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2023.06.02 21:19 JustYannickVG Can't get into bonelab fusion because of this weird bug/error

Can't get into bonelab fusion because of this weird bug/error
So I'm trying to play Bonelab Fusion, but after fixing each massive error I get into, I finally get in the game greeted with this. Being 60-80cm taller according to bonelab than I should be. I can see my own avatar beneath me in a sitting/laying position with no movement besides the fingers when I click a button. There's no menu, just an empty screen infront of me and I have tried many things already. I don't know how to fix this error so I come to reddit today in hopes of FINALLY resolving this and getting to play fusion for the first time. Any help would be massively appreciated
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2023.06.02 21:19 djsbaseball2014 Living Room/Kitchen Tips?!

Living Room/Kitchen Tips?!
Hey everyone! Just moved into my new 1 bed/ 1 bath apartment a few weeks ago and have slowly been furnishing it! Attached are some pictures of my kitchen and living room and I just wanted advice on a few things.
Living Room: I have blue sofas, sometimes they look black on photos. I have another rust colored pillow coming to match the other. Was curious if anybody had any ideas for colors of a wall art canvas. I’m looking to get something 50 x 32 inches to span that wall behind the couch. Was hoping for something more bachelomanly if that makes sense.
TV Area: I went ahead and mounted my TV and soundbar to the wall. Did some cable management and now am trying to figure out what to put below the TV. Maybe a TV stand? I also want some sort of ladder bookshelf/corner bookshelf for the far corner near the loveseat. Colors/shape/design advice is appreciated for those!
Kitchen: I really like my kitchen as is but open to any suggestions or decor ideas!
Any and all help is appreciated. Also please let me know your thoughts on how I’m doing 😅 it has been a crazy few weeks but it’s starting to feel like a home!
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2023.06.02 21:18 lennnur How do i make a lottie animation go above a popup when it's opened?

I have a header with a lottie animation as hamburger for my menu, when you click it opens a popup menu with my pages. And know have to use double lottie elements to create the smooth effect.
Is there a way that i can have my element (lottie hamburger) on the header go above the popup under all circumstances? If anyone can help me i would much appreciate that.
Greetings, Thanks for helping :D
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2023.06.02 21:18 roboIndyee Songbird-Chapter 8

Memory transcription subject: Fox Harris, UN Mechanized Infantry
Date[standardized human time] October 9, 2136
I had awoken the next wobble, it looked to be mid day already as I slowly swung my legs out of bed. I looked at my holopad to look for any messages and news. One from Thomas and Ramirez checking up on me, made my morning a bit better, told them I was alright and to stop being a bunch of babies. Asked where they were, their message came in a minute later,still floating around in space, apparently resources are still being shifted around for some big defensive op going on.
Scrolled down one more.
I looked, dumbfounded as my pad scrolled the message from my commander.
"Due to ongoing events, the Federation may be making an Offensive push against Terra. If the situation degrades, you may be recalled temporarily to defend Terra and safeguard allies. Given your current location, possible temporary posting would most likely be to defend Venlil Prime from Federation Incursion. Once able, please report to the local UN garrison commander for additional information and medical testing of ability to perform duties."
I nearly dropped my tablet all together. The Feds were gonna go after Venlil Prime? What did they ever do to deserve that?!
The Feds are going after Terra. I pull open all the contacts on my pad and start furiously typing in family and friends. I send group messages to get ready for possible attacks in the coming days. Most of them had already heard, confusing me that I'd be getting the information later than others. Usually it's the other way around.
I knew my family had a secret bunker pretty close to where they lived, so i wasn't too worried, 'course i didn't know what the Feds were capable of, so it did stay in the back of my mind, haunting my thoughts.
I hopped out of bed with a new purpose, though that purpose did send a flash of pain up my side as I landed on my feet, so maybe dial the purpose down a bit. I walk over to my footlocker, remove my helmet from the box's surface and start going through what remained of my wardrobe and gear. I paused, expecting to see something different inside the box while my brain told me I was being stupid for expecting it. The clothes I had been wearing when I got smoked had all been cut away or ruined by blood. Damn shame, that combat shirt had been one of my favorites.
I picked up an OD green shirt with my spotted-green camouflage pants. Loved the built-in knee pads on those things, lord knows they had saved my ass on multiple occasions. My vest and gear were all still in the box as they had been in a hurry to offload me, surprising me though
was the pistol still lodged in my thigh holster.
Damn, they must've really been in a rush, huh? Usually the quartermaster would've wanted this back, heck i think i had a bunch of sensitive equipment still on my gear, goggles, radio, emergency transponder, a shitton of ammo and my pistol. Felt kinda disappointed I had the ammo for my rifle but not the rifle itself. Oh well, can't win them all, right? I heard the door click open right as I quickly slid my pants over my butt. *Oh thank god." I turned to See Tajir holding some medicines on a tray. I gave them an awkward but warm welcome, my face as red as a tomato. I knew it was them who had comforted me during my nightmare, and for that i was beyond thankful! Just didn't really know how to go about expressing my thanks to an alien like that. Once I had my uniform on, I left my room. I didn't like the visor all that much, so I went with my gray balaclava and helmet's tan sun goggles. The elevator ride down was both parts amusing and sad, as an unfortunate Venlil doctor was trapped with me going down to the lobby floor. 'Course I didn't do anything to exacerbate the situation, but I could tell he was terrified. I looked over at the trembling alien without turning my head, my eyes masked by the goggles.
"Dude. I'm just standing here."
"I-I know, I can't help it."
"Fair enough. Sorry."
The Elevator opened to the lobby floor and the doctor nearly sprinted out of the confined predator box, not looking back as he cleared the lobby in under 5 seconds. I chuffed behind my mask, before walking across the lobby floor. I hadn't technically been discharged from the hospital, but I could make a quick run to the UN building and come right back without too much of a fuss hopefully. I stopped short of the doors, took one last breath of sterilized hospital air before stepping outside.
The bright sun hit my goggles as they luckily filtered out just enough light to keep my eyes from hurting as I looked at the populous around me. Like seeing them from inside my hospital room again, I saw Humans, Venlil, and a couple other Federation species going on about their daily lives as I stood outside the hospital doors just taking in everything.
I slowly looked down to my holopad, typed in the address to see how far the UN building was from my location. Five klicks. Not impossible, but I'd rather not show up to my new commander dripping with sweat and completely exerted. What's the public transportation here like?
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2023.06.02 21:17 StrivingScorpion Are they (M25) using their ADHD as an excuse to not spend time with me? (F25)

I was texting a guy between February and April. We met up one time around the end of Feb and then his car broke down. He lives an hour from me. I was happy to meet him half way with seeing one another, but he told me that public transport makes him very anxious so we would have to wait until he fixed his car. This went on for 2 months and I decided to call it off in the end as I wasn’t willing to sacrifice this much. It was starting to feel a bit ridiculous. We agreed to keep in touch and maybe pick things back up again when he sorted himself out.
Last week, he messaged me to say that he would be coming to my city for the weekend as it was his friends bday. His friend was driving him. I was going out that night, so I decided to meet him for a while. One thing led to another and we ended up hooking up back at mine. I did feel like I might just be a bit of a booty call but I also was in the mood and I do like him so I didn’t really care if that was the case.
The next day, I had to help him to get home because his friends had left without him. I don’t drive so I brought him to the station and more or less put him on the right train. I realised that this guy just didn’t have a clue how public transport works in my city and seemed to have little to no experience in using it all his life. It all made sense. He got home and and said that it wasn’t that bad after all and that we could meet up again. The same weekend, he actually took the train to my city to watch a football game by himself.
When we were talking during the week, I asked when we could see each other again to hang out properly some time, and he gave me a vague sort of an answer like “we will have to plan something.” I said okay to this but made it clear that I wasn’t going to be sleeping with him if he just happened to be in my city on a night out again or if he only wanted to see me every couple of weeks or in a months time. I expressed wanting to spend proper time together to get to know each other more. I said that if that was the kind of dynamic we were going to get into then I’d rather label last weekend as a one time thing and move on. He then claimed that stressing him out over this would only make him get “overwhelmed and depressed.” I acknowledged this and said that if him having to meet me half way to make plans to see each other caused him such feelings, it was a valid reason to act in a certain way, but that it didn’t necessarily mean that I must tolerate being unhappy and say nothing though. Then he just went on about his ADHD and now I need to understand it to understand him and what not. Kind of making me feel bad nearly and acting like I’m being inconsiderate. I get that this is a legitimate problem for him and I feel like I have already been real patient with him in the past. I waited around for him for 2 months and nothing changed. Do u think he is using this as a bit of an excuse and he just really wanted me for a one night fling? Or am I just being a terrible person right now? TIA
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2023.06.02 21:17 Thomas-and-Jerald What was the song uncle aaron played on his record player near the end of across the spider verse, i know it’s a classic i just can’t for the life of me remember the name

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2023.06.02 21:17 CPTpurrfect The Dangers of Modern Gaming - written by someone who loves gaming

Hey fellow siblings and dads,
I love video games, they were always a part of my life. I met a lot of dear friends through them over the years in many different games. And that's why I want to talk about something I positively can describe as disgusting and gross.
Or more accurately: Predatory.
Over the last twenty years the focus of the game industry became more and more towards multiplayer games and away from single player games, and more and more towards multiplayer-centric games.
And I want to focus your attention on the first sentence of the last paragraph - to be precise on "the focus of the game industry". What does that mean? Does that mean that single player games weren't popular anymore? No. Not one bit. It means that the people behind the big publishers (those who pay for the development of most if not all larger games but not necessarily develop them themselves) realized something very important to them: That they can monetize multiplayer games - or as they call them "live services" - far better than single player games.
It isn't that single player games were dead or didn't sell, it is that the game industry wished them dead.
Because what's more effort? Developing a new game, or just putting another 50 skins or so into an existing one? The pay out is probably roughly the same, whether you pay 60 up front or enough people by a handful of those skins so that the average player paid 60. I think you can make an educated guess what is more effort.
But if it was just that I wouldn't have felt the need to make this post. This is truly just the tip of an iceberg I want you to show here.
And for the next part we talk about a concept some of you might be familiar with, but don't worry if you aren't - I'll explain it in detail. The concept in question is a four letter acronym, and it is called
Or spelt out: Fear Of Missing Out. And the name really tells you the whole story what it is about - about the publisher's intentional creation of FOMO within vulnerable users - not all are vulnerable and if count among the ones who aren't affected by this at all, you are truly "one of the lucky ones".
FOMO is about "limited time offers" and I think most who are into gaming can see where this is going:
Rotating storefronts (Fortnite, VALORANT), battle passes (every multiplayer game in existence, seemingly), sales, limited time offers (BUY NOW! ONLY AVAILABLE FOR XX), etc.
To take VALORANT as an example for the first point, imagine you see a cool skin in the shop, but it isn't even the one you really want for the gun - just one that you think is still an "upgrade" over the one you currently use. I mean, sure it isn't the one you really want, but,... who knows when that hits the store shelves? And when I don't buy it now, I still prefer that one over what I currently have, and most-ish others, so... if I don't buy it now, who knows when I can get another skin for that gun that I actually like? Right? Better buy it now, right?
Does that feel remotely familiar? That is pure FOMO. And I don't think it surprises you to learn that this is 100% on purpose. As said earlier: Something I can positively describe as predatory. And the prey, that is the player.
Another concept integral to live services is what is investment - many of them are free to play, so starting them doesn't take a lot of you - just download and install the game, maybe you need to make a new account and you are good to go - great, right? How easy it is to get started. Often you then also get something to make the start smoother, some kind of starter pack, ain't that nice, now you even have some stuff, straight of the bat!
So, now that we are all hopefully a bit more cynical... let me ask you: Why do you think do they give you those things to make the start feel so smooth? Why not just make the experience as a whole smooth and get rid of the "starter pack"? I want to remind you what aspect we are talking about here, once more:
Because that way you already have so many nice things you earned from playing the game - stuff you'd usually often have to spent money for or otherwise would take a whole lot longer. Ain't that nice? You can earn stuff by playing. Almost like... a job. But this isn't a job, right? This is FUN, right? This is what you want to invest your time in after work to get it out of the system, to relax.
Fast forward: You are now playing for a couple of hours, maybe this is your second or third day, and the goodies from the starter pack are basically used up. You feel how the dopamine cycle gets stretched and how what you do now isn't fun anymore - it is boring. You really want that experience back you have just a few hours ago, where everything was fun and the dopamine was flowing freely. Well, how nice that in the shop you see this super exclusive starter offer for a really sizeable amount of items, that otherwise would cost you a fortune, for, what is that? 90% off? Just for a few more hours available? Oh boy, better get out the credit card, wouldn't want to miss that, I mean I already played a couple of hours and I had a genuinely good time with it, if that stretches it out for a few more hours, that'd be great, and what's 10 bucks? That's a steal!
So you buy it. And for another few hours, maybe a day, you have a great time, dopamine flows freely again. You enjoy what you are doing. And it was definitely worth the money, right? But then we are back at the point where the experience starts to drag. And the items from the super exclusive starter offer are also nearly gone as well. I mean I could buy items from the shop now, but what earlier was 10 bucks would now be 50, and that's a lot of money,... but I mean I already paid... so... but it's really a lot of money, I could by myself something outside of that game for that. A nice dinner, a good book and maybe still have enough for cinema tickets, but... I already invested money.
So might as well.
And that brings us to what investment leads us, to be a bit melodramatic about it - you might have noticed I do like being a bit melodramatic - the THIRD HORSEMAN OF THE GAMING-APOCALYPSE...
okay that might've been a bit much, but it really is basically the other side of the same coin as investment:
The Sunk Cost-Fallacy.
Popular in gambling and live services alike, it describes the "in for a penny, in for a pound"-mentality - or in other words, why we just paid 50 bucks for a bunch of crap that will be used up within two hours. Because we already invested those 10 bucks earlier. Because that told our brain "it is okay to invest money into this" and that is a huge flood gate gone. A flood gate certain companies obviously want gone. So we are ready to pay more. And more. And more. Because I mean if we already paid now 60, might as well take the big super deluxe pack for 100 next time, I mean I get 10% more value out of that than if I had bought 2x50 buck packs.
And now let's talk about an element popularized by Fortnite you can basically find in every online game these days, one mentioned earlier already, that unites FOMO, investment and the Sunk Cost-fallacy in one fine package:
Battle Passes.
Basically inescapable in modern multiplayer games, to not aware allow you to earn rewards for a limited time within a battle pass. And for those blissfully unaware, allow me to explain the concept:
A battle pass (BP) is a form of continuous rewards for keep playing the game, you can think of it in a way as a stamp card. Except that this stamp card often has a very limited time during which you need to fill it up to get the payout, as they are usually only active for a very limited amount of time, this differs from game to game, but common durations are between 1 and 3 months. Instead of the stamps you have a separate "battle pass level" (or something called something else that is functionally a separate level), and (usually) two reward tracks - a free one and a paid one. The free one drip feeds you nice rewards every few levels, but the paid one is where it is obviously at: Exclusive cosmetic items you can only find in here (hello FOMO my old friend), other stuff you'd usually have to pay obscene amounts of cash for, etc.
I think you can see how this works already - but there is an extra kicker that makes them worse:
Battle pass progression is often capped per day/week and is usually achieved with missions you do on the side even if you don't plan on doing them.
So even if you aren't interested in the battle pass you still will slowly progress, you will get your free rewards and one day you might just look at it and go "well that's a lot of stuff I'd already get if I buy the premium pass upgrade now" - after all you level the pass as whole, so if you buy it late you still get all the premium rewards for the previous levels immediately. And you better believe that the game will do everything in its power to make sure you see what you could get "for just a handful of bucks".
So you buy the pass. But if you buy the pass, you obviously don't want it to go to waste, now you want all the rewards, right? You want to reach the maximum battle pass level, otherwise you lose out on stuff you paid for, right?!
And now let's go back a few paragraphs: Battle pass progression is often capped per day/week. Can you see why they'd do that? Why they don't just allow you to play 83478 hours non-stop to get everything immediately? Why they want you just to play... a few hours a day. And even if you don't feel like it, you better log in and do your daily missions, right? I mean you don't want to miss out on all the stuff you already paid the money for. Better now also pay the time for it.
And let's go back a few more paragraphs: But this isn't a job, right? I mean, you do your time per day, even if you don't feel like it, to get the rewards,... that does sound an awful lot like a job, suddenly, doesn't it?
And now thanks to battle passes, you can't just quit, I mean you'd at least would want to finish the current battle pass, you paid for it, right? You wouldn't want to waste that money, right? So better finish that one and quit after. And,... oh, what is that? I could PREORDER the next battle pass?! And I get it 40% cheaper? I mean,... I don't really enjoy playing the game that much anymore, but I'd be stupid not to buy it, right?! That's a massive steal! I can't let such an opportunity pass me by!
And as said, that's not one game that's doing that. It's most of them. They compete for your most valuable - no not your money, your time. Imagine if you don't just play one game like that, but multiple, imagine what it does to you.
To those who feel caught reading this: It isn't your fault. You are a victim. And it isn't your fault. You just wanted to spend your precious free time with something you enjoy.
I don't think I surprise anyone at this point that all this very much isn't just by design, but almost the central goal of many of those companies, as this gives them the most recurring revenue and makes sure that even if they have a game that does poorly their other stuff is still active and lines their pockets with cash at the expense of those vulnerable to those mechanisms.
Lastly, for those who want to know more about this a video from 7 years ago at a mobile gaming conference that goes into more detail how most of this works and what tricks are employed, most fitting summed up with a sentence by the speaker: We can talk about the morality of this at the end, if there is time.
And all this is written by me, who loves video games. And it is written, because and not despite me loving video games. I am not saying "don't game" or "forbid your kids to play games" - games can and should be something wonderful. But what I want to do is to inform you about this. So that you know the tricks they try to employ against you. Companies never are your friend, but most video game companies are a special kind of evil.
Much Love
Big Bro (or for the ones who read this older than me - Lil Bro)
P.S.: Feel free to share your stories about similar experiences in the comments, depending on how this post'll do I'll try to read and respond to as many as possible.
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2023.06.02 21:15 shdwfknbnd Moving to Kentucky on a whim. How do I find hidden deals?

So.. I got bored with my life and decided to move to Kentucky. Not totally on a whim, as I've been wanting to move for a while now. But I just did a road trip up there and decided one morning, screw it... lets give it a go. So I got an apartment I'll be moving into and I hope to be able to find a small (3-5 acres) piece of land with a house on it for cheap. I'm moving to Western Kentucky. Near Cadiz? I think the town is called. I'm self-employed. I have enough money saved up to live off of for several years but I'd rather get to work right away when I get up there (I'm self-employed) and buy a home base within 1-2 years of me being up there.
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2023.06.02 21:15 fonix232 How to adjust a draught excluder on the front door?

I've recently moved into a new flat, and the gap under the front door is quite massive - I could nearly fit my pinky under.
This also means that any time a window is open, the front door turns into a boatswain's whistle. Quite annoying.
I've had the maintenance guy of the landlord attend due to some other issues I've had, and he said it's adjustable, but since it wasn't a problem reported initially, he'd need to charge £100 to do it. Which is quite high for something that's apparently really simple.
However I can't find a single guide that would tell me how to do it - all of them are about fixing a non-adjustable excluder to the outside of the door, whereas mine is built in.
As for adjustment I found that there's a metal plate on the side of the hinges, on the bottom, with a single Philips head screw and a plastic piece below that can be pulled out about 4cm.
How would I go around lowering this?
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2023.06.02 21:14 Scarlettemaker North Carolina Buddhist looking for community

Hello, I live in Salisbury NC, which is 40 mins north of Charlotte. I converted to Buddhism in my 20's and back then I had school, later the army, and after that work that kept me busy and around people. I would like to start going back to services but there's no SGI facility near me, the closest one is in Raleigh, which is a day trip at least. There is also a Buddhist temples near me but it is a Vietnamese sect, and I don't know how different that could be. Does anyone have any advice on a community I could reach out to?
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2023.06.02 21:14 HelloKitty1571 DasherDirect

Beyond pissed rn. Has anyone else had unauthorized charges on their direct card that they will NOT refund?! I’ve called multiple times and NO ONE will help. Every single time they say someone from the escalation team will call back and surprise, surprise…no one ever does. Just spent nearly an hour on the phone, finally got a supervisor, and he hung up on me. Idk what to do, I NEED my money back. I’m a single mom and rent is due.
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2023.06.02 21:13 Washpedantic A nice bagel shop that just opened near me.

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2023.06.02 21:12 Agnimitra42 I cannot maintain an erection during sex

Hello! First time poster here. I have been porn-free for 4 months after a pretty rough period of porn addiction (at least an hour every day for a few years). I finally had sex last night for the first time in nearly 5 years. Although I was able to get hard during the foreplay, when it came to sex, I became a limp noodle. I just could not get it up. Thankfully, my partner was understanding as I've been very open about my porn addiction, but it was deeply disheartening.
I really do think this is psychological and not physical. I am a 33 year old gay male, in fantastic shape (some might even say jacked), I don't smoke or drink, and I am regular meditation practitioner. I'm doing everything right. This is why I get so frustrated.
I worry that I am beyond repair. I had a relatively healthy sex life in my early 20s when I didn't use porn that much. But I went through a long period of celibacy (due to depression, covid, and geography) from 28-33 where I just submitted to watching tons of porn. But now I am trying to be sexual active again and this experience frightened me. Any words of wisdom?
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2023.06.02 21:12 Shindig_ JUNE ANNOUNCEMENT + MAY WINNERS

People often ask me: "Shindig? Is it hard being such a magnificent cult leader Bringer of Darkness Father of the New World person?" And I say, "It is, my child, but I do it all for you."
Now, on with our announcements...


JUNE 2023 Contest Prompt

June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth. Her Greek equivalent was Hera, and she was the wife of Jupiter. Juno had many aspects and epithets, and scholarly debate about her role in mythology is complex and very, very interesting. The festival honoring Juno Moneta (or Juno the Warner) was traditionally held on June 1st.
One of the most popular depictions of Juno has her wearing a goatskin cloak, symbolizing her warlike aspect. Therefore, our prompt for this lovely month of June is cloak.
Your story must include the word cloak or one of its variations (cloaked, cloaking, etc.). It may be a physical cloak or non-physical. Be creative!
Properly formatted June 2023 examples:
[JUN23] The cloak was red. This is the second sentence.
[jun23] I can't see the ship, captain! It must be cloaked!
Improperly formatted examples:
[June2023] This tag isn't right. Cloaks are pieces of clothing.
In [jun23], I got the tag right, but it's not at the beginning. I also didn't mention the theme!
June Contest Rules
Contest ends on June 30, 2023 @ 11:59pm (GMT)
Any questions should be made below in the comments, within our Discord, or a note on modmail.
Check out May's winners in the comment below!
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2023.06.02 21:12 Black_Cobra1 Right… so just finished my first playthrough and it fucked me at the end so i said i’m done and uninstalled.

Pulled the country out from the mud into a Golden Economy. Education & healthcare were all greatly improved, civil unrest was quelled, gender equality was alive and well, minorities were happy and trade and economy were booming but near the end despite being peaceful at every turn and in order to avoid war i gave in to Queen Beatrice and for that i got coup d’etat’d by Iosef bc i didn’t let them have their dick swinging parade after a plane got shot down and bc i tried Soll but failed bc of Orso.
It was a fun game. Made me actually feel all presidential and shit like i was making revolutionary change and the music was enticing it really made you feel the politics but i don’t feel any urge to replay it bc of what happened or try again for a different or better ending. I think i’ll just go back to Tropico for my Presidential cravings.
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2023.06.02 21:12 Tomtomorrow9 trip report: Coe Trip over Memorial Day weekend

I posted pics separately but imgur link is here: Am discovering I am not a reddit-whiz. Here is my trip report.
Quick summary: Basic route: went from HQ to China Hole, up Narrows Trail, right on Bear Mtn Road to County Line Rd., left on that then Right on Chaparral trail, then short right on Red Creek and left on Robison Creek, then Right down Orestimba Creek Road, Right at Hartman to Mississipi lake, South on Willow Ridge Road, right on willow ridge trail and back to HQ. I think total mileage about 45 miles with some detours and about 6,200 feet elevation gain. For Coe a lot of people, but still able to camp by myself every night. Weather was perfect: lows upper 40s highs b/w upper 60s and mid 70s. Bugs: minimal, bothered me about an hour total around sunset over 5 days, had a couple bites, didn’t use deet. Water – plentiful in China Hole area, available in Red Creek with good flow but I don’t know how long, not much in upper Robison creek but plenty lower down in creek, plentiful Orestimba creek. For me, Coe is usually too hot and dry after Memorial Day but I think this year may be an exception if anyone still wants to give it a shot while they wait for snow to melt in Sierra.
Extended description:
From HQ to China Hole, up Narrows, past Miller field and Arnold Horse Camp, right on Bear Mountain Road, camped just above/North of Water Gulch right before Bear Mountain Road crosses East Fork Coyote to begin steep climb up Bear Mountain. I don’t know maybe about 8 or 9 miles all flat and downhill with of course some slower creek walking which I like.
There is a lot of flat space there. Water was flowing well and clear. Pro tips: don’t mash your finger with rock while putting in stakes. Don’t get both your hiking socks and camping socks wet. Not that I did that…I am much smarter than that.
Saw a couple people on way to China Hole, and two more b/w Los Cruzeros and Bear Mountain Road intersection. No one after that.
– Up up up Bear Mountain Road. Though steep I kinda liked it. Might have been worse going downhill ‘cause knees. Lots of what I think is mountain lion scat some disturbingly fresh. Lots and lots of pretty views. Didn’t see a soul. Just for kicks, took second right, first right after Bear Mopuntain peak Trail, on to first turn off for Bear Springs trail, thinking I’d see if I could find Spring. Gave up after about ¾ mile as seemed blocked by brush and didn’t want to poke around to find trail. I know people go frequently on bear spring to mississippi lake - maybe the second right at County Line road is better bear spring trail route - or maybe if I had poked around a bit I’d have found trail. I dunno.
- Then left on County Line road. You get to some barbed wire as is private property but look to your right and can easily step over and continue. Though feels weird/questionable to do this, I believe is completely legit as long as stay on trail to pass through the private property. Was feeling like a real explorer but then humbled by crossing path with high school group out for graduation trip. They were cheerful and was good to see them having fun.
-Then right on Chaparral Trail. I knew it’d be steep and was not a great trail but was worse than I expected, perhaps partly because was getting tired and it was getting hot. A real knee-buster in places. Often blocked by growth. Easy to lose trail (though I was tired and bombing down it so maybe if I was more careful would have been better). I lost it pretty badly at one point and got stuck doing some real bushwacking through shrubs to get back on it – scratching up my clothes and self a bit. Pro tip: don’t do this. Didn’t see anyone.
- At bottom of Chaparral trail, took right and found first shady spot by Red Creek. No one there. It is really pretty valley plain with a lot of flat spaces for camping. Very very nice. I was tired and it felt like mid-70s. I figured I was probably covered with ticks so stripped down put all my clothes save boxers in permeable bag (senchi bag) with rock in it to allow the creek to wash everything off. Then took washcloth bath in creek. Water flowing well though was not a ton. I don’t know maybe up to my ankles. While airdrying in sun in my boxers while creek washed my clothes, high school group came by again – awkward. Hung up my clothes to dry a bit (but not too much as wanted them a little moist to stay cool) and hung out enjoying the sun on my skin. Pro tip: if your skin hasn’t seen sun in I don’t know a year, uhm, don’t do this, you will get a burn. But again I would not do this. I am much smarter than that.
-High school group continued down red creek road and camped out of site/sound at intersection of Robison Creek trail. I walked around Red creek a bit but mostly just hung around then cowboy camped in bivy. Got a lot of dew and outer bag and borah bivy alarmingly wet but I was dry inside and worked out okay. Really pretty stars. Nice afternoon and evening.
- All in all was I don’t know maybe 8 or 10 miles for day
-Went south on Red creek and in only .2 or so left on Robison Creek trail. High school group was camped there as well as another group of 3 or 4. Robison creek trail was somewhat encroached with grass but easy to follow and pretty and I was excited to be in Orestimba. After a couple miles or so you hit upper portions of Robison creek and trail follows creek northeast. At upper creek, not much water, I guess you could pull in an emergency but not really flowing and gnarly looking to me. Followed creek trail and as you went down flow got good. Lots of crossings. At intersection of Pinto creek is pretty field with lots of flat spots for camping. Would be nice to camp there one day. Saw party of 3 or 4 that had camped at beginning of Robison trail.

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2023.06.02 21:12 Ok-Gur8690 girlfriend said “sometimes you have to cheat to find your soul mate” don’t know how to feel?

girlfriend’s last relationship was very emotionally abusive and nearly got physical. she cheated to sabotage it because she was afraid to leave. she was up front and honest about this to me from the beginning, but am i wrong for getting weird vibes from this statement? part of me feels like she was just trying to be sweet but she knows i hate cheaters and with a blanket statement like that, it made me uncomfortable. any thoughts?
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2023.06.02 21:11 throwawayprincabana 24, taking medicine off the table, approaching end of undergrad. Now what?

I am unhappy pursuing medicine due to the financial and time drain it demands, but am completely lost on what to pursue now. Three semesters away from completing a biology degree, I still believe I can turn things around this summer, find a career path, and secure a fall internship that helps me support the life I want.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
To clarify: I enjoy the medical environment and working with physicians, the feeling of teamwork, regular problem solving and scientific analysis/thinking/use of research, the use of anatomy/physiology, and the ability to share "love" with others as a professional (what a gift this is exists as a profession for those that can access it? wow). However, I continue struggling academically, mentally, and want to plan ahead to a future I want where I can meet my long-term goals. Going into debt beyond the 30k I have to get a masters to fix my GPA, being depressed from 25 - 32, and waiting until I'm 30 to start having quality time in the relationships I want will not allow me to do that. My family is scattered across the globe, and they are not easily accessible when I need them in person.
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2023.06.02 21:11 LunaLynnTheCellist Why is Tears of the Kingdom so frustrating to me? [a long and probably quite selfish rant]

I want to preface this rant by saying that I'm SO happy people are loving the game, and the reason these issues affect my experience so much might be because of my autism and ADD, but hopefully y'all can understand what I'm talking about in this possibly quite selfish rant.
Breath of the Wild is my favourite video game of all time (and I've played a LOT of amazing games). So I was naturally super excited for the release of its sequel, and I bought TotK on release day. I started playing and had a great time for the first maybe 3 hours. Then I slowly started to realize more and more annoying things with the game, and now, not 15 minutes go by without me getting terribly frustrated with the game.
First thing I noticed is that switching weapons is slower than in botw. This is something that i do multiple times per battle, even in small encounters. In botw, switching weapons is very swift, allowing you to switch back and forth between weapons, arrows, shields and bows multiple times in small time windows without breaking the flow of the fight. In TotK, there's a small delay where you can't input anything every time you press left, right or up on the d-pad, and after you've selected a weapon, there's an even longer delay before the menu closes. From my experience, all this more than doubles the switching time on average and feels terrible and it kills the flow of combat every time you switch. You also can't switch weapons with the triggers in TotK for some reason, and don't even get me started on the long ass item menu.
Next thing I noticed is that having to navigate the sky islands for so long without the paraglider is a terrible experience. It's cool in the beginning, but after a while, it's just... frustrating and takes forever imo. This is definitely a smaller thing, but it kinda represents a bigger problem from the very start that I have with the game.
And that problem is clunkyness. This is mostly about Ultrahand, but also about a lot of other aspects of the game. So, the main mechanic of TotK is Ultrahand, and while letting you build anything you want with a huge arsenal of devices sounds amazing, it's awfully clunky in practice imo, at least early game. I'll give it credit for being better Magnesis, but also manually using Ultrahand to spend 10 minutes building a machine to traverse a gap while using up a ton of resources, just to find out that it straight up didn't work, is one of the most miserable experience i've had in a zelda game. Using machines you built is a lot of fun but when you before you get Autobuild, building them feels terrible and is filled with tiny annoyances with the controls of Ultrahand (not to mention autobuild still takes resources).
But why don't we talk about the other abilities too? Ascend is wore revali's gale. There, I said it. It's just worse, it doesn't work if the uneven or slanted, and the fact that you can't use it in the air is outrageous to me. Clunky. Then there's Fuse, which is an awesome concept, but honestly, it just feels unnecessary and slightly out of place to me. A ton of weapons from botw seem to have been removed in totk because Fuse can replace them, but if I'm forced to pick between a stylish sledgehammer or double axe and varius iterations of a club or sword with a rock on it, I think I know what I'm choosing. I won't deny the potential for creativity Ultrahand and Fuse have, but from a casual TotK gamer's perspective, it just doesn't feel as good. Also fusing shit onto arrows is hell why do i have to do it for every single arrow, why cant i just switch to my ice arrows and be happy. And then there's recall which... just takes too long for me man, I don't like waiting in video games, and if I'm already frustrated from everything else, and then I fuck up my recall idea oh my god. Not to mention that you can't use it on enemies like with stasis +, which was one of my favourite combat mechanics in botw, and with recall it coulda been really cool i think.
To really summarize how I feel about this game, it feels like BotW basically had this motto of "if you wonder whether or not you can do something, you probably can", and the few times where it didn't work, it at least didn't feel super frustrating or it might even have been funny. In TotK, I'll have a cool idea, and it either just won't work because the game said so for seemingly no reason (see: my opinion on Ascend) or I'll waste a bunch of time/resources and end up frustrated. And this happens A LOT.
And then there's the more frequent blood moons (annoying), the lack of the bomb rune (im addicted to windbombs), the lack of cryonis (i just like it idk) and the vibe of TotK being much less serence/relaxing/beatiful/peaceful (imo), gloom hands being more annoying than scary, and far inferior to guardians (imho), the lack of the gerudo vai set (very minor but still), etc.... All in all im really disappointed and sad that I don't enjoy the sequel to my favourite game like everyone else seems to.
TL;DR: Everything feels clunky and I get frustrated all the time by so many small annoying things, and all of my favourite things about BotW are either not in TotK, or they feel less significant or much clunkier.
PS. I hope some of you could relate to at least some of these issues I have with Tear of the Kingdom, and if not... that's okay too and I implore you to ignore me and go have fun with your unethical warmachines (which I btw love seeing videos of on here), and in the meantime, I'll just be over here, windbombing around the ruins of Hyrule. Random BotW fan on the internet, out.
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2023.06.02 21:11 Preesi Things for Christians to research in their questioning journey

Mormons are leaving the Mormon Church in DROVES due to something called the CES Letter.
CES Letter is one Latter-Day Saint's honest quest to get official answers from the LDS Church (Mormon) on its troubling origins, history, and practices. Jeremy Runnells was offered an opportunity to discuss his own doubts with a director of the Church Educational System (CES) and was assured that his doubts could be resolved. After reading Jeremy's letter, the director promised him a response.No response ever came.
Do you know there is a "CES Letter" of Christianity?
Yes, its the story of Flavius Josephus along with the story of Julius Caesar and Cleopatras illegitimate son Caesarion. Caesarions whole life was the inspiration for the myth of Jesus. Flavius Josephus's story was stolen/plagiarized by the Romans to invent Christianity. Christianity was invented by the Romans because the Jews at that time were violent and war loving and the Romans wanted a pacifist religion. So there you go. More things to research
Furthermore There is no other animal in the animal kingdom in which VIRGINITY is valued.
Virginity lasts a millisecond.
When devout Christians tell ex Christians that they leave the church so they can SIN, I need to let you know that I am an atheist and I dont drink, I dont smoke, I have ZERO tattoos, I dont go to bars or nightclubs, Im an extreme Monogamist, I dont even wear make up. I dont lie, cheat or steal. I have great credit and no debts. I am kind to people and others. I love sewing, cooking and crafts. I gave up religion when I was 7 at my First Holy Communion, cause I found it to be hilariously comical. Catholicism was ridiculous.. So current Christians? tell me Im sinning. Go ahead.
People cling to religion so they never have to do hard thinking. If you can give your troubles to a all seeing deity, then YOU never have to think or experience anxiety. Its easier for them.
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2023.06.02 21:10 CarterPewtrershcmidt How much is this worth

How much is this worth
So when cypher came out in 2017 I wanted the game bad and never shut up about it and my dad knew a guy who worked at the GameStop near me so he got a free copy and this thing since I got it free idk how much it’s worth I just know my dad said it’s worth a lot it’s the full soundtrack for the song in a old fashion disc it’s near-mint condition how much is this worth?
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2023.06.02 21:10 PlaceApprehensive278 Armaf CDNIMLE doesn’t last on my skin

I’ve tried everything, I’ve damn near bathed in this scent in five minutes late and nobody can smell it on me. Was this cologne a scam?
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