveland Clinic will remain known but not the city it is located in, and we will become like Youngstown, Ohio. We need the Browns. You may not know it, but the Browns have a worldwide fanbase. There are Browns bars across the world. This, F the Browns talk is childish and ignorant. If we exit the sports market, we are screwed. So no, there are not, more options than football, that would not be extremely risky and lead to extreme poverty. I, for one, do not want to become Gary, Indiana, but that is what would happen. And to anyone saying we would switch to baseball or basketball, first of all, baseball was still popular in the 90s, and the sports popularity is fading. Basketball wise, we are still far smaller than the Browns and could not keep up. We are the Browns Town, and you have to suck it up and accept it. We are never going to be LA or Miami. We live off the Browns, them and Cleveland Clinic are our lifeline. Progressive already seems sketchy, and Sherwin William would probably follow. You may dislike this post all you would like, but if it goes wrong, then this post was your chance.
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