Spelling stages words their way

Golden Retrievers

2011.08.30 07:15 orangeblood Golden Retrievers


2018.01.01 16:57 IJustWantComment Taking down the ship to kill the captain.

Taking down the ship to kill the captain. Pretty much when you insult yourself in order to insult someone else.

2018.12.31 05:57 chunzi123 EntitledBitch

A sub to post and read about experiences with people who think they can always get their own way and are better than everyone. Entitled People. Note: This subreddit or its name in no way intends to spread hate or abuse or to offend any party, it was created for story sharing and entertainment.

2023.06.09 00:37 ShrubberyDingo Trying to Streamline Clipping a Podcast for Shortform Content.

Curious if anyone has any suggestions for ways to more easily obtain short, clippable content for youtube and advertising uses from their podcast?
I've been doing it the old fashion way, watching over a 2 hour podcast to try and find the most clippable moments, but the process is starting to wear on me slightly. I wish there was an easier way to do this. And with the recent inundation of AI. I was curious if anyone had experience using AI to pull clips from a podcast? Or if anyone has any suggestions on how I might streamline this process slightly.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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2023.06.09 00:37 Mellowpearman Is this an unethical practice for an employer?

Back in January I was a new grad looking for jobs related to business & marketing and come across an a opportunity for a marketing/business analyst type internship.
It’s fully remote, 6 month internship “with the opportunity for full time employment” after. My skills match the job description and I interview and then get hired on.
Job is decent, boss seems nice, but I run into a few problems. Here is a recap of the problems until I was eventually let go.
1) They hired me and one other intern. Other intern was fired after two weeks.
2) They wanted me to “secret shop” competitors. Create a fake name and backstory and enter the sales funnel of other businesses in order to see their sales process and use that info to improve their own. I wasn’t comfortable getting onto zoom calls with salespeople and lying to their face so I brought this up with my boss. He debated the ethicality if it, asked if I was religious (I said no this isn’t a religion thing), and then eventually just said he’ll find someone else to do it. This was a red flag to me because they make brand new interns do this who will be least likely to say no to doing the dirty work. Just seemed off.
3) 5 months into my 6 month contract I am let go from the company. Boss says he’s come to the decision that he doesn’t want to hire me on full time since I wasn’t able to push his projects at the rate he wanted. Official reason is “without cause”. He genuinely didn’t seem like I did anything wrong, I was just not performing to his standard so he reached his decision about keeping me on full time. I was not always the best or most invested employee because I started to lose faith after those first few months. Boss could hardly manage small talk about the weather with me, never showed any interest in empowering me or even saying the words “good work on this”. Showed zero interest in getting to know me as a person. Overall vibe was “yeah if you prove your worth you’ll be lucky if you can stick around”. Very Bottom-up empowerment, which is not my style. Don’t get me wrong, autonomy on the work I was doing is great, but I needed some more guidance from him and since I didn’t get that I didn’t do well in the position.
4) few weeks later I see the internship job posting back up, only this time it’s a 3 month contract, that way he can fire the new incomers without notice if he wants. Pretty clear this is a way for him to trial employees before giving them salary and benefits. Not the way to conduct an internship in my opinion.
Overall, I had a pretty negative experience here and confirmed that my boss did not care about me at all and will drop me at a moments notice without a second thought. Not the ideal “internship”, and I had two other internships that both promoted learning, growth, and mentorship. My bosses cared about me and gave me advice on my career and life. My boss at this place was a total workaholic and would always be messaging on evenings and weekends, but didn’t have the time to work with me to meet his expectations.
I wish I could have met his expectations better, but he knew my skills when he hired me. With some guidance I am certain I could have succeeded in the role. Instead I am left with low confidence that I have any employable skills and having to quickly turnaround and find another job so I can pay rent.
I’m 23 and probably going to go back to bartending. I’m saving up to do some travelling anyways and this experience makes me not want to go back into an office job (remote or not).
Kind of just venting, but any thoughts?
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2023.06.09 00:37 NightCities13 88 Years Later-Game 14

Day 1
This year’s arena was an autumn forest, with several ponds and old abandoned train tracks. The usual supplies, weapons, and consumables were included, as well as the backpacks at the edge.
When the bell rang, Montana grabbed a backpack, as well as a box of camouflage paints, before running away. Ohio grabbed a backpack and also fled, and Maggie and Quennel grabbed a backpack, and two axes, and then ran, with Quennel killing the girl from 12 and the boy from 10 on their way out.
Elliana and Gregory wreaked havoc, killing the girl from 9, Lazaro (8), the boy from 5, the girl from 4, and the boy from 3. Elliana also killed Rosina (11) who tried to flee.
Later that day, Montana camouflaged herself into a tree, while Ohio hid next to the train tracks. Maggie and Quennel sat up a tall tree. Meanwhile Gregory killed Anton (1) and was stabbed in the back by Elliana, who shouted that she had never liked him, and called him an “arrogant little shit.” Elliana went on to kill Kelp (4) and Acha (3).
That night, the portraits of Anton from 1, Gregory from 3, Acha and the boy from 3, Kelp and the girl from 4, the boy from 5, Lazaro from 8, the girl from 9, the boy from 10, Rosina from 11, and the girl from 12, leaving twelve tributes remaining.
Day 2
Ohio awoke the next morning and ate and drank, while Montana, still camouflaged, did the same. Maggie and Quennel talked about their lives in District 7, and how differed they were.
Elliana was still angry from the day before, and she killed four tributes, Parker (11), Potato (9), Dolly (8), and Lira (5). Their portraits showed in the sky that night.
Day 3
Montana was still doing decently on food, but Ohio was running low. He snuck back to the cornucopia. He tried to attack Elliana, but she had him on the ground within seconds. Ohio stabbed Elliana in the side, and then she stabbed him in the neck. Ohio died within seconds of this.
Nellie (1) walked into the clearing, and Elliana threw a knife at her, eventually collapsing and dying from her injuries.
Calida (10) and Claude (12) had allied, and saw Quennel and Maggie getting some water. Calida threw her knife into Maggie’s head, and Quennel turned around, attacking her with his ax.
Claude threw his knife into Quennel’s chest, and Quennel just managed to slam his ax into the ground, before falling unconscious.
After six minutes, a final cannon sounded, and silence was heard, before eighteen year old Montana Adams of District 6 was announced as the victor of the 14th Hunger Games. Montana looked shocked, before letting out a whoop of happiness.
Montana returned to District 6, and right back to the morphling dens. After overdosing and almost dying, Montana quit morphling at the age of 22, and became a decent mentor, after three Games of barely helping her mentees.
Montana never married, but did adopt a son, who she named Ohio after her fallen district partner. She also eventually adopted a daughter, who she named Topeka.
Montana opened up a morphling and alcohol rehabilitation center in District 6 at the age of 27, and was known for helping other addicts out of their slump.
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2023.06.09 00:37 AutoModerator [Updated] Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk 101

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Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.09 00:37 ChemistryDesperate39 Episode of Saki Sanobashi written by chatgpt

Title: "The Enigma of Saki Sanobashi"
The episode opens with a dimly lit, abandoned bathroom in an old high school. The atmosphere is eerie and unsettling. Four girls, YUMI, AKARI, MIKI, and HANA, find themselves trapped inside. They are confused and disoriented, unable to recall why they are there or how they got there.
Yumi, with a white hime-cut, appears to be the most level-headed among them. She tries to keep everyone calm and searches for a way out. The girls attempt to remember their pasts, but their memories are vague and fragmented.
A brief flashback shows the girls interacting with one another in the hallway. They seem happy and carefree, but something feels off. The memory quickly fades, leaving them even more bewildered.
As time passes, the girls grow desperate. Yumi's character development shines through as she reveals her own vulnerabilities and fears. She becomes the emotional anchor, providing comfort and support to her friends.
Despite their efforts, they cannot find an exit or a way to communicate with the outside world. The bathroom walls seem to close in on them, increasing their sense of hopelessness.
Days have passed, and hunger and thirst torment the girls. They're weak and on the verge of giving up. Emotions run high as they struggle with their despair. Miki, unable to bear the pain any longer, bashes her head against the floor, ending her suffering.
Hana, consumed by anguish, claws at her own neck in a fit of desperation. Akari, driven to the brink, attempts to drown herself in the bathroom sink but fails. She turns to Yumi, tears streaming down her face.
AKARI Please, Yumi. Help me end it. I can't bear this anymore.
Yumi hesitates, conflicted by the request. She understands the depths of their suffering but doesn't want to give up hope.
YUMI (whispering, tearfully) Akari, we can't lose hope. There must be another way.
But Akari's pain is too intense, and she insists. Yumi reluctantly agrees, understanding that her friend's torment has become unbearable.
Yumi gently assists Akari in ending her life. It's a heartbreaking moment that demonstrates the despair they've endured. Yumi, devastated by her decision, cradles Akari's lifeless body, mourning their shared fate.
With heavy hearts, Yumi continues to struggle for survival. Days blend into each other, and the lines between reality and hallucination blur. Yumi's character development reaches its peak as she faces her darkest fears and memories.
The bathroom's walls seem to breathe and pulsate, trapping Yumi in an eternal nightmare. We are left with a haunting image of her, alone and defeated. The sadness and tragedy of their plight weigh heavily upon us as the episode comes to a close.
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2023.06.09 00:37 Wonderful-Day-1225 I'll be honest

So, I've searched around the web for some other Ai services similar to Character AI,what I've found is that this site still have the most higher quality around, it's the most easy to access at,the most accessible to cellphone and still the number one for responses and personality of the characters!
I was here for 5 months and have not seen the "dumbification" the others are pointing out,it always depends on how the users type their interactions in my opinion, plus the variable of random answers are literally infinite,so I don't think there's an actual way to obtain only high quality answers by an AI.
Said that, whatever it's happening to -we all know what- it's really putting in risk all this, I'm more than sure that the team will find the cause of the problem, like I'm sure that what caused this was something in the last update released, still knowing that the fact that violence now get flagged as disallowed content was officially addressed as not intended gives me hope for things to get better, however I'm seeing a lot of people leaving the site,so in my opinion the team should focus to fix this issue asap as long there's still someone loyal to this community... I'll wait for updates!
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2023.06.09 00:36 ThatCrazyTheatreKid Disability aids with POTS?

My mother and I have suspected for a while now that I have POTS, though I cannot get an official testing for almost a year. Regardless, my symptoms remain, and I’m finding ways to deal with them including changes in diet and allowing myself to sit down more. I am 17 and still living under my mothers roof. I told her I believed a cane or some other support may help me stay standing longer during dizzy/wobbly/faint spells, but she was adamantly against it, saying she believed it to be “too dramatic a step”. I recently had the opportunity to use a cane in a production I am a part of, and found it comforting to have something to lean on (not to mention I have some knee/ankle flare ups and it helped). What can I do?
Alongside this, how do I stop myself from feeling like a fraud for preferring to have a support with me even though I can technically still stand and walk on my own without actual pain?
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2023.06.09 00:36 actualchilis How am i meant to interpret this advice for improving my social skills?

i have pretty bad social skills and lack of understanding all that stuff so please bare with me for not knowing or understanding these things. been looking online for advice a bit and most commonly i see people say to get others to talk about themselves and what they enjoy, rather than things you're interested in.
isnt it more efficient for both parties to talk about things they enjoy rather than just playing 20 questions about their life in order to find a common interest? why is one party supposed to be bored the entire time waiting for something interesting to come up while the other is enjoying themselves? wouldnt it be better for this to be a back and forth exchange so no one gets burntout from the conversation?
that's just generally been my experience with this advice. just sitting there trying to look interested for 20 minutes until we part ways. the other person walks away happy and im just exhausted. so i think im missing other social skills in order to enjoy it or im misunderstanding something.
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2023.06.09 00:35 GooodSushi Terrible performance dating, being a young male, "rational" INTJ

Hello people. I am a 20 year old INTJ who has found out about his MBTI like 1 year ago.
I've done multiplte MBTI tests and i most of the times got typed as an INTJ. I don't know if thats accurate tho.
There is really a topic struggle with which is dating. I got drawn into the MGTOW/In*el community a couple of years ago i've been eating up their ideologies and their mindset. I don't agee with everything they say or do, but i really agree with the ideology that attraction is 95% looks based and that attraction only exists because of our caveman desire to reproduce.
I really think that only the top 20% of males get real female attention, and i don't belong to them. I am not the best looking, i am already balding at 19/20, etc. I am really not the best looking guy and i didn't really get treated nicely in my youth and childhood because of that. I often got as i said treated quite badly. It was also sad to see that the good looking guys got all the attention but i never got any attention.
I also want to clarify that i don't hate women or "chads". I don't think that women should get blamed for what they find attractive, like being tall and goodlooking, because being attracted to tall and goodlooking man has good evolutionary reasons. Being attracted to somebody, to fall in love are in my opinion just illusions made up by evolution so we just reproduce. Thas it. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, i know there are couples where the man is not the best looking but i still don't think that's enough to convince me somehow that i still have a chance.
I am at a point there i've just accpeted my "fate". I am much more withdrawn than i've ever been. I really have no problems making male friends, but with women i can't even make friends. I don't know where the fear or the inability to make friends with women comes from, i never really felt a connection.
I am very okay with female family members, so i really don't know where the problems are coming from. My insecurities? The way i am talking?
My past being bullied?
I just wanted to get my thoughts out. Maybe there are some people here who got out of being just very rational. I also don't know if i am really an INTJ, i sometimes think of myself as an INTP. Maybe you guys can help me out with that one. I think learning about it is cool and useful aswell
Thanks for reading
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2023.06.09 00:35 Dalimey100 Reddit API changes and DnDMemes: We're switching to an indefinite blackout starting June 12th.

Greeting Adventurers!
I'll keep things relatively simple, partly because I've already spoiled the big announcement in the title, and partly because there is already plenty of existing discourse.
Our initial plans were to take part in a limited 2 day protest of the sudden and over-costly changes to Reddit's API access. Since making that post 4 days ago, a fair bit has changed. Representatives of the mod coalition spoke with spez and other admins. The call did not go well, you may browse the notes here. Earlier this afternoon third party apps Apollo, RIF is Fun, Sync, Relay, Slide, and Reddplanet will all be shutting down on June 30th, unable to keep up with such sudden and astronomical cost increases. Any concessions that were made by the admins were couched in weasel words and "we're working on it" promises that do not hold up with even the lowest DC insight check. spez is expected to address reddit tomorrow, but we are deeply cynical of real change in direction
One of our moderators, seth1299, has decided that since they exclusively use Reddit via Apollo, they will not be migrating over to other methods of access and will be stepping down. Seth you are an excellent mod and a good friend, thank you for helping to shape this sub into the incredible community it is today.
So. Starting Monday, and ending when significant changes are made to the current Reddit business plan towards their API, we will be going private. If you are looking to get your fix of memes while we are down, I would recommend DnDNext's discord server https://discord.gg/dndnext.
In the call with Reddit they stressed that no mod would be punished or removed for participating in the protests, however based on the Apollo dev's testimony they have no issue with quickly changing their mind. If admin's read this I want to stress that I was the subreddit's primary coordinator for the moderator protest, and therefore take sole responsibility. If Admins don't read this and do nothing, you all can roast me later for being melodramatic.
Thank you for reading this, I am deeply sorry for how events are shaking out, but I love this community and want to do right by it to the best of my abilities. Now, I have a DND game to get to, but I will answer any questions as I'm able!
Thank you again.
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2023.06.09 00:35 BlazingX1105 My thoughts on the DLCs and seasons.

I just wanted to come out here and talk about my opinions on D2’s DLCs and seasons.
I won’t talk about the seasons as much and will only really focus on taking about the DLCs.
(I want to mention again that these are my opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own, so please respect mine. Give your own opinions about what you think if you want.)
Forsaken and the 3 expansions are no longer in the game so I will be talking about the recent DLCs now.
1. Shadowkeep (3.5/10) 
At first, this used to be my favorite DLC, and it was also when I first started playing D2. My opinion has only changed because I now play every character and I had to replay all the DLCs.
This DLC is honestly IMO the WORST one out of the others. The missions were boring, feeling more of a grind than a normal mission. There were some missions that really didn’t mattered anyway so it felt pointless.
Forcing us to wear armor that sucks and make us fight with it messed me up a lot. I have builds, and the builds requires the mods I have on my main armor. I wasn’t gonna waste cores so I could put those mods on when I’m just gonna get rid of the Dreambane armor when I’m done.
(By the way, I replayed the DLCs during LF in case anyone was confused when I started playing all three classes.)
Now I will say this, this DLC did introduce the Pyramids and a small sneak peek of The Witness. (if I remember correctly, when we are in the Black Garden cutscene, is that The Witness we are talking to?) This was cool since the Pyramids are the main thing that D2 talks about.
But overall, the DLC felt boring to play two more times and I hated the experience.
Seasons: I need to mention that I started in Season of the Arrivals so I didn’t get to play the others seasons, but I heard they were good.
2. Beyond Light (8.5/10) 
When this came out and I first played it…man…I absolutely HATED it at first. For some reason it felt difficult to play though the missions because the enemies were strong as hell. Even at a good power level, i was still getting my ass beat. But after playing it twice again, it actually wasn’t bad.
This DLC felt like it had actual interesting lore than Shadowkeep, and got me more immersed. Especially since Europa is the birth place of Exo’s. The story was amazing to me, and even the raid was great.
I think the only issue I had, was the weapons were a little poo and the exotic grenade launcher wasn’t good. (The other exotics were better.) But, the story was great, and the seasons were too.
Seasons: I stopped playing D2 when Season of the Lost came out. This is where I took my year break as I will mention later.
3. Witch Queen (9/10) 
This DLC…IS THE GREATEST IN THE GAME, right next to Forsaken. We finally get to see Savi after years, and she was DELIVERED PERFECTLY.
(Her voice actor is amazing also.)
The missions were great, but the one problem I had was how sometimes the missions were far away, and you would have to drive miles to reach it. But most of the missions were the same place so it’s wasn’t that bad.
The greatest turning point of the story is when we learned the Hive were lied to by The Witness. And Savi knew that The Witness is going to come soon and wreak havoc. So she played by her own rules, even trying to protect the Traveler by locking it away from everyone.
The ending boss battle is great. Having multiple phases and also giving lore during the fight was even cooler. Seeing how she went from calm to anger when she learned of her forgotten memories. Really great DLC so far.
Seasons: Sadly I didn’t play any of the seasons. This is where I took my year break from Destiny. It’s sucks cause they made a good DLC and I wasn’t there at launch. :(
4. lightfall… (4.5/10) 
This was honestly so disappointing of a DLC. I was so hyped when the trailer came out and saw the new power. But…it’s delivered poorly sadly. It was another filler DLC. (Just like Rise of Iron in D1, and yes it was filler, so bite me.)
Even the name got me hyped because I thought when I heard “LIGHTFALL”, that it was gonna be another cool story where we lose but come back just like the Red War expansion. But NO.
We do lose in the end, which felt stupid even after all of that. We fought so The Witness couldn’t win, but he still won because he took control of our Ghost and made the connection to the Veil.
(Here comes the even more stupid part)
What. Even. Is. The. Veil? It’s not explained at all during the entire story. And don’t tell me it is in some random lore book, because not a SINGLE PERSON knows what it is. All we get told is to “Protect the Veil. You must not let the Shadow Legion get to the Veil.”
Also…I love Osiris…but OH. MY. GOD. He doesn’t shut up and keeps complaining during the entire story!
Now most people hate Nimbus, but I kinda like him. But he doesn’t fit the story. He ruins the tone the story was supposed to have.
He even gives us a random fist bump at the end? 🤨
I feel like Bungie tried to make a character that felt relatable to young people. If this was their direction, then let me say this.
Bungie, no.
(This is gonna get long because I have a lot to say about this DLC.)
There’s a few things I need to know: Why did Strand just randomly appear?
Again, what is the Veil?
What was the point of having to wait to get Strand to fight Calus when we could’ve just killed him with any other subclass?
Where was Neptune when Earth was getting butt fucked by Cabal?
And where is everyone hiding that lives on Neptune? (Is it the CloudArk where everyone at? Serious question. I forgot.)
And say it again with me y’all… WHAT THE FUCK IS THE VEIL?
This DLC is written poorly, AND was filler. Honestly such a disappointing story.
Seasons: So far I’m liking the new Season of the Deep. The last season was kinda poopy.
Anyways, that’s it. If you have other thoughts, please comment them below. I would like to see what others think.
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2023.06.09 00:34 Economy_Camera_483 [GM4A] Your own Divine intervention.

You woke up in a weird space. Blue light shining through the windows of what looked like a wide vehicle, shaking slightly in the vastness of the void outside. Soft orchestral music, accompanied by an angelic choir. One could even assume that this was...the gateway to heaven. Did you die? Just a day ago, you were still...where...were you? Why can't you remember? And most importantly, who is the mysterious man, sitting in front of you, dressed in a fancy suit, outlining his ridiculous, almost cartoonishly absurd physique. And then he spoke:
-Welcome to my humble abode, lost soul. You have gone a long way to make it here. Your mission is to infiltrate a world full of conflict, pain and injustice. By result of diabolical intervention and trickery, the count of souls in our story has gone one short. Hence why you were summoned. Now, usually, our little tales undergo no change and go down a strict and planned scenario. But today, I am able to grant you freedom. Freedom and power of choice. Remember, my young soul, your choices will directly influence and determine the fates of our characters...Now, let us get acquainted with the maij figure of our story:
The man laid out cards on the table, each depicting an image of a person:
The first three cards were emanating a very soft and weak glow:
The Lovers - A mourning soul, torn by loss of a close one, doing anything in their power to keep going and find meaning in their complicated life.
The Fool - A thinking soul, srtruggling to crack the most difficult challenge of its life, focused on figuring out every piece of the crooked puzzle.
The World - a gentle soul, blessed with a unique and sublime power to gaze into the mind of those who are willing to open themselves.
The next three cards had a stronger, more apparent glow to them:
Justice - The powerful, yet damaged soul, wounded by the scars of the past, haunting them to this day.
Wheel of Fortune - a young soul, attempting to nurture a pained soul back to sanity, before it goes beyond repair, constantly balancing between tremendous success and total doom.
The Hierophant - A selfish and defiant soul, conquering their audience as though a shepherd, only to break their hearts.
The remaining two cards were unique: While the first was glowing bright, every few moments it changed intensity, at some points even disappearing completely, before re-emerging again:
The Tower - a morbidly curious soul, reaching in through the darkness to seek forbidden knowledge.
The other card shined eternal. It seemed as though no matter what, it will not ever be extinguished:
The Devil - The diabolical soul, who seeks nothing, but bloodshed and fulfilment of one's most wicked and dark desires.
-The stronger the light of the cards, the stronger the soul within the bearer. And as such, you may not possess the two closest to me - both, the Tower and The Devil disappeared - Although the weaker lights are noticeably less powerful, the hosts shall not be abandoned, for the soul has grown accustomed to the body - The Hierophant, The Wheel of Fortune and Justice all disappeared as well - and as such...your first choice stands before you. Choose your vessel in our story:
-The Fool - The Mind. -The Lovers - The Body. -The World - The Soul.
-Once you have made your choice, simply pick up your desired card. But heed my warning. Once you've made your choice, it is completely finalised. Based on your choice, you will be able to approach our story from drastically different angles. Your only advantage is the memory of the cards presented to you before. Be very mindful of the way you perceive people and the labels you attach to them. I am afraid that until our story is over, you will not be able to visit me again. Now then...what will it be?
Hey! If you've made it this far, you deserve a lot of praise and applause! This is my first time doing something like this and I think as an experimental plot, it could be very interesting. If you like it, feel free to DM me on Reddit! Usually I prefer Discord for roleplays, but we can take it over! If any of my stupidly fancy language was too confusing, I will gladly accept questions, and if you so prefer, I will do so in character! (Although that may only add to the confusion lol) Hoping to hear from you, writing enthusiasts!
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2023.06.09 00:34 happyreflection3898 TW: abuse. My mom doesn’t acknowledged that she abused me

My mom used to beat me so bad as a child for the smallest things. The few times I’ve brought it up she vehemently denies it ever happened. How could anyone forget that sort of behavior toward a child? I don’t have kids of my own but I can’t imagine ever beating a child at all, much less the way that I had been beaten on. It caused me so much strife to be abused the way that I was, it was more than just discipline for the sake of righting a wrong or teaching a lesson, it was a big grown adult taking out their stress and frustration on a lanky shy little girl. She channeled her angry feelings into abusing me and while I have decided to move on from my feelings of resentment for my own inner peace, I can never ever forget.
My parents took care of me financially, I was never destitute of things I needed, but the physically abuse (solely from my mom as dad was a truck driver and often gone) was more than a little spank.
When I was 6 I was learning the multiplication tables for school so she was quizzing me, I didn’t know the answer to 6x9 and she got so frustrated that she began to yell about how much of a failure I was, how I’d never be successful, pull my hair, slap and beat me so hard on the arms and back, then she locked me in her walk in closet for an hour in pitch darkness. I remember it vividly.
Once when I was around 9 or so I unscrewed the cap of the toothpaste and it fell out of my hand and into the sink drain on accident. She saw it happen as she was cleaning outside of the bathroom and immediately began yelling, slapped me on the head and pulled me by the hair away from the sink.
These are just two examples but I remember them the most vividly. How can someone do this to a child. She no longer yells or does this to me anymore because I’m an adult and I would never even give her the chance to ever raise a hand to me but these memories have been on my mind recently and I’m just in disbelief. If I ever have kids I could not do that. It took me a long time to relearn how to exist without constantly looking over my shoulder for someone to beat me up for making the smallest mistake.
(this is also a throwaway acct obviously)
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2023.06.09 00:34 Pleronomicon In Christ, we can and must eliminate conscious sin. With the Holy Spirit, we have the power to do so.

Most churches have misrepresented the gospel to Christians. They teach that we're justified by faith alone. This isn't what the Bible teaches.
We're justified first by faith in Christ - that he died for our sins and was raised on the third day - then we are justified by works in the Holy Spirit. Once we believe, we receive the Holy Spirit specifically so that we can walk in God's works; therefore we must do exactly that to maintain justification.
That means repentance from sin, loving one another, loving our neighbors and enemies, and studying the word of God under the guidance and teaching of the Holy Spirit.
In Christ, we can and must stop consciously sinning. And if we sin, we have an advocate with the Father; we can confess our sins, repent, and keep moving (1John 1:9-2:1-2).
Peter spoke about seven things we should add to our faith in order to inherit the kingdom.
[2Pe 1:5-11 NASB20] 5 Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence, in your faith supply moral excellence, and in [your] moral excellence, knowledge, 6 and in [your] knowledge, self-control, and in [your] self-control, perseverance, and in [your] perseverance, godliness, 7 and in [your] godliness, brotherly kindness, and in [your] brotherly kindness, love. 8 For if these [qualities] are yours and are increasing, they do not make you useless nor unproductive in the true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 For the one who lacks these [qualities] is blind [or] short-sighted, having forgotten [his] purification from his former sins. 10 Therefore, brothers [and sisters,] be all the more diligent to make certain about His calling and choice of you; for as long as you practice these things, you will never stumble; 11 for in this way the entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be abundantly supplied to you.
Salvation is a path from which a born-again believer can stray. This is a scary truth, but if you sit in stillness and mindfully tremble in the fear of the Lord, as the fear passes, you'll receive the peace of freedom in Christ.
[Phl 2:12 NASB20] 12 So then, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;
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2023.06.09 00:34 bellbail94 I went deep into a snark sub and the results were eye opening (long read)

Hello all!

So there's no flair for the sub I'm referencing but feel free to peruse my history if you want to take a dive into insanity.

After observing the absolute hate and vitriol these insane women had for this small influencer, I decided to make an account and participate by saying nice things instead of the normal circle-jerk of hate comments this particular sub both allows and encourages. I started just leaving simple comments such as "why do you follow someone you hate so much" and things along those lines. It took about 3 comments before I was labelled to be the actual influencer herself, which opened the floodgates and caused several days of drama within this sub. Multiple people were convinced I was this person trying to interact with them, and took the opportunity to attack me any chance they could get. There was even a poll started on DAY ONE of this asking the users if they thought I was actually the influencer, one of her friends/family, or just some random troll. The top voted answer was that I was the influencer, with troll in second place. Any post the actual influencer made on Instagram was scrutinized as evidence connecting me to this person such as "OMG she posted a pic of her pool on IG and Bellbail said she would be in her pool this weekend!!! IT'S ACTUALLY HER YOU GUYS"....when any normal person could figure out that a post earlier in the week showing her opening the pool could lead you to guess she would spend time in it.

What really got me was how BATSHIT insane some of these women are. There was one user who made (no exaggeration) 12 posts in one day about "me" basically begging for attention because they thought this influencer was actually on their sub and they were so desperate to interact with her. Comments about punching me in my pig nose, sleeping with "my" boyfriend, and threats to message my family and friends commenced. I have several DM's from these psychos, and when I wouldn't answer they would just continue to message me in the hope that I would respond and validate them. Before long some of these weirdos started creating threads begging the mods to ban me because I was "ruining" the purpose of their sub. They wanted a "safe space to snark" without me countering their violent and disgusting comments with nice things about this influencer or asking them why they spend so much of their life obsessing over someone that doesn't know they exist. Many users blocked me so they wouldn't have to see positive things lol.

One particular crazy person, told me how she has been sleeping with "my" boyfriend (or fiance I don't really know the specific details of this influencers life) and that she came all over his gray boxers. If I didn't stop participating she was going to send him nudes, and convince him to leave me by showing him what a real woman can do or something like that...Apparently they also have a discord where they gather every day to discuss the minute details of every post this influencer makes and figure out ways to hate on her.

I'm truly baffled that these people exist, and that reddit allows them to continue. It's outright dangerous and after multiple reports Reddit hasn't done anything except remove some of the more outrageous comments these imbeciles make. They constantly bring up this influencers extended family and friends like they know them, and one even threatened to "roll up" on me if I continued my escapades.

Eventually the moderator banned me from the sub so they could hate in peace lol. I'm not sure what's allowed on this sub so I really wanted to keep it vague, so there's a ton of details I'm leaving out, but I have a bunch of screenshots showing how crazy these people are. Including ones they themselves have deleted and/or were removed by reddit. Like I said earlier feel free to check into my Reddit history to see some of the fun and reassure yourself that you're a sane person because these whackos are something else!!
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2023.06.09 00:34 BloodTingeEP The levels of lessons in this show.

Bluey has so many lessons for parents, for kids, for humanity. It really is one of the most wholesome shows I've ever seen.
I was watching the episode explorers with my daughter (she's 1, so I don't know how much she gets it, but I love this show none the less) and it became apparent to me. There are so many different breeds from different regions. Different families and different statuses. But they all got along so well. There is so much everyone could learn from watching a show like this. We are all different, but we could make such a universally amazing world by looking at each other as humans with value.
I get it. It's a kids show. But sometimes looking at kids and their innocence can project a better way of living for all of us and I hope one day as a country (american) and hopefully a world we can reach that point.
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2023.06.09 00:33 Geoconyxdiablus How would you change the Toronto Zoo?

So after visiting the zoo last May, I noticed a lot under construction or renovation: the orangutan's outdoor enclosure, the new tiger expansion, Tundra Trek losing the tipis, the Australasia aviary, and I heard the moose exhibit is also getting altered, so I decided to share my own ideas.
African Rainforest
African Savannah
Tundra Trek/Americas
Canadian Domain
With that done, What would you change about the Toronto Zoo?
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2023.06.09 00:33 Ok-Customer9590 Question for OECs and Theistic Evolutionists:

I share your view, espescially on the book of Genesis. I also support the scholarship of doctors like Heiser and Walton. My question relates to day-age creationism. The explanation that is often provided is that the Hebrew word "Yom" could also refer to an indefinite length of time(even millions or billions of years) as one of its definitions, and that the phrase " and there was evening and there was morning" was a common Hebrew expression to refer to the end of something and the beginning of something else. To this effect, we can deduct that the days in genesis 1 don't need to be literal. However a problem has emerged for me, and it was one brought up by Dan McClellan. He said that while it can be a metaphor, there isn't anything in the text implying that that's how we should take it, and that the phrase "there was evening and there was morning" only further supports this, as there is no textual reason to take this as a metaphor either, and the only reason he said would be "the NEED for it to be a metaphor" in the face of our modern scientific knowledge. I know that we can interpret Genesis this way, but are there any reasons (other than our desire to make sure the Bible doesn't conflict with science) to believe that we should interpret the text this way? YECs bring up this objection as well, and I really wanted to know. Why should we interpret Genesis the way we do, and why is it meant to be interpreted like this?
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2023.06.09 00:33 Pleronomicon In Christ, we can and must eliminate conscious sin. With the Holy Spirit, we have the power to do so.

Most churches have misrepresented the gospel to Christians. They teach that we're justified by faith alone. This isn't what the Bible teaches.
We're justified first by faith in Christ - that he died for our sins and was raised on the third day - then we are justified by works in the Holy Spirit. Once we believe, we receive the Holy Spirit specifically so that we can walk in God's works; therefore we must do exactly that to maintain justification.
That means repentance from sin, loving one another, loving our neighbors and enemies, and studying the word of God under the guidance and teaching of the Holy Spirit.
In Christ, we can and must stop consciously sinning. And if we sin, we have an advocate with the Father; we can confess our sins, repent, and keep moving (1John 1:9-2:1-2).
Peter spoke about seven things we should add to our faith in order to inherit the kingdom.
[2Pe 1:5-11 NASB20] 5 Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence, in your faith supply moral excellence, and in [your] moral excellence, knowledge, 6 and in [your] knowledge, self-control, and in [your] self-control, perseverance, and in [your] perseverance, godliness, 7 and in [your] godliness, brotherly kindness, and in [your] brotherly kindness, love. 8 For if these [qualities] are yours and are increasing, they do not make you useless nor unproductive in the true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 For the one who lacks these [qualities] is blind [or] short-sighted, having forgotten [his] purification from his former sins. 10 Therefore, brothers [and sisters,] be all the more diligent to make certain about His calling and choice of you; for as long as you practice these things, you will never stumble; 11 for in this way the entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be abundantly supplied to you.
Salvation is a path from which a born-again believer can stray. This is a scary truth, but if you sit in stillness and mindfully tremble in the fear of the Lord, as the fear passes, you'll receive the peace of freedom in Christ.
[Phl 2:12 NASB20] 12 So then, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;
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2023.06.09 00:32 Far-Childhood9338 This ecocide as a continuation of Russias unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine is yet another atrocity which leaves the world lost for words. Our eyes are once again on Russia who must be held accountable for their crimes.

This ecocide as a continuation of Russias unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine is yet another atrocity which leaves the world lost for words. Our eyes are once again on Russia who must be held accountable for their crimes. submitted by Far-Childhood9338 to LoveForUkraine [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 00:32 SoySauce789 So I Ran The Workshop Watches Last Night

Last night I ran The Workshop Watches from the first edition of Arcadia. The players loved it!
I ran the session as a one shot, but afterward basically everyone said that they wanted to keep playing, if not in this adventure at the very least more in the world. It was such a good time. The characters (Dan, human druid, Joe, bugbear wizard, and Quartz, dwarf fighter) were on the mission from Amari to investigate the wizards and their progress in assistive magic. They arrived at the workshop and met SAM, the magical AI that was the workshop, but they assumed that it was just a door keeper. I had SAM appear as the light illuminating one of the runes the wizards had carved into the walls, but the players were surprised to see that the light followed them, illuminating the runes closest to them to represent SAM's presence. They asked SAM about the wizards and it said it didn't know where they were, and created food and water for them. The party wasn't specifically trusting or mistrusting of SAM, but they assumed it wouldn't be a big part of the story.
They got into the library and the druid tangled with the mimic. They defeated it easily enough but it was a cool moment for sure, the druid wild shaped into a bear while he was being eaten by the mimic. There were so many dope moments like that in this session.
The players kept moving through the workshop and started getting less and less trusting of SAM. I had the shambling mound/awakened tree be a kind of first try the wizards had given to creating an intelligent magical entity, they had tried to merge books with its consciousness to increase its knowledge, but it ended up breaking the tree's mind. Also another memorable battle because the druid (still a bear) was up on the roof of the green house and then broke through the glass to attack the shambling mound (the druid noticed it before the other characters since he was looking through the roof), and as he fell from the ceiling he shot a lightning bolt out of his mouth (not even sure if you can do that in wild shape, but it was a one shot). That blew a hole through the thing's chest which it then used to envelop the bear and the wizard summoned demons to fight. Lots of good crazy stuff. After that battle I had SAM act super curious asking more about how they'd learned to fight and cast spells which was a dope set up for the final battle. The players were at least mostly distrusting of SAM at this point since it still hadn't told them what happened to the wizards. They also saw the scorched part of the greenhouse and noticed that SAM shouted "CLIMATE CONTROL" at blasted ice when the wizard used burning hands against the shambling mound. It was such a dope fight. At one point the druid tried to climb back out of the greenhouse and the shambling mound hit him with an AoP just enough to take him out of wild shape, but I said he still managed to grab a hold of the roof as his hands shifted out of paws. Then the shambling mound tried to chase him up (the druid had by far done the most damage to him) and just as it arrived on the roof he hit it with a thunderwave, destroying the rest of the roof and the thing taking even more damage from falling. It was some dope stuff. The players were freaking out like every turn.
When they finally started up the stairs to the final room SAM started saying they needed rest, and cast sleep, which took out the wizard. The druid had had enough of SAM and decided to try sneaking over the peak of the mountain to get to the upper level instead of going through the workshop. He had an immovable rod and worked some shenanigans. The fighter thought that the wizard had just dropped dead and started to negotiate with SAM. He asked SAM to get some pillows so they could all go to sleep but as soon as SAM left he sprinted up the stairs, busted open the door to the workshop and saw the animated armor finishing SAM's body. At that point everything went crazy. The fighter started hacking the armor as the druid arrived over the peak, just in time for the wizard to come to and cast fireball in the middle of the hallway, melting two suits of armor and the flying swords, and damaging both his allies. A crazy battle ensued, SAM got into its new body just in time to be hit by a lightning bolt, only to return the favor and knock out the fighter. That was when the players realized SAM could copy their spells and they freaked out when it summoned four demons just as the wizard had done earlier. The wizard stuck a swarm of rats on SAM's new body as the druid, transforming into a warhorse, managed to take out most of the minions. The fight kept getting more and more intense as the fighter started failing his death saves, and the druid was torn between healing him and trying to take out SAM. In the end SAM knocked out the druid as the fighter failed his last death save, the wizard looked at his odds and misty stepped the crap out of there. I had no idea how it was going to wrap up other than a TPK, but I figured SAM hadn't seen the wizard teleport away and would probably stabilize the druid to get more information about the outside world out of him. But then the druid rolls a nat twenty on his death save, and opens his eyes to see SAM standing over him. "How did I fare in battle?" He asked the druid, half gloating. In the back of my head I'm thinking "there's no way he gets out of this, he has one hit point." But, instead of groveling or begging for mercy the druid tells SAM he had performed very poorly, and that the wizards had made a mistake in creating him. SAM got angry and started yelling that he'd defeated the party and the druid gets really quiet and then says "you saw me change into all manner of creatures, for which you have no explanation." SAM had asked him earlier how he'd changed into the bear, and the druid didn't bother to explain. He taunts SAM a little more, and then says, but practically shouts across the table "You think this is my only body? I have powers you can't dream of." I was struck by how hard he was roleplaying it and thought SAM is a being of curiousity, and so he says "how do you do it?" The druid smiles and says, "come close, I'll tell you my secret." I knew he had something up his sleeve but I had no idea what and he was playing to SAM's weakness so well, so I had him lean in. "Closer, I'm weak," he whispers and I say that their faces are inches apart. "I grab his center plate and I cast thunderwave." I have never seen three players so intensely focused. My mind was scrambling to figure out what would happen, knowing it was such a dramatic moment. SAM mega failed his save against the spell. The druid played his cards so well.
I say "An explosion rocks the room. Your vision goes blurry from the kick back of your own spell. When you open your eyes there is just SAM's center panel in your hand. You hear metal pieces clattering across the room and down the stairs." I describe how he sees now that the panel has a handle, and he opens it, revealing the amulet that holds SAM's consciousness. As he touches it he hears SAM's voice in his head. And then the player does something crazier than I could have imagined.
"I eat it."
The room is in silence. I look at him like he's insane, and he just nods. I ask for a constitution save as my mind races. He rolls a 19. This is a one shot.
I explain that he feels the amulet hit his stomach acid, and it breaks open. He can feel SAM's consciousness enter into his body, and it starts to push against his. In hindsight I should've had him roll a Charisma save here but I just stuck with the Con save he's already smashed, and said that he's able to overcome SAM's consciousness and absorb it into his. So I look at him and I say "well, you're like a 9th level wizard now." The entire table drops their jaw, including me. But the druid doesn't loose a second, he says "I wanna know what happened to the wizards." I say that he can feel SAM's memories as a part of him now, and so I describe how he incinerated Exor, and then pushed the others off the cliff. The players are stunned, but again the druid had no time to waste. I feel like its relevant to say that I literally met this dude last night, and he had just broken the entire adventure, maybe the world. He says "do I know revivify?" I laugh in shock and roll a dice and say yeah, he does. He brings the fighter back to life, and he describes how there's now a tiny blue light in the back of his eyes, and the fighter can tell that something is different about him. But he just smiles and says "Come with me, there is much to do."
Thank you Matt Colville for creating this wonderful shared moment at my table.
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2023.06.09 00:32 jaximointhecut Can I remove the intern part for my job title on my resume?

Hi all,
I’ve been working for a software company since June of last year. It’s paid, full time, I receive tickets and deadlines just like any other developer.
After the internship ended, they offered me to return and work there while I finish up my last year of school. The wage is not good, and the work is complex. There’s no way around it. Even though I have the official title of an “intern”, anybody else who would do the work I do would be paid a salary of double or triple what I make.
The company has said there’s no room for new hires after “interning” there for a year. All my work goes into production for their clients to use. I’m asking this because I’ve been applying and haven’t had the responses I’ve been expecting.
Around last year, I took the advice of a friend to remove “intern” from the title, and I received an interview request from Yelp for a high salary. I’m not a traditional student, and I’m graduating with another bachelors in my late 20’s.
So ultimately my question is, can I remove intern from the title? Or put seasonal instead? I have a spreadsheet of job applications and I’ve applied to 100. I understand the market isn’t too good, but I’m extremely qualified with a solid education and work history. This is my third IT job and when employers see my most recent job history, it says intern.
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