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Gone. Reduced to atoms.

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A place to celebrate and discuss the work of Thomas e. Yorke, of Radiohead and Atoms For Peace.

2023.03.20 23:16 irlvldd does anyone know what the problem is with that left wheel at the end?, i got these bearings 2 weeks ago they are the quantum atoms bearings. do i need to clean them? do i need to add more lube? all my wheels spin just fine

does anyone know what the problem is with that left wheel at the end?, i got these bearings 2 weeks ago they are the quantum atoms bearings. do i need to clean them? do i need to add more lube? all my wheels spin just fine submitted by irlvldd to NewSkaters [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 23:11 9x4x1 Post end game scenario: on one hand... but on the other hand

On one hand, there is a shortage of silver compared to all other goods, so its currency normalized price should be higher.
On the other hand, if our governments nuke us, then there will be a whole lot less of "other goods" left, so there will be enough silver and gold at their current fiat valuations.
On the other hand, nukes would disrupt financial infrastructures, so temporarily gold and silver would be used as money, so their monetary demand would drive their exchange values up.
On the other hand, a lot less people on earth means a lot less money is needed, so that lowers demand for gold and silver.
On the other hand, 99% of people don't have physical gold and silver, so even 90% of them atomized leaves 90% without gold or silver, so that drives up demand for gold and silver.
On the other hand, people with working thumb drives might have some bitcoins, so that is so sad for them.
On the other hand, keep stacking.
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2023.03.20 23:11 Tricerak My brother fell in the rabbit hole of financial freedom, self improvement and MLMs and it has gone too far...

Little intorduction first:
My younger brother (20) started showing interest in saving and investing money a long time ago, but for last 6 months or so, things took a steep turn downhill.
He Joined some sort of club consisting of people with similar interests. Making money, passive income, etc. It honestly feels more like a cult, "Escaping the rat race" is their vision, Robert Kiyosaki is their god and passive income is their religion.
He also started reading an insane amount of self-improvement books. Some of them being written by already mentioned R. Kiyosaki, others being for example Atomic Habits, How to win friends and influence people etc. He basically reads at least one book per week. In a last 6 months, he bought and read dozens of these books. I don't necesarily think these books are bad, but reading so many of them and interpreting them word for word is not ideal in my opinion.
That is not all, he also started buying lot of Amway products, (Amway is very well known for being a Multilever marketing scheme) and he is trying to distribute them, telling everyone how good these products are etc... He went so far, that for christmas, instead of getting a normal, thoughtful gifts, he gave all my family members packages of Amway products. (Yes, it was really awkward christmas experience.)
Lastly, he is going to a lot of seminars of "succesful" people and motivators. He is inviting buch of other people via. voice messages to go these meetings. He started inviting his friends and family members, but he is losing boundaries and right now, he is willing to invite almost anyone. He sent voicemails to my sisters' husband and my coworkers and friends. I repeat: MY coworkers whom he barely knows. Basically he is treating people like commodities and he doesn't care what these people think of him. I feel like an idiot trying to explain my brothers' behaviour to my coworkers and friends and apologising for his actions.
To the point where I would like your advice, fellow redditors:
How do I tell my brother that his behaviour is not okay, that he is loosing friends day by day and there is more he should be concerned about in his young life than making money? (friends, grirls, travelling, fun in general...) Me and my sister have tried to talk to him before, but he was always super defensive, telling us that we know nothing because we dont go to these seminars and we have never read those books. We need to do somenthing, because we feel like he is ruining his life and his behaviour negatively interferes with social life of other people around him.
How do I even Approach him about this situation?
Thanks you for reading, thank you in advance for any advice and sorry for any spelling mistakes (English is not my first language.)
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2023.03.20 23:07 MEAN_D00RMAN Raw Techno Mix

Hello, I’m new to this sub so looking forward to checking out the various mixes posted here!
Here is my latest mix, recorded today - it’s the first one I’ve recorded after 7 years so has been a long time coming…
It’s full on “proper” techno, with a trippy/psychedelic feel throughout, ending on an almost trancy note.
  1. Rove Ranger - Galactus
  2. Schacke - Body Type
  3. Border One - Segment 4, Red Rooms - Mutaba
  4. Janeda - Grezlany
  5. A.Morgan - Moments
  6. Israel Toledo - Back On Track
  7. Chlar - Night Genesis
  8. Israel Toledo - Abstrakt
  9. Jacobworld - Kroam
  10. Rodhad - Alternation
  11. AADJA - Falling In a Dream (D.Dan Remix)
  12. Roberto Clementi - Atom Splits
  13. Rove Ranger - Hyperion
  14. Peachlyfe - Creeper
  15. Blue Hour - Police (Blue Hour ACAB Remix)
  16. Shlomi Aber - Another Dimension
  17. Perc - Metamorphic
  18. Confluence - Ebb & Flow
  19. IBON - No Sleep
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2023.03.20 23:06 GioDeano [WTS] Dos Pesos, Archangel, 5 gram platinum in assay, Pd grams, MS69 Samoan bat quarter slab

My need to raise liquidity is to your advantage today.
[Proof Pics Here]
(10) BU/AU Dos Pesos gold coins. Nice strikes and luster in these 😮‍💨 $122/ea
(1) Scruffy Dos Pesos gold coin. Scruffy pics A nice strike, still VF-XF condition but just having a little less luster and a small amount of rim damage pictured. $120
(7) Argor-Heraeus 5 gram platinum bars in assay. $207 for one, $205/ea for two, $203/ea (!) for 3 or more.
(20) Valcambi Palladium grams. Will come in a flip and will leave multiples in strips. $77 for one, $75/ea for 2, $72/ea (!) for three or more.
(1) 1oz 2020 Ukraine Archangel. BU condition. Comes in a flip. $65
🔥 🔥 🔥
Aaaaand (1) 2020 MS69 Samoa National Park Silver Bat Quarter $22
Everything is Sigma Pro verified and packaged the way you’d want it done.
Cashapp (preferred), Venmo, ppff, Zelle. Absolutely no notes in memos. USPS FC box $6, Priority $8 both shipping on Tuesday 3/21. Insurance optional at buyers cost. My liability ends when scanned in by USPS.
Please let me know if you have any questions, check out my feedback, drop PM or chat, and comment below.
Thank you and regards,
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2023.03.20 23:05 isaiah18027 I need advice to optimize gaming laptop

I have a Lenovo 5 gen pro with amd ryzen 7 with a rtx 3070 and I have my graphics card in discrete but for some reason when I run arma i only can get up to 30 fps and sometimes squad dosent run good neither and when I turn the settings to the lowest my grams hardly change and same thing happens in the sons of the forest struggles to get good frames in that I also disabled battery build I’m also new to pc gaming I just got this laptop in November
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2023.03.20 23:03 jjjjjji6 Just spent hours resetting my instagram algorithm

Yeah they’re hot and they got style. It’s fun to look at honestly. But I’m never gonna get girls like that or get a style like that by staring at their pics and thirsting over them all day.
Workout. Get money to buy some clothes. Work on my personality. Learn how to take pictures.
Stop looking at girls on the gram. Be the type of guy these girls want.
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2023.03.20 23:01 YouHadItComing I created a ThreadPool class a while back, and I think it might have a very rare race condition that I can't reliable replicate in my application. Does anything look messed up?

Hi all, pretty much the title. I have a ThreadPool class that I use fairly extensively in my application logic, and sometimes it causes issues on application shutdown. I can't reliably replicate the bug, so I haven't been able to grab a stracktrace. Does anything about the class look problematic?
#pragma once // Public #include  #include  #include  #include  #include  #include  #include  #include  #include  #include  /// @class ThreadPool class ThreadPool { public: ThreadPool(uint32_t numThreads = std::thread::hardware_concurrency()) { if (numThreads) { initialize(numThreads); } else { m_numThreads = 0; } } ~ThreadPool() { shutdown(); } uint32_t maxThreadCount() const { return m_numThreads.load(); } uint32_t activeThreadCount() const { return m_numActiveThreads.load(); } /// @brief Obtain the index of the thread with the specified ID uint32_t getIndex(std::thread::id threadId) { std::unique_lock lock(m_threadIdMutex); return m_threadIds[threadId]; } /// @brief Add a job to the pool's task queue template auto addTask(F&& f, Args&&... args) ->std::future> { using return_type = typename std::invoke_result_t; auto task = std::make_shared< std::packaged_task >( std::bind(std::forward(f), std::forward(args)...) ); std::future res = task->get_future(); { std::unique_lock lock(m_queueMutex); // Don't allow enqueueing after stopping the pool if (m_shutdown.load()) { throw std::runtime_error("GThreadPool::addTask: Enqueue on stopped ThreadPool"); } m_tasks.emplace([task]() { (*task)(); }); } m_condition.notify_one(); return res; } /// @brief Shutdown all of the threads in the pool inline void shutdown() { // Break each thread's while loop; m_condition.notify_all(); // Join each thread for (std::thread& t : m_threads) { // Check if joinable, in which case threads are not already joined if (t.joinable()) { t.join(); } }; } private: inline void initialize(uint32_t numThreads) { if (m_threads.size()) { // If already initialized, shutdown the running threads shutdown(); } std::unique_lock lock(m_threadIdMutex); m_threadIds.clear(); for (uint32_t i = 0; i < numThreads; i++) { m_threads.push_back(std::thread(&ThreadPool::taskLoop, this)); m_threadIds[m_threads.back().get_id()] = i; }; } /// @brief Function for each thread's task handling /// @details This loop runs indefinitely until the threadpool is shut down inline void taskLoop() { // Increment active thread count on thread start m_numActiveThreads.fetch_add(1); while (true) { std::function task; { // Wait causes the current thread to block until the condition variable is notified // The predicate passed into the wait routine gives behavior equivalent to: // while(!pred()){wait(lock);} // Reduce active thread count while waiting m_numActiveThreads.fetch_sub(1); // Once the wait condition is reached, this thread will own the lock std::unique_lock lock(m_queueMutex); m_condition.wait(lock, [this] {return !m_tasks.empty() m_shutdown.load(); }); if (m_shutdown.load() && m_tasks.empty()) { // No tasks and is shutting down, so break the loop return; } // Increment active thread count since no longer waiting m_numActiveThreads.fetch_add(1); // Remove the first-added task from the queue to perform it task = std::move(m_tasks.front()); m_tasks.pop(); } // Perform the task task(); } } std::atomic m_numThreads{ 0 }; ///< The number of threads in the pool std::atomic m_numActiveThreads{ 0 }; ///< The number of active threads in the pool std::condition_variable m_condition; ///< The condition variable for assigning threads to tasks std::vector m_threads; ///< The threads running in the threadpool std::unordered_map m_threadIds; ///< Map of identifiers for each thread and their corresponding IDs in the threads vector std::queue> m_tasks; ///< The tasks to be handled by the thread pool std::mutex m_queueMutex; ///< Mutex for accessing task queue std::mutex m_threadIdMutex; ///< Mutex for accessing thread IDs std::atomic m_shutdown{false}; ///< Whether or not to shutdown the threadpool }; 
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2023.03.20 22:56 Low_Understanding525 Tunnel Vision Melodic Techno March 2023

Accendare - Rauschhaus Remix - Hools, Rauschhaus .mp3
Accordia - Adriatique, Marino Canal .mp3
Afterglow - Miyagi, Allies for Everyone .mp3
Aldebaran - Green Lake Project .mp3
All I Got - Miss Monique .mp3
Aposch - Goom Gum .mp3
Atomic Heart - Boris Brejcha, Yana Blinder .mp3
Back Up - Tal Fussman .mp3
Beyond Us - Hatshepsut Version - Eynka, Adriatique .mp3
Black Unicorn - Boris Brejcha .mp3
Breathe - Loco & Jam .mp3
Captain Nemo - Edit - Boris Brejcha .mp3
City Boy - Miss Monique .mp3
Club Zero - GIGEE Remix - Agatha Pher, GIGEE .mp3
Concorde - Miss Monique .mp3
Consciousness - Eric Prydz Remix - Anyma, Chris Avantgarde, Eric Prydz .mp3
Cosmovision - ANNA, Ravid .mp3
Cyclone - Wade .mp3
Dance With Me - Kevin de Vries .mp3
Deja Vu - Monarke .mp3
Devon - Oliver Huntemann Remix - Oliver Schories, Oliver Huntemann .mp3
Dreamcast - Mind Against .mp3
Dreamcatcher - ARTBAT, Fred Lenix .mp3
Earth - Mind Against Remix - Stephan Bodzin, Mind Against .mp3
Encounters - Yotto, Booka Shade .mp3
Eternity - Matador, braev .mp3
Gravity - Maxim Lany .mp3
Green Washer - Joachim Pastor .mp3
Heart is King - Layton Giordani .mp3
Here To There - Tal Fussman .mp3
Hotline - Muhammed Felfel, Obeidmusic .mp3
Hyperreal - Grigoré .mp3
In The Bleak Midwinter - Axel N. .mp3
Inside My Head - Phonique, BAKKA (BR) .mp3
Isolation - Vanita .mp3
KEEP ME IN YOUR MIND - Einmusik Remix - JOPLYN, Einmusik .mp3
Khenda - Original Mix - Danny Serrano .mp3
Landa - Cassian .mp3
Last Call - Hidden Empire .mp3
Let Go - Elif (TR), Stil & Bense .mp3
Looking Class - Kölsch, Tim Engelhardt .mp3
Mind Control - Chris Avantgarde, Kevin de Vries .mp3
Mind Control - Stephan Jolk Remix - Henri Bergmann, Biesmans, Stephan Jolk .mp3
Mirage - Adam Sellouk .mp3
My City's On Fire - Anyma & Cassian Remix - Jimi Jules, Anyma, Cassian .mp3
Navigator - OC & Verde .mp3
Optical - Frankey & Sandrino .mp3
Origin - ARTBAT, Shall Ocin, braev .mp3
Oxygen Levels Low - Colyn .mp3
Pantheon - Argy, Goom Gum .mp3
Pulses - Agents Of Time .mp3
Reflected Wisdom - Five Phases Project (45) - Innellea .mp3
Renaissance - Rinzen .mp3
Rise Of The 2nd Sun - Stereo Express .mp3
Seize - Cristoph .mp3
Shades Of Night - Einmusik .mp3
Shake This World - Konstantin Sibold .mp3
Simulacrum - Henri Bergmann, Wennink .mp3
Starboy - Goom Gum .mp3
Steps - Jaxel .mp3
Sternstunde - Joris Voorn Edit - Solee, Joris Voorn .mp3
Still Here - Rafael Cerato, Sono .mp3
Stream State - DJ Gigola .mp3
System - Massano .mp3
The Otherside (feat. Robinson) - Franky Wah, Robinson .mp3
Tibet - ARTBAT, Argy, Zafrir .mp3
To Hope - Mathame .mp3
Transmission - Joris Voorn Remix - Eelke Kleijn, Joris Voorn .mp3
Try - Ivory (IT) .mp3
Voices - Alex Kennon .mp3
Waiting For Too Long - Vakabular .mp3
We Will Forgive Ourselves - JOPLYN .mp3
Yula - Drumstone .mp3
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2023.03.20 22:54 DkTwVXtt7j1 I found this website when looking for low calorie foods. Does anyone else use this and how accurate does it look?

I am asking because it seems like a great resource to find foods that I like that are filling and low calorie.
I noticed however that for "peas", it is given 42 cal per 100 grams in the legumes section, but 81 cal per 100 grams in the vegetables section.
Get your story straight I'm calling you the fuck out.
Should this break my trust in the site? It still seems, overall, it is a good high level resource.
Just found this online "Are green peas the same as garden peas? No, green peas and garden peas are not the same. Green peas are a type of legume typically eaten as a vegetable, while garden peas are a type of pea grown for its seeds. Garden peas are also known as English peas or snow peas."
Which are which?
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2023.03.20 22:53 Tryingtobeafreebird Started a new journey after 4-5 years of abusing weed to numb pain

Hi everyone,
Last saturday I quit weed so I'm on 2 days now. I was a heavy spliff smoker (I live in Europe) for 4-5 years and consumed about 3 grams of the strongest flower I could find. After a panic attack a few weeks ago which landed me on the ER because I thought I was gonna die, I started thinking maybe weed isn't that good for me. After that I still smoked for two weeks but the paranoia and anxiety kept growing and I had multiple panic attacks during that time. I also destroyed everything in my life in the last 4-5 years. I lost people I loved because all I would care about is scoring new weed, staying inside and smoking my brain out. I neglected my parents for all the time I was using and barely saw them (during my heavy smoking period my mom went through one of the hardest times of her life). I just went for an occasional dinner and then I raced home to get high again.
Now that I am two days sober I realize all the things weed took from me. I was always anxious and paranoid and barely trusted anyone. I also was stagnant in a job I truly hate, because the weed made me complacent. I almost never went out to do the things I loved to do before and when I did I felt alienated from everyone around me. All my "friends" were smokers as well and I never wanted to hang out with sober people because I thought they were boring.
Since I quit I feel euphoric and want to connect with my parents and friends again and do better for them. Also I'm eating better and maybe in the future start working out again. I'm still having some withdrawal symptoms like shitty sleep (no dreams of nightmares so far), stomach aches, nausea, headaches and some sweating. I just hope it doesn't get any worse, but I already read a lot of posts on here so I know it could be more challenging after day 3. I'm mentally prepared for that now.
I'm scared of losing my friend weed who helped me through al those rough years, but also excited to feel again. With all the ups and downs life has.
Still smoking cigs tho because I can't handle quitting two addictive substances at the same time. But after this is over and I'm free of weed I'll try and quit nicotine/tobacco as well. I want to be drug free before my 35th birthday (I'm 30 now).
Thanks for reading and for this supportive community. It really helps knowing I'm not the only one who went through this and you are all so supportive here. Gives me some hope for humanity.
Peace out everyone and stay strong!
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2023.03.20 22:52 lumberjacklancelot Designed and printed a vape cartridge case, holds 3 gram carts, one battery, and a USB charger. Magnets to hold it closed and the silicone cartridge bottom caps in the holes for sound reduction.

Designed and printed a vape cartridge case, holds 3 gram carts, one battery, and a USB charger. Magnets to hold it closed and the silicone cartridge bottom caps in the holes for sound reduction. submitted by lumberjacklancelot to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:48 Only1Shock When will Alts catch up with BTC? They all aren’t following it’s price action.

Hello fellow degens, so I’ve been in the space for 1 year ish, so I’m still new and haven’t seen this before, basically as BTC firstly went up a bit after the FTX crash all the Alts followed.
And it went up more, and more. And Alts followed. But recently they haven’t really followed, BTC goes up 20% in 2 days, Alts go up 5%, or maybe even down.
It’s so weird, I hold a big bag of atom, and these Alts refuse to go up like BTC, rn BTC is $42,000 AUD, a few weeks ago, when BTC hit $35,000 for the first time in months, all Alts where up so much.
Now they aren’t at the price they were, atom was $21.89 now it’s $17. Xrp was $0.61 now it’s $0.56.
Ltc was $150, now it’s $120, sol (yes I know). Was $39 now it’s $34.
So what’s up with Alts? I don’t own any BTC, and I kind of regret it. But I had so much hope in Alts. And now I’m losing that, I’m not selling my atom. But does any more experienced people know what’s up with that lag, and can anyone spread some hopium?
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2023.03.20 22:46 Peoplearesmart Overthink bad

Yesterday i did the spore to LC process, I did everything sanitized extremely clean and sterilized the jars with water inside and corn syrup, we drilled two holes and put microspore tape over it, and when they were in room temperature we then injected the spores through the tape and re taped it, yes I sprayed the lid with alcohol before injecting it, I also sprayed the needles themselves and made sure the alcohol went inside,
but I am scared if I put too much corn syrup, I didn’t measure but I basically just put like what I’d say 10 grams of corn syrup on each jar, Is that too much, will the spores die or not grow?
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2023.03.20 22:42 ParadoxSwivel Joined a club I never wanted to be a part of...

Joined a club I never wanted to be a part of...
Who do you think is the culprit? -PA3 -Atom -M4 -Warship -Kaxe Z -Buzzz
The guilty shall be senteced to exile and/or dog island. 👨‍⚖️
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2023.03.20 22:41 gonesince2011 would this be a good or a bad choice?

would this be a good or a bad choice? submitted by gonesince2011 to Gold [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:40 anonymous_peasant How accurate are the Clementi-Raimondi Effective Nuclear Charges?

Are the Clementi-Raimondi effective nuclear charges actually accurate? I ask this as one would expect the s orbitals to have higher effective nuclear charge than p orbitals as they have greater electron penetration but sodium for example has a Clementi-Raimondi effective nuclear charge of 6.802 and 6.571 for 2p and 2s respectively. The 2p has a greater effective charge than the 2s. This is true for most atoms
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2023.03.20 22:33 overwhelmed2290 I think I'm causing my surgery to fail and I need help.

Hi everyone. I had my surgery Feb. 28th, started at 233. Lost 10 lbs before surgery and 10 lbs a week after.. I was on my best behavior the first two weeks. Stayed on liquids, no cheating.. Then I started my soft food diet. Was good for half of the first week. Had mashed potatoes (doctor approved because of softness) the first three days, day 4 had a grilled cheese on keto bread and was surprised I could finish the whole thing; days 5 and 6, I ate pretty heavy, having chicken that I chewed down to the best of my ability (still have to work on eating slower though), and a handful of french fries (I know, that's a no no). But other than that my snacks have been either sugar free or very low carb. At the most 8 grams of carbs and had the tiniest piece of cake on my sister's birthday, that I would guess was between 10-15 grams of carbs. Other than I haven't been snacking or eating sweets or junk food. I eat until I feel some throbbing, maybe take one more bite, then I stop, wait a while take one or two more bites, and repeat, then stop all together. I noticed a weight "stall" about a week ago, the first week of soft foods at 213 lbs. And today is the first day of week two of soft foods. And yesterday, after having half of a, which I admit, a heavy chicken sandwich, my weight has gone up two pounds (from 213, one week stall, to 215 as of today). I definitely can eat more than I thought I would be able to, but am still limited of course.. I don't exercise or at least have not yet incorporated it into my daily routine yet because I've been so focused on getting this food thing and protein intake down. But I don't think lack of exercise would be the problem, because I'm sure majority of people have lost their weight just through the food itself. But again, I will eventually be adding it. From what I've described, has my eating been that bad, that the two pound jump shouldn't be a surprise? I'm so angry at myself if I'm already causing this surgery to fail and I would like to stop it now and get back on track. And I've been having an extreme problem getting my protein in. I have not yet had a full day where I've gotten at least 60 grams of protein. Any advice for that would be a major help as well because protein shakes are just not it for me. Please help. Thank you to everyone for their input in advance.
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2023.03.20 22:30 Sakka15 How to move Evmos from Osmosis to Keplr Wallet

Can anyone help me in doing this? I have swapped for Evmos on Osmosis using Atom. As an example I have 20 Evmos now and I am trying to send those 20 coins to Keplr wallet so that I can stake them there. However, I cannot for the life me get this to work. Every time I try to send them the transaction fails.
From Osmosis I click withdraw Evmos and it takes me to and I connect my Kepler wallet and it shows my Evmos coins (20) and when I try to send from osmosis to the transaction fails. ANy one have any guidance for me? Thank you!
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2023.03.20 22:25 SecurityNo1814 What's the use case for the Kadin Hoody?

It's expensive at $450 CAD and I can't see the use for it but something I side is nagging me to buy it.
Seems like a good piece on a cold spring or fall day when an Atom lt would be too warm with a gortex shell.
What is the piece designed for specifically?
Edit: I feel it is more of an urban piece. The gore infinium is so fragile I would be worried about tearing it in the backcountry. I had the leaf cold wx with infinium and tore a hole in it easily
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2023.03.20 22:17 Dangerbadger IWTL How to discover myself and move out of the corporate 9-5

Quick back story - Currently 27. Been with the same company for 9 years now and it’s been my only job. Worked my way from Admin boy, to sales, to CAD operator to my job now where I work in Digital Transformation. In that time, I’ve got myself a house & small family (Partner, Kid, Dog.)
Currently looking at my PDP and in all honesty all I can think about is becoming 30. I don’t think myself as a failure at all. But I just.. want to be so much more.
I don’t read too much atm. Just fictional stuff. So I’m think about reading on some self motivation/help materiel if anyone can point me in the right direction? (Kinda thinking atomic habits etc.)
And of course my skill set. It would have to be something digital. Coding, I’m working on data reports currently through Power BI, Automation tools. Is coding going to be something still viable in a few years? Graphic design is out the question. I can barely draw a stick man.
My biggest downfall is creativity. I struggle creating new ideas which is probably the main thing stopping me from getting out of the 9-5 corporate roll.
Idk if this is just a self-rant, but in my head I just know in the next 3-5 years, I’m just gunna want more
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2023.03.20 22:14 Shiras54 Master of death

What type of immortality does the Master of Death scenario reward give in generic Harry Potter fanfiction? Is it regeneration, rewinding time, what type?
Immortality part of the reward:
Speaking of which you are also, of course, Immortal now. Nothing short of reducing you to your constituent atoms, destroying your very soul or wiping you out conceptually from the world will kill you anymore. You can be hurt and hurt bloody bad, though, so there’s that.
Link to jump:
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