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2021.12.27 19:30 ILGO-TURK mrincredibleuncanny

No rules at all. Just don’t send nsfw

2023.06.02 20:11 iirisconsulting Quad-ASEAN Defence Exchanges On The Rise

Quad-ASEAN Defence Exchanges On The Rise
The Malabar Quad exercise will take place in September of this year. For the second consecutive year all four Quad countries will participate.
An Indian task force of 4 ships from the Eastern Naval Fleet are already on a two-month voyage through the South China Sea (SCS) and Western Pacific where the Malabar will take place. The group comprises guided-missile destroyer Ranvijay, guided-missile frigate Shivalik, anti-submarine corvette Kadmatt and guided-missile corvette Korea.
Besides Malabar, they will carry out bilateral exercises with the navies of Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore (SIMBEX), Indonesia (Samudra Shakti) and Australia (AUS-INDEX). They visited Brunei before proceeding to Guam for the Malabar21.
All the Quad countries have recently (2-6 August) participated in the EAS, ASEAN+1 Ministerial meetings as well as the meeting of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), the main forum for regional security architecture.
The Quad recognise that in the Indo-Pacific, particularly in the SCS, it cannot afford to be facing a hostile China and neutral ASEAN member states. Their buffer has to be more responsive than hitherto. The revitalization of US policy towards the ASEAN could be seen in this context.
The SCS and the Indo-Pacific is seeing an increasing level of activity from the Quad. They are engaging the ASEAN member states more. This has to take into account that China is certain of its control over the SCS and is focusing on Taiwan. China regularly breaches Taiwan’s ADIZ and has deployed both its aircraft carriers with full battle groups around Taiwan. The Chinese are using their occupied island territories in SCS with increased capacity of missiles and now aircrafts. At present, China has the capacity to deploy as many aircrafts as on an aircraft carrier on these Island bases at one time.
Therefore, the US and its partners realise that a single carrier battle group (CBG) would be inadequate to deal with the Chinese strength based off these Islands. At least two CBGs would be required in the Indo-Pacific. The USS Reagan led CBG, from Yokosuka, was deployed to help in the evacuation from Afghanistan and could return soon. It supported the 5th Fleet’s USS Dwight D Eisenhower and its CBG , which have been in the area since April 2021. The CBG led by USS Theodore Roosevelt has also returned to the SCS. If the Indo-Pacific Command is to be more effective it needs to constantly deploy 2 CBGs. The visit of the UK CBG may be partly seen in this context.
Another notable point is that the US scrambled out of Afghanistan and may reduce its involvement in West Asia. The exit from Afghanistan could allow more leeway for releasing periodic CBG deployment under CENTCOM to the SCS and Indo-Pacific.
The US is aware that ASEAN as a whole has been slow in re-engaging them for a joint exercise. The first ASEAN-US maritime exercise was held at the Sattahip naval base in Thailand in September 2019. It passed through Singapore and concluded in Brunei. About 1000 people representing all 10 ASEAN member states and the US promoted a shared commitment to maritime security and stability in Southeast Asia. This included all ASEAN countries including Chinese allies like Cambodia and Laos. Though this was the result of a proposal at the ADMM-US meeting in 2017 and 2018, it has not recurred because of sensitivities towards China and lack of unanimity among ASEAN members. A China-ASEAN exercise of 2018 has also not recurred.
The three ASEAN countries which US Defense Secretary Austin visited recently, undoubtedly have strategic importance. Singapore, for example, is a key port for the US 7th Fleet, playing a significant role in providing logistic support for military aircraft and ships. Vietnam and the Philippines directly confront China over their respective territorial issues in the South China Sea.
Through such efforts, the US has enhanced its engagement with individual ASEAN countries. In April 2021, the Philippines and the US conducted the 36th Balikatan exercise held since 1991. It now has an Indo-Pacific dimension. It was held despite the pandemic with reduced participation, tabletop exchanges, training, real time security training, and similar activities.
A significant result of Secretary Austin’s visit to Philippines was the decision to hold off on the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement, the basis of the US Philippines arrangement for military bases
The US-Indonesia Garuda Shield exercise is another annual exercise for more than a decade. Held in August, it covered the large outlying islands of Indonesia, including Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra. Over a fortnight it involved amphibious, special forces and airborne units. In June 2021, Indonesian and US Marines conducted joint exercises focusing on conflicts in urban locations and are scheduled to do another exercise in the US later this year. US and Indonesia are constructing a joint maritime Training Centre in Batam, a small city on an island near the Malacca straits and close to Singapore. The US tries to solidify the US-Indonesia Major Défense Partnership and cooperation in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) region.
Thailand manifests the American dilemma in dealing with ASEAN. For several decades, Thailand and the US had a mutuality of interests as Thailand saw the US as a support against Chinese and Vietnamese influence in the region. Thailand, now having abandoned its democratic credentials, its military regime is more inclined towards engaging China and sees it as an uncritical partner. Due to their domestic issues and accommodation with China, Thailand does not have a strategic interest with the US; its main challenge is democracy, not China. The US has reduced financing for Thailand’s arms purchases following the coup in 2014.
This dilemma over democratic rights, economic assistance and proximity makes the US rethink its ASEAN engagement. Thus, traditional allies like Thailand and Philippines become ambivalent whereas old enemy Vietnam is a strategic partner.
During July 2021, Australia and Japan with eight other countries held joint exercises around Australia. This was preceded by the Australia-US, Talisman Sabre exercise. It was later joined by Japan, UK, Canada, South Korea and New Zealand. India, Indonesia, Germany and France sent observers. This combined exercise would further strengthen the FOIP.
The traditional ASEAN policy of outsourcing its security requirements mainly to the US was challenged when China became more aggressive and the US pivot to Asia did not happen under the Obama administration. During the Trump period, ASEAN was not a priority for the US. Under the Biden administration, the Indo Pacific and the Quad have a much higher priority.
Thus, the three-pronged policy recognises that China is the main factor and ASEAN has accommodated it, particularly in the economic sphere. The US wants to reengage with ASEAN and select member states. For this it prefers the regional architecture, to provide space, and a buffer between China and its rivals.
Increasingly the ASEAN buffer was inclining towards China. Now, efforts are made to restore the balance within that space particularly on the security and functional side. Undoubtedly for this to happen ASEAN member states also have to play a role.
ASEAN unanimity is now passe. When Cambodia takes over the chair for 2022 it is likely to play its pro-China role that it did in 2012. Hence, engaging ASEAN, praising its centrality and not giving up on it, is part of the policy.
A third prong of the policy of the US and other Quad members is clearly to engage with willing ASEAN member states who have greater strategic value. In this, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines are the main partners. Thailand, Malaysia, as well as Myanmar, due to their internal situations are not forthcoming. Such ‘ASEAN Plus’ policies from individual member states are small steps.
In my view this effort to deal with specific member states have increased their security and functional support for instance in fighting the pandemic. This could be viewed more vigorously by the US and its Quad partners. With this objective in mind, the significance of defence engagement of the US, the EU countries and the UK, with ASEAN countries certainly have greater significance as well.


Written by Mr. Gurjit Singh

Ambassador Gurjit Singh is an advisory leader at IIRIS Pvt. Ltd.

Quad-ASEAN Defence Exchanges On The Rise
For More Info.
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2023.06.02 20:09 MaryMariaMari Today, I learned….

ALAM MO BA? chismis #1
If your siblings are married to huge celebrities and you've just lost your chance of marrying one, would you still strive to surpass their feat?
But how could you beat being married to an award-winning actress whose mother is a beautiful actress and whose father is the original Agent X-44 of Philipine movies?
Or being the wife of Mr. Pure Energy?
Or being Mr. Megastar?
Now, aren't you glad that you're not among the Pangilinan siblings?
Former Penthouse Live co-host and newspaper columnist Anthony Pangilinan married Maricel Laxa, an excellent actress who is the lovechild of circa 60s actress Imelda Ilanan and action star Tony Ferrer. She is also the half-sister of 1990 Miss Asia runner-up Mutya Crisostomo Laxa.
Anthony's brother, Senator Francis Pangilinan, was a campus figure in UP Diliman. He was the chairman of the UP Student Council in 1986. He married no less than the megastar, Sharon Cuneta.
Their sister, Angeli Pangilinan, was a campus beauty and brain while she was a student at the UP School of Economics in Diliman. Angeli married Mr. Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano.
REWIND: In the early 80s, teenager Edgardo Jose Martin Santiago Valenciano or Gary V. to most of us, fell deeply in love with a teenage girl who eventually became his girlfriend. Gary's true love, they said. And they really looked perfect together. Their friends said that they were truly meant for each other. They were the picture of pure bliss. But not for long.
Few weeks before Gary's first major concert in 1984, a female singer became pregnant. And Gary was the alleged father. Gary did not deny it. At 19, Gary joined the growing list of unwed teenage fathers.
Gary's former girlfriend was shocked upon hearing about Gary's indiscretion. She felt betrayed by Gary and the female singer. Gary's former girlfriend was devastated.
The pregnant singer who bore Gary's child was a former Camay girl who joined the ultra exclusive league of several generations of Camay beauties from the first Camay girl Paquita Roces to her two daughters, Maritess Revilla (Ang lahat ay napapalingon… At muling napapalingon) and Rosie Revilla to actress Rosa Rosal's daughter Toni Rose Gayda (Kutis porcelana) to concert pianist Ingrid Sala Santamaria's daughter Crispy Santamaria to a few others. The female singer indeed looked devastatingly beautiful in her memorable Camay TV commercial. But there was a teeny weeny objection among his friends: She was too old for the teenage and vibrant Gary whose popularity was just beginning to zoom up.
Everybody knows that the female singer who became pregnant with Gary's child was Maria Anna Elizabeth Nepomuceno Pangilinan. In 1985, Gary exchanged vows with the female singer who is more popularly known by her nickname: Angeli.
Angeli retired from her singing group, Music and Magic. Angeli sacrificed her flourishing singing career and left behind her fellow Music and Magic members led by jeepney driver's daughter-turned-nurse-turned-singer Kuh Ledesma, tenor singer-turned-Music and Magic co-founder-turned-musical director Jet Montelibano and singer-turned-comedian-turned TNT-turned-bogus political asylum seeker-turned-Michael Garfinkel endorser Fe de los Reyes. Angeli decided to become a full-time wife to Gary, baby Paolo's Mom and Gary's talent manager.
Meanwhile, the pain of losing Gary has left Gary's former girlfriend in deep shock. Gary and his new bride tried to comfort her but Gary's former girlfriend was inconsolable.
PLAY: Gary Valenciano's most inspired and most popular composition was first heard as the theme song of a Vilma Santos movie before it became the title of an Aga Muhlach-Lea Salonga flick and later, the title of a Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson TV soap opera. The haunting melody and melancholy lyrics of this beautiful song make one wonder where Gary drew the passion and longing for lost love which every line of this song clearly evokes. Listen:
Sana maulit muli Ang mga oras nating nakaraan Bakit nagkaganito Naglaho na ba ang pag-ibig mo? Sana'y maulit muli Sana bigyan pansin ang himig ko Kahapon, bukas, ngayon Tanging wala ng ibang mahal Kung kaya kong iwanan ka 'Di na sana aasa pa Kung kaya kong umiwas na 'Di na sana lalapit pa Kung kaya ko sana Ibalik ang kahapon Sandaling 'di mapapantayan Huwag sana nating itapon Pagmamahal na tapat Kung ako'y nagkamali minsan 'Di na ba mapagbibigyan O giliw, dinggin mo ang nais ko, oooh... Kung kaya kong iwanan ka 'Di na sana aasa pa Kung kaya kong umiwas na 'Di na sana lalapit pa Kung kaya ko sana Ito ang tanging nais ko Ang ating kahapon sana maulit muli Kung kaya kong iwanan ka 'Di na sana aasa pa Mahal pa rin kita O giliw, o giliw ko, oooh...
This song was originally written by Gary in English. Ironically, the one who translated it to Tagalog was Gary's wife, Angeli.
FAST FORWARD: Now, Gary has three grown-up children with Angeli. On the other hand, Gary's former girlfriend is now known as Mrs. Buizon. She occasionally hosts a show on TV.
The pain has eased. Somehow. Even if the former lovers get to see each other regularly. They meet at her Mom's house during important occasions: Christmas. New Year. Birthday of Mrs. Buizon's mother. Mrs. Buizon's birthday. Gary's birthday. Holidays. Easter Sunday. Every Sunday, in fact.
Gary's equally famous in-laws were witnesses to the former lovers' meetings. But they do not mind at all.
Gary's wife, Angeli, does not make a fuss over it.
Even the family matriarch, retired public school teacher Mommy Emma, is not bothered by it.
But the truth is, they could not prevent the former lovers from seeing each other.
Because Gary's former girlfriend has to join her mother, siblings and in-laws during important family occasions.
And because Gary's former girlfriend was Felichi Buizon.
And because before she got married, Gary's former girlfriend was known as Felichi Pangilinan.
And yes, because Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon is the younger sister of Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano.
And none of us would probably ever know the rest of this intriguing triangle's story.
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2023.06.02 20:02 Lanky-Till Do i have agp or am I cisgender man with dysmorphia

Okay I'll say this i had a fetish for gender transformation stuff, body swapping, and such. But i enjoyed it more when the guy is attractive and becomes humilliated by it. Like the whole concept of a man becoming a girl and him not enjoying it is what I found hot. I didn't really saw myself in him but rather in another fantasy idealization im the one just being a girl, i wake up and I'm a very average woman, the same hobbies everything. But I'm just a cisgender woman or what I pictured to be myself as a woman with more of short cut, but still somewhat cute that could have a boyfriend. Still only the fetish humilliation thingie arouses me, but i haven't masturbated a single time in my life because i really don't know what to do with my cock, i feel so scared of doing anything with it, i don't like it.
I'm very nonconforming in mind. But i present masc/apathetic with the only trait of having long hair. It's really fucking depressing being so tall and having huge fucking shoulders, it drives me nuts how much of an ogre i look like, but i still cope with saying that I'm a female that is just living in a gender bend story, where instead of hot gay sex.. I'm just downright miserable everyday. I don't know if it's true... Because i don't remember doing feminine stuff when i was a kid. I really preferred playing with girls, but then i also played with boys, i didn't have particular hobbies apart from watching cartoons, and playing platform videogames, i HATED shooters and the whole boyish games. But apart from that i don't think i was particularly feminine.
But then i don't know if it's just that i look at myself and think that my shoulders are gigantic and incredibly unpleasant to look at... I sometimes think i could live my life being androgynous, but these shoulders fucking kill every single hope for it.
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2023.06.02 19:53 LoveOne2310 I saw this post in another sub a while back and it reminded me of Amber and the psychology degree she was supposedly pursuing at one point. Whatever happened with that?

I saw this post in another sub a while back and it reminded me of Amber and the psychology degree she was supposedly pursuing at one point. Whatever happened with that? submitted by LoveOne2310 to TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 19:52 throwaway06022023b AITA for considering complaining to the landlords about my neighbors' constant gatherings after their son's tragic death?

Hey Reddit, I find myself in a rather tricky situation and I need your judgment. Before I dive into the details, I want to clarify that I genuinely want to be supportive and understanding in this difficult time, but I'm unsure if I'm being unreasonable. Here's what's been going on:
About a month ago, my neighbors tragically lost their son. It's been an incredibly heartbreaking time for them, and my heart goes out to them in their grief. In an effort to find solace and support one another, they've been organizing nightly gatherings ever since. However, these gatherings have become a source of disturbance for me and my peace at home.
Every night, for the past 30 days, there has been a large group of people congregating outside their apartment. They engage in activities like drinking, smoking, and eating at all hours of the day and night. Understandably, emotions are running high, and there are often young children and teenagers present who make quite a bit of noise.
While I initially empathized with their need for support and the cathartic release that comes from being around loved ones during such a difficult time, it's started to take a toll on my own well-being. I've been losing sleep due to the noise, and the constant activity has disrupted my daily routine. In addition, I've seen people urinating in public and broken glass, from beer bottles, in the grass where my children play .
Now, here's where I question if I might be crossing a line. I'm considering reaching out to the landlords to express my concerns about the situation. However, I don't want to be seen as insensitive or unsupportive. I understand the grief they are experiencing, and I want to approach this situation with empathy. Or at what point do I complain? How long should I let all this go on for?
So, Reddit, am I the asshole for considering complaining to the landlords about the constant gatherings and disturbances caused by my grieving neighbors? Is there a point where my own well-being should take priority, or should I continue to endure the disruption out of respect for their grief? I genuinely want to handle this situation in the best way possible, so any advice or perspective you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 19:51 hortus_amoris A strange theory on why Kalé's quest was cut from the game: it would make people empathetic

As I discovered the whole story of Kalé and the Frenzied Flame questline, I was puzzled by one thing. Based on how thoroughly the quest is programmed and implemented in the final build, I doubt From didn't have time to finish it. Quite the opposite, they bothered to develop the whole Hyetta's quest instead. So there's probably another reason, and my take is that it was too emotionally charged.
This might seem very counterintuitive at first - how come From skimps on means to paint a world full of despair and pain, right? They are pretty much known for being generous with aftermaths of catastrophes of all kinds and bad endings for their side characters!
Kalé's quest has one peculiarity about it, and it's that this is how you get to an ending. This quest requires certain conditions to be met and certain characters to be interacted with, you don't just find a door and knock at it. Kalé's quest is close to how you get, say, The Dark Lord ending in DS1, Aldia's ending in DS2, to how you become a cosmic slug or end the world or marry Yuria in DS3. For these endings you have to meet Kaathe, Aldia, Yuria, Fire Keeper, and fight with Gehrman, who, let's be honest, are all Mr. and Mrs. Expositions. You don't have any arcs with them.
(Just as how it is with Goldmask, the Dung Eater, Fia, and Ranni - ok, maybe the latter are quite nice to you, but they aren't as desperate and downtrodden. Ranni has a quite well-written personality, but the whole quest appears as a mutually beneficial cooperation and she stays quite distant the whole time anyway.)
The thing is - in Soulsborne you're typically not motivated for global events through emotional attachment. Usually, the games maintain a speculative, estranged narrative. They are basically personality tests. Do you generally think it's best to fix what's broken, or would you prefer to have no authority over you whatsoever, or would you prefer careful guidance over total laissez-faire? Or you can roleplay as your OC and take whichever decisions they would take. They are not about spontaneous acts.
And Kalé's questline is impactful. If you read discussions of his cut quest, many people actually confess they'd feel like choosing the Frenzied Flame ending just to fulfill Kalé's desperate plea - because they felt bad for him. Not because they themselves decided it's better to burn the whole world down or that it's suitable for their character. Also, if we compare it to Ranni's arc, who is also quite sympathetic - Kalé's story is disturbingly specific. His struggle isn't as vague a metaphor as Ranni's, and it might hit way too close home, as atrocities based on ethnic hatred are unfortunately a thing that is very much present in our world, with a huge and traumatic trace in history.
Also, look at what we got instead of Kalé. Hyetta makes perfect conditions for our decision to be completely speculative. She, just like Shabriri, is way out of order for us to empathize with her. We are very free morally to not follow their unwholesome guidance, so we choose this ending only if we think it's in character for our Tarnished, or are just curious to see what will happen or hunt for the achievement. They have little possibility to get right to us past our character.
Now, I don't claim my idea as 100% correct, nor do I think this is the only way to do good narrative and emotional stories like Kalé's are cheap or unworthy. But the way From does their narratives is quite remarkable so I'm actually quite convinced they might've had this logic. What do you think?
(tl;dr: I think they felt Kalé's quest was too morally obligating for the player to choose a certain ending which might have thwarted the roleplay as it's way too hard to not sympathize with him.)
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2023.06.02 19:50 JOJOTAELE When you discover the epic gaming world of GameBeef! 😱🎮

When you discover the epic gaming world of GameBeef! 😱🎮
Fellow gamers, have you ever had that "Gollum" moment when you stumble upon something truly extraordinary in the gaming world? 😱🕹️
Introducing GameBeef, where your gaming journey takes an unexpected turn and becomes an adventure like no other! Immerse yourself in a world filled with thrilling competitions, intense battles, and endless possibilities. With GameBeef, you'll find yourself captivated by the mesmerizing gameplay and the incredible community of gamers. 🌟🎮
Join us on this epic quest as we conquer challenges, unlock achievements, and build friendships that will last a lifetime. GameBeef awaits you with open arms, ready to unveil a gaming experience beyond your wildest imagination! Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure? 💪
#Gaming #GamingCommunity #GamersUnite #VideoGames #GameOn #GamingLife #GameAddict #GamingWorld #GamingMemories #GamingExperience #GamingNews #GamingDiscussion #GamingCommunity #GamingEnthusiast #GamingCulture #GamingPassion #GamingGoals #GamingAchievements #GamingFun #GamingFriends
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2023.06.02 19:49 Sunshin3Honey Dealing with all day nausea and fatigue

I'm 5w and 6d and with each passing day I feel worse and worse. What started out as just minor nausea in the afternoons has become an all day feeling of wanting to throw up. I'm now starting to feel incredibly tired throughout the day. Just like a full body fatigue that I can't beat. Yesterday I left work early ready to cry because I have never felt so awful.
I keep telling myself that this too shall pass, and it'll be over before I know it. It's starting to feel like the weeks will drag on and I'm just feeling impatient. I called my GYN office because they offered to do a 7 week ultrasound, where my new OB won't see me until I'm 9 weeks. Hoping the little smudge on the ultrasound will also renew my excitement and will to feel terrible for a few more weeks. Until then, tired and miserable trying to keep up with work, chores, and plans with family and friends.
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2023.06.02 19:47 heyitsmelxd Is teething this bad for anyone else???

My LO has been horribly teething, seemingly nonstop, since May of last year. He’s so incredibly sensitive to the pain that it affects everything and everyone in our household. He gets multiple teeth at once, usually 2-4, and when it’s bad he refuses any and all solids, barely naps, wakes up every 2-3 hours at night, refuses all teething toys/frozen cloths/yogurt pops, and tries to bite anyone within vicinity.
We usually get a 1-2 week break and then he goes on to teeth for 1-2 months again. That’s been the pattern since he was 8 months old and he’s going to be 20 months in June.
He’s currently just finishing getting his canines (all 4 came at once and it was a NIGHTMARE) and he was an angel for a week! Slept through the whole night, was eating like a champ, almost no tantrums, and was so sweet and cuddly. Recently, he started getting really bad again with his teeth. Telltale signs are pushing his hands hard against his face, swollen cheeks, and biting, so much biting. When I investigated his mouth I saw that he’s getting two of the second set of molars. I literally started bawling. I’m so tired and I’m the default parent at night (my partner genuinely tries getting him down but it’s so difficult since he’s so uncomfortable). And we do give him pain meds, but only before his nap and bedtime. They barely take the edge of.
I’ve become so concerned with the amount of milk he’s drinking lately. I’ve tried to starve him so that he eats some solids and at most he’ll take two bites of oatmeal or mac and cheese (both of which I try to add protein in the form of peanut butter or bone broth so gets some nutrients) and then starts whining and pushes it away. Even pouches are rejected now. He only wants milk and even more frustrating is that he refuses to drink from anything that’s not a bottle. He will drink it from a cup but only when he’s starving and I’m just so exhausted I’ve given in and he’s basically only had milk in a bottle with the occasional pouch the last 3 days.
I’ve made an appointment with his pediatrician for Monday next week to make sure he’s not anemic or lost too much weight. But I feel like I’m failing and anyone I talk to about this cannot relate at all. I’m so jealous of moms that I’ve discussed teething with who say they barely notice when it happens or that their baby only gets super drooly. I just want my sweet, cuddly baby back 😭
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2023.06.02 19:45 Paneraiguy1 Extremely based

Extremely based submitted by Paneraiguy1 to WhitePeopleTwitter [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 19:40 SimonBRUH8217 P.U.R.E. booking: GUNTHER until Mania 40

**Money in the Bank**
GUNTHER is set for a collision course with Matt Riddle, a rival that stretches back to the indies. During the build for this match GUNTHER scoffs at Matt and says that while he is on the run of a lifetime, Matt has succumbed to his worst tendencies from his past days of being a “joke” and that no amount of Bro puns can quell the tidal wave of his ERA DEFINING reign as champion.
At MITB, Riddle brings back the King of old, and the match becomes a complete strike fest by the end with Matt nearly snapping and busting GUNTHER open from his mouth!! His anger nearly gets him DQ’d, and The Ring General takes advantage and lays in a brutal beating on Riddle, hitting him with three crushing lariats in a row and scoring another victory!
At this point a hint of ego starts to form for GUNTHER, as he proclaims that his record break is inevitable and commands his teammates to bring the tag titles to IMPERIUM. Riddle tries to take them on but he is outmatched… **IT'S A NEW DAY YES IT IS!** Evening the odds are Xavier and Kofi, but as IMPERIUM awaits, Kofi and Xavier stand to the side… **AND BIG E RETURNS!!!** The crowd erupts as The New Day are at full power and take it to IMPERIUM to save Riddle! Big E says he wants to make up for lost time and taking out the man who’s beaten his two comrades and becoming IC champ again will do just that.
At SummerSlam it is a pure hoss BRAWL but GUNTHER survives a Big Ending and barely clings to his title after choking the life out of Big E and hitting a splash for good measure.
**Superstar Spectacle in India**
GUNTHER has done it, he is the longest reigning Intercontinental champion of all time! He is disappointed though, as IMPERIUM failed to win a 4 way for the tag titles at SummerSlam and he demands better from them! At this point Riddle and E want rematches, with Riddle being noticeably quicker to anger and trying to replicate his mentors venom towards everyone.
A triple threat takes place… **AND BIG E WINS, PINNING RIDDLE.**
GUNTHER disappears except for vignettes, talking about how his loss of the title he worked so hard to elevate happening without him getting pinned is the ultimate injustice and that he will not stop training with Vinci and Kaiser to become the very best and never let go of the prize… A far bigger one.
**Survivor Series**
The New Day has partnered with current world champion Seth Rollins to battle The Judgement Day(now including McDonagh) in WarGames, in which they are victorious after a hellish battle… And IMPERIUM returns just after that match and LAYS WASTE to the exhausted field. Rollins begins to battle back with E’s help… **MATT RIDDLE ATTACKS BOTH MEN!!** The newest member of IMPERIUM makes himself known, and the newest super group stands tall to close the show.
**Royal Rumble 2024**
GUNTHER essentially declares war on Monday Night Raw, saying that it isn’t enough to reclaim glory, for the sake of wrestling itself, IMPERIUM must establish itself as THE most dominant faction in wrestling, and that means laying waste to the rest of the lot on Raw. Riddle says his joining og IMPERIUM happened to prove he isn’t a joke and that GUNTHER was right, he had his worst tendencies exploited by “his old friend” and it won’t happen again.
At the Royal Rumble, IMPERIUM conquers. Vinci and Kaiser dethrone current tag champs DIY, Riddle beats Big E to unconsciousness to take the IC title and, after another incredible performance, GUNTHER last eliminated BROCK LESNAR after a hellacious final sequence to win the prophetic match and call his shot for WrestleMania… Against Seth Rollins.
**WrestleMania XL Night 1**
Rollins retains his title in the chamber match, but is swarmed by IMPERIUM. It is at this point that Seth rails against GUNTHER, saying that he fought too long and too hard to have the freedom on Raw be ripped away by another stable, and that he has his own back up to ensure the future of WWE is safe. These would be recent call ups that represent the future: former NXT champ Carmelo Hayes, Rollins’ star pupil Nathan Frazer… And the man who slayed GUNTHER once before, **ILJA DRAGUNOV.** GUNTHER picks apart their makeshift team, saying that Rollins is no different from him except that he just wants himself to prosper, while IMPERIUM, while harsh, is for PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING.
At Mania, IMPERIUM maintain their vice grip on Raw as Vinci and Kaiser retain their titles against DIY, FrazeMelo and The New Day in a ladder match, Riddle retires Randy Orton to retain the IC title, and, after an instant classic chock full of run ins and incredible wrestling, GUNTHER ascends and dethrones Rollins after a valiant effort when Ilja accidentally nails Rollins with Torpedo Moscow, leading to a powerbomb and a 3 count. The show ends with IMPERIUM posing on top of the ramp, staring down the recovering Rollins being helped by Melo and Nathan, as well as Ilja who stares directly down at the sight of his nightmares, desperate to end it on his own.
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2023.06.02 19:27 Sprunt86 New Periphery Fan Impact

I had to share how much I've enjoyed this band recently.
So I discovered Periphery years ago when I stumbled upon Icarus Lives on SiriusXM. I really thought the intro riff was incredibly unique and it was something that stuck in my head for a while. Fast-forward many years when P4 came out - I got hooked on their sound. I’ve always been a huge fan of Progressive Metal bands like Mastodon, Opeth, etc, but this band struck me as very unique. I’d say I really enjoyed about 60% of the album and would only skip a few songs here and there. Overall a great album to me at the time.
My interest fell off for a few years until P5 dropped and I gave it probably 4 listens before it clicked. This album really is great. Almost every song is infectious and repeatable. After giving Dracul Gras a 3rd really good listen – it’s now become one of my favorite songs in their entire catalog. Not to mention as a HUGE Final Fantasy/Nobuo Uematsu fan, seeing the last track’s title and hearing the FF7 theme? I was floored.
After realizing the depth of their talent, I finally went back a few weeks ago and listened to (for the first time) P2, P3, and Juggernaut. Man oh man, some of these albums are just incredible. It kills me knowing I could have been listening to these songs this entire time. I will say I am not a fan of P3. None of the songs really pulled me in and I found myself uninterested still after about the 3rd playthrough. Maybe that will change in time. However, P2 and Juggernaut are absolutely fucking filled with banger after banger. I am a HUGE fan of concept albums and I’ll say at this point I am having trouble ranking P2 and Jugg against each other. They are so sonically and thematically different it really is tough. My gut is telling me I love Jugg more just because of the call backs in each track. I LOVE how they keep calling back to previous track melody’s i.e. The Scourge ending and Psychosphere intro. It’s so fucking good. Then you have P2 with tracks like Have a Blast and Erised, not to mention the Somewhere in Time trio. Such great tracks. When I first heard the chorus of Have a Blast after that ethereal guitar section, I got goosebumps man. So good. Of course there are tracks here and there on both albums I will still skip just because it doesn’t fit my taste, but that’s fine with me.
Sorry for the long winded post…I just felt the need to let this community know that this band has another very devoted fan and I’m super stoked to dig even deep into their discography. Super happy to be here!
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2023.06.02 19:22 solhunter111 Goodbye Expensive Mining Rigs! Earn Rewards as a Validator with $RBX - Mining Made Accessible and Sustainable!

Goodbye Expensive Mining Rigs! Earn Rewards as a Validator with $RBX - Mining Made Accessible and Sustainable!
I came across some exciting news that I wanted to share! It seems like we can finally say goodbye to expensive mining rigs and high energy requirements.
With $RBX, anyone can become a validator and start earning randomized block rewards. This means that even those of us without massive resources can get involved in the mining process and contribute to the blockchain network.
I find this concept incredibly interesting and inclusive. If you've been wanting to dip your toes into mining but were put off by the barriers, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!
Check out the link below to become a validator and join the movement towards a more accessible and sustainable mining future.
Let's embrace this exciting innovation together! 👇
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2023.06.02 19:14 DarkOrbit253 The Gardeners Journey Tier 2

Somebody might have already mentioned this, but the Tier 2 journey is incredibly difficult. I have all of my hobbits at G5 sitting just under 2,000 power, and I can’t even make it past the first wave of 2-1-1. I can only kill one character. It feels like it’s going to be forever before it becomes beatable. I’m actually wondering if this is bug? I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience. Any comments would make me feel a lot better. Lol
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2023.06.02 19:06 the_lamou [Spiderman (Any)] Does S.H.I.E.L.D really not pay survivor benefits? And why has Nick Fury never really shown an interest in Peter?

Ok, so Peter Parkers parents were highly regarded agents, hand-picked by Nick Fury no less, who were killed by the Red Skull while investigating H.Y.D.R.A, right? Yet through most of his life, even while being raised by Uncle Ben and Aunt May, Peter is shown as being pretty strapped for cash and living a very blue collar childhood.
So does S.H.I.E.L.D just not pay any kind of benefits to children of slain agents? Or offer life insurance to agents? I know Nick Fury is a ruthless son of a bitch who treats people as assets, but come on -- if they have the budget for a helicarrier, surely they can afford to cover some of Peter's expenses.
And speaking of Peter and Fury, given that Peter has always been an incredibly gifted child on top of being the son of two incredibly well-regarded S.H.I.E.L.D agents, how come Fury didn't keep closer tabs and intervene in his life more often? Even without becoming Spiderman, you'd think that Fury would have been interested just based on Peter's potential and taken a more active role.
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2023.06.02 18:57 TheYondant I absolutely love the game play and lore around Ghost of the Deep, but...

Am I the only one a little sad we don't get to see the implications of a Lightbearer Oryx?
Oryx is easily my favorite Destiny antagonist, from all the way back in TTK. Him as a Lightbearer could have been a incredibly interesting event, specifically when considering everything about Oryx himself and the nature of Lightbearers and the Lucent Hive.
First among them being that Oryx is a zealot of the Darkness, especially the Sword Logic interpretation. He was fully devoted to the ideals of the Darkness, and his personal feelings on resurrection would make a cool contrast as a Lighrbearer; Oryx wiped his son out of history for practicing Necromancy and was entirely fine with dying, apperantly, since his response to Savathun upon being told he was going to die was "then let me be Wormfood". Him being revived from death could have been an interesting facet of internal struggle and source of self loathing.
Another point is that Lightbearers lose their memories. The core personality of a Guardian seems to remain, but the changes made to them in life do not persist, like how Uldren was apparently a much nicer person before he went crazy, and we can see much of that in Crow. Oryx isn't cruel or tyrannical naturally (Savathun killed him once because he tried to offer mercy to he Ecumene) but the Book of Sorrows and the new Xivu memories from GotD more or less tell us Oryxs, or rather Aurashs, core traits are more about curiosity and a desire to know the truth.
Being resurrected as a Lightbearer means Oryx is also open to manipulation, either by Savathun (if she came back), maybe Immaru or whoever was there when he came back. I could easily imagine the manipulative Savathun twisting an entire new history to shape Oryx into the idealized person she wants him to be instead of the Taken King he was. Or maybe Immaru, not as competent, tries to control Oryx, only for it to backfire. Hell, maybe he we meets a Guardian and isn't a direct antagonist anymore or something.
I think there could have been genuinely interesting dynamics to explore with a Lightbearer Oryx. I could imagine a story of Oryx coming back as a Lucent Hive Lightbearer, with Savathun creating a fiction of his past to get him on her side. However, his core traits of curiosity and a desire for the truth drive him to questions Savathuns fable, to peel away the lies and search for a way to restore his memories properly like Savathun did. He obtains Deepsight, or gets outside help like the Guardian, and is faced wit a choice of his past life.
Does he accept the Taken King as his true self, falling into hatred and rage at Savathun for the betrayal and defilement of his legacy and being, and a brutal self-loathing at what hes become? Or does he become like Crow, moving past his previous life and accepting the new one he has now that he's been given a second chance?
Just wanted to end this rant/what-if theorizing by saying I completely understand why Oryx hasn't and probably isn't coming back. Oryx had his time in the spotlight; he had the best D1 dlc, sat as the strongest character in the lore, even after death, for a long time, and you can still fight him even today in King's Fall. He had his time to shine, spent it well, and as of the new Dungeon, his legacy and shadow still continues to hold relevance. Oryxs story is done, he doesn't need to return, we have Xivu Arath to be the terrible Hive threat.
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2023.06.02 18:54 NurseyMia Seeking Guidance: Registered Nurse from Venezuela Looking to Pursue Nursing Career in the United States

Hello, my name is Mia. I am a 30-year-old registered nurse from Venezuela. After graduating at the age of 22, I worked as a nurse for a couple of years. Unfortunately, due to the challenging situation with our government, I had to leave the country abruptly. The reason behind my sudden move to Spain was a dangerous incident where muggers attempted to kidnap my boyfriend (who I am still with). We now have a 10-year-old daughter.
To summarize, we relocated to Spain without any financial resources. However, working as a nurse in Spain has been difficult for me because the government has stringent requirements for foreign graduates. As a result, I had to pursue different types of employment. Although it has been about four years since I last worked as a nurse, I have maintained my knowledge and skills in the field.
Recently, I came across information suggesting that the United States is actively seeking registered nurses and offers visas, with the potential for a green card after passing the nursing NCLEX exam. I have heard that nursing is well-compensated in the United States, whereas in Spain, the salary is limited to around 1700 euros, which is relatively low. I am seeking information about nursing in the United States and wondering if someone could provide assistance.
I have been conducting extensive research and have discovered that nurses in the United States may work 12-hour shifts for three days, allowing them to have the rest of the week off. Additionally, it seems that nursing salaries in the United States start from $5000 per month and can increase further. I am curious to know if it is true that nursing positions are readily available. Specifically, I have been considering the southeast region of Jacksonville, Florida, primarily due to the excellent public schools in that area.
However, I want to be open and honest about my current financial struggles in Spain. The low wages and expensive rent have put me in a difficult situation. In light of these challenges, I have contemplated opening an OnlyFans account as a potential source of income. However, I must admit that this option makes me incredibly uncomfortable, as it goes against my values and the hard work I put into becoming a skilled nurse. The thought of pursuing an alternative career path weighs heavily on me, but I feel stuck and uncertain about my future.
So, if anyone could provide me with information about pursuing a nursing career in the United States, I would greatly appreciate it. Please understand my situation and refrain from judging me for mentioning the idea of opening an OnlyFans account. I am simply being honest about the financial challenges I am facing. I am determined to find a way to continue practicing the profession I love as a nurse. Your assistance and understanding would mean a lot to me. Thank you in advance. 😘😀💖
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2023.06.02 18:54 ExitRecent5871 How do I convince my brother that hate is not the answer?

How do I convince my brother that hate is not the answer? My (25M) brother (27M) and I grew up Presbyterian. We also grew up in a relatively conservative small town. While I ended up going to college for biology, he joined the marines and is now back trying to become a firefighteemt.
My views have changed a decent amount since I was a child, but I don’t identify as either super far right or left. I believe in science, and I believe that people should be free to do as they please so long as they’re not hurting anyone else.
My brother, on the other hand, was always a pretty mean hearted person in my opinion. He has anger issues, and has a history of saying offensive things in person and online to evoke reactions from people for his entertainment.
On occasion he’ll still make offensive jokes and send me memes that are anti gay, race related, etc. Most of the time I ignore them, but last week he sent some meme about “klling them all” in reference to trans people. He said that he was thankful that *insert word here do most of the work themselves by means that I’m sure you all know about. I told him that was wrong and he said verbatim, “guess I’m wrong then, I think it’s hilarious and can’t get enough of it.” And “42% is too low.”
I was deeply disturbed by this and tried to reason with him. He flipped the whole debate into how trans people are evil and how groomers are converting these children and how giving groomers even an inch is a betrayal to younger generations. He also said that a crusaders approach needs to be taken and that he would never feel bad taking pleasure in the “defeat of Gods enemies.” He said it was “creepy that I was defending them.”
I don’t claim to be an expert on the Bible, but is this not disturbingly wrong? Even if being trans is a sin in the Bible, how could you possibly justify thinking that a child is evil and needs to die bc they’re trans?
That debate baffled me as i knew he was always an offensive jerk, but that fact that he stood his ground on the basis that he is a righteous person feels incredibly wrong to me.
TLDR: my brother has a hatred for trans people, and justifies it with religion. I can’t convince him otherwise.
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2023.06.02 18:53 Justasentret With all the understandable negativity surround PvE I decided to come up with some patch notes I feel would move PvP in a healthier direction.

I don't know what flair to use ngl.
The general motivation behind these changes
There are a lot of things that are frustrating for experienced and new players, so I've attempted to address what I feel are pain points in character design. I would also add that not everything needs to be viable at every rank, this will be reflected in the patch notes. Please give any feedback you want.
Tournament System
This isn't exactly controversial but more integration of a path to pro type system in the game would be good for its ecosystem. I personally envision a Bo3 format with hero bans and no stacking limits but I haven't really developed this idea fully so won't include a full description. I also don't know how Valorant's system works so maybe that would be good.
Push game mode
Push is an incredibly snowball-heavy game mode, with comebacks often feeling impossible. I believe that forward spawn is a huge reason for this.
Forward spawn is deactivated if a team member hasn't contested the bot in the last 3 seconds
Respawn timer returned to 10s in this case
Forward spawn allows a team with a distance advantage to maintain that advantage too easily. Removing forward spawn when the pushing team (blue) has lost a fight means that less fights will have to occur for the other team (red) to start gaining progress. The walk back from spawn is still not long as red team would now be pushing the bot towards blue team's spawn.
Hero balance
Dva is a character that has an interesting niche, excelling at resource and high ground control, and also being capable of blocking large volumes of damage. On the whole she is in a good spot but matrix can often feel a bit oppressive.
Health balanced changed to 250 health and 350 armour
Duration reduced to 2.5s (was 3s)
Minimum use duration reduced to 0.4s (was 0.5s)
Duration to fully charge matrix changed to 5s (was 6s)
Dva could honestly be fine with no changes, but as mentioned I'd like to see if matrix could be moved to a healthier spot. The intention is to maintain her ability to control high ground with the change to her health, while requiring matrix to be used more carefully. Additionally matrix is changed to be more flexible due to the change in its maximum duration.
Doomfist is quite satisfying to play, feeling reasonably fluid and impactful. However, he can sometimes feel oppressive to players who aren't certain on how to shut him down, but I am unable to think of a nerf that wouldn't gut the character's lethality/fluidity. If he bothers you, stop shooting block.
Seismic slam
Now slows hit targets by 10% for 2.5s
Using Meteor Strike will remove this slowdown from all targets
The intention here is to add some diversity to the game and Doomfist by adding some sort of dive AoE slow to deal with rush style comps. The speed reduction itself shouldn't feel too annoying on its own, but allows to Doom to peel for his team in some form. Removing the slow effect upon ulting ensures that certain characters do not become guaranteed eliminations for doomfist upon ulting.
Junkerqueen is a fun and satisfying character (with a fantastic voice actor). The recent changes went too far though. As such the changes to scatter gun (primary fire) and jagged blade (knife) have been kept.
Adrenaline rush
Healing multiplier returned to 1.25
Impact damage removed, does 100 wound instead (same numbers as before)
A multiplier of 1.5 could be considered but would probably still result in a Queen meta. Some QoL changes instead should leave her in a better place.
I'm going to be honest I fucking hate this anti fun character. She is very survivable but this survivability doesn't really come with a high skill cap. Currently the character serves as a counterpick as opposed to having any proactive value.
Fusion driver
Damage increased to 13.5 (from 13)
Energy javelin
Cooldown increased to 7s (was 6s)
Now does impact damage of 60-75 and wall impact damage of 40-60, depending on how earlyinto javelin spin this ability is used. The knockback is also increased by 0-15% depending on the same mechanic.
These changes aim to hamper the current style of “I do not want the opposing tank to have fun” and instead allow Orisa to trade her survivability for more offensive potential and playmaking opportunity via sacrificing a cooldown (hopefully should allow her to pick squishies that don't respect her space). She could go unchanged, but I would want her to find a more interesting playstyle. I also feel that having no synergy between her two javelin abilities is a little sad.
Ramattra is an enjoyable character with a cool design. He is, however, ridiculously survivable, this survivability is also rather boring.
Nemesis form (punch mode)
Placed on a 4 second cooldown upon exiting annihilation
Block is now on a resource meter (similar to matrix)
Max duration for block is 4s
Block begins to regenerate after 0.5s
Block fully recharges in 4s
Ravenous Vortex
Cooldown decreased to 11s (from 12s)
These changes aim to encourage Ramattra to use his resources more carefully, as opposed to just saying "I shan't die teehee" for 8 seconds. Additionally enemy teams don't feel rewarded for forcing Ramattra out of annihilation, due to the fact that the can continue punching and blocking for a further 8 seconds. These changes would lower the character's strength a bit, so a buff to ravenous vortex should hopefully allow him to contest space and aggression in omnic form more easily.
Everyone loves Reinhardt. Fantastic design in all aspects, he's perhaps a little weak currently but I view this mostly as a result of his matchups into other strong tanks as opposed to inherent weakness in his own kit. I'm not proposing any major buffs to Rein, perhaps a small health increase or something equally minor could be warranted.
Roadhog is currently rather weak, but does have a rework on the way. I'm not proposing any changes to him in the mean time though because fuck hog meta.
Another well designed character with a well defined playstyle and tradeoffs. The previous accretion change could be reverted but this wouldn't impact the character massively in my view so no changes required.
Winstooooooooooon! How's it haaaaangin?
Winston is incredibly potent in coordinated play, but struggles in lower ranks. This makes balancing him incredibly difficult, and to be frank I don't know how to do it. I would consider perhaps reducing bubble size/uptime but this could very quickly render him weak into certain backlines. Feedback/ideas on this would be appreciated.
Wrecking Ball
Ball is probably something of a mid tier tank currently, but due to other proposed changes I don't think he requires a buff,possibly even a nerf due to how oppressive a lot of players find him. A reduction in adaptive shield hp to 75 per target could be considered.
Zarya is another character that is tricky, in that she tends to terrorise players who don't know how to deal with her. I was originally going to balance for this by perhaps lowering Zarya's overall strength but reward her for well timed bubbles, I realised that this would instead promote heavily respecting bubbles (which is the exact behaviour that is the issue). So I would probably leave Zarya as a knowledge check for newer players, suggestions more than welcome on this though.
By far the most interesting hitscan (she has non point and click mechanics, wow!). Clear identity and good strengths and weaknesses, no changes except possibly allowing ult charge to be gained during BOB again
A character that is surprisingly playable at higher ranks I find (even if rather niche). Bastion could warrant a buff at high end play potentially but I fear that this would have rather negative repercussions for the game's playability and diversity at low ranks. No changes.
Generally ok in balance terms, magnetic grenade is annoying and boring though.
Magnetic Grenade
Replaced with flashbang 2.0
Flashbang 2.0
The projectile behaves the same way as old flashbang
Instead of a stun, slows characters by 40% and disables movement abilities for the duration(includes double jump)
Duration would be similar to old flashbang but probably slightly longer (enough to allow cassto line up a couple shots)
As mentioned Cass is generally ok but this ability sucks. It has been replaced with a version that hopefully is less oppressive to deal with for both squishies and tanks than his previous E abilities.
I would say Echo is fine balance wise, she does have very high burst damage which can be problematic for newer players to deal with. I would argue that having a character that has high burst damage is pretty fair considering the strength of healing numbers currently. Plus her playstyle is reasonably unique.
Genji is pretty fine balance wise, that being said I'd like to revert a nerf.
Ammo increased to 30 (from 24)
I hate this fucking ammo nerf holy fuck, holy fucking shit. Anyone who plays genji feels the pain of this nerf. I hate it so much, it boils the blood in my fucking veins jesus fucking christ almighty end my pain and misery.
Hanzo is not really a character people enjoy dealing with, due to his ability to take over a lobby if they are skilled, and at the same time randomly kill people due to the power of luck. One shots in this game need to be counterable/situational, hanzo is not.
Primary fire
Replaced with storm arrow
Functions on a resource meter (which I apparently love)
Maximum ammo increased to 6
Regenerate one arrow per second
Storm arrow
Replaced with some other ability (I'm not certain what)
Could be as simple as a normal arrow shot, could be something more creative like a mini ult- like piercing dragon, could be something like a placeable snare (think junk trap but small amount of wiggle room like beta)
These changes attempt to remove the frustrating kills that hanzo can get as they feel very uninteractive (it should be noted that sonic arrow remains a normal arrow and can one shot). This pushes hanzo more into a mid range dps role which the game is sorely missing I feel (and there's not gonna be a new dps until like season 10 haha). Storm arrow being readily available averages out hanzo's impact to be a normal hero instead of troll pick/dominating the server.
Junkrat is kind of fine balance wise, but is frustrating for a lot of players. Due to the amount of value he can achieve easily (or even accidentally) he tends to outshine a lot of other characters (every game I play in qp with my friends has a junkrat in it) at certain mmr ranges.
Frag launcher
Projectile has a smaller hitbox after bouncing off a wall
Fire rate reduced by 10%
Concussion mine
Damage reduced to 100 (from 110)
Has been replaced (maybe call it "hot head" or something?)
Hitting a direct shot will increase Junkrat's fire rate by 10%
This affect stacks up to 3 times
Having any number of active stacks increases concussion mine recovery speed by 25%
Stacks begin to decay after 3 seconds, decaying at a tier per second
This aims to reduce the amount of "free" Junkrat value while hopefully still enabling him at higher ranks. Also the old passive was stupid.
I personally really enjoy playing Mei, she has a very interesting playstyle and niche. She is however, very frustrating with her ability to slow characters constantly while outputting good damage.
Endothermic blaster
Move speed reduced to 25% (was 40%
Old freeze threshold returns, upon reaching threshold a further 20% penalty is applied (to a total of 45%). This could also be changed to some sort of damage boost (probably for mei only)
Ammo reduced to 120 (from 150)
Secondary fire cost per shot reduced to 8 (was 10)
Secondary fire attack speed increased by 5%
These changes should hopefully still enable Mei to have a strong impact in the tank fight, while pushing her away from mindlessly holding primary fire, towards using her secondary fire more actively.
Pharah is another tricky one, tending to dominate comps that cannot hit her, but usually forcing out a hitscan or other "counters" rather quickly.
Rocket launcher
Knockback increased by 25%
Increased severity of knockback falloff
With other changes in the patch notes Pharah hopefully shouldn't require nerfs. These changes aim to reward direct hits by making follow up shots more predictable.
Reaper guy is pretty bland as a character, even when he come from the side and special move. Since Reaper metas tend to be uninteresting no buffs to be supplied, no nerfs either since he's not exactly broken.
Sojourn is an interesting one, she's currently ok balance-wise, but I feel that a lot of her fantasy has been lost.
Primary fire spread reduced to the old value
Damage could be increased to 10 (from 9), increase ult cost if this happens
Railgun alt fire can no longer headshot
Rail charge begins to decay upon sliding
Drastically reduced railgun self-charge rate (think 2 rails per ult)
Capable of headshotting
Headshot multiplier increased to 2 times
Empties railgun charge on use
So Sojourn could be ok with no changes as said, but I want to. Shifting some power from her railgun to her primary fire is a healthier spot to be in I feel. Also the 195 damage railgun headshot can still one shot with damage boosts, and with a tiny bit of chip so I feel its best to remove headshots. The slide change is to reduce the frustration of a sojourn sliding at you with full rail and one shotting you (this doesn't happen during overclock though). Overclock is currently an extremely forgiving ultimate, granting 10+ rails for over 100 damage. Sojourn can miss 2 shots (more with damage boosts) and still kill every squishy on the team with ultimate, this is dumb. While headshotting again is very strong, it at least is contained within her ult duration so it is far from the "dont peak the Soj lol" experience that we had in seasons 1-2. Headshotting also *imo* fulfills the fantasy of a railgunner. Needing to actively build rail charge requires Sojourn to be more vulnerable, and more careful. Essay over.
Soldier 76
This character is boring as balls but I tolerate them.
Who would have thought that the character that stops others from playing the game is controversial.
Doesn't lock out abilities, decreases cooldown recovery speed instead (I'm considering packing in a minimum damage threshold to interrupt hack with this change)
This effect applies for the entirety of the hack duration
This does disable toggleable abilities (e.g ball form)
Damage reduced to 25% of maximum hp (was 40%)
These changes don't represent the entirety of what I would change about sombra as there is a rework on the way, they do represent where I think hack and emp need to move to as abilities. If you watch OWL you will know that emp is used to instakill a character from stealth, which really sucks for that person. Hack is also just fundamentally not fun, with this change it should still be strong (especially as a peeling tool for cooldown based characters). While hack does disable toggleable abilities, abilities that activate that toggleable ability still go through; hack brings ball out of ball form, but if they save grapple or piledriver cooldowns they can reenter ball form.
This character has some interesting complexity with how teleporter works, but completely destroys lower ranked players. The heavy control aspects of this kit are just not interesting, especially if you don't mirror.
Photon projector
Primary fire does not regain ammo when hitting shields
Sentry turret
Movement speed penalty reduced to 10% (from 15%)
Please rework the visuals and sound so that its more obvious how charged the symmetra is as well as when turrets are firing
These changes should allow Symmetra to still maintain her niche on KOTH maps, while reducing how awful she is to play against in uncoordinated play (it sucks when teammates don't break turrets and you're on Rein).
Balanced character honestly, hard to dive and provides interesting defensive utility.
The epitome of skill expression
One shots suck, hear me out.
Health increased to 200 (from 175)
Widow's kiss
Maximum primary fire damage increased to 15
Spread reduced by 15%
Scoped shot falloff beings at 30m reaching a max at 45m (Currently 70-100m, Ashe is 20- 40mfor reference)
Reduce charge speed of scoped shot to 1.75s (was 1s)
Changes to scoped shot do not apply while in the air with grapple on cooldown
Venom mine
Cooldown reduced to 12s (from 15s)
Fix the maps so theres not 100m sightlines on maps like rialto please
Since grapple shots add depth to Widow I didn't want to punish them. The changes attempt to force Widow to play at a closer range where she has a less oppressive range advantage (fall off changes could be made more severe, needs testing). If Widow is forced to play at closer ranges she is much less oppressive she is much more counterable.
My favourite support :)
She is currently very strong but I view the recent biotic grenade change as impactful, I would want to wait to see if this affects her competitively (staring at OWL post midseason). If she must be nerfed, I would propose the following change
Biotic grenade
Reduced healing reduction to 80% (was 100%)
Ana does 10% bonus damage to anti'd targets (this is to keep her duel effectiveness)
If this change was necessary, it would shift ana from being a death sentence for certain characters, allowing supports to aid their team member instead of watching in despair as the anti'd person ints and then spams "I need healing".
Also pretty strong (support is pretty good in general), the previous immortality buff to 25% hp floor feels a bit unnecessary and could be reverted but equally Bap hasn't felt too oppressive to me.
Currently the strongest defensive support (sorry frog man). Considering rally is currently bugged to not apply armour correctly her bulkiness in rally is a little absurd.
Bonus armour gained reduced to 50 (so a total of 250 health, 150 health, 100 armour), should keep her breakpoints roughly similar once they fix the rally bug
Shield hp reduced to 600 when in rally (from 750)
Rally cost increased by 5%
As mentioned, rally is pretty good, she should hopefully be more in line with lucio. Additionally rally was dramatically reduced in cost before it was reworked, so a slight correction to that.
I personally really enjoy Kiriko as an offensive support character, but she does not need any buffs in this regard (and future supports should never exceed here). Too much of her kit lies in suzu.
Protection suzu
Does not cleanse or provide immortality
Provides "blessed" which reduces incoming damage by 50%, and increases negative status recovery by 100% (suzu can shave off a maximum of 2 seconds on any negative status)
Duration increased to 1s
Still provides immortality and cleanse to Kiriko
This lowers Kiriko's strength a fair bit in some situations, and due to her not being hard meta (outside JQ meta) she could potentially warrant some counterbuff. This could include, suzu healing more, healing upon using swift step, a reduced swift step cooldown, a larger invulnerability window upon using swift step. I would probably wait and see where Kiriko's strength lies after these changes before buffing her. It should be mentioned that since suzu affects Kiriko the same way (and is actualy slightly stronger selfishly) she is more encouraged to pursue her flanker style.
Also please fix tp bug
This character falls over, terminally unable to walk for a few seconds. The clunk doesn't feel that bad anymore I feel. These buffs are more just supplementary buffs I would implement while a more creative long term solution to his lack of playmaking potential is developed.
Increased health to 225 (was 200)
Slightly reduced the hitbox on the petals on his back
Healing blossom
Maximum charge increased to 75 (charge time remains the same, increasing hps by 10)
Thorn volley
Ammo increased to 75 (was 60)
Petal platform
No longer disabled by hack
Healing increased to 40
These changes would increase Lifeweaver's strength temporarily while they find a better way to give him proactive potential.
Lucio is somewhat fine balance wise but struggles to make as many proactive plays as some other supports, it is difficult to think of a buff that would solve this but not render him too annoying. A considerable change would be increasing boop distance based on momentum (a nightmare to code no doubt), makes rollout boops more viable while not increasing the strength of a Lucio that just sits by the bridge on Lijiang gardens waiting for environmentals.
Damage boost is a terrible ability for this games health, being the core problem in a lot of pocket pairings (pharah mercy, sojourn mercy etc.). It must go.
Guardian angel
Reverted to season 1 form (the 10% move speed reduction to rebound GA is kept).
Another change to GA lol
Damage boost
RIP bozo
Cleanse - new ability
Single target, small cast time, does not interrupt healing
Cooldown probably in the neighbourhood of 6s
Requires a secondary effect
Caduceus blaster (why do I know the name of this?)
Reduced swap time again lol
Does not interrupt healing stream upon use
These changes basically just revolve around compensating for the removal of damage boost. Mercy movement is fun and is where a lot of her skill cap lies, why not go crazy with it (I will regret this when I'm next on hitscan). Blaster buff is simply because mercy will have less to do in fights where everyone is full health, thus she gets to pew pew. Valkyrie QoL change. Cleanse fits thematically, and having a cleanse tied to only one character (previously only Kiriko) tends to restrict team building options a lot. In the event that cleanse does not actually cleanse anything a second benefit is needed. This could include a damage boost (funnily enough, a temporary damage boost would require more coordination, I'm not super keen on this though), a damage reduction (for Mercy or her target), a reset on GA cooldown, or a burst heal.
Moira is another character that gets so much value at lower ranks that they tend to crowd out other options, and stop people bothering with other supports. She also tends to teach new players bad habits with regards to positioning, placing too much value on scoreboard etc.
Biotic grasp
Secondary fire life steal reduced to 18hps (from 24)
Secondary fire regenerates 10% more biotic energy for the first 0.75s of attacking (0.75s delay between this activating
Cooldown increased to 6.5s (from 6s)
Damage orb
Maximum damage reduced to 199
Can no longer fade while ulting
These changes aim to reduce Moira's strength in duels (because new players struggle with duelling Moira). The fade change could prove unnecessary. Moira is also rewarded more for juggling her healing and damage more actively. Damage orb shouldn't be able to outright kill a squishy, that is dumb and stupid. Coalescence is also a pretty good ultimate, and making Moira less punishable during Coalescence is pretty poor design I feel.
Perfectly balanced, that’s his whole thing. Zen has a fucktonne of utility, given his pick potential, damage output, and influence on the tank exchange, which makes him quite fun to play and very different from other supports.
Zen’s discord orb is currently close to/as strong as suzu. Neutral damage boosts are inherently problematic, but replacing his ability would require something with just as much utility due to his low output in terms of healing. I’ve decided not to remove discord orb, but instead encourage more thoughtful use of it (currently discord is just used to tilt tank players).
Discord orb
Maintains 25% damage for 1s
Damage boost decays to 10% at a rate of 5% per second (this is just theorycrafting numbers)
Decay begins immediately if LOS is lost
A character cannot be rediscorded for 5s after discord is removed
The removal of discord due to LOS is increased to 3s if harmony orb is on opposing rolecounterpart (i.e both orbs are on dps, or both are on tanks)
Harmony orb
The healing output of harmony orb is increased by 25% if the opposing counterpart has the discord orb on them
Like with discord, this begins to decay after 1s, decaying to 10% bonus healing
These changes try to bring some thematic design to the abilities, while still reducing discords power level as a “set it and forget it” type ability against opposing tanks. A tank can now for instance LOS for a few seconds to buy themselves some discordless time. These changes would probably still move Zenyatta down in terms of power level, but I don’t think that’s too bad for the time being. I would say though, that discord does keep a few tanks in check, and I would want to very actively look at tanks to see if they became too overbearing for the support role due to these changes.
So that's what I would change about the game, if you read all that congratulations. Feedback once again welcome. I would like to reiterate that the numbers on new abilities/big changes are pretty hypothetical so take these with a grain of salt. Sorry if the formatting is terrible I copy pasted a lot of it from a word document that I have slowly compiled. Also didn't really proofread so there you go.
Also happy pride month!
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2023.06.02 18:51 miarrial Russia: the Church strips museums, with the Kremlin's blessing

Link in French – Russie: l'Église dépouille les musées, avec la bénédiction du Kremlin

In recent weeks, Russia's two main museums have announced that they are handing over two of their most famous artifacts to the Church, a sign of its growing influence with the Kremlin, which is counting on its support in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine.
Russia: the Church strips museums, with the Kremlin's blessing
In recent weeks, Russia's two leading museums have announced the transfer of two of their most famous artefacts to the Church, a sign of its growing influence with the Kremlin, which is counting on its support in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine.
While the transfer of these national treasures to the Church pleases believers, art experts denounce a political move that jeopardizes the future of pieces as precious as they are fragile.
The shock came in mid-May, when the Patriarchate announced President Vladimir Putin's decision to hand over Andrei Rublev's icon of the Trinity, a national emblem dating back to the 15th century.
The most mysterious of Russian icons, whose perfect harmony has drawn crowds to Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery for a century, is to be exhibited from June 4 in Christ the Savior Cathedral, near the Kremlin.
The painting will then go to its original monastery of the Trinity-St. Sergius in Seguiyev Possad, the "Russian Vatican" located 70 km from Moscow.
At almost the same time, the renowned Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (north-west) announced that it was handing over the tomb of Prince Alexander Nevsky, a true national hero who lived in the 13th century, to the monastery that housed it before the Bolshevik revolution.
"In these geopolitical times (...), the sacred value of the monument is more important than its artistic value", explains Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the Hermitage.
"National "plinth
These presidential donations come against the backdrop of Moscow's offensive in Ukraine, actively supported by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, an ally of Mr. Putin.
By transferring these relics to the Church, the President "wants to give Russia back its foundation", Leonid Kalinin, until recently in charge of religious art at the Patriarchate, told AFP.
As was the case centuries ago, religious symbols are now an integral part of the conflict.
In April, during a visit to a Russian-occupied region of southern Ukraine, Mr. Putin offered soldiers a copy of an icon, the original of which was sent to a church dedicated to the armed forces.
In this context, Rublev's Trinity, with its three angels seated at a table around a common cup, becomes a symbol of the country's unity.
"Contemplating Rublev's Trinity helped Russian princes to overcome the discord of the world," Lev Lifshits, 80, author of numerous works on early Russian art, told AFP.
Last July, this icon had already been exhibited for three days at the Trinité-Saint-Serge monastery.
Kremlin-Church alliance
But in the face of the art's defenders, the Church can count on a master asset: Vladimir Putin, who counts on the Patriarchate's help to rally the population in the midst of the conflict with Kiev.
The alliance between the Kremlin and the Church in times of trouble is not new: in 1943, despite official atheism, Stalin "rehabilitated the Orthodox clergy and reopened 10,000 churches" in the USSR, notes Mr. Kalinin.
According to a widespread Russian legend, Stalin even flew a plane carrying a miraculous icon over Moscow to unite the nation at war with Nazi Germany.
In this context, for Mr. Lifshits, the transfer of Rublev's The Trinity to the Church is "political".
"The Kremlin's decision means that the political situation there is perceived as extremely serious," adds Russian political scientist Georgi Bovt.
"Still no victory (over Ukraine), the army is no match for him, all that's left for Putin to do is ask God to help him", like the rulers of yesteryear, he sums up for AFP.
"Risk" for the works
Above all, however, art experts are alarmed by the danger posed to the works transferred to the Church, where conservation conditions will be less professional.
The transfer of Rublev's Trinity "risks destroying it", warns Mr. Lifshits. After the icon was exhibited at the monastery in July, experts noted 61 signs of deterioration, despite the protective capsule.
If it leaves the museum again, "the next generation will no longer see it in its current appearance", expert Lilia Evseeva of Moscow's Museum of Icons told AFP.
The return of this artifact to the Church has provoked a mobilization of the Russian Academy of Sciences: last week, some twenty scholars denounced its "disastrous condition", making it "impossible and inadmissible" to move it.
In a sign of the tension surrounding this debate, the priest Leonid Kalinin was abruptly dismissed from his post last week, after suggesting that a copy of The Trinity should be exhibited in the cathedral, pending the creation of a high-performance protective capsule.
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2023.06.02 18:49 2019h740 Hitting back against "Drumpf"

The Republican candidates not called "Trump" are in a bad place right now.
DeSantis, Tim Scott, etc. were supposed to receive a post-announcement bump, and they depended upon it. They didn't. So they need to start thinking outside the box.
Normal campaigns aren't denting Trump's support. But of course they aren't! No one's attacking Trump. They're all tip-toeing around him like he's the bully in the playground you can't offend, even if he offends other people.
That isn't going to cut it for anyone who wants to win the Republican primary. Trump may win anyway, but at least you'll give yourself a chance if you attack him. Let's face it: there's plenty about Trump to attack. He uses so much makeup he's bright orange, his hairstyle is almost as weird as Boris Johnson's, and he isn't the most articulate speaker (or Tweeter or "Truther").
Has Trump been attacked for one of these personal flaws? Let's take out our list of nicknames Trump's Republican opponents have called him:
There aren't any, as far as I've seen.
Now let's take a look at all the names DeSantis has been called:
I'm sure there are more.
Are they going to learn? You can't stay above the fray.
Remember Walter Mondale? He lost in a landslide in 1984. What's the one thing we remember about Mondale? "Youth and Inexperience"
Remember Michael Dukakis, Mr. "Stay above the fray." He lost in a landslide in 1988. What's the one thing we remember about Dukakis? I don't need to say it, it's so famous.
In politics, you can't stay above the fray. It never worked. Hamilton learned that the hard way when he, rightly, didn't want to shoot in a certain duel with a, as Trump would say, "nasty person."
If these also rans want to become challengers, they need to join the gutter before the gutter takes them.
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2023.06.02 18:48 Longjumping_Dot2536 Idk if I was molested. But DAE feel an overwhelming desire for revenge NOT aimed at thier abuser?

Like I said I don't know if I was molested, I suspect it was brief.
But for as long as I can remember I've felt like I've had split personalities, without actually having it of course.
I recently read up on splitting as a response and it kinda speaks to me.
I'm incredibly child like in terms of the way I speak and act. Usually being overly exitable and happy looking when people are talking to me. And the vast majority of times during a confrontation I shut down and become a doormat
And yet every waking second of my life, behind my eyes is an unquenchable murderous rage and paranoia that plagues my mind constantly. It's a murderous rage that can only be described as a desire for revenge.
The victims of these thoughts are my own family. Now they didn't molest me, but they do look down on me, insult me on occasion. But gernally were all pretty cool with each other. It's my thoughts about them, constantly making up situations in which they're putting me down that plagues me.
I have this overwhelming misaimed desire that I don't act upon and am scared of acting upon if I were to ever find out I was molested. How dare they don't tell me, don't help me and constantly look down on me like I'm just a potentially molested little autist.
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