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2023.06.02 20:51 CheapBroccoli4342 My (22M) Boyfriend is stressing me (21F) out before our move in date. Should I move in with him?

I (21F) and my boyfriend (22M) have been on and off for 5 years now. We met in highschool and when we started dating it was magical. We moved in together when I was 18 but I had to move out due to money issues and the fact I was still in school, things were rough. When we first broke up I found out through a friend that he was on tinder for “weed” and was telling everyone we weren’t together but then turning around and telling me he loved me and couldn’t wait to see me. That’s when my trust issues started. We tried again back in October with him asking me to move in with him and all, but that night I had a bad feeling and went through his phone. He’d been asking other girls out on dates the same week he asked me to be with him. (I’ve since apologized for doing that and still feel bad) We didn’t talk for half a year up until April when he reached out. We agreed on me coming over to hang out (he lives out of state) and things were good. He asked me to move in with him since he had his own place now and I jumped at the opportunity out of pure love for him. It’s been two months and we have one more before my move date but there’s problems. He says he doesn’t feel like he can be himself and that I’m not “ambitious” enough to keep up with him. He doesn’t find my body attractive and doesn’t think I’m as interesting as he’d like. I feel useless. I feel disgusting all the time and I can’t keep anything down and I’m constantly numb. I just don’t know what to do or if I’m over reacting. I think it’s the stress eating at us but I’m unsure. TLDR My boyfriend is starting to point out my flaws a month before we move in together. I don’t know if I want to go through with it. Should I move in with him?
TLDR Boyfriend is stressing me out before our move date and I don’t know if I want to go through with it or if I should
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2023.06.02 20:50 ExitAcceptable Haven’t eaten yet today. Don’t know how to manage 1300 with my lifestyle

I’m struggling with depression around my weight gain. I’ve slowly put on about 20-25lb in the last 5 years. I’ve been in a cycle of telling myself I’ll “start Monday” but because of how my life is structured I just find myself sliding back into old habits all the time.
I live in a busy food/beverage mecca, I have friends and family visiting the city near constantly. I am partnered with someone who works a very high stress job with long hours, who loves to unwind with a burger and beer out and about. It feels like every single weekend and most weeknights I’m either obligated to, or am tempted to, go out for dinner and drinks. I can usually order a salad and stick to one or two drinks but let’s be honest… that alone is probably 1300 calories
My calorie deficit based on my stats is 1300 cals a day, aiming to lose a pound a week. I haven’t been able to lose weight in years. I’ve basically been halfway in this entire 5 year period. I’ve never had to lose 10lb let alone 20lb and I just feel overwhelmed.
I have a friend coming to visit for a long weekend. A college friend who is honestly a heavy drinker and wants to experience the town. I felt like I couldn’t say no because she initiated the visit, wanted to make the trip and I haven’t seen her in probably a year.
I feel hopeless to make any changes. It’s 3pm where I am and she’s arriving soon and I’ve basically decided not to eat at all so I can try to limit the number of calories I’m bound to consume this weekend. Everything feels hard… changing my lifestyle feels hard, sticking to a measly 1300 calories feels hard. I hate how much mental energy this is consuming. It’s stealing my happiness
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2023.06.02 20:50 Cresceda Stringing issue with miniature prints P1P

First things first; I'm very new to 3D printing. I have no prior knowledge outside of watching youtube videos. I have a lot of learning to do but I'm looking for some direction.
I bought a P1P a few days ago and have been printing in the evenings. The printer works great for larger models and blew my expectations. However, a big part (not the only part) of getting a 3D printer was to make tabletop miniatures. I understand a resin printer is far more suitable for this, but due to space concerns and not having the time and energy for the mess it creates, I opted for a Bambulab P1P instead.
The detail in a few of the miniatures is actually outstanding, but I'm currently facing the issue of stringing. Detail seems to be suffering at points due to this as well. These are some images (ignore the mess):
I feel like the issue might be the low layer height, little ventilation with all the surrounding supports or unaltered retraction settings. However, larger models (that I do print with 0.1mm-0.2mm layer height) show absolutely no stringing.

Addons/Printing profile:
I have an auxillary fan that generally runs at about 70%. I use Eryone PLA+ with Bambu PLA settings but nozzle temperature changed to 205 and 65 degrees for the bed. The nozzle is 0.4mm (waiting for a 0.2mm in the mail). The printing profile is the standard 0.2mm layer height one with the following changes:
Layer height: 0.06
Infill pattern: Adaptive Cubism
Speed: Generally lowered by a lot in an attempt to get more detail. Outer wall speed is 25mm, inner wall is 40mm. Only speed settings that are not changed is Acceleration (I'm not entirely sure how that works).
Supports: Are set to tree(auto) on hybrid with a threshold of 65 degrees.
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2023.06.02 20:50 GovernmentAccurate25 Was I stoned or do I have latent anxiety?

Quick question really. I don’t smoke or drink, I am a straight edge. But this last 4/20, I did 150 mg of THC in an edible.
I was fucked up beyond my expectations. I ended up having to get picked up by my sister, had black outs, thought people were filming me, the police was on their way looking for me, etc.
When the high was coming on, I remember my self-talk and it was like “be serious” “say hi as seriously as possible” “smile as seriously as possible”, etc. which I attributed to adopting more toxic masculinity attitudes as I grew up.
And I’ve been trying to act less like that, but to be honest, I’m starting to wonder if that was my latent fear of being “perceived as weak” or just me being high beyond my wildest dreams.
A couple days after, I was still high, and I saw my crush, and literally had a low grade panic attack and left the cafeteria. And I’m not sure why, I do get nervous, but I’ve spoken to her before, so I don’t understand.
Is weed known to bring out latent anxiety or just make you hallucinate and not think properly?
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2023.06.02 20:50 Loose-Raspberry-9237 Thoughts on dasher direct?

Hello everyone! Just wanted everyone’s thoughts on the dasher direct card if they have it. Not sure if it’s worth getting or not. I have a hard time spending money on myself and hate using my credit card for purchases that aren’t bills. Figured that it would be best to put my dash money on a card to use for anything that isn’t bills. But wasn’t sure if it’s worth it. Anyone here have opinions on it?
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2023.06.02 20:50 triplej158 Arborvitae dehydrated or diseased?

I moved into a house about 2 years ago and have been slowly revamping the yard (Fully renovated it and installed new sod last fall). Along the back of the house we have Arborvitae's lining a small fence against the road. Our entire street has them and they were planted about 10 years ago when the homes were built. When we first moved in they were pretty green, with some dead stuff in/under them, which I understand is normal. This spring, one of ours was starting to brown as well as the top of another one is half way dead. Our neighbors to the right of us were having the same thing, but the neighbors to the left seem to not have any issues, so I am trying to figure out the problem.
When I first noticed that ours was starting to brown, I decided to spray it with a hose thinking maybe it was a bit dry, as well as try and knock off any spiders-mites that might be on it. I then decided to blow them with my blower and rake out the underneath of them. In some area's the build up of dead "leaf's" that had fallen off was a few inches thick. So I cleaned that out and noticed some of the dirt was rock hard, but that there was also an old drip line. In talked with the HOA it seems the drip line was just installed to help the trees until they were established and it has been turned off for quite a while. I have sprayed them with a hose for a just a few minutes about once a week, and have since added mulch to help retain water. The one that is starting to brown has not gotten any worse, where as the neighbor to the right now has about 5 that are completely dead (Pictures included) where as at the beginning of spring their dead ones looked like mine. So it seems I have halted it from getting worse, but I am not convinced it is water because it is only effecting two in my yard, and to the left of my house is having no issues at all.
I know some trees have weird disease patterns on how they are transferred, but I want to do what I can to avoid having to replace one of them. I have talked to a couple other neighbors, and they have said they have noticed theirs starting to thin out, but haven't had any start to brown like ours.
I know they are great because they do not need much attention, but I am thinking about putting a drip line in there to help with water as I understand they still need about 1 inch of water a week. But I don't want to cause root rot either. Should I spray it with an insecticide? Is a drip line a good idea? Any other suggestions?

I am in the Pacific Northwest, so the summers aren't to hot, and it hasn't gotten to hot yet.

Here are the pictures. https://imgur.com/a/aQruF5p
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2023.06.02 20:49 Yay4vibes Music theory phrases questions

Music theory phrases questions
Can someone help me figure out if my answer to these phrase questions are correct.
The first question is about if the first eight measures of home on the range are parallel or contrasting phrases I put parallel and you would label the two phrases A and a’ right???
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2023.06.02 20:49 ConnorAnderson800 Help a newbie? My plants are dying.

Help a newbie? My plants are dying.
Hey so I was given some succulents out of the blue and I've never tended to any kind of plant before. They were doing good for a while but were kinda growing sideways cause they were cramped in one pot. I figured they'd do better in separate pots to encourage growth. Well now one is dying. I have a very basic understanding of succulents from Google searches.
I know nothing about their proper care cause I can't even identify them. Please any help would be appreciated i accidentally fell in love with them and now I'm sad they're suffering 😢
The first pic is the one that's doing the worst. It used to be full and vibrant. When I replanted them I kept most the original soil then some potting soil my mom recommended (I could get the name if needed.) I try to bring them over on my desk once a day for the sun but otherwise they're on a shelf behind me with the blinds on then. They're never in direct sunlight until it hits around 7 rn in my timezone.
All 3 plants used to be in the big pot on the third pic. When I water them once every 10 days, I fill a sink and let them soak from the bottom of their pots and drain before putting them back in my room.
I'll answer as many questions as I can, I gen don't want them to die.
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2023.06.02 20:49 badeulicious Will I always be the one with so much more to give in a relationship?

I've been dating a guy for about 4 months now and it's been all rainbows and butterflies except I can tell I like him way more than he likes me. I'm putting in more effort, giving more time, prioritizing him and the relationship a lot more. I say more because I simply don't feel these being reciprocated.
We work full time and I'll spend the whole week planning how to spend an enjoyable weekend together and something will always come up for him every other weekend and he'll have to cancel on me. As a result, I'll have to manage time to go see him after work (still me making the plans). I feel like if I didn't put in this effort, I think we'd see each other maybe twice a month. While living in the same city.
I've tried to communicate about this with him but I've been met with mostly denial and some vague admission and apology. He might just be doing this consciously. I want to take a step back but I also know that's just not who I am as a person. I like this person so freaking much and it'll be so difficult to hold that back and not let it show :(
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2023.06.02 20:49 Sayken Forms of progression that accumulate forever?

Played Diablo 3 back in the day, but don’t remember much from it. Absolutely loving D4. I am aware of the seasonal gameplay loop, not a huge fan of knowing there is an inevitable end to progression and will have to remake characters from scratch etc.
My question is, is there anything that I’m working towards on all characters or across seasons that carry on forever despite starting from scratch over and over? I think that would make me feel like I’m not wasting time on each character I make and put work in. I vaguely remember D3 having a paragon level that goes on forever, is there something like that?
Hopefully rebirth comes back, because I loved the idea of having one character that carried on throughout the seasons with game time/ enemies killed / etc. continuously being tracked.
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2023.06.02 20:49 KendalVII Do this to keep components and guns for 3.19.1!

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2023.06.02 20:49 IHeartOurContinent Car Dummy Here; Can You Take a Corvair on a Long Road Trip?

Hi, I just got my driver's license three years ago at the age of 29, growing up in NYC cars are still pretty alien to me and I have little knowledge. So I go to reddit. Looks like my 2019 Fiat Spider is close to dying. Put 100k miles on it, drove it as far north as Alaska and as far south as Puebla, Mexico. The question is, if I get a classic car I've always dreamed of, am I making a dumb move? There are a number of 60s corvairs for sale at affordable rates. Question is, can I take it on a long road trip or will maintenance and my inexperienced be the death of me? My intention would be to use and love the car for two or three years and then say goodbye. At 12k, that's doable. But is 3 years wishful thinking? I'd take my new car across the continent again And if you have any other car suggestions from '40-'65 that's under 20k and a convertible, I'm all ears. I wonder if there's one that's dummy proof? Easels been a thought since they bombed and thus are cheap due to over production. Thanks and forgive my ignorance
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2023.06.02 20:49 Idksoyeah702 Is Delicious Party worth watching?

I’ve heard from a lot of people that Delicious Party is mediocre and I want to know, should I watch all of it or just watch a recap video of key parts on YouTube? I just don’t wanna put a ton of time into something that’s not worth it.
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2023.06.02 20:49 Lopsided-Soup-6330 Disinherited by Stepmonster

My Dad tells my he is leaving his entire estate to his 2 stepchildren at the instruction and wishes of his now deceased wife. He is disinherting all of his 4 biological children. The Estate will amount to about $600k. I am the only biological child he has an active relationship with. His wife never really cared for me. 20 years ago I had severe opiate addiction issues. My subsequent behavior wasn't great to say the least. Since then, I've worked diligently in sobriety to change my life. I now own 2 properties, I have a great job, and I have been sober for 14 years. Jesus could have come down and put a halo on my head, but that would not have been enough for my Stepmonster. She was hell bent on hating me and seeking out openings where she could point out my tiniest flaws. While I want to maintain a relationship with my father for the few years he will be alive, it's difficult to hear him tell me repeatedly that his stepchildren will be getting everything because that's what his wife wanted. It's not entirely about $$. It hurts to hear this over and over as if I am undeserving because of past indiscretions. I'm tempted to distance myself from him. This would be difficult to do and this story is more complicated than these few lines. I'm tired of the hurt feelings and lifelong judgment without forgiveness. I have already expressed my feelings to him about this situation. It doesn't matter. What should I do?
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2023.06.02 20:49 promiscuous-one Public School Solitary Rooms

So where do I even begin? When I was in middle school I wasn’t always the most well behaved child. Due to this, I learned very early where the solitary room was in the sixth grade hall. There are many times where I think I deserve that room but then after a while, I realized that they had made the decision to put me in the room before the day had even started. Many times I would be sitting in the first 20 minutes of my first period of the day, and, someone would come in and ask me to come with them. At first I didn’t realize where they were taking me, but after a while, it just became a habit. I would sit in that room, the size of a small restroom with blacked out walls covered in paint, a single desk and a two way mirror that you could see into if you cut the light off and cuffed your hands around your eyes. I could see it was a broom closet on the other side but I guess it was a shared place for brooms and observations. I spent pretty much all of middle school on that small little room. As an adult now I wonder if it effected me mentally, I struggle socially now and prefer to be alone. I have never mentioned anything to my mom about spending so much time in that blacked out room because I thought there was no way they could put me in here without my mothers approval for 8 hours sometimes 5 days a week. As time went on I eventually left the middle school and the thought of the blocked out room left me as well. Then maybe two years ago I started seeing articles about public schools doing this to their pupils, I decided to ask my mom if she had know about it and gave them permission. She was absolutely shocked, she couldn’t believe that she had never known that’s how I was spending my says. Sad to say I looked up the school administration this week and to my horror the teacher who would literally take me out of classes where teachers were even confused on what I had done or where I was going, is now assistant principal. It makes me wonder if they could still be using that room, I would love to act like I have a kid who is interested in enrolling and tour the school.
Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this, heard any similar stories or even teachers who have blackout/solitary rooms in their school. Is this even healthy when teachers are abusing the room for their own spite?
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2023.06.02 20:49 Tacocatufotofu Focus on practical applications with CGPT

Refocus on practical applications with CGPT
In my opinion, the more significant aspect of ChatGPT isn’t as much the information it produces, but that it generally seems to understand what you ask it. I believe that in reality this is a next level method of interacting with technology.
Sure there’s a ways to go in making it faster, efficient and accurate. But I feel like we’re a little stuck on the “AI” aspect of it. Shooting for AGI when we may already have what we need. Example, say you had an LLM in a system that had access to a catalog of static, solid and not generated on the fly scripts. Say for IT it took care of low level admin work. Maybe in accounting they have a catalog of analysis scripts. Then you can take a novice with zero training say to it: “Set me up a new account for Jane Doe”. Or “What was our spending last month on shipping?”
Sure, these tasks might be easy for people who know how, but the point is, this could now be accessible for people who DON’T know how. Zero training required. I think that’s where we should shift discussion. And yeah, there’s probably a lot of bad and a lot of good that can be said about this.
Case in point, I feel like over time for all kinds of reasons we keep missing the real potential of technology. VR has a lot of cool features right, but for example why did it never transform say higher ed? With relatively little development of current tech, that could have opened up classroom availability globally. Not that VR isn’t neat now, but it’s still gimmicky.
Focus on AI robotics is super neat, but is it always quite necessary? I mean, there are a lot of brains out there that’d remote control a robot with a good setup for employment. We could take remote work to a new level. Plus further development in remote controlled robotics would open up even more safety use cases, where the operator is close by. Heck, you could still have people on site controlling systems in a factory, eliminating factory floor dangers and liabilities entirely.
Ukraine is showing the world how effective small drones are in combat, and somehow this wasn’t obvious a decade ago??? If you put a hundred video gamers behind those robot dogs with a gun strapped on top, not only would they be mad effective, but it would be terrifying. Could you imagine that coming at you? Your opponent would be crapping their pants and surrendering.
Again, I’m not saying this is morally right, nor am I suggesting it’s easy, but watching technology fail to really find potential is a little maddening. After replying to some posts over the past day I guess I started to worry that things like ChatGPT won’t break out into practicality like it should.
P.S. for fun I did run this through ChatGPT, but it felt too…oh how to put it…editorial rather than a discussion maybe. Felt like I should end it with “thanks for coming to my Ted talk”
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2023.06.02 20:49 mmamabear Schellac under acrylic.

If a want to do an ombre, but i dont have the colour in acrylic. Could a put shellac on the top and the the acrylic over? Or will the acrylic not set to the shellack?
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2023.06.02 20:49 Queendecurly What can I put on his wound/should I take him to the vet immediately??

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2023.06.02 20:48 GhostXPTX Company refusing to pay for services - Estonia

Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help since I'm kind of freaking out.
I've been doing some work writing content for a EU company that hosts a tourism website for the past few months. They were supposed to pay me for around 40 pages written over a period of 3 months + a bonus for turning them in ahead of schedule. Before I was on the project, the pages were absolute garbage, and very robotic, think of stuff like "This hotel in Sicily has great rooms, equipped with flat-screen TVs and a bathroom, as well as a swimming pool.". Part of why I was put on was to make the pages more engaging and easy to read.
Come today, they say they're not paying me for ANY of the pages, because some paid software they got claimed my pages were over 90% written by AI.
I use Perplexity to find information about the hotels, it's much quicker to find out if the hotel has a kids' club or a spa that way, but I haven't used ChatGPT to write these pages. Either way, our contract says nothing about AI or anything, just that if the pages are up to standards, they're good to go. I've sunk incredible amounts of time to make the pages are accurate, well-researched, and well-written.
I used OpenAI's official detection tool + some other third-party tool and they all say that the text on those pages is unlikely to have been written by AI. The thing is, they don't care, they're saying they only care what their software says.
What are my options here? I'm just looking to get paid.
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2023.06.02 20:48 dylanm312 Where's the data block for this VOR?

Where's the data block for this VOR?
I'm doing nav logs and wanted to use this VOR as part of my flight plan. However, it looks like they forgot to put the data block on the sectional with the frequency, identifier, etc. Is this a charting error that I should report to the FAA? Or is there a valid reason for the data block being missing?

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2023.06.02 20:48 tiffanymhd FET thin lining, more letrozole??

I'm on my 2nd FET and my doctor decided to try a modified natural protocol this time around. I started letrozole 12 days ago, but doctor said I'm just not ready to trigger yet. She contemplated canceling my cycle, but after reviewing my bloodwork, she decided to put me on a second round of letrozole -- 7.5mg a day for 5 days starting today. Has anyone ever done this? It sounds so weird. Won't I ovulate before my next scan?
I had a hysteroscopy in late April, so my normal cycle is a bit off, but below are key dates:
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2023.06.02 20:48 jennlikesadventures 2.5 year old stitches experience. Normal or not?

Injury - forehead gash from crashing into table. My son was absolutely terrified of the doctors and he is physically strong. I know he would fight the experience big time. He is generally scared of people anyways. When I asked about sedation they told me it would take another hour or more for the sedation and talked me out of it - like it wasn't really an option. And we had to wrap my screaming son in a blanket and 4 people held him down while the doctor gave him 5 shitty stitches which he had to redo one 2x and it came out before 24 hours anyways. I did my best to talk to my poor son and try to distract him. It was the most awful thing to watch. They only put a lidocaine gel on the wound when we first got there. No freezing. It definitely really hurt my son every time he ran the suture hook/needle through his skin. I feel like this was not they way things should have gone. This happened in a small town in Alberta. Just wanting to know if my experience is normal or not. Thank you for your time.
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