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[NA][A][Turalyon][Semi-hardcore] 9/9N & 9/9H Aberrus! LF DPS! US - Alliance NA- Guild

2023.06.02 21:27 ChaoticNeutralRec [NA][A][Turalyon][Semi-hardcore] 9/9N & 9/9H Aberrus! LF DPS! US - Alliance NA- Guild

Hey there! Chaotic Neutral on Turalyon Alliance is in need of more solid DPS to add to the roster for Aberrus, we're a semi-hardcore guild that raids Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST and an optional day on Saturdays at the same time frame if there's enough interest (usually used for alts or extra prog at the beginning of the tier).
**Info:** Our guild is comprised of a range of players, from ancient vanilla Molten Core headbangers to players just starting the game in recent history. Our guild has been raiding on Turalyon since 2005. We raid mythic, but with a goal toward more casual progression. We expect raiders to play responsibly in their chosen role, but if you can do well with off-meta specs we don’t demand flavor-of-the-month class/spec combos.
Overall we are a bunch of older raiders who like having a relaxed raid environment while also seeing how far we can get into mythic before the next tier, pushing CE isn't something we promise but we can promise that we're not a hardcore play-perfect-or-get-kicked guild, we prefer to keep our chill raid environment that's been around for a long time.
We also ask raiders to give us a heads-up if something comes around that makes them unable to raid for a night or going forward, It isn't too important of detail since most members do this already but we've had some people just not show at all and it can create frustration if it's ongoing.
For more info about our guild, please visit our guild website, guilds of wow page, or our forum post.
Come to raid prepared, with whatever resources you need to do your best
Let us know if you won’t be able to make raid, if we notice you have a tendency to flake out without saying anything, your spot may be revoked
Be aware of boss fights/mechanics
DBM/Big Wigs/MRT/alternative raid encounter add-on(s)
Weak Auras 2 is also recommended
Have a working microphone, and be prepared to orally communicate
Regularly attend raids
Be able to mesh and jive with the group (ideally no try-hards or massive egos, we're not like that.)
18+ only
**Open Spots:**
**We have a raid-leader slot open, currently our GM is holding that rank but it's not a role they want to keep forever, please add me for more info if you're interested about this role.**
Tanks: Tank spots are filled, but we will consider flex tanks.
Healers: Healer spots are filled, but we will consider flex heals.
DPS: [High Prio] Mages, WW Monks, Rogues, Spriests, Warlocks, Warriors [Med Prio] Enh/Ele Shammys, Devokers, Boomy/Feral Druids, Havoc DHs [Low Prio] Ret Pallys, Hunters
Any solid performers feel free to apply anyway, even if your class/spec isn't listed!
**Dragonflight Progress**
9/9N & 9/9H Aberrus.
8/8H & 3/8M Vault of the Incarnates. 19% on Sennarth before our break!
For past progress, please see our Wow Progress link below
Guild Site: http://www.cnguild.org/ (We have an app you can apply with on this site if you'd prefer)
Forum Post: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/aturalyon-chaotic-neutral-1111h-211m-cross-realm-faction-welcome-lf-healsranged/1112178
Wow Prog: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Chaotic+Neutral
Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/id/15584
Raider IO: https://raider.io/guilds/us/turalyon/Chaotic%20Neutral
Guilds of WoW Page: https://guildsofwow.com/chaotic-neutral
Btags: Recruitment - GingerHeals#11438
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2023.06.02 21:01 MelodicCap5969 Twin T58 jet powered MR2 with 4 fuel tanks. Each producing around 1400hp converted from trust units. Here's a video of this beast running: https://m.roadkillcustoms.com/1991-toyota-mr2-twin-engine-jet-car/

Twin T58 jet powered MR2 with 4 fuel tanks. Each producing around 1400hp converted from trust units. Here's a video of this beast running: https://m.roadkillcustoms.com/1991-toyota-mr2-twin-engine-jet-ca submitted by MelodicCap5969 to u/MelodicCap5969 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:51 Admin_IT Buffs from Riot Raptor

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2023.06.02 20:47 livepokertheory Doug Polk Bluffs Into Tom Dwan's Boat - Piosolver Analysis

Doug Polk Bluffs Into Tom Dwan's Boat - Piosolver Analysis
My post looking at the LSG Hank vs Doug Polk bluff was well received , big thanks for the many kind words. Some people asked me to look at Doug’s bluff that ran into Dwan’s boat. I was also curious about this hand, especially from Dwan’s perspective as both the turn and the river seemed tricky and on the river Dwan was accused of running a nitroll against Doug, so I was especially curious to see what the solver does when deciding between call and jam with a middle full house facing a huge river overbet.
I’m happy to read feedback and criticisms around configurations, that’s why I’m sharing it. I don’t believe there is one final truth and half the fun is seeing how different assumptions change things. I also don’t believe that just because a solver plays a certain way implies it’s the one true and correct way to play. There are so many assumptions necessary, many of them will be wrong, compounded even more in a live setting with lots of live reads and dynamics like the standup game.
There’s a saying in stats/modeling, “all models are wrong, some are useful” which I think is very applicable to solver study.
This hand in particular was very sensitive to configuration, especially from Doug’s point of view where for all three streets, his decision depends a lot on the specific ranges they’re playing and bet sizing allowed.

Hand Summary

Quick hand summary, with 1M effective, Doug raises to 3k from the CO with 54s of spades. Dwan 3bets 77 to 14k from the SB, Doug calls. Flop is Kd7d2s, Dwan flops middle set, neither player has a diamond but Doug has backdoor spade draw. Dwan bets 15k (half pot), Doug calls, turn Doug picks up an open ended straight draw with the 6 of hearts. Dwan bets half pot again of 30k, Doug makes a pot-sized raise to 120k, Dwan tank-calls. River pairs the board with the 6 of spades, Dwan checks, overbets 420k with 5 high, Dwan tanks with his boat and another 600k effective behind but just calls. You can watch it here.

Note On Live Reads

Even though I mostly focus on solver work I wanted to quickly share my opinions on live reads. I think Doug did himself a disservice talking up how he was “coming to battle”. Dwan was the big winner of the night and he made almost all of his money with check-call lines. I think Doug wanted to impress fans, Wes wanted to shake the nit reputation, and both of them had reasonable hands to bluff with but also reasonable hands to slow down with with and they both went with the more aggro line and I suspect Dwan was ready for that to happen.
In this hand Wes also saw Doug’s hand and said “I like that hand” which sounds like something someone would say for a cute suited connector, not pocket Kings. Doug wants to shake the image of a try-hard pro and be a fun business guy who's good for the game but he may have paid a price to do that in this game.
Dwan is not a solver player but he's an extremely analytical players who understands how to beat "the meta" and I think he had both individual live reads in this session but also some ideas on how to adjust to the general attitudes of the players coming into this game.

The Ranges

Dwan 3bet from the SB so we are giving him a wide range with all the good hands plus lots of suited big cards, and some suited connectors some offsuit broadways.


Doug just calls in position, he was ready to battle plus standup may be on so we give him all the pairs, most suited connectors and some suited one-gappers, lots of broadway hand and some suited gappers.

I gave Doug 10% KK but I have such a hard time imagining ever flatting KK here. Of course KK ends up being a highly relevant combo later in the hand.

The Flop

On the flop Dwan is checking about half the time and betting about half the time, the smaller sizing is preferred by the solver. His sets of sevens leans towards preferring a bet as plenty of top pair and flush draws can call it, and Dwan does bet it.
Doug’s response here I found to be highly sensitive to the specific ranges and bet sizes we allow. In almost all of them, fold, call, or raise are all reasonable options (appropriate for Doug).
In my favorite configuration, he mostly just calls. Some people are really surprised by these loose flop calls. There’s two things people are missing. First, if you give up to small flop bets too easily, you can be run over since they have way too good a price to just bluff with any two cards. This is part of the reason small bets are so effective live is many players don’t know how to adjust against different bet sizes.
The other big factor to consider is that when you’re super deep, it matters less if you have a strong hand now and more if you will have a very strong hand on the river. If Doug made a sneaky backdoor straight against Dwan’s set, he could have coolered him for a massive pot.


The Turn - Doug's Decision to Bluff Raise

On the turn, Dwan is again mixing mostly bets and checks and his sevens is a that hand can go either way. The point of checking is mostly because you have a lot of one pair of Kings weak kicker, that want to get to showdown. To protect those hands from being bluffed, you check-raise some sets. Dwan decided to lead again for half pot though. The solver does size up more often but half pot is ok and the same EV.
For Doug, once again I want to emphasize this spot is highly sensitive to configuration but in the one I thought was best, his open ended is a pure call and his combo draw is a raise.

Doug already has a lot of bluffs with diamond draws. However if you only bluff with flush draws, you have no bluffs on a flush-completing river so, I originally thought his raise makes sense. But, he also needs some bluffs on diamond river when he just calls. For raising on this turn as a bluff, most of the bluffs that piosolver likes are actually turning a mid-pair 7 into a bluff with hands like 87 and 97, which do block 77 and Dwan’s good straight draws. Pio also bluffs with pair + flush draw hands (which turns out to be relevant for Dwan's river deisions).
Doug also just calls with some diamonds draw with the good price , so 54 of spades can be a river bluff after a just-call when the diamonds arrive.
Overall, I think Doug has plenty of bluffs on this turn and this was not the ideal combo choice since there were better options and it plays fine as a just-call.
Again, a lot of subtle details can effect the mechanics of the solver’s favorite combos to bluff with. So I’m not saying was wrong to raise here. But, he has a really strong, sneaky draw and if he just calls and hits a gin straight on the river, it would be really hard for Dwan to not pay Doug off. Dwan also gave Doug good enough odds to just call. But instead of taking a good price for a river card, he bloated the pot while still a big dog. So I do think there’s better combos to bluff with and I agree with piosolver this is better as a call.
Either way, Dwan has to decide whether to slowplay and let Doug keep bluffing on river, or to raise now and price out Doug’s draws. The solver mostly just calls. My interpretation is that Dwan has a lot of bluff catchers like AA, KQ here and by calling with sets you protect your one pair hands against river bluffs. Because the solver almost never raises any hand here.

It's interesting to me that the solver never wants to protect its hands against all the draws, but I think Doug's sizing is just so big, and Dwan has so many good one pair hands and so few sets, that Dwan has a strong incentive to work the sets into the call line to protect the one pair hands from the river bluffs.

The River

Now to the fun part of the hand. Dwan has a pure check on the river with mostly bluffcatchers and some traps.
The river 6s is also a much better card for Doug’s range who is raising the 76, 77, and 66 a lot on the turn. Now given Dwan’s exact hand Doug can never have any 76s or 77 here, but I’m speaking range vs range, Dwan is pure checking. Doug has a full house on this river a whopping 21% of the time vs 10% of the time for Dwan.
Now because the solver pure calls on the turn with Doug’s 54 of spades, he doesn’t have it on the river in this configuration so we don’t know if he should bluff with it. However, having played with various configurations, every single time Doug does have this hand he pure bets river with it, mostly big sizing or all in. He has 5 high, he’s bottom of range, he matches hands like 65s, it’s close to a mandatory bluff unless you have a read on reasons not to So while I don't like the turn raise, I do think once this turn raise was put in, you have to go for it on river so credit to Doug for doing so.
Now onto the big question of Dwan’s tank. I think part of the reason people thought he might be nitrolling was Dwan’s body language became very negative, which I think was interpreted as considering a fold when really he was frustrated between deciding between a call and a raise.
I watched the hand live, and while I see the merits of a jam, it seemed like an easy just-call because Doug was so polarized with the big turn raise and big river overbet, it’s not worth jamming into quad 6s for a huge amount of money. However, in every configuration I looked at the solver pure jams so Dwan was right to think about it.

One incredibly important thing to note is that it’s extremely hard for Doug to have KK. I personally think Doug’s always 4-betting it pre. But even if you give it to him, piosolver actually never makes the turn raise with Kings in Doug's spot. Instead he slowplays it. Why? Because KK is such a strong hand and they’re so deep it’s a great hand to slowplay and try to cooler a bottom set or two pair, or try to cooler a flush with a boat. Plus you block your opponent's top pair calls.
Both the Hank vs Dwan hand and the Doug vs Dwan hand have boards where there just wasn’t that much going on, it’s difficult for players to be nutted, so you want to make sure you have the nuts in various lines, especially so you can end up on the river coolering them. That’s a key aspect of deep stack play and part of the reason some flop strategies seem loose compared to 100BB.
Now if Doug did slowplay KK pre, does he fast play it on turn trying to get money in vs draws? I suppose it’s possible, but overall, Doug does not have much KK. He also doesn’t have much 66, not only is it one combo but 66 sometimes slowplays the turn as well meaning by river its less than one combo.
But of course Doug does have 22, maybe K6s, and even some plain trips that had a pair and flush draw on the turn that became trips on the river. Trips are supposed to bet for value against Dwan's one pair hands, and then sometimes call off vs a raise, otherwise Dwan can run him over with check-raise bluffs. Now, does even durrr himself have the balls to check-raise this river with a bluff at the correct frequency? If not, can Doug fold trip 6s, maybe his underboats, in which case there's mimimal value in Dwan jamming. It’s really hard to say. That’s why it’s a genuinely extremely difficult spot for Dwan and not a nitroll. Sure , a call is “safe”, but if Doug has 22 Dwan might be leaving half a million on the table by not jamming.
Final verdict: not a nitroll. Mostly well-played by both players, though Doug probably could have simplified his life by just calling turn and hoping to get there, and Dwan probably should have jammed river but it's hard to fault him for not doing so.
Again, if you like this content check out my blog livepokertheory.com/articles , I'm focusing on mostly blogging about solvers and live poker, but I'll be headed to Vegas next week for my first ever WSOP to play 1500 6-max, 2500 freezeout, then the main event in July so I'll probably write trip reports for those tournaments.
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2023.06.02 20:33 yupanda 24 days in Japan. Osaka - Onomichi - Shimanami Kaido/Matsuyama- Hiroshima/Miyajima - Kyoto - Takayama/ Kamikochi/Matsumoto - Tokyo

Hi lovely people,
We just came back from our first trip to Japan and it was truly a memorable trip. We spent over 3 weeks in Japan from 07th May until 30th May. WE LOVE JAPAN! Can't wait to come back.
A little bit about us: We are both ~30y olds and enjoy a mix of urban, outdoor and culture during our holidays. We are foodies, but not hard-core as in we don't specifically organize our trips around restaurants. There are so many restaurants in Japan, it is hard to get a bad meal. We enjoy just wandering around neighbourhoods. Mostly low/mid-budget stuff with a splurge once in a while.
Our travel itinerary can be found here
General comments
Japanguide has a nice overview of all the passes : https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2357.html

Trip report

PS. I am not mentioning everything we did in this post. I will just mention highlights. It is still a long read though ;).
D1 - D2 Osaka
We landed at Kansai airport. Before our trip, we also bought train vouchers for Osaka online (https://www.howto-osaka.com/en/ticket/). Best decision ever, because the journey was rough and we were exhausted by the time we landed. We only had to exchange our vouchers at the station and off we went.
Osaka was nice city to start with as it is a more manageable "smaller" city whilst recovering from our jetlag. Despite being smaller, I do think it is worth a visit. Osaka is so iconic at night. We stayed at a spacious Airbnb near Kuromon Ichiban market.
Skip Shinsekai: We visited during the day and it felt very empty to me. More like a tourist-trap, the eateries didn't look appealing to me. Maybe during the evening this area is more fun.
D3 Nara
We did Nara as a day-trip from Osaka.
D4 Onomichi
After staying in Osaka for 3 days, we headed west for the Shimanami Kaido. We decided to stay in Onomichi (Hotel Beacon Onomichi) for the night before we started our two day bike trip. For this part of our trip, we picked up our 7-day Setouchi area pass at Shin-Osaka JR station. I just want to mention that I really love the hospitality of the staff in Japan. The JR office people were so nice and helpful. We reserved our seats for the shinkansen and off we went to Onomichi. Onomichi is a lovely little seaside town to just stroll around and take in the views. I really recommend spending at least half a day here. Don't skip it!
D5 & D6 Shimanami Kaido -> Matsuyama
The next day, we picked up our reserved cross bikes from the general bike rental and off we went. Honestly, biking the shimanami kaido was the highlight of our trip. We took two days to bike the whole way, one day would definitely be too rushed for us. We stopped at Ikuchi island (Shimanaido NEST) for our halfway stay.
The sights along the way were great! It was so much fun to go down-hill, the uphills were do-able. We had great weather also, not too hot and no rain. Everything was clearly indicated, we just followed the blue lines. I felt very safe biking in Japan. PS. My butt did hurt from the saddle, so be warned! Bring some cushioned pants if you want to be safe side.
https://shimanami-cycle.or.jp/ for more info and bike rental
We decided to bike one-way from Onomichi to Imabari and we have no regrets. I liked that we ended the bike trip with the longest bridge (4km!!). Imabari is very industrial, but after the fun long way down from the last bridge and being exhausted from biking you just want to get to the station and stuff yourself with pastries from the bakery at the station and go on to your next destination. Thus, we immediately took the train to Matsuyama. Originally, the plan was to enjoy the famous onsen in Matsuyama, but we didn't have enough time and we were also pretty tired. After checking-in at the hotel, it was already 4, we made our way to Matsuyama castle but unfortunately, we were too late to go in. It was still nice to view it from the outside and walk around the park. We planned to do sightseeing in Hiroshima the next day, so there was no more time to explore Matsuyama further.
D7 Hiroshima -> Miyajima
After Shiminami Kaido, we headed towards Hiroshima/Miyajima. We took an early ferry from Matsuyama. The ferry was included in the setouchi JR pass, so we gladly took advantage of that. It's a nice way to get to Hiroshima, just one last view of the Seto inland sea. One remark: if it is not JR serviced transportation, you do have to obtain separate tickets. Normally, just showing your setouchi JR pass is enough to get onboard the train, but for the ferry you do have to go to the ticket desk and show your JR pass to obtain the ferry tickets.
Surprisingly, it was very hard to find affordable good accommodation in Hiroshima. It was the weekend and two weeks before G7, so maybe that was the reason why it was harder to find accommodation. In the end, I found a nice simple hotel on Miyajima island and it was a good decision after all! After a long day in Hiroshima, we made our way to Miyajima to stay two nights. Staying on Miyajima island is lovely especially when all the day-trip tourist leave.
D8 Miyajima
Honestly, Miyajima is truly magical. Another highlight of our trip! We started the day early to get ahead of the crowd and that made it all so much more enjoyable. Seeing shrines and temples without a crowd is truly 1000x better! If you can stay at Miyajima island, do it! You don't have to splurge on expensive ryokan (although it would have been nice). We stayed at Sakuraya, which was very budget-friendly.
One remark, our hotel didn't include dinner and all the restaurants on the island close quite early. Luckily, with our setouchi JR pass, we could take the ferry for free, so went to the mainland for dinner. Just keep this in mind, when booking your stay.
D9 - D13 Kyoto
We took the early train to Kyoto and checked in at Tokyu stay Sanjo-karasuma. We had 5 days to explore Kyoto and by this time we had lost our FOMO a little bit and also decided to take it a bit more slow. We still ended up walking a lot anyways but at least we were sleeping in.
The day we arrived,15MAY, was supposed to be Aoi matsuri so we headed to Kamo river to see the festival. Unfortunately, the festival was postponed due to the slight rainfall and we had no clue! but we were next to Kyoto botanical garden and we decided to visit that instead!
I didn't mention everything we did in Kyoto here. We also had so much more planned for Kyoto, but didn't get around to it, which was totally fine! We were also a bit temple-fatigued by that time and needed a slower pace. Hopefully next time, we can visit some of things we skipped. Furthermore, some days were incredibly hot (30 C degrees and humid) or we had whole days of rain. On those days, we decided to go shopping instead.
D14 - D15 Takayama
After spending 5 days in Kyoto, it was time to leave the city and head for the Japanese alps. We took the shinkansen to Nagoya, where we changed to a limited express to Takayama. It took around 3 hours to get to Takayama, but we didn't mind. Train travel = resting time for our legs! Also, the views from the train were great!! I really enjoyed this train trip to Takayama. We arrived around noon and immediately checked in at our hotel (Hotel Kuretakeso Takayama). We had two nights in Takayama to explore the town.
D16 Kamikochi -> Matsumoto
After checking out of our hotel in Takayama, we took the 7am bus to Kamikochi. We were only going to spend a day here, and then continue our way to Matsumoto to stay overnight.After ~1 hour of bus, we finally made it to Kamikochi. The Japanese alps are amazing. I wished we stayed longer in this area, but just the bus ride alone to Kamikochi was already a great with the views. We decided to hop off at Taisho pond bus stop and walk along all the major sights in the park. We had no specific plan. Just hike around as far as time allowed. For lunch, we stopped at this cute teishoku restaurant, where we ate katsu curry, a big lunch to fuel our walking. We also saw wild japanese macaques and lots of wildflowers where blooming during our time there.At the local shops, we bought some yummy pastries to snack on. I had the tastiest baumkuchen with cheesecake center and my partner had a chocolate ganache cookie. I really regret not buying more kamikochi pastries to take home while we were there.After spending the day walking around, we hopped on the 4pm bus towards Matsumoto. Checked in at Tabino hotel lit Matsumoto, where I relaxed in the onsen.
D17 Matsumoto Tokyo
After sleeping in, we did some sightseeing in Matsumoto before we moved on to Tokyo. We really liked wandering around in Matsumoto. Lots of cool shops with local crafts. We didn't know but the biggest national crafts fair is held in Matsumoto. Unfortunately, we were only able to stay for one day, but next time we would love to visit this crafts fair!
Matsumoto Castle - I really like the interior of the castle. It has been renovated, but still contains that castle feel. It is 5 story castle and you are allowed to climb all of it. It also included a pretty extensive gun/weaponry exhibition. Do arrive early because you do have to line-up within the castle to get from one floor to the other. This is due to the steep stairways, on which they allow only one-way traffic at a time.
Matsumoto city art museum - There was a nice exhibition from Yayoi Kusama. We didn't know but Yayoi Kusama was born in Matsumoto. It is a good replacement exhibition if you aren't able to snatch up tickets for Yayoi Kusama museum in Tokyo.
Nakamachi street and Frog street - street with persevered houses with craft shops, cafes, brewerys. What more do you want.
After spending the day in Matsumoto, we took the train to Tokyo, our last destination of our stay. We decided to stay in Ueno (Hotel resol ueno). This hotel was located close to Ueno JR.
D18 - D24 Tokyo
Last 7 days in Tokyo. By this time, we were just enjoying everything at a much slower pace. Tokyo is huge! Staying near the JR line is indeed a must like everyone said. I could go on hours about Tokyo, I am just going to mention some highlights here.
That's it!
For 24 days, we spend around ~2500 euro p.p. (excl. 1000,- flights). This amount includes food, transportation, entrancefees and shopping/gifts. so average is ~100 euro/day. We didn't track every cost. Hotel costs were 900,- pp, which ranged from 50,- to 120,- per night accommodations. The conversion yen/euro is also great at the moment, so it might have contributed!
I hope you enjoyed my trip report. Let me know if there are any questions.
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2023.06.02 20:28 TheA-Occurence Returning to Brawlhalla to dole out Vengeance

I just couldn't stay away. I've returned to prove to all the doubters and naysayers that I am, indeed, a force to be reckoned with in this game. It's time to set the record straight and reclaim my position among the top players.
I've seen the skepticism in your posts, the words of those who thought I had given up. But let me tell you, quitting was merely a temporary setback, a strategic move to gather my strength and come back even stronger. Now, armed with renewed determination and a burning desire to prove my worth, I'm ready to leave an indelible mark on the Brawlhalla community.
To those who doubted my skills, prepare to be astonished. I've honed my techniques, studied the mechanics, and perfected my timing. Every moment away from the game was spent analyzing strategies, watching replays, and devising innovative approaches that will leave you gasping for air. You may have laughed when I left, but get ready to eat your words because I'm about to serve you a humble slice of defeat.
I once walked away from this game before these moments, defeated and disillusioned. I threw my controller in frustration, swore never to return, and yet here I stand before you once again. But this time, it's not out of desperation or a longing for mindless entertainment. No, my friends, I have returned with a burning desire for revenge.
You see, Brawlhalla, you thought you could break me with your seemingly insurmountable challenges. Your relentless opponents and unforgiving mechanics tried to crush my spirit. But I have emerged from the darkness, stronger, wiser, and thirsting for retribution.
I have spent hours studying the intricacies of the game, analyzing every move, every combo, every strategy. I have honed my skills, crafted new techniques, and embraced the art of mind games. I am no longer the novice you once knew. I have transformed into a formidable adversary, ready to unleash my wrath upon those who dared to cross me.
Prepare yourselves, Brawlhalla players, for my triumphant return. The tables have turned, and the once unstoppable foes shall tremble in fear. My revenge will be swift and merciless. I will dismantle your strategies, counter your every move, and leave you questioning your very existence within this virtual battlefield.
So, be warned, my former opponents. The phoenix has risen from the ashes, and I have returned to claim my rightful place at the top. Your reign of terror ends now, for I am the embodiment of vengeance and skill. No longer will I be a victim of defeat; instead, I shall bestow defeat upon all who stand in my way.
Brawlhalla, consider this a declaration of war. Brace yourselves for the wrath of a player reborn, fueled by a burning desire for payback. The tables have turned, and victory shall be mine.
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2023.06.02 20:09 joebally10 2 Questions. Is downpipe necessary for BIG pops? Why buy DSG tuning support if he doesn’t give me a DSG tune? Or does he?

2 Questions. Is downpipe necessary for BIG pops? Why buy DSG tuning support if he doesn’t give me a DSG tune? Or does he?
Basically the title. I’m wanting to tune with SneekyTuned but i’m not too sure what the DSG tuning support really does. And also the borla exhaust is very loud but might not be able to pop that much with stock downpipe.
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2023.06.02 20:01 psd808 What planes do you put on carriers?

Any specific templates? I tried googling but I think I googled all the wrong keywords.

For fighters I use carrier frame, 3x heavy machine gun, self sealing fuel tanks, 2x armor plates and the cheapest engine that I can slap on there.

What about naval bombers? How many carrier air wings of figters and bombers should I put on a carrier?

I mostly play multiplayer with only me and my brother if it changes anything.

I have 1k hours btw lol
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2023.06.02 19:48 Dad1903 DWT158 (June 3rd 2023)

DWT158 (June 3rd 2023)
Testing testing; check one two – DWT is live once again on Reddit!
Terrific, terrific stuff



  • I - The Wisdom
  • II - The Financials
  • III - The DWT Statistic Collection
  • IV - The Fundamentals
  • V - The Main Event
  • VI - The Reasonings
  • VII - The Epilogue



Welcome back hombres ✌️. Despite successes away from the place, May has been awash with the failing colour of red alas... every week a fucking loss-maker - ah no. Was in keeping with the month itself tbf... just ne'er got fucking going: weather fairly abject, meaning the usual sense of arrival of all sorts of shite has been stuttered and frustrating. June isnae usually summat you can argue with... fine, there'll be the odd spell that says, 'This isnae fucking good enough', but usually, prayers are answered with a wee spot of terrific for a fair bitty 👍. So - at the very fucking least - we're hoping for a bit of yon ; doesnae need to be jackpots every fucking week (here - wouldnae complain sure ✌️), but at least summat that lets Dad know, 'you havenae been forgotten.' Tbf - Dad has been defiantly optimistic in terms of selections made... still pumping out the crazy bastard 30-plussers to one, when maybe a smidge more reservedness would have seen us at least recoup a cheeky Double or two. Perhaps the hoopla surrounding returning to the Hat, resulted in overstretch... afore you know it, the face is drenched in egg being slowly diluted by the tears of regret. The timing couldnae be worse when staring at the stats... lucrativity hasnae exactly dripped freely from June 'n' July in times past - neither month has made a profit in the entire history of DWT... hoo mama. So what we're looking at here, is a Ship devoid of owt inspiring arriving in a port that screams danger... barely a cunt gives a fucking about health 'n' safety etc; a fucking shitshow basically. But here - if Dad has been owt in the past, it's a cunt who sees possibility where others see faeces - Dad'll be planting flowers whilst others'll be depressing the flush mechanism. After a couple months of nurturing, Dad could well be standing behind his wee counter, offering terrific tips on how best to make sure the buds blossom in the most delightful of ways 🌼. Let's see what fucking happens 🙌
Always acknowledge the challenges: that's some sage advice people ✌️. Too oft, cunts'll ignore what potentially could cause bother at some staged - then it happens and it's frustration a-fucking-plenty. Here - I'm no saying Dad's the fucking Voice of How To or owt - but for sure, with experiences had, one can safely say to cunts, shite akin to yon . 'If only' is as frustrating a musing as there is; if only I'd said yes, or if only I'd gone... regret haunts more than you'd think. If it doesnae - then it's more just a wondering of what may have been. Dad's got regrets - hoo mama... but in truth, manys of these 'regrets' are just that: wonderings about what would have happened, rather than it being a point whereby Dad made a cunt of it. Sure sure - in the grand scheme, manys a cunt would suggest Dad HAS made a cunt of pish... but that's purely based on their own prerogatives - Dad can honestly say that there's a healthy slice of Cock-a-hoop Cake served up most days. The annoyances or grievances or irritations? Let me let yous into the fucking secret: those fucking things exist regardless. Even cunts with more cash than Bill Gates have plenty pish that causes them to rend their garment or struggle for shut eye at night-time - the trick is knowing and dealing. Shite like this keeps you humble - keeps you placid. Too much of your own preference turns a cunt into a right arrogant patronising fuckwit - and no cunt should want that. No to say there isnae a few... but fuck 'em. Gaze back into their not-too-distant past, you'll find summat that can be sliced open and dealt with - and alls of a fucking sudden, they're attending charity dos and volunteering down the food shelter. It's tough as fuck to allow a bitty extra rope with some pricks - but those with the mental strength to do it, contribute huge amounts of terrific to the world... just manys a cunt wouldnae have the foggiest it's occurred. Which tbf - suits the humble, placid nature of the heroes doing such good deeds. Edge yourself towards this kind of methodology - you'll feel a good deal better for it, probably ✌️
As is oft the case, this stanza - The Third Stanza - is being written Friday, so as to maximise the amount of time available to the Fodder Receptors. And this week, that approach hath paid off people... great fucking news Dad got the day 🙌. Plodding away Dad has, a new occupation making sure at least a chunk of the day is spent being productive 🤘. To be fair, Dad is rarely kicking his wee heels for long - occupation or no - such is the vigour with which Dad approaches life 👊. Always a project to be getting on with... if there isnae, summat is up. To Dads Mind: There ne'er an excuse to no have summat ongoing. Sure - maybes a cunt or two'll perk up and suggest poor unfortunates who cannae walk or whatever... what about them Dad? A pathetic sentiment that sure - there's manys a thing a cunt who cannae walk can do to improve the quality of their day-to-day; certainly wouldnae need a pair of working legs to do umpteen terrific things, amongst them - DWT itself 😎. Just to clarify those who cannae walk - feel free to do summat akin to DWT, but dinnae just do DWT - that'd be some sorry shite and no fucking mistake - hoo mama. The point is, if you're aware, there should be summat of substance demanding part of your day or week or whatever. Dad worked like a carthorse for manys a year - and for sure, pish was sacrificed in terms of more self-indulgent activity... lots of hobbies enjoyed in times gone by, were shelved in favour of career-evolution. Ultimately - Dad shouldnae have... but if I hadnae, I wouldnae be here the now doing all this bollocks - so it is what it is. It filled a big chunk of life, taught Dad a bunch, introduced Dad to a load of pish... without the skills gleaned and honed - we wouldnae be here. So an important note about sticking in and no writing yourself off can be extracted... just because one, a couple - or even a set - of cunts say you're pish, doesnae mean every cunt will. Terrific cunts sometimes spring from unexpected places, which is largely down to them being stifled by bastards. And for sure - that could be you by fuck 🙌



There was a sense of optimism come Mays beginning... finally the struggle towards prosperity would become apparent. Then reality smashed Dad in the fucking face with a bastard cricket baton and left him confused and alone with fuck all cash. Ah no. So instead we gaze June-wards - a time we all hope I'm sure, where Dad swaps the water for fresh juice; the cardboard for sizzling sausage. History tells us that's unlikely - but if wt hath been learnt, it's ne'er expect the expected when shite is as fucked up as all of this pish - hoo mama. Reddit Running Total (RRT) currently sits at -£757.64. Ah no.

III - The DWT Statistic Collection


Welcome to The DWT Statistic Collection 🙌
DWT Statistic #111
DWT157 saw our second selection of French teams during the illustrious history of DWT, making that 6 teams chosen to fly the fucking flag (albeit Auxerre twice: once in Ligue 2, the second in Ligue 1); of those - one fucking team won. Hoo mama.
See you next week, for yet another addition, to The DWT Statistic Collection 👍



I'm not promoting it in the slightest to be put on; it's purely to be completely transparent about where the beans I'm spilling are being pushed towards – this is after all, a Life Experiment: Can a useless old arsehole prosper under strict weekly gambling conditions? Word of warning; prior to this – not really. The sticky clarifies - but just to reiterate - here's the format...DRS20 is Dads Recommended Spend: £20. This is a lot of money granted - and I would encourage absolute apprehension if this sort of money represents life altering for you personally if zero is returned. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to lose £20 in a week; but confess that if I got no return for say, 20 weeks in a row - I would likely be without something I value (a streaming service or summat). I don’t take it lightly. Four bets are placed with this outlay: a £5 Treble (DWT) and three £5 Doubles. Generally if two come up, the bet is covered (up or down £2 or so). As of DWT100 - we here at DWT now splash out an additional 15 bangers on the Singles. Regardless - DRS20 remains. I would NEVER recommend spending yet more on this if you have been a regular DRS20 utiliser... if owt - spend less 👍. My gambling prowess is pretty much a joke; so whilst I advertise, I in no way qualify them as a given. I’m a prick with plenty bollocks to spout is all. This is how I frame it.



So here it is - the one that drags its damaged body on broken legs in a desperate attempt to show it still has enough left to actaully get summat over the fucking line:

It's DWT158


DWT REPRESENTATIVE Opponent Kick-Off Time Odds
LENS 🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢 aj auxerre 🔴🟡🔴🔴🟡 15:00 GMT 29/20
LORIENT 🟢🟢🟡🔴🔴 rc strasbourg 🔴🟢🟢🟡🟡 15:00 GMT 23/10
STADE REIMS 🔴🟢🔴🟡🟢 montpellier 🟢🔴🟡🟢🔴 15:00 GMT 1/1

15.17/1 we get for this selection – terrific 😎

Over 37’s last week; over 15's this week - after all the fucking failings, particularly yon couple of back-to-fucking-backing Whitewashes there - Dads gone tighter, in order to make sure at least some sort of return is garnered. Nowt is for defo obviously... but to Dads Eyes - there's a combo in play here, that'll make sure Dads Pockets arenae home to only fluff and debris. No to mention the last few weeks are yearning hard for summat to holler about; Dad's hoping the Jackpot is won so as to counter the big pile of shite that has gathered. Let's see what fucking happens 🙌

DWT158 - The Doubles



LENS kick us off - the form team in the division: 9 wins from 10.... outstanding 🙌. The one defeat in that spell happened to be to PSG alas... cost them a shot at fighting for the Ligue 1 Title here the day - ah no. Still - a precedent hath been set... and it willnae be useless arseholes akin to Auxerre who ruin their 6-game unbeaten run - themselves free of victory in the same stretch. Fighting for survival of course... and tbf - that isnae the best when you've hungry devastating heroes to conquer. Fucked they'll get and deservedly so probably 🤘
LORIENT up next - a chance to consolidate their 10th spot finish with victory here; given it's fellow DWT Inclusion Reims that are behind them, who'll obviously defo win - it's a necessity they do the beeswax here, in order to achieve said feat. No be easy sure - strasbourg are on a 4-game unbeaten run, a run that's seen them achieve safety with aplomb. That objective achieved - it's a simple case of laying down the toolbox and letting Lorient have their way with them. Cheers Strasbourg son 👍
STADE REIMS round off the trio - and their season - at the safe haven of home, hoping to further increase the light visible between themselves and visitors Montpellier. 2 defeats and a draw last three - worth pointing out, that they had a man sent off in both defeats. No to say they were on fire afore that... just 2 victories in their last 9 - hoo mama. Still - Montpellier arenae exactly setting pish alight themselves, losing 2 of their last four, with a draw and a win taking the sting away somewhat. They'll no be arsed given the haplessness, meaning a terrific chance for our heroes to exemplify their slicker side 👍



So there we have it – nostalgia, hope and determination all apparent in equal measure. This time we do it right; wind in the sails – and off across the ocean in search of new worlds. A powerful pirate ship hunting high and low for treasures. Raise the fucking flag - the Good Ship DWT is back and ready to provide for its crew. If you play; play safe. DRS20 as always people. Frustration at the amount won, is better than the heartache at the amount lost.
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2023.06.02 19:43 tulpacat1 To Kill a Predator, Chapter 22

Hi everyone.
To Kill a Predator is a work of fan fiction set in the Nature of Predators universe originally created by SpacePaladin15 whose Patreon you should subscribe to.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Depiction does not equal endorsement.
Hope you enjoy it!
[First] [Previous]
Memory transcription subject: Jarkim, Unemployed Krakotl
Date [standardized human time]: November 30th, 2136

If they were following standard procedure, they’d be storing munitions separate from personnel and weapons. In guild offices there were hermetically sealed rooms for it, ensuring any stray fires would be snuffed out as soon as they devoured all the oxygen.
In a place like this, my bet was one of the sheds or root cellars. I had sent Russo and Mosun to handle the garage and workers’ quarters.
Of course it was possible they hadn’t got enough fuel, ammo, and explosives to prosecute their campaign. Possible, but unlikely. The attack on the shelter hadn’t been the actions of a group running on fumes.
Honestly, if I were in their position I’d hole up here too. A large farm makes sense. They’d have phosphorous, ammonium nitrate, local stores of benzene or fuel oils, ipsom grain to make into powder, even the septic tanks if you’re really desperate… there’s more ways to create fire bombs at your average farm than I can be bothered to count.
I ran the math in my head. I didn’t like the result I got: the Liberators probably had enough fire to turn every human in the district into ash several times over, and they might still have enough left over for everyone who voted for Tarva too.
I approached the first shed with Slavik. It was one of the simple above-ground ones. Unlikely target to bear fruit, in my mind, but it was the closest. “I’ll go in first. You watch out with the rifle.”
They nodded at me, grimly.
The door opened and I rushed into the darkness.

“It’ll be the fourth.”
“Why’s that?”
“Four’s a lucky number.”
“No it’s not.”
“Sure it is. If you have to count past it, you have to use a second paw.”
The first shed had been empty but for tools. The second had held spare parts for their generators. The third had led to a root cellar full of sun-dried and salted fruit, and some jars of preserves.
Lucky number four was a steel door surrounded by concrete inset into the ground, and as soon as it was wrenched open the stench of chemicals assaulted me. Even Slavik coughed with distaste, and they didn’t have a nose.
“Well Slavik, turns out you were right.”
“That… does not taste lucky.”
“It doesn’t, does it. Alright, let’s go.”
I moved in. Slavik was right behind me. We headed into the gloom, slowly waiting for our eyes to adjust. Slavik muttered a bit before turning on the light attached to their rifle. They swiveled their entire torso back and forth, eyes focused on the rifle sights.
Industrial tanks of chemicals stood like forlorn monsters in the dark, the threadbare light by the rifle’s muzzle casting ugly and stark shadows.
“Never should’ve come here.”
I froze. The voice was coming from behind me… and to the left.

There was a second Venlil, lunging out from behind one of the tanks with a breaching tool held in both paws. He struck Slavik’s gun, and I heard the weapon hit the stone floor somewhere in the dark. With a second swing he caught Slavik across the head, and they went down hard.
I lunged at him, talons grasping for purchase in the short Exterminator-cut fur of the assailant. I got a good digging grip and pulled him back, raking grooves in his shoulders in the process and sending the crowbar clattering into the shadows.
I recognized him as Vilrak, and he screamed with anger and pain and managed to strike me in the eye with his elbow. I reeled back, squawking, when his paw struck me in the stomach. Pain blossomed and spread like fire. His claws were outstretched, and dug in under the feathers and tore skin.
In response I lashed out with a talon, tearing bloody gouges in his snout. Venlil snouts are sturdy and solid bone, and I did little actual damage. It was still enough to send him back with a yelp.
We both caught our breaths, blood dripping from claw and talon alike.
Slavik was on the ground. They weren’t moving.

“Vilrak, it’s over… Stand down.”
His voice was filled with loathing. “…Jarkim. So Karta failed to get rid of you, you traitorous piece of-”
I interjected immediately. “What you’re doing here isn’t going to work.”
“Oh, but it is. We’re going to bring Venlil Prime back to sanity, and back into the Federation.”
“There’s no going back. The Interview, the humans, the proof that even the Arxur can be bargained with after they returned their Venlil cattle… The galaxy’s a different place than it was just a cycle ago.”
“So what?”
I plead with him to turn from his path. When he realized and accepted the situation, he’d do the right thing. Just like I had. “We’re going to have to learn to live in the new world. One that doesn’t need us. We believed our job was necessary… We were only acting on… On the information we had, the information we were given. But we were wrong. Listen to me, Vilrak. There’s another path here. We can reform the Exterminators. We can make it into something better, something that serves the community.”
He straightened up and lashed his tail at me, turning and walking away. One eye was locked on me the entire time. “Oh you stupid, sanctimonious fuck. You’re the only one who ever believed any of that predshit.”
I paused. “…What?”

He walked slowly. I followed, staying at a careful distance. “Being an Exterminator was the perfect job. We had respect. We had power, Jarkim! You’re the only one who didn’t seem to realize that! Oh, you useless damn joke of a Krakotl… You turned your beak and curled your talons every time you had to pull the trigger, and always made sure the PDs came in without a fight. The rest of us loved it!”
I felt sick. I had never liked Vilrak, but this was… Like Vikar, and Renak, and Luarik, and Karta, and… Not unprecedented. But hearing it put in such stark terms…
“I always hated rolling out with you, because you’re too insufferably straight-laced. The rest of the guys understood the opportunities. But not you, oh no. As soon as you get in the van the fun stops. No taking money to make PD cases go away, no letting off steam with the rods and some drunk, no sharing cuties collared in the back of the van…”
My talons itched to tear out his evil fucking throat. But more than that, I wanted to tear down the entire system I had been complicit in. I had looked the other way, made sure to not ask awkward questions I didn’t want the answers to. And that made me one link in the chain. The facilities, the prosecutors, the assessors, they were all working with the Exterminators. Everyone knew that we were the only way they’d stay safe, the firebreak between the civilians and the predators. So they let us do whatever we wanted.
“Vilrak… It’s not going to stay that way anymore. It can’t. It mustn’t. The winds are changing. If everyone’s as… sick and twisted as you, and the Exterminators can’t be reformed? Then we’ll be abolished instead.”
“That’s right, because the humans are fucking it all up! They did more for Venlilkind in one paw than we Exterminators have done since we joined the Federation, just by sharing food with the greys! And now everyone knows it!”
“Exactly. There’s no going back.”
“Yeah, well. It’s worth a shot.”
When he turned to face me again he was holding a flamethrower, the tank under one arm and the nozzle under the other. In the darkness I only realized he was firing when it spewed incendiary death in a wide arc.

I had to gracelessly take flight, leaping back and thrashing with my wings to get behind one of the chemical tanks in time. I ended up smashing into the wall for my trouble, and I felt something in my wing snap.
But seeing the burning trail where I had stood a blink of an eye beforehand, it was still a worthwhile trade-off.
Other than what little light the fires gave off, and the light from the open door, the room was dark. The flashlight on Slavik’s gun had gone out.
I slowly crept around the tank… step by step. Listening for the Venlil’s footsteps, and hearing nothing.
I heard the sound of the tank shifting nearby, and froze in place. I held my breath.
He was speaking from just a couple of wingspans away, in the dark. “You’re not the first predator I’ve had to hunt. And you’re not gonna be the last.”
There was a click as the flamethrower’s ignition line turned on.
A line of fire spewed from the muzzle, sending me scrambling for cover again. I needn’t have bothered, he wasn’t aiming at me.
With the second line of burning fuel gel, he created a ‘V’ shape against the wall. He was simply boxing me in, cutting off my escape. Standard procedure when dealing with poor-visibility terrain.
Now all he had to do was hose the enclosed area, and that would be it.
I felt panic slowly begin to flood my brain, and forced it down. I couldn’t let myself become an animal. He knew how to burn animals.

Gotta get out of here, or I’m kindling.
With only one working wing, I was rapidly running out of options. When Vilrak spewed another gout of flame, my options dwindled further. I took flight, my one wing fluttering as I twisted my body in a desperate attempt to get above the flames and the equally dangerous super-heated air right above them. I felt the oppressive heat and could imagine my feathers curl and blacken as I made my desperate lunge over the fire-wall.
My talons scraped the stone loudly upon my rough landing, and I ended up falling prone. I yelled out as I landed on my bad wing again.
Starting to rise slowly, far too slowly, I heard Vilrak whistle out a laugh from nearby. I saw his shadowed form looming out of the dark, lit from the side by the growing flames. The flamethrower’s ignition line clicking on. Faced straight at me.
There was a bright, sudden light. And a scream.

Vilrak reeled back. So did I, good wing raised in a meaningless gesture of defense. I couldn’t see anything, blinded by Slavik’s flashlight. I heard a shout. “Jarkim, get down!”
I laid myself prone on the ground without hesitation.
Superheated plasma flew overhead, sizzling the air and filling the enclosed space with the rank stench of ozone.
The shot impacted Vilrak’s fuel tank. The ensuing breach sent burning fuel and bits of hot metal all over the cellar, and threw him back into the wall. With my head down I could do nothing but flinch and hope.
A searing lance of pain impacted my leg, making me squawk out. A glance down showed a piece of jagged metal the size of a wing feather sticking out of my thigh.
Blinking the spots out of my eyes and coughing from the smoke filling the room, I saw Slavik holding the plasma rifle. It was aimed at the prone Exterminator, who was already screaming and crawling. His legs were on fire, and looked shredded from shrapnel. The flames were eagerly eating their way up his short-cut fur, already spreading up over his back and sides. His voice was a high-pitched, babbling shriek.
All that confidence, bravado, and gleeful sadism had vanished the instant it was his turn. And I wasn’t a good enough person to not take some vindictive joy in that.
Not the flames not the flames please not the flames!! No no no nono please please not the flames!! Help meeeeee!!!
The second shot took him in the face. I looked away sharply, not interested in seeing the results.

“C’mon, you useless lump. Move your ass before it’s cooked.” Slavik grabbed me by my good wing, dragged me out of the burning cellar like a sack of grain, and closed the door behind us.
The fire would eat through all the oxygen long before it burst any of the chemical tanks. Even so, Slavik didn’t stop dragging me until we were a good distance away and we could both collapse in a panting heap on the ground.
Slavik’s head was leaking orange blood into their wool from the hit, and an ugly lump was already forming on their head. They looked at me darkly. “…That was mercy. I’m not going to let myself become the kind of person who’d have let him burn.”
I felt jolts of pain searing through my body each time I coughed. “Khakh, Khahhk… Y-You just saved my life. You don’t have to justify yourself to me.”
They looked down at their weapon in silence for a while, before speaking so quietly that I barely heard it. “You’re not the one I’m trying to convince.”
After a long silence, I tried my arm and grimaced. My leg refused to even bend now that the adrenaline was flushing out, and I didn’t want to take the metal out in case it was sitting in an artery. I didn’t even want to know what my feathers looked like. “…Wing’s busted. L-Leg too. I’m no good like this. Khahhk… I’ll head back, you try to link up with the other team.”
Slavik shouldered the rifle, and lifted me up. “After I get you back to Hanya.”
The trek back was awkward, and slow. I was left to hop and cling to Slavik as they half-dragged me along. I hoped the other team was having more success.
Memory transcription subject: Martin Russo, Human Refugee
Date [standardized human time]: November 30th, 2136

I raise my hand to Mosun. Three. Two. One.
The door opens. Mosun lunges in low, I sweep in high.
Nothing greets us but silence. We sweep the ground floor of the main house slowly, room by room. I move my aim back and forth like a metronome as I seek targets. My eyes dart around from place to place. Those saccades the Venlil are so afraid of.
The place shows clear signs of being lived in. Very recently. There are still-damp dishes in the kitchen.
The living room is an even bigger tell. On the table there’s a map of the whole district, and another of the town. Addresses are circled in different colors. I might not have recognized the map so quickly, except I’ve also been studying up for my own campaign.
As we search the place it appears that nobody’s home. They seem to have removed all the signs of the original inhabitants. I see pale reverse-shadows on the wall where once hung pictures or pieces of art.
I tap Mosun’s shoulder. He looks at me, and I point up, then down, and give a shrug. Upstairs or basement first?
As Mosun considers the question, we hear a scream. I freeze stock still, and Mosun’s eyes go wide. It’s from upstairs.

I brave a soft voice. “…Is that…”
Another scream. A word carries through the drawn out, inelegant blubbering. “Mhh-aaa-aahhhahhhu-hurttii-hi-hiiinnnn!!” My blood feels ice cold, and my stomach drops out.
Jesus Christ it’s my name. She’s screaming my name.
I’m acutely aware my tongue is dry.
Another scream, this time just a shrill sound of pain.
I’m running up the stairs. My grip on the gun is so tight it hurts. For a few seconds my thoughts don’t form words, just the panicked urge to rush to my beloved friend. To help and defend her.
Upstairs there are four rooms. Two on the left, one on the right, and one in the far back. The only one that matters is the one with the noise.
I rush to the door and almost wrench it open right away, but pause.
Stay frosty.
Mosun almost runs into me in his haste to keep up.
I turn and look at him. His furious face mirrors mine. I cringe as another shout comes from the room right beside us.
He nods grimly and grabs the door handle. We both take a couple of deep, steadying breaths.
I raise my hand to Mosun. Three. Two. One.
Here's some fun fanart of Martin's Ghost Gun by Asclepius on the discord, thanks Asclepius!
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2023.06.02 19:32 xlhlx trucks not loading to full

trucks not loading to full
they drive off with half cargo when the receiving storage is empty and the one they are pulling from has plenty of liquid in it. how do i fix this
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2023.06.02 19:24 BtBaMrocks [WTS] KAC 16”, razor/rmr bundle, EXPS3-2, Romeo4t, Modlite head, iron sights, BCG’s

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/7KFTq2J
PLEASE READ - I can NOT accept PayPal . I got my personal PayPal banned from someone creating a gun related note. - I CAN accept Venmo, zelle, cashapp, or Apple Pay. - NO NOTES AT ALL! Use food emoji for Venmo transactions. - Prices are shipped. Might take a day or two to get to the post office.
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2023.06.02 19:16 FrontButtPunt Leasing the Plug-In Hybrid is a really smart move - here's why

I wrote this in response to another thread, but I think others should see this.
If you're really good at calculating all your personal variables, there's a big argument for doing a new lease (and specifically a lease). The tax credits play a huge part in this overall calculation.
I just got my new lease on Tuesday, so this is very fresh for me. Here's some quick important variables to consider for the overall deal:

Here's what my deal looked like:
Tl.;Dr - I'm leasing to buy a van over 8 years for less than it would cost me to buy it today with cash.
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2023.06.02 19:13 rotsihylop [WTS] Andromeda to Redeemer upgrade $60, Pack of 5 Constellation Taurus LTI $690, Glaive LTI $370, Endeavor Masterset 2018 LTI $1250 ◄ Many LTI ships and packs Inside ► Aurora LN SQ42+SC Game Package $65, Referral Code STAR-TGVR-RMW9, Subscribers

Standalone Special-Offer Ship
Name Insurance Price (USD) CCU from
5 x Constellation Taurus LTI 690 5 x Aopoa Nox LTI
5 x Ares Inferno LTI 1010 5 x Aopoa Nox LTI
Glaive LTI 370 Dragonfly LTI
Polaris LTI 750 Dragonfly LTI
Cross-Chassis Upgrades
Base Ship Target Ship Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Andromeda Redeemer 25 60
Original-Concept Combo-Pack Ships/Vehicles
Name Contents Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Caterpillar & Dragonfly Pack Caterpillar, Dragonfly (Black & Yellow) LTI 300 375
Endeavor Masterset 2018 10 Modules (2 Bio Dome) LTI 1000 1250
X1 Three-Pack X1 (Baseline, Velocity, Force) LTI 130 165
Race Team Pack X1, Dragonfly, Nox LTI 115 150
Drake Dragonfly Ride Together Two-Pack Dragonfly (Black, Yellow) LTI 65 110
The Tortoise and the Hurricane Hurricane, Terrapin LTI 345 450
600i Series Combo Pack 600i (Touring & Exploration), G12, X1 LTI 835 1000
Air and Space Pack Terrapin, Cyclone-AA LTI 250 290
All-terrain Vehicle Mega Pack Cyclone (Standard, AA, RN, RC, TR), Rover (Ursa, Lynx), Greycat PTV LTI 405 500
Offroad Vehicle Pack Cyclone TR, Ursa Rover, Greycat PTV LTI 110 150
Tumbril Cyclone Pack Cyclone (Standard, AA, RN, RC, TR) LTI 255 320
Starfarer + Nox 2 Pack Starfarer, Nox (Standard, Kue) LTI 365 425
Top Secret Bomber Pack Eclipse, Gladiator, Retaliator Bomber LTI 670 770
Banu Combo Pack Defender, Mechantman LTI 515 615
Ground Vehicle Pack VIP Dragonfly Yellow, Nox, X1, Ursa Rover, Cyclone, Nova Tank LTI 320 420
Deluxe Ground Vehicle Pack Dragonfly (Black, Yellow), Nox (Black, Kue), X1 (Standard, Velocity, Force), Ursa Rover, Cyclone (Standard, TR, RC, RN, AA), Nova Tank LTI 725 850
Standalone Original-Concept Ships
Name Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Freelancer LTI 110 150
Vulcan LTI 200 240
X1 Velocity Edition LTI 45 70
Hawk LTI 90 115
Hammerhead LTI 650 800
Polaris LTI 750 900
Sabre Comet LTI 185 225
Gladius Valiant LTI 110 140
Hornet Wildfire LTI 175 210
Avenger Titan Renegade LTI 75 100
Origin 85X LTI 50 75
Prowler LTI 425 500
Vanduul Blade LTI 250 315
Prospector LTI 140 185
Buccaneer LTI 110 150
Dragonfly (Black or Yellow) LTI 35 65
Terrapin LTI 195 250
Vanguard Hoplite LTI 225 275
Razor LTI 135 170
Endeavor Base LTI 350 450
Hurricane LTI 175 215
Banu Defender LTI 185 230
Eclipse LTI 275 340
Nox Kue LTI 40 65
600i Luxury LTI 400 475
600i Exploration LTI 435 525
Standalone Original-Concept Vehicles
Name Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Cyclone LTI 50 75
Cyclone-AA LTI 70 95
Cyclone-RN LTI 55 80
Cyclone-RC LTI 55 80
Cyclone-TR LTI 55 80
Nova Tank LTI 105 130
Original-LTI Game Packages
Ship Insurance Games Hangar Starting Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
UEE Exploration Pack LTI SQ42 + SC VFG Industrial 20,000 UEC 495 700
Exploration Mega Pack LTI SQ42 + SC VFG Industrial 20,000 UEC 895 1100
Game Packages requiring referral code: ►STAR-TGVR-RMW9◄ +5,000 UEC bonus
Ship Insurance Games Hangar Starting Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Aurora LN 3M SQ42 + SC SelfLand 1,000 UEC 45 65
Hangar Flairs Subscribers Exclusives
Name Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Kastak Arms Custodian SMG Citizen 2947 Edition 5 15
UEE Calendar 5 15
Stellarsonic Jukebox 5 15
Locker from Another Universe 5 15
Mr. Refinement's Cabinet 5 15
Patron of the Arts Award 5 15
Puglisi Collection Planet Artifact 5 15
Puglisi Collection Vanduul Scythe Armor 5 15
Puglisi Collection Vasli Fragment Stone 5 15
Puglisi Collection Kamposi Magnus Skull 5 15
Puglisi Collection AV8 Battle Armor Replica 5 15
Space Flower - Emperor Blossom 5 15
Space Cactus - Kavische 5 15
Space Plant - Ophelia Vine 5 15
Conner's Beard Moss 5 15
Opera Mushroom 5 15
Revenant Tree 5 15
"Tears of Fire" Painting 5 15
Hitbox Magazine 5 15
Icarus One Holographic Model 5 15
Takuetsu RSI Constellation Phoenix 2944 5 15
Takuetsu MISC Freelancer MIS 2944 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Reliant Kore 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Aegis Sabre 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Hornet F7C-R 5 15
Takuetsu Series Mustang Beta 5 15
Takuetsu Series Aurora ES 5 15
Takuetsu 350R Ship Model 5 15
Takuetsu Starfarer Model 5 15
Takuetsu Aegis Avenger Model 5 15
Takuetsu Khartu-Al Model 5 15
Takuetsu Aegis Gladius 5 15
Takuetsu Mustang Delta Model 5 15
Takuetsu Origin M50 5 15
Takuetsu Mustang Gamma 5 15
Takuetsu Golden Herald 5 15
submitted by rotsihylop to Starcitizen_trades [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 19:07 SlackersLaboratory The Inglewood Parking Dispatch

Dearest Cecilia,
I don’t fully comprehend every idiom that I heard when I was growing up. Fit as a fiddle. Hoss Cat. Lost as last year’s Easter Egg. I certainly don’t know how one could Piss up a rope, but I invite everyone involved with Metropolitan Parking to do so.
My barber recently changed shops after his Inglewood location closed. When a man finds a trusted barber he knows to follow him to the ends of the earth. My journey was only four miles but it was fraught. John’s new shop is dangerously close to Five Points. Last week I piloted the old diesel Volvo to his new location and found a confusing little parking lot down the hill from Woodland Street.
John’s Inglewood parking lot was a pavered affair with ample slots. I’d get out of the car and go into the establishment. End of story. This new lot barked orders at me from bright blue signs. First Hour Free! Download the App! Scan the Code! I patently refuse to stand in a parking lot and download its app. I took the “first hour free” to heart and went inside.
John is doing fine. His stepson is 11 now and his razor is as true as ever. It was by all accounts a typical haircut. I enjoyed myself despite the pounding blare of what I assume was “Taking Back Sunday Radio.” Twenty-eight minutes later I emerged to find that my car had been booted and plastered with obnoxious vinyl ransom stickers on each window.
This urban barnacle, the pincers of shame, an undue shackle, it fueled a new and honest rage within me. I called the 629 (!) number and got short with the dispatcher. They assured me that someone would be there to remove the boot within thirty minutes.
“Are you a real business? Who am I speaking to?” I demanded.
“Yeah, we real.” the teenaged voice said. I hung up and paced a harsh circle.
A scraggly looking man came up the alley and approached me.
“Say man,” he began.
“Friend, I’m having a bit of a rough go of it at the moment.” I said. He looked at my forty dollar haircut. Was I really having a “rough go of it,” Cecilia? I sighed and fished two dollars out of my wallet. He gave me a slight salute and went on his way.
Ten minutes later, the parking enforcement woman made a pass through the lot.
“Are you here to take the boot off?” I asked her.
“Oh, no, that’s from another company. I just do tickets. Those guys get you for a hundred and thirty dollars.” she told me.
When one’s head is about to explode from anger, one forgets the specifics of conversations, so I will attempt to summarize what she told me. Not only is one subject to tickets from the owner of the lot, Metropolitan Parking, but there is a second company that is also contracted to enforce the lot. The second company is the one to fear. The woman spoke of them like the Metro cops talk about the CIA. I should have downloaded the app to get the free parking. No. No. I will never download the app. I dialed up the parking enforcement company’s number once again.
“Are you coming to the Woodland Street lot?” I asked.
“I think Anthony just got off his shift. It could be a while. Well, maybe… no. He’s gone.” This new woman was more honest than the previous dispatcher. I hung up on her.
The scraggly man once again came up the alley and approached me.
“I know man, I know, but could you help me out?” he asked. I had no fight left within me. I gave him a five and he nodded his head.
I thought of evil things, Cecilia. I concocted plots against these companies. Despite these nefarious intentions, I realized that there was only one man that could assist me here and now. A man with a healthy disrespect for authority and a favor to pay me. I placed a phone call and walked to Mapco to buy a 12-pack of Coors Light.
Within an hour, my brother-in-law Hyde peeled into the lot in his Duramax. He hopped out and left it idling. He was wearing a tank top with tessellated guns on it.
“This fuckn guy right here.” he smirked at the three empty cans of beers sitting next to me on the hood of the Volvo. I saluted him with a fourth.
“Oh fuck that mess.” he said as he looked at the boot. I handed him a beer and he housed it in three pulls. He was in full “Puke Bryan” mode. I handed him a second can. He cracked it and put it on the running boards as he pulled a humongous angle grinder from the bed of the truck.
“Twenty seconds. Time me on this cut.” he said. He pounded the second beer and threw the can into the bed.
The scraggly man once again made his orbit of the alleyway.
“Hey guys, could”
“Go piss up a rope.” Hyde snapped at him. The man diverted his gaze and kept moving. What I felt wasn’t respect, but it was in the same family of emotions.
“Twenty seconds.” Hyde raised his eyebrows. I took out my phone and gave him the high sign. The grinder made a phenomenal racket as he set into the boot. Thirty-two seconds, Cecilia, and it was off.
“Cheap shit.” he said. Hyde reached out for another beer as though I were handing him one. I fished one out of the damp box and gave it to him. He picked up one half of the boot and laughed.
“I’m gonna keep this as a souvenir. Kayden and Jeff are gonna love this.” he said as he admired the unusual hunk of metal. I was also admiring an unusual hunk of metal. A Hoss Cat.
Hector Fogg
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2023.06.02 18:38 Theguywhowatches I fucked up and punctured a hole in my gas tank. Since been fixed but engine won’t start.

I fucked up and punctured a hole in my gas tank. Since been fixed but engine won’t start.
So this morning I was a bit zoned out, and when I went to turn for my line. I was too close to the some shrubbery and a stiff branch poked a small hole in the tank. I didn’t notice it untill the engine started stalling(I assume because there was air leaking in which fucked with the fuel mixture). Any ways I went to autozone and bought the putty and sealed it up, but now my engine won’t start any tips?
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2023.06.02 18:35 EricBelov1 Gaijin's server issues literally shoved a napalm fuel tank up my ass.

Gaijin's server issues literally shoved a napalm fuel tank up my ass. submitted by EricBelov1 to Warthunder [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 17:59 SwannSwanchez Dev Server Datamine -> Part 3 -> Part 3

Naval changes :
Ground changes :
Aircraft weapon changes :
Bomb changes :
Air missile changes :
Current Dev version :
Current Dev-Stable version :
Current Live version :
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2023.06.02 17:44 Rabbit-In-A-Tank The Firefly makes me sad, because it is the last glimpse we will have of what tanking was going to be.

First, to calm everyone down, Yes the Firefly is not fun at all to use.
Biggest problem is, this is not a heavy tank. It is literally just a medium Sherman with a big ol gun. The armor should be the same, the reload should be worse, and the mobility should be somewhat similar maybe a bit more awkward than the standard medium.
This is clearly just T17 taking whatever BM had laying around as concept and just shoving it out the door, untested, and calling it an update. It's obvious since so many of the weapons don't aim quite right, and that the Firefly still has the old mobility model that was removed from other Shermans, because it sucked.
But the armor having weak points on the front, being able to get knocked out by a PZ 4, no hull MG, all of it just makes me think that this tank was meant to have a more specific role in a universe where HLL has much more detailed tank gameplay. You should be able to poke holes in most M4s with a German 75. Tanks shouldn't be broken up into just rock/papescissors. The current meta removes pretty much all incentive to ever spawn in a light or medium tank, unless you are desperate on fuel.
I don't expect them to do anything to fix it, maybe just patch the mobility, but not much else. The only way it would actually start to make any sense is if they added a Churchill, to give us a TigePanther situation. Even then, how many times do you hear or see people calling in Tigers, or better yet, Jumbo 75s? Practically never.
Just a shame to see a lot of good ground work go to waste.
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
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2023.06.02 17:16 banana_jamma_ How many miles per tank are you getting?

I just bought a brand new 2023 Mazda3 S Select a couple of weeks ago and I’m getting abysmal gas mileage. I’ve used up about a tank and a half and only gotten 300 miles out of it. So I’m getting 200 miles per tank. Based on Mazda’s advertised MPG * 13.2 G capacity fuel tank, I should be getting around 360 to 400 miles per tank. I know this can vary based on how the person drives but I’m not a bad driver, I’ve always gotten somewhere close to the estimated fuel range in my previous cars, but with this I’m getting half…
How is everyone else’s fuel range?
Update: So a lot of people are noting that the above is not a good method. So here is an alternative, I’ve been keeping my gas receipts and resetting my trip odometer upon fill up. Last time I filled up 8.2 G and the odometer said 148.2 miles before I reset it. That’s about 18 MPG.
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2023.06.02 17:10 Lukewarm__Tea Some tips and tricks I learned playing reworked Rell

Max E. W is gutted and gets nothing but some attack speed and base damage from leveling it. E is just more useful
Playing for the remount toss in lane is easier, but playing for crashdown knockups is hard af now against anyone who just slightly respects your nonexistent engage range. Use mount up with E (and maybe flash) to catch people off guard who aren’t used to Rell’s new speed.
Your E can be used to get people out of danger similarly to a thresh lantern except with speed. If you’re in a safe spot, you can most likely get your adc to a safe spot. Pop it when retreating from a gank or bad skirmish and your adc becomes hecarim for 3 seconds if they’re running towards you.
If you aren’t already. Hexaflash.
You can flash during your Q buffer to surprise people or get some extra range
Get used to doing Q into W. Not because it’s easier to hit (fuck that hit box and windup time), but because people still expect you to engage with W and don’t know they need to sidestep your Q yet. 9 times out of 10 I’ve engaged on people I should have no business being able to catch because they’re saving their mobility spell for my W.
HIT YOUR Q. Don’t forget the stun duration is the same amount of time now as the knock up duration from your W (0.75 seconds). Missing your Q is actually alot more harmful to your engage than it used to be, and it’s even harder to hit now so really prioritize hitting this ability.
Build Shurelya’s. That item combined with your E makes your team very hard to run away from, and you’ll need to be pretty much right on top of teams to hit your W+R combo on multiple people. Chemtank and deadman’s can also be very fun but unless you’re ahead with a lot of gold, I wouldn’t recommend it.
Overall Rell does not feel like the “cc multiple people” champ, and is more just a rush down tank with the potential to cc multiple people. She has more damage but still isn’t on par with literally any other tank support in terms of burst. In the rare extended 1v1 against another tank support though when both adcs die she can definitely hold her own. Her new E utility is pretty good making her more useful outside of just her old W+R+E combo, but at the cost of her identity and reliable setup for aoe wumbo combos.
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2023.06.02 16:59 average_RS_enjoyer Lowdown on biocides

I have read about biocides until my eyes crossed. This is my first boat and the fuel in it is about 2 years old - I don't motor very often just in and out of the slip. I'll be filling the tank in a few weeks and I'm guessing I'll just add a biocide, appropriate for the tank size. Is it more complicated than that? I'm a "keep it simple" person. Should I change the fuel filter at some point after the biocide's added? It's time for a filter change as well.
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