1928 prosecco near me

Anyone feel generous?

2023.06.02 20:59 Inappropiate-Sushi Anyone feel generous?

Hey guys,
it may seem unconventional and pretty begging (and to be fair, it kinda is) but after watching severall streams on twitch and taking part in nearly every giveaway there is/I could find I'm still without a diablo 4 code or the financial abilities to buy it myself. I'd be able to buy it for 40€ but 70€ for the normal version or even more for the early access is a bit much, considering I'm not able to work atm. As a Diablo fan from early on who spent hundreds of hours fooling friends as a kid in Diablo 2 by pretending the druid isn't me but some random scary mob killing everything I'd really love to jump in Diablo 4 while the hype is real.
So...is there anyone who has a good day and is in the mood to help a fellow wannabe Nephalem out? Would appreciate it :)
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2023.06.02 20:59 Majestic_Copy_8036 Summer camp job is a mess…thinking of leaving the role before it even starts. Thoughts?

I am a recent college graduate trying to maximize my gap year before applying to graduate programs. My career goal is to work with kids and families so I thought a summer camp job would be a great experience for me.
I applied back in January/February did not interview until March, and finally received an offer in April plus did onboarding that same month. During all this, they did not once update me on my site placement and when I would officially begin. I reached out multiple times via email and only just yesterday did they respond to me.
So far, I will be missing two required training dates since I have a post-graduation vacation planned which I wouldn’t have booked had they told me my start dates. I have an orientation coming up which I do intend to attend, but am confused since they initially told me I am not supposed to work until after the orientation.
To make matters worse, they gave me a faraway site placement which I am unable to commute to since it’s not accessible via public transportation. During the interview, they had told me they would place me somewhere near. I reached out to them about my missing training dates and potentially being reassigned to a different site, but still no response.
Everything about them screams unorganized, but maybe I am just overreacting and this is a given for temporary jobs especially for summer camps? If anyone could provide me with their honest thoughts and suggestions on this situation- it would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 20:59 DreadCube12046 Oppenheimer

My local theater has 70mm and IMAX Laser options. Not sure if there’s any IMAX 70mm near me. Which of these is better?
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2023.06.02 20:58 niclaswwe FINALLY. After nearly 2 YEARS, Jeon Somi will make her long awaited comeback!

The painful dread is finally OVER.
After Somi herself teased she's working on music not too long ago, we've finally gotten official confirmation that she's preparing for a Summer comeback!
I don't think I need to explain how long overdue this is.
XOXO was released in late 2021, and even here her 1st "Full Album" was just 8 songs, and 4 of those were previously released across the previous 2 years.
Girl still only has 8 songs since her official solo debut in 2019...
Technically 9 in 6 if you count her duo in 2017.
She's one of my absolute favourites (her watching my Anymore M/V reaction + tweeting me I love you too back as a bonus on top), so I really really hope she'll get a proper comeback and more frequent music releases going forward!
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2023.06.02 20:58 hyuws wts/wtt some balis

wts/wtt some balis
wts/wtt some balis
firefly zx-1 7/10 120$ shipped a little tap, some play and some blemishes on the bottom of the handles mainly could definitely be tuned to no tap however
polaris 6.5/10 115$ shipped some small blemishes near the bottom of the handles and the pivots but in decent condition still, only reason it's 6.5/10 is because tolerances are very bad but could definitely be tuned tighter and still flips good
baliplus kraken w/real squid kraken hardware and handle caps 9/10 not really keen on selling or trading because its pretty nutty but if someone shoots me an unresistable offer, I would be willing to give it up, no tap a little play pretty much no blemishes flips nice.
trade wise I'm interested in all offers so if your interested just dm me, willing to give small discounts if multiple knifes are bought together, venmo preferred
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2023.06.02 20:57 Due-Wonder8035 Met 2 Persons near Cologne

Hey, today 2 people started to talk with me and my sister in a supermarket near Cologne. It was a guy with a girl, maybe one of them is on here even if the chance is low. Im retarded that I didnt ask for any contact 🤦‍♂️ I will try my shot here even if the chance is = 0
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2023.06.02 20:57 hononononoh I have huge issues with power, that draw some parallels with the issues many rape survivors have with sex. What would you recommend I do, to achieve happiness and fulfillment in life?

I am a straight, cis-gendered male born in 1979, and raised in the northeastern USA by a pair of liberal Christian hippies. My mother is a former nun and my father almost became a monk. Being gentle, kind, and not at all domineering was very much normalized in my home and my parents' social circle growing up. No one knew this at the time, but I'm on the autism spectrum, so I took these principles very much at face value, and very much to their logical extent, because I don't read people well, and it was all I had.
I was bullied relentlessly throughout my school years, and it took a major toll on my self-esteem. But my parents were loving, accepting, and comforting to a fault, which, combined with their religious and political beliefs, led me to put all my hope and trust in the possibility that the world was slowly but surely becoming the place they were working to build. This faith got me through some very dark and painful times in my youth.
I used to doubt my parents' religious beliefs, and supernatural belief in general, but I never had it in me to doubt the more worldly beliefs my parents taught me. I chose to become a physician, because I wanting nothing more than to help people and help heal the world, and make a living doing something positive, rather than finding cunning ways of separating people from their money. Medical residency was the most socially painful experience I lived through. Even though I love the science of the human body, love helping people and reducing pain, and love learning and intellectual things, I never anticipated that this field would select almost entirely for competitive, obedient, and power-driven people. No one in the medical field related to me, and those that might have, were running for the exit of this profession by the time I met them.
I approach everyone as an equal. All it takes for me to accept someone and give them a chance, is that they be kind and interesting. I do not want to dominate anyone, and I do not want to be dominated be anyone. I didn't think this was a complicated or unreasonable social contract to proffer, but apparently it is. I've resigned myself to being a pretty asocial person outside of my work and my immediate family, because I've found through hard experience that to most people, especially other men, my lack of desire to dominate anyone, is by default an open invitation to dominate me.
I don't mean to belittle the experience of rape survivors. Nor do I mean to suggest that I relate to rape survivors, because I couldn't possibly. But every now and then I hear stories of [usually female] rape survivors, who feel inexplicably driven to put themselves in positions where they attract the attention of horny men, and then get some perverse (but at some level understandable) satisfaction out of rejecting them, when they dare to make a move on them in response. I've been known to do the same thing, but with power, instead of sex. I'll put myself in social situations with men, and sincerely (self-righteously, even) meet them with the expectation that they'll engage me as equals, without asserting dominance or presenting a front of "don't mess with me", because I feel I shouldn't have to. Then I'll get all worked up with righteous indignation and tell them off, when they take the liberty of asserting dominance over me, and expecting me to follow their lead without any reciprocity.
I'm not an incel by any means; I'm happily married and sexually active with my wife, and am raising three kids. But I sure could use some more guy friends. And I sure could use some reassurance that my finding a woman who found me attractive was not some highly unlikely miracle. When I signed up for a dating site called TheNerve.com in 2001, I was flummoxed by the fact that nearly every straight woman with a profile on the site checked "power" as a turn-on. Raised in an Irish Catholic family, I had two rather awkward conversations with extended family members in my adolescence, where they asked me whether I'd considered "the religious life". (Um... no.)
When I'm honest and articulate about what I just wrote, I tend to get a reaction midway between "You're a beautiful person, never change" and "Please stop, I'm cringing hard." Often followed by a distinct desire to distance themselves from me, because they can't decide which of these two sentiments they feel more strongly.
Be honest with me. Because I feel this as frankly existential. Have I spent my life in complete and utter denial and rejection of a basic fact of human nature, because I took the principles I was raised with at far greater face value than even the people who taught them to me?? Or have I just not found my people? Either way, what would you recommend I do, lifestyle-wise, to ensure my future mental health and social connectivity, and have the effect on the world I want to have?
Oh, and what venues of social interaction would you recommend to me, to find people (especially other men), who relate to my experience and my response to it, rather than cringe or deem me strange and maladjusted?
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2023.06.02 20:57 Deanosaurus88 HELP! I found a baby magpie being circled by a murder of crows, parents no where to be seen. I have since brought it home in a shoe box.

I didn’t know what to do, but it seemed pretty certain the little one was going to get eaten. Sorry if this was the wrong thing to do. I hung around for awhile and saw no magpies at all, no nest, nothing.
The only thing stopping the crows from getting it was me, so I picked it up and explored the area trying to find its parents. I eventually found some magpies, and what looked like a nest.
I placed the little baby on the highest branch I could reach and hung around for awhile. The crows had followed me. The magpies I had seen disappeared.
I then left it there and continued my walk. 30 minutes later I came back and the baby was still there, no magpies or crows present.
I returned home, but was scared for the little thing, so I grabbed a shoe box, filled it with hay, went back, (it was still there perched on the branch) put it in the box and have now brought it home.
For now, I’ve put some pumpkin seeds (that’s all I had) inside with it. I intend on taking it back to near the nest I found tomorrow and hanging around for awhile. Otherwise, I have no idea what to do.
Please help!
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2023.06.02 20:57 satan_little_helper Wine Corks: A good alternative to Chewies

I’ve seen this mentioned in a couple of comments but I don’t think anyone has posted about them: Wine corks make excellent Chewies! I popped a bottle of Prosecco yesterday to make some mimosa and decided to pop the cork in after I’d done my routine. Worked like a dream.
If you don’t want to spend the money and have a wine/wine cork collection to rival Kristen Bell’s bowl in The Woman in the House Across from the Girl in the Window, USE THEM!!
If you can find a way to safely cut them down to a more manageable size, even better. I just bit down on one end and hold the other with my hand and it’s a great alternative of reusing something I will already have on had, while also saving me the $0.02 it costs to order them online. But that’ll just go to supporting my wine fund!
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2023.06.02 20:56 LycheePlus Anyone know of a good dupe for cascade's prima cotton yarn?

Or if theres a place I can buy it online? The only stores near me that sell this yarn are 45+min away and while Im willing to drive if I plan on getting a haul of yarn I just want to get a couple skeins of black/dark grey for a shawl.
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2023.06.02 20:56 Dexo27 Cryptids for a Dnd Like Game

So, Me and my friend are making our own board game Campaign thing, similar to but not as near complicated as Dnd. (Based on Ephitet Erased if anyone here knows it)
My character in this was given the ability to summon cryptids and characters from various folklores (akin to a pokemon) and would have a few attacks.
I'd be very grateful if yous could suggest your favorite cryptids, not matter how generic or unique we could use, and potentially a move idea or two.
Also for context there are 6 biome in this world, a Taiga biome, a deep wood biome, a desert biome, ocean area and just straight up Australia. With Dinosaurs.
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2023.06.02 20:56 NoBid5853 Do I need to "man up" because it's hockey are am I ok to complain?

I play in a novice league. One of my teammates was on a breakaway with a man right on his back, he made contact with the goalie, and scored. The other team was furious and our player really yucked it up after scoring. After that the other teams meat-head went nuts. He was screaming at our bench, telling us he's taking numbers to get us back. He slashed my stick and broke the blade (no call). Tripped me with a stick between the legs (no call because I was "already going down"). There were other little things but the grand finale was he skated at our bench after the whistle, got in my teammates face, and now my teammate is suspended because he chose to fight when it became fight or flight.

I'm nearly 40, not a great skater, and am playing because I enjoy the game. Is it valid to be upset that I have to pay money to share the ice with this nutjob and yet we're the only one facing repercussions (suspension and equipment based). Or is it hockey and I should just man up? The only reason it's bothering me is that I have to share the ice with this person. There is a level of trust that goes into the game that I won't get injured. At 40 this is for fun, not because I think I'm making the NHL. I don't mind physical contact but I'm not sure it's worth the risk of a broken collar bone.
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2023.06.02 20:54 elixirmoon wedding was beautiful… but here is a non-exhaustive photo diary of the dresses I didn’t pick!

wedding was beautiful… but here is a non-exhaustive photo diary of the dresses I didn’t pick!
I saw another bride do a similar post to this and I thought it was so fun!
I started dress shopping while COVID was still in full swing and I didn’t have any friends that could come with me to try dresses on so the whole experience was kinda lonesome.
figured I could share my dress shopping with all you lovely brides to be here. 🥰
I ended up choosing something entirely different from all of these haha — a long sleeved, high neck, fit and flare gown that was nearly entirely beaded from top to bottom. the wedding theme was celestial/mystical in a forest setting.
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2023.06.02 20:54 Mista9000 Perfectly Safe Demons -Ch 13- Kidnappers hate this one weird trick!

[Chapter One]
Prev and Next

Late at night, in the back of a warehouse.
Grigory squirmed against his restraints. The rope binding his hands was coarse and too tight, causing his hands to lose feeling. A bored council guard stood nearby, but was mostly ignoring him. He wasn’t going to get far with his hands and feet tied together. It was worse than he had thought possible. They are very much going to kill him tonight. This was even worse than either Stanisk or Aethlina had speculated, and he just knew that they would use his role in this disaster against him in future disagreements. However, he might be overly optimistic worrying about a future that might not include him.
Grigory thought over what he had left in his notebooks, contemplating if it would be enough for someone to continue his work. He wasn't sure. It was a lot more than he started with, but there weren't a lot of qualified scholars looking to follow his footsteps. The best outcomes for a lot of different paths all need him to survive.
Grigory tried not to be distracted by the ropes digging into him, and frantically wracked his mind for any sort of escape plan. He had a single imp totem on him, and they left him with his satchel nearby. That’s something. He would need to be untied to invoke it, and a single perfectly safe imp wouldn’t change the balance of power much. Perhaps if everyone but the four executive members left, he and Stanisk might have a chance to overpower them. Well he could at least be distracting while Stanisk overpowered them. They also hadn’t checked his satchel yet, so maybe he could bribe them with the ten thousand glindi engraved gold bar he brought to pledge his support? Bribes are a type of negotiation, and being tied up while they already had the gold put him in a frustratingly weak position to start negotiations. Not getting executed by the organised crime successor to the Council of Demonologists wasn’t on his list, but he still felt it was important.
Grigory could clearly see and hear the meeting continue in the centre of the warehouse. A small detail that he noticed was just how small the sums were. Robberies of a few hundred glindi? The value of a business protection racket being ten glucks a week? Had the runaway success of his imp-made goods distorted his value of money? Pandemonium Partners profited a few hundred thousand a month, and the big safe in the workshop’s basement held about a million glindi, mostly in heavy gold bars. That was after the expenses, taxes and salaries had been paid. Maybe bribes will work here.
Another trend that emerged was how cheap lives appeared to be. Stole a knife from the boss? Death. Miscounted the take? Death. Didn’t show up to the job? Finger loss. How they attracted or retained any talent at all was its own mystery. On that note, we wonder if he enormously overpaid his people? These goons were killing each other over sums of money close to what he paid each of his security goons a day, which in turn was a fraction of what he was paying his partners. All the people he hired seemed excited when he told them the starting salary, and not a single one asked for a raise. Not the time for that! Focus on the matter at hand! Grigory continued to look for anything that he could use to escape.
All too soon the business part of the meeting was concluded. Two of the Council's guards wheeled out a cask of beer, and a crate of cheap clay mugs. Not great news for plans that require being left alone. In singles and groups the ‘Demonologists’ started to come over to where he was tied up. To drink cheap beer and look upon true evil in his demon summoning face.
“Hullo gentlemen! This is all a silly mistake, I’m sure we can work something out,” Grigory said with a calmness and pleasantness he didn’t feel.
A gangster in a threadbare tunic and patched leather pants started going through his coat, and then his satchel. His notebooks with neatly written titles were thrown on the floor, and the minor spell reagents placed on top of a nearby crate.
“Holy shit!” he exclaimed far too loudly, ensuring everyone saw him pull out the slim gold bar, about the size of a knife handle. “This can’t be real?!” The gangster saw how everyone near him stared, mouths agape at the bar in his open hand. The bar’s engraving of the Royal Mint of Hiruxia glinting in the flickering rushlight.
“Back off! I found it!” He held the gold tight in his fist and drew his dirty, nicked knife from his belt with his free hand. Quicker than a blink of an eye every member had their blades out and the men at arms from the edges moved towards the commotion.
“PUT IT AWAY!” boomed Arcanist Devorio. He reasserted control of the situation with palpable menace. “The prisoner and all his goods are the property of the Council! Put it down on the table, Tricky Tupo!”
The gangsters grudgingly resheathed their weapons, and Tricky Tupo passed the bar to the Arcanist without making eye contact.
“Holy shit, it is actually real gold!” Devorio muttered after inspecting it for a second. “Where the hell did you steal something like this?”
Something in his phrasing crystalized a plan in Grigory’s mind. An insane, reckless, dangerous plan. Grigory tried not to smile when he replied, “Not stolen at all, well not from our plane of reality.”
“You summoned it?” the well dressed head of the council asked incredulously.
“Oh no, not at all! I stole it from the treasury of Hell! You see that’s the point of having a perfectly obedient demon, it does what I say, and not what the Lords of Hell say,” Grigory lied. The Hellplane wasn’t organised like that at all. There was no such thing as a treasury there. He still wasn’t sure how to sell it, but he hoped there was enough ignorance and greed in the room to do the heavy lifting for him.
“Demonologists have never stolen from hell! As far as I know. I think?” The arcanist was in uncertain territory.
“Mostly true! But we steal minor things all the time, like magical energy, or arcane secrets, but the exciting advance I wrote to you about was stealing things like minerals or artefacts and sometimes regular boring gold.” Grigory was hoping he was priming their greed enough. He worried he was being too subtle.
“Well, it looks like you have a new job! You steal Hell gold for us now!” The Arcanist-turned-crime-lord was back in familiar territory of coercing people into giving him what he wanted.
“Oh I couldn’t!" Grigory feigned reluctance. “I don’t have the right equipment, I haven’t done the full balancing equations for today’s planar alignments! I should go home and get what I need, and I’ll be happy to come back tomorrow and we can get a fresh start on this.”
“Not a chance! You’re doing the ritual this instant, or your blood will cover this entire floor!” Davenio countered.
Grigory, aware that excess blood could damage goods, decided against arguing. “Alright, you win, I’ll have my imp steal another dozen gold bars tonight, I guess. But that’s it! I’m leaving after that!”
“Hah! We’ll see about that!” The arcanist cut Grigory’s bonds while staring straight into his eyes.
Grigory rubbed his sore wrists, and looked at the fifty or so people that had gathered around him. Cruel smiles and the stink of cheap beer surrounded him, but he had a plan. “First I’ll need to summon my imp, to help me set up the ritual!” Grigory found himself speaking like a showman at a fair, with exaggerated gestures and in a loud clear voice. The assembled thugs, goons and crime lords backed up to give him some space. Aethlina suggested obscuring the details of invoking a demon, which was a great idea. He slowly and rhythmically chanted in demonic detail how he likes his tea, with lots of hand gestures and steps and ritualistic looking movements. After a few long seconds he pulled out the imp totem from his vest, waved it around like a wand for a bit before doing the quick gesture of invocation to actually invoke the imp. With two small clicks the tiny imp landed on the rough floorboards of the warehouse. Several goons gasped, and one of the lady goons even shrieked a bit. Truly a sad state of affairs when someone calling themselves a demonologist is startled by a tiny perfectly safe imp!
Grigory picked up his notebooks from the floor, and found the one titled ‘Charts, Formulas, and Tables.’. Doing some mental maths, and modifying a few old spells and rituals on the fly, Grigory gave his imp simple directions in demonic. He could have just spoken plainly, but he was aware he was also putting on a show. Keeping everyone’s attention was important for the next part.
“Ahem, is there any furnace ash, or the like? I’ll need to create a circle in ash or wax or sand.” A few people turned to look for what he needed, and Grigory returned to working out the planar alignment in his notebook. They returned with a canvas bag of stove ashes, he looked them over and nodded. “Does anyone have a silvered steel blade I can use? Anyone at all? No matter, I have one!” Grigory pulled out the small pocket knife he used to cut his food with. It actually was silvered steel, since that also came up from time to time in his line of work. Besides it was interesting to learn that was the only silvered steel blade in the room.
Grigory passed the bag of ash to the imp. He gave detailed instructions on the shape, symbols, and spacing of the elements, all crucial to the huge circle taking shape in the middle of the warehouse floor. The assembled crowd of dirty, dangerous, and desperate deviants started to look concerned. What had started as a bit of mean spirited fun was fast turning into the exact thing they knew was evil incarnate. A path to Hell was being built in front of them! A few moved to leave, but the others called them names and threatened their reputations, forcing them to stay and watch. There was a good reason to stay, there was about to be a lot of gold for everyone. In theory.
At last the preparations were complete. Grigory slowly walked the entire outside of his circle to make sure it was unbroken. He had done similar rituals before, but always with hours of double checking, and never with an audience. His hands were sweaty and shaking as he tore a page out of his notebook. Quickly, he scribbled down a final set of instructions in demonic script and handed it to the imp.
“Merp!” it said in agreement.
Grigory turned to address everyone. He saw a very worried Stanisk standing off to the back, and he subtly gestured for him to wait. Steadying his nerves for a second he addressed his gathered kidnappers, “Soon you will see a small tear in reality! Plug your ears, lest the screams of the damned drive you mad!” Grigory looked around, to make sure everyone was properly alarmed, and activated the ritual.
With a crack of thunder and a hurricane blast of dry wind that reeked of hot iron and sulphur Grigory’s surprise appeared in the centre of the circle. A towering rage demon, its black armoured hide covered in dancing hellfire, its wolf-like face filled with jagged fangs, and its shoulders brushing the rafters of the old warehouse. The assembled criminals looked up from the floor and saw the bipedal nightmare towering over them. They stood stalk still, not knowing how to react, nor sure what exactly was happening.
Grigory stood up straight and turned on the crowd, in a commanding bellow he condemned them, “What kind of idiots let a master demonologist do any summoning ritual he wants?! Look upon the true power of hell and despair!! Your petty schemes are –”
Grigory’s gloating was cut short by a foundation shaking roar from the demon. It started grabbing people at random, and biting them in half, throwing hunks of torso against the wall with splattering force. In accordance with the note, Grigory’s imp hopped up on the table, grabbed the bar of gold from where Arcanist Devorio put it, and sprinted figure eights between the demon's legs. With everyone’s fear AND greed now focused in the same area, Grigory took his stuff and ran for the door. Most of the so-called ‘demonologists’ were trying to escape, but a few were focused on the imp running with a gold bar held over its head. That was as much as a labourer would make in a year, and they couldn’t just walk away from that. The massive demon continued to kill and dismember with glee. The sound of tearing meat and snapping bones was even louder than the screams of the dying. As far as distractions go, Grigory was pretty proud of this one.
Grigory started for the door they had entered by. However, it was jammed with people trying to escape. He stopped at the edge of the chaos, trying to gather his thoughts. As he did, a better solution appeared to him. The demon grabbed one of the cutthroats that dove at the imp’s gold, and threw him at the wall with enough force to vaporise him. The impact filled the whole side of the warehouse in a steamy red mist, and sprayed meaty chunks over everything. The demon howled with laughter when he saw how people popped when thrown into walls.
The important part for Grigory was that there was now a second exit. An exit covered in gore and bone fragments, but entirely clear of goons. Signalling Stanisk, he made his way out through the wreckage. Slower than he’d like, and getting blood and worse on everything, but a clear path. The demon had stopped feeding entirely and was just throwing people as hard as he could, first at the floor then at other people. Its roars of rage were now peals of terrifying laughter. The air in the warehouse was thick with a mist of blood from the high energy impacts.
“I assume it knows not to kill us?” Stanisk asked in a ragged voice once he caught up to Grigory.
“Yes, but only not to kill people in purple. So don’t take off your tabard! It was the best I could do!”
They struggled out into the cool night air of the yard, free of the stenches of hell, gore and terror.
Stanisk looked down at his tabard, so soaked in fresh blood that it looked black. He ran even faster to the wagon.
“So this thing is just going to destroy the city until someone slays it then?” Stanisk asked, as they ran to the cart while frantically gesturing for his two guards to turn the wagon around and get it rolling.
“Oh no! Just until midnight” Grigory explained after he dove into the moving wagon. He wiped his blood soaked hands on his blood soaked robes, to no benefit.
Stanisk stared backwards at the destruction unfolding behind them. The demon had brought the warehouse down around himself and was clearly visible from the road. It was still energetically killing and smashing. “That's more than an hour! You reckon it’ll come for us?”
The single horse dragging a cargo wagon with four men on it was maddeningly sluggish
Grigory fumbled around for something to get the blood and bone fragments off his glasses. Finally finding part of his undershirt clean, he wiped them and he replied,“Oh my no,It’s bound to the summoning circle. Within a hundred paces.” They both watched as a few people fled on horseback, and a wagon rattled away at a gallop. Mostly it was a mess of shouting and terror. Knife fights broke out as people tried to commandeer the remaining horses. Horses were panicking and bolting without riders. Some survivors just ran away on foot. With every fresh kill the demon laughed so loud that Grigory felt like it was coming from his own skull.
“What the hell happened in there, sirs?” asked the terrified guard driving the cart.
Grigory turned around to answer, but Stanisk put a hand on his arm and answered instead, “Those filthy witches in there tried to kill us with a demon, but Grigory outsmarted them and turned it on its creators. Keep driving Kedril, we should be safe in an intersection or so.”
“Light preserve us all!” Kedril the driver said. “Is that a real demon Sir?”
Grigory watched the demon grab one of the goons fighting in the yard and threw him in a high arc towards the city centre. The demon’s arm cracked like a whip as it threw. The ragged corpse left a trail of blood mist as it arced far overhead.
Grigory answered calmly, “Yes.”
Grigory pulled out his demon totem from his robes, and devoked the imp, causing a gold bar a block and a half behind them to clatter to the blood soaked warehouse floor and slide into some debris. He was surprised how calm he felt. By all accounts his plan was in shambles and he’d stirred up a dozen hornets nests. Facing certain death and prevailing did wonders for one’s perspective.
Grigory looked over at Stanisk, and he was looking less calm. Which was entirely fair. A lot of uniquely horrific things happened tonight. Stanisk’s mouth was a tight line, face pale and eyes bloodshot. That might have just been blood from before, that got in his eyes.
“We can’t go through town looking like we bathed in the blood of the innocent, take us to the Golden Anchor’s warehouse on Glibstone Street. We own that place, we can clean up and change there,” Stanisk tersely told the driver.
Grigory countered, “First off, the previous owners of this blood were far from innocent, and secondly that’s across town, let's just lay in the bed, throw the rainsheet over us, and go to the main workshop.”
Stanisk groaned and tried to rub the blood off his face while he thought it over, but just smeared it around.
“Fine, Kedril, Remember to do a few triple left turns to make sure we aren’t being followed, like we discussed last month.” Stanisk undid the oilcloth on the side, connected it to the mounting points, and slid underneath.
“I think we need to review our plans!” Grigory whispered.
“Shhhh, cargo don’t talk.” Stanisk whispered back. The soldier cupped his head in one hand, and covered his eyes with the other and tried to get comfortable enough to sleep. Grigory rolled onto his back and stared at the cloth in front of his face. He tried not to dwell on the odd whip crack sound coming from behind them, nor the horrified gasps of the two guards on the driver’s bench while he mentally updated his plans.
A few hours later Grigory was bathed, wearing fresh clothes and feeling much better. He sat contemplating at the kitchen table in his workshop. He was troubled by what this was going to mean for his business and for himself. Stanisk was still in the tub cleaning up, and the two guards had been dismissed for the night. It was shortly after midnight now, and that meant more to Grigory than it did other nights. He hoped no one innocent died tonight, but he was also a little surprised how little he was bothered by the destruction he unleashed this evening. Considering it was the first time he took another human’s life, albeit indirectly, he expected a stronger emotional response. Part of this was a clear case of kill or be killed. Another part was these people were awful people. Grigory worried this might mean he had more subconscious bias against the value of the lives of the economically disadvantaged, but that’s probably not it. Being biassed against people that were willing to kill him made more sense, but also he knew the coming years mean that will become the same as willing to kill most of the world.
Grigory put on some fresh tea, and set out another cup for Stanisk when he was done washing. He couldn’t shake the feeling that his worst fear, being mad with power and using that power to violently kill everyone he perceived as an enemy, wasn’t as far-fetched as it was before. These were the goons that might have killed his mentor, Archmage Willoford. Avenging a mentor was a reasonable rationale, at least in songs and plays. Grigory knew that wasn’t his motivation tonight. And besides that was the inquisition from the sounds of it, these ones just celebrated his mentor's execution, which isn’t really moral grounds for demonic dismemberment. He also knew he could have summoned a stench demon or a screaming demon, or just non demon based rituals he could have used to escape without violence. He didn’t even offer to bribe them, just straight to violence. Grigory wasn’t sure he liked finding out who he really was when lives were on the line.
His introspection was interrupted by a sound coming from his workshop door, and he sagged with relief when he saw it was just Aethlina. Relief that was short lived, because the questions started immediately.
“I assume you had something to do with the demonic giant that threw seventeen people into the side of the Cathedral of the Light?” the elv asked, without reproach or scorn.
Grigory took a second to answer. “I had something to do with the presence of that demon in our plane of reality. I had a little to do with either the people it chose to throw. Nothing to do with where it chose to throw them nor its accuracy. Interesting it threw them at the Cathedral, you’d think it would have some kinship with the church? They both love burning people.”
“By all accounts the accuracy at least, was excellent. All the bodies hit Cathedral Square. The Cathedral itself requires extensive repairs to the nave, and two flying buttresses collapsed. At least according to the terrified lady I ran into.” Aethlina paused for a few seconds in case Grigory chose to share more details.
Aethlina asked mildly, “How rude of me. I meant to ask, how did your meeting go tonight?”
Stanisk came out from around the partition wearing fresh clothes. “The fucking witches weren’t even witches! They were just shadow blighted gangsters what stole the demonologists reputation! Broke as shit, and twice as dumb!”
Stanisk grabbed a bottle of whiskey off the shelf and sat down at the table, ignoring the cup and the pot of tea. After drinking right from the bottle he continued, “It hit the actual main Cathedral? The one right in the centre of town? That’s like an hour walk from where we were! A catapult wouldn’t have thrown a person half that far!”
“The one and the same, The Grand Ubrafadter’s residence is in that square, so I assume what follows will be the sort of witch hunt the city has never seen before.” Aethlina turned to Grigory, “May I also assume your reasons for staying in the city are weaker and your reasons for leaving are stronger than they were yesterday?“
“There were definitely survivors, and I was introduced by name. I can’t stay here, probably not in the empire at all. I don’t think they know the name of the company, but Stanisk and I were wearing the company’s sigil, so it might not be long for them to work it out.” Grigory rubbed the bridge of his nose without taking off his glasses. “I guess we should start planning our exit immediately.”
In a rare show of emotion Aethlina smiled for a second, “We are leaving on a ship named the Widow’s Remorse, it’s provisioned for us and departs on the morning tide, in about nine hours. The captain agreed to wait until we were in open water to hear our destination. He and his crew also suffer from a rare medical condition where their memory fades entirely anytime they are given a bag of money. The ship can carry thirty-five passengers, so the guards can bring their families. I’ll describe the places I think we should go, after we are in open waters.”
Grigory was both very impressed and a touch alarmed. “Did you know what would happen at that meeting? Did you know what I was walking into?”
“No, I had mistakenly assumed you were on top of that, and took you on your word about them. The odds of them being what you expected were poor. I also had a detailed plan in case they kidnapped you.”
Stanisk burst out laughing, “Imagine if they kidnapped you, Boss! All trussed up like a rotisserie chicken! Hah! I guess I’ll get packed and meet back here to get everything organised! I’ll miss my townhouse, but I’ve had enough of living in Jagged Cove, it's loud and crowded.”
Stanisk stood up, and turned to leave, but paused mid stride. “Miss Aethlina, how big of an investigation do you reckon it’ll be? Reckon they could keep after us after we leave?”
“Likely.There are cases where the inquisition spent entire centuries on the trail of heretics and their descendents. Those heresies were vocally opposing an aspect of doctrine. This may be the first heresy in which a building-sized demon flung citizens into Cathedral Square. I assume yes, they will be interested in following up.”
“Alright, I’ve got an idea that might buy us some time. Grigory, are there any specific numbers that are significant to demons?”
“Um, not actually, but the older texts are filled with references to threes and eights I guess?” Grigory said with a shrug.
“Perfect!” Stanisks' smile strengthened and he turned to Aethlina. “Can you think of eight nobles, eight businessmen, and eight clergy the city would be better off without? Here, write 'em on this!” He slid her a notebook page when she nodded.
Grigory leaned forward,”I’m not sure what you are going for?”
“In the army, there was a famously clever bird that would trick soldiers, called a red heron. We are going to make a whole flock of ‘em!” Stanisk excitedly explained. “Oh, draw a demon circle on this page, doesn’t have to work or anything, like the one from the warehouse”
Grigory began his sketch. “I don’t think red heron is quite right, but I’m catching your drift.”
While they wrote, Stanisk went to the carved chest where all the imp totems for the workshop were stored, and invoked twenty four of them. Taking Aethlina’s list and Grigory’s sketch, he ordered each imp to sprint across town and use hellfire to scorch the circle into the street in front of the home of a specific name.
After the final imp bounded out of the building and was leaping along the rooflines Stanisk returned to his partners. “Now they’ll have too many leads! Hopefully folk see the imps and hellfire, that’ll be even better!”
“We can just outvoke them in an hour or so, that's easy enough. Great idea, Stanisk!” Grigory said cautiously, still thinking through the plan.
“If your big demon didn’t cause a public panic, I can’t imagine a better way to finish the job.” Aethlina replied.
Stanisk smiled and shrugged. “It wasn’t my good looks alone that kept me alive this long! I’ll send some runners to gather the lads and get this show on the road. Human runners I mean!”
Prev and Next
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2023.06.02 20:53 Agile-North-American Ongoing wrist injury

Hello, I am looking for an expert opinion to help me make the best decisions for recovery. Unfortunately in my country you have to advocate to your GP for treatment and the wait times are long (although it’s paid for by the government).
My background: I am 37 years old: 160 lbs athletic build - active in weight training, rock climbing, jogging and cycling.
Circumstances surrounding injury: August 2022 (10 months prior to this post), while in a handstand, I fell towards my fingers and overextended my left wrist. It was sore but nothing significant. Still sore the next day. Remained sore for over a week and I became concerned.
The pain is on the top of the wrist. Almost in the middle - maybe slightly towards the thumb side, but almost right in the middle.
I can push down in that area and feel pain in a soft tissue, and also pain if I push down on one of the bones.
I am unable to bend my wrist backwards (barely past straight). I am also unable to put weight on my hand if bent back at all. I can’t mantle over objects (like how you would jump over a fence, or out of a swimming pool). I cannot hold myself in a push-up position without extreme pain. I can however hold myself with a fist and straight wrist in the push-up position pain free.
I am able to bend my wrist forward without issue. I still have nearly all my grip strength and my wrist can be used under load as long as I remain in a straight wrist position (sometimes there is pain depending on what I am doing).
I can rock climb as long as I stick to pulling motions only with the left wrist.
Investigations and treatment so far as a chronology:
First physiotherapist thought I may have pinched something in my wrist. Told me to keep using it as much as possible in a pain free range of motion. After several months without improvement I contacted a different physiotherapist.
Second physiotherapist gave me a series of exercises. Mostly invoked wrist curls. I did gain strength, but my pain free range of motion did not increase.
After several months I went to my GP and she ordered an X-ray
X-ray: X-ray results according to my nurse practitioner: “some tissue degradation and possible arthritis” put ice on it if sore. She refused to investigate further.
Thankfully I had an appointment with a hip surgeon (unrelated injury) and he was kind enough to order an MRI.
I have the results below. I’m not really sure how to interpret the results.
MRI results:
Impression * MRI of the left wrist demonstrate ulnar subluxation of the ECU tendon relative to the ulnar groove with mild peritendinous edema and mild tendinosis. The appearance is suggestive of an ECU subsheath tear. Correlation with ulnar-sided pain is recommended.* Mild edema within the mid to distal pole of the scaphoid. No discrete fracture is definitively identified; however, this could reflect sequelae of a recent contusion, particularly given the provided history of a FOOSH injury. Associated moderate regional capsular thickening and edema as well as a joint effusion. Narrative MRI LEFT WRISTCLINICAL HISTORY: Wrist pain, radial sided. Reduced range of motion and pain. FOOSH mechanism 6 months ago.TECHNIQUE: 3T axial and coronal PD FS, T1; sagittal PD fat-sat; Isotropic 3D isotropic MEDIC T2* acquired coronally with multiplanar off-axis reformations for more optimal visualization of the TFC and hyaline cartilage.COMPARISON: No recent relevant imaging of the left wrist is available for comparison on our system.FINDINGS:TFCC: Unremarkable.DRUJ: Unremarkable.Scapho-Lunate Ligament: The volar band of the scapholunate ligament is slightly thickened/attenuated. The dorsal band is intact. No widening of the scapholunate interval.Luno-triquetro Ligament: Intact.Radiocarpal Joint: Normal alignment. Small radiocarpal joint effusion.Midcarpal Joint: Normal alignment.STT Joint: Unremarkable.CMC Joints: Unremarkable.Carpal Bones: Mild edema within the mid to distal pole of the scaphoid. No definite discrete fracture is identified. There is associated mild to moderate regional capsular edema and small joint effusion. The remainder of the carpal bones are unremarkable.Extensor Tendons: The extensor carpi ulnaris tendon is alternately subluxed relative to the ulnar groove and perched upon the tip of the ulnar styloid (series 4, image 32; series 5, image 32). There is associated mild surrounding peritendinous edema. The ECU subsheath is not visualized; however, the extensor retinaculum appears intact. The tendon itself demonstrates mild focal intrasubstance signal heterogeneity reflective of tendinosis. No tenosynovitis. Small volume of fluid within the prestyloid recess with evidence of synovitis.The remainder of the extensor tendons are unremarkable.Flexor Tendons: Unremarkable.Median Nerve: Normal thickness and signal.Ulnar Nerve: Normal thickness and signal. Guyon's canal is unremarkable.Muscles: The visualized musculature of the hand and wrist demonstrates normal bulk and attenuation.
I have an upcoming appointment with a sports medicine physician.
Thank you for any help and advice
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2023.06.02 20:53 marokone Looking for a DJ who goes by the name DJ Philmatic!

Hey all! I know it’s nearly impossible but anyone knows a DJ who has been going by this name? Got this mixer from a friend next month and i discovered someone labeled it to himself. Only thing i know about this RANE TTM56, that it has been purchased in 2007 somewhere in the US. I’ve already found an old school dude going by this name but he denied that he ever had this kinda mixer. Anyways thanks if anyone can hit me up with some infos, would be dope to show the dude how far his mixer went into central europe. Take care guys, have a nice weekend all!
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2023.06.02 20:53 Snoo_61062 Emrys Esports is looking for an **Co-Manager/Assistant manager** for our main team.

Emrys Esports is looking for an **Co-ManageAssistant manager** for our main team. We are a passionate and driven team looking to improve and work on our consistency and fundamentals. Team info: Ranks : Immortal+ -Region: Europe -Committed to a long term project and willing to improve as individuals and as a part of the team. -Mature and sensible team who also has a very good synergy. Team has been together for 6 months now. -Open to feedback and criticism (this is quite important to the players and teams development). -English speaking (org is UK based) -Looking to enter leagues in the very near future. Team management is already in place, all we need is a coach to help players improve. What we would like in a coach: -Experience is not 100% necessary, open to new coaches looking for a learning opportunity. -Committed to a long term project and willing to improve the Players and the Team as a whole. -Mature, sensible and open minded. while the teams have only been formed in the last 6 weeks, they are eager to get a talented coach to push them and -----help them develop, some players lack competitive experience at a high level so will need a supportive coach. -Open minded regarding tactics and doesn't force their idea's/specific playstyle onto the teams. -English speaking (org is UK based) -Salary will be available ONCE the team start achieving consistent positive results. We are a self sustainable org and each team and staff attached must appreciate a salary is earned not just given away. The teams goals are to spend the next 6+ months developing their skills and learning in smaller tournaments/leagues, before pushing for bigger tournaments and then LAN events beginning next year. If you think you have what it takes drop me a DM and we can talk more :)
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2023.06.02 20:52 FamiliarNobody7991 Wallet Pouches

Anybody know of a EDC pouch that has dedicated card slots? Preferably one with some RFID protection (not required though)?
I know two that popped up on YT have been the Roaring Fire Gear Pico Fire or the Supreme EDC pouch. The RF Gear pouch seems like the most budget friendly but it is a smidge too large for me. And while the Supreme pouch has a decent layout, it is nowhere near worth paying $80-$100 for.
Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated!
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2023.06.02 20:52 _uneven_compromise Long feedback & suggestions post after 500 hours

My feedback after ~500hrs, #71 on leaderboards atm. 5k hours in Tarkov if that matters to anyone. :')
1. Queue system changes:
After the queue system changes half of my games are empty, rest of them have 1 or 2 teams. Space combat is completely dead, I either spawn first and see no ships/one ship at the other end of the map or I spawn in late and everyone is in POIs already. I can bring biggest ships solo with no fear of being shot down before I make it into the raid. Having to wait 3-5 minutes to get into a PvE game really ruins it for me.
2. Ship guns opinions and suggestions:
Flak is above everything else after the buff, and the fact that it's on the smallest and cheapest available chassis makes other ships kind of useless (for space combat, disregarding ship stash size). All of the other ship guns are too weak, I'd rather have the default 100mm cannon instead of anything that's not flak, rocket artillery or torpedoes.
- Flak Cannon - Revert range buff, or halve the current range and lower the dmg by 20. With lowered damage (assuming you can hit every shot which is easy with Flak) it would still destroy Scouts and Interceptors with 1 reload, Heavies with 2 and Capitals with 3, but wouldn't kill people inside ships as fast as it does now.
- Dual 25mm - The gun is easy to use, has decent projectile speed, but the reload speed makes it way worse than the default 100m. Halving the reload speed would double the dps in longer fights making it have 15 more dps including reload than the rustbucket cannon which I feel would be fair. Buff the reload speed to 3s, or 4 if it turns out to be too strong.
- 75mm turret is the worst ship gun right now. Has 0 AoE even though visually the explosion is quite big, deals no damage, has very slow projectile. Buff it to 100 (or even 125), give it 3m AoE and make the projectile as fast as the 100mm one. It would still have lower overall dps than the 100m but would have decent consistent dps if you could hit the shots.
- Triple Turret has very good stats, but slow projectile makes it meh compared to other options. Buff the projectile speed so it's the same as 100mm projectile. Maybe reduce the dmg to 200 if it turns out to be too strong.
- Rocket Artillery - The only ship gun that's good without being OP. Leave as it is.
- Dual Rocket - Buff damage to 100, or even 125. Would have overall slightly less dps than 100mm turret, but stronger burst dps.
- Torpedo launcher - A very specific gun that's both OP and useless depending on the situation. It's the only ship gun that can consistently kill people before they get to the pods if they're not spamming large medkits. I'd say leave as it is for meme value, but could be buffed to dual rocket projectile speed with lowered damage. Dual Rockets would need a projectile speed buff though.
- Howitzer - Look how they massacred my boy. It was the most satisfying ship gun in game. Revert the nerf, buff damage back to 250.
- Nuclear Launcher - Good as it is.
3. Ship customization:
I really don't like that a feature got completely removed from the game. It was fun running/running into weird builds and trying stuff out.
Ship customization could also be the solution to the 'breaching problem' for people who complain about getting breached right at the start of the game - there could be a 'breaching armor' customization option that would reduce the speed of the ship by a decent margin while disallowing being breached before the ship is destroyed. You could be safe from instant breaching at the cost of being an easy target or being the last ship docking into POI.
Could also allow other options - buying lighter armor so your ship is faster with a downside of being destroyed easier, or armor that's weak to certain weapon types (normal projectiles, flak, rockets/torpedoes) and strong vs. others. Would have to be represented visually on the ships in some way.
Some customization could be also balanced by allowing different gun types with certain customizations, eg. light turret guns - 100mm, 75mm, dual 25mm, dual rockets, rocket artillery, maybe flak. Heavy turret guns - Triple turret, howitzer, torpedo launcher, nuclear launcher. If you want to bring a big stash and good armor - you can't use heavy turrets because there isn't enough poweroom in the ship to run it all. Bigger ships could have more room/power to use more customizations at the same time.
Current ship variants could be sold as chassis with the default 100mm cannon with option to upgrade them as before the UA patch.
Unlocking better ship chassis in shop could be an option, so when you start you can only buy scouts, then you pay to unlock interceptors and so on.
No level requirements, so if someone wants to focus strictly on space combat could just grind the money and buy whatever they want. All of it would also be a money sink to be able to do something with all the money which is very easy to get and would allow to change focus while prestiging - eg. on my first prestige I focus on in-raid stuff, then on the second one on space combat to switch things up a bit.
4. Gameplay issues:
- After recent hitreg changes the torso hurtbox while someone is ADSing is too big and covers the head. It requires me to aim at the top of the head to land a shot that's not tanked by arms, which results in the gun covering most of the model so if the opponent crouches or moves I can't see it.
- Breaching spawns, one of the biggest problems for me. I hate dying right after breaching Merchant just because someone spawned right behind me and it feels equally shitty when I get a free kill because I spawned right behind someone. Add a simple check if a player is near a breaching spawn and spawn the next player somewhere else. I understand that sometimes there may be too many players but if that happens less often it wouldn't be as annoying.
- Being able to operate airlock doors manually. It's irritating that I have to go through the locking/unlocking animation just to access the ship stash. Let me leave the door open, use the ship stash then close it. Same goes for airlock camping, I don't really have a problem with that in general, I understand that it might be a 'balance' decision but just sitting there without being able to close the door feels... Illogical? Maybe add a 30s cooldown for the outside door, the current one is way too punishing especially when people camping the airlock still have huge advantage.
- Change the handling of mouse input. No idea why it isn't just raw input, mouse smoothing/acceleration is a bad thing in any FPS game period.
- Make the UI sound slider lower the sounds of picking up stuff/crafting in the inventory, no idea why it's tied to effects volume. Scrapping machetes hurts with high volume on headphones.
- Equipping and throwing grenades could be a bit faster and automatically switching to the last used weapon after throwing one would be a nice QoL feature.
- Fall damage, one of the weirdest things in the game - jumping over the railing on the rustbucket stairs takes 3% of the hp while dropping all the way down from high command on Navy deals maybe 15%. Make the players not take damage when jumping from low height but increase the damage while jumping from bigger heights.
- Crafting time should be reduced to 0 or increased so you have to wait and plan ahead for crafting bigger items. Right now it's just a minor annoyance where I have to alt-tab for 2 minutes while waiting for a ship to craft. If crafting times would be increased allow us to get more crafting slots in some way. I'd rather have instant crafting though because the fact that preparing for a game is super fast compared to other games in the genre is a definite plus.
- Add situational spawn triggers? I know AI isn't much of a problem in this game and is probably worked on, but having AI spawn while doing certain things on map like opening a Vault/Depot, accesing some areas (High Command) would be a cool thing. But maybe I'm biased because my games are very empty lately.
- Stash management - It would be nice to be able to CTRL click items both ways, but I guess it's going to be polished out later after adding content and more core stuff into the game.
  1. Guns balance suggestions/opinions:
- Bring back the AP mine oneshot and disable the red light. They're hard to get and there's not many situations where it's guaranteed someone will walk into one. Make them deal decent damage to the ship if detonated onboard or make the breaching destroy them before the player spawns.
- Buff Viper. It's a rare weapon that's really cool, but the only way to kill someone with a Sten is to land headshots and Viper doesn't allow you to do it easily. Allow us to put Sten attachments on them at least.
- Buff shotgun spread, the recent change ruined them completely. Revert the change, I know adsing to reduce spread isn't realistic but is a decent solution for them to not suck and be usable at the same time without people running and gunning with the all the time.
- Make the body of the M16 scope smaller, it covers too much of the screen to be usable. The reticle could also be smaller. SVT scope sensitivity issue is probably known to the devs already so I'm hoping it will be fixed too.
6. ZTH:
Unpopular opinion, but ZTH is ok as it is. I was also pissed off at the POIs not appearing, SAS Captains/Commando Majors not spawning and other RNG things, but it's the only long-term goal along trader levels in the game right now so not being able to rush through it is fine by me. I switched to just playing the game regardless of having ZTH targets on the map and doing them if I get blessed by the RNG gods.
7. POIs and suggestion about getting the POI that you want:
Terraformer and Prison are both great maps that are mostly ignored by the players. I'm afraid that after adding soloqueue they will be even emptier because the playerbase will be divided into 2 parts.
What if players were able to unlock and craft coordinates that allow to get into a specific POI - You could find disk drives/CDs/floppy discs/whatever in the computers, then pay a large amount of money to allow one time entry to a specific POI. I know that Asteroid Mine would probably be full every raid, but if some people would want to have a calm raid they would select Prison or Terra, and if enough people decide to do that sudeenly you got a raid with some people and action in it. Also less players would leave just because they didn't get the POI they want. Would work even better if all raids would be a single POI raid. The idea obviously requires more refinement. There could also be a bonus for going into a raid without coordinates like +10% exp for going random.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk, sorry for any errors, English isn't my primary language.
The game is great, I love how SIG managed to get what's fun about extraction shooters and create a fun and unique experience that's also approachable for a casual player. I hope it'll get as much traction as it deserves and become a success after release.
Also devs hit me up if you need QA help - I got 10 years of QA experience and have some free time right now.
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2023.06.02 20:52 00Boyka22 Jinn story

I have a real story and it is the story of my friend. He works in an hospital in an European country and one day in hospital came two parents and brought their girl to cure because they thought she had mental problems, stress, depression, things like this.
Firstly the girl was calm and just keep saying and laughing that "You will never cure me", but the nurses of course ignored and though because of mental problems. Then after 2-3 hours passed, she started feeling nervous and she goes wild and started to become violent. They tied her and tried to give her an sedative to put her on sleep. But do you believe that even after two sedatives she was awake and only keep laughing and trolling the nurses saying that "You're fool, you don't know how much powers I have, you don't know with which you're messing with."
But here started the scary part, after she got tied the girl changed her smooth voice into many voices, not 1 but many, she changed them in seconds, she then started speaking in different languages, they cannot understand them but one was Arabic, one was like Slavic language like Russian idk and one other was like an ancient language, nothing to compare with no other languages because all this was voice recorded and even than they listened all she was spoken they never understood some languages.
Then jinn started saying that "Do you know who I am, I have lived in this earth for thousands of years, you people destroyed this earth because of your ego, you are the evil ones not us". Then the jinn predicted something unimaginable just 1 year before Covid-19, he said to them that they soon will suffer from an global illness and will die in bulk.
After understood the situation the nurses called a Muslim doctor in hospital which was known that he know those cases and some ruqyas, he came and just as soon as he get near to the girl, the jinn said it's name to doctor. My friend said to us because we were 4 guys in room that he didn't remember what name he said and if we were curious he will asked his nurse friend in hospital to send the recording and so we can listen by ourselves, but it was around 1-2am and it would be uncomfortable to call him on this hour, but even I and the other friends were not ready to listen it, moreover in the middle of night.
After the jinn said its name to the doctor, he was turned shocked and said to the parents that "I can't do nothing, he is to strong, we should get her to a specialist for these cases because the jinn can even kill the girl or get her to do do suicide or kill someone else,l using the girl, he is to to strong". Then after those words the father said that "I doubted it was an paranormal activity or entity because in the last days she(girl) started to scratch the wall with her nails and painted strange symbols". So, the parents took the girl and together with doctor went to this specialist.
My friend who disbelieved in religions and those paranormal activities since that day is more convinced than me who believes since I was youth. Maybe some will say whether this is fiction or fairy tale, I don't really care. I am sharing it for those who believe in these stories and have personal stories as proofs.
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2023.06.02 20:52 Frost_Butt Why did they include the line “remember when it comes to athletic performance, men and women are on equal footing”?

I get the push for inclusivity in games these days and it doesn’t particularly bother me at all, but stuff like this I just don’t understand why it’s in there. It’s possible to be inclusive towards everyone yet not completely lie and disregard obvious truths. It’s not really arguable men and women are not physically equal, which is why almost every sport in existence is separated by gender. A trained women is vastly superior to an untrained man, but given equal training, a man is almost nearly twice a strong as a woman in the upper body and about 25-30% stronger in the lower body, even when adjusted for size and weight, an average man is stronger in every single muscle group.
And no this is not an “lol women are weak” bait type of thread. I’m just genuinely confused about this kind of thing and whether people actually believe it? Men and women are different physiologically and there’s advantages to both; for example women live longer and are generally more resistant to life threatening diseases. Whatever happened to accepting reality as it is? There’s nothing non-inclusive about that
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2023.06.02 20:52 gorgonzola2104 Mass Effect 2 Insanity Run Advice: Harbinger Strikes Back

This post is part of a series with advice for Insanity runs across all three Mass Effect: Legendary Edition games. Here are the links to the other posts:
Main Post
Mass Effect 1: A New Spectre
Mass Effect 3: Return of the Commander
Many a guide claimed this was the easiest of the three Mass Effects on Insanity. I had a very different experience. This game was slow, punishing, and nearly controller-throwing tier frustrating in some places.
ME2’s combat centers on dealing with four different flavors of health bar (red health, blue shields, yellow armor, and purple barrier). Insanity difficulty adds an additional one of these health bars to all enemies, as well as rocketing their damage output and ability use to the moon. You will be behind cover, waiting for cooldowns to expire and ensuring that your 12 disciples don’t wander into the line of fire like toddlers who found a shiny rock in the middle of the Autobahn.
The blood-soaked cherry on top of the pain-flavored cake called Mass Effect 2 Insanity was the Collector Ship mission. This mission activates after Horizon as soon as you have eight squadmates, have completed five side missions, and are on the Normandy (accounts differ about the exact parameters of the timer). Once the mission activates, you have no choice but to run it. If you and your squad are not ready, you will experience true suffering once the Collectors spring their trap and ambush you. Beware, the Collector Ship! Garrus and Grunt got the job done after I restarted the mission having gotten the butts of Shepard, Garrus, and Miranda handed to me by the Collectors on a silver platter.
Shepard’s Build: The guides I read overwhelmingly recommended changing Shepard’s class to Sentinel. Some others suggested Soldier, but their advice addressed the same principle. Shepard needs to be able to deal with each of the different types of health bar. I chose Sentinel and did not regret it.
Sentinel’s abilities set Shepard up to peel away all types of health bar with the added bonus of being able to bolster defenses at the press of a button with Tech Armor. At first, I chose Warp Ammo as my bonus power but later swapped it for Energy Drain which worked much better. I fully upgraded Defender (evolved to Guardian), Warp (evolved into Heavy Warp), Throw (evolved into Throw Field), and Energy Drain (evolved into Heavy Energy Drain). Why Energy Drain when Sentinel already has access to Overload? Because absorbing enemy shields to bolster my own defenses was a godsend of survivability.
As soon as I could give Shepard Sniper Rifle training again and put the Viper in their hands, I started enjoying the gunplay of the game. The SMGs and Pistols never seemed to put out enough damage to justify breaking cover when I could throw out another power. If those weapon types are your thing, get the Locust SMG from Kasumi’s loyalty mission and the Phalanx Pistol from the gun shop on Tuchanka ASAP.
Lastly, pick armor pieces that support your mission tactics. In general, I preferred anything that made Shepard’s shields come back faster. For main missions, I’d break out the heavy weapons and armor that gave more heavy weapon ammo. For the final mission, this let me bring in a Cain with 200% power (two shots); very handy in cleaning up the final mission very quickly.
Squadmates: Squadmate selection goes back to dealing with as many health bar flavors as effectively as possible. This made Miranda a top pick since she has both Overload and Warp. Garrus was another favorite with Overload, Armor-Piercing Ammo, and Concussive Shot.
https://www.gamerguides.com/ had great build advice for all of Shepard’s squadmates. In general, they will evolve their powers into their area of effect versions to complement Sentinel Shepard’s single target power-focus build.
Absolutely do all of your squadmates’ loyalty missions and spec them out with the best gear you can get your hands on.
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