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2023.06.02 21:10 Rufo_md My vehicle, my problem, right?

So I recently applied in early April and started dashing. Early on the payments were small just averageing 5-10 with some far delivery locations. I knew they had to get better as time went on so I kept a good attitude and just accepted what came in only denying orders with some 10 miles for 3.25 ya know. But with just 35 orders my ratings had 17 5 stars and 1 4 star. Even had 12 customers go further and complimented communication and timeliness. 100% completion rate And had an insane deliveries on time/early of 98%. Acceptance was at 68%. Then right as may hits the orders became larger and way better payed then the background came back.... Account suspended for possible adverse action. I'm in Texas and in 2019 was charged DWI (hit a pole no victims class b misdemeanor) because my blood lab results had marijuana in it. Texas classifies DUIs and DWIs the same. It written in my report and it feels so unfair I was disqualified because of that. For starters I wouldn't even have the record if I lived in a state that didn't freak over weed and second why TF would doordash have grounds to deactivate me when they don't provide insurance or maintenance on my vehicle. Say you deliver pizzas and crash while delivering. If the insurance finds out you were working when you crashed and you didn't enter commercial insurance onto your policy when you started working you lose coverage. But doordash is independent contractor and isn't liable at all for you working independently. They even have the right to suspend your dashing in the middle of dashing and retain the amount of money you earned because the dash wasn't ended. Wtf
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2023.06.02 20:57 Mentaoff Friday Bonanza Lotto Results 2nd June 2023 The Talks Today

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2023.06.02 20:41 depressionist_1 Can I do anything about a financial institution lying to me for two years?

I'll try to include all pertinent details, but essentially I want to know if there is any recourse I can take against a major financial institution that has been lying to me for two years. My father passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago at the age of 49 and with no will in the state of Texas. The heirs for the estate include myself, my older sister, and his common law spouse at the time of death (there was no formal or informal marriage certificate, but they signed a notarized piece of paper saying they were married for insurance purposes). It was not a large estate, with the major assets being the house that was solely in his name, his cars, and a large 401(k) account value around $160,000 - $190,000 depending on the time I called (the account had active investments which took a fairly large hit during 2022 while we were unable to access the account). which is the account of interest in this post. At the time of death we called all the financial institutions to notify them of the death, and provide them with the death certificate and other requested documents (affidavit of domicile, etc.). We then proceeded with probate court where I was named the administrator of the estate, and I continued to work with the financial institution in question. The process of getting in touch with them was not easy, and I would initially spend hours on hold (the longest I waited was around 5 hours before I was told that they had closed and no one could help me). Our case got bounced around from person to person, and each time I was able to get through to them a new person would have taken over our account.
Each time I called them I was told that because there was no beneficiary on the account at the time of death the only options were to transfer all the assets into an inherited IRA account in the name of the estate, or we could liquidate the positions into cash and move the money into an account, again in the name of the estate. For two years, I was told again and again that my only option was to keep the money in the name of the estate, despite this actually being a more difficult way to distribute assets and not the way that we would have wanted to deal with the assets. As of yesterday, I am now being told that this is not the case, and that because the common law spouse checked married on the death certificate that counts as a surviving spouse and that they will only distribute the assets directly to her because of their distribution policy, which effectively cuts me and my sister out of the largest portion of the estate and our inheritance. In Texas, probate laws divide estates 1/3 to the surviving spouse (including common law spouse) and 2/3 to the surviving children, of which there are two of us, and our intention has always been to follow this three way split. We are all on good terms, which is why we decided to divide assets ourselves to begin with.
My main question here is: can I take any action against the financial institution for the emotional distress and financial loss I have now suffered as a result of their negligence for the past two years? My thought is that their argument is that they go off of surviving spouse, and their proof for that is the death certificate which they have had in their possession since 2021. If that is the basis for their decision, then they have been negligent in their duty and caused me to spend hours on the phone and month waiting, while complying with all of their requests, up to submitting the application for the inherited IRA in the name of the estate, each time having to confront the pain of my father's death (reliving finding him dead in the backyard and having to call the police AND my entire family to alert every one of his death). They have caused financial harm by both blocking all of our access to this money through their terrible service, inability to provide a case manager, and most of all lack of understanding of their own policy, and also by not complying with my state's laws regarding assets belonging to a person who died with no will. Furthermore, if the entire basis is the death certificate, I don't see how that is a binding marriage contract, if I could have filled out the form differently at the time of death and there is no actual marriage certificate. I did not contest it at the time of death, because we have no desire to cut her out of the estate and want her t receive her full share, but I believe that I could change that if I tried to. If I did, would that change the way that this financial institution distributes the assets, and if that is the case I don't see how that can be a legally binding document for the purposes of heirship.
I appreciate that there may not be anything I can do; this is a big company and they tend to not be held responsible for their mistakes even when they cause harm. However, my thought process is that is I went to a doctor and they misdiagnosed me and then continued to act on this misdiagnoses for two years and it caused me harm, there would be steps I can take to right the wrong they have caused. Whether or not the misdiagnosis is intentional. While I'm empathetic of the individual and can understand how a single, poorly trained employee could make this mistake. But as this was a consistent and repeated statement, and as a company they have caused significant emotional and financial harm to me, and to the other heirs of estate, through their negligence and failure to perform their fiduciary duty. I am grateful for anyone who takes the time to read this and for any insight that you may be able to lend to this situation. Regardless of what ends up happening with the money, I cannot believe that this company doesn't have to face any consequences for their actions despite all of the pain they have caused.
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2023.06.02 19:12 Dismal-Jellyfish SEC Alert! Statement Second Commission Statement Relating to Certain Administrative Adjudications. An update on how certain databases were not configured to restrict access by staff from our Division of Enforcement to memoranda drafted by staff from the Adjudication Group.

SEC Alert! Statement Second Commission Statement Relating to Certain Administrative Adjudications. An update on how certain databases were not configured to restrict access by staff from our Division of Enforcement to memoranda drafted by staff from the Adjudication Group.
Source: https://www.sec.gov/news/statement/second-commission-statement-relating-certain-administrative-adjudications
On April 5, 2022, the Commission issued a Statement Relating to Certain Administrative Adjudications (the “April 5 Statement”) describing a control deficiency related to the separation of enforcement and adjudicatory functions within the agency’s system for administrative adjudication. As the April 5 Statement explained, for a period of time, certain databases maintained by our Office of the Secretary (“OS”) were not configured to restrict access by staff from our Division of Enforcement (“Enforcement”) to memoranda drafted by staff from the Adjudication Group (“Adjudication”) in our Office of the General Counsel (“OGC”). As a result, in a number of adjudicatory matters, administrative support staff from Enforcement responsible for maintaining Enforcement’s case files accessed Adjudication memoranda via OS’s databases. In many instances, those administrative staff also emailed Adjudication memoranda to other administrative staff for potential upload to Enforcement databases; once uploaded, the memoranda became accessible more broadly to Enforcement staff.
When it was discovered that Enforcement staff had access to Adjudication memoranda, the Commissioners were notified, as was the Commission’s Office of Inspector General. As the April 5 Statement explained, the Chair immediately directed the implementation of remedial measures, including enhanced access controls, to ensure that Enforcement staff would no longer be able to access these memoranda in the OS databases or through the Enforcement databases to which they may have been uploaded. The Chair also initiated a comprehensive internal review to assess the scope and potential impact of the control deficiency. This review has been conducted by experienced investigative staff from the Division of Examinations under the supervision of the Commission’s General Counsel (the “review team”). As noted in the April 5 Statement, the review team has been supported by Berkeley Research Group, LLC, a consulting firm retained by OGC that includes a team of experienced investigators and forensic analysts.
The April 5 Statement disclosed the review team’s findings regarding two matters arising from administrative adjudicatory proceedings as to which challenges were pending in the federal courts. In the April 5 Statement, the Commission also committed to releasing information about additional affected matters. We are now releasing the below statement from the review team, which provides additional information about the two matters discussed in the April 5 Statement, as well as findings regarding additional adjudicatory matters that are currently pending before us. Those matters include 28 matters as to which one or more Adjudication memoranda specific to a particular matter were accessed by Enforcement administrative staff, as well as 61 additional matters in which one or more Adjudication memoranda broadly applicable to numerous pending matters were accessed by Enforcement administrative staff.
We deeply regret that the agency’s internal systems lacked sufficient safeguards surrounding access to Adjudication memoranda, and we are continuing our work to ensure that, going forward, work product from the Adjudication staff is appropriately safeguarded. We take this lapse in controls very seriously and are committed to both informing the public about the scope of this issue and preventing any similar lapses in the future.
The information presented below is based on the work of the review team. We will release additional findings from the review team as appropriate.

Review Team Findings

Summary of Review and Findings

The review team has interviewed more than 250 current and former staff members, including individuals from Enforcement, OS, and OGC. The review team has collected and considered documents from Enforcement, OS, and OGC, including over 500,000 pages of emails and attachments. The team has also reviewed hundreds of case files in Enforcement’s case management database (the “Enforcement Centralized Database”), including the electronic case files of each of the matters discussed below. Working with Berkeley Research Group, the review team has analyzed over 25 million rows of data from access logs for various systems.
Part A and Exhibit 1 provide additional information regarding Cochran and Jarkesy,the two matters addressed in the Commission’s April 5 Statement.
In addition to those two matters, the review team identified additional matters that are currently pending before the Commission in which Enforcement administrative staff accessed one or more Adjudication memoranda that either: (1) pertained specifically to that matter (or in some instances to another matter but were maintained in the same Enforcement case file); or (2) were not specific to any individual adjudicatory matter but rather described procedural actions that Adjudication staff recommended that the Commission take in many (or all) pending adjudicatory proceedings. For ease of reference, the first set of memoranda is referred to as “case-specific memoranda,” and the matters they address are referred to as the “Affected Matters.” As discussed below, the review team identified 28 Affected Matters. The second set of memoranda—those addressing more generally applicable procedural actions—is referred to as “Omnibus Memoranda.” The review team determined that Enforcement administrative staff accessed eight Omnibus Memoranda and that there are 61 additional currently pending matters encompassed by one or more of those memoranda.
Part B and Exhibit 2 provide the review team’s findings about the 28 Affected Matters, identifying the case-specific memoranda accessed by Enforcement staff that relate to each of those matters. Part B also notes the instances in which an Omnibus Memorandum was uploaded to one of the Enforcement case files for the Affected Matters.
Part C and Exhibit 3 provide additional information about the eight Omnibus Memoranda that were accessed, including the scope of the adjudicatory matters encompassed by each. Exhibit 4 identifies—as to Cochran, Jarkesy, and all of the Affected Matters—the Omnibus Memoranda that encompass each matter. Exhibit 5, in turn, identifies the 61 additional pending adjudicatory matters in which only an Omnibus Memorandum encompassing that matter was accessed by Enforcement staff—that is, those currently pending matters encompassed by an Omnibus Memorandum as to which the review team found no evidence that a case-specific Adjudication memorandum was also accessed by Enforcement staff.
In all instances, the review team found that the Enforcement administrative staff accessed the Adjudication memoranda as part of an effort to track and upload to the Enforcement Centralized Database all Enforcement memoranda recommending Commission action in enforcement proceedings. Consistent with this effort, the overwhelming majority of the memoranda accessed by the Enforcement administrative staff were memoranda to the Commission submitted by Enforcement staff. But because the OS databases were not configured to prevent Enforcement staff from accessing Adjudication memoranda—and the Enforcement administrative staff did not distinguish between Enforcement and Adjudication memoranda—those administrative staff included some Adjudication memoranda in their effort to continually upload relevant materials into the Enforcement Centralized Database.
As indicated in Part B and Exhibit 2, in each of the 28 Affected Matters, an Enforcement administrative staff member accessed one or more case-specific Adjudication memoranda and emailed many of those memoranda to other Enforcement administrative staff. The administrative staff member who initially accessed the memoranda generally did not distribute the documents to other administrative staff members until after the Commission had voted on the action recommended by the memoranda. The administrative staff members who received these memoranda via email then typically uploaded the memoranda into the Enforcement Centralized Database. As a result, some case-specific Adjudication memoranda became accessible in the Enforcement Centralized Database to all Enforcement staff, including individuals investigating and prosecuting the matters referenced in those memoranda. None of the administrative staff members had a practice of contacting Enforcement staff directly responsible for investigating and prosecuting the relevant matters. And the review team found no evidence that any Enforcement staff assigned to investigate and prosecute any of the Affected Matters accessed any case-specific Adjudication memoranda before the Commission approved the action recommended in those memoranda.
As indicated in Part C and Exhibit 3, one of the eight Omnibus Memoranda accessed by Enforcement administrative staff was uploaded to the Enforcement Centralized Database in the Enforcement case files for Cochran and four of the Affected Matters and thus became accessible to all Enforcement staff. The remaining Omnibus Memoranda were accessed by Enforcement administrative staff via the OS databases but were not uploaded to the Enforcement Centralized Database, emailed to, or otherwise accessed by, any other Enforcement staff.

Access to Adjudication Memoranda by Enforcement Staff in the New York Regional Office

Enforcement administrative staff in the Commission’s New York Regional Office (“NYRO”) maintained a practice of uploading Enforcement memoranda relating to matters handled by NYRO staff to a separate database created and maintained by NYRO Enforcement staff (the “NYRO database”). The NYRO database was intended to serve as a supplemental reference resource for Enforcement memoranda and ultimately contained over 250 Enforcement memoranda. When the NYRO Enforcement administrative staff received Adjudication memoranda via the process described above, they too did not distinguish between memoranda drafted by Enforcement staff and those drafted by Adjudication staff.
Between February 2019 and August 2020, NYRO administrative staff emailed several Adjudication memoranda to an Enforcement supervisor in NYRO (“Enforcement Supervisor”), an attorney responsible for overseeing the work of other Enforcement attorneys in NYRO. The administrative staff’s emails sought instruction whether the Adjudication memoranda should be uploaded to the NYRO database. This occurred with respect to Jarkesy, as well as three of the Affected Matters; where it occurred with respect to those matters, it is noted below and in Exhibit 1 or 2, as appropriate. In two such instances, the NYRO Enforcement staff uploaded the memoranda to the NYRO database at the direction of the Enforcement Supervisor.
The review team found no evidence that either NYRO administrative staff or the Enforcement Supervisor circulated any Adjudication memoranda to anyone else, including anyone directly involved in investigating and prosecuting the relevant matters. The review team also determined that, for each of the Adjudication memoranda sent to the Enforcement Supervisor, transmission occurred after the Commission had already approved the action recommended in the Adjudication memorandum. For the Adjudication memoranda uploaded to the NYRO database, the review team determined that no one other than administrative staff accessed those memoranda in the NYRO database.

Outstanding Seriatim Reports

From at least 2015 through 2021, OS generally sent a weekly report to senior staff in Enforcement (including, at times, the Director, Deputy Director, and Chief Counsel) that provided the status of certain outstanding recommendations from Enforcement to the Commission. Referred to as the “Outstanding Seriatim Report,” this report listed all outstanding recommendations from Enforcement as to which the Commissioners intended to vote sequentially (in seriatim) without convening a meeting. The report briefly described the Enforcement staff’s recommendation and the status of the Commissioners’ votes on each recommendation. OS staff members generated the reports from one of the OS databases that did not adequately segregate Adjudication memoranda. While OS staff typically excluded information about Adjudication matters from the Outstanding Seriatim Reports, in some instances, limited information briefly describing Adjudication staff’s recommendations was inadvertently included in the reports.
Thirteen weekly Outstanding Seriatim Reports—one sent in February 2016 and twelve sent between June 2019 and July 2020—included Adjudication-specific information regarding one of the matters discussed below. Where this occurred, it is noted below and in Exhibit 1 or 2, as appropriate. The review team found that none of these Outstanding Seriatim Reports attached an Adjudication memorandum, nor did the review team find any evidence that the Outstanding Seriatim Reports were forwarded to any staff assigned to investigate and prosecute any of the matters.

A. Cochran and Jarkesy

As explained in the April 5 Statement, in both Cochran and Jarkesy, Enforcement administrative staff accessed one or more Adjudication memoranda and emailed those documents to other administrative staff who, in a number of instances, uploaded the memoranda to the Enforcement Centralized Database. As a result, certain Adjudication memoranda were accessible to all Enforcement staff, including attorneys investigating and prosecuting Cochran and Jarkesy.
  1. David S. Hall, P.C. d/b/a The Hall Group CPAs, David S. Hall, CPA, Michelle L. Helterbran Cochran, CPA, and Susan A. Cisneros, Admin. Proc. 3-17228
The Commission issued an Order Instituting Proceedings (“OIP”) in this matter on April 26, 2016.[8] In March 2017, an administrative law judge (“ALJ”) issued an initial decision finding that respondents, auditors Michelle Helterbran Cochran and Susan Cisneros, had engaged in improper professional conduct in connection with their audits of publicly traded companies.[9] In June 2017, the Commission issued an order providing that the ALJ’s decision had become the final decision of the Commission.[10] Cochran sought Commission review of that decision, but while that review was pending, the matter was remanded and assigned to a new ALJ in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Lucia v. SEC.[11] While the proceeding was pending before the new ALJ, Cochran filed a lawsuit in federal district court, seeking to enjoin the administrative proceeding.[12] The district court dismissed her complaint for lack of jurisdiction, and a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit affirmed.[13] In December 2021, the en banc Fifth Circuit reversed the district court’s decision and remanded the case to the district court.[14] The Supreme Court subsequently granted the government’s petition for certiorari and, on April 14, 2023, affirmed the en banc court’s decision, holding that the district court has jurisdiction to hear Cochran’s complaint.[15] All deadlines in the administrative proceeding are postponed pending resolution of the litigation in federal court.[16]
As described in the Commission’s April 5 Statement (and further detailed in Exhibit 3), administrative staff in Enforcement accessed—and uploaded to the Cochran case file in the Enforcement Centralized Database—one Omnibus Memorandum, dated November 29, 2017, encompassing the Cochran matter. Enforcement administrative staff initially accessed the memorandum the day after the Commission issued its order on the issues presented in the Adjudication memorandum (hereinafter referred to as a “corresponding order”). The staff emailed the memorandum to other Enforcement administrative staff, who uploaded the document to the Cochran case file (as well as to several other case files, as indicated in Exhibit 3).
As described in the Commission’s April 5 Statement—and in submissions to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas[17] and the U.S. Supreme Court[18] by the Department of Justice (“DOJ”)—the review team found no evidence that Enforcement staff accessed any case-specific Adjudication memoranda relating to the Cochran matter, that any of the individuals assigned to investigate and prosecute the Cochran matter ever accessed or took any action influenced by the November 29, 2017 (or any other) Omnibus Memorandum, or that any of these individuals contacted or communicated with the Adjudication staff advising the Commission in its decision-making in this matter.[19]
2. John Thomas Capital Mgmt. Grp. LLC d/b/a Patriot28 LLC, and George R. Jarkesy Jr., Admin. Proc. 3-15255
The Commission issued an OIP in this matter on March 22, 2013.[20] In October 2014, an ALJ issued an initial decision finding that respondents George R. Jarkesy Jr. and John Thomas Capital Management Group LLC, d/b/a Patriot28 LLC (“JTMG”), had violated the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws.[21] Respondents appealed that decision to the Commission, and Enforcement cross-appealed the ALJ’s determination on sanctions. While the appeal was pending, the proceeding was remanded and reassigned to a different ALJ in light of Lucia, though respondents moved to vacate the remand order and proceed with their previously filed appeal on the existing record.[22] The Commission granted that request and, in September 2020, issued an opinion finding that respondents had violated the antifraud provisions and an order imposing a penalty, disgorgement on JTMG, and an industry and penny stock bar on Jarkesy.[23] Jarkesy filed a petition for review with the Fifth Circuit, which, in May 2022 vacated the Commission’s decision.[24] The Fifth Circuit denied the government’s petition for rehearing en banc. On March 8, 2023, the government filed a petition for a writ of certiorari, seeking the Supreme Court’s review of the Fifth Circuit’s decision.[25]
As described in the Commission’s April 5 Statement—and as DOJ notified the Fifth Circuit[26]—and as further detailed in Exhibit 1, an administrative staff member in Enforcement accessed nine case-specific Adjudication memoranda relating to the Jarkesy matter and emailed them to other administrative staff in Enforcement, who uploaded seven of them to the Jarkesy case file in the Enforcement Centralized Database. The review team found that administrative staff also emailed one of these Jarkesy-specific memoranda to the NYRO Enforcement Supervisor but that the memorandum was never uploaded to the NYRO database. In addition, in one instance, an Outstanding Seriatim Report circulated to senior Enforcement staff included a reference to one of the case-specific Adjudication memoranda relating to the Jarkesy matter.
The review team found no evidence that any of the individuals assigned to investigate and prosecute the Jarkesy matter ever accessed these Adjudication memoranda. The review team found no evidence that either the NYRO Enforcement Supervisor or any of the individuals assigned to investigate and prosecute the Jarkesy matter ever took any action influenced by these memoranda.[27] The review team also found no evidence that any of these individuals contacted or communicated with the Adjudication staff advising the Commission in its decision-making in this matter.[28]

B. Affected Matters

As noted above, there are 28 Affected Matters. In 20 of those matters, Enforcement administrative staff uploaded one or more case-specific Adjudication memoranda to a case file in the Enforcement Centralized Database.
As to all of the Affected Matters, the review team found no evidence—including through interviews with Enforcement staff—that access to Adjudication memoranda impacted any Enforcement filings or decision-making in those matters. In 23 of the Affected Matters, Enforcement made no filings between the date an Adjudication memorandum was initially accessed by a member of Enforcement’s administrative staff and the date the Commission voted to take action on the recommendation presented in the memorandum. In all of the remaining five Affected Matters—those in which an Enforcement filing was made during the time period between initial access and Commission approval—the Enforcement filing was unrelated to the subject matter of the recommendation in the Adjudication memorandum.[29]

C. Omnibus Memoranda

As noted above, and described in greater detail in Exhibit 3, Enforcement administrative staff accessed a total of eight Omnibus Memoranda recommending that the Commission take certain procedural actions in then-pending administrative adjudicatory proceedings.[135] Six of the memoranda involved recommendations following legal developments in litigation challenging the constitutionality of the Commission’s ALJs.[136] The remaining two involved recommendations by Adjudication staff related to the 2018-2019 federal government shutdown.
As indicated in Exhibit 3, one of the eight Omnibus Memoranda—the November 29, 2017 memorandum—was uploaded to the Enforcement Centralized Database. It was not uploaded to the NYRO database. The remaining seven were never emailed to, or otherwise accessed by, other Enforcement administrative staff; nor were they uploaded to either the Enforcement Centralized Database or the NYRO database. The review team found no evidence that the administrative staff member who accessed the Omnibus Memoranda contacted any Enforcement staff responsible for investigating and prosecuting the relevant matters about any of these memoranda.
Exhibit 4 identifies the particular Omnibus Memoranda that encompassed each matter described in Parts A and B (and listed in Exhibits 1 and 2). Exhibit 5 lists the additional currently pending adjudicatory matters in which the review team found that only an Omnibus Memorandum encompassing that matter was accessed (i.e., the review team found no evidence that a case-specific Adjudication memorandum was accessed relating to those matters). For each such matter, Exhibit 5 also indicates the particular Omnibus Memoranda that encompassed that matter.
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2023.06.02 19:06 Raiden720 Where does 261 stand on “ShotSpotter surveillance” gunshot detection systems in high crime areas?

On the one hand, yes, we have to admit that these are being installed in minority areas pretty much 100% of the time. On the other hand, that is where a lot of the crime takes place and a lot of the gunfire, so it makes sense to install these systems in these areas where these happen the most? This article is clearly critical of the system, and it says that there are only arrests made in 1% of the times when it “spots” gunfire. But wouldn’t removing these systems hurt the communities that these are in? Someone help me understand the counter-argument here, thank you!
Minneapolis schools secretly partnered with ShotSpotter surveillance company, cyber attack reveals
Data breach unmasks locations of gunshot detection sensors on rooftops of schools that predominantly serve Black youth
By Mark Keierleber, The 74
Shortly after a dozen gunshots erupted from a stolen red SUV on the northside of Minneapolis this month, emergency dispatchers were notified of the drive-by shooting that shattered a window at the school district’s administrative headquarters.
District officials promptly reported the shooting to the cops, who briefly halted their chase when they encountered a school bus dropping off students. A second police report, this one from a California-based surveillance company, had also alerted authorities to the ear-piercing pops.
The incident resulted in the arrest of three teenagers, who were ultimately chased down by cops on foot and a state police helicopter in the air. Shootings and car thefts have surged in Minneapolis over the last several years and, in a press release, Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara said that out-of-control youth had become “a danger to themselves and to anyone who happens to be around them.”
Yet in some ways, the teenage arrests were an anomaly: The controversial ShotSpotter surveillance sensors that notified police to the blasts, multiple reports have found, rarely direct police to the scenes of firearm crimes. Concerns about ShotSpotter false alarms and their disproportionate effects on Black residents didn’t stop the city’s school district from secretly partnering with the company, an investigation by The 74 has revealed.
For nearly a decade, Minneapolis Public Schools has made northside campus buildings available to bolster a massive surveillance network that peppers neighborhoods with microphones designed to detect, analyze and geolocate gunfire.
Since at least 2014, the school district has agreed to host nondescript ShotSpotter sensors on the rooftops of campus buildings, according to contracts that were leaked as part of a massive cyber attack on Minneapolis Public Schools earlier this year. Six agreements, signed in 2014 and 2019, authorize the sensors to be mounted atop school buildings “in an ‘out of sight’ fashion. The city maintains the primary contract to station ShotSpotter sensors throughout Minneapolis; the school district simply agreed to host the devices on their property. Last year, the city’s latest contract for the sensors totaled $168,000, according to GovSpend, a database that tracks government procurement.
Subjected to a relentless stream of mass school shootings, school districts nationwide spend billions of dollars each year on campus security, including on gun-detection hardware. Yet ShotSpotter’s footprint in education remains largely unknown. The locations of the gun-detection sensors in Minneapolis and urban communities nationwide have for years been intentionally hidden.
In the leaked contracts, Minneapolis school officials agreed to withhold from the public information about its participation in the surveillance program. Details about the sensor locations, officials agreed, “cannot be disclosed under any circumstances.”
In Minneapolis, campus ShotSpotter locations were uncovered during The 74’s investigation into the fallout from the February cyber attack. Highly sensitive information about students and educators, as well as confidential campus security information, were published online in March after the district failed to pay the Medusa cyber gang’s $1 million ransom demand.
ShotSpotter’s efforts to thwart bloodshed from gun violence is commendable, said Teresa Nelson, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota. But, she said, privacy and racial disparities in ShotSpotter locations, as well as reports calling into question the sensors’ effectiveness, outweigh their potential benefits. And efforts to withhold the school district’s ShotSpotter agreement from the public, stifle resident’s ability to engage in conversations about how to keep their communities safe, Nelson said.
Ultimately, “it adds a layer to the idea of policing in our schools” that could be problematic, she said. ShotSpotter coverage of schools, she worried, could send police who are “ready for an extremely dangerous confrontation” to campuses “for no reason” due to false alarms from fireworks, backfiring cars and other loud noises.
“That changes the tenor of policing in that area,” she said. “Police have tremendous power and so the community is entitled to know how they’re using that power and how they’re using new technologies that allow them to effectively conduct general mass surveillance.”
The Minneapolis school district didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. The district has been criticized for not sharing more information with the public about the nature and extent of the breach — its most recent statement on its website is from April 11. It declined interview requests from The 74 for a May 15 investigation about the breach of closely guarded campus security information and didn’t respond to questions for a May 5 article on the leak of highly sensitive information about students and staff.
In an email, Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson Garrett Parten declined to disclose the number of ShotSpotter sensors deployed across Minneapolis, adding that the company selects installation locations. The technology, he said, “has been an excellent tool in aiding the quick location of shooting victims” so they can receive medical attention “when seconds count.”
“In general, ShotSpotter pinpoints the location of gunfire,” Parten said. “This allows officers to respond directly to a location rather than doing a grid search looking for evidence. As such, Officers are able to quickly locate and secure evidence that might otherwise be removed, compromised, or missed altogether.”
Thomas Chittum, the senior vice president of analytics and forensic services at ShotSpotter owner SoundThinking, said the data breach in Minneapolis is a rare occurrence but the publicly traded company is taking the incident seriously. Though the sensors are regularly placed on municipal buildings like police departments and schools, he declined to specify how many are stationed on campuses in Minneapolis or nationwide. Sensor locations are confidential, he said, to prevent vandalism, retaliation against businesses and agencies that agree to host the devices, and efforts by gunmen to get around the system.
“Now that these things are known publicly, we have to assess whether or not we think it poses a risk to the efficacy of the system,” said Chittum, who retired last year as acting deputy director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. “The sensors are not hard to relocate but we’ll have to assess whether or not that’s feasible and necessary.”
Few arrests, little evidence of gun-related crimes
Researchers and civil rights groups have warned for years that the technology, which is disproportionately deployed in communities of color, could do more harm than good by routinely sending militarized police into high alert over false alarms. SoundThinking maintains that its ShotSpotter sensors are 97% accurate.
The most comprehensive study on ShotSpotter’s efficacy, published in 2021 in the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Health, reported dismal findings. The analysis of ShotSpotter in 68 metropolitan counties from 1999 to 2016 found the sensors had no significant impact on firearm-related homicide rates or arrest outcomes.
ShotSpotter deployments have been especially contentious in Chicago, where the sensors are disproportionately installed in neighborhoods with large percentages of Black residents. In more than 31,000 incidents each year, ShotSpotter alerts send Chicago police to locations where they failed to find evidence of gun crimes, according to research by the MacArthur Justice Center at Northwestern University’s law school. Between April 2021 and April 2022, researchers found, 90% of ShotSpotter dispatches failed to find evidence of guns. In a 2022 lawsuit, the group accused the city of relying on a surveillance tool that enables discriminatory policing without a clear public safety benefit.
A separate report from the city’s Office of Inspector General, published in 2021, reached similar results, concluding that the alerts rarely produced evidence of gun-related crimes, investigatory stops or recovered firearms. Yet the sensors led police to make more aggressive stops in certain neighborhoods, the office found, offering fodder for advocates who argue the devices lead to the over-policing of Black residents.
In a company-funded report by Edgeworth Analytics, researchers called the MacArthur analysis “misleading” and concluded that, “based on client reports,” ShotSpotter sensors were 97% effective in detecting gunfire.
Chittum said the sensor locations are selected based on historical crime data and rejected advocates’ concerns over racial disparities.
“The people that balk at the idea that you would deploy public safety infrastructure in the place where it could do the greatest good boggles my mind,” he said. “Of course you’re going to deploy it in the place where it’s most likely to help the people that have had the greatest impact from gun violence. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want law enforcement to know about shootings that occur in those neighborhoods.”
While the City of Chicago has long been a key ShotSpotter customer and former Democratic mayor Lori Lightfoot called the tool “a lifesaver,” that could soon change. New progressive Mayor Brandon Johnson campaigned on a promise to end the city’s $33 million ShotSpotter contract, vowing to instead “invest in new resources that go after illegal guns without physically stopping and frisking Chicagoans on the street.” After Johnson’s election, the company’s stock prices tumbled more than 25%.
After weighing the costs against their benefits, officials in several cities — including San Antonio, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina — have ended their ShotSpotter subscriptions. In San Antonio, officials spent more than $500,000 for the sensors, an expenditure that led to four arrests and seven weapons seizures in a two-year period.
Similarly in Minneapolis, ShotSpotter alerts have rarely led to arrests or evidence of gun-related crimes, according to a local television news investigation. An analysis found that Minneapolis police responded to about 8,500 ShotSpotter activations from January 2020 to September 2021. About 80% of the time, police didn’t locate evidence of a gun-related crime and only 32 activations — less than 1% of the total — led to an arrest.
On one occasion, in 2012, the city temporarily disabled the sensors on New Year’s Eve because the system became overwhelmed by alerts from the blasts of fireworks.
‘Still losing our young people’
The six Minneapolis campus ShotSpotter locations disclosed in the breach are clustered in the city’s northside. Districtwide, about a third of Minneapolis students are Black. At the campuses where ShotSpotter sensors were disclosed, nearly two-thirds of students are Black.
The roughly 33,000-student district operates just shy of 100 schools. It’s unclear whether the devices were placed at a limited number of district locations or whether information about other campuses that serve as ShotSpotter hosts were spared in the data leak. Though police said ShotSpotter alerted them to the recent drive-by shooting — along with calls from educators — the leaked contracts don’t outline a sensor location at the district’s administrative offices.
While the specific locations of ShotSpotter sensors citywide haven’t been publicly disclosed, residents are well aware of their presence in certain neighborhoods, said Marika Pfefferkorn, a Twin Cities-based student privacy advocate and executive director of the Midwest Center for School Transformation. Yet the devices, she said, haven’t done enough to keep people safe.
“It’s not preventing the shots (from being) fired,” Pfefferkorn said. “We’re still losing our young people.”
In Minneapolis, homicides have surged by 166% since 2019 and the number of gunshot victims has more than doubled, according to city data. More than four-fifths of shooting victims in the city are Black, according to the data, as are 89% of suspects.
Outside Minneapolis, three school districts — one in Texas and two in Massachusetts — have purchased ShotSpotter services, according to GovSpend.
In 2021, the Newark, New Jersey, school district agreed to install the sensors on 30 school buildings in predominantly Black neighborhoods, according to a Chalkbeat investigation. Information about the agreement was removed from the school system’s website after the school board received an email inquiry from the education news outlet.
In a 2022 email also exposed in the Minneapolis data breach, a ShotSpotter employee declined to disclose to a school district facilities official the on-campus locations of its sensors, arguing that could allow the information to “fall into the wrong hands.”
“If the location of all sensors became known to the public,” the employee wrote, “criminals would have the capability to disable the gunshot location and detection functionality of the system, or otherwise seriously compromise the law enforcement utility of the system.”
As communities nationwide debate efforts to bolster security in school buildings, parents are demanding a seat at the table, said Kenneth Trump, president of the Cleveland-based National School Safety and Security Services.
“Parents expect authentic, transparent communication from school officials,” he said. When schools and cities equip communities with emerging security technology, officials “had better be transparent about expectations and limitations, and I’m not sure that’s occurring.”
Ultimately, it’s up to the City of Minneapolis to assess whether the sensors work as intended, said Nelson of the ACLU’s Minnesota chapter.
“Without strict limitations and auditing, we can never really be certain that it’s not being abused,” she said. “There needs to be more transparency and more assurances that it’s not going to be abused.”
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2023.06.02 18:46 akirathedon MEANINGWAVE MASTERPIECES IV Album & Visuals

Like I always say:
Please be upstanding for our epic list of featured artists:
  • Berton Braley!
  • Wes Watson!
  • David Goggins!
  • Paul Harvey!
  • Nick Rekieta!
  • Kurt Vonnegut!
  • William Ernest Henley!
  • Epictetus!
  • Tom Waits!
  • Charles Bukowski!
  • Joe Rogan!
  • Norm Macdonald!
  • Alan Watts!
As always thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t do this without you.
Right now we are in the final stages of building Don Studios Mexico. For the first time in many years, ever since that strange and epic sequence of events kicked off in the last days of winter, February 2020, that lead to us first losing Don Studios LA, then being shut out of the USA and losing Don Studios Texas, and all that it contained… After all this time, all these challenges, all this sacrifice, all this mind control, all this taking the way of the obstacle, then the next, and so on… soon I will have a professional, treated room to work out of. Every one of the songs you hear here was created in some sort of Air B&B situation. Every one of the music videos, the same. That we’ve been able to continue to execute at this level, with this continued consistency, is a miracle, and a testament not only to the power of MEANINGWAVE, not only to the wonders of living in the future, and not only the dedication and discipline of my family and I, but that of YOU, dear MEANINGWAVE enjoyer, without whom we are but the tree that falls in the woods, with no ear drum to manifest the sound.
Thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting MEANINGWAVE. Enjoy this collection of masterpieces, and look forward to the next, which will come around just as surely as Summer follows Spring. Discipline equals freedom, the freedom to bless the world with fresh MEANINGWAVE MASTERPIECES, year after year, and that will remain true, for just as long as you wish for that to be true.
Akira The Don
Don Studios Playa Del Carmen MKII, June 2023
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2023.06.02 18:23 Duck_Caught_Upstream An analysis of 5⭐️QBs Since 2004 Pt. 3

Continuing the posts I have made analyzing all 48 5⭐️ QBs as determined by 247 since 2004, today I wanted to share some more of my findings on analyzing how succesful these QBs are.
Part 1 - Analyzed QB Ratings of each 5⭐️ from SRCFB compared to the average QB Rating in the respective era
Part 2 - Analyzed the rate at which 5⭐️QBs have transferred
Today I wanted to take a look at where these QBs started there career versus where they ended up by looking at where they ended up being drafted in the NFL.
For the most part QBs drafted in the early rounds performed well in college but there are always QBs that where undeveloped or not properly utilzied in college that NFL teams believe they can "fix" or "devlop". Obviously this is the college football subreddit and not the NFL one but I still think looking at where these QBs ended up getting drafted says something about there college career. Also I think its important that we remember 5⭐️ QBs can still litearly be children aged 17-18. From the time they committ they still could physically grow more and they will mentally mature more. Trying to project how 17-18 y/o's will both physically and mentally grow and whether or not they will be NFL players is extremly crap-shooty.
As a refresher in Part 1 I gave each QB a score based on there career passer rating in years they had a meanigful amount of snaps compared to the average passer rating of that era. For further explanation see Part 1.
Results - Never invited to the NFL party
Let's first start with the QBs that never even got a sniff of the NFL.
Player (+/- CFBPR Score)
- Matt Tuiasosopo (0) (Never played a meaningful amount of snaps in College and went on to become a MLB player that hit one of the most strange HR's ever)
- Bobby Reid (+23) (The best of the never invited party. Bobby was transferred from Oklahoma St. and played his last season at Texas Southern. According to wikipedia, at Texas Southern he sustained an ACL injury and particpated in 2 pro-days but never got a shot with an NFL team)
- Mitch Mustain (Never played a meaningful amount of snaps in College)
- Gunner Kiel (+17)
- Max Browne (-6)
- Blake Barnett (-6)
- Hunter Johnson (0) (I understand Hunter started some games at Northwestern, but because he started so few and the ones he did start the Wildcats weren't exactly airing it out I felt it was not accuate to compare his Passer Rating to the average Passer Rating these past few seasons. Hunter is currently back at Clemson where he figures to be a backup behind Cade Klubnik. Theoritically he still could sign with an NFL team when his college career is over or even be drafted but I think its safe to say that won't happen at this point)
Results - Undrafted Free Agents
10 of the 44 (~23%) of the 5⭐️ QBs from 2004-2018 signed with NFL teams as undrafted free agents. The best being Shea Patterson with a passer rating score of +8 during college and the worst being Dayne Crist with a passer rating score of -19.
Also interesting to note Kyle Allen went undrafted but has gone on to play in 23 NFL games and is currently a member of the Buffalo Bills. From being a 5⭐️ QB, to having to transfer, and then going undrafted, but then starting games in the NFL anyways. Kyle's football journey has had some very interesting ups and downs.
Results - First Round Picks
11 of the 44 (25%) of the 5⭐️ QBs from 2004-2018 where drafted in the first round of the NFL draft. For the most part these QBs excelled in college as there average passer rating score was +34 points. However there where two noticable exceptions. Matthew Stafford's passer rating only exceeded his era by 6 points and Josh Rosen's passer rating score only exceeded his are by 5 points.
What I find so interesting about these outliers is that there careers have gone in two polar opposite directions. Matthew Stafford went on to be everything Lions fans wanted him to be when he was drafted first overall. He just never had the team around him until he was traded to the Rams. Meanwhile Josh Rosen has thrown a total of 12 TD passes in the NFL and hasn't started a game since 2019.
As for the guys drafted in the middle rounds here are some intersting takeaways.
- The best of the those not drafted in the first round where: Aaron Murray (+24), Tajh Boyd (+23), and the aforementioned Bobby Reid (+23) (likely boosted by his year at Texas Southern)
- Of the guys drafted in the middle rounds the best of the bunch from an NFL perspective would probably be defined as journeymen QBs. Chad Henne, Jimmy Clausen, Ryan Mallett, Matt Barkely, Terelle Pryor (who also played as a receiverunner). The best middle round guy hands down has been Tyrod Taylor
Overall Takeaways
- Being a 5* probably gets you at least a shot with an NFL team, even if that shot is as an UDFA
- At the same time 40% of 5* QBs from 2004-2018 went undrafted. I could see this being interpretted either way. On one hand almost 60% of 5* QBs get drafted and around 85% get a shot at making an NFL team. On the other hand, of the absolute top 1% of HS QBs only 60% of them end up getting drafted.
If you made it this far thanks for reading. It’s been fun posting these and interacting with other fans. If you would like me to analyze RBs or WRs I can do that as well just comment or message me. Other positions will be difficult as QBs, RBs, and WRs performance can most easily be captured by stats which is why fantasy football exists.
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2023.06.02 17:27 UMass_IPO Scam Alert: International Students, Beware of New "Robert Daniels" Scam

Phone Scams: It happened to us!
A person claiming to be Officer Robert Daniels from Customs and Border Protection contacted a staff member in the IPO office and informed her that she was facing criminal charges in Texas (drug trafficking and identity theft) and that she needed to confirm personal information to verify her identity. The person provided the following information to verify his identity as a CBP officer:

IPO immediately called the UMass Police Department to report the scam. They traced the number to a pay as you go burner phone. Staff also Googled the phone number of the Tuscon, AZ CBP office and confirmed that the phone number was different than the one given by the scammer. When we called the field office, we spoke to an officer who confirmed that they receive phone calls every day about "Officer Robert Daniels" and that it is a scam.
What is was remarkable about this scam is that, when we Googled "CBP 15109", the search results brought us to the Customs and Border Patrol page for Officer Robert Daniels. When we asked about this, the (real) CBP officer confirmed that these scammers are increasingly using sophisticated methods to scam their victims. This scammer was also using high pressure tactics to try to get the staff member's Social Security Number.
Tips to protect yourself from scams (from the UMPD website):
When you get a call from a telemarketer, ask yourself:
Some Additional Guidelines
This scam was sophisticated and used high pressure intimidation tactics! If you suspect you are being scammed, hang up! If you fall victim to a scam, contact the UMPD immediately.
Stay safe, UMass!
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2023.06.02 17:09 thecambridgegeek May 2023's new fiction podcasts

I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new fiction podcasts that came out this month, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. Feel free to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it. (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
I've given up trying to include the full list here, as it's increasingly large, and reddit keeps throwing excess character problems. So the full list is here:
Previous months are available here:
And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here:
Want a weekly email newsletter of all of these as I find them? Join my patreon to get access to that:
(Please join, it's only £1/month and I currently make a loss with some of the resources I pay for to do this.)
And the full database is searchable here by a number of tags:
Want an RSS feed of new fiction podcast trailers to sample what's out there? Try this:
Want occasional ramblings from me about what I'm personally listening to? Try this:

5/1 - Adventures in Capital
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/1 - House of Sol Alpha - A Fantasy Audiobook Series
Audio Book - Fantasy

5/1 - Pleine Lune
Audio Drama - Occult and Supernatural

5/1 - Rise of the Conduit
Audio RPG - Crime and Mystery

5/1 - The Last Echoes
Audio Drama - Science fiction

5/1 - The Trip: A Six Part Audio Drama Adventure
Audio Drama - Thriller and Psychological, Crime and Mystery

5/1 - Wish You Were Heroes
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/1 - Wizarding Sports Network
Audio RPG - Fanfiction, Fantasy, Sport

5/2 - Love Notes
Audio Book - Romance

5/2 - Love, Murder, Florida
Audio Drama - Comedy, Crime and Mystery

5/2 - Silas Gnaw
Audio Book - Horror

5/2 - The Children of Ash
Audio RPG - Post-apocalypse

5/2 - The Freckle Files
Audio Book - Crime and Mystery

5/2 - The Mario Bros. Show
Audio Drama - Fanfiction, Comedy

5/3 - El Cielo Que Nunca Vi
Audio Drama - Soap opera

5/3 - La Séptima Puerta
Audio Drama - Horror

5/3 - Re: Dracula
Audio Book - Adaptation, Horror

5/4 - BlackwaterDnD
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/4 - Cositas de amor
Audio Drama - Romance, Comedy

5/4 - Sit Down Billy!
Audio Book - Comedy

Audio Drama - Romance

5/5 - Brandon Wilborn's Fantasy Fiction
Audio Book - Fantasy

5/5 - Conquest Of The Stars
Audio Book - Science fiction

5/5 - CYBERLOG - a Doctor Who fan spin-off
Audio Drama - Science fiction, Fanfiction, Space opera

5/5 - Dark Dimensions
Audio Book - Horror

5/5 - Love Items
Audio Drama - Romance, Comedy

5/5 - Pizza Bros Podcast
Audio Book - Comedy

5/5 - Switch Modes
Audio Book - Fantasy

5/5 - The Crystal Viking Podcast
Audio RPG - Adventure

5/5 - The Fire Fades: A Dark Souls Podcast
Audio Book - Fanfiction, Fantasy

5/5 - The Romulus V
Audio Drama - Science fiction

5/5 - The Walker Mysteries
Audio Drama - Comedy, Crime and Mystery

5/5 - アジア企画の「ラジオ企画」
Audio Drama - Multigenre

5/6 - Duskvale: A Monster of the Week Actual Play Podcast
Audio RPG - Horror

5/6 - Modern Folktales
Audio Drama - Multigenre

5/7 - Beacon Chronicles - By Ordinary Dice Dragons
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/7 - Gareth and the Lost Island
Audio Drama - Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

5/7 - Juvie
Audio Book - Slice of life

5/7 - Pat Novak 4 Hire 2023
Audio Drama - Noir, Comedy

5/7 - When Everything Cracks
Audio Book - Historical

5/8 - Chaotic-Stupid-Podcast
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/8 - Guayava
Audio Drama - Horror, Science fiction

5/8 - Sailor Moon E
Audio Book - Fanfiction, Fantasy

5/8 - Tall Tall Tower - A D&D 5e Tower Crawl Series
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/8 - Women-centric Stories by Premchand
Audio Book - Multigenre

5/8 - 移民と野獣
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery

Audio Drama - Slice of life

5/10 - Eagle Nine: Locked
Audio Drama - Science fiction

5/10 - Hot & Dicey - D&D Podcast
Audio RPG - Science fiction, Fantasy

5/10 - L'Affaire Louis Gaufridy
Audio Drama - Historical, Horror

5/10 - Strange Stories from Odd Folx
Audio Book - Multigenre, Horror, Storytelling

5/10 - The Cosmic Adventures of Ravi and Maddie: A Tale of Friendship, Nature, and Discovery
Audio Book - Adventure

5/10 - The Foxes of Hydesville
Audio Drama - Historical

5/11 - 999
Audio Book - Historical

5/11 - The Metal Detective
Audio Drama - Science fiction, Cyberpunk, Dystopia

5/12 - Flores
Audio Drama - Thriller and Psychological

5/12 - Tales from Xaevalon
Audio Book - Fantasy

5/12 - The Red's Tales
Audio Book - Multigenre

5/13 - Cyberpunk '66
Audio Drama - Cyberpunk, Science fiction

5/13 - Failure, Improvised
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/13 - Longhouse
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery

5/13 - Santiago: A novel - Audiobook
Audio Book - Historical, Adventure

5/13 - Story Time - by Kids for Kids
Audio Book - Multigenre

5/14 - Anywhere But Now
Audio RPG - Science fiction

5/14 - MOTHER, She Wrote: An EarthBound Podcast
Audio Drama - Fanfiction, Science fiction, Comedy

5/14 - Scarlet Stiletto Bites
Audio Book - Crime and Mystery

5/14 - Uncharted Territory: A Gamer's Adventure Beyond the Screen.
Audio Book - Science fiction

5/14 - Vikinger
Audio Drama - Historical

5/15 - Escape from the Dreamlands
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/15 - Haunted House House Hunters
Audio RPG - Horror

5/16 - Huitième île
Audio Drama - Science fiction

5/16 - Ida the Hobit & the Crystal Queer Deers
Audio Drama - Slice of life

5/16 - MORNEAU
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery, Noir

5/16 - Our Critty Podcast
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/16 - TGB One Shots
Audio RPG - Multigenre

5/17 - Not Necessarily Nefarious
Audio Book - Spy-fi

5/18 - Das Buch der Ewigkeit
Audio Book - Fantasy

5/18 - Dubstep & Dragons
Audio RPG - Cyberpunk

5/18 - La Cartographie des Chimères
Audio Book - Multigenre

5/18 - Viaje a Viña
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery

5/18 - Переплетные птицы
Audio Book - Romance

5/19 - 97toNow Productions Proudly Presents:
Audio Drama - Comedy, Noir

5/19 - Icaro, Texas: A Radio Play
Audio Drama - Historical

5/19 - La Mossa di Messina
Audio Book - Crime and Mystery

5/19 - Legends of Denali: Fame, Fortune, and Enlightenment
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/19 - Minnesota Dice
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/20 - Shattered Bonds
Audio Book - Slice of life

5/21 - Starlight: Audio Series
Audio Book - Science fiction

5/21 - Thewordsmits
Audio Book - Cyberpunk

5/22 - A Game of One's Own
Audio RPG - Multigenre, Fantasy, Science fiction

5/22 - Beneath The Red Umbrella
Audio Drama - Horror

5/22 - Cisne Rojo
Audio Drama - Thriller and Psychological

5/22 - Reformation Abroad
Audio Drama - Science fiction

5/22 - The Dockporter: a Mackinac Island Podcast
Audio Book - Historical, Slice of life

5/23 - Shuttercreek - A Monster of the Week Actual Play
Audio RPG - Horror

5/23 - Titania
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery, Thriller and Psychological

5/24 - All Charisma, No Int
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/24 - Il mostro
Audio Book - Horror

5/24 - Il nido della masca
Audio Book - Occult and Supernatural, Crime and Mystery

5/24 - Naragar Naduvil - Tamil Podcast Suspense Movie Screenplay Thriller Novel Horror Comedy Drama
Audio Book - Thriller and Psychological

5/24 - Ned Beauman: Der Gemeine Lumpfisch - Sci-Fi-Satire um miese Deals und tote Tiere
Audio Book - Comedy

5/24 - Nella pancia della scrofa
Audio Book - Horror

5/25 - Curve Minded
Audio Drama - Science fiction

5/25 - Hidden Signal: Evergreen
Audio Drama - Science fiction

5/25 - Steve Piasecki
Audio Book - Crime and Mystery

5/26 - Geen Woorden Maar Draken
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/26 - The Becoming: An audio short story
Audio Book - Fantasy

5/26 - Trouble at the Tavern - A D&D Podcast
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/28 - A Quaint English Murder
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery

5/28 - Surcease
Audio Drama - Horror

5/29 - Dungeons and Dissertations
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/29 - SoundTrip
Audio Drama - Multigenre

5/29 - Starwhal: Odyssey
Audio RPG - Fantasy, Science fiction

5/29 - The Night of the Rabbit: The Pagecast
Audio Book - Fantasy

5/30 - Audio Drama Lab
Audio Drama - Multigenre

5/30 - Goodbye Blue Mondays
Audio Drama - Science fiction

5/30 - Kater
Audio Drama - Thriller and Psychological

5/30 - Sky Orca Tabletop
Audio RPG - Superhero

5/30 - Tales of Darkness & Magic
Audio Book - Fables and Fairy Tales and Folklore

5/31 - Inspired R&R: The Podcast
Audio RPG - Fantasy

5/31 - The FangHorn Fables
Audio Drama - Horror

5/31 - The Girlfriend Chronicles Podcast
Audio Book - Slice of life
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2023.06.02 16:45 indyfrance A 30 year old lottery ticket in a 40 year old programming book

A 30 year old lottery ticket in a 40 year old programming book
It’s not a winner.
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2023.06.02 16:25 teh_mooses Fleeing rural texas for my own safety

For those of you that don't know me from DA and CA, I'm a transgender woman living in north rural Texas. To say things have become bad here since 2018+ is a understatement. Last night was my third beating, this time resulting in broken fingers from where my car door was closed violently on my hand and a concussion from being kicked and screamed out by the local cleetus and bubba's of the area. I'm married to a wonderful trans man, we've both been on hormone therapy for over four years (at least that's one thing in this crazy world that's affordable!)
My mistake, I went out after dark, without my husband, to pick up a take out order of fast food. I guess I should know better and never leave the house or something :( The first two beatings mostly ruined me. The PTSD is out of hand, I have shitty insurance but at least they cover therapy and generic medication, and I've been using that to it's fullest.
I've had my ear literally cut nearly off with a knife, multiple broken ribs, local businesses refusing to service me but of course never explaining why, local landlords raising my rent refusing to help when anything is broken, cops that laugh at me and promise they will 'look into things' after each beating and of course, they do nothing and make snide remarks about how it's my fault and I should carry a gun (ewww.)I realized last night I just can't do this anymore. It's unsafe unless I hide in my place 24/7 or take my husband with me everywhere I go, and even then it's dicey.
I am getting the fuck out, by any means needed.I swallowed a lot of pride and created a fundraiser for a private friends group I am in, and - damn, 6% met in the FIRST DAY. I cried a lot, that's just so amazing. I'm skipping on any luxury including simple things like nicotine for my vape thingie and like 5$ in alcohol a day to keep the nightmares and shaking at bay.
I have two very close friends in MI who are more than happy to give me a safe landing pad and take me in for a few weeks while I get things settled in a new and more tolerant and safe place. I cannot put them in a situation where after I get there, a month later, I cannot afford to start my life over. I need enough for first and last month rent + deposit of a cute little apartment I found, rental of a large u-haul to get me there, a couple quality cat crates for moving them safely and with love, food and hotel for 2-3 nights during the long drive, and the ability to start over.
I'm not safe here anymore, and at this rate - I fear this is targeted and it's just a matter of time before I end up in a ditch or hurt so badly that I end up with lifelong physical health issues.It really dings and fucks with my pride to ask, but - if you are in a position to help, or even share with your groups of friends and loved ones - I would be eternally grateful, and of course - once I get settled my #1 goal will be to pay it forward to get someone else out. I have one good thing going for me - I work for myself doing video editing for youtubers and the like, basic server / domain setups, and I can do this from anywhere. I don't make much, but I'll make enough to at least cover the basics when I am out, and my husband will actually have a boat load of options finally and can put his masters degree to use.
Here he could not even get a job at a local fast food place if he wanted, due to also being transgender (female to male). We've both been on hormone therapy for over 4 years (at least that's free, insurance covers it!) We've both just hit the point where it's swallow the pride and ask our communities for some help and crowdsource our GTFO, or risk our lives and stay where while things get worse and worse and more hateful for people like us.If you are considering helping me and need more, you can DM me. I'm happy to provide hospital bills, disturbing pictures of me missing an ear for a day and the nasty recovery of having that put back on (ewww), some broken fingers and awful stuff if you need it :)
Thanks in advance, and special thanks to zapopi for telling me it's okay to post my story here.
Link to the fundraiser is @ https://ko-fi.com/teh_mouses - feel free to share. Thank you ever so much! Every little bit helps!
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2023.06.02 15:34 sann540 (2/2) May 2023










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2023.06.02 14:54 stayclassypeople The 1979-80 Bowl Season

This is the 6th post in a series going over the bowl seasons from 1974-1997. Each year I'm examining the bowls with national title implications and the teams competing for the #1 ranking. If you want to catch up on prior seasons, check out the link to the master post to view previous write ups.

Setting the Stage

End of Regular Season Rankings

Teams Record AP Coaches
Ohio St 11-0 1 3 (3)
Alabama 11-0 2 1 (22)
USC 10-0-1 3 2 (4)
Florida St 11-0 4 4
Oklahoma 10-1 5 5
Arkansas 10-1 6 6
Four teams entered the New Year with a 0 in the loss column and the pollsters couldn't agree on much. Ohio St was ranked #1/3, Alabama #2/1, and USC was #3/2. To make matters more challenging, only Ohio St and USC were paired up in a bowl (Rose). Alabama went to the Sugar of course and FSU to the Orange. With 4 unbeaten teams in 3 different bowl games, a split national title felt likely.
Important games and other notes:

The Bowls

Sugar Bowl: #2/1 Alabama vs #6/7 Arkansas (Jan 1st, 2pm EST)
Alabama entered a 3rd straight Sugar Bowl #1 in the Coaches Poll, with a good chance to claim at least a share of the national championship. Two years ago, they won this game but were leapfrogged by Notre Dame and last season they won again but USC narrowly stole 1st place in the Coaches poll, leading them to split for a national title. With a win and Ohio St win, another split title was a strong likelihood. With a USC win, they would be in good position for a consensus title. The Tide took care of business either way. After spotting Arkansas 3 points, they scored 17 unanswered to lead 17-3 at the half. The Razorbacks managed to cut the lead to 17-9 with a 3rd quarter TD, but Alabama closed the door on their comeback with a mid 4th quarter TD to win 24-9 . . . just in time to tune into the Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl: #1/3 Ohio St vs #3/2 USC (Jan 1st, 5PM EST)
Leading into the day, this game would become a de facto national title if Arkansas could upset Alabam in the Sugar. The Tide would ultimately win, but Ohio St was still in good position to at least earn a split, given that they were #1 in the AP. USC's chances were slim to finish first in either poll now, but after last year's results, never say never. USC led 10-0 in the 2nd, but Ohio St rallied to tie it by halftime. The Buckeyes added field goals in the 3rd and early 4th to lead 16-10. With 1:38 left in the game USC drove down to the OSU 1, and Heisman award winning RB, Charles White punched it in to give the Trojans a 17-16 lead and eventual win. OSU's championship hopes were dashed. USC's championship hopes were slim, but the win still meant a Rose bowl crown, which was now 6 straight for the Pac 10.
Orange Bowl #4 Florida St vs #5 Oklahoma (Jan 1st, 8pm EST)
For fans under 40, its wild to think that an unbeaten Seminole team would only be 4th in the polls. Florida St had mostly been an afterthought in college football until Bobby Bowden arrived. In fact, just 6 seasons ago, they finished 0-11. Now in his 4th year, Bowden had the 'Noles on the doorstep of their 2nd ever unbeaten season in their 1st major bowl appearance. Still, their odds of claiming a national title were very slim. They would likely need losses by unbeaten Alabama and Ohio St earlier in the day, and hope that the at least one of the polls would put them #1 over USC. Alabama's win earlier in the day dashed those slim hopes, and Oklahoma piled on for good measure. After spotting FSU 7 points in the 1st, the Sooners scored 24 unanswered, including 17 in the 2nd, to roll to a 24-7 win.

Final Results

*Only includes teams receiving 1st place votes in either poll
Team Record AP Coaches
Alabama 12-0 1 (46) 1 (28)
USC 11-0-1 2 (21) 2 (9)
Oklahoma 11-1 3 3 (1)
For a season that seemed destined for another split national title, things worked out pretty cleanly. Thanks to Ohio State and Florida St's losses, Alabama finished the year as the only team unbeaten and untied (even unbeaten #9 BYU lost its bowl), making the Tide the easy choice for #1 in each poll. USC still siphoned off votes in each poll, but their tie to unranked Stanford was too much for the voters to overlook. After back to back season's of being denied a consensus national title, an undisputed national title was finally there's.

Sources and recommended reading
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2023.06.02 14:51 LudicrousFalcon [FWI] A far right Christian fundamentalist becomes the CEO of Google (Alphabet Inc.), and tries to radically transform the company to adhere to a far right political agenda

News surfaces that Alphabet (Google)'s CEO is stepping down this fall. Shortly after this announcement, news arises that a right wing, christian fundamentalist entrepreneur wants to buy the company. I haven't put specifics on who this hypothetical entrepreneur could be, but I imagine they'd be similar to Hobby Lobby CEO David Green, or possibly Texas entrepreneurs Tim Dunn & Farris Wilks.
Regardless of who the new far right CEO is, they go through the process of buying the company, generating a lot of buzz and controversy in the process - much like Elon Musk did when he offered to buy Twitter.
After becoming the new Google CEO, this far right figure does a number of actions (some of them very controversial), including:
  1. Starting the process to make Alphabet/Google a private company, as opposed to a publicly traded one
  2. Unveiling a new TOS policy that cracks down on behaviors that Google deems to be "socially endangering". Such examples include legitimate violations such as child abuse, gore, violence, pornography, etc. But controversy erupts when innocuous behaviors begin being targeted under this policy as well. Examples of those include promoting so-called "woke" causes like BLM, the LGBTQ community, and environmentalist groups.
  3. Announcing new company policies where Google/Alphabet no longer assists its employees in finding access for abortion or transgender healthcare. While certain state & federal laws make it difficult to fire employees (in some jurisdictions) for seeking an abortion/trans healthcare, Google tries to find loopholes and excuses to fire them instead.
  4. Layoffs of hundreds (possibly even thousands) of employees, in a manner not unlike the Twitter layoffs post-Musk takeover
  5. Rollbacks of employee benefits: no more work from home, less perks like healthcare/401K, less full-time employees and more part-time employees (and with less pay and benefits), pay cuts, hour cuts, the "fun stuff" at Google's HQ (like lounges, game tables and such) get taken away, etc.
  6. The CEO announces a "Soul of the web initiative" - On the surface, this "initiative" appears to be an effort by Google to combat "disinformation and harmful behavior" across its various platforms, but in reality, critics reveal that this program is a veiled attempt to gradually instill "Christian conservative values" in the userbase of the internet, considering much of the internet uses Google.
  7. Adding to point 6, Google begins quietly pushing more conservative content through the algorithms of its search engine, as well as its Play Store & Youtube platforms. There are no ways to change this effect in search settings.
  8. Adding to points 6 and 7, Google begins quietly suppressing so called "harmful" content on its search engine algorithm, which includes things like LGBTQ content, Black Lives Matter (and similar social justice causes), environmentalist groups, and various political movements, particularly those that center around left wing viewpoints. Some of these topics are lightly or moderately suppressed (such as YT videos getting demonetized), while in other cases, Google takes heavier action such as "account strikes"(3 strike system), suspensions, loss of certain services and account features, to outright bans and account deletion.
  9. Certain searches, such as "Planned Parenthood" or "Abortion clinic" are blacklisted entirely, and will either return a "no results" error, or show faith-based Crisis Pregnancy Centers instead.
  10. As more time goes on, it gets harder to find search results for topics that google deems "controversial". Users encounter instances of Google burying the real search results under dozens of unrelated links, and in some cases, not even showing up at all. This phenomenon extends to Youtube, Google Images and Google Maps as well.
  11. Google Maps begins blacklisting the locations of well known LGBTQ clubs, LGBTQ owned businesses, social organizations (even large ones, like the ACLU, NAACP & Extinction Rebellion), abortion clinics (including all Planned Parenthood clinics) and transgender care clinics. The map blacklist makes it significantly harder for people to find these establishments.
  12. Youtube eventually begins banning and de-listing larger numbers of videos that show LGBTQ content. While there's no official blanket ban, users notice that videos about LGBTQ topics (as well as videos by LGBTQ content creators) are being removed at disproportionate rates. At the same time, increasing amounts of far right political videos are appearing on the platform, with few being removed, even if they encourage violence.
  13. Adding to point 12, a similar phenomenon occurs on the Google play store. Additionally, reports indicate that google is looking at ways to somehow blacklist "harmful" websites & content on its Chromium browsers & Android systems.
  14. Google doodles no longer feature so called "divisive topics" such as racial identity or queer identity.
Keep in mind that Google controls a large portion of the Internet & tech industry as we know it. From its search engine, to YouTube, to its Chromium-based browsers (which serve as the framework even for other browsers like Edge & Opera), Android, Fiber internet service (in certain areas), AI, web servers, maps & GPS, etc. While this scenario would likely cause a LOT of blowback against Google, it's hard to say how badly the company would be damaged by this, considering that they're massive. It's possible, even with widespread boycotts, that Google would be too big to fail, even if they enacted such controversial policies.
What do you think would happen as a result of all this?
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2023.06.02 13:17 Theo_011 Uncover hidden gems: 3 promising penny stocks poised for soaring success in 2023!

Paysign (PAYS)

Paysign ($PAYS) is a fast-growing microcap stock that effectively makes its mark in the payment solutions sector. The company specializes in payment processing for plasma donation centers, generating a whopping 90% of its sales from this niche. Since its debut in 2011, the company has witnessed remarkable growth, boasting a 40% market share of all plasma collection centers in the USA.
Furthermore, Paysign offers potent processing services and prepaid cards under its brand, catering to various target audiences. Hence, this versatility underscores Paysign’s adaptability in the ever-evolving payments sphere.
Paysign operates a robust business that has seen amazing revenue growth of 26.8% over the past five years. The company’s most recent year-over-year results have been even more impressive, with its top-line growth at more than 27%. Additionally, Paysign’s EBITDA growth totaled more than 830% over this period, a mind-boggling figure considering the current economic climate. On top of that, the company exited the first quarter this year with an eye-catching $6.4 million in cash, representing a 360% bump from December 2015.


Texas-based VAALCO Energy ($EGY) operates a small-cap hydrocarbon exploration business. Its upstream operations are primarily based in the Etame Marin block off the shores of Gabon. Energy markets have been erratic, but the geopolitical uncertainty we’ve seen of late demonstrates that things change quickly in this sector.
Nevertheless, despite the slowdown in its top-line growth, VAALCO operates a remarkably-profitable business that continues to impress. Year-over-year growth in both gross profit and EBITDA margins came in at a spectacular 63.6% and 41%, respectively. Also, EGY stock offers investors a healthy 4.8% dividend yield and a balance sheet that’s relatively pristine.
Furthermore, the addition of TransGlobe Energy brings a level of stability and consistent cash flow to the company’s typically-unpredictable offshore business. TransGlobe boasts a relatively stable track record of steady production and revenue, which can help mitigate the inherent risks associated with VAALCO’s core offshore operations.

Sirius XM (SIRI)

Sirius XM ($SIRI) stands out as a leading under-the-radar stock to wager on. As a top broadcasting company, it offers satellite and online radio services, a niche sector that took a major hit during the pandemic.
However, for the bold contrarian, Sirius XM presents as an intriguing long-term growth prospect. Over the long term, it could see a marked improvement in auto sales, particularly driven by a shift toward electrification. Unfortunately, the past few quarters have hurt Sirius’ business, as auto sales have declined amid high prices. However, a return to pre-pandemic life has led to almost a 60% increase in Vehicle Miles Traveled from April 2020 to March 2023, a positive long-term catalyst for SiriusXM.
Additionally, Sirius recently increased its full-year adjusted EBITDA and free cash flow guidance, another positive for the firm. Moreover, its stock trades at just 1.5 times forward sales estimates, 54% lower than its 5-year average.
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2023.06.02 08:35 Able_Possession8736 Analysis of NFL Mascots (2023 Update)

Of the 32 Teams in the NFL:
Animals: 14
Birds: 5
Mammals: 9
Cars: 8

Aircraft: 4

Humans: 12
Fictional creatures: 2
Abstract Concept: 1
Invoice for goods or services sold: 1
Cell Phone Accessory: 1

Smallest by weight: A normal utility Bill, or an iPhone Charger.
Largest by weight: Titan (both the Greek god, and the moon of Saturn)
Most expensive: Jet
Least expensive: Charger (iPhone charger under $10 on Amazon)

Edible: 28
Non-edible: 4

Can a single adult human kill it with bare hands alone?
Yes: 18 (Cardinal, Falcon, Viking, Patriot, Raven Saint, Cowboy, Packer, Steeler, Niner, Texan, Chief, Seahawk, Buc, Raider, Eagle, Ram, Commander)

Can it kill an average adult human?
Yes: 25 (Assuming a very high voltage charger)
No: 7

Does it exist in other major sports? (NHL, NBA, MLB)
Yes: 7
Debatable: 8
For the Bills, Browns, and KC fans who seem to be particularly bothered by this shitpost of all shitposts:
I just checked their official website and there are no players named “Brown”.
There is an assistance WR coach named Callie Brownson, and an assistance special teams coach named “Stephen Bravo-Brown” I don’t think the team is named after those guys.
I also also checked their website. Not a single player or member of their coaching staff named “Bill”. Closest that I could find was a team photographer and an assistance grounds keeper named Bill.
I’ve heard theories that the team name is a reference to a frontiersmen from the 1800’s that is buried in Colorado.
I even googled “Bill” and viewed images and the results were pretty unmistakable. The only images that I saw were a bunch of dudes named Bill and some stock images of invoices for goods or services. I don’t know what you expect me to do in this situation.
I guess we may never know the truth.
Kansas City:
I checked their official website and lots of marketing materials, and ALL of them refer to Kansas City as the Chiefs. I didn’t find anything that referred to the team as the Kansas City Wolves. Maybe that’s a Missouri thing and there’s another team on the Kansas side that I don’t know about or something?
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2023.06.02 07:19 ankita-raut temperature sensors market Report Explored in Latest Research 2021 – 2029

The temperature sensors market has been steadily expanding in recent years. Temperature sensors are electrical tools that gauge an object's or environment's temperature and translate it into a readable format for subsequent processing. The growing need for temperature monitoring and control across a number of industries, including healthcare, automotive, food and beverage, and industrial automation, is what is driving the market for temperature sensors. Applications for temperature sensors include process control, thermal imaging, and HVAC systems, among many others.
Get A sample PDF: https://www.fortunebusinessinsights.com/enquiry/request-sample-pdf/temperature-sensor-market-102434
With key competitors including Honeywell International Inc., Texas Instruments Inc., Analogue Devices Inc., STMicroelectronics NV, and Infineon Technologies AG, the market is extremely competitive. These businesses are making research and development investments in order to provide cutting-edge temperature sensors that provide high levels of accuracy, precision, and dependability.
Overall, it is anticipated that the market for temperature sensors will expand during the next years due to rising demand in several sectors for temperature monitoring and management as well as the advancement of cutting-edge technology.
Key Players:
· Emerson Electric Co.
· L INC.
· STMicroelectronics
· Infineon Technologies AG
· Robert Bosch GmbH
· NXP Semiconductors
· OMRON Corporation
· TE Connectivity
· Analog Devices, Inc.
· Texas Instruments Incorporated
· Maxim Integrated
· Amphenol Advanced Sensors
· Renesas Electronics Corporation
The increasing use of temperature sensors in the automobile industry is one of the key factors fueling the market's expansion. The need for temperature sensors in the automotive industry is anticipated to expand dramatically as a result of the popularity of electric vehicles and the requirement for better battery management. In addition, the demand for temperature sensors has increased due to the need for patient monitoring in the healthcare sector and the need for food safety and quality assurance in the food and beverage sector.
About Us:
Fortune Business Insights™ offers expert corporate analysis and accurate data, helping organizations of all sizes make timely decisions. We tailor innovative solutions for our clients, assisting them to address challenges distinct to their businesses. Our goal is to empower our clients with holistic market intelligence, giving a granular overview of the market they are operating in.
Contact Us:
Fortune Business Insights™ Pvt. Ltd.
US: +1 424 253 0390
UK: +44 2071 939123
APAC: +91 744 740 1245
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.02 07:15 ruf_zay2000 How to proceed with nightmare warranty situation. (TX)

TLDR: Returned an Portable AC to Black and Decker under warranty on October of 2022 to only receive a weaker model in April 2023. No one is returning my calls or emails, and I'm told all I can do is wait. Would like my AC back, my money back, or just someone who can help me get process moving.

Last year I purchased a Black and Decker portable AC. I had one previously that ran 24/7 since 2019 with no issues so I purchased another model. In September of 2022 my AC started leaking water. I called Black and Decker support and after some back and forth they approved a replacement and told me to mail my AC in with a shipping label. The AC was shipped and was received and signed by B&D on October 12th 2022. They told me it would be around 3-5 business weeks before I receive a replacement. They went totally radio silent and had no communications until December 12th, when I reached out wanting to know the status. They said they had no update and they would escalate for 24-48 hr response. No follow up ever came, and I called a week later. Was told they escalated again and would get 24-48 hour response. I was told there is no supervisor I can talk to, no phone or email I can reach out to, no additional support, and my only option would be to wait for their escalation. Repeat this process every week until April 10th 2023, ( yes 6 MONTHS of calling) when I finally received a replacement AC.
To my dismay, the AC was the incorrect model. I shipped a 10,000 BTU unit and received a 4,000 BTU unit back. Just like last time, I called and let them know of the error, and was told that I would get a response in 24-48 hours. repeat this process until March 22nd, 2023, where they told me I would need to ship the improper model back to them for them to send the right replacement back, and I would get an replacement label in an hour. An hour passed, and I called back. They let me know that I would receive one within 24 hours. Called back after not receiving one, and they let me know they will escalate the issue and will get back to me within 24-48 business hours.
At this point I do not know what to do. I have been without an AC since September of 2022, and feel like I have been robbed as they have both my broken AC and my money. When I expressed I would just take the broken AC back and try and find someone else to fix it, they told me that was not an option. When I told them that I would just simply like my money back to skip all of the shipping problems, was told that they don't do refunds. I am at my wits end and I don't know who to reach out to next. I have scoured the web and sent a complete documentation of events to every B&D email address I could find online, filed a consumer complaint with my state AG office, all of which has resulted in no response. I no longer have the time to continue calling B&D every day, but I would also not like to be out of $400. It is getting closer and closer to peak summertime in Texas and I am getting desperate.
I have been told by several people that small claims court is the way, but I have no clue how I an individual would bring a multinational company to small claims court. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 06:23 ImAnOddEncounter I got a drug test tomorrow morning at 9

Okay so I have a drug test tomorrow morning at a job agency that I showed up to, for a little background before I’m called an idiot I got out of the marine corps about 2 months ago and moved back in with my mom unfortunately, now since I’ve been out I’ve had a very tough time looking for a job I went to two job agencies and was told “we don’t have jobs available right now blah blah blah” so this was the third job agency I went to after countless emails from a bunch of different mechanic shops and blue collar jobs that weren’t interested in the least so I walked into a different job agency I never heard of just yesterday and I went in expecting to hear “sorry no jobs brown veteran dude” so I kept my hopes really really low, until they said “hey we have a valve technician spot available that pays 20 an hour only 20 minutes from here” I was shocked and wasn’t really excited because my mind immediately went to “shit I just smoked the day before what the fuck”, they told me theyll call me to come back either Monday or Tuesday next week so I thought “cool I’ll go get a five day detox kit and try to clear my system” well that turned out to be a waste of almost 50 bucks I don’t have plus an extra 20 for a masking drink I bought for the day of the test just in case, it was a waste cause they called me this morning saying “hey great news we’ll just have you come in tomorrow and we’ll drug test you then and you’ll start work Monday.” SHIT I bought two drug tests and ANOTHER masking drink just to see if it’ll work saving the other one for tomorrow, It very much did not work. So I opted for the next best option, went to a smoke shop and asked for fake piss dude behind the counter was really cool (somehow learned he was in the process to get shipped to Paris island so we talked a bit) and offered me an apparently really good brand called serious monkey bizzness with the monkey flask, I looked it up just now and apparently it’s a pretty trusted brand, has anyone used it before? Can you help ease my mind because I’m scared shitless I need this job and didn’t expect it to fall on my lap THIS fast. Is this a suitable and liable brand of fake piss to use and will I pass? If anyone knows please let me know as soon as possible, if I take the test before I get an answer I’ll let you know my results. Thanks. (Also do they do hair follicle drug test for jobs out here in Texas? Cause if so I’m totally fucked)
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2023.06.02 05:10 IamAGuy6 Gifted//The Beard from God

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