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"Ruff ruff. Barooo ruff!" Translation: "Hey human, hold my kibble. Check this out" the classic words that end in either awesomeness or failure.

2008.12.29 16:27 Rage Comics!

it's still alive! kinda...

2008.06.02 22:49 Cascading Style Sheets

For discussing Cascading Style Sheets, design principles, and technological innovations related to web development.

2023.06.02 21:46 firescizor Switch Controller turning off automatically

Hello everyone. I've been wanting to attempt an AFK grind in a game, for which I'd have to leave my Switch Controller on with the Turbo mode active for a long period of time. However, after like 10 minutes of not pressing any new buttons, my controller turns off automatically.
Is there any way to prevent this and leave the controller on and working until its battery dies, for example?
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2023.06.02 21:46 madd14007 Recommendations for physical therapy for torn Achilles

So I recently got surgery for my achilles at Mercy Hospital and, if everything goes well, I'll start physical therapy in the beginning of July. Now my case may be different as I got hurt at work and its a workers comp thing, so they may want to use certain companies. However, they've been pretty ok letting me choose what I want. I'd figure that I'd ask around and see who has been down this road, who you went to for PT, and what your experience was like.

Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.02 21:46 mrstruong Is there a list of all the projects being done in the city?

The city came by, put down a light pink chalk line bisecting the sidewalk, and wrote everyone's addresses on the sidewalk in front of the houses.
I can only assume this is a cut line of some kind. I haven't gotten any notices for work being done, but it must be something...?
Is there a website I can check and see what, if any, work is being done in front of my house?
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2023.06.02 21:46 GucciBearr Is Music Taste Important in Relationships?

I've found that having similar music taste is an important quality in my relationships. Yet I've met many who say it's not. I ran into someone at a city morgue show that said his s.o. is a diehard swiftie but they make it work.
Being that rap is a more difficult genre to enjoy for many vanilla music fans, does anyone find having a clashing music taste with their partner difficult?
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2023.06.02 21:46 ConsistentHeron4933 Am I the asshole for calling the bar where my boyfriend was at with people from work to ask him to call me back?

Me 24F and my bf 23M have been together for 4 years now. About a year ago he had an affair that we decided to work through with therapy etc. I used to have his location and logins for a while. Since the trust was coming back we decided to no longer need those. Today at work he told me he got on the bus to go home, 20 mi utes later he gave me a call to ask me if it was okay if he got one drink with some friends of work and that he would be an hour at most. He promised me to share his location and keep his phone on loud in case i needed him. An hour later he still hadnt shared his location or answered my call. He called me back, and after an hour and a half send me a message that he lied to me to which pub it was and that hed be leaving in the next 10 minutes. Half an hour passes and i contacted him to say i was getting really uncomfortable (i was diagnosed with trauma and a personality disorder) so he told me he was now sitting alone waiting for the bus to come. After he hung up the call his location stopped updating. I was having a full anxiety attack and tried to reach him through text and calles but i didnt get an anwer or an update on if he had gotten on the bus yet. This is where i might be the asshole, after about an hour i was a hysterical mess, unable to breathe so i called the pub he was at to ask if he was still outside and if they could ask him to check his phone because of a family emergency. He called me up very angrily telling me how i embarrased him and myself in front of all his colleagues and now he's telling me that thus wasnt an emergency and this is the reason why he has been feeling low.
Am I the asshole?
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2023.06.02 21:45 CriticalSign6415 What is middle class in Australia nowadays? If occupations such as a nurse or a teacher - traditionally the backbone of middle class - can't afford to rent almost anywhere on their own, isn't that working poor? Then who is middle class?

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2023.06.02 21:45 HSVNYC Received My Sadbe!

I received my Sadbe today. I have a few questions? Before I ask my questions. I took a Valtrex today. I usually never take them because they do not work for me. Today my nerve system is in overdrive. I thought it would help. But it didn’t! My question for the case of me taking Valtrex today. Should I wait until tomorrow to apply the Sadbe? My friend is a nurse so she will be applying the Sadbe for me.
Questions: 1. Can I continue to take my multi vitamins with Sadbe? 2. Can I still drink my herbal teas? 3. Do I keep the Sadbe in the fridge after my first use? Or do I depose of it? 4. Since my nerve system is acting up today. Which means a outbreak is coming. Can I still apply the Sadbe or wait?
Thank you for your support!
I brought a separate book to journal my Sadbe journey…!
I pray this works for me. I’m all out of options.
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2023.06.02 21:45 jcalf2002 Wifi 6 AX200 Really Slow

My AX200 had been working great until recently, when it's been getting progressively slower over time. I'm supposed to be getting 100mbps up/download but I'm getting between 6 and 15mbps down and 25-50 up. I've tried redownloading drivers, running an autotuninglevel=normal command, switching out antennas, and I even switched it out for another AX200 that I had for some reason. All that brought it from 1mbps down/15 up to where it is now. I also looked for older driver versions to see if that was the problem but I couldn't find any anywhere.

Wifi connection settings from Windows:
SSID: The Barnyard_5G
Protocol: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Security type: WPA2-Personal
Network band: 5 GHz
Network channel: 36
Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 45/130 (Mbps)
Link-local IPv6 address: not for you
IPv4 address: not for you
IPv4 DNS servers: not for you
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Description: Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX200 160MHz #3
Driver version:
Physical address (MAC): not for you
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2023.06.02 21:45 FantasmaDelMar Moving from Intel to M2 MacBook: If I restore from Time Machine on the M2, will most of my third-party apps be running through Rosetta 2?

I got a new M2 MacBook Pro a couple of months ago and set it up by restoring via the Time Machine backup of my previous Intel MacBook Pro.
I didn’t think anything of it until I got a new M2 MacBook at work and set it up as a new machine. Downloading all of the applications I need for work, I am seeing now that a lot of them have different installers for Intel vs Apple Silicon.
Does this mean that my personal MacBook inherited all of the old Intel versions of apps from the backup of my old machine? Is there any real benefit to re-installing some of these apps to make sure they are on the Apple Silicon compatible versions?
I’m wondering if the updaters included with apps typically check the hardware, and make the Intel-to-ARM switch for you on the next update.
Looking at each app’s “About” info, none of them explicitly say whether they are the Intel/ARM versions. I should also mention that I am talking mostly about apps that were not downloaded via the Mac App Store, but directly from developer websites.
I know I would probably not notice a difference, and that Rosetta 2 is very efficient. I’m mostly asking because I am curious how it all works.
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2023.06.02 21:45 NikoDevlin I'm done with this game

I tried to give this game a chance. I've been playing for a little over a week now, I've enjoyed it for the most part. Like all Switch players, Unkie's Emporium hasn't been working for me, it just gets stuck on the "purchased" screen and I can only back out. Today, I tried the Emporium again. It worked but would only let me purchase an item below 4000 brickbux (I had 28,000). I thought it was weird but didn't think much of it, so I bought a brick pack. I played a few more races then set the game down for 10 minutes. I get back on and, like usual whenever I put my Switch to sleep, it lost connection. I reconnected and now I have 400 brickbux. I had over 26,000 when I put it down. Restarted the game, still 400, did a race in the hopes it'd fix it or something, but I only had 600 after. So I'm done. The game's been out for, what, 2 weeks now and 2K hasn't fixed Unkie's Emporium? And now it deletes almost all my cash? It's ridiculous. I'd play it again if I got all my brickbux back and the Emporium worked, but at this point I doubt it'll happen.
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2023.06.02 21:45 Dewmswoman Where do I find an architect?

Where do I find an architect?
My husband and I own a piece of property with a gorgeous view and we'd like to build a house on it. We've worked out some general floor plans, but they're somewhat basic and really need some professional elements to them.
Where do I find someone who can help us customize our plans, who can look at the lay of the land (we want to build into the hillside), and who has a grasp of the technical side of structural engineering?
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2023.06.02 21:45 nellynocheese Frustrated and just want to vent

Currently moving out of state. I’ve been applying to placing in the city I will be in. I plan to be there in two weeks.
I was starting to get discouraged, but I finally got a few phone interviews and one particular company reached out to me after I applied 4 times.
Let’s call him Kyle. Kyle is a manager, he called to set up an interview and I explained that I would be in town in two weeks and asked if he was interested in a phone interview. He said “ oh well idk if I can do that, I’ll have to call and ask my manager”. I said okay and he emailed me an hour later and cc’d the operations manager. We agreed to speak the next day, operations manager legit said “we will call you at 2pm”.
The day of the interview I got a call from hr for the same company to set up an interview, I was like “well as I said before I can’t come in for an interview for at least another two weeks” she said “ oh well i guess in two weeks call and maybe we will have a job for you, or not” and hung up. I thought about it and I had to look up the number to be sure it was the same branch location and it was. I was very confused and I just decided to wait until 2pm to see if Kyle calls or not, if not I would call him. An hour later hr calls back and she said she made a mistake and she didn’t realize I had a phone interview. Okay annoying but it’s fine, mistakes happen.
I waited by the phone at 2pm, 15 mins come around and I was like hmmm not cool but maybe they are busy I’ll wait a little longer. Well by 2:30 I got a little pissed. I decided I should just call Kyle. When this man answered the phone and I said my name he laughed! He laughed and said “oh yeah I forgot hahahah” and the operations manager was laughing too. Then he proceeded to tell me he was reminded by hr that we had a phone interview about two hour ahead of time. I was pretty livid at this point. Then Kyle tells me how he’s interviewed many qualified people for this position that already live in the city, i told him I understand and I unfortunately have to wait to come. I said if he has other candidates then move forward. It’s funny because I am over qualified for the position. He even told me they didn’t call me the other times I applied because I was asking for 3 dollars more than they could offer. Kyle even told me that he had offered the position but no one ever came through with accepting the offer. He went on the long rant about how people can work at other locations till they move and I said “well most people would probably put in two weeks before starting another job anyways”. I was over the conversation so I told him I would make the 6 hour trip and see him on Monday.
It just felt really disrespectful. I’m not trying to burn a bridge and unfortunately this area doesn’t have much to offer in my line of work. I’m going to go hear him out, but I’m not optimistic. I am open to any works of wisdom and kindness.
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2023.06.02 21:45 st6rving new focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen, no sound in fl studio

if i select focusrite usb asio as the device in fl studio there's no sound at all, and i don't mean not just from the mic that's connected to my interface, not even drums or loops or whatever will work, basically nothing in fl studio. what can i do to fix this?
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2023.06.02 21:45 SteveBule 40amp vs 32amp charging. Are the gains worth it?

I searched and found some posts that seem to indicate it may be worth it to charge at 32 instead of 40 amps. I’m in a pickle, and before I go and cause a big kerfuffle I wanted to get the opinion of folks in hear.
Context: I had some work done recently on my house that required some circuits to be pulled unrelated to EV charging. I’m planning to buy an EV this summer and asked them to include that in the work scope, since panel access is tricky and they would already have to get in there. They have a good quote and the contract says they would install a 240v 50amp circuit for an EV charger, with a 16-50 receptacle. I bought a Chargepoint charger that was heavily discounted through the utility.
I was not there during install. They installed 8gauge wire and a 40amp double breaker. They said it can handle the 40amp mode of the Chargepoint, against recommendation.
I know I can just tell them to re do it, but it’s a lot of work and I’m wondering if would be better to just ask for a discount on the work, if I really need the 50amp circuit (40 amp charging) or if 40amp circuit (32 charging is fine). I’m planning to get a mid size ev like an Volkswagen ID4 or Chevy volt EUV.
Additional context: during the installation of the other work they found some serious electrical issues. The issues were caused by errors from our electrical utility, but the install team stayed late into the evening to ensure the utility corrected their issues and make sure everything at our house was safe. Above and beyond customer service, up until today where I would say I have mixed feelings. Today was when I asked the head electrician about the charger. He was very nice but is basically recommending not following installation guidelines by running the charger in 40amp mode on a the 40amp circuit.
Also, the run for the EV charger is about 60ft long in a crawl space, as our panel is not in the garage, so it’s not a super easy swap.
Well that’s more than enough info to get some opinions. I work in a similar field and hugely valued their support when we were experiencing issues from the utility. These folks also were recommended by others. While I may contractually have a right to a 50amp circuit, I’m wondering if it’s easier to just ask for a discount, if getting that 50amp circuit installed is really worth it or not. The ev is not our only family car, so it’s not as necessary to have a fast charger. but if the faster the better, I’d rather have the better.
The company also has a “no change orders” type of policy that basically says “we’re not going to tell you it costs more because we ran into an unexpected problem. Our quote price is solid and we won’t come back asking for more if we run into issues” and they have the best warranty in the area. I assume their customer service oriented strategy is why they stayed late to help without charging extra, despite the issue not being caused by them.
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2023.06.02 21:44 HTWingNut Passed Network+ N10-008 Today! (But why do they always have a survey at the end)

Just for reference, I am an old man (I have two teenage kids if that's any indication). My career has not been in IT, but in mechanical engineering. Just looking for a career change because I'm tired of the engineering grind. And most jobs require you to be in person, and having a family and all looking to have something that is primarily remote.
In any case I ended up with a 767. I used the following resources:
My PBQ's on the exam:
All in all I spent about 4 months studying. I got my A+ back in October 2022, took a couple months off then got back on track to get N+. Maybe working on Sec+ next. Not sure yet.
In any case, good luck all. You can do it. If this old man that has no more capacity to retain information can do it, you can too!
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2023.06.02 21:44 Dragon_ladyy Should I pump while working?

My LO is 5 months old and I am going to be working a full time Night Shift now. My babe sleeps through the night, and has been for about 3 weeks now. I do wake up really engorged and I leak everywhere so I was wondering if I should pump while at work so I don’t leak through my shirt or if it will regulate soon and to just wear extra padding.
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2023.06.02 21:44 WTFisCommonSense My partner (41M) and I (37F) are struggling financially and he doesn't care

Hey all. Its long. Not sure if this is considered a mentally/financially abusive relationship.
My partner (41M) and I (37F) have 2 disabled kids and are struggling financially.
We've been together for 20yrs. I came into this relationship with a child from a previous relationship and working. Within our first 3yrs together, my health took a turn for the worst, and I've been in and out of surgeries for 10yrs now.
I receive SSDI from working since I was 13yrs old. He has been at the same retail job for almost the same amount of time we've been together. We live in a major city where our rent is $1,500. His salary is about $40,000 before taxes, so about $18,000 of his yearly salary goes to rent.. leaving us with not much to work with. Between his salary and my mediocre check, we literally live check to check.
I'm unable to work and still have a few important surgeries to go to try to improve my quality of life.... so working is out of the question. Not only because of my health but because i need my medicaid insurance to cover the costs of whatever medicare doesnt cover, including for these procedures and hospital visits. Both kids, who also have chronic illness/conditions, are also under my medicaid insurance. If i get a job, i lose my medicaid and won't be able to get any medical care.
On top of that, my insurance doesn't cover my medication, so $350 month goes to my medication monthly out of my $900 check. So working is out of the question since we need the insurance for all 3 disabled folks in the house and my health isnt reliable enough to hold a job.
Plus, almost all 5 days a week I'm at appointments for the kids and myself. All 3 of us have physical therapy appointments 2x a week, along with other appointments, which solely fall on me, regardless of how i feel. Its exhausting, since its a full time job in itself. I calculated, and i spend almost 29 hours a week dealing with appointments for the 3 of us. That's including all the time i spend making phone calls for appointments. Doesnt include the time i spend juggling the kid's educational needs, and maintaining the household.
Obviously, my partner is aware of this. He constantly relies on his parents (who are our landlords) to help us financially. His parents are sick of him. They still help us make ends meet, but clearly resent him because of it. I'm also starting to as well.
I have tried to hint to him to try to get another job but be doesnt seem to want to try. I even suggested getting a second job part time.... but he ends up flipping it and saying stuff like "Well then you're never going to see me and Im never gonna be in a good mood around anyone if i do that and you're not gonna like who i am" or "I'm not gonna be like these boomers killing themselves" or "I hate that you cant work". He always turns it around to me. Even straight up says "it would be easier if you worked" 😔 i already feel huge amounts of ableism because i cant. I already feel worthless because of that. I went from working 2 jobs for 9yrs to this because of my stupid body.
He never actually wants to find a solution that depends on him. I always tell him that most families, especially single bread winners, realistically need a second job. Especially in a major city.
I recently fixed my credit after 2yrs of struggling... only for him to ask me constantly to put stuff on these new cards i received. He keeps promising to make payments to help but never does. Now i have maxed out all 3 cards, ruined my credit again, and he doesnt see the big deal nor does he care. Hasnt helped to pay them as promised. Now i cannot buy paper towels, shampoo, or even buy groceries when the fridge is empty. That was the purpose of those cards with the agreement he would help pay those statements monthly.
Now, i can no longer supplement our household expenses with those cards.... which is leading to us struggling even more.
To make matters worse, the fact that we live in his parents' property seems to give him a nonchalant attitude. He doesnt think his parents would ever kick us out so he doesnt seem to care. Yes he pays them rent.... but they buy our toiletries, our car insurance and repairs, pay for our water usage, they drive him to work daily, and let him use their credit cards when we have an emergency. All those things we cannot afford alone. The car is an old 2001 Corolla that his parents gifted us because of the kids.
His parents are constantly telling me how he should be getting another job, how unmotivated he is to help our situation, and how they feel sorry for me and the kids so that's why they help.
I appreciate them... but i feel like they created this monster. They provided him with this sense of "I will never lose the roof over my head no matter what" and he doesnt seem to care about anything else. He even claims that this house will be his "once the parents die".... which we wouldnt even be able to afford the $5k mortgage.
In 5 years, both kids will be legal adults. I'm contemplating leaving him, but without resources, family, or friends, I'd likely end up in a shelter. In the city where i live, it can take 7yrs to get any housing... so i would be homeless.
Besides leaving him and worsening my situation and the kids, i dont know what else to do. I have more surgeries and the stress from his lack of concern is taking a toll on my health.
The financial situation is also affecting the kids. We barely have funds to make it to and from appointments. No funds for them to spend time with friends or do any extracurricular activities. My kids have even been bullied because of our financial situation. Kids say things like "How do you not have $5 to get fries?"
You'd think the kids mental health being affected by poverty would be a motivator... nope. Instead he says shit like "when i retire, my 401k will be great and we will live like royalty".... except that's like 20yrs+ away.
He has these "dreams" that things will work out, either through this 401k or his parents leaving him everything. I had to break it to him that his parents told me they aren't leaving him anything, and instead his sister will be inheriting everything.
Upon telling him that, he only became more indifferent and said "Well, fuck them" and has been angry and resentful towards them.
Now they barely speak... and he still isnt motivated to change our situation. He has an explosive temper. Doesn't take criticism at all. I can say "You forgot to take the garbage out" and he'll quickly get angry and turn it around with stuff like: "well you left your hair brush on sink so dont worry about me" with the nastiest attitude. Its very hard to tell him anything involving his shortcomings without him feeling like a full blown assault. Unless i say "baby please my love take out the garbage", he flips out. I have to handle him with a white glove and i just dont want to anymore.
I have tried to help by trying to cut down costs every way i can, but he also hates when i dictate what i do with "his money". The remainder of my check goes to groceries. All of it. My account is in the negative by the time 3 days after my check has passed. I even offered to apply for jobs for him and make a resume... but he says no one is gonna start him at his starting pay right now for retail. He is right about that...which is why i want him to get a second job, instead of replacing the one he has now.
I dont know what to do besides leave him in 5yrs. If i do leave, I'd have to leave the kids with him and go to a shelter indefinitely.
I'm at the point where I do not care if i don't see him for a month, as long as we arent struggling for food, the kids can have some cash to do stuff, and we can afford an uber for an emergency... which we cannot do now.
Help? Leaving would be great if both kids were disabled, if i wasnt disabled and in and out of hospitals, and i could afford to. Minimum rent in this city is over $1200, i cant drive due to medical reasons so i have to stay in a major city for public transportation for all these appointments.
Not sure what my options are or if anyone has the right way to handle an unmotivated, explosive individual who cannot seem have a sense of urgency with anything involving caring financially for his family.
Most days, i just wish my health would just take me to the grave so I don't have to feel this way. Even then, I'm not sure he'd care. 😭
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2023.06.02 21:44 Subhumanime Will I Regret Losing Virginity to a Compensated Worker?

I am unlikable, unnattractive, and kind of boring to boot. Dating does not work for me and for the past few years my desire to do it has diminished entirely. At this point, sex just seems like something fun to do that everyone else is doing or is talking about doing. I have no personal qualms with people that provide sex as a service, but at the same time, I feel like giving it up because I'm bored to a professional might cheapen it entirely.
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2023.06.02 21:44 tsunamisurvivor CalPERS buy back — anyone done this?

I applied for a buy back as an employee of CSU, Sacramento. I have worked as a part time lecturer since 2012 but didn’t qualify for PERS until 2021. They are doing the 120 day investigation into my employment and will at some point tell me if I qualify. Any feedback on this process would be great!
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2023.06.02 21:44 Edel-Binary Am I 4w5 or 6w5?

Hello! I know this probably has been asked here before, but I just wanna make sure I am really sure about my enneagram since its really annoying and stressful to constantly doubt it because of things I read about online or my friends telling me "Actually u are more like 4!" etc.
So here is some stuff I will share about myself:
-when I was younger I always wanted to get along with everyone. Even though they bullied me I was always so anxious to defend myself because I so badly wanted to understand why they bullied me.
-I always was in my head, wondering why things are the way they are when I did not understand them and thinking about different possibilities.
-my fear always held me back from doing certain things, and if I decided to do them (mostly due to outside influence) I did it slowly and very safe in fear of getting hurt. I was also very unsure, scaredy and nervous to make mistakes.
-I do not like when people assume they know me, as I am 100% sure only I know myself more than anyone else can. I am aware that I am not normal and that many people simply do not understand me, and I need to learn to live with that. This is no humble brag though, as my weirdness sometimes made people not be friends with me, so I suffered very badly under this.
-I really really wanna make friends, and am very very chatty when I feel comfortable and like nobody would judge me. When I get judged or the energy gets ruined in the room I become quiet and awkward, not knowing what to do but also trying to kind of save the moment in a way.
-when I am under stress I become very very emotional and stop doing whatever I am doing. I need time to think before returning and need to properly plan in that moment what to do, as I am just not good at coming up with plans when things suddenly change. On that note, I HATE sudden change. When I plan something and am set on doing it, but something comes in between I get really irritated. But I am willing to give up my plan if I like and trust that person enough and of course if the thing happening is really important. Usually I am not good with sudden change though and need to time to collect myself and plan ahead.
-I do not work well under pressure as it kind of sets back my work. My work quality becomes worse when I am assertively forced to do something quickly as my perfectionism usually wants to do things slowly and as beautifully as possible. I admire people who don't care about things not being perfect and doing things quickly.
-I never have very negative feelings towards people who have wronged me. Even if u have deeply hurt me I would feel guilty giving you the same medicine. Although a part of me would feel good that the other feels what I feel, my empathy does not allow me to seek true revenge.
-I ask a lot of questions at times and also love answering questions :) When I like u I talk a lot.
-My body is something very sacred to me, so if u are a stranger I recommend not touching it too much. U can only touch me when I ask or initiate, sudden hugs or groping even if u are my partner are a no-go. I am also very self-conscious of my body.
-I am a private person. Giving me nicknames when u barely know me feels condescending and passive aggressive to me so don't do that pls.
-I don't like when people are TOO comfortable with me when they barely know me. Like touch me or make jokes at my expense, I never make jokes about others or u unless I know u for like years 😂
-i'd say my biggest fear is to feel vulnerable or exposed and having no escape. Especially physically.
-i will easily share my trauma and things about myself when I feel like u can understand me and are similar to me. I make friends way better with people who have went through what I did, although I can befriend practically anyone if they also want to be my friend!
-I am an INFJ
-I hate conflict, especially when its unnecessary and unneeded. Like why argue over something small when we could argue over something bigger?
-assertive people scare me. Especially when they become aggressive really fast. I have no clue how to deal with someone attacking me, and I feel attacked pretty easily, just by hearing your tone change I tense up and get scared or confused.
-i understand where people come from and am very empathetic and chill. Many people told me I am laidback, relaxed and a very good listener.
-i also rarely get angry as I do not like people to think that I am an aggressive person. Something important to me is that people don't believe I am a bad person as I don't want to come off as an asshole.
-i speak about politics a lot, especially when I see injustice happening. If it would happen in front of me though I would most likely talk when I know I am not alone, as I am scared I might get hurt.
-i get excited really fast and am very curious and knowledge hungry. I say things like "Woah look at that so cute!" "Oh it's a pink spoon I have never seen that before I WANT IT!!!" "Woah I was never in a supermarket in new city i have never visited" I am also very easily pleased, but my hunger for excitement is really big when I feel like my healthiest self.
-nature is important to me. I once almost cried when I saw a little bird dead on the road somewhere. I would have helped it if I had some tissues and a place for it to stay. When I was younger I carried more animals than other kids into safety like two dogs, a cat and some birds.
-i am very good at keeping secrets as I don't see a reason to share them.
-IF i gossip I try to be respectful still, not using any bad words and feeling bad if I accidentally do so and correcting myself.
-i like labels, it makes me feel like I belong somewhere, as it is very important to me to belong. But I also want my alone time and for people to keep their distance when asked.
Hope that was enough info about me! If u wanna know more just ask! Byeee! -^
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2023.06.02 21:44 Reckless_Donut Fast laying down heart rate while sick?

Yesterday my heart rate suddenly went through the roof but when I laid down it didn't come back down, sitting at 170+bpm while laying down.. I also felt extremely faint (I have never actually fainted before or felt SO bad), chest pain, palpitations, hot and cold sweats for hours, tingling limbs, brain fog etc. I was that worried that I called our national emergency line and was transported to hospital via ambulance. They gave me 300mg aspirin to chew + LOTS of IV fluids but my heart rate keeps spiking up to 140bpm while just laying there.
They think I have a minor viral infection of some sort (my inflammatory markers were up, chest x-ray was clear) that's flaring up my POTS. But I'm over 10yrs into my journey with POTS and this has NEVER happened to me before even when I had covid last year. Usually my heart rate goes down if im laying for an extended period.
My heart rhythm itself is normal, just very fast. They've kept me in hospital for monitoring but didn't contact a cardiologist for a second opinion..
I'm just worried because my POTS is very postural based and this isn't improving with laying down.. just wondering if anyone else has had laying tachycardias while sick? Or if I should be pushing its something else because I dont even feel sick and my POTS feels better than usual from the IV fluids but my heart rate keeps going up
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2023.06.02 21:44 Jazzlike-Nature-7177 [General]] Does anyone know a spreadsheet to track down your work?

[General]] Does anyone know a spreadsheet to track down your work?
I'm growing Hericium and would like to track down my work to get better as time goes by. Can anyone help? I think keeping a track of things is eztremely important.
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