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Opinion: “Toxic Masculinity” is a heavily exaggerated issue, but feminists are starting to enforce it

2023.03.20 22:06 knightfluttershy Opinion: “Toxic Masculinity” is a heavily exaggerated issue, but feminists are starting to enforce it

There’s this belief in most feminist circles that culture has been portraying masculinity in a toxic way, encouraging men to be overly aggressive, sexual and repress their emotion. While I do not believe that this has been the case, I do think feminists are starting to bring it into reality.

The problem with the “toxic masculinity” theory is that there’s simply no evidence that it’s been heavily encouraged by recent media. For instance, the most prominent male heroes in media would probably be Frodo Baggins and Luke Skywalker, considering Star Wars and LOTR are both incredibly culturally influential and widely acclaimed (LOTR is the most read novel of all time, and Star Wars became an absolute juggernaught of post 1970’s media.) Luke solves his conflicts by refusing to cut down a defenceless man and his emotional connection to his father, Frodo is literally defined by his anti-violence. Both are celibate during their respective trilogies. This is as far as you can be from “toxic masculinity”, and yet this canard has only increased in its intensity. This has lead to a belief that we need to “challenge toxic masculinity in stories”, but in doing this, we over-correct for a problem that wasn’t actually there to begin with. If anything I’m starting to think we need more well thought out and good examples of masculinity in fiction; not less!
Now ask yourself, what are the three most common feminist insults? “Nice guy” (men who are not aggressive enough), “incel“ (men who have no sexual experiences) and “fragile” (men who display emotions). You see what’s happening? “If I can’t find a toxic masculinity problem, I’ll MAKE a toxic masculinity problem!” They need toxic masculinity to exist to further their goals, so to prove themselves right they’ve generated a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is what is known as a “positive feedback loop”: feminism generates ”toxic masculinity”, which in turn generates more feminism, and the loop reinforced itself.
One thing about positive feedback loops: they‘ll always collapse eventually, depending on how stable they are. This can’t continue indefinitely, but while it does continue it will only cause more harm for men AND women alike.
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2023.03.20 22:05 JustinHardyJ Advice for my first NAS build

So I'm making a NAS build predominantly for the purposes of streaming my Plex movie collection (varying file sizes and types, highest quality being 4K BluRay rips), with potential use later down the line for video editing from files on the NAS.
Here's what I've come up with so far in terms of parts:
Device Name Price Reason
OS TrueNAS Scale/Unraid €0/€60+ So I'm still not sure which system is more advisable to use for my use-case. I've heard Unraid is much easier and more expanable, whereas TrueNas is more reliable/safe but has a harsher learning curve. Any thoughts here are appreciated.
Case Fractal Node 804 €80 Can hold up to 10 3.5" HDDs, which hopefully should provide me with all the expandability I'll need.
CPU Intel Core i3 12100 €150 Fairly cheap, modern CPU with Quick Sync video funtionality in case I ever need hardware transcoding for Plex.
Motherboard ASUS PRIME B660M-A D4 €130 Fairly cheap and compatible with 12th gen CPU (LGA1700 socket).
CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO V2 €30 Cools the CPU :)
Ram 2x8GB Kingston FURY Beast €45 More than enough ram for Unraid and is the recommended amount of ram for TrueNAS. Can always be expanded in the future if needed.
SSD Lexar NM620 1TB €50 Honestly not 100% sure about the functionality of this component. Cache? OS drive? Boot drive? Something along those lines is what I read, I'd love for someone to let me know the primary use for this.
Power Supply EVGA 500 W1 €45 500W should be more than enough power for a NAS.
Display Emulator DisplayPort €10 Apparently this is necessary if you want to do hardware transcoding. Do let me know if this isn't actually the case.
Total = ~€535
I haven't mentioned any actual HDDs here as I'm currently mainly trying to figure out the actual NAS side of things before getting caught up in storage. However, from my research it seems that 16-18TB SATA drives are good value so this are likely what I'll go for -- in case that information is of any use.
So yeah, any recommendations? Changes? Additions? I would love to hear your guys' thoughts, especially on TrueNAS vs Unraid!
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2023.03.20 21:58 5YNTH3T1K Frags For Effect

( I wrote this on /SLS and decided it needs to be here. I like it's tone. It's all over the place to be honest... )
Part A.
The Supermarket Blues.
There is me, a middle aged dude with grey stubble, old work clothes, rough boots, a satchel, phones on. Making my way down an isle, I went past some young dudes who were folding up cardboard boxes but I was too disheveled to ask for one, I kept on drifting.
Round the corner in some random well lit isle that was empty of fellow travelers I began to feel the welling up of emptiness, a huge nothing that was soon to engulf me. Low blood sugar ? I was going to get a hard boiled attack of the the feels. A filed flat .455 to the fucking central emotion core.
Suck in air, push out the meat like in G force drill and let it ride. Fuck. I'm gonna lose it in the sanitary products section. It's blood sugar for sure. Has to be. Nothing gets through this hide. Stab proof to the max.
It breaks. I survive. Slight streaks are scraped away by the wipers. Shit, no one saw. Keep sifting. It's ok.
I made my way to the terminals and processed my shit. Would you look at the bill, god damn. I got my block of cheese, got to have something to look forward to, right.
Fucks sake.
Ride home on me bike. Again. Rinse and repeat. What a life.
I cooked dinner, eating now as I type this report up. Back at the hab. Doors bolted and locked.
Mentally High five myself and keep monching, blood sugar display starts to tick up.
Phantoms from the past keep drilling me. They all dead now, right. All dead and buried. Well, what they could find.
Part B.
Clarification required. Pics or nix.
I am in fear. Fear is the key. Be the fear. Fear not. Fear for effect.
In breaking news: I have to bicycle across town to get my new headphones that have been lost in transit. Will take some video of the bicycle path as it is the true path and not fake at all. Follow the true path! * waves sandal *
Dating is not going well. Not at all. It's in retrograde. What ever that means.
She told me about how she had been taken on the bench in the kitchen, I thought about my back and well I just was not the man she wanted, obviously ( putting my back out is not an option) I suggested tiddly winks on the coffee table in the lounge instead. Alas she was bereft of egg cups. Drat. We both stared out the lounge window and watched the launch vehicle slowly move towards the massive hangar where the space rocket was being constructed. It was a nice view. Not a tree in sight and the huge tubes that direct the exhaust gases were quite Brutalist. I tried to imagine windows in them. We never did get it off. Or did we ? I shan't tell. no no no no, well maybe, ok. Lemme slip into something more comfortable. Walking forward with flippers on is quite a task I can tell you. The really long ones that make you swim like a seal ... I mean the animal not the group of swarthy chaps who exit from submarines and crawl out on land bristling with packed lunches and small packets of raisins...
I take all this shit very seriously by the way. I was born like this or maybe it was the years in that vat with all the gross tubes and shit stuck in me. Lucky I was not flushed. But the brain shit. Oh my. I am lost, again. So sad. But being different does have it's up sides. I can walk away from most things. Not that I am a pyscho or nothing it's just I was wired none standard. What are true feelings anyway ? I loaded a bolt gun and balanced it over my handle bars as I slowly weaved my way across the bridge. So many dead cars... and silent. Does this interest you at all ? How do I make this work. Does it work. Shall I pause here and ride to the depot. I shall. I shall indeed. No shirking. Always carry frags. You just never know.
Love you all. Back soon. xxx
Part C.
" Ok slug, lets move. " They got me to shuffle forward into the back of the tracked vehicle, inside were some shit looking benches to sit on, I shoved down to the last and sat my ass down. I got a HiTek jammed under my jaw bone for good measure. They ain't fooling around. One slip and my brain case contents redecorates the interior. They like to make sure we know who is boss about every five minutes.

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2023.03.20 21:46 mrafekaj Why Cassidy is (probably) not the Vengeful spirit ... (theory)

Hello everyone! I'm here again to present on of my theories for feedback. This time it's about the growing discussion that Cassidy is NOT the Vengeful spirit after all!
Lemme know what you think in the comments!

(also, this is a video script, so forgive me if there are in-text notes placed in the following)

But… As much as I love that theory… over the last couple of years, there have been some major problems popping up around it…
Because- it looks like we have been neglecting the possible existence of an even better candidate for the vengeful spirit, Andrew.

In the aforementioned Stitchwraith stories, we are introduced to a kid named Andrew, who’se the vengeful and angry spirit inside of the stitchwraith, and while he’s long been considered to be a simple stand in for cassidy in the books, there are some major details in the books and games that make that are making me question that assumption

Because you see, Andrew is a perfect parallel to the vengeful spirit, unlike almost every other parallel in the books which have at least SOME major differences from the games. In terms of parallels, Andrew arguably is more up there with William and Henry than the other “close parallels” in the books like Hudson in What we found(Micheal Afton) and Jake in the real Jake (The Crying Child)
Because, we know Andrew is killed by William and hidden in a Golden Freddy suit in the books, while Cassidy is only directly referenced in the logbook, and was INFERRED to be in Golden Freddy with the crying child, based on the evidence we mentioned earlier.
Andrew is the one who latches on to William Afton’s soul during the fnaf 6 fire in fazbear frights, yes, THAT fnaf 6 fire, and keeps Afton alive in a perpetual state of nightmares as revenge.
Andrew is also a young BOY with curly black hair, long enough to stick out of Golden freddy’s neck while he is stuffed inside (show fnaf 4 minigame scene with big question mark on it) and not only that, but the vengeful spirit in UCN is referred to with exclusively male pronounce in the game: (show UCN quotes)

And it’s appearance? Well, the Vengeful Spirit is represented by none other than Scott’s SON.

But it doesn’t end there, because in the aforementioned fnaf novel trilogy, which is yet another separate canon from the fazbear frights books, Golden Freddy is NOT cassidy, in that book series, the series, which I mind you, is Cassidy's formal INTRODUCTION to the fnaf franchise, she is just another one of the Missing children's incident kids. Instead, Golden Freddy is possessed by an oddly unrelated young boy named Michael Brooks. In those books, Michael brooks was a sixth kid who was killed separately from the rest in 1985 by Willaim Afton, and his body hidden in Golden Freddy.

And while these books may be an alternate universe take, they still have some major similarities to the games, especially in regards to the characters, with almost all game characters having similar book counterparts, and said counterparts are usually in the books for the sole purpose of telling us new information about the versions of their charecters in the games (show William, Henry and Charlie)
But, what about that part about him being a sixth missing kid? In the games AND most of the book stories, the Missing Children's incident is very clearly stated to only have FIVE victims, but, key word here is on MOST, because in perhaps most famous book story, Into the pit, we get taken back in time to a weird twisted version of the 1985 location, and the story has William show us his accomplishments of that Era: which compose of not five, but SIX dead kids, all on display for us the protagonist to see

But wait, how can we reconcile SIX dead kids with all the other lore sources we know? And, why should we trust a book with a time traveling ballpit in it anyways?

Well, I think I have found the answer to both of those questions, and the answer comes from none other, than matpat

In his second episode of his Ultimate fnaf timeline, Matpat is finally able to piece together exactly what the toy Chica anime cutscenes in UCN were supposed to tell us. Because while it has been generally agreed upon that the cutscenes are about William rather creepily stalking and killing his victims, we.. really didn't learn anything new from it at the time.

But in his theory, Matpat proposes that the Toy Chica anime cutscenes are there to give some more context on why the Vengeful spirit, is so vengeful.

Because for Toy Chica’s last Murder, she… goes a bit off the rails, compared to her previous killings..
(show UCN quote)
So basically, the Toy Chica anime cutscenes in UCN being there to tell us that the vengeful spirit's death was extra gruesome and excessive, with Willaim going too far in his brutality. And while I genuinely believe Mat is correct here, even then, his theory would fit Andrew just as well as Cassidy.

That’s because, like he said, the Vengeful spirit WASN’T killed in Freddy’s! He was kidnapped and killed after school!

The vengeful spirits body was hidden in the Golden Freddy suit AFTERWARDS, but, while he WAS an afton victim he was NOT an MCI kid!
Most people don’t realize, but Into the pit isn’t actually about a time traveling ballpit, it’s about Eleanor tormenting a kid with illusions and showing him the evils of William afton. This is a theme that actually constitutes the bulk of the Fazbear frights stories, with the remnent/dream demon thing Eleanor screwing with peoples reality to torment them while showing them (and us) many of the unknown history of the Fazbear franchise before trying to lead them to a usually gruesome end.
That’s why there are SIX bodies in that story, because Ealanor is showing all the bodies that were HIDDEN in that Pizzaria, NOT just those of the five kids who went MISSING in the Pizzaria, dubbed the Missing childrens incident by the media. Five killed in the backroom, and one killed separately, but hidden in there with the rest anyways…
Eleanor seems to be preoccupied with the truths that aren’t well known, doesn’t she? Most serial killers in real life have a list of confirmed or heavily suspected kills, but most ALSO have a number of deaths that CAN’t be specifically linked back to them, because they don’t always kill in the same way. Except for in the case of neat and concise storytelling, why would William be any different?
And, all this considered, the fact that Cassidy is depicted with four confirmed MCI kids in the novel trilogy, that also gives credence to the theory that she is NOT the vengeful spirit, because if the previous theory is true, the vengeful spirit is NOT one of the official five MCI victims either!

And not only that, but the evidence against Cassidy doesn’t end there:

Because I'n Fnaf SB, we get to play a series of Princess Quest minigames that not only take through much of the old game lore, but directly change the outcome of the game and lead to the Vanny ending. It's been generally agreed upon that that these minigames follow the spirit of Cassidy, as she, now permanently latched onto Willaims soul just like Andrew was latched on to Afton in the books, is revived along with him in Glitchtrap and sets off to destroy him once and for all. And if we beat these minigames... she succeeds, and the now glitchtrap free vanny lays down her mask and helps Gregory out of the pizzaplex.
It all just works too well. Heck, we even got confirmation that we were playing as Cassidy from the game files... Or so we thought, as soon after the filename was discovered... in a notable first for the fnaf franchise, it was actually REMOVED.
But... Why? And why would this be the first time a filename has been changed like that in the series? Was it because it gave away the mystery? Well, the secret had already been out, fnaf has a history of giving hints or even reveals in the filenames just like that.. and on top of THAT, the fact the were playing as Cassidy was ALREADY abundantly obvious in the minigames. Because if the fact that we play as a little Golden Girl fighting Dark bunny creatures with Old man consequences in the background wasn't obvious enough I don't know what is.
Well, despite all the confusion around it, I’m gonna put in my controversial two cents and say that I really think the only plausible reason why this filename would be removed... is if it was WRONG… (”*HEAR ME OUT” disclaimer) Hold on everyone, this explanation is gonna need a LOT of background context, but trust me, it leads into something critical for this whole theory:
Because you gotta remember... Steel Wool is a full, professional game studio with many employees going in and out of the company on a regular basis. It is standard protocol for studios not to share sensitive story information with ALL of their employees, if they did, it would become leak-topia. They usually only share it with the ones that NEED to know it, and even then, fnaf lore is extremely intricate and difficult to understand, and even some of the game's lead producers seemed to be confused with the lore at times (show ray macaffy quote, with emphasis on "the fans will understand").
For all we know, the filename "cassidy" was just added in by a lower rank programmer or graphic designer who was confused about what the minigame meant or just didn't know exactly what he was talking about. And... this kind of thing isn't uncommon in the gaming industry. You know the famous "Project Dread" teaser in Metroid Prime 3? Well, that wasn't sanctioned by Nintendo.. at all. That was added in by a lower level employee who had been reading too many internet rumors about a leaked fifth metroid game called Dread,and while the game was real,the rumors were not, and it was one that the studio he worked at had never even HEARD of before. And that's why nothing about the so-called "teaser" ended up being correct in the end. It was just tiny bit of misinformation added in by a guy who thought he knew what he was talking about, one that even a company as big and draconian as Nintendo was with quality assurance accidentally let slip though the cracks.

So, I think that's exactly what happened with Cassidy here. With the sprite name being retconned out for the simple reason that… it was misleading.. In the first place.

But if this character we play as in Princess Quest isn't Cassidy, then the real question is... who is it??
And that leads us to what I think is.. Almost the smoking gun of my theory:

In Security Breach, in the basement we see this mural of what is obviously Cassidy painted on the wall. This mural shows her in a hospital bed with the same checkered patterns as the fnaf 4 bed, and the fnaf 4 lamp and IV next to her. What's notable about this image, apart from the fact that it has zero connection to the other murals on the walls, is that it has a big red X over the top, along with a big slash across the image.
The image is extremely confusing for a number of reasons, and it’s EXACT meaning has not yet been deciphered, but the premise of the message it’s putting across, is pretty dang clear: "not cassidy…" or “cassidy is not..” but.. the question is: "Cassidy is not" what? Is it saying she is NOT the bite victim? Well, duh, she isn't. Is it that she is NOT the person having the nightmares in fnaf 4? It would seem like it... Except that, not once in the eight years have I been in the community have I even heard someone even INFER that she was the one we play in fnaf 4. If Scott is trying to tell us something about the lore, why would he try to correct us about something nobody ever really thought in the first place? I mean, you might as well tell us that Henry never possessed ballora, because the community would get the same amount of value out of that statement as well (0+0, is still 0)
No, I think the message here is meant to read out more like "Cassidy is not” and then “something related to fnaf 4" or, perhaps more accurately “Cassidy is not related to” and something about the Crying Child, since this is his bed and surroundings. Sure, it could also be “Cassidy is not related to some aspect of Micheal” since the fnaf 4 gameplay is probably about him having nightmares about what he put his brother through, I still think it is about the crying child, since cassidy.. Is in a hospital bed. NOT the regular sleeping bed that Micheal dreams is in the room in the fnaf 4 gameplay.

So, in a nutshell, if all the supposed references to Cassidy in the classic games are vague enough to fit a different spirit,
and if the person we play as in Princess quest, who fights against William and takes advice from Old Man Consequences isn't Cassidy, and last but not least: the message of "not cassidy" in regards to some aspect of fnaf 4 or the Crying child is directly displayed in the game. I think that finally, we have enough evidence to tilt the scales, and to say that the vengeful spirit, isn't Cassidy. And who else could fit the mold for that role anywhere near as good, as Andrew…
But alright alright, I'm sure you all dislike it as much as I do, because IF that theory is true, then, just who the heck IS Cassidy?? Why is she mentioned in the logbook? And.. Just what purpose does she serve in the fnaf story anyways?... And the answer to that.. is we just don't know.. Obviously, she has to be important, right? Not only because of her mention in the novels and the logbook, but because Scott once intended to write an ENTIRE FNAF MOVIE ABOUT HER. Yup, a couple of years back, while discussing old screenplays for the fnaf movie, Scott revealed that the movie was going to be about her at one point, but that he scrapped the idea because it was, quote "too complicated, taking place over may time periods and locations throughout the franchise's history".
But to me, that... only makes things more confusing, as Cassidy's perceived story in the games was.. rather simple. She is a girl who gets killed by William early on, and she only really does anything besides cameos as Golden freddy when William gets burned in UCN.
So, what did Cassidy do in the lore that was too long and complicated to portray in a movie? Was it a movie about Golden Freddy, and the entire fnaf sage from his point of view?
Bit.. if it was... then why didn't Scott say that it was a Golden Freddy movie?
he had no problem saying that other screenplays were about the puppet and the funtimes, so he wasn't afraid of letting people down with his scrapped ideas
And on top of THAT, when this screenplay idea was revealed, the community wasn't even sure if a character named Cassidy was even CANON, much LESS that she was the Vengeful spirit we saw in UCN. So to me... this is only further evidence that we've probably been mistaken about Cassidy's role and character... since the beginning
And.. Honestly, as much as I hated the idea of Cassidy not being the vengeful spirit, I really wanted to leave my theory there. I had all the evidence against Cassidy right in front of me, and.. I had even managed to find some more evidence on my OWN.. But.. there were some major details in the games and books… I just couldn’t reconcile with myself..


In my second to last theory, I stated that, based on the evidence from the latest books, that I think ALL of Tales from the Pizzaplex is canon to the game canon (which is terrible), and that it seems like at least SOME of Fazbear Frights is too (although “some” is already too much”) However, for now I’m gonna be optimistic until we get out smoking gun for or against that theory and say that the Frights series is probably just loosely related to the game canon. Probably being fictionalized stories based on real events in the fnaf canon, like the fnaf games we see in help wanted that were made by steve, a guy who didn’t even really know much about Freddy Fazbears Pizza. So, maybe the Stichwraith stories are canonically just embellishments of the Golden Freddy story. Maybe Andrew was real, but they turned the crying child into jake and put them both in the crazy contraption that is the stitchwraith just to make the story more interesting.

But then… even if my “solution” for the last problem is true, there is still one more big problem here…

In Fnaf 6 and the ultimate guide, the controversial theory of Molten MCI is all but confirmed. Where the classic animatronics from Fnaf 1 were melted down and their remnant injected into Funtime freddy.
Silly, but not a problem with this theory right? However, the problem is that, the ultimate guide and Candy cadets stories say that FIVE animatronics were melted down into the one that became Funtime Freddy. So, that would leave us Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and… Golden Freddy…
And.. we more evidence for this in fnaf 3, where there are FIVE ghosts in the follow me minigame, despite only four animatronics being visibly destroyed. And in UCN, we get this line from Orvil the Elephant:
"He tried to release you, he tried to release us, but I won't let that happen, I will keep you here, I will hold you here, no matter how many times they burn us."
And.. that’s important.. Because that implies that the vengeful spirit is actively burning in the fnaf 6 fire as WELL. And, who else could the spirit be in but inside Molten Freddy?
So, if Cassidy is a MCI kid, and Andrew is the Vengeful spirit inside Golden Freddy.. Then just where the heck is Cassidy in Follow me? Is she just off hanging out in the back with the crying child while all her friends deal with William or something? Wait a second, if there are two souls in Golden Freddy, then why ISN’t The crying child there? I get that he would be sympathetic to his dad, but if so, then why would he just let the other spirits torment his dad? Gosh that incredible set of minigames has been retconned to mush-

Now, as… regretful as I am to say it… there is SOME minor evidence for a “three spirit” golden Freddy, because in the stitchwraith stingers, it is shown that there is yet a THIRD presence inside the stitchwraith with Jake and Andrew. And.. whether this is Willaim Afton fused to Andrew’s soul, or eleanor causing more mischief again… isn’t EXACTLY clear… But regardless.. Any way you look at it, the stitchwraith has THREE spirits inside it… But.. even then, the “Cassidy isn’t affiliated with fnaf 4” message in SB would SEEM to contradict that, but… It’s at least a vague (but awful) possibility..

And honestly… the biggest problem we have here is that, with the way the modern fnaf lore has degraded, we can no longer judge theories on whether or not they make sense, or how well they fit the overall story. You know what? It DOESN’t make any sense for Andrew to be the Vengeful spirit, heck, it doesn’t even make sense for him to be in the game canon at all, he should just be a cassidy parallel just like Jake is a crying child parallel. But yet… We keep getting more evidence that Cassidy isn’t who we thought she was.. And, at current, no one else remotely fits the bill except Andrew. The unfortunate truth is, that ever since Help Wanted came out, we’ve been shown time and time again NOT to expect fnaf’s writing to be good, but rather, for it to really be BAD . And, as awful as making a random book character canon and having such a seemly important and well liked character such as cassidy thrown to the wayside and made pointless is,if one is to read just how poor the writing is in The Tales Books and SB timeline.. This.. just seems like a normal thing that Scott would do at this point…
Back in the early days of fnaf, reason... was one of the few things had to decipher the lore. Back then, with so little and such vague pieces, you kinda just had to do the most reasonable conjecture and run with that. And thankfully, we almost always got it right (show Scott fnaf 4 quote "it seems there was nothing I could hide!). Nowadays, however, the fnaf story has become more and more unglued. Now, we mostly have to throw reason to the side and see just see what absurd explanation from the books we can try and use to fill in each gap. Things have gotten SO crazy, in fact, that over the course of two out of nine games, fnaf went from a series legendary for its lore, to one that is infamous for it
Honestly I’m 40-60 on the whole thing…. Ok, more like 30-70. I think that Cassidy makes complete sense as the Vengeful spirit inside of Golden Freddy… but the ONLY concrete connection she has to ANY of those roles is the fact that she’s seems to be communicating with the crying child in the Logbook. And now that SB is hammering in that we got something majorly wrong about Cassidy and her role means that at least SOMETHING about our interpretation of her has to give..
And on the other hand, Andrew fits the bill of the Vengeful spirit even better than Cassidy does. We know he’s a boy, he has a direct connection to Golden Freddy, is murdered by William, and keeps him alive in a perpetual state of nightmares after the fnaf 6 fire. And unlike Cassidy, where all these things are conjecture, they are indisputable fact with Andrew. Andrew.. Makes for a better Cassidy, then Cassidy. Not only that, but he also would be a sixth kid, which would line up with the number of bodies we see in the 1985 location in into the pit, and he also just aligns far better as a parallel to Micheal Brooks, a sixth kid killed separately by william and stuffed into the Golden Freddy suit in the 1985 location in the Novel trilogy.

And.. worst of all I think… how do we know if any of the previous contradictions to Andrew have any good explanations.. Or they just bad writing? And ditto with the contradictions to Cassidy?
So again, right now I am.. Only a bit more certain about Andrew being the vengeful spirit in the games then I am Cassidy.
Andrew has the most direct evidence.. But makes the least sense. Cassidy Makes the most sense… but has the least direct evidence..
And again, my biggest fear here is that now that sense has been thrown out the window in the modern fnaf timeline, is that “sense” may not be justifiable evidence in any of these theories anymore.

Anyways, this is shycrow, signing off
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2023.03.20 21:44 DisastrousScience88 Build quality question for Legion S7i or recent models

Build quality question for Legion S7i or recent models
I'm on my second Lenovo Legion S7i 6 Gen and I have some questions about the QA of this device. First one was built the same (maybe not that bad but still):
  1. The IPS display is bad, ok; I get it, it has IPS glow, backlight bleed but maaan does it come scratched unlike anything I seen before;
  2. The lid cracks and pops every time I open/close it; I am worried about the longevity of the hinge mechanism;
  3. The top left portion of the keyboard(Esc + F1) is not raised like the rest of the keys and it looks ugly;
  4. The 3.5mm and the SD card reader is unaligned; every time I put an SD card into the laptop, the LOCK toggle from the card is pushed, meaning the card is mounted as read only;
  5. The new laptop has the power connector misaligned (the case cutout is also deformed), indicating that somebody(from the factory) really struggled to connect the power brick;
Do you also have issues with the quality of your devices?
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2023.03.20 21:31 pjlee01 If the IFoA were a University or school, students and parents would demand resignations but the IFoA is able to bully students because of a) disciplinary threat and b) monopoly

Can you imagine a situation where a university or fee-paying school showed indifference to widespread allegations of cheating and an extremely poor "new and improved" website which caused students to waste hours because it regularly crashes on exam results/booking days?
Students (and parents if a fee-paying school) would be loudly protesting and, in the face of continuing indifference (as the IFoA has displayed now for several years) demanding resignations of the management and supervisory boards.
And we know that students have a very low opinion of the IFoA from the posts that appear every time the IFoA website crashes.
Yet the protests are very muted compared to what would arise at a university or school. Why?
I think it is because students feel intimidated by the IFoA:
-very few actuaries are prepared to criticise the IFoA except on an anonymous basis
- students are probably worried about even worse treatment by the IFoA (possibly down marking in exams [although in theory that shouldn't happen because scripts should be anonymous to the markers], but more likely: unfavourable treatment if it comes to exam appeals, processing of exemptions, delays in getting Fellowship authorised, or even fear of being accused unfairly of plagiarism)
- employers are also very reluctant to criticise the IFoA, perhaps for fear that admission that the IFoA has become incompetent/unethical will somehow rebound on actuaries generally (I think the opposite is true: the IFoA is incompetent and unethical and the only way to maintain /restore the reputation of actuaries is to speak up about it, before the IFoA drags things down generally)
- because employers are reluctant to speak up, it is understandable that their employees (students and qualified actuaries) are cautious to put their head about the parapet, in case it damages their career.
This is understandable. But not how members of a mathematical, scientific based profession with ethical standards should be behaving. Too timid.
And because of this timidity, the IFoA keeps on behaving badly. Because it thinks (rightly so far) that it can get away with it.
Well I for one have had enough. I will continue to speak up about the IFoA's poor behaviour until things improve significantly.
submitted by pjlee01 to Actuary_news [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:25 Lukedurdin_Art Help - New Build, No Video

Hey everyone, I just put together this new Build and I can't get any Video. I've done everything I can think of and listed below is all I have done. PC starts up, fans are all running.
Checked cpu for bent pins. Used Pcie slot 2. Used ram is each of the 4 slots. Used hdmi port. Used hdmi to Display port adapter. Cpu doesn't support on board graphics but still attempted with motherboard hdmi slots. Attempted with another gtx 650 graphics card. Ran PC with no case plug ins (only power button). Used only ssd. Used only HD. Had windows boot USB plugged In. Tried a different monitor. Double, triple checked all connections.. Reset cmos.
Still no video.
Other notes: Unfortunately the case I bought (deep cool cg540) has no speaker plug in or led plugins so I can't get the Asus Power Led codes.
Keyboard turns on then off within 2 seconds of start up.
Intel Arc lights up after 5 mins of running.
Please let me know any suggestions you may have.
Specs here
PCPartPicker Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MX7BC6
CPU: Intel Core i3-12100F 3.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Asus PRIME B660M-A D4 Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard Memory: Kingston FURY Beast 16 GB (1 x 16 GB) DDR4-2666 CL16 Memory Storage: Kingston NV2 500 GB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive Video Card: Intel Limited Edition Arc A750 8 GB Video Card Power Supply: Azza ARGB 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
submitted by Lukedurdin_Art to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:07 cccaroline [USA-DC] [H] Lenovo Legion 5 (Ryzen 7 4800H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GTX 1660TI, 144hz 15.6 1080p) Gaming Laptop [W] Paypal

Selling a barely used Lenovo Legion 5 15.6" gaming laptop. Used one or two times and in pristine condition. Has been reset to factory settings.
Laptop comes in the original box with the power adaptor and all manuals. It also comes with a carrying case as well as a Logitech mouse.
$800 shipped to the continental US
submitted by cccaroline to hardwareswap [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:02 larrysbrain Daily urban carry where everything gets regular use

Daily urban carry where everything gets regular use
I had to empty my bag (because reasons) so I thought I'd take a picture. Then felt I should inventory it all. Have fun, ask questions.
Tomtoc 9 Litre Sling
  • Surface Pro 3
  • Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard
  • Microsoft Surface mouse
Tomtoc Recycled Storage Pouch - Anker Nano II 65w Charger - USB C to Surface Pro Charge Cable - CJOY Magnetic Charging Cable - Sony SBH24 Bluetooth Headset - Ulanzi RGB Video Light - Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - USB C to Display Port Adapter
Ringke Two Way Bag Miniature - Sony WF-1000XM4 Earphones
Generic Pencil Case - Zebra F701 - Bic Crystal Renew Metal - Yellow Field Notes (Personal) - Blue Field Notes (Work)
Viperade VE1 Tool Pocket - Penco Pocket Tape Measure - True Utility Minimalist - Tru Utility Scarab - Top Peak Ratchet Rocket Lite - Generic Tweezers
Typeco Canvas Zip Pouch - First Aid Kit
If Bookaroo Travel Tech Tidy - Black cotton thread - White cotton thread - Needles - Small cable ties - Black electrical tape - Gorilla Glue Super Glue
Nahe Hightide General Purpose Case - Driver's License - Cash - Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker
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2023.03.20 20:58 thekbob Game Collecting Guide & Tips - Spring 2023

Got inspired to write a bit about the current game collecting scene for folks to be aware of and perhaps strike up a general conversation on where it may be heading. My target is writing towards newer collectors, not the seasoned ones who likely have too much and really should work through that backlog… ಠ_ಠ
Disclosure: I collect, not invest. This discussion is for those wanting to have a meaningful game collection to play, share, and enjoy. I do not recommend buying into speculative asset markets as meaningful investment strategy; do so at your own risk. No links here are advertising or am I affiliated in any way; they are provided for reference purposes.


If you’re into modern stuff (i.e., PS4/5, Xbox One/Series, Switch), you’re likely going to be looking at the limited print scene (limitedprintgames) for the harder to find titles, while you seek out other out of print or lower production releases from certain publishers (ex. NIS, XSEED, ATLUS, etc.). For the former, you’ll need to learn all about the trials and tribulations of Limited Run Games and many other smaller print shops. The long story made short is all of them are significantly behind on delivery schedules and you should not anticipate getting anything you pre-order from them in any reasonable amount of time.
That’s right, they’re pre-order only. A few may produce retail distribution titles, which may come to some retail channels, game stores, or Amazon, but the idea is you are placing money down on an unknown quality product delivered at an unknown time in the future.
Limited print purchases are always caveat emptor. You’re likely to get your games, but having titles come in incomplete, broken, or otherwise less-than-desired quality is a possibility. And these companies have less than stellar records for customer service.
Regarding the lower production run publishers, you are likely going to see a lot of games feature a brief release period, a handful of sales, and then a dried-up retail channel. Once the retail product is gone, prices tend to stagnate and then sharply increase when an update, sequel, or otherwise general interest is sparked (ex. gaming influencer publishes a video on “hidden gem” game).
If you’re into niche titles, from licensed games to B-to-AA releases, you’re going to have to decide whether you commit early, buy the dip, or get stuck paying a higher price. There is less the ability to time the market as an influencer video, news update, etc. type event at any time that spurs interest. You could wait until it cools off, but you could be left out high and dry.
  1. Shop imports. From Play-Asia to eBay, there are many ways to find other-than-ESRB English capable copies of modern games at a fraction of the price of North American (NA) copies. Sometimes, going for imports is the only way to get physical copies. (Fun fact: LRG blocks the ability to import their Asian published titles!)
  2. Reprints. Many of the niche games over the past few years, to include NIS and KOEI TECMO releases, have seen reprints from outlets due to the high demand and higher aftermarket pricing. Sites like videogamesplus.ca run pre-orders on the titles and is a great way to get a copy at MSRP. (Fun fact: LRG does not retain exclusive publishing rights to games, so rare limited print titles do release retail copies later!)
  3. Get a different version. The Switch is currently the price king for game copies, but do you really need that portability? And if so, there are now many ways to get stream your PC and consoles to other mobile platforms, from smartphone apps to third party hardware (SBCgaming). Buy that PS4 copy for half the price.
  4. Go digital. I know, you want to collect, but when the title in question is on sale for $3 on the eShop/PSN/XBL versus waiting 18+ months for a limited print version or $100+ for a retail copy, perhaps its best to just play the $3 digital version while you bide your time for 1, 2, or 3 to become available.


This will be more broad than modern and more of a tips and recommendations based upon major manufacturer.


  1. Repros vs. Knockoffs. Popular games, like Pokemon, are high demand, high-cost items that are on hardware that is very easy to make fake copies (aka knockoffs). If you are not certain of how to tell, do some research, finding a gaming buddy, or only buy from reputable shops (GameStop is not one of these…). On the other hand, are reproductions; these are sold honestly that they are recreations of older cartridges or disc-base games (sometimes they are new releases for old systems!) These are always going to be caveat emptor, but I personally enjoy getting physical copies of my favorite romhacks or unreleased titles to have as discussion pieces. Just make sure you understand what you are buying!
  2. CRTs. No one makes them anymore and they will all die someday. You can spend a little or you can spend a lot. Not all CRTs are equal, with PVMs being the most desired, but that takes you down the route of RGB modifications, SCART connections, and pin mods; if you followed none of that, just get a CRT from your neighbor’s garage sale. The glow of phosphors is nice, and some purists want that smudged look, but ain’t nothing wrong with RAW PIXELS.
  3. Accessories. A lot of controllers can be fixed or even use modern adapters for wireless play. It all depends on how you enjoy the systems ergonomics design and how affordable, accessible, and clean the accessories are in your area or online. Swapping out analog sticks and batteries is pretty easy, but if it’s filthy, is it worth it to you to…
  4. Clean filthy items. A great way to save money is restore the items you find, as missing labels, rental store stickers, or little Bobby’s name in black sharpie all decrease the value. If this doesn’t bother you, remember that you should work on things unplugged, isopropyl alcohol in small doses, and perhaps ordering a special screwdriver set will help you enter into more esoteric systems. Swapping out HDDs in systems like the Xbox and PS3 are likely things to come up, as well. Plenty of guides on YouTube to help you clean anything, and unless it’s a rare system, I would recommend learning how to do it yourself and save some money!
  5. Grading Games. I recommend not to, but if you absolutely have to do it, I would use anyone but WATA. There are many places to buy slim plastic cases or even high-quality acrylic cases if you want that look at a fraction of what you’ll pay a “gaming expert.” If you really need a score, just print up the output of a random number generator from 7.2 to 9.8 and slap it on the case. Likely just as accurate of a process.
  6. Skip the filler, stick with killer. Do not feel pressured into buying “must have” games for systems. The only must have games are the ones you must have. If you don’t like Zelda titles, but love Mario, then do not feel the need to compete or complete a set of a series you don’t like or will not play. A lot of collectors get burnt out by trying to get everything all at once. I recommend starting out with a small wish list for one or two systems and really get the games you want to play first. Backlogs happen, but make sure they’re all killer, no filler!
That’s about the end of it for me. I will edit any information in that folks want to see (or remove any errors). Appreciate for reading and happy collecting!
submitted by thekbob to gamecollecting [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:55 urklehaze New isopod owner

My kid came home from school with a new pet isopod. Dog ate it. So I decided to look into them since I’ve seen some for vivarium clean up. I just ordered some dairy cows and the large titan ones. Do you guys order your substrate from somewhere specific or diy? Also looking for a nice display case. The scorpion plexiglass cages look nice. Would those work? We own some death feigning beetles. It I know they are different care.
submitted by urklehaze to isopods [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:51 Nephtan R&R Fix - Small Fairy Race Paperdoll Gump Broken

The small Fey fairy's paperdoll gump does not display correctly. Fix below...
In BaseRace.cs, around Line 1414:
case 50: race = "Fairy,50,8377,769,128,2792,22,43,1127,fey,good,woods,1,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,1,1,0,0,0,1,1,0,0,0,1,1,0,0,0,25,100,0,1"; break; 
case 50: race = "Fairy,50,8377,769,128,2792,22,43,1127,fey,good,woods,1,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,1,1,0,0,0,1,1,0,0,0,1,1,0,0,0,25,100,0,0"; break; 
submitted by Nephtan to uodyssey [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:51 aowshadow (Spoilers Extended) The Robin Ryger/Desmond Grell little mystery – potential spoiler for TWOW

To quote an old TV show: "where in the world is Desmond Grell?"
Tldr – here’s who Robin Ryger and Desmond Grell are; where we will probably see then in TWOW; why they have some degree of importance.

Quick reminder about the two characters

Robin Ryger worked for Robb during the Five Kings War.
Not only he’s the one who escorted Cleos Frey. He’s also a very useful tertiary character, because GRRM uses him to “break the ice” between Jaime and the readers when he allows the Kingslayer to display his proverbial sense of humor in early ASOS:
In his day Ser Robin Ryger had been a notably tenacious fighter, but his day was done; he was of an age with Hoster Tully, and had grown old with his lord. When the boats were fifty yards apart, Jaime cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted back over the water. "Come to wish me godspeed, Ser Robin?" "Come to take you back, Kingslayer," Ser Robin Ryger bellowed. "How is it that you've lost your golden hair?" "I hope to blind my enemies with the sheen off my head. It's worked well enough for you."
Little note for those who like analysis: Jaime's humor works only when we are in his POV. Outside of it, more often than not he looks like an asshole because 90% of the POVs that interact with Jaime... hates him!
Guess who are the two obvious exceptions? Of course, you are right. And still, both Cersei and Brienne fail to see his hilarious side most of the time.
GRRM also uses Ryger to break the ice between Jaime and Brienne. Jaime’s ego would never allow him to admit he’s helping someone straight to their faces, so he uses ser Ryger as a convenient excuse.
"You're hard enough to look at with a nose. Besides, I wanted to make the goat say 'thapphireth.'" He chuckled. "A good thing for you I'm such a liar. An honorable man would have told the truth about the Sapphire Isle." "All the same," she said. "I thank you, ser." His hand was throbbing again. He ground his teeth and said, "A Lannister pays his debts. That was for the river, and those rocks you dropped on Robin Ryger."
Desmond Grell is an old knight from Hoster Tully's retinue.
Whenever Edmure leaves Riverrun, be it for battles or marriages, Grell rules in his absence. Noteworthy that whenever a Tully shows up (like the Blackfish in AFFC), he immediately steps aside. He's an old, loyal man.
Notice that both Ryger and Grell have something personal against Jaime: while Ryger was humiliated and sinked in ASOS (thus failing his mission against the Kingslayer), Grell did actually lose his squire because of Jaime.
Beside their possible beef with Jaime and their loyalty to Robb's cause, they have another thing in common: they surrendered to Jaime, but also asked him a very peculiar request.
Two men did not choose to depart with the others. Ser Desmond Grell, Lord Hoster's old master-at-arms, preferred to take the black. So did Ser Robin Ryger, Riverrun's captain of guards. "This castle's been my home for forty years," said Grell. "You say I'm free to go, but where? I'm too old and too stout to make a hedge knight. But men are always welcome at the Wall." "As you wish," said Jaime, though it was a bloody nuisance.

The black vow and Jaime's honorable decision

Jamie takes Riverrun while avoiding a bloodshed, and when the two ask to take the black he complies. Of course, because that's the honorable thing to do.
This is perfectly in line with Jaime's newfound AFFC trajectory (his campaign in the Riverlands is a masterclass as far as peace and honor go, but also a neverending sequence of mistakes for the Lannister’s cause) and what he chooses to do right after is absolutely coherent: he lets them keep their weapons and sends Raff the Sweetling & co. to escort them to Maidenpool.
He allowed them to keep their arms and armor, and assigned a dozen of Gregor Clegane's men to escort the two of them to Maidenpool. The command he gave to Rafford, the one they called the Sweetling. "See to it that the prisoners reach Maidenpool unspoiled," he told the man, "or what Ser Gregor did to the Goat will seem a jolly lark compared to what I'll do to you."
Speaking of Maidenpool, Jaime also sends there Ronnet Connington, with different orders:
Jaime had charged Red Ronnet with the task of delivering Wylis Manderly to Maidenpool, so he would not need to look on him henceforth.
Let’s consider for a second who this three prisoners are: not only the first two are Stark/Tully loyalists to the core, they are also witnesses to the real numbers of the Lannister force. There's a reason why Brynden Tully was comfortable keeping the Riverrun siege until Jaime threatened him with Edmure's life. And guess what? Brynden Tully is still roaming free (more on him later).
But what about Wylis Manderly? Well, do you remember that chilling speech from Titus Andronicus Wyman Manderly? The one that ends with…
I drink with Jared, jape with Symond, promise Rhaegar the hand of my own beloved granddaughter … but never think that means I have forgotten. The north remembers, Lord Davos. The north remembers, and the mummer's farce is almost done. My son is home.
Well, Wylis’ newfound safety is why Wyman’s bloody revenge starts.
But since Wylis reached White Harbor, where in the world are Grell and Ryger?

Tracking down the movements

In ADwD epilogue we know that Randyll Tarly met both parties.
"How many men-at-arms accompanied Ser Ronnet to the city?" Ser Kevan asked. "Twenty," said Lord Randyll Tarly, "and most of them Gregor Clegane's old lot. Your nephew Jaime gave them to Connington. To rid himself of them, I'd wager. They had not been in Maidenpool a day before one killed a man and another was accused of rape. I had to hang the one and geld the other. If it were up to me, I would send them all to the Night's Watch, and Connington with them. The Wall is where such scum belong."
But then, in TWOW Mercy, we know that Raff the Sweetling moved from Maidenpool to Braavos to guard Harys Swyft. This means that his escort mission was over.
This opens up for few possibilities. Ryger and Grell (from now on G, for brevity) could only end up with one of four options:
  • Case 1: reach the NW by going straight to Eastwatch by the sea.
Given Davos' mentions about tempests and Cotter Pyke’s letter about dead things in the water, chances are G are dead. I find it very unlikely, both on a narrative level (who would waste a ship to go to Eastwatch by the Sea just for 2 passengers? This is nothing like Stannis’ case!) and on a meta level (after 5 books I can safely tell you: GRRM doesn’t work that way)
  • Case 2: Raff & co. killed them.
This would be my 100% go to option... if only Jaime hadn’t explicitly warned Raff against doing that.
Jaime's a hundred things, but he's not a windbag: he talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Raff’s a hundred of horrible things, but he's not completely stupid. If there’s one thing that Jaime never lost through the entirety of Asoiaf, is the credibility of his threats.
And again, if G were dead I bet Raff would have mentioned it with some joke in the Mercy spoilers.
  • Case 3: they took the Kingsroad, and then went for Winterfell.
But in that case, who escorted them? Raff's in Braavos.
  • Case 4, most likely: they travelled with Wylis Manderly.
Which means they are now at Winterfell. It couldn't be any other way, Winterfell is in the middle of the safest road to reach the Wall. For the Stark sympathizers, this means huge info. As we all remember, there's a conspiracy going on against those who betrayed Robb Stark...
And to top it all, Wyman Manderly already proved that he has some info he kept for himself (see: ADWD Davos IV)
Funny thing is, even if G were serious about their vow to go to the Wall, they would be stuck with Manderly anyways: climate conditions don’t allow them to leave Winterfell in any case!

Why does it matter?

Because now we have a potential link between the North (Manderly & co.) and the Riverlands (Brynden Tully, and possibly the BWB, if the theories of Brynden coming in contact with them will prove to be true).
Jaime's doing the honorable thing, once again, is risking to harm back the Lannister cause.
Thanks for reading.
submitted by aowshadow to asoiaf [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:47 Lukedurdin_Art HELP - New Build No Video

Hey everyone, I just put together this new Build and I can't get any Video. I've done everything I can think of and listed below is all I have done. PC starts up, fans are all running.
Checked cpu for bent pins. Used Pcie slot 2. Used ram is each of the 4 slots. Used hdmi port. Used hdmi to Display port adapter. Cpu doesn't support on board graphics but still attempted with motherboard hdmi slots. Attempted with another gtx 650 graphics card. Ran PC with no case plug ins (only power button). Used only ssd. Used only HD. Had windows boot USB plugged In. Tried a different monitor. Double, triple checked all connections.. Reset cmos.
Still no video.
Other notes: Unfortunately the case I bought (deep cool cg540) has no speaker plug in or led plugins so I can't get the Asus Power Led codes.
Keyboard turns on then off within 2 seconds of start up.
Intel Arc lights up after 5 mins of running.
Please let me know any suggestions you may have.
Specs here
PCPartPicker Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MX7BC6
CPU: Intel Core i3-12100F 3.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Asus PRIME B660M-A D4 Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard Memory: Kingston FURY Beast 16 GB (1 x 16 GB) DDR4-2666 CL16 Memory Storage: Kingston NV2 500 GB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive Video Card: Intel Limited Edition Arc A750 8 GB Video Card Power Supply: Azza ARGB 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
submitted by Lukedurdin_Art to PcBuild [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:37 punpun9029 Is this a good $500 starter build for 1080p gaming?

submitted by punpun9029 to pchelp [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:29 txnkxcvayi 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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Lisa's mom, Vickie, took up with one wrong man after another and in time, Lisa started to notice. On many occasions, Lisa would ask her mom about her dad. Vickie would always respond the same way, "you really don't want to know about HIM...or about men in general."
The fact was, that Lisa was truly confused by her mother's words. She seemed to still care for the man that Lisa knew as her daddy, so why would she talk about him that way? Her mom was always pleasant whenever Tim and her dad called or came to visit. Lisa just did not understand grown ups. She had learned early on that the wrong man could screw up your entire life. She had seen it with her mother and decided that it would never happen to her. No...she would find the RIGHT man. At thirteen, Lisa started to rebel. Her body was developing nicely and she flaunted it without abandon. Vickie raised all kinds of hell but it made little difference. Lisa was just going to be herself and Vickie resigned herself to that fact. Even though everyone could see that Lisa was a big flirt, it was obvious to Vickie that her young daughter was not sexually active. Lisa had told her so on more than one occasion. "I like boys, Mom, but I'm not screwing. That would be stupid", Lisa had exclaimed. That gave Vickie some sense of relief. She had no intentions of being a grandmother at her age.
Tim and his dad were buds. They did most everything together. They hiked, hunted and fished...just like friends. Karen was the love of his life (after his son) and her sudden death broke his soul and spirit. Vickie had filled that void for a time, and her sweet daughter had almost filled the gap in his heart, but it was not meant to last. Both Jack and Vickie had strayed from each other and neither could live with it. They divorced and Jack had taken Tim and moved almost three hundred miles away. Even though the four of them kept in touch by phone, email and a few visits, Jack became more and more despondent as time went on, and finally, when Tim was just eighteen, he shot himself. No note, no reason that anyone could decipher. He was just gone. Tim was beyond grief. His whole world was gone. How could he get by without his dad?
After Jack's funeral, Tim called Vickie and asked if he could come and stay with her while he got onto his own feet. Vickie hadn't come to the funeral as it had been so far away and she could not deal with the fact that Jack was truly gone. But she quickly agreed to have him come and Tim loaded his meager belongings into the car that was now his since his father's death and drove away. Arriving some seven hours later at Vickie's home, Tim finally broke down and let the tears flow. Both Vickie and Lisa held him as his grief overpowered him. After a time, he regained control and after just a few days of moping around the house, Tim found a good job, got his own apartment and moved out. Both Vickie and Lisa were sad to see him go, but they knew it was best. Tim tried dating, but all of the girls seemed to want the same thing...a husband. Tim was simply not ready for that. What he wanted first was love.
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They danced together on every slow song that was played. Tim, now almost nineteen and Lisa at seventeen seemed to be a natural couple. Both Tim and Lisa felt the heat from each other's bodies as they swayed across the floor. As the dance came to an end, Tim asked Lisa to join him at his place. "Nothing dirty", he said. I just want to spend more time with you if you don't mind. "I would love to. I just need to phone mom so that she doesn't worry", Lisa said. She made a quick call on her cell and assured her mom that she was OK and would be with Tim until the following morning. Mom was more than OK with that as she loved and trusted Tim. With that they headed off to Tim's apartment. It was small, but tidy and comfortable and Lisa felt as if she were at home. Tim was being a gentleman, but Lisa was getting hot. She could not understand what was happening to her as she had NEVER felt this way around any guy....much less her own brother.
The fact that Lisa was with him made Tim all the more horny as well. He was determined to not just take her, but to see where this encounter went. Lisa was all smiles and flirtations as they got to the house. She was not acting at all sisterly and Tim had no idea what to think of it. Should he tell her the truth? That they were not truly brother and sister, or did he just let her imagination run wild and see where it led? He was unsure, so he decided to just play it by ear.
Tim put a CD in the changer and the sweet voice of Avril Lavigne soon poured out of the speakers. Lisa reached towards Tim, placed her arm around his shoulders and asked, jokingly, "Do I know you from somewhere?. "I don't think so" Tim replied. Lisa said," I really think I know you....but I can't for the life of me figure out where". I feel the same way", Tim said. "But I can't put my finger on it". The two of them smiled at their 'inside joke' .
Tim decided to come clean. "Lisa, there is something you need to know. We are not really brother and sister". Lisa jumped back, mouth agape and exclaimed, "What the fuck?". Tim was shocked at her choice of words, but tried to quickly calm her with the truth. "Lisa, your mom and my dad got married when we were both very young. I didn't know for sure myself until a year or so ago. After dad died I found their marriage license and other documents that proved that you and I were both born before mom and dad got married. We CAN'T be blood siblings". Lisa's blue eyes started to tear up and she sighed deeply. "Somewhere deep inside my soul, I knew this. I just didn't know how to get a handle on it".
Tim reached out to her and pulled her close once again, not in a brotherly way, but in a way that would make Lisa feel truly loved. Lisa responded by turning her petite body toward Tim and holding him tightly. Both of the young people were feeling more loved by the minute and there was no doubt as to the climax of this evening of revelation.
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**Re-Uploaded just as before, no changes at all besides a few words and the title for the site's sake.**
**This takes place BEFORE the Stepsister chapter.**
Welcome to a new section of Tale of 2 Nerds - School Days! Since I had no new ideas for sexual situations (and since the two are teenagers, after all,) I figured that at some point, they would eventually have to go back to school. The next few chapters might be school, or possibly not - I don't know yet. Instead of just giving chapter numbers, I'll start giving them names from now on. I like that more.
Since a comment in one of the past chapters made a good point, there’s something I need to tell you, readers. Although it’s very bad of me make you wait so long, I do need to tell you what the characters look like. Originally, my idea was to just let you use your imagination, but I know some people don’t like doing that all that much.
Jeremy is somewhat tall, with dark brown hair. His glasses are black and not too thick. As for his clothing, that’s something you can picture yourself unless I say something. His eyes are green. As for his man junk, that’s up to your filthy minds to decide.
Julie’s hair is the same color as Jeremy’s, and it goes down her back, ending slightly above her ass. Her eyes are blue, and her chest is a C-cup, as for specific size, you can picture that yourself. I know before I said she had big-B or small-C, but I changed it I guess. Her glasses are black as well and a bit thicker than Jeremy’s – She really has the nerd look.
I know I should’ve said this back in chapter one, but like I said, I assumed people would just imagine. I hope this helps out, and so you’ll know, I’ve considered giving Julie a few changes in the future, but I’m not sure when (or if) that will happen.
This one has no sex at all, the worst you'll get here is making out. Trust me, sex in this one would be a bit awkward, but this hasn't lost it's perverted roots - The two will be screwing again shortly. I understand if the lack of sex pisses some off, but this is erotic literature, not a total sex story. I'm allowed to have chapters without sex.
- - -
“Good morning, brother.”
Julie barged into my room as she usually did, talking way too cheerfully for someone who had to wake up this early. I neglected to mention that the past events with her had happened during summer vacation, and today was the day most people my age feared – School was starting up again. This was our senior year in high school, so at least it’s only one more year of this shit.
“Come on, get your lazy ass up or we’ll miss the bus.” Julie said, kicking my bed. I didn’t move, although her entrance woke me up.
“Don’t care. School sucks. Sleep time.” I muttered, turning around and snuggling against my pillow. Doesn’t your bed always feel the coziest whenever you’re forced to leave it?
“Get up or I’ll make you get up.” Julie commanded. I smirked at this, giving her a sly look – She stepped back a little, realizing how she sounded. “I didn’t mean that kind of get up, you fucking pervert! Come on, we only have twenty minutes!” With that, she left my room, slamming the door behind her.
“Goddamn it …” I yawned, sitting up and stretching my arms. I wasn’t a fan of school, but at this age, who was? Just because I seemed nerdy didn’t mean I’d bust a nut every time someone mentioned the Math Club. As a matter of fact, I didn’t join it or any after-school crap. I have more important things to do, like sit on my ass all evening.
After putting on a pair of jeans, I walked over to my closet and started looking through shirts – I had got a few new ones, and for some reason, even for guys, it seemed like on the first day of a new school year, it kind of mattered as to what you wore. I decided on a black shirt with the Mario mushroom on it, and quickly made my way downstairs, grabbing my book bag and following Julie, who was just beginning to step outside.
She turned, motioning for me to hurry up. She had on blue jeans and a purple hoodie with a black Hello Kitty on the front of it. For some reason, her breasts stuck out a little, which was odd since any kind of coat usually hid them completely. I guess this one wasn’t as baggy as it used to be. She had her long hair in a ponytail ending halfway down her back.
Luckily enough, we got outside just as the bus pulled up. Most people in our grade drove to school every morning, but neither of us had a car, and Mom had to use hers to get to work. I plopped down in a random seat, expecting a quiet ride to hell in the form of a government establishment – Instead, I got a rather odd surprise. Julie plopped down right next to me, rubbing against my shoulder.
“… What are you doing?” I asked, looking at her. She looked confused, looking as though this was an everyday thing, which it actually was – But during the summer only. This would be our first (and possibly only) school year of having a relationship.
“I’m sleepy, can’t I rest on you?” She smiled at me, slowly closing her eyes. Looking around, I saw that quite a few people were staring at us. Usually, Julie sat in the back with a few friends and I sat somewhere in the middle with my Mp3 player. Besides that, we never really hung out together at school that much, only when we were in the same class, which was rare. I didn’t bother trying to explain what was going on now; I knew people would believe whatever they wanted anyway. I sighed, looking at the sleeping girl’s head on my shoulder.
“This is gonna be a long day …” I muttered.
After the bus arrived and everyone headed inside, class schedules were passed out, and we all headed for our homerooms. I had no idea what Julie was doing this year, as we usually didn’t discuss it until we got home after the first day. Just as I turned down the hallway leading to my homeroom, I felt someone grab my hand – I turned, seeing Julie giving me a grin.
“You’re holding my hand in a hallway full of people we know.” I said, looking at her. “Do you really want your friends knowing?” Julie’s grin didn’t leave when I asked this.
“We’re in love, big brother.” She replied. I wasn’t the older one, and neither was she, so I have no idea what made her call me that, but it was extremely cute for some odd reason. I blushed, forgetting that we were holding hands until one of my friends popped up behind me.
“Jeremy! What’s going on dude?” It was my friend David. “What are you doing this year?” He paused, seeing Julie’s grip on my hand. “… What’s Julie doing to you?” He asked. Julie smiled at him.
“G’morning, nitwit.” Julie wasn’t really a fan of David – She thought he was an idiot. “I’m just giving the love of my life a little goodbye before we have to part for so long …” She added a dramatic tone to those last few words. David looked a little disturbed, and I didn’t blame him.
“… Jeremy, what the fuck is she talkin’ about?” He asked me. I was silent; my face completely red - I don’t think I’d ever been more embarrassed than I was at that moment. Julie saw this, giving me a sly grin as she pulled me close, pressing her lips to mine and kissing me deeply. David’s eyes got wide as he saw the kiss end. “Dude, you’re boning your sister now?”
“That’s right, you little dipshit. Jeremy and I are together now; you got a problem with it?” Julie clenched her fist, glaring at David. Although David was a somewhat big guy, he knew Julie could kick his ass with one hand tied behind her back. He quickly shook his head.
“Nah, I’m good … I’ll see ya later, Jeremy.” With that, David made his way down the hall, heading into a room on the left side. I glared at Julie, now very pissed off.
“What the fuck was that?!” I asked. She stuck her tongue out, winking at me. “You actually want people to know about this? We could lose all of our friends!”
“I don’t really care if you lose those fucktards you hang out with, and if my friends don’t approve, they can go fuck themselves.” Julie replied, kissing my cheek. “I just can’t wait to see Allen’s face when he finds out …” Allen was her ex-boyfriend, the guy she had broken up with shortly before she and I became a "couple."
“So you’re using me as a way to get revenge?” I asked. She shook her head, trying to play innocent.
“Of course not, Jeremy … I love you.” She said, giving me the best puppy-dog eyes she could. Deep down, I knew she’d never use me for something like that, and as usual, that look worked.
“… Let me leave, we’re gonna be late for Homeroom.” I said, trying to get around her – Instead, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the doorway behind us. Don’t tell me we have homeroom together this year …
“Surprise …” She said, leaning in and whispering into my ear. “I had mine changed at the last minute.” I didn’t know what to say – I couldn’t say anything and risk someone hearing me. Lucky for her (and unlucky for me,) we didn’t have assigned seats (we weren’t kids, after all,) so it didn’t take her long at all to sit next to me and push her desk as close as possible.
“Aren’t you taking this a little far?” I asked, talking as low as I could. Secrecy apparently wasn’t an issue with her, as she didn’t attempt to hide her voice at all.
“Nah, I gotta make sure no one goes after my big brother.” She said, snuggling against my shoulder. I sighed, looking around the room; we were in the back, out of sight of practically everyone, which was probably a good thing in this case. Shortly after this, the teacher came in and took attendance, gave us the “welcome back” speech, and all that crap. The bell rang, and the room emptied.
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The smell was almost rancid, and David decided to throw out his latest lab experiment. He only had a single beaker with the light-blue concoction, and like the last half dozen tries, was about to be flushed down the toilet. His current standing in Chemistry deemed a successful completion to this experiment. Which was also his entry into the High School Science Fair.
His experiment; to produce an aroma that allowed a change in mammals behaviour. Originally he thought it was a simple project, yet when setting out to create a new scent, his experiment became increasingly difficult.
So far he was unsuccessful. His only pet, a Hamster by the name of Fuzzy, never reacted any different than could be expected. And the only reaction in mammals was his sister yelling about the awful stench coming from the basement these last few weeks. David's mother had agreed, but the family compromised and they would put up with it until after the due date of his assignment.
Making his way upstairs, with the unstopped beaker, David grumbled with disappointment that his "great" idea was not showing any results. As he passed the breakfast nook in the kitchen, his sister broke his thoughts, "What is that?" She asked while pointing directly at the beaker.
"Toilet water." Meaning this batch was about to join the porcelain toilet, as had the last several. He hadn't even looked towards his sister as he walked by.
The light blue liquid disappeared down the toilet with a dismal flush. David sighed and resigned himself to return to his simple lab in the basement. When he reached the basement, Kerry his sister was there nosing about. Something she never did, come into his space, she always thought of him as childish and his experiments as "nerdy".
"Do you have any more of that smell?" He pulled a book from her hands, annoyed with her.
"What smell?" The question puzzled him. He brushed by her to sit back on his stool before the unorganized wooden table.
"That blue one you just had? I liked that one." She smiled and brushed a blonde hair from her face. Though he thought her as irritating, he could not help but noticed the attractive slim lines to her face, the way the swell of her breasts pressed against her shirt, or the way her jeans curved about her hips. But, as a brother he would never admit this interest to anyone, especially to himself.
"That one? I thought it stunk worse that the previous two." His sisters eyes twinkled. "I threw it all out." He turned about, thinking that was the end of the conversation.
"Could you make some more Davy?"
Davy? Why was she so interested in some noxious fumes that he could barely stand? "I suppose so. But why?" He noticed she was twirling a lock of hair before her face, almost shyly. David was irritated at his sisters strange behaviour, as well as her invasion into his "lab".
"I kind of liked it. Maybe I will use it as perfume."
She's gotta be kidding?! No one would get within thirty feet of her. "I need to get some work done Kerry. Get out of here!" His voice was beginning to rise, expecting the same from his normally abrasive sister. Normally, they could barely stand in the same room this long without a loud argument erupting.
Surprisingly, she simply put on a pouty face and disappeared from the basement, allowing her brother to have the last word. A rarity, the David never enjoyed.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - II (Part 1)
by Caesar, Copyright © 1995
"What is that smell?" David entered the kitchen just as his mother was coming home from work and asked her query.
Kerry answered, "David's newest try. I kind of like this one don't you?" He noticed his sister had changed into her night clothes already, something she never did until minutes before going to bed. Her long blonde hair was untidy and she looked like she had already taken a shower.
"Oh yes. David", his mother smiled at him, "I don't know if you succeeded this time but it does smell... different." Kerry nodded enthusiastically. "Not a good, or bad, smell. Just different." She hung up her coat and purse before helping out her daughter with supper.
Still depressed from the failed experiments David snapped, "Well its gone, I flushed it just like the rest." He sat at the table, mentally tired from his hard work downstairs.
Kerry contributed, "He threw it all away. I asked him if he could make more." The two ladies looked expectantly at him.
"That is a great idea, David why don't you make more of that batch? What do you call it?" The two ladies looked expectantly at him.
The direction of the conversation surprised him, why did his sister and mother not leave the topic alone. Besides the last liquid stunk awfully, didn't they realize that. "Toilet Water", he responded thinking of the only thing that came to him. It really didn't matter, since he hadn't any more. "I don't have time to make more, I have to try getting my lab right and I don't have many more ideas."
Only a few minutes later, supper was on the table. David ate heartily, and didn't notice that his sister barely touched her food or that no one was speaking. Mentally, the youth went over the last few tries of his experiment, and was puzzled that his hypotheses had been wrong to date. According to his own theories, a scent was possible within the boundaries of the last few tries. Again, he was excited at the usage of such a success on his part; help people stop smoking, decrease hunger in overweight people, make violent offenders more agreeable, etc.
He suddenly stopped counting money that he had yet to earn. Irritated at his own fantasies and disgusted at his last few failed lab attempts.
When finally David was finished his food, he looked up to find his sister starring off into space, her hands below the table. While his mother had unbuttoned the top of her blouse to gently scratch her nails upon the skin of her upper chest. Her other hand absentmindedly eating. Even though the two sets of clothes, the nipples of both ladies was plainly seen poking through the fabric, which was so evident that even the normally preoccupied teen noticed. Kerry was obviously not wearing any bra beneath her nightshirt. And his attractive slim mothers much larger breasts appeared to rise and fall perceptibly with every breath she took.
She shook her head, "Yes dear?" Kerry also returned to the conversation, her face flush and her hands shaking slightly. She looked at him peculiar.
"Are you okay?"
"Hum... definitely yes." Then giggled. A sound David had never heard from his mother, she also blushed. "I was thinking that I want you to make more `Toilet Water'." She took a bite of food. Kerry looked expectantly at her younger brother.
"Maybe next week." He was very puzzled. "After I hand in my experiment."
"Why so long?" Asked Kerry.
Before he could say anything, his mother interjected, "No that is reasonable. After your due date then David."
The Sweet Smell of Lust - III (Part 1)
by Caesar, Copyright © 1995
That very night, even before he fell asleep, David heard a noise. A low moan coming from down the hall from his mothers room. At first he tried to ignore it, then imagined she was simply having a dream. But, ultimately he decided to see if she was all right. After the way the two ladies of the household acted at supper, he wondered if they had ate something rotten.
Outside his mothers door, he could hear the noise much easier. A low moan that definitely came from his mother. She must be sick? In case she was still asleep, David opened the door to her room slowly, only enough to peek in.
His mother was alone. She lay in the middle of the bed, with the covers up to her chin. Her legs were widely spread beneath the light covering, and her knees bent. Between the gap of her legs, below her stomach, her hands were moving beneath the bedspread. David's eyes nearly popped when he realized his mother was masturbating.
Quickly closing the door in case she noticed her only son, he stood trembling before his single parents room. He could still picture her face as it was tightly clenched as if working mightily, which in a way she was. The movements that he could only guess at, suggested his mother had both her hands between her legs while her hips pressed rhythmically upwards. The glistening of sweat upon her forehead her tongue whipping out to lick her lips, flashed through his mind.
He was also amazed that he had a hard-on.
Quietly retreating, he stopped before Kerry's door and silently opened it. At this point he was wondering why the two ladies were acting differently this evening. His sister was not awake, yet neither was she clothed.
Kerry lay naked upon her messy bed, a pillow stuffed between her legs, and her back to the door. Only her white buttocks, and back, could be seen. Quickly he closed the door to his sisters room.
The teen stood bewildered in the hallway for several minutes, the sound of his mothers self pleasure getting louder. Why had they acted different at supper? What changed that caused his mother to act so brazenly before her children? Why had Kerry been uncharacteristically docile with him? It didn't make sense to the youth.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - IV (Part 1)
by Caesar, Copyright © 1995
The next day, everything was normal. So much so, that he sort of missed the silent attention he was part of at supper the day before. Kerry had screamed at him to get out of the bathroom, while his mother scolded both for not getting along with sister.
It was at school, in his Biology class that a hypotheses came to him. Why his mother and sister acted strangely yesterday? The "Toilet Water"! Didn't they consistently bring up his experiment, and that they wanted him to make more of the foul smelling liquid?
David's instructor said, "Some smells get different reactions to different animals." David decided to make more!
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